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Chris Huhne

Christopher Murray Paul-Huhne, commonly known as Chris Huhne (English spelling pronunciation , born 2 July 1954) is a British politician and former cabinet minister, who is the Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament for the Eastleigh constituency in Hampshire.

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She's also the journalist that printed the story about Vicky Pryce taking Chris Huhn…
Maybe Chris Huhne fancies a run as a black horse?
Yes, yes, yes! Chris Huhne has provided the voice-over for an advert promoting Hera's house!
Eastleigh MP Chris Huhne has warned that many lives could be lost in fires caused by sub-standard imports of...
That I voted Nick Clegg over Chris Huhne in the 2007 leadership election & I repress it b/c I'm as…
And while the results are post-old, District Secretary Chris Crissde Lyde Les for Mr Huhne is the useful company over the next few years.
Vince Cable is what Chris Huhne evolves into
Lots of 'British Macron' talk around. Here's a counterfactual: if Chris Huhne had won Lib Dem leadership in 2007, could it have been Clegg?
Fetch your crossbow... Chris Huhne has injured in a van crash theory of evolution.
We have lift-off! Chris Huhne has been criticised making 'guinea pig gestures' an endangered species.
That room we met Chris Huhne in that time was proper scabby
£100k for two days a week at US energy firm + own consultancy :-) google!
I just saw Vicky Price on the Couldn't help thinking about Chris Huhne. What happened to him?
You were happy to speak to Chris Huhne on A man who with not doesn't deserve the oxygen of publicity.
disgraced former Liberal Democrat MP Chris Huhne. wait for it. made of water
I mean, take Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce ... or any dispute you've ever had with anyone.
So Chris Huhne's mother, Ann Murray, flew an A-Wing in a deleted scene from Return of the Jedi.…
Just imagine what we could have been doing for renewables Chris Huhne was still in government
Chris Huhne: AD's big advantage in future energy system is meeting peaks in demand. Energy secretaries don't last long with power cuts.
He wasn't very kind to Chris Huhne, suggesting that he 'do time'.
evidently there's a 'Question TIme' ca. 2013 where Humza asked if Chris Huhne should go to jail
I bet Humza was very dismissive of Chris Huhne and his 'wife defence'
can't Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce help him out with this one?
Not to mention Harriet Harman, Ed Balls, Chris Huhne, etc, and their brushes with the motoring law. Carry on, Humza.
and we thought Chris Huhne was the Lib Dem crook. Jail time for Cleggy?
2/2 include Chris Huhne who tried to get his wife to take his driving penalty points- we all know how that ended!
I seem to recall a similar incident during the chris huhne trial
Remember when Chris Huhne was in the news over speeding offences and the Daily Mail described his wife as a "former *** .
Reports suggest that Chris Huhne has been unconscious by
Judging by how Chris Huhne's life panned out they must have passed the paw around at the leadership hustings
Can you believe serial liar Chris Huhne is wheeled out ? Why on earth would anyone care what he says or lies about ?
People in Italy have had it hard for a long time they have had enough
'You CAN'T claim Italy is doing well!' Economist rips into ex-MP as he defends euro
Judge Constance Briscoe arrested for 'lying to police' about role in exposing Chris Huhne
Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce each jailed for eight months
What about her book & the libel trial associated with it did she lie there too? Convicted for perjury.
Blaming white people for community failure is self-abuse: a failure to deal with the failures.
Maybe the bar should sort out their own back yard before morally whimpering about few charging MKFs.
Call Me Dave, Chris Huhne's lies, & life at The Daily Mail. Listen to our latest interview: htt…
British judge thrown out after lying during Chris Huhne's speeding points scandal
One of first black is thrown out of the profession. via
One of Britain's first black judges is thrown out of the profession
One of Britain's 1st black judges thrown out .. via Well, if you appoint on skin colour .
Two real stories here: Ed Miliband, Chris Huhne and Ed Davey re Climate Change Act and Gordon Brown re pensions/dividends.
Nothing to do with Ed Miliband, Chris Huhne and Ed Davey then?
The speeding offence was Vicky Pryce and Chris Huhne.
Chris Huhne John Terry's about to get back is a bit Can this be arranged? Dudes juanswedding @ London Gatwick Airport LGW w others OH I've
Watching 'Who Are You" again and delighting in Grayson Perry's interaction with Chris Huhne. Excellent telly.
Just dawned on me, Chris Huhne has more speeding points than the Lib Dems have MPs.
Ex judge Constance Briscoe will stand trial in February 2016 linked to Ex Libdem Chris Huhne offence
Bit like Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce still posing as credible honourable people as if nothing happened
Boot your C64: Chris Huhne has failed in his attempt to assassinate his own reflection.
Reports suggest that Chris Huhne has the world's 1st of electrician.
What a crook! Chris Huhne accused the Chinese army of abusing a billion gerbils.
BREAKING: Chris Huhne 'numb' after e-cigarette amputation pain.
Disgraced barrister Constance Briscoe left penniless, court told
Ed Miliband , Chris Huhne and Ed Davey have ensured we will all freeze to death this winter Open up the coal mines FFS
"UK turns to diesel to meet power supply crunch" Exact point raised by Chris Huhne at the MM yest. |
Worth a read,I mean done his bird, kept his nose clean, I notice Chris Huhne & Vicky Price get plenty of press too.
Chris Huhne works for an American Energy company;Vicky Pryce new career part of govt.Constance Briscoe out of work and…
Chris Huhne and ex-wife Vicky Pryce were both jailed in 2013 after she took his speeding points in 2003.
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Constance Briscoe now "penniless". No doubt Vicky Pryce and Chris Huhne will help her out.
Judge Constance Briscoe avoids thousands in court costs for lying in Chris Huhne speeding points case
. on Dit. Chris Huhne bungs her a few Bob for old times sake. 'ee neva pays nuffink.. also. Constance Briscoe from Uganda
Just listened to interesting Peston/Mair interview with Chris Huhne - sounds like he's in a good place, pleased for him.
Chris Huhne talks to Robert Peston and Eddie Mair about his downfall, prison, Balzac and phlegmatism
I think referred to irony of Chris Huhne as an ‘enthusiastic supporter' himself, now considered a political liability.
"Chris Huhne was the worst boss I've ever had," says Via
Gripping stuff. Chris Huhne tells and about deterioration in relationship with his son
Have dearly loved & interviews on but that Chris Huhne interview was stultifying despite their best efforts.
Former MP and doer of porridge Chris Huhne has just been interviewed on the wireless. I think he was half cut.
Even my love of Eddie Mair won't keep my radio on with Chris Huhne mumbling self-satisfied rubbish. If Eddie skewers him later, let me know.
Judges finally drew a line under the ongoing Vicky Pryce and Chris Huhne saga by denying an appeal from Constance Briscoe, pictured,
Amusing quote attributed to Chris Huhne regarding LVT: “rescue this policy from the hands of its most enthusiastic supporters”.
BREAKING: Chris Huhne scared by unfortunate bomb brutality.
other week the BBC had that guardian of morality on Chris Huhne - crime does pay!
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BBC pay Vicki Pryce to appear just like they paid her jailbird husband Chris Huhne. Seems jail is no barrier.
does this mean that technically Chris Huhne was the 2014 Shed of the Year?
who would have thought sheds would be more popular than Nick Clegg and Chris Huhne.
Times like this my mind turns to merchandise. 'Don't blame me I voted for Chris Huhne' should have been a thing.
Part-time judge Constance Briscoe jailed for 16 months for lying to police in Chris Huhne's speeding points case
Disgraced lawyer has lost her appeal against a conviction for her role in the scandal
Difficult subject - the causes of this Greek crisis. Was it something Chris Huhne did?
"Disgraced Constance Briscoe loses appeal" Another one who jumped on the anti-"welfare" bandwagon.. via
Disgraced judge Constance Briscoe loses appeal Hooray! But why has been rehabitated by
Briscoe loses appeal after lying to Huhne - Jul 9 @ 1:11 AM ET
Cambridge Politics Podcast - ELECTION RESULT SPECIAL: Former guests discuss the outcome PLUS Chris Huhne on the Lib
Disgraced judge Constance Briscoe loses appeal Fookin ejit of a woman ...and a judge to boot
A post from 2011 entitled "Why we should not underestimate Chris Huhne."
Couldn't make it out because the train was going too fast but I'm pretty sure I just passed a station near Stockport called Chris Huhne.
Judge Constance Briscoe loses appeal after lying to police investigating Chris Huhne speeding points ...
Disgraced judge Constance Briscoe loses appeal over conviction for lying to police investigating the Chris Huhne...
Former judge caught up in Chris Huhne speeding case loses appeal bid: A former judge, who was jailed for lying...
Jailed barrister Constance Briscoe fails in bid to get convictions for lying to police during Chris Huhne speeding investigation overturned
What is the BBC playing at ? Giving Vicky Price ( Chris Huhne's ex and jailed over a driving charge) airtime as an expert ?
Did you know: Tony Blair used to date Mary Harron, director of 'American Psycho'. She also dated Chris Huhne
The problem with rehabilitating Chris Huhne is that you open the door to rehabilitating Tommy Sheridan. Get him aff!.
Chris Huhne hopes the Government will act on Sir Howard's recommendations
3 names that explain why I won't be voting Nick Clegg. Cyril Smith. Chris Huhne.
Stop him! Chris Huhne been found guilty of stalking Scotland Yard.
Chris Huhne's wife Vicky Pryce, top EU economist, opposes single currency. Does she get £130,000 per year for "pub economics"?
In case you missed it Chris Huhne's article on the Electricity Market Reform in the UK
no inquest has ever brought someone back. But police officers are subject to the law, just like Chris Huhne was after 10 yrs
it's pretty dismal + it confirms Chris Huhne's prophecy that support would plummet to 5%
Did you know that Chris Huhne has made one small step for parrots, one giant for another plane of existence.
don't forget this is also the party that selected Chris Huhne. Hypocrisy rate in Libdemmery is v high
James - Chris Huhne & Vicky Pryce resumed their careers which I was against. I pay my train fares this scumbag didn't he won't do it again!
Why Remember when David Laws used homosexuality to excuse expenses fiddling? Remember Chris Huhne?
* Chris Huhne loses challenge to costs of speeding points trial on
I support rehabilitation of ex-offenders but Chris Huhne wasn't reinstated as MP after prison. Ched Evans should look for w…
I watched the first episode of Grayson Perry's: Who Are You? and then bumped into Chris Huhne the following day...
BBC News - Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce jailed for eight months
Ex-UK minister Chris Huhne to pay £77,750 in court costs over driving conviction; ex-wife Vicky Pryce to pay £49,200
.oh, the party of Jeremy Thorpe, Cyrill Smith, Chris Huhne, David Laws, Mike Hancock... I could go on...
If can charge Chris Huhne & Vicky Pryce with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice 1/2
Tickets for our 'Question Time' event with Chris Huhne, Matt Ridley etc are selling fast! Click the link for details
Cognitive dissonance I think : Chris Huhne "the Scotsman – an excellent paper" via
With both Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce knocking about on its pages, the Guardian Christmas party must be a hoot.
Not even Chris Huhne would have let Ron Vlaar take a penalty for him.
This match has been the most exciting TV since 'Chris Huhne's Saturday Spreadsheet Roadshow'.
They keep saying what an amazing decision it was for Van Gaal to substitute someone to face penalties. Didn't work for Chris Huhne though.
AD has "considerable advantages" says Chris Huhne - dispatchability, digestate, diversification of the rural economy
Future President of Saudi Arabia Chris Huhne has formed an army of centipedes is walking towards the newest Star Wars film.
once heard someone ask if Chris Huhne was *** because he was dating a bisexual woman
Rio Ferdinand worrying about the media about the same as Chris Huhne getting to write for Guardian on jail terms
even Chris Huhne had a better defence and look what happened to him.
Nation states are too small to fix global problems | Chris Huhne via
.now Chris Huhne's gone, it's not even a contest.
From earlier → Chris Huhne compares his two months in an open prison to a "public hanging"
I understand where he's coming from, and I do actually sympathise, but I have a hard time taking it seriously coming from Chris Huhne
So Chris Huhne is advocating not sending criminals to prison?. . Was this an opinion he held publicly before he became a cri…
I wished the Guardian would stop giving column space to Chris Huhne
Today I read an article by Chris Huhne saying Andy Coulson shouldn't have gone to jail, and began to think I'm in a parody of my real life.
Chris Huhne criticises former colleagues on renewables policy via
It seems Chris Huhne doesn't think Coulson should go to prison The phrase you're looking for is "As thick as thieves"
Chris Huhne: my two months in open prison were like &hanging&
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Chris Huhne's latest article for the really does take the biscuit...
Given how Chris Huhne now understands the futility of prison, perhaps every MP should spend six months in jail before the…
Andy Coulson's pointless jail term shows how vindictive we are. An article by... Yup - Chris Huhne. FFS.
Chris Huhne says that sending people like him and Andy Coulson to prison is a waste of money. Best money we've ever spent,…
We have adequate resources, but the same white collar criminals chris huhne thinks caused no harm. demanded we dont pro…
Chris Huhne in "says what he said before he was convicted, because it was kind of Lib Dem policy" shocker.
Andy Coulson's pointless jail term only plays to the pitchforks | Chris Huhne via
He may well still do. Perhaps he can get some tips from Jonathan Aitken, Jeffrey Archer or even Chris Huhne.
A. "Breathless Hush" from. Nick Clegg. Vince Cable. Chris Huhne. Lord Rennard... and that other ***
I hope after riding a tandem with Boris, Paxman rounds off by going driving with Chris Huhne
Tony Blair was only unstoppable because of a democratic flaw | Chris Huhne via
ON THIS DAY 16th June 1977: Happy birthday to Duncan Hames. Hames has been Liberal Democrat MP for Chippenham when he won the contest for the newly created seat and became the first Liberal MP to represent a Wiltshire constituency for 86 years. Hames contested the 2000 Tottenham by-election following the death of Labour MP Bernie Grant, coming second to Labour. In parliament Hames has served as Parliamentary Private Secretary to several Liberal Democrat ministers including Sarah Teather and Chris Huhne. Since 2012 he has been PPS to Nick Clegg. He is married to fellow Lib Dem MP Jo Swinson.
Headbanger of the Day. We went to war in Iraq because UK not a real democracy: Chris Huhne, former Cabinet minister http:/…
Today we are boosting the Green Deal by offering a free weekend for two with Chris Huhne
Pryce 'not coerced' over points - Vicky Pryce is a clever woman who took Chris Huhne's speeding points...
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
So who would the LibDems replace Clegg with? Tainted Cable? Danny "ginger rodent" Alexander? David "above the" Laws? Or maybe Chris Huhne?
Nick Clegg doesn't want to go, and regicide is never easy | Chris Huhne.
My only question is who could replace him? Chris Huhne has gone & Vince Cable's reputation has suffered a share price crash.
Chris Huhne: Pointless and pricey? No, the European parliament plays a vital role. Elect people with your values, not some Ukip stooge
I see Chris Huhne is after an EU job then...
Our MEPs really are worth your vote… writes Chris Huhne @
"I don't want to be a Jonathan Aitken." or indeed, a Vicky Price "Allowing Chris Huhne to write on Constance Briscoe"
Elect a Lib Dem MEP says Chris Huhne, 'not some Ukip stooge'. Yes, we all trust you Chris. At least you'll be sat in the EP if anywhere...
UK's recent record on this is even worse. Chris Huhne and Denis MacShane, journos-turned-MPs, both imprisoned last year.
This piece by Chris Huhne is actually quite clever: by means of half-truths, it serves as one of the most dishonest things ever written.
"There are few more despised political beasts than the European parliament" Try thinking closer to home, Chris Huhne.
Popular author Constance Briscoe has found guilty of lying to police during Chris Huhne's scandal.Source
Chris Huhne's page at the Guardian mentions his being an MP & a Cabinet member, but not his doing time for perverting the course of justice.
Chris Huhne's smug coupon beaming out from the Graun's front page is really off putting.
Chris Huhne: Our MEPs really are worth your vote
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A liar and a disgrace: Woman judge is facing prison for perverting the course of justice in the Chris...
How is it that The Guardian hires Chris Huhne to write about politics? How utterly discredited does he have to be before we're free of him?
Chris Huhne defending the EU parliament, and answering back in the comments too
If Chris Huhne wants to persuade me of something, the best the convicted fraudster can do is to tell me the opposite.
Our MEPs really are worth your vote | Chris Huhne
also, does the system really matter in quest for a clean parliament? Chris Huhne and Andrew Mitchell sagas 2 examples on both ends.
Well if we didn't know already. What a nasty piece of work Chris Huhne is. We'll all be old one day.
Pretty sure chris huhne is parked outside my window... Or is it Mrs huhne?
"Someone needs 2 fight the selfish, short-sighted old...they are the past not the future." Spoken by none other than Chris Huhne, ex-Cabinet
use the Chris Huhne alibi. Err maybe not
surely identifying a vehicle and not the driver puts you in Chris Huhne shaggy defence territory?
Vicky Pryce gave Chris Huhne two black eyes after suspecting his *** ‘liaisons’, court hears . .
History and Haunting of: HM Prison Wandsworth,Wandsworth , London, England. This is where Child prisoner 4099 1872 stayed (scroll 2 post down down ) For over a hundred years Wandsworth Prison in London has been the home of a well known ghost called 'Wandsworth Annie'. Many prisoners and staff have described her as middle aged and wearing a long grey woollen dress and black boots. She appears for a few seconds at various points in the prison and as soon as she is noticed she quickly vanishes. 'Wandsworth Annie' is thought to be a woman who worked at the prison, probably as a cook, in the mid nineteenth century.By Joanne Morris While there are several theories as to who the ghost might be, the likelihood is that Wandsworth Annie is the shade of Kate Webster, the only woman to be hanged there. Webster was a housemaid who killed her employer then chopped up the body and disposed of it in a river. Legend has it that she rendered the fat and tried to sell it to the local pub landlady for cooking. Some body par ...
I want to know why few care about this story?
Chris Huhne: I've played my own part in giving MPs a bad name, but ultimately it's Rupert Murdoch's media machine that corrodes public trust
Chris Huhne: Cameron's story about how shale gas will save the British economy is demonstrably and devastatingly false
most of the people that were 'outraged' by Chris Huhne?
Vicky Pryce tells us about her time in prison for taking Chris Huhne’s speeding points and her new book Prisonomics
Chris Huhne urges roll out of the 'Cardiff model' to cut knife crime. via
.is a genius. Read the poem in full here.
There is a way to cut knife crime – the Tories just aren't delivering it | Chris Huhne
Has the BBC ever rehabilitated people via media appearances quicker than Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce?
Strength of Democratic system. Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce jailed: judge's sentencing remarks in full | via
Constance Briscoes trial is being shown a police interview about her discussions with a journalist about Chris Huhne and Vicky Price.
Would you really vote Lib Dem ?. Chris Huhne - Liar, crook, criminal. Jailed for perverting the course of justice.
Something in I agree with! Readers' editor rules paper wrong to let Chris Huhne write on Constance Briscoe http…
baffles me why Guardian chose Chris Huhne in the first place. I don't want to read pieces from a convicted liar.
I am utterly apoplectic about Chris Huhne's Guardian column and I haven't even read it yet.
Blimey! Interesting report about claims by Constance Briscoe (Chris Huhne's ex-wife's lawyer) about alleged 'abuse' by her mother!
Next time a politician is asked their role model I'd prefer them just to say Chris Huhne before giving a silent Black Panther salute.
The readers' editor on… allowing Chris Huhne to write on Constance Briscoe
Perhaps you should've asked Cyril Smith, Jeremy Thorpe, Chris Huhne, Mark Oaten & David Laws to respond, had they been around.
Ed Balls has quiet Chat to Chris Huhne re adjournments. Possibly setting some bird up or a Judge.
Disgraced Chris Huhne cuts legal bill by third
From Ernie to all OAP Dukes ... A lesson in being a cantankerous old git in retirement. Chris Huhne has been hit with a bill for £77,750 court costs .Sent him a cheque for 99p to help ... Two reasons... One see if the tight git cashes it ! .Two to *** off Lloyds Bank for the Admin ... Two Birds with one cheque VFC
Chris Huhne ordered to pay £77,750 for costs of his prosecution for passing speeding points to his ex-wife.
Ex-minister Chris Huhne ordered to pay over £70K court costs for speeding ticket trial
Disgraced Chris Huhne cuts legal bill by third: Disgraced former minister Chris Huhne succeeds in cutting his legal bill by more than...
Shamed former cabinet minister Chris Huhne has almost £40,000 slashed from his £110,000 prosecution costs for swapping spe…
Disgraced Chris Huhne cuts legal bill by third | Telegraph
Boris Johnson writes a poem to help those with depression, as he takes a humorous swipe at Ed Miliband, Chris Huhne, RMT and the French
Huhne ordered to pay huge legal bill: DISGRACED Hampshire MP Chris Huhne has been ordered to pay al...
So if Chris Huhne had taken points, would have cost him a fine & retaken test. As it is it's cost him £77k. Wowsers. http…
Chris Huhne ordered to pay £78,000 costs for speeding points case Published May 09, 2014 at 06:26PM
A letter of complaint to the Guardian re: Chris Huhne
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Chris Huhne still has to pay £77K. Wonder how many times he's kicked himself for not taking 3 points and a £60 fine. . http:…
Chris Huhne's former wife Vicky Pryce ordered to pay £49,200 for costs of prosecution in relation to speeding points
Boris Johnson has gone all poetic on us - read his ode to Ed Miliband, Chris Huhne and the French:
Perverting the course of justice,Former cabinet minister Chris Huhne got away with it yes he has to pay,but he should also pay, and his wife with there freedom,. Let's face it the likes of you and me wouldn't get of so lightly, yet another Mp got of with FRAUD
Campaigners say Environment Secretary Chris Huhne was wrong to suggest Scotland is doing more than Northumberland
Chris Huhne has been ordered to pay court costs of over £70, 000. If convicted, should all individuals have to pay costs. For example, costs of policing, if arrested, costs of jail time, any tests, and all court fees? Also with legal aid, should we have a three strikes and your out policy? Found guilty three times, no more legal aid as you are a career criminal, what's your thoughts?
Oh Deary Me! Poor Chris Huhne and Vicky Price have paid just over oOne hundred grand is costs. Good thing they already screwed the tax payer to get the money or they may have spent more that a few days in prison?
Former energy secretary Chris Huhne said UK policy should be in favour of onshore wind in order to keep Scotland happy
Well worth a read esp for Social Policy students Inequality hurts everyone apart from the super-rich – and here's why The extraordinary success of Thomas Piketty's best-seller shows that progressive ideas are at last winning • o Chris Huhne o o The Guardian, Monday 28 April 2014 o Jump to comments (515) ‘Even the IMF suggests that rising inequality, far from being a price worth paying, actually slows down growth.' Illustration by Andrzej Krauze Ideas, as well as interests, matter in politics. They shape the debate and determine plausible policy prescriptions. From the 1970s onwards, the intellectual and political current has run strongly against equality. The Reagan-Thatcher consensus on low taxes, and their suspicion of redistribution, has been remarkably powerful. The Blair-Brown government had a lower top rate of income tax for all its 13 years than Thatcher did for nine. Greater inequality has often been seen as a price worth paying for economic gains. The intellectual tide may, however, be turn ...
Chris Huhne: Allow wind farms in Northumberland to keep Scotland happy Scotland says stuff your wind fms Huhne.
Shocked that Chris Huhne says allow wind farms in Northumberland to keep Scotland happy
Disgraced ex-minister Chris Huhne sparked outrage today when he compared failings in the legal profession with those at Stafford Hospital.
Chris Huhne.. Lord Rennard..Vince Cable.. Nick Clegg. Grabbing whatever before they are wiped out . AstraZeneca... Pfizer...:Royal Mail
Excellent piece. And he didnt even need to bring up Chris Huhne the justice perverting minister.
Barrister jailed over lies to police - Barrister Constance Briscoe is given a 16-month sentence at the Old Bailey for lying to police over ex-cabinet minister Chris Huhne's speeding case. -
Revenge for Chris Huhne who suspected Constance Briscoe from start via
Constance Briscoe guilty of lying in Chris Huhne case
Constance Briscoe, the judge and barrister, faces prison after being found guilty of perverting the course of justice in connection with the investigation into speeding points passed by Chris Huhne, the former cabinet minister, to his wife Vicky Pryce
The former judge claimed she was an 'impartial witness' in the case of former politician Chris Huhne and his wife Vicky Price when in fact she wanted Huhne to fail
Constance Briscoe: ugly tale of the & part-time who to |
The terrible tale of Constance Briscoe - The Barrister who lied to the police.
Who is Constance Briscoe? Judge and Author Convicted of Lying to Police Over Chris Huhne Scandal: Look at Lond...
Here's another write-up in the Guardian: - such a sad, ugly case for all concerned
Chris Huhne describes Constance Briscoe as "a compulsive and self-publicising fantasist". Self-awareness not your stro…
"Every barrister I spoke to during my three-year ordeal said that Constance Briscoe was mad, bad or dangerous." [Chris Huhne]
Judge Constance Briscoe faces jail for lying to police in Chris Huhne case
Constance Briscoe: ugly tale of the barrister who lied to police
"British justice is likely to be a lot fairer with [Constance] Briscoe behind bars" [Chris Huhne]
"Constance Briscoe has been revealed as a compulsive and self-publicising fantasist." [Chris Huhne]
Barrister Constance Briscoe is found guilty by an Old Bailey jury of lying to police over the Chris Huhne speeding points…
So the Chris Huhne Affair has now led to a third person going to jail and taken down one of the UK’s first black female judges.
Like some we kno in "Bit rich. Should share cell 2gether but couldn't lie straight in bed.
Constance Briscoe guilty: 'compulsive and self-publicising fantasist; over lying to police over speeding scandal
Judge Constance Briscoe faces prison over lying in Chris Huhne case
The cautionary tale that won't go away. Now Constance Briscoe has been guilty of perverting the course of justice
Chris Huhne has called a kettle black? Racist!
Breaking:Judge found guilty in Chris Huhne case - poss 1st time ever judge convicted of perverting course of justice http…
Seriously, for once,. This lady looks the business.. If one is allowed to say so. To fall over for a creep!. Chris Huhne.
Top female barrister lied to police over Chris Huhne speeding points scandal.
Wonder if the same rules apply to Barristers.. Lie to police about Chris Huhne speeding case.. Would mean jail for any one else..
The curse of the - the nasty party - Chris Huhne Vicky Pryce & now Judge Constance Bristow convicted also of lying. Seems lying comes easy to Lib Dems.
Figure this... Betting shops, which offer safe, warm and friendly social meeting places, stand to have tougher regulation imposed on them. Private Hire on the other hand stand to have the regulations governing them relaxed to pre 1976 standards. Not safe, cold and potentially life threatening scenario. Now which of the two would have been more appropriate to have tighter regulations on? Not difficult is it? Do you have a wife, daughter, sister, aunt, grandma or other female relation? Well, if the clauses 9,10 & 11 get royal ascent then be afraid, be very afraid! Private hire being allowed to be driven by unlicensed drivers and from anywhere in the country! It really doesn't bare considering. How does enforcement or police know that it's kosher or bogus. " I just borrowed it from my brother to pop to supermarket to do shopping. Me plying for hire, oh no I wouldn't dream of doing that"! Last year in 2013 with this very rule in the London Private Hire Act 1998, 214 cases were reported of one kind or another, ...
Guardian . Wins three Webby awards with a Credit for . "Life and Times of Chris Huhne"
Guardian. a very strange place full of very strange people. Start with Chris Huhne. Twisted Tony Blair.
Nigel Farage's vision of a better yesterday will fade in a brighter future | Chris Huhne
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"In politics never ignore emotion," says Chris Huhne, who adds that Ukip supporters lack education + are a bit simple
George Osborne's 'brilliant' budget could turn out to be a dud | Chris Huhne
I joke but there's a book gagging to be written about 2010-15 energy. Chris Huhne, John Hayes, the PM, George Osborne, Lord Howell..
Thursday 20th February In Brief Chancellor George Osborne delivers a speech in Hong Kong ahead of a meeting of the G20 finance ministers in Sydney Foreign secretary William Hague attends an emergency meeting of the EU foreign affairs council on Ukraine Business secretary Vince Cable makes an announcement on the business bank Business minister Michael Fallon and universities minister David Willetts attend the EU competitiveness council meeting in Brussels Trade minister Lord Livingston makes an announcement on the second round of the BPI and UK Trade and Investment music export growth scheme Shadow public health minister Luciana Berger visits Ashworth high security hospital Former energy secretary Chris Huhne speaks at an Oxford Union debate on Edward Snowden EU defence council informal meeting Reports and Statistics The House of Commons Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee publishes the government's response to its report on the implementation of the common agricultural policy in England for 2014 ...
Was this headline written with tongue in cheek? - “Whatever happened to loyalty?” asks the headline above the latest Guardian column from disgraced and divorced former MP Chris Huhne — on rebellions in the Conservative Party. We wonder whether the newspaper’s headline writers may have had their tongues in their cheeks.
It's easy to see the difference between the British and the French in the way extra- marital affairs are dealt with and where the attraction starts. The French President, Hollande, looks like a 1950s bank manager with the personality of a stunned herring. He has nothing going for him except power and position. In France power is an aphrodisiac and as a result he has women queuing up to be 'First Lady'. There is of course a 'Second Lady' and she's kept in a wardrobe as a workshop spare. Do the French have no class? They wouldn't look twice if he really was a provincial bank manager. British women on the other hand, are much more selective and not influenced by the mans status. Irrespective of wealth or position she is only interested in someone who is caring, witty, attentive, good looking with a strong moral compass, in short a 'Hotty'. Men such as John Prescott, Robin Cook, David Blunkett, Chris Huhne, John Major and Jeffrey Archer. British women don't have their heads turned easily.
Odd that Chris Huhne is being rehabilitated as quickly. Double standards from the Lib Dems...
Chris Huhne was given two black eyes and dragged through a window following an affair which made ex wife Vicky Pryce suspect that he was *** a court has heard.
Vicky Pryce vs Chris Huhne there. Do ALL Lib Dems now elicit this sort of reaction?
Vicky Pryce dragged Chris Huhne through a window. I don't understand how you drag someone through a window. Is the window open?
From "Paddy Pantsdown", to Charles Kennedy, Mark Oaten, David Laws and Chris Huhne, the party has often been in the headlines for the wrong reasons.
This one goes out to Vicky Pryce and Chris Huhne...
Whenever I cringe at my dirty laundry being aired in public I'll think of Chris Huhne and Vicky Pryce and feel better.
Why didn't Chris Huhne call the police after domestic violence, as Ross Kemp did with Rebekah Wade?
Chris Huhne has already been approached to help with the script of the new film '52 years a hetrosexual'
Vicky Pryce believed reason Chris Huhne left her was because he was a closet homosexual
The defence of marital coercion, unsuccessfully used by Chris Huhne's former wife Vicky Pryce at her trial last year, is to be abolished. The English...
So, it wasn't just 'penalty points' that Chris Huhne gave to Vicky Pryce.He gave her pubic lice ( crabs ) too ! He could've been Deputy PM!
Vicky Pryce 'dragged Chris Huhne through a window and gave him a black eye' claims judge
Former MP Chris Huhne is a loser. Well done Vicky Pryce for the two black eyes! .
Vicky Pryce battered her ex-husband Chris Huhne so badly he need make-up to cover a black eye, a court heard today.
Vicky Pryce gave Chris Huhne a black eye and dragged him through a window, court hears
via Brian Knott: Not defending the man but a party that has had Jeremy Thorpe, Cyril Smith, Chris Huhne, Paddy Ashdown, Charles Kennedy and lied about tuition fees, is very hard to bring into disrepute.
Please come along to this brilliant event arranged by the LSESU Howard League Society. Vicky Pryce, the former wife of Chris Huhne was sentenced to prison in 2013 for perverting the court of justice! She has since written a fantastic book 'Prisonomics' and signed copies will be available on the night!
A court heard on Friday that a journalist with the Mail on Sunday approached a part-time judge and barrister and heard claims that disgraced MP Chris Huhne had "liaisons with men".
The high-profile barrister accused of lying to police about her contacts with the media over a plot to bring down the politician Chris Huhne claimed to have been approached by a reporter investigating the former minister’s alleged “liaisons with men”, a court was told.
Constance Briscoe: Judge appears in court charged with lying to police over Chris Huhne case
Barrister and judge lied to police in Chris Huhne speeding points case
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