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Chris Hogan

Chris Hogan is an American comic actor. Hogan is most notable for his membership in the recurring cast of comedians on sketch comedy series MADtv, and for the character of Aubrey Pitman, one of Dick Solomon's students, on the sitcom 3rd Rock from the Sun.

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please help must win this week 0-4 Demarco Murray or CMC. Randall Cobb or Chris Hogan with news Gronk is questionable PPR League
Chris Hogan leads the team in TD receptions. Mike Gillislee has 4 rushing. . so yeah this is dumb.
Matchup nightmare when four receivers and James White in backfield. Chris Hogan was covered by safety, Mike Adams.
Heck a throw by Tom Brady to find Chris Hogan in the back of the end zone. Went right behind Mike Adams.
Mike Adams can't stay with Chris Hogan and it's a Pats TD. That's how you score in the red zone.
I have Mike Evans, Sammy Watkins, Chris Hogan, Tyrell Williams, & Amendola. Need to drop 2 of them.
I NEED to win this week. Help me Jedi masters! Flex Non-PPR Mike Gillislee v Chris Hogan?
choose two please: Alshon Jeffrey, Chris Hogan, Doug Baldwin, or Mike Gillislee. 12 team standard league. Thank you!
Who's the last elite receiver Brady has had? Edelman was a QB in college, Chris Hogan played lacrosse. Randall Cobb was a QB
Yeah I think he eats. I also played Chris Hogan over Cobb and Sterling Sheppard
Randall Cobb or Chris Hogan for my flex play this week? (1pt PPR) you think Cobb sees diminished snaps?
Should I start Randall Cobb or Chris Hogan in my FLEX? (1 pt PPR)
would u do Chris Thompson , Chris Hogan , Willie Snead for Demarco Murray & Ty Hilton
Good news on the injury front: Dont'a Hightower, Danny Amendola, Rob Gronkowski, Phil Dorsett, Eric Rowe and Chris Hogan a…
trade Melvin Gordon and Chris Hogan for Marshawn Lynch and Odell Beckham?
start 2 out of 3 Martavis Bryant Adam Thielen and Chris Hogan
who do you think is better to start this week Chris Hogan or Randall Cobb?
would u trade David Johnson for Chris Hogan right now. Feel like DJ prolly aint comin back...
Mike Evans, Keenan Allen and Chris Hogan. One has to go to bench. Who?
I'm facing Tom Brady this week.. do I start Chris Hogan or Keenan Allen, Mike Evans, or Stefon Diggs??
Boom! Here's why I played. . Tier 7. DeAndre Hopkins is 21.39%. Chris Hogan, Randall Cobb, Terrelle Pryor among the other seven in the tier.
Chris Hogan vs NO or Randall Cobb vs ATL? Who do you like better? PPR
Chris Hogan or Randall Cobb? Or should Kerwynn Williams start over both (wr/rb position in standard league
Chris Hogan, Randall Cobb, or Marquis Lee as a flex in PPR?
Someone wants to trade me DeSean Jackson for Chris Hogan should I take the trade? 🤔
should I trade Tyler Eifert for Antonio Gates and Allen Robinson?. Sitting on OBJ, Fitz, KBenj, Devonte Parker, Chris Hogan
Forgot Tom Brady has the Madden curse. Also forgot he plays alongside Chris Hogan, Rob Gronkowski, and Brandin Cooks who I drafted.
do we have any draft grades? I'm guessing took Chris Hogan way too early and took Bilal Powell
Dez and Martavious Bryant are my WR..and Randall Cobb..bench Chris Hogan and Allen Robinson.
Chris Hogan representing lacrosse players on TNF!
Chris Hogan and Mike Gillislee are such fascinating cases because they were restricted. Hint: if the Patriots want them, PA…
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Chris Hogan is a punk, who says Penn State Lacrosse. When the only reason you're in the NFL is because Monmouth U - gave…
As a fantasy owner for Brandin Cooks, I have a feeling I am going to get really sick of Danny Amendola and Chris Hogan crossing routes
. Hello oh great fantasy guru! Who is a better flex option for this week, Chris Hogan, Robert Kelly or Zay Jones?
Right?! Should I start Brady & Gronk? No idea... but seriously, should Chris Hogan be m…
The Patriots now have two receivers in Brandin Cooks and Phillip Dorsett with 4.3 speed. Slot guys are Chris Hogan & Danny A…
Brady now has :. 4.28 Phillip Dorsett. 4.31 Brandin Cooks. 4.50 Chris Hogan. All 3 are faster than Julian Edelman
Morning sports update: Bill Belichick calls Chris Hogan 'one of our best players'
Dolfans are fighting each other over paying Jarvis Landry while the Patriots replace Edelman with Chris Hogan and k…
Chris Hogan & Brady in ultimate sync. Shredding. Hogan played 37% of snaps in slot last year, skyrockets if Edelman out for…
Brandin Cooks and Chris Hogan both have looked great this spring. Lot of targets for both. Cooks caught a 50-yard bomb fro…
So the Patriots really just gon have Gronk, Brandin Cooks, Edelman, Andrew Hawkins, Chris Hogan, Gillislee, and James White for Brady... ***
So excited for Chris Hogan and Christy Wright at ! @ Parkview…
This *** Tom Brady really had a white boy name Chris Hogan looking like Jerry Rice LMAO
Congratulations to Chris Hogan (on the birth of his twins, Chase and Parker!
Acting as if Chris Hogan is the greatest player to ever leave Buffalo, just because Brady is now his QB.
well one is a top 5 corner and the other gets burned by Chris Hogan. Either way, it's not like they couldn't have both.
Nice little article about Miles and Chris Hogan, receiver for the Patriots!
Is Chris Hogan draftable in mfl10s at this point? In one now, 18th round, he's still there.
Buffalo just gives us their talent. Chris Hogan had the season of his entire career with us last year. Now Stephon Gilmore.
😧Everyone's facial expression when they hear Chris Hogan's voice for the 1st time. 😂week 8
The New England Patriots wide receiver unveiled his new logo for all to see.
cool another guy you can ignore like Chris hogan
Edelman, Chris Hogan, Amendola, Malcolm Mitchell give Tom Brady his best receivers, now add Brandin Cooks to mix:
Chris Hogan: Faces increased competition for targets -
A look back at first year in Foxboro, including a huge AFC Championship Game performance:
Oh? I would think Pats fans would be more aware that losing Bennett is going to sting, and Chris Hogan isn't really…
🤔Good job you're not still reading your Chris Kraus 📖..😂
Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good; Blessed is the man who trusts in Him! Psalms 34:8
Don't think perfection, think maximization. - Chris Hogan
Thanks for the reminder. I'd like to repay the favor and remind the to cover Chris Hogan next year when they play the Pats.
my point is basically you're better off putting a on Chris Hogan and a on Edelman than the other way around
Its not too late maybe we can call Chris Kennedy and Mike Hogan and see if they can help us find a search firm to use..
It's funny how Tom Brady was chucking throws 40 and 50 yards downfield to Chris Hogan this year and people think he can'…
Chris King did the math and when it's all said & done will have traveled about 10,785 miles on this 9 game road trip
how'd Chris hogan work out for the pats?? Not a free agent but would have been
me thinks Chris Hogan turned out OK?
just anothr salty jealous Bills fan. She ever hear of Chris Hogan? In the immortal words of Troy Brown~BINGO! Pats got BINGO!
Chris Hogan was awful in NE this year. 😂😂😂
~ The Pats make players playmakers. Chris Hogan worked out pretty well for us.
A year ago today, the Bills declined to match Chris Hogan's offer sheet from the Patriots, making it official.
Wasn't Stephon Gilmore the guy who got absolutely roasted by Chris Hogan
Haven't studied Stephon Gilmore that closely besides seeing him get torched by Chris Hogan last year.
Stephon Gilmore: "You can't get burned by Chris Hogan if you play on his team"
Don't let this Sabres game distract you from the fact that Chris Hogan has more rings than Jim Kelly and Dan Marino combined
I remember seeing Chris Hogan on Hard Knocks asking Omar Kelly, "why did we cut him?" "He is trash," was his reply. Dude is a champion now!
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"Chris Hogan is only good because Brady is his QB". The separation he just got on the comeback says otherwise.
Super Bowl finally here. Remember to enjoy the game and above anythin else you hear today never forget:. Chris Hogan play…
Just read "The Dream Manager" by Matthew Kelly. Reminds me of the Chris Hogan challenge to dream in HD. Great book. Get it today...
You were the Meredith whisper this year, so I gotta ask you this.. Would you trade him for Chris Hogan,Chark West and 4.03?
What's more talked about? Jeff Carter being a former Flyer or that Chris Hogan played lacrosse
Chris Hogan's rise has a lot to do with his agent who wouldn't say no. He also represented Wayne Chrebet. My story https:…
Pats' Chris Hogan: From Penn State lacrosse to the Supe. My story:
They can't account for Chris Hogan. Not Jerry Rice, Randy Moss, Michael Irvin or Julio Jones, but Chris freakin Hogan? Just…
Reminder: . Chris Hogan had 2 more regular-season catches with Tom Brady as his QB in 2016 than he had with Tyrod Taylor…
[NFL: Videos] - Chris Hogan on Tom Brady: I've never seen him eat a donut - NFL Videos
Everytime I see Chris Hogan he looks a little more like Tom Brady
Did Michael Irvin just call Chris Hogan "Julio Jones Jr?" Now that's disrespectful. Never put him up on Julios level again
In Super Bowl, Patriots WR Chris Hogan will also be playing for local charity
The Bills have tendered contracts for DT Corbin Bryant, WR Chris Hogan and T Jordan Mills. https:…
"Julian Edelman and Chris Hogan celebrate their AFC Championship win with Tom Brady."
Who else is excited that Chris Hogan is a Patriot!? Here's to a huge game by Hogan!
I hope you have the game of you life Chris Hogan! So excited you are a Can't wait!!!
On the Apollo 11 mission, Michael Collins was closer to Steelers defenders than Chris Hogan was just now
My cousin is asking, is Chris Hogan good?
Michael Floyd,Chris Hogan, Edelman, Bennett and Gronk are all above average and can start anywhere
Watch the Patriots audible and isolate James Harrison on Chris Hogan. No way to keep up. Absolutely frustrating the…
in regard to undrafted Chris Hogan you spoke of, for your edification:
bill loves drafting white guys that others won't take chances on.. word to Julian Edelman and Chris Hogan.. Wes Walker..
How did Chris Hogan go from a college lacrosse player, to a key playmaker in the AFC Championship?
Chris Hogan was the X-factor Sunday for the Patriots, setting a team postseason record for receiving yards.
B.Poole gonna have to put the Clamps on Chris Hogan
Chris Hogan is the latest unexpected star for the New England Patriots.ryan-phillips
・・・. Chris Hogan went from college lacrosse player to AFC Championship…
It was a big first half for former Penn Staters Jesse James and Chris Hogan in the AFC Championship game
James White's blitz pickup up middle helped keep things clean for Tom Brady in the pocket to survey options and hit Chris ***
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The only way the Steelers are going to stop Chris Hogan
A closer look at Chris Hogan's unusual route to the NFL:
Tom Brady discusses his two touchdown passes to Chris Hogan -- including the awesome flea flicker.
Wow. Chris Hogan is out there eating up the Steelers defense. Just call him Chris Hoagie, man. What a time to be alive
Chris Hogan on 2 TD performance vs. Steelers: ‘I just couldn’t be happier that I get to be a part of this team’
Chris Hogan is also great at lacrosse
I hope being in a fantasy league that has not 1 but 2 team names that reference "Hogan's Heroes" has prepared you for Chris Hogan
Watch find a wide open for a Patriots touchdown
Tom Brady may have found a new best friend in Chris Hogan. . 9 receptions . 180 yards. 2 touchdowns
Should we really be surprised that the Patriots turned Chris Hogan into Julio Jones?
Julio today: 9 for 180. Chris Hogan tonight: 9 for 180. Hogan, undrafted after one year of football at Monmouth.
Chris Hogan: "Anytime you're on the field with No. 12 it's special. You never take it for granted. He's the greatest."
Patriots signed WR Chris Hogan. Today, to the average fan that means nothing. Wait til January
Chris Hogan played 3 years of lacrosse at Penn St, 1 year of football at Monmouth, undrafted. Story never gets old. https…
Chris Hogan went from lacrosse player to AFC Championship star.
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Chris Hogan plays big role in helping Patriots reach Super Bowl
Chris Hogan, the lacrosse player may be better than George Fant, the basketball player!
Chris Hogan appears to be filling the Rob Gronkowski role of "The Steelers Don't Cover Me".
Before everyone gets too worked up about Chris Hogan, Tom Terrific could make James Hardy look good. (Probably...Maybe)
Julio Jones just had one of the best Conference Championship game performances ever. . Chris Hogan: "Hold my beer, watch…
Julio Jones and Chris Hogan took different paths to Sunday stardom
What a game for Chris Hogan tonight! Hogan knows best!
Chris Hogan might as well be wearing a bandana & have a fu Manchu because he's looking like right now
Chris Hogan has 180 receiving yards, setting a new postseason record, passing Deion Branch (153 at Denver, 1/1…
Chris Hogan played one season of college football... at Monmouth 😳
I was once interviewed by a guy who played college lacrosse with Chris Hogan. Please address all questions & concerns to me. Thanks.
Chris Hogan:. Played 3 yrs of lacrosse at Penn St. Caught 12 career passes at Monmouth . Cut by 3 NFL teams . Star of AFC Ch…
Only two players this postseason have 100 receiving yards and two TDs in a half: Antonio Brown … and Chris Hogan.
Said to the fans at the tailgate today, toughest part of the season will be seeing Chris Hogan turn into the next W…
Players who played one year of CFB: Pats have Chris Hogan, Seahawks.George Fant 🙄
Last week, Chris Hogan announced his wife is expecting twins. . Tonight, he has scored two touchdowns so far.
Did you know:. -Chris Hogan played lacrosse. -Ryan Fitzpatrick went to Harvard. -Chris Drury played in the Little League World Series
Wonder what thinks seeing Chris Hogan light up the
Tom Brady and Chris Hogan are the new Mega Powers.
Chris Hogan former lacrosse stand out... the guy can play 🏈
Martellus Bennett, Chris Hogan and Malcolm Mitchell are expected to play in Sunday's AFC Championship Game.
Patriots Martellus Bennett, Chris Hogan, Malcolm Mitchell - all listed as quest. - all are expected to play today vs. Ste…
Malcolm Mitchell, Chris Hogan and Martellus Bennett were all at practice. Everyone on the 53-man roster is here
Chris Hogan and Malcolm Mitchell both need to be sleeping with Alex Guerrero rubbing their thigh/knee until Sunday.
Hi Mike, I may of missed it but is there any update on Chris Hogan's injury?
Tom Brady is 10-10 targeting Julian Edelman and Chris Hogan tonight, and Edelman has already reached 100 Rec Yards.
Chris Hogan's work in the deep part of the field has been a big part of Patriots' offense this season. His 17.9 average per…
Hi Sully. We've got Dont'a Hightower, Martellus Bennett, Chris Hogan and Michael Floyd as the big-crowd group.
If Malcolm Mitchell doesn't play Sunday, it would thrust Michael Floyd into the top-3 WR mix with Chris Hogan and Julian Edelman.
Big decision. Which one? Kelvin Benjamin, Taylor Gabriel, Chris Hogan, or Sterling Shepard? I'm starting Eli for QB
Tom Brady is out here making guys like Chris Hogan and Malcom Mitchell look like pro bowlers imagine what he's gonna do with Floyd
Chris Hogan: Tom Strong Ice people are on the loose in Millennium, and they’re robbing banks! Could Greta Gabr
Chris Hogan was a lacrosse star at PSU before Monmouth football. Been with the 49ers, Giants, Dolphins, & Bills
this upcoming week in fantasy, Malcolm Mitchell, Chris hogan, a-rob, which one sits?
TOUCHDOWN PATRIOTS!!! Tom Brady hits a wide open Chris Hogan on the streak for the 79-yard TD, stretching the lead to 1…
What another under-the-radar signing Chris Hogan has been. Great pickup, has fit the offense perfectly this year
NE keeps drafting QBs because they are smart. They have had holes - Brady masks a lot of them. Chris Hogan is a good WR with TB.
Chris hogan has Denver. Play deSean against Carolina for sure!
looking for a WR this week for half PPR, Dontrelle Inman or Rashard Matthews. Also Chris Hogan or Malcom Mitchell in dynasty?
Chris Hogan has more TDs than Sammy Watkins, Robert Woods and Charles Clay this year combined.
How Tom Brady found Chris Hogan on a 79-yard, back-breaking touchdown pass to beat the Ravens (video) | masslive
Gruden's pregame key for the Patriots was having 2016 newcomers Martellus Bennett, Chris Hogan and Malcolm...
Ok, - what were the coverage responsibilities, assignments and breakdowns on Chris Hogan's long, clinching TD last night?
Chris Hogan is averaging 19.2 yards per reception, the most of any player in the Belichick era
Am I seriously the only one who thinks Chris Hogan looks like Brian Austin Green?
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Someone needs to tell that Chris Hogan is more than just "deceptively fast." Once ran a 4.39 40.
I just wanna point out that chris hogan has 85 speed on madden, which is completely criminal.
Somebody check on Chris Hogan just took the top off Baltimore's defense like he was Randy Moss.
Brady Launches 79-Yard Bomb to Chris Hogan for the TD! | Ravens vs. Patriots | NF...
Probably Barkevious Mingo? Chris Hogan, Brandon King and Eric Rowe tested really well too.
Bill Belichick (re: Brady-to-Hogan 79-yard TD): "A little bit of a dirty read ... Fortunately Tom (and Chris) saw it the sam…
Chris Hogan out there repping for all the lax bros 🤘🏼
were reeling and needed to make a play offensively. Tom Brady and Chris Hogan provide one -
Julian Edelman, Malcolm Mitchell, Chris Hogan? Which Patriots WR do you want for your lineup?
Mitchell has a totw but Chris hogan is more than deserving of some kinda upgrade
49ers didn't want Chris Hogan. Look at him now.
TOUCHDOWN PATRIOTS!. Brady's 3rd TD Pass of the night is a dime to Chris Hogan!
had big day on offense & Chris Hogan was a key. Why the success? Watch Monday Night Patriots at 7p w/…
I hate you Chris hogan. I didnt know who you were until Drummond picked you up but you ruined my fantasy season
Did we ever come up with a nickname for Chris Hogan? He needs a good nickname...
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Breaking: NFL suspends Chris Hogan and Martellus Bennett 4 games for player introductions tomfoolery
A week after I drop Chris Hogan he drops 18 points. 😐😑
Wow. Chris Hogan is something else, man. I'd love to see him rip his jersey off like Hulk Hogan used to. Could you imagine…
Mike Hull's wildly successful debut, Chris Hogan went deep and good gracious Sean Lee - it's our NFL Week 14 recap
New England Patriots beat the Baltimore Ravens 30-23 at Foxboro. A 79 yard TD pass from Tom Brady to Chris Hogan the diff…
To think that me and Patriots beast WR Chris Hogan were both using Penn State 123 at the same time. I'm honored to say that.
but how do you leave a deep threat like Chris Hogan wide open in the middle of the field??
OF COURSE Chris Hogan played four years of LACROSSE at Penn State. Belichick was like, "yes, yes, whitest white receiver ever."
Penn State's offense still making noise -this time former laxer Chris Hogan
Of course Chris Hogan played lacrosse for 4 years at Penn State lol
Penn State lacrosse getting some love on national TV. Chris Hogan can ball
Penn State's very own Chris Hogan with the clutch momentum swing!
And, Chris Hogan from Penn State makes a kind of nice catch for the New England Patriots.
After Danny Amendola left the game, Chris Hogan lined up in the slot nine times. Malcolm Mitchell and Julian Edelman lined up there once
Jerry Rice grew up with a Chris Hogan poster on his bedroom wall
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Three Patriots listed as questionable – Martellus Bennett, Julian Edelman, Chris Hogan – all are expected to play vs. Jet…
Richard Sherman has covered Malcolm Mitchell, Matthew Slater, Julian Edelman and Chris Hogan the last four plays.
Thoughts on Will Fuller after bye for rest of season? Pick up a Chris Hogan or Tyler Lockette instead? Thxs and Go Broncos
I actually won in fantasy this week. Mvps are Robert Kelley and Chris Hogan.
Chris Hogan for Fletcher cox, straight up
Chris Hogan, Chris Long and Logan Ryan on preparing for Pittsburgh. WATCH:
flex Spencer Ware or Jonathan Stewart instead of Chris Hogan.
1 PPR is Chris Hogan a solid WR or Flex the rest of the season, Also will Dion Lewis have any impact this year?
Can only keep two of these three on my roster, Chris Hogan, John Brown, and Cameron Meredith?
Allen Robinson, Brandon Marshall & Will Fuller or Chris Hogan as a WR 3 this week? No ppr
what are your thoughts on Chris Hogan this week? He looked good with Brady in the preseason but it was the preseason.
pick two from: Michael Floyd, DJax, and Chris Hogan
In a 10 team PPR would you drop Markus Wheaton for a flier in Chris Hogan? I have Tom Brady if that impacts the decision.
Also, I have 2 Flex spots to fill b/w Sammie Coates, Chris Hogan, Ryan Mathews. Brady is my QB
Goodwin is the only Bills WR with over 100 yds rec this season. Pats have 4 such players including ex-Bills WR Chris Hogan
Can't tell what would be worse Sunday, the losing on missed Carpenter field goal or Chris Hogan getting a late touchdown to beat them
standard is dropping Tajae Sharpe for Chris Hogan better ROS?
should I trade Melvin Gordon, Bilal Powell, and Chris Hogan for Demarco Murray, Mike Wallace, and Ryan Mathews? I think yes.
Belichick signed Chris Long, Chris Hogan, resigned Blount, traded for Marty Bennett, Barkevious Mingo. Seems like he did a good job as GM
Then, similar motion + the threat of Bennett draws *three* defenders and it’s an easy crossing route to Chris Hogan. http…
I was just offered Greg Olsen, Allen Hurns and Chris Hogan for Demarco Murray and Mike Evans... Hm
Touchdown Patriots!. Jimmy Garoppolo finds Chris Hogan for a 37-yard TD as NE scores on their first drive of game.
Can you imagine how good the Pats will be with Brady and Gronk? Chris Hogan. Malcolm Mitchell. Martellus. Blount still…
Doing well with NFL Fantasy Football Team 🏈🏈. Chris Hogan is on my team roster!! 🎉🎉 .
Monmouth will have three guys on NFL rosters to open the season with Neal Sterling on the Jaguars and Chris Hogan on the Patriots
Dave! Ppr would you drop McKinnon, ware, deandre wash, Sims, Chris Hogan, Tajae sharpe for Kenneth Dixon? Already got west.
Chris Hogan Reference in the bottom line when he was on hard knocks with the Dolphins !
lead 29-28 at half time of their grand final. Chris Hogan has 8 points.
Is Chris Hogan a WR2 and is Desean Jackson still an every week WR1?
ppr bench depth, Chris hogan or Kenny stills?
didn't draft a defense/kicker. Need to drop 2 from Wheaton, Chris Hogan, Torrey Smith, Chris Johnson (not my handcuff) non ppr
thunder road for my cousin Chris Cole drove from NY to go to nats park show last night with me
Chris Hogan is on the Pats not Bills.
thoughts on Chris Hogan's role w1 and others...diff bigger skillet than amendola/Edelman, correct?
Chris Hogan is the slot receiver for the Pats
even how it would positively impact Hogan Comp. Put info out there, ppl will figure it out
Photos: Scenes from pre-game with Jimmy Garoppolo, Chris Hogan, Markus Kuhn and Malcolm Butler/Darryl Roberts.
defeat in preseason finale, player to watch is WR Chris Hogan
hey just curious where you came up with the Chris hogan Woburn line?
u think Eli Rogers is more valuable than Chris Hogan as a WR 3/4? PPR. I'm thinking no but like your insight
Fantasy football sleepers 2016: Wide receivers to consider in your draft
Hogan is exactly what the Patriots need at WR .
Swap Chris Hogan (WR4) for Treadwell, Garcon, Boyd, Woods, or Britt on waivers? 1/2PPR 12team 6 man bench
Thoughts on possibly dropping starks or James White for Chris Hogan in a 0.5 ppr league? I have marvin Jones and V-Jax benched.
Keeping Griff Whalen would be the make good for letting Chris Hogan go a few years ago.
would u drop Chris hogan or riddick for t sharpe?
Chris Hogan just found out about Aaron Hernandez
Chris Hogan is my favorite receiver in the league, underrated white boy who gives 100%
hey CHRIS HULK HOGAN for real?!?
Chris Hogan gives Pats something different If you think of the Patriots receiving core what…
The Patriots should get rid of Danny Amendola and use Chris Hogan more. Him and Edelman would be beast together ✌
2016 NFL Preview: Why Patriots WR Chris Hogan will be the breakout star of the year
But, the chris' are going to refresh in NE this year. Hogan & Long.
Chris Hogan & Julian Edelman have both seen 3 targets each at least so far.
Chris Hogan doing a nice Edelman impression, coming back to help out scrambling Brady, catches on a slide.
Thomas Edward Patrick Brady and Chris hogan are gonna like each other.
Plays like Chris Hogan just made, coming back after Brady scrambles, will get him on the QB's good side.
Chris Hogan catching a pass from Brady makes me gag a little
Wow this Tom Brady to Chris Hogan connection is gonna be deadly this year
Patriots WR Chris Hogan departs the field after his warmup at MetLife Stadium.
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I have Chris Hogan in a ppr league. I know Jimmy favors him. Will the love continue when gets back? Chris is NE WR 2 now.
Antonio Brown. Keenan Allen. Michael Floyd. Kelvin Benjamin. Josh Gordon. Marvin Jones. Chris Hogan. My WR's are going to dominate this year
Jaron Brown? Rashard Higgins? Chris Hogan? Eli Rogers? Paul Richardson? if you're that deep, I prefer one of these guys
Tom Brady to Chris Hogan 33 yards for a TD. WR Chris Hogan has look phenomenal through camp.
Nate Solder, James White and Chris Hogan drawing large media crowds in foxboro today
Guy in my league just cut Sterling Sheppard. Should I cut Chris Hogan or Sammie Coates to sign him?
Jimmy Garoppolo and Chris Hogan both looked good tonight. Whaley drafted the bust Koundijaio instead of Garoppolo & let Hogan walk.
Chris Hogan & Walter Powell getting in some weighted GPP circuits for hypertrophy & strength...…
Chris Hogan credits Marcus Easley with work ethic/approach
From Patriots WR Chris Hogan wears a message on his wristband from Bills WR Marcus Easley:
With Gronk, Edelmen, Chris Hogan, Amendola, Martellus Bennett and Dion Lewis does it really matter who is at quarterback? Patriots go 3-1
Some of my favorite Bills players have been the guys that went a different route (George Wilson, Nickel Robey, Stevie Johnson, Chris Hogan)
The additions of Martellus Bennett, Chris Hogan, Nate Washington, and Donald Brown should only add to the explosiveness of Brady &
The Patriots have given Tom Brady an interesting mix of new weapons in Martellus Bennett, Chris Hogan, Nate Washington and Clay Harbor.
Being Schooled on Money: Hour 3: Aired on Friday, April 1, 2016. - Ken Coleman, Chris Hogan and Anthony ...
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Terrence Knighton, Martellus Bennett, Chris Hogan, Chris Long, Nate Washington, Shea McClellin.what the eagles do ?
Chris Long, Martellus Bennett, Chris Hogan, Nate Washinton, plus our O line will be healthy again... we're the best...
My Pats beefed up their offense with Martellus Bennett, Chris Hogan, n Nate Washington. with D. Lewis healthy what's ur take?
Bills coach discusses defending Gronkowski-Bennett duo; departure of Chandler Jones; and Chris Hogan.
Who's riding the Chris Hogan hype train? Is he going to be the new Wes Welker???
Good 2 see Patriots acquire another world class WR talent for Tom Brady. Undrafted Chris Hogan. Brady prolly makes him an…
Man, nobody been so high on Chris Hogan since he was poached off the Penn State lacrosse team by Monmouth!
New Patriot WR Chris Hogan was a great lax player/leading scorer for Penn State in 2009
Patriots WR Chris Hogan's style of play has David Givens-type ..
Again, what does Chandler's season with the Pats have to do with my saying I like Chris Hogan?
Some Bills fans are acting like Buffalo lost Jerry Rice while others have gone to the other extreme and act like Chris Hogan is James Hardy.
Bills decline to match Pats offer | 3yr $12M | via Chris Hogan will be catching passes from TB12 next yr. https:…
Bill gave $12 million to Chris Hogan. How ever will he pay future HOF defensive end Chandler Jones now.
Any Bills fans reading this? How is Chris Hogan? Routes, speed, hands?? What are his strengths and weaknesses?
Bills notified NFL they are not matching 3-year, $12M offer sheet that Chris Hogan signed, as reported. Hogan i…
Chris Hogan will be a The declined their right of first refusal.
"Reports: Patriots sign Bills WR Chris Hogan to an offer sheet"
"Chris Hogan killed us this season, let's sign him!!". "Yeah!! It worked out so well with Scott Chandler!!"
I like Chris Hogan's game, but Scott Chandler was a Patriot killer too.
I ❤️ people freaking out over Chris Hogan. He'll be fine. Bigger concern- getting a TE who can actually do what Chandler was signed to
Please Buffalo match the contract giving to Chris Hogan. We all saw how Brad Smith and Scott Chandler were in Patriot uniforms...
Chris Hogan is Scott Chandler 2.0. Give me Jo Jo after a full training camp with 12.
Buffalo RFA WR Chris Hogan visiting NE today, per league source. Pats could sign him to offer sheet that Bills would have…
Patriots are preparing offer sheet to sign Bills' RFA WR Chris Hogan, per source. If offer goes through, Buffalo has 5 days to match offer.
offer sheet to wideout Chris Hogan is expected to be one Buffalo will have a hard time matching
WR Chris Hogan, who visited today: Played 3 years of college lacrosse, switched to football his final year. Belichick kind of guy
James Starks & Chris Hogan is pleasing I suppose but the need Mike Wallace, and another Guard 🤘🏻
Chris Hogan would be a classic Patriots signing. Play well against New England and get signed a la Scott Chandler. That worked out well.
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