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Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth (Jonty Palfrey) (born 11 August 1983) is an Australian actor most notable for portraying Thor in the Marvel Studios film Thor.

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Matt Damon supported his friend Chris Hemsworth at the premiere tonight in NYC!
12 with Pena and More: 12 Strong interviews with Chris Hemsworth, M…
Chris Hemsworth confirms just how massive Infinity War will be
'This is one of the biggest things in film history': Chris Hemsworth teases 'massive' 'Avengers: Infinity War'.…
Chris Hemsworth on & . “The interactions between all of these characters and the diffe…
Chris Hemsworth was joined by older brother Luke at the
Wonder Woman and Thor. . Gal Gadot and Chris Hemsworth. They are art.
Watching Chris Hemsworth accept Frances McDormand’s Critics’ Choice Award (and actually be quite funny about it) is…
Gal Gadot and Chris Hemsworth at the carpet.
Elsa Pataky on the perks of working with Chris Hemsworth in '12 Strong'
IGN First: New Look at in The Thor star on why he decided to play a real-life hero.
Thor’s Chris Hemsworth keeps one of his hammers near the toilet.
Ideas for a fourth Thor movie were discussed between director Taika Waititi and actor Chris Hemsworth during…
Chris Hemsworth and Margot Robbie competing to be best Australian is so *** funny.
Keeping with our Aussie theme this week :)...
sorry but I don't get it. How come that Chris Hemsworth is nominated as Best Actor in a Comedy…
Frances McDormand leaving Chris Hemsworth a voicemail right now
on the blog: Tom Hiddleston, Eddie Redmayne & Chris Hemsworth all get nominated for the same award.. but none of them w…
A lot of happy kids here. Found out the guests on Good Morning America Monday when we're there are Chris Hemsworth and…
For the love of god, el acento de Chris Hemsworth
The greatest indication that the film industry might finally be learning to understand women is having Chris Hemswo…
That means I should think Chris Hemsworth is hot?
“Frances could not be here tonight as she’s renting Three Billboards on Sunset Blvd to help her get the Oscar.” - C…
Chris Hemsworth accepting best actress for absent Frances McDormans: “She’s busy putting up three billboards of Sun…
Margot Robbie and Chris Hemsworth in Kangaroo onesies answering questions about Australia is something you never thought…
Margot Robbie and Chris Hemsworth dressed up as kangaroos to become the 'best Aussie' -
Chris Hemsworth and Jessica Chastain pose in the press room during The 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly…
📷 theavengers: Chris Hemsworth at the 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel...
Emilia Clarke, Chris Hemsworth, Viola Davis, Dwayne Johnson and many other stars are coming out on Sunday to present the Go…
movie news Chris Hemsworth Wants to Continue Playing Thor After Avengers 4 - Chris Hemsworth says he wants to conti…
Sebestian Stan and Chris Evans and Ben barnes and Chris Hemsworth and Matthew Daddario and Tom Hiddleston and Tom h…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Finding Nemo, starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Chris Hemsworth. Directed by Gore Verbinski, music by Suede. Budget: $140m
Chris Hemsworth and Gal Gadot have been added to the presenters list at the upcoming Golden Globes Awards ceremony airi…
Gal Gadot, Greta Gerwig, Emma Watson, Chris Hemsworth, Seth Rogen + more will present at the 2018 Golden Globes.
Chris Hemsworth in the sexiest ad ever, Lainie Kazan has sticky fingers, the three stages of Christmas grief, a nak…
It's good to see people find Adam Driver attractive. I don't think I'll ever be on the level of a Chris Hemsworth, or…
I really appreciated chris hemsworth in Thor: Ragnarok. He might be the finest white man ever let’s argue
I need me a man that looks like Chris hemsworth. Good god he’s fine af
Chris Hemsworth & his iconic red-carpet-pose: "Touch the palm of the right hand with your left thumb & look awesome" h…
interesting, my image of nojo makes me think she would be more of the Chris Hemsworth macho type w
.I used to think Liam was the cuter Hemsworth *** is wrong with me? Chris way?
Tonight I hung out with Chris Hemsworth, Ryan Reynolds and Channing Tatum at this cool bar called Never Gonna Happen’s.
Why is Chris Hemsworth so fine tho.
Just finished watching Thor Ragnarok. Chris Hemsworth is such a babe😍!
I was expecting some Chris Hemsworth. I'm still healing
It’s too bad Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, and Chris Hemsworth all play Marvel superheroes; if they were DC, they could be the Jus…
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Chris Hemsworth really glo’d up from the first Thor movie to Ragnarok
Chris Hemsworth is very funny, it turns out. I want to see him play some sort of detective in an Edgar Wright noir
Me trying to face the fact that Robert Downey Jr, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans and Mark Ruffalo are probably going to…
i want Chris Hemsworth to choke me and toss my unconscious body off of Mario Kart 7's Rainbow Road
Drew Goddard is shooting another action movie for Fox with Chris Hemsworth in Vancouver. Ryan is a…
that time Chris Hemsworth made his daughter a dinosaur cake bc the bakery couldn’t... dad of the year
Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds and Chris Hemsworth so I could dare em into showing me who's…
Ayy me caso. Definitivamente yo quiero un Chris Hemsworth en mi vida, and I'm not settling for less.
Thor: Ragnarok, starring Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie, and Jeff Goldbloom as Jeff Goldbloom.
Avengers: Infinity War ! Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Letitia Wright as Shuri, Karen Gillan as Nebula, and Chris...
This is your casual reminder that Tom Hiddleston is actually blond, Chris Hemsworth is actually brunet, Benedict Cumberba…
Idk what's more shocking: Chris Hemsworth's lack of dancing abilities or the fact that he owned more than one ed hardy t shirt 😂
So, all I want is a man that’s a mixture of: Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downey Jnr, Will Ferrell, Tom Hardy and Bear G…
Greg Olsen looks like Chris Hemsworth playing Joe Buck in "The Movie".
Chris Hemsworth, Ryan Reynolds, Wolverine & Dwayne Johnson can stay. The rest of them *** gotta go
Update your maps at Navteq
Blake Shelton is With Jason Mamoa, Roman Reigns, Ryan Reynolds and Chris Hemsworth on the table?…
Blake Shelton was given "Sexiest Man Alive" award... have these people ever heard of Idris Elba, Chris Hemsworth, C…
Could someone inform People Magazine that Shemar Moore is still alive? Oh, and so is Idris Elba, Chris Hemsworth, C…
Cate Blanchett is great, Taika Waititi is the best, Chris Hemsworth looks amazing. Thor Ragnarok is a great time o…
Chris Hemsworth will always be my favorite Chris ever.
Chris Hemsworth’s youngest *** fan is the coolest kid in Australia by
I just want one picture of Chris Hemsworth in the crop top armor.
The Chris Hemsworth and Tom Holland one is real. The rdj and evans one is manip. But still bless her/his…
Everybody loves chris Hemsworth. Most people probably would probably tell you him dating t…
I've been looking at this picture of this walrus for quite some time. He could be the Chris Hemsworth of his kind and w…
Chris Hemsworth and Cate Blanchett looking unbelievably dapper in black & white
So pleased that & the cast are looking just flawless on the big screen, using
Chris Hemsworth wants to film a Thor / Spider-Man movie in the future
Has enough time passed where we can admit Chris Hemsworth was the best part of Ghostbusters
ICYMI, Jack Black challenged to a Battle of the Jams:
Jack Black challenges Chris Hemsworth to a "battle of the jams" over Led Zeppelin song in "Thor: Ragnarok" - KTIC
Jack Black and Chris Hemsworth are doing a using the Immigrant song by Led Zeppelin on Instagram and it's…
Chris Hemsworth got the job as Thor because he accidentally tore the casting director's arm off and they were too scared to say…
I'm not in a good place mentally right now, so I decided to cope by giving every celebrity Chris a Spice Girl persona:. Chris…
Feeling like my fan girl inner self has betrayed Brad Pitt for Chris Hemsworth these past few years. I mean, he’s…
Chris Hemsworth is the sexiest man alive. hands down 😍
Chris Hemsworth looking like a snack in Thor
is funny and amazing!! Chris Hemsworth is super hot. Cate Blanchett is one the best super villains ev…
[ i’m home and Thor Ragnarok was SO good and SO fcking funny and chris hemsworth is so hot idfc
- Thor Ragnarok review: This Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston starrer is Marvel’s best film y…
If anyone wants to go see the new Thor movie this weekend and drool over Chris Hemsworth with me hmu 👌🏻
Also Hemsworth is gunning for Evans as My Favorite Chris. It will take a lot to win, though.
Y'all can keep Chris Hemsworth or Evans or Pine or whatever. I'll take Loki. Deal?
idk i saw Chris Hemsworth really shirtless in Ragnorak so I'm ok
Oh hi! I talked to Hemsworth and Ruffalo about tearing up the playbook for Ragnarok and the future of Marvel https:/…
Did anyone else know Chris and Liam Hemsworth have another brother named Luke or??
Thor Ragnarok is the Led Zeppelin music video/buddy comedy/shirtless Chris Hemsworth Thor movie I’ve always wanted
watching thor has reminded me of hoW MUCH LOVE I HAVE FOR CHRIS HEMSWORTH AND Tom Hiddleston
Yo my feels for Chris Hemsworth blew up again oh no the horror someone please help.
Drooling over Chris Hemsworth sitting right next to your boyfriend. Unreal
so good, I want Chris Hemsworth to nut in my mouth
Such a waste, really. This is fun in its own way, but I really want to see Chris Hemsworth fighting Jormungandr...
📷 stardom: Chris Hemsworth, Thor: Most Likely to be Plotting Something Photos by: Tamar Levine |...
Watching Who knew Chris Hemsworth had genius comedic timing?
It's weird I thought Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, & Benedict Cumberbatch were all same person, how are they all in this movie
when stan lee shave up mighty Chris Hemsworth, and he BEG the old hag not to stop ..priceless..!!
The evolution of Chris Hemsworth, comedy star -
Thor was good of course, glad they let Chris Hemsworth's charisma shine.
To be fair, Chris Hemsworth would be over 200 years dead by Mass Effect 2
this photo is the most i have ever related to Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth identifies secret weapon, and it's Ghostbusters:
I didn’t think they could make Thor any better but then they gave Chris Hemsworth a sexy haircut and lightning muscles and it got WAY better
ABC's Popcorn with Peter Travers: Star Chris Hemsworth and director Taika Waititi on changing up the formula for... https…
You: omg Chris Hemsworth is so hot. Me, and intellectual: I would let Jeff Goldblum murder me
Chris Hemsworth is on another level it's actually frightening how hot he is
Saw Thor Ragnarok and enjoyed it! Also made me want to get buffer now after seeing Chris Hemsworth shirtless.
figures out what we should've known all along: Chris Hemsworth is very, very funny…
All I've been told is that they finally realized Chris Hemsworth is actually funny so they let him go a…
Thor Ragnarok pulls off an insane magic trick by somehow turning Chris Hemsworth into Robert Downey Jr.
That time Chris Evans got on his tiptoes to hug Chris Hemsworth. . Iconic.
Tessa Thompson kissing ladies would be hot. Tessa Thompson kissing Chris Hemsworth is also hot. tessa tho…
Chris Hemsworth is as inseparable to Thor as Christopher Reeve was to Superman.
Waiting for the day I see Chris Hemsworth and Daler Mehndi dancing to BOLO THOR ARARA BOLO THOR ARARA
Chris Hemsworth's 'Thor' workout is fit for a superhero
Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston are comic gods in new ‘Thor'
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Chris Hemsworth seems like a really weird casting for Jane Foster in those Thor movies
Chris Hemsworth said his 3 kids want to be Wonder Woman for Halloween - ABC News - via
My god were my eyes blessed. For so many reasons but consider: Chris Hemsworth. Idris Elba. Tom Hiddleston having chemistry with everyone???
I added a video to a playlist Chris Hemsworth ngomong Bahasa Indonesia
Pernod Ricard has signed Thor star Chris Hemsworth to lead its new global TV ad for Australian wine brand Jacob's Creek.
Chris Hemsworth helms global TV ad for Pernod Ricard's Jacob's Creek - video
Chris Hemsworth and Mark Ruffalo at Thor: Ragnarok's Sydney premiere - Illawarra Mercury
Coming back to where it all started, Chris Hemsworth visited Manly on the weekend. Starting his acting career up...
Chris Hemsworth is so incredibly attractive 😍
A ranking of people named Chris. 1. Chris Hemsworth . 2. Chris Pratt . 3. Chris Pine . . .and dead fckin last . Christopher Columbus
Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans, the holy trinity.
"Most girls crush on Chris Evans or Chris Pine or Chris Hemsworth or Chris Pratt. I wa…
Chris Hemsworth looks so much better with short hair.
Thor star Chris Hemsworth is coming to the Gold Coast - The Sydney Morning Herald
Make like Chris Hemsworth and make sure to show some extra love to your feline friends today. Photograph by Bruce W…
I'm watching in the heart of the sea bc we NEVER have too much of Tom Holland, Chris Hemsworth and Cillian Murphy being together
// Chris Hemsworth for Lestat? Really...? Well, Anne Rice obviously knows what's best.
// Anne Rice said that Chris Hemsworth is a really good RL match; He has the jaw, the voice, the eyes, but I dunno if she'll change her --
I've been pretty Chris Hemsworth oriented this year, but I was ready for a change and I really hate James…
A Face/Off reboot where Chris Pine, Chris Evans, Chris Pratt, and Chris Hemsworth all switch faces and no one notices t…
Chris Hemsworth is like Christopher Reeve in that he can do two things: he can wear a big red cap..
Chris Hemsworth's Thor hammer could be yours for $50 - Business Insider Australia
'One of the best weekends ever'! Chris Hemsworth shows off his enviable birthday celebrations with wife Elsa Pataky
Ghostbusters 2016 isn't a movie. It's 116 minutes of misandry see: Chris Hemsworth is a moron in GB16, & Ann…
If you could fck any 5 people in the world at the sa... ___ Chris Evans . Chris Hemsworth . Emma Watson. . Sca...
Thanks ☺️ Only Chris Evans, RDJ, Chris Hemsworth and Sebastian Stan to go then I've met everyone on my bucket list ☺️
"It's time" for a female James Bond says Chris Hemsworth. So I'm done with this guy.
Chris Hemsworth thinks Charlize Theron should be the next James Bond
Chris Hemsworth thinks the next James Bond should be a woman. He has someone in mind
Oo y'all don't want me to start. . But if you insist... Jensen Ackles. Chris Evans. Chris Hemsworth.
【NEW】BOSS Bottled: Man of Today with Chris Hemsworth (60secs). Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn. via HUGO BOSS
Sebastian at a Hugo Boss event today ft. Chris Hemsworth
Daddies all in one place. Sean O'Pry, Sebastian Stan and Chris Hemsworth at Hugo Boss New York? Oh heaven please come to me.
No just thinking about all the Chris Hemsworth and Scar Jo projects that have flopped in between MCU films...
I'm totally hotter than Ariana Grande and Chris Hemsworth, right?
But that is definitely about chris hemsworth, this powerhouse pairing!
Chris Hemsworth is the new fragrance ambassador. Watch him front the campaign for BOSS Bottled here:…
I just paused the movie on rabbit to show jay chris hemsworth's shirtless scene
All this time I thought Chris Pine was Chris Hemsworth... oops
4. Chris Hemsworth. - I want him to use his Thor hammer on me. This is a MAN.
Imagine you could meet Chris & Liam Hemsworth IRL... 💪💪 👀 With the new collection of Imagines you can.
Don't feel bad, Chris Hemsworth happens too the best of us
I can't wait for the movie version of Maybe Chris Hemsworth as Milo and Rosie O'Donnell as
Chris Hemsworth has done astoundingly well for himself impossibly quickly, hasn't he? Good for him.
Chris Hemsworth is the New Face of Boss Bottled -
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Chris Hemsworth tapped as face of Hugo Boss' Boss Bottled fragrance
Chris Hemsworth's kids learned a little bit more about nature than they probably expected over the weekend
From Summer Bay to Hollywood! Chris Hemsworth looks dramatically different from his days on ...: Breakout role…
Blocked for saying 2 people look alike?! R u actually serious?! Know who else looks alike? Chr…
Chris Evans looks more like Chris Hemsworth than Chris Hemsworth look like Chris Hemsworth
Meet Luke Hemsworth – Chris and Liam's brother and a rising star
This just in... How I Got My Style: Chris Hemsworth - The new face of Boss Bottled (and the superhuman muscle b...
like was everyone convinced Chris Hemsworth would be a good Thor from his five minutes of screen t…
Chris Hemsworth tapped as face of Hugo Boss’ Boss Bottled fragrance –
Only once have I ever heard that, and it was an *** who didn't believe Chris Hemsworth was big enough to play Thor 😂
Today announced that Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth, is the new face of its tentpole men's fragrance, BOSS Bott…
10 years since Chris Hemsworth starred on Home and Away. .
I had a dream that I ran into Chris Hemsworth dressed as Thor, he ended up being in my vlog all day!! I was fangirling in m…
The Cabin in the Woods, it has Chris Hemsworth in it. Really good movie!
Why do pathetic women throw themselves at Ryan Gosling when Chris Hemsworth is literally 10 times better looking?
Don't forget 16-18th June with guests Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Steven Yuen (Walking Dead) and 60+ more!
somebody make a movie and cast Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt, and Chris Pine in it and call it The Chrises Crisis
you: Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pine or Chris Pratt?. me, an intellectual w/daddy issues:
Chris Hemsworth interrupts the Russo Brothers' fight rehearsal on the set of
Funny vid from Chris Hemsworth. "Just stumbled across a little secret rehearsal by the Russo Brothers". https:/…
Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston and Mark Ruffalo are coming back together this November. Mark your calendar. We can't wait…
In here we see Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Chris Hemsworth... oh and Chris Evans grabbing his left boob yet again.
Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pratt are all gonna be in Avengers: Infinity War. . THE CHRISIS !
Loved the SNL opener with Chris Pine differentiating himself from the other Chrises. Added confusion: Chris Hemsworth played his Kirk's dad.
It is easy to tell Chris Pine apart from Chris Hemsworth, Pine is the one who has been in Oh wait... https:…
Is it just me or does Liam Hemsworth look like Chris Hemsworth?
Chris Hemsworth vs. Liam Hemsworth. {rt after you vote}
I'm at work in Durham, just metres away from where Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston etc are filming Avengers in the cathedral 😱
Logan Lerman , Chris Pratt, Chris Hemsworth , Grant Gustin , all avengers and DC character
PHOTOS: You'll Fall Hard for Chris Hemsworth the Dog and Prince Harry the Cat — and Both of Them Ne… via
Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine Students to star in Horse Soldiers along side Chris Hemsworth!...
TEA omg Marvel will be over especially since Chris Hemsworth and Robert Downy Jr's contracts are also ending soon
Alright. Getting ready to cross that Chris Hemsworth force field on my way to our cabin in the woods. Off the grid. See ya soon, ya goobers.
I love to look at the pics of the Hollywood actors who wear their wedding rings. Matt Damon, Chris Pratt, Chris Hemsworth.
Well you used a Chris Hemsworth gif so I guess that makes it okay...
Chris Hemsworth and Matt Damon spotted in Byron Bay - Northern Star
Tonight I dreamed about Chris Hemsworth being by best mate. It was a cool dream except for the bus driver who didn't let me board her bus.
Matt Damon and Chris Hemsworth dress to match on his visit Down Under
Chris Evans, chris hemsworth, and Chris Pratt competing for the title of RDJ's Favorite Chris™
Matt Damon spends time with Chris Hemsworth in Australia
Thor Ragnarok movie trailer: Chris Hemsworth SMASHES the Hulk in first stunning teaser -
CHRIS HEMSWORTH on set of AVENGERS: Infinity War yesterday ! ( with Marvel Studios co-president Louis D'Esposito ) htt…
Who do you think is the most popular among actors in this?. Chris Pratt. chris hemsworth.
I am loving Chris Hemsworth in the new Ghostbusters! He is the best part!
Chris Hemsworth’s New Look in the First Teaser Trailer of ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Film>>
this looks epic as all *** Chris Hemsworth doesn't get enough props for his comedic timing
I liked a video Elsa Pataky Thinks Chris Hemsworth Should Join 'Fast and Furious'
A brilliant new Thor: Ragnarok poster, shows Chris Hemsworth as the titular Avenger, all set for battle. Thor:...
We make that a 6:23 DoGMRoD. Fast & Furious 8, Zelda, TV twists and Chris Hemsworth's lumpy left arm all on the site today.
I'll bet the only reason Thor has short hair is because Chris Hemsworth got tired of wearing extensions 😀
Thor: Ragnarok - watch the first trailer for the Marvel superhero sequel | Film | The… ➜…
Cate Blanchett looks SO different as Hela in
'Ragnarok' trailer puts Thor and the in the arena
Watch Chris Hemsworth and Cate Blanchett in first Thor: Ragnarok trailer – video
The first trailer for looks AMAZING — as the God of Thunder faces off against Hulk (via
Casting is one way to get us to see Watch the teaser trailer:
Chris Hemsworth on set of Infinity War with the Marvel Studios co-president Louis D'Esposito
Cate Blanchett is here to make Marvel villains great again. Watch the first trailer: h…
I accept is as canon that for every hair Chris Hemsworth loses in THOR: RAGNAROK, Idris Elba grows one.
We have Nicki and Chris Hemsworth to thank for cleaning that mess up
Breast Cancer Awareness
Elsa Pataky opens up about 'dream' life with Chris Hemsworth and children
Matt Damon & his kids sneak into Aus to visit Chris Hemsworth in Byron Bay while their wives enjoy NYC girls' trip
compare to other australians like. chris hemsworth or like. rebel whatever her name is who are australian but they're not The Australian
Anyway, this youtuber I'm watching keeps using footage of Chris Hemsworth and it's weird but I'm about it
By the hammer of Thor: Teen returns Chris Hemsworth's wallet, scores $10K reward:
Immediately more interesting to me than Chris Hemsworth.
Don't get me wrong, Chris Hemsworth is beautiful anyway, but why'd they have to cut his hair in the new Thor movie…
Watch Chris Hemsworth, Cate Blanchett, Tom Hiddleston and more in the first official trailer:
THOR: RAGNAROK: a movie in which Chris Hemsworth is put into bondage situations no fewer than three times
Great use of Led Zeppelin in the new trailer 🤘🏻
A countdown of what I find most sexy about the trailer... 3. Chris Hemsworth. 2. Cate Blanchett. 1. THAT FON…
Remember when Chris Hemsworth was cast as the world's best hacker ?
Is there a greater bromance to hit Brisbane than this one? Welcome Matt Damon and Chris Hemsworth
Robert Downey Jr. is trying to start a real-life between Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth.
When Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pratt meets each other during the set of Infinity War
Anne Hathaway, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, Chris Hemsworth, Denzel Washington.. too many to mention!
find me this kid.. Chris Hemsworth... Chris Evans, Ryan Reynolds
Kat Dennings & Natalie Portman are in that Chris Hemsworth movie. Who knew?
aw yeah that's the new Thor movie with Chris Hemsworth and Tom Huddleston
Eric Dane is so much like Chris Hemsworth... Justin chambers looks like Chris Pratt too ..
Chris Hemsworth, Melissa McCarthy Win Favorite Actor, Actress at Kids' Choice Awards has been published on LA ... -…
Just bring back Thor Odinson for Infinity War. We dont want Chris Hemsworth 🙅
See the first proper look at Chris Hemsworth, Cate Blanchett and Tessa Thompson in Thor: Ragnarok:
Turns out the answer to "What could make me ignore Chris Hemsworth?" is: Cate Blanchett as Evil Cher and Tessa Thompson War…
Yeah but you cannot forget that a young Chris Hemsworth was in the saddle club in season 2😍😍
. From the studio that brought you Transformers . Chris Hemsworth. Jessica Alba. And Ben Kingsley. Berserk. Rated PG-13
Chris Hemsworth, Australia tourism's ambassador, will make you fall in love with his home country…
Benedict Cumberbatch and Chris Hemsworth get goofy behind the scenes of
There's going to be a Tom Brady biopic? The Chris Evans vs. Matt Damon vs. Ben Affleck battle will be epic. Although, Chris Hemsworth is Tom
on down to Chris Hemsworth, Liam, etc. etc. and finally end up marrying Ben Barnes.
Jeremy Renner and Chris Hemsworth step out on the red carpet in BOSS tuxedos for the Golden Globes
Hm let's see. An Aubrey-Maturin film series... Chris Hemsworth as Jack Aubrey. Eva Green as Diana Villiers. Domhnall Gleeson as Maturin?
Hey Hollywood, please put Jason Momoa, Brock O'hurn and Chris Hemsworth in a movie together. I don't care what it's about. 2017 needs this.
Jason Momoa and Chris Hemsworth. The Franco brothers. Henry Cavil and Bradley Cooper. Chris Brown and Usher.
5 ~ Ben Affleck, Harrison Ford, Chris Hemsworth, Colin O'Donoghue, and Wentworth Miller. (What else is there?!)
Chris Hemsworth and Matt Damon's Double Date Just Put All of Our Weekend Plans to Shame via
Matt Damon joins pal Chris Hemsworth and his wife Elsa Pataky for dinner in L.A.
When did Chris Pine become so old? Why can't Chris Hemsworth stand still on stage?Why does Ben Affleck look woody
Melissa McCarthy as Brody, Leslie Jones as Hooper, Kristen Wiig as Quint, Chris Hemsworth as Ellen and Kate McKinno…
In order: Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, Kristen Wiig, and Chris Hemsworth. Kate McKinnon is the Shark because fuc…
From Will Smith to Chris Hemsworth: It was a starry 2016 for India
George Kirk is played by Chris Hemsworth, who would go on to potray Thor in the MCU.
Chris Hemsworth is SO NICE with fans outside Jimmy Kimmel Live via
Aaron Taylor Johnson, Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth all in one movie 👅👅
Chris Hemsworth, Olly Murs and more share their cheesy Christmas snaps - Metro
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Chris Hemsworth shares behind-the-scene snaps from new film Horse Soldiers
Hello soldier! Chris Hemsworth shared behind-the-scenes images to Instagram on Wednesday as he …
Chris Hemsworth shares behind-the-scenes photos from the set of Horse Soldiers
Chris Hemsworth : Elsa Pataky cuddles up with a ... - Read more:
(2) . Chris Hemsworth as . Mike Myers as . If we had the budget...
My all time favorite actors include: Dave Franco, Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Downey Jr., Morgan Freeman, and Chris Hemsworth
Kristen Wiig swoons over Chris Hemsworth in new Ghostbusters international trailer
Chris Hemsworth does look a bit peculiar in Thor 1. Blond hair, brown beard, black eyelashes and really red lips.
dan howell and phil lester as you didn't bring Chris Hemsworth back from Aus could you bring Chris Evans & Sebastia…
James McAvoy, Taylor Kitsch, Garrett Hedlund and Chris Hemsworth were up for the role that went to Ryan Reynolds
Chris Hemsworth and Taika Waititi standing with those who are fighting to protect their sacred land and water...
📷 waititi: Taika Waititi, Chris Hemsworth, and Tessa Thompson during Thor: Ragnarok’s last day of...
Can you imagine the type of life Chris Hemsworth has? To look like that and have that much money. Jesus.
Chris Hemsworth apologizes for once dressing as a Native American, says he stands with Standing Rock:…
These stars WIN at traveling Europe in style! ✨✈️
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Luke Hemsworth Makes Brothers Chris and Liam Cry lol there's another one
Chris Hemsworth is just really good at hitting that 8, even when he doesn't call me.
Chris Hemsworth paints his nails for Challenge. I am a big fan of the “c... -
me too 😩 without he reminds me of Chris Evans and Chris hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth squatting and testing fate with his phone
he's a midget. I'd go for someone like Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth and Zac Efron Are Wearing Nail Polish This Month for an Awesome Reason via
Chris Hemsworth stretching and testing fate with his phone 😂
I actually find it harder to act in the scenes where there's not muc...
Chris Hemsworth with glasses makes me sexually frustrated
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