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Chris Hayes

Huey Lewis and the News is an American rock band based in San Francisco, California. They had a run of hit singles during the 1980s and early 1990s, eventually scoring a total of 19 top-ten singles across the Billboard Hot 100, Adult Contemporary and Mainstream Rock charts.

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Welcome to Seth Myers a blistering critic of Donald Trump whereas Chris Hayes is stuck in character always playing Devil's advocate
Chris Hayes pushes Tom Perez to join Bernie in saying "the ruling class & billionaire class" are to blame for our probl…
Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow and Joy Reid, peppered with Lawrence O'Donnell and Katy Turkey!…
Watching Russia time with Bill Maher and Chris Hayes first words are about - wait for it - RUSSIA!
Seriously, Bill it's like you took it from Chris Hayes. Divisive and weird, serving no purpose but to upset OUR voters.
Oh look, Chris Hayes is having Bernie on to discuss KS04 and upcoming elections. *click*
See if you can find a YouTube or Sarandon's recent interview with Chris Hayes.
Bingo and please tell that to Bernie Sanders, Chris Hayes and Susan Sarand…
Chris Hayes compares current-day policing in cities to British rule just before the American Revolution.
I think Carter Page. He fumbled when he was interviewed by Anderson Cooper & Chris Hayes. I'm sure he kn…
what channel to watch? Anderson Cooper & Chris Hayes' bringing 🔥. Congressman King trying to sell Flynn asking 4 immunity gd. Panel laughing
happened on msnbc's Chris Hayes show. He had earlier denied it in NPR interview with Judy Woodruff. First week in March. Google.
Talking to Chris Hayes about House Intelligence Committee's inability to investigate w/
Chris Hayes, msnbc, had Maxine Waters on. She read the riot act & the only thing missing was a gun on ea hip.
Chris Hayes says America’s founders would be offended by the modern police state...
Louise Mensch & Chris Hayes stupidly try to argue that Islam is tolerant of other religions & cultures.get owned in a…
domain names
Men's 4x400 team of Austin Hernandez, Antoine Ewell, Aaron Thompson, Chris Hayes run 3:22 to place first in heat 2.
Here's my appearance on Chris Hayes tonight on MSNBC: watch/moore-time-to-fight-for- medicare-for-all-…
Karen Bass made a great point with Chris Hayes: GOP had no ACA replacement plan b/c they thought they'd never have to govern.
.guest hosting ALL IN with Chris Hayes starts right now on MSNBC! Let's do this &
My man John yarmuth on all in with Chris Hayes tonight talking about the disastrous Health bill the Republicans have rolled out
Smart money is on Carter Page. He couldn't even stonewall Chris Hayes.
I'll be interviewing Chris Hayes about A Colony In A Nation -Wednesday Old South Church Boston. Join us
Duh! Mother Jones told this in October before election. All except Maddow & Chris Hayes ignored it! Media is intellectually lazy!
a recent town hall on MSNBC with Chris Hayes & Bernie Saunders, went to mining town since the GOP health plan intro 1/
Town Hall in West Virginia with Bernie Sanders facilitated by Chris Hayes, 2017.Mar.13 via MSNBC.
What happened to Chris Hayes's time in southern West Virginia . never heard about that. didn't watch it
Maddow, Lawrence, Chris Hayes & Joy Reid are the only programs to TRUST 󾓦
Antonio R. Villaraigosa with Chris Hayes talks & worth watching.
Joy Reid, Chris Hayes and Maddow are the most informed and refuse to be shut down when someone lies.Awesome.
A must watch. All in with Chris Hayes .with Bernie Saunders in West Virginia.,
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Did u hear Chris Hayes play a clip of Putrescent Paul (on your "friend," Hugh Hewitt's show? He ...
Chris Hayes msnbc just played. Unreal. Listen to this heartless. Souless Was tell Hewitt how he will screw American…
Former Nixon Counsel John Dean and Malcolm Nance on MSNBC Chris Hayes commenting on the Carter Page Interview. 2/2 https…
If you thought the Chris Hayes interview w Carter Page was revealing, ck out this Channel 4 interview w him. Jon Snow devours.
If you saw the Carter Page interview with Channel 4's Jon Snow (British) & MSNBC's Chris Hayes, you know Page is a fool.
NEVER FORGET. Chris Hayes is a hero. We'd have a Bernie world if it wasn't for all the brave progressives at MSNBC standing…
I look for the immediate firing of the ridiculous Chris Matthews, Rachael Maddow, Chris Hayes, Lawrence O'Donnell, and Brian Williams
"Chris Hayes looks like he went to see Isabella Rossellini from Death Becomes Her...because his face is tight."
I will be on Chris Hayes tonight at 8:45pm ET on MSNBC to discuss the incredible resistance taking place across the country &…
Don't really understand why Chris Hayes didn't ask Susan Sarandon directly about her rich/white privilege, but ok..
What are the odds that more liberals are furious about Susan Sarandon going on Chris Hayes than they are about Milo on…
Turned on Chris Hayes, saw Susan Sarandon will be on, turned off Chris Hayes.
Chris Hayes and Joan Walsh: Trump not being outraged that Flynn lied to him and Pence raises question did they know. And when did they know?
Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddox and Ari Melber are the BEST of MSNBC!!
Gosh darn Lawrence O'Donnell is off tonight &he was the favorite part of my Monday but we got Joy Reid filling in 4 Chris Hayes. Luv u Joy
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Joy Reid on tonite filling in for Chris Hayes.2/6/2017
yeah! Hearing Joy Reid as sub in for Chris Hayes. Joy is awesome!!!
Oo Joy Reid is sitting in for Chris Hayes right now!!
Appreciate your boldness on Chris Hayes tonight talking to Joy Ann Reid. Please God save us from this mental loon.T is dangerous
Chris Hayes is one of THE best commentators on cable news. I just pre-ordered my copy of his new book, "A...
Ms LSD needs to get rid of Chris Hayes and Lawrence O'Donnell for good put them on the Shelf with Schultz
ok to Maddow, Lawrence & joy, no 2 Chris Hayes still. Will not support him or his show.
Maddow,Lawrence,Joy,Ari& sometimes Chris Hayes are doing a great job presenting the facts
Yes,I heard the attorney on All In w/ Chris Hayes&now Lawrence O'Donnell is going 2 share w/us again,hope lawsuit is successful!
Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow, and Lawrence McDonald & Joy Reid are the only reasons to watch now.
Is that Rachel Maddow or Chris Hayes? . I can never tell the difference.
Chris Hayes is now the Emcee for Jonathan Chait & Josh Barro to spin their nonsense. Also: how many times does Hayes say "sortof" per show?
She's more like Joe's sex kitten. Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow & Joy Ann Reid are the gems of MSNBC.
I bet Cory Booker uses the race card on Jeff Sessions. How much do you want to bet Chris Hayes?? R U a betting man?
Watching now but see All In with Chris Hayes on instead of Brian Williams. Did he get fired again?
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"the maturity of a 5 year old wrapped in a massive ego" with his finger in nuclear trigger. Jeff Merkley on Trump, while Chris Hayes smirks.
Obnoxious people say that Chris Hayes looks like Rachel Maddow, but he actually looks way more like Chris Jansing.
I still miss the one-two-punch of Chris Hayes (& Melissa Harris Perry's (weekend MSNBC shows. Was good while it lasted.
Chris Hayes sums up the last eight years: "1. America elected a black man president, and about half the... https:/…
@ I never watch Matthews any longer just Chris Hayes, Rachel, Lawrence & Joy Reed Matthew needs to go 2 fox
I trust the integrity of people like David Frum and Rich Lowry, disagreements aside. I recommend Ezra Klein and Chris Hayes
I absolutely love you and Chris Hayes discussing our world now. Would you consider adding Sam Stein and Bob Costa to the mix sometim
same here: Joy, Rachel, Lawrence, Chris Hayes, and Tamron Hall, then read and moviesm
I watch Joy Reid, Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes. Tamron Hall. It's the only progressives I can find.
Michael Moore on Chris Hayes's show: Every white person in the US has a Trump voter in their extended family.
I can stand Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow, and one or two others. But I do NOT consider MSNBC to be "…
LOL Chris Hayes on Jay Z “his wife and, I think it’s fair to say, the bigger star, Beyoncé…” Yup Chris!
Joy Ann Reid was on All In w/ Chris Hayes talking about the connection.It was fascinating.She connected dots.
Joy Ann Reid on Chris Hayes says fbi and Rudy are trying to lock up Clinton
who the f is Chris Hayes lol, i have more viewers when i use the bathroom
guess u didn't show Michael Moore making a fool of WABC by outing him as supporting Trump on Chris HAYES
Gratz to my team member Chris Hayes for reaching level 38 last night, dude is a 💪💪.
I'm appearing live on MSNBC - Chris Hayes - in a few minutes at 8:15pm. Trump ahead in one of the polls? We'll see about that.…
Chris Hayes is a disgusting little man.
As a lover of baseball this is probably the only time I'll agree with Chris Hayes.
Roger, I think you tagged the wrong Chris Hayes. Did you actually mean on ?
Hi Jon, please be on MSNBC more often! I've seen you twice on Chris Hayes, now, and you crack me up,and you are so articulate!
oh please god protect chris hayes I beg you
Tomorrow on All In with Chris Hayes, a repeat.
Dear MSNBC, Chris will not be able to attend work today as he is not feeling well. Regards, Mrs. Hayes
We end the night being serenaded by Chris Hayes
Trump said he didn't know this mob figure. Today, released video of them together.
. To: Phil Griffin, President, MSNBC. From: "All In with Chris Hayes" viewers. Chris will not be able to…
Head coach Chris Hayes under pressure in press conference as winless streak continues... JK, he just had a 'mild' c…
Podesta wants the terrorist to be named Chris Hayes.because?!
Chris Hayes needs to beer fired immediately he never showers anything to beer Britax but his own mouth aftert...
Chris Hayes, you built this pile of crooked own this U participated In sham interviews.
.on if he'd revoke support for Trump if he said "I like raping women" -- "It'd be bad...I'd consider it" ht…
Here's a link to pre-order A Colony in A Nation, my book on policing and democracy
Chris Hayes and Glenn Greenwald had a fascinating discussion last night on Hayes' show.
I watched you on Chris Hayes last night. Now, unless you're saying something completely different, I stand corrected.
Word for word transcript of this interview with Chris Hayes. This is amazing. Trump *** ..but how can anyone vote…
Surprised they actually moved on from Roberto. Hayes too. Both got the job out of "loyalty," which... didn't really reap dividends at all.
Despicable Hillary in collusion with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes to beat
How the Chris Hayes book Twilight of the Elites explains Trump's appeal via
Roberto Kelly was terrible, but Bill Hayes was aight
Not surprising Kelly was let go. There were rumors during season that Hayes was in trouble. Would think Alguacil/Decker a…
Guess Chris Hayes has ZERO clue he is laughing stock of Cable TV and the entire PROGRESSIVE movement.
BUSTED!. Hillary Clinton reads from script during interview with MSNBC Chris Hayes!.
After todays WikiLeaks release,. I was caught reading from script that was sent to me to read to Chris Hayes on MSNBC. ht…
Chris Hayes: If Trump said on tape, "I like raping women" would you pull support? Rep. Blake Farenthold: (Pause) "I'd have t…
Chris Hayes & MSNBC scripted "interview" with Hillary Clinton from Wikileaks. This is isnt journalism.
whistle blowers are different. See if you can find last nights Chris Hayes show,
Chris Hayes, to my knowledge, has been the only person I know of who has legitimized the Abraham Lincoln reference in wiki leaks.
that awkward moment when I agree with Chris Hayes...
FIRST TV mention of case on yesterday. Thanks 2 Chris Hayes, where's the REST?…
Trump is accused of raping a woman when she was 13 & eyewitness affidavits are on file. on Chris Hayes: https:…
FL Sen.: 'We've seen the good times and...: Senator Bill Nelson, D - Florida, speaks to Chris Hayes about his...
Chris Hayes, in 2 minutes, just big-upped a Michael B Dougherty bon mot and asserted that there are left Trump fans
Denis, I want to pitch top economist/presidential candidate Laurence Kotlikoff to All in and Chris Hayes. Where can I do that?
Chris Hayes is SHREDDING Trumps Surrogate Steve Cortes-too funny Trying to say Trump did grt for never holding any offic…
more like Chris Hayes destroys Michael burgess 😂😂
Poor Brian Williams is lowered to being sandwiched between Lebanese Rachel Maddow and that pinhead *** Chris Hayes. *** of a thing.
Just watch preacher Omarosa not answer the birther questions Chris Hayes cut her off,she is just like Mark Burns.🙏🙏🙏🙏
Chris Hayes & Mark Walshe two top class jockeys, both lads with great hands and real good judges of pace
Mediaite reports that Chris Hayes got into a screaming match with NY Congressman Peter King over the ban of Muslims.
WATCH Chris Hayes and Nina Turner make Sam Nunberg sweat on
Chris Hayes has been nailing this election, steadily
Here it is. Issue 11, featuring interviews with Tim Sills, Rhi Bailey and Chris Hayes and so much more.
Oh def.I watch Joy, Ari, Rev Al, Chris Hayes, Lawrence is ok.Most of that day shift, forget it
Just awful.If it's not Joy, Chris Hayes, Lawrence, Rev Al...I don't bother!
Hey, at least the female anchors at Fox are HOT! The hottest chick at is Chris Hayes...
Why do that when Sean Hannity and Chris Hayes tell me what to do? (Keeping up the rhyming theme)
I can't stand Chris Hayes, Juan Williams, Megyn Kelly, Van Jones. Kinda with Erin Burnett was on fox.
Weaver told Chris Hayes twice Sanders would remain a Dem. DWS was right LIAR!
Chris Hayes: Trump vs Hillary is like Bobby Riggs vs Billie Jean KIng
that time when David Shuster was more progressive than Chris Hayes
Chris Hayes really dropped the ball in not letting April Ryan and Charlie Pierce verbally annihilate Steve King.
Steve King is a white supremacist, and Chris Hayes wasn't nearly disturbed enough by it
No. Watch the chat - April Ryan, Chris Hayes and Joy Reid.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Chris Hayes, a white man, interrupts April Ryan, a black woman, to say they’re not going to condemn Steve King’s bigotry.
The entire convo about that segment with Chris Hayes and Joy Reid and April Ryan
Chris Hayes just told McKay Coppins, a name I just learned with the pause button, that Trump ran for prez to "pwn him"
It was a memorable night for Brick Mem's Chris Hayes with the Sam Mills Award + a clutch INT at the Gridiron Classic https…
Chris Hayes and Liz Plank and team are so right on. I have no disability, but I know many that have and they r great
Susan is not very bright.Her rhetoric is filled with accusations and innuendo,no reason.Chris Hayes interview e.g.
Colin Keane is an excellent jock mate, Chris Hayes as well over there has really come of age the last couple of years
Question.has anyone ever seen Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow in the same room? I think they're the same person + MSN…
Kudos to Chris Hayes for calling Rick Wilson out on his ridiculous use of the word "predation" to characterize Bill Clinton's behavior.
Clinton attacking Trump on housing crisis: Robert Reich, Fmr. Secretary of Labor, joins Chris Hayes to d...
Anthony Weiner, a documentary: Chris Hayes talks to filmmakers Elyse Steinberg and Josh Kriegman about their ...
I'm a little mystified that MSNBC would cancel Alex Wagner's show, then have Chris Hayes do it, but I like it.
Just watched (twice!) Ron Klain discuss the impending Zika crisis with Chris Hayes. The situation can only get worse, he says.
Voters have reservations about Trump: Chris Hayes talks to Senator Chris Murphy about Donald Trump's...
Lol, look how reasonable Bernie's rabid fans look when on TV. David Sirota & Chris Hayes as bernie bros pinups.
Amazing to me that, with *** like Chris Hayes, Rachel Madcow, etc scumming the airwaves, we attack Megyn Kelly.
I can't stand Chris Hayes's biased reporting on MSNBC..why does he clog up the airwaves with 2 shows?? Ugh
I like that Chris Hayes is on there twice. Because he is twice the ***
I turned on my TV and Up with Chris Hayes is on at 11:40pm on a Tuesday. I missed this show
my dad watches the evening news only. He occasionally watches Chris Hayes & Lawrence. Ironically likes Chuck Todd
When you have Chris Hayes baffled about why Sanders is acting like he can win, you know something is off here.
Add C.Matthews, Chris Hayes, and even Lawrence re: Jane, and Chuck Todd!
So have I. I only watch when he has people like Susan Sarandon on to see whether Maher is better than Chris Hayes to her
Chris Hayes, trying to sell a lemon in this interview of Susan Sarandon via
Watch this BRILLIANT TAKE-DOWN of Chris Hayes' stupid condescending interview of Susan Sarandon
Perfect example is Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes she looks more manly than he does but I guess
Really missing the Up with Chris Hayes show. Enjoy Chris' weekly show, but Up with Chris Hayes was exceptional.
: why didn't Chris Hayes follow up with Bernie Sanders by talking about Hillary Clinton's plan to help miners. Don't him a pass.
Chris Hayes of absolutely won the bike ride with this effort up cable car hill on Hyde!
getting tired hearing Chris Matthews remarks on women. just retire him, give the show to Chris Hayes.
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Chris Hayes just had another Sanders ad via Michael Moore. He should just go onto the campaigns payroll.
Msnbc should replace Chris Hayes with Alex Wagner Hayes is a little Chris Matthews in the making.
A very good Chris Hayes segment on the relationship between Donald Trump and 9/11 truther Alex Jones - watch:
There is definitely a cuck phenotype. Compare William Lloyd Garrison to Chris Hayes. 200 yrs difference, but they are almost identical.
TIL Stephen Hayes from The Weekly Standard is not related to Chris Hayes.
So Sally Kohn, Joe Scarborough, Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes are all the same person, right?
why do I get "robyn Givens" BS when I'm looking for Chris Hayes?
Chris Hayes daughter knows what's up.
I enjoyed your thoughts on Prince last week on Chris Hayes and Brian Williams show. Very insightful. Plan to buy your book.
It's not as if Tad Devine's Chris Hayes does any type of real push back on the unity issue. Ed Shultz must be groping himself
Chris Hayes should be replaced with Alex Wagner.
Steve Kornacki: When you think Chris Hayes is too cool and charismatic
FOX is the only network covering Bernie in Washington Square Park. Turn off MSNBC (Rachel, Matthews, Joy Reid, Chris Hayes) and CNN forever
omg I'm watching Chris Hayes and James carville said basically this.
Michelle Alexander left Chris Hayes with his mouth open. That spin he tried didn't work. https…
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Idk. I think Chris Hayes, w/ that question weaponized Berry's blackness and his crack addiction.
Michelle Alexander on "All In" with Chris Hayes, "I am definitely endorsing the political revolution.
My make-believe kid brother Chris Hayes is the notable exception, Rachel is still a Chick after all is said and done, she retains decorum.
If MSNBC had any guts they would've given Trump a choice between Chris Hayes, Lawrence O'Donnell or Rachel Maddow
Chris Matthews has far exceeded his competence, as has Andrea Mitchell, Joe Scarborough & company, and Chris Hayes. https:…
I am looking forward to the day when MSNBC's Chris Hayes is involv…
Be careful, Chris Hayes. can get you fired.
start watching Rachel Maddow Show, The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell,Hardball with Chris Matthew & Chris Hayes news (2/12)
Need to get one for Joe, Mika, almost all panel ppl, Chris Hayes, Rev Al - and maybe a couple for Matthews
Gonna post some screenshots and annotations from Chris Hayes' "Twilight of the Elites: America After Meritocracy" in threaded replies.
ignorance is bliss ,Chris Hayes will probably have him on
Or..disrupt live news broadcasts..would be pretty funny 2 see Chris Hayes defending dissent while pelted w/tomatoes
Every segment was vitriolic and unwatchable. At least Chris Hayes is unintentionally funny.
I saw it once. It was even worse than Chris Hayes, which I never would have thought possible.
Hayes said this was happening in one form or another. Can't trust institutions, here comes a demagogue.
Smh... can we trade for chris hayes already ? Think they'll take don lemon ? Lol
Chris Hayes act's like a friggen junior high boy that just got his first smile from a girl or got a look up her dress. Don't watch
There is no "living" with lyme. You just suffer & watch your life fall apart. Please pray for Chris.
Next up is a amateur Featherweight bout 7 Chris Hayes Vs. Kingsley Crawford
When Chris Hayes is on your side you're doing something wrong
Chris Hayes' flub of Bernie Sanders' name now an iPhone game - Twitchy
now Rachel and Chris Hayes surely must love this
I thought Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes were the same person...
but some dems are making that argument too. Saw it on Chris Hayes last week.
The fight was Chris trying to get Hayes off the fourth line.
This is awful. Kevin Hayes shouldn't be wondering why he's on the 4th line. And now Zuccarello takes a stupid penalty. Just dumb,
I want to thank Hunter Hayes for agreeing to help coach 15u Diamond Blue baseball team this season. https:/…
NEWSFLASH: I know. I know. Chris Hayes and Melissa Harris Perry are liberal icons. So what? They can both kiss my *** They blocked me. ME!!
Chris Hayes of MSNBC and others have called conservative blacks, "Uncle Toms." . Left is insane.
The DA on the Laquan McDonald case is on the ballot next week - and she has an unlikely challenger
be Walter Cronkite not a Pinhead like Chris Hayes.
omg why is Hayes on the 4th line? Fast is so obviously more suited for that role.
I believe the pinhead is called Chris Hayes Megyn is pulling the exact tactics as that guy.
it's like there's this weird Chris Hayes white guy factory, just churning them out...
Loved it especially her ongoing coverage on the pospone Chicago rally with Chris Hayes. Hot topic in my house at the moment
Here're just a few of Trump's statements that clearly incite violence at his events:
10 ways for Banks to achieve greater profit and customer satisfaction
Owen McVeigh's mum and dad Joanne and Mark with Owen's flag and Adam Kearns & Chris Hudson of
Maddow and Chris Hayes are the same person. You never see them at the same time
is such a jealous little troll, he'll demonize anyone that endorsed Trump. He's the version of Ch…
Think it was Chris Hayes who smartly observed that scariest thing about Trump rise is fast erosion of longtime norms
= Jerry Springer politics. Watch his low info supporters go crazy about his assault encouragement. Sick. https:…
Yeah, Trump doesn't encourage violence at all...
This is how Donald Trump reacts to threats of violence and physical intimidation at his rallies
Chris Hayes explains why David Duke (and his support of Donald Trump) matters: via
The guy at MSNBC checked with legal expert Chris Hayes and missed the call back from David Petraeus.
Why David Duke matters Chris Hayes looks back at the political career of David Duke, a white…
Student kicked out of Trump rally speaks: Chris Hayes talks to Tahjila Davis, a student at Valdosta State...
Ed Shultz returns with passion and truth to contest the "loquacious" Chris Hayes who lacks passion but creates more whi…
Listen to my Radio Show with Chris Hayes & Aurora Erickson of DIY Lowell.
Thank you Chris Hayes! Bernie Sanders political revolution will NOT happen in a REPUBLICAN Congress. Truth.
Kasich, when asked if 2nd in SC is a realistic finishing position for him tells "probably not."
Chris Fung heads to Skid Row to catch up with Angelique Cassimatis, Josie Lane and Dash Kruck from
could add his name to an elite list: Mark Mackay, Kent Hayes, Theo Fleury, Blair Atcheynum, Chris Schmidt.
And this guy wasn't even in the "good group"!!! @ Westminster Kennel Club Agility Masters
. Because Chris Hayes is a mangina and a regressive cuck who cannot stand other viewpoints. Of course.
Pull Chris Hayes off the air. An apology doesn't cut this kind of slime.
Chris Hayes lied like a rug and he knows it.
Now the Maddows, Chris Hayes, Ed Shultz, Katrina Van Snotty is trying to push Sanders on us.
If Chris Hayes has any guts he will correct this "slam"
I have always detested Chris Hayes for lack of journalistic integrity but THIS is a new low even for him!
All In with Chris Hayes 140214 A Happy Valentines Day from Scalia, with Josh Barro: via
Chris Hayes ran that clip, too, shaking his head ruefully. Disgraceful for him.
Chris Hayes you are truly a disappointment. Once upon a time you had a bright future, you made all of those on...
Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes, Lawrence O'Donnell of MSNBC are far left-wing.HRC is not left-win…
I like Chris Hayes but that's a hella editing error
I'm starting to not like Chris Hayes. He's always was ignoring n now he is acting like a jerk.
Could really keep his promise about reducing the prison population?
shame Chris Hayes. Shame...Shame...Apologize and make it right. Shame shame shame Hang your head in shame.Surprised
Chris Hayes should lose his job over this
Chris Hayes is a hack should be taken off the air. Talk about making up stories. …
Stephen Colbert’s delicious response to Chris Hayes:
not my favorite either keeping my mouth shut except to say that should fire Chris Hayes
Chris Hayes should be fired like Brian Williams for fabricating reports pull him off the air
An apology from Chris Hayes & MSNBC,on prime time, is due immediately!
I stopped watching Chris Hayes on a while back.
Chris Hayes loves long donkey ding dong. U still are stupid wit glasses on.
Chris Hayes made a really cute gaffe about "Bernie Sandwiches". Steven Colbert ate that up. :) I'm tickled!
They have been trashing Hillary 4 months.Chris Hayes & Rachel Maddow not as bad. O'Donnell rarely has good word 4 H. https:/…
Can u hear Michelle Goldberg (Slate) on msnbc Chris Hayes. Great Hillary comments. Double standard on you attacking Bernie.
Bless your heart Chris Hayes. Only watch u and Rachael. Miss Ed Schultz a lot.
1/3 I remember u w/ Chris Hayes joking about Jeff Sessions on illegal immigration acknowledging it hurt workers w/ less than hs
Chris Hayes is covering it now, I think.
I love your show! I hope to see you and Lawrence moderate the debates carried by your network. Also Joy Reíd and Chris Hayes.
Ugh. Why can't post-debate be hosted by Chris Hayes, Joy Reid, Kornacki? Instead, Matthews and Mitchell.
I gave up on MSNBC when the got rid of Ed Shultz and Chris Hayes opted to keep his job and go moderate.
instagram: Chris Hayes, Katy Tur, and Sam Stein discuss the New Hampshire primary, and the upcoming
did I just "like" a Chris Hayes post? Maybe Al Gore was right.. end.of.times.
. Thought it was Chris Hayes with a gee-tar.
remember when Chris Hayes had to apologize for saying not every single Troop was a hero
I don't either. I watched TNC on Chris Hayes say refer to him as radical and that's why he mentioned him not Hillary.
he did address it on Chris Hayes show. Quit coherently.
Acosta NBCU Is Hiring for a ‘New MSNBC Primetime Show’: If you are MSNBC Host Chris Hayes, ... Acosta
You know Chris Hayes is committed to blocking the UBI
.I think explained himself clearly in this interview with Chris Hayes.
They should have kept pure with Chris Hayes. Ever since moved to the Right it has gone down hill
Quick interview with Belichick as he runs off the field at halftime: "On to the Apple Store."
Senators get game's first power play at 11:28 of scoreless first. Kevin Hayes hooks Chris Neil, of all players.
Fmr. officer Our criminal justice system "is functioning exactly as it was meant to be" https:/…
+ + + + - thank you for following me. It's great to connect with you.
did you see the clip of the Rep spokesperson on Chris Hayes show?
Coming up again on MSNBC in a few min on Chris Hayes show. He asked me to stay on for 3 segments. Flint, Bernie vs Hillary,
.tells the tale of a shocking scandal rocking the city of Cranston, Rhode Island
It's confusing that Chris Hayes would let that blatant lie go unchallenged. That CAN'T be what the tune in for.
on the Chris Country Weekend... 21 by Hunter Hayes. Listen live at
Chris Lee Bak Kwa ad is fake not becos that Ah Soon need to go to e store to buy or e employee rmb ur order but becos NO EFFIN LONG QUEUE!
Last night on Chris Hayes MSNBC show, Chris asked me if there’s a “Democratic establishment.” Of course there is.
Sadly doubtful as it's a lovely piece, but LMM's mentioned other influences.
Jeb's SuperPAC raised $100M. That money could have kept Flint on its original water source for a century. https…
failed show should be on he's version of Chris Hayes.
Nate silver changed mind on trump on Chris Hayes last night
Really beginning to second guess staying with All In w/Chris Hayes beginning to resemble Mornin Joe w the RWNJ's
Michael Moore on Chris Hayes said he is a cross dresser behind closed doors. Claims to have same shirt as Palin wore endorsing Trump.
Roland Martin, Jake Tapper, Chris Hayes, Goldie Taylor, Joan Walsh, off the top of my head.
NYT fans the flames of Koch Derangement; MSNBC's Chris Hayes gets burned
Police hold back in response to OR occupation: Chris Hayes talks to Matt Welch and Ben Jealous about differing...
So if John Michael Higgins and Chris Hayes had a baby it'd be Tommy Noonan
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