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Chris Harvey

Chris Harvey (born 1971) is a news presenter, journalist and producer for STV News at Six in northern Scotland.

Family Feud Ricky Gervais

lineup today vs. Over/under for home runs Chris Young hits off Matt Harvey is 1.5.
Chris Young in, Carlos Beltran out this afternoon against Matt Harvey
A-Rod hitting 3-hole, Chris Young starting over Beltran in game vs. Harvey today
Little Starbucks vanilla latte. Get it in ya for a pick me up. Quick turnaround. Off to the BX for Harvey Day!
you know Harvey Levin and TMZ stay doing the most when it comes to Chris Brown ... Arrgh !
Matt Harvey and Chris Paul have a lot in common. Much fan fare and have won nothing
Justin Jenifer, Kodye Pugh, Chris Lykes, Markelle Fultz and DJ Harvey will represent at the
Thank you Dominic. You might find our press release useful: See you there hopefully.
Donnell Harvey @ Florida in early 2000's very similar to Chris Walker and his misguided decision to enter the
great, I'll admit defeat tomorrow IF you beat Harvey (not the bullpen) harvey
The real question is can the Yankees hit Harvey?
approve the move? I trade A Gonzalez, Pedroia, and Gray. I get Altuve, Harvey, and Chris Carter.
Used to live in London. Miss all of this badly.
Yeah, playing all 3 is a good idea. Gets a lot easier once you're used to 1 and especially once you start 2.
Feel like I've heard this. Trying to play through them all, I guess. We'll see how it goes.
The first one? The controls are the worst of the trilogy. Second and third one are moderately different that the first one.
Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman, Will Champion, Phil Harvey and Anchorman.. thank you for everything you've …
Having a Piña colada in at croix not as good as Chris Harvey's secret cape mix
I won the Haloween costume contest at the Legion last night- but would like to give a shoutout to Chris Harvey for her for the costumes she made. She deserved it more - I wish I had pictures; battery low last night
Line for Rocky Horror Picture Show midnight Halloween showing stretching almost back to Harvey. Cool scene.
Diprima and and Tammi mac snd adais ans nautica stoled Chris brown baby Kevin Nash babies drakes babies trading it money for Steve Harvey
Deshell Richardson is Steve Harvey child Lon mc q and Chris brown that man sat her using my mail box his games to kill me here I told that
Sir James Munby speaks out again about unrepresented parties in family cases due to restrictions on legal aid -
Omg chris you dont know have rigo. i do! ~r^2
Chris brown got Steve Harvey raped out over Rihanna he hates ur ***
What the says about Tickets on the door!
Please RT: tickets available on the door for tonight's at 7:30 - trailer:
Do u have a directors license Chris brown r Steve Harvey then u dont have no rights to nobody movies here
Mayer Brown's Chris Harvey on the dynamics of Asian investment currently targeting the UK in CoStar
Had an amazing family portrait done by Chris Nairne for Harvey's birthday. Check him out
Be more like the man you were made to be
Chris webber gots the freshest hair on TV! That boy Marcus Harvey be hookin him up
When Chris Harvey says "I'm like a craken I got 8 tentacles and in on 8 rolls"
Don’t worry about Pronger and Stevens at the DOPS. They’re just placeholders until Todd Bertuzzi, Marty McSorley and Ch…
Chris Webber had to hire Steve Harvey's old barber.
Marcus harvey has Chris webber with a fresh *** cut
The Croods even got an endorsement from Harvey Weinstein of all people. But I think animators highly respect Chris Sanders.
Just sent a Snapchat of Chris singing to Elma, and she guessed it was Harvey 😂😂
Tammi mac has Steve Harvey and Tommy child support Lon mc q on child support Chris brown drake jayz she all yall child support cases
Steve Harvey ain't married to Kevin nash its Chris brown and Obama
This is all about Shirley to Rihanna ans Chris brown STDs to us using Steve Harvey money
Chris brown tells Shirley strawberry who he wants dead and Steve Harvey does it Shirley brown
Steve Harvey took all Chris brown music to him and it was for Kevin nash to me
Don ameche Chris brown Steve Harvey said they rape my auntie cousin and grandma mom child me for kamrorne green illuminati
U want my rape meds Steve Harvey and don ameche sns diprima snd Tommy and Chris brown and Obama its funny to u
I was on my abilfiy and risperidone they raped Steve Harvey say take my pills so they rape me to Chris brown to his goons here
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
We desperately want to. Had something else that evening that we’re trying to move around.
Remember folks it's matinee only today! No performance of at 7:30 tonight! See you at 2:30 if you're coming! Tix o…
That makes us all very happy Thank you, and thank you for your support!
Matinee time for 'Shakespeare's R and J' see you there! mum and I really enjoyed it.
Congratulations on an excellent performance of S's R&J last night. Fantastic energy and focus. Great wor…
Why did Hugh fuller kidnap my child for Steve Harvey to rape on so he can be illumanti to Chris brown and drake and Tammi mac to diprima
Harvey dent tries to kill Chris moltisanti and me on an decrepit bridge (last night's dream) I stabbed dent with a broom handle.
I wanted revenge on u Kevin Nash Ana Tammi mac and Obama ans Steve wonder and Steve Harvey ans Steve wonder Chris brown rape on my child
Go worship Chris brown Kevin nash u went on tour for him.illuminati and Steve Harvey don ameche ans his staff I dont care
Stop talking about my baby dead here Kevin nash what u rape her to don ameche Steve Harvey ans Chris brown where was my body at in the trash
Chris brown said Steve Harvey told him.he rape my babies that why he here
I'd like to thank for all his luv and support
Chris brown said don ameche broke his *** he was on Steve Harvey to long that not ur man he said
Could watch YouTube videos of Steve Harvey on Family Feud all night 😂
Get 6 Free VitaTops
oh easy, you've got Bomber Harvey, Chris & Brad Scott, Glen McGrath and sideshow bob.
"Seeing America in the Spirit of Tocqueville," by Harvey Mansfield, Chris Barker, and Tao Wang:
it's worth mentioning that the name Harvey Danger came from a comic that ran in the UW Daily sometime in the '80s.
I've been (very slowly) starting a comic, & I really want to call the main character Harvey Danger. Is that cool?
they would've done one with Harvey Updike's face but there woulda been 'too much bama' in that one lmao
Fantastic work by Chris Gollon being exhibited at the Horne and Harvey Gallery 11th Sept – October 31st 2015 in...
Mets righty Matt Harvey just predicted the team would win. . On April 6. Set a reminder.
Tickets for are now on sale via box office. Directed by
Don't it's horrible. It's one of those things I would choose not to see if I hadn't seen it happen live.
It's official. Chris and Bessie have their own book - out early Feb.
Great performance in I knew it was you straight away!
Fullback Mario Harvey changed jersey number to 55 which I figured cast doubt on whether he's still FB. That plus he play…
Mine is kids and cats, hello Harvey, Chris, Elysium.
Who is the Harvey Specter of photography?
Slight leader juggling for Sue will now be doing the D walk and Robert the C. Harvey's still doing the A and Chris the B.
“Stephan A Smith might as well go bald his hairline is horrible” lol follow Steve Harvey lead lol
this is something i would do lol Donte Juan Harvey Brandon D L Evans Chris Cook Joey Pierce
SHIRLEY sent chris Brown to my house *** her to shoot me.up here her tp Steve Harvey tp her to nautica as her to tammi mac as her
Patrick Harvey's microphone is like a mini replica of his head stuck to his cheek, ridiculously cute
Just hit level 20 on destiny. I finished.
Steve Harvey and tammi was training kevin Nash be Chris brown sex slave not me that was him to his head to ur son and ur staff
Let Harvey Levin investigate Goodell and the NFL rather than some covert former FBI director. More faith in Harvey/TMZ t…
When you first start dating vs how it is after a couple months. Chris Jäy :Me and Harvey 😂❤️
Have you ever been so happy that you knocked down your own teammate?
Can I find a man that looks like chris brown
Chris Thile – with (@ BAM Harvey Theater for Brad Mehldau and Chris Thile in Brooklyn, NY)
I nominate TMZ's Harvey Levin as the next NFL Commissioner.
Steve Harvey was flabbergasted while hosting 'Family Feud' on 'The ...:
When hunting for tigers, be prepared to catch one. Watch out Harvey. Cellino is the new Sheriff in town
So glad I longer watch his show. I watch Steve Harvey Family Feud.
George Harvey, host and producer of "Energy Week" on BCTV, spoke with Chris Lenois on WKVT's Green Mountain...
Leeds aren't responding publicly to Shaun Harvey's comments but senior figures around Cellino think they were "inappropriat…
Vultures Harvey/FL hovering over E/R seems they won't rest until they destroy us
In black and white from Shaun Harvey: Football League will seek to bar Cellino from owning Leeds if his tax offence is rule…
The fact that Sabrina and Harvey ended up together STILL makes my heart flutter.
Please tell my a monocle, top hat, fake moustache (gray or white), and pipe accompanied that purchase.
Chris 'Kb' Harvey happy birthday to a guy that's had my back for a while and saved my *** a few times as well...
Steve Harvey on New Book: "It Will Be a Game Changer": NBC10's Chris Cato talks with Steve Harvey about the...
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Delilah.. Wow, not Tom Jones but pretty awesome... Let's rock relationships and business
Steve Harvey said chris Brown shoot his mother for Tommy this him using us for his mom murder that all
first off why are you in independence and second I'm talking about a different Chris, not everything's about yew
I swear to god Chris better not take advantage at the fact that he's my boss now
I think im turning into a shopaholic
Do not feel well one bit! And don't help people not talking answer your phone
“No more drinking half the bottle of water and leaving it on the table.”
The Winslow Harvey Girls, Peggy, Chris and Marie, will be at the Castaneda Hotel today from ten to four. Stop by...
If that's a free kick against Harvey, there will be 500 free kicks a match. Ridiculous.
Be still sad heart,. Behind the clouds is the sun still shining; Thy fate is the common fate of all, Into each life some rain must fall
if it involves John C. Reilly, Will Ferrell, Dana Harvey, Mike Myers or Chris Mintz-Plasse, bet your *** I do
Catch own Brian Cid after Harvey McKay(Drumcode-Cocoon-Bedrock) opening set by Chris Love(Soup) this...
For the first time since undergoing Tommy John surgery, Matt Harvey throws off a mound:
I think in the beginning of the past semester.
Trade Chris Young for Mike Trout and trade Harvey to get Valdespin back
There he is everyone! Matt Harvey coming back from throwing off a mound for the first time since last August!
Matt Harvey is in the process of his first bullpen session since Tommy John surgery.
I just can't believe this is happening to me again R.I.P Chris Harvey, Latoure Ned Potts, Reece Walton
And now, for a little about spring recruitment successes. Congratulations to Packs 512 and 150 for signing up 16 and 9 new Tiger Cubs respectively. Thanks for your units hard work. There is still time to get your spring recruitment completed. Please contact Chris Harvey, 787-1 x18.
If you've not Early Voted this Saturday is a great day to do so. Northgate Mall Hixson has Early Voting (by the Belks store) from 10:00 - 6:00. Eastwood Church in Collegedale has Early Voting from 10:00 - 6:00. Get out of the house and enjoy this beautiful day! There's normally no wait so voting only take a few minutes. Thanks, Chris Harvey
The remake of the Coen brothers' classic Fargo, starring Martin Freeman and Billy Bob Thornton, captures the intoxicating mix of black comedy and murder of the original, says Chris Harvey
but you've got Sturbridge and Rooney who are a lot better what can do exactly the same where none of them can do what Carroll
never said lambert is better in the air than Carroll you clown
I believe in Harvey Dent. Wait- no. I believe in Chris Terrio and Ben Affleck.
Oh Everything...but the Girl. Listened to a lot of Portishead, P.J. Harvey back in the day...British dupstep.
Miss you too! Get out of there as quickly as you can! XxX
turns out my infection is actually a pelvic disease :( Xxx
I'm gonna delete your number and never talk to you again! Oh wait hiya 😂😭🙋
I conversed with chris Scott and Mark Harvey once when Chris was no.2 and he listened... That's why he's a winner!
If you like hockey, the or just feeling good about life, give this a look. Harvey's Redemption:
I wish we didn't have to count this year against Harvey's control years!
Just watched Snowpiercer - the post-apocalyptic Chris Evans movie that Harvey Weinstein thinks America is too stupid for …
If only the Mets picked Fernandez instead of Nimmo. Harvey-Fernandez 1-2 punch...
The C4H team would like to welcome Chris Harvey to Convoy 2014 - Looking forward to meeting up with you at...
Harvey's still being weird, hiding in the bush, getting mad at Chris then secretly hiding at Johns gaf.
Those of you in the US can see Chris make his debut as a key adviser on tonight's A
let Daniel Murphy , chris young , niese and harvey come back
When will Harvey DIE thou? stop witch hunting Justin and Chris
International Brotherhood of Police Officers endorses Chris Harvey: Harvey currently serves as a supervisor in...
"me rn because of my hate for Chris Harvey.
Do you even know know what you're taking about you? I hate Chris Harvey.
“Ain't no one yo *** fat head ahh” boy Harvey don't try to start firing up G
Harvey never got something nice to say to Chris 😂
I'm excited I just wish it was harvey v stras
Jacob, me and either Chris or Harry
“Chris webber got the cleanest cut lmfao” that throwback steve harvey lineup
Mar 01 - Mar 30 changed Harvey, Chris replaced by Haug, Chris. Learn more
My seatmate Bill has finally, formally withdrawn his skepticism about Jordan Harvey. About time!
hmmm I might do were is that warren school never heard of it
I see my best friends as my little brothers
I just received your order that I placed a few days ago. I want to thank you for your tech support and unsurpassed customer service that you provided me, Chris Harvey. You have earned a lifetime customer for sure. Many many fb/internet lure companies use your company for your hard bait molds, custom paint them ( and they are outstanding painters/artists) and sell them for profit. I dont and wont do that.. These are for my son Nick, Tracie Ann Sanford, my Dad and Thank you again for all your help and what you have done for me, it is greatly appreciated isn't even close to how I feel.. Chris Harvey
Incredibly strange. Could try contacting Chris Harvey the author at Daily Telegraph.
Chris Harvey and Ben Truchard are my favorite 8th graders hands down.
Happy Bday to my Bro/Prophyte Chris Harvey! You've been one of my bro's before a lot of things-actually since 20 06!
Thank you Chris Harvey Insurance for sorting and saving me £25 per month on my car , happy days
Looking forward to attending day 1 of the Market Research Summit
Just signed up for market research / big data debate at MRS
Chris Harvey, DOE, always has such good information!
Happy Hump day! Tonight at Cargo Bar is Web Wednesday 6-8.30pm. Chris Harvey talks about Marketing strategies for...
we should do 'quote of the day by Chris Harvey'
Chris Harvey! Take that back. Rochester accents are...lovely.
idk I would need approval from Chris Harvey for that
Toast of London, episode one, Channel 4, review: Chris Harvey was very disappointed with the new comedy series...
2 tracks successfully packed the dancefloor down in Brighton last night thanks to Chris Harvey! ….
"Chris Harvey writes about TV for the Telegraph and lives in hope of seeing a better drama than The Wire." *face of surprise*
FAO Chris Harvey: that's not *actually* what Ripper Street's about. Try doing more, or indeed any, research:
The Clotheshorse x Levi's icon campaign photography by Chris Harvey check out the blog for…
Update your maps at Navteq
I'm the same guy, same Chris Harvey. Just with a different mind set..
Chris Harvey (of drove in 3 runs, with a double among 2 hits, to help Duluth to 9-4 victory over WIsconsin Tuesday.
Chris Harvey knocks a 2-run double to left-center and trims the deficit to 1 at 4-3!
E Type: End of an Era (Classic Car) book download. Chris Harvey. Download here
I have CHRIS HARVEY on bbm this is so cool yey happy lol
I can't get in touch with chris harvey...
The Lamborghinis: from 350 to Jalpa A Collector's Guide book download. Chris Harvey and illus. Download here
Hi Chris Harvey. We developed a new real estate technology. We would like to send you our press release. How can we send it to you?
Both goals coming from Chris Harvey was fantastic after the very difficult few weeks he's had.
FX supervisor Chris Harvey interview, behind the scenes
Chris Harvey was the Best Manager Anyone Could Ask For. We'll Miss You. Thank You for Blessing Me with this Job I Love. Stein Mart Won't ...
Devil’s Kiosk: One of the best acts to which you could legitimately apply the label “Blues Band” – Firstly, this is a very tight band of independently superb musicians – including the harp which is played with gusto and sensitivity by vocalist Jamie Symons … how many times do we hear the mouth iron just wailing like it’s being played by your grandma without her teeth in? … Symons knows how to play his instrument like a lover – he must be one of the finest players in Australia. On guitar is the talented Chris Harvey whose blue Stratocaster (with a rather faded headstock) sings, wails, screams and cries through the song list with an ease that hides the skill of the artist, dressed in sartorially elegant business suit and Converse bumpers. A master of blues boogies and the 12 bar format, Harvey builds easily on the structures to colour the music into stomping, dancing rhythms. Although these guys are busy several nights a week, the music remains fresh and the band still looks like they enjo ...
Okay well happy fathers day to my father Brian Goss , Eric Jones and to Chris Harvey. Have a wonderful fathers day to all fathers and grandfathers out there.
Doctor Who's Matt Smith has made his directorial debut with Cargese for Sky Arts. He tells Chris Harvey about his plans to make a film in every genre.
Bryan Ferry grew up poor, became a symbol of well-heeled excess with Roxy Music, and is no stranger to obsession. Who better to give ‘The Great Gatsby’ its soundtrack? He talks to Chris Harvey.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Had a really good night at Chris Harvey birthday drinks with good friends Paul Dodes Scholes Gemma Payton Sam Payton Dan Menham Stuart Underwood Alex Fleming and Becky McCoan :)
I am enormously proud to be able to say that I have been invited to become a resident at The Bothy Folk Club, Southport. (I accepted obviously). And I will be playing a short support slot at the club's show tonight. The guests are Mrs Ackroyd, an act of dubious sanity and featuring the poems of Les Barker put to music: “Despite the absence of Les Barker his strange imagination still soars to musical heights through the stunning voices of Alison Younger and Hilary Spencer and the keyboard wizardry of Chris Harvey. Alison, Hilary and Chris musically recreate the weird and wonderful world of the internationally acclaimed poet, philosopher, photographer and fruitcake and continue to perform the marvellous nonsense that is MRSACKROYD. A remarkable trio of musicians that will delight and entertain you. Funny, witty, thoughtful, emotional - but always brilliant!” Big thanks to all of the residents for inviting me to join their ranks. I hope I can bring something to the club. :-)
Re: Chris Harvey, 1925. But there is already a new Yaya, he is called Marouane Fellaini. If only City signed him up.
“9am meeting for a new project and 1pm meeting for another new project. thank you for all the blessings! :)”- Great!
Quotes from the Killing Spree Affirmative Action Cop Manifesto" ""World War Z looks good and The Walking Dead season 3 (second half) looked intriguing. *** gonna miss shark week.", "Charlie Sheen, you're amazing!", "It's kind of sad I won't be around to view and enjoy The Hangover III. What an awesome trilogy. Todd Phillips, don't make anymore Hangovers after the third, takes away the originallity of its foundation."
SHUSH! You said you'd never again mention what happened last time! The poor love still hasn't found all the condoms!
Well spotted kid, our mistake. And we all remember what happened last time...
oh it is Nataza? For a moment there I thought she was using her "other" passport for some reason!
R harvey "mummy we didnt get you a card but we are gunner be really good today, coz its your birthday, now can I open your other cards for you lol ". Think I might take my babies out some place nice for dinner today. I love my kids so much :-) x
WEEK 15. We have a new team, replacing Team 24 who were the first up against the wall when the revolution came. Welcome to Damien Ingwersen, Manfred Zschunke, Michael Barbaro, and Jonathon Barton-Harvey, who are all going to rotate the 3 positions in their team (what happened to the days when people had names like John Smith?) Welcome also to Kevin Smith (straightforward name at least) who slotted in to replace Kim Beadling, who's doing 5-10 somewhere. Now - the bowling. Stars Of The Week: Heather just Rogers 51 over, and Geoff Pincott 64 over. Wooden Spooners: Delores Dunlop 41 under, and Suicidal Sipos 86 under plus a fine hundred club 117/228. Daniel Lester ran away with our skins money with his opening 278, which nobody could catch. pb's for Shane Jackson 204/569, Heather just Rogers 203/575, Chris Mooney 503, and Beau Beadling 569. Others: Doug Kirby 611, Neil Branston 629, Mike Gervassi 642, Ashley Strahle 654, and Geoff Pincott 670. Nothing to get excited about from Dave Kirby Bowler Of The Lunchro ...
returns to Newcastle. Great news. I spent many happy times there when I was with the company. Well done Greg!
This Chris Dorner thing kinda reminds me of the movie "The Negotiator" (starring Samuel L. Jackson). If memory serves me correctly (in this movie), Jackson was exposing corruption in the LAPD, and he had allegedly murdered someone also. He had to take drastic measures to clear his name as well. Of course, the media had demonized and criminalized him as well. He became a "cop killer," and the entire LAPD wanted him dead based on what was aired about him. Only to find out that he was set up because he had to be gotten rid of. But, of course, that was only a movie.
Lol @ Charlie Beck asking Pat Harvey to speak to him re: Chris Dorner. Don't try to appeal to Black folks now by using Black folks!
Fun working with Chris and Rob in Long Beach Pops today. Funny -- on the way home, at the park n ride, I ran into some other musicians, friends on the way home from their gig in Palm Springs. Very busy place, that Harvey Drive park n ride... :)
As a future or past bride or photographer - what are your thoughts on FB wedding referrals? New blog post - What Is A Referral Really Worth?
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Ok Fam all you who no me no that I dont have 1 racist bone in my i hope know one takes what im about to say personal. I just seen an interview with Chief Beck & Pat Harvey, and he tells her he chose her to do this interview because the "Black Community" respects her. That he is re-opening Chris Dorner's case to prove to "Us" as well as the community that there is no Corruption nor Racism against Blacks in the Police Department! BullS&!?!!! There is racism all over against all races! But my question is: Why do white people always want to come to Us to fix sh!t that they (racist ppl) fudge up?? And I am sure EVERYBODY KNOWS Racism comes in All Color!!!
This Fall, another King of Comedy joins Steve Harvey in the role of daytime game show host. Cedric the Entertainer will be the new host of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire." Yep. Next thing you know, we'll be hearing about Chris Rock hosting "The Price is Right."
Burns wants to go to Maydays tonight cuz it's closer to him.Bom bomp.
Mrs Harvey great interview with the police chief re Chris Dornor case. You're the best keep up the great work
I have worked as a Sports Journalist and been involved with sport (basketball, with both a club and working for the NBL) at an elite level for many years. I am not a Sports Scientist, but I worked for well over a decade at a gym at one of Melbourne's leading Universities. I have worked with many excellent Sports Scientists and a great number of very experienced, very smart people. I have had personal contact with literally thousands of gym patrons from first-time users to AFL players and Olympic Athletes and coaches. Some I still count among my friends, some as close as you can get. I still have journos, sports doctors and scientists and top athletes who i can call on to talk to. I think my experience is a bit unique, having had a good look over both sides of the fence. I'm smart and I'm very inquisitive. After all this time, here's the opinions I've formed: 1. Everybody lies. 2. Do not trust the media (see point 1). 3. Professional sport is about MONEY first, last and always. Every other concern is a ver ...
Harvey is playing good basketball right now
I am the happiest girl in the world!! My dog chopper has been found. I get to pick him up tomorrow! Im soo excited. Thank u Jan Marie Willingham Tripp and Sean Tripp.
Keaau has a track meet. Remember when Kele was running track, it was exciting and long day for the kids. The kids would walk around the track with kids from other schools and talk stories, but when it came to the race they were all business. It was good memories, miss those days - high school sports nothing like it.
Several weapons and cold weather survival gear have been found inside the burned-out truck owned by accused killer Christopher Dorner, CBS News has learned.
Just to let everyone know I will be hiring at Sara js if anyone is interested!
Answer this... First person with the wrong answer I'm putting on blast.
Welcome to the world baby bumblebee xx
This coming Monday is your last day to purchase one of our Guy Harvey shirts! You know you want one!
Chris Harvey , get better man. I'll be praying for you.
As everyone knows, I hold truth among the highest of authorities in this universe. Mainly because it is something that originates from God. Earlier, I shared a picture by I AM THE TEA PARTY that had a quote from Rush Limbaugh telling californians to lay down their guns and turn them it. Now this quote was correct, but was taken out of context by the user mentioned above and I (and others) fell for it. Here is the FULL transcript of what was really said: RUSH: I must warn those of you in Big Bear Lake, California, there's a nut on the loose. He's on the prowl. He's shooting people. This former cop, this Dorner guy, he's running around, and he loves left-wingers and so forth. I think the safest thing for those of you to do in the area where he is thought to be is turn in your guns now. They tell us that will stop him. That's right, because nothing strikes fear into killers like people that don't have any guns. That's what Obama tells us, and that's what the experts who are trying to make us all safer ...
Bath and shave had feeling more human again now having a beer and a half before I go back to my flat
WHAT ARE POLICEMAN MADE OF? Don’t credit me with the mongrel prose: it has many parents-at least 420,000 of them: Policemen. A Policeman is a composite of what all men are, mingling of a saint and sinner, dust and deity. Gulled statistics wave the fan over the stinkers, underscore instances of dishonesty and brutality because they are “new”. What they really mean is that they are exceptional, unusual, not commonplace. Buried under the frost is the fact: Less than one-half of one percent of policemen misfit the uniform. That’s a better average than you’d find among clergy! What is a policeman made of? He, of all men, is once the most needed and the most unwanted. He’s a strangely nameless creature who is “sir” to his face and “fuzz” to his back He must be such a diplomat that he can settle differences between individuals so that each will think he won. But…If the policeman is neat, he’s conceited; if he’s careless, he’s a bum. If he’s pleasant, he’s flirting;if not, he’s a ...
SXM Fantasy Baseball Weekend Edition continues as Kyle Elfrink takes over for the next three hours. With pitcher and catchers reporting over the next few days, Kyle wants to know what pitchers are you following this spring?
Just finished watching "the WIZ", and thought they should make a remake. Here are my ideas for casting. Director: Tyler Perry, (he could play the wicked witch as Madea, Dorthy: Jenifer Hudson, Cedric the Entertainer as the Lion, Eddie Murphy as the Tin man, Steve Harvey as the Wiz, Gladys Night as Glinda the the good witch, Usher or Chris Brown as the Scare crow, Love to hear your ideas and let's get this Tyler Perry it would be great to see
Christopher Harvey got to come home today. Every test they ran was negative. The only one we're still waiting on is the results of the autoimmune disorder test (results a week from Tuesday) his vision is the same as Monday when they admitted him but it's not getting worse so that's good. He's still color blind (sees in grey scale) and everything is pretty blurry. We're both very tired but all around ok.
Age I was given: 22 Where I lived: Harvey, LA What I Drove: Honda Civic Where I worked: Believer's Life Christian Academy Who had my Heart: Chris Day What were my fears: Cockroaches & someone breaking into my house Now: Where I live: Matthews, NC What I Drive: Chevy Uplander Where I work: Internet Assesor for Lionbridge Global Technologies Who has my heart: Still Chris Day :) My Fears: Still cockroaches and random home invasions! Like my status and I will give you an age
A federal judge has ordered the Tucson Unified School District to end segregation and implement culturally relevant courses such as the ones taught in the Mexican American Studies Program that were recently banned by an Arizona law. In his ruling announced Wednesday, Judge David C. Bury ordered that...
Conservatives leave out part of the Christopher Dorner story, James Taranto writes.
I wish Chris would stop feeding my Wendy's addiction.
That's it at Carrow Road and it ends goalless between Fulham and Norwich in a game of few clear cut chances. Post match reaction to follow...
Thank you for all the birthday wishes I have an appointment tonight with a couple of bottles of Bolly
Okay this is going to be LONGGG.Today is the day and I am so sad to say I am leaving Cali..I remember calling my mom on the phone in 2007 crying and crying saying I hated it here the people were "weird and Rude" and I wanted to go Home! Hey..I kinda still feel that way but I have met some of the most important people in my life here and I am so thankful for that. Now for my "shout outs"My first friend Jennifer Concepcion and Josue Concepcion I love you to death both of you. Jennifer our *** were always together you know rubbing me in the movie theaters and "call this # for me" which turned into like 20 for both of us! Josue you knew me for Me and still allowed your wife to hang out with me...props *** props. Jennifer Ann Serbantez I stalked you until you became my friend I was determined! You were pretty enough to be my friend annnd I knew we would like the same stores to shop in ;) My Carley Arismendez I remember thinking How in the *** is this girl always dressed up! You are beauitful inside out an ...
Here are three reasons that—despite everything—the Mets may actually be better than they were before.
I have the privilege of sitting in with Don Harvey and A is Red 2 times next week! First up, Wednesday, 2/13, at Guero's Taco Bar on South Congress at 7pm we'll be playing a short set. If you can't make it there, the set will be broadcast on local radio station KDRP Live, FM 100.1. Then we'll be playing a full set Friday night, 2/15 Strange Brew, Lounge Side down South. If you've not been, SB is a great listening room and has been booking all kinds of swell stuff. Don Harvey & A is RED ... BACK Brew!!! Come out and support great live music!!!
Nowinski: The Amazing Journey of a Concussion Evangelist Power of MomsTeam's team helps propel former wrestler to celebrity status ...
Please continue to SHARE this page and keep these charges from being buried. He and his family are already screaming he won't get a fair trial because they know THERE WILL BE MORE CHARGES COMING! There have been PLENTY of legit HIGH PROFILE cases in LIVINGSTON PARISH and none of them, that I am aware of, have EVER been moved. If it is that will be just one more privilege this punk will get. He has to be held accountable so that Skye and her boys can live and sleep without being terrorized or worse by Ridge Price.
For everyone upset that he has killed innocent people, take that rage and point it at the cops as well. They have killed many innocent people and the worst part is THEY WILL GET AWAY WITH IT SCOTT FREE.
What is it about me that people feel like I want to hear their life story?
so this Harvey have un agenda, I know harvey is *** and he just want chris *** in his mouth
The Mighty Chris Glen gives us his latest words of wisdom...Inc a cool moment with Alex Harvey Jr on the Alex Harvey bench at the Peoples Palace Glasgow.
Adelaide were using supplements during the 1998 grand final
Just want to thank everyone for your thoughts and prayers. Have made some really hard decision over the last few days. But my Grandma is holding her own right now and is in VERY good spirits. Thanks for the laughs in your last days GRANDMA you are a REMARKABLE women. And i hope someday i am half the women you are right now.
Need input , I have electric and everything working when I wake up at 6 everything is off and the trip has gone . Two days on the trott now . Any ideas what the problem might be
Is anybody coming from Townsville tomorrow that can pick something up for me.
So ladies which of these Valentines cards would be the quickest one to end a romantic relationship lol. It amazes me they exist.
Mr. Chris Dorner is currently being hunted down by the LAPD. This page has been created in support of his revolt and the sustaining of his life along with the needed eradication of police corruption.
Good piece from Kypreos on D Chris Campoli as modern Doug Harvey, in that GMs wary of signing owing to NHLPA stand.
Also Chris took the series win and Dylan 2nd and our plus ones Conner Harvey third in the series and Phoebe Coers first ! Well done guys
looking for a good therapist for my daughter Skye and I to see...we seem to have a harder and harder time communicating these days...and i know that 12 is just the id like to be ahead of the curve so to speak...know someone awesome??
A new video of the song Transit from the mr sterile Assembly album of the same name. This video was made by Wellington film-maker John Lake, thanks mate for ...
and a Chris Harvey seems to be getting some pointers. Hope you guys get home.
An epic weekend on some amazing tracks just outside Nelson NZ (Wairoa Gorge) with Bradley Collins and Mark Newton for the First Annual Dodzy Memorial Enduro 26/27…
Well it is 10:47 we in shrewsbury have 13 inches of snow visability is real bad u can see maybe 100 yards lol and its justing started and my stow blower blew the beads on both tires the 4 boys are doing rotating shifts every half hour the next kid goes out to shovel thanks to uncle jim at the end of this all he should be able to plow my driveway and the kids are loving my carhart artic bib overalls they are all sharing them hope all are doing well we still have power how is everyone else doing
Winthrop really wants me to go there. They sent me a flyer and the guy is wearing my Guy Harvey visor
Countdown to Mar 18, 2013 3:00 AM. Showing days, hours, minutes and seconds ticking down to 0
I am about to launch an apartment wide manhunt for the nasty neighbor who let their dog crap in my parking stall this morning. This is the second time they have done it but this time I was running late to work and I stepped all in it. I am surprized that I didn't wake my neighbors up with all the cussing I was doing. All I wanted to do is grab dog, choke a dog, and all day long my foot up a dogs ***.
Aw, a new bait caster for my birthday! Only a few will appreciate this gift! And a quick trip tomorrow to Port A tomorrow to look for a boat slip for our new bay boat! Of course it wouldn't be a day without some fresh oysters on the half shell, FRESH fried shrimp and some good beer! Back in time for some Brandi Post, Mary Ormand Harvey, Chris Harvey, my kaydence, Dillon and Liam!
yea dude Chris flexes for Harvey all period
Nearly did a Brian Harvey when Chris forgot to put the handbrake on
HELO DAMAGE CONTROL! Okay, you guys, while I realize that it's far too cold for flip-flops, we really MUST CANCEL GE3K SINGLES NIGHT TONIGHT. I'm more sorry than you will ever know, but due to circumcisions beyond our control, we have to pull the plug on this event. HOWEVER! Not only will we reschedule, Friday Night Magic IS STILL ON for tonight, and if you want to brave the weather, please enjoy 40% OFF ALL GRAPHIC NOVELS tonight only. PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!!
The Blame Righty Mob Falls Silent By Michelle Malkin - February 8, 2013 Question: How many times over the past four years have exploitative liberal journalists and Democratic leaders rushed to pin random acts of violence on the tea party, Republicans, Fox News and conservative talk radio? Answer: Nearly a dozen times, including the 2009 massacre of three Pittsburgh police officers (which lib journos falsely blamed on Fox News, Glenn Beck and the "heated, apocalyptic rhetoric of the anti-Obama forces"); the 2009 suicide insurance scam/murder hoax of Kentucky census worker Bill Sparkman (which New York magazine falsely blamed on Rush Limbaugh, "conservative media personalities, websites and even members of Congress"); the 2009 Holocaust museum shooting (which MSNBC commentator Joan Walsh blamed on Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly and yours truly); the 2010 Times Square jihad bomb plot (which Mayor Michael Bloomberg falsely blamed on tea party activists protesting Obamacare); and the 2011 Tucson massacre, which liber ...
Chattanooga area friends, can you recommend an Ear, Nose & Throat doctor that you've had a great experience with? Thank you so much!
Unproductive morning thanks to Chris FishTaco Spickler lol. Now starting my evening with ellen and steve harvey, doesn't get much better than this! Lol
I have en9ugh help already. Chris and Mituna are here and Harvey will arrive when needed.
LIKE! If you've seen the New 96.9 Steve Harvey commercial on TV. SHARE! If you're loving the New 96.9!! ~Chris
LAPD needs harvey dent (twoface) to get out of this one..chris dorner is batman with miltary tactics
Beef chilli... with bitter chocolate! via Just had a large bowl - it's absolutely delicious!
What a reality show that would be: Chris, LiLo, Katt, Amanda Bines, Manti Te'o, with Harvey as the Housekeeper.
Harvey - Denying indiv. mothers right to choose where child is placed? Wait - you're giving a woman the right to choose?
There was a loaf of bread on the seat too. It's all turned into a lovely toasted cheese sandwich! Bit big though!
“Oh! Just worked out how to turn on heated seat in car, very nice but having to wiggle from cheek to cheek, very hot!”
The evening sky from Jowett cheese HQ davidjowett
“Don't think it's worth risking my Air Max's tomorrow”
it's George,Chris hates,dani Harvey,brad hassle, sunny and loss more. We've been doing it a few times.You should come
Our office dog Harvey comes into the office everyday with
I hope football is on this weekend so harvey and chris can play upfront.
Deliberately running Chris Rock, Richard Pryor and Steve Harvey specials in February.
well I went 4toad in the hole! Vry proud of myself!! Saw chris &Harvey at shop other day they looked like best friends! Hope u ok x
I know that last guy. Check out the latest from the homie Chris Chirp
Chris Harvey was impressed by Derek, a comedy drama pilot for Channel 4, in which Ricky Gervais plays a learning disabled man who works at an old people’s home.
TONIGHT!! LADIES!! WIN WIN WIN!!! Skylite proudly presents the night for Fashionistas: (*) Fashion Wednesday! (*) Every Wednesday, one lucky lady will win a pair of CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN shoes*! To be the lucky one, all You have to do is: (*) 1. 6pm - 8pm Sign up at Skylite (*) 2. 8pm - 9pm Try to remain Calm (*) 3. 9.00pm Name is picked (*) 4. 9.01pm Go frantic or be extremely jealous *music* Soundtrack suppplied by DJ Cliff Townley and Chris Harvey! For reservations: +971 2 6560600 dininginbox us on FB * We will give out a 4000AED voucher to Louboutin boutique, so that You can pick out Your favourite shoes!!
How to describe broken down outside the holland tunnel, 2 tows by AAA (one to a place owned by the wannabe godfather), a ride by AAA sitting on a box to a train station in jersey city, 3 trains (which I am terrified of) to get to Hamilton, a guy sitting next to us playing with himself, a stimulating game of "I Spy" & now waiting for a ride back home. The one thing that needed to happen today, my back appointment, was literally the only thing that didn't happen. But through it all Chris Harvey was great company even if his I Spy skills need some improvement! :)
As 2012 nears to an end, we reflect on the past year... And what a year it's been! As always, my love (and perhaps obsession) with the entertainment industry, lead to some interesting projects: Working on the popular Strike Back series (opposite Games of Thrones' Charles Dance) was certainly a career highlight and then acting opposite Oscar winning legend William Hurt in Feynman & the Challenger was thrilling to say the least. Then there was the Golden Globe nominated The Girl for HBO and Death Race Inferno for Universal. On the local front, in my continual support of South African TV, theatre and film production, I worked with some amazing local SA talent: Short Films - Tears In The Rain - Blade Runner Short Fan Film for the amazing Chris Harvey; A Shot at the Big Time for Janet van Heerden; and AFDA's Making Angels; The upcoming hilarious Afrikaans feature, Jimmy in Pienk; the new teenage TV series, Thomas@ for Kyknet; and the stage production of EKM Dido's short story, Baby, for multi-talented directo ...
Thanks to everyone who took part in the contest we had on Christmas. We couldn't select just 5 winners because there were multiple submissions with the same number of likes. We've got 9 winners now! Here they are: 1. Jeanice SoulShine - "Say Hello to my li'l friend!" 2. Chris Harvey - "The things I'll do for Christmas dinner." 3. James Rogers - "dont mess with me, santa tried to steal my carrot once. ONCE." 4. Julia S Saltzer - "A Carrot a day keeps the Eye-Doctor Away!" 5. Julie Mahoney - now all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth. 6. Andrea Fix - "Spend christmas with some Bunny you Love!" 7. Cheryl Shires - "This is my carrot, there are many like it but this one is mine!" 8. Shatz Detwiller - "I thought only snowmen picked their noses." 9. Rob Osmond - "I'm just about to go Christmas carroting, wanna join me?" If you were selected as the winner, please email us at supportwith your seed packet of choice and your mailing address. You can pick any one of the sampler packs on SeedsNow!:
I had a great time tonight spending 2 hours teaching 14 hard-working kids the basics of catching! A special thanks to Tim Kerns, owner of Triple Crown Academy for hosting the clinic as well as Chris Harvey and Tony Casper for helping me out with instruction. All in all, a very successful night!
Hey everyone, It's only 5 days left to our awaited TEDx event. Are you excited? I guess not, because I know you are all SUPER EXCITED!!! Everyday there will be a post about a public speaker this Sunday, and I am very proud to announce the name our first speaker: He is CHRIS HARVEY!!! Talking about Chris Harvey, we already knew about him as an entrepreneur who has a lot experiences in many different fields. He is a man who really loves challenges and is always ready for them. From AOL, Yahoo! to Lending Tree, Chris Harvey held many important and indispensable positions along with a lot of crowning achievements. But from America, he accepted the offer of working Vietnamworks - one of Vietnam's largest recruitment websites today. Being the CEO, he manipulated every activity and success of Vietnamworks, and contributed his effort to how strong and powerful Vietnamworks is really today as we could see. No longer working for Vietnamworks, Chris Harvey is now doing his own career. What are you waiting for? Be su ...
Skylite are launching a brand new ladies night with a fresh and exciting concept that's bound to get the ladies tottering on their heels to the event. At Fashion Wednesdays, any woman who attends and enters their name in the draw between 6pm till 8pm has a chance to win a AED 4,000 Christian Louboutin gift card - which woman wouldn't want that! DJ Chris Harvey will be spinning soulful house tunes.
Favorite host of Family Feud? Well, Chris Harvey is pretty cool.
I love Family Feud and Chris Harvey's show. He cracks me up!
A Friday letter from Chris Harvey, chief investigator for the Georgia Secretary of State, to Wallace clears the promotional campaign, in which someone can enter a Nov. 12 drawing for a Browning rifle and a Glock handgun. “In our conversation on this matter this morning, you clarified that it was not...
I do have to say, Chris Harvey, Jeremi Lorenti, Kyle Miller, Matt Struzinski and Chris Hernandez have made me love life more then I already did
Julia Davis, creator of some of the most delectably dark television ever to air in Britain, talks to has Chris Harvey about Hunderby, her first series in seven years.
Goodmorning world :) Off to work today and then tonight to see Peter Pan tonight with Adam Turner, Clare Harvey & Chris Harvey! Have a nice day everyone x
Tomorrow is gonna be a good ole day for this boy. Workin on Racecar tomorrow, racing go karts Saturday mornings then headin to citrus county speedway to help out Chris Harvey and get the to victory lane!
Can you believe I headed out this morning to go see Tyler Perry movie, I went on line to see what time it started. It had 3 different showings...10:20 was the first one. I get to the theatre this morning at 10:30 for them to tell me the movie didn't start til 7:30pm What??? All the other movies were showing 3 times. I'm not sure why the internet says 1 thing, and the theatre says something different.Instead of being a little upset, I went to Target and bought gifts for my grand daughter, greatnephew, and my little volunteer neighbor. After doing all that, a loving friend of mine called to see what I was up to, I told the person what happened. They said hey! How about I pick you up this week to have a blockbuster night, just me and you.Right on time...Later my Chris Harvey my niece Sayles and my daughter Ellett came over and spent the rest of the Sunday with me.We qued, listened to music, ate good food, laughed and had a awesome time..Thank God for this day! Looking forward to next weekend movie night wit ...
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Chris Harvey spends a weekend at the Latitude Festival in Suffolk.
my house at 8ish. We're having a bonfire/smores. It's going to be Nick Hayes, Chris Harvey, etc.
The death of a Geneva man as a result of an alleged fight last November has led Adams County prosecutor Chris Harvey to file charges of aggravated battery and involuntary manslaughter against Nicholas J. Stump, 29, rural Portland. According to a probable cause document filed in Adams County...
I love you too man. RT“I love Chris Harvey exclamation mark doe”
"Sexy is the world that springs to mind" by Chris Harvey, al describir a Benedict Cumberbatch...
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