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Chris Harrison

Christopher Bryan Chris Harrison (born July 26, 1971) is an American television host, perhaps best known for his role as host of the ABC reality television dating show, The Bachelor since 2002, and its spin-offs The Bachelorette since 2003 and Bachelor Pad in 2010. He is also the co-host of Hollywood 411 on TV Guide Network and host of Designer's Challenge on HGTV and host of Mall Masters on Game Show Network.

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Chris Harrison speaks out on the scandal: "There's a lot of misinformation out there."…
Chris Harrison on scandal: "There's a lot of misinformation out there":
WATCH: "Bachelor in Paradise" production halted; allegations of sexual misconduct end filming:
"Bachelor in Paradise" host Chris Harrison says "there’s a lot of misinformation out there" about show shutdown
Chris Harrison Speaks Out on Bachelor in Paradise Allegations of Misconduct Chris Harrison has broken his silence …
Chris Harrison is urging fans to be patient in his first statement following the scandal.
via Chris Harrison breaks silence over Bachelor in Paradise
Host Chris Harrison apologizes to Bachelor in Paradise viewers as scandal looms
host Chris Harrison releases statement on misconduct investigation.
Chris Harrison responded to the Bachelor in Paradise scandal & he has a lot to say... Read his statement here:…
'Bachelor' host Chris Harrison breaks silence on why 'Bachelor in Paradise' is suspended.
According to Chris Harrison, no decisions have been made about Bachelor in Paradise's future
The long-time "Bachelor" franchise host said he wanted to put an end to "all the rumors."
Chris Harrison is speaking out after production of "Bachelor in Paradise" was suspended amid allegations of...
London News Search (Chris Harrison breaks silence over Bachelor in Paradise) 1 London -
Bachelor in Paradise host Chris Harrison has shared his first statement about the controversy
Chris Harrison says "misinformation and rumors" pushed him to come public this early.
'Bachelor in Paradise' host Chris Harrison asks for patience, respect during investigation (LA Times)
Looks like Chris Soules is bout to become America's Most Eligible Prison Bachelor. I don't want- I NEED a Chris Harrison jailhouse…
Sarah just compared herself to Chris Harrison
Stop trying to force apologies Chris Harrison. We ain't got the time.
I always picture Chris Harrison leaving the Fantasy Suite note like this.
If David Ross can be on DWTS, can Miguel Montero take Chris Harrison's role on "The Bachelor?"
i think bachelor prediction is correct that Nick Viall will choose Chris Harrison at the end
Ryan should play the Chris Harrison role with a cartoon head
And at the stroke of 8pm, Chris Harrison will come out & say, "Trump, Judges, this is the final rose. Good luck."
i nominate Chris Harrison to be the next bachelor, but also keep his day job, so he can tell himself when it's the final rose
Today on Ellen . Chris Harrison, Adam Devine and a 2 year old bottle flipper
lives like king. Workers bring most beautiful, successful women to him & then he communicates through his squire Chris Harrison
Chris Harrison made his Premier Soccer League (PSL) debut in the 2014/15 season in the clash between Maritzburg...
reaction 2 Brad Paisley saying that Beyonce is⬆️next is the same as Chris Harrison says this will b The most dramatic season of
Chris Harrison for next bachelor instead of Nick
Another photo of receiving a humanitarian award from host . Chris Harrison and bassist Ben McKee of…
our country is in Chris Harrison's hands. Stay tuned for the most dramatic election in US history.
Just tuning in to the and man I missed Chris Harrison.
Kristy and I don't need you guys when we have Chris Harrison.
I don't like Michelle and Sean hosting, I miss Chris Harrison
Nick Viall? Are you kidding, Chris Harrison? You might as well have made At least that would b…
Chris Harrison wanna be coming from the Sean Lowe wanna be...👍🏻
calling it now: Sean Lowe is coming for Chris Harrison's job
I miss Chris Harrison hosting Sean and Michelle are too biased
Tho I missed Chris Harrison on AP & Michelle C. is annoying, this season is less boring, mayb bc she runs her mouth nonstop?
Can we bring Chris Harrison back to the bachelor in paradise after show. Michelle is THE worst 🙄
Paradise. Please bring Chris Harrison back as host and get rid of Michelle Collins! She's too chatty and…
Michelle Collins looks great tonight but different than Chris Harrison
Surely I'm not the only person who thinks this Michelle Collins chick on is annoying. I miss Chris Harrison!!
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please remove Michelle Collins as host, can't watch the show, can't stand her. Bring back Chris Harrison.
Jade and tanner are like gods on bachelor in paradise, Chris Harrison mentions that they got married every 1 second
does Chris Harrison get more street cred now? Lol
Chris Harrison better be tellin me Luke is the next bachelor
Chris Harrison to America when he snubbed us on the newest Bachelor.
"Chris Harrison takes the first born child of every bachelor couple" -
I will do whatever it takes to get Chris Harrison to introduce me to Olivia, my one true love.
Chris Harrison is such a little savage Giving us a play by play like he doesnt know who shes picks
HBD Chris Harrison without you we would never know when they are about to hand out the last rose and say their goodbyes 💁🏼
Richard just asked if Chris Harrison was JoJo's dad. 😂
Hello from sunny California!. . Note that this may change. But since coach Chris Harrison is a little preoccupy...
Buzzing to be back on the pitch yesterday!⚽️ Thoughts are with Ben Harrison, hope you have a speedy recovery lad👊🏾
“If you don't know where you're going, any road'll take you there. George Harrison
AW CRAP. Man if you threw George Harrison in there I'd be a goner. Okay here we go Marry: Chris. Kiss: Seb. Kill: Flower man
Following a stolen base advancing Josh Harrison to third, Harrison scores on a fielder's choice by Chris Stewart and the lead 4-3
Chris Stewart grounds out, Josh Harrison scores from third and the Pirates take a 4-3 lead in the 5th.
kinda wanna live the life of Chris Harrison
does Chris Harrison need an assistant??? 😏
I used to think that no one had an easier job than Chris Harrison... Until I started watching wins
Chris and A very drunk Paul McCartney at George Harrison and Patti Boyd's wedding in 1966.
All the best to trialist Ben Harrison who broke his leg tonight in the first pre season v
Jordan Cox what the *** was that scrap, hit the deck quicker than Audley Harrison 😂😂😂😂
Chris Pratt is a modern day Harrison Ford
Final whistle at the EBB Stadium, it finished Shots 2 QPR 3. Thoughts, though, are with Ben Harrison after his injury
MORE: Harrison Barnes agreed to a 4 year, $8 per hour deal with McDonalds, with potential to earn up to $8.50/hour htt…
Chris Harrison's face realizing he has to pronounce this correctly via /r/funny
We are delighted to announce as an ambassador for Cycle to Work Day 2016. http…
If in someway goes to GState the still have a shot at Harrison Barnes???
My life is like The Bachelor but mostly just the Chris Harrison part where he's involved in everyone's love life and goes…
The time when me, Mike Tyson & Audley Harrison hosted a charity boxing event. A great night for the fans
A source doubts that Harrison Barnes will join the intends to match any offer he gets.
They should invite me back and I'll just stand next to Chris Harrison and provide commentary on everything
Chris Harrison is always Chris Harrison, never Chris. I wonder if that's the case outside of Bachelor Nation?
How hasn't Chris Harrison won an emmy for this? -- asks the important questions
Chris Harrison saying vajayjay on network television
"Ben's pastor from Warsaw, IN is still in the studio" -Chris Harrison
Check out the person sitting behind Chris Harrison at last nights is Russo
Chris Harrison: "This was one of the best bachelor proposals ever". Michael: "Yeah right I've seen way better!" . 😂
A sword was brought, and Chris Harrison ordered, “Cut Ben in half! That way each of you can have part of him.”
Margaret Kriso not only asked if Chris Harrison was JoJo's dad but if he was Uncle Joey from Full House 😂😂
Aside from Gil, you're my other bff! Thanks for the card, that was so kind and generous ☺️ You're the best, Chris Harrison!
Chris Harrison's conversation with Ben after learning he told 2 women he loves them https:/…
Chris Harrison's reaction when he finds out Ben said I love you to not one, but two women.
if Ben Higgins & Chris Harrison walked into my living room while watching the bachelor I don't think I would stop crying
Chris Harrison, has Ben thought about if the ladies would change jobs , are leave their job for Ben?
What do I have to do to get Ben and Chris Harrison to come crash my bachelor viewing party??
Chris Harrison: "Think about where you were a year ago.". Ben Higgins ("Yeah I was on Tinder."
Real question: did Ben give Chris Harrison that mudlove bracelet or does Chris just really want to become the next bachelor?
first off his name is Chris Harrison, second Ben's stupid for doing that but his hotness makes up for it😂
Nailed it! Ben had to tell the twins apart. Chris Harrison you trickster
Chris Harrison just called Ben the most popular in history.
What would you do if baby hands Chris Harrison and Ben crashed our watch parties?
Chris Harrison pretends like he talks every day with Ben and knows all his thoughts. But does he? DOES HE?!?!
Plot twist: Ben gives the final rose to Chris Harrison and they live happily ever after
Chris Harrison saying Ben is on Mount Rushmore leads me to believe he listens to podcasts.
My Econ professor compared Chris Hansen (host of To Catch a Predator) to Chris Harrison (host of The Bachelor)
Chris Harrison and Ben Higgins have friendship bracelets ohmygod 😭😭
Bachelor spoiler: Ben dumps both girls and proposes to Chris Harrison
I think Chris Harrison and Ben might be in love and I wholeheartedly support.
Surprise ending: Ben dumps both women and runs away with Chris Harrison.
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
More than anything, I want a spin-off reality series where Ben and Chris Harrison are roommates.
Amy Schumer calls out host Chris Harrison for labeling contestant 'complicated'
If Toucan Sam and The Geico Gecko had a love child he would be Chris Harrison.
Chris Harrison reminds me of Caesar Flickerman from the Hunger Games
Watching the bachelor. . Mom: how tall is Ryan Seacrest? . Me: well that's Chris Harrison. . Mom: how tall is Chris Harrison? .
Chris Harrison interviewing these women remind me of Caesar Flickerman and the tribute's interview before the hunger games.
Chris Harrison should moderate the next GOP Debate
Chris Harrison is the Caesar Flickerman of The Bachelor. May the odds be in your favor!
Chris Harrison on arguments about race
Oh my god. I just realized Chris Harrison is a real life Caesar Flickerman. It's scary how similar.
Chris Harrison missed the rose ceremony because he had sampled the local Jamaican weed & convinced himself he was bob marley
I bet Chris Harrison feels like Chandler knowing Ross and Joey like the same girl...
Chris Harrison uses the same *** line to woo every woman into that fantasy suite.
Nice of you to make an appearance Chris Harrison
Chris Harrison: Ben your budget is running low after all these huge trips. . . Ben: tells Amanda their date is at McDonal…
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
People Now Friday February 12, 2016 Chris Harrison on how Olivia went from top dog to most hated, plus celeb news
Producer: should we go check on Olivia?. Chris Harrison: she'll figure it out.
Plot twist: Olivia & Jubilee are the 2 women Ben is in love with. They will be back. Chris Harrison, "this is a game changer."
What if that *** Chris Harrison told Ben about how fake Olivia was, and that's why he sent her home?
*Chris walks in* "oh yeah, he def just banged Olivia. Chris Harrison, picking up sloppy seconds since 1998" -
Ben's clearly not messing around. Now for the love of Chris Harrison, please send Olivia home.
That brown suit Chris Harrison is rocking might be as ugly as Olivia's personality
Summary of the bachelor. Leah complaints . Olivia being rude. Ben "confused". The twin battling with Olivia . Chris Harrison is just there
I feel like Chris Harrison and Olivia would be a match made in heaven
Chris Harrison probably made Ben keep Olivia just to *** America off tbh
"How many of you have been personally victimized by Olivia." - Chris Harrison... eventually
New arrivals shake up Paradise and Ashley I. asks Chris Harrison...
Catching up on live episodes and find it sad how willing Chris Harrison is to insult the unpopular contestants (e.g., Olivia)
super bowl time is here. will Olivia win the big game or will Chris Harrison vote her off the island text y or n to 8675309
Chris Harrison is Colonel Pickering, who's kind of old & useless & just pops in once in awhile to goad Higgins into ill-advised capers.
I want the show to eventually end with Chris Harrison as the bachelor and I wanna host that season, I love chris so much
Congrats Ashley...see if Chris Harrison will marry you two
Caucus Update: Farmer Chris Soules is caucusing in Iowa & now Chris Harrison is a projected nominee for president.
now Chris Harrison and Ben need to come crash our bachelor viewing party!
Chris Harrison stop trying to be Andy Cohen , it's ridiculus
The Bachelor is actually The Hunger Games and Chris Harrison is actually Caesar Flickerman
Bring on the drama! See what Chris Harrison teased about Ben H's season of
'The Bachelor' host Chris Harrison: Ben Higgins is going to be a phenomenal ...
What does Chris Harrison think of Ben Higgins as
It is of my opinion that only a select group of men should wear vests, as .05% of those look as good as Harrison Ford & Chris …
As we continue to mope over the deaths of George Harrison, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Lennon, Hendrix, etc.. consider...
Chris and his grandpa by author.jennifer.harrison
Chris Griffith, Eric Griffith, and Harrison Bell placed 1st, 2nd,and 3rd in the Special Olympics 10K at Villanova!
Chris Martin: Gwyneth split left me low: British musician Chris Martin says he was “feeling down and confused”...
Episode 5 is GO! Siubhan Harrison on teenage sulks and working as a Tequila Girl
//Should Chris stay a Harrison or become a Pines for a while?
Harrison shouldn't takes shots at anyone. Dirtiest player in modern era.
Listening to Rodney Harrison taking shots at the Rams for playing dirty is like listening to Chris Brown take shots at Bill Cosby
browser extension bans Kardashians from your news feed - via
A history of the haka, a Maori war dance performed by New Zealand’s
Same people who talk smack about GH are the same ones who listen to Chris Brown & supported Big Ben, James Harrison & the ladies: Hope Solo.
I added a video to a playlist Chris Harrison Goes TV Shopping on '
Hey, Chris when will u find out what day and time South Harrison vs Valley Wetzel play?
Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck, and the immortal Chris pine.
Re-watching Stars Wars Episodes 4-6. There's lots of resemblances between young Harrison Ford and Chris Pratt, I didn't notice before.
Shout out to Chris for dropping buckets last season for Harrison and he will drop buckets in his senior year of high school ball
And what's up with Hiro's ponytail wig? Did it always look so obviously bad? I don't remember.
Feels like we wasted the first half of the mini series building up to the 2 parter.
Catching up on and it's finally getting interesting. Was there no way to compress the first 5-6 episodes down to 1-2?
I've been told by various people that I look like.Chris Pratt, Andy Sandberg, and a young Harrison Ford.alrighty then.
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Jets: S Rontez Miles promoted from practice squad with Calvin Pryor still out; OL Jarvis Harrison waived to make r…
This Google Maps update will save you during the holidays
"In the most dramatic episode of the grove yet..." -Chris Harrison @ The Grove at Ole Miss
STAB's Jalen Harrison rolls out and hits Chris Barry for a 10-yard TD. 2:33 left in first half, STAB leads Blue Ridge 7-2.
Flamenco guitarist and guitar maker Teye a must-see at tonight's Art Crawl
Who is racing the spare Paul Harrison shale car tonight?
Chris Smalling is an absolute beast
84' Substitution for captain Chris Basham is replaced by Harrison McGahey.
You've only come to see Chris Smalling
9-0 to the seconds. Chris Harrison with a header after great work from
Google acquires Fly Labs to join its Photos team
Sadly, my anonymous account has more followers than both my personal accounts combined.
thank you Chris 👍 it will be a great fight I can't wait! I think Harrison disrespected Gallagher as a coach which got his back up
That awkward moment when you think Chris Harrison's name is Ryan Seacrest.
Will ‘UnReal’ Season 2 bring back its faux Chris Harrison? Brennan Elliott hopes so
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
All of 's fans want him back at for Season 2 as well! He's a great faux Chris Harrison!
Will S2 bring back its faux Chris Harrison? hopes so
2 of 5 stars to The Perfect Letter by Chris Harrison
Chris Harrison interrupts the and hands out invitations for the celebs to all bang each other. Security escorts him out.
FRIDAY -Legendary John Etheridge + Album launch from our very own folk hero Chris Harrison
"Anyone named Ashley is welcome back on Paradise." - Chris Harrison providing fodder for BIP fanfic.
Chris Harrison agrees. Any girl named Ashley is perfect for the bachelor.
You don't know unless you ask. Ashley asked Chris Harrison to scribble her a fantasy date card and he did
Dang it! When (AKA Chris Harrison) picked up that rose, I was convinced he was going to give it to Ashley S.
"This is super surreal," Ashley says, as if she didn't accost Chris Harrison moments before to request this date.
Was Jason Biggs' wife just kissing Jared, behind Chris Harrison, as he spoke for Whoops. Or just a hug?
Chris Harrison makes $60,000 per episode... To say "ladies, gentlemen, this is the final rose" where do I get that gig?
If Ben Higgins is Officially the Why use Chris Harrison's picture?.
I keep mixing up Chris Harrison and Chris Hansen and it's making for very confusing viewings of The Bachelor in Paradise
Real slick Chris Harrison. Don't think you fooled anyone who follows Reality Steve. Bachelor
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
I want Ashley S. to take over for Chris Harrison and then run for president.
Poor Josh didnt realize hes on with a bunch of 0 tolerance Ronald Reagans. Like Chris Harrison doesnt roll his face off
I've decided I was Chris Harrison to be the officiant at my wedding.
Chris Harrison thinks we are terrible.
Chris Harrison has nothing compared to
Ah, it never ceases to amuse me when I remember that Chris Harrison pronounces it "fin-ah-lee."
Chris Harrison has checked out this season... He's sitting there daydreaming I think
Fantastic news! Anything w/more Chris Harrison is great. Too bad Michelle Money isn't co-host
Chris Harrison is the Caesar Flickerman of the bachelorette tbh
Chris Harrison stirring up the pot! And I don't mean by enlightening us that "this is the last rose." (Middle of tonight's show right now)
what should my major be if I just want Chris Harrison's job of saying that there is a rose ceremony and traveling the world
She might as well just have sex with Chris Harrison--not nice for one guy to be left out!
I hope you're kissing drew and not Chris Harrison
most exciting bachelor season ever...(says Chris Harrison always) you three are all the bachelors!
idk how I will ever brush off this horrible tragedy. I will miss you. Chris Harrison will miss u. America will miss you
Also can Ben z be the next bachelor? *hint hint Chris Harrison*
Chris Harrison was like "This is a train wreck of a season so we're not going to make four families witness this."
Chris Harrison: "You really don't know which three guys you want?" My male roommate: "I do! Nick, Ben H and Jared"
Chris Harrison has to be backstage going "Girl, the cupcake over Ben Z? Really?"
Ben Z is my kinda man 😍 Chris Harrison needs to help me meet him
so what if Chris Harrison and Ryan Seacrest were in love
Chris Harrison: "I'm sorry gentlemen, go hug Nick. He got your rose."
I suspect Nick is coveting Chris Harrison's scarf as much as the final rose.
Before the guys get offended with Nick coming back.. It wasn't just Kaitlyn that said yes it was also Chris Harrison.
'Bachelorette's' Chris Harrison: Still not sure what to make of Clint...
I cannot wait to read the recaps on from tonight. Um, Chris Harrison, this would be the MOST dramatic episode. HOLY COW.
Remember when Chris Harrison wrote a book
Does fame hurt couples from ABC's 'Bachelor'?: Chris Harrison, the host of ABC's 'The Bachelor' and 'The ...
Read GQ's full profile of Chris Harrison: The Reigning King of
'Bachelor' host adds 'Millionaire' gig - Chris Harrison will be the third host in three years, succeeding Terr...
'The Bachelor' Host Chris Harrison to Become new Host of 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire?'
Thoughts on 15th April with everyone connected to Hillsborough disaster. Finally & nearly at the end of getting the truth & justice
Chris Harrison not leaving Bachelor to host Millionaire via
Dallas native is the new host of 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire'
once the sun goes down Chris Harrison comes alive
*he wasn't out for very long as he woke up seconds later* Ow.Chris, please don't jump on me while I'm flying the TARDIS!
Governor Chris Christie and Manny Harrison, GM at our Lemmon Ave location today!
I like them all Alec,Ben,Chris & Harrison ,think that's them all! It was 10 yrs later that I found out Sean Bean wasn't Irish 😬😬😬
Wrestlemania pro-am Golf tournament thanks to my team Chris Harrison Mike Taylor watm time!
With the man of the hour, OCU alum Chris Harrison. He made our Law School celebration grand. (I am on the right.)
What a truly amazing and inspirational man you are, Chris Harrison! We absolutely loved having you…
Just me and Chris Harrison hanging out!
Mayor *** Cornett tells all to Bachelor host Chris Harrison at the Law School grand opening.
Chris Harrison, OCU alumnus, makes opening remarks at the grand opening of the new Law School building.
Chicago drill, Cooly G and swampy techno: the week’s best free mixes: Each week, FACT’s John Twells and Chris ...
Spotted: Chris Harrison taking his turn in the hot seat, but will he accept my rose 🌹.
Chris Harrison taking the stage for Grand Opening. We may have a few fans on our staff 😍
Hung out with my good friend Chris Harrison this morning. I didn't get a rose, but he had some…
I could be taking selfies with Chris Harrison right now.
Can't wait to celebrate my good friend Chris Harrison's birthday tonight!!! And the scholarship interview is tomorrow! I'm so nervous:(
well im sitting with Darian, Brody, Brandon, Harrison, and Chris lol and then you know the rest of the class to the right 😂😂😳😳
An e-mail I've sent more than once: "Hi [X], just checking in about review copies of Chris Harrison's romance novel! Very excited about it!"
Chris Harrison-Docks' charges from Monday citation during traffic stop included possession of marijuana, possession of …
LOL @ chris harrison giving a talk at my school today
Update. According to police report, WKU basketball player Chris Harrison-Docks cited for possession of marijuana. Story upc…
You're invited to attend our Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting Ceremony emceed by Chris Harrison (!) today at 11:30 a.m.
My mother thought Chris Harrison was the bachelor 😂😂😂 oh mama
guests to come: Lauren Graham and Olivia Munn, Jeff Garlin, Chris Harrison, Jimmie Johnson and Bellamy Young
Chris Harrison is to Ryan Seacrest is to Al Roker.
I get Chris Harrison announcing the final rose at the beginning; there are tons of girls and it's easy to lose track. But now?
"If anyone should be worried, it's Carly Waddell." First AND second names? Who does she think she is, Chris Harrison?
All you ladies who love the bachelor, the host Chris Harrison, is a Kappa Sig. That is all.
(SPOILER): Final rose ceremony is tomorrow. Chris Harrison & Neil Lane seen boarding AA flight 1067 from LAX to Chicago minutes ago...(cont)
These crazy kids have been locked at the lips ever since Chris Harrison struck them with cupid's arrow, and now…
Photoset: ellendegeneres: Ellen and Jane Lynch play “Lady Lovers” with Chris Harrison
Sounds grim. All feedback to Mark Bland, Chris Bowers and Chris Harrison at LBWF. We CAN make it work.
It was good seeing Chris Harrison and Chuck Spearman today! I came at this service on a humbug and got blessed with Aisha Jackson!!
Instead of throwing out useless remarks like "I'm leaving" you continue the fight for Scotland and its people. Don't be part of the problem.
I know my hopes that people would all be respectful were a tad unrealistic, but don't let disappointment make you cruel and…
Watching the makes me miss Chris Harrison
Big yes win in Glasgow. But is it enough to close the gap?
Dundee votes YES. First yes vote of the night. Will this turn it round? Also, what 25 people voted for both.
Cue the pantomime of accusations of fixes, wrongdoing and bullying because it wasn't what you were expecting. I Love democracy
Dundee vote count interrupted by another fire alarm. Those black op guys must be busy.
Polling station in Craigmillar had a higher turnout by 9.30am than it did for the 2010 General Election http:/…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
This Canadian version of Chris Harrison is so ugly...
We need Chris Harrison to get in there and call shenanigans
Well sometimes I'm just not lucky. I can wait. I've grown moderately patient getting older.
I really wish I streamed the demo. I was deeply frightened first time round. Loved it!
On a scale of 1-10.Bachelor Canada is trending at a 3 .where the heck is Chris Harrison, and where are the Tim-Bits?
If there's one person Better Together should never bring out for an opinion its a winner of Big Brother.
to be fair I drew Mr Blobby with a moustache throwing eggs at Gordon Brown.
How can people submit ballots that are determined to be unknown. It's not an art exam, just draw a wee X.
None of these people should ever be on tv.. . And that includes you Canadian Chris Harrison. .
Not sure how the ratings will be after this...Chris Harrison is my favorite Bachelor Host!
So whatever happens tomorrow, please let's move forward with love and respect. Without that we really don't have anything. …
There are some truly horrific things happening in our world right now. From wars to ebola, people are losing their lives as…
If Bob Saget and Chris Harrison were to have a lovechild, it'd be this of
West Lothian Yes Camp unofficially indicate they have lost in that area.
Dundee fire alarm an attempt to cheat? Aye I'm sure they had a black ops team ready to sneak in with a few thousand forged ballots.
caught it on BBC news who had rolling footage live from Dundee.
Clackmannanshire take the first vote with a no by 54%
Dundee referendum count being evacuated due to fire alarm.
Big problem with is no Chris Harrison.
Many of you have spotted 'Yes' ballot papers on a 'No' table in Dundee. Here's the response from
78.8% voting turnout for Dundee. Less than I expected.
Does being away from the constraints of studios let you be more creative and have more fun.
Hands down one of the best pictures I've ever seen
The voting turnout has been impressive. Whatever the outcome this should be the the minimum from now on.
Due to Ring of Combat’s success as a feeder promotion the belts are vacated almost as fast as they are won, Chris...
Hello chris make sure you listen to the granddaughter apryl harrison performing vermillion upon sound fog up she excellent
Chris Stewart gets the start Behind the plate tonight.Travis Snider in RF..He bats second behind Harrison...Pirates look to sweep Boston
They need to make a Jack Ryan crossover with Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck and Chris Pine. It's called "Jack Ryans"
(cont.) Yes, Gavin Harrison is technically superior to Chris Maitland. But Maitland's sound is so much more subtle than Harrison's.
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