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Chris Hardwick

Christopher Ryan Chris Hardwick (born November 23, 1971) is an American stand-up comedian, emcee, actor, writer, musician, podcaster, television personality, and voice artist.

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Aaah, summer, when we reach peak TV saturation of Chris Hardwick and Gordon Ramsay.
Don't miss Charlie Hunnam next Sunday he will be on Talking with Chris Hardwick!
.rides in from the Shire on a noble steed. Watch the series premiere of now!…
For a recent example, the hashtag game that resulted in Hiroshima and internment camp jokes:
Just be yourself Chris. You'll do great!
TRUTH. It's why I roll my eyes every time in a meeting someone asks who the "next Chris Hardwick"…
Some Pretty Little Liars are going to be on tomorrow 😀Cast | via
I forgot that there's a post-BETTER CALL SAUL discussion talk show with Chris Hardwick ... and lol who is the audience for that?
that is the back my head by Chris Hardwick and Rob Riggle on right there maybe i'll get recognized
I liked a video Frost Giants in the Swamp! Ep. 3 (Force Grey: Giant Hunters w/ Chris Hardwick)
Chris Hardwick breaking out into song--Ace of Base's "The Sign"--was pleasantly unexpected for an episode of @ midnight.
Friday afternoon Cardinal news and notes: Both the Jennings clan and Chris Hardwick are ready for a bounce-back win…
Chris Hardwick when he puts the Rick blanket on himself: "Not awkward at all when you are a dude and you're a little alert"
Chris Hardwick and Lydia Hearst Swimming in Hearst Castle Pool on Periscope - -
I love stuff yeah! Chris Hardwick and Lydia Hearst on their Weird Decor Style: 'Victorian Gentleman Serial Killer' -
Tim Minchin, Chris Hardwick, Jason Reitman, Jay Ferguson from Sloan (still cool even though I run into him at Chipo…
Hey there Chris. Just watching on my dvr. Was in the audience tonight? That laugh sure sounded like him
Comedy club audiences pay up to $25 per person and another fistfu...
Chris Hardwick is the Ryan Seacrest of nerds
Watching and just heard Chris tell the contestant, "drop that number two." 💩💩
"Drop that number 2!" -. The Wall is INTENSE but Chris Hardwick made me laugh a little too hard.
How would you like to be Chris Hardwick aka the new Tom Bergenon?
Did Chris Hardwick just catch the winning pass for Clemson???
after reading your profile, you write for the nerdist, which means you may know Chris Hardwick; I'm watching the wall now.
Dear Chris Hardwick: Bring back tonights panel forever 👏
I love Chris Hardwick, but his new show, " the wall" is just a giant version of plinko?
Chris and Citizen Kane's family: A love story
my two favorite things... football and Chris hardwick!! 👍❤️
I got chills watching NBC's The Wall. I also thought Chris Hardwick was grabbing a bottle of champagne to pop for the win.
I watched for first time tonight. You looked genuinely concerned & happy for the contestants. Great job Chris
Great experience on the set of show with Chris Hardwick today at Hollywood Center Studios. Everyone was v…
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oh. With Chris Hardwick.I feel like the same rule might apply
Chris is so adorable! Watching the wall and it's so wierd not seeing you talking about WALKERS!
Chris this is like The Super Bowl of football lol
chris, it's THE big game. i feel like I'm one of 60 people who even saw this reply
When asks the Wall for an answer, I really want voice to start "Well Chris..."
Chris Hardwick on ‘The Wall,’ nerd ubiquity and fighting impostor syndrome.
Come see & cheer on the hilarious on Details & your free tix:
High fives from Chris are always welcome!
Chris Hardwick said 2016 was the Year of No Chill. I expect 2017 to be worse. ;)
When did Chris Hardwick become the new Ryan Secrest?
please do not cast Jerry. He tries too hard. You are so good with Chris Hardwick.
The Trump impersonator on Chris Hardwick is miles better than Alec Baldwin.
So, who else knew that is Exec. Producer of a new game show on NBC w/ 'S Chris Hardwick as the host - name: "The Wall"
“Glenn was the hope and heart of this show.” - Chris Hardwick (via infinite-reciprocity)
fun fact, Patty Hearst is Chris Hardwick's mother in law!
Order Miche Bag Online!
btw, Patty Hearst is Chris Hardwick's mother-in-law now
It makes me happy though that some of the people who made it big there are still around (Dave Holmes, Chris Hardwick) but also>
As Andy Greenwald continues to morph into Chris Hardwick, I wonder how many TV critics are jealous as *** of him.
This Andy Greenwald is trying so hard to be Chris Hardwick but it's just painful to watch.
Am I the only one who would honestly rather have Chris Hardwick than Andy Greenwald on ? I'm sorry...
BREAKING NEWS- Chris Hardwick risks life crossing 8 lane highway for Pokemon Go! More at 11.
So Andy Greenwald is the new Chris Hardwick. Wouldn't have predicted that ever.
Stern, the Rock of Love girls, Don Rickles, Saapyhre from Charm School, Chris Hardwick, Martha Stewart, Amy Sedaris, Katya are…
Opening for Chris Hardwick at the State Theater in Portland Maine. Will be wearing a butter stained lobster bib. Don't judge
7th floor. Riddick Bowe hurls a hexagon at Chris Hardwick. Claudia Leitte loses Miley Cyrus in the corner.
yo Chris Hardwick said 'Cherokee Indian'...bro we're not from India. We're Native American Cherokee. Oy!
What game show host from my youth is most successful Chris Hardwick, Marc Summers or Mike O'Malley?
Great article on the nerd king "...I need to just do the things I love...”
Image-searched Chris Hardwick. Nope. Full disclosure, also had to google ‘Jayne hat’ to know what it was
Chris succeeded by concentrating on things he enjoyed and he built a multimillion dollar empire. I do the same thing: Homeless.
Hamilton Collection
Never watched TWD, never heard of ‘Singled Out’ or Chris Hardwick. Is Jenny McCarthy still relevant?
The Nerdist steps out of the Tardis
If you watch Walking Dead, the host of Talking Dead, Chris Hardwick, is main guy on The Nerdist podcast.
great profile on can't wait to see it in print Sunday :)
Chris Hardwick is one of the coolest dudes ever tbh
Really great article about Chris Hardwick who is definitely someone that inspires me to embrace my geeky side.
TIL Patty Hearst is Chris Hardwick's mother-in-law and I thought "I wish would imagine a conversation of theirs."
Raise a glass give a toast, last night we were Russian to the Altar.
Meet the Candidates of the Presidential Debate - Trump vs. Bernie via
I'd love a Talking Dead type show for ZNation. I can't just go to bed, I need to process it(Cheers, Chris Hardwick)
Was wondering when a piece like this on was going to pop up. Amazed at how hard working the guy is
Affion Crockett, Jamar Neighbors, Tiffany Haddish - Pants on Fire - with Chris Hardwick: . Af...
How became the excitable ringmaster of nerd culture
Thank you, for this very nice story that makes me sound fancy:
He used to get stuffed into garbage cans. Now runs an empire
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Simon Rex became Dirt Nasty and raps with Mickey Avalon and Chris Hardwick did Singled Out with Jenny McCarthy
I remember him bringing up asteroid mining to Chris Hardwick on a Nerdist podcast.
Chris Hardwick is apparently my twin! Who has the better beard though?
Chris Hardwick is proof that "he can a grow a beard but he's still a twink"
Jenna Elfman, Yassir Lester, Nick Thune - Rock the Waffle House - with Chris Hardwick
Lydia Hearst and Chris Hardwick outside the Vanity Fair's Young Hollywood Party in West Hollywood: via
Lydia Hearst lovingly says Chris Hardwick 'tricked' her with his marriage proposal...
Chris Hardwick is Spanish Fly personified. Latest example: goes Pete Weber with on-air.
My husband and I had a blast on the show! Thank you to the amazing team (Ryan you rock). Chris Hardwick is the best! So fun
I want to host an AMC talk show right after its monthly showings of Halloween 4. Guests: Danielle Harris, Beau Starr, and Chris Hardwick.
This fight between Chris Hardwick and Scott Adsit on about the X-Files is better than the 1st new X-Files episode of this season.
The Revenant is like if Chris Hardwick directed Jeremiah Johnson: "EVERY SHOT HAS TO BE AWESOME! NONSTOP AWESOME! COOL!"
The best thing a comic can ever do these days is just be mediocre like Chris Hardwick. No one will care but you make money.
Nashville Scene - Chris Hardwick, the Ryan Seacrest of Nerd Culture, This Weekend at Zanies
"It's a spinoff, also about nothing". In a conversation with Chris Hardwick and Matt Mira...
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Can't believe it's Chris Hardwick that spoils Star Wars for me, a week after he chastised & bleeped Jonah Ray for the same thing on the show
Although it contains the every video games ever voiceovers of Troy Baker & Nolan North, Chris Hardwick & Patrick Warburton makes up for it.
Chris Hardwick v Kevin Pereira : Who do you prefer?
I just watched Jonah Ray spoil it and Chris Hardwick berate the crowd for not seeing TFA already. We are trendsetters.
Remember the late 90s when Jenny McCarthy was about giving us *** and Chris Hardwick was the stoner Chuck Woolery?
I listen to many interview shows that are conversations. I don't want to converse with Chris Hardwick I guess.
Chris Hardwick is great. He’s just like you and me. Why the hate?
Hey were you upset that your lady went with Chris Hardwick to the movie?.
Hello Chris, would you mind rt'ing this please. I'm looking for advice about what comics would be good for a young teenage girl.
I'm starting a campaign to help Chris Hardwick from @ midnight and the Talking Dead lose his virginity!!
Last time he was here, Chris made quite the splash on our couch.
Chris and give some Christmas cheer in their latest duet
Kinda upset bc chris hardwick has a christmas sweater w/ jesus on it that says "birthday boy" and i don't
I just?? Chris Hardwick replied me & James and I are in shock. I legitimately care feel my face, I'm so sorry for doubting you
Chris Hardwick would be all over that
It appears the fans of found out our little secret. We can stop denying it.
I listen to the nerdist podcast mostly, all things nerdy and Chris Hardwick is always hilarious as well are the guest
Savant is less flexible than Crestron, but it does self-generate UIs like Control4 does.
Chris, ask Dave to let you borrow his gun
(im watching celebrities react. he's neat. Chris Hardwick is also on)
Y'all seen this? Back to the Future, Illuminati, Donald Trump all connected
Why does Chris have so many TV shows despite being the most obnoxious person on television?
gets my vote, Chris. Great support.
Our panel decked the red carpeted halls playing Watch it online here:
open the refrigerator HAL, I'm afraid I can't do that Chris. Downhill from there
Chris Hardwick, the comic for IT professionals everywhere
Oh, this is so good. Xmas came early for me. Thanks, Chris!
Our EXTENDED/UNCENSORED year-end awards are exactly what you're craving. Watch here:
Now this seems made up...but it's not:.
Chris Hardwick: You're a good age. 28's a good age. Evan Peters: Is it? I wanna be 30.
I wonder how mad Chris Hardwick is about Into the Badlands taking his Talking Dead spot like tht Probably not that mad cuz itll get canceled
The banter between Chris Hardwick and Michael Rooker is great
So both Steven Yeun and Chris Hardwick are wearing Apple Watches. COINCIDENCE OR CONSPIRACY???
He did it! host Chris Hardwick, left, and Harry Potter director Chris Columbus, right, joined in as ...
Daniel Radcliffe is honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this morning. Chris Columbus and Chris Hardwick ar…
New post (Judah Friedlander, Brendon Walsh and Jen Kirkman - Tongue-Tied - with Chris Hardwick) has...
Samm Levine, Alex Borstein and Greg Proops - Amazon Book Fair - with Chris Hardwick
Brent Weinbach, Kate Micucci and Riki Lindhome - Will Sing For Votes - with Chris Hardwick
that's cool. Walton Goggins before he blew in justified and Django. Chris Hardwick too
They included, but were not limited to, Bill Cosby, Chris Hardwick, Christopher Titus, and Michal Jordon.
Completely forgot that Patrick Warburton and Chris Hardwick are voice actors in this, except he looks just like
Kevin Smith, Robert Kirkman and Scott Aukerman - Killer B's - with Chris Hardwick
Chris Hardwick cuts loose with a hilarious Back to the Future based conspiracy rant. This is awesome.
Also seeing Leona Lewis and Chris Hardwick and Leo's husband from West Wing
The perfect man has Chris Hardwick's back, Reggie Watts's demeanor & Ricky Gervais's abnormal shoulders
bought tickets to see Chris Hardwick at the winstar casino, then find out its postponed. Why?!?! Don't take this away from me!
Chris Hardwick and Jim Jeffries were at Jimmy Carr's birthday party Wednesday night with Harry Styles
Who wants to go with me to see John Mulaney and Chris Hardwick on Oct 3rd/23rd?
Check out our interview with Chris Hardwick and David Yarovesky
Chris Hardwick engaged, Sir wants to meet Putin: More in today's MEME .
New post (Andrea Savage, James Urbaniak and Paul F. Tompkins - Super Mariold - with Chris Hardwick) has...
I'm going to a taping of Chris Hardwick's show for my mcomm class I might throw up from excitement
Just rewatched *** 000C again because I'm a Chris Hardwick fan, which is evident by the fact I enjoy a movie in which he's tortured.
Tfw you remember that Chris Hardwick was on a critically acclaimed hip-hop album.
Where's Chris Hardwick? it's not a comic con unless he's hosting 5 panels!!!
Conan at Comic-Con rerun lol. Chris Hardwick: "If Caitlyn Jenner was a super hero, what team would she be on?". Conan: "X-Men"
I have nothing against Chris Hardwick, but ***
(1/2) Do yourself a favor & listen to comedian Lewis Black (voice of Anger in Inside Out) & host Chris Hardwick on the Nerdist podcast
I miss us, Chris. 😊 This happened on midnight tonight. Chris Hardwick will always be the…
GQMagazine "21 ways you could be more productive
GQMagazine. 21 ways you could be more productive — GQ Magazine (GQMagazine) September 8,…
Elijah Wood & Chris Hardwick guest on tonight's rerun of Conan.
What's more unnerving than ghosts? Gadgetmongers who protect us from monsters that go bump in the New Age night. Chris Hardwick
I'm quickly becoming a big fan. . Tie a Bow Tie with Bill Nye and Chris Hardwick -
chris hardwick has an entire show dedicated to comedy w/o being offensive. just saying, it IS possible to be successful without being mean
uhh yes. I'm just asking if Chris Hardwick will be there.
Someone on FB had a great idea. If I could get a Chris Hardwick, I could do Talking Dead scenes.
The Nuanced Roles for Women in 'Entourage' - with Chris Hardwick -
This is so true,especially with Chris Hardwick.
Chris Hardwick needs an award for and . The encouragement for comedians & artists is awesome. Thank you !
nerdist? Please let Chris Hardwick be there!
Was mistaken for Chris Hardwick today at I thanked him for the huge compliment
Chris Hardwick come back and make fun of us some more
"It's a huge honor to be nominated.” - on his nomination. Watch his interview: h…
Hey guys- any chance that Chris Hardwick may join us in Atlanta🙏?
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
what happened to the Chris Hardwick watch? Use to enjoy seeing a preview for who’s on podcast during the week.
The Nerdist - Chris Hardwick: I am Chris Hardwick. I am on TV a lot and have a blog at ...
I think that's the creator's own podcast—isn't Chris Hardwick the Hard in Hard&Phirm?
Remember when Noah died on TWD and Chris Hardwick said "I guess you could say Everybody Ate Chris"
UPDATE: I really want some dr.pepper
Coked out Pete Weber is finally getting an ESPN 30 for 30 special. About time. They need to do one for Chris Hardwick's dad.
.they should just make it "Ron Funches at midnight" hosted by Chris Hardwick and call it a day. I'd tune in.
are you in the newark airport? just heard them announce a Chris Hardwick left a personal item at a terminal c restaurant.
I was listening to a previous "the nerdist" podcast with Chris Hardwick he interviewed Robert Rodriguez he mentions you.
I like that Chris Hardwick hosts a show discussing The Walking Dead while his Singled Out cohost Jenny McCarthy is trying to bring it about.
I love Chris Hardwick in 'Sanjay and Craig'. 😂 My sister always watches it and all I can hear is Vaughn.
Played the 1st ep of Tales from the Borderlands today. It was awesome. If not slightly weird bc of Chris Hardwick voicing Vaughn.
Just got home from seeing Chris Hardwick on his Funcomfortable Tour - haven't laughed until I cried in a very long time
Why couldn't Chris Hardwick have died at the end of breaking bad instead ?
Sam talking about wanting to meet Chris Hardwick 😂💀   10% Off
"Who will sayeave your soul?" – Chris Hardwick doing a flawless impersonation, even though it's a song.
The Daily Show with Chris Hardwick. Why didn't they ask you?
TONIGHT! Chris Hardwick will be in the house! Doors at 7 show starts at 8! htt…
Jen Kirkman, Tom Lennon and Ron Funches - Expecto Pa-Troll-'Em - with Chris Hardwick
going to see Chris Hardwick make me laugh funny man!
At the Straz, ready for Chris Hardwick to bring teh funnys
Photo: Anxiously waiting to see Chris Hardwick! With (at Straz Center, Ferguson Hall...
Anxiously waiting to see Chris Hardwick! With @ Straz Center, Ferguson Hall -
At the Straz Center waiting for Chris Hardwick to start.
Chris Hardwick! (@ David A. Straz, Jr. Center for the Performing Arts (Straz Center) - in Tampa, FL)
Hot date night to see the Chris Hardwick
Chris Hardwick from is coming to The Crest here in Sacramento - win tickets in the JACK of Clubs
is like Football Con. Maybe they'll show a trailer for the upcoming season & do a Q&A moderated by Chris Hardwick.
Going to see Chris Hardwick tonight in Tampa
Nice pony!! May I please pin it to my CH and fans Pinterest board?
His name is Chris Hardwick cause we are creative, *** it.
See Chris Hardwick tonight at 8pm! We have a few tickets left just for you:
Aubrey Plaza, Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel - The Bible Rules - with Chris Hardwick
Fulfills dream of getting coffee for Chris Hardwick.
Hey anyone doing if you make ML ponies, I would love to pin them to CH and fans pinterest board!
I heard Chris Hardwick had to quit Weight Watchers because he had a lot of trouble counting his POINTS!
well I got roasted by Chris Hardwick. My nerd level got dropped down a peg.
Review of last night's spectacular FunComfortable Tour show: … Tampians - GO!
Going to see Chris Hardwick's stand-up tonight. Points!
Catching up with last night's and wow great performances from Chris chittell and Charlie hardwick
I have autographs from Edward Norton, Jeff bridges, Felicia Day, Chris Hardwick!I'd love to add Ms Welby😀thanks
Forever crying because Chris Hardwick was at the Hardrock and I did not meet him 😭
Maybe I'm just getting old? But Chris Hardwick talks way too fast for me to follow.
It's you, just a different show. I had to remember you sound like Chris Hardwick, then it clicked.
I'm just finding out that Chris Hardwick was at the Hardrock tonight in the CityWalk and *** it!!!
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
How was the Chris Hardwick comedy show?. "Oh, you know. He ended his set by rapping a Bon Jovi song in Bane's voice. The usual."
Chris Hardwick takes a quick pick of his hard *** at the Hard Rock
Chris Hardwick was hilarious tonight! Oh and even cuter in person 😍
Chris Hardwick was so awesome!!! (@ Hard Rock Live Orlando for Chris Hardwick in Orlando, FL)
After hearing you with Chris Hardwick on the podcast & your Twain mania, you should know Twain's gtr is up for sale.
Three of my favorite people in one place: Chris Hardwick, Jonah Ray and Wil-Fricken-Wheaton on the
Chris Hardwick (host of is bringing his comedy tour to Salt Lake City.
well. Jimmy and James out of the question? Rainn Wilson, Chris Hardwick, Amy Poehler. Bono. Oh one? Not possible.
Horatio Sanz, Jerry Minor and Matt Besser - Pay the Bills - midnight with Chris Hardwick.
Deal reportedly in place at Turner Classic Movies to have Chris Hardwick replace Robert Osborne as primary host.
Chris Hardwick has the best job(s) Just watched him rock blister in the Sun with the Violent femmes on Periscope
Just watched Chris Hardwick sing Blister in the Sun with the Violent Femmes live on Periscope. So rad.
Tom Hiddleston, and Chris Hardwick, at the Nerdist Podcast Live! at the Balboa Theater in…
In my seat at Balboa Theater psyched for Chris Hardwick's podcast w Guillermo del Toro, and
Balboa Theater looks haunted, will Chris Hardwick come out in a phantom mask?
Epic panel Chris Hardwick is the king of comic-con moderators!
is the Sherlock panel today? And we actually got tickets for the nerdist podcast with Chris Hardwick and tom Huddleston.
No but, imagine the reactions of Yvette Nicole Brown and Chris Hardwick when/if Caryl goes canon...
I 💘 so much it should stay on the air until Chris Hardwick is to old to host. Then like Bob barker. drew Carey's son can take over
Somebody said the exact same thing on Alison Rosen’s podcast with Chris Hardwick this week. Was it you, Jenn?
My ideal mate would be a nice balance of Chris Hardwick and Val Chmerkovskiy with a dash of Alan Cumming.
Life is good. The line up includes debut with heavy hitter Chris Hardwick.
Chris Hardwick just called Steven Segal a "chicken pot pie come to life" and I've been laughing for like 10mins. ...somehow that's what he is
Look at the podcast stars - Chris Hardwick, Adam Carolla, Kevin Smith. There's def. an audience.
I liked a video Tom Lennon, Natasha Leggero, Doug Benson - Resumayday -with Chris Hardwick
Chris Hardwick stole her swag through Singled Out osmosis imo. Jenny McCarthy, too.
He looks like Charlie Cox and Chris Hardwick merged together
Bad Motivator (Star Wars) Chris Hardwick & Wil Wheaton ~ I didn't think it would be funny, *** it got em
At midnight with Chris Hardwick ..hilarious tonight. Jim Jeffries is on the show tonight
I liked a video BETTER THAN TOM CRUISE??! Chris Hardwick is the ORIGINAL Stacee Jaxx in Rock of Ages!
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Looking forward to Chris Hardwick, taking the stage soon! @ Royal Oak Music Theatre
Seeing some Chris Hardwick awesomeness at Royal Oak Music Theatre tonight!
Chris Hardwick is at The Royal Oak Music Theatre tomorrow night and we have your shot at tickets! Email Jamiefor your chance!
Anyone want to go see Chris Hardwick's show at the Royal Oak Music Theater on Saturday?
Working when it isn't raining/freezing. Headed to see Chris Hardwick tomorrow night. Craig in June. Golf starts soon. You?
Chris Hardwick had a bit part in the Cedric the Entertainer family film Johnson Family Vacation.
I just got tickets to Chris Hardwick at Southern Theatre on Fri. Apr 24, 2015 10:30 PM.
Great podcast, conversation between Chris Hardwick and James Randi.
Chris Hardwick is the only person who could possibly replace Jon Stewart on The Daily Show
Chris Hardwick just said that Chandler Riggs should be on Jimmy Fallon!
Chris Hardwick just called you out. Book Chandler Riggs for your show.
Chris Hardwick / 'Vaughn' (playing 'Tales from the Sadly, he was still wearing his shirt. ;) htt…
I could listen to Chris Hardwick and Penn Jillette talk all day long
Dude wanted to know if not having a degree can hurt a filmmaking career, so he asked me, Kevin Smith and Chris Hardwick. Good cross-section.
Chris Hardwick presents at-sign midnight with Harry Turtledove
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
TIL that Jackson Rathbone played Sokka in the ATLA Movie, and that Chris Hardwick voiced him in LOK.
Louis CK was the best. Chris Hardwick was underrated. Sarah Silverman was awful. I didn't really like Buress.
Way to make Chris Hardwick sound like a Frank Miller villain.
Chris Paul, Terrell Owens, Nick Cannon, French Montana, Chris Hardwick? (The not funny guy from and Jesse Williams
him, copeland, shovels and rope. And I'm going to see Chris Hardwick do standup and I may cry at that one.
Chris Hardwick should host a series in the same vein as AMC's 'Talking Dead' where black parents discuss episodes of 'Family Feud'
Chris Hardwick is the Steve Guttenberg of the TV industry 3 decades running strong.
After seeing that Miley Cyrus's photo had the nipples blurred, Chris Hardwick had something to say. Episode:
I can't believe nobody played this one Chris Hardwick's pun comfortable tour
"Sound does not follow the same rules as children." - Chris Hardwick on the podcast with Henry Winkler.
plus the voice cast is amazing Troy Baker, Chris Hardwick, Patrick Warburton (Joe from FG) and Nolan North (Drake -Uncharted)
The Walking Dead Creator and Executive Producer Robert Kirkman and a surprise TWD cast member will be on Talking Dead this week. Post your questions for them here and Chris Hardwick may ask them live on the mid-season finale, Sunday at 10|9c.
featuring Paul F Tompkins. Here's hoping Chris Hardwick asks him how Frank and Sadie Doyle would handle zombies!
One more reason that I like Chris Hardwick...this is his life story in a nutshell... "(On quitting drinking) Ultimately, it's the best decision I've ever made in my life. There's an economy of energy that you have in your life. You just have to devote it to things that are good for you, for the most part, that's more constructive than drinking. And one of them doesn't end in uncontrollable vomiting and crying...The first thing I noticed about sobriety? I lost about 20 pounds within a couple of months. I started getting compliments. This was highly motivating. Years later, and through much therapy, I would come to discover all of the really bad things (as opposed to weight gain) alcoholism caused, like anxiety, paranoia, and perpetual emotional infancy. (On why he quit drinking) When I was 22, I got a job working as co-host of Singled Out, MTV's mass human-fluid transfer experiment. It was a weird accident, and had I been mentally prepared to handle the responsibility, it would have been a good thing. But ...
The John Ritter version of Chris Hardwick is in 'Terminator 3?!' How did I not know this?! ...
CM Punk was in the limelight of sorts Sunday evening as he appeared on AMC's Talking Dead program. The show serves as a post-show for AMC's record breaking Walking Dead series. This was Punk's third appearance on the show, with his most recent being shortly after his exit from WWE. He's admittedly a huge fan of The Walking Dead and the accompanying comic books. Punk also recently gained employment from comic book company Marvel as a writer. In addition to his comic related work for Marvel and AMC, he's covered recent comic con events Nerdist, which is run by Talking Dead host Chris Hardwick. Punk was joined on the program by Yvette Nicole Brown and Tyler James Williams. Punk appeared on the program under his ring name as opposed to his real name, which he went by during his first appearance on the program.
Can we all take a minute to appreciate Chris Hardwick and Rainn Wilson in House of a 1000 Corpses?
Chris Hardwick joined on stage by Duncan Jones, Bill Westenhofer and Chris Metzen
Chris Hardwick on stage hosting the movie panel. Duncan Jones on stage to talk about the film.
Chris Hardwick calling Julie Bowen "Super Fan Julie Bowen" every time he addressed her on Talking Bad is still one of my favorite things.
oh yea it's totally working, slash and Chris Hardwick are both being super awkward about this too
Tyrese needs to body slam Chris Hardwick.
Bummer. Wasn't her whole shtick being a gamer? Now we're going to have to listen to Wil Wheaton and Chris Hardwick opine :(
that was the worse irish accent ever Chris hardwick
Chris Hardwick is probably the happiest person in the world.
Crying because Chris Hardwick was talking to ME on "Etsy girls need money for ukulele lessons and improv classes".
Now realizing the show is FANTASTIC. Thought it was an extention of Chris Hardwick's geekiness, but his extention is my extention.
Talking October with Chris Hardwick will air at 12:01 November 1st right after the new month of October!.
But then again, is on the come-up, so Chris Hardwick may have to start watching his back.
I wish that they had Talking Dead on Netflix too so I could just swoon over Chris Hardwick after every episode of TWD.
And it's that type on thinking which is why Chris Hardwick has been designated to be the nerd in charge of everything.
Key and peele, a new South Park, with my man Chris Hardwick, I love comedy central at night
Chris hardwick looks sad and tired :(
Kevin & Steve join Chris Hardwick on the Nerdist Podcast The Nerdist Learn the definition of "Smelting" & MORE!...
Chris Hardwick saw the limitless potential of podcasts and said, "I want to do Tonight Show celebrity interviews but for an h…
Watch for me for & but most of all I'm seeing CHRIS HARDWICK!
*** Sporting Goods. A great place to buy weapons incase Chris Hardwick unleashes his army of darkness.
"You're like Beef Wellington with tater tots." -- Chris Hardwick on The Podcast
The game show will be hosted by Chris Hardwick & the only reason for it existing is to end his overexposure & run his career into the ground
Enter the Talking Dead Sweepstakes for a Chance to Attend a Live Taping in Los Angeles
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