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Chris Hanson

Christopher David Hanson (born October 25, 1976) is a former American football punter. He was signed by the Cleveland Browns as an undrafted free agent in 1999. He played college football at Marshall.

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Havoc what are you doing? Isn't Ash like 12? . . *calls Chris Hanson from Dateline NBC*
Devante will make a HUGE difference. 3 defenders won't make Hanson because Cole gives them something to think bout
I like Davies.. Think he's technically better than Hanson. Not having a go, but teams know what's gonna happen with him in team
Anyone else think Hanson needs a rest for a few weeks. He's just getting marked out of the game by 3 defenders each week
Is that like when Tim Blair referred to Sarah Hanson Young as "swamp cow" on y…
"Oh, I know who's you are, Chris Hanson, but I like to call ya Chris Handsome."
See I know who you is Chris Hanson, but see I calls you Chris Handsome.
Chris Brown slams Babymama, Nia for double standard
Hi, i'm Chris Hanson and this is How to Catch a Predator.
Century gets on board with 14-yard TD pass from Chris Hanson to Bridger Gunter. Rigby 33, Century 7, 5:31 4Q.
Century finally breaks through with 5:31 left in the fourth. Chris Hanson finds Bridger Gunter for a 14-yd TD. Rigby leads 33-7
Just seen this old *** man cuddled up with this girl who can't be no older than 16 on everything I almost called Chris Hanson
Creepy Ronald McDonald roaming the stands at CBP. Where's Chris Hanson? .
David Hanson: We are close to building the first sentient robot
When you think of Jared and subway kids meals you think of Chris Hanson!
If she doesn't know who Chris Hanson is she's too young bro 😭😂😭
*** coming for me ie Nate Hanson and Chris O' Brien!
Victor Davis Hanson: Modern malleability of gender and race |
Chris Hanson is our generations ultimate badass
when Chris Hanson is sitting calmly in the kitchen when you come in.
😂😂😂😅 i think i need to call Chris Hanson lol
Chris Hanson and the "To Catch A Predator" team were able to apprehend after having Marco Rubio pretend to be…
You were born after 1990, yeah I'm gonna jump right on that follow back. I'm sure Chris Hanson would approve.
*cheetah chases down a gazelle*. [Man emerges from gazelle costume]. "Hello there, Chris Hanson. Why don't you have a sea…
You heard Oh Aaron talk to Honey Boo Boo last clip lol This week Chris Hanson confronts Oh Aaron. What is Aaron...
Scott Walker looked like Chris Hanson just read him back the transcripts
Our Gecko players are doing great at the Spanish Challenge Tour event in La Gomera! Jack Senior, James Robinson, Alfredo Garcia,Chris Hanson
Man, if Gary Puckett recorded "Young Girl" nowadays, I guarantee you Chris Hanson would've paid him a visit with a plate of cookies by now.
Good day at the office, won my first round 3-0 against wildcard Chris Hanson and into second round of on Sun…
all these baes who have to wait for their parents to be out before meeting weird Internet men maybe chris Hanson would like a word
“I look like I've just seen Chris Hanson on
you're trying to get me on dateline with Chris Hanson
Met you in a chat room...went to your house...was scared away by your dad, Chris Hanson.
Chris Hanson and Honey Boo Boo's new step dad
Met for random hook up. You walked out with 3 cameras. Think your name is Chris? Hanson? Call me.
I just watched like 40 videos of "to catch a preditor" dateline NBC with Chris Hanson. Its addicting to watch
It's gonna be sweet when wanders into a kitchen with some Boone's Farm and horse tranquilizer and Chris Hanson says hello.
I needed Chris Hanson back on my header.
first off, Chris Nolan is lucky he attracts such good actors because *** is he still incapable of writing dialogue
if you and you're significant other can agree on your opinion of Chris McCandless then you can agree on anything
Congratulations to star Chris Hemsworth on being named for 2014!
Chris, do you ever scare Dustin by sneaking up and whispering "Take a seat" in your best Chris Hanson voice?
They ain't fckn wit the kid like Chris Hanson in the kitchen!
These guys need to team up with Chris Hanson
Y'all. Chris Hemsworth is so hot but why did they chose that photo? He looks like a member of Hanson.
Somebody call Chris Hanson “I'm checkin for North West once she turns 18”
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did Chris just say "Hanson boy"? Lmk if I should call in to discuss.
“WOW TRAVONN IS NOT CHILLING that Chris Hanson line really got me tho
Pauline Hanson about to give press conference on her return to lead
I was really hoping Charles Manson would find a girl named Marilyn, or perhaps marry Chris Hanson.
What a start to a morning Morrison ranting, Pauline Hanson back and Chris Pyne promoting a petition for the ABC against cuts?
Capt Chris Hanson of Scales to Tails Charters in Key Largo has a bite going on! . 60-90 feet of water on his...
A special thank you to all the presenters (Chris Brandt, Wayne Schultz, Sean Byron and Pete Hanson) and coaches...
Take 2: UW's Chris Petersen lost my respect by not holding himself accountable: BY SCOTT HANSON / SEATTLE TIMES…
Chris Siljendahl, a teacher at Laura MacArthur Elementary School, has been named head baseball coach at Duluth...
They need Chris Hanson to track down the people that say turn 200to2000
that's why I miss Dateline wit Chris Hanson
Chris Hanson loves catching people up. "I'm not who you think I am" 🙊
I'm sure Chris Hanson didn't intentionally cheat on his wife. He probably just had the wrong house.
Chris hanson should quit Dateline and start hosting Catfish
Chris hanson, dancin in the swiss mansion, shorty gorgeous, daddy keep the wrist handsome, old impalas keep em jumpin like steve francis
Add me on snapchat if you want previews of our new songs 👌. chris.hanson
Matthew Hanson :I like living in Alberta, but boy do I miss Chris Brothers pepperoni from Nova Scotia.
Is that guy from redzone related to chris hanson?
They call me the freak show, marilyn manson. I catch all dem predators, chris hanson
me and Chris Hanson met millions of times
bruh we really gotta get Chris Hanson on this Ray Pop case nh
One who wants Chris Hanson on his doorstep
Wait for Chris Hanson to walk in Aaliyah momma kitchen
"Where is Chris Hanson when U need him?" Questions Aaliyah's father
If Chris Hanson was around while R.Kelly was sliming it up man
Ew where is Chris Hanson when you need him
R.Kelly the creep after this movie...where was Chris Hanson at?
Hi I'm Chris Hanson why don't you have a seat Charlie Brown
Feelin somethin like rick moranis, blew up the kid, now he doin damage. Take a seat for the young Chris Hanson
Ya name is Chris Hanson but I calls ya Chris handsome
I wonder if Chris Hanson helped catch him.
Started off building a pond for Aquascape... a visit by the Pond Guy... World Premiere screening of the Pond Stars at the Lincoln Park Zoo in hosted by the peeps Just a very day when you're hangin' with the I'm glad to have like Greg Wittstock, Ed Beaulieu, Brian Helfrich and Chris Hanson! aka the Pond Stars! Tune in for the World Premiere Episode on at 10/9c on P.S. were on the house baby!! :-D
For a moment I thought it might be a video of Chris Hanson from "To Catch a Predator" People miss him too
Chris Hanson as Keith Morrison: So you showed up with gloves, a mask and appears you're here for murder.
Chris Hanson to catch a predator is so funny when he busts someone just like Joey Greco 😆
Fantastic round of golf on day two in the open championship well done Chris Hanson
I feel like Chris Hanson from dateline nbc asking all these questions -__-
"Before you leave there's one thing you need to know...and that is.. that I'm Chris Hanson.."
It wasn't until a hedge fund manager named Chris Hanson came along and broke open his piggy bank to build the stadium with his own cash
Thanks for sending us the message about your new Chris Hanson! We love hearing...
It's gonna be funny when Chris Hanson walks in and tell to "Have A Seat Over Here...". .
Tough day ahead for Huddersfield golfer Chris Hanson after he fired a nine over par first round at the Open
Hanson sees rosy side of his 81 through dark-tinted glasses - Chris Hanson was relieved to be wearing sunglasses y...
Anonymous 4 months ago. tht or its some dateline sht, 12 yr old answers & chris hanson shows up with a cookie
Omfg, I follow this little girl on ig. Chris hanson finna come look for me.   10% Off
This dude in the hottub wit too many girls under ten. Lol tellin kiddie jokes i heard several times. Ima call chris hanson lmao!
I hope Chris Hanson isn't near by...
I hope it wasn't a cover of MmmBop. Oh wrong Hanson...
I think it's time to send Chris Hanson and Dateline NBC to someone's house.
Am I missing something? Why is Ashley Chesters who is -2, the same price to be Top Englishman as Chris Hanson, who is +9?
Super bummed to inform you guys that Chris Hanson didn't survive the first taping of his new MSNBC special "How to Catch a Predator Missile"
The Open: Rookie blog with Chris Hanson - The Hillside qualifier on his maiden Open start By Mark Townsend on 17 ...
How do you recover from an 81 at Take your kid to the farm in the morning and enjoy the second round if you're Chris Hanson. JT
Chris Hanson currently bringing up the field +7 after 15. His brothers won't be happy.
Crosland Heath GC ... Chris Hanson on the tee soon.
Wishing the very best of luck to Chris Hanson who will be Teeing off very soon
Good luck to former golf student, Chris Hanson, who tees off this morning at The Open at Hoylake. All the best, Chris!
Latest: Chris Hanson ready to flag the Huddersfield flag at the British Open
loving the magnificent weather at Hoylake! Waiting for local boy Chris Hanson to tee off at 11:05
Big thanks to photographers David Hanson & Chris Proud for the beautiful pics of our Marchetti cafe fitout:
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"I didn't come looking for little boy booty, I came looking for a man's booty. You see, I know who you are Chris Hanson"
Huddersfield golfer Chris Hanson gets his Open Championship at Hoylake underway at 11.05 this morning.
boys trip to the open golf championship today!! come on Chris Hanson
*checks out Little Women from library. *buys six pack of Zima at gas station. *opens front door. "Hi, I'm Chris Hanson!"
I hate the way he talks. He's not as bad as Chris Hanson though. I loved Stone Phillips.
Strong field assembled at Crewe tomorrow. John Wade,Paul Broadhurst & Chris Hanson are some of the pre tournament favourites.
can u check our Oliver Fisher and Chris Hanson odds for the open, they are linking to Ross and Peter respectively
But it's Marsh who misses out in the play-off as Oscar Floren, John Singleton and Chris Hanson book their Open places
"Booty still gon be shaking when Chris Hanson finds me"
Foy has a leadoff single, and Chris Hanson legs out an infield single. Steven Linkous will walk, but Sanders pops out to end the threat.
I want to go to Nashville to catch a Predator game with Chris Hanson.
every time I look at her I feel like I'm gonna be talking to chris hanson very soon
Chris Hanson roasts these dudes lol
If more people were like this then Chris Hanson wouldn't of had a show and the world would be a better place
In an MMMBop, Hanson's (not) gone: We were "arguably the first Internet band pre-social media"
Little Giant Ladders
idk if you're on mod duty right now, but we could use a Chris Hanson intervention on MGoBlog...
They not messing with the kid like Chris Hanson in the kitchen...
I tried creeping Chris out during lunch but it flipped on me
Cokley chris in HANSON MA needs a Branding Expert
our own - 's horror movie with Gil Gerard. Special Makeup FX by Chris Hanson. Digital Colors by Warner Bros MPI
It's 2 am and I just denied a friend request from a 10 yr old whose profile picture was a shirtless iPhone selfie of him flexing...If this is not the handywork of Chris Hanson trying to catch predators, I quit America.
What if Chris Hanson was a predator? Lol
*** Chris Hanson bout to be up in Medfield just chilling 😭
she gonna call the cops. The internet cops. Ie. Chris Hanson. Dateline nbc.
George Blaha looks like he's two steps away from a Chris Hanson confrontation
Chris Hanson. Low quality. But this shows the looks of the Halo 2 anniversary
if you see Chris Hanson walk out anytime , bruh you're caught ! you are on Dateline for sure!
Great session guys ... Good numbers again today and some new faces turning up ... All looking good for the new season ... Special mentions to the following , Adam Harry Brown best session in months , good control , communication and distribution .. Keep up the good work , Chris Hanson another solid performance and please take Stuart Charlie Allaway out of your pocket before you leave town. Welcome to Fred Ellis scoring the equalising goal and not realising ... And welcome to Stuart Forward . See you all Sunday .
you have to call me to catch a predator not a broom -Chris Hanson
people thought Carter and Moss were best receiving duo Minny ever had, but they forgot about Hanson and
I love you, Don Hogan, Chris Hanson & all my adopted sons( to many to name).
Chris Hanson playing live and a race also should be one fine time
Well, she was just 17! If you know what I me-! "Hello, I'm Chris Hanson. Why dont you have a seat over there?"
'I'm not after any little boy butt, I want a man butt. I know who you are Chris Hanson.'
After a short ad, more Chris fawning over Hanson
if texts me again talking about some 18 yr old boy she saw was a little cutie I'm calling Chris Hanson and TCAP. smh
Inspiring stuff from Lisa and Chris Hanson on Radio Sheffield just now
I mean, maybe Terry Richardson's protestations would be more convincing if it didn't look like Chris Hanson was gonna surprise him any sec.
Congratulation to Chairman Chris Hanson-Abbott on being awarded an OBE in the Queens Birthday Honours
try having your wife describe your 3 yr old's underwear that way! I feel like chris Hanson will walk out when she says it.
the Chris Hanson two R the better IMHO
Switch Chris Hanson for Morgan Freeman on for about a week.
Cokley chris in HANSON MA found a local Wedding Venue. Register FREE:
hello take a seat right there my name is Chris Hanson
Quiet, Chris Hanson is in the other room
who is I heard was betting some poker Kid about some bracelets... Better hope Chris Hanson doesn't find out
Don't mind eRock, he is more used to seeing Chris Hansen than Jon Hanson.
ask Chris Hanson to give you a push...
I feel like if this shot was wider you'd see Chris Hanson off to the side.
I googled it. Chris Hanson from NBC.what's the relevance?! Lol
"Frank thinks his wife's cheating on him with his tennis coach, Chris Hanson investigates...
I'd buy a plane ticket to see you if I was certain Chris Hanson wasn't at your house waiting for me.
Hanson is leaving the Beeb, you two would make a great replacement
“...the gives a rose to. Chris Harrison? That would be awesome.”. -Chis HANSON would be awesome!
Cokley chris in . HANSON MA Needs event caterers
Gonna have to start askin for I.D's when girls slide into my Dm's, I'm not tryna to end up with Chris Hanson on To Catch A Predator
Once again, Joseph Farah's little media *** can't even stay on the topic. Say hi to Chris Hanson for me.
I bet Steve Bahlmer and Chris Hanson would be happy to have you on board.
Rid yourself of Donald Sterling and add owners like Chris Hanson and Steve Balmer..
Chris Hanson and Steve Ballmer just stood up and offered a billion for the clippers. Thanks to racist *** sterling lol
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Someone get me this, PLEASE!!! It totally fits me since Shari Butzlaff Nicholson, Chris Hanson and other Time Square people say I have an Annie stare!!!
I watch E! News like its actual news like Chelsea Handler and Giuliana Rancic are like the Brian Lapis and Chris Hanson of my world lol
Howie Roseman looks like he should be having Chris Hanson telling him to take a seat.
no you'll be raped so fast you won't even be able to call Chris Hanson
Welcome to the internet where the men are men, the women are men and the children are all Chris Hanson from Dateline NBC
UGH chris is goin to his aunt's in north carolina for THE HOLE WEEK... literally dying.. love u baby and i kno itll be…
"Why don't you have a seat over there." -Chris Hanson
I knew someday U would see sports through my Seattle glasses. U & Chris Hanson would be beautiful partners! Now make it happen
I called him out like Chris Hanson lol
Sounds like you should have called Chris Hanson instead of the manager
Hi I'm Chris Hanson, take a seat right over there.
Mets have any interest in Tommy Hanson, Chris Capuano, Pat Maholm or Barry Zito?
Kids, this is what happens after u retire. U hang in bars watching NFL looking like some1 Chris Hanson would confront http:/…
Seeing the guys faces on 'to catch a predictor' when Chris Hanson walks out... I can't even contain myself! 😂
*Chris Hanson walks into the room and tells you to take a seat*
I think that show ended because Chris Hanson ran out of entrance lines
Chris Hanson from To Catch A Predator? No wait he spells it Hansen and that wouldn't make sense.
Watch as Chris Hanson leads us through a SmartConnect 2013 Multi Data Source example:
Sounds like crocodile tears to me. What does Chris Hanson want us to do feel sorry for him? The SOB got caught!
.showing Dow Constantine dressed like a priest and Chris Hanson dressed like Mark Zuckerburg. Put on a tie. SMH
A band made up of Chris KirkPatrick, Victoria Beckham, Kevin Richardson and Isaac Hanson called "The Worst of The Best"
The new league of extraordinary gentlemen is as follows John Taffer, Chris Hanson, Batman, The Dog, Carlos Boozer and RoboC…
Source says Angels will also be non-tendering Tommy Hanson and Chris Nelson.
Source: will not be tendering contracts to RHP Tommy Hanson and 3B Chris Nelson. These moves were expected.
Confirmed will be non-tendering Tommy Hanson, Jerome Williams and Chris Nelson. No surprises there.
The do not tender contracts to Tommy Hanson, Jerome Williams, Chris Nelson or Juan Gutierrez.
What if Chris Hanson was watching
Chris Hanson is spinning 'Skinny Dippin'' by Edens Edge in the Country JAMS (Active Mod):
Chris Hanson is spinning 'Ballad Of Rosalie' by Cody Canada & The Departed in the Country JAMS (Active Mod):
Chris Hanson is spinning 'Those Jeans' by Ray Scott in the Country JAMS (Active Mod):
Chris Hanson is spinning 'Sweet Amy' by William Clark Green in the Country JAMS (Active Mod):
Chris Hanson is spinning 'Omaha' by Waylon Jennings in the Country JAMS (Active Mod):
Chris Hanson is spinning 'Wagon Wheel' by Scott Shelby in the Country JAMS (Active Mod):
Chris Hanson is spinning 'Am I The Only One' by Dierks Bentley in the Country JAMS (Active Mod):
Chris Hanson is spinning 'The Bear In The Bar In Butte, Montana' by Art Bentley in the Country JAMS (Active Mod):
Chris Hanson is spinning 'Sing That Song Again' by Glen Templeton in the Country JAMS (Active Mod):
Chris Hanson is spinning 'A Battle Won' by Wade Bowen in the Country JAMS (Active Mod):
Chris Hanson is spinning 'Ride With Me' by Zane Williams in the Country JAMS (Active Mod):
Chris Hanson is spinning 'Summertime Girl' by Aaron Watson in the Country JAMS (Active Mod):
Chris Hanson is spinning 'Wanted Dead Or Alive' by Montgomery Gentry in the Country JAMS (Active Mod):
Chris Hanson is spinning 'It's Friday' by Dean Brody in the Country JAMS (Active Mod):
Robocop vision, I advise you to quit/ fo' my visor vision, locks to hit/ I got acute demeanor, with obtuse diction/ bionic man Bruce Jenner, fact or fiction/ I'm a never ending story/ where's my Dog Dragon?/ oh thats right I loaned him to Kabal/ I'm locked in mortal combat/ you lames is done/ Your soul is mine, Tsang Tsu Tsung/ Hara Kiri tracks/ I spill my guts/ One line online, that's no buts/ I'm white van hunting call me Chris Hanson/ Cheers for Fears no Ted Danson/ BARZ
Chris Hanson is spinning 'Still In Saigon' by Charlie Daniels in the Country JAMS (Active Mod):
Chris Hanson is spinning 'You Look Good In My Shirt' by Keith Urban in the Country JAMS (Active Mod):
Chris Hanson is spinning 'Tennessee Whiskey' by Jason Boland & The Stragglers in the Country JAMS (Active Mod):
Two people you don't wanna see when you're on a date: Chris Hanson and Joey Greco
Chris Hanson is spinning 'Redneck Woman' by Gretchen Wilson in the Country JAMS (Active Mod):
Chris Hanson is spinning 'Little Umbrellas' by Sarah Darling in the Country JAMS (Active Mod):
sounds like the Dutch could use a Chris Hanson
We need an investigative TV show where Chris Hanson visits the kids making death/rape threats online and has R Lee Ermey scream at them.
So, Chris Hanson is gone from NBC News. I totally call dibs on being the new host for "To Catch A Predator".
I'm Chris Hanson from Dateline NBC. Why don't you take a seat?
I feel like I should be calling the police or Chris hanson
I wonder if "hey, I'm Nev and I have a show on MTV called catfish" to catfish'ers is the same as "Hi, I'm Chris Hanson" to pedophiles
Chris Hanson has the best job in the world!
In some ways you are to catfish, what Chris Hanson is to pedophiles. Do you think catfishing will ever be illegal?
" Hello there, I'm Chris Hanson with date line NBC. Why don't you take a seat over there. "
Chris Hanson is no longer the host of "To Catch A Predator", NBC surprised him with the news in his kitchen.
Chris Hanson is the original Nev Schulman. It's for adults. And his show actually did good for the community!
I would've done the same thing and looked at her face if she didn't know who chris hanson was and said that's why we can't do it
What if your being catfished by a 15 year old ... Does Chris Hanson show up to the crib?
This underage girl asked me to have sex with her so I started calling her Chris Hanson. I crack myself up.
Two ppl I don't wanna see or hear... Nev and Chris Hanson
Nev searching for you on Google is worse that Chris Hanson showing up from the back room while you hold your beer & condoms
Oooh nnno... where is Chris Hanson when we need him??!!
your anon Chris Hanson is gone catch them all and what knot
Davey Johnson's voice makes me feel really uncomfortable... Like Chris Hanson is gonna come in any second and tell him to take a seat
I already hate this guy on catfish. I hope the girl he's been chatting with is Chris Hanson
I said "in Chris Hanson from to catch a predator and you are part of an online miniseries about online predators"
Chris Hanson on NFL network. Redzone is right around the corner!
FACT: Robbie had to cut the interview off because Chris Hanson was closing in.
I miss the good old days when you meet a girl online, go to her place & then Chris Hanson walks out & asks me what I'm doing there.
I got Chris Hanson on speed dial for you creep *** *** out there
omg. Chris Hanson just asked me to have a seat over there. Fml
Good LOL.. Out of biz or out on the Chris Hanson crowd following you.. "Want some candy girly?".. LOL
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RADAR Online claims NBC is not renewing Chris Hanson's contract
Wait in their house like Chris Hanson. They'll be sorry they stole your content lol.
Chris Hanson fired from NBC for having a continuous extramarital affair. His next project should be "To Catch An Adulterer."
"I watch your show all the time Chris Hanson, or as I call you, Chris Handsome"
even if she's of age, just pretend Chris Hanson will pop out of nowhere any minute.
Chris Hanson has VALUE to the company... This *** did not! Why should he lose his job
Chris Hanson's let go after photos leaked of him with his mistress. Ouch lol
lmao you got to unfollow them. Chris Hanson might show up at your house.
How to avoid duct cleaning scams by Chris Hanson
I liked a video Chris Hanson caught at his own game
Sometimes i call people and act like im chris hanson from dateline nbc
Chris Hanson is going to be in the room and tell you to take a seat.
Lmfaooo, these *** sayin 16 then my *** talkin about old enough for the pipe. Where this *** Chris Hanson at
I wish Chris Hanson would walk In the House
PEDOmar and PEDOalv gona get a call from Chris Hanson
Who the *** is Chris Hanson? — The dude who talk to internet predators in the kitchen on Dateline ID...
Turn your location on so i know its real — I'm calling Chris Hanson lmfaoo
Most important information ive gotten from news 12 in 22 years is that Chris Hanson is leaving NBC's 'To Catch a Predator' after 20 years...
It's in the works... Sharknado 2 starring Johnny Football and ARod as DA's (themselves) and guess starring Chris H…
Next on : A Pandora's Box for Spencer with Chris Hanson inside...
I want Chris Hanson and Keith Morrison to host Wipeout one time
Nev should be on the run when he approach you, hang up when he call you list with Chris Hanson and Joey Greco.
When are they going to air the AT&T commercial where Chris Hanson walks out and asks the guy, who talks to the kids, "What do you think your doing." I mean, who really wants to talk to kids like that.. "A puppy brother?" Come on. It's obvious he's loading those kids up with wine coolers prior to filming..
I wanna see a To Catch A Predator episode where Ashton Kutcher fills in for Chris Hanson & guys don't know whether to be …
Hmm. Still no Kelly Minion with my dinner...It's beef tenderloins, asparagus, fresh herbs from the garden, sauteed mushrooms and onions and a baked potato with sour cream, real bacon, fresh cracked pepper, and chives from the garden instead. Darn. Ps, did you know your name is just like onion? weird. I win Chris Hanson. Leave me alone, I'm trying to eat.
Mark Madden's next guest blog will be an interview conducted by Chris Hanson
Real talk I just never want to meet Chris Hanson. That's all I care about.
That Ghetto Dillon's moment as told by Jase Robertson. When you allow your 5yr old daughter walk into the store wearing pants,but no shirt means two things. 1. Parenting Fail doesn't even come close to how much of a failure of a parent you are. 2. The fact that I noticed I expected Chris Hanson coming around the corner with brownies,& sweet tea saying... "What are you doing here?"
Do think Stone Phillips and Chris Hanson ever wake up and say, "Is this all there is?"
We are feeling bamboozled, which has to do with the Kings, Denmark, Queen Beatrix, the Netherlands, Los Angeles, Chris Hanson, Greenland, Iceland, the NHL playoffs, Dirkistan (not a real country, don’t waste your time looking it up), and the Soviet Union. After this opening, you’re probably feeling…
East Coweta grads who have played in NFL - Keith Brooking, Chris Hanson, Karsten Bailey, John Keith and Chris Young.
It would be the most ironic thing in THE WORLD, if Chris Hanson got caught for statutory rape
This is my first time watching Dateline with Chris Hanson. He rates a 9 out of 10 on being annoying, topped only by Alex Trebek
John Fischer wrote: Is this whole Pope thing gonna end with "Hi, I'm Chris Hanson". And they say, only checking on the 14 year old boy
Chris Hanson is George Gervin type smooth when he walks into the kitchen to confront the predator
A million thanks to Jake Lieberstein, Kevin Gupana, Robbie Curl, Devin Cobleigh- Morrison, my Boo- Jen Gardner, Chris Hanson, Beatrix Roque Santana, Abel Prasetyo, Stefani Babic, Maximillion, Nick Visser, Giorgi Gio Samadalashvili, and Yuliya Cherepanova!!! Without all your hard work, energy, and amazing musicianship skills my recital would have never happened or been the success it was! I will have the recordings to all of you within the week. Much Love to all of you, and a special extra thanks to Kevin Gupana for stepping up when I needed him the most. You all are truly spectacular people.
Shout out to Chris Hanson, & Keith Morrison for making it to CHIA. Busy guys...Impressed!
Art Enthusiasts! People will soon be able to see new art exhibits, including one that celebrates Nova Scotia, as they stroll along the Halifax and Bedford waterfronts. A new exhibit is going to be installed later this month in Halifax and one will be set up in Bedford in May. A collaboration between Waterfront Development Corporation and the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia is bringing the work of Nova Scotia College of Art and Design graduates and internationally acclaimed artists Chris Hanson and Hendrika Sonnenberg to the Halifax waterfront. The sculptures are light poles shown in an unusual way. We can't wait to see them!
Where's Chris Hanson when you need him? Paul Norton
Chris Hanson homers to tie Webber International on the road, 1-1; Hanson was 4-for-4 with 4 RBI and three doubles last night vs. Clearwater Christian
LOS ANGELES (LALATE) - What does Sean Lowe's "secret letter" at the Final Rose Ceremony say? Chris Hanson gives Sean Lowe a secret letter at the Final Rose Ceremony, the Bachelor 2013 revealed to news last night. But what does Sean's letter say on the Bachelor and does the letter change Lo...
I've become proper addicted to catch a preditor, I'd do a better job than Chris Hanson though how he comes out and just chats to the peados I'd come out give them abuse then get the high voltage tazer out on the dirty ***
I know u people tryna catch child predators b online early in the am... Tell Chris Hanson Im cool, u gettin 2 sexual 4 me...
ill probably need to wait till next October, but if anyone has a batman suit PLEASE can i buy it from you? it will be put to extremely good use. as of tonight, I plan on dishing out street justice in true Chris Hanson Style. i will be baiting predators and meeting them as batman... this is now happening
Chris Hanson caught me once but turns out he was the child I came to molest
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We're watching The West Wing & playing w/ the Chris Hanson To Catch A Predator sound board. What?
Playing Black Ops 2 Kid: Suck my balls!(Rage) Me: Sir if I sucked your balls Chris Hanson would have me in handcuffs in about 3 seconds
.Yeah that was before that bud-in-ski Chris Hanson ruined it for everybody. I've heard.
The McDonald's All-American Teams will be announced on February 18th per Chris Hansen.
I think I'm getting old enough where my love for Degrassi passes into the Chris Hanson,"Have a Seat" realm of affairs.
“should be my date for prom. you'll never get me, Chris Hanson. Keep trying!
lol gets me everytime.oh Chris Hanson
He is about to make Chris Hanson tell him off
After watching all those old men get caught by Chris Hanson I'm never letting my daughter use the Internet. She can use MS word & paint.
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