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Chris Hansen

Christopher Edward Chris Hansen (born March 26, 1959) is an American television infotainment personality.

Killer Instinct Chris Harrison

Donnie Baker: "I busted on so many 14's at Blackjack I thought Chris Hansen was the dealer." LMAO
I would love to see Gordon Ramsay and Chris Hansen have a battle of one-liners.
Chris Hansen: You came from GA to Cali to have milk and cookies with a 13 year old?. Pedophile: I can't answer that in an open setting
Just tried to call in and add to the murder chat on TACS w/ Dave Smith & Chris Hansen. You know, the one that aired YESTERDAY.
Always great to see on TACS. I loved hearing Dave make granite-solid points while Chris Hansen sort of babbles about war.
Will Dave move over for Chris Hansen? I say no...
my senior quote is gonna be "I'm Chris Hansen from dateline NBC..."
"Nobody is doing this for economic reasons. Unlike AEG and Oak View Group... Our group is doing this as a civic undertaki…
How old is she? Cuz I'm getting Chris Hansen vibes watching this.
Did I offend your butt buddy Paul? Chris Hansen wants you to take a seat. Clowns
Thats messed up where is Chris Hansen and the To Catch a Predator show when I need them
😂 as soon as you visibly have a fanny pack Chris Hansen comes a…
Paul McCartney: 🎶She was just 17. U know what I mean🎶. Chris Hansen: "Could u elaborate on that?"
chris called my dad Mr.Hansen and my dad replies with "call me dog, man"
Pretty sure I saw Chris Hansen offer this pedo some cookies on To Catch…
So disappointed and frustrated by and They appear determined to ruin a su…
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His pic looks like a guy Chris Hansen was break some bad news to o…
still have nothing to point to, huh? no facts? no examples? LOL you look…
(Chris Hansen wants you to take a seat)
A man posted a pic on insta & wrote "Hi, I'm Chris Hansen from DateLine NBC, have a seat" as his caption 😭
My name is Chris Hansen take a seat right over there
Kansas City!!! Me and the homies and gonna be in your city on Saturday!!! Pull up!!
Hi I'm Chris hansen from dateline NBC why don't you take a seat over there?
Congrats to Chris Hansen! Chris will continue his education and wrestling career at Drury University.
Chris Hansen wants you to have a seat right over there to talk about your terrible taste in manga and pizza
You're a lolcow, they post about all sorts of lolcows, not just you. Oh yeah and Chris Hansen want…
If I like Chaos Chaos too much I feel like Chris Hansen will show up suddenly.
Son saw Chris Hansen and just knew the jig was up😂😂😂
I hope Maggie goes to prison for trying to hook up with jacob sartorius. I hope Chris Hansen jumps out at her like https:…
SoDo teams/stakeholders write city to say better scheduling deal needed with Chris Hansen before arena plan proceeds h…
Yikes! That's a super long time to go with receiving errors. Chris, would you be able to send us a featured in NBC s Science of Love
Traffic near SoDo arena site? 5 stakeholders (incl 3 teams) ask city for better scheduling deal with Chris Hansen.…
You muthafuccas don't remember how Chris Hansen had these pedophiles! . • • •.
When she sends you the fire ankle pics:
Are you high or just incredibly stupid?
*pedophile trying to explain himself* "I only talk to older women I swear I-". *Chris Hansen interrupts* "can you deep throat?"
Lovely, I didn't want Chris Hansen sliding in my mentions 😅
First rule I learned on the family computer is dont talk to strangers online . Chris Hansen had a great show bruh
They just said "to catch a predator, you have to think like a predator" on this show and all I could think of was Chris Hansen from dateline
Chris Callahan is a really weird side of catsup.
I'm catching up on and DEAD at Chris Hansen's guest appearance!
Bro look like he seen Chris Hansen sitting at the table 😭😭😭
Tenko tried to touch me illegally so Kirumi called Chris Hansen
Shouts out to the big homie Chris Hansen
4pm on - Chris Hansen talks to Dr. Mehmet Oz about the dangers of unlicensed medical spas.
Crime Watch Daily's Chris Hansen talks to Dr. Mehmet Oz, tomorrow at 3PM on KLAX-TV
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He has the neck beard of a Chris Hansen prime-time special.
hello, I'm Chris Hansen. Peach isn't here today, Mario, she's in another castle. why don't you put down that turtle shell…
"Hi, I'm Chris Hansen from Dateline NBC, why don't you have a seat?"
Are you trying to make me come to your house? I'm calling Chris Hansen.
Tonight is our final acoustic show for the year!. Free entry, locals Liam Widmer, Chris Francis & Kaine Hansen are...
Is 17 too young? — You're not gonna get me, Chris Hansen!
Can you please do a follow-up to your Chris Hansen article from August? Still nothing!
People's faces when they hear that "I'm Chris Hansen "
Jump way ahead in the Meet Chris Hansen queue
Awesome story by colleague on why QB Russ Wilson wants an team back in Seattle…
This kid called 2 chinese restaurants and merged the calls 😂😂
They have a Tv and a fireplace in their igloo 😮
Every time I'm texting someone, I want Chris Hansen from To Catch a Predator to read it back to me like he's disappointed, and disgusted
This guy deserves a date with Chris Hansen.
Chris Hansen and Cassie MacLeod named Athletes of the Week.
Why 's itching to bring the back to via
Who the *** gave Chris Hansen a TV show five days a week, least of all one where he's not catching predators?
Don't open until Christmas, and don't open then either unless you want to be vi…
Went into the chris hansen sting house by accident.
I'm replacin' Chris Hansen on "To Catch a Predator". Also the show will now be called "To Catch a Predator and Whoop H…
Why Russell Wilson's itching to bring the NBA back to Seattle
think I saw chris hansen show this pic on To Catch a Predator
"Hello, I'm Chris Hansen, can I ask what you're doing here?"
I met Chris Hansen once, wasn't expecting him to be there!
Congratulations to our own Niko Hansen, Chris Wehan and Chris Gurule for being named NSCAA All-Southwest Region!
Awesome to see Chris Hansen (back up his great performance, with 18 points in loss to
Plot twist: Chris Hansen shows up to the To Catch a Predator house
imagine how great it would have been if rusev had been in the room and done a Chris Hansen impersonation though!
Sometimes when I meet some* of for the first time, I worry Chris Hansen is gonna pop out of nowhere.…
Purely coincidence that both Chris Hansen & Ray Bartoszek were both in Seattle for the Seahawks game last night, right?
Chris Hansen should be contacted on your behalf lol.
I went in your room at 2 AM & you were asleep but u left your tv on so loud so I heard Chris Hansen's voice from…
blocked by him, Chris Hansen, Tim Kawakami, Ray Ratto.I'm good! Lol
The wounded must find the healer within and the healer the wounded within- Chris Hansen in her session on peer support
I’d rather Mike Rowe walk in the room unexpectedly than Chris Hansen.
ICYMI: joins Chris Hansen and group in effort to bring NBA/NHL to Seattle. >.
QB Russell Wilson (teams up with Chris Hansen on his NBA and NHL arena proposal, writes
BREAKING: QB joins forces with Chris Hansen and group. >>>.
Chris Hansen has a new "business partner" in arena quest: QB Russell Wilson.
Full statement from Chris Hansen about the free-agent acquisition of Russell Wilson:
I found footage of Russell Wilson and Chris Hansen agreeing to partner up on the Seattle arena effort.…
Statement from Chris Hansen on Russell Wilson joining the investment group:
It's SODO not key, partnering with Chris Hansen, Pete and Erik Nordstrom, and Wally Walker. Very good news!!
looks like David Puddy and Chris Hansen had a baby
I met Chris Hansen once in a bar. We were both drinking and talked about the Sonics. Looking back, that's the closest I've bee…
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They didn't have Chris Hansen though. With the talk of Phil Jackson and Steve Kerr I feel way more hopeful if we get a team.
Remember when Jon Stewart had Chris Hansen on his show and told him he was doing a necessary public service?
A writer friend Maggie Klaus wins the Internet tonight: . The next debate should just be Dateline's Chris Hansen...
Chris Hansen and I are throwing a celebratory pot luck.
Chris Hansen: Pedophile Hunter. Sounds like a good show to me
I want to know where Chris Hansen was when Willy Wonka started luring children with candy.
Also, when did Chris Hansen turn into fat Ray Liotta?
Todd Starnes looks like someone who would have to sit down and have a chat with Chris Hansen
the way Chris Hansen walks in has me dead!
with Chris Hansen on imperial avenue what lawd help us all
Nope but unfortunately not because Chris Hansen got involved
I'm seriously looking forward to Chris Hansen's new show. His To Catch a Predator was a great watch
*Chris Hansen voice* Why don't you have a seat over there...
I wasn't smoking weed or children Chris Hansen
Chris Hansen should have used Vin Bakers face
Northern Region VP Chris Hansen: The dangers are real & we will continue to voice our concerns.
Chris Hansen-Nelson MFA '06 welcomes graduates into the alumni association
Chris Hansen would like for Patrick Kane to have a seat and talk
"Dear Phil Jackson: have a seat, we need to talk" Yours, Chris Hansen
by mercy kill, I think you replied “I’m Chris Hansen. Have a seat”
Killer Instinct with Chris Hansen | Tonight @ 21:50 on IDx | Channel 223 on Starsat. . A gripping series revealing...
Booty still gon be shaking when Chris Hansen find me 😂
I added a video to a playlist Have a seat with Chris Hansen
I added a video to a playlist Opie and Anthony: To Catch a Chris Hansen
Did you pay attention to the fact that Chris Hansen was GIVING the land & to the City?
But I like respect people like Paul Allen, Mark Cuban and Chris Hansen and dare I say it, Sam Presti, what do you think?
I knew it! Stone Phillips, Jane Pauley, and Chris Hansen, are ISIS members.
U14s win Hants Cup in Souvenir Daily Echo! Pics by Chris Hansen.
Excellent explanation why Ed Murray and Chris Hansen keep on with stadia tango. Now Listening: Thomas Frank and the New "Liberal"
Tom Leykis and Chris Hansen is my favorite super hero 🔥🔥🔥
Mariners to Chris Hansen: Your arena is 'ugly,' but we'd schedule around it - Puget Sound Business Journal
Re-evaluate landmarks Chris Hansen. Like and the fountain...Build around it/over it.
To have the patience that Chris Hansen has had with this city and the over the years is worthy of sainthoo…
Any sign of Chris Hansen in the chambers for the vote today?
So there it is. John Stanton stands to benefit greatly from a new retail co-op area & development w/ Chris Hansen
CH 38 TLC Chris Hansen investigates show about a "Spiritual Warrior" sued for being liable for deaths of sweat lodge goers
It's time Rob. Ross can finish what Chris Hansen started.
If Joe Smith was alive today Chris Hansen would put him on To Catch A Predator
So feel free to pay for the study yourself then... Chris Hansen paid for the EIS study.
hello this is Chris Hansen with Dateline NBC and this is how to catch a da predator
Sex tapes...or rather. THEKSTH Tapes belong on MySpace - regards. Chris Hansen.
Y'know I have the transcripts right here. --Chris Hansen
Two of our friends are getting married tomorrow by Tom Cook in the Gazebo in downtown Rainier at 10:00 AM.
Time for some funny I swear, that has got to be the most obvious trap by chris Hansen I've ever seen
.for Chris Hansen to get his public bond, he needs to get an NBA franchise
Check out this great article from ACS CAN's Preseident Chris Hansen: "It’s time for MLB, cities and states to...
Eyes are the windows of the soul. What is your story? .
Investor Chris Hansen has offered to build a sizable parking garage, south of Holgate, if the is built
There is no god for you, Chris Hansen. This is one of those unavoidable fates of life. Accept it, and survive.
I wonder how many people actually think my name is Chris Hansen at this point..
chill chill. In public and around people, I don't want Chris Hansen popping out with cameras
What questions would you ask sex predators if you were Chris Hansen?
Chris Hansen was caught secretly funding Sacramento's arena opposition. What Hansen did was wrong on so many levels.
I didn't really saw much change since Chris Hansen show. I think since then media talk more about it than anything else.
You're Chris Hansen from To Catch A Predator and the sexual predator in the decoy house said that the girl was 18. What now?
im not liking the direction of Chris Hansen and Dateline NBC just walked in
-This- is Chris Hansen's lead attorney, Jack McCullough, now part of presentation: via
Chris Hansen says that despite MOU expiring in 2017. If they get the approval for the street vacation. They should have 10 years to build.
"We're not going to be able to build an arena on that block if that part of the street doesn't get vacated." Chris Hansen
Hey Sonics fans! Please turn on to hear Chris Hansen! Street vacation is tomorrow! Need SUPPORT!
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My Econ professor compared Chris Hansen (host of To Catch a Predator) to Chris Harrison (host of The Bachelor)
Hey, Chris Hansen. You're really letting down the program. ~Butch Jones.
Sarah just referred to Ryan in Complete seriousness as Chris Hansen...I am crying 😭💀
I added a video to a playlist Lorne Armstrong and Chris Hansen, Round One
Also, the best thing in the Veronica Mars movie is getting to watch Ryan Hansen and Chris Lowell spastically dance.
This is where chris hansen comes out the back room with the cameras 🤔
"Seriously guys back off or i'm calling Chris Hansen."
It's more than a name. It's a brand! 🎬🎥…
Fuller House: Where Dateline's Chris Hansen asks "Uncle" Joey why he lives in a house with 3 little girls.
Chris Hansen of Cricket Wireless shares the top 3 secrets to championing in this Q + A:
You gotta lob that to Chris Hansen.
he followed me and today, after Chris Hansen comes in.
I thought Chris Hansen was going to pop in when said he was with a 12 year old..
John Kasich was with a 12 year old girl. Someone call Chris Hansen
Someone needs to call Chris Hansen to interview these *** that support her..
Chris Hansen has a way of being a condescending *** while being polite and serious at the same time. It's a talent
Tv, outdoor digital will be next says Chris Hansen of
"You ever been on tv before?". The guy says no . *** Chris Hansen . "Well this is one of those good news bad news situations". Lmfao
One of the *** on to catch a predator told Chris Hansen "I wanna go to school for sports broadcasting" . *** Chris Hansen asks
When you're out on a drive and two songs that you have helped shoot videos for come on back to…
Please, please, please make a Chris Hansen joke when you play the Predators next.
Would this person be surprised by Chris Hansen?
A bit of a firearm I have all these Chris Hansen pics saved on my hard drive.
If Chris Hansen don't trust you, I'm gon shoot you
Well, that sure was a stormy night ⛈⛈⛈
In case you missed on talking about the partnership with Check it out here: http…
ISU grad Chris Hansen listed as a top rookie in Spanish pro league (15.2ppg, 3.1rpg, 45% 3s).
Rocking the big winners from Wednesday Night chip tournament. Chris Hansen and Jeff Wu
Ryan Murphy knew he was stung as soon as he saw Chris Hansen walking towards him.
Deadline day twist: Jim White follows a lead on the internet and ends up in a house being confronted by Chris Hansen
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
I wonder who owns an NBA team in a decade: Chris Hansen in Seattle or Vivek? (Or both, but that's far less dramatic)
Gorilla Dumpster Bag by Steve Faacks and Chris Hansen: the biggest, toughest, strongest dumpster bag…
Anyone who missed Chris Hansen from Burlington Tobacconist can listen on-demand at the website ht…
I envision him as more Chris Hansen than Morley Safer
Pretty sure the guy sitting across from me in the Genius Bar at the Apple Store starred in an episode of Dateline TCAP with Chris Hansen.
like "hi I'm Chris Hansen with dateline nbc, why don't go take a seat." Next time a female flirts with me I'm throwing hands
a receding hairline and a chip on his shoulder. I was so glad I saved myself. I knew Chris Hansen was waiting outside for me
Chris Stapleton should not have won male vocalist of the year.😑😤
Chris Hansen ain't gon' stop me from doing what I wanna do.
Watch the premiere of online. New episodes Mon 10/9c on
Western Bulldogs coaches Rohan Smith, Chris Maple and Ashley Hansen are all in America completing a two week...
If this was real life, Chris Hansen would be at his door
"Aw I know who ya are Chris Hansen, but see I-I- calls ya Chris Handsome." 😂😂
Sam Bradford has the same look on his face as those weirdos watching Chris Hansen walk into the room.
whenever I see ariana grande dance seductively I feel like the cops are gonna be knocking at my door with chris hansen following
All purpose parts banner
Kansas City, the beautiful: A city united! 👑💙.
if council election results hold, Chris Hansen will be smiling.
If you never watched how to catch a predator I recommend it, the way Chris Hansen would pop out on these *** is absurd
you probably avoid people like Chris Hansen
I liked a video Chris Hansen pays a visit
All these dudes about to have Chris Hansen from dateline nbc knocking at their door😂😂 no chil
Hey Chris Hansen ... What do you think about this =)
Chris Hansen, what are you doing here?
Can we please talk about how incredible Kansas City was today?
speaker Chris Hansen of on how to solve performance woes with app monitoring:
Y'all need to be careful on tinder cause u know Chris Hansen waiting for y'all to slip on one of them 17 year olds
Yall gotta start putting your age in your bios got me feelin like chris hansen finna show up at my door
Chris Hansen is victory dancin' it's that official.
Chris Hansen is heading towards the airport
. Isn't AIM what pedophiles used to use in the 90s so Chris Hansen wouldn't pick up the scent?
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Chris, I hate doing this, but in NZ, Hansen sets the tone. Superrugby coaches alignes their plans with his( All Blacks).
If I participated in no shave November id probably come home from work to find Chris Hansen standing in my room.
Bet Chris Hansen wishes he'd gotten Jared to appear on his show... "Did you bring the Subway sandwiches and Mike's Hard Lemonade?"
I liked a video Killer Instinct with Chris Hansen - Season 1 Episode 3
No. And here's a tip: Asking questions like that is likely to get Chris Hansen interested in meeting you.
Nobody asked you for this. I hope a Chris Hansen zombie bites your stupid face off Tyga
Hey John..are you related to Scott and Chris Hansen???
Also this week, will release their updated 2016 recruiting rankings. I'll have reaction from managing editor Chris Hansen.
"Are you voting for Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders? Trick question. You're voting for Chris Hansen." One week!
Chris Hansen would know rules about how to catch something.
I would really love it if Chris Hansen became a Walmart greeter.
Chris Hansen always sounds like a reporter no matter what he's talking about. I love it.
Wow, you're the coolest kid in the world. If I could call Chris Hansen an *** licking dickfart to his face, I would be sooo happy.
Show called Killer Instinct with Chris Hansen: it's not a fighting game tournament where he tells losers to have a seat. Wasted opportunity.
Killer Instinct with Chris Hansen. investigation discovery channel (IDHD)
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not sure if you guys tuned in tonight but I was on "Killer Instinct with Chris Hansen" as one the…
so hush before I give Chris Hansen a call.
Still loving chris hansen's work. have been a big fan. "why dont you take a seat?"
Chris Hansen this is not to catch a predator! You're dealing with hard knocks sociopaths!
Chris Hansen he's from the the streets he doesn't care if you believe him! Duh!
I'm watching " Killer Instinct With Chris Hansen ! " and earning great rewards from ! :) Watch T.V. ! :)
Not sure if I should congratulate or send condolences to Chris Hansen for graduating from garden variety perverts to hardcore criminals.
I love Chris Hansen on the ID channel now
*** naw. You're not getting me caught up. Which corner is Chris Hansen about to pop out from?
Chris Hansen is the man for putting those perverts in jail
I thought Chris Hansen would be able to handle this guy, no need to get Ben.
iPhones are like children. . They stop working when you throw them off buildings
Overloading all social media account with this and other photos. Chris…
why at garey tho *** smh u childish for trynna get with under aged girls,Ima call Chris Hansen catching a sexual predator ***
Miss last week's with Watch it now before tonight's new ep
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Yes. Thats why I'm glad I missed them. I dont want Chris Hansen on my ***
Her *** still gunna be shaking when chris hansen finds me 😭
Jannik "Child Disappointer" Hansen comes in below five Alexes, Luca Sbisa, and... well, not Chris Higgins:
I seen you on to catch a predator by Chris Hansen
dan just seems to be a predator.. not the Danny Glover kind but the Chris Hansen type... stay away from schools creep
Just in case you didn't get a chance to see the episode featuring Mr. Cassar last week, here is the link to watch...
SO excited for all the new/updated products Google is unveiling tomorrow! :-)
this is the first time I've heard a joke about the Nashville Predators and Chris Hansen. How truly innovative you are!
hi i'm chris hansen with dateline NBC
Shouldn't Chris Hansen get involved with the twilight movies?Pretty sure it's not ok for someone who is 100 yrs. old to bang a 16 year old
"This is bigger than any partisan issue" Chris Hansen.
president Chris Hansen discussed the power of our advocates stories at this morning.
I'm a Chris Hansen groupie ! Love hearing the President of ACS CAN speak .
Chris Hansen, prez: "There is immense power in what you know & the purity of what you're trying to do."
Sad to hear about Rangi Chase & Harrison Hansen retiring from top class Best wishes to two fantastic pla…
. Anyone else read that title in chris hansen's voice?
He drove people outta the vent by spamming Chris Hansen semi incredulously reading off "I LIKE RAPE"
My name is Chris Hansen with Date Line NBC, you're going to be on how to catch a predator.
Chris Hansen, dancin in a Swiss mansion
I think a Trump/Biden race would be as uncomfortable as Chris Hansen interviewing Fogle/Sandusky in the same room.
Iowa's new football facility reflects the program's developmental identity writes after a tour Tuesday
Chris Horner is a lawyer, not a scientist & is behind harassment of scientists Katharine Hayhoe, James Hansen...
They stopped doing To Catch a Predator episodes on MSNBC b/c Chris Hansen was caught cheating on his wife.
Chris Hansen about to start inviting some horrible people to his house to "have a seat."
Chris Hansen using local company to help "Predator" relaunch.
Chris Hansen tells them to have a seat.
On the set of Sinclair's Restaurant commercial that I produced. They are located in Blue Springs, MO.…
Just realizing that's Chris Hansen in the background 😂
That face you make when Chris Hansen walks in on you waiting for a girl with cameras
3 days left ain't right without my guy Thanks Chris.
Tyga rapping those To Catch a Predator bars on his new tape.yikes! Where is Chris Hansen when we need him?!
We need to send chris Hansen after his ***
Kylee Griffen of Lake Stevens touches down after scoring two during Chris Hansen's Check Me Out Showcase last...
BBC News - Would your child go off with a stranger? NBC Chris Hansen showed the world that it's quite easy to lure children.
Chris Hansen be roasting them predators 😂😂😂
i wish more people in the Chris Hansen ama thought this would be impressed I set up a computer & printer with no directions.
I wonder if Chris Hansen ever knew how much he meant and means to the world of bros?
I ain't trippin, Corbin ate yo *** like you eat dinner. Or the booty warrior vs Chris hansen. Or the Warriors vs the cavs.
Rewatching dateline w Chris Hansen on scam artists ..Needs 2 be replayed more often
I'm actually crying lmao Chris Hansen for the bachelor!
you should take over for Chris Hansen and just start laughing when pederasts walk in the house. Dream job?
I don't like Chris Hansen's new show. He sounds so creepy 😁
The fact that Chris Hansen agreed to make an appearance on Fameless... 😂😂😂
Chris Hansen did a kick starter for it awhile back. Are they sure airing soon?
They have Chris Hansen pranking someone on this Fameless show 😂
I keep mixing up Chris Harrison and Chris Hansen and it's making for very confusing viewings of The Bachelor in Paradise
I'm checking out Killer Instinct With Chris Hansen on TV with Beamly. Have a look!
Wo the new Chris Hansen show is on wo
Chris Hansen asked me to sign a model release.
surprise interviews and play by plays by Chris Hansen and your disappointed parents.
Tyga rapping about *** juice" & "penetrating" are the least sexy things I've ever heard. Chris Hansen, where you at?!
I mean if I would but Chris Hansen might come knocking on my door 😂😂😂
He literally didn't care I was 14. I wish I had agreed & then had Chris Hansen be there at the hotel & be like "take a seat"
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