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Chris Hani

Chris Hani, born Martin Thembisile Hani (28 June 1942 – 10 April 1993) was the leader of the South African Communist Party and chief of staff of Umkhonto we Sizwe, the armed wing of the African National Congress (ANC).

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They killed Biko First now Taylor. Same People. Chris Hani. Now Taylor. Black Man you're on your Own!
Ask him who killed JF Kennedy, Dr Luther or Chris Hani for me and allow me to hear his weaving craft😊😊
Chris Hani is so packed okare ke month end
Chilling at Chris Hani Mall waiting for ma *** We going to party hard
Helen ZIlle remember that you benefite from the system that assassinate Steven Bantu Biko, Chris Hani Andre Zondo & Slomon Mahlangu & others
Chris Hani Crossing is always full nayo aii😒
And they gave me flowers as a token of appreciation and I blushed,thank you Chris Hani Art School for your...
Chris Hani quote: The perks of a new government are not really appealing...
1. After the murder of Chris Hani, his position had to be filled. Women had a candidate. Heavy caucusing.
His sin is bumping a white man s car boksburg is doing the repeat of chris hani
Spending with the kiddies at Chris Hani Baragwanath Children's Ward! Beautiful day! 💝💝💝
is spending her day at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in her
Chris Hani-Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto, Joburg is the largest acute hospital in the world, with 2964 beds
Doing some charity work at Reach for a Dream foundation At the Chris Hani Baragwaneth hospital 󾭞󾭞😇 all kinds of...
Born Martin Thembisile Hani, Chris Hani was the leader of the SACP and chief of staff of Umkhonto we Sizwe
Dropped off the car at Nissan Alberton, now at Chris Hani Crossing for breakfast with friend...then work. ...# Entrepreneurship is the way
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Woohoo it's 😊👏 so excited to party with the kids at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital later!
05:37 T9918 the 05:32 train from Chris Hani to Cape Town is delayed due to a faulty train set.
The Grade 11 History and Xhosa learners visited the Chris Hani Museum on Wednesday. The UK exchange students joined us.
Several players will trade boots for slippers tomorrow at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital. Support with us!
If comrade Chris Hani was not shaken by his marked grave in exile why must be shaken by concocted charges.
There's an answer we'll find a way to make Chris Hani, Oscar Mpetha, Harry Gwala, Joe Slovo & others to smile.
Is this ANC the same party of great leaders such as Nelson Mandela, OR Tambo, Walter Sisulu, Joe Matthews, Chris Hani, Kgalema Motlanthe?
Social cohesion: "If you want peace then you must struggle for social justice." - Chris Hani
can't believe this has become acceptable behaviour. Chris Hani wasn't shot for this! Lol
MK engaged the SANDF in the "Wankie" Operations which were led by Chris Hani in around 1968. After that angazi nami
: To Commuters of T9928 - 06:45 - Chris Hani to Cape Town is cancelled due to sets out of service
: Due to a technical problem btwn Kuyasa & Chris Hani the Line btwn Khayelitsha & Chris Hani is closed. Buses will operate
: Allow extra travel time due to a technical problem between Kuyasa and Chris Hani and speed restriction.
Reports of loose overhead wire between Chris Hani/Kuyasa. Delays expected -allow for additional travel time
If we are not united , how can we produce leaders like Fedel Castro, Chris Hani, Steve Biko,CIC Samora, Oliver Tambo
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FOMO nje "I was 1 when they shot Chris Hani but it makes me so angry."
Kanti there is a burger king ko soweto on chris hani, was surprised when i saw it on sunday
17:29 T9959 the 16:20 train from Cape Town to Chris Hani delayed due to a faulty train set.
:( Chris Hani took a bullet for this Me: *sexting* "mmmh what are you wearing?". Xhosa chick: "impahla, sundibuza ikaka wethu"
Mantashe addressing Chris Hani branches in front of the Regent Hotel, East London
I descend Chris Hani, when I'm rapping Gidani like this a rally I'm running
hi this morning at Vosloorus Chris Hani, the lady said its unlikely that they would replace my money.
Long live the spirits of Chris Hani and Joe Slovo.
with all due respect to Chris Hani, what does he have to do with the Navy?
: To commuters of T9911 - 05:05 - to Chris Hani is delayed due to section on T9715
dude I hate them, one site said "history should forget the likes of Malcom X and Chris Hani"
Is this is the moment to crush snake head? Remember imbeciles said snake heads must be crushed during Chris Hani commemoration.
Ntwana, That's not what Chris Hani died for.
Chris Hani respected likeminded organization even they're at opposite ends
Nzimande is very afraid of the EFF because they are much aware that EFF is occupying the space left by the Chris Hani’s SACP
Karl Marx,Chris Hani nd Kwame nkrumah must b turning in their graves cos of fake communists like Malema,Blade nd his SACP
SACP desperately hanging on to the coat tails of the ANC. Chris Hani would be heart broken.
very important Question if chris Hani was still alive would this be like it is? It's sad we turn a blind eye
it's that thing which Chris Hani died for - Freedom of Speech!
LOL hairline died with Chris Hani mchana
My name is Chris hani Surname : Hector Pieterson Clan : Andries Tatane You can call me INNOCENT VICTIM
Chris Hani where is now he is so tharally disappointed seen that his position is occupied by stupid man like Blade Nzimande
Thats big sana lwam. Congrats. Eish ndiphosiwe yhini Bawo. wish u get deployed in Chris hani my home region yazi.
"Ladies, the shorter your hair is, the shorter the relationship with be"- Chris Hani(1987)
"amabhunu abulali uChris Hani" relevant song since the PPA is the Chris Hani region
Chris Hani Baragwanath is 10 times better than that'd swear they not professionals!
Chris Hani branch thanks for the follow. Think you've found the world's best Martini? Be a Ginfluencer @
Clearly capitalism (money), is more powerful than communism, it managed to convert this great movement of Chris Hani.
Deputy President adressing delegates to the E Cape Provincial Peoples Assembly held in Chris Hani Region
Blade Zimande must just accept that we are here (EFF ) to stay the party that must die is SACP becaze the forgot Chris Hani is mission
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lol I wanna be a Communist also,Back door to Cabinet Post with no Election Campaign Just a Simple "Do It For Chris Hani" Poster.
SACP ended with the Chief of staff uCommissar Chris Hani, what we have is Capitalist Party which has found expression in the NDP
the singer that is leading comrades in "Hamba kahle Mkhonto" at Chris Hani & Oliver Tambo's funerals?
Joshua Nkomo and Chris Hani are the real heroes of Liberation and were ready to save people
Tumi is the voice of those who left us,Am talking Steve Biko,Hector Peterson,Chris Hani . Ft. Samthing Sowet…
I share a birthday with Phil Masinga and Chris Hani.
Steve Tshwete, Thabo Mbeki and Chris Hani. I don't know who the guy in the background is.
Is this what Chris Hani, Steve Biko, Mandela, Hector Peterson and other freedom fighters fought for? We're not going anywhere with this.
Steve Biko,Chris Hani,Peter Mokaba,Nelson Mandela they must be turnin on us in their respectively graves
Walter Sesulo, Nelson Mandela, Chris Hani gave us right to election now it time we take the next step
Ohk in other news am almost done with Chris Hani's "A life too short Lived" after this one its Robert Sobukhwe
their absence is far more worse... I hate our mediate politicians, but there were good ones, Steve Biko, OR Tambo, Chris Hani.
15 Chris Hani quotes that are still relevant today
this other white lady was being robbed 3 robots towards Chris Hani /Bara Hospital. I almost drove over the flipping ***
Lmao that Chris hani heist neh. mom called me and I wanted to be within so bad
It's like when they was a robbery ko Chris Hani; I was 5 to getting on a cab and going there 😢😢😢
If u can undress in a public area, u can as well undress for everyone. yourself to be respected by others.
Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in South Africa is the world's third largest hospital by size, occupying around 173 acres.
Chris Brown continues birthday celebration for his daughter in Disneyland – photos
I know what Nelson Mandela fought for, I know what Chris Hani wanted for his people, I will not be silenced, my people remain my priority.
Buti you're hopeless. I don't see any resemblance of Peter Mokaba & Chris Hani, stop being pulled by the Nose & act accordingly
17h30 To Commuters of T9969 the 17h30 to Chris Hani is delayed due to operational problem.
On the T junction of Aerodome and Chris Hani Road theyve replaced the robots maybe 4 times this year alone
"The youth will be ruling this country,and they must be properly prepared for that day" - Chris Hani
Discussion @ Chris Hani Institute on the Crisis in and the struggle against Austerity with Sabine Zimmermann (Germsn Left Party)
That Chris Hani murderer whoever his name is
a delivery van is emitting large amounts of smoke. Chris Hani Road next to Umgeni bridge.
I am grateful for the generosity shown me by the women at Chris Hani Bara. And later the communities of Snake Park & Diepkloof.
I speak decent isiZulu. I didn't speak or understand much in 2009 when I started volunteering at Chris Hani.
Chris Hani said MP's must pay for own rent and...he died. MP's parasites
Phoenix SLOW TRAFFIC between Longbury Drive and the R102 Chris Hani Road R102 - Eastbound
Steve Biko. Solomon Mahlangu. Thembisile Hani. Faced the music,I'm ready I've even got a few dance moves up my sleeves.
Au Contraire. I regard Chris Hani and Madiba and others, as heroes. Sadly, the legacy of our heroes been poisoned.
OR tambo, Alfred Nzo, Govern Mbheki, Nelson Mandela and Chris Hani are with us today smiling all the way.
When I returned I started volunteering at Chris Hani Baragwananth Hospital. They have a breast clinic that opens only on Wednesdays.
leave the airport in a motorcade to cemeteries where OR Tambo and Chris Hani are buried for wreath laying ceremonies.
"He chose to take the path of his commitment, rather than ambition." | Remembering Chris Hani:
I'm almost done with my rainbow detox program guys. Codesa is forgiven, etc. But I will never forgive for Chris Hani. That's is all.
We hear that a is to be donated to the Chris Hani Baragwanath Hand Unit soon by
It shouldve been Oliver Tambo, Chris Hani and I am beyond sure a greater leader would've emerged!
Derby Lewis likely to hve a braai with lots of Coke & Klipdrift this weekend celebrating his freedom.Chris Hani's widow, k…
(1) I have a heritage. There's a town in S Africa named after my g. g. g. uncle. Now best known as city where Chris Hani was ki…
When they killed Chris Hani... Oh boy, black people went mental bruh. Civil War was about to be unleashed.
16:07 : T9353 the 15:18 Cape Town to Chris Hani has been cancelled due to technical problem at Paarden-Eiland.
. keep thinking of Chris Hani...prob because of SA/Rhodesia flags that Roof wore. Another white terrorist +an incalculable loss
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Retail patronage patterns have changed since Madonna mall and Chris Hani Mall. presentation was great GUYS!
I was born the year Chris Hani was killed, do the math
Prof.Edward Webster from the Chris Hani Institute,a sociologist among economists,gives some background on the different positions on
congratulates the Chris Hani District Municipality for embracing foreign migrants
Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital is a disaster can't they atleast hire care givers. for feeding px and all the other needs from px .
I'm Samora MacHel with a little bit of Chris Hani!
One time I agree with Blade Nzimande. We need the entire truth wrt Chris Hani's murder.
Blade Nzimande, Buti Manamela are living like real capitalists & Chris Hani's killer is now a free man. Communism is dead in RSA.
"We must also not forget that Chris Hani had a right to life too" Blade Nzimande
Derby Lewis must also die in jail for what he did to Chris Hani # Grant No Parole
South Afrika need Chris Hani and Sabelo Phama kind of leaders.
At the time when many were buying suits anticipating to be appointed as future government ministers, Chris Hani...
I'm son of the soil, descendant of Thomas Sankara, Chris Hani, Steve Biko, Nelson Mandela, Marcus Garey, and Thabo Mbeki I'm
They must still tell us what happened to Chris Hani
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its basically saying to OR Tambo, Chris Hani, Steve Biko etc. "look you played a role but it was as big as Mandel's, we'll
In April Codesa talks started again. But soon after this disaster struck. Chris Hani was gunned down. 2 weeks later Tambo died from a stroke
Luthuli Detachment 1967. Chris Hani didn't know how to ride a bicyle and had to learn it so that he could cross from Zimbabwe into Botswana
Luthuli Detachment 1967. Chris Hani was the first person to cross the Zambezi river on aa canoe into ZimbabweDay
Luthuli Detachement# Chris Hani admits that the first time there were shot at was in Zimbabwe by the Rhodesian forces.Day
The other greats such as Steve Biko & Chris Hani don't get enough acknowledgment in this country
There was a strong anticapitalist presence in the movement.they didn't want those leaders getting in to power. See:CHRIS HANI Assassination
So basically Africans throughout the diaspora were Revolutionized. . Look up: ANC, Chris Hani, Winnie Mandela,GeraldHorne for more insight.
thanx to , sabelo pama, chris Hani, Winnie Mandela,at independent stadia umtata.politcal education.
the Citizen showing Chris Hani dead in his driveway, and not understanding why they had killed him.
Chris Hani wasn't shot so I could do Laundry on Freedom Day. Miss me with chores on public holidays
On this 27th day of April 2015 (known as Freedom Day in SA), I remember the General Secretary of SA Communist Party cde Chris Hani
This day in 1993 a hero of our people second only to Madiba in popularity, Chris Hani was assassinated.We were robbed http…
Remembering Chris Hani as South Africa celebrates 21 years of Freedom.
Today is Freedom Day but to me its a day were I cry thinking of Robert Sobukwe,Chris Hani, Steve Biko who they all died from this Day   10% Off
Celebrating Freedom Day. A message from Dr Ben Khumalo-Seegelken for us:. Over two decades after Chris Hani...
I was in a country where I thought Chris Hani was the next president
1993 after Chris Hani's funeral, Mngadi Section was attacked because most of the people there attended the funeral at FNB
Cyril, Jay and Chris Hani“Happy Freedom Day: Remember yesterday so no one can mislead you tomorrow 34 htt…
sitting amongst my uncles and grandfather in fierce debate after Chris Hani's assassination. It was grey. I was a kid. Terrfied.
my uncle Hlopho travelling over 5 hours to bid farewell to Chris Hani and he bought me "hamba kahle wall for most of my teen yea
My view on freedom is influenced by Steve Biko, Chris Hani, Frantz Fanon, Robert Sobukwe
"I imagine a wt Chris Hani alive.I'm sure in spirit he is ! Makhosi !
Would quote Chris Hani vehemently lamenting the careerization of politics at the expense of the people but, somebody still has my book😢
let them say i walked in times of giants ,Steve Biko , Chris Hani , Robert Sobukwe , Walter Sisulu , Helen Joseph and the greatest Mandela
PSL Chairman Irvin Khoza says he remembers the late Chris Hani calling him to ensure that he buys Shoes Moshoeu for Orlan…
Paul Kruger statue must go with its street. Chris Hani is a good replacement
Chris Hani was murdered 22 years ago today, but black people turned the other cheek. Now 22 years on some whites talk war over …
Anyway... I'm one of those people who believe Chris Hani was off'd by a black leader using a white man's prejudice-fuelled trigger
Big money buys off criticism of big money. The nexus of corruption of politics and money that Chris Hani warned of.
Written 2 years ago. What have we learnt from the life of Chris Hani?.
Chris Hani was Commissar and Deputy Commander of Umkhonto we Sizwe, armed wing of ANC. Chief of Staff, MK 1987.
And now the Chris Hani killer has applied for Parole!!! I hope the board rejects his application.
A mixed used Retail property with excellent visibility on Chris Hani Road, (North Coast Road). . The property is...
robot knocked down on cnr Chris Hani and Golden Highway. It is blocking road towards SouthGate
Chris Hani was also killed, Abram Onkgopotse Tiro the South African student activist and black consciousness militant also
Did you know? The WORLD'S biggest hospital is the Chris Hani - Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto.
President Jacob Zuma and Chris Hani looks like they were discussing something serious. Chris Hani
Should Cape Town International be renamed after Chris Hani? via
…in partnership with PSETA and learners are placed at the Chris Hani and Joe Gqabi Traffic Stations
massive traffic at Chris Hani (Old Potch) just before Bara Hospital. Its looks like a crime scene.
Metropolice making an arrest on Chris Hani Rd south before Bara
Great to be in Khayelitsha with the doing some grass roots work at Chris Hani Secondary.
I met Gugulethu Banda at Chris Hani Crossing *** she's hella hot.
ANC is arrogance. Mandela nd Chris Hani should be turning in their graves.
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Our Leader Chris Hani called them Lunatics and their calling us that, their difocust, spoiled breasts. This is not acceptable to the people.
Stealing R631m from the poor is like spitting on Chris Hani's grave.
SACP in the Western Cape wants Cape Town International Airport renamed after the party's late former general secretary, Chris Hani.
The death of Chris Hani was suppose to make me hate white people even more but it changed my mind, that day I learnt that we're the same.
Cape Town International Airport should be named after that gallant fighter and hero of our people Chris Thembisile Hani
"You seem to know everything, so tell me, who killed Chris Hani?" lmfao *** dude :"D
at Chris Hani Hospital is mortifying. No sanitation, the restsrooms are filthy beyond
Chris Hani is filthy, there is no sanitation, the toilets are the worst!
Hani University Hosp. is so dirty, the worst is the rest rooms, no sanitation and no hospitality from the staff!
I thought it was "Hani, Hani?" Chris Hani was the leader in South Africa, and opposed apartheid.
The new ZAM Chronicle is out! With Myopia, "Born in Maiduguri" and the Chris Hani murder revisited.
Durban Inanda Road DELAYS between the N2 Highway and Chris Hani Road - Eastbound
Chris Hani school, Khayelitsha. “We need to improve facilities in townships. Tough to grow from here!
Dear boy next door to my room at Res, Chris Hani. Please refrain from smoking too much weed, I am seriously becoming concerned about you.
Everyone is gone respect the shooter, but the one in front of the gun lives forever.. . RIP-- Chris Hani, Siyakukhumbula Commander..
Since Chris Hani's funeral “...when did it become okay to take pictures at a funeral, coffins, digging of the grave & all?”
Dear MAMA we the people call for the renaming of Cape Town International Airport into Chris Hani Airport. Than…
The said that the statue of Paul Kruger (on Church Square) must be replaced by a statue of murdered SACP leader Chris Hani. (2010)
My Voslo people, that church under the trees near Chris Hani Mall where they wear white clothing, is that Shembe?
Hopefully they really don't change Cape Town International Airport to Chris Hani International Airport... OR Tambo is enough !!!
"It's never too early to leave after a one night stand" - Chris Hani (1984)
SACP in the Western Cape reiterate its position that Cape Town International Airport be renamed as Chris Han…
Who do you think shops in Italy, Monaco, Spain and Dubai? Is it people from Chris Hani squatter Camp?
"nope, he's not for us." Ai khona sbali don't be so naïve Steve Komphela is the Chris Hani of football give him a chanse
We could have other struggle heroes on the Bank Notes of the Republic though: Steve Biko, Chris Hani, Robert Sobukwe could appear too.
we must go on all over our province and conduct lectures about Chris Hani, Joe Slovo and others.
can be the Steve Biko of Xhosa Hip Hop, the Chris Hani & me the Mandela of it, & the rest of the gang born frees!.
Contribution to the Struggle is nothing today if No.1 is in danger. Here is Chris Hani, Anwa Dramat, & Trevor Manuel
Do u think our fathers, Robert Sobukwe, Steve Biko, Chris Hani wud tolerate the we do? *** NO, they must be of us!
This picture of Chris Hani, Anwa Dramat and Trevor Manuel also reminded me that revolutions eat their children.
The 22-year old Anwa Dramat flanked by Chris Hani and Trevor Manuel, addressing the media in 1991.
okay , I respect your views but I still believe we need another Chris Hani, another Oliver Tambo etc.
The world misses the likes of NKwame Nkruma, Oliver Tambo and Chris Hani not to forget Steve Bantubonke Biko.
Clive Derby-Lewis needs to come clean. ANC paid him to participate in the murder of Chris Hani. Why is he so scared? Money?
Yeap! Braam Police station, Corner of Albert Luthuli & Chris Hani street "Is there a police station at Braam?"
Chris Hani was assassinated to prevent him from exposing Joe Modise - Clive Derby-Lewis was framed
The medical parole board has again recommended that Chris Hani killer Clive Derby-Lewis be released
The Medical Parole Board has recommended that Chris Hani's killer should be released due to an illness.
The Medical Parole Board says Chris Hani's killer Clive Derby-Lewis should be released. What's your reaction?
In the months before the assassination,various versions of this story were floated.Rapport, often in the foreground of these campaigns, carried a story on October 12 the year before his death,that Chris Hani,was planning to take over MK,and a future South African army.The London Sunday Times correspondent Richard Ellis (another major actor in the anti-Hani disinformation campaign) claimed that Hani (and Winnie Mandela) were planning a breakaway from the ANC (31.1.93).Then, on the Sunday before Hani's assassination,Rapport again tried to blow life into this information.It claimed that Hani (and senior MK leaders) had held unmandated meetings with APLA members("aimed at securing mutual co-operation so as to derail the negotiations process") (Rapport, 4.4.93). Some of the meetings were alleged to have happened in the Transkei...
I'm Samora MacHel don't get it twisted thou im lil bit Chris Hani
Rest in Peace Cde President Jackie Selebi. The Young Lion of Tambo, Lembede, Mandela, Sisulu is no more. We pay a colossal homage to you as you depart to the grieving piece of land of the left behind and resting place for you. Send our regards to Joe Slovo, Ruth First, Moses Mabhida, Moses Kotane, Chris Hani, Steve Tshwete, Govan Mbeki and all other leaders of our Movement.
if there's a parallel universe where Salvador Allende, Patrice Lumumba, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X & Chris Hani survived, I want to visit
Notice to All Communists As foot soldiers of Chris Hani,Moses Mabhida,Harry Gwala,JB Marks,Mzala Nxumalo,Reggie Radebe etc,we solemly declare that we will continue to take care of the needs of the poor without any fear or fear.Stories that are emanating from dark forces where our leaders are alleged to be planning for a community protests in Vukuzakhe hence we want to be Councillors et al.In 2016 we will be campaigning for the ANC that we love and members of. The truth is,we are not interested to be Councillors as alleged,we are also not planning any protests as alleged and our position is that the issue of Msholozi be resolved speedily hence there are wrong allocations there as confirmed yesterday and other malpractices as well. So fellow COMMUNISTS don't be shaken even if you are insulted but stay focused,our home is the ANC and what we are doing is not because we hate anyone but we have just declared The Year of the Freedom Charter where Shelter is part of the Clauses,Asijiki Mabomvana and Khongolose.T ...
murdered giants of our collective struggle like Cde. Chris Hani & Cde. Steve Biko 'lived' the ideals NOT blindly toe party lines
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Am from the land of Steven Bantu Biko and Chris Hani
COSATU march in CT with (from 2nd left) Chris Hani, Alan Boesak, Cyril Ramaphosa & Tony Yengeni
These are the pictures that should be in our money: R10 Joe Slovo, R20 Chris Hani, R50 Steve Biko, R100 Nelson Mandela, R200 Robben Island
interesting at this hour. We are coming from far, cde Peter Mokaba, Chris Hani
Chris Hani Mall is forever packed which is good for business.
Still a long way to go, the Oliver Tambo and Chris Hani read thus far is as equally delicious. There's always been unity of purpose
Teacher and learners teacher:wht is the frst black president in S.A.? Sipho: Chris Hani teacher: good...and who is the minister of defence? Thabo: Thabo Mbeki teacher :oh wonderful my learners very good.u 'll be fools up until ur stupid government increases my salary.
How can I, young as I am and a true African patriot, a citizen of a beloved country like Azania (South Africa) – our only hope on the African continent and a country that has the potential to greatly contribute to the economic growth of Africa – support a government designed solely for self-centered individuals and not for all the people? We are exploited and misused by the same people who promised us a better life for all. It is sad to use the names and ideas of Steve Bantu Biko, Nelson Mandela, Albert Luthuli, Soll Plaatjie, Robert Sobukwe, Chris Hani, Sabelo Phama, Oliver Tambo, Steve Tshwete, Joe Slovo, Solomon Mahlangu, Tsietsi Mashinini, Onkgopotse Tiro, Vuyelwa Mashalaba, Lillian Ngoyi, Mama Tambo, Mama Sisulu, and many more unsung brave men and women and other liberation martyrs for personal ambitions, gains and so forth, while the world once they belong to has not changed much, especially in this country. People are still poor and it is worsening, yet passing of our struggle martyrs left void ...
Ramaphosa: We are the children of Nelson Albert Luthuli, Oliver Tambo, Chris Hani, Steve Biko and many others.
I'm sorry maqabane but mos also..Oliver Tambo,Walter Sisulu,Govan Mbeki,Chris Hani,Joe Slovo...Steve Tshwete...and so on and so forth...
Today in the North Gauteng High Court : urgent hearing for Clive Derby-Lewis (Chris Hani's Killer) medical parole.
Tonight I will dream of Sabelo Phama, Jeff Masemola,Chris Hani,Zeph Mothupeng,King Hintsa,Patrice Lumumba,Queen Zinga,Muhumusa Tonight I will dream of children of the soil who were mass murdered by white oppressors, Tonight I will dream of old,young Afrikan women who were raped in farms,fields, in foreign lands Tonight I will answear why am I in chains.~ Ras Sbijo
Mandela was great but when will we start acknowledging other greats like Steve Biko, Robert Sobukwe, Chris Hani, Oliver Tambo.…
I feel the presence of Steve Biko, Robert Sobukwe, and Chris Hani in this new wave of struggle against black and white capitalists
SACP South African Communist Party Central Committee Public response to Communications Workers Union Tuesday, 4 November 2014 The Communications Workers Union (CWU) statement attacking the SACP in general and our General Secretary Comrade Blade Nzimande in particular is based on a deliberate distortion of what he actually said on the occasion of the public launch of the Party’s “Second Radical Phase of the National Democratic Revolution” discussion document. (This launch was held on Wednesday 29 October 2014 and not on “Thursday 30 October” as claimed by the CWU). Our General Secretary condemned one COSATU affiliate for funding other affiliates to create voting fodder for purely factional purposes. The behavior condemned contrasts sharply with the solidarity funding that, for instance, the South African Clothing and Textile Workers Union (SACTWU) provided to the Food and Allied Workers Union (FAWU) at the height of the farm-worker strikes in the Western Cape last year. The SACP warmly commended ...
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Chris Hani, the SACP secretary-general, who was assassinated by a white apartheid thug. . .
In Eldorado Park there are lane closures due to road works on the N12 East between Chris Hani Road and the Golden Highway
They say 'Steve Biko' was resilient, wasn't 'Chris Hani' resilient too?
21 years later Chris Hani in quotes - SundayWorld via
Photo: Chris Evans attends the world premiere of The Avengers | 2012
my respect for Chris Hani goes beyond his membership of the SACP. If u want that to be the sum of his legacy that's you. 👍
surely Chris Hani and Joe Slovo cannot be held responsible for ZCC Zuma ANC actions.
So SAUJS has made a black person their national Zionist Officers. Chris Hani did not die for this.
I also realize that the ANC killed most of their sensible own, in particular Chris Hani
SAFA (SA Football Association) Rep: This region has been made a slaughter house. Chris Hani was gunned down here, now SM
Dr Helen Clark,Child and adolescent psychiatrist, Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital, last speaker
Southgate Chris Hani Road TRAFFIC LIGHTS not working at Golden Highway - Both Ways
Southgate Golden Highway TRAFFIC LIGHTS not working at Chris Hani Road - Both Ways
Traffic lights out: Golden Highway and Chris Hani Rd, please approach with caution.
JHB - Golden Highway, Lights off at Chris Hani Road - queuing traffic
Good video on Chris Hani with this report, commemorating the 20th anniversary of his death earlier this year
'We cannot forget people who did not not live to see democracy...Chris Hani, Vuyisile Mini...' says
Fred Hampton and Chris Hani. These unctuous weasels want to help these people's killers inherit their honor and heroism and credibility.
We can't have Christmas parties at my workplace because the opposition will assume that we are looting. Chris Hani didn't die for this *SMH*
Shock video of sewage flow at ward 20 Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital.
The dead of Comrade Chris Hani was a loss, that was the day blacks looses their real freedom in this country. "All I See Are Inquiries Comm"
Shocking sewage flow by ward 20 at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital.
Oliver Tambo, Albert Luthuli and Chris Hani and Nelson Mandela would be disgusted of the "new ANC" which prioritises personalities over mass
Chris Lebens old training regime: . Train 9-5.. get home.. get hammered and go out until 2 in the morning. Get 3 hours sleep. Do the same.
Horribly slow customer service at your Jet store Chris Hani Mall this is unacceptable. The girls at the tills r 2 slow.
Hey boo, I'm at Chris Hani, where you at ?
At this rate traffic will be backed up all the way from the freeway onto Chris Hani. Leave for church early people.
Chris Hani Crossing, Vosloorus. Add more options to the atm system too, more important simplify the instant money voucher thing.
's passing feels very much like Chris Hani's, minus Mandela's defining moment. Who will calm the people this time ? Who can ?
01 November 1987 - Chris Hani succeeds Joe Slovo - Learn more about Chris Hani's life here:
Chris Hani, freedom fighter, political activist and at the time Deputy Commander of Umkontho we Sizwe (MK) in Zambia, was
Today,1987- Chris Hani succeeds Joe Slovo as chief-of-staff to MK
I didn't know who Chris Hani was when he died but I watched his funeral with so much interest that I wanted to be an MK by the end of it...
The person who created a gun gonna get a billion years of burning in *** To count least your creation killed 2pac, Biggy Smallz, Martin LutherKing Jnr, Chris Hani, Makhendlas, Reeva Steenkamp and now of late Senzo Meyiwa. Sad
Not much different from Seshego, except the East Rand covers more ground, & the Chris Hani Mall seems better than the Seshego circle.
I'm an African not only because I'm black bt I love Africa like General Gaddafi did I bekieve in Africa like Thabo Mbeki. I know Africa could be better place like Marcus Garvey did I believe to fight for Africa if I have to like Chris Hani , I call Africans my people like Steve Biko, I knw in Africa minority is killing majority like an african born my hero Che Guavera I my not be dark toned skin bt I'm black and I'm an african by birth and I got virus called Afrinism within me yes I love Malcom X,Martin Luther King ,2pac bt got no love for Obama beacuse he is black sheep to black nations all over the world oh yes I believe in Rev Jessie Jackson
20 years since assassination of SACP leader Chris Hani by Janusz Walus & Clive Derby-Lewis, I have compassion that both should be freed
Former South African politician Chris Hani allegedly assassinated because he was an obstacle to the
Could this then suggest that ANC leaders who benefitted fro the arms deal had a hand in Chris Hani's killing?
Arm deal commission activist Crawford-Brown dude is losing credibility ufaka abo chris hani now I think the nyaope is abusing the Dude
Terrence Crawford-Brown...clutching at straws.1st Winnie Mandela.the De Lille kix his Chris Hani plot...Joe Modise poisoned.gez China.give it up.u lost.*bayahlanya abelungu*
hha. Ba re Chris Hani may have been killed for it. I think Olover Tambo might have started it (If Crawford-Brown is to believed)
How convenient for Crawford-Browne to spread such malicious lies bout Chris Hani being murdered cause he wanted to expose Joe Modise for arms deal scandal...
there has to be another commission to verify all these claims of poisoning & Chris Hani by TCB.
ANC is operating like an Italian mafia. It is alleged British arms manufacturer hired Janusz Walus to kill Chris Hani to sweep under the carpet the arms deal corruption. Joe Modise was also poisoned to hide this corruption.
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So chris hani was killed by ANC guys covering wht he was gna reveal so malema must watch out
Crawford-Browne testified that Chris Hani was assasinated as he was about to expose Joe Modise’s corrupt involvement in the
So Modise was poisoned, apperantly there was animosity between him and Chris Hani dating from their times in exile Interesting
Now that Chris Hani's name is being mentioned in the arms deal commission, it gradually becomes clear that Hani wants to come back and state publicly what happened to him. I'm happy. What I suspect Chris Hani wants to do this time after clarifying what happened to him, I think that he wants to meet Julius Malema halfway - to allow the State to 'wither away'. Immediately when the State begins to adopt a position of 'withering away', then Juju will have to seize and smash it! Should the ANC tries to counter-act revolutionary targets against the State and attempts to stand in the path of a ready-to-be-crushed anti-black State, then Malema will have no choice but to crush the ANC together with the State - crush it into pieces and these pieces are so small and are so fine, we throw them away and we say: "to *** with this!"
You mean to say whites could kill Chris Hani but fail to Kill someone like Mandela? Hokay!!
Activist Terry Crawford Browne tells Commission that Chris Hani may have been assassinated because he was about to expose corrupt activities
This Commission is getting messy. First Mama Winnie, now Chris Hani (R.I.P).
Can the Commission finally unravel the mystery which have long enveloped Chris Hani's assassination for over two decades?
Arms deal commision is like a 007 movie. Chris Hani killed by the ANC b4 he exposed some corruption. Joe Modise poisoned 2 make it look lyk cancer. This is lyk Hollywood blockbuster.
Former Defense Minister Joe Modise's bones might be turning in his grave. He's now implicated on Chris Hani's death following the arms deal
Arms Deal Commission is just a fuss. All indication are likely to blame dead people (Mandela, Modise and crucial evidence gone with Chris Hani), a very expensive political cover-up
Eish...can it be true? Latest breaking news purports that Chris Hani's murder by Clive Derby-Lewis was at the behest of senior ANC officials due to the fact that Chris Hani was threatening to expose the corruption of then Defence Minister Joe Modise as well as others in the now 70 billion rands Arms deal. It's also purported that Joe Modise was infact poisoned with something that made it seem like his death was due to cancer. ~ (Statements purpported to have been made by Terry Crawford Brown in the Arms deal investigations). And so the plot thickens... Leon Naude Michael M Sparrow
What was so communist with Chris Hani?(this is a question not an attack)
the Chris Hani murderer must come out
At Chris hani Baragwana Hospital nd I'm so scared of picking up any viruses hey ***
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
It has been revealed tht chris Hani was abwt 2expose de arms deal participants whch led 2his death!sumhw Joe Modise was nt killed by cancer instead he was poisoned 2shush him up
Wow! interesting revelations at the Seriti Commission of Inquiry today.
Crawford Browns testimony about the involvement of Chris Hani in exposing corruption raises a number of questions about his death
Terry Crawford-Brown says Chris Hani was assassinated because he was about to expose corruption by late defence minister Joe Modise
I think the time has come for Derby Lewis to come clean he is mentioned in the arms deal,who asked him to kill Chris Hani?
Crawford-Browne alleges Chris Hani was on verge of exposing Joe Modise's corruption when he was assassinated...
Crawford-Browne alleges that Chris Hani was assassinated in '93 cause he was going to expose Modise's involvement …
Chris Hani died in 1993, Joe Modise became minister after 1994. How can Chris know about gov arms deal then? Confusing...
Seriti Commission hears that late Chris Hani was on the verge of exposing alleged corruption in the multi-billion-rand …
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