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Chris Hani

Chris Hani, born Martin Thembisile Hani (28 June 1942 – 10 April 1993) was the leader of the South African Communist Party and chief of staff of Umkhonto we Sizwe, the armed wing of the African National Congress (ANC).

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'we knew OurANC fallen 2009 through ARMS DEAL GOLDEN CALF' and Chris Hani took last bullet.
"I have lived with death most of my life. I want to live in a free South Africa even if I have to lay down my life for it.…
School kids at Chris Hani School # Khayelitsha for challenge. Well done
The police presence on Chris Hani Road 😳
I often wonder how our nation would be like had Bantu Biko, Mangaliso Sobukwe, OR Tambo, & Martin 'Chris' Hani lived to see…
Multi-vehicle accident: N2 northbound after Chris Hani Rd, right shoulder blocked. Approach with caution
A Pakistan national just raped a minor a Hammanskral, Chris Hani. Community is futmrious and are planning to attack...
Remembering how the ANC nearly executed Chris Hani for calling the ANC leadership corrupt sellouts:
The best Olympics-related video-gif you will see today, put together by Chris Nik.
Zuma has InteL of th cold blooded cowardice Murder of Cmde Thembisile Chris Hani... . .
Named after an English settler John Albert Baragwanath & former SACP SG Chris Hani. Serves a population of 4mil
Joe Slovo, Chris Hani, Colin Eglin, Cyril Ramaphosa, and even though he might not fit in but Robert Sibukwe 😻. Amadoda emadodeni 🌊
Thank God for this beautiful weather @ Chris Hani Road-Soweto
Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital is the third largest hospital in the world; ANC has made South Africa great.
I always wanted to be the next Noxolo Grootboom especially after she broadcasted the funeral of the late Chris Hani...SHM
South African political system need a leader like Samora Marchel and a little bit of Chris Hani flavour.
T9301 from Chris Hani is now moving
Thabo Mbeki, kanene, during the struggle managed to get two degrees. And Chris Hani was bothered by this. Bubumene-mene nyhani
in SA Chris Hani was assasinated in the run up to free elections. It was a bloody scary time. Trump is reckless.
Why are APLA cadres still in prison,when Chris hani's killers are free
Chris Hani died on the 10th of April 1993. Shot in his driveway after coming from the shops to buy a newspaper.
so much fun! I want to be in your class. Everyday/is perfect then. About Chris Hani, ANC in South Africa, early 90s.
Jesus didnt die for me, Biko did. Hector Peterson did. Chris Hani did. Mandingaqhelwa
but they didnt listen ,the same they didnt listen to Chris Hani in 1969.They now currently self destructing...
I think part of Chris Hani's concern about Mbeki and other ANC leaders who were living in luxury is contained in 'Hani Memora…
Chris Hani warned us about the Zuma and the MKV's of this country, who will turn the peoples victory into their own
I get so angry when I think of what the apartheid government did to Steve Biko and Chris Hani, just to name a few.💔
The is Zuma and his mob, the blind followers who can't tolerate criticisim. The kind Chris Hani warned us
put this coward with the likes of Chris Hani,Solomon Mahlangu & ask yourself how did he survive gwala ndini
lelo gwala lelo,imagine a weak man like him coming from the same unit that produced the likes of Chris Hani,how he survived?
Tracheo esophageal fistula operations are done at Chris Hani baragwanath paediatric surgery department, I work at bara,
Chris Hani mall buying some meat to braai.
CEO at Chris Hani hospital, Dr Sfiso Maseko says they are working with other stakeholders to improve security at the hospital
Public Service and Administration Minister Ngoako Ramathlodi says he is satisfied with the conditions at Chris Hani hospital
DPSA Minister and his deputy, conducted unannounced visits at Chris Hani hospital, Maponya Mall and at Moroka police station
DepMin A Dlodlo visiting the maternity ward at Chris Hani hospital to *** service delivery challenges.
There's that letter from cde Chris Hani warning about the careerization of politics, seems that's what's hot in the streets now doe
Bram Fisher, Oliver Tambo, Steve Biko, Chris Hani & Nelson Mandela -what would these gentlemen observe re:SA 2016?
We still don't know who killed the former SACP secretary-general Chris Hani.the former S.A apartheid government or the British Intelligence?
Growing up, in contrast entails you realizing that the likes of Steve Biko and Chris Hani actually made more sense.
giving back at the Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital.
And our winner came from our host school Chris Hani Secondary School. Congratulations.
DA Chris Hani Constituency donating toys and hotdogs at the Philani Clinic for
MEC & Bill Gates at the mortuary section of Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital for the the CHAMPS programme
Happy Mandela Day everyone. If only Tata waited 67 minutes for Chris Hani to make it to the negotiations...
We underway @ Chris Hani Secondary for the StarSaver 9th Annual Launch with our ambassador
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Traffic lights out: Corner of Chris Hani Rd and Patrick St.
In Diepkloof on Chris Hani Road east expect delays from the Baragwanath hospital towards Southgate
You are an *** if you think the Greats like Chris Hani, Robert Sibukwe, Solomon Mahlangu died for just a right to vote &…
I always feel like shedding a tear when I watch the story of 1994.SA *** 4rm far God once brought us a leader RIP Chris Hani and RIP MADIBA
We still remember Chris Hani, like we still remember Sharpville, like we still remember Marikana, Steve Biko,...
I listened to Wololo properly today. Black Jesus, Kinte Kunta & Chris Hani died for this!!!
I remember the days when Chris Hani, Peter Mokaba, Harry Gwala & Mam Winnie would walk into burning townships & there w…
it difficult for me to understand why people like Sebokwe Chris Hani Winnie and other fighters they dnt hv clear reorganization
whether he go or stay it makes no difference. SACP DIED WITH CHRIS HANI, Blade and Buti Manamela killed the organization
its getting worse! Last month me and baas saw same thing on chris hani!
Chris Hani warned of such, and he paid the price.
"Sobukwe was killed for land. Chris Hani was killed for land. . Mandela went to jail for land. The land is the issue" 🔥.
khayelitsha Chris hani street everything is happening here thanks for the opportunity spokie love your show always
Heavy Road block on Chris Hani Road (Old potch) by Moroka police station both sides.. South People be warned
‘Nurses were asleep when my sister fell’: Lorraine Mashao claims that nurses at the Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic…
Massive roadblock along Chris Hani Road. Metro and SAPS out here, good thing I did not buy some drugs. 😂😭😎
I guess Chris Christie and Newt lost the swimsuit competition.
Sizwe Kondile was best friend and was arrested driving Chris Hani's car.Pikoli attending this morning's cer…
Chris Hani was asking himself how TF did u get here bro?
Alex hosi, Joburg academic, Chris Hani in Soweto, galore pro bono exceptional doctors there!
who killed Chris Hani, Steve Bantu Biko etc. It would be lovely if the other race could answer that. I'm not a racist
pray regularly tGod all evil forces will perish.Tata Mandela,Tata Sisulu,Tata Mlangeni,Chris Hani did not sacrificed forZupta's
I'm sure he has. All that larking about at Mama Matubas brothel on Chris Hani Road must have left its mark on him
Do you know Sebukwe,Chris Hani,Steve Bantu Biko? If yes,why you never mension or even quote them in ur speeches or any where?
Even after the likes of Martin L. King, Malcom X, Chris Hani & Nelson Mandela are gone, da struggle still continues.
Wow spent the whole day in between 2 events at Chris Hani district municipality still dololo blesser. I'm wasting time 😢😢😢
Spending the day at Chris Hani district municipality ❤💪 Being Mommy's assistant
Duarte: "This is the city of OR Tambo...Its the city of Chris Hani & therefore this is an city"
Jun 28 1942 – Chris Hani born. leader of South African Communist Party and chief of staff of Umkhonto we Sizwe, the armed…
How would South Africa look like Chris Hani and Sabelo Phama of PAC were alive. Politicians we are having are so Capitalistic. Nkosi Sikelel
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Limpho Hani never gave go-ahead 4 Chris body to be published. Reeva's father gave go-ahead but media won't publish. .
Media houses not willing to publish Photos but, published Emmanuel Sithole & Chris Hani's dead bodies. .
Phoenix DELAYS between Hannaford Drive and the R102 Chris Hani Road R102 - Eastbound
Last week u/17 Chris Hani prep for township match
They robbed Chris Hani's kids of their father, walking freely out of jail, apparently to die in peace, close to loved ones & not remorseful.
In Chris Hani municipality a new dam is beig built to address the water crisis faced.
Steve Biko, Robert Sobukwe, Nelson Mandela, Chris Hani, Oliver Tambo, Walter Sisulu, Thabo Mbeki - Eastern Cape is the home of the legends.
Hani was "ardent lover of English, Latin and Greek literature" It inspired him. See: https…
For peace process to succeed demands from all who are committed to democracy, the greatest possible unity. Chris Hani 20…
Will all media houses refusing to publish Reeva's photos refrain from showing Chris Hani's photo's after he was shot.
"They must stop coming here,” one angry resident said at the Chris Hani informal settlement
We are shown gruesome pic of dead Chris Hani and now media has developedva conscious over pics
Western Cape Premier Helen Zille embarks on a door to door campaign in Chris Hani informal settlement and Northern Areas of Port Elizabeth
For history syllabus must deal with the likes of Steve Biko, Helen Suzman, Ruth First, Chris Hani etc. Instead of Hitler
Former leader speaks with Chris Hani residents. We are here for CHANGE!
WC Premier on the campaign trail in Chris Hani informal settlement, New Brighton
15:19 T9972 the 15:50 train from Chris Hani to Cape Town has been cancelled due to a defective train set.
Blue wave in Chris Hani settlement. is ready to govern. We CAN win!
Malema: Steve Biko, Chris Hani, Mxolisi Majombosi, all fought for education, that we may be educated. Let us make educa…
They only "merged" in the 1st place for the numbers. They've always had big differences, like chris hani.
door-to-door campaign starts at Chris Hani Informal settlement near New Brighton
I believe we should stop celebrate Hector Peterson! We should celebrate Tsietsi Mashini, Robert Sobukwe, Chris Hani and many more...
Well, Chris Hani and Joe Slovo are dead, many of the principles of SACP died with them.
Those who went to Robben Island and Chris Hani,Steve Biko.That generation pulled down the walls. This generation must build the bridges.
Steve Tshwete, The great Thabo Mbheki and the godfather of the nation Chris Hani
Wether we name our schools after Mama Winnie,Solomon Mahlangu or Chris Hani, it's non of your business! We're happy've got Steve Biko (creator of the black consciousness mvmt), Chris Hani (SA Communist Party leader), Walter Sisulu, Ramphele, etc.
Some of the intellectuals we need to be proud of: like Eskia Mphahlele, Chris Hani, Ahmed Kathrada and Ngugi'. Straight up!
We are reclaiming the legacy of Winnie Mandela, Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe, Nelson Mandela, Steven Bantu Biko, Chris Hani, Solomon.
I was moved by the attendance, reminiscing the speeches of great Mama Winnie, Chris Hani, Mandela
Ooh how I proud I am 2 b alive. "We are reclaiming the legacy of you Mama Winnie Mandela,Steve Biko,Chris Hani.."
Perhaps the steers, mc'd, spur, KFC, chicken licken etc taste better at than those at Chris Hani crossing mall... *sigh*
We are paying respect to people who fought for this freedom,Tata Nelson Mandela,OR tambo,Walter Sisulu,Chris Hani.🙌🙌🙌
Mugabe in my eyes is stil a great man|Chris Hani got asasinatd tryin to save dem|Lets say Grace then,our Father Amen
Soon EFF will hold seminars and lectures to speak about Oliver Tambo, Walter Sisulu, Ruth First, Chris Hani & many of our liberators
I feel so sad for our greats who never saw freedom: Oliver Tambo, Chris Hani, Steve Biko, Robert Sobukwe, A. Luthuli
Jackson Mthembu doesn't know if Chris Hani would agree with an ANC that celebrates anyone who undermines the rule of law like President Zuma
The birthplace of Nelson Mandela, Oliver Tambo and Chris Hani is known to many as the promised land
The NG High Court will hear an application to appeal last months judgment, ordering the release of Chris Hani's Killer.
Tonight on with tribute to the late Chris Hani..Later:Nathi Mthethwa..Don't miss out!
Tonight on from 9pm we pay tribute to Chris Hani with Minister Nathi Mthethwa.
I want to be like Gandhi.Martin Luther King.john Lennon.Steve Biko and Chris Hani...NOT like Jacob Zuma...just GO
Sometimes as SA we need to go to Tata Madiba's ,Chris Hani and Robbet Sobukwe, graves to ask blessings to themwill get Luck
"Samora MacHel with a little Chris Hani". - ...
ANC MPs plz ask yourselves if this is what our fallen comrades(Chris Hani,Nelson Mandela,Walter Sisulu,Joe Slovo)fought for
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Is this the ANC of Oliver Tambo, Walter Sisulu, Raymond Mhlaba, Luthuli and Chris Hani? What happened to that caring movement?
Join us tomorrow "March against the Release of Chris Hani's Killers "
wherever Chris Hani he is he is so embarrassed seeing that his post is occupied by someone like Blade Nzimande
I'm yet to hear Blade Nzimande's comment on the release of Chris Hani's assassin. Is it that maybe he was told to shush by the ruling elite?
Sad Day.The North Gauteng High Court has ordered that Janusz Walus, the assassin of Chris Hani, be freed on parole.
Breaking news. The High Court in Gauteng has ordered that the murderer or killer of the late Chris Hani should be...
Credit given where it's due. Big up to for a big presence on Chris Hani Rd. Even the taxis are behaving.
the unfortunate thing here is Chris Hani was murdered & the white's favourite puppet lived longer.
Did he know anything about Chris Hani's murder.
Chris Hani - "I fear that there are people who have the capacity to eliminate me. I am frightened about what they are planning”
"Popular involvement is the essence of democracy" Chris Hani
They are building a tar road through to Chris Hani's birthplace
hi guys what's happening to your branch in Chris hani voslorus, Ihave been standing in a Que for the last two hours to deposit money
Martin Luther king, Chris Hani Nelson Mandela people really knew de real meaning of freedom n none racist region
Walking out of Chris Hani to kovacs at this time is such a mission 😢
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"If you want peace then you must struggle for social justice" _ Chris Hani .
I was done with this list at when it said Derrick rose was better than Chris bosh smh
Find out and expose who actually put out that hit on Chris Hani.
Orlando and till chris hani hospital will be red
"I was a thoughtful boyand often asked questions about the suffering of our people." Chris Hani
"Nelson Mandela often described Chris Hani as one of the valuable jewels the ANC had in its fold"-Jessie Duarte
We all don't know what Chris Hani would have become post -94. But this is what he said before '94.
spare some money to rehabilitate Old potch (chris hani) next to Thokoza park BRT station
Is that why he snuck in to the bus to Chris Hani's funeral? I mean such deep sacrifice!
No toys for happy meal at chris hani crossing
They talked good of mandela...was something wrong with him?.chris hani was right then bt 4 now critism to anc is spot on
but Chris Hani was though holliest,Politics with hate are so contaminated cause in a democratic world we must interract with
Chris Hani, Bernardine Dohrn and Quincy Jones, backstage at a Janet Jackson concert in NYC 1987 .. Chris turns to Q and says "..."
what EFF is doing is what should have been done long time ago. Thats wat Chris Hani died for, thats wat Peter mokaba believed in
Chris Hani once said, "if the South African media starts writing nice & positive about u as ANC member, u are doing somethin…
Marcus Garvey, Gandhi had positive quotes but saw blacks as inferior so not him. Steve Biko, Chris Hani my number 1 no nons…
Afrikaans is a reminder of how Steve Biko, Msizi Dube, Solomon Mahlangu, David Sibeko and Chris Hani di…
How many times can the same story be told? Why not make a movie about Chris Hani or Walter Sisulu?.
Chris Hani,Oliver Tambo and Tata Madiba they wouldn't have allowed the situation to escalate,a solution would've been found
if we talk about hero's we talk about Steve Bantu Biko, Chris Hani ,Solomon Mahlangu, Tsietsie Mashinini, Winnie Mandela ect.
Samora MacHel with a little bit of Chris Hani
Chris Hani and Samora MacHel are my heroes!!!
We miss you CHRIS HANI ,where are you??
The beautyful ones are NOT yet born. Cry the beloved country of O R, Chris Hani, Solomon Mahlangu...
26 years later. No one ever thought ANC would be such a mess. But Chris Hani knew this before all of us. Money changed a beautiful movement.
What's the difference between MLK and Malcolm X?. What's the difference between Mandela, Steve Biko and Chris Hani?
What the laate Chris Hani feared is exactly what his cdes are doing at the expense of the poor. . His legacy continues being betrayed
Let be honest here ; If Chris Hani was still alive would have never became a president of RSA. . True or False
We need to create a new breed of South Africans who love their country and love everybody,irrespective of their colour. Chris Hani.
Who killed Chris Hani,judging by what is happening in KZN?
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I was exposed to Steve Biko and Chris Hani in South Africa. .
Chris Hani HS on stage at Artscape Opera House for ADE2016
The address is: Chaf Pozi, Orlando Towers, Chris Hani Road and Nicholas Street, Soweto, 2196 - see you there
# I wonder what would Chris Hani said about the ANC leadership taking the movement down the drain.
15:15 T9965 the 17:05 train from Cape Town to Chris Hani has been cancelled due to operational problems.
checked a Chappies wrapper & Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital is no longer than 3rd largest in the world
why havent i heard from u since the incident of rejected virtual voucher at chris hani mall? Has it been forfeited?
You thought that you Won by Killing my Hero,Sir father Chris Hani,and using Mandela to tame all blacks.Hey He is back.see me see Him!
pls note Chris Hani Baragwanath has procured a new MRI to address concerns raised by the caller
We remember the Poor People's Campaign of 1968 & Chris Hani's fight for equality.
what is happening in KZN killing SACP members somebody need to address this issue for the sake of Chris Hani
Did you know? Soweto’s Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital is not the world's 3rd largest :(
How can you explain that the ANC produced Chris Hani, Sisulu, Mandela, Tambo, Goldberg but SA ended up with a Zuma presidency?
its almost an hour now waiting for a chris hani to CPT
Is Soweto&Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital really the world’s 3rd largest?
Chiefs dishing out more hospital passes than the security guards at Chris Hani Baragwanath
can you sort the the trains out or are the folks in the Chris Hani line not important delays and BS
Metroplus on the Kayelitsha train is empty the other carriages are packed and it's still CPT 9987 Chris Hani train 😔
and then your branch manager at Chris Hani branch just showed me a middle finger for complaining
During the death of. Chris Hani , we saw a similar anger .The best thing Zuma must resign .Guptas must go.
They let it come to this.😢 May the spirits of Lilian Ngoyi, Oliver Tambo, Ruth First, Lesetja Sexwale & Chris Hani rise! Al…
Every city in South Africa should have a major street named after Chris Hani, Steve Biko and Oliver Tambo
The same National Party that killed Chris Hani, Steve Biko and Robert Sobukwe is the same organization that formed .
During the times of the greats, Nelson Mandela , Chris Hani , Steve Biko etc, it was never about greed. It was about freedom
maybe this time she was in labour pains at Chris Hani — listening to Stronger
Steve Biko, Robert Sobukwe, Solomon Mahlangu, Hector Peterson, Chris Hani were all killed like monkeys!! We dare not forget
If politics are/were not to be mixed with race, definetly Steven Bantu Biko and Chris Hani would still be alive. Don't you think so
Chris Hani, and Winnie Mandela never had t-shirts to distribute in the struggle...
will we ever see a day where its, Walter Sisulu,Chris Hani,Sol Plaatje,Helen Suzman,John Langalibalele Dube remembrance walk?more.
Seeing some good young talent coming through at Chris Hani in Khayelitsha already
Steve Biko, Chris Hani they were killed fighting 4 freedom of black ppl by apartheid government. Zwelithini
Like what the senior ANC members did to radical politicians such as Chris Hani and Sabelo Phama, they should have...
Author : Chris Hani. # Opening Statement of the Deputy President of the ANC, Nelson Mandela, at the meeting with...
a big bill board fell on top of a bakkie on Chris Hani Road near Baragwanath Hospital
no. This is my home. If Nelson Mandela or Chris Hani or Oliver Tambo left we'd probably still be living under apartheid.
I've been taking time to study South African history, the people, the likes of Robert Sobukwe, Chris Hani and Mandela as well but Mandela???
Hi Sihle we are in Chris Hani Road. We are in Diepklook. If you see Bosch signage, we are in the same yard.
Nov 1, 1987: Chris Hani is appointed as the new chief-of-staff of Umkhonto we Sizwe, to succeed Joe Slovo.
On this day 1987 Chris Hani succeeded Joe Slovo as the head of the SACP
Lastly, if local heroes would be included in the names, not just the popular Oliver Tambo and "Chris Hani for example. Bantu Biko is an +
Oh my, If Samora MacHel, Chris Hani, Oliver Tambo Jomo Kenyatta and Rwagasore had been alive.
Hello @ team! Is this T9563 the Cape Town to Chris Hani train? Or to Kapteinsklip? Your feedback is appreciated
Capitalists killed Chris Hani, Steve Biko & many other great men&women. "They don't build great men, they only kill great men" ~ Jah Cure
I've never seen office of a white person decorated with Pictures of Robert Sobukwe, OR Tambo, Chris Hani or Steve Biko.. Ndiyazithethela
"If the ugly girl at the bar starts looking sexy, you have had enough drinks, leave" -Chris Hani
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Anyone know of a place where I can do an ear piercing at Chris Hani mall?
CODESA discussion lead to death of my Comrade chris-HaniANC selling the countries economy to Colonies
do u think in ur sober mind that Chris Hani spend 27 yrs in the bushes 4 u to tarnish the ANC the way u r?
An inspiring & informative WeCan24 session with the Chris Hani High School pupils :)
SA: Nkalakatha hitmaker Mandoza is now recuperating at his Pimville home after he was rushed to Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital.
Keko Chris Hani "Even car guards know whats trending in the east yi bozza yam!!!
Spending with the kiddies at Chris Hani Baragwanath Children's Ward!of a queen …
Chris Hani was only 25 when he led the Wankie Campaign - infiltrating ANC guerrillas through Rhodesia back into South Africa.
Anyone gets the feeling that Chris Uhlmann is pitching for a job with
Chris Uhlmann seems to think Abbott deserves sympathy. Nope, nope, nope.
I think Denzel Washington should consider acting Chris Hani. They look alike.
Chris Hani interview before assassination: "I will not be part of blacks oppressing whites, that is not the path of reconciliation"
The world's biggest hospital is the Chris Hani - Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto.
I cannot believe what a cringing Tory Chris Uhlman is. Just a toadying hack
This is just one for Chris Hani. I'm done
Chris Hani's last interview, kept in the archives, has been released >
"Progress in reconciliation will not run smoothly and conflict will erupt." Chris Hani's last words |
Hani's lost last words heard: Three days before Chris Hani's assassination on April 13 1993…
Chris Hani's last words are heard for the first time | REA KHOBANE.
One day, I hope we get to engage on what I can only descrie as the martyrdom of Steve Biko and Chris Hani. Open mindedly
The election of to head the LP is like electing Chris Hani to lead the anc after marikana. we wish him well.
Leaders like Chris Hani got killed because they refused to be the face of neo-colonialism
Just wonder how much of South Africa is owned by the Guptastendencies..Mandela nd chris hani rollin in their graves
27 Sept 2015 catch me performing at mfuleni behind Chris hani hall R15 gets you in
our Kids read about Chris Hani & Mandela, what about Sabelo Pama & Robert Sobukwe? South African history is a hogwash 😔
I wonder where our country would be if Chris Hani had never been assassinated and became president instead of Mbeki...
The people's advocate Dali Mpofu with Chris Hani during the struggle times... But ?
I am going to wear Winnie Mandela,Chris Hani, and this one
not Nelson Mandelas face, white ppl will never do that. Maybe Juju, Winnie, Harry Gwala or even Chris Hani u stand a chance
The front of the T-shirt shows a picture of the late Chris Hani and slogans for BDS and the Young Communist League of SA
The T-shirt had the logos of BDS S. Africa, the Young Communist League of South Africa & a picture of our struggle icon, comrade Chris Hani.
So do you criminalise the support of Palestine? Nelson Mandela n Chris Hani made their views clear on the issue.
So where was Chris Hani when they were making those deals/compromises behind the scene?
They killed Biko First now Taylor. Same People. Chris Hani. Now Taylor. Black Man you're on your Own!
Ask him who killed JF Kennedy, Dr Luther or Chris Hani for me and allow me to hear his weaving craft😊😊
Chris Hani is so packed okare ke month end
Chilling at Chris Hani Mall waiting for ma *** We going to party hard
Helen ZIlle remember that you benefite from the system that assassinate Steven Bantu Biko, Chris Hani Andre Zondo & Slomon Mahlangu & others
Chris Hani crossing is always full nayo aii😒
And they gave me flowers as a token of appreciation and I blushed,thank you Chris Hani Art School for your...
Chris Hani quote: The perks of a new government are not really appealing...
1. After the murder of Chris Hani, his position had to be filled. Women had a candidate. Heavy caucusing.
His sin is bumping a white man s car boksburg is doing the repeat of chris hani
is spending her day at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in her
Chris Hani-Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto, Joburg is the largest acute hospital in the world, with 2964 beds
Doing some charity work at Reach for a Dream foundation At the Chris Hani Baragwaneth hospital 󾭞󾭞😇 all kinds of...
Born Martin Thembisile Hani, Chris Hani was the leader of the SACP and chief of staff of Umkhonto we Sizwe
Dropped off the car at Nissan Alberton, now at Chris Hani crossing for breakfast with friend...then work. ...# Entrepreneurship is the way
Woohoo it's 😊👏 so excited to party with the kids at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital later!
The Grade 11 History and Xhosa learners visited the Chris Hani Museum on Wednesday. The UK exchange students joined us.
Several players will trade boots for slippers tomorrow at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital. Support with us!
If comrade Chris Hani was not shaken by his marked grave in exile why must be shaken by concocted charges.
There's an answer we'll find a way to make Chris Hani, Oscar Mpetha, Harry Gwala, Joe Slovo & others to smile.
Is this ANC the same party of great leaders such as Nelson Mandela, OR Tambo, Walter Sisulu, Joe Matthews, Chris Hani, Kgalema Motlanthe?
can't believe this has become acceptable behaviour. Chris Hani wasn't shot for this! Lol
MK engaged the SANDF in the "Wankie" Operations which were led by Chris Hani in around 1968. After that angazi nami
: Due to a technical problem btwn Kuyasa & Chris Hani the Line btwn Khayelitsha & Chris Hani is closed. Buses will operate
: Allow extra travel time due to a technical problem between Kuyasa and Chris Hani and speed restriction.
Reports of loose overhead wire between Chris Hani/Kuyasa. Delays expected -allow for additional travel time
If we are not united , how can we produce leaders like Fedel Castro, Chris Hani, Steve Biko,CIC Samora, Oliver Tambo
FOMO nje "I was 1 when they shot Chris Hani but it makes me so angry."
Kanti there is a burger king ko soweto on chris hani, was surprised when i saw it on sunday
17:29 T9959 the 16:20 train from Cape Town to Chris Hani delayed due to a faulty train set.
:( Chris Hani took a bullet for this Me: *sexting* "mmmh what are you wearing?". Xhosa chick: "impahla, sundibuza ikaka wethu"
Mantashe addressing Chris Hani branches in front of the Regent Hotel, East London
I descend Chris Hani, when I'm rapping Gidani like this a rally I'm running
hi this morning at Vosloorus Chris Hani, the lady said its unlikely that they would replace my money.
Long live the spirits of Chris Hani and Joe Slovo.
with all due respect to Chris Hani, what does he have to do with the Navy?
: To commuters of T9911 - 05:05 - to Chris Hani is delayed due to section on T9715
dude I hate them, one site said "history should forget the likes of Malcom X and Chris Hani"
Is this is the moment to crush snake head? Remember imbeciles said snake heads must be crushed during Chris Hani commemoration.
Ntwana, That's not what Chris Hani died for.
Chris Hani respected likeminded organization even they're at opposite ends
Nzimande is very afraid of the EFF because they are much aware that EFF is occupying the space left by the Chris Hani’s SACP
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Karl Marx,Chris Hani nd Kwame nkrumah must b turning in their graves cos of fake communists like Malema,Blade nd his SACP
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