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Chris Hani

Chris Hani, born Martin Thembisile Hani (28 June 1942 – 10 April 1993) was the leader of the South African Communist Party and chief of staff of Umkhonto we Sizwe, the armed wing of the African National Congress (ANC).

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Robert Mugabe represents the last of a dying breed.. A breed that brought us the likes of Thomas Sankara, Julius Nyerere, Patrice Lumumba, Stephen Bantu Biko, Robert Sobukwe, Amilcar Cabral, Chris Hani and many more.. Most of you will only realise 20years from now the depth of Mugabe's contribution to the survival and progression of Zimbabwe and Africa at large..
Chris Hani's memorial lecture it's today at Kanyamazane Community hall 18:00. Come and listen to the Secretary of the ANC Cde G Mantashe
"We are a nation in mourning. Our pain and anger is real. Yet,we must not permit ourselves to be provoked by those who seek to deny us the very freedom Cde Chris Hani gave his life for"
We will be remembering our immortal revolutionary Chris Hani @ OR Tambo hall Mthatha today @ 10am with Cde Solly Mapaila leading us. Azishe
Just do it for Cde Chris Hani, VOTE ANC I was walking past Church Square...I saw these few boers with long beards ...with posters written : " FREE CLIVE DERBY LEWIS".And when I was asked by the ANN7 reporter about my assertions.I simply told her that He should stay there in prison and be comfortable...Chris Hani is no more bcz of him.
Minor altercations between supporters of Derby Lewis and Chris Hani at Church square.
Group of racist whites are gathered at Church square with the placards read "free Deby Lewis" one of Chris Hani's killers
De ruling party is realisng Clive-Derby Lewis who assassinated our future president Cde Chris Hani if we can dwell deep & ask ?ns.
"EFF have no way forward except replicating the Freedom Charter"-Cde Mbalula on Chris Hani lectures
Former president Nelson Mandela led the nation when Chris Hani was assassinated 21 years ago on Thursday, Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe said...My friends what does this tell us about Mandela and ANC??? This is a very interesting topic to engage on
Propaganda and emotional blackmail by a bunch emotional black males must stop now...SACP has an entire campaign that read Do it for Mandela VOTE ANC, Do it for Chris Hani VOTE ANC...whats with the guilt trip! My love and memory of Mandela, Chris Hani, Robert Sobukwe, Biko and the likes propels me to NOT VOTE for this version of the ANC...the principles and tactics are shameful...the ANC has threatened the financial security of the society of people living off social grants, saying if they "vote for the opposition they are stealing from government"...desperate measures that must be seen as such as we chant down fear being spread through bullying tactics...
I remember blade and his silence over WSU 6 weeks strike "Video | Blade Nzimande remembers Chris Hani
I remember Blade and a black bag with money "Video | Blade Nzimande remembers Chris Hani
you can't compare Blade Nzimande opportunist with Chris Hani,when real fighters was in exile Blade was attending school 2day he claim
How did SACP go from having fearless leaders like Chris Hani to people like Blade Nzimande?
I was was watching Chris Hani's commemoration ceremony earlier today and I couldn't stop shaking my head... Blade Nzimande... Jaa nee... Chris Hani's name must be respected - The current leaders of ANC do not deserve to even call his name because they do not represent even one single value he lived for!
Its not befitting for Blade Ndzimande to talk about the late Chris Hani because Blade does not represent what Chris stood for, qha qwaba!
Blade and his provocative rhetoric missiles!"Blade Nzimande hijacks Chris Hani event: by
Shocking?! Not the first time "Blade Nzimande hijacks Chris Hani event
The event to mark the 21st anniversary of the murder of SA Communist Party and ANC leader Chris Hani degenerated into an electioneering circus when communist party boss Blade Nzimande used it to attack his political rivals. While Cosatu and ANC leaders emphasised the need to bring about unity in Cosatu, following ANC deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa’s intervention, Nzimande struck a jarring note by warning against worker leaders who had no qualms about walking away from the alliance. In a veiled reference to the supporters of embattled Cosatu General Secretary Zwelinzima Vavi in metal workers’ union Numsa, Nzimande said such leaders were “playing directly into the hands of unbridled personal and factions ambitions” of the DA and the EFF by campaigning against the ANC and calling on workers to abstain from voting. Hani was slain by rightwingers in 1993 in front of his Boksburg home, forcing the apartheid government to speed up transition talks and declare a date for the first democratic elections o ...
Can that man just sit down "Blade Nzimande hijacks Chris Hani event: by
As he always does!"Blade Nzimande hijacks Chris Hani event: by
What does Chris Hani have in common with Blade Nzimande as SACP leaders?
My Life An Autobiography Written In 1991 Chris Hani, born on 28 June 1942, in Cofimvaba, Transkei. General-Secretary of the SACP since December 1991 and ANC NEC member since 1974. Matriculated at Lovedale, 1958; Universities Rhodes and Fort Hare - 1959/61, BA Latin and English. Joined ANC Youth League 1957. Active in Eastern and Western Cape ANC before leaving SA in 1962. Commissar in the Luthuli Detachment joint ANC/ZAPU military campaign 1967, escaped to Botswana, returned from Botswana to Zambia 1968, infiltrated SA in 1973 and then based in Lesotho. Left Maseru for Lusaka in 1982 after several unsuccessful assassination attempts. Commissar and Deputy Commander of Umkhonto we Sizwe, armed wing of ANC. Chief of Staff, MK 1987. The following brief autobiographical account was written by Comrade Chris Hani in February 1991: I was born in a small rural town in the Transkei called Cofimvaba. This town is almost 200 kilometres from East London. I am the fifth child in a family of six. Only three of us are st ...
The fake communist called Blade Nzimande has promised Durban University Technology (DUT) students (via SASCO) that if students vote for the ANC in the forthcoming general and provincial elections, the ANC government will give each student a free tablet. I wonder how? Because the very same ANC promised teachers a free laptop before the 2009 general and provincial elections, but it failed to deliver. The very same ANC government is failing to fullfill its promises of "free education". Students are financially excluded in a number of university. So how will the ANC government deliver free tablets to students? These are extreme and dangerous lies that Nzimande and his crew are making. By the way today is 10 of April, the day we lost a very dedicated political activist and committed revolutionary of our struggle for liberation, Chris Hani. May his soul rest in peace!
Blade Nzimande is busy desecrating the legacy of Chris Hani. How do we even allow a traitor to speak on Hani's legacy?
It's a shame that teachers leave pupils unattended to campaign for a political party under the pretext of going to listen to Chris Hani's commemoration speech by Blade Ndzimande. Chris Hani died 21 years ago, not today. Why is it that this government in the year of elections allow teachers to go to this event, why does this government gamble with the future of our children? Teachers in some of the schools in Soshanguve have left the pupils unattended to go and listen to Blade Ndzimande. This is a shame, even Chris Hani must be turning in his grave.
Only 2 days NEC members of the ANC intervened in the Cosatu debacle and agreement was reached to cease fire for a month, Blade today used the Comemorial event of the late Chris Hani to attack Numsa. Where his pholophical vanguard of the working class? Is he expecting the Numsa to fold its arms and be quiet? Blade we want unity in this federatio not sowing division amongst workers. Chris noba uyagungqa kweladlaka!
Dear MR. Blade Nzimande lets stop using events like Chris Hani memorial to settle political issues. we went to be remembering the greatness that Chris Hani was. Please do not be address ANC issues, that was not the place or time!!
Dr Blade Ndzimande highlighted in his speech, Chris Hani commemoration, that DA is a Hipoctratic ,white captle nd miniority party... hayi kunzima ...
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... Blade Nzimande has turned Chris Hani's Commemoration into a ... what an insult to our fallen hero.
I'm also watching, ae, this old cadre is making a fool of himself, in the name of Chris Hani! Banna!
Dear Comrade Chris Hani... Let’s talk frankly about the last 21 years by ONKGOPOTSE JJ TABANE .
this is no Chris Hani commemoration it an ANC manifesto. why not show oscar trial instead?
I stress exercising your right to vote because FREEDOM was not free. *Remembering Chris Hani Today*
watching the Chris Hani Commemoration and I'm quite disgusted with the way its turned into an election campaign... Its sick
:1993 Chris Hani, the SACP secretary-general, is assassinated.
Chris Hani Commemoration turning into an election campaign :/
Blade Nzimande is bizzing campaing abt de ANC,,Dis is nt time to campaign, is time to remember chris hani.
Lest we forget the commander in chief Martin Thembisile Chris Hani
I'm listening to Blade Nzimande fo chris hani legacy but he s abusing hani s legacy ! Shame on u poor blade
is exactly why communist exists...he is a sell out in the face of & doesn't represent Chris Hani in anyway whatsoever™
Chris hani commemoration in elspark.the gs of the sacp on the podium
Premier Nomvula Mokonyane pays tribute to the SACP stalwart, Chris Hani at the Summit
frm my point of view Chris Hani was used & sold to be killed"What Hani represented is totall y different frm what we see Now"
Comrade Chris Hani never walk away Mr nzimande but you killed him. Malema didn't walk away, you chase him away like a dog. If he get killed we all know who will be responsible.
9 days before his assassination Cde Hani said South Africa faced a new enemy n a new struggle. Long live the fighting spirit of Cde Chris
SA remembers life and times of Chris Hani Thursday 10 April 2014 08:21 Mahlatse Gallens Chris Hani was gunned down in April 1993, just a year before the first democratic elections. (SABC) The South African Communist Party (SACP) and its alliance partners, the African National Congress and the Congress of South African Trade Union, will commemorate the 21st anniversary of the death of Chris Hani at his burial site in Ekurhuleni on Thursday.
Blade Zimande would I be wrong to say he's deviating from the theme of the day which is remembrance of Chris Hani...wondering
I wish Nel and Roux can team up and Re-open Chris Hani's case
Blade cleanly avoids to acknowledge Cde Vavi at the Chris Hani's Commemoration and yet He shouts unity how Ironic?
The City of Ekurhuleni commemorate the life of the fallen hero, Chris Hani.
He's goina talk more about Zuma/Anc more the He will about Chris Hani...
Here we have Blade Nzemande pushing ANC agendas at the Chris Hani commemoration.
Chris Hani Commemoration Live on TV Let us listen to Oom Blade Nzimande's political spin.
Channel? "Lemme watch the Chris Hani 21st anniversary commemoration..."
So Blade Nzimande uses the commemoration of CHRIS HANI to canvas votes?? Hani must turning in his grave!
No, i am not going to behave like a lady when i'm hungry. I am going to eat this much pap, and no, when you take me on a date i will not eat salad, i am going to eat proper food and if i'm not full, i will order another meal. Because i'm not in a habit of starving myself for honour of being called a lady. When i'm hungry i will eat until i'm fully satisfied. Chris Hani and Steve Biko did'nt die for me to starve myself in a democratic country.
Today we commemorate Cde Chris Hani, Chris Hani Rec Hall, 16h00. ANC barets will be sold @ R120
Nzimande says let's vote for the ANC in honour of Chris Hani. TYN featured in NBC s Science of Love
10 April 2013 marks the twentieth anniversary of the tragic assassination of Chris Hani, a legendary…
South Africans pay tribute to Chris Hani - assassinated today, 21 years ago.
Nzimande: Chris belonged to both the SACP and the ANC. No contradiction in being a leader across the three organisations.
Lemme watch the Chris Hani 21st anniversary commemoration...
Cde Blade Nzimande, General Secretary of SACP is now live on SABC 2 commemorating the 21st Anniversary of the Death of Cde Chris Hani...
CHRIS HANI : On why he did not want to go into a future government!. "The perks of a new government are not...
This Martyr Chris Hani must be commemorated better other than Political Talk Show in his Name.At least Chris Hani Centre of Excellence. SACP
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MT Manamela: Today Chris' name is remembered sometimes to spite SACP. Those who say SACP is not Hani's party …
On the day Chris Hani was being laid to rest, my Mother had just given birth to my lil Sister at a Hospital (cont)
Dlamini: We are also happy that this is happening on Chris month.
Remembering Thembisile Chris Hani...been 21 years already! We salute him!
Blade Nzimande abt to speak at the comemoration of Tembisile Martin Chris Hani
" South Africa is bigger than all of us." Chris Hani
Today we remember in SA history - Chris Hani South African Communist Party leader was assassinated
ANC keeps saying we must do it for Madiba and Chris Hani, why dnt they say it straight that we must do it for Zuma bcs that's what they want. Why dnt Zuma do it for them and step down or do it for the ppl of South Africa
Well, even though everybody is so taken by the Oscar, 2 minutes of your day to think about Chris Hani's assassination 21yr…
Thinking how much better South Africa and the rest of the continent would have been had Chris Hani not been assassinated.
In the words of Limpho Hani, the wife of the late Chris Hani. "I would rather talk about Chris Hani as a husband, not the politician. Things have changed over the years and people have changed too, things are no longer the same". What do you make of this statement? Why would Limpho want to distance her late husband from the current SACP, 21 years after his death, what is it that has changed? Sitting next to her, why was Blade Ndzimande obviously felt so uncomfortable when Limpho said the above? I conclude, Limpho Hani, would never vote for the current government, because things are no longer the same, things changed and people changed too.
Still moved by the memory of Chris Hani. This extract from (Brent Meersman) is part answer
"We need to create a new breed of South Africans who love their country and love everybody, irrespective of their colour” Ch…
I have an irrevocable reverence for those who sacrificed their lives for freedom.Chris Hani,gone but never forgotten
Chris Hani was killed by thse who wanted to drag us to a military. battlefield,but we successfully drew thm to the battlefield of the ballot
"Some of us cried when Chris Hani fell at Dawn Park.Cde Chris would have cried at Marikana."
21 years later to the day I wonder how different SA would have been if Chris Hani was alive.
15 years today since the assassination of Chris Hani ... In school they didn't teach me about the…
Long Live The Legacy of Thembisile 'Chris' Hani who was killed on this day 21 years ago
Cde. Limpho Hani, daughter also in attendance in the commemoration of Cde. Chris. He'll be remembered for being the finest revolutionary
Today in History: Chris Hani, the SACP Secretary-general, is assassinated
In a more weird than laughing manner, nothing's this funny. We know more about the than Chris Hani.
April 1993, Chris Hani Secretary General of SACP and Chief of staff of the Umkhonto we Sizwe was ***
Chris Hani: Remembering & honouring a true Fighter who inspired me
"If you want peace then you must struggle for social justice" - R.I.P Chris Hani (28 June 1942 – 10 April 1993)
Remembering Comrade Chris Hani, we shall never forget
Gerrie Nel the one to put Chris Hani's killer's in jail. Sorry Oscar, its late for you son.
Chris Hani would be shocked if he had to hear that someone like Blade Nzimamde supposedly continues his legacy today.
My inspiration in struggle has been OR Tambo,Chris Hani,Winnie Madikizela Mandela,Alija Barayi,Mangaliso Sobukhwe,Govan Mbeki ,Jay Naidoo,Peter Mokaba,Frank Chikane,Beyers Naude,Alan Boesak then Nelson Mandela. They all have one think in common,they never gave us their backs,they guided us with great intergrity.They have been parents,brothers,sisters and our comrades.We miss this spirit in our Society.
I'm in a shopstewards council en de msg is to go out der en vote correctly.also we r commemorating our Hero Chris Hani hu was murdered at de same month with our Lord en Saviour Jesus Christ. Wat a coicidence?
SA Communist Party Secretary - General Chris Hani is shot dead in the driveway of his Boksburg home. May his soul rest in peace.
Chris was an honour to serve under you as an MK soldier.
21 years ago my greatest leader of our time was assasinated on this day "Chris Hani",may his soul rest in peace! Neva foggorten..
long live the spirit of Comrade Chris Hani!
Attending a 21st Commemoration of the late Martin Thembisile Chris Hani .tshi!
Today 21 Years ago Chris Hani was assinated... As we go on in his remembrance.
You can separate the late Comrade Chris Hani from the SACP if you are normal or in your senses just as you cannot separate the late Mandela from the ANC. The two comrades were part of the collective in these organisations. They led and were guided by the policies and principles of this movement. It is therefore opportunistic and stupid to try and speak about them outside the movement they committed their lives to. All those who continue criticising this movement especially the SACP have always seen it as a threat to their selfish and narrow political interests. Today as predicted by SACP , they are now outside in their new political homes and yet singing praises to these leaders and not their own. History has a way of repeating itself and harshly dealing with the enemies of revolutions like ours. Down with the traitors
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“I’ve never wanted to spare myself because I feel there are people who are no longer around and died for this struggle. What right do I have to hold back, to rest, to preserve my health, to have time with my family, when there are other people who are no longer alive – when they sacrificed what is precious: namely life itself”. Chris Hani. Eish Chris.only if you were still see ukuthi abo Blade benzani.but rest assured we will continue to be like you Chris Hani. Long Live the undying and resilient spirit of Chris Hani Long Live
long live the fighting spirit of Comrade Chris Hani...long live!!
We remember Comrade Chris Hani for the sacrifice he made for our freedom.
On This Day DurinG the year 1993 Chris Hani was KilleD...Not A GooD story to tell!!!
The spirit of Cde Chris Hani is with us as we are prepared to defend the hard gained democracy. Long live Thembisile Hani long live!!
“We need to create the pathways to give hope to our youth that they can have the opportunity through education and hard work to escape the trap of poverty.” Remembering my Comrade Chris Hani have much respect for this comrade"
We remember our hero Chris Hani...may everybody involved in his assasination never find peace
Chris hani was killed on this day it been 21 years since he died South Africa was robbed a true peace khomanisi
Here is a short history about one of the honorouble leaders Chris Hani: 1. He was born in Thembisa on the 28th of June 1942 2. At the age of 15 he joined the Anc 3. He showed his militant of the protest against bantu education Act 4. Following his graduation he joined the Umkhonto we sizwe(MK) 5. In 1963 he went to exile in Lesotho 6. He recieved a military training at the soviet Union
Scrolling down my home page all i see is gruesome bloody pictures of either Chris Hani shot in the head or Reeva Steenkamp shot in the head. Its so unfair that people have to force you to see these things when some of us are very sensitive to such i mean cant a person share a link or something if they have the urge to publish. I mean if i can be disturbed by these i can imagen how a family menber would feel seeing these floating around :((
21st anniversary commemoration of Cde Chris Hani
This is one of those days that I wept uncontrollable when I saw the body of Chris Hani in a pool of blood.I was filled with hatred and anger and the filling is still with me .I think we are failing him by not leading and by messing up
OKAY - out of the closet since yesterday afternoon and again today - watching Gerrie Nel in action - The power of media to inform discourse, dialogue, propaganda, information x Around the world coverage - Just searched high and low for quotable quotes on our hero, freedom fighter, fallen Comrade Chris Hani and just impossible to find xxx how can this be so hard in a digital age
Twenty one years ago today Chris Hani was shot dead. Not a good day for me. I was on my way home after going somewhere with my father in law when I heard on 702 that Chris Hani had been murdered, and police were looking for a white South African (me) of Polish extraction (me) driving a red Ford( me). I spent the day crapping myself, especially as friends cottoned onto this and prank called me.I told them to stop doing that, just now my phone is tapped, they think it really was me, they take me away and skop my tande uit and then say sorry ou, looks like it wasn't you, but I still have no tande.
Long live the spirit of cder Chris Hani Long livewe celebrate his life time
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Nelson Mandela knows what happened to Japtha Masemola and Chris Hani. Mandela is a hero to Rainbow Nation fools, not to me.
Long live the spirit of Chris Hani. As we remember his undying spirit lets ensure that we vote for ANC on 7 May 2014. Amandla
Words are fine but the best tribute we can pay to our fallen freedom fighters like Chris Hani is to try to emulate them, to continue the fight for what is right, to be on the side of the poor at all times, to defend the freedom they fought for, to unite all our people behind the common enemy - greed, corruption, nepotism, racism, sexism, tribalism, xenophobia, homophobia , poverty, inequality ,unemployment, landlessness by targeting the root cause of all these social ills. Long live the fighting spirit of Chris Hani!
21 years ago on this day,the entire country was shocked when we heared the news that Comrade Martin Thembisile Hani well known as Commander in Chief Chris Hani was assasinated by the Polish assasin Janusz Walus;this true leader of the SACP dedicated his entire life for the liberation of the country. Looking at the leadership of the SACP and the current leadership, my heart bleeds as the current leadership has lost its values and have turned into capitalists themselves,the organisation has now become a "toothless dog" ran by opportunists,which Comrade Hani would have disputed and wouldnt have allowed. Its sad how an organisation that had powerful leader,the likes of Joe Slovo,Moses Kotane,Harry Gwala is now in the hands of the former IFP brigade Blade Nzimande who has become a puppet of Zuma,causing factions and sowing divisions in the alliance. One thing we know about Chris Hani,he would have spoken out about Nkandla,Etolls and the current leadership of the ANC if he was still alive. Long live Chris Hani, ...
To the freedom fighter they killed! Your memory lives on is still the ultimate goal which we have still not attained today_ mental poverty has taken over many lifes thus far! Would Zuma be President if you still lived? Dnt think so RIP CHRIS HANI amandla ngawethu
I was reading Blade Nzimande's speech that he delivered at University of Zululand recently. With all due respect to me he does not sound like an academic when he speaks. He has completely lost it. I have tried to compare him to the then SACP Secretary General (Chris Hani) I could not find anything common interms of vision,morals and values. To me he(Blade Nzimande) has lost his credebility in a frankly tereble way.
If you were Chris Hani today how would you rate the government from 1 to 10?
I remember listening on radio news about the death of Cde. Chris Hani. We ran to the streets, asking one another about the truth of the matter. It was unbelievable. I remember telling some comrades that it was not true, it couldn't be true. 'I think subconsciously I was in denial'. Later that night i went to Tumahole, Parys. I watched the news on TV, it was so painful, I cried so much, that those who were with me thought I was sick, 'I don't think that they knew what was going on at that moment' & by the way I was expecting my daughter, who is turning 21 yrs this year. The pain I felt at that moment, superseded the pain I felt when Madiba passed on last year.
Contray to what intellectuals may believe, i still hold strongly on the view that had we persued the total take over that Chris Hani and others advocated, we would have achieved both political and economic freedom. the brutal murder of Chris Hani, should have been a turn around opportunity on the peaceful transition and sunset clause. CODESA was a staged backdoor arrangement that sold us out. We can still do it now, ilelo nalelo bala liphindele lapho lavela khona ngesibhamu. They still have the money and continue to steal from us yet they still say we are corrupt and want to take over government again. abahambe !!!
Where were u on 10April1993 when Chris Hani was gunned down or how old were u?
Long live the undying spirit of the General Chris Hani long live.
Long live spirit of Chris Hani long live. In EFF we're carrying the spear you left & continuing with the fight to better lives of our people
Long live the Militant,Radical and fearless spirit of The former Umkhonto we sizwe CIC And (SACP)South African Communist Party SG,Chris Hani long live.. Down with the current (SACP) South African Capitalist party led by the cosmetical challenged,capitalist called Blade and his crew
Chris Hani, a President taken before his presidency! May your legacy remain with us always! Foward we shall march, to keep your legacy alive! Power to the People!!
may de spirit of Chris Hani live wit us forever morecontinua
Remembering Chris Hani. . . . ... Comrade Chris Hani will remain a source of inspiration to many South Africans. Long live the spirit of Comrade Chris Hani long live!
For me today I remember my brother who would have turned 40 years today. I also remember selfless man who was murdered in cold blood Chris Hani, a leader of our people.
Grand grand it be a Chris Hani day vandag!
I think as society we need to Respect our fallen leader like c'dre Chris Hani, if it ws not for them *** like myself wud not even know opportunities that exist for us to tap in wealth creation, such as JSE commodities, The FOREX markets , these platforms were not knw by black africans, but through their struggle for freedom here. We are today making our own trend line in the economy !!! Nje just my thought 4da day
True leaders do not tell you how it is done but show you how it is done. This was a pure revolutionary spirit embodied in one single man. We remmember you- Chris Hani
Chris Hani International Airport (Cape Town): it's imaginable!!! But is that how he would want to be remembered? Who gets to access that and other airports? The poor?
Salute to Chris Hani, without you & many others like you maybe I wouldn't even be typing this. We owe a lot to you as the black community, your legacy will forever live on.
Today we remember Chris Hani, the Man, devout Catholic, father, the commander of our glorious army the MK, and political activist par excellent. We are Chavez, we are Madiba We are Hani
2day is de day that de lord has made 4 us 2 praise nd 2 worship him starting 4rm 2day until saterday we wil b havin services 4rm 18h00-20h30... God is abt 2 raise, 2 restore nd 2 deal wiith de demonic spirit that is taking over chris hani... rev 19vs17 "come gather togather 4 a gryt super of God" bring all people who a sick,unemployment and if u can bring the dead God is responsible 4 everything... "thank you" ... see u there!!!
Chris hani was murdered on this day,as we are heading to lets remember people like hani nd their sacrifice to our democracy.
I wonder which position would Chris Hani fill in the public office, if he was still alive.
The people I consider as real heroes are Chris Hani and Steve Biko. The two intellects that intimidated the government so much that they had to do something to deal with them accordingly. Mandela betrayed citizens, citizens that were deceived by making them believe that he fought for freedom whereas it was all in the dealings. If we could all remember correctly he was given life sentence imprisonment. But was later mentioned that he'll be released in 90. There are many who also fought against the National Party and state police , but it's him who they said he'll return for freedom to surface. Could that be a mere coincidence?
Do you remember Chris Hani? 21 years today, he was gunned down and South Africa has never been the same since.
"I'm a bit flattered because when your enemy rates you as being dangerous, then you get the felling that you've tried to do your best for the oppressed people." Chris Hani (28 June 1942 – 10 April 1993)
Ok let me be more specific, Nelson Mandela knows what happened to Chris Hani.
The 10th of April Simphoya the LION was born and Chris Hani was assassinated!
I remember this day very well. I was at a tender age and politics were pretty foreign to me. I was in bophuthatswana on a lesotho tennis national team playing mmabatho easter classic tournament. It was a rainy morning and southafricans were singing with passion mzabalazo songs. Sitting in a circle facing away from each other in da rain. I joined them in song. Thats when i learned who Chris Hani was. Thats how I got initiated in the African National Congress. Comrades, please, asinga icamele irevolution. U CHRIS HANI AKALALANGA, U GUCE NGAMADOLO.
I dedicate today's post to the Late Comrade Chris Hani. Not only was he my comrade, he was also my Brother. Missing that precious Political talks and advices he gave me. I also remember that solemn day when he was shot by racist individuals. I stood helplessly close to his lifeless body. Not been able to reverse his Fate. If only they knew that they deprived this Country of a Great leader. A Leader of integrity and great vision. A Leader that I am sure of, would have served us with dedication, Honesty and not forgetting putting his people first. I was fortunate to have been close to him and I can admit that today we will not easily replace the calibre and likes if Comrade Chris. Chris,You will always be remembered and admired for your selfless contribution to the Freedom that we enjoy today. It is unfortunate that many, who did not get to know you, and who have had not had the opportunity to appreciate your Leadership. Long Live your Spirit Comrade, Long Live . Chris Hani, born on 28 June 1942, in Cofimv ...
Catch me in UKZN Howard College after 12h00. PYA Commemorative Lecture of 21 years since the Assassination of Chris Hani -
Remember this day as if it was yesterday on a very cold Saturday morning in Kimberley when there was special TV broadcasts of a lifeless Chris Hani brutally gunned down. Interesting enough he decided to give his bodyguards a rare off that weekend.Was on easter break from school. Where was u
It is morethan 20 years since comrade Martin Thembisile Chris Hani was gunned down. Is it true that our government can't find who was behind the assassination of Chris Hani? What does this tells us about our NIA? Our national intelligence Agency is hiding something or something fishy is within the current government.
Maybe today Chris Hani would be our country's president, JZ would have retired in politics obviously.
Chris Hani Why was he murdered? Why some people where there first on the scene? Did his killers revealed all the truth? Did he know secrets and they did not want him to reveal? These questions are all still unanswered and will never be unless Clive is prepared to share the light. Why a man from scandanavia made sure he was killed.
Long live the Spirit of Cde Chris Hani long live!
Today the best community radio station in ekurhuleni ekfm is celebrating its 2 years birthday, on the side we are celebrating 21 years of remembering Chris Hani a Political activist and stalwart of the liberation struggle,he might not have lived to see the promise of a democratic South Africa, but his legacy lives on 21 years after his untimely death.
On the 10 of april 2day we commemorate de death Comrade Chris Hani killed by agents of Apartheid Goverment, a dadicated Cadre with respect tell me how can i betray his spirit by voting eff.who dnt respect nd have no people's intrest their heart, how can i vote 4 DA who killed people 4 wanting de stupid thing called "freedom" nd are conteneuing fronting Blacks in oder 2get majority votes,no i cnt mine is not secret m voting ANC under de leadership of MSHOLOZI.long live de undiying spirit of CHRIS HANI long live
Today marks 21 years since that fateful day, Chris Hani was assassinated. I can still recall that Easter weekend. The breaking story in news just made shivers to run down in many of us in our spines especially in KZN as violence was at its peak. We saw civil war as unavoidable. Comrades were extremely angry. Despite the preoccupation with defending our communities against IFP warlords now it was clear that the war must go even directly to Boers.everyone was ready to die in what was seen a just war. We were in the precipice. Nelson Mandela's timely televised address disarmed many comrades and it was a decisive intervention, provision of leadership to the extreme at the cusp of what would have became a genocide.
Chris Hani was a communist and was for nationalization and expropriation of land, and was never going to change because of investors, he was going to fight for the emancipation of people through the Freedom Charter, now today we will here from the media and the liers using his name in vain.
Twenty one years ago on this day April 10, our gallant freedom fighter Chris Hani was assassinated by apartheid agents. Aluta continua! Aluta continua!
Chris Hani we remember you. We love you, your humility and uncompromising, fearless, principled leadership will never be forgotten. You were stolen from us, but maybe you were needed in the heavens. We will always remember you- you, our president- taken before your presidency.
1. Nithi asikhohlwe kanjani amabhunu abulala u Chris Thebisile Hani 2. Siyabuza we Mabhunu Ngubani owabulala u Christ Hani simthanda? 3. Uvalo bona bashaywa uvalo (revolution hymns): Long live the Spirit of Chris Hani his blood shed has made this country to get better education, health, houses for all, fighting corruption and build better government for all races/ rainbow nation. Long live Communist. Now is the time, the time is now to move the legacy forward.
In 1993 on this day Januz Waluz shot dead the commander in chief of umkhondo we sizwe Chris Hani
Today we mark and celebrate the 21st-anniversary of the assassination of one of the greatest revolutionary the struggle ever produced commissar Chris Hani. Cde Chris Hani known as Magqabi Tshonyane in MK ranks was a revolutionary intellectual, discipline, loyal and committed member of SACP-ANC, and uMkhonto we Sizwe cadre. He trained in former USSR revolutionary theory and military to fight imperialism. Cde Chris Hani was a devoted communist that lead peoples struggle for a better life for all, he was always the first to lead on issues affecting the community. Cde Chris fought for social freedom and against corruption manifestation in all fronts. He engaged on the independent of the SACP as the political party in alliance with ANC, COSATU. He did not confused his militancy and radicalism with noise, he was not a demagogue, he never say things just to get a cheer, he was always sensitive to popular feelings. Cde Chris was not driven by emotions when he was addressing issues of concern. He was always puttin ...
there is a little Chris Hani in all of us, may his soul rest in peace but his spirit live in us coz aluta continua & its not yet uhuru.
The ANC killed Chris Hani. The story ends there.
As we remember n honour the memory of our hero Thembisile Chris Hani who was brutary murdered by the white suprimacy who were *** bent on not wanting the ANC to lead, pls go out on May 7 n VOTE ANC. Lets pay our tribute to Cde Hani, Andrew Zondo, Msizi Dube and many others whose blood nourished the tree of our freedom ALUTA CONTINUA!
On this day we have lost a soldier who died when the war against apartheid was not over but he was prepared to die for the freedom of South Africans. We lost a true patriot, son of soil, fearless soldier, chief of staff and commander-in-chief. Long live the spirit of the late Comrade Chris Hani. Anniversary#
Comrade Chris Hani, we remain inspired by selfless and fearless struggle icons such as yourself. I report to you that we, your people are not free at all. We remain in poverty and our dignity is heavily bruised. Fortunately you have not died but simply multiplied. We will once again be voting your trusted movement on May 7. We trust that your comrades notice that we are running out of patience and very fast for that matter. Viva ANC of Thembisile Hani viva!
Today we remember n comemorate our legend n soldier chris hani amandla cdr hani
We know who pulled the trigger and assassinated Chris Hani, but who hired Janusz Walus,. Why is it that Janusz Walus, would want to rot or die in jail than telling who it was? I don't think was SA white people because South Afrika has many capable white snipers who would have done a clean job. Why would those behind his murder go and hire a person from Poland to do this terrible job? Those are the questions that still linger in my mind when I think about Chris Hani's assassination.
The harshness of apartheid catapulted a people's movement against oppression. Freedom fighter, Chris Hani was that movement. 'I belonged to a world, in terms of my background, which I think suffered the worst extremes of apartheid'.Chris Hani
Long live de spirit of "Thembisile Chris Hani" who was killed on ds dae 21 years ago!!!
My first vivid memeory of political activity was when my mom bargained with me to stay behind &behave while she went to a Chris Hani rally! Must have been 1991/2 while on holiday at my aunts in Maluti Matatielle. Since then I paid attention whenever I hesrd his name.. Maybe thats why at barely 8years old, I cried when his assassination was announced. & again during his funeral.. RIP Chris Hani.
Thembisile Chris Hani was born in the rural village of Sabalele, in the Cofimvaba region of the former Transkei. He was the fifth of the six children of Gilbert and Mary Hani, and one of the three that did not die during infancy. The name Chris was adopted by him as a nom de guerre, and was in fact the real name of his brother. Chris grew up a devout Christian. Hani was introduced to the politics of inequality early in life, when his father had to leave their rural home in search of work in the urban areas of South Africa. This had a profound influence on the young Chris, who became aware of his mother's struggle to run the household. Like other young men of his age, Chris tended the livestock until he reached school-going age.
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Rerrrbering comrde Chris Hani,remembering his love for his people and country,admiring his courage.A real symbol of true cadreship,a commisar and an advocate of the poor.His blood and that of Solomon Mahlangu should never be in vain.South Africa did not come this far to go nowhere.
Martin Thembisile Chris Hani, the chief of staff of MK & the General Secretary of SACP!! The hero of our ppl & a loving husband to Limpho Hani!!
Long live the undying spirit of Chris Hani lng live...
I honestly find elections campaign that says "Doit for Chris Hani or Mandela" lame and absurd.
So today marks a year of me working here. So unbelievable that a year has passed already. its been a joy. I would like to also remember Chris Hani 28 June 1942 – 10 April 1993
Whilst we feeling sad and remember our fallen struggle Hero Cde Chris Hani, Let me also take dis opportunity and remember da fallen heroes of da boys choir in Rouxville called The Great Singers and these are dose Heroes: 1. Thabo Jeremiah Raleting 2. Mateu 3. Motlatsi Litseho 4 Mabetha Lipholo Other members who are stil alive are: 1. Moleleki Lakes Lekgotla 2. Serame Professor 3. Lentswe Eish. The list is endless. Dis boys choir was one of da best which ROUXVILLE has ever produced.
Long live to the legacy of Chris Hani on this day he was killed,long live!!
Cde. Thembisile Chris Hani NEVER died, he was MURDERED. Long live the spirit of Hani!
A loyal leader of our movement, We are very grateful to once have the son like Chris in our country.
As we commemorate the death of Chris Hani, I'm made to reflect on wat he would make of Blade Nzimande as his successor.
I salute the South African Communist Party for it,s sterling contribution to the struggle for democracy. The memory of great communist like Chris Hani, Moses Kotane, Yusuf Dadoo, Bram Fisher, Joe Slovo and Moses Mabhida will be cherished for generations to come. As Madiba has said " We are heartened by the fact that the alliance between ourselfs and the party remains as strong as it always was."
10th April 1993 10th April 2014. Long live the spirit of Chris Hani!!! He was the real communist. But today the SACP is full of Capitals like Blade Nzimande.
Chris Hani your organization that you loved so much is been led by a moron called Blade Nzimande he's a phd graduate but he talks rubbish according to him Nkadla issue is an white mans agenda against his corrupt boss. Wish you were around Chris
...People insult the likes of Chris Hani and the rest of the True Revolutionaries, by firstly forgetting, then moving on to living in a "rainbow nation", whereby majority is still the poor, resources still in the white man's hands, some in the "leadership" go as far as saying He would have been in parliament by now? is ok, let the fools believe all that bull, we shall always know the enemy and their cunning ways, we shall watch their descendants, who smile with us and yet continue to build onto the works of those before them, and benefitting as we scramble for the breadcrumbs that are "money" they honour theirs, we honour fools...
The images of Tokyo Sexwale at Chris Hani's house after the latter's assassination politicized me.The songs at his funeral stirs s'thing me.
that vid of Tokyo Sexwale crying when Chris Hani was murdered is haunting shem :(
Oscar deserves an Oscar, last time I saw or heard a man cry like that was Tokyo Sexwale when they assassinated Chris Hani back in the 90s!
Thabo Mbheki, Jacob Zuma and Nelson Mandela was a faction which plotted the assassination of Chris Hani, dis administration axed Cyril Ramaphosa and Tokyo Sexwale during the hash time from 1991 to 1994. This faction was broken in 2004 in loggerheads 4 presidency between Mbeki and Zuma, ultimately broken 4 gud in 2007 Polokwane. The reality is COSATU and SACP joined Zuma breakaway of which that where COSATU and SACP lost revolution. The truth is Mbeki and Zuma are both the same as Mandela. The situation has worsen 2day bcos of this faction and administration, the truth is dis administration sold the revolution of OR Tambo. Blade has in Zuma breakaway , Vavi tried to be consistenc but suspended. Numsa seems to be our last hope 2 redirect COSATU , unfortunately SACP is dead which is the one who suppose 2 give clear political guidance. There is no turning back, unfortunately.
De Klerk contributed more to this country than Zuma ever will. Chris Hani is turning in his grave.
His people are Mwalimu Nyerere,Trevor huddleston,Olof Palme,Dulcie September,Chris Hani,Moses Kotane and Beyers Naude to name but a few.
guys do you really think that Peter Mokaba, Chris Hani, Moses Mabida, Moses Kotane would like the alliance of today?
SACP Gauteng Provincial Executive Committee SACP Gauteng Press Alert 04 April 2014 SACP GAUTENG PROVINCE HOLDS THE CHRIS HANI COMMEMORATION BUILD UP RALLY AND REMEMBERS Solomon Mahlangu The SACP Gauteng Province will hold a rally tomorrow, Saturday, April 04, 2014, in Tshwane (Paul Kruger Square) at 09h00. The rally is a build up event towards the commemoration of the 21th anniversary of the assassination on the 10 April 1993 of the late SACP General Secretary Comrade Chris Hani. The event will start with a march from Marabastad Old Bus Depot at 09h00, proceeding up to Kgoshi Mampuru Prison where a memorandum will be submitted. By this action, the SACP wants to send a very strong and clear message, that the cold-blooded murderers of Chris Hani do not deserve and should not be granted parole. The march is a reminder of the last such march led by Chris Hani on the 5th of April 1993 from Sinaba Stadium in Daveyton to Modderbee prison in protest attended by thousands of South Africans to demand the release of ...
Chris Hani District Municipality is hosting a Freedom Day 25km,10km and 5km fun run/walk at the Chris Hani's Birthplace,kuSabalele eCofimvaba on the 26 April 2014.Entries will close on the 18 April.The event is to commemorate Chris Thembisile Hani.See you there mkhaya.
Suspended Cosatu General Secretary Zwelinzima Vavi says the ANC that is running the country is no longer the party of Oliver Tambo, Walter Sisulu, Nelson Mandela and Chris Hani.
In a revolutionary loving memory for Solomon Mahlangu and Chris Hani.
STATEMENT ON THE MONTH OF APRIL: A SPECIAL MONTH IN THE LIFE OF THE ANCYL The month of April has earned the status of being our ‘heroes’ month’, as the ANC led Congress Movement. The month of April in history has repeatedly seen the passing away of such esteemed leaders of the African National Congress as President Oliver Tambo, Chris Hani and Solomon Mahlangu; all of whom were remarkable members of the ANC Youth League. Consistent with this fact, we have over the years observed the passing away of these heroes of the South African liberation struggle in this month of April through various commemorative events, ranging from rallies to memorial lectures. Indeed this year will be no different and these programmes will be rolled out throughout this month. These events provide us as the movement and the country at large with platforms to reflect on the political and social values that these fallen heroes embodied in life and continue to symbolize in death, as we grapple with various challenges of social ...
I remember Solomon Kalushi Mahlangu, Chris Hani n OR Tambo,I shall dedicated my vote on 7th May to these giants of our liberation struggle,
The world's biggest hospital is the Chris Hani - Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto
Sons of Chris Hani, Sons of Oliver Tambo and Friends of Solomon Mahlangu dumelang! # A month of true fighters
Dear Helen Zille and your ppl.Were u all still toddlers when the apartheid govt hanged Solomon Mahlangu,killed Steve Biko and Chris Hani,prisoned Mandela,Zuma and others?If not why do u now care so much about black people when u failed b4 1994?Nna u can brand me a racist if u wish but I will never vote 4 any white person born b4 1994.and apologetic till my heart beats no morefact I don't like u and your movement born of apartheid.
Severe thunderstorms are expected over the O.R Tambo District and eastern parts of Chris Hani and Amatole District this afternoon
Which Nxamalala are you talking about,the one who has digrace the anc of of O.R Tambo.He must step down every one attacks the organization of Luthuli Because of this man.Today the ancyl of Lembede is the youth desk of the anc because of this clueless leader we elected in Mangaung.We must restore the dignity of the anc instead of worshipping corrupt individuals,individuals with no morals.Bangalila ooWalter Sisulu,Goven Mbeki,Oliver Tambo,Alfred Nzo,Wilton Mkhwayi,Pixley kaIsaka Seme,Nkosi Albert Luthuli,Chris Hani,Nelson Mandela,Mfundisi uCalata noRaymond Mhlaba xa beyibona inje I anc yabo.mawubuye umbutho wabantu.
We have seen the likes of our leaders like John Dube,Chris Hani,Lilian Ngoyi,Chief Albert Luthuli,Sol Plaatje,Steve Biko,Solomon Mahlangu,Thabo Mbeki and many more. And the question is who do you see in the present of all leaders of today will make't to be great like those leaders?
Its funny how people talk about Mandela's Lagecy, did the following people not have a lagacy John Dube, KaIsaka Seme, Albert Luthuli, Oliver Tambo, Walter Sisulu, Anton Lambede, Archie Gumede, Herry Gwala, Elias Motswaledi, Chris Hani, Joe Slovo, Peter Mokaba, Sobukwe, Steve Biko, Govan Mbeki I can list so many people who fought and died for this countru
CHRIS HANI still is here with the spirit VIVA ANC , VIVA
I love this picture it took me bak when they killed Chris Hani I was a little gsl yet I remember that day as crystal
With my dear friend discussing the Chris Hani legacy over dinner
At Baragwanath Chris Hani Hospital. Admission ward. With my Mom and Babu Mpophoma. My Aunt just had a stroke.God be with her, heal her from the pain.
I will alway remember Chris Hani,what was fighting for,after his death no one pick up his spear and go forward,but Malema is on the right track,and he need our support to fight for economy.(Blade Ndzimande is a sell-out).
Politics is like evangelism,u have to keep on preaching the word converting the sinners and fighting for the betterment of humanity through every season.U have 2 spend 40 days in the wilderness and travel on a dry throat and with no food until you reach the land of canaan.Steve Biko,Robert Sobukwe,Nelson Mandela and Chris Hani are classical examples unlike this opportunitic fly by night politicians who only want to reach me to fight this demon
ANC Chris Hani Branch Mobilisation Motorcade; Date: 28 March 2014 (2mrw) Venue: Seshego Plaza Time: 5pm All comrades, volunteers and supporters of the ANC around the sub-region are requested to form part of this progressive activity. We must collectively create a buzz and paint Seshego yellow in preparation for the Manifesto Launch on Saturday 2pm. We Have A Good Story To Tell! ANC lives, ANC leads! Amandla!
Together We Move South Africa Forward! Vote ANC on 7th May 2014 in memory of comrade Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, the founding revolutionary of our democracy, and comrade Thembisile Chris Hani, the revolutionary martyr of our struggle for freedom.
Dept Of Health Medical Scholarship In Cuba My dream of being a doctor still alive within me but fear is driving me... 2days to decide Location: n/a, South Africa Closing Date: 31 March 2014 Requirements Certified copy of Grade 12 Certificate or transcripts and academic record. Candidates must have meet University entrance requirements and possess Academic Achievement Level $ on Physical Science, Maths, Life Science and English. Recent laboratory results of the following tests: HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis A,B,C, (Tests done through National Health Laboratory Services and presented in english) Completed serological testing for Hepatitis B comprises the following: Hepatitis B Antigen (HBsAG) Hepatitis B antibody( Anti-BBc) IgM antibody to HBc (IgM anti-HBc)-note IgM antibodies arise in acute infection. No vaccination should be done unless advised by the medical doctor TB Pregnancy Test A full report of medical examination A full report from a psychologist / social worker / qualified counsellor Pass or proof of .. ...
When are they making a movie about OR Tambo/Chris Hani, and stop treating as though they were extras in the struggle.
So guy commenting on Nkandla report on KayaFm, says Chris Hani was walking outside his car when he was shot. Mmkay
why r there so many trains on the Kraaifonyein route since 1700 @ Mutual station yet 2 so far for Chris Hani? Full to Cap!
in 1969 after accusations of nepotism & corruption by Chris Hani, OR Tambo offered to resign. Where is that conscience today?
What happened at Chris hani eff ward 77 is not involved .we are not promoting xenophobia
KG Mall is 1 of the best decorated mall based at township if im nt mistaken is ranked no3 after Maponya Mall in Soweto nd Chris Hani in Vosloorus
The place is almost done !! Chris hani crosing ul neva see me again now ke tlo bloma ko sosh crosing !!
Am I a bad person if I feel no sympathy for Clive Derby-Lewis, who's now an old, sick man? He never felt any for Chris Hani or my country!
Batho Pele in action. I needed that chat I had with committed wonder-people who keep Chris Hani Bara caring. Puts N-word in perspective.
People keep praising mandela,,,mandela this mandela that bt right now (boers /whites people control us through financials till 2day becouse of peace that suggested by mandela truth ll come out abt who killed chris hani the inteligence hero of the struggle who fought by demanding our country back 2 black people,elindele impendulo,umageba
"The Lula Moment".Gumede writes "Numsa split makes a workers’ party a real possibility, but major hurdles exist, writes Carol Paton THE dramatic success of the Brazilian Workers’ Party — Partido dos Trabalhadores (PT) — in reducing inequality and raising incomes has prompted many on the South African left to ask whether South Africa could follow that path. With the possibility of the formation of a Workers’ Party now really on the agenda, following the break of the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa) from the ANC in December, the intellectual debates have a new sense of reality about them. Earlier this week, the Chris Hani Institute, a leftist forum for political debate with ties to the labour movement, brought together a panel discussion involving academics from Brazil and South Africa as well trade unionists, to consider the potential for "a Lula moment" in South Africa. The "Lula moment" is a reference to former Brazilian president Ignacio Lula da Silva, who was a metal wo ...
Bara boss to explain ‘birth gone wrong’: Chris Hani chief committed to responding to claims that staff were ne...
A petition to have folks like you & ur ilk jailed for spewing nonsense all day. Chris Hani was a hero.
Yesterday onroute to Regina Mundi Catholic Church, just after the UJ Campus on Chris Hani Road in Soweto, i...
How do u suppose CDL can be "saved"? He's serving time for killing Chris Hani. U forgot?
Lawyer: Derby-Lewis had to be resuscitated: Chris Hani's killer is in a more serious condition than Correction...
It seems there is a desire by many Africans to remain poor and live in the “comfort” of poverty forever. This, writes WONDER GUCHU, is like the children of Israel who pleaded with Moses to leave them in the comfort of their slavery rather than endure the long walk home to freedom. This, the writer argues, is the case with Malawi and its late President, Bingu wa Mutharika. Leaders of the character of late Malawian President, Bingu wa Mutharika, often never live to see the dream they have for Africa come to reality. A darling of the West and a recipient of aid, Mutharika’s last days were dark because he had taken up the gospel of empowering not only his people, but change the way all Africans think about themselves. This was the same dream that Kwame Nkrumah, Amílcar Cabral, Leopold Senghor, Frantz Fanon, Milton Obote, Patrice Lumumba, Kenneth Kaunda, Samora Machel, Robert Mugabe, Julius Nyerere, Chris Hani, Julius Malema, Martin Luther King Jnr, Malcolm X and many others have all tried to advance. T ...
Clive Derby lewis desrves 2die and rot there in Prison,he masterminded the death of Comrade Chris Hani,the man I respect,my commander then with Transkei Defence Force.His kids are without a Dad,Dimpho Hani is widowed because of him.Whoever stabbed him in Prison did the right thing.
Off 2 Craodock...service delivery, thats what we'r all about.HANI DISTRICT MUNICIPALITY TOURISM UNIT
Jah in this town its DA only which is the political party back to back you find this picture with face of a frontee where is my ANC where is my President,aphi amavolotiya ka Khongolose Benoni is very closed to Chris Thembisile Hani's grave.Uma kungavuka uChris Hani ebone kunje engalila.
I have had the privilege of meeting Chris Hani, Joe Slovo, Nelson Mandela,Juda Tsotetsi , Fono Sibiya, Jerry Sebeko and many other late Comrades . In their name I will be voting ANC on the 7th May 2014.
Why does Derby Clive Lewis has to suffer this much..?? Because he killed Chris Hani ..Get over it already.
Chris Hani DIED. We don't care if he 'nearly' died."Derby-Lewis 'nearly died due to negligence' "
I woke up to prepare for work to go & serve capitalists.Listening to my disc of liberation songs.Song after Song with all the lyrics sang.One realises why it was neccessary to leave the ANC now & not later.The message is clear on all songs.Our ancestors did not die so that today we can still have black people ruled by white supremacy on the economy.Solomon Mahlangu did not die for the Freedom Charter to be replaced by the NDP.EFF is now the only movement that can make the spirit of Kalusha Mahlangu & Chris Hani rest in peace..Alluta Continua.Good Morning..
The communities around the country are telling me the good story of ANC led government and they are firm and bold saying their cross on the 7 May 2014 is for Solomon Kalushi Mahlangu, Chris hani,Nelson Mandela,Walter Sisulu, Oliver Tambo, and many others, then when i go to bed and wake up in de morning my heart and soul says awunamona awunanzondo uyayidumisa i ANC
Clive Derby Lewis,a man who assassinated Chris Hani, was found sopping in his blood after bn virtually stabbed to death by his prison mates, in Pretoria prison yesterday.Drive By Maleka Charles
The best decision made by the speaker of the National Assembly (Parliment) defending the ends of justices and the the Chapter 9 institution (Public Protector's office). Max Sisulu (the son of Walter Sisulu) whom serves as the speaker of the National Assembly of South Africa will appoint an Ad Hoc Commitee that will decide wether to recall (or fire) Jacob Zuma as the president of the Republic the Parlimentry Chief Whip of the ANC has failed on attempts to stop the motion, Zuma is given 14 days to study the P.P report on then reply to parliment and Mbheki's comment was very well welcomed as he said "the corruptional problem within the goverment and ruling party is way beyond than what meets the eye". Its days like these where we remember the words of honourable former president Dr Nelson R Mandela "If the ANC does to you what the apartheid goverment did to you, then you must do to the ANC what you did to the apartheid goverment". As the goverment of today under Jacob Zuma when people protest asking for wate ...
This church remind me, one of the fearless freedom fighters, a solder, a leader an intellectual and a strategist of revolution Comrade Chris Hani. This is where his intellectual capacity developed.
ANC z not de Political Party to Vote for, they're all fully Corrupted n their Leaders ar very far to their Previous Leaders, like the late Dr Nelson Rholihlahla Mandela, Thabo Mbeki, Chris Hani, O.R. Tambo, Walter Sisulu etc they were humbled to give what's best for South African people not dis Rubbish kaZuma.
What time does pick n pay in Chris Hani close ?
Thy sold our land with the blood of Comrade Chris Hani. will get you.
..Nkhensani Kubayi, an ANCWL NEC Member, ANC GJHB REC Member and an MP, is addressing the NEHAWU Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital Branch General Meeting!!! We are on the ground, sivuth'umlilo!!! tirhisana, hi yisa Afrika Dzonga emahlweni!!!
15:01 : T9947 the 14:10 train from Cape Town to Chris Hani is delayed due to faulty points at Cape Town.
Media briefing on Chris Hani Month already underway... Executive Mayor Koyo is unpacking activities that will take place in April
Barry Roux is currently the Rockstar of the Oscar Pistorius Trial, but Prosecutor Gerrie Nel has previously won a case against Roux. Never underestimate this former Scorpions head because: 1. He won a case against Roux when he successfully prosecuted Kempton Park Dentist Dr Casper Greeff for the contract killing of his wife. Greeff received a life sentence. 2. As a junior prosecutor he successfully prosecuted Chris Hani's killers Clive Derby-Lewis and Janusz Waluz. 3. He successfully prosecuted Jackie Selebi for corruption. Gerrie Nel is one of the best prosecutors in Mzansi!!
to participate in the 21st Anniversary commemoration of the late GS, Cde Chris Hani at Boksburg on the 10th April
'Poo protests: People want a council and councillors that listen' By Cde. Jeremy Cronin Globally, more than one billion people now live in informal settlements. In his classic study of this burgeoning reality (Planet of the Slums), Mike Davis documents the many desperate challenges facing the inhabitants of these settlements. Amongst the most dehumanising of challenges is how to deal with (to put it delicately) human waste. It's not a new phenomenon. "In the 1830s and early 1840s, with cholera and typhoid rampant in London", Davis notes, "the anxious British middle class was forced to confront a topic not usually discussed in the parlour." Polite society was shocked into the realisation that millions of fellow Londoners were virtually living in excrement. In nearby Manchester, Friedrich Engels found that in some streets "over two hundred people shared a single privy". What happened over the course of one and a half centuries in Europe, with capitalist-driven rural impoverishment and desperate migration in ...
Ordinary Council meeting about to start at the Bells Road Council Chamber. It will be followed by a Media Briefing on Chris Hani Month 2014.
Music is life what a day Thank you Chris Hani Munipality
In South Africa, they had to Kill Chris Hani before they could hand over government to a. prisoner!
We are attending the COSATU Gauteng Provincial War Room to strategies on how best to put a final push towards May 7!!! From here, we will put theory into practice when we interact with the community at the Bara Taxi Rank and address the NEHAWU Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital BGM!!! Later on, we will join the ANC-led Alliance RECs Umntu Emntwini Campaign in Sol Plaatje, Zone 5!!! This is revolutionary praxis towards an overwhelming, landslide, decisive victory of the ANC!!!
It's Wacky Wednesday on Joburg Elections trail, we start at Chris Hani Bara at 13:00, then move to Zone 5 Sol Plaatjie at 16:00. Siyaqhuba, woza 07 May 2014
Went to house of Tandoor yesterday, and noticed Julius Malema's face(with his EFF barett) painted on the wall along side with icons like Tata'Madiba, Bob Marley, Chris Hani, Steve Biko, Or Tambo and King Haile Selassie. I disagree
Chris Hani killer got stabbed again in prison. You didn't even know he was still alive did you?
it is this things that makes one wonder how chris Hani will be responding if he were around
Chris Hani was worried that everybody wanted to do diplomacy and no one wanted to go underground.
17:33 : T9974 the 17:40 train from Chris Hani to Cape Town has been cancelled due to a faulty train set.
On the 6th of April 1993, Chris Hani led a March to Modder Bee prison.
The rain began to beat us when Chris Hani was killed.
walk the same path as Fighter Chris Hani walked.
Clive Derby-Lewis is not play a victim...millions of peace loving South Africans are. He robbed us of Cde Chris Hani...we r victims here!
Impossible to read about Chris Hani without crying. 21 years next month.
Yoh done at last... (Checked in at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital 'eBara')
The Deputy President of COPE comrade Willie Madisha will be campaigning in the Chris Hani informal settlement...
The notion of "forgive and forget" and "apartheid is over, lets just move on" is quickly lost when you listen to Chris Hani...
"I don't mince my words when I speak about this regime...I hate it!" Chris Hani [Respect]
Chris Hani's killer stabbed again in prison. Karma!!!
Chris Hani's attacker attacked for the second time while in jail
Derby-Lewis attack condemned: Chris Hani's killer has been stabbed in prison for the second time.
The Fact I didn't know: Nel is the same advocate who successfully prosecuted Derby Lewis n Janus Waluz for killing SACP Lder CHris Hani.
is in Boksburg. Gold found here - 1887. This is were Chris Hani was assasinated outside his DawnPark home in 1993
What reception do you expect in jail if you killed Chris Hani?
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Chris Hani's killer Clive Derby-Lewis has been stabbed again in prison. Someone wants him dead so it will happen. The wheel turns.
Dudes stabbing Chris Hani killer Derby-Lewis 20 years later because comrades are realising he indirectly gave us Zuma.
05:33 : T9916 the 05:20 train from Chris Hani to Cape Town is delayed due to an Operational problem.
Why does Derby-Lewis has to suffer this much.. Chris Hani was no god and yes the family suffered but they should get over it now.
Mr. Vavi is asking: "What will Chris Hani, OR Tambo and Walter Sisulu say if they woke up to find the ANC in this state," - City Press.
Chris Hani didn't have the option of going to a private hospital mortuary or a public hospital mortuary
Whoever created the gun should be shot. Where is Chris Hani? Lucky Dube and Reeva Steenkamp?
The two suspects in the missing Malyasian Jetliner looked like Mario Balotelli.Pistorious Murder Case is given too much attention while another similar Case of the murder of Zanele Khumalo is taking place next door to Oscar's court room & not so many of us know about it. Pictures of Steve Biko's injured & dead body were shown without any restrictions. Were pictures of Sifiso Nkabinde published on newspapers? I remember those of an Angolan Rebel Leader being displayed from many different angles on our local newspapers.What caused Hansie Cronje's plane to crash? Who spearheaded the asassination of Chris Hani? Who didn't see the bloody pictures of the late colonel Gaddafi? Can anyone update me on the issue of the Mozambican taxi driver who died in police cells after being dragged behind a marked police van by security/law personel? Marikana photos & videos were like a number 1 song on the Top 20 for a good 10 to 12months. Booysens' & Andries Tatane were never given a chance to live & teach us how to define t ...
I WISH THIS MONTH OF MARCH can give you Shaka's strenght, Chris Hani' courage Mandela's intelligence Motsepe's wallet Jacob Zuma's fame Obama's success Klerk's guts But most protect you from the jumble sale of wrong ideas of Lekota,and Shilowa. Stupidy of Juju and Mangope and don't forever complain like Bantu Holomisa and Hellen Zille but do drink like the late Manto BEST WISHES FOR THIS MONTH
LONG WALK TO FREEDOM Chapter 114 - 115 Chapter 114 I VOTED ON APRIL 27, the second of the four days of voting, and I chose to vote in Natal to show the people in that divided province that there was no danger in going to the polling stations. I voted at Ohlange High School in Inanda, a green and hilly township just north of Durban, for it was there that John Dube, the first president of the ANC, was buried. This African patriot had helped found the organization in 1912, and casting my vote near his grave site brought history full circle, for the mission he began eighty-two years before was about to be achieved. As I stood over his grave, on a rise above the small school below, I thought not of the present but of the past. When I walked to the voting station, my mind dwelt on the heroes who had fallen so that I might be where I was that day, the men and women who had made the ultimate sacrifice for a cause that was now finally succeeding. I thought of Oliver Tambo, and Chris Hani, and Chief Luthuli, and Br ...
Prosecutor Gerrie Nel: -he was a junior prosecutor in the case against Chris Hani's killers in 1993 -in 1995 he prosecuted 2 youth for gunning down a doctor,they now serving years - he was responsible for sending Hazel Kidson to prison for 25yrs for stabbing her husband. - he was one of the prosecutors when Agliotti went on trial - he was responsible for Jackie selebi's sentencing.
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