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Chris Hani

Chris Hani, born Martin Thembisile Hani (28 June 1942 – 10 April 1993) was the leader of the South African Communist Party and chief of staff of Umkhonto we Sizwe, the armed wing of the African National Congress (ANC).

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Never ever in your lifetime become a puppet of an individual or individuals. Rather become a puppet of an idea. I'm a puppet of ECONOMIC FREEDOM! That the Khoi and San's once preached, the Shona's and Ndebeles, the Ashanti people, the Tutsi, the Zulus and Xhosa's, their Excellency's: Robert Sobukwe, Dr Kwame Nkrumah, Chris Hani, Thomas Sankara, Robert Mugabe, Steve Biko, Marcus Garvey, W.E.B du Bouis, Colonel Mummar Gaddaffi, Sir Ian Kgama et al. ECONOMIC FREEDOM in Afrika is the idea.
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at the LSE includes Govan Mbeki's guitar, Chris Hani's boots and beautiful photographic & academic displays.
"Look, it's going to be our government, the people's government,they won't teargas us or shoot us like present [apartheid] bunch",Chris Hani
"I will work to have the ANC elected into power. But if that ANC govt doesn't deliver, I won't hesitate to march against them", Chris Hani
Onkgopotse Tiro,OR Tambo,Steve Biko,Nelson Mandela,JT Jabavu and Chris Hani your legacy lives on.
Cde Mkhize ends his address with a song " Silamlele Chris Hani, Yimbi Lendawo"
This sentiment was echoed by the US Department of State, the Commonwealth and United Kingdom.Chris Hani called for revenge and that Gqozo
African National Congress (ANC) and South African Communist Party members such as Walter Sisulu, Chris Hani and other leading members of
This book by Janet Smith & Beauregard Tromp on Chris Hani takes a while to get into. Its almost stuck in a transition 40 pages in
My is a quote from the late great Chris Hani
T9949 to Chris Hani and T9972 to Cape Town has been cancelled due to a defective set.
Train no 9949 the 14:35 train from Cape Town to Chris Hani and train no 9972 the 15:50 train from Chris Hani to Cape Town: cancelled.
A lot of things happening in Parliament!! A lot of questions being asked!! 1 question that is inevitable is, "Who killed Chris Hani?"
Eff Chris Hani Region over to you fighters
Oh if they didnt kill Chris Hani i would be balling 😢. :(
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46664. you wouldn't understand anyway!! Chris Hani died on the 5th day of my 1st days on earth, cause he saw all was well, rested.
Commission What's that? coz up 2 2day Chris Hani's fam doesn't know who ordered the hit.
Forward with the fighting spirit of Chris Hani forward!
Our Nation needs to get back its dignity. "Naked Diepkloof residents barricade Chris Hani Road"...and there really was a naked lady...
The Isle of Wight is the midday warm spot at 22C. Sun should burst through the cloud in London in the next couple of hours.…
Gr.12 Drama students from Chris Hani Secondary School visited us. They looked at links between theatre&the Holocaust
Chris Hani I wish you lived in our time
I am the mixture of Steve Biko , Robert Sobukwe , chris hani , Walter Sisulu , big L and Julius malema
The is traffic at chris hani rd and im going 2 be late for school pleas play 2pac all eyes on me
There are no ticket officials on the 9922 train from Chris Hani to Cpt
A rand from every time I heard "forward with the fighting spirit of Chris Hani forward" tonight
I wish you were alive now Chris Hani...needs your leadership caliber.
This que at nedbank Chris Hani Mall is ridiculous really!
DELAYS in SOUTHGATE on Golden Highway Southbound - towards Chris Hani Road.
RR Series will be hosted at the Chris Hani Sports complex in Orange Farm. Entries are open on the day.
Pick N Pay Road Running Series this coming Saturday at the Chris Hani sports Complex in Orange Farm.
Any child of the soil cannot help but imagine a free Africa with Steve Biko, Winnie Mandela, Thomas Sankara, Josiah Tongogara, Chris Hani.
What? "Mandela ordered a hit on Chris Hani"
Die "RT Mandela ordered a hit on Chris Hani"
The film is 'Behind The Rainbow'. Yes especially in the case of Chris Hani.
Mandela ordered a hit on Chris Hani"
". "Mandela ordered a hit on Chris Hani""
. "Mandela ordered a hit on Chris Hani"
Yes “Mandela ordered a hit on Chris Hani”
Mandela ordered a hit on Chris Hani
Urgent - I need any donations of food for the Childrens Terminal Ward at Chris Hani Baragwaneth hospital - please dig deep and help thank u
Watching Behind The Rainbow, the Apartheid government killed couragious leaders such as Steve Biko and Chris Hani due to fear of change.
Durban Inanda Road SLOW TRAFFIC between Chris Hani Road and the N2 Highway - Westbound
If Steve Biko and Chris Hani they were stil alive, nkabe ba bile betta presidents. killed a lot of our courag…
Not a good morning at all...but the struggle of Steve Biko, Robert Sobukwe, Chris Hani and OR Tambo inspire and live on
21. Long before Harare,Chris Hani was pushing for a discussion based on MK experiences. He did this in the same way he p…
he is bringing South Africa down. Mandela, Biko and Chris Hani are rolling in their graves
F.W De Klerk's mission on this day in 1992 was to kill the people's leader Chris Hani.
😳😳😳 “Chris Hani widow asks for paternity investigation into ‘daughters’:
Some men are not born to be happy but to be great. Such men are the likes of Shaka Zulu, Chris Hani, Steve Biko, Robert Sob…
the good old days of Amilcar Cabral, Julius Nyerere, Agustino Nato, Samora , Chris Hani... Et al!
Julius Malema is our modern day Patrice Lumumba, Robert Sobukwe, Steve Biko, Chris Hani etc, a radical fearless leader.
Remember Robert Sobukwe, Steve Biko, Chris Hani & all revolutionaries who died for our freedom?
Press Statement: Resolutions of the recent ANC EC PEC Meeting 19 August 2014 Issued by the office of the ANC EC Provincial Secretary On the Occasion of the ANC EC PEC meeting that took place on the 18th August 2014 in Calata House. Amongst other matters discussed, the PEC took the following resolutions; On OR Tambo, Alfred Nzo and Chris Hani Municipalities, the ANC PEC has resolved to reshuffle both the Troika and the Mayoral Committees. In Chris Hani, reshuffling will take place in the district municipality troika and mayoral committee and the following local municialities; Ngcobo, Lukhanji, Tsolwana and Malahleni Municipality. On the appeal of the Chris Hani disbandment, the PEC welcomed the decision by the NWC to confirm its decision. The appointed RTT is now continuing with stabilising the organisation in that region, in due time, it is expected to take the region to its regional conference. The PEC observed serious elements of ill discipline in the region and is determined to deal accordingly with al ...
Robert Sobukwe,Steve Biko and Chris Hani would have not made concessions like Mandela..
If youre driving on North Coast Rd now named Chris Hani Rd heading towards town, road has been closed with Bricks just before I&J.
Steve Biko, Chris Hani, Hector Pieterson just to mention a few.. I am reminded of the young men who gave their lives for a purpose
Patients forced to share beds at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital -
The fallen liberation Heroes Never bled for the attainment of the constitution Chris Hani never bled for a mere constitution
We are the children of Chris Hani we will never sell our economic freedom to Malema come 2016 we are going Vote the only political party ANC
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Commander Chris Hani once wrote a letter to Pres O.R Tambo, complaining about corruption, did that make him ANTI-ANC?
Next thing Mr. X will say he is the reincarnation of Chris Hani. Le tla bona lena. The dude is Mgqumeni reloaded.
I found out about Chris Hani when he died, I was too young to have been interested in Politics. What's my excuse for Nadine …
Can't wait to see Wyatt vs the Jericho
I was at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital, helping to feed some of the patients
After reading Eugene De Kocks letters I cannot help to wonder who killed Chris Hani?
My compny played a big role at da old age home in vosloorus. Thnkx 2 all my Models n Chris Hani Crossings
Leaders - Chris Hani. Watching this Video dropped something in me ...inspired by the True leases of this country
Why Chris Hani's killer Clive Derby-Lewis should not get parole - See more at:
Another patient sleeping on the floor at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital. No beds. No linen
Feel like watching basketball today? Come to Games today at Wembly. If you from Orange Farm, bus leaves at 11:00am at Chris Hani.
I was never Oliver Thambo,Chris Hani,Thabo Mbeki,Jacob Zuma follower,l am ANC! 4! Life!,till death do us apart,Nelson Mandela was special.
Fidel 'El Comandante' Castro.. Chris Hani was cut from the same cloth
Y cn't we clbrate ada heroes lyk Steve Biko and Chris hani who died for our frdm unlike clbrtng mandela who died due to natural courses?
You go to my school, they get up you ?? Chris Hani Chris Hani
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Wen are we having an O.R Thambo day, Walter Sisulu day or Chris Hani day etc
is Chris Hani doing a historic photo bombing there
Legacys that will never fall -Mandela,Brenda fassie,Chris hani and other like Solomon Mahlangu.
Steve Biko too "of silence for the none existence of for Chris Hani"
How I spent my 67min on Mandela day! Chris Hani mst b proud of me!
Durban Inanda Road DELAYS between Chris Hani Road and the N2 Highway - Both Ways
Flow the sweat,tears & blood of Chris Hani! U Nelson Mandela niggaz don't wanna try me!
"Chris Hani dr in Soweto JHB on scene treating the biker.
Nelson Mandela, Chris Hani, Steve Biko. Those are the embodiment of the struggle for me. Bo Zuma nd Mbeki I read about now.
When we will celebrate Oliver Tambo, Chris Hani and Steve Biko cause they also fought for this Countries Freedom
Cadre you know history. When Chris Hani fought alongside ZIPRA in Zimbabwe was he asked about his nationality?
yey' wena hope you've already bathed . let's go to Chris Hani , need to do my hair
Happy birthday to Cde Chris Hani, the undying spirit of a leader
On this day in 1942 Chris Hani is born
South Africa belongs to all who live in it , let's remember today as the birth day of the late cde Chris Hani
wow she shares a birthday with the late Chris Hani. Happy birthday mama action.
Let us commemorate a birthday of Martin Thembisile Chris Hani let's remember what he stood for nd what he representated in South Africa.
Withdrawing cash and visiting mother in law... (@ Chris Hani Crossing)
I've worked in Chris Hani Bara and Kalafong Hospital- Monday mornings were the worst- weekend deeds .
Chris Hani would have been 72 today!
Martin Thembisile Hani was born today, Chris Hani to you and i...
Today marked the birthday of Chris Hani. He was brutally killed on April 10 1993 May his soul rest in peace!
Happy birthday to my hero Mr Chris hani thanks for everything you have done for us
Chris Hani would have turned 72 today. I was humbled to speak to his wife, Limpho Hani, yesterday >>
Chris Hani send a memorandum to the ANC objecting the suspension of army struggle without MK knowing he cried a lot
We must let Derby Lewis out of jail than were going to know who were the masters at assasination of Chris Hani guys
On this day in history: Chris Hani was born (1942).
One of my favourite by Chris Hani: “The perks of a new government are not really appealing to me. Everybody would like to have a good job,
Martin Thembisile 'Chris' Hani, Chief of Staff of Umkhonto we Sizwe, military arm of the African National Congress (ANC) and
Today in the then Transkei Chris Hani came in to this planet and fought 4 our rights neva discrinate against 1 color
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Happy birthday to Chris Hani. Our struggle hero! He would be celebrating his 72nd birthday today.
This year our guest speaker for O.R Tambo Edu Tour will pay homage to Chris Hani! Its a must!
Mrs Limpho Hani informs me she is at Chris Hani's grave today. Amandla!
with at Chris Hani Crossings ...come join us
Today is Chris Hani's birthday..we continue to race through our legends.Read:
Jun 28 1942 – Chris Hani born. leader of South African Communist Party & chief of staff of Umkhonto we Sizwe, the armed wing of the ANC.
Catch as she brings you at Chris Hani Crossings in Vosloorus
We are live at Chris Hani Crossing in Vosloorus for the join us
will there be any documentaries on TV about Chris Hani today or in future that you know of? I'd be honored to watch and learn more.
Today is birthday of late anti apartheid stalwart Chris Hani. The leader of the ANC's Umkhonto We Sizwe military wing would have turned 72
1/1 We still have a long walk to walk to attain the Freedom Comrade Chris Hani died for. Our time up walk this walk, WE MUST NOW RUN
Kana Today is Chris Hani's Birthday ☺ may his soul rest in peace.
Chris Hani was born on this day in 1942!
Happy birthday to our leader Chris Hani, hope he's resting in peace!
If Chris Hani, were alive, he would have said no to Party/Govy corruption.. Let us not use the name of Hani, in vain.. There are people w...
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Ironic that same people who had Chris Hani murdered are the ones "celebrating" his birthday... Hypocrites.
Long live the spirit of Chris Hani, today its your birthday, SA was robbed of your calibre. We will always remember you#
Assassinations which shaped the world: Franz Ferdinand (100 years ago today), JFK (50 years), Chris Hani (21 years)
Chris Hani remains my all time hero. .happy birthday and may his soul
South Africa: Chris Hani Would be Angry at ANC “Adopting Our Class Opponents’ Policies”: by t...
Chris Hani was born on this day back in 1942. RIP Chris!
Join me at the experience at the Chris Hani Mall in Vosloorus from 9am-5pm. Cool prizes to be won. Check you later. Cc...
Chris Hani would have been 72 today. A leader of note. A true cadre. His killers must not be released. Viva
"Just a thought were would ths country b if the likes of Steve Biko,Robert Mangaliso Sobukhwe ,Chris Hani were stil alive ..."
Today our late Chris Hani would be turning 72
I share a day with him“Martin Thembisile 'Chris' Hani born on this date in 1942.Aluta!
South Africa I am not feel ashamed of my vote course I vote EFF. My Chief Commander still keep the spirit of Oliver Tambo, Steve Biko, Robert Sibokwe and Chris Hani and many more fighters. We agree at uncle Tom hall that the journey began. Thank you Joseph Mathunjwa. Asikiki.
we however maintain our stance that Clive- Lewis has not been rehabilitated since his arrest for murdering comrade Chris Hani
Wife of Clive- Lewis, convicted of conspiracy to kill Chris Hani, says the SACP is calling the shots and denying her husband parole.
Im glad I jumped ship, everything said & done by EFF is for the people, I may hate Malema but I cant ignore what the party stands for, me, you, us, what Malem did in parliament left me asking y cant MPs hold government accountable, it could have been my brother or father killed there. Its time Im honest with myself, ANC is anti black, the leaders have been paid to turn a blind eye to our modern struggles, I apologise to EFF members for adding to ANC votes, I voted for history not my future. U can insult me all you want but I know we cant c the same thing at the same time, Im sure Steve Biko, Hector Peterson, & Chris Hani would have voted EFF cos EFF stand for everything they died for
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We write work sometimes,believing that true leadership would celebrate it,and that they would be educated and then internalise,actualise and introspect,but no. They want an apology. Well,I am sorry for speaking the truth. Malcolm X,Martin Luther King Junior,Jesus Christ,Onkgopotse Tiro,Steve Biko,Kwame Nkrumah and Chris Hani were killed for their ideas,for speaking the truth,for speaking truth to authority,and they died. Well,I am not afraid to speak my truth. My chest and bones burn if I don't,and so I won't stay and keep silent.
Just watched the speach delivered by Malema on SONA, I don't know why he was blamed because everything he said was nothing but the truth and unfortunatley there was no one who was brave to say as it is. Its our country and our land but its been sold to us by the people who stole it "whites" and our own people who benefited from the white spremecy ie Cyril Ramaphosa, Tokyo Sexwale, Sakie Macozoma etc and brave ones who talk about land were killed ie Chris Hani, Steve Biko. People by empty land by millions and SANRAL which is the company that is funded by France evicted people and the current ANC goverment remain mum about it because they are benefiting.
we need the whole truth from Clive Derby-Lewis on who he collaborated with in killing Chris Hani
The greatest revolutionaries in the world over were never know of being rude. They spoke truth to power with no apology but never rude & disrespectful. I immediately think of Chris Hani, Pratrice Lumumba, Thomas Sankara, Samora Machel, Nelson Mandela, Goven Mbeki, Billy Nair, Robert Sobukhwe, Vladimir Lenin, Fidel Castro, Ernesto Guevara, Engels, Karl Marx. In the opposite dictators were rude, I think of Idi Amin, Rudolph Hitler, Eugene Tereblanch, KD Matanzima, PW Botha, & others.
, a true revolutionary is one who has love for his people, Chris Hani, Robert Sobukwe and yourself are true revolutionaries
The things that Julius raises are the same that the likes of Peter Mokaba, Chris Hani and Robert Sobukwe used to raise.
No wonder they insult us, they look us down, they think labelling us will neutralise what we have and what we capable of, we are kings and queens, we are lions and lionesses, we are princes and princesses in every aspect of life, we dominate, we take a lead, we excel, we are the greatest writers of all times, Maya Angelou and Achebe are examples of what I'm talking about. We are the greatest phillosophers of times, Marcus Garvey is an example, we are part of the militant souls that ever lived, I'm talking of Malcom X and Chris Hani, we are the determined youth of Hector Peterson and Solomon Mahlangu, the Nation of Orliver Tambo and Robert Sobukwe. We are of the patriots, the intellectuals and Afrocentric souls, the likes of Thabo Mbeki and Mugabe. We are bold and handsome, our girls are beautiful, well shaped where ever they are and everywhere, we talk of Minenhle Dlamini, Beyonce, Rihanna, Alicia Keys and all those who are un mensioned, we talking of the unfading beauty of Winnie Madikizela even at old a ...
Join the Big Walk on Crime Riverside SPAR & Police Coming Together By putting the squeeze on Criminals and Criminal Activity in Sector 4 (Umgeni Park / Rosehill / Parkhill / Briardene / Durban North) The Greenwood Park Community Police Forum, Security Companies, Neighbourhood Structures and the Riverside SPAR have come together strongly declaring with one voice that criminals and criminal activity will no longer be tolerated in Sector 4. A special fun walk has been co-ordinated with the Riverside SPAR, enthusiastically coming forward in generously sponsoring T-Shirts and refreshments to show their concern and commitment by embracing the community that support them. A declaration has been made by Sector 4 Sub Forum, Neighbourhood Watch Structures, Security Companies and SPAR that they are committed to strengthening this partnership with the Police by hosting strategic crime awareness initiatives in order to make Sector 4 a safe and secure environment for all residents and business enterprises. This spec .. ...
Didn't Cyril Ramaphosa once accuse Thabo Mbeki of having Chris Hani killed? And he's speaking on Mbeki's mom right na.
With only a few hours left .What did you get your dad for Father's Day ? You can still enter our competition simply post a picture of you and your dad shopping at Chris Hani Crossing and you could win matching cell phones for both of u . Go on post those picture .
[*POPULAR*] Chris Hani's wife Limpho shares her perspective on the medical parole application of Clive Derby-Lewis:.
"And He will favour you like Jacob Zuma Use you too to make your mark on earth like Nelson Mandela You’ll be unforgettable like Chris Hani"
7/ The foregoing brings me neatly to Mark Gevisser's biography of Mbeki and the centrality of the Zambezi in the mythology of Chris Hani
Do you think it's fair to deny Chris Hani's killers parole even if they are terminally ill??...
Am thinking of Shatale , Ga-Relane or Chris Hani anyone who wants a visit from me ?
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Hi Diepkloof guys .. we need volunteers marshalls for abt three hundren primary kids for 16 june freedom walk from dk square to chris hani hospital... pls pls as platform sixteen org we in need plz.. pls inbox puleng selikane or sbuda nhlapo... anything response will be appreciated. For more info
"Somebody Blew Up America They say its some terrorist, some barbaric A Rab, in Afghanistan It wasn't our American terrorists It wasn't the Klan or the Skin heads Or the them that blows up *** Churches, or reincarnates us on Death Row It wasn't Trent Lott Or David Duke or Giuliani Or Schundler, Helms retiring It wasn't The gonorrhea in costume The white sheet diseases That have murdered black people Terrorized reason and sanity Most of humanity, as they pleases They say (who say?) Who do the saying Who is them paying Who tell the lies Who in disguise Who had the slaves Who got the bux out the Bucks Who got fat from plantations Who genocided Indians Tried to waste the Black nation Who live on Wall Street The first plantation Who cut your nuts off Who rape your ma Who lynched your pa Who got the tar, who got the feathers Who had the match, who set the fires Who killed and hired Who say they God & still be the Devil Who the biggest only Who the most goodest Who do Jesus resemble Who created everything Who ...
Its saty bored at Temba Chris hani .ll slp nw
WHO KILLED HANI, SEPTEMBER, LUBOWSKI? Another theory Dulcie September, Anton Lubowski In April 2013, it has been 25 years since the murder of South African ANC representative Dulcie September and 20 years since ANC's guerrilla leader Chris Hani's death. The truth about their murders will have remained buried for just as long, at least internationally. An in-depth investigation revealing arms trade links to both murders was published only in the Netherlands, in a language largely foreign to the international community. The history of a story that could not be told. Chris Hani ANC representative Dulcie September was killed in Paris in 1988, when talks about future arms contracts between France and the ANC were on the agenda; SWAPO- man Anton Lubowski, ditto, in front of his Windhoek home in 1989, shortly after befriending an arms- and diamonds dealer; and the ANC's beloved Chris Hani was murdered in 1993(one year before the first democratic elections in South Africa), in the midst of massive bribe-offering ...
Abantu base Transkei are courageous and intelligent by Gods grace.the likes of Tata Mandela, Govern Mbeki, Chris Hani and many more Indicingisa lanto yayibuzwa ngomnye umfo ebhabhileni lol athi cn anythn good come from Nazareth kuba eva kuthwa uYesu uphuma khona!
I n i rember people like tsietsi mashinini,steven bantu biko,Hector Peterson,robet sobukwe ,chris hani and the other oh jah i n i livicate to keep sabath holy in order to honour those who died being rebelz and apharteid antiz
Chris Hani is painted as a saint, yet he orchestrated the murder of many civilians as CIC of MK. with the torture + death…
Chris Hani's killers are set to be released along with that redneck mass murderer of our people Eugene De Kok, meanwhile Apla and Azanla cadres are still languishing in prisons for their revolutionary activities. I was just listening to Hani's wife calling for the people behind cde Hani assassination to be exposed, she, like most of us doesn't believe cde Hani's killers acted on their own. The truth will come out one day...
Without journos who would've known bout the nkandla upgrade,about who killed Chris hani,the truth with regards to Lwandle eviction?
Africans,,,South Africans infact ,, i sallute,yinyanga ye youth le,,,n June 16 is around the corner,,,as a a youth wherever you are,,u have to raise your hand up n say ,,,viva combrates,,,i mean combrate,,,Steve Biko,,,no combrate Chris Hani n others,,,the ones who fought for our freedom,,f our language,,,4 our dignity,,4 our pride,,n F our black,we are proud 2day bcoz of our hero,who fought bcoz of the love of their nation,lets raise the hand n say !viva!,im proud ngoba ndingumxhosa ,,ndiyazingca ngesixhosa sam,come lets celebrate
If Derby Lewis is prepared to die with the information about who ordered the hit on Chris Hani, then he must die in prison. He's not sorry
Lovely day spent in Orlando with young upcoming activists & da likes of Seth Mazibuko; in memory of our fallen heroes, my father Khotso Seatlholo & hs fellow comrades, Tsietsi Mashinini, Robert Sibukwe, Bantu Steven Biko, Chris Hani & da likes. Very emotional, moving, inspiring...each year around this time I am always humbled by hw hw far wev *** as a Pan-African people, nation. I will forever be grateful2dem 4 da revolutionary movement dey began back in 1976. May their souls rest in peace
Clive Derby Lewis must die and then rot in his cell. Unless he tells us who ordered him to go kill OUR Chris Hani.
Vista, Chris Hani Road METRO-POLICE. Mei autie doesn't have his licence and I left my wallet at home Let's see how this one turns out
its on tomorrow! Conference service at 10:30am, with a Powerful Preacher of the Word, A national speaker as well as an international speaker, popular on Tv and Radio, Pastor Nkgau. don't miss out!! Invite your friends, parents, the sick, the broken hearted. God will be present, His Annointing will overflow, and God will meet your need. So Be There Of Praise Christian Church, Cnr Chris Hani & Sithole drive, Emaphupheni, Daveyton.
The Memorandum of demands that was handed over in today's march in Harare Police Station on behalf of Ward 95, Khayelitsha. Memorandum From The Concerned Residents Of Ward 95 Nkanini Informal Settlement Inviting The South African Police Services (SAPS) Harare Police Station To Attend A Mass Meeting And Discuss Ways Of Improving The Position And Condition Of The Residents Of The Said Ward 95 1. A Mass Meeting will be held on 28 June 2014, Nkanini, Chris Hani Station Open Field at 10h00. This meeting is intended to create a platform for community members and members of the policing cluster to communicate with one another. This will give the community an opportunity to ask questions to authorities about the status and capacity of the police to deal with the high prevalence of violence, drugs and gangsterism related crimes in the Ward 95 Nkanini Informal Settlement area (Ward 95). 2. As residents of Ward 95 we currently live in insecure sub human and in an under serviced informal settlement. The conditions we ...
"If Thabo stands I will stand against him. I will not serve under him,he will sell the ANC down the river" Chris Hani
D taxi I was in,lost a wheel while in motion.nearly drowned & burnt as it sparked some bushes & nearly fell in fountain(BP garage/Chris Hani Mall) Thanks God/Badimo 4 seeing us thru D ordeal.
Dear members and friends, SCO UWC has been invited to be part of a Youth Conference at the Holy Trinity Ministries International at Kayelitsha and to do one sermon on Saturday 14th June, 18:00-20:00 on the theme "God's on Failing Love". The branch chairperson will be doing the sermon on behave of the branch and you are invited to come along. If you are interested please confirm for transport arrangements. Departure is at 16:50 tomorrow Saturday 14th from Chris Hani. Thank you
16:01 : T9953 the 15:32 train from Cape Town to Chris Hani is cancelled due to a faulty train set.
In June 1970, he was to attend the SACP’s Central Committee meeting, together with Chris Hani.
In South Africa they had to kill Chris Hani before they could hand over Government to a Prisoner...
Chris Hani District Municipality is celebrating the Youth Day today.
DON’T WORRY, I CAN HANDLE IT! PONTSHO may have been born without arms or legs, but it doesn’t stop him from living a proper life. Pontsho Ndlovu (51) drives his electric wheelchair with his short left leg and goes anywhere he wants in his kasi. He also uses his foot to open the fridge and house doors. He can also use a computer. Pontsho was born on Kruisrivier Farm outside Zeerust, but was moved to his electrified and fully furnished home in Ikageleng township in the North West by the provincial government last month. The government also provided a further two homes for his family members. When Daily Sun visited Pontsho, they found him in a joyful mood. “When my parents realised I was disabled, they took me to Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital in Soweto, where I was treated for almost two years,” he said. “Then I was transferred to Gelukspan Hospital where I learnt to type and use a computer. “I never felt sorry for myself. I motivated myself and carried on living my life. “I have always known ...
We loved/love Chris Hani(may his soul R.I.P) but we can't let our emotions interfere with the law
Chris Hani District Municipality hosts its first Ubuntu Culture & Craft exhibition this weekend to highlight young artistic talent.
It is always unsettling for the middle classes to be confronted with images that show the naked truth about the indignity of poverty. Statistics and relayed news from a world far removed from us is the preferred manner of dealing with the poverty crisis. Having it displayed starkly on the front pages of newspapers is another matter altogether. It penetrates our comfort zones and makes us squirm. The image of a woman standing on a roadside bare bottomed with her pants around her knees is a shock to the system. But how else would we know that this woman, Nomathemba Hlongwane, a South African like us, is subjected to inexcusable indignity? It seems to take desperate measures to make those in power pay attention. There is no accurate figure of how many people died on 16 June 1976; figures range from 176 to 700. As a result of the massive loss of life, particularly that of school children, and the horror – which later became iconic – images that went around the world, the anti-Apartheid struggle received i ...
Protesters bare bums Soweto protesters blocked Chris Hani Road and showed their naked bums in protest at their bucket system toilets not been emptied in over 3 months. Where is Ses'khona Peoples Rights Movement?
" The Music índustry is so sneaky,. Cos it either I get filthy.Rich,. Or Chris Hani Music struggle till it kills...
"Chris Hani, was an obstacle to the USD$ 60 million arms deal that was being negotiated with others in the ANC leadership at the time."
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History is a tool used by capitalist politicians to justify their intentions. ~Ted Koppel This year they gave you Mandela shirts, told you do it for Madiba, Chris Hani and blah blah. Wonder what will be the message in 2019!
magine if the following names appeared in the Bafana Bafana team. John Langalibale Dube,Anton Lembede,Nelson Mandela,Robert Sobukwe,Oliver Tambo,Chris Hani,Joe Slovo,Steve Biko,Walter Sisulu,Elijah Barayi and Peter Mokaba. never mind their age difference,I swear,we will be strongly & well represented in Brazil! Who do you think will be the coach and the assistant? Marx and Lenin? Who will be on the bench?
Morning friend,i wish i was thug because in mzansi thug do as they please,just imagine they want to let go chris hani's killers...tjo mzansi e bodile
i'll be doin my part 4 youth day @ Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital wif Nehawu Youth Forum
I don't mind him given a parole,but South Africans still need know the truth about why they killed Chris hani.
PAC make it clear that if luis(the man who killed Chris hani) is getting a parole,then the state should release also their(PAC) cadres that are jailed.
Happy Youth Month 2 all Family n Friends.from PRETTY KHAMBULA at HAMMANSKRAAL TEMBA CHRIS HANI.God Bless
Meanwhile, in post-1994 South Africa , there's so much to be proud of...
Leaving my room to get my clothes washed... @ Chris Hani Residence
couldn't say it better. Can the ANC led government ensure that derby lewis remain behind bars,No parole 4him. RIP Chris Hani
Hmmm I've just noticed that Jay Z looks a bit like Chris Hani
Residents of Diepkloof hostel are burning tyres along the Chris Hani Road in Soweto in protest over the lack of services …
Front National is of the opinion that the objections by mrs Limpho Hani, widow of the former SACP Leader Chris Hani, against the release of Clive Derby-Lewis should be regarded as unfounded. Hani was assassinated in April 1993 and Derby-Lewis (78) is currently serving a lifelong prison sentence for…
Powerful piece by about the pressure on Apartheid's victims - like Chris Hani's widow - to forgive:
COMPLAINT ON MTHATHA WEST ELECTRICITY. I wrote this letter 2 complain about mtata west electricity. The umtata west electric is very week, every day we run out of electricity for several hours more especially at Chris Hani Park, even now we last used electricity yesterday at 06:37pm up until now we are using candles . I hope this will be sorted out in no time by the k.s.d municipality,I thank you Yours faithfully Lihle Nomandela.
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I waz there when they tortured innocent youth of africa wth no reason,when they fired young generation who tried to change negative minds of the whites,i watched my brother chris hani dying infront of me bt no one heard his voice,sometimes ppl dnt understand wht youth day means bt to me it makes me remember my late brother who died infront of me,my question is wht does it mean to you?
"They [the protesters] were showing their bums by taking their trousers down on the street... [to] show their...
Do u think the killers of Chris Hani should be released.
. Too late, we are already in the dark in Mthatha, Chris Hani
The pre-circumcision campaign continues at a very robust pace, the duty to conscientise our young lads about the behavioral pattern followed in the process to nurture responsible men profoundly lies with us, particularly those of us who have undergone a similar path..ours was very clear today at the place that schooled struggle icons such as Chris Hani, Batandwa Ndondo, Gwede Mantashe and many more, this particular place is non other than former Matanzima High School, now known as Batandwa Ndondo Senior Secondary School..
POPCRU ON THE ALLEGED IMMINENT PAROLE OF CLIVE DERBY-LEWIS June 12, 2014 KhanyiM The Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (POPCRU) supports the SACP’s fight against the granting of parole to the man who murdered the late Comrade, Chris Hani. The organisation does not believe that Clive Derby-Lewis has realised the extend of the pain suffered by many South Africans as a result of his action when he gunned down Hani 21 years ago. He therefore has no place in a democratic society such as ours as he has not expressed remorse to the family of Chris Hani or the Communist Party for his vicious attack on not only a single individual but the movement as a whole. POPCRU has also noted the statements by the Justice and Correctional Services Minister, Michael Masutha which indicated that there had been a positive recommendation for Derby-Lewis’ parole. Although we are a conciliatory and forgiving people as a nation, we do not believe that those values should extend to murderers who refused to fully disclose all ...
I just imagined Chris Hani's bloody body laying in his driveway and... Clive Derby-Lewis must remain in jail. No debate ne…
Entlek the entire Chris Hani Road is just dark!!
"I'm a bit flattered because when your enemy rates you as being dangerous, then you get the felling that you've tried to do your best for the oppressed people."~ Chief of Staff of uMkhonto we Sizwe, General Secretary of the SACP, Anti-apartheid Activist, Cde Thembisile Chris Hani. Working Class of South Africa miss your Presence...
Aaahhh mara Chris Hani alone.. if it wasn't cold id walk home...
If I killed someone as well-loved as Chris Hani I wouldn't want parole, I would opt to stay in my cell. It's probably saf…
Chris Hani on an odd Thursday...going home
I think the government will be failing us or should I say the struggle if they release Chris Hani Killers... I'm just shocked nje
All Africans who refused to submit to the west wr murdered- Chris Hani,Steve Biko, Gadaffi, Lumumba,Sankara ect.
SACP is Chris Hani, name drop is Thomas Sankara but no one's heard of him. Only one works that magic Do the
smooth drive on Chris Hani Road in Soweto , I hooted at all 4 intersections at the points men
Got back last night from 2 days at the "The Unresolved National Question in Left Thinking: Hidden voices, unpublished works 1950s to 1990" workshop at the Chris Hani Institute, Cosatu House, Jo'burg. Is SA a "nation"? What is "national" liberation, and how does it articulate with class struggle and antic-capitalists struggle? Papers on BC, ANC, SACP ... others looked at left traditions outside of the SACP's CST tradition e..g. the Unity Movement, the Marxist Workers Tendency, and (this is where I fit in) the independent, radical trade u nion left of the 1970s and 1980s (usually called "workerism"). **With Nicole Ulrich, presented a draft on "Workerism/Syndicalism and Nationalism" Nice event, lots of work, many stalwarts and veterans of different traditions and struggles...
hhhm interesting piece on forgiveness, Chris Hani's widow and the future of Democratic South Africa
The killers of Chris Hani must never be released, the late President Nelson Mandela managed to calm us down in...
If Chris Hani's murder wasn't political then why are right wing groups so vociferously defending Clive Derby-Lewis' rights? Opportunism?
Dear Front Nasionaal. You've greatly underestimated the impact of the non-full disclosure by Derby-Lewis over the killing of Chris Hani.
Limpho Hani, widow of slain SACP stalwart, Chris Hani, launches scathing attack on minister
Forgive my ignorance if you think its there but Chris Hani's murderers have served their sentences. Bury the hatchet and live on
12MB download speed in this taxi right now via Chris Hani Road. Impressive
Hani’s widow furious over possible parole: Limpho Hani – the widow of Chris Hani – has launched a scathi...
Gerrie Nel was a junior in the team of prosecutors that got Clive Derby-Lewis and Janus Walusz convicted for Chris Hani's murder. Respect.
Its seems we are making process, when we were in Midrand Floyd was clear that this mission to attain Economic Freedom is not gonna be easy, but we proudly said we wont surrender. EFF with 7 cardinal pillars, is at the forefront of the revolution. AMCU and NUMSA are marching along. Malema, Mathunjwa & Irvin Jim are the only legitimate African leaders after Chris Hani to equivocally condemn the capitalism .AMCU has successfully stopped Platinum production in SA for 6 months now , AMCU is planning to stop the Gold mines too. NUMSA is stopping other economic hubs by the end of June. Now I can say Asijiki & we shall attain Economic Freedom. Malema & Floyd will leave a legacy of loyalty to the revolution because they never abandon the struggle even when they were emotionally tortured. Amandla!!!
Clive Derby-Lewis cannot bring back Chris Hani... We will never see our hero! Those who see him as a hero must also never e…
Solomon Mahlangu & Chris Hani never fought for leadership, but died for liberation struggle. They died for the freedom, you & I must die for the
NYDA Provincial Chairperson of Gauteng yesterday at Uncles Tom's. Good Morning, Eight days before Chris Hani was assassinated in April 1993, he was interviewed by social historian Luli Callinicos. On the eve of our democratic election, he said that South Africa faced a “new enemy” and a “new struggle." That enemy, he said, was socio-economic. It was about the struggle for jobs, houses, schools and hospitals so that we can build a more humane society. As the education generation we must lead the struggle for socio-economic transformation and a more humane society. This year we celebrate 20 years of democracy following our victory over the brutal and oppressive Apartheid regime in 1994. Today we enjoy the freedom to associate, the freedom of choice, the freedom of speech and many other freedoms that generations of youth before us never enjoyed. We must acknowledge and celebrate the significant progress we have made and that we continue to make as a young and vibrant democracy. Yes we may have many cha ...
...The ANC didn't do sh**...But Mandela sold us out...Talk about Chris Hani
" We are saying now strongly that we stand for the victory of the National Democratic Revolution, which will lead to the democratization of our society. That will be revolutionary, because our people will for the first time in their history be given the vote to decide on their own government. We are going to push for that government to have working class representatives, comunists and trade unionists in its ranks, within the alliance" - Chris Hani
There is NO mall that gets packed like Chris Hani Crossing !
Our company is facilitating municipal finance management act (MFMA) course: Municipal Budgeting and Implementation: unit standard 116345: for Chris Hani District Municipality (CHDM) in Queenstown. This is an achievement and a great one, we are here to respond to the call made by our former Auditor General: Terence Nombembe, empowering our municipalities in the financial management programme as regulated by our country's National Treasury. This is our first recognition from municipalities. We are here to serve and we remain humble at all costs.
Chris Hani was sad day. However, would he have tolerated the ANC of 2day. SACP should go alone. Coalitions can work
yes that is true, ANC is symphathising with them for only Chris Hani
I propose the chris Hani 2 be written.much of him not yet being told 2 ppl.only defortory infor whc thy told us.Hani s d 1 who s angmost whom bear d fruit of democray.Nothing but the truth.
That *** who killed Chris Hani but didn't tell the truth about it to the TRC must chill ka da ka jail ka da!
30 May 2014 TRAIN FARES TO INCREASE Issued by: Marketing & Communication Department, Metrorail Western Cape Page 1 of 2 30 May 2014 TRAIN FARES TO INCREASE Cape Town - Western Cape commuters’ train tickets will increase from Tuesday 1 July 2014. The Board of the Passenger Rail Agency has approved CPI – linked fare increases for PRASA Rail for the next three years. Regional manager Mthuthuzeli Swartz explained that the current government subsidy covers approximately 50% of operating the rail service in the Western Cape: “It is our duty to collect the balance through fare revenue, hence our emphasis on fare recovery”. Swartz says that the regional increase was determined in relation to, and in support of the weighted average national fare increase of 5.6%: “We need to sustain the ongoing operational improvements to raise our service levels to customer expectations”. The 2014 regional increase emulated the 2013 pro-poor approach with the lowest increase of 50 cents on sing ...
I am annoyed by all this rubbish Operation manager from Chris Hani. This goy has naive to ignore my call and target my number. I call him early in May after that train that fell off track not for that I was discussing it but ir was a delay in process. So he assisted me and all was good. Now the train a way delay infact they are canceled and I arrived 08:40 till now no sign of a train bare in mind I got a meeting in 11:00 am.
Nkululeko Yanga Mthembu wrote: Cadres as I move closer to the exam venue BZ hall to write my history and philosophy of education module. Uze undi sekelele bawo uma ndihamba kuloluhamba. I really need to full that vacuum of the shortage of educator not just educators ideal educators whom are friend of those there teach. Our society are indoctrinated by the so called apartheid regime ideology which still has remains on black man cognitive however, ideal teachers must stand an obligation to abolish the western inculcating dogmas which is affecting black man, there is still are long walk maguerrilla our norms and tradition are annihilated by the so called apartheid regime ideology, we still need to restore them. On the pre-colonial era black children were raised in community by the community actually our society were educators although it was done informal were is that maqabane. I argue all members in Solomon Mahlangu branch or present members of this group to full the vacuum of education on our society young ...
The best leaders SA ever had. We short of chris Hani, Robert Sobukwe, OR Tambo.
the only thing that is communist about SACP is the photo of Chris Hani in its T-shirts.
that is why I said Blade needs to come clean about who orchestrated Chris Hani's murder. He knows.
SACP is a shadow of its former self. Thanks to Blade Nzimande for succeesfully converting Chris Hani's party into ANC's component structure equal to Cosas. They must just close shop, finish and klaar. Morning folks.
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On this day in 2001 just after visiting hours @ Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital I was blessed with a beautiful daughter Nokulunga. May God bless her with many more years to come. Love u big time.
Helen Suzman: "Mr Sobukwe would have been an agent for peaceful change if he had been used as a channel for communicating between the Government and the large number of black people who had confidence in him. " but since the European / Western capitalists couldn't get MR Sobukwe for they own beneficiary use they used the ANC's RN Mandela getting him to sign the CODESA as a way of compromising with our Africanists freedom so we can live politically free but not independent as a Africanists dominated state The questions you should ask your self is why was Chris Hani killed right before the CODESA 2 was compromised between the (oppressors) ANC,SACP,NP,DP and Western capitalists? Why the PAC and AZAPO declined being part of the compromise? are we really having the freedom our forefathers died struggling for? was it really just to be accepted by the settlers government as human beings who seek pity from them? Vuka Azania kusile (Good morning)
Chris Hani never compromise struggle for any relations instead he compromised his family. True Communist
Solomon Mahlangu O.R Tambo Chris hani Nelson Mandela Never forget Abram hlophe RIP to the legends.bless the Youth of AnC
African National Congress AFRICAN NATIONAL CONGRESS South Africa'S NATIONAL LIBERATION MOVEMENT Chris Hani, one of the bravest of our leaders. Be like him. Live like him Address by ANC President, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, at the funeral of Martin Chris Hani 19 April 1993 FNB Stadium, Soweto Comrade Chairpersons, To the family, Our daughter-in-law, Limpho, and grandchildren Neo, Nomakwezi and Lindiwe, Gilbert and Mary Hani, parents of Chris, Dushe and Nkosana, Chris`s older and younger brothers, Distinguished participants at this solemn occasion, To the tens of thousands of you, both here in the stadium, those gathered already at the graveside, and all participating in memorial services throughout the country; we have all come together to pay our last respects to the one of the greatest revolutionaries this country has ever known. I ask you all to rise for a moment`s silence in tribute to his memory. Even as we do so, let us also remember those who have died in the last few days and hours here at FNB, at ...
hi! Phill Collins does it for me.from PRETTY KHAMBULA at HAMMANSKRAAL TEMBA CHRIS HANI.
Friends,anyone who knws wht tym does Game store closes on Sunday ko Chris Hani?
Chris hani gets so packed it really *** good thing I shop in the morningorganised.
@ Pasco_e Chris Hani was a tru revolutionary he would have made sure tht the state resources would be reinstated back to the people
it's at the Nike Stadium. CNR Chris Hani and Monkoena, Soweto
Chris Hani & Nelson Mandela never got along. Chris Hani was tiped of being the next President of South Africa's new democracy he even refused to serve for Mandela if he was elected. He was more popular than Mandela but his Militant leadership style cost him his life. He was a threat a big threat now that when Clive Derby Lewis comes in he kills Chris Hani. Question is Was Nelson Mandela the Master mind of Chris Hani's Death? The ball is on your court
The Saturday Star reported that Derby-Lewis, 78, Chris Hani killer was chained to his bed at the Eugene Marais Hospital in Pretoria.
A sentence of 25years is on its elapse for those who killed a revolutionary Chris Hani on 1993-10- April. Clive one of them is 78years now and is hospitalized, is it just enough that they be released after this sentence?
What is this nonses that the person hu killed Chris Hani (RIP) might be released on parol? He must rot in jail.
Chris Pyne: why use pacifists' tax dollars fund purchase of jet fighters? Can they use their tax to fund uni education instead?
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Chris Pyne illogical idea to save ppl who didn't go to uni from over funding those who do. How about healthy ppl funding hospitals?
May 9, 2014 - 9:22am | admin       South Africa suffers from an ill-managed and poorly-equipped education system, where students perform far behind their African peers. Melanie Smuts examines why this developing nation fails in providing affordable and quality public education. Identifying striking examples of educational failures and successes in the post-apartheid state, she highlights the rise of low-cost privatized schools as hopeful alternatives to the broken system. The following infographic presents some of the most stark facts from Smuts' original article, "South Africa: A Science Lesson." See below:   South Africa: A Science Lesson By Melanie Smuts JOHANNESBURG, South Africa— Xoliswa, 11 years old, was given a science assignment in class. The worksheet, written in English and handed to her on Monday, was due that Friday. The task was to build a model solar sys­tem using paper maché, newspaper, paint, wire, polystyrene, and balloons. Xoliswa’s mother, who earns a precarious ...
Last week on my way from Nelspruit I sat next to an elderly lady who heard me discussing with another passenger about elections and decided to join the conversation. Here are the substance of her assertions: - She will vote ANC until she dies - She hopes she wont die before Zuma gets out of power - The same mentality of the people who killed Chris Hani is the one of the many who occupy branches and feeding on the corruption that charactarise ANC today. - ANC is not dead and will never die. just as people are not running out of South Africa because things are getting bad, they must stay in ANC and fix their beloved movement - Young people who did not face apartheid dontr understand why ANC is so important to the elderly and to South Africa. Someday they will - DA symbolises former white apartheid rule. Even if they dont, its quite easy to see them as such because they are an opposite of what black people want in South Africa. They get votes simply because there is no alternative, when people are angry with ...
We regret to inform all Comedy fans that our character Matome,has been killed in a car accident near Chris Hani- Baragwanath Hospital this evening.His memorial and funeral services will be announced as soon as immediate families members have been informed.May his soul R,I.P.
watching Sarafina wit ma family wow wat a histrorical story frm tmrrw its da youth month lets myk sure dat we celebrate ths mnth in honour of the lyk of Hector Peterson &Chris Hani nd others gud nyt bookers
in memory of the late ANC freedom fighter commrade chris hani killed by the white aparteihd government but his legacy still lives on we shall continue to forgive but never forget aparteihd.
Mandela was a pawn in the scheme to secure land for the colonialists. He did well. He's dead now. Dining with Chris Hani and others.
ANC needs to come clean about how they orchestrated the murder of Chris Hani. Ask Blade Nzimande. He was in the mix,
Clive Derby-lewis,jailed 4 life 4 his involvement in da murder of Chris hani,wants 2 be released frm jäil on medical perole because has been stabbed twice in jail or he will take da matter 2 da high court!!
Watching the SARAFINA realy reminded Me of what it realy means to be a black child. let's not forget our heroes The late Oliver thambo,chris hani,Walter sesulu And Nelson Mandela.
What was the main reason behind Chris Hani's killing? Le awti uClive Derby Lewis, 78 years, is in his deathbed.but he is still chained hands and legs at a prison hospital.Hay if it was a conspiration and yena was a hitman fanele kudala wa confesser now
Mandela, Steve Biko, chris hani, Walter Sisulu all the others have fought for our democratic freedom, its our turn now to fight for the black man's economic freedom.
Chris brown // dont judge me. Hani and syubel dengar lah its a very nice song korang
*39* The taxi reached my street n I got off, Anele followed me. Me: ohw so u've been to mtata for a long tym u dnt evn knw whr ur home is Anele: Lol I've visited my aunt aphe chris Hani bt I ddnt wanna tell u Anele had an aunt in chris Hani n I knew Det she used to call me "makoti" bt she ddnt knw her nephew was my frst lover. Me: weee as if thrs sumthng I was gonna say Anele: u may nvr knw. Cela ukubona ngomso alo mntuwam plz jst to catch up n spend the day wth u Me: haaa mntuwakho shm Anele u still call me ur grl, I've grown now n I alrdy got plans for 2mrw Anele: owk Wednesday ke Me: huh u hvnt changed a bit u stl nvr take a no for an answer Anele: u knw me Me: owk c u Wednesday then Anele: owk We said our gudbyes wth a hug n parted ways. I went home it was after 3 somnci was busy in the kitchen preparing supper. Me: somnci I'm back Her: aii uhleli ke wethu Me: well sendisuka nase unitra Her: ohw wat wr u doing thr Me: trying my luck in finding a skul Her: shm maan, did u find anything? Me: not rlly He ...
The justice and correctional services department has refused to comment on a report that Chris Hani murderer...
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Was at Chris hani with my nephew... ♡ this boy brings joy to my heart
So Derby Lewis was chained to a hospital bed, so what? can they Bring back Chris Hani? can they? so STFU already.
I hated this man for killing my hero Chris Hani.but When he is treated differently to any other.. +77 -2
In fact, I get angry when I see Clive Derby Lewis' name. That man robbed us of Chris Hani. Unforgivable.
As much as Clive Derby Lewis killed my hero, Chris Hani, if he is on his death bed y is he not released on parole?
worrup though Seniour ni Chris Hani follow back.
Biggest SACP victory was to block from Finance Ministry and all the Do it For Chris Hani Posters.
I see SACP has a meeting to decide who gets a tender for the Do it For Chris Hani Posters for 2016.
The incompetence in Chris Hani Bara hospital is degrading Hani's name that the hospital is named after.
Not if you live near Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital it won't.
Meaningful economic emancipation of the ridiculed and deprived is the only sensible and appropriate gift we can give 2 Cdr. Chris Hani!
16:00 : T9988 the 16:15 train from Chris Hani to Cape Town is delayed due to the late arrival of train T9951.
Cdr. Chris Hani's passing opened the gates to Political Freedom! insults should be our Hani moment to Radical Economic Transformation!!
Its time like this when you wish Peter Mokaba and Chris Hani were still alive
So, apartheid-era muderer Eugene de Kock and possible Clive Derby-Lewis who killed Chris Hani could both be released from pris…
Limpho Hani is shocked that her late husband's killer may be paroled soon:
Newly appointed GP MEC of Health Qedani Mahlangu has admitted to the shortage of doctors and nurses at the Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital
Chris Hani's widow shocked at the prospect of Clive Derby-Lewis' possible parole:
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