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Chris Froome

Chris Froome (born 20 May 1985) is a British professional road racing cyclist who rides for UCI ProTour team .

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Always fun to see, e.g., Chris Froome out sprint Andrei Greipel.
Tour De France 2017: When does the race start, how long is it and what are the latest odds on Chris Froome? -…
Three-time Tour De France winner Chris Froome shows damaged bike after being rammed by car http…
Chris Froome looks a bit like a Trilobite - all ribs and elbows.
Dumoulin should be happy. But now he is main rival for Chris Froome at Tour De France 2018
Giro has been utterly thrilling. Could we perhaps ask Chris Froome to not turn up at any more races? Perhaps take up swimming instead?
Chris Froome (Team Sky) to the press: 'Go as hard as you can' | SHIMANO
Quintana's times in last week Grand Tour TTs:. 15'Vuelta: 93s or 2.40s / km to Tom Doumulin. 16'Vuelta: 136s or 3.68s / km to Chris Froome 😲
Chris Froome tightens grip on Tour De France as Ilnur Zakarin wins stage 17
Pozzovivo is to knees what Chris Froome is to elbows.
Here's my new highlights video for Chris Froome! Check it out! 😀🚵🏽. .
He's Froome he's come back from South Africa and is Chris froome in disguise - yes he's deserved this v…
Fantastic Giro d'Italia stage today. Tom Dumoulin doing his best Chris Froome impression, hanging on for dear life on this final climb.
Not strictly Pinarello related but a ...
Tour de Romandie: Chris Froome fifth on stage one as Albasini wins sprint
The riders who swear Sutton is a great guy? and Chris Froome?
Nice face to face you will have with Chris Froome The next races.
TD is the new Froome, he's all about making it look real. Showing some weakness in the final week so everyone can believe. 😂
Resembled Chris Froome flying along the Derwent Walk on your bike before lad
I am 100% aero. I pray to Chris Froome TT runs and transparent forms in Wi…
Whatever happens the real winner or the is chris froome
Hope to see Mikel Landa with Chris Froome at the Tour De France: what an awesome rider!!! 😍 🚲
This seems like a race route where can compete against and beat Chris Froome
Chris Froome is a big price on Ladbrokes at $51 for BBC personality of the yr. If he wins Le Tour he will be 3rd fav at 7s.
Bradley Wiggins 'does a Chris Froome', and runs up Tour of Britain climb (video) - Cycling Weekly
CHRIS FROOME TO RIDE IN L'ETAPE AUSTRALIA. The Snowy Mountains will welcome back the biggest name in world cycling,
When Chris Froome gets home late after a race, he also has a pasta Mug Shot, doesn't he?
I suspect Chris Froome is enjoying watching this Giro 😉
Even Chris Froome gets knocked off his bike! by from our blog
I’ve said before that Chris Froome could win Flanders.
2016 had our Coaches Patrick Sharpe and Harrison Bailey escort Chris Froome safely to the finish. Now let us...
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Mark Cavendish and Chris Froome are the greatest sportspeople we have at the moment
Bradley Wiggins ‘does a Chris Froome’, and runs up Tour of Britain climb (video) |.
Congratulation to Chris Froome, outstanding performance. Enjoy your ride into Paris. X
Massive crash in women's race ahead of Chris Froome's coronation in Paris
I remember seeing Chris Froome doing that in last year's TDF
Chris Froome crosses the line and is confirmed as a three-time WINNER of the Tour De France! 💛🏆
Kenyans like Chris Froome, certainly. Very British. One of us. I can't imagine why other Ken…
Ask Chris Froome about Nibali attacking when you're in difficulty. Shark? Snake more like
- Chris Froome knocked off bike by hit-and-run driver, Chris Froome has said he w...
That stage last year in Le Tour De France when Chris Froome crashed and came from behind to win. 🔥
Well done Bradley Wiggins ur have made us proud. The yellow jersey and now a gold medal wot more cld u ask 4 also well d…
Cant stand his lack of sportsmanship I hope Tom blitzes him in the giro and Chris froome leaves him standing in the tour de 🇫🇷
I can't wait for Chris froome to crash horribly at d tour..😉
Congratulations to Brad Wiggins, Mark Cavendish, Chris Froome and all of Team Sky! Amazing performances, you did us proud!
Chris Froome: Team Sky rider 'rammed on purpose' by car in France - That is ridiculous
Chris Froome is a 3-time Tour De France winner .but regular bike commuters know this fear. 1/
A reference to Chris Froome being rammed off his bike today by a road rage nutter motorist.
Chris Froome deliberately 'rammed' off road by 'impatient' driver in France bike crash
Terrible to see even Chris Froome being run off the road by impatient drivers. We're people, too.
Chris Froome was 'rammed' by a hit-and-run driver in France while out on a training ride.
Sounds like quite an ordeal for Chris Froome this morning 🤕
Second British Olympic medal-winning cyclist hit by car in Horsley as Chris Froome's bike 'totaled' in France
Cyclist ran off the road intentionally in Monaco. There will be repercussions: It was Chris Froome, Tour De France winner.
Wow...TdF winner gets run down by disgruntled motorist.
If a driver can be impatient behind Chris Froome, what chance have the rest of us got?
Chris Froome hit by car on training ride. by via
Chris Froome knocked off his bike in "road rage" incident. Of course, yet again, nothing to do with the Lycra nazi's behaviour. At all. Ever
⚡ Chris Froome rammed off his bike by car in France.
Another 🚴 hit & run. Asimov-programmed self-driving 🚗 won’t do this and driving can become a recreational activity
If Chris Froome can be run off the road and have his bike totalled, is it any wonder I'm too scared to cycle on the…
Sky News understands cyclist Chris Froome intends to report an incident in which his bike was "totalled" by "an impatient…
Chris Froome deliberately rammed off road by hit-and-run driver while training via /r/bicycling
Ouch! It was a lucky escape for Chris Froome this morning.
Male bicyclist love that tiny hard seat up their *** . Tour De France champ Chris Froome rammed by a driver
I guess this is the one time riding on the pavement is OK... . But srsly, *** More WTM - Well That's Motorism.
Some drivers imagine cyclists should go faster to not be in their way. Even being Chris Froome isn't enough for them.
Tour De France winner Chris Froome involved in awful hit-and-run incident
Chris Froome hit by car on training ride.
Chris Froome 'rammed off bike in road rage attack'
Tour De France champ Chris Froome's bike totaled after he was 'rammed on purpose' by car
I've been seeing stories like this one a lot more lately. This counts as attempted murder.
'Just got rammed on purpose': 3-time Tour De France champion Chris Froome describes hit-and-run in Monte Carlo…
Chris Froome followed onto pavement and 'rammed' in hit and run incident in France which ruined his bike.
Tour De France winner Chris Froome has told how he was the victim of a deliberate hit and run…
Chris Froome ‘rammed on purpose’ by driver and his bike is severely damaged |
Chris Froome says he was "rammed on purpose" by a car whilst training in southern France.
Chris Froome's bike 'totaled' by hit-and-run driver
Tour De France champ Chris Froome 'rammed on purpose by an impatient driver' who 'kept going'
Chris froome is apologising for stuff Team Sky did. That's normal. Definitely wasn't threatened or blackmailed. Definitely
^CityAM: Froome breaks silence over Team Sky principal Brailsford
Froome breaks silence over Team Sky principal Brailsford
Chris Froome addresses the controversies swirling around Team Sky and Sir Dave Brailsford
Britain's Chris Froome apologises for driver-only operated trains.
Chris Froome apologises over Team Sky controversy -
Chris Froome admits Team Sky and Sir Dave Brailsford made mistakes, but vows to restore fans' faith in clean riding
Chris Froome says he understands why people feel "let down" by Team Sky
Chris Froome admits mistakes while at the same time backing David Braislford. You've got to hand it to him, a serious skill that.
Chris Froome backs under fire Brailsford, and apologises for Team Sky’s recent conduct
Chris Froome 'disappointed' by Team Sky media coverage, but 'understands why people feel let down' - Cycling Weekly
Chris Froome apologises over Team Sky controversy via
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Chris Froome gives his backing to under-fire Team Sky boss Sir Dave Brailsford.
Triple champion Chris Froome joins team-mates to give support to principal Sir Dave Brailsford
If it walks like a Duck and Quacks...It's a Duck. BBC Sport - Chris Froome apologises over Team Sky controversy
⚡ Chris Froome breaks his silence on Team Sky boss.
Chris Froome: Without Dave Brailsford, there is no Team Sky. Read more here:
Chris Froome has apologised on behalf of Team Sky for its handling of questions on doping.
Chris Froome: "going forward we need to do better. I would like to apologise for this...Without Dave B, there is no Team Sky."…
Chris Froome says Team Sky 'need to do better'
Chris Froome on Dave Brailsford: “Without Dave B, there is no Team Sky.”
“Without Dave B, there is no Team Sky” – Chris Froome finally comes out in support of Sir Dave Brailsford:…
Three times Tour De France winner Chris Froome spoke out in support of his embattled Team Sky boss Dave Brailsford on Monday while apologis…
Chris Froome has backed Sir Dave Brailsford over the controversy surrounding Team Sky
Chris Froome backs Dave Brailsford to continue as Team Sky principal
Chris Froome offers to as Team Sky scrutiny continues
Chris Froome offers backing to Brailsford as Team Sky scrutiny continues (PSR)
Chris Froome silent as Team Sky urges riders to back Sir Dave Brailsford 
"It has not escaped attention that the team's leading man, Chris Froome, is yet to make clear his support, instead…
100% behind Chris Froome staying silent so far. Time for the phoney to go
Reported request for Team Sky riders to back Sir Dave Brailsford is backfiring spectacularly as Chris Froome stays silent.
Sir Dave Brailsford on the brink after Chris Froome snub
if Chris froome said it a nice dinner you better be leave ☺👍
Chris Froome better hurry up or they'll be sending him to De Panne.
Chris Froome strangely silent on the issue however.
Why is your Captain Chris Froome not backing you guys? Is he the only one capable of thinking?
Pain is still the friend that always tells me the truth. - Chris Froome - ❤️
Mutiny on the Bounty, . starring Dave Brailsford as Captain Bligh, . Chris Froome as Fletcher Christian . + 'Anonymous' as John M…
you mean 4 time Tour De France winner Chris Froome?
RIP Chris Froome and the rest of . Just hope this happens before that race in France.
Rio 2016: Chris Froome and tipped for Olympic glory by Chris
Chris Froome and Peter Kennaugh know how to enjoy life in Spain, even when they're working hard...
Rio 2016: Chris Froome and Lizzie Armitstead tipped for Olympic glory by Chris
- Chris Froome claims Team Sky and Sir Bradley Wiggins scandal will not taint his Tour De France yellow je...
Chris Froome refuses to back Sir Dave Brailsford over drugs questions
Watch out, Chris Froome ! My current best climbing power is 2.37 W/kg :-) via by
On a rough day for Sky cycling, let's all remember Chris Froome is definitely, positively, absolutely Mo Fa…
Still surprised that Chris Froome and Jack Laugher weren't nominated tbh. Murray will obviously win but I've voted for Ali Brownlee
The Herald Sun Tour February 1st to 5th, with triple winner of the Tour De France, Chris Froome riding. Stage 1 to finish at Falls Creek
Chris Froome is not on the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award shortlist - here's why -
Andy Murray, Mo Farah and Laura Kenny to be top 3 in I'd say. Disgrace that Chris Froome was not included in 16 person shortlist.
Looks like they are already doing everything they can to stop Chris Froome and Team Sky win next years Tour De France.
Sir Bradley applied for a number of TUEs for allergies and respiratory issues.
Chris Froome: Questions remain over Sir Bradley Wiggins' .. - via
Yet again Chris Froome proving why he’s so unpopular in the U.K. and why he’s such a tosspot!
Chris Froome admits questions remain over Team Sky and Sir Bradley Wiggins seeking permission to use triamcinolone.
Chris Froome stirring it up big time. He never liked Wiggins.
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Three-time Tour De France champion Chris Froome has admitted that "it is impossible to say" if Sir...
What does Chris Froome think about the 2017 Tour De France?...
Chris Froome says questions remain over Bradley Wiggins’ use of TUEs via
With team mates like Chris Froome, who needs a killer clown to stab you in the back?
The clouds gather over British Cycling and Team Sky - Last year I posted a blog about Chris Froome and...
Chris Froome's bid for fourth Tour De France title boosted by challenging route
“We’re once again debating the validity of a Tour victory” says Chris Froome |
Chris Froome: 'Questions remain over Bradley Wiggins' steroid use'
Chris Froome now showing his true colours trying to smear Wiggins whilst having TUE's himself
Cycling Weekly: Seven stages that could decide the 2017 Tour De France: Chris Froome will be happy with the r...
Froome 'surprised' by Wiggins revelations: Chris Froome said he was "surprised" by doping revelations ...
With less time trials & steeper finishes than usual Chris Froome believes will be decided in the mountains
Why the 2017 Tour De France route is good news for Chris Froome and Mark Cavendish. By
Chris Froome: 'Questions remain over Brad Wiggins' steroid use'
At the same age, here is Chris Froome's for comparison (the other dominant rider o…
for a chance to WIN: Chris Froome winning his 3rd in 4 years. T&Cs
Froome: Tour route for climbers: Chris Froome believes the 2017 Tour De France will be “won or lost in the mo...
Mark Cavendish won't speculate about Brad Wiggins' TUEs but lovable Chris Froome just can't resist a poke. Remembering your TUEs too Chris!
"It's a great shame for the sport". Chris Froome says questions remain over Sir Bradley Wiggins' TUEs.
Chris Froome pretty much dragged Bradley Wiggins's *** around the entire 2012 TdF and Walsh have the modal to say this guy is clean. Fk!
Sir Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome given drugs exemption, new exposé reveals - as
Chris Froome says athletes must not push the boundaries of the rules. That mean he's open to absolutely obliterating them? In for a penny...
Anti-doping system open to abuse: Froome - Daily Nation
Tour De France winner Chris Froome has said the TUE drug system is "open to abuse"
Chris Froome urges end to "abuse" of TUE system: Tour De France champion speaks out - while Oleg Tin...
Chris Froome has won the TDF 3 times, not twice as you guys keep referring to on the news report SSN!
"It is clear the TUE system is open to abuse" - Chris Froome statement
Chris Froome urges end to "abuse" of TUEs, Oleg Tnkov says he trusts Team Sky:
Three-time Tour De France winner warns TUEs rules are 'open to abuse'
Chris Froome calls for authorities to 'urgently address' TUE system via
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VeloNews Froome: ‘TUE system is open to abuse’: Chris Froome responds to the growing TUE controversy by sayin...
Typical Chris Froome: backstabbing but without the courage to take his target head on.
Human beings with common sense know Chris Froome is a doper, it's not a secret, but everyone is in title to think what they wa…
Chris Froome is being very hypocrite with the statement. I won't be surprised if he was pressure by Brailsford. These look ugl…
Chris Froome: TUE system 'open to abuse' and athletes must take responsibility
don't talk about Chris Froome like that *wags finger*
Have i missed something with Team Sky? Just seen chris froome has written a statement
Vuelta a Espana: Chris Froome third as Nairo Quintana wins stage 10. Chris Froome moves back into third in the Vuelta a Espana, 58 seconds
Froome: Drug exemption rules 'open to abuse' -
Chris Froome demands UCI and Wada address abuse of TUE system -
Controversial between-the-lines criticism of Bradley Wiggins by old rival Chris Froome. Wiggins response has been l…
Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome should be forced to release their medical record to prove they have asthma from young age.
Froome: TUE system ‘open to abuse’: Chris Froome says the Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) system is "open to ...
Froome: Drug exemption rules 'open to abuse' - Chris Froome crosses the finish line during the 15th stage of th...
Here's the report from ICAP L'Etape London by 2016:. Thanks to everybody who joined us to ride :-)
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Chris Froome offers his view on the Sir Bradley Wiggins' use of TUEs and the system as a whole htt…
Chris Froome speaks out about the use of TUEs in cycling
Chris Froome urges UCI and WADA to 'urgently address' therapeutic use exemption system which is 'open to abuse'
Froome: Drug exemption rules 'open to abuse'
Froome: Drug exemption rules 'open to abuse' ^SkyNews
Chris Froome calls for urgent action on the use of TUEs in cycling
Chris Froome: WADA and UCI need to urgently address TUE system |
Chris Froome defends use of TUEs after latest WWada hacking leaks via
Medical records for Sir Bradley Wiggins & Chris Froome have been leaked -
(Guardian) Chris Froome defends use of TUEs after latest Wada hacking leaks
Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome had drugs exemptions reveal leaked documents: The documents revealed that the rivals have both taken...
Updated with Team Sky statement: Wiggins's and Froome's medical data released by hackers |
Newsweek: Top British cyclists named in WADA data hack
Chris Froome and Bradley Wiggins targeted in Wada hacking scandal - sometimes athletes will need medication too
Russian hackers leak medical files of Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome A lot of sports people seem to have asthma.
Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome are the latest targets of suspected Russian hackers...
Wiggins and Froome had drugs exemptions, according to latest documents leaked by Russian hackers
Russian hackers have now leaked files belonging to Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome:.
Froome statement saying the leak backs up his statement that he had twice required tue's in 9 years.yea Chris but for…
Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome's medical data leaked in hack
Chris Froome has "no issue" with leaking of his medical records.
Don't think Chris Froome will be too upset by this leak of WADA TUE records. Nothing to write home about.
Top British cyclists named in WADA data hack
Anyone remember this? All I will say is,,, EXACTLY! . “Nicole Cooke criticises UCI over Chris Froome steroid use...” https:…
The stolen medical records of British cyclists Chris Froome and Sir Bradley Wiggins are released by alleged Russian hackers.
The medical records of Chris Froome and Bradley Wiggins are amongst a new batch released by Russian hackers
Bradley Wiggins’s and Chris Froome’s medical data released by Russian hack
Team Sky statement in response to leak of Chris Froome TUE records
Chris Froome and Bradley Wiggins targeted in Wada potato-mash. Story:
Chris Froome and Bradley Wiggins targeted in Wada cyber-hack. Story:   10% Off
Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome among 25 athletes to have data leaked by hackers
Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome medical data released in second cyber attack on WADA.
Hacked WADA docs show Chris Froome had TUE for prednisolone in May 2013, for 5 days (for Dauphine) and April 2014, for 7 da…
why do so many endurance athletes have asthma? Mo Farah? Paula Radcliffe? Chris Froome?
Leak seems to confirm what Froome already admitted in June - that he'd had 2 TUEs in his pro career
Medical records of cyclists Chris Froome & Sir Bradley Wiggins released by "Russian hackers"
Russian hack reveals Froome and Wiggins were given exemptions to take banned substances
Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome among five British Olympians' medical records leaked by hackers
Who is the world’s greatest sportsperson? Chris Froome, Novak Djokovic, Lebron James, ... - …
Jonas won stage seven of the as Chris stayed third overall despite crash.
Things are changing finally: Chris Froome cut back on carbs for protein, he started winning the Tour De France
Chris Froome was held up by that late crash but crossed the line without any issues
Chris Froome survived a late crash to hang on to third place at the Vuelta a Espana.
Chris Froome: ‘I’m looking forward to the business end of the Vuelta’
Chris Froome: 'I'm looking forward to the business end of |
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Chris Froome: I am where I need to be. .
REPORT: Hear from Chris Froome as he retains third after dodging another crash. 📰 >
Also not the season of back on the winners track in 2017? I believe!
"After Chris Froome cut back on carbs for more protein, he lost 20 pounds, started winning" http…
Chris Froome on his 3 wins, being a father and his goals going forward. https:/…
Chris Froome is third at the Vuelta a Espana, despite being caught up in a crash on stage 7.
Chris Froome stays third despite late crash but Alberto Contador injured in fall in the Vuelta a Espana
Chris Froome's hunt for a first vuelta a Espana continues after avoiding big crash
. If Murray wins the US Open & retains the Davis Cup - yikes! Chris Froome has won three Tours tho. So hard! Jason Kenny tho??
Chris Froome and Andy Murray. Two other legends excelling once again today in their sports. How do their bodies cope? Unbelievable.
Chris Froome has played down his chances of gold on day one of the Rio Olympics, while simultaneously talking up those of Gr…
Chris Froome refused to set limits on his Tour De France ambitions on Monday as he reflected on a surreal victory and the…
Sifted back through footage to find this fuzzy snap of Chris Froome sporting a logo free, red musette.
Great Britain's Chris Froome has won a medal in the men's individual time trial at
Chris Froome and Bradley Wiggins should have a joust against each other on their bikes to sort out who is top dog once and for all.
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Congrats, Chris Froome. Not surprising considering his surname is the sound of a bike going really fast.
Chris Froome doesn't like snakes, either
We now have 4 more bronze medals! Well done Chris Froome, Steven Scott, Sally Conway and Max Whitlock! .
Last chance to buy and medalist signed cap!
Week one of the Rio Olympics promises to provide plenty of excitement with Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt, Jess Ennis, Chris Froom…
Latest sponsorship newsletter looks at beer, Pokémon Go, and Chris Froome. Get involved:
News: Pick up Procycling's Tour De France review now: Chris Froome joined the legends of professional cycling...
Chris Froome finishes a superb third in the men’s Olympic time trial even
'Dead snakes on the road tend not to be dead'. Chris Froome's scary encounter.
Tour De France 2016: Five moments that won the yellow jersey for Chris Froome
Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome each have more Tour De France titles than you Lance.
Rio 2016 day one: Chris Froome and Hannah Miley failures make Team GB wait for first medal
Geraint Thomas and Chris Froome miss out on medals but swimmer Adam Peaty sets a world record, while US shooter Ginny Thrasher wins t...
OK, so Geraint Thomas 'crashed out' on the final descent and Chris Froome and Adam Yates couldn't keep up with...
.Geraint Thomas 11th, Chris Froome 12th and Adam Yates 15th in the race.
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Huge story is Chris Froome underperforms and his tipped winner Steve Cummings lost badly as well !
Chris Froome desperate to give Team GB the perfect start to today.
I will try. It takes 6hrs lol. Not sure about Bradley but Chris Froome is competing in this.
Chris Froome can finally capture the hearts of British public - but it won't be easy
Chris Froome believes the strength of Team Sky in the Tour De France must be sapping at the morale of his rivals for the…
Rio 2016 Olympics: All you need to know ahead of day four as Chris Froome chases gold
BBC Sport - Rio 2016: Britain's Steve Cummings can win Olympic gold - Chris Froome Would love this to happen..
Day 1. Men's Road Race. Chris Froome. Let's start like we mean to go on. GOLD. 🇬🇧🎖
Olympic road race: Steve Cummings the Team GB chancer but Chris Froome is favourite
Looking forward to watching the 2016 Olympics today. Hopefully Chris Froome will start things off for team GB
Chris Froome with such a strong GB team
Chris Froome for Gold? Can you point out any previous one day or Classic result he's had that suggests he has any hope?
Rio Olympics 2016, day one live - Chris Froome goes for gold in the men's road race and all the rest of today...
I care if Farah wins his golds and Ennis and other Brits, but if Chris Froome wins his race today, he 10% deserves the British SPOTY
Hope you watched the Games opening Chris Froome and company inspirational. Blessings to all.
Chris Froome will hope to land first medal on day one of Rio 2016
Chris Froome tries to talk down his chances of GB's first Rio Olympics gold medal today
The sky's the limit for in the cycling. As worn by Chris Froome & Geraint Thomas:
Chris froome talks up chances of Steve Cummings in road race -
Olympic road race: Chris Froome hopes to peak again on tough Rio course
.Chris Froome tells he is looking forward to taking part in the Olympics.
Rio 2016: Tour De France champ Chris Froome desperate to bury the ghosts of…
Chris Froome's Rio Olympics preparations are disrupted as he sits in a field for 20 minutes after RideLondon is ca…
The Olympics has started. Go Team GB. I will be hoping Chris Froome gets gold today :)
they were probably just talking about Chris Froome, but were a little off point!
Chris Froome on Olympic hopes: “We have to put our egos aside and try to get a medal”. --->
Mo Farah, Chris Froome, Andy Murray and Jessica Ennis-Hill lead Team GB's gold medal hopes at the ..
winner Chris Froome and VIPs Sam Bailey, Jodie Kidd, Jo Whiley, Dame Kelly Holmes and Lemar take part in today.
see the comments by Geraint Thomas post the Tour De France about Chris Froome and learning from failure.
FRN : Today's top pics: Tour De France champion and more: 2016 Tour De France winner Chris Froome of Britain…
First time in ages tuned in (at 6pm) only to hear Gough goad audience abt Chris Froome. Switched off.
Chris Froome crashes in the rain and is forced to take Geraint Thomas's bike for the final climb
Chris Froome has become Britain's first three-time winner of the Tour De France. .
Chris Froome wins his 3rd Tour in 4 years. If his health keeps and Sky stay loaded, he could win a few more. Scary good, that team.
Congratulation to the winner of Tour De France 2016, Chris Froome and Team Sky!
Britain's Chris Froome of Team Sky wins his third title
Congratulations, Chris Froome on a third title 🍺🍾
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