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Chris Farley

Christopher Crosby Chris Farley (February 15, 1964 – December 18, 1997) was an American comedian and actor.

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Forgot to post the best gif ever for 4/20. *** do I miss me some Chris Farley.
Honestly this reminds me of Chris Farley
My tribute to Chris Farley. . "Basically, I only play one character; I just play him at different volumes." -Chris F…
Happy Birthday to the Chris Farley look alike & a legend himself
Big deal. I have Greg Brady's brain in Chris Farley's body.
I really hope he can stay out of Chris Farley mode. I really do. Wow.
via Ode to Drumple Thinskin..After being Impeached,& he's living in Chris Farley's olVan down bi the River
💖CHRIS FARLEY💖. I just said the same thing to when he tagged me in the community nig…
Who did it better CM or Chris Farley?
You have a striking resemblance to Chris Farley. Post-overdose.
I wish Chris Farley was alive to play Alex Jones in the movie version of this trial.
I feel like in this is the next evolution of the Chris Farley interview sketches.
That moment when you realize Chris Farley never got the chance to spoof Alex Jones on SNL... Sigh.
4. compared the middle finger to a Seinfeld episode, kind of Chris Farley show style, and now they're all talking wireline.
She brought back Chris Farley from the dead.
I kinda hope the motivational speaker is Chris Farley
Didn't Chris Farley fall on a Morgan three wheeler in the Matt Foley motivational speaker skit?
Holly Wood is not my parry, Nah just look what happened to Chris Farley
I’m leaving this here - just because I miss Chris Farley :(
My son Sam and eye painting a Chris Farley with chalk paint on grand at…
Is that Chris Farley from the SNL Zagot's skit?
Almost Heroes, or pretty much anything with Chris Farley 👌🏼
Marisa doesn't know who Chris Farley is, do I break up with her?
I drew Chris Farley tonight! Yourself &your crazy friends have brought so much laughter into my teenage…
This dude sitting next to me sounds like Chris Farley 😱
You guys are funny...funny funny I have to laugh running into Chris Farley funny..that's funny...
omg Trump hired the kid who would crash his dad's press conferences (famously spoofed by Chris Farley)
Chris Farley does Newt Gingrich impression at Republican House retreat…
Cue that one song that Chris Farley danced to.
Life goal: find someone who makes me as happy as this penguin makes Chris Farley.
Yes! Chris Farley is my man. Thanks for the festive wishes (and vivid reminder to go easy on the cake)
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Man... I miss Chris Farley. Matt Foley was definitely one of his best characters.
If I won, it would be a chris farley show type thing. I would nerd out so hard.
Chris Farley & John Belushi - So don't mix your drugs or be very funny & heavy.
The dude who works at the verizon store on Seneca Street deadass looks like Chris Farley
*walks into the club like Chris Farley auditioning for Chippendale's*
It's too bad Chris Farley died, because he would have made a great President.
Ive always liked movies with Chris Farley.
My personal opinion is that SNL was at its best with Chris Farley and John Belushi.
That looks like chris Farley back from the dead
If only Chris Farley were still alive to bring it all back.
It's Chris Farley back from the dead
Yes, when you have something relevant to say, Chris Farley, Stephen Ha…
You know how many hacks I'd sacrifice to get George Carlin, Chris Farley, Bernie Mack, Patrice O'Neal, and Charlie Murphy back?
Today is the 25th anniversary of Christian Laettner's shot to beat Kentucky... Here's Chris Farley's reenactment. (via thi…
he wish he looked like bucky larson lmao He look like Bucky Larson & Chris Farley's Tommy Boy character fused together. Lol
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Chris Farley would've played a great Peter Griffin for a live action Family Guy show
Did you know. Chris Farley went to Marquette and Pat Foley (Blackhawk pbp) went to Michigan State?...both tourney clubs. has been nearly 20 since Chris Farley's death. Oh how I miss him and oh how we need him now. (Phil Hartman
But the fact that Heath Ledger, Chris Farley, and Ronnie Van Zane are dead depress me too
Hi there Tanner, was hoping to get in touch with you to speak about Chris Farley and John Belushi. I sent an e-mail. Thank you!
Fifty-three years ago today, a legend was born. Happy Birthday (and thank you), Chris Farley.
Kate McKinnon as Sessions is the best SNL impression of an Alabama senator since Chris Farley played Howell Heflin
A brief history of Alabama senators:. Howell Heflin: played by Chris Farley. Jeff Sessions: played by Kate McKinnon
aw, Phil Hartman, Chris Farley, Jan Hooks, Whitney Houston, Don Pardo. do you get your kicks from playing the one…
I just imagine Sean Spicer rubbing pine tree air freshners on himself like Chris Farley in Tommy Boy before each presser
Only Jim Carey, Chris Farley & Kevin James have ever made me laugh
Is it me, or does Lady Gaga dance like Chris Farley in the Chippendales sketch?
Chris Farley wasn't a saint but surely he's better than whatever this is.
SNL hasn't been funny since Mike Myers and Chris Farley
ex-Toronto Mayor Rob Ford as (insert random Chris Farley movie role here)
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Vintage photo of Chris Farley and Robin Shou together during a scene of film Beverly Hills Ninja.
Dat was a great Halloween!🎃. Are you Chris Farley or Orel Hershiser?
Jim carrey David Spade Will Ferrell and Chris Farley are the best actors
and I'll be watching it every Saturday night because of John Cena's The Host but nothing is like Chris Farley t-w-f
if Chris Farley were alive to see the state of our current affairs, he would probably fall through a piece of living room…
nearby Alexandria Nat'l Cemetery you'll find a Chris Farley who died hunting down John Wilks Booth.
Chris Farley played Howell Heflin on SNL during the Clarence Thomas hearings.
If John Belushi, John Candy and Chris Farley were still alive, what would have become of their careers?
that also goes to Chris Farley and John Candy
Also, can we unfreeze Chris Farley and John Candy to make that movie together that America was cheated out of?
Chris Farley, John Belushi etc are rolling in their graves.
Just like Chris Farley was taken from us before he could fulfil his destiny of playing Rob Ford in the movie of it all.
I was just saying this is like "Dave" but with a Racist Michael Scott character played by Chris Farley
Why is nobody preventing Trump from sounding like a moron? It's like a Chris Farley movie without David Spade.
John Belushi to John Candy to Chris Farley kind of sadness. So funny it hurts. It hurts so bad. So funny it hurts. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Also god bless whoever decided to pair Steven Seagal, who whispers so quietly he's barely heard, with Chris Farley, loudest guy on the show
u have 2 watch Chris Farley from Dancin to as he is getting Hosed Down Nice comparison 2 Kramer Dancing! LOL
Watched best of Chris Farley's last night for the millionth time. I miss that guy.What a superb talent he was
Man, I could do this all night. Chris Farley was the best.
until you mention names like Mel Gibson, Eddie Murphy, Chris Farley 😅
I could watch Chris Farley movies all day long
In a central corner.listening to Chris Farley. LOL
Low blow with the Chris Farley joke, Jimmy Carr.
Chris Farley and Phil Hartman shared there last show together and are both gone now pretty sad
So Jimmy Carr joked about Chris Farley's death as well as one of the comedian's father dying in 9/11. Talk about culture shock...
It would seem the only joke that was not well received was the Chris Farley one by Carr.
you da man Simon when are you and nick going to do another movie together deffinitly got a David Spade Chris Farley bond there
Really? I was thinking he's more like a cross between Chris Farley and Archie Bunker. Or W.C. Fields & The Penguin.
I really wish Chris Farley was still with us. Especially after watching Dance Moms with my kids. He would have nailed the part of Abby Lee.
Having a three year old child is, in many ways, like playing the David Spade roll in a Chris Farley vehicle that never got g…
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The last time Saturday Night Live was funny was when Chris Farley and David Spade were cast members.
Lol it’s when Roseanne and Tom Arnold were on Carson. I never saw it but I clearly remember it parodied on with Chris Farley
I'm the Black Sheep, rest in peace to Chris Farley
is this really Uncle and Dusty? . Chippendale Dancers Patrick Swayze and Chris Farley
But seeing his mug next to Gretchen's suggests he can make other people look better-Like Lori Davis/Chris Farley
Old SNL skits with Mike Meyers and Chris Farley bring me joy
Man I wish Chris Farley was still alive
I honestly can say it's my favorite Chris Farley movie. Don't get me wrong, Tommy Boy and Beverly Hills Ninja are instant classics, but..
Out of respect for Chris Farley 'Beverly Hills Ninja' should be taken out of circulation. He hated the film. Gone too soon.
I am insatiable, people. I want more Chris Farley gifs
You become Chris Farley. That would actually be awesome.
Boris Johnson looks looks like and had a love child, reincarnation of Chris Farley.
I just gave that Chris Farley "no idea" and continued eating my pretzel lol
I strive to be the creepy Steve Buscemi of johns. Sadly I've topped out at Chris Farley.
I'm the Black Sheep rip Chris Farley
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Sketchbook brushpen of Chris Farley from 'Tommy Boy' in preparation for a collaborative painting…
The last time sterling was this low Chris Farley was living in the dorm room next to me.
I've kind of wanted to do a troll set, where I just do like a Chris Farley thing and just go "so, bugs are weird right?"
Boris Johnson looks like if Trump were a Chris Farley character.
The best use of the Chris Farley GIF.
Chris Farley, Senator Joseph McCarthy, and Dwyane Wade all went to the same college
I was '88 so I'm sure much has changed. I loved the school and Milwaukee city life, Chris Farley was there then
This never fails to make me laugh out loud...
Watching Hostel 2, & the nose bite scene got me thinking of Chris Farley in Dirty Work. *** Saigon *** who bit my nose off!"
Me: [Chris Farley voice] "Remember when you got universal pre-k? That was great." Castro: "..."
In the words of Chris Farley... "That was awesome" . . Welcome Jamal Murray to the Mile Hi City
I feel like Chris Farley in the Gap Girls scene.
Don't miss Sandler's Do Over tour if he comes through your city! Wrote a brilliant song for the great, Chris Farley htt…
If Brexit loses, Boris should have to sing the Chris Farley "Fat Guy In a Little Coat" song
"David Cameron has been a good Prime Minister" - Chris Grayling
Chris Farley [Quick Quiz] - At the time of his death, Farley...: via
That is correct .. In my Chris Farley voice
If you want to have an conversation with me you just gotta send me a gif of Chris Farley and I'll do the heavy lifting in keeping it fun
this joke was funnier when Chris Farley did it 20 years ago.
Work hard kids, as Chris Farley once said you don't wanna be the guy living...
My boy reminds me of Chris Farley, and that makes me very happy.
"I'm the Black Sheep, rest and peace to Chris Farley"
It's always a good day when you can pay homage to Chris Farley in your social copy.
If you could go back in history, who would you like to meet? - Chris Farley
Watching YouTube videos of Adam Sandler, Chris Farley, and Will Ferrell skits on SNL. Peace and blessings y'all.
Hope: did that dance spin amost as good as Chris Farley:
Drake said RIP Chris Farley but 80% of his fans too young to know who Chris Farley is smh
If my lunch consists of turkey and coffee, is that like mixing uppers and downers? Am I gonna Chris Farley?
But yeah...It made me think of childhood and how Chris Farley and John Candy are my favorites forever.
My personality is half Chris Farley and half Peter Sellers' Inspector Clouseau.
has a little Chris Farley as Matt Hooper down by the river look to him.
My summer diet is Rosé and calamari, I'm the Black Sheep. Rest in peace to Chris Farley
I started writing this feature comedy in New York - a Chris Farley veh...
Chevy Chase and Chris Farley rule in this.
I introduce to you David Spade and Chris Farley!!! I absolutely love these 2 boys!
it rained in california this year storm Halle Berry because of el nino Chris Farley all other tropical storms...
Celebs I've been told I look like:. Chris Farley. singer from Harvey Danger. Mark Volman from the Turtles
It's sad to think that all the good comedians are dead. Robin Williams, Mitch Hedberg, George Carlin, Chris Farley. So many great people
Little do you know, Mr. Galvin is Chris Farley and Mr. magno retired to take over the role of Peter Griffin on FamilyGuy
I imagine Grant as Chris Farley in Tommy Boy right now
Someone should write a movie blaming you for your parents divorce and the murder of Phil Hartman & Chris Farley's overdose.
He's more of a Bush. Pity that Phil Hartman and Chris Farley are gone.
Beyoncé & BILLY DON BURNS should do a duet together - that would be like Chris Farley voice awesome !!! ⚡️
I'm watching Tommy Boy at 1 am. Hella missing Chris Farley right now 🙏🏻❤️
Michael Hutchence and Chris Farley both mass-appeal performers who died in their prime. Billie Dove wasn't, but still a bad end to the year.
Watching Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor are awesome.. Reminds me of Chris Farley and David Spade
The fatal flaw of this Anita Hill movie: Chris Farley will always be the only Howell Heflin.
This scene proves Chris Farley would be cheering for the Red Wings. "Tommy love wingy!"
she is kind of like a female Chris Farley or something. Chris Pratt forgot racist *** Melly Gibson.
The time Chris Farley, Kurt Cobain and Phil Hartman on SNL at the same time. Barkley. Bogues. RuPaul.
they had an older one on earlier, several from it are dead.. Phil Hartman, Chris Farley and Kurt Cobain performed.
Watching an older episode of featuring some of the greats that passed way too young ❤ Chris Farley, Phil Hartman & Kurt Cobain
thank you for this vintage SNL tonight!! .. Really miss Phil Hartman and Chris Farley
Not sure what I did to deserve this vintage Saturday Night Live but thank you Always love watching Chris Farley and Phil Hartman!
Watched this oldie but goodie the other day. Chris Farley in his prime. "remember when you were with The...
I think of the cartoon, and then Chris Farley on SNL!
'I am Chris Farley' makes me weep like a baby every time.
🤔 hmm. Good to watch Black Sheep with Chris Farley all over again for kicks. The Man From Nowhere, No Tears for the Dead
Yet somehow manages to look more like Chris Farley than ever.
I keep thinking about Chris Farley saying "The Bears!"
hmm.. phone doesn't reply to convos via sms? I'm all over the place with my Rodney Dangerfield- Chris Farley self
Did you guys know that Chris Farley was supposed to be the voice of Shrek
Soul That Squeeze always makes me think of Chris Farley.
Lilly's worried she looks like Chris Farley
fam why my lawyer look like Chris Farley
Almost thought that guy was Chris Farley. Alive and well after all.
Whenever El Niño is trending I have to post this Chris Farley gif. 😂
Accidentally shrunk this chambray shirt so I'm channeling my best Chris Farley 'fat man in a little coat' here at the office.
it was only funny when Chris Farley did it. May his soul rest in piece. Find your own niche Melissa.
I was told the other day that I look like Chris Farley
You've obviously not seen that Chris Farley Chippendales SNL scene. :)
Once I thought that if I just had enough in the bank, if I had enough fame,...
You're gonna be doing a lot of doobie rolling when you're living in a van down by the river. - chris farley-
Madison, the birth place of Chris Farley, the Lejund, Vs. Syracuse This isnt…
I've never found those particularly funny, unless it's self deprecation like Chris Farley. This is more fatsuit
Should have been sleeping last night. Instead I made this. . Dancing with .
Pod: I defend Aaron Paul, Dylan and Bob talk fantasy lit, we decide the greatest Chris Farley character & A some Qs.
"Fade Out, if you're bloatena, I'm Chris Farley-ena." -
you changed your name to Chris Farley
I wish Chris Farley were alive, because what Tina Fey is to Sarah Palin, he could've been to Trump.
I Am Chris Farley is the best thing I've seen in months
why do we do this to women? Was Chris Farley even considered a plus sized comedian? No, and neither should any female.
ive seen the 90s...wasnt a fan at all. Chris farley was a nightmare.
Meet Anthony, one of our Directors! If he could spend a day with anyone, "aside from my girlfriend... Chris Farley"
Pitino said his worst mistake was not guarding g.Hill on the inbounds pass to laettner . Find the Chris Farley remake
female version of Chris Farley hope she does not end up like him !!
how about the Chris Farley "No Yelling on the Bus!" from Billy Madison for when Dan is yelling
NEW- THE BREEZE: Swiss Army Man, The Path, Red Rising, the best Chris Farley roles (movie and SNL) + a few questions
Sloppy Joe Tuesday!. How about a little Adam Sandler and Chris Farley in your life:...
to modify a quote by the late Chris Farley "A lot of people breastfeed for 7 or 8 years"
yas!! That movie has one of my favorite bit parts with Chris Farley as the security guy
Villanova's buzzer beater was one for the ages... but it wasn't quite as epic as Chris Farley's re-enactment of...
I liked a video from Chris Farley Easter Egg in Tom Clancy's The Division -
Berry-flavored Chris Farley is better than brand new Barber surgeon
I sometimes wonder how funny some movies would be if Chris Farley was still alive.
is probably a very distant relative to Chris Farley
Reminds me of the voter fraud from Black Sheep with Chris Farley
I read this in Chris Farley's voice. Thanks for the laughs and may he rest in peace.
Cee Lo's new video "Robin Williams" plays with Google results and name-checks Chris Farley and John Belushi
David Spade on his bond with Chris Farley: 'We were like an old married couple'...
If you could choose between saving John Belushi, Chris Farley, or John Candy, which one do you pick and why?
Chris Farley kind of evening 😂 He never failed at making me laugh... Rest in peace Matt
Rob Ford, John Candy, Chris Farley . . . These guys all have a lot in common and they're all now 6 ft under. Live hard, die young
Shrek's original voice was Chris Farley's, but died before recording was even finished (about 80% complete).
technically incorrect. I was in the work van. No stripping Chris Farley for you.
for some reason, I can't get the Patrick Swayze - Chris Farley dance-off sketch out of my head.
. Close your eyes and listen to Jim Irsay talk... Chris Farley?
Chris Farley and John Belushi doing lines off of angels ***
Just heard someone compare Melissa McCarthy to Chris Farley... I am ready for the sweet release of death.
Patrice O'neal was the GOAT, Jonah Hill, Chris Farley, all hysterical lmao
Chris Farley... Man I wish he was still with us..
I wonder if Kevin James knows he's just a poor mans Chris Farley and probably wouldn't have a career today if Farley didn't die
Derek Fisher sounds like Chris Farley "remember when I I got my *** kicked"
Chris Farley dying was the best thing that could have happened to Kevin James' career.
greatest BIG comedians of all time:. Oliver Hardy, Jackie Gleason, John Belushi , Chris Farley and Artie Lange!!
A bit of the Chris Farley one is available. I don't think any of the first Mike Myers is out.
Imagine if Phil Hartman and Chris Farley were around for this election. SNL would be ridiculous
This whole presidential campaign has turned into a SNL sketch I expect Chris Farley and John Belushi to show up any day now
we loved John Candy and Chris Farley both fat
Me, I want Jordan numbers, LeBron footin’. Can’t guard me, Vince Lombardi, John Wooden. Garbage? Hardly, you *** silly like Chris Farley
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"I'm just dandy, I got a bowl of chocolate pudding in my underpants." -Chris Farley 'Black Sheep'
It's a shame John Candy and Chris Farley have passed away you would have body double work
I think Chris Farley tried to sell John Kasich brake pads and was unsuccessful.
Reminds me of the SNL skit w/ Chris Farley &Patrick Swayze trying out for Chippendales.
Neal has been training CJ Prosise, Chris Brown and Matthias Farley at EFT Sports Performance in Highland Park, Ill.
been told he's Chris Farley as a kid thoughts??
This week's is 'Black Sheep' starring Chris Farley and David Spade! It was pretty muc…
looks like i'm gonna be Chris Farley in a chip and dale with no Patrick Swayze
that's one of my fav Chris farley moments ever lol so good
wish I could have had the opportunity to see Chris Farley perform
Dear Diary, . I decided to go on that date after all. I had a hot flash while we were making out, and got Chris Farley level sweaty.
THAT. IS. CORRECT. DM us with your name and email address for your official invite!.
Listen to John Farley LIVE on moments of clarity Friday FEB 26th 12-1pm EST. Discussing his brother Chris Farley, grief, and View...
Gonna channel this guy for interviews today. The Chris Farley Show: McCartney
agred and if Sam kennsion was alive there would be no Chris Farley
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If Chris Farley was alive there would be no Kevin James
Chris Farley! 😔 RIP bro. Funniest guy. But yesss. Soon! But not now. But oh I AM SO EXCITED. I like it so far.
Josh Robinson's got more speed than Chris Farley. (That might be too soon)
Jack Black is a good example of a comedian like that, and Chris Farley was just the opposite, IMO
Diaz is Chris Farley in Tommy Boy all he can say is "Shut up Richard."
My celebrity look alike is Chris Farley
Today marks the 18th anniversary of Chris Farley's death - 100% comedic genius with a sliver of rock n' roll.
talk to me when you can a perfect Bill Clinton or a perfect Chris Farley or a pretty good coach k
Chris Farley was in Black Sheep which came out 20 years ago this month! Set in WA & similar to 2012 WA Governor's election in many ways..hmm
One movie could be the sequel to both E.T. & The Martian: Chris Farley left behind on E.T.'s planet & E.T.'s family has to get him back home
Gravity also would be better with Chris Farley. Laura Dern great & cast of Gravity but come on we all know Chris Farley better in both films
Scene in JPark where grabs your arm might have been better w/Chris Farley. He'd have fought off raptors with arm!
Only Chris Farley can roast a curtain
Anyone want to know know Chris Farley died? He ordered a prostitute and they did a bunch of Coke and I'm assuming...
Imagine how much better the world would be if Chris Farley was still alive?
I do a mean Chris Farley "Livin' in a Van Down by the River" that's been a hit in local standup. Props to you on doing it.
I AM CHRIS FARLEY - Obviously hilarious, great older footage
I got to meet Chris Farley two months before he passed, had nothing on me but an old dirty hat he signed
Chris Farley ruined SNL for a whole generation. Everything they do now pales on comparison.
If someone wants to come and watch Chris Farley movies with me that'd be great.
I can go from Chris Farley to Slim Shady real fasst...
Oh I'll make it fit like Chris Farley😂
A few of Chris Farley’s most legendary and infamous SNL sketches (13 GIFs:
I read that & immediately busted out laughing remembering when Chris Farley paid homage to you on SNL.
Hollywood is not my type of party. Look what happened to Chris Farley
Can he get a coat that fits? Looks like Chris Farley wearing David Spade's coat in "Tommy Boy."
Listening to the cover did of superstar and feeling like David Spade and Chris Farley in Tommy Boy. Good way to start the day.
it also just makes me sad because I associate it with Chris Farley
WOO (I've already lived longer than Bruce Lee, this is the year I live longer than Chris Farley)
52 years ago, a comedy legend was born. Celebrate the life & legacy of Chris Farley.
All purpose parts banner
Just realized I share my birthday today with Chris Farley, Galilei, Matt Groening and Susan B. Anthony!
I liked a video FLASHBACK: Working Out with Adam Sandler, Chris Farley, Kevin Nealon & Mike Myers in
Chris Farley was originally cast as Shrek and even recorded the dialogue. However, after his death, the role was given to Mike Meyers.
Just don't go full Chris Farley on it is all. "So... Remember when you won the Stanley Cup? . That was awesome!"
Everytime I see Wilson Phillips I can't help but think of that skit with Adam Sandler, Chris Farley, and David Spade off of SNL. 😂
And if only Chris Farley were alive, and I had an idea for TOMMY GUN- a Top Gun reboot with cast of Tommy Boy.
Bob Odenkirk & Chris Farley long had an idea for an SNL sketch that never aired called "Whale Boy." Can only imagine.
Just had a hibachi chef that was about as bad as Chris Farley in Beverly Hills Ninja
"I want to live in a White House, down by the (Potomac) river!" Chris Farley for president! /
Sir, you're like Chris Farley after Kevin Nealon just gave Patrick Swayze the job at Chippendale's.
Which did you prefer? Chris Farley as a ninja or as rob ford?
"Me, Yoda, Anthony Kiedis, Will Ferrell and Chris Farley are secretly Jedi and we write songs together using the force." Coley-Ren
Guess who just had the Myrtle Beach, Charleston, Hilton Head area added to his territory?? (Chris Farley voice)
Agree. Gary Patterson always struck me as the evolutionary step between Chris Farley and Chip Kelly.
Gary Patterson only changed shirts because he was sweating like Chris Farley on a Navajo peyote vision quest but hey whatever works
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Colonie cops stay calling me Chris Farley
"My daughter is Chris Farley in a 6 year old body" quote from my Uber Driver
I wonder how Chris Farley's would have been.
Me Andy and Albin missed the new year cause we were watching a video of Chris Farley as Shrek
Always an awkward part of after the ball drops. "Um, so, yeah it's a new year. How do you like it?" Cue the Chris Farley Show.
My boss went from looking like chris farley to Whiskers the cat
My boss went from looking like Chris Farley to Donald Trump
Hubby and i discussing better use of fat for comedy: will sasso vs chris farley. Farley just crashed into stuff. Sasso is VERY controlled.
Lol okay dad. Pullin out all kinds of Chris Farley lines
I feel like Chris Farley, Leonardo DiCaprio, and James Bond...all together. -sct @ The Breakers…
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