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Chris Evert

Christine Marie Chris Evert (born December 21, 1954) is a former world #1 professional tennis player from the United States.

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Actually, the most impressive Chris Evert tennis stat is: 16 years, never ever ranked…
me also.. I hve loved Chris Evert since I was about 10 years old..
I always loved it when Chris Evert teased Bud Collins about his clothes. Oh, and the tennis was pretty fabulous, too.
Others have their favorite Chris Evert tennis stats. Here's mine. Won 90% of her singles matches. (…
Terrific time with Chris Evert at Little MO during the opening ceremony.
Ask him about Chris Evert, he was a dirt ball in the 70’s and 80’s
- This is when you know that you've arrived. No jinx, either. Didn't hurt Chris Evert's career. Strange - I…
"If you can rest the same way to winning and losing, that's a big accomplishment. That quality is important because…
She looks like a dark haired young Chris Evert?
Venus throwing shade at Chris Evert's remark..?
The idea of thinking that Pocohontas is an insult is tantamount to Rome believing that calling a male…
Ask Geraldo about the night he did Chris Evert on the hood of a car behind the Gateway in Fort Lauderdale.
So I did a mistake and there was 2 correct answers, Chris Evert AND Serena Williams! So congrats to everybody!. Afte…
Me to Chris Evert after she made a prediction that Venus would retire in 2018
The top players just hate to lose. I think that's the difference. A champion hates to lose even more than she loves to win…
Almost 30 years since she defeated Chris Evert in the very first Australian Open at Rod Laver Arena…
Agreed. But it was funny when he called Jim Everett, Chris Evert 😂😂
John Inverdale: If I had a dollar for every time someone said Margaret Court Arena should be renamed in honour of Chris Evert, I'd have $9
Chris Evert defeated 15y/o Monica Seles in her final 101st singles win in 89'. Love her and Mary Jo's insight.
Later nite hanging out with Chris (Evert), Anna, and Dros'.where is the Quuueeen of White Peopl.?!
Also, to be fair to the writer, those saying, "No, he's THE best ever." Chris Evert's playing his…
Why is Chris Evert always commenting on Vee's matches!
Never have. Chris Evert was my first crush. I'm all in.
After Djokovic pulled out of Wimbledon with a lingering injury today, Chris Evert said that Serena's strategy is a good model.
I wonder how many new wrinkles will Chris Evert get tomorrow
Good luck fending off kisses from Sue Barker, Patrick McEnroe, Chris Evert, and Mary Carillo.
A few corrections may be in order... Chris Evert is 2 years older than Martina Navratilova.
Take a breather and catch up with my video💥 French Open 2017: Rafael Nadal & Chris Evert King & Queen of Rol...
Chris Evert's commentary is impaired by her bias.
Chris Evert is shading Justin Bieber on air. What did Canada ever do to her?
Chris Evert openly rooted for O: Did Venus' all-American aces interfere with the new world order O might restore to…
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Not a fair chart. Martina was a tennis robot sent from the future to kill Chris Evert's baby.
Rolex has been present for some of Wimbledon’s great matches. From Roger Federer to Björn Borg, Chris Evert and... https…
7 John Lloyd 16 Chris Evert. It is cheating 😁 but good luck!
Give her credit though, she lost to Chris Evert though once and reached the semi final of an open.…
Chris Evert always wears the same ugly dresses
Chris Evert was a big crush of mine when I was 8 or thereabouts.
That turtle neck Chris Evert just said if you beat Richard daughters in a tournament you deserved to be number 1.k
Pretty good read on Former tennis star Chris Evert's turbulent love life
Every time a Williams sister wins a tournament Chris Evert gets another wrinkle deeper and uglier than the previous one before it!
I didn't know you can do this.I'm taking Chris Evert to court then
I prefer Chris Evert slip, or the Badminton more soft, show me your lingery...Ouah Ahhh...Very British...
Yes but Chris Evert was salivating at the thought of Jelena winning, even sa…
Chris Evert may 'think' she is the Queen of the French Open. In reality she is a biased, borderline racist, mess of a tennis commentator.
Chris Evert is awesome. She's so clear and opinionated on issues in tennis. Contrast to Johnny Mac, who just says anything he wants.
Chris Evert lowkey be hating on Venus & Serena when she calling their matches 🙄
Chris Evert messing up my ability 2watch 2much talking overly opinionated with personal views not based on facts Poor assessments
Chris Evert supporting switching coaches (Muguruza) for a "change of scenery" seems to coincide with her views on marriage
Dude calling this match with Chris Evert just tried to mansplain scheduling to her when he didn't understand her point. It was hilarious.
What would happen if Chris Fowler actually agreed with Chris Evert's criticism of Wimbledon court scheduling?
Can someone please please tell Chris Evert to please STOP talking so much during play?! I would but she blocked me.
Chris Evert is not a good analyst. Ostapenko did not hit a lot of dropshots at Roland Garros. Just because she won on clay doesn't mean so.
It's that point in I'm tired of hearing Chris Evert.
Chris Evert says Women should have equal time on CT 1 & 2? Blimey they already get equal money for less work!
And when Chris Evert was playing I guarantee there would have been two men's matches a…
It'll be amazing it's changed so much since I went about 20 years ago Lol! Ladies semi final day Chr…
At the 1987 U.S. Open, star Chris Evert's called her missing bracelet her “tennis bracelet,” and the iconic n…
Chris de Freitas founded course Natural Hazards in New Zealand and his latest book is our textbook. Good legacy!…
Ask Chris Evert what she thinks about Novak/Mannarino scheduling, since they were the only 2 who didn't finish tdy.…
Wonder what Hannah Wilks, Chris Evert, Catherine Whitaker et al hv to say? Would it matter if Fed or Andy, not Nole…
"Find something that you're really interested in doing in your life. Pursue it, set goals, and commit yourself to…
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Don't think so. And the FO-W double as first 2 Slam trophies has happened jus…
Evert questions equality of Wimbledon scheduling Three-time champion Chris Evert has questioned… http…
I'm not much of a tennis guru Nidge, last time I had a bet at Wimbledon Chris Evert was still world number one
Chris Evert on 5Live calling for scheduling gender equality over the two main show courts. LISTEN TO HER.
Chris Evert questions the lack equal representation on show courts on
Did anyone see when Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova played late in their careers at the French op…
A little hypocritical of you to be calling out someone calling Crosby a girl after the Jim Everett/Chris Evert incident right?
Chris Evert's take: I don't know which is worse, or the return of serve-and-volley
Y now it's time for the popular show starring Chris Evert. Oh, coconut.
that's how Chris Evert got 7 FO's. Moonball, back up the opponent, drop shot repeat
Y now it's time for the draw show starring Chris Evert. Oh, fart.
🐌I was younger, I was a robot. Wind her up and she plays tennis. 👉Chris Evert
evert conservative in modern history has been called a bigot, or racist, or a nazi. It has lost all meaning.
Chris Fowler points out that Serena DID NOT mention her fiancé in her thank yous. Chrissie Evert explains, "he's not family Y…
2/2 pursue it, set goals and commit yourself to excellence. do the . best you can - Chris Evert
🐌pay a price for everything in life. 👉Chris Evert
🐌time, all the time, I'm a perfectionist. I feel I should never lose. 👉Chris Evert
Ninety percent of my game is mental. It's my concentration that has ...
The rivalry that encompasses all the opposites that represents is probably Martina v Chris Evert-Lloyd.
The great Chris Evert welcomes to the 18 club!!
what about Serena Williams and Chris Evert. They have 23 and 24 majors in tennis.
Reminded of the great contest of the past Navratilova & Chris Evert Lloyd
Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert Lloyd. Why do you all only remember the guys. 😁
Jack Nicklaus won 18 majors in golf. Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova won 18 major women's singles titles. Another great stat from ESPN
Me,too! I have my trusty old Chris Evert model in the closet. I have a brand new Federer racket gathering dust
Mike Tyson will train Chris Brown for his upcoming boxing match against Soulja Boy.
It's Chris Evert. U literally can't put a dollar amount on the advertising u got out of a QB coming after u in 94
Let's go ahead and make Jumpsteady vs young wicked the co-main evert for the Chris Brown vs Soulja boy fight on ppv
Even though there are a lot of bright tennis players out there, you sti...
USTA National Campus, which officially opened Thursday, is new 'Home of American Tennis':
The new USTA National Campus is open to ALL but hopes to develop American Champions! I welcome your thoughts:
Evert: Tennis stars now under 'more pressure'
new National Campus open to all, but hopes to develop American champions, writes Read
Tennis stars face 'more pressure' now
Chris Evert: tennis stars under more pressure: via
I added a video to a playlist Chris Evert: tennis stars under more pressure
You've got to take the initiative and play your game. In a decisive set, confidence is the difference. Chris Evert
Chris Evert: tennis stars under more pressure
Chris Evert kicking off opening day national campus with a media tour around the country.
Tennis stars under 'more pressure' today, says former world No. 1
Huge Network | Evert: Tennis stars under 'more pressure' today
Evert: Tennis stars under 'more pressure' today
Former world No. 1 Chris Evert​ says there's "more pressure" on tennis stars today. Full story: http…
Chris Evert: Tennis stars under 'more pressure' than ever, says former world No. 1
Tennis stars 'under more pressure than ever'
[FOXSPORTS]The 45th of the 80 matches between Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert was pla…
30 for 30: Unmatched, BT Sport 1 HD, January 04, 2017: Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova were fierce tennis rivals in the 70s and 80s, bu…
I love hiking in the mountains in Aspen. Breathing the clean, fresh air...
I still have this image: I can't be controversial, I can't say thing...
ICYMI last month, a flashback look at & profiled in
Good morning Corey!. I would love to introduce you to Jackson. He has been with us at Chris Evert for a good...
They never did post any photos from the Chris Evert gala event, did they? We usually get pics from the red carpet.
I'm not an overly ambitious person; I don't feel like I have to excel...
You were a great tennis player that I loved watching. I wanted Chris Evert to beat you, but you were too good. Thank you
can you send me the Chris Evert quote from your presentation today?
Relationships are give-and-take, and when you're a tennis player, yo...
Met with Chris Evert at WTA in Singapore where SAP was a long standing partner. Chris spoke about her life and tenn…
"Chris Evert Fast Facts"Take a look at CNN's Fast Facts on Chris Evert and learn more about the life of the profes…
Has anyone noted the uncanny similarity between Chloe Sevigny and tennis great Chris Evert? It's not too late to do a biopic.
📷 What’s in your spin tool box? Sidespin as well?  Some may recall Chris Evert and Jack Kramer owning...
Can I get a lesson from Chris Evert ?
You can't give up! If you give up, you're like everybody else - Chris Evert
I added a video to a playlist Nintendo Entertainment System Chris Evert Ivan L
Chris Evert served 25% as hard as Serena but also won 6 US Open titles. Chrissie played with such grace and accuracy
DT will soon find that no one can wear down Chris Evert. (Ask legions of opponents who faced her metronomic consist…
YOU GUYS, Chris Evert is talking about voting with Mariska Hargitay. It's basically the overlap of the Things I'm a…
Imagine if Jimmy Connors or Chris Evert won Wimbledon at age 60 yrs old?Well Tom Watson should have won the 2009 British Open in Golf at 60
Karen Watson is also certain the woman mentioning Bill Walsh at physical therapy back in July,followed up by talking about Chris Evert&-cont
Chris Evert says Monica Seles would have won more slams if she had not been stabbed -
Sitting on a couch w 2 ESPN ppl and I was like hm I could google them, turns out I'm sitting on a couch with Chris Evert and Patrick McEnroe
300!. Serena Williams notches her 300th career Grand Slam match win, passing Chris Evert for 2nd-most in Open Era. https:…
In addition to Ali, Reggie, and Kareem, you had Nicklaus, Jimmy Connors, Chris Evert, Billy Jean King, Pete Rose, and Bruce Jenner. (cont)
(Current header) Chris Evert defeats Martina Navratilova in the 1986 French Open final to win her 18th and final major title
Wales boss Coleman signs new contract: Manager Chris Coleman is rewarded with a two-year contract extension a...
"Ilie Nastase smokes. Chris Evert cleans her own skirt.” Sorry to be clickbaiting but this is GOOD!.
what do you think of Chris Evert as a possible coach for Andy Murray? She'd be be great for the calm under pressure factor.
I was very, very shy as a younger girl, just petrified of people.
1989 - Chris Evert becomes the first tennis player, male of. female, to reach 1,000 wins.
Golfer Tom Watson making cuts on Pga and European tours in his 60s?That is like Jimmy Connors-Chris Evert doing the same. Golf aint Tennis
Q218: What sport/game is Chris Evert associated with?
Tennis Channels coverage of Roland Garros is already 5000x better than ESPN's. Thank God no Chris Evert, Brad Gilbert, or Pam Shriver.
Chris Evert believes EuGenie Bouchard still has what it takes: Tennis Tennis expert…
What type of tennis stroke did Chris Evert popularize? Sports
And, in case you forgot, Steffi did it w/legends like Martina Navratilova & Chris Evert there & playing well
My first U.S. Open I think was just very special for me because that w...
Chris Evert has highest number if wins with 7 but it will be this year.
Anyone who wants to listen to Chris Evert opinion and prospects for Genie Bouchard.
Words by the same woman who in 2011 said Maria wasn't going to win a slam again. Dont trust Chris Evert
our spoke w/ tennis great Chris Evert to get her opinion on the and
If I win seven tournaments in a row, I get so confident I'm in a cloud...
Chris Evert certainly has a good point however we don't think that's style. She'll want to come back on the tour
since when did Johnny Mac and Chris Evert have a thing going...?
Chris Evert: 'Time is running out for Maria Sharapova': Twnnis The Former American tennis…
Being famous before you've formed your personality, before you have that self-esteem, is dangerous. — Chris Evert
Awesome!!! Chris Evert was and is an epic badass!!
From our list of badass female sports heroes: Chris Evert!
Chris Evert on why Rafael Nadal's clay-court dominance may never be matched.
1979 Chris Evert's 125-match winning streak on clay came to an end by 2x major winner Tracy Austin
Had the biggest crush on her when I was a kid. Chris Evert and Gabriela Sabatini mmm mmm
. First tennis match i saw was in 1984, at school. Chris Evert was playing at wimby
Chris Evert: ´I Still get sad when Roger Federer loses´ - via
If you're a champion you have to have it in your heart. - Chris Evert
My dad flagged down Chris Evert in a hotel lobby so me and my sister could shake hands. In her heyday, '78. Incredibly gracious.
I think team sports probably teach you more about giving - about being unse...
ESPN won't carry the French this year. I'm not that sad, as I won't have to suffer Chris Evert
Tell me on a Sunday plays Wimbledon on Monday evening. Jodie Prenger's performance gives Chris Evert a run for her money.
You pay a price for everything in life.
Isn't Chris Evert the former QB of the LA Rams?
DAMMIT another reason to hate Chris Evert!
Lol i was liking so many comments on Chris Evert's TL she blocked me.
ROFL from "Americas" to "Chris Evert", I doubt anything in this meme has any sense of rationale.
The real talent is to react the same way to victory and defeat. - Chris Evert, Professional Tennis player. Le...
In ref to this: Chris Evert puts Novak Djokovic's equal pay comments down to cultural differences
I swear I could easily stamp on Chris Evert's head and not feel any remorse. Makes me feel ill.
To think I used to cheer for Chris Evert when I was a kid. Horrible human.
It's almost time! Thanks for the shout out We're so excited to honor
Excited that spotlights the gala honoring
Chris Evert is giddy when Serena loses though.
. Peter Fleming claim Rafa winning percentage of all on clay is wrong. Chris Evert has highest winning percentage on clay.
"Let's just keep it equal and help each other.". & talk equality. 📻-->
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to Chris Evert who won 18 Grand Slam singles championships & 3 doubles titles.
THANK YOU to all of our therapy teams who brought much joy to the children of Broward General-Chris Evert...
You were broken, hopefully you loosen up and go for your shots and stop all that passive Chris Evert moonball business Nadal.
Exactly 30 years ago, Steffi Graf won the first of her 107 singles titles. She defeated Chris Evert 6-4 7-5 at Hilton Hea…
Chris Evert shocked at Maria Sharapova positive test but says she knew of tennis drug cheats
Sabrina Duncan on right played by Kate Jackson. In my dream midfield with Debbie Harry, Kim Wilde & Chris Evert
Novak Djokovic clears the air with Billie Jean King and Chris Evert over equality in tennis comments: King gra...
there we have John Lloyd's greatest tennis achievement - marrying Chris Evert! 😂
I dunno why I follow Chris Evert but… alright.
never forget interview with Chris Evert: "Bud, that's a stupid question."
I know it's supposed to be about BC, but Chris Evert at 16...
Always remember Chris Evert losing a match at U.S. Open, walking over to Bud Collins for interview and opening with: "Nice pants, Bud."
I loved his commentary about Chris Evert he loved his Chrissy I was young when I first started watching he was great
Bud was the best! He called the first network Sports Fantasy for me, viewer vs. Chris Evert. He'll be sorely missed.
Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert in Paris, after Evert beat Navratilova to win her 7th title.
Aww, RIP Bud. My favorite memory? Chris Evert walks off court at Wmbledon, sees him & says “nice pants, Bud”
"Chris Evert once stepped off Centre Court at Wimbledon after a tough defeat, and her first comment to Collins...
Not every child is cut out for an individual sport.
You yell at Adam Sandler. You have diarrhea next to Kaopectate. You stay at the Chris Evert House. Good night.
Roses are red, violets are blue, clocks are Chinese, and Chris Evert is depressed.
Chris Evert will join Serena Williams, Caroline Wozniacki, Stan Wawrinka and Gael Monfils at gala
In what year did Virginia Wade beat Chris Evert at Wimbledon
Oscars host rapped over Asian 'joke': US comedian Chris Rock is criticised for a joke he made at the expense o...
If he's smart he'll pick Chris Evert.
Sports World=When Jimmy Connors book was released -Did he speak to Chris Evert before or after it was published-Lot of controversial stuff
ESPN could easily improve on the Pam Shriver - Chris Evert duo currently commentating... they would only need to replace one...
Chris Evert wants Serena Williams to stop giving a headstart to her opponents
Chris Evert: Serena Williams needs to start faster to win in Melbourne via
Chris Evert: Serena cannot repeat 'immortal' 2015 escapes...
FYI | 3AM 27-Jan on ESPN2 (subj to chg) Tennis Highlights: Chris Evert Pro-Celeb Classic (UNknown if footage w/David Cook will be featured)
I'm not getting within 20 feet of a married man ever again - not even talking to...
Chris Evert tabs Simona Halep as the next maiden Slam winner. Do you agree? . Read:
[Sporting News]Chris Evert has warned Serena Williams she cannot repeat the slow starts she exper…
Chris Evert wants to see play more aggressive tennis in the first set this year
Chris Evert on Genie Bouchard: She's definitely a dark horse and a dangerous player, no doubt about it,” More:
Thanks to you & My in IRL teenage crushes:Chris Evert, Cindy Nelson & Tai Ba…
[Eurosport]At the French Open she fought back from losing the opening set four times on her wa…
Serena Williams will struggle to match 2015 feats, claims former world No 1 Chris Evert...
Chris Evert: Serena's slow starts are her main problem...
will Chris Evert be involved with the LA Rams next season?
Serena Williams today, Chris Evert once ruled so completely Sports …
Only three women have ever been named individually and solely Chris Evert (1976). Mary Decker (1983). S…
Michael Irvin, Chris Evert and Brian Piccolo aren't the only stars who attended St. Thomas Aquinas. See full list
I was waiting for one of those UFC fighters to pull a Chris Evert on Jom Rome in the studio.
Joints this weekend and the Chris Evert and Raymond James Charity event
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Come join us this weekend at The Chris Evert and Raymond James yearly event
Chris Evert double faulted to lose her last tennis match (Chris, Kirkland, WA)
I realized that with hard work, the world was your oyster. You could do anything you wanted to do. - Chris Evert Lloyd
Three days until the Chris Evert Celebrity Tennis Tournament in Boca Raton, the Harris Bros. Will be there.
DCO | David Cook part of all-star lineup at annual Chris Evert Raymond James Pro-Celeb Tennis Classic
First two loads done. One to Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital and one to Chris Evert Children's Hospital.
When Chris Evert was she said she never plays her husband John (in the world) cuz he would kill her
Her $9.1 million in prize money during the first seven months of the year is more than tennis legend Chris Evert!
Anastasia Myskina chasing a piece of history: only Margaret Court, Chris Evert and Billie Jean King have won as a player AND captain
Find out what Chris Evert said about Petra recently. I agree with her comments and I like Kvitova's game as well.
Chris evert used to be called that and what a wonder person she is
The arch-rivalry in tennis between Chris Evert and Martina Navratilova was pretty big for women's athletics in the '80's
Catch the Harris Bros. in Palm Beach / Miami Beach / Delray Beach/ Boca Raton next week for the Chris Evert Celebrity Ten…
Pfft Chris Evert once won 125 matches in a row on clay.
in 1988: the last match between Chris and Martina
November 14 1988: last match between Chris and Martina
is proud to be including in the gift bag for the Chris Evert event being provided by
Most famous alumna used to be Chris Evert. I remember running shots of Michael Stanley, its catcher, as SE in Hollywood.
Chris Evert. It's either cattiness or racism. In her commentating, she certainly lacks sportsmanship & grace.
Chris Evert is looking Good, she hasn't hit the wall yet 👍 Bravo Girl 👍😍
Wow..Ryan Fitzpatrick? Favorite person walking the planet, huh? I wonder how Ty Burrell and Chris Evert feel about that.
Dwyane Wade, Jack Nicklaus, Chris Evert & William Woodward inducted into the Hall of Champions.
Chris Evert said Genie had a slight concussion from her fall.
Dwyane Wade enters Miami Sports Hall of Champions with Jack Nicklaus, Chris Evert via
To be a you have to be inflexible, stubborn, arrogant, selfish, & self-absorbed... tunnel vision. (Chris Evert)
LET US REMEMBER that Christie himself donated to Planned Parenthood. Was pro-choice before he was pro-life:
By the way, filling in for Chris Evert tonight here at this event, Martina Navratilova. Not bad.
bull she got a walkover against Chris evert in her semi final ..
If this were '79 or '83 Errani would be in the world, have about 14 slams and be a legend. . Cuz the way Chris Evert's game was set up...
Max Eisenbud, who ended up deleting his account, which was a win 4 the SW fans and Chris Evert - the shade thrower
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Did you know that Judy Murray was a “Tartan Chris Evert” – winning 64 Scottish girls and ladies tennis tiles? .
We had a lesson in class 8 about chris evert
Anyone one want some cool dude tickets to our show on Oct.3rd? I will tell Chris hi!
have two tix for your Oct. 3 show for cheap that I'm not going to make it to - RT? Also hello, Chris taught me piano when I was 7
Serena Williams ESPN interview with Chris Evert and Pam Shriver about winning Wimbledon 2015.
Mmmm ... Chris Evert. If I can be forgiven a brief moment of male chauvinism. Great player!
0 - the number of times I want Brad Gilbert to start talking over Chris Evert.
Chris Evert and Brad Gilbert discussing what Venus must do to beat Serena. Like an alternate reality.
Jimmy Evert, the father of tennis great Chris Evert, has died …
Last British woman to beat a world no1 was Sue Barker v Chris Evert in 1979 🎾
What a great article from our friends at the Charlotte Observer about Chris Evert in Charlotte.
Serena is unequivocally the 🐐 and Chris Evert hates it so bad. The salt is real.
Why does ESPN go with Chris Evert?? Mary Carillo is so much better. No one told Chris not to wear white on TV. too bright.
Until I read this. had forgotten about Chris Evert's open "Dear Serena letter":
On what would have been his 72nd birthday, Chris Evert, LZ Granderson and Pam Shriver reflect on Arthur Ashe, the...
Cliff Drysdale and Chris Evert remember Arthur Ashe the player, 40 years after he defeated Jimmy C... - via App
Chris Evert apologizes to Mats Wilander for being on Game Set Mats. “Sorry I’m on your show,” she says, touching his shoulder and laughing.
John/Pat McEnroe, Chris Fowler & Chris Evert are generally fair calling SW matches, it's some of the others that hate watch/call SW matches.
[ESPN Sports]Chris Fowler and Chris Evert look ahead to the women’s final at the French Open
Looking forward to Chris Evert & Chris Bailey for the Women's Final.Will miss though!
Chris Evert says Serena Williams may be unstoppable in the French Open Women's Final in today's
Evert to co line with Tail Activewear
I don't really care about Chris Evert to be honest.
Chris Evert will be commentating on Eurosport this year. It's like a dream come true.
Chris Evert is joining the Eurosport commentary team this year? Oh lord
“She’s a spoiler…I’m not sure if she can win the tournament” Chris Evert on ESPN2 on at Roland Garros
“I used to wear knee socks all the time when I went to Catholic school” – Chris Evert on ESPN2 on new fashion for ballgirls at Roland Garros
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