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Chris Evans

Christopher James Chris Evans (born 1 April 1966) is an English broadcaster, businessman and producer for radio and television.

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I get your point, but the exact same thing can be said about Abraham Attah and Chris Evans. T…
Clark Gregg has Chris Evans trading cards in his locker. 😏
Turns out Chris Evans really IS Cap, and Clark Gregg really IS Coulson. What else is S.H.I.E.L.D. hiding from us
Kate McKinnon, Chris Evans and Amy Adams at the 15th annual Night Before party to benefit MPTF (Feb. 2017 )
“Mm, Chris Evans reminds me of you.” Jim planted a kiss onto his neck. Seconds later there was a knock…
I just love how woke Chris Evans is everyone's kink lmao
WWYD: Chris Evans with two face's OR Anthony Quinn with no eye
How can anyone say Chris Evans is the better running back Ty Isaac is way better he runs forward!
...injury to come. Chris Evans emerged in the 2nd half of the game, rushed for 97 yards, and scored twice today; Ty Issac also scored.
Martin Freeman at BBC Radio 2 talking about Labour of Love with Chris Evans. (source
Avengers IRL Mark Ruffalo Don Cheadle and Chris Evans dial up support for CA clean energy law.
Weren't they saying Chris Evans was the next Reggie Bush before the season started lol
'Gifted' trailer pairs Chris Evans with real-life girlfriend Jenny Slate: . Fox Searchlight has released the... https:…
Forever torn in between faking Chris Evans or Adelaide Kane.
Lets start the list of people which movie to avoid at any cost. Olivia Wilde , Jennifer Lawrence, Chris Evans. ht…
Joe Russo, Chris Evans, and Sebastian Stan at the Premiere in Singapore via
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In the past 2 days Steve Wright, Jo Whiley and Chris Evans have played Two Ghosts on their R2 shows. We need it on Simon Mayo's drive time.
📷 agentromanof: Chris Evans photographed by Mark Segal for Esquire, April 2017 I like pursuing new...
I have never related to anyone more than when Chris Evans said he would rather kill himself than choose between Han Solo and Indiana Jones
Not going to lie though I loved the first ones with Chris Evans and Jessica Alba when I was younger lol
Sebastian Stan, Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie and Jeffery Dean Morgan please. That would be awesome.
Just had a chance to watch Gifted y'day & I really loved Chris Evans as Frank Adler. Charming, warm, smart, lovable & particularly handsome!
Chris Evans this Friday and then off to Australia
Said it before. Will say it again. Chris Evans = Captain America
not just u, but Chris Evans, Leo, Matt Damon, Seth Rogan, George Clooney, etc.
Another reason why Chris Evans is one of the best
Don't forget the cast of the View, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans, Miley Cyrus, and many others!
Chris Evans' dog greeting Chris Evans. 🤗 Good start to the day.
It's Chris Evans and a happy dog. What's not to love??
Ty Isaac and Chris Evans were pretty darn good yesterday w/ vision, cuts. Helped out the OL quite a bit.
.reunion with his fur-baby, Dodger, after being away on a long film shoot, goes viral
I'd probably welcome Chris Evans home the same way 😍👍😘
literally ALL i need to get through the first day of school is the video of chris evans reuniting with his dog
⚡ Chris Evans being reunited with his dog is what you need right now 🐶❤️.
Watching Chris Evans' reunion with his pup after a 10-week shoot will make your day
Chris Evans is reunited with his beloved dog Dodger
This video of Chris Evans reuniting with his beloved dog Dodger after 10 weeks away is so cute! Watch here:
Y'all I love me some Chris Evans lol
Chris Evans with a sweet pupper, AND I got paid EARLY? Must be a dream!!
Me to everyone I come in contact with: "Would you like to see a video of Chris Evans being reunited with his dog"
I would most likely also be this excited to kiss Chris Evans
Captain America's best friend! Avengers star Chris Evans reunites with beloved dog Dodger after 10…
Chris Evans warmed up in a janitor outfit. . Jim Harbaugh's $9,000,000/year blue collar attitude really rubbing off on Mich…
Chris Evans and his dog 🐶 Dodger are the kind of love this world needs right now ❤️
Chris Evans reuniting with his dog after a summer away is all of us returning home to our missed pets.
A Face/Off reboot where Chris Pine, Chris Evans, Chris Pratt, and Chris Hemsworth all switch faces and no one notices t…
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Chris Evans reunites with his dog after 10 weeks apart
Chris Evans has finally reunited with his dog after months apart and I'm not crying, you are
Captain America is on and I can't get over how fine Chris Evans is, wow. What a man. 😍
Well-blocked H-back counter with Chris Evans' feet ... should work more often than not
Chris Evans' adorable reunion with his dog is the best thing you'll see today
heaven is watching Chris Evans playing with his dog
Have to hold it now. Top Gear with Chris Evans was ok 1st episode then went down hill fast.
Brief synopsis of The Red Sea Diving Resort movie that Chris Evans is currently filming in South Africa.
Just local.. they do Carfest north and south.. Chris Evans does it for children in need xx
I knew that. Didn't Chris Evans back in the day try to call her out for it being a cover but I don'…
He's the RB coach at Indiana. And hopefully Chris Evans is that guy. He showed flashes as a frosh
Paola's mom just called Chris Evans a daddy
I want you to know I only use my Chris Evans licking Taran Killam's face gif for very special friends.
Right, I'm off to bed now. I sure hope my mentions and DMs aren't full of Chris Evans and Rupert Penry-Jones pics by the morning.
Contd - Chris Evans, Sammy NElson, Ronnie Corbett and Jimmy Tarbuck. Oh and Bobby Davro is behind Denis Waterman
I'm waiting for the day when Trump & the Nazis push Chris Evans so far that he throws on his Captain America suit and sta…
At this point, I'd just give Chris Evans the Captain America suit; encourage him to walk around in it.
I never thought Chris Evans could top his character in Scott Pilgrim but Woke Chris Evans rules.
And so many people are in it: Chris Evans, Brie Larson, Aubrey Plaza, Mae Whitman, Johnny Simmons, Michael wow
Christopher Reeve will always be superman & Chris Evans will always be Captain America.
Chris Evans was certainly impressive in his debut season for the Maize and Blue.
Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans, behind the scenes of The Avengers.
BOSTON has Chris Evans. BOSTON has Uzo Aduba . BOSTON has Mark Wahlberg. BOSTON has Taylor Schilling . BOSTON has Dunki…
What you need is Chris Evans playing Sean Keaveny's play list
What is your point? Chris Evans is worth more than Claudia Winkleman. He gets paid…
Tagged by . Jane Seymour. Prince William. Chris Evans. Julian Morris. KJ Apa. Tag anyone who want
Chris Evans, Gary Lineker and Claudia Winkleman together cost 30,000 licence fees. Not one of them would be mi…
Chris Evans & Scarlett Johansson photographed for Los Angeles Times in Beverly Hills (2014). Credits to:…
Chris Evans. Chris Pratt. Chris Pine. Chris Hemsworth. "The Crisis" riding a motorcycle. This is so funny to ME. Esto me da má…
For lawdies sake BBC don't let Chris Evans near the interview room for Great British Bake off!!!
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Chris Evans is Captain America. Jessica Biel was Abigail Whistler in Blade 3, Kim Basinger was Vicki Vale, William H. Macy was The Shoveler
I don't want any part of this tony vs. steve discourse, I'm just here for Chris Evans
Gonna watch Joe Johnston rock that old-school adventure feel as Chris Evans embodies what's great about my country.…
Chris Evans idolazing Robert Downey Jr, and RDJ interrupting him.
📷 rbertdowneyjr: Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans photographed by Robert Trachtenberg for People...
Gifted (2017) Marc Webb's comfort zone is making small movies not blockbusters. Chris Evans is sooo good in this movie. Touching too.
I still cant believe they showed Tony Stark & Bruce Banner fan art to the Avengers cast & Chris Evans almost died in the back…
Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, and Scarlett Johansson are candidates for the 100 Most Handsome/Beautiful Faces of 2017 https:…
COMING SOON - GIFTED , August 31st, here at Waverley Cinema. Frank Adler (Chris Evans) is a single man raising a...
I swear I see Chris Evans, Matt Damon & Alfred Hitchcock reflected in his sunglasses
Who to replace Chris Evans on Top Gear, go back to three hosts, Sabine Schmitz, Matt LeBlanc & Tiff Needell.
If you could fck any 5 people in the world at the sa... ___ Chris Evans . Chris Hemsworth . Emma Watson. . Sca...
Nothing sad lol...I was RTing b/c I'm very thankful for my future hubby (Chris Evans)
MARVEL has Chris Evans . MARVEL has Sebastian Stan . MARVEL has Chadwick Boseman. MARVEL has Tom Holland. MARVEL has Chris H…
NEW photos of Chris Evans could show us what Steve Rogers will look like in INFINITY WAR
Would much rather listen to Tony Blackburn or Anneka Rice in the morning! Only bit I like on Chris Evans are the kids!
Oh wow, I would definitely want to watch Claudia Winkleman at least 5x as much as I'd wanna see Chris Evans, ***
Chris Evans is the BBC top male earner on £2m and Claudia Winkleman is the female highest on £500k.
Not so much a gender gap as an assertion that companies believe that Chris Evans is a bigger…
I actively avoid watching Chris Evans & Claudia Winkleman. Pl remind me what talents they have that others are dying to poach them
I liked a video Chris Evans and the Cast of Captain America: Civil War on CHELSEA (Netflix).
Ugh I need to meet Matt Sanders and Chris Evans
I had a dream my boyfriend was Chris Evans with a man bun and I'm not mad
Morning I was going to send my in but it is clearly the wrong demographic - Chris Evans here we come
I love how Chris Evans really gets into his character re: punching Nazis
I actually did call Chris Evans my white *
Chris Evans and Leo Decaprio will be our yt lord and saviors
Personally don't care how much Chris Evans or Gary Lineker are paid. Sad news day if this all it will be about
You are much more Steve than you know. I'll add goofy and there you have it, Chris Evans himself! Anytime, bud!
Good question. It's certainly not the likes of Graham Norton, Chris Evans etc though.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
BBC News - BBC star salaries to be revealed If Chris Evans is getting more than minimum wage it's a con.
Is Chris Evans trying extra hard this morning knowing his full salary will be revealed later and we will all say "What?!"
Looks like Chris Evans has signed a deal to present Top Gear .. hard act to follow
goodnight I love seb and chris evans only!
I just rewatched Scott Pilgrim vs the World. Chris "Captain America" Evans is unrecognizable as one…
find someone who loves you as much as Chris Evans loves his dog, Dodger
Oo y'all don't want me to start. . But if you insist... Jensen Ackles. Chris Evans. Chris Hemsworth.
2/ for the pleasure of it, plus I don't watch sport or the BBC much, I really find it…
Chris Evans needs to just be Captain America in real life. We love a woke white man
- movie dates EVERY NIGHT ✨. - “darling you won't leave me for him, will you?”. - “no thomas, i won't leave you for chris eva…
Sod that 'How much is Chris Evans on?'
Chris Evans, forever. Hemsworth is my second runner up.
Exclusive Interview: Marc Webb on making Gifted, working with Chris Evans and Mckenna Grace's special audition
I am obsessed with how crap Chris Evans is. Five minutes of him on a Friday has me laughing all day.
Chris Evans looks more like Chris Hemsworth than Chris Hemsworth look like Chris Hemsworth
Chris Evans is quite handsome in a very bland way to me. But yes to Ryan's peppered hair.
Well it wouldn't matter by then, they have done this with others actors. Ryan Reynolds, Chris Evans.
I just want to say that Ryan Reynolds is my favourite guy ... after Chris Evans of course
Wish Alice would let me marry Chris Evans so I could live with him and his dog
Jack Davenport in the TV series ULTRAVIOLET, or Chris Evans with brown hair?
🗣 PSA: Henry Cavill, Chris Evans, Ben Affleck and Chris Pratt are not snacks, they are full course meals. 🗣
Chris Evans would probably be fine with that TBH
Chris Evans & Hayley Atwell at the Los Angeles premiere of Captain America: The First Avenger on July 19, 2011. https:/…
Just heard Chris Garibaldi on Chris Evans just now. of Year finalists taking it in turns. Great idea!
Keanu with Forest Whitaker and Chris Evans at the Street Kings premiere, 2008
Great. I've wanted to ride Chris Evans for a while now.
Cont... but I do love me some Jensen Ackles, David Duchovny, and Chris Evans.
Jenny Slate goes from dating Chris Evans to possibly dating my celebrity crush and I am insanely jealous.
Stephen Colbert: "You were spotted in Atlanta with Chris Evans...". Scarlett:.
Changing the narrative to fit the story: you forgot to mention that Chris Evans earned the same as Gadot for Captain America ht…
Will you retract your retract your claims about Gal Gadot & the wage gap?. Chris Evans 1st film: $300k. Hems…
Is Emma Stone the new Emma Watson the new Emma Roberts? Is Chris Pratt the new Chris Pine the new Chris Evans the n…
Rather Gal Gadot's performance is, kinda like Chris Evans as Cap. Personally I like heroes that are actually heroic and not broody.
I forgot Michael B Jordan who's in Black Panther was Human Torch just like Chris Evans hsjdjdj why do they keep fuc…
Am I the only person who wants Michael B Jordan and Chris Evans to interact in the Black Panther movie?
I added a video to a playlist Captain America star Chris Evans at GMA promoting The Winter Soldier
Hugh Jackman (does he count?) as Jim Gordon in the Jim-in-batsuit story...Chris Evans as Hal Jordan
Chris Evans or Sebastian Stan. I love them both so much but my baby Seb
Chris Pratt is cancelled for me so I say Chris Pine and Chris Evans >>>
Johnny Evans and Smalling was a title winning partnership back in the day.Please let it happen .Sign Chris 🙏🏼
Chris Evans scared the crap out of work
Marvel star Chris Evans on politics, break-ups, and saying goodbye to Captain America
Chris Pratt is a republican and chris evans is over friendly to trump supporters why is this even a discussion ALL HAIL…
somebody make a movie and cast Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt, and Chris Pine in it and call it The Chrises Crisis
you: Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pine or Chris Pratt?. me, an intellectual w/daddy issues:
I'm going to need some broadway advice from you soon! I need to go to NYC to see Chris Evans in Lobby Hero, it opens in March!
all i want for my birthday is Chris Evans
will wrap everything up for Cap, says Chris Evans -
Everybody fighting over whether Chris Pine or Chris Evans is the best Chris is so wrong
I was a huge Chris Evans fan before he was chosen for Captain America. Anyone remembers that?
Chris Evans has already officially signed up for Avengers 4 to wrap up his character (and be the end his contract)! http…
Captain America’s Chris Evans reveals why he extended his Marvel Studios contract -
Will smith, Jamie foxx, don cheadle, Denzel, Chris Evans, Bradley cooper, scarlet jo, and Ryan Reynolds are some of my fav actors.
You deserve a Labour landslide, a Trump alien abduction and a dinner date with Chris Evans but this will have to do ❤️🎉🎁
But it will be exciting to see Scarlett Johansson as Wonder woman and Chris Evans as batman. Joss Whedon will give…
i will always stop and look at Chris Evans. I even watched that movie just because he's in it lol
Chris Pratt will make me laugh. . Chris Evans would be great to chat with.…
Exit poll has 76 seats too close to call. TOO CLOSE TO CALL. Chris Evans will be announcing new government during his breakfast show 2moro.
Chris Evans? Ty Isaac? Karan Higdon? (Kareem Walker) ... hard to fathom that this group doesn't even crack the top…
Geez, now I'm imagining an 80-year old Chris Evans still as Steve Rogers, while a new young black actor plays Sam Wilson Cap 😍
Watching TMNT (the movie from 2007) on Netflix - it has voices of Patrick Stewart, Lawrence Fishbourne, Kevin Smith and Chris Evans. ***
Chris Evans and Micheal B Jordan both played the Human Torch and they both ran to the MCU. That's hilarious every time I t…
I've been pretty impressed by Chris Evans
Chris Evans might be the best thing to happen to Captain America since Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. Also maybe Joe Johnston and the Russo bros.
Can't we just elect Chris Evans to be president and me to be his First Lady?.
Chris Evans, Chris Pratt, Paul Rudd, Ben Affleck, Calvin Harris, Scott Avett, Seth Avett. They've all had beards at some point.
I love that my People folder is all my friends/relatives and then just randomly Oscar Isaac and Chris Evans like they're my sexy cousins.
Can you believe I share my birthday week with Jack Barakat, Dan Howell and Chris Evans. I mean, we all are Geminis and we are awesome.
that Josh Widdecombe is starting to look like Chris Evans 🤓
Chris Evans pretending to be Tom Hiddleston pretending to be Loki pretending to be Steve Rogers.
This is Shaq next to 6 foot Chris Evans
I was just on an email chain with "Christopher Evans" so that's how my morning is going (he's not Chris Evans but I can pretend)
I'm still not speaking to Captain America but Chris Evans is a different story. Today's writing inspiration. :)
We had a conversation once,. 'Would you fire into Kim Wilde knowing Chris Evans had been there?'. Have to say, I definitely would!.
Chris Evans at the Beijing press conference for Captain America: Civil War (19th April 2016).
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
A sweatshirt on these Hollywood hunks can never go wrong! But who do you think wore it better, Chris Evans or Andre…
Chris Evans and new work by living American playwrights are coming to Broadway in the new season
Captain America SHOCK: Chris Evans reveals what almost SCARED him off taking role
Even though he knocked Chris Pine out of the competition, I'm voting Chris Evans aka the irl Captain America
Chris Evans on his role as Captain America: "Nothing lasts forever.". Me:
Who can get Philip May to write letters to? With Bill Deedes dead & Chris Evans an unlikely correspondent, maybe The Donald?
Blackwood was very welcoming to Chris Evans MP last night. Vote Labour on Thurs June 8th!…
Jonny Evans with the skill of the season! Incredible stuff, see you later Cesc.
I see ol Chris Evans in the top pic
Forgive my thirst but I need new pics of Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson.
"I think outside of the suits we’d be friends, Steve and T’Challa.” - Chris Evans. Best friendship in comics
Everywhere we go BBC radio 2 Chris Evans show. Pink Floyd's Nick Mason holds the flag
He knows how to make me happy . Pulling a Chris Evans haircut 😬
Such a catchy song! Chris Evans was so great on SNL last week.
I know. And thanks for the Chris Evans pic 😍
The butcher in my village won the Chris Evans pork pie competition.
I did not just watch Chris Evans on CBeebies reading a bedtime story.
I didn't understand why he kept saying this on Chris Evans' Radio 2 breakfast show yesterday morning either...?!…
Is that Chris Evans cause if so I have never loved Chris Evans more
In here we see Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Chris Hemsworth... oh and Chris Evans grabbing his left boob yet again.
I think 2-3 year from now Chris Godwin is to Mike Evans what Devante Adams is to Nelson... not a but…
Chris Evans for president of the United States 2k20:
Why doesn't Chris Evans fast forward his show to the Paul Weller bit
New: Chris Evans was spotted having dinner at Black Market Liquor Bar Restaurant while in Studio City, CA.
Oh, how do I love Alessandro. MT: THR EXC: Greg Kinnear, Alessandro Nivola join Chris Evans in Mossad spy drama
Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pratt are all gonna be in Avengers: Infinity War. . THE CHRISIS !
I know! Anna Kendrick. Thomas Jane. Chris Evans. It's crazy. Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Brie Larson are crazy good actresses.
"Good work Teddy" - see the first clip of Captain America star Chris Evans's Bedtime Story
Ummm I think you and Chris Evans would get along very well
I 100% thought this was the Chris Evans option. Horrifying.
Only ever heard of Chris Evans. And I mean the ginger bloke on Radio 2. Would I call him hot?
With the great actor Ray Winstone today at BBC Radio 2 Chris Evans' Show . Pollinator album launch this morning .
Chris Evans is nice I feel like young brad Pitt needs a lil more mass. Chris Evans is just right
Lol tbh I'm not into that whole young Arnold thing either, I'd rather look like a Chris Evans or a young Brad Pitt
You kind of look like a gruff, blue collar Chris Evans.
Chris Evans is actually Christopher Robin, you heard it here first folks.
interesting. Not a bad choice, but can I still choose Chris Evans? 😂
Would anyone really complain if Chris Evans was cast as Fiyero though? Let's be honest lol
I pray for myself that I get a Chris Evans or a Tom or a Harry or a Dan or an Evan. I…
Sure, Chris Evans is going to read a CBeebies bedtime story but will his be as hotly anticipated as 3-peat-er Tom H…
Spent the day binge watching the new season and I have to say, thank you Chris Evans, I still hear that shout voice
Did you enjoy this evening's Top Gear? NO- It was still bad even without Chris Evans. What do you think?
I've realised I now hear Chris Evans in an Alan Partridge voice now - this could be him reading a Coogan script:.
"Which is better, the infamous Chris Evans Truck Stop Hooker shoot or the infamous Chris Pine Desert Hooker Shoot?". ***
wanted THIS hopeful to host with Chris Evans but he WROTE-OFF £85k Mercedes.
I just wanna say thank you to everyone who tags me in photos of Chris Evans, like that's so nice.
I saw Gifted. Take my advice and don't wear makeup. So good, I mean Chris Evans was fine but that little girl...
idk man, this Steve Rogers guy is pretty cool.. nvm Chris Evans is pretty cool
Chris Evans and Michael Cera will star in Kenneth Lonergan's
.and Michael Cera will star on Broadway together!
Chris Evans on Broadway...someone get me there now
Chris Evans and Michael Cera on Broadway together?!? I'm here for this.
Who wouldn't want to see Chris Evans parade around on stage with whipped cream on his ***
Why did no one tell me directly that Chris Evans and Michael Cera are doing a play together next year? Scott Pilgrim reunion! You all fail.
.ChrisEvans is making his Broadway debut!
Kids love Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers but there is literally no way for them to read Captain America comics right now.
Is it weird that I never dated Chris Evans, but I miss him and I'll do anything to get him back?
Chris Evans will make his Broadway debut next spring with a production of *Lobby Hero* .
.to make his Broadway debut in Lobby Hero alongside Michael Cera
.to make Broadway debut in ambitious launch for Second Stage theater
.to make his Broadway debut in Kenneth Lonergan's 'Lobby Hero'
Chris Evans makes Broadway debut in "Lobby Hero", beginning in March, 2018! 👏🏻
^ | Glasgow > | ‘Captain America’ star Chris Evans to make Broadway debut
^ | Glasgow > | Chris Evans to make Broadway debut
I don't drink coffee but the way I feel since I read about Chris Evans coming to Broadway is what I imagine drinking 10 cu…
Chris Evans loves theater so I am so excited about his Broadway debut 😭
Chris Evans is already a fine actor! But, like his archrival, Mathew McConaughey he needs to show us…
It doesn't make me angry. It doesn't make me feel anything at all. Christopher Reeve, Chris Evans, Hugh Jackman, Mi…
Chris Evans:. -best Captain America. -the biggest sweetheart. -hate that he supports Tom Hardy. -love that he speaks out against Trump. -I ❤ HIM
Chris Evans or Captain America there's pretty much no difference
Am I alone in greatly preferring and to the inane Chris Evans and yawn Ken Bruce on Radio 2 prime time?
Also I'm even MORE on board w Chris Evans as Magnus now. He was Johnny Storm & Steve Rogers. He has the whole arc. Just sayin
Uh see Chris Evans & Ryan Reynolds. There are no "rules". I think Brolin is a great choice for Cable…
Lawyers be damned!. I'm writing my spec where Ryan Reynolds' & Chris Evans' super characters team up to fight Josh Brolin's super characters.
Unless the actor has given up one to play the other: Chris Evans, Ryan Reynolds, Ben Affleck
The MCU? I think so. Chris Evans was also Johnny Storm but that wasn't in the MCU
Hollywood thought of Chris Evans, Ryan Reynolds, and Ben Affleck, said, screw it--Been there done that.
Alright easy. Chris Evans. Ryan Reynolds. Ben Affleck. Brandon Routh. Stephen Amell. Probably more give me time lol
I’d like to hear his opinion on Chris Evans as both Steve Rogers and Johnny Storm.
@ people upset that Josh Brolin is Cable, please see: Chris Evans, Ryan Reynolds, Ben Affleck, Michael B. Jordan, Idris Elba, Halle Berry...
Now that Josh Brolin got cast as Cable he joins the ranks of Chris Evans & Ryan Reynolds as an actor who has played…
Chris Evans. Ryan Reynolds. J.K. Simmons. Ben Affleck. Brolin has joined an elite class of men who W…
Chris Evans was Cap't America, Lucas Lee in Scott Pilgrim, Johnny Storm in FF, Jensen in The Losers, & Curtis in Snowpiercer.
so is it now illegal for Chris Evans to be Johnny Storm and Steve Rogers
I don't understand why people are so pressed over Brolin being Thanos and Cable. I mean look at Chris Evans and Mic…
We sometimes see that, like Chris Evans and Ryan Reynolds. Brolin's already been Jonah Hex, so he's a…
Thought of Chris Evans when news broke. Cap'n for Marvel/Disney... Johnny Storm for Fox/Marvel...
Chris Evans played in Fantastic Four and MCU. Ben Affleck, Ryan Reynolds played in 3 separate universes himself, et…
Well I guess if Chris Evans can be both Johnny Storm and Cap, then Josh Brolin can be both Cable and Thanos lol
He's mainly voice as Thanos, plus Chris Evans is Johnny Storm and Cap 😒
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
I mean Chris Evans was Johnny Storm and Cap so Marvel gonna Marvel
Ps: Chris Evans was Human Torch, Hallie Berry was Storm & Catwoman, Ryan Reynolds was GL, etc. Your "But he's Thano…
Similar to Chris Evans as both Captain America and Johnny Blaze, someone already in the MCU got the gig.
To be fair, they're two completely different cinematic universes. No different from Chris Evans pla…
this is like Chris Evans being Johnny Storm and Steve Rogers all over again
Geoff Lippett, Alex White, Raymond Blackham, Chris Evans & Paul McGrath have become members of the Mixer Truck club…
for real tho i'm a goner when it comes to Jack Falahee and Chris Evans. and Benedict Cumberbatch. and Johnny Depp. and Robert Sean Leonard😭
I've seen the original fantastic four many times and I just realized Chris Evans plays Johnny Storm I hate myself
Me too I can't see Chris Evans without them
When you're eating popcorn, watching a movie, and get to the part where Chris Evans takes his shirt off:
Can I by any chance bump into Chris Evans and Elizabeth Olsen
I'm watching the second half of the mid-2000s Fantastic Four movie. Chris Evans's Johnny Storm is pretty good, actually.
📸 Chris Evans at Jimmy Kimmel Live on April 3rd. I couldn't find all the photos, sorry
HQ Photo of Chris Evans on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on April 3rd, 2017 via
Robert Downey Jr. is trying to start a real-life between Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth.
Chris Evans casts doubt over Robert Downey Jr.'s future in the MCU -
I'm confused. How did they shrink down Kiernan Shipka to star in that new Chris Evans movie?
Chris Evans stole my whole heart as Harvard Hottie in The Nanny Diaries. 😍❤
Chris Evans talks about training for the London Marathon, the return of TFI Friday and learning about becoming...
how did Chris Evans manage to look like a sweet angel bby as pre-serum Steve in CATFA instead of the frat bro he really is??
Chris Evans described killer Matthew Williams as a 'threat to society' following his release from jail
She said that of Chris Pratt and Chris Evans?😱
How good is Top Gear without Chris Evans. Clarkson must be choking over his red wine and cornflakes!
Payment in pies for the peddling preacher. Roy Porter's famous pork pies as featured on Chris Evans
Requesting either Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan or Oscar Issac as the role of Mickey Mouse for Pretty please.
Imagine being lucky enough to marry Chris Evans or Ryan Reynolds
Trina is killing Johnny Depp, Chris Evans, Christina Tran, Charlie and Ryan Gosling/Reynolds. Watch out. 5552
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