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Chris Evans

Christopher James Chris Evans (born 1 April 1966) is an English broadcaster, businessman and producer for radio and television.

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Chris Evans is already a fine actor! But, like his archrival, Mathew McConaughey he needs to show us…
Chris Evans:. -best Captain America. -the biggest sweetheart. -hate that he supports Tom Hardy. -love that he speaks out against Trump. -I ❤ HIM
Am I alone in greatly preferring and to the inane Chris Evans and yawn Ken Bruce on Radio 2 prime time?
Also I'm even MORE on board w Chris Evans as Magnus now. He was Johnny Storm & Steve Rogers. He has the whole arc. Just sayin
Uh see Chris Evans & Ryan Reynolds. There are no "rules". I think Brolin is a great choice for Cable…
Lawyers be damned!. I'm writing my spec where Ryan Reynolds' & Chris Evans' super characters team up to fight Josh Brolin's super characters.
Unless the actor has given up one to play the other: Chris Evans, Ryan Reynolds, Ben Affleck
The MCU? I think so. Chris Evans was also Johnny Storm but that wasn't in the MCU
Hollywood thought of Chris Evans, Ryan Reynolds, and Ben Affleck, said, screw it--Been there done that.
Alright easy. Chris Evans. Ryan Reynolds. Ben Affleck. Brandon Routh. Stephen Amell. Probably more give me time lol
I’d like to hear his opinion on Chris Evans as both Steve Rogers and Johnny Storm.
@ people upset that Josh Brolin is Cable, please see: Chris Evans, Ryan Reynolds, Ben Affleck, Michael B. Jordan, Idris Elba, Halle Berry...
Now that Josh Brolin got cast as Cable he joins the ranks of Chris Evans & Ryan Reynolds as an actor who has played…
Chris Evans. Ryan Reynolds. J.K. Simmons. Ben Affleck. Brolin has joined an elite class of men who W…
Chris Evans was Cap't America, Lucas Lee in Scott Pilgrim, Johnny Storm in FF, Jensen in The Losers, & Curtis in Snowpiercer.
so is it now illegal for Chris Evans to be Johnny Storm and Steve Rogers
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I don't understand why people are so pressed over Brolin being Thanos and Cable. I mean look at Chris Evans and Mic…
We sometimes see that, like Chris Evans and Ryan Reynolds. Brolin's already been Jonah Hex, so he's a…
Thought of Chris Evans when news broke. Cap'n for Marvel/Disney... Johnny Storm for Fox/Marvel...
Chris Evans played in Fantastic Four and MCU. Ben Affleck, Ryan Reynolds played in 3 separate universes himself, et…
Well I guess if Chris Evans can be both Johnny Storm and Cap, then Josh Brolin can be both Cable and Thanos lol
He's mainly voice as Thanos, plus Chris Evans is Johnny Storm and Cap 😒
I mean Chris Evans was Johnny Storm and Cap so Marvel gonna Marvel
Ps: Chris Evans was Human Torch, Hallie Berry was Storm & Catwoman, Ryan Reynolds was GL, etc. Your "But he's Thano…
Similar to Chris Evans as both Captain America and Johnny Blaze, someone already in the MCU got the gig.
To be fair, they're two completely different cinematic universes. No different from Chris Evans pla…
this is like Chris Evans being Johnny Storm and Steve Rogers all over again
Geoff Lippett, Alex White, Raymond Blackham, Chris Evans & Paul McGrath have become members of the Mixer Truck club…
for real tho i'm a goner when it comes to Jack Falahee and Chris Evans. and Benedict Cumberbatch. and Johnny Depp. and Robert Sean Leonard😭
I've seen the original fantastic four many times and I just realized Chris Evans plays Johnny Storm I hate myself
Me too I can't see Chris Evans without them
When you're eating popcorn, watching a movie, and get to the part where Chris Evans takes his shirt off:
Can I by any chance bump into Chris Evans and Elizabeth Olsen
I'm watching the second half of the mid-2000s Fantastic Four movie. Chris Evans's Johnny Storm is pretty good, actually.
📸 Chris Evans at Jimmy Kimmel Live on April 3rd. I couldn't find all the photos, sorry
HQ Photo of Chris Evans on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on April 3rd, 2017 via
Robert Downey Jr. is trying to start a real-life between Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth.
Chris Evans casts doubt over Robert Downey Jr.'s future in the MCU -
I'm confused. How did they shrink down Kiernan Shipka to star in that new Chris Evans movie?
Chris Evans stole my whole heart as Harvard Hottie in The Nanny Diaries. 😍❤
Chris Evans talks about training for the London Marathon, the return of TFI Friday and learning about becoming...
how did Chris Evans manage to look like a sweet angel bby as pre-serum Steve in CATFA instead of the frat bro he really is??
Chris Evans described killer Matthew Williams as a 'threat to society' following his release from jail
She said that of Chris Pratt and Chris Evans?😱
How good is Top Gear without Chris Evans. Clarkson must be choking over his red wine and cornflakes!
Payment in pies for the peddling preacher. Roy Porter's famous pork pies as featured on Chris Evans
Requesting either Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan or Oscar Issac as the role of Mickey Mouse for Pretty please.
Imagine being lucky enough to marry Chris Evans or Ryan Reynolds
Trina is killing Johnny Depp, Chris Evans, Christina Tran, Charlie and Ryan Gosling/Reynolds. Watch out. 5552
The Loosers with Chris Evans. Taken at Salinas Puerto Lucia. Here i play the role of a EMT jumping out of a...
find me this kid.. Chris Hemsworth... Chris Evans, Ryan Reynolds
Right Said Fred were on Chris Evans' show a few weeks back playing a set and were great, loved Richard Fairbrass this morning.
Chris Evans calls ex Jenny Slate 'my favorite human' so he's probably trying to make us cry
Chris Evans is so cute and so does Scarlett and you know what they should date
Weller called in to the Chris Evans Breakfast Show on this morning as 'Long Long Road' was played
Mckenna's reaction about if is the end in sight for Captain America/Chris Evans represents you, me and everyone. https:/…
Now on CB: Chris Evans on Jenny Slate: ‘She’s my favorite human, she’s the best’
Chris Evans has only good things to say about his ex-girlfriend Jenny Slate
Just another day in "Chris Evans and Jenny Slate broke up, but WHY".
Chris Evans (yes, Captain America) with a shoutout to his uncle, MA Congressman Mike Capuano (have to admit, did no…
Jenny Slate and Chris Evans are talking about each other way too much.
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I can't deal with all the nice things Jenny Slate & Chris Evans are saying about each other post breakup. Just get back together!
After breakup, Jenny Slate is still Chris Evans' "favorite human"
Can Pence eat alone with extremely sexy men? If Chris Evans asked him to a Chili's, could he go? Can Pence be trusted with Captain America?
Jenny Slate wins, but only because I believe Chris Evans smokes.
I am just overwhelmingly confused as to why I'm seeing a Jenny Slate/Chris Evans article every day?
She was great in this movie, Chris Evans too.
Chris Evans said that Jenny Slate is his “favorite human,” and that “she’s the best.”
Have decided that Dan Stevens is the hybridization of Chris Evans + Bradley Cooper + Ryan Gosling. Don't @ know I'm right.
I get to see James Corden!!!. BUT I also applied to tickets to see Chris Evans on JK and I didn't get them. . My emotions are conflicted
Ed Sheeran could be a ginger prince *** Hucknall meh Chris Evans in his 90s pomp was the Ginger King
Chris Evans is very busy but I will interview little Grace and Marc Webb...My name is Roya Klingne. I'm a dreamer!
*** your man look like Chris Evans or something? What kinda *** he got? Cuz I never met a man fine enough to do th…
Jenny Slate opens up about her split from Chris Evans:
📷 Jenny Slate is opening up about her split from Chris Evans. The actress, 35, admits they were an odd...
The way Chris Evans's ex, Jenny Slate, speaks about him (and herself) post- breakup is so very lovely.
Can't believe I missed the Jenny Slate/Chris Evans thing... she said he treated her like an "experiment". Yikes.
I was the last to know that Jenny Slate and Chris Evans were together; just saw on fb that she's "finally opened up" about their break-up??
Jenny Slate Even Jenny Slate admits she and Chris Evans were an odd pairing. The ac...
Jenny Slate – is the first to admit that she and “Captain America” star Chris Evans were an unexpected
Can I work from home tomorrow if I say I'm still devastated over the Jenny Slate/Chris Evans break up? 🤷‍♂️
Ah man this Jenny Slate / Chris Evans piece. My broke heart.
“I would look at him and it would kind of break my heart,” Jenny Slate said of her ex, Chris Evans.…
okay so I didn't even know that Jenny Slate and Chris Evans dated until today when I found out they split and somehow I'm still heartbroken
Chris Evans and Jenny Slate broke up in January, but now they have to face each other
Jenny Slate discusses her relationship with Chris Evans in ways that are so frank and sweet and sad
Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers for the for (Sebastian Stan + Chris Evans) RT
I liked a video Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. Filmed in Hotlanta
. Hugh Jackman is no longer the Wolverine;. Chris Evans is no longer Captain America... Robert Do not you dare.
They've worked with James Cordon, Chris Evans, Rob Brydon and many more! will be coming to The Greyhound on…
Casting the film version. Fred Armisen as Garcia. Chris Evans as Reporter Todd Cooper. David Schwimmer as that lawyer guy.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
So was Chris Evans on Top Gear. How did that work out?
Chris Evans reveals new recruit called him to apologise after Top Gear gag
Chris Evans could end up being Millennials' Clayton Moore...
Chris Evans bowing out at the end of Infinity War will have me in bits. Perfect marriage of actor + character. Reeve, Jackman, Evans.
Chris Evans is just another go along to get along Hollywood liberal. Needs to take lessons from Mark Wahlberg.
Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson very nice together
Caught up with the first episode of the new Top Gear series. Never thought I'd actually miss Chris Evans but it wasn't as good without him.
Day 267 : I'm still weak for beefcake Chris Evans
Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans. . This is absolutely cute gorgeous.
Celebrate w/ us in the SLC at 1:59pm. Chris Evans & Ian Hambleton will be g…
Scarlett Johansson + Chris Evans for Esquire || Can you handle these two together in one photoshoot tho 🔥🔥🔥 . http…
That is true that relentless cheerfulness I am out of bed in a hop she lied love Chris Evans on the radio
WATCH: Chris Evans is ready to take a huge sophomore step in 2017; I give a few reasons why: http…
Chris Evans gets the best headlines . Tag yourself, I am *weep at everything, wants to live in the woods*
kink: Chris Evans wearing this particular blue shirt
All purpose parts banner
To everyone else, she's gifted. To him, she's a gift. Chris Evans and Mckenna Grace star in // In theaters…
"If you like Chris Evans and want your ovaries to explode, watch the trailer for Gifted." —speaking truth
😍 Chris Evans on the cover of Esquire US April 2017 issue
*Chris Evans is ready for a fight, Captain America take on Alt-America*. My body is ready, release the issue @ Esquire.
Why The Breakfast Show is always the best way to start the day! ⏰
Senator is lying to her followers when she says that silencers make guns "quiet." A silenced gun is still louder than an…
Took a Buzzfeed quiz and got "mostly heterosexual" but Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo and Idris Elba would definitely get it.
Prue Leith says she doesn't want to 'do a Chris Evans' when she replaces Mary Berry on the Great British Bake Off
New Top Gear tonight. I know it's not the same as grand tour, so glad Chris Evans is not on the show anymore. Makes it much better w/o him.
Oh Dear Adding Craig Charles to is like putting Chris Evans in charge of & the false studio clapping and laughter 😳
Countdown to where our Alan Miller and Chris Evans look forward to catching up with faces old and new
Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, Chris Evans as Cap, Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Paul Bettany as JARVision
Chris Evans and his sister Shanna at the Vanity Fair Party 2017. Credits to the owner of the photo.
Superhero castings better than Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool: . Jon Bernthal as the punisher . Chris Evans as Captain America
Chris Evans apologises for Top Gear scenes branded 'disrespectful' to war dead
Top Gear impresses fans with Chris Evans-free return
BBC boss refutes claims Top Gear host Chris Evans is 'unprofessional' and did
Good night everyone, I love my baby Dan so much. Also I hope Chris Evans is happy as *** I love my mutuals though. 🌷
I think without Chris Evans,will do well, but they are trying copy the original show. Felt a bit forced. Hope Sabine is still there
Well now, they got rid of Chris Evans. I hope Top Gear fans like what they got.
Chris Evans backstage at the 89th Annual Academy Awards (February 26, 2017) via
It's out ! Bloody *** that feels good to say. Tune into Chris Evans this morning on radio 2, doing a session, then the one…
Ok but tbh Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans should've been married w/ kids a long time ago...
which Chris Evans by the way? The Avenger one or the Asda Top Gear one?
Incase you missed it: Chris Evans at the 2017 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by Graydon Carter http…
Sofia Boutella and Chris Evans on stage during the 89th Annual Academy Awards
Chris Evans backstage during the 89th Annual Academy Awards
Chris Evans is a wonderful work of art.
Chris Evans: And the Oscar goes to. My roommate: *whispering* Maria Maria Burgos
Chris Evans just can't look bad, can he?
Chris Evans at 'The Night Before' The . Party. Credits to the owner of the photo.
Chris Evans at 'The Night Before' The Oscars Party last night via
Dave Franco in "Nerve" looks like a skinnier version of Chris Evans from the original Fantastic 4.
Someone retire Steve and even Sam and let's just write Chris Evans in as in the books
THIS is too obnoxious to ignore. 1st: Chris Evans has level of celebrity you'll never know. : ) 2nd: To attempt Nor…
Chris can move :D!. Last Dance with Chris Evans and Elizabeth Olsen:
What did the world get right for us to deserve Chris Evans and Jason Momoa? Such quality Dads both literally and figuratively oh my god.
That's ironic, Chris Evans on jarping on about mumbling
Why am I obsessed with men almost twice my age? I'm looking at you Chris Evans, Oscar Isaac, Tom Hiddleston, Raúl E…
If somebody asks why people call Chris Evans a human dorito, show them this.
Jennifer Anniston or Chris Evans that I've been within 10 ft of; Helen Mirren or Chiwetel Ejiofor that I've spoken…
People to play Brady in the movie? Ben Afleck, Chris Evans, Channing Tatum, and Tommy Lee Jones for Belicheck.
Chris Evans wants to play Tom Brady. Chris Hemsworth looks like Brady. This'll be interesting.
Chris Evans should play Tom Brady in a movie
Tom is an excellent choice but I'm kinda hoping Chris Evans falls I love with my *sparkling wit* & the rest of me a…
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I live in constant fear of something terrible happening to Chris Evans or Robert Downey Jr. or Tom Holland
has some stars in this program like CB David Long and RB Chris Evans. I expect both to be impactful next season…
I love you but not as much as I love Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan and Tom Holland lol
numbers don't lie, and neither does this photo David Long over Chris Evans.
can someone send me Chris Evans and Tom Hardy for Valentine's Day?
📷 ryan-potter: Chris Evans photographed by Matthew Brookes for InStyle | May 2016
Chris Evans is truly Steve Rogers in real life.
amen!!! God are you sure your not really Steve Rogers disguised as Chris Evans?
I'm not sure if this is Chris Evans posting or Steve Rogers?
All this political stuff and how Chris Evans is responding to all of it just keeps strengthening my belief that he truly is Steve Rogers.
Chris Evans or Steve Rogers, i dont know the difference
Chris Evans transformed into a sentinel of whatever we need him to be now. In his DNA, he is Steve Rogers 😭
Chris Evans is literally Steve Rogers, he always speaks up about so many issues, using his privilege for good.
Fight never stops. For example, Chris Evans as Steve Rogers/Captain America is throwing a punch but then there's a ripple..
I can't believe Chris Evans is actually Steve Rogers
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
So I found out that Chris evans and Jenny Slate broke up… I loved that couple a lot, actually, before that...
Still wants, per my last reading of Chris Evans TL.
He doesn't like bullies. Doesn't matter where they're from. Chris Evans is Steve Rogers af & it's amazing.…
it should not be this difficult to find a good picture of Chris Evans
Chris Evans just gets more and more attractive.
Did anyone else read this and picture Chris Evans in full Captain America costume
While taking BuzzFeed quizzes they actually did guess my birth month and told me that I will marry Chris Evans. Today is already great.
Chris Evans taking on this former KKK leader proves he's really Captain America via
My first speed paint, done this morning: Chris Evans as Captain America. chrisevans
I’m really looking forward to the escape room, pizza & laughs with YOU. All helps FINAL chance, ENTER: https:…
It'a 8:24 a.m. and I've already had a detailed conversation about that Chris Evans Flaunt photoshoot with ht…
Your unfathomable ignorance is showing is you think Chris Evans is dumb. Go hide under your sheet
Chris Evans proves he's really Captain America, takes on former KKK leader.
'Captain America' star Chris Evans spars with former KKK leader over Jeff Sessions confirmation
Chris Evans is what white supremacists believe themselves to be. David Duke is what they are.
It is an Obvious Perception , if Steve Bannon looked like Chris Evans this Meme would not exist.
"I'm happiest when I'm being myself. And I'm myself when I'm with you." - Anna Faris to Chris Evans in What's Your Number
Chris Evans is a legend and the best Chris. I love him so much.
Friendly reminder , Chris Evans still has a beard so we'll probably get to see Bearded Steve Rogers !
Captain America star Chris Evans got in an online fight with an ex-KKK leader
Live action remake starring Chris Evans and Natalie Dormer.
Chris Evans & Scarlett Johansson will be presenting at the Oscars ❤
Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson and more stars announced as presenters:
Chris Evans, his brother Scott, Jeremy Renner & their pals at the
This a good time to remember: Chris Evans, Chris Pratt and Jimmy Fallon photobombing fans at the in 2015 😂😂 h…
Chris Evans may not have an upper lip but him being so unproblematic makes up for it
Ding Dong tree is to be on Chris Evans breakfast show, Radio 2, on Monday. (If I remember to get up early enough to be…
Why you do this? There's Ryan Gosling, Zac Efron, Ryan Reynolds, Chris Evans, Matt Bomen, James and Dave Franco. Li…
The episode of the Mindy project when Mindy beats Danny with a life size pillow of Chris Evans in that Chinese food restaura…
The thought of Chris Evans having a beard in infinity war is currently preventing me from getting sleep.   10% Off
Chris Evans apparently kept his beard , so we'll get to see bearded Steve Rogers !
I removed a fair amount of beard going for that Chris Evans in Scott Pilgrim vs. the world look
📷 Always remember that Scott Pilgrim vs The World had fake movie posters of Chris Evans as Lucas Lee
Can you believe Sebastian Stan and Chris Evans are actually real people like they're somewhere doing something right now the…
*** Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans back at it again with praising one another
Find someone that looks at you the way Chris Evans looks at Scarlett Johansson
Chris Evans one. I liked Evans and chiklis. Other two were too bland but serviceable. The sequel was a mess.
Edgar and Sabin are hard, because there should be a decent resemblance. But I'd like Chris Evans as Sabin.
Geezer at my work is pals with Sebastian Stan and I've literally spent the last hour making him tell me everything about him & Chris Evans 😂
Yep, give you that. Chris Evans been superb in that role. That's how to do Superman. Simple as.
I remember a Chris Evans link on DJ Tim Westwood - so cool his studio is…
Chris Evans surprises fans in an Escape Room Prank !. watch it all here:
How they get those physiques. Chris Evans, Ryan Reynolds, & Robert Downey Jr.: Strongest Superheroes of 2016
Only woke men can nut in this! So only Shawn and Chris Evans could tear this *** apart!
Chris Evans ran an Escape The Room game at Comicazi in Davis Sq. for charity.
Chris Evans pranked some people in a Boston Comic Book store TwT I'm so jealous
Chris Evans took over a Somerville comic shop for a hilarious prank
Pretty cool and LOCAL! Chris Evans pranked comic fans in Boston, all for charity.
There is a shortlist for returners for Michigan next year. Starts with Chris Evans. Then Khaleke Hudson, Ambry Thomas & Nate Johnson
Some surprisingly great advice from Chris Evans / Captain America on quieting the mid. Worth a watch.
📷 Chris Evans at the 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards on January 16, 2011.
yeah I'm 33, I grew up on xmen cartoon and comics. I love Chris Evans at cap.
...Dpat mla Chris Evans ang beauty or Chris Hensworth...
I want Chris Evans to ask about Danny Murphy
Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson with children is the most beautiful thing you will see.
Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson on the set of The Avengers. (Sept. 3rd, 2011)
Scarlett Johansson, Chris Evans, Benedict Cumberbatch and the rumoured Liv Tyler will be there! And the rest of the cas…
Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson at the USO Holiday Tour at Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan, December 7, 2016.
yes the best of can come up with is Matt LeBlanc and Chris Evans 😂😂😂 right pair of
TOUCHDOWN MICHIGAN!. Chris Evans rushes for 30 yards into end zone to give the Wolverines their 1st lead of the game. htt…
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John Holland led the with 31, Chris Evans, 24, Quinn Cook 20 and Eric Moreland 18p, 19r
Dang, and to think got Chris Evans to sign four of these cards for free at
Aaron Taylor Johnson, Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth all in one movie 👅👅
Starters for the F Chris Evans and John Holland, C Eric Moreland, G Quinn Cook and Kay Felder
Well, you guys get people like Chris Evans, John Cena, and Sebastian Stan, so I think you're doing ok…
Asked Rachel who she would choose between Ryan Gosling or Chris Evans. She's taking a long time to decide. Not sure how I feel about this...
but the chest hair totally put me in the mood to be split in two like Chris Evans did that log🌚
Chris Evans as Steve Rodgers is husband goals.
What's stopping the hobo around the corner from yelling "Chris Evans was great as Lucas Lee" as he stabs me next time I go out?
Here's Chris Evans on Lucas Lee's filmography, from my Scott Pilgrim Vs The World feature back in 2010.
Chris Evans' bike stolen from outside BBC studios turns up in Lithuania nine months after it was taken
On a USO Holiday Tour event, Chris Evans told service members that he wanted Tom Brady for President:
will Chris Evans apologize for spreading We're waiting...
Chris Evans makes me soft all the time I'm sobbing
When chris evans is holding you but you want the other daddy
The Chris Evans Breakfast Show - Watch Tom Chaplin cover 24k Magic by Bruno Mars I really like it!!
Can't believe Chris Evans, clearly the superior Chris, is now tied with Chris Pratt in this poll.
Chris Evans is officially Hollywood's most bankable movie star - Business Insider
Chris Evans is named Hollywood’s best actor for the buck for the SECOND year in a row: 💸
Chris Evans, Chris Pratt and Scarlett Johansson are the stars most worth the big bucks Hollywood pays them:
Chris Evans is starring in the big screen remake of Steven Moffat's Jekyll
Such fun to be on the Chris Evans Show - one big party!
stop letting Chris Evans CHEW LOUDLY on the radio! It's disgusting!
Carol Klein suggtd seeds as a gift when she was on Chris Evans's show y/day & he thought it great... every little helps ; )
I never knew how much I needed this photo of Chris Evans holding a lightsaber
Chris Evans will go full villain in Lionsgate's 'Jekyll' adaptation
Chris Evans over exaggerated eating on BBC radio 2 is too much!
sorry but we don't want to hear Chris Evans stuffing his face & smacking his mouth on the radio. It's actually anno…
According to who is the more bankable star? Chris Pratt or Chris Evans?
Can I just keep Viola Davis, Idris Elba, Chris Pratt, and Chris Evans safe until Jan 1? I don't trust 2016 at all.
For instance I find Chris Evans attractive,but I also find Romeo Miller attractive,as well as Enrique Iglesias, and Sung Kang...
BBC Radio 2 - Chris Evans - That awkward moment when you can't remember meeting Michael Fassbender...
Michael Fassbender sings with the in Culture Club's "Karma Chameleon" on Chris Evans show!
Never mind the article, Prince William with hair looks like Chris Evans (the actor).
Chris Evans' transformation into Actual Captain America proves Grant Morrison won the wizard war
Chris Evans calls out President-elect Trump All of America knows Chris Evans as the actor who played Steve Rogers 
Meeting Scarlett johanasson, Chris Evans, Craig Campbell and Ray Allen today. It's gonna be a good day.
Like, Hugh Jackman as Dark Claw and Ben Affleck as Hyena or Henry Cavill as Super Soldier, Chris Evans as Green Skull, etc.
Chris Evans, Ray Allen, Craig Campbell & Scarlett Johansson are at the USO rn so I went to the gym bc it's dead 👌🏼
Chris Evans says Brando + Bertolucci should have been jailed for the rape scene in
Chris Evans, Jessica Chastain, more react to 'Last Tango in Paris' director's non-consensual rape scene confession
Who knew that when Chris Evans signed on for Cpt. America, he'd make it a 24/7 thing. Good guy Cap.
So happy Top Gear will go on without Chris Evans. Matt Le blanc was good, I actually think the new Top Gear will be good!
I feel like there's a disconnect between Chris Evans and his fans.
'Gifted' trailer pairs Chris Evans with real-life girlfriend Jenny Slate: . Fox Searchlight has released the...
and me are casting 'Gazza: The Musical'. So far got Rupert Grint as Chris Evans, Corden as 5 Bellies and Ross Kemp as Raoul Moat.
Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson at the 'San Diego Comic Con' en San Diego, California. [07-20-13]
Chris Evans discusses supporting his *** brother and ‘tricky times’ for America.
I think the grand tour should invite Chris Evans onto the show. push him out that plane without a parachute 😂
I'll grant you that Chris Evans is way hotter than Robert Downey Jr
Kevin Feige says Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. are here to stay in the MCU
I'm just gonna go ahead and call it. . Nina Dobrev might have a small thing for Chris Evans. . If they ever happen, I'm here for it.
. Interesting who is listed in Epstein's lil black book. Kevin Spacey, Chris Evans, Dustin Hoffman...
Top Gear is back, and it's called Grand Tour. Look on BBC, this is what you could have had, instead you gave us Chris Evans.
This is in stark contrast to Chris Evans' 1st episode hosting Top Gear.
Jeremy Clarkson takes a swipe at rivals as fans hail The Grand Tour as 'better than Chris Evans's Top Gear': Fans……
what a great start, very entertaining. taken all the bad taste away from Chris Evans mess . BBC Top Gear watch and weep
God, the difference between Jeremy Clarkson and Chris Evans interacting with a crowd is night and day,
📷 jamesbucke: Chris Evans photographed by Tony Duran for Flaunt Magazine (2004)
Hayley Atwell and Chris Evans on the set of Captain America: The First Avenger ✨
Chris Evans is morphing into Terry's like horror radio...
.Monday press conference . week. Talks Speight, Chris Evans, more.
dan howell and phil lester as you didn't bring Chris Hemsworth back from Aus could you bring Chris Evans & Sebastia…
when Phil said he looked better than Chris Evans on... — PHIL LOOKS BETTER THAN EVERYONE
You really don't deserve to use that icon. Cap (and Chris Evans) would be very disappointed in you.
Chris Evans with fan at Brookline Booksmith, MA (Thanks credit)
I legit think I'm in love with Chris Evans, holy mother of sweet pie 😍
Sue Perkins goes on an adventure with the love child of Chris Evans and Frankie Boyle 😉
Honestly, I just want a hug from Phil Collins. maybe from Chris Evans too but that's like Make A Wish Foundation status so that's a no
I always mistakenly identify Ryan Reynolds as Chris Evans and Collin Farrell as Orlando Bloom.
Chris Evans says it's "an embarrassing night for America" as Trump takes the lead in the polls (via )
Chris Evans beat Alex Malzone for the jersey. Harbaugh has full-on competitions for ALL numbers. None safe.
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