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Chris Eubank

Chris Eubank, (born Christopher Livingstone Eubanks on 8 August 1966) is a British retired boxer who held world titles at middleweight and super middleweight.

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“Drawing in progress. Boxing legend Chris Eubank. (via
You could have driven a truck through the gap between Cahill and Smalling there. . A big truck. . One like Chris Eubank's... But on steroids.
Inner City Sumo, Arm-Wrestling with Chas & Dave, Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank, Cooking in Prison... that's BBC3, isn't it?
I think Chris Eubank Junior is a good boxer a chip off the old block
Chris Eubank invented the word swag
Vladimir Putin could take Cameron, Hague, Obama and Chris Eubank Jr on in a 4 on 1 deathmatch without breaking a sweat.
Sky Anderson doing his Chris Eubank impression on
didn't Chris Eubank have his own customized coach ?!!!
They'll never raise the funds for Youth Hosteling with Chris Eubank
Joe Calzaghe vs Chris Eubank lets not forget how it all started
in fairness Chris Eubank doesn't sound much like a boxer.
Can't wait till Saturday, will be rubbing shoulders with the boxing world, meeting the one and only Chris EUBANK!
. Chris Eubank will have to buy his belts from Marks n Sparks
Ive just had a needle at dentist and i sound like chris eubank.
Saw Chris Eubank Jr's last fight, I like him. Very fluid combination puncher with good offensive skills...
Chris Eubank will always make me laugh out loud 😂
there's a lot of Chris Eubank in Sol Campbell's pseudo philosophy
Is it me or is Sol sounding more like Chris Eubank the longer the interview goes on!
I've just seen the interview, what an absolute moron. Arrogance at it's finest, resemblance to, Chris Eubank.
met you very briefly last after you helped out Amanda from . Thanks again and i hope i was not too star struck!
That interview with Sol Campbell is unbelievable. Does he think he's Chris Eubank or something?
Chris Bosh never misses a chance to look fabulous (pic via
I know you didn't like chris eubank but I know you could easily whoop his *** man ..
A super night of Top boxing. Much respect, support & love to Frank Buglioni for great seats Derek Chisora. With Frank Horwood Well done to Tyson Fury. Anthony Joshua, Frank Warren & Chris Eubank there! 22nd February at Hull Arena a special support to a man who pushes me today & every time British Champ Darren Ammo Hamilton. Former European Champ Ian Napa at charity boxing on 22nd too. Surjit Benning Xx
George Groves accuses Carl Froch of making 'terrible mistake' George Groves says British super-middleweight rival Carl Froch has made a "terrible mistake" by agreeing to fight him again on 31 May. Nottingham's Froch, 36, retained his WBA and IBF titles with a ninth-round stoppage of Groves in November. But Londoner Groves, 25, complained the Manchester fight was ended too soon. "After all the wrangling in the media and behind the scenes, money and egos have combined to bring them together again for the most eagerly awaited rematch in British boxing since Nigel Benn met Chris Eubank for the second time two decades ago. "Froch's win against Groves last November ended controversially and many say prematurely when referee Howard Foster intervened to stop the fight in the ninth round. "Groves was ahead on all three judges' scorecards, having floored the champion in the first round, and his appeal to the IBF last month led to the governing body ordering the rematch. Froch was left with a choice: Give up the *** ...
Sports Life Stories - Chris Eubank on ITV Player... Great watch, well worth an hour.
Chris Eubank would be sectioned if he wasn't famous - he is barking mad - and not even in an entertaining way - just barking!
Watching Chris Eubank, Sports Life Stories. A must watch, what a boxer and one of the biggest showman ever
Remember I said I'm going to be the Chris eubank of rap music
The Chris Eubank sports story on is really quite brilliant. What a character, the world needs people like him
Chris Eubank. my iphone can't understand me
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Finally caught up with the Chris Eubank Life story on Extraordinary boxing showman who doesn't get the respect his career deserves.
Chris Eubank life stories just got round to watching it great watch the Michael Watson fight messed his head up was never the same a shame
Chris eubank has definitely got to be one one of my top 3 best fighters!!
Chris Eubank life stories on itv ... What a lethal boxer he was
think I'm going to watch Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank.
If you get the chance take time out to watch ITV's Sports Life Stories of Chris Eubank. A very honest documentary.
I'm not saying it's going to be up there with Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank or anything.
Wow, interviews conducted over a game of chess on Radio4 - now's the time to pitch Youth Hosteling with Chris Eubank
Chris eubank is a l w a y s on point.
watching chris eubank life storied. What was it like doing ring walk in watson and benn fights with chris?
If someone would of told me that Chris Eubank is one of the best boxers of all time I would of laughed in their face bur what a fighter!
Just watched Chris Eubank now sleep time work in the morning. .:-)
Never actually thought much of Chris Eubank till I watched his life story, he's some boy! Was a great boxer in his day too!
Chris Eubank what an absolute legend
Chris Eubank life stories! Must watch best documentary by a country mile!!!
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Chris Eubank is a truly fascinating character/story.
Just watched sporting life stories, chris eubank, you are a legend, i thank you sir
Just watched the Chris Eubank documentary now to watch the drogba 1
Chris Eubank life stories.. What a unique geezer
Chris Eubank sports life story . Eubank was too greazy
Naa why is chris eubank such a choc ice😂😩
just watched Chris Eubank: life stories. the guy talks crap but what a fighter.
Chris Eubank life story on itv4 is a fantastic watch! Well recommend it!
Chris Eubank, yes he's a swell head and a bit of a nob, but 10years unbeaten and 18 world title defences ain't bad going!
Nuff respect for Chris Eubank tho, true warrior and gentleman
Chris eubank is such an inspiration
What a guy Chris eubank is! now to stay up and watch the man like drogba!
you tell Chris Eubank that. On the deck.
Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars. The wise words of Chris Eubank
Chris Eubank life stories is so good!
Chris eubank put micheal watson into acoma with one dig , what an absoulute physco👊
Chris Eubank sport stories is quality
Watching Chris Eubank's documentary again, just because boxing both facinates & scares me😬
Love him or hate him Chris Eubank was a sensational boxer & showman . is definitely one to watch this year too
Watching Chris Eubank on Sports Life Stories...very moving and eye-opening.
Met Chris Eubank 3 years ago and only just found out who he is😄
Chris Eubank documentary is a madness laa
Chris Eubank, sport life stories. Love it
Sports Life Stories,Chris Eubank on ITV4.Best TV I've watched in a while,the man is brilliant!
Chris Eubank : Life stories is crazy was hated by the boxing world at one point now seen as a legend
Enjoying Sporting Life Stories: Chris Eubank. He was always a favourite of mine. Played the media brilliantly & fought with skill & bravery.
I really can't understand why everybody hated Chris Eubank
Say watching Chris Eubank documentary is makeing me wanna start boxing :/
Watching the Chris Eubank documentary! He was an animal in his day this fella
Watching Chris Eubank : Sports life story, the battles with Benn were crazy!
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There's only one Chris Eubank sport life stories love him or hate him ? He was some boxer and character !
Bit of the Chris Eubank life story to remenis on the boxing days haa
Sports life story Chris eubank wat a boxer
( Steve Collins ) & ( Chris Eubank ) + ( Nigel Benn ) Prices same before im cheapest doing these so everyone has a chance to own them.i make little profit to give other people a chance to own plus i can work them if you want them done certain way il do my best
Bit busy trying to get Chris Eubank up the rankings on Fight Night to be arsed with wishing everyone happy New Year. Happy New Wednesday everyone. Much love xxx
John Flashenu is the chris eubank of the football world! Someone needs to tell him to drop the posh "better than the rest" attitude and remind him he was nothing before sport gave him a chance!!
Photoshoot for Chris Eubank and Amir Khan - The Official Page at EMS Gym in Sunset Mall Dubai.
Get to the track and Chris Eubank is here! in shiny pointy shoes!
"You can't ban boxing, just like you cannot ban prostitution its an addiction, people are going to do it anyway" - Chris Eubank
Nothing to do with soaps, was just wondering what every ones ideal housemate line up would be to go in the CBB house?? Mines: 1. Dwayne chapman (Dog the bounty hunter) 2. Keith lemon 3. Eminem 4. Michelle rodriguez 5. Cathrine tate 6. Simon cowell 7. Chris eubank jnr 8. Paris hilton 9. Jessie j 10. Lacey turner 11. Marilyn manson 12. Sean claude van damme 13. Danny Dyre 14. Jason statham
Three boxing bags. Chris Eubank Jnr on one and younger brother Seb Eubank on the second. Guess who was working the third? Yep. Mr Jake. That's my boy.
Wow!just watched Chris Eubank life stories very good!
Boxing news about Chris Eubank vs. Nigel Benn II by Boxing News at Ultimate Source for Latest Boxing News
Youth hosteling with Chris Eubank would never had got commissioned if Chris was this late
BBC South East will apparently be live in Yalding at 17:20. May have to go down there and hold up a banner saying, "Youth hosteling with Chris Eubank"
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Who would you like Chris Eubank Jr to fight next???
Chris Eubank and Nigel Benn fought twice. Their first fight was on Nov. 18, 1990, at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, England, for Benn’s WBO middleweight title. The Dark Destroyer lost his crown that night by a TKO9. The rematch between…
Real Fans No Longer Care Rock n Roll had the Eurovision Song Contest; Pop Idol & [First World Country] Has Talent…. Television had Keeping Up with the Kardashians; Jersey Shore & Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County & now Prizefighting is burdened with the sum of its diluted worth in authenticity in the Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao dysfunctional foreplay that has long since devolved into snore-play for anyone with a genuine interest in the sport of boxing. In truth the sport of boxing will always be vulnerable to being dictated to by the whims of the few, over-entitled fighters on the global elite level whilst that same boxing public feeds the monster of a business with a sport attached to it by buying the low quality, non-competitive alternatives via Pay Per View & venue tickets for glorified sparring sessions. The degradation is the end-product of a process that has the casual to semi-serious fans’ complicity written all over it. It is supply & demand at its most simple & most destructive ...
Is it just me or does the Thai boxing ref from the ISKA look like Chris Eubank lmao
Chris Eubank walked past the poolside earlier & said hello!!
who is the better boxer Chris Eubank Jr, Paul Butler or Carl Frampton???
'some people are of the philosophy that less is more. I am not of that philosophy' Chris Eubank
Just finished watching the Chris Eubank interview on sky sports, brilliant. Have to say the man was and still is pure genius! Absolute legend.
Could listen to Chris Eubank all day!!!
"The only way in which to know if a man has any value lies in his capacity to stick to his guns." - Chris Eubank
Stuffed and marinated on the sofa. Cook Christmas lunch??- Nah ,that's for Nigella. Lovely to meet Chris Eubank who was on the next table :)
ASG-Kuwait Holiday Letter On behalf of CSM Kenny and myself, I would like to the time to wish everyone in the Area Support Group-Kuwait family and all other service members, civilians and contractors living and working in Kuwait a happy holidays. This is a great time of year and I ask that everyone take the time to celebrate this season of holidays as they see fit based on their faith. This is a time that we must take a moment to pause and reflect on the past year and look towards the future. As you take some time during the holidays to reflect on this past year remember to take time to remember everyone is harm’s way and also to reach out to friends and family. Please remember that everyone here is away from family during this holiday season and we owe it to everyone to ensure that all personnel remember they are not alone but rather are sharing these holidays with their extended Army family here in Kuwait. I will conclude by saying that CSM Kenny and I are proud to be a member of the ASG Team and e .. ...
Chris eubank the greatest boxer ever my opinion!
Chris Eubank Jr when is your next fight on 5 if any pls let me kno cheers ! from your scottish support !
Christmas may have come a day early. I'm hearing rumours that Chris Eubank Jr might have the balls to face me after all. It would be in Dublin on March 15th - which would be the 19th anniversary of his Dad's fight with my mentor Steve Collins. Share this if you want to see it happen.
Chris Eubank and myself in Berkeley Square getting some pictures printed.
"Some were laughing at me, some were laughing with me. Bottom line is we were all laughing. At the end of the day, I was the one taking home all that money. Not the spectators. Besides, I got away with my pretty face intact". ~ Boxing Legend, Chris Eubank
Watching Chris Eubank story. As much as he was not liked by some. He was a cracking fighter!
Just watched Chris Eubank sports life story great hour of Telly great fighter !
Watched Chris Eubank sport stories last night really enjoyed it. Top fighter and a unique character!
Anyone who hasn't seen "Chris Eubank: Sports Life Stories" doing the rounds on ITV4, I thoroughly recommend it. Closest thing to Ali as a thinking man's boxer. Appreciate the heads up Manjit Singh Grewal :)
Chris Eubank documentary awesome. Great boxing times with Benn and Watson
Just watched sporting life stories: Chris Eubank. That punch that done Michael Watson was immense, but at the same time watsons corner and the referee should have been held accountable foe what happened next. Should never have been allowed to box on.
Itv4 sports stories on Chris eubank, brilliant!!
Chris Eubank was an absolute warrior and changed the face of boxing world wide!
Sports Stories ITV - Chris Eubank - essence of a sporting warrior. Respect to Nigel Benn and Michael Watson. Golden era of British Sport(JF)
The fact I can watch the whole of series 1 of I'm Alan Partridge through Sky Go app on iPad is fairly blowing my mind right now. Someone really needs to finally commission youth hosteling with Chris Eubank.
Just watching chris eubank on Sports Life Stories one hard man
Chris Eubank on itv4...! Saw it the other day,but wicked viewing,so let's go for round 2... (sorry) Reminiscing of when boxing was at its best! Jus a bit emotional about Michael sad... The 90's were the best and maddest days...!
Chris Eubank life stories... Awesome! What a character, boxing legend and gentleman!
Just watched the Chris Eubank life story on Itv 4 what a man what a boxer what a warrior hope Bens is on soon :-)
The Chris Eubank story is quite remarkable The legacy he left for young boxers becoming professional goes un noticed
just watched program about Chris Eubank, what a boxer!
Just watched Chris Eubank life story. words cant describe what ive just seen! And i thought he was just an eccentric.
What a guy Chris Eubank was a pure entertainer. Not enough of his type round nowadays.
Just watched Chris Eubank Sports Life Stories . 18 world title defences , impressive that like
Brilliant documentary on Chris Eubank. I loved watching the wars with Nigel Benn, and Watson II, best ever fights I watched live 20 years ago.
Life stories. Chris Eubank, what a fighter, and a character!
Chris Eubank. What a fighter he was. Yeah he had a big head and a massive ego, but he put British boxing on the map. 19 million people watched Eubank v Benn 2, find me a British fighter that attracts that sort of audience now!
Chris Eubank what great tv that was.
Just watched Chris Eubank life stories...amazing. love Eubank it has to be said. Great fighter and British legend.
Chris eubank life stories on itv4 awesome programme
Is watching 'Sporting Life Stories' - Chris Eubank. Forgot what an awesome fighter he was.
Not a boxing fan but Chris Eubank life stories is great watch!!
Chris eubank brill... we share a few traits. . Arrogance. Great body. Simply the best o and big headed
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Chris Eubank vs Michael Watson so sad.
Things I've learned today. 1) All the things you wanted to get for Christmas and they weren't available. Well suddenly now they can't be delivered in time are all there. 2) There are some very strange fish about this town. Most congregate around the town square and don't seem to speak the Queen's English like what I do. 3) Chris Eubank is a fascinating person. Sporting life stories showed me that.
Sports Life Stories itv4 Chris Eubank , what a fighter!!
You watch Life Stories : Chris Eubank on ITV? Pretty interesting. Never knew about Michael Watson until I watched it.
Chris Eubank documentary is fascinating forgot how great an athlete that guy is, unbelievable!
watching "sporting life stories" Chris Eubank . love him or hate him, great program
Was about to call it a night then got watching a programme about Chris Eubank. Was well worth staying up for
Just watching the Chris Eubank documentary they were vicious fights real tear ups gotta feel for Micheal Watson he was winning the fight and then ended up the way he did
Regardless of what you think of him, Chris Eubank is one I'd the greatest
Watching ... Chris eubank : sports life storys ... Boxing is just an amazing sport and this guy is a ledgend
Simply the best. Chris eubank. The greatest british boxer of all time. What do you think?
Watching life stories Chris Eubank, always found him quite mesmerising to watch, what a showman, we don't seem to have anyone else doing that now. :o(
Chris Eubank was a world class boxer. His speed and power unbelievable
Watching chris eubank mashing up ppl
Chris Eubank. Life stories ITV4. That'll be me staying up for a bit then. You're unlikely to see a man walk through punishment like Eubank, he was gifted with a great chin.
Chris Eubank life stories.. What a fighter he was btw, someboy!!
Watching the Chris Eubank life story for the second time today. This man was awesome! 18 world title defences! Everyone talks about the Benn fight! But just remember Eubank stopped Benn in the first fight! Absolute legend!
Chris Eubank - most articulate boxer I believe to have seen so far
Chris Eubank Itv4 check it out peepz !!
ITV 4 Chris Eubank life Stories . For all you boxing fans .
Chris eubank story itv4 shud be good.
Chris Eubank Sports Life Stories starting now on ITV4 legend
Nigel Benns entrance music to face Chris eubank
Chris eubank: Sports Life Stories. A legend and top performer, boxer and entertainer. A must watch.
"We'll still be happy if we lose. It's on at the same time as the Beer Festival" (Noel O' Mahony, Cork City boss before the game in Munich) "I would not say he (David Ginola) is the best left winger in the Premiership, but there are none better." (Ron Atkinson) "He dribbles a lot and the opposition don't like it - you can see it all over their faces." (Ron Atkinson) "I never comment on referees and I'm not going to break the habit of a lifetime for that prat." (Ron Atkinson) "It took a lot of bottle for Tony (Adams) to own up." Ian Wright (commenting on his teammate's alcoholism) "Here we are in the Holy Land of Israel - a Mecca for tourists." (David Vine) "Morcelli has four fastest 1500-metre times ever. And all those times are at 1500 metres." (David Coleman) Metro Radio "Her time is about 4.33, which she's capable of." (David Coleman) Dennis Pennis: 'Have you ever thought of writing your autobiography?' Chris Eubank: 'On what ?' "To play Holland, you have to play the Dutch.' Ruud Gullit 'Well , either ...
watchin Sports Life Stories. .. and Chris Eubank is a legend
The sports documentary series looks at the colourful life and career of boxer Chris Eubank and also includes an emotional reunion with his most bitter rival, Nigel Benn.
The 90s middleweights definitely the best era in boxing, Chris Eubank, Nigel Benn, Steve Collins, Michael Watson - legends !
Watching Chris Eubank, Sports Life Stories, very interesting, always mind watching my first boxing match with my dad it was Eubank vs Watson, memories 󾌾󾮖 xx
Chris Eubank,bell end or complete boxer,I'm in the corner x
Watchin this Chris Eubank documentary, amazin stuff
Just watched chris eubank sports life fukin mint by the way but not wat happend to watson
"To do your winning you have to have done your losing" chris eubank
Just watched Chris Eubank , geat entertainer great pugilist.
Just watched Chris Eubank Sports Life Stories. He's still a bit strange but by Christ could he fight. A boxer when boxing was still proper.
Watching Chris Eubank Sports Life Stories.. What a Fighter that guy was ! Top champion !
Just watched the Chris Eubank sports stories and realised just how bad today's boxing is compared with years gone by, where's the big fights and greatest of fighters?
Just watched documentary about chris eubank on itv4 very good viewing...
Definitely has a soft spot for Chris Eubank after watching his life story.
Watched Chris Eubank documentary. Not one for the ladies I know. But wasn't boxing more entertaining back then?
Nigel Benn and chris eubank put chisora and haye to shame
Chris Eubank would give ye a wile beatin yet
Chris Eubank, wat a legend of a man.
Chris Eubank was great but Mike Tyson was the greatest ever boxer ever!
Chris Eubank I think I may love the guy! Documentary is unreal! featured in NBC s Science of Love
Sports true life stories. ..Chris Eubank...Absolute legend
Watching ITV4 "Chris Eubank: Sporting Greats".wow ! He has just had a standing 8 count then he narrates "I walked forward.and threw a shot" fighting Michael Watson ! UNBELIEVABLE !! Like him or loath him.a must watch.
Dreamt I was telling someone in the pub about a television interview between Richard Madeley & Chris Eubank cc
Just watched sporting life stories ' Chris Eubank ' (thanks to my girl Rosie Eccles for reminding me) Anyway i had butterflies watching what i consider the most exciting time in British boxing history ! Nigel Benn is one of my all time boxing heroes but you have to admit Eubanks was a true champion love or hate him ! Respect to the max to both of them! Great to see them hug at the end of the documentry
Chris Eubank Sports Life Stories was a good watch...But Nigel Benn was the man
Chris Eubank was in unreal shape after the Nigel Benn fight!👊
You'll never find a greater rivalry in Boxing than Nigel Benn & Chris Eubank! They were the best of enemies & true warriors in the ring!
Chris Eubank n Nigel Benn fight got me hella gassed
** NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED ** Highlights of the classic fight between Chris Eubank and Nigel Benn.
Another cracking Sports Life Stories on ITV4 with Chris Eubank. The memories come flooding back to nights in the pub watching the fights. Great fights, great characters. Eubank was never the same fighter after the Watson fight and Nigel Benn was never the same after the McClellan fight. There's not been fights like Benn v Eubank since.
Chris Eubank on sporting life stories on ITV4. Fascinating character. The boxer everyone loved to hate. That 2nd fight with Michael Watson. Eubank looked beat in the 11th round. Knocked down. Got up and hit Watson with a haymaker. Watson collapsed after the ref stopped it. Shocking stuff. Spent a year in intensive care.
Nigel Benn. Chris Eubank. Mike Tyson all got lithssspps
Chris Eubank great boxer, like the mutal respect between him and Nigel Benn
Nigel Benn and Chris Eubank both gave fighters brain damage by the end of the fight.
Those were the days, Nigel Benn, Chris Eubank, Gerald McClelland and Michael Watson
Chris Eubank and Nigel Benn put on the best british fight, both animals!
Love watching programs about boxings good old days! Nigel Benn,Frank Bruno,Chris Eubank ! Legends
who do you think was superior- Nigel Benn, Chris Eubank or Steve Collins?
Chris Eubank put a man in intensive care for a year and gave him Brain damage through one punch! Amazing
The fact Chris Eubank put someone in intensive care for a year after one punch says it all, filthiest dig I've ever seen
Chris Eubank. Didn't realise what a showman he was, terrible what happened to Michael Watson though.
Life Stories on ITV4 re Chris Eubank. Loved the fights with Nigel Benn still some of the best fights I witnessed
Very much in the Nigel Benn camp but there's something very likeable about Chris Eubank.
Chris Eubank vs Nigel Benn was a legendary Boxing match !!
Itv4 Chris Eubank life story, always remember the classic fights wae Nigel Benn 󾮖
After Viera v Keane last week it's that arrogant b* *** Chris Eubank tonight with Nigel Benn featuring, should be good and again you just don't see that kind of rivalry anymore :(
A must see for any boxing fans tonight Chris Eubank. Sports Life Stories ITV4 10pm. Reunion with Nigel Benn. Should be good.
Chris Eubank: Nigel Benn really won our Judgement Day rematch even though the judges gave a draw
Chris Eubank on Groves/Froch fight; " The stoppage was diabolic, if it was me, I'd have wanted to rip the referee's head off. Boxing is our living, our business, pride,life and sacrifice...Groves was cheated untruthfully" Chris Eubank Snr on George Groves vs Carl Froch DECEMBER 13, 2013 BY SAMUEL LEE LEAVE A COMMENT by Samuel Lee British super-middleweight great of the 90s, Chris Eubank, gives his verdicts on the recent Carl Froch vs George Groves all-British super-middleweight world title fight. He believes Froch underestimated the threat of Groves, ‘I made the same mistake many times, for example against Michael Watson in our second fight when he fought way beyond what we had seen from him before, and against Joe Calzaghe when he fought way beyond what his experience and record would’ve suggested. ‘No doubt, Carl underestimated George.’ Eubank felt Froch had his measure early on, before a complacent mistake. ‘The first round was a battle of the jabs, kind of like when me and Mark Breland fough ...
"AFTER I FINISH WITH BENN, HE ISN'T GOING TO BE ANYBODY!" ... During the late 1980's, with the dominant reign of middleweight champion Marvin Hagler now at an end, fight fans turned to the top contenders in the division in hope of a new star. The middleweight division was one of the original eight weight classes, and the "Marvelous One" had ruled it with pride, keeping the belts unified for most of his career. His conqueror, Sugar Ray Leonard, made it crystal clear he only wanted the fight with Marvin and that he had no desire to defend the title. Sadly, the belts would be divided, and each governing body would seek to crown their own champion.    Amongst the best were British fighters Nigel Benn and Chris Eubank. The two would develop one of the most bitter rivalries in boxing history, and the animosity between them all but guaranteed they would one day clash in the ring. Winning his first 22 consecutive bouts by knockout, Benn had earned himself the moniker 'The Dark Destroyer,' and g ...
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True fact: I was a panellist on the Kilroy show once. Sat between Chris Eubank and the late Norman StJohn-Stevas.
Chris Eubank does an impression of a young Prince Naseem Hamed, this is my favouite thing at the mo: via
My English teacher used to completely make up his own concepts. "Chris Eubank syndrome" was a personal favourite
Wish I witnessed the era of the likes of Nigel Benn, Mike Tyson and Chris Eubank
Groves is fighting like a 25 year old Ginger Chris Eubank. Unreal
best fight i have seen since Nigel Benn vs Chris Eubank. Its a war
Does this fight you remind you of any others? Nigel Benn vs Chris Eubank springs to mind.
George Groves trying to emulate Chris Eubank before the fight starts. If he can do the same during the fight he wins easy.
Just been reading an article about Carl Froch and George Groves comparing them to nigel ben and Chris eubank um get real The dark destroyer would beat them both on the same night for me the top 3 British middle weight Nigel Benn Joe calzaghe Chris Eubank
Nigel Benn, Chris Eubank, Steve Collins, Joe Calazaghi, Carl Froch.can't see George Groves name being added to that list tonight.
The Nigel Ben v Chris Eubank's beef was the best in British boxing history
There can't be a 'god', he wouldn't give Mike Tyson, Nigel Benn and Chris Eubank such a lisp and speech impediment.
Chris Eubank. Monster of a fighter, awful hairline.
Nigel Benn vs Chris Eubank fights were too much back in the day
thirsty? Have You seen your Chris Eubank nose?
he talks a good game. Groves reminds me of Chris Eubank when he told Nigel Benn what he'd do and then did it!
I saw Chris Eubank in Manchester airport and he was far smaller than I expected. I didn't highlight this to him though :)
Chris Eubank once said "boxing is the most honest conversation two men can have." That is such a true statement
So buzzing for got Froch to win in the 8th! This is our generations version of Chris Eubank & Nigel Benn 👊👏
Only bumped into Chris Eubank on the train
Watch all my latest video on vevo Alimi Ballard Althavean SisQo Andrews Chris Eubank Desmond Dblack Blackmore...
Looking forward to seeing if I can the Carl Froch vs George Groves fight tonight! Brings back memories of Nigel Ben & Chris Eubank
Spotted. Chris Eubank walking thru the lanes in Brighton
just gave me a thumbs up through the window at johnsons cleaners. My week has been made! Chris you are a living legend!
Chris Eubank just gave me a thumbs up. DAY MADE!
'In a fight I couldn't win I got up' Chris Eubank
Chris Eubank and Nigel Benn sign fight contract ! via history will be reapeated
Mark 'Kid Dynamite' Heffron won by first round KO tonight in Manchester. Looked absolutely amazing. I would love to see him fight Eamonn O Kane or Chris Eubank Junior. This kid is the real deal
Carl Froch vs George Groves tomorrow night can't wait it's almost got a bit of Nigel Benn vs Chris Eubank about it
last time I was in Chris eubank half killed Michael Watson! Years ago.
the Benn/Eubank contract signing was the first ever recorded "Troll" courtesy of Chris Eubank.
Just seen the Chris Eubank vs Nigel Benn fight for the first time. First 4 round were just something else.
it'll spiral into . partridge-esque reporting soon enough. Monkey Tennis, Inner City Sumo, Youth Hostelling with Chris Eubank
Nigel Benn v Chris Eubank is the best fight I've ever seen
Never drinking in the afternoon again but what a lovely man Chris Eubank was 👍👍👍👍
chris tarrant goes fishing! If c5 keep this up then 'youth hosteling with chris Eubank' might actually become a reality!
Is Froch-Groves the new Benn-Eubank?: Carl Froch versus George Groves brings back memories of Nigel Benn and Chris Eubank's rivalry i...
Stalking Chris Eubank just because we can ... Buying make up?!?
Casually sitting in the same bar as Chris Eubank...
I do like my job when it come to seeing celebs:-) just saw and spoke to Chris Eubank, a real gent.
Chris Eubank just walked right past me at Cambridge Station. He looked really smug.
Darrell. Meet my friend. Off the train walks Chris Eubank !!!
QUESTION: Ahead of this weekend's big showdown between British super middleweights Carl Froch and George Groves. Who do you think was the most naturally TALENTED (not record!) British/Irish middleweight/super middleweight of the early 90s (up to 1996). - Chris Eubank - Nigel Benn - Steve Collins - Michael Watson - Herol Graham - Ray Close - Henry Wharton - Richie Woodhall - Cornelius Carr - Lou Gent - OTHER (WHO?)
Chris Eubank at 24 years old destroyed world champ and highly regarded Nigel Benn after crushing through a list of mediocre opponants. are you reading this you Carl Froch bummers?.
Kim insisted (under pain of stuff) that I do a "things you may not know about me". After thinking about it and editing out stuff that could get me in the most trouble I've come out with this... 1. I have like (and have secret crushes) on Enya and Kate Bush but I don't like Adele - she's like a chav Alison Moyet... 2. I once stole a bunch of bananas and a load of grapes from the Royal Banqueting House in Whitehall. 3. I was the only straight guy in the crowd at the A-ha farewell gig in L.A. 4. I was once invited to a house party at a home owned and occupied by members of the Royal National Institute for the Blind and I spiked the punch. 5. In Ebina, Japan, I am reverentially known as “Sargie-San”. 6. I once peed out of the window of a moving train… and the air blew it back through the window onto the people in the next compartment. 7. I always cry at the end of "Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan." 8. I (accidentally) knocked over world champion boxer Chris Eubank outside a nightclub in Brighton. 9. I ca ...
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Celebrity spot just let Chris Eubank cross the road
Chris Eubank is on my train... He has a huge pair of nostrils...
This weekends celeb spotting has included: Chris Eubank, Tyson Fury, James Degale, James Argent, Mark Wright and concluding with Shaun Derry on the M1 this morning!
By Robbie Bannatyne: The halcyon days of British boxing at global elite level were punctuated by the epic rivalry of Nigel Benn and Chris Eubank, whose fascinating battles gripped the British publi...
Who's best, Chris Eubank Jr or Andre ward? Settling an argument
Chris Eubank should go on im a celeb
Just like his Dad! Chris Eubank Jr lays out his opponent and then while said opponent is getting counted out, he turns and poses for the camera. Class.
I like how after Chris Eubank knocked out Michael Watson giving him a blood clot on the brain and turning him into a vegetable for the rest of his life he demanded to reporters that Watson be tested for performance enhancing drugs claiming his opponent was 'too strong'. Lol.
Chris Eubank Jr has left his promoter *** Hennesy & now is promoting himself it seems.
Family film time starts with sticking on Madagascar which turns into a conversation between me & Lisa Victoria Phillips which goes like this. Me "That zebra is voiced by Chris urrrm. I've forgotten" Lisa "Oh, Chris Eubank" Me 󾰮 "No, that's a famous boxer" Lisa "Oh, Denzil Washington then" 󾍁 The amazing thing about my wife is that she can still shock me
I apologise on Channel 5's behalf to everyone that waited up to watch me box last night & only got shown the last two rounds. I've recently left my promotions company Hennyssy Sports (who are partnered with channel 5) & that's probably why they cut my fight short & gave me such short notice for it (boxing politics). I'm now contracted to Chris Eubank Promotions & will now fight wherever I choose, not just on channel 5. Now I'll be much more active & looking to make some big moves in 2014
God who so chris eubank juniors upper cut last night perfection
15 years ago I used to work as a chamber-maid, for those who do not know it is the lady who makes the beds in hotels, vacuums the carpet in the room, cleans the bathroom and the toilet, yes that was me, I worked in 5 star hotels, 4 star , 3 star, 2 star and even no star hotels. I made as many as 20 beds a day and cleaned 20 rooms, toilets and bathroom a day amidst certain people close to me protesting that I should quit being a cleaner and get a better job, I didn't really understand what they were saying to this day because I enjoyed my cleaning job, I enjoyed my life as a cleaner as much as I enjoyed my life as Guest Relations Manager in the same 5 star hotel which I was cleaning, After 3 years I got a promotion to supervisor level then finally to Guest Relations Manager where I welcomed to the hotel the likes of Queen of England, David and Victoria Beckham, movie star Jackie chan with whom I had a lengthy chat, Nigerian former president Obasanjo, boxer Chris Eubank and many many more famous and rich pe ...
some good boxing coming from Chris Eubank Jr , and I got to watch victoria Cisneros fight on viDeo, she was awesome!! Degale fight, you aint no sugar ray you might be the sugar in my tea, but I don't take sugar, Davis U S A should hav knock u out, Yeah I don't like you!
well done to Gary for winning tonight unfortunately it wasn't shown on telly but he has obvs got his foot on the ladder even bein on the same line up as Chris Eubank Jr and James Degale thats something to be proud of and makes me proud to be from leigh park
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The only boxer worth watching on Channel 5 is Kid Galahad...James Degale an olympic gold medalist n doesn't even know the basics of throwing a hook properly...jus slaps his opponents and Chris Eubank Jr is nothing compared to prospect he was hyped up to be, he'l get easily outboxed down the line
I love watching Chris Eubank Jnr box. Cocky beyond cocky.
James Degale and Chris Eubank Jr won tonight. Would love to see them fight eachother.
Watching this boxing on channel 5. James de Gale vs some guy. Kinda boring. I wondered what weight these guys were and was surprised to see they're super middleweight. Can you imagine this de Gale guy going in with Chris Eubank or Nigel Bennin their prime?
Channel five iv been looking forward to the chris eubank jnr fight, and you only show the last two rounds, great knock out mr eubanks, :)
Stayed up to watch Chris Eubank Jr n it didn't show the full fight ): not happy!
Chris eubank junior looks the part 2 good hands
Nice little upper cut there from Chris Eubank Jr best fight all neet.
Chris Eubank Jr is possibly even more annoying than Danny Williams.
Must say a love chris eubank junior he guna b a class boxer12 owt ov 12 fights class want to c more ov him not 2 poxy rounds channel 5. Of 2 bed nah nite xx
Chris Eubanks jnr is gonna be something else . He is quality and doing it the rite way in his own time
Chris Eubank Jr thinks he is something special but his just a top ***
What a win for Chris Eubank Jr knocked the guy out cold!!
Chris Eubank jnr , what a knock out.Pure entertainer.
Good show from Chris Eubank,brutal shot and a good performance.
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Watching the boxing, was impressed with Chris Eubank Jr. Somebody please tell me Nigel Benn has a son too, "Let's get it on!" 󾌩
Chris Eubank Junior needs Knockin out couldnt stand his dad cant stand him. Tosser no respect.
Chris Eubanks Jnr stops his opponent with a great shot in the final 30 seconds of the bout... not so sure the posing was necessary while the reff was still giving a count?
Chris Eubank Jr you tank great knockout!
Can't be easy having to live up to Chris Eubank but wow the boy has talent not sure he's got the swagger down a bit annoying but talent non the less !!
Chris Eubank Jr still not that good in my eyes!ya dad is a legend!!
I hope that Chris Eubank Jr get filled in soon.. What a ***
Chris Eubank junior another win by knock out
What a uppercut from Chris Eubank Jr
Just watchin rerun of Chris Eubank Jr cocky *** just like his dad
Chris Eubank Jr is way to cocky when hes fighting
Chris Eubank Jr is a fantastic boxer
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