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Chris Economaki

Christopher Chris Constantine Economaki (October 15, 1920 – September 28, 2012) was an American motorsports commentator, pit road reporter, and journalist.

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Chris Economaki said that Donnie fell ill with hepatitis, not sure why or how Hamilton was the replacement driver.
At any point does it look like the old "Demolition Derby" figure eight races that Wide World of Spor…
I was always a fan of Chris Economaki
Jackie Stewart took over as JB moved to the pits in the mid-80’s. I did one race replacing Sir Jackie in 1987, then…
- a dejected tells Chris Economaki "I thought we had em covered. got a littl…
the CBS broadcast was in the middle of a Dale Earnhardt feature by Chris Economaki and had to cut in, IIRC.
beers at Dingus with Paul Newman and Chris Economaki
We're no Chris Economaki or Dr. *** Berggren, but who would like to see us try something similar as they did...
You did the best job promoting the sport I've seen since Chris Economaki was still doing races! Maybe better!
was the modern day Chris Economaki tonight, and it was freaking awesome!!
In fact Chris Economaki would have loved it Ryan. Bravo!
If you weren't on Chris Economaki's radar screen, you probably weren't on a...
terrific story about board tracks. Too bad Chris Economaki is gone. Would have loved it.
Autoweek in review: The 2012 Paris motor show coverage, auto-journalist Chris Economaki passes, and we drive ... -
that crash interrupted a piece Chris Economaki was doing about Dale Earnhardt. He was stunned?
F1 on CBS 1987: Ken Squier, Jackie Stewart, Chris Economaki, and Dave Despain. please do this in 2016 IMO
Not a Nascar only guy but it was always good hearing Chris Economaki working a race as well.
I have a dream, one day I'll turn on the tv and Ken Squire and Chris Economaki will b there
Taking in consideration some of these gentleman have left us, but if they where still here who do you feel would make the top 6 with 2 alternates. Benny Parsons, Dave Despain, Buddy Baker, Winston Kelley, Joe Moore, Barney Hall , Dale Jarrett, Chris Economaki, Larry McReynolds, *** Berggren, Ned Jarrett, Bob Jenkins, Mike Joy, Ken Squier, Allen Bestwick, Kyle Petty, Jack Arute, Chris Berman, Jeff Hammond, Dr. Jerry Punch,
Maybe you should take lessons from Chris Economaki, *** Bergeran Brock Yates & Dave Argabrigtht on covering racing JERK
have a few with Ed Hinton, Robin Miller, Chris Economaki, David Hobbs, Dave Despain, a few drivers and shut the *** up.
I don't know what Chris Economaki would say, but it wouldn't be a lot of what I'm reading, I bet.
Thanks to Chris Economaki & 4 making my trip to Knoxville much more entertaining than passin scenery
‘A TRIBUTE TO CHRIS ECONOMAKI’ at IMRRC JUNE 15 WATKINS GLEN, N.Y. (June 10, 2013) – The achievements of Chris Economaki, the late dean of American motorsports, will be celebrated on Saturday, June 15, at the International Motor Racing Research Center. The free talk, part of the on-going Center Conversations speaker series, will be at 1 p.m. at the Center located at 610 S. Decatur St., Watkins Glen, N.Y. It is open to all. “A Tribute to Chris Economaki” will be led by a panel composed of Corinne Economaki, Chris’ daughter and motorsports insider; Leo Levine, retired automotive industry executive and author; and Judy Stropus, noted motorsports publicist. “Chris Economaki’s accomplishments are with us every day at the Center. We consistently use his National Speed Sport News archives to answer research requests or for our own work,” Racing Research Center President J.C. Argetsinger said. “To pay tribute to this great journalist is a natural for the Center, and to have his daughter and co ...
Have you ever heard Tony Stewart do his Chris Economaki?
The First Voice of Flemington Speedway, Nat Kleinfield was the consummate professional. Well-schooled in racing, he announced Sprint and Midget car racing before World War II throughout the Northeast. Nat Kleinfield became a NASCAR announcer after the formation of the organization in 1949, often pairing with Chris Economaki at major races such as the famed beach races in Daytona, Florida. Nat Kleinfield’s well-modulated voice related accurate, interesting information on the drivers, owners, and track officials. This was consistently achieved by arriving early at the speedway and spending time in the pits. He was an excellent play-by-play man who, above all, understood the value of allowing the action speak for itself and commenting later. His command behind the microphone was perhaps equaled by his command behind the keyboard, as Kleinfield wrote Flemington Speedway’s race results and advance stories. Nat Kleinfield Fairlawn, NJ b - d1970 FSHS recommends our viewers check out Caruso Midget Racing Mus ...
"Ken Schrader of Missourah!" Well at least Chris Economaki knew how to properly pronounce my good state
"Very few of us are lucky enough in life to make a living from something that started as our hobby." - Chris Economaki
Watching sports center 2012 review and it was pretty cool to see Chris Economaki mentioned under the memorial portion!
Nice to see Chris Economaki mentioned in Espn's remembrance
Hope you find time in all that Bama talk to ask Eli about Chris Economaki and Bob Jenkins.
Chris Economaki, one of the commentators, died recently. I always thought his name sounded (
Chris Economaki, RIP. Age 92. The one on Wide World of Sports in the pits with A.J. Foyt while Jim McKay called the race. An era passes.
Makes you wonder how Chris Economaki would've asked questions to a movie star. He will be missed.
In the first 3 minuites of this video you see Chris Economaki, Mike Joy, Jeff Hammond, and Dave Despain
Every week we get boxes of things from the Chris Economaki estate here at EMMR
September 28th, 2012 was a hard day for motorsports with the passing of Chris Economaki, *** Fleck and Margaret...
Tim Tuttle: Chris Economaki wanted to know anything and everything about...
Chris Economaki died early Friday morning at age 91. Today many of the sport’s icons of weighed in on Economaki and his career in motorsports. In addition, SPEED is going to air the 2006 WindTunnel Special Economaki: Eyewitness to American Racing History tonight at 11 p.m. EST. Please tune in and ch...
Long-time racing journalist Chris Economaki dies via
Today we remember the late Chris Economaki, this National Sprint Car Hall of Fame inductee was born on October 15.
Also born today: Auto racing broadcaster Chris Economaki, who died two weeks ago at age 91.
Had the privilege of Ray Soroka of ABC at my bbq today. Had a great day talking about Chris Economaki and many others. Thanks Ray.
We recently lost Chris Economaki, the Dean of American Motorsports Journalism. This from Watkins Glen 1968.
After a month I'm back in business until they throw me out again. It's been a tough month, saying goodbye to the boss, Chris Economaki. Many of you sent very nice EMails
Chris Economaki, who began selling single copies ofNational Speed Sport Newsat age 14 and eventually became the publication’s editor, a position he held for 60 years, died Sept. 28 at age 91.
Hamilton Collection
A few legends in this Dave Friedman photo from Sebring 1962: Denise McCluggage, Chris Economaki, Phil Hill... looks like maybe one of the Rodriguez brothers... anyone else?
Grew up watching Beano, Chris Economaki, and Jim McKay as the sports voices for the masses. All quiet now.
Dang. Lost Beano Cook today. On the heels of Chris Economaki and Steve Sabol. Tough few weeks.
Chris Economaki's wake and funeral was the only one that could attract old midget racers in t-shirts, as well as Roger Penske, Mario Andretti and AJ Foyt. Chris had that rare ability to bridge the gap between all racers. RIP
Racing lost an icon last week.Chris Economaki. I have enjoyed listening to many racing people reflect on his life and accomplishments. I used to wait for Speed Sports News every week. He was a big part of that publication! I think I need to see if I can find a biography of him.
Sad News: Chris Economaki Dies at 91 Early Friday morning [9/28/2012], legendary motorsports journalist Chris Economaki died in his sleep at a nursing home in Wyckoff, New Jersey. He was 91 years old. Economaki fell in love with motorsports in the late 1920's in his native Ridgewood, New Jersey. At the time, there was a race track essentially in the middle of the town. (Today, there is nothing left of the track, but there is a "Race Track Road" in Ridgewood that runs near where the track was). He would sneak in to watch the action. By age 14, he was already writing a column for National Auto Racing News, which was the precedessor of National Speed Sport News. Economaki eventually took over National Speed Sport News and served as the publication's jack of all trades. This lasted up until last year, when failing health and other factors forced him to shut down the print edition and make the publication online-only. While there, he helped to launch the careers of many motorsports journalists, including ...
Chris Economaki, a journalist long regarded as the authoritative voice in motor sports, died Friday. He was 91.
A couple notes about my friend, Chris Economaki, the dean of US auto racing journalists, who died Thursday. Chris was the fastest oyster shucker I ever saw! He was faster than the waiters at the oyster bar where I saw him turning them of the shells faster than the rest of us could eat them. Chris got my attention one night in Munich, Germany, when he noted I must know something about wine because I knew how to hold a wine glass. Chris knew everyone and everything in US racing, and always got the story first, even if the occasional detail was wrong. That's why his column in National Speed Sport News was a must read even for all of us who were trying to beat him to the news. Chris was the first to recognize the power of TV, among the first to recognize the power of personal computing and the internet, and quick to change with the times, always keeping himself relevant. There are a couple of people working in the sport today who may someday be his equal in terms of influence, but I doubt we will ever s ...
Ken Willis, a sports reporter for the Daytona News Journal, printed his favorite Chris Economaki story in his column in rememberance of the "Pioneer" of race reporting. In 1951, Econamaki was the PA anouncer for the Daytona Beach race that was raced on the beach and A1A. "Big Bill France" told Economaki that he had one duty and that was to "Sell It". Economaki was perched in the upper part of the grandstand on the north turn. Economaki said the race was pretty much a parade without a lot of passing. Knowing that he was the only person with that high of a seat and he had powerful binoculars, he was the only one who could see two miles down to the south turn, so he decided to "Sell" as the cars went down A1A, he would say " I have my binoculars on them as they go down the back stretch and Fonty Flock has caught Chris Turner and is passing him in the south turn", and then he would switch them back as they were going down the beach. And he continued doing this calling out passes that never happened. He said h ...
Chris Economaki passed away yesterday. He was 91. He put out the Best racing newspaper, the Speed Sports news. In the 60s 70s and 80s I lived for this paper.RIP Chris J White
The man who gave his life to covering motor sports was respected by drivers and journalists alike.
In a 2006 Dave Despain special episode, Chris Economaki says Bob Swanson is the best driver he ever saw, over such luminaries as Foyt or Andretti.
He was Jim McKay’s go-to guy for ABC Sports broadcasts of such races as the Indianapolis 500. Read on to learn more on the life of Chris Economaki in this memoriam brought to you by the automotive experts at Motor Trend.
"Tony Stewart is the ultimate professional driver...the consummate American racer." Chris Economaki
Sad day today. RIP Chris Economaki. You taught me much about motorsports through the years. Was glad to teach you how to use the laptop one day at DIS when I know you were yearning for the typewriter.
Electronic Device Insurance
The Dean of motorsport journalism, Chris Economaki, has died at the age of 91. The first legitimate motorsports journalistwhen he began covering the sport in the 1930s, he quite possibly was the last, as well. Chris, a close friend of Rockingham Dragway owner Steve Earwood, served as Grand Marshall at a past national event at Rockingham. “ He set the standard for motorsports journalism. Chris Economaki’s passion for motorsports and his influence on the sport were extraordinary. He defined motorsport journalism and contributed to auto racing at every level. The respect he commanded was evident in the way that people listened carefully every time he spoke. He is a true legend of the industry whose impact and legacy will forever be part of all of racing”, Earwood said.
"The Thrill of Victory, The Agony of Defeat" RIP Chris Economaki Thank you for everything you did for our sport, we will certainly miss you!
It is sort of strange that I posted this picture last night in my album,Ungar and others,strange timing. Here Chris is going over notes with Earl Wagner at Knoxville. Chris was a fixture at the Knoxville Nationals in the 70's and 80's.Chris covered just about every form of Motorsports you could think of,They had a piece on Mr. Economaki during NASCAR practice today and they said there was going to be a special Wind Tunnel tonight on Speed covering Chris Economaki's life,I didn't catch the time but check it out tonight on Speed Channel
The Great Voice Of Racing! I had the honor of shaking his hand in 98'
My fondest memory of Chris Economaki is watching him sit hunched over in the media center at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, poking away with two fingers on his old typewriter like he was killing ants and writing a story on the Indy 500 that would be better than anything the rest of us attempted to write that day.
Indy.Daytona.24 Hrs of LeMans...Grand Prix of Monoco...numerous demolition derbys.and my local LB Grand Prix.the voice of auto racing for me was Chris Economaki, who passed this morning at 91; i vividly recall his voice along with Jim McKay's at the start of the 1973 Indy 500 and a few of the historic King Richard/ David Pearson NASCAR battles.that's how a race is called, people
Motorsports legend Chris Economaki, who was known as the Dean of American Motorsports, died Friday morning at age 91.
Wow. RIP Chris Economaki, we have lost a true legend.
A true legend in the racing community, RIP Chris Economaki.
first Anne Rogers Clark now Chris Economaki dies (or was it Chrissy?) Pam Minnick better be careful...
The motorsports world lost a true legend today. Read about Chris Economaki's career here -...
There are certain voices I'll never forget. Ernie Harwell. Keith Jackson. Chris Economaki.
The racing world has lost a legend... Very sad to hear of the passing of Chris Economaki. Legendary Radio and TV broadcaster along with news writer for many forms of motorsports. Was always a person I enjoyed seeing and talking to at the Indianapolis motor Speedway. He will be missed
Chris Economaki is the world's best-known reporter of the auto-racing scene. From National Speed Sport News to ABC's "Wide World of Sports", he's been the ey...
What is it Like out there ? These famous words Know by Race Fans through Speed Sports News Columnist and Sports Speed Announcer Chris Economaki. Will never seem the same. R.I.P. Chris Economaki, passed away yesterday, at age 91 in his Native New Jersey.
Just got the news that Chris Economaki, the dean of American motorsports journalists, has passed away at the age of 91. A true racing legend
So sad to hear about the passing of Chris Economaki. A true legend of motorsports and someone I looked up to growing up in this sport.
Whether you know him or not, the racing world lost a true legend, Chris Economaki. A few years ago I had the opportunity to meet and chill with him at Pocono, which was the highlight of my weekend. Mr. Economaki has seemingly done it all in motorsports and he’ll be missed by many! RIP Mr. E
Just heard this morning that Chris Economaki, the acknowledged dean of American motorsports writers and commentators, has passed on. To me personally, he meant so very much. He got me started in writing. When I was still in junior high, and the man who had the National Speed Sport News "franchise" at the Jeffersonville (IN) Sportsdrome moved away, I called the office (had to promise my mom I'd pay for the long-distance call from my lawn-mowing earnings) to find out what to do. Chris answered the phone. He asked why I didn't just take it over myself. The paper was selling for a quarter, and I was getting a nickel for everyone I sold. I regularly sold 100 every week. $5.00 wasn't bad for a 10- year-old in 1949. Chris explained that if I sold 'em myself, I'd get a dime for each copy sold because they'd cost me 15 cents each. I was really walking in high cotton then. After a couple of weeks, Chris called me and said whoever had the "franchise" was supposed to send in the stories about the races. Having no exp ...
Just learned of the passing of a great auto racing writer and commentator Chris Economaki. I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Economaki at Michigan International Speedway, and he did my very first T.V. interview that day which aired during the NASCAR race. What a great man and a great contributor to the sport of auto racing. I'll miss you Chris Economaki!
Steve Sabol and now Chris Economaki have passed away in the space of just over a week. Both were very important to the growth of their beloved sports and a small part of my life. RIP guys.
He was a true legend, RIP Chris Economaki, you will be missed.
Greg Moore, Dan Wheldon and Tony Renna and Chris Economaki in the booth (RIP)
Statements from the racing world on the passing of Chris Economaki: Talladega Superspeedway Chairman Grant...
Whoever you are, wherever you are, take a moment to think of Chris Economaki. Make it your personal tribute, however brief, to this grand old man of auto racing journalists because he left us late Thursday, Sept. 27 at age 91, and he left a hole in the motorsports firmament that can never be filled.
Well at least Chris Economaki can resume arguing with Howard Cosell again.
Sad to learn of the passing of an American Racing Icon, Chris Economaki. Sympathy to the Economaki family & the NSSN Family.
isnt that why you're called jack slash? Sam Bass slash Chris Economaki slash Johnny Gibson
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