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Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell (born Christopher John Boyle; July 20, 1964) is an American rock musician best known as the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for Soundgarden and as the former lead vocalist for Audioslave.

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Chris Cornell has the best voice in rock hands down
Y'all gon' judge but Chris Cornell's daughter singing Hallelujah with OneRepublic in honor of her father and Chester is beautiful.
Watch Chris Cornell's daughter sing 'Hallelujah' in tribute to him and Chester Bennington
WATCH: talks about honoring Chester Bennington & Chris Cornell with this morning. https…
If you need your heart broken this fine morning. via
Watch Chris Cornell's daughter sing 'Hallelujah' to mourn her father and Chester Bennington
OneRepublic & Toni Cornell performed 'Hallelujah' in Tribute to Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington
Toni Cornell we have watched you from a sweet little baby to a beautiful lady!
Chris Cornell's daughter Toni Cornell joined OneRepublic for "Hallelujah" performance in honor of Chris and Chester . ht…
Linkin Park was supposed to be in GMA today so One Republic & Chris Cornell’s daughter sang Hallelujah as a tribute 😭😭
Watch Chris Cornell's Daughter Sing 'Hallelujah' for Father and Chester Bennington: Toni Cornell, the 12-year-old……
Toni Cornell and OneRepublic singing "hallelujah" for Chris and Chester!!
See Chris Cornell's daughter perform Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" for her father and Chester Bennington
Watch Chris Cornell's daughter sing for her father and Chester Bennington
WATCH: Remembering the lives, careers and friendship Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell:
Chris Cornell's daughter, Toni, honored him on Good Morning America with an emotional performance of Hallelujah:
A moving and beautiful tribute to Chris Cornell & Chester Bennington this morning from Chris' daughter Toni and htt…
Chris Cornell's daughter performs tribute to her dad and family friend Chester Bennington
Daughter of Toni Cornell, sings 'Hallelujah' w/in honor of father & Chester Bennington
Chris Cornell's daughter performs moving rendition of "Hallelujah" in tribute to late father and Chester Bennington.
Chris Cornell's daughter, 12, performs "Hallelujah" in tribute to her late father and the late Chester Bennington.
OneRepublic on 'GMA' Tribute to Chester Bennington & Chris Cornell: 'It's Heavy, But an Honor' - Billboard
Jeremy Renner is opening up about knowing Chris Cornell: "I was just glad to have any experience with Chris."
RIP Chester Bennington - RIP Chris Cornell.. if there was anything sinster in your deaths.. take comfort in knowing.. we…
Mike Shinoda: "Chester Bennington was hit hard by Chris Cornell's suicide.
If depression can kill Chester Bennington, Robin Williams and Chris Cornell then it's real
"Depression is hard to understand. But if it can kill Robin Williams, Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington I'd say it…
My dude and I spent all night playing Linkin Park and Soundgarden 😞 . Rest in paradise Chester Bennington . Happy birthday Chris Cornell
Come to find out, today is The late Chris Cornell's birthday. Who was Chesters best friend. May they both RIP.
Happy birthday to the late Chris Cornell, I am grateful I had the opportunity to see him in concert in 2011. One of my heroes.
Linkin Park's Chester Bennington died on his good friend Chris Cornell's birthday
Well, I guess Chris Cornell has someone to hang with...
Chester Bennington dies on his best friend Chris Cornell's birthday. Read his letter here:
Just shocking...this is the man that just sang Hallelujah at Chris Cornell's funeral 2 months ago...Life is precious & fra…
Today is Chris Cornell's birthday. He was really close with Chester. RIP to both Chris & Chester.
This year we lost Chris Cornell. We lost Chester Bennington. . We almost lost TOP. And all because of depression. My heart 💔💔
Think I missed Linkin Park hour on the LA radio waves. Figured Chester was going to get the Prince/Chris Cornell monopoly treatment.
Happy Birthday Chris Cornell. You would have been 53 today. We miss you. 💙💔
Not a Cornell song, but it's how I feel. HBD. I'll wait up in the dark, for you to speak to me. I'll open up, Release me.
Fortunate to have seen linkin and Chris Cornell years ago in Tampa, amazing concert that I will never forget!
ft Chris Cornell - Crawling/HHH This 2 guys will both be dearly missed!
Oh no!!! 😔 First Chris Cornell now Chester...This is so sad 😭 .
the fact that Chester Bennington committed suicide on Chris Cornell's birthday is chilling 🙁
Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell 💔 legends. . I can't seem to find myself again my walls are closing in
Music therapy program for children established in Chris Cornell's name
Linkin Park singer and father-of-six Chester Bennington commits suicide on the late Chris Cornell's birthday
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Chester Bennington commits suicide on Chris Cornell's birthday. Chester sang at Cornell's funeral. *** man. Terribly sad.
Remembering the great Chris Cornell. Born Christopher John Boyle 1964 today in Seattle, Washington. https…
First band I ever saw live was Linkin Park at Rod Laver Arena back in '07. Chris Cornell was the support act. 2017 blows.
friend Chris Cornell, and drugs & alcohol abuse problems... Would you feel good? Once again, I didn't know him personally and…
You will be with Chris Cornell in the Heaven
I added a video to a playlist Alice in Chains, Chris Cornell, Pearl Jam, Heart and Screaming Trees
I could listen to Eddie Vedder, Chris Cornell, and Kurt Cobain all day
After nearly two months, documents from Detroit police describe the final hours of Chris Cornell's life:
Chris Cornell had a "well defined ligature mark present on the neck/throat area," according to police report
Chris Cornell is trending on Google. Read the latest here:
Thank you so much to for letting me talk about empathy, Chris Cornell, and details about Afterimage…
Chris Cornell constantly reminded and ridiculed behind his back about his "manhood" by Vicky Cornell! did this lead to his suicide? Oh boy!
On This Day -July 12th 1994. Alice Cooper is not Lost In America as he releases The Last Temptation. Chris Cornell adds his…
you guys posting Chris Cornell's suicide pictures is so foul I hope YOU guys never have to see your parents' suicide scene online
Chris Cornell why'd you do it now all the Soundgarden shirts on eBay are $300
Police: Chris Cornell found with ligature mark on neck/throat
Cops say Chris Cornell had ligature mark on throat
Hotel room photos, 911 call from the night of ddeath surface online:
If nobody is guilty of any FOUL PLAY in Chris Cornell death why is everyone in Detroit and Hollywood in a panic since m…
can you explain why there is high velocity blood spatter on the wall in the photos of Chris cornell's "Suicide" scene?
It doesn't strike anyone but me as ODD that not 1 picture released by showed Chris Cornell's body? 🤔
posted this pic of blood-stained carpet where Chris Cornell killed himself. What do you see
Was it really suicide? Chris Cornell murder conspiracy theory investigated by police
RIP Chris Cornell. You were one of the best
Chris Cornell's throat had ligature marks, according to the official police report
I like how inserted an ad every 5th pic of Chris Cornell's suicide, oh and how they watermarked all of them too!
Chris Cornell talked regret in eerie post about Layne Staley
Police report on Chris Cornell's death released
any advice how to channel the Chris Cornell grief? I'm consumed by sadness, want to make it all OK somehow. He was rock Royal
Megadeth and Dave Mustaine pay tribute to Chris Cornell in Tokyo, Japan 18/05/17 - YouTube
Read the winning poem in our Chris Cornell tribute essay contest:
Sun is shining had Chris Cornell tracks in my head all afternoon so that's got to be on going home
I'd DEFINITELY STAY AWAY from this hotel. WOW. Their response to cries for help is unreal.
If you are a Chris Cornell fan, this young man is doing a lot of tribute work in honor of him. Enjoy.
"Fear the worst and hope the best" - Chris Cornell . Shape of things to come
I think Burden In My Hand was the most poetic song Chris Cornell wrote. I was 16 when it hit the charts in 96.
I've reached out to the King of All Media Howard Stern about my Chris Cornell death investigation!
Well CT is in a different class not alot of people can be put in except Brent Smith, Myles Kennedy and Chris Cornell
I liked a video "Speak of the Devil" Podcast Episode Ultra Street Fighter 2, Chris Cornell, WWE
Saw a movie at the Hollywood cemetery last night (routine LA adventure). Came across Chris Cornell's grave site. W……
Guns N' Roses honour Chris Cornell at their first UK gig with classic line-up in 24 years - here's what happened
Jeff Ament, Chris Cornell, Matt Dillon, Layne Staley and Cameron Crowe on the set of Singles
From the soundtrack of the Cameron Crowe film 'Singles' - Chris Cornell's 'Seasons' :)
If Brent Smith,Eddie Vedder,Chris Cornell or Bruce Dickenson is not in this you totally suck balls
Chris Cornell's funeral featured as much rock royalty as you'd see at a Hall of Fame induction ceremony:
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Laura Jane Grace on Chris Cornell: ‘It’s an incredible loss’
Eddie Vedder took the stage tonight in Eventim Apollo, London, England and gave a speech about Chris Cornell
We pay tribute to one of the greatest talents of a generation. Rest in peace, Chris Cornell.
whoever is peppering in all the Chris Cornell tunes at safeco tonight, thank you.
Anthony Kiedis on Chris Cornell: 'He left the world a better place' - NME via
My dad is the king of this, he woke me up at like 7 am to tell me that Chris Cornell was dead
I added a video to a playlist AVB Reviews: Chris Cornell
Perry has shared some stories in memory of Chris Cornell with .
Chris Cornell used prescription drugs before death
"But then it was fine, because then it got into little memories".
Eddie Vedder gave an emotional speech about Chris Cornell in London tonight
Eddie Vedder says he will love Chris Cornell forever:
Be Yourself - Chris Cornell Live Paris (Trianon) 06/12 still so devastated is gone,your music heals me
Heart's Ann Wilson reflects on her friendship with Chris Cornell and the "inhumane pressure" of fame
Hear Pearl Jam's Mike McCready reflect on his friendship with Chris Cornell
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I grew up on Badmotorfinger & Superunknown. So upon hearing of the death of Chris Cornell... I was shocked. I'm...
Eddie Vedder’s moving, heartfelt speech about Chris Cornell will wreck you
"He wasn’t just a friend he was someone I looked up to like my older brother" -- Eddie Vedder about the loss of...
Eddie Vedder speaks on cherishing memories of Chris Cornell and bravely shares how he's been coping with his loss.
Eddie Vedder spoke for the first time about the passing of his "older brother," Chris Cornell: https:/…
Josh Brolin's eulogy of Chris Cornell was poetic. via
Michael Hutchinson, Chris Cornell, & the total while U2 gets outspoke about the simple game of gambling.
Toxicology report reveals Chris Cornell had Ativan & Butalbital in his system at the time of his death ht…
This picture of Jerry Cantrell at Chris Cornell's funeral is heartbreaking.
No one can pull off three insanely different albums like euphoria morning, scream and higher truth like Chris Cornell did.
Thank you and for discussing Chris Cornell's death, it helped me and I presume many others processes it
I added a video to a playlist Alter Eden - Show me how to live - (Audioslave / Chris Cornell live
RIP Chris Cornell. This is our tribute to you.
6/ When I was a kid, I was heavily infatuated with Chris Cornell. From the second I saw the Outshined video on telly, I got hooked.
Chris Cornell's widow: 'We still have several unanswered questions' - Fox News
It's been a couple weeks since the tragic passing of Chris Cornell. We recorded this cover of Black Hole Sun over... htt…
Brad Pitt took the late Chris Cornell's kids to Universal Studios this week for a day of fun
Chris Cornell's widow still awaiting details about his death
Brad Pitt takes Chris Cornell's kids to Universal Studios in the wake of the rocker's death
🎸🎸🎸 This is my handcrafted Playlist featuring the best songs by Chris Cornell.
Pearl Jam's bassist says Chris Cornell was the "greatest songwriter" to come out of Seattle
Chris Cornell's wife, Vicki, wrote a touching letter to Chris. Grab your tissues... you'll need them. (Just like... http…
Pretty awesome to see the Chris Cornell albums up there with you guys
I understand that Chris Cornell was out of his right mind when he took his life. But anybody struggling with... https:/…
Last night, Eddie Vedder performed an emotional solo concert in tribute to his friend h…
Brad Pitt comforts Chris Cornell’s kids after their loss at Universal studios!
Chris Cornell's wife has 'several unanswered questions' about his death
Dear God: you can make up for Chris Cornell by sending a timely lightning strike to Air Force One.
Brad Pitt Treats Chris Cornell’s Kids to a Day at Universal Studios Hollywood
🆕 at universal with Chris Cornell kids ❤don't hate on him cz he didn't bring his kids too,if he could, he wou…
Chris Cornell's widow Vicky says she has "several unanswered questions" about singer's suicide ht…
Brad Pitt treats Chris Cornell's kids to a day at Universal Studios Hollywood.
Dave Grohl, Cameron Crowe and more talk with David Fricke about Chris Cornell's final days https:…
This is the best piece I've read about the significance of Chris Cornell's passing and what it means for Gen X:
talked to a number of Chris Cornell's friends and none of them saw his death coming:
Left, Jerry Cantrell and Chris Cornell at a vigil for Layne Staley after his death. Right, Jerry at Cornell's funeral…
.and others recall final interactions with Chris Cornell htt…
Tom Morello, Serj Tankian and more recall their final moments with Chris Cornell:
Tom Morello recalls a moment with Chris Cornell
Lt. Dan Gary Sinese looks a lot like Chris Cornell and now I'm sad again for like 5 different reasons.
I added a video to a playlist Chris Cornell - Billie Jean(ACOUSTIC)
Chris Cornell - Billie Jean via So much feeling, a voice that touches the very depths of y…
Ok now listening to Chris Cornell's cover of MJ's Billie Jean. ***
maybe not his most famous song ever, but Chris Cornell did the James Bond theme thing right with "You Know My Name"
Chris Cornell, Sir Roger Moore, Gregg Allman and Jim Bunning. It's been a tough week or so.
Chris Cornell dead: Looking back at his James Bond theme, Casino Royale’s You Know My Name
In a new and exclusive interview, Nancy Wilson talks about the late Chris Cornell:
Who performed the theme for the 2006 James Bond Film Casino Royale (You Know My Name) ??? Chris Cornell
Brad Pitt, Christian Bale and Courtney Love among those in attendance at Chris Cornell's funeral:
Chris Cornell has left this Earth way too soon. Say Hello 2 Heaven for us all Chris. We will miss you dearly
Soundgarden and Audioslave Black Out in Honor of Chris Cornell - Pitchfork -
pitchfork: Audioslave and Soundgarden pay tribute to their late frontman Chris Cornell
Audioslave and pay tribute to their late frontman Chris Cornell
Chris Cornell: rock star who kicked down the boundaries of sound
"He meant it; he never phoned it in, ever. He was screaming at the heavens." ~ Nancy Wilson on Chris Cornell
In l.a. and so is Davey Havok, Chris Cornell and Corey Taylor.
My ig is like Davey Havok, Davey Havok, me, me, Chris Cornell, Davey Havok, me Davey Havok😂😏
Mark Ronson on His Teenage Worship of 'God-Like' Chris Cornell --> Read more: RT!. — Music News …
In honor of Chris Cornell, here is Temple Of The Dog Hunger Strike.
.Thinking abt the loss of Chris Cornell ... led to this post on kindess /healng…
Here's the latest news roundup from Led Zeppelin magazine Tight But Loose
Chris Cornell's greatest musical contribution pre-1990 was Big Dumb Sex and i will fight anyone who disagrees
Remembering Chris Cornell and his most notable songs -
Chris Cornell, founding member of Soundgarden, passed away Wednesday night after performing in Detroit. His music will live on…
Chris Cornell, who had been on tour, died Wednesday night in Detroit
Sad to hear about Chris Cornell . Was literally listening to soundgarden last night on the plane, great singer !
So Roger Moore past away today and Chris Cornell. ill just leave this here for you to think about. for those of...
🆕 📻. and discuss Chris Cornell, more Top5 MCs, creepy clowns and so much more! .
If you are so inclined. seems Chris Cornell´s family is asking that ppl give to this org in lieu of flowers.
Chris Cornell was a gentleman and a true artist. Barbara, Michael and the entire Bond family mourn this tragic loss.
Watch Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder's final "Hunger Strike" duet from 2014
Forever rest in love and peace, Chris Cornell. . "To be yourself, is all that you can do.". - Chris Cornell. h…
That I got through it while, so many don't. Thank you for your music and Rest In Power, Chris Cornell.
RIP Chris Cornell -extremely talented, gifted, and blessed. Gone too are already missed
This is the guitar that Chris Cornell and Soundgarden gave to me the night we did SNL together. A very special man.
Norah Jones on the piano pay tribute to Chris Cornell with "Black Hole Sun" via
Corey Taylor: 'I Didn't Realize the Impact Chris Cornell Had on Me as a Writer and Singer'
Chris Cornell Reacts to Audience Singing "Say Hello to Heaven" & "River of Deceit"
I'm an atheist but just for today imagining Chris Cornell with a harp and white robes and Roger Ailes in a lake of fire
Whiskey is on right now. Puddle of Mudd, NOFX etc. rocking out together.. honoring the man. RIP Chris Cornell 💀🤘🏽
So sad to wake to the news of Chris Cornell's passing. He truly was one of my favorite ppl. You'll be missed dearly
From the Vaults: talks Badmotorfinger, Seattle, and hype in a '92 interview with the Straight h…
Chris Cornell to be honored at Billboard Music Awards 2017 following sudden death
What was Chris Cornell’s cause of death, when did he commit suicide and what was his James Bond song?
My poem for Chris Cornell. Rest in peace friend.
What an honor to work with this legend Thank you for the piece, Read more here:
Chris Cornell's final hours revealed by the last man to see him alive before his suicide
So sad to hear that Chris Cornell passed. May he find peace in the superunknown!
Chris Cornell and sir Roger Moore gone so close together spot of solid talent got called home
I'll wait for you there. Like a stone. I'll wait for you there. Alone. ~ RIP Chris Cornell
I can't believe that I just got to know Chris Cornell passed away. Why Chris?! What a big musical loss to the world
New Podcast! is stuck in Boston, but Kurt talks w/ about Chris Cornell, Manchester, U2 &
Chris Cornell and Cortez Kennedy. This week has to rip your heart out if you grew up in Seattle in the 90s.
Pete Thorn talks about Chris Cornell. Awesome stories about Chris from a member of his band.
Been playing around with open C in honor of Chris Cornell (Burden in my Hand) but favorite is open G... for stones and black crows!
Looks like Chris Cornell only died from taking a drug that causes suicidal tendencies with the side effect being reduced anxiety.
See U2, Ryan Adams, Metallica and Aerosmith pay tribute to Chris Cornell at their respective concerts
RIP Chris Cornell - Soundgarden show at the Carolina rebellion two weeks ago was incredible.
Incubus Performs ‘Black Hole Sun’ in Tribute to Chris Cornell, who will be laid to rest at Hollywood Forever this week
"I want to talk about Chris Cornell — today, tomorrow, and always."
Wicked Weed sell to AB InBev, John L Davis IV in the house and Chris Cornell tribute.
"Chris Cornell was opening honest dialogue with a listener about fear, anxiety, romance, and small revolutions."
Chris Cornell apologized to the May 5th Carolina Rebellion crowd for Soundgarden cancel…
Pictures of Chris Cornell and Soundgarden in May 5th Carolina Rebellion concert:
I just hope that Chris Cornell, Layne Staley and Shannon Hoon are having the greatest jam session ever! Oh yeah and Cobain also🤘
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Chris Cornell sang as if he were bearing the weight of the world, our critic writes
The week we lost Chris Cornell who wrote Black Hole Sun and Roger Ailes who blocked out the sun
I added a video to a playlist Black Hole Sun Violin Tribute to Chris Cornell
For people who don't grasp how big a loss Chris Cornell is to the fans and artists of 90's rock/grunge...
❤CHRIS ❤❤❤❤and so do I ・・・. Johnny Ramone loved his pal, Chris Cornell.…
Chris Cornell tunes top 'o the HR on Mentioned "May is Mental Health Month" stuff + Suicide Prevention Hotline. More 411 SUN PM.
People sad about Chris Cornell's death are upset the same way I will be when Giorgio Tsoukalos dies/evolves to the next stage of humanity
I started crying while listening to Chris Cornell with my dad because I realized that I'm listening to a dead man and I just bawled, lovely.
Eddie Vedder was always my favorite, but Chris Cornell definitely had the most unique vocals that I would always try to imitate in my room
Andrew Wood... Shannon Hoon...Kurt Cobain... Layne Stayley... Scott Weiland... Chris Cornell...RIP...that's a great band up there...
Kurt Cobain, Scott Weiland, and now Chris Cornell. Might be a good idea to make sure Eddie Vetter is doing ok.
Crazy! When I think about some of the voices that defined my college years: Scott Weiland, Layne Staley, Chris Cornell and Kurt Cobain
Prince, David Bowie, Scott Weiland and Chris Cornell are all dead
When Scott Weiland died, I mourned by listening to Tupac. Now that Chris Cornell died, I can't stop listening to Stone Temple Pilots
Andy Wood, Curt Cobain, Lane Staley, Shannon Hoon, Scott Weiland, and now Chris Cornell... . The 90's have now officially died!
Chris Cornell. Kurt Cobain. Layne Stayley. Scott Weiland. Eddie Vedder is the only one left!
Scott Weiland at 48. Chris Cornell at 52. Someone lock Dave Grohl in a box. I refuse to lose anymore 90's heroes.
With the deaths of Kurt Cobain, Layne Stanley, Scott Weiland and Chris Cornell, Eddie Vedder is now the Betty White of grunge music.
Why losing an idol like Chris Cornell to suicide is so hard
Chris Cornell's iconic bent fork necklace, given to him by Shannon Hoon. Thanks for all the excellent music.…
Andrew Wood, Kurt Cobain, Shannon Hoon, now Chris Cornell. All great vocalists had to end this way and for what?
Linkin Park dedicated the title track from their new album 'One More Light' to Chris Cornell during an emotional...
All the rock heroes I grew up with are gone. Layne Stanley. Kurt Cobain. Scott Weiland. Shannon Hoon. Chris Cornell. 💔
Chris Cornell, Bruce Dickinson, Ronnie James Dio. Two out of three of my favourite singer are dead. Protect Bruce Dickinson at all costs
Chris Cornell and Shannon Hoon were my two favorite voices from that era. This has been talkin grunge
Space Needle lights dimmed at 9 p.m. in memory of frontman Chris Cornell. https:/…
They should be the elder statesmen of rock Kurt Cobain Layne Staley Scott Weiland Shannon Hoon and now Chris Cornell an entire era gone 😔😔
Anybody down to get drunk and listen to some Chris Cornell tonight
.dedicates a song to the great Chris Cornell tonight.
Chris Cornell's beautifully poignant words about the death of David Bowie
RIP Chris Cornell, watch him perform David Bowie’s Lady Stardust
Dang Times Square and Chris Cornell today is sad.
I'd like to think Layne Staley, Scott Weiland, Chris Cornell and Kurt Cobain are having an awesome grunge fest somewhere in the afterlife.
Grunge is one of my favorite music genres. Sad so many of them are gone - Chris Cornell, Scott Weiland,…
Chris Cornell, Kurt Cobain, Layne Staley, Scott Weiland - these guys were so talented. Really crazy to see what has happened
All the great grunge frontmen are dead: Kurt Cobain, Layne Staley, Chris Cornell, Scott Weiland. Protect Eddie Vedder at…
Layne Staley, Kurt Cobain, Scott Weiland now Chris Cornell. Only Eddie Vedder left from my fav…
So many -- too many -- of the great voices of Seattle have left us. Kurt Cobain, Layne Staley,and now Chris Cornell. All gone too soon.
it's awful to think that Chris Cornell, Scott Weiland, Layne Staley, and Kurt Cobain are all gone. Erasing an era of y…
I hope Kurt Cobain, Layne Staley, Andy Wood and Chris Cornell are forming a super-group in heaven. .
3 out of 4 biggest voice of Grunge has gone. Kurt Cobain, Layne Staley and now Chris Cornell. 😢
Scott Weiland: Grunge icon Chris Cornell passed away at the age of 52, making him…
When Layne Staley died it was a huge day in my high school life. Chris Cornell is one of my pinnacles if Rock n roll. He will be missed more
Layne Staley, Kurt Cobain, Chris Cornell, Scott Weiland all dead. Eddie Vedder is the last of the big grunge singers stil…
The voices I grew up with:. Andy Wood . Layne Staley . Chris Cornell . Kurt Cobain. ...only Eddie Vedder is left. Let that si…
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God has one *** of a grunge band today. Say hello to heaven, Chris Cornell. Kurt Cobain. Layne Staley. Andrew Wood.
Canned on 5/9 RIP to Chris Cornell one of the best lyricists and singers o... (Captain's Daughter)
my old boss has had great coverage today of Chris Cornell's death —
.beautifully put the news of Chris Cornell's passing into perspective on Thanks, G.
I hope that when Chris Cornell makes it through the pearly gates, he finds Jason Thirsk. Two men who were taken from us way too early
If you just saw Joe Lieberman's name pop up after seeing Chris Cornell and Roger Ailes ... I have some bad news for you.
It's really sad about what happened with Chris Cornell. Rest easy. Hopefully he'll find peace in the afterlife.
Whatsoever I've feared has come to life. R.I.P. Chris Cornell
Bit of Chris Cornell playing at the Melbourne Convention Centre this morning.
I find it strange that Chris Cornell and Ian Curtis died the same fate a day and 37 years apart
Very sad to hear about Chris Cornell ''s very sad death today. Fantastic artist
Cornell on the set of Singles. Left to right - Chris Cornell, Jeff Ament, Matt Dillon, Layne Stale… https:…
Chris Cornell, Robin Williams, what if Randy Quaid was right?
Tom Morello is "devastated' by the death of former bandmate Chris Cornell
The going to every break of Golf Central with a Chris Cornell song. Pretty cool.
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The battles within can destroy and some cannot win that fight... RIP Chris Cornell
RIP Chris Cornell, another grunge legend gone to suicide
No!. Chris Cornell: Soundgarden star dies of 'hanging by suicide' -
Headcanon: Chris Cornell sacrificed himself in an arcane ritual as the equal exchange component to take a grea…
So long, Chris Cornell. We're playing his music all day so come raise a glass to a musical hero of mine today. https:/…
Jeff Buckley & Chris Cornell's final songs are Led Zep's. Damien Rice, pls you're d last of my favorite voices, just dont.
Chris Cornell was a genius. Too much talent in one man. I have countless memories listening to his music growing up. Devast…
Not that they had much in common, but strange that Chris Cornell died 37 years to the day after Ian Curtis & for the same reason. Sad stuff.
BREAKING: Medical examiner determines Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell committed suicide by hanging in Detroit.
Best male vocalists of all time. Chris Cornell. Sammy Hagar. Tom Jones. Ronnie James Dio. Roy Orbison
Chris Cornell with Ben Dawson OUTSHINED. I was fortunate enough to be at this gig.
Sports … and More. takes a Chris Cornell music quiz. Plus, he’ll rule on country artists: Classic, Fake, Bro, or ***
Sad day in the rock world but is doing an amazing job paying tribute to Chris Cornell this morning.
*** RIP Chris Cornell :(. Black Hole Sun was one of my favorite rock songs growing up
"Black Hole Sun, won't you come, and wash away the rain..." . R.I.P. Chris Cornell
1) In the Heart Behind the Music special, Chris Cornell had the​ best response to the criticism that Annie Wilson faced for gaining weight.
Jimmy Page, Slash, Elton John & many weigh in on the passing of Chris Cornell.
Saddened by the news of Chris Cornell's passing. He was an incredible singer. I took this picture of him and Jimmy Pag…
for all you mid 20s people out there Chris Cornell dying is if of the people you like a lot some…
RIP Chris Cornell. Hope you & Kurt Cobain get to jam together up there
Chris Cornell performed with Soundgarden earlier this month in Tuscaloosa. See photos from the show here:
RIP Chris Cornell. I saw him with Soundgarden opening for at Gateshead in 1992.…
I am genuinely shocked at Chris Cornell's death today. So unexpected. Thoughts to his wife and family
Kurt Cobain, Scott Weiland, Layne Staley. & now Chris Cornell...Whether it's drugs or depression...self care is important my…
SO SO stunned to hear about Chris Cornell! Such a terrible and sad loss! Thinking of his family tonight! RIP
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