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Chris Cornell

Chris Cornell (born Christopher John Boyle; July 20, 1964) is an American rock musician best known as the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for Soundgarden and as the former lead vocalist for Audioslave.

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Chris Cornell and Cortez Kennedy. This week has to rip your heart out if you grew up in Seattle in the 90s.
Looks like Chris Cornell only died from taking a drug that causes suicidal tendencies with the side effect being reduced anxiety.
See U2, Ryan Adams, Metallica and Aerosmith pay tribute to Chris Cornell at their respective concerts
Incubus Performs ‘Black Hole Sun’ in Tribute to Chris Cornell, who will be laid to rest at Hollywood Forever this week
"I want to talk about Chris Cornell — today, tomorrow, and always."
Wicked Weed sell to AB InBev, John L Davis IV in the house and Chris Cornell tribute.
"Chris Cornell was opening honest dialogue with a listener about fear, anxiety, romance, and small revolutions."
I just hope that Chris Cornell, Layne Staley and Shannon Hoon are having the greatest jam session ever! Oh yeah and Cobain also🤘
Chris Cornell sang as if he were bearing the weight of the world, our critic writes
The week we lost Chris Cornell who wrote Black Hole Sun and Roger Ailes who blocked out the sun
I added a video to a playlist Black Hole Sun Violin Tribute to Chris Cornell
For people who don't grasp how big a loss Chris Cornell is to the fans and artists of 90's rock/grunge...
❤CHRIS ❤❤❤❤and so do I ・・・. Johnny Ramone loved his pal, Chris Cornell.…
People sad about Chris Cornell's death are upset the same way I will be when Giorgio Tsoukalos dies/evolves to the next stage of humanity
Eddie Vedder was always my favorite, but Chris Cornell definitely had the most unique vocals that I would always try to imitate in my room
Andrew Wood... Shannon Hoon...Kurt Cobain... Layne Stayley... Scott Weiland... Chris Cornell...RIP...that's a great band up there...
Kurt Cobain, Scott Weiland, and now Chris Cornell. Might be a good idea to make sure Eddie Vetter is doing ok.
Crazy! When I think about some of the voices that defined my college years: Scott Weiland, Layne Staley, Chris Cornell and Kurt Cobain
Prince, David Bowie, Scott Weiland and Chris Cornell are all dead
When Scott Weiland died, I mourned by listening to Tupac. Now that Chris Cornell died, I can't stop listening to Stone Temple Pilots
Andy Wood, Curt Cobain, Lane Staley, Shannon Hoon, Scott Weiland, and now Chris Cornell... . The 90's have now officially died!
Chris Cornell. Kurt Cobain. Layne Stayley. Scott Weiland. Eddie Vedder is the only one left!
Scott Weiland at 48. Chris Cornell at 52. Someone lock Dave Grohl in a box. I refuse to lose anymore 90's heroes.
With the deaths of Kurt Cobain, Layne Stanley, Scott Weiland and Chris Cornell, Eddie Vedder is now the Betty White of grunge music.
Chris Cornell's iconic bent fork necklace, given to him by Shannon Hoon. Thanks for all the excellent music.…
Andrew Wood, Kurt Cobain, Shannon Hoon, now Chris Cornell. All great vocalists had to end this way and for what?
Linkin Park dedicated the title track from their new album 'One More Light' to Chris Cornell during an emotional...
All the rock heroes I grew up with are gone. Layne Stanley. Kurt Cobain. Scott Weiland. Shannon Hoon. Chris Cornell. 💔
Chris Cornell, Bruce Dickinson, Ronnie James Dio. Two out of three of my favourite singer are dead. Protect Bruce Dickinson at all costs
Chris Cornell and Shannon Hoon were my two favorite voices from that era. This has been talkin grunge
Space Needle lights dimmed at 9 p.m. in memory of frontman Chris Cornell. https:/…
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They should be the elder statesmen of rock Kurt Cobain Layne Staley Scott Weiland Shannon Hoon and now Chris Cornell an entire era gone 😔😔
Anybody down to get drunk and listen to some Chris Cornell tonight
.dedicates a song to the great Chris Cornell tonight.
Chris Cornell's beautifully poignant words about the death of David Bowie
RIP Chris Cornell, watch him perform David Bowie’s Lady Stardust
Dang Times Square and Chris Cornell today is sad.
I'd like to think Layne Staley, Scott Weiland, Chris Cornell and Kurt Cobain are having an awesome grunge fest somewhere in the afterlife.
Grunge is one of my favorite music genres. Sad so many of them are gone - Chris Cornell, Scott Weiland,…
Chris Cornell, Kurt Cobain, Layne Staley, Scott Weiland - these guys were so talented. Really crazy to see what has happened
All the great grunge frontmen are dead: Kurt Cobain, Layne Staley, Chris Cornell, Scott Weiland. Protect Eddie Vedder at…
Layne Staley, Kurt Cobain, Scott Weiland now Chris Cornell. Only Eddie Vedder left from my fav…
So many -- too many -- of the great voices of Seattle have left us. Kurt Cobain, Layne Staley,and now Chris Cornell. All gone too soon.
it's awful to think that Chris Cornell, Scott Weiland, Layne Staley, and Kurt Cobain are all gone. Erasing an era of y…
I hope Kurt Cobain, Layne Staley, Andy Wood and Chris Cornell are forming a super-group in heaven. .
3 out of 4 biggest voice of Grunge has gone. Kurt Cobain, Layne Staley and now Chris Cornell. 😢
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Scott Weiland: Grunge icon Chris Cornell passed away at the age of 52, making him…
When Layne Staley died it was a huge day in my high school life. Chris Cornell is one of my pinnacles if Rock n roll. He will be missed more
Layne Staley, Kurt Cobain, Chris Cornell, Scott Weiland all dead. Eddie Vedder is the last of the big grunge singers stil…
The voices I grew up with:. Andy Wood . Layne Staley . Chris Cornell . Kurt Cobain. ...only Eddie Vedder is left. Let that si…
God has one *** of a grunge band today. Say hello to heaven, Chris Cornell. Kurt Cobain. Layne Staley. Andrew Wood.
Canned on 5/9 RIP to Chris Cornell one of the best lyricists and singers o... (Captain's Daughter)
my old boss has had great coverage today of Chris Cornell's death —
.beautifully put the news of Chris Cornell's passing into perspective on Thanks, G.
If you just saw Joe Lieberman's name pop up after seeing Chris Cornell and Roger Ailes ... I have some bad news for you.
It's really sad about what happened with Chris Cornell. Rest easy. Hopefully he'll find peace in the afterlife.
Whatsoever I've feared has come to life. R.I.P. Chris Cornell
Bit of Chris Cornell playing at the Melbourne Convention Centre this morning.
I find it strange that Chris Cornell and Ian Curtis died the same fate a day and 37 years apart
Very sad to hear about Chris Cornell ''s very sad death today. Fantastic artist
Chris Cornell, Robin Williams, what if Randy Quaid was right?
Tom Morello is "devastated' by the death of former bandmate Chris Cornell
The going to every break of Golf Central with a Chris Cornell song. Pretty cool.
The battles within can destroy and some cannot win that fight... RIP Chris Cornell
RIP Chris Cornell, another grunge legend gone to suicide
No!. Chris Cornell: Soundgarden star dies of 'hanging by suicide' -
So long, Chris Cornell. We're playing his music all day so come raise a glass to a musical hero of mine today. https:/…
Jeff Buckley & Chris Cornell's final songs are Led Zep's. Damien Rice, pls you're d last of my favorite voices, just dont.
Chris Cornell was a genius. Too much talent in one man. I have countless memories listening to his music growing up. Devast…
Not that they had much in common, but strange that Chris Cornell died 37 years to the day after Ian Curtis & for the same reason. Sad stuff.
Best male vocalists of all time. Chris Cornell. Sammy Hagar. Tom Jones. Ronnie James Dio. Roy Orbison
Chris Cornell with Ben Dawson OUTSHINED. I was fortunate enough to be at this gig.
Sports … and More. takes a Chris Cornell music quiz. Plus, he’ll rule on country artists: Classic, Fake, Bro, or ***
Sad day in the rock world but is doing an amazing job paying tribute to Chris Cornell this morning.
*** RIP Chris Cornell :(. Black Hole Sun was one of my favorite rock songs growing up
"Black Hole Sun, won't you come, and wash away the rain..." . R.I.P. Chris Cornell
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1) In the Heart Behind the Music special, Chris Cornell had the​ best response to the criticism that Annie Wilson faced for gaining weight.
Jimmy Page, Slash, Elton John & many weigh in on the passing of Chris Cornell.
Saddened by the news of Chris Cornell's passing. He was an incredible singer. I took this picture of him and Jimmy Pag…
for all you mid 20s people out there Chris Cornell dying is if of the people you like a lot some…
RIP Chris Cornell. Hope you & Kurt Cobain get to jam together up there
Chris Cornell performed with Soundgarden earlier this month in Tuscaloosa. See photos from the show here:
RIP Chris Cornell. I saw him with Soundgarden opening for at Gateshead in 1992.…
I am genuinely shocked at Chris Cornell's death today. So unexpected. Thoughts to his wife and family
Kurt Cobain, Scott Weiland, Layne Staley. & now Chris Cornell...Whether it's drugs or depression...self care is important my…
SO SO stunned to hear about Chris Cornell! Such a terrible and sad loss! Thinking of his family tonight! RIP
Chris Cornell died: That's very tragic and sad. Roger Ailes died. That's very good news. Life always finds a way to balance…
Without Chris Cornell and Kurt Cobain grunge is officially dead. Such a sad day.
The setlist from last night's Soundgarden show in Detroit. Lead singer Chris Cornell was later found dead at age 52
Was not a fan of his music (he made one of the worst Bond songs ever) but the world lost a talent in Chris Cornell. R.I.P
Deep into Chris Cornell YouTube searches. Found this gem of him playing U2’s ‘One’ while singing Metallica’s ‘One.’. htt…
Little Giant Ladders
The world has lost such a great artist. Rest In Peace, Chris Cornell.
Soundgarden and Audioslave frontman Chris Cornell dies at age 52
Lithium is doing a Chris Cornell tribute
we lost Chris Cornell. i dont think im gonna be able to even fake a smile during interviews today. Waking up to that n…
Kurt Cobain. Layne Staley. Scott Weiland. Chris Cornell. . I hope Eddie Vedder is taking care of himself and is in goo…
Found a Chris Cornell acoustic cover of "I Will Always Love You." . Not a lot of work getting done on Capitol Hill today.
rip Chris Cornell, all of my favorite 90's artists are dying. 😔
Chris Cornell, Soundgarden and Audioslave frontman, dead at 52
R.I.P. Chris Cornell. By far one of the best voices in music, and one of the first artists I ever got into. You will be missed.
BREAKING: Representative: Rocker Chris Cornell has died at age 52 in Detroit.
this is why I listen to you. Chris Cornell Tribute now on
RIP Chris Cornell. Black Hole Sun was my favorite song as a kid thanks to MTV and Guitar Hero.
I love audioslave and soundgarden, but what bothers me most about Chris Cornell's death is that I'll never hear any new music from him 😞
RIP: Chris Cornell ended the last performance of his life with a song about death
Just talked to listener Mark remembering Chris Cornell singing "Imagine" at the 2015 http…
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Heartbroken & in disbelief of the passing of Chris Cornell. One of the most influential & important music talents of out t…
In your house I long to be. Room by room patiently. I'll wait for you there. Like a stone. I'll wait for you there. Alone…
.were just listening to Chris Cornell this week, talking about what a talent he is/was. His beautiful voic…
We lost one of the greatest voices in Chris Cornell he was on my bucket list to see live what a terrible start to the day rip.
Remember Chris Cornell’s legacy by revisiting the songs that defined his career.
We’re shocked and heartbroken at the news about Chris Cornell. Our thoughts are with his family and the Soundgarden team. https…
Chris Cornell, lead singer of Soundgarden and Audioslave, died Wednesday night, his representative told CNN.
Bummed about the loss of Chris Cornell.
Sad to hear of the passing of Chris Cornell. Grew up on his music for as long as I remember.
Not that we don't already play Chris Cornell solo stuff, and deep cuts from Soundgarden anyway...but today...
Musicians pay tribute to Chris Cornell - Entertainment Weekly.
Rest in peace Chris Cornell. You may be gone but your music will live on. Lollapalooza 2010 photo by Dave Mead
This is shocking and terribly sad news.Chris Cornell was not only an amazing musician but also a generous spirit that will…
Chris Cornell: 10 definitive songs from Soundgarden to Audioslave
See Chris Cornell's acoustic covers of songs by Michael Jackson, Led Zeppelin and more
I am saddened by the death of Chris Cornell. May he rest in peace.
Chris Cornell the only artist I .would've traded talents with ... Cleared "can't change me" for me .. *** man rest in poetry…
I can't imagine seeing one of your favorite artists then finding out he committed suicide the same night. My heart breaks for Chris Cornell.
Rocker Chris Cornell may have taken his own life
Soundgarden and Audioslave singer Chris Cornell has died, aged 52.
Numb & wounded at the news we woke up to today. A gentle soul, a giant voice & a gaping void that can't be filled. Rest eas…
"And I'm lost behind. The words I'll never find. And I'm left behind. As seasons roll on by” ~ Chris Cornell . Rest in Peace.
Jimmy Page says Chris Cornell will be 'incredibly missed'
Jimmy Page paid tribute to Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell, who has died at age 52
Soundgarden rocker Chris Cornell dead at 52: Jimmy Page, Elton John and others react -
Zane Lowe getting proper emosh on his Chris Cornell tribute show! Beats 1 is always class.
St. Vincent, Brian Wilson, Jimmy Page, Four Tet, Elton John, more have paid their respects to the late Chris Cornell https:/…
Elton John, Jimmy Page and more pay tribute to singer Chris Cornell
Listening to Beats 1, Zane Lowe's come on air early to talk about Chris Cornell. Playing Soundgarden now this is so sad
See photos from Chris Cornell's final show with Soundgarden
We are so sad to hear about Chris Cornell. Here are some pics from his last show here (July ’16, photos: Glenn Hirs…
Absolutely heartbroken at the news of Chris Cornell's death. RIP. .
Chris Cornell might have had the most powerful rock and roll voice since Ronnie James Dio. Rest in peace
Chris Cornell dead at 52. Surfed a Gibson Les Paul Custom silver burst, on an audio monitor live in St. Petersburg!
My dad is takin this Chris Cornell news extra hard this is a sad day in the Lowe family
Today's soundtrack. Let's celebrate the genius of Chris Cornell. 🎶
Soundgarden last time they toured in Australia. Awesome show. RIP Chris Cornell @ Festival Hall,…
I don't remember signing off on Chris Cornell leaving us so soon. Will someone please go get him, and bring him back?
Suicide suspected in Chris Cornell's death. So tragic. Thoughts and prayers with his wife and kids. Also for mil…
I will never forget driving out to Santa Barbara in 2003 to see Pearl Jam, & being totally floored to also get special guest, Chris Cornell.
It's also not every day you get to see Chris Cornell covering Sinead O'Connor covering Prince.
Chris Cornell wasn't just a Rocker, he also loved other genres of music and even did a Dance-Pop album, he must've been a down to earth guy!
Louder than Love was a huge record for me. *** RIP Chris Cornell. Also let's never mention Audioslave again. That was terrible.
Chris Cornell, who headed bands Soundgarden + Audioslave, died a “sudden and unexpected” death yesterday at 52
Chris Cornell was very talented, and also a nice guy
Waking up and finding out about Chris Cornell :( :( :( :( Also, it's snowing.
Chris Cornell was also a killer, tasty rhythm player. Especially when he backed off the heavier humbuckers in the mid 90s.
RIP Chris Cornell and say hi to Andy Wood.
But also depressing RIP Chris Cornell the worlds a worse place without you in it
Gutted to hear that Chris Cornell has passed away, and at such a young age also :(
RIP Chris Cornell. Chris was the most influential singer to me as a writer. I just saw him perform days ago. Completel…
Soundgarden and Audioslave lead singer Chris Cornell has passed in Detroit at the age of 52. Cornell also had a memorable James Bond theme.
The 2nd time was 2 outdoors also in Houston. Fun show. Chris Cornell and Ice-T sang 'Cop Killer' together.
Rock n Roll loses another great in Chris Cornell, also one of my personal favourites
I am really going to miss hearing Chris Cornell sing. Listen to his Euphoria Mourning album, Track 5, When I'm Down. Also Temple of the Dog
Chris Cornell was also a philanthropist. Had a foundation to support for children facing homelessness, poverty, abuse/neglect.
Also: Chris Cornell has one of the most distinctive voices. Sad that we've lost it.
Chris Cornell was one of the biggest reason I fell in love with singing. Also, he did cool stuff like this
Also, Chris Cornell's song for Casino Royale was excellent. This is a huge loss for rock music and for music as a whole.
For my money, in addition to all his other awesome work, Chris Cornell also sang one of the top 5 best Bond songs ever. Incredible musician.
Chris Cornell also sang the Bond Song from Casino Royale.
Also the idea that Chris Cornell being a talented singer is some kind of hot take
Chris Cornell dead at 52. *Link also includes a picture gallery of celebs that have died in 2017.
RIP Chris Cornell your music was amazing. Life is unexpected at times.
apropos of MMR playing Chris Cornell music and it also being Mark Mothersbaugh's b-day
shocking news, a music legend gone to soon, Condolences to his family, friends, band mates, & crew. Rest In Peace, Chris Cornell
Also, really really bummed out to hear about Chris Cornell. One of my all-time favorites.
Soundgarden singer and guitarist Chris Cornell has died at the age of 52
Chris Cornell on the Howard Stern Show 6-12-07
Pease play all Chris Cornell and Howard interviews on Sternthology.
Also: Eddie Vedder should probably throw himself on Chris Cornell's funeral pyre
RIP Chris Cornell. I used to play (and also interviewed) Soundgarden during my time on college radio way back when.…
In my opinion, Chris Cornell had the greatest voice n rock music, he also was apart of 2 of the greatest bands and had the best Bond theme
Chris Cornell (52) died while in performing with He was also the lead singer of
Sad to hear about Chris Cornell . Amazing voice and loved Audioslave and Soundgarden. Also loved the Bond song You know my name.
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Chris Cornell's voice was singular; ringing and clear but also able to get down in the dirt when darkness called. One of my favorites.
Scene Music Editor spoke to Chris Cornell prior to his 2015 show at Lakewood Civic Auditorium.
Chris Cornell's death was "sudden and unexpected" and took his wife and family by surprise.
Waking up to the news that Chris Cornell has passed. Life is such an unexpected gift. If we are lucky we get to leave an impr…
One of my fav music moments was watching Chris Cornell with his acoustic guitar singing Blackhole Sun in a giant venue.
remember the Pierre Robert you know my name song request.? Brought to us by Chris Cornell.
Chris Cornell is dead but Rolf Harris is still walking the earth. We truly live in a godless universe.
IMO Chris Cornell wrote and performed one of the best Bond themes...
devastating news about Chris Cornell - way too early :( so important to grunge and rock n roll. R.I.P. Chri…
Chris Cornell at 52... Bites the dust!!! Bummers man..Let love rule my friends. So young and yet so much to offer to this world.
Chris Cornell dead. Storm signing Myles. im off to bed. bring on tomorrow
My God, Chris Cornell's death is a huge shock. Soundgarden's Superunknown was on heavy rotation during my college years. RIP, big guy.
Man !!! Seattle sound, early grunge was SOOO exciting & Chris Cornell was ground zero. In his prime NO ONE had those pipes
ROCKER DEAD Chris Cornell, lead singer of Soundgarden, dies at 52
I love this version. Chris Cornell - Black Hole Sun (Howard Stern 2012.07.17) audio only via
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I absolutely loved this acoustic performance Chris Cornell did of Black Hole Sun a while back on Howard Stern
I saw Chris Cornell trending and and I'm just glad he's not dead or revealed to be a horrible racist
The Promise by Chris Cornell . Buy the song - all proceeds go the IRC - International Rescue Committee …
Trent Reznor, Brian Molko, Mark Oliver Everett, Jon Crosby and add a sprinkling of gold from Chris Cornell and Jeff Martin = 👌😢
Chris Cornell provides original song for Armenian genocide movie (Includes first-hand account)
Chris Cornell we love ur voice that's a savior in spirit keep singing Chris xo
Chris Cornell de Zorro no insta do Alain Johannes
no she can't... Can't Change Me by Chris Cornell ♫
I've been watching the same interivews of Jimi Hendrix, Chris Cornell, and Johnny Depp for the last 5 years...
just did this. Found $12.27, 6 socks and the meaning of life behind our couch. Sounded like Chris Cornell singing Madonna.
What do you think of this new Chris Cornell?
Learning to play this gem. Chris Cornell - All Night Thing via
wait.. is that Chris Cornell on your banner? 😀
Listen to a short clip of new track The Promise:
Play this song at my funeral. By the way, my love for Chris Cornell is eternal. . Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun
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I liked a video from Chris Cornell Soundgarden Audioslave Frontman Lemme Hear You Sing
So what is odder: That Chris Cornell covered Sinead O'Connor's "Nothing Compares", or that it is a signed 1st Ed.
The band went in a decidedly different direction after Chris Cornell left
Modern Talking vs Lady Gaga vs Chris Cornell - You're just a part of me [HD/HQ] - YouTube
Lads I know you're doing it to wind me up. Chris Cornell clearly best Bond tune. I won't rise to it
Chris Cornell - Soundgarden, Audioslave, Temple of the Dog via
The best you've never heard Chris Cornell - Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart
Listening to Chris Cornell's underrated and wildly unpopular timbaland-produced album "Scream"
Gosh I love Chris Cornell so much, now if only I wasn't sick x.x
chris cornell is one of the things I respect about me.
I'll always think Chris Cornell is the greatest singer I've ever heard
Chris Cornell covering Planet Caravan would be perfection..*hint hint* ❤
tour? I'm here for this. I'm still in love w/ Eddie Vedder & Chris Cornell plus I love this number:
Like you can't sing Folsom Prison Blues in the style of a happy little ditty, you can't sing Chris Cornell without a hint of growl
Chris Cornell probably also sings "[keep it off] My Lane" in his bike brain, I bet, because that is definitely the…
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Do you guys remember this movie was back in the late 1990 Chris Cornell and Matt Dillon Bridget Fonda.
Neil Young, Chris Cornell, Pete Townshend, and Bruce Springsteen lead the poll. Lots of good choices for the Rock H…
better band Pearl Jam, better vocalist, Chris Cornell
La splendida voce di Chris Cornell: Temple of the Dog - Say Hello 2 Heaven
Temple of the Dog: Chris Cornell on the return of the 90s grunge supergroup.
Soundgarden's Ben Shepherd, Chris Cornell and Kim Thayil at Mtv Rock the Vote '95 in Los Angeles.
Temple of the Dog? i.e. Pearl Jam w/ Chris Cornell singing? great, bc the band + Chris Cornell equation worked really well last time around
I've never realized how close Chris Cornell is to Chris Parnell. Discuss.
Umm it IS Chris Cornell & Tom Morello we're talking about. If they didn't shred, I'd be scared.
In 2016, Richie Kotzen sounds more like Chris Cornell than Cornell himself does.
As a kid I had this theory that Chris Cornell got his distinct vocals from Anne Wilson of heart, possibly through osmosis.
"I don't mind stealing bread from the mouth of Hunter Pence." -Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder, NL All-Stars
At Taft Theater waiting for the one and only Chris Cornell
Although "I wanna be bad" was a hit, Chris Cornell and Willa Ford are not on the same artist/celebrity, talent level
Chris Cornell in Concert at Murat Theatre at Old National Centre - Jul 09. ► Purchase Tickets:
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and Chris Cornell (?) and Mike Patton (?) have sold more have they. Mike man moved to video games? BIG career move!
I don't really know her, but I love a good concert. I'm going to see Chris Cornell in like 2 weeks, I try to go to a lot
If you've never listened to Chris Cornell. Please do yourself a favor and change that. He is brilliant. I can't wait to see him live!
SPECIAL OFFER: 4 tickets to Chris Cornell at the Louisville Palace for just $100! Get the password >>>...
I was just striking a Jesus Christ pose a la Chris Cornell
Chris Cornell- Sang the theme song during the opening of what Bond film? ha!!
He is sooo gorgeous! Chris Cornell.. one of my faves since Temple of the Dog! My Seattle brother from another lol! ♡
theme song by Chris Cornell; Mads Mikkelsen as a bad guy. Suddenly gonna watch Casino Royale.
I'm The Person in movie walking around with the pope blessing acting like Chris Cornell
nice choices, Chris Cornell has a great voice and Pearl Jam are high up there.
The color green was for Ophiuchus Green Dragon Moon Chris Cornell
never more than two drinks away from crying. Chris Cornell Walmart Soundcheck AS HOPE AND PROMISE FADE vía
I tried to make my character look like just a skull, and I accidentally made Chris Cornell.
I think they heard me mumbling along with Chris Cornell because they turned off the music after they looked at me lmao
I feel like you're not a real musician or entertainer if you can't go ...
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Loose goal is to try to fit back into my favorite black jeans by the Chris Cornell concert. We'll see.
Chris .Cornell ... is.. such a beautiful man...
Yeah so people that write songs like noel Gallagher and Chris Cornell is true wisdom or whatever.
Chris Cornell Performing at The Hanover Theatre for the Performing Arts - Jun 28. ► Tickets:
You gotta 'Reach Down' & Pick the Crowd Up! ~ Two teens cover song by Chris Cornell & Temple of the Dog ~
reports on Chris Cornell's assessment of the no. of holes in the Albert Hall, oh, and the gig! \m/
Round 1 of the NY State golf championship began today up at Cornell. is +2 thru 11 and Chris is also +2 but thru 9. Both top 20.
I never wrote music or arranged songs or lyrics when I was under the i...
.I'm probably going to run into Chris Cornell and J. Mascis. FYI.
Guess what Brad Pitt is saying to Chris Cornell here: "Dude, you are so much better looking than me!"
'90s grunge icon comes to the IN ONE MONTH on 6/26 w/
Chris Cornell concert tickets for Jul 24 at Jack Singer Concert Hall in Calgary Canada
Scott Weiland Eddie Vedder Layne Stayley and Chris Cornell changed for the better my whole perspective on music
he's awesome! Sounds like Chris Cornell. He's no Sass Jordan though!
Bill Maher has said that selling marijuana allowed him to make enough money to get through Cornell and enter comedy. https…
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1992 Chris Cornell will always be the most beautiful sight anyone will ever see
Chris Cornell has the greatest voice of all time
I want the range of Mike Patton, the power of Chris Cornell and the song writing talent of James Maynard Keenan. But the world isnt ready.
I think that one of the main privileges of what I do, which I am just start...
Chris Cornell was ranked number 12 on the "22 Greatest Voices." I think they should remove the 2 from 12!
On to the quarterfinals!. UMass wins 7-6 over Cornell in Second Round! First trip to Quarterfinals since 1…
I liked a video sunshower chris cornell with lyrics
I think the concept of commercials, for example, I have had offers to do so...
Chris Cornell's Songbook was the exact reason why I took guitar.
Negrito was just there doing shows with Chris Cornell. Like, a week ago.
The Zac Brown Band is really good and then adding Chris Cornell to a song made them even better
Chris Cornell makes good things great.
You Know My Name by Chris Cornell is in South City Publick House, Binghamton. Download it now at
O: What would Pearl Jam sound like if Chris Cornell was their singer instead of Eddie?. Me: Soundgarden . O: Ha nice!
.guitarist wants Temple Of The Dog reunion with
severe crush on Kyra Sedgwick and the a long haired Chris Cornell. "We will always go dancing"
Chris Cornell shares stories, humour and 30 years of career-spanning material at Ulster Hall. By
Is it time Chris Cornell toured with Led Zeppelin? - review
Chris Cornell, Royal Albert Hall, review: 'fascinating evening with one of rock’s most distinctive voices'
Download Dog enjoying a pint and watching Chris Cornell last night.
Chris Cornell mixed U2's song One with Metallica's song One and it was the most incredible thing I've ever heard, man's a genius
Chris Cornell concert tickets for Jul 26 at Conexus Arts Centre in Regina Canada
Published on Sep 22, 2015. Chris Cornell (born Christopher John Boyle; July 20, 1964) is an American rock musician...
Chris Cornell at Symphony Hall on 2nd May 2016: The acclaimed singer and songwriter plays a solo acoustic set.
a jazz flute howls out of vaped mist. as Chris Cornell brings a gravity boat-. He waters three melancholic avocado plants. while potatoes watch
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