Chris Collinsworth & Super Bowl

Anthony Cris Collinsworth (born January 27, 1959) is a former American college and professional football player who was a wide receiver in the National Football League (NFL) for eight seasons during the 1980s. The Super Bowl is the annual championship game of the National Football League (NFL), the highest level of professional American football in the United States, culminating a season that begins in the late summer of the previous calendar year. 5.0/5

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In what has to be the worst announcement of tonight is the fact that Chris Collinsworth is calling the Super Bowl.…
Drinking game: take a shot every time Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth bring up the Super Bowl.
things Chris Collinsworth brought up in the last 2 min of the Super Bowl:. -Deflategate. -Tyree. -Manninghan . -my dead dog
If you put Jon Gruden, Phil Simms, & Chris Collinsworth as Super Bowl commentators, everyone would watch it on mute to avoid getting dumber!
Chris Collinsworth has introduced a new game tonight, each round starts off "this happened in the Super Bowl"...follow by idiotic blubbering
So great that in the Super Bowl on 1st and Goal, Chris Collinsworth says "and now you have to stop Marshawn Lynch." If he only knew.
Simon: hey Chris Collinsworth you did really good at the Super Bowl . Chris: looks like your doing good tonight😏😂
Last night, not having anything better to do after my paint dried, I watched replay of Super Bowl. Chris Collinsworth still can't believe
Chris Collinsworth ruined the Super Bowl for me...
I want John Gruden to be the commentator for the Super Bowl. I hate Chris Collinsworth.
Of all announcers to go with for the Super Bowl, we give a microphone to Chris Collinsworth. Chris mf Collinsworth.
Chris Collinsworth hosting the Super Bowl was the worst idea since the Bay of Pigs Invasion
Chris collinsworth is an announcer for the Super Bowl, great
Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth on Super Bowl broadcast…. Is there a way to use the mute button on just Collinsworth?
I have no interest in any Super Bowl story line this year. Not to mention having to listen to Chris Collinsworth for 4 hours.
Well I will be muting the Super Bowl thanks to Chris Collinsworth' presence
Are Al Micheals and Chris Collinsworth the Super Bowl commentators this year?
Chris Collinsworth has 4 laptops for preparing for the Super Bowl -
UGH.. that *** Chris Collinsworth will be calling the Super Bowl
Chris Collinsworth wants the broncos to win the Super Bowl so bad
Oh god Chris Collinsworth predicted the Eagles to go to the Super Bowl. Now the season is over.
This is too funny. Chris Collinsworth predicts the to win the Super Bowl and all of Philadelphia tells him to shut up.
Chris Collinsworth predicts a Super Bowl for the eagles this season. That's the only time I've liked anything he's said.
Chris Collinsworth picked the Eagles to win the Super Bowl this year... Season's done. 3-13.
Chris Collinsworth hates Nick Foles every game he commentated the birds, but says they're Super Bowl ready?!? Stop *** eatin dude
Collinsworth thinks the could win the Super Bowl
Chris Collinsworth says he has the Eagles going to the Super Bowl. I don't like him but I agree with the statement 😌 lol
Chris Collinsworth: "im gonna keep my eye out on the eagles, i think they'll go to the Super Bowl" 😂😂 i want some of whatever he's smoking.
Chris collinsworth at hof adduction said he could see the eagles as Super Bowl winners. He actually acknowledged the eagles that amazing.
NBC analyst Chris Collinsworth picks Eagles to make it to Super Bowl: NBC analyst Chris Collinswo...
lol Chris Collinsworth was asked who would win the Super Bowl and he said he's keeping an eye on the eagles.
Chris Collinsworth said the Eagles are going to win the Super Bowl. Someone plez pull up to his house and put a bullet…
Chris Collinsworth picks the for to make it to the Super Bowl
Chris Collinsworth just said Eagles are his surprise Super Bowl team
Chris Collinsworth picks the Eagles for Super Bowl at RT
"Seattle's the best team, if they don't do the Super Bowl hangover thing. Denver is the most motivated." Chris Collinsworth
Relaxing watching Super Bowl XXXIII from 1989 on the NFL network. Cincinnati Bengals vs San Francisco 49ers A great game with some great players! Joe Montana , Jerry Rice John Taylor , Boomer Esiason Ickey Woods , Chris Collinsworth ... The game has come along way in the wrong direction since then. Most players were class acts! If you watch it you will notice that A majority of today's players are " juiced up " ! Who thinks there's a connection due to the steroids in the amount of violence and the attitudes and lifestyles of today's players?
Wait, if the Super Bowl is on fox does that mean Joe Buck is commentating? Please no, anybody but him or Chris Collinsworth
Okay, let's ruffle some feathers here. My last take on the Super Bowl and the "Non-call" at the very end. I have a MAJOR issue with Phil Simms opinion on the play. He kept stating, and I paraphrase, that it's "up to the player to make the play, the refs aren't going to make a call that late in the game". *** Phil? Is it NOT their JOB to continue to call the game in the same manner, with the same philosophy and mindset, regardless of field position and time on the clock? That play, was CLEARLY, a Hold. Clearly. Not even close. The defender grabbed him at the Goal Line and NEVER let go, never giving the player the "chance" to "Make the play". Now, ultimately, the blame goes to the Niners for not punching it in from the 5 yard line with 4 downs to go. But Simm's pathetic reasoning regarding the Ref's "unlikeliness" to do their job, simply doesn't cut it, and really makes the case for full-time, younger and more professional referees to be a permanent part of the NFL. Lastly, Phil Simms.YOU, are an ...
My observations from the Super Bowl (I know you've been waiting for them). First, it was a really good game. It didn't start that way, but great finish! Congratulations Baltimore! Next, Phil Simms is *** near as aggravating in the booth as Chris Collinsworth. I think they both should be sponsored by Summer's Eve. Obviously, Crabtree was held in the end zone, but that didn't cost the Niners the game. They made plenty of other mistakes that did. Moving on. Apparently all the good commercials have already been made. With very few exceptions, they stunk. Halftime: While I enjoyed seeing Beyonce in her underwear rolling all over the stage, my kids didn't need to see it. I am very happy Randy Moss is still ringless. I am also very happy I'm not a Browns fan. This had to suck in a place I will never know. I hate the Ravens. You guys have to hate them more. I believe, sometime during the fourth quarter, there were a bunch of Raven players frantically trying to turn the lights back off. Do you ...
I would love it if the NFL would permanently award the Super Bowl to Fox...Much better to listen to Troy Aikman as compared to Phil Simms...VERY AGGRAVATING
I wish Joe Buck and Chris Collinsworth were doing the commentary for the Super Bowl
Thank you God for not letting Chris Collinsworth call the Super Bowl. Got a sence of humor though don't ya.Phil Sims? Really?
The best thing about this years Super Bowl is that Joe Buck or Chris Collinsworth will not be in the broadcast booth.
Day three of Kody'a Super Bowl week: January 22, 1989. The San Francisco 49ers meet the Cincinnati Bengals in Miami, Florida at Joe Robbie Stadium. The Bengals and 49ers were facing each other in the Super Bowl for the second time. Cincinnati went 12-4 regular season record and were coming off a 21-10 win in the AFC championship over Buffalo and making their second appearance in the Super Bowl. The 49ers came into their third Super Bowl by beating Chicago 28-3 in the NFC championship and were 7 point favorites. San Francisco opened the scoring with a field goal, but Cincinnati tied the game and left it tied at 3 at the half. Cincinnati was able to score the first touchdown with less than a minute to in the third, taking a 13-6 lead. The 49ers respond with a 4 play, 85 yard drive with a touchdown catch by Jerry Rice to tie the game at 13. Cincinnati was able to kick a field goal and take 16-13 lead with 3:20 left in the game. San Francisco had to start their ensuing drive at their own 8 due a illegal block ...
An early Super Bowl predictor? Ravens defeat 49ers in Madden '13 simulation Super Bowl XLVII isn't for another six days, but is it already safe to call a winner? According to a Madden NFL 13 simulation run on Xbox 360, the Baltimore Ravens will beat the San Francisco 49ers 27-24. Although the results are just from a video game, EA Sports' Madden NFL game continues to be one of the most accurate Super Bowl predictors. The game has accurately called seven of the last nine Super Bowls, and was only two points off from predicting the exact finale score of the 2009 game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals.
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Pittsburgh Dad will be doing live streaming video commentary during the Super Bowl. Aww Phil Simms, what do you know about it?!
Chris Collinsworth is, and has been, one of the few NFL commentators to whom I can stand to listen (continuing an earlier theme). I really hope he's slated for the Super Bowl (since they evidently won't let Tony Dungy leave the studio).
No idea what Chris Collinsworth and Phil Simms will talk about if the Pats don't make the Super Bowl
I dunno why people don't like joe back and Troy aikman calling the Packer games. If you people knew anything you would know Troy actually really likes the Packers and Aaron Rodgers. If you remember correctly those two called 6 straight Packer games including the Super Bowl! Be don't worry haters, we have The great Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth tonight calling this one
Al Michaels, Chris Collinsworth, and Ice T in the booth for the Super Bowl!
Time out for a football note. The 49r's were my team during all of those Super Bowl years. The football Cardinals were moving to Phoenix, and I love football. I even stayed home from a Christmas party to see "the catch" live. In those days Jimmy the Greek would try to predict the winners. He said the Bengals would win the Super Bowl. I also liked the Bengals that year. So I predicted the 49r's:) That was the first of 2 meetings both won by my favorite team, and quarterback Joe Montana. I even saw Chris Collinsworth play wide receiver for Cincinnati in the Super Bowl. My favorite team now is the Rams:)
Yesterday, Chris Collinsworth and Al Michaels stated that with all of the poor officiating, no game's outcome has been adversely affected. They jinxed EVERYONE! We all knew this was coming. I hate the Packers with a passion with exception of a few players. They're a great team that usually beats MY Vikings. I love to watch a great game and always hope to see the Packers lose. It is, although, frustrating and irritating to see a win "GIVEN" and not earned. If you have instant replay, use it. If you have competent Refs available, pay them and use them. If you have coaches abusing the naivety of incompetent Replacement Refs (How many timeouts did the 9ers use against the Vikings in the secong half? The commentators even lost count), fine them. *Replacement Refs- You have a week between games. Pull up old films of NFL games (Not the 2005 Super Bowl), pause after each play and "You Make The Call". See if you agree with the pros.
Just catchin up on some Inside The NFL, good to know Chris Collinsworth had our back on Sunday...and so Phil Simms says Peyton can get us to the Super Bowl...I sure hope so Phil :)
Why isn't Tom Brady's publicist, Phil Simms, broadcasting this game? Chris Collinsworth seems to think Big Ben won the Super Bowl his rookie year. No, he didn't. Tom Brady won the Super Bowl that year.
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