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Chris Collinsworth

Anthony Cris Collinsworth (born January 27, 1959) is a former American college and professional football player who was a wide receiver in the National Football League (NFL) for eight seasons during the 1980s.

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Watching the Maui Invitational...and I gotta say Bill Walton is just as annoying if not more annoying than Chris Collinsworth. Impressive πŸ™„
Chris Collinsworth. You are the absolute worst. I detest you more than Ronde Barber.
I get where you're coming from regarding Bill Walton v Hawaiian Airlines but what about Bill Simmons v Chris Collinsworth??
Chris Collinsworth has got to get off the Seahawks nuts. Better yet I'll just switch to the Suns game.
*** LaBeau wouldn't play a rookie until their 2nd or 3rd year in the league" well they aren't rookies now are they Chris Collinsworth?!
Thursday isn't bad day to watch.. my thing just have game on mute with Chris Collinsworth...
People are finally getting tired of hearing Chris Collinsworth.
This still the funniest thing I've seen in a football game Chris Collinsworth was wildin πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Pete Rose and Alex Rodriguez were amazing together last year. Almost as good as Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth
the best part is Chris Collinsworth's reaction when they snap it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Chris Collinsworth's reaction was the same as mine
Joe Buck might be just as annoying as Chris Collinsworth
Max Kellerman might be more annoying than Chris Collinsworth.
Can't truly be worst without Chris Collinsworth.
you forgot Chris collinsworth as your number one. Or was he just implied ?
Hopefully Rodney Harrison and Chris Collinsworth sent personal apologies to Brock for defamation.
Brad...they're done now. Did you hear Chris Collinsworth last night laughing at the Colts coaching on National TV? Sad.
And then i barf every time Chris Collinsworth grumbles/laughs in agreement
no Chris Collinsworth is the worst announcer
Even Chris Collinsworth was stunned - on National TV..!
What a display of quality coaching last night. Even Chris Collinsworth was appalled. Laughable & sad. "Time to chop wood."
Was there really a need to bring that up Chris Collinsworth.
(3) Chris Collinsworth can't pronounce names, it's Geathers, like feathers, it's not Gathers. Anyway, the whole operation ***
crickets about what? I am lost.. Chris Collinsworth "half the fans left at half through 4th quarter "
Chris Collinsworth said offense was on fire. Actually, D had miscommunication issues in 3rd quarter.
Anyone else notice that Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth don't really look at eachother when they talk to eachother? πŸ˜‚
no he isn't, Chris Collinsworth alone *** his *** enough to make him over rated
Do not give Brock Osweiler credit. Shut up Chris Collinsworth.
I hope Chris Collinsworth jumps off a bridge.
Chris Collinsworth, not one athlete ever would want any advice from you.
Next score wins I love Chris Collinsworth and Al Michaels best announcers ever
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Chris Collinsworth sending out a hit for Osweiler's wife because she gave the final ok to leave the
So, Osweiler's wife needed to tell him to take the $72m contract in Houston, Chris Collinsworth? Really?
Worst. Sports. Day. Ever. Topped off by overtime of Chris Collinsworth.
Can we all agree that Chris Collinsworth is the worst announcer of all time?
"Sometimes it's nice to have a coach". What on earth did you do to get this job Chris Collinsworth?
Chris Collinsworth just said on the NBC broadcast T Y Hilton jogged that pass route. That's all the Colts receivers ever do is just jog.
Chris Collinsworth: "Sometimes it's nice to have a coach isn't it?" In regards to Chuck Pagano calling a time out. This was a real comment.
OT is cool and all but now we have to listen to Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth for another 20 min..
Chris Collinsworth's voice is so annoying smh. Every time you do something bad on madden he slanders you for the next 3 plays
"And now, you're probably gonna have to punt the ball away" .. said Chris Collinsworth never
*ball clearly hits the ground* "I-I-I don't think that should be a catch" - Chris Collinsworth. Thanks genius.
Chris Collinsworth's commentary is the proverbial thorn in my eyeball.
I really want to hear Chris Collinsworth say "so what now what" again.
Chris Collinsworth is disliked by MANY as a broadcaster! I know ppl in Indy, Minnesota, Denver, Alabama, I'm in San Diego!
I would pay BIG money to get a Chris Collinsworth mute button on my television remote
Chris Collinsworth is daring like Oswieler is Brady because he through one touchdown
Will someone currently in Houston please go to the announcer's booth and shut Chris Collinsworth the *** up?
That was really a dumb pass decision but great throw, Chris Collinsworth is just sucking him dry right now
Why steal Mike Tirico away from MNF and not fire Chris Collinsworth
Brock seized the moment just like Chris Collinsworth said he needed to
Al Michaels, Olympics, 1980: "Do you believe in miracles?!" Chris Collinsworth on Lamar Miller touchdown, 2016: "That was awesome!"
Chris Collinsworth won't tell you that Andrew Luck was stupid for taking that sack.
Steve A,SkipBayless,Chris Collinsworth. Save your breath you no talent *** clowns,Not even a has been more a Never was. realsports
Can't wait til the day I can enjoy without chris collinsworth commentating
Does Chris Collinsworth know football at all?
Chris collinsworth's sentence structure is πŸ’ͺπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘.
Chris Collinsworth getting in his nightly Pro Football Focus plug
Nice try Chris Collinsworth for that excuse for Brock. It is ok to call out bad QB play.
Chris Collinsworth just said: "I don't think anyone is complaining what Andrew Luck is making."
Chris Collinsworth are you tapping a pencil on the counter? Here's a guy who should cut down on the coffee he's been drinking.πŸ˜†
Chris Collinsworth either sounds pre-or-post-belch. Jennifer Garner is married to a TRUTHER.
Chris Collinsworth is literally the worst
The thought of Chris Collinsworth sickens me.
Anyone catch the shade that Chris Collinsworth sent to Mike Vanderjagt
Chris Collinsworth nailed when describing Frank Gore: "A lot of heart."
Laying in bed trying to sleep and all I can hear is Chris Collinsworth's annoying af voice coming from the living room.
Anderson Cooper is to Trump as. Chris Collinsworth is to Tom Brady.
Tracy Wolfson is almost as annoying as Chris Collinsworth -Horrible raspy voices. Hire younger, pleasant sounding announcers/reporters now!
I think Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth should announce all NFL games. The commentary tonight sounds like a book is being read out loud πŸ’€
Chris Collinsworth's voice was the only thing I didn't miss about footballπŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘
Imagine if Chris Collinsworth voice was used on your GPS. Second thought, nvmd
also snap was a little high, as Chris collinsworth pointed out
"That bad snap threw off the timing of that kick" -Chris Collinsworth
I don't remember of Chris Collinsworth said he's 47 for 47 are perfect from 47, I just know that as soon as he...
How can Chris Collinsworth still be an announcer? He makes Troy Aikman sound good and that's a huge undertaking.
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I got a good beer buzz so I don't remember if Chris Collinsworth said he's 47 for 47 he's perfect from 47, I...
Both Bob Costas and Chris Collinsworth tryna talk him down, make him feel like that AWFUL snap was his fault
Fortunately Chris Collinsworth and Al Michaels in the booth. Football is back! Unfortunately, our show will probably air a…
Chris Collinsworth is just horrible ! Just horrible commentator! Biased towards certain players
I sat through a Chris Collinsworth broadcasted game to watch a loss.
This is why nobody likes kickers or long snappers or Chris collinsworth
No idea who's worse Chris collinsworth or Doris Bourke
Chris Collinsworth is the worst... He just jinxed the Cardinals kicker for the past 15 minutes and the freaking Pats win...
My apologies to Chris Collinsworth and his proven skills at maintaining viewership.
I could commentate much better than Chris Collinsworth
Chris Collinsworth is definitely the most annoying commentator ever
There should be a Chris Collinsworth mute app Can you guys work on that?
My IQ drops every time Chris Collinsworth opens his mouth.
Chris Collinsworth circled a butt and now my 'body' counter is irrelevant.
Why does Chris Collinsworth only circle the player's butt?
All Chris Collinsworth does is circle guys *** with the telestrator.
On a side note, I really don't like listening to Chris Collinsworth at all.
Make a mute button for Chris Collinsworth
The tall guy from American Pickers looks like Chris Collinsworth
Larry Fitzgerald ages like fine wine. Chris Collinsworth ages like milk.
I just want someone to wax poetic about me the way Chris Collinsworth talks about the Patriots. Is that too much to ask?
Starting to wonder if Chris Collinsworth isn't secretly dating Larry Fitzgerald.
Chris Collinsworth is trying to bang Larry after the game
I like football but I also hate listening to Chris Collinsworth talk.
We get it Chris Collinsworth, Larry fitz is nasty. Take your mouth off his rod
Chris collinsworth is the Pierre McGuire of football
Chris Collinsworth on "I think if Julian Edelman didn't play football, he'd be an MMA fighter. He is one tough…
Why can't Chris Collinsworth shut the f up?
anyone else catching Chris Collinsworth's pronunciation of "Garoppolo" as "Rob Lowe"
I'd rather listen to John Madden talk about Brett Favre for 3 hours on SNF than Chris Collinsworth lulling me to sleep 😴
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Am i the only one that dont like when Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth commentates?
Chris collinsworth says momentum is real so it must be.
There are 10 people that are better than chris collinsworth at broadcasting. You can't find one?
Commercial break? *** I really wanted to listen to Chris Collinsworth and Al Michaels talk more about deflategate
"If Julian Edelman wasn't a football player i think he'd be an MMA fighter. He's one tough soon of a gun." - Chris Collinsworth
Brain damage joke by Chris collinsworth?
Getting sick of Chris Collinsworth he so gushing over the Patriots
It's a pretty questionable penalty when Chris Collinsworth sticks up FOR the Patriots
Chris Collinsworth might be an actual time traveller
"Nobody covers as much ground as Luke Keuchly and you can put Thomas Davis on that list as well." -Chris Collinsworth
When will Chris Collinsworth bother to mention Josh Norman is missing from Carolina's CB crew?
Why we gotta lose Chris Berman and Mike Turico but keep Chris Collinsworth or Phil Simms???
Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth are the same kind of duo as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito.
Meredith Viera is the Chris Collinsworth of the
Can't wait to see John Madden. *** I miss you on Sundays. Still stuck with Chris Collinsworth .
first Skip and now Cris Carter and Ray Lewis! You are on a roll! How can it get any better? Can we somehow bury Chris Collinsworth?!?!
also I was the only one that got pumped to pull suit material for Tony Dungy, Bob Costas & Chris Collinsworth
Mike Milbury is the Chris Collinsworth of hockey
Can favorite the Caps anymore? It's like listening the Chris Collinsworth announce. Wow.
you're worse then Joe Buck and Chris Collinsworth combined
Tirico heads up NBC Premier League broadcasts, Rebecca Lowe moves to Sunday Night Football, Chris Collinsworth moves to Jup…
Chris Collinsworth the best in the biz
Chris Webber is the Cris Collinsworth of the NBA
Chris Webber has to be the worst analyst.. Yes worse than Chris Collinsworth
Chris Webber getting up there with Bill Walton and Chris Collinsworth as announcers I hate
Milbury is the NHL's Chris Collinsworth. Can smart tvs automatically mute *** talking? If so I'd spring for that technology.
LOL!! I mean has there been a FLA WR do anything in the NFL since Chris Collinsworth??
lol. Unless he's really good. Like Al Michaels or Tirico. Imagine hanging out and Chris Collinsworth is doing. I'd shoot him
thanks. Loved him with Collinsworth before Chris hit the bigtime
I think I dislike Chris Berman more than Cris Collinsworth.
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has Chris Collinsworth convinced his peers that it pronounced "pash rush"?
get off the TV! It's like listening to an uneducated Chris Collinsworth. Just Bad!!!
Even without Chris Collinsworth we still get the ex-basketball player reference
Condolences to Nobody should have to commentate with Chris Collinsworth.
Chris Collinsworth must've really been a big play receiver. As has 2 fewer catches but 500 less yards
Chris Collinsworth is PFF Lots of great things about William Jackson III
Sports Illustrated is reporting that NBC will team up Mike Tirico and Chris Collinsworth for Sunday Night Football.
.Have you ever done a Chris Collinsworth impersination?
Been talking to Chris Collinsworth? That phrase sounds all too familiar...
no way that hillbilly Chris Collinsworth is the best
except Chris Collinsworth who nailed it 4 weeks ago
For as much as I can't stand Chris Collinsworth as a broadcaster, he nailed the rams trading up to happening.
I'm just going to come out and say it. Bill Walton is officially worse than Chris Collinsworth
The commentating Tarheel *** licking in this game rivals even Chris Collinsworth *** licking.
Seth Greenburg is the Chris Collinsworth of NCAA basketball
Are we presuming that Chris Collinsworth has healthy knees?
we never really got to know Chris Collinsworth 😒
The only thing I hate more than Chris Collinsworth is when it's a leap year
Reggie Miller is Chris Collinsworth when comes to commentating.
Most likely to punt in madden: Chris Collinsworth!
Chris Webber is basically a black, likable Chris Collinsworth.
Big fan of the idea of Chris Collinsworth playing madden
Kasich is like Chris Collinsworth there. "This is crazy." Just calling it like it is.
I would rather listen to Joe Buck and Chris Collinsworth than Charles Barkley.
would be better if after the argument Shaun King ate Chris Collinsworth! Circle of life!
I can't stand Bill Walton call a basketball game. Just like how I can't stand Chris Collinsworth call a football game.
Why does Randy Warwick sound a lot like Chris Collinsworth?
Haden as well only 140 characters I like Lito Lawrence Wright Reggie Nelson Louis Oliver Neal Anderson Chris Collinsworth
JJ can we hear a conversation between Randy Warwick and Chris Collinsworth?
I would seriously rather listen to Chris Collinsworth than either of those choices...
I wonder if Chris Collinsworth and HAl Michaels see the replay game when we played Denver the first time and realize they are some haters
I was hoping for Chris Collinsworth to be the Olympics Anchor
TO how did you feel when Chris Collinsworth said you could not wash his car? Did you know he said that about you during a game?
Can we have chris collinsworth or Joe Buck instead?
Thks. Stephen A.Smith for standing up for T.O. (Chris Collinsworth made a comment during a game that T.O. could'nt wash my car)
I'd almost rather hear Chris Collinsworth call football games than have to hear Quinn Buckner call basketball games. Both are awful.
I'd rather watch football with Chris Collinsworth then my uncle Kenny
Is Adam Driver, host of Saturday Night Live, trying to be Chris Collinsworth or Tony Kornheiser???
Al Michaels & Chris Collinsworth changes to Ian Healy, Mark Nicholas & Brett Lee. The sublime to the dumb.
This game may be the death of Chris Collinsworth
Oh, Chris Collinsworth's man crush on Brady may be fading for one on Green Bay's QB
Chris Collinsworth may have just had a stroke
Cardinals and Packers .. Chris Collinsworth may have spoke the truest words in the history of mankind... and i quote "I'm no genius " ...
May have said this before, but Chris Collinsworth and Al Michaels make these games even better
I'd rather have Chris Collinsworth and Phil Simms read me a bedtime story than listen to political jackassery
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Chris Webber might have to go in the same box as Collinsworth & Reggie Miller, he's *** on the ears when commentating
Chris Collinsworth was injured in, I believe, in the last game.
Chris Collinsworth's career as a broadcaster, summarized in one exchange.
I used to hate Chris collinsworth but boy did he take a step up in my book tonight
The someone really needs some sleep award goes to Chris Collinsworth.
If ever won powerball I'd move to a planet where they didn't have powerball or Chris Collinsworth
How high is Chris Collinsworth not knowing his game was Saturday
he's tied with Chris Collinsworth me thinks lol
Am I remembering that wrong? Is it OK to call Adam Jones, Pacman? If not, why did Chris Collinsworth suddenly bring "Pacman" 4
Lord if I had to listen to Chris Collinsworth for the rest of my life...
Chris Collinsworth mentions us 10x every Sunday night. That's how you know we're legit.
Chris Collinsworth looks like a child actor that stopped pretending and actually grew up.
I'm thankful that Chris Collinsworth and Joe Buck are on different networks. I don't think I could handle that combo w…
Chris Collinsworth the worst tho, both are suspect.
With Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth as commentators and Pete Morelli as Ref
All purpose parts banner
Idk who's a more annoying color commentator *** Vitale or Chris Collinsworth.
how many times did Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth say big, gaping, hole?
not ESPN, but I would love to have Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth
bro... You just dropped the double "c." Chris Collinsworth... That's serious.
I don't know how, but I hate Alabama more than the Packers (fans). Nick Saban bothers me...almost as much as Chris Collinsworth.
Am I the only one who thinks of this when I see Chris Collinsworth?
I'd rather hear Chris Collinsworth call a play by play of my parents having sex, than ever listen to your radio show.
I wish there were 5 other channel options for different game audio during football games called by Chris Collinsworth or Phil Sims.
The best part about this game is that Chris Collinsworth is nowhere near a microphone
but I like watching this better than listening to herbstreit. Now if I could just get rid of Chris collinsworth on NFL broadcasts
Just remember we are all winners because Chris Collinsworth isn't broadcasting this game
.is the unstoppable Chris Collinsworth of never shutting up.
12 years ago and we are still listening to Chris Collinsworth Philadelphia Eagles via YouTube
Kirk Herbstreit is the Chris Collinsworth of college football. Some guys are just on top of everything.
Chris Collinsworth's great line after Blair Walsh's missed field goal: "You can't practice a 3-foot putt to win the Maste…
Dan Patrick just said Chris collinsworth is the best announcer in football. I now hate DP
Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth don't know anything. They are just tv personalities.
Somebody remind Chris Collinsworth that his job is to be neutral when calling a game. Feel like I'm listening to a packers rad…
I listened to "Low" yesterday for the first time during the Packers game thanks to chris collinsworth and the need to not hear him speak.
Chris Collinsworth by far the worst
I think Chris Collinsworth was a quarterback in college?
I'm sorry I called him Chris Collinsworth. that's what ruined him.
Lol it'll be hard to forget Chris Collinsworth saying though it wasn't cold today in Minneapolis. πŸ˜‚
I hate him too but I hate Chris Collinsworth's voice more lol.
Top story: El es Humano Seahawks vs. Vikings ends with wild finish -- and… see more
I wish Al Michaels would dare Chris Collinsworth to try this.
Seahawks vs. Vikings ends with wild finish -- and a golf analogy from Chris Collinsworth: Seahawks vs. Vikings...
What kind of evil sorcery determined that Chris Collinsworth would announce our playoff game?
We won't truly have advanced technology until I can mute only Phil Simms and Chris Collinsworth from NFL broadcasts.
Chris Collinsworth, Phil Simms and Troy Aikman walk into a bar ...
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Only thing that pisses me off more than Patterson's fumble is Chris Collinsworth's commentating.
Chris Collinsworth and Phil Simms would be my least favorite commentary tandem ever.
Phil Simms and Chris Collinsworth are the two worst NFL announcers.
it's a toss up who is worse, Phil Simms or Chris Collinsworth
If you put Jon Gruden, Phil Simms, & Chris Collinsworth as Super Bowl commentators, everyone would watch it on mute to avoid getting dumber!
Phil Sims, Solomon Wilcox and Chris Collinsworth make it difficult to watch games when they are the analyst.
Chris Collinsworth trying to sell a Penn State job that isn't open.
At what point does Chris Collinsworth realize football is a TEAM sport and Richard Sherman didn't "shut down" AB?
man if Chris Collinsworth slinked in and started talking about hasselback
Chris Collinsworth hates patriots more than Benedict Arnold and shouldn't be allowed to do the commentary for these games
Idk who I dislike the most.. Phil Sims, Chris Collinsworth, or John Gruden
Chris Collinsworth is the Brent Musberger of the NFL
Yep, already wishing an allstar commentating team of Joe Buck and Chris Collinsworth were doing the game instead
S/O to Chris Collinsworth for saying that Tyron Smith is the best tackle in the NFL bc after that B Graham started eatin' .
Chris Collinsworth just said to give credit to Pat goodness
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I hope Chris Collinsworth says something racist so I won't ever have to hear or see him on TV again.
Chris Collinsworth is such a *** . I am sure he listened to Carrie Underwoods new album all night last night . *** was that conversation.
Chris Collinsworth saying he listened to Carrie Underwoods album on national tv is the most Chris Collinsworth thing to say
I really doubt Chris Collinsworth is in Carrie Underwoods demographic LOL
Impressive, Chris Collinsworth just talks about Matt Tobin and how well he has played for about 3 minutes without saying his name once
Chris Collinsworth loves him some former Hawkeye Matt Tobin tonight.
"Jonathan Stewart is the blocking RB in the NFL" -Chris Collinsworth. Oh you know this for a fact Chris?
Harold Reynolds is giving Chris Collinsworth a run for most annoying commentator in the history of commentating
Send me the best Jon Gruden, Chris Collinsworth, and Al Michaels quotes.
Al Michaels & Chris Collinsworth got their work cut out for them This week Trying to cover this game & trying not to *** Goodell off
Chris Collinsworth just out with high praise for Geoff Schwartz!,
. My personal *** would be listening to Joe Buck, Troy Aikman, Trent Dilfer, and Chris Collinsworth call a football game together.
Chris Collinsworth always seems bitter when he talks about Bill Walsh and Super Bowls. Can't imagine why..
Jesse Holley is poor mans Chris Collinsworth, but more annoying. And less talented
I wish Mike Tirico and Jon Gruden could call a superbowl. They are great announcers. They don't say stupid things like Chris Collinsworth
thanks Meegan, back to you Chris Collinsworth
how long could you live in an apartment with Donald Trump, Pete Carroll, and Chris Collinsworth?
Someone needs to put a muzzle on Chris Collinsworth and Al Michaels!
Can we start a petition to get rid of Chris Collinsworth please? Like I don't want to hear about your wet dreams over every single QB.
Hey Chris Collinsworth nobody can understand you with Seattle's *** in your mouth
Someone should tell Chris Collinsworth that we are known as 12
Chris Collinsworth hates the Packers. And all Packers' fans hate him back.
Chris Collinsworth voice is getting for more irritable than the usual level of annoyingness
How many times is Chris collinsworth going to mention the Super Bowl from last year?πŸ™†πŸΌ it is week 2 of the 2015 season right?
Chris Collinsworth commentary is worse than the way the Eagles played today
Chris Collinsworth may be the dumbest football announcer on TV. That's saying something.
Chris Collinsworth has that voice black comedians use when they make fun of how white ppl talk.
Chris Collinsworth, jerking off to any penalty called against the Packers.
aye dawg Chris collinsworth is the worst
Chris Collinsworth is impressed with kidding
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I've never hated anyone more than the amount I hate Chris Collinsworth
I don't like watching because Chris Collinsworth doesn't shut up.
Why doesn't chris collinsworth like the Packers?
Roger I think you should take Chris Collinsworth's spot in announcing Sunday Night Football games
Someone needs to drop chris collinsworth or whatever his name is. *** commentator with a *** voice
It seems to me that Chris Collinsworth is always drunk...
Buck Martinez calling any sport with Chris Collinsworth doing colour would be the ultimate duo
I can't stand listening to Chris Collinsworth
Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth beat Joe Buck and Troy Aikman any day.
Chris Collinsworth would be more likeable unemployed.
Jimmy Graham being about as useful as Chris Collinsworth
Chris Collinsworth, what is a "pash rusher"? I feel as a commentator you should learn to annunciate?
Chris Collinsworth will NOT shut up about the SuperBowl like dude it happened a year ago we are in week two of the next season get over it.
Chris Collinsworth or Bob Costas? Collinsworth any day of the week and twice on Sunday.
Chris Collinsworth is still worse than the refs
Funny how Chris Collinsworth compared Clay Matthews to Troy Polamalu. Both guys certainly have one thing in common.
Why does Chris Collinsworth still have a job
Chris collinsworth Just nailed the mentality of pass rushing. If you caught it
Chris Collinsworth makes me want to punch myself in the face
How is Chris Collinsworth commentating and also refereeing this game?
"Hot" - the only term that Chris Collinsworth can use to describe Wilson and Rodgers. This is why I watch Sun. night football on mute.
Chris Collinsworth knows everything about every NFL player I swear lol
Chris Collinsworth has introduced a new game tonight, each round starts off "this happened in the Super Bowl"...follow by idiotic blubbering
Even Chris Collinsworth can see that, but not Dom Capers
I don't know that I can adequately describe how much I dislike listening to Chris Collinsworth talk
U really have to mute chris collinsworth..
Chris Collinsworth needs to get a room with Russell Wilson. Good god. He ran in the first too but we shut him down.
Chris Collinsworth is literally wrong about everything he says.
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