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Chris Collinsworth

Anthony Cris Collinsworth (born January 27, 1959) is a former American college and professional football player who was a wide receiver in the National Football League (NFL) for eight seasons during the 1980s.

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larryblustein: Back in the day with gatorsfb All-American Chris Collinsworth.
Thank god chris collinsworth and Phil Simms don't commintate together I would probably shoot myself.
Kyle is the Chris Collinsworth of soccer
I can't stand watching Michelle Beadle for NBA games. I'd rather listen to Chris Collinsworth & Phil Simms talk about training camp memories
It could happen.Chris Collinsworth called the Arizona Cardinals "the worst playoff team in history" beforeโ€ฆ
. Gotta chime in don't mind Anybody but I can Not stand . Chris Collinsworth Kills Me to Listen!
And he put a little HUMMM BABY on to that one *Chris Collinsworth's voice *
These WWE anti smoking ads are about as annoying as Chris Collinsworth commentating football
๐Ÿค”Between Chris Collinsworth and Reggie Miller idk whos the worst๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ
Chris collinsworth became best analyst by working from bottom. Aikman is fox for no apparent reason (he was a coโ€ฆ
I watch more football than baseball so I have to say Chris collinsworth is the worst announcer I'veโ€ฆ
Whoever did the play by play for this should take Chris Collinsworth's job right this second
Folks, let's be honest. We ALL heard how terrible Phil Simms was. We ALL know how bad Chris Collinsworth is. Tony wโ€ฆ
Or.he could quit, take a job with NBC and replace Chris Collinsworth.seems logical...right?
Still amazed by how much he looks like Chris Collinsworth.
I'd rather listen to Joe Buck & Chris Collinsworth. That's how bad Melrose/Buccigross are.
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hate them lol. I like Chris Collinsworth a lot though
Why don't anyone talk about how much Chris Collinsworth hate black quarterback.
For some odd reason, I though the 'Undertaker' was Chris Collinsworth.
now lets get something done about Chris Collinsworth.. OMFG he drives me crazy as an announcer!!
If Harold Reynolds and Chris Collinsworth could follow the Simms demotion, we'd all be better off. (Relaxโ€ฆ
Phil Simms is up there with Ronde Barber and Chris Collinsworth as the worst commentators in football. One down, twโ€ฆ
Good DLeague names for Pels to consider with open spot and possibly more movement. Tokoto, Uthoff, GP2, Walkup, & Cโ€ฆ
I like Walkup more than Collinsworth but the cast around the latter doesn't suit his game either so hard to tell.
you see what I see with Collinsworth (who, granted, is very old) and Walkup yet? Get those guys on the Hawks or Spurs.
Dennis Pitta and Kyle and Chris Collinsworth in the MC for tonight's game.
Iโ€™m sure Chris Collinsworth felt great when they put him up on the screen and they only mentioned Kyleโ€™s name.
The only way the dunk contest could be worse is if Chris Collinsworth were commentating.
Chris Collinsworth is right there with her
You've never had to listen to Chris Collinsworth, then.
Chris Collinsworth and Troy Aikman must be taking a break?
I bet that was the most annoying game to listen too, kinda like Matt Mullen and Chris Collinsworth. I cringe.
Chris Collinsworth's sound bite from Super Bowl XLIX needs to be in it
Chris Collinsworth, I instantly become enraged any time he calls a Lions game.
the same chris collinsworth who SWEARS lesean mcoy has fumbling issues.
Owned by 3x pro bowler Chris Collinsworth lol
Except that is owned and ran by Chris Collinsworth who was an All-Pro NFL receiver
pretty sure chris collinsworth runs it. One of the great minds!!
also isn't Chris Collinsworth the owner/founder of PFF?
Chris Collinsworth and teams who buy the data disagree
Fun fact: is owned by Chris Collinsworth.
Wonder if you know Chris Collinsworth was a scrub
Wonder if he knows Chris Collinsworth is a primary investor of PFF
Chris Collinsworth is having a panic attack.
Was ready for Chris collinsworth to come on my tv screen after seeing Carrie underwood on Sunday night
Hot Take: David Otunga is the Chris Collinsworth of the WWE
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The only thing I would change about Super Bowl 49 would be Chris Collinsworth calling the game ๐Ÿ˜
things Chris Collinsworth brought up in the last 2 min of the Super Bowl:. -Deflategate. -Tyree. -Manninghan . -my dead dog
On replay of v. on Network, Chris Collinsworth still annoying.
Even though football season is over I still hate Chris Collinsworth
you are the Chris Collinsworth of the mma commentary
great show last night with and from I know they won't look at Chris Collinsworth the same
Now if Chris Collinsworth, Phil Sims, Jim Nance, Joe Buck & Troy Aikman leave the booth for good myself & the rest of the world will rejoice
I'm convinced Chris Collinsworth and Al Michaels get dressed together before every Sunday Night Football game
Did Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth just use the word "sensational" like 4 or 5 times in the post game wrap? Rogets Thesaurus anyone?
Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth have matching "Triple Fat Goose" coats.
Regardless of the outcome of the game I think it was a bad idea to dress Chris Collinsworth and Al Michaels in the exact same outfit.
Chris Collinsworth talked to 100 people that have never heard of Priest Holmes.
I'm so happy Chris Collinsworth is announcing the Sunday Night Football game
Chris Collinsworth just revealed that he voted for Tom Brady for MVP. -
That's suggesting Joe Buck and Chris Collinsworth takes turns with Rodgers. Some people need to watch the wording of what they say..CC
I think that Chris Collinsworth loves Aaron Rodgers almost as much as Joe Buck loves Kyle Schwarber.
I would take anyone over Chris Collinsworth
Chris Collinsworth is another one that would be programmed for auto mute
Chris Collinsworth is the real life Pepper Brooks
Chris Collinsworth is the 995 rated commentator ever. PFT has no way of knowing what every player should be doing on every play.
I don't know who's more annoying Joe Buck or Chris Collinsworth - Jay
Al is on Sunday nights. I really like him and Collinsworth. Lots don't like Chris, but I do.
Exactly. He's just buying the hype. Chris Collinsworth's biased commentary swaying him lol
Did you get that from Chris Collinsworth's analysis? LOL
the day Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth leave SNF could possibly be the most depressing day of my life
Chris collinsworth could be the dumbest mother Fer EVER!
Jon Gruden with the Chris collinsworth talk ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Jon Gruden and Chris Collinsworth are the best NFL analysts on TV. Really enjoy their insights. Gruden great on Dak tonight.
they should put Chris Collinsworth on there too, then just shut the mics off. Let them think they're impressing people
We play Rodgers next week, Chris Collinsworth and Al Michaels are going to be brutal.
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Chris Berman is retiring...if you could take Chris Collinsworth and Phil Simms with you, America would appreciate it
Stephen A. Smith is in close competition with Chris Collinsworth for my least favorite person in sports!
and hope he hires Chris Collinsworth as an assistant.
I don't often agree with Chris Collinsworth, but he's right on this: Running the ball gets Russell going as a passer. Gets into game flow.
๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ That's bad... Really what you need is a running game and Chris Collinsworth calling the game and you got goodsound bites
Really Chris Collinsworth? Shot to the head and you're not talking about how any of it could have been illegal? Shame.โ€ฆ
Can someone stick a ball gag in Chris Collinsworth mouth? Or something. Anything. Whatever to keep him quiet...
"Chris Jones has turned into a superstar" Collinsworth said as Jones pushed his dude back to the QB
I thought that was a funny way of putting that throw too. Go Chris Collinsworth.
Trumps first action in office = Remove Chris Collinsworth from NFL commentary staff
BUT you have to deal with the Packers. -Chris Collinsworth
I don't think any fan base enjoys Chris Collinsworth
Chris Collinsworth is already talking about Rodgers and the game is still a week out. ๐Ÿ™„ Imagine what he'll be like next Sunday night.
Chris Collinsworth is already all over Rodgers ***
There it is.. Chris Collinsworth had to talk about Aaron Rodgers. Unreal
Hamilton Collection
I have lots of strong words for Chris Collinsworth
All i want for Christmas is for Chris Collinsworth-less to get fired.
Chris Collinsworth talking about the absense of march-lillard
how can you hear anything over Chris Collinsworth nasal *** voice? Lol
God forbid Chris Collinsworth and Al Micheals can give an update on Ware instead of just talking nonstop about nothing important
"We won't mention his name, because it's Christmas." Chris Collinsworth
Chris Collinsworth and Al Michaels are the best lmfao.
Chris Collinsworth analysis..."Denver is not a running team right now"
Alright I'm over Chris Collinsworth just stop pretending vonn Miller does something every play! He's done nothing tonight
like Chris unlistenable, provides no insight & always overhyping as shill even when teams playing bad
I know Chris Collinsworth loves him some Von Miller, but saying he effected the passing lane there was even a reach for him
New drinking game. Drink every time Chris collinsworth and Al Michaels mention Tony Romo during Sunday night fooltball games.
Chris Collinsworth is so dumb he actually thinks Trevor is the problem
I hate Chris Collinsworth's so much...he seriously doesn't know what he's talking about so he should just stfu ๐Ÿ˜‘
Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth got jokes tonight.
I take back any disdain I had for Chris Collinsworth.
Chris Collinsworth thinks he's got the jokes tonight
Yes Chris Collinsworth, Andy Reid got off to a "slow start" in Kansas City. He only won his first nine games.
We all hate you Chris collinsworth. Please stop commentating any broncos game
Very few people in the world can wear a quarter zip better than Chris Collinsworth, my friend being one of them.
Cris Collinsworth is the best caster in football.
Wasn't a Collinsworth fan growing up in the 80's. But I enjoy listening to you SNF. Great Job Chris! . Go Steelers!
Chris Collinsworth's voice is like nails on a chalkboard. Dude is awful.
I love Al Michaels and am warming to Chris Collinsworth.
We should start a petition to get Chris Collinsworth fired
This is Chris Collinsworth, Mike Tirico, Boomer, and Chris Berman signing off saying "Adios Broncos" Goodnight.๐Ÿ’ค
Chris Collinsworth channeling he's inner tonight.
I think Chris collinsworth forgot people tune in to watch football instead of him just talk to hear himself
Chris Collinsworth: proof you can suck at your job yet still get paid millions
"And they could ld've kickened the field goal". - Chris Collinsworth
watching the game with the fam: "god chris collinsworth is the kind of guy I just wanna punch in the face" lol same ๐Ÿ˜…
I think I would actually pay money to NOT have to listen to Phil Simms, Chris Collinsworth, and, ESPECIALLY, Jon Grudeโ€ฆ
All I want for Christmas is for Chris Collinsworth to get fired
Chris Collinsworth is the voice of Lumpy Space Princess
Hubby is from Buffalo and is driven to distraction by Chris Collinsworth's accent. ๐Ÿ˜œ I'd boot Brent Musbโ€ฆ
Chris Collinsworth jus' singing in the Thursday Night Football booth ala "Dandy" Don Meredith on Monday Night Football. You go, Chris
Chris Collinsworth is shocked that ODB is faster than Brandon Carr basically.
Chris Collinsworth's obsession with JPP is out of control. JPP not playing, but Chris just called Brandon Carr "Jason Pierre"
"Luke Keuchly really reminds me of Brian Urlacher" - probably Chris Collinsworth
"I hope Mike Zimmer isn't watching right now" - Chris Collinsworth
We get Chris Collinsworth, so I'm thankful for my mute button . No I really am.
Chris Collinsworth is the reason the NFLs ratings are down
2016 Me to 1996 Me: Chris Collinsworth & NBC will have your dad humming โ€œ1979โ€ by Smashing Pumpkins. 1996 Me: 311 is GOAT
Chris Collinsworth is the reason they put a mute button on a remote.
Started to think Chris Collinsworth stumbles on purpose, just so he can hear himself talk longer.
I wanna know what percentage of the ratings drop has to do with the NFL not hearing the people's cries to get rid of Chris Collinsworth
I'd be much more thankful if Chris Collinsworth would shut his drunk hole.
The story Chris Collinsworth just told about Mike Adams was beautiful, there truly are still more good people in this world, than bad.
I wish Chris Collinsworth would just shut up. He seriously hasn't stopped talking about the Colts.
Chris Collinsworth sez Tolzien didnt deserve what he got tonight.In the words of Bill Munny "deserve's got nothing to do with it
Chris Collinsworth is about to ask Scott Tolzien on a date after the game.
No one has a bigger man crush than the one Chris Collinsworth has on James Harrison.
Chris Collinsworth is an incredible commentator. Guy sees everything and knows everything
I bet the best part is not having to listen to chris collinsworth
son madsports8 he thinks Chris Collinsworth is good at his job
Chris Collinsworth's voice is a blessing to football ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป
Chris Collinsworth's net worth as an analyst is positive. Come at me
Chris Collinsworth's comments on what happened to the other half of Jeff Saturday reminds me of talking about Alan Faneca
Man, I would have loved to have played defensive back against the Bengals in the 80's. The opportunity to smack Chris Collinsworth, boyโ€ฆ
"If they would have scored and their defense would have gotten a stop, we would have had a tie game" . Gee, thanks, Chris Collinsworth.
Mike Tirico, the BEST sports play-by-play announcer and Chris Collinsworth, the WORST color analyst
Chris Collinsworth NEVER shuts the heck up
Can't believe the NFL is Gona ruin our holiday with Chris collinsworth.
If I had a dollar for every time Chris Collinsworth added absolutely nothing to a broadcast I could probably pay him to not commentate.
I get Thanksgiving naps now; it's not tryptophan, it's Chris Collinsworth. (With respect, as I couldn't do the job!)
Was that a backwards compliment from Chris Collinsworth about the Colts? Wow he's never been so nice
I don't care if they shot out of a rocket Chris Collinsworth, our defense still stinks
Will someone please tell Chris Collinsworth do not deserve kudos for showing up to play
Dear Chris Collinsworth: They are NFL pros. OF COURSE they are trying to win.
Chris Collinsworth is biased and vengeful #
Great day with friends and family. Then I get to listen to Collinsworth.
I'd pay to never have to listen to Chris Collinsworth announce a football game ever again.
Another thanksgiving ruined by Chris Collinsworth's announcing.
I need to hear Chris Collinsworth and Jon Gruden do a game together before I die.
Watching the Maui Invitational...and I gotta say Bill Walton is just as annoying if not more annoying than Chris Collinsworth. Impressive ๐Ÿ™„
Chris Collinsworth. You are the absolute worst. I detest you more than Ronde Barber.
I get where you're coming from regarding Bill Walton v Hawaiian Airlines but what about Bill Simmons v Chris Collinsworth??
Chris Collinsworth has got to get off the Seahawks nuts. Better yet I'll just switch to the Suns game.
*** LaBeau wouldn't play a rookie until their 2nd or 3rd year in the league" well they aren't rookies now are they Chris Collinsworth?!
Thursday isn't bad day to watch.. my thing just have game on mute with Chris Collinsworth...
People are finally getting tired of hearing Chris Collinsworth.
This still the funniest thing I've seen in a football game Chris Collinsworth was wildin ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Pete Rose and Alex Rodriguez were amazing together last year. Almost as good as Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth
the best part is Chris Collinsworth's reaction when they snap it ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Chris Collinsworth's reaction was the same as mine
Joe Buck might be just as annoying as Chris Collinsworth
Max Kellerman might be more annoying than Chris Collinsworth.
Can't truly be worst without Chris Collinsworth.
you forgot Chris collinsworth as your number one. Or was he just implied ?
Hopefully Rodney Harrison and Chris Collinsworth sent personal apologies to Brock for defamation.
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Brad...they're done now. Did you hear Chris Collinsworth last night laughing at the Colts coaching on National TV? Sad.
And then i barf every time Chris Collinsworth grumbles/laughs in agreement
no Chris Collinsworth is the worst announcer
Even Chris Collinsworth was stunned - on National TV..!
What a display of quality coaching last night. Even Chris Collinsworth was appalled. Laughable & sad. "Time to chop wood."
Was there really a need to bring that up Chris Collinsworth.
(3) Chris Collinsworth can't pronounce names, it's Geathers, like feathers, it's not Gathers. Anyway, the whole operation ***
crickets about what? I am lost.. Chris Collinsworth "half the fans left at half through 4th quarter "
Chris Collinsworth said offense was on fire. Actually, D had miscommunication issues in 3rd quarter.
Anyone else notice that Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth don't really look at eachother when they talk to eachother? ๐Ÿ˜‚
no he isn't, Chris Collinsworth alone *** his *** enough to make him over rated
Do not give Brock Osweiler credit. Shut up Chris Collinsworth.
I hope Chris Collinsworth jumps off a bridge.
Chris Collinsworth, not one athlete ever would want any advice from you.
Next score wins I love Chris Collinsworth and Al Michaels best announcers ever –  10% Off
Chris Collinsworth sending out a hit for Osweiler's wife because she gave the final ok to leave the
So, Osweiler's wife needed to tell him to take the $72m contract in Houston, Chris Collinsworth? Really?
Worst. Sports. Day. Ever. Topped off by overtime of Chris Collinsworth.
Can we all agree that Chris Collinsworth is the worst announcer of all time?
"Sometimes it's nice to have a coach". What on earth did you do to get this job Chris Collinsworth?
Chris Collinsworth just said on the NBC broadcast T Y Hilton jogged that pass route. That's all the Colts receivers ever do is just jog.
Chris Collinsworth: "Sometimes it's nice to have a coach isn't it?" In regards to Chuck Pagano calling a time out. This was a real comment.
OT is cool and all but now we have to listen to Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth for another 20 min..
Chris Collinsworth's voice is so annoying smh. Every time you do something bad on madden he slanders you for the next 3 plays
"And now, you're probably gonna have to punt the ball away" .. said Chris Collinsworth never
*ball clearly hits the ground* "I-I-I don't think that should be a catch" - Chris Collinsworth. Thanks genius.
Chris Collinsworth's commentary is the proverbial thorn in my eyeball.
I really want to hear Chris Collinsworth say "so what now what" again.
Chris Collinsworth is disliked by MANY as a broadcaster! I know ppl in Indy, Minnesota, Denver, Alabama, I'm in San Diego!
I would pay BIG money to get a Chris Collinsworth mute button on my television remote
Chris Collinsworth is daring like Oswieler is Brady because he through one touchdown
Will someone currently in Houston please go to the announcer's booth and shut Chris Collinsworth the *** up?
That was really a dumb pass decision but great throw, Chris Collinsworth is just sucking him dry right now
Why steal Mike Tirico away from MNF and not fire Chris Collinsworth
Brock seized the moment just like Chris Collinsworth said he needed to
Al Michaels, Olympics, 1980: "Do you believe in miracles?!" Chris Collinsworth on Lamar Miller touchdown, 2016: "That was awesome!"
Chris Collinsworth won't tell you that Andrew Luck was stupid for taking that sack.
Steve A,SkipBayless,Chris Collinsworth. Save your breath you no talent *** clowns,Not even a has been more a Never was. realsports
Can't wait til the day I can enjoy without chris collinsworth commentating
Does Chris Collinsworth know football at all?
Chris collinsworth's sentence structure is ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘.
Chris Collinsworth getting in his nightly Pro Football Focus plug
Nice try Chris Collinsworth for that excuse for Brock. It is ok to call out bad QB play.
Chris Collinsworth just said: "I don't think anyone is complaining what Andrew Luck is making."
Chris Collinsworth are you tapping a pencil on the counter? Here's a guy who should cut down on the coffee he's been drinking.๐Ÿ˜†
domain names
Chris Collinsworth either sounds pre-or-post-belch. Jennifer Garner is married to a TRUTHER.
Chris Collinsworth is literally the worst
The thought of Chris Collinsworth sickens me.
Anyone catch the shade that Chris Collinsworth sent to Mike Vanderjagt
Chris Collinsworth nailed when describing Frank Gore: "A lot of heart."
Laying in bed trying to sleep and all I can hear is Chris Collinsworth's annoying af voice coming from the living room.
Anderson Cooper is to Trump as. Chris Collinsworth is to Tom Brady.
Tracy Wolfson is almost as annoying as Chris Collinsworth -Horrible raspy voices. Hire younger, pleasant sounding announcers/reporters now!
I think Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth should announce all NFL games. The commentary tonight sounds like a book is being read out loud ๐Ÿ’ค
Chris Collinsworth's voice was the only thing I didn't miss about football๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜‘
Imagine if Chris Collinsworth voice was used on your GPS. Second thought, nvmd
also snap was a little high, as Chris collinsworth pointed out
"That bad snap threw off the timing of that kick" -Chris Collinsworth
I don't remember of Chris Collinsworth said he's 47 for 47 are perfect from 47, I just know that as soon as he...
How can Chris Collinsworth still be an announcer? He makes Troy Aikman sound good and that's a huge undertaking.
I got a good beer buzz so I don't remember if Chris Collinsworth said he's 47 for 47 he's perfect from 47, I...
Both Bob Costas and Chris Collinsworth tryna talk him down, make him feel like that AWFUL snap was his fault
Fortunately Chris Collinsworth and Al Michaels in the booth. Football is back! Unfortunately, our show will probably air aโ€ฆ
Chris Collinsworth is just horrible ! Just horrible commentator! Biased towards certain players
I sat through a Chris Collinsworth broadcasted game to watch a loss.
This is why nobody likes kickers or long snappers or Chris collinsworth
No idea who's worse Chris collinsworth or Doris Bourke
Chris Collinsworth is the worst... He just jinxed the Cardinals kicker for the past 15 minutes and the freaking Pats win...
My apologies to Chris Collinsworth and his proven skills at maintaining viewership.
I could commentate much better than Chris Collinsworth
Chris Collinsworth is definitely the most annoying commentator ever
There should be a Chris Collinsworth mute app Can you guys work on that?
My IQ drops every time Chris Collinsworth opens his mouth.
Chris Collinsworth circled a butt and now my 'body' counter is irrelevant.
Why does Chris Collinsworth only circle the player's butt?
All Chris Collinsworth does is circle guys *** with the telestrator.
On a side note, I really don't like listening to Chris Collinsworth at all.
Make a mute button for Chris Collinsworth
The tall guy from American Pickers looks like Chris Collinsworth
Larry Fitzgerald ages like fine wine. Chris Collinsworth ages like milk.
I just want someone to wax poetic about me the way Chris Collinsworth talks about the Patriots. Is that too much to ask?
Starting to wonder if Chris Collinsworth isn't secretly dating Larry Fitzgerald.
Chris Collinsworth is trying to bang Larry after the game
I like football but I also hate listening to Chris Collinsworth talk.
We get it Chris Collinsworth, Larry fitz is nasty. Take your mouth off his rod
Chris collinsworth is the Pierre McGuire of football
Chris Collinsworth on "I think if Julian Edelman didn't play football, he'd be an MMA fighter. He is one toughโ€ฆ
Why can't Chris Collinsworth shut the f up?
anyone else catching Chris Collinsworth's pronunciation of "Garoppolo" as "Rob Lowe"
I'd rather listen to John Madden talk about Brett Favre for 3 hours on SNF than Chris Collinsworth lulling me to sleep ๐Ÿ˜ด
Am i the only one that dont like when Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth commentates?
Chris collinsworth says momentum is real so it must be.
There are 10 people that are better than chris collinsworth at broadcasting. You can't find one?
Commercial break? *** I really wanted to listen to Chris Collinsworth and Al Michaels talk more about deflategate
"If Julian Edelman wasn't a football player i think he'd be an MMA fighter. He's one tough soon of a gun." - Chris Collinsworth
Brain damage joke by Chris collinsworth?
Getting sick of Chris Collinsworth he so gushing over the Patriots
It's a pretty questionable penalty when Chris Collinsworth sticks up FOR the Patriots
Chris Collinsworth might be an actual time traveller
"Nobody covers as much ground as Luke Keuchly and you can put Thomas Davis on that list as well." -Chris Collinsworth
When will Chris Collinsworth bother to mention Josh Norman is missing from Carolina's CB crew?
Why we gotta lose Chris Berman and Mike Turico but keep Chris Collinsworth or Phil Simms???
Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth are the same kind of duo as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito.
Meredith Viera is the Chris Collinsworth of the
Can't wait to see John Madden. *** I miss you on Sundays. Still stuck with Chris Collinsworth .
first Skip and now Cris Carter and Ray Lewis! You are on a roll! How can it get any better? Can we somehow bury Chris Collinsworth?!?!
also I was the only one that got pumped to pull suit material for Tony Dungy, Bob Costas & Chris Collinsworth
Mike Milbury is the Chris Collinsworth of hockey
Can favorite the Caps anymore? It's like listening the Chris Collinsworth announce. Wow.
you're worse then Joe Buck and Chris Collinsworth combined
Tirico heads up NBC Premier League broadcasts, Rebecca Lowe moves to Sunday Night Football, Chris Collinsworth moves to Jupโ€ฆ
Chris Collinsworth the best in the biz
Chris Webber is the Cris Collinsworth of the NBA
Chris Webber has to be the worst analyst.. Yes worse than Chris Collinsworth
Chris Webber getting up there with Bill Walton and Chris Collinsworth as announcers I hate
Milbury is the NHL's Chris Collinsworth. Can smart tvs automatically mute *** talking? If so I'd spring for that technology.
LOL!! I mean has there been a FLA WR do anything in the NFL since Chris Collinsworth??
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