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Chris Collinsworth

Anthony Cris Collinsworth (born January 27, 1959) is a former American college and professional football player who was a wide receiver in the National Football League (NFL) for eight seasons during the 1980s.

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Chris Collinsworth.please get off the donkeys jock strap! Geez!
I would rather be deaf to listen to Chris collinsworth commentate .. His voice is like hearing wolverines mate in a shallow cave...
Here ya go Jeff Bowie, my friend Chris Collinsworth! Yuck!!! GO BRONCOS!!!
Yes, Chris Collinsworth, that was decapitation. What an astute observation.
Oh yeah, great play design when they lost 5 yards on the play Chris Collinsworth
Really Chris collinsworth? A player who is suspended would be a non factor in a game? That's fantastic inside info you got there
I say it every time but I really hate Chris Collinsworth
Does it bother anyone other than me that Chris Collinsworth says pash rush? Are his dentures loose?
Referring to Denver Broncos WR D. Thomas "What a streak he's on; 7 straight games of 100 straight games" -Chris Collinsworth
I literally put on mute and we listen to music just so we won't have to listen to Chris Collinsworth!
Must admit, the Spanish is better than Chris Collinsworth.
Is there an option where you can mute Chris Collinsworth and NOT Al Michaels?
Geeze, it's bad enough the Chiefs have started poorly... but listening to Chris Collinsworth makes it just ridiculous
Please get Chris Collinsworth off the tv NBC!
Chris Collinsworth asked Peyton Manning if he's going to stay away from Sean Smith? Possibly the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
Oh, good, Chris Collinsworth is doing this game
Okay if Chris Collinsworth is going to do Broncos games he should stop being a cheerleader for whomever the play! Seriously!!!
I feel bad for Chris Collinsworth. He has to hear his own voice in his head 24/7
Is there anyone worse at life than Chris Collinsworth?
No need to watch Broncos game when to slurps manning harder than Chris collinsworth.
Last year's SNF theme said "Al and Chris are the best on TV" but then they prob realized Collinsworth is Collinsworthless
If Chris Collinsworth would stop sucking the Broncos' *** I might be able to enjoy the game
PLEASE figure out a way to MUTE Chris Collinsworth!
Listening to Chris collinsworth makes me want to dislocate and relocate my shoulder every time he talks
Bob Costas wrapped his pipe not b/c it's cold but b/c that's the only way Chris Collinsworth will give him a little play-by-play.
Chris Collinsworth's voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard. Sounds like a pack of cigarettes is permanently stuck in his throat
Chris Collinsworth is the devil in the form of a football announcer
If you don't believe in Satan, you haven't listened to Chris Collinsworth.
They need to make a button where I can mute Chris Collinsworth. Game is way better without his input.
Turning on US 97 can't handle anymore Chris Collinsworth.
Chris Collinsworth and Phil Sims should only be able to commentate for teams under .500
Chris Collinsworth needs to get kicked in the throat with a *** cleet...stupid no talent ***
Chris Collinsworth choking on his tie?
Less than 5 minutes into the game, Chris Collinsworth. control your asinine comments. thank you.
Chris Collinsworth is that corny dude at the party nobody likes because he laughs at his own jokes.
Chris Collinsworth wasn't ready for Denver to run the football...
Again, I ask. Why does Chris collinsworth speak?
Chris Collinsworth is complimenting the broncos?!
“Do people really like listening to Chris Collinsworth?” Delayed am radio here.
Chris Collinsworth.. With the way CJ Anderson has been playing, "How do you get him out of the line=up."… Ummm, you don't.
Has done a Chris Collinsworth skit yet?? Because that could possibly be better than Gruden lol
The intelligence of the American population dropped significantly this week due to two Chris Collinsworth announced games in one week.
How does Chris Collinsworth still have a job?
Could they not have found anyone other than Chris collinsworth as commentator for our CHIEFS!!!
Chris Collinsworth has dyed his hair, I think.
Nbc will you please fire Chris Collinsworth 😩
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Hey after years of broadcasting Chris Collinsworth just said something right calling Von Miller one of the great players in the NFL.
My day was going pretty well until I heard Chris Collinsworth's voice
Who ever gave Chris Collinsworth a contract to be a football commentator is an ***
If those nose strips actually worked you would bet your *** Chris Collinsworth would be wearing one.
I forgot how much I hate Chris Collinsworth
Listening to Chris Collinsworth every Sunday night makes me want to swan dive into a school of flesh eating piranhas.
What about Chris collinsworth? Lol "What Madden needs to do is get Al Michaels commentation"
Why does everyone hate Chris Collinsworth? He's good.
Is it me or does Chris collinsworth look smoked out these past couple Sunday nights
Can I just say that I can hardly stand to hear (or see) Chris Collinsworth.
Chris Collinsworth is the Reggie Miller of the NFL.
Chris Collinsworth and Al Michaels were talking about ice fishing
Still waiting on to come out with a "mute Chris Collinsworth only" feature...would be to hear some of the game not clouded in BS.
The only person who thinks Chris Collinsworth is funny is himself lol
Not even kick off and Chris Collinsworth is already pissing me off. GO BRONCOS!
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Oh joy, we get to listen to Chris Collinsworth drivel all night.
Ugh, I was all excited to finally be able to catch a Broncos game, but I forgot Chris Collinsworth does SNF
If Chris collinsworth was going ice fishing, I would hope he'd fall in
No matter the records, Denver always gets the best shot from the Chiefs. It's certain we'll hear ALL about how great the Chiefs are from Chris Collinsworth-blech!
Chris collinsworth is making out my tv on mute
Seriously, we're nor even out of the *** Sunday Night Football intro, and Chris Collinsworth and Al Michaels are ALREADY 8 feet up their *** ?
Hey Chris Collinsworth less, burn it down much?
Al Michaels looks cold and Chris Collinsworth looks like a tool.
Why do you have a person like Chris Collinsworth as an announcer? He is always so one sided! Television muted! Go Broncos!!
Just remembered why I hate Sunday Night Football so much...Chris collinsworth is gonna *** me off the next 3 1/2 hours with his never ending commentary about nothing relevant...who decided this guy was good for national TV...that person should be shot in the nuts with frozen paintballs
I really hate Chris collinsworth commentating. GO BRONCOS
ok Broncos we gotta make Chris Collinsworth eat his words as usual!
Football time! Chris collinsworth reminds me of Mr Burns from The Simpsons.
My question for Sunday Night Football is...Who is Chris Collinsworth going to fall in love with tonight? Any bets? Lol
I hate Chris Collinsworth.even when he "tries" to give us compliments...he's jus a *** !!
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They need a fan cam of Chris Collinsworth so Mike Powers can watch him talk the whole game.
Chris Collinsworth looks like Groot from Guardians Of The Galaxy.can't stand him...
As big of a *** canoe that Phil Simms is, Chris Collinsworth is a close second.
Am I the only one that just cant stand Chris Collinsworth???
Me prepping Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth before the Chiefs beat the Broncos on Sunday Night Football
Wish I could find a way to delay the radio slightly so I could listen to the chiefs game on there instead of chris collinsworth
Chris Collinsworth is more of a *** than Joe Buck. He just knows more about the game to make up for it
David Diehl is so bad at color commentating that he makes Chris Collinsworth sound like the GOAT.
Also astonishing is how badly Chris Collinsworth bungled the analysis. Wilfork didn't "throw" Moore into Sanchez; this was Sanchez' CHOICE.
I hate listen to Chris collinsworth he is so annoying
Jay Billis is the college basketball announcer equilivalent of Chris Collinsworth.
Can you imagine him in a room w Chris collinsworth?
TERRIFIED of the Peyton Manning ball wash we are about to get from Chris Collinsworth tonight. Buckle up, folks.
I think that Chris Collinsworth makes up or embellishes most of his stories.
Bill Walton is the Chris collinsworth/Jon Gruden of basketball
who cares. Im sure Chris Collinsworth thinks we are the worst 9-1 team in NFL history
I want Chris Collinsworth to lose his ability to speak, I want infinite dollars, I want a pony. We can't always get what we want
But I'm not gonna get too excited... In the wise words of Chris collinsworth "Premature confetti is not good"
Theyve got a Berger at qb and a Wing at punter and they play at Heinz field. I'm Al Michaels. To my left is Chris Collinsworth
ESPN announcers at the zags game felt BYU would be much improved: now that Chris Collinsworth is healthy
I don't know who I hate more Skip Bayless or Chris Collinsworth. I would love to make both there faces touch the back of there heads
Can we start a petition to get John Gruden aka "The anti-Chris Collinsworth" to announce in next y…
Not to mention that Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth are the best announcer duo since Madden-Summeral.
I might hate Jon Gruden more than Chris Collinsworth
Dont care what anyone says, I'd rather have Chris Collinsworth and Phil Simms announcing in madden instead of Jon Gruden.
thanks for that pointless fact Chris Collinsworth
I'd rather listen to John Gruden than Chris Collinsworth any day of the week.
Chris Collinsworth commentates the game for ESPN
I'd rather listen to Chris Collinsworth than Ray Lewis...
Chris Collinsworth and Trent Dilfer need to have a celebrity death match
I'd rather let Chris Collinsworth narrate every intimate situation I'm in for the rest of my life than listen to Ray Lewis pronounce Ben BIN
Chris Collinsworth: I've been told this RB has worked harder than anyone to get this start, he is more prepared than ever.
Getting drunk with Chris Collinsworth >>>>
Even 40's Announcer is more entertaining than CHRIS COLLINSWORTH!.
But Chris Collinsworth's reaction to Gronk TD was priceless. Whoaaa
Chris Collinsworth finally notices the subtle Jimmy Fallon product placement in the 4th quarter.
I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I agree 100% with Chris Collinsworth- they should change the 5 yard def holding t…
if I had a voice like Chris collinsworth I would literally NEVER stop talking
I wonder if Chris Collinsworth's family wants to punch him too
Say it every time the Pats play on Sunday Night Football, I can't stand Chris Collinsworth.
Chris Collinsworth has his nose so far up the patriots *** he could give them a free prostate exam... Dude, shut the *** …
Say whatever you want about Chris collinsworth. He just said revis is the MVP today and he nailed it
Chris Collinsworth is simply the worst. Listening to him is nails on the chalkboard.
that and it's 11:30 Sunday night, and Chris Collinsworth annoys me
Honestly who lets Chris Collinsworth on TV still?
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Chris Collinsworth never shuts up. Even when he said he would let play talk for itself he talked through it. Mute Mute Mute
Kathryn Heigl, but she was joking, because she hates you and loves Chris Collinsworth's work as a color commentator.
Love Chris collinsworth "every year the pats gets better as the season goes on" you said they were dead after the Chiefs loss
"I'd let my wife f--- Tom Brady, just so I could raise his kids" -hot take of the evening/Chris Collinsworth's secret wishes
Chris Collinsworth has nearly finished his announcing transformation into John Madden.
Am I the only guy that hates Chris Collinsworth (and color guys in general)? I feel like they all have no IQ and...
Chris is not only the worst commentary in the history of commentary, but also a bad human!
Chris collinsworth loves shoving that patriot *** in his mouth...shut up already
I think that is the first time I've ever heard Chris Collinsworth mention any tie to
Chris Collinsworth has been waxing Tom Brady's pole all night
Chris collinsworth is a bigger kiss *** than drake
The best thing about today not having to listen to that God awful commentating by Chris Collinsworth
Excellent double entendre By Chris collinsworth right there.
I wonder what Chris Collinsworth did for his frat to land his job as a football announcer?
Why people can't watch SNF with me...because the only words out of my mouth the whole time are "shut up Chris Collinsworth"
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Chris Collinsworth would absolutely go down on Tom Brady without question.
"No you dont, that's why you're the best"- Al Michaels to Chris Collinsworth. Extreme bro moment.
Let's make a petition to make Chris Collinsworth quit broadcasting
So do Chris collinsworth and Jonas gray hangout? That's what it sounds like
Chris Collinsworth and the New England Patriots is a better love story than Twilight.
Did he really just say Chris Collinsworth was the best? Go to bed Al Michaels you're drunk
Chris Collinsworth do us all a favor and quit your job, move to South Dakota and never speak to anyone about football ever…
Chris collinsworth bugs the crap out of me
Al Michaels just said Chris Collinsworth is the best. Time for him to retire he's lost it!
Really really really love Chris Collinsworth and Al Michaels
I think All Michaels just flirted with Chris Collinsworth
Al Michaels just said Chris Collinsworth was the best. . Joke of the century
I hope chris collinsworth has his knee pads on tonight.
I wish i could handcuff Chris Collinsworth And dropkick him down a flight of stairs.
Chris collinsworth and gronk need to go make out behind a dumpster because its obvious thats what he wants
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Chris collinsworth makes me want to jump off a building.
Folks, A few housekeeping notes for the folks that are new to the group and those that will be cheering with us for the first time on Sunday: 1) We root hard for the Patriots but, not really against any team. In fact each week there is a Miami Dolphins fan who watches with us. He's a great guy and a fantastic sport. You'd have to be to put up with Jay Lessard's antics 2) We are on the lower level of the Fleet Street Tavern. Just walk in and keep going then bear to the left and walk downstairs. You can't miss us. We've fit about 35 folks down there. If we get above that we take over upstairs too. 3) Amy Lambe David is the Head Server for our group and we all can't say enough good things about her. She has never let us down and always keeps our whistles wet and our bowls of "community fries" full. 4) Just so you know all of our games feature the sound of the announcers. We turn it up as loud as it can go but, there will be times when the cheering drowns out that stupid Chris Collinsworth or Phil Si ...
Chris Collinsworth is the NFL version of Beth Mowins.
What is the over/under on Chris Collinsworth saying, "Dom Capers" tonight?
Is there a way to mute Chris Collinsworth and only listen to Al Michaels?
I must say...Chris Collinsworth is actually Ed Grimley
I remember why I don't like watching Sunday Night Football. Chris Collinsworth. Even Troy Aikmen is a better analyst that him.
Night games would be so much better if Chris Collinsworth was sitting in his living room instead of announcing
Chris Collinsworth be slidin in the dms like...
I wonder if Chris Collinsworth will pull his nose outta the Packers' jockstraps long enough to call a football game
I think I'd rather listen to announce this game rather than Chris Collinsworth, that's how terrible he is
May I also suggest that Chris Collinsworth drink Bud Light with Warren Sapp. Then he would be with Sapp and not on my TV.
Chris Collinsworth's voice is the depressing sound that the weekend is over.
Week 9 of the NFL season and I've already had 2 Chris Collinsworth NBC games with the Packers. Even though it's...
I could listen to Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth read traffic reports. The best crew on television football, bar none.
Good news: Sunday Night Football is on. Bad news: We have to listen to Chris Collinsworth.
Got a love when Chris Collinsworth calls a game.
love football but Chris Collinsworth is so freaking irritating. . Hope Green Bay wins.
Chris Collinsworth is definitely baked out of his mind everytime he commentates...
My girlfriend on Chris Collinsworth: "He looks like he's killed all of his ex-wives."
Ugh!! Another night of listening to Chris Collinsworth!
This just in: Chris Collinsworth will be having Aaron Rogers' baby. Again.
Who do I have to call to get Chris Collinsworth fired
Chris Collinsworth on an unmutable tv. This is going to be a good game.
How many times tonight wil Chris Collinsworth talk one side up and then the other just as good or better.
Wonder who's *** Chris Collinsworth will be on tonight
Chris Collinsworth is looking more and more like Abe Lincoln.
Oh great. I forgot Chris collinsworth was commentating. I don't know who to yell at more. Te packers or him. Let's play a game. Who will be his favorite player in the game. You have 1 quarter to decide, since he makes it clearly apparent by the 3rd quarter.
Chris Collinsworth commentating the game tonight, is there a volume lower than mute?
I don't know if I can handle Chris Collinsworth for the 2nd time in 3 Sundays.
Gak! Chris Collinsworth and Rodgers in the same telecast. I wish this fool would pull his lips out of Rodgers ***
Chris Collinsworth's voice is the bane of my existence
Chris Collinsworth and Al Michaels are the most boring announcers in sports, God these guys suck and you put em on SFN.
Is it just me or doors Chris Collinsworth looks wasted
Chris Collinsworth looks like someone who rubs bengay on his balls.
Chris Collinsworth please get a new style coordinator.
Time to suffer through a night of listening to Chris Collinsworth
It's funny how they always pan over to Chris Collinsworth like it's gonna be a surprise he is joining Al Michaels.
The fact I have to listen to Chris collinsworth voice the whole game makes me wanna jump off a cliff
The way Chris Collinsworth just pops into the opening will never stop being creepy
Chris collinsworth has the kinda face you just want to smack when you see it
I don't know if I can put up with Chris Collinsworth's voice for the next 3 hours
Chris Collinsworth boutta put a full on suckfest on Aaron Rodgers... Might as well mute the TV
Chris Collinsworth has the worst voice in broadcasting history.
Chris Collinsworth can suck death. I sincerely hate that guy.
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Chris Collinsworth is the most annoying sports announcer there is
I already have had enough with Chris Collinsworth tonight...the worst broadcaster in sports history
Time for three hours of Chris Collinsworth slurping Aaron Rodgers.
Chris Collinsworth always slides into your DMs when he gets introduced 😂
I'm annoyed already...Chris Collinsworth opened his mouth!
You're telling me I have to watch The Packers, Bears, AND forced to listen to Chris Collinsworth if I want to watch No thank you.
Chris Collinsworth has some white powder under his nose
I love how Chris Collinsworth always slips into the screen
I HATE the intro to - it is just horrid. Oh and Chris Collinsworth is horrid too. There, I said it. Now let's GO PACK!! !
Have to endure listening to Chris Collinsworth tonight...oy ve
Why Chris Collinsworth slide in to the frame like he was getting some inappropriate action off screen?
Chris Collinsworth is hands down the worst announcer I've ever heard.
Chris Collinsworth makes me a bad person
Chris Collinsworth is doing the game tonight I hate this already
Chris Collinsworth is even worse than Joe Buck
I hate when they introduce chris collinsworth..
Words can not describe how excited I am to watch and listen Jay Cutler and Chris Collinsworth .
There's a room in *** where Hitler sits alone being forced to listen to nothing but Chris Collinsworth and Trent Dilfer broadcasts.
If I could pick one person not to be stranded on an island with, it would be Chris Collinsworth
NBC has some of the worst NFL analysts and announcers ever. Rodney Harrison and Chris Collinsworth are in a class of their own
Chris collinsworth reminds me of matthew mcconaghey
"I am a big fan of Chris Collinsworth he's one of the few NFL analyst I love" worst one in all sports
Chris Collinsworth looks like he wants to slap Bob Costas!!
Chris Collinsworth's sarcastic reply to Bob Costas' correction about it being the 190th face off b/w was priceless.
what are you Troy Aikman or Chris Collinsworth? Thanks for stating the obvious
Chris Collinsworth and Troy Aikman, just come out to the public and say you've started an "Anti-Giants" Club. It's apparent every game.
Chris Collinsworth is already reporting on tonight's Aaron Rodgers injury. Oh yea, he's definitely really hurt. This is bad for the Packers.
Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth are my favorite announcers out there
Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth are just foaming at the mouth over James Harrison tonight
Al Michaels apparently doesn't listen to Chris Collinsworth
Al Michaels literally just said what Chris Collinsworth just said.
Did Al Michaels just repeat the same thing word for word Chris Collinsworth just said?
So I'm wondering if Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth are Steelers play by play announcers. Because they sure do seem to favor the Steelers in this game calling.
would you rather: Harold Reynolds or Chris Collinsworth? I'll take Reynolds for the win.
Aight it's cool we gave Joe Buck the day off, but can we give Chris Collinsworth a life time off?
I think Chris Collinsworth actually likes the Broncos tonight lol.
Chris Collinsworth is a protein junkie and I'm positive his jaw is really sore. Payton Manning is happy though. Smh
Chris Collinsworth just called Elway one of the greatest recruiters of all time because he recruited a single individual.
Shut up chris collinsworth quit giving peyton a bj
No matter how I try Chris Collinsworth still irritates me.
I really have nothing 2 say at this point...BTW F U Chris Collinsworth
Al Michaels always seems awkward when they show him in the booth listening to Chris Collinsworth, makes me laugh every time.
I love listening to Chris Collinsworth and what he has to say
Could chris collinsworth not find an iron for that tie? I mean I'm sure nbc would do it for him.
Its a medical miracle that Chris Collinsworth can talk out of his *** all the time.
"The Broncos look dangerous right now" Chris Collinsworth
There's a lot of distance between between Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth
"I was the smallest power forward in Division I football.". -Chris Collinsworth . I wasn't aware they had those in football...
I don't know what's worse. This game or listening to Chris Collinsworth.
Chris Collinsworth: " Julius Thomas was the smallest Power Forward in football at Portland State" .
"He was the smallest power forward in all of division one football" Chris Collinsworth
"Asked if he'd make it to the NBA & he said no way, I was the smallest Power Forward in all of Division 1 football." Chris Collinsworth
Chris collinsworth'a favorite thing in the world to do is talk about what other sport a NFL player has played, could've played, will play.
"I was the smallest power forward in division 1 football out there." -Chris Collinsworth
He was the smallest division 1 power forward in football -Chris collinsworth
I say it every Sunday night, Chris Collinsworth is the absolute worst.
Chris Collinsworth is just dumb sometimes.
Wow Chris Collinsworth, we never knew Julius Thomas played basketball. You are such an informative commentator.
OMG, Chris collinsworth has diarrhea of the mouth.
Just shut up Chris collinsworth... I feel like Al Michaels just wants to strangle u or push u out the booth to drop to ur death
Chris Collinsworth is the worst commentator, ever.
I have farted better commentating than Chris collinsworth.
Chris Collinsworth KNOWS EVERYONES story.sadly he didn't know how to make a RING a part of his story.please go somewhere and "sat" down.
Chris Collinsworth REALLY wants us to know that Julius Thomas played basketball in college.
Chris Collinsworth really needs to stop talking out of his *** ..
Might step on some toes here but Chris Collinsworth is worse than Joe Buck.
I'm having a hard time understanding Chris Collinsworth with Peyton Mannings balls in his mouth.
Chris Collinsworth said of Chris Harris, Jr., "He's not the greatest player, but if you give him a chance he's as good as anyone.". WHAT??!?!??!
Why does Chris collinsworth have to talk so much?
Instead of having to suffer through 3 hours of Chris Collinsworth, I listen to a recording of the Emergency Broadcast Sy…
I would like to know who wakes up and thinks, hey I can't wait to listen to Chris Collinsworth on Sunday Night Football
Chris collinsworth is seriously a freaking ***
I'm seriously convinced Chris Collinsworth doesn't know how to breath through his nose
Chris collinsworth can go get his vocal cords clipped anytime now
If I ever meet Chris Collinsworth I might Judo chop him in the throat. He is an ***
It's hard to watch a game when you have to constantly ask yourself what the *** Chris Collinsworth is talking about
If chris Collinsworth stops talking does he disappear into the ether? Could ge go ahead and do that?
It's the blowouts that make Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth earn their paychecks. What to say when nothing is going on the field?
Just really never messed with Chris Collinsworth. That brothas a mark
Chris Collinsworth just talks too slow. Can't you tell? It's like, I can understand every word the guy says.
Chris Collinsworth just said "there is no position like the center, he's the quarterback." I'm really confused!
Chris collinsworth "theres no position like the center position, hes like the QB or the MLB of the oline" id say thats like another position
I think Chris Collinsworth has a huge man crush on the Bronco's. Can't stop saying a good thing about them in every sentence.
Ima fly to Denver and strap chris collinsworth
Is Chris Collinsworth finally fondlin the Broncos balls?
I'm I the only one here who thinks Chris Collinsworth is one of the most blatantly obvious person I've ever heard speak. Shut up will you
Chris Collinsworth logic: "There's no position like the Center because he's the Quarterback out there, he's the middle linebacker."
"There's no position in football like the center.. he's the quarterback out there." - Chris Collinsworth
"There's no position like the center. He's the quarterback ..." - Chris Collinsworth . What?
Chris Collinsworth word for word just said "there's probably no position like the center, you know cause he's the quarterback" bruh WHAT
Hamilton Collection
Did I just hear Chris Collinsworth call the center the quarterback of the offense?
Chris Collinsworth : "the center position, theres nothing like it. Its the middle line backer, its the quarter back, its everything". Okay...
"There's no position like the center position. He's like, the quarterback or the MLB out there calling plays." - Chris Collinsworth
Chris Collinsworth begins his sentences without having any idea of how they're going to end.
I'm pretty sure Chris Collinsworth would like nothing more than to blow Peyton Manning.
Chris Collinsworth is probably the creepy uncle of the family.
Chris Collinsworth: "the center is the quarterback of the offense."
Is it just me or does Chris Collinsworth have a huge man crush on Peyton Manning? I realize that he just set the record, but DUDE quite gushing over him.
Chris Collinsworth just called the center the quarterback. Actually those are two different positions.
The worst thing about injured players on Sunday Night Football is more yappin from Chris Collinsworth.
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