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Chris Collinsworth

Anthony Cris Collinsworth (born January 27, 1959) is a former American college and professional football player who was a wide receiver in the National Football League (NFL) for eight seasons during the 1980s.

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And this is why Chris Collinsworth *** "Toby Keith is the man..
. Chris Collinsworth: "and drew Brees passes for yet another 5k yards". Me: "what else is new?!?".
Chris Collinsworth can fall in a hole ...a big one
I'd rather listen to than Chris Collinsworth ANYDAY!!!
Colin Cowherd just might be worse than Skip Bayless -- add Chris Collinsworth and you have quite the triple crown
yes. that's why NFLN has Bills/Giants instead (with Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth). also have Patriots/Redskins on local TV
Making the executive decision to mute the TV during the game, makes me yearn for Chris Collinsworth on commentary
I actually don't purchase Madden anymore because of Chris Collinsworth.
the things we do for quality sports coverage! (never ask Crystal how she feels about Chris Collinsworth)
Rick Sutcliffe is the Chris Collinsworth of baseball
Chris Collinsworth's voice makes me wanna punch myself in the face.
still not as bad as Chris Collinsworth
After just a few minutes of pre season football, I find that some things never change. Chris Collinsworth is still annoying!
our boy Chris Collinsworth pick us to win the SB
he's the Chris collinsworth of what he does
if Chris Collinsworth is doing play by play.
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Football is back and I still despise Chris Collinsworth
Oh god Chris Collinsworth predicted the Eagles to go to the Super Bowl. Now the season is over.
Chris Collinsworth just said one of the players has a big butt. Lol
Chris Collinsworth talking about EJs throwing motion
I see Chris Collinsworth got his head on his shoulders right lol
Chris Collinsworth picks the Eagles to win.this must mean something
This is too funny. Chris Collinsworth predicts the to win the Super Bowl and all of Philadelphia tells him to shut up.
I thought Chris Collinsworth hates Philly. Eagles as a Super Bowl contender. Yea he hates Philly. Everyone tells me he hates us
G'day idle predicted for SB by announcer Chris All others quiet
Chris Collinsworth DOES NOT HATE PHILADELPHIA. I don't get why people keep saying this? Philly fans are so paranoid about announcers.
wish this said we wish Chris *** face Collinsworth well in his future endeavors.
Chris Collinsworth predicts a Super Bowl for the eagles this season. That's the only time I've liked anything he's said.
fact: women aren't as good as men at sports. Fact: I hold my mom's opinion on sports higher than those of Chris Collinsworth
Chris Collinsworth picked the Eagles to win the Super Bowl this year... Season's done. 3-13.
for the record they never mention Chris Collinsworth went to UF and he's on their payroll.   10% Off
For the record, I still hate Chris Collinsworth.
Chris Collinsworth saying eagles gonna hoist the Lombardi trophy in Feb, I'm with it.
Chris Collinsworth hates Nick Foles every game he commentated the birds, but says they're Super Bowl ready?!? Stop *** eatin dude
Chris Collinsworth says the Eagles are contenders .. Your thoughts
So Chris Collinsworth loves Philadelphia now apparently. Can't believe Philly media is drooling over him. Calling him "the best NFL analyst"
Chris Collinsworth picked the eagles to go to the bowl this year... Idk if I'm happy or mad
Collinsworth thinks the could win the Super Bowl
Chris Collinsworth says he has the Eagles going to the Super Bowl. I don't like him but I agree with the statement 😌 lol
Chris Collinsworth! LMFAO!! How is this guy employed by NBC when he is this clueless??
Chris Collinsworth: "im gonna keep my eye out on the eagles, i think they'll go to the Super Bowl" 😂😂 i want some of whatever he's smoking.
Chris collinsworth at hof adduction said he could see the eagles as Super Bowl winners. He actually acknowledged the eagles that amazing.
Eagles in the Superbowl lol. Chris Collinsworth said it.
Football is officially back, unfortunately so is Chris collinsworth"s voice
NBC analyst Chris Collinsworth picks Eagles to make it to Super Bowl: NBC analyst Chris Collinswo...
Chris Collinsworth thinks we make it all the way
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I think every season Chris Collinsworth gets more and more drunk during the games.
Looks like me and Chris Collinsworth were on the same page for the 1st time ever. Read Birds Camp recap
lol Chris Collinsworth was asked who would win the Super Bowl and he said he's keeping an eye on the eagles.
If you have ever suspected that Chris Collinsworth was high during but wasn't sure he just said the Eagles are makin…
Chris Collinsworth said the Eagles are going to win the Super Bowl. Someone plez pull up to his house and put a bullet…
Chris Collinsworth just said he likes the Eagles in the Super Bowl. . Smart man
Chris Collinsworth picks the for to make it to the Super Bowl
Chris Collinsworth giving my his Super Bowl prediction makes me even more excited about this upcoming season,
Chris Collinsworth just said Eagles are his surprise Super Bowl team
It feels so good hearing Chris Collinsworth and Chris Berman together. 😍😍
" Sammy Watkins is going to be a star in this league. I can't wait to see him tonite." NBC commentator Chris Collinsworth.
Eric Wood has a bronze sculpture of Chris Collinsworth in his kitchen.
Chris Collinsworth always looks like he just smelled a fart. FART ROBOT APPROVES.
Thanks Chris Collinsworth for a great start to the day!
Roger Goodell just echoed Chris Collinsworth, saying that football is valuable lesson about getting knocked down and getting back up. Whuck?
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Chris Collinsworth is a very nice guy!
"HATERZ" right there ,,they must be related to Chris Collinsworth.
Walking down the street from my morning break and had the opportunity to meet Chris Collinsworth.…
does that really surprise you. Joe Buck competes with Chris Collinsworth as the dumbest sports commentator of the year
can y'all please take off the air Id rather have Chris Collinsworth and John Madden call the game
Juts met Chris Collinsworth at a restaurant in SF and holy smokes is he tall. Shocked he didn't remember me from scouting the NFL. Sad face
yes it's true, Chris Collinsworth is on his jock, always bringing him up during other NFL games. ESPN's golden boy!
Idk who i hate more commentating Chris collinsworth or Joe Buck? They both suck
Him and Chris Collinsworth are literally the worst ever
Chris Collinsworth voice makes his criticism feel condescending lmao
Joe Buck and Chris Collinsworth are the last commentators you want when ya NFL team hope for winning is gone late in the 4th
Chris Berman, Chris Collinsworth and Joe Buck need to leave the booth
I don't mind Chris Berman's voice. Anyone other than Cris Collinsworth (particularly during Steelers games) is Ok with me.
Chris Collinsworth picks the Eagles for Super Bowl at RT
LOL a team of Chris Berman and John Kruk may finally unseat Cris Collinsworth and ANYONE ELSE as "Worst Announcing Team Ever." A true honor.
If you're a Philly sports fan & you don't hate Howard Eskin, Joe Buck, Chris Berman, or Cris Collinsworth, you're doing it wrong.
Chris Collinsworth says he knows all about “League of Denial” and concussions but let’s his two kids play football (college/high school).
Chris Collinsworth "It's our job 2 make sure this isn’t lip svc..there R changes that hav 2B made2 the game of football.
"Seattle's the best team, if they don't do the Super Bowl hangover thing. Denver is the most motivated." Chris Collinsworth
Not a big fan of the no socks look when wearing a suit. Or even not, Chris Collinsworth. Come on, man. (It’s Sunday Night Football panel).
John Kurk is the Chris Collinsworth of baseball
Just imagine Chris Collinsworth describing a “lovely” pass to Colston on SNF
Alexi Lalas.ugh! He's right up there with Joe Buck and Chris Collinsworth.just stop talking!
The British have their own version of Chris Collinsworth lol
Is it me or is the announcer for World Cup almost as annoying as Chris Collinsworth? Go USA
Alexi Lalas is the Chris Collinsworth of soccer.
The announcer at the World Cups voice is so bad it makes me miss Chris Collinsworth
Taylor Twellman is definitely the Chris Collinsworth of Soccer. I really think I could be a better commentator than him
Alexi Lalas is more annoying than Chris Collinsworth. I didn’t know that was possible.
Don Cherry, Chris Collinsworth, Joe Buck, 3 way deathmatch, who are you rooting for...
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The highlight of my day was meeting Chris Collinsworth while I was installing his new grill
It was great catching up with Chris Collinsworth today at Hilje Music in San Antonio! He did a great job on my horn!
Is it me or is better without Alexi Lalas. He's like Chris Collinsworth of
The commentators that do the Mexico games are worse than Chris Collinsworth
Best thing about watching on Chris Collinsworth
Bill Simmons is the Chris Collinsworth of NBA commentators/analysts
Ian tarke says the dumbest things I've ever heard a commentator say. he may make less sense than Chris Collinsworth
This commentator is like the British version of Chris Collinsworth
Far more entertaining. American/Canadian commentators are the worst for soccer. Dear God,imagine if they had Chris Collinsworth
Alexi Lalas is soccers version of Chris collinsworth. Aka the worst
Bill Simmons is up there with Chris Collinsworth and Alexi Lalas as worst people to listen to talk in sports
The pairing of Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth on the NFL are very good. Wish we had such quality in UK Sport.
Side by side, something at Tropical Isle in NOLA, and the inspiration (?) Chris Collinsworth?
Ohh no! Chris Collinsworth is down yeah I'm bored Lol!!!
Give me these guys over the Joe Bucks's and Chris Collinsworth's of the world any day.
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Cris Collinsworth just kicked off the 10th Annual Nearly 1,300 in attendance!
Good day beautiful people of Kansas City, surrounding areas and Chris Collinsworth.
Alexi Lalas is just as annoying as Chris Collinsworth.
nothing will ever match the gross that is Chris Collinsworth
Everyone who is NOT Chris Collinsworth. Everyone. Spero is better. Everyone.
Who decided that the British guy would announce the USA game? What about Charles Barkley or someone cool...anyone but Chris Collinsworth
What announcer do you dislike the most? Mine would be a tie between Joe Buck and Chris Collinsworth. -WDJC23
Today marks 10 years since Pat Tillman died and I cannot agree with Chris Collinsworth more that I don't understand why he is not in NFL Hall of Fame. Most of the Voters say they go strictly by the accomplishments on the field. First of all he was a pretty good football player and ignores the fact that he gave up millions of dollars and the best years of his career to serve his country. There are some people who transcend the sport and stand for a much bigger purpose like Jackie Robinson and Roberto Clemente. Besides *** Vitale is in the Basketball Hall of Fame and can anyone tell me what he has done to deserve this?
dammit Doris Burke is calling the game...she's like the Chris Collinsworth of the NBA 😤🔫
I've been shown how old I am twice today.. First my kids have no idea who Chris Collinsworth is guess they missed the Bengals heyday. 2nd they have never seen an ice cube tray and didnt know how to use it lol
Who are these rookie announcers for the Might as well have hired Chris Collinsworth, Joe Buck and John Gruden too!
This announcer Rex is as annoying as Chris Collinsworth.
Rex Chapman on TNT sounds just like Chris Collinsworth
they make Chris Collinsworth look good!
Just received word from my brother Chuck that on May 9th our dad will be inducted into the Space Coast Hall of Fame in Cocoa Beach, FL. So proud of Pop and all he did for sports in Brevard county. I know he and mom will smiling down on this ceremony. A few of the folks in this Hall of Fame are Clint Hurdle, Bruce Bochy, Chris Collinsworth, Wilber Marshall and FYI for my brother in law Chuck Williams his former college baseball coach Ernie Rosseau (not sure of spelling).
Jim Nantz, Chris Collinsworth, and Joe Buck... The most hated men, in sports broadcasting lol
Chris Collinsworth already has a stronghold on that award
Joe Buck better Than Chris Collinsworth, I'll kill myself listening to Chris
Chris Collinsworth just walked right by me and Isaac
I had to mute these announcers to tell you how bad they are, I don't even mute Chris Collinsworth
Never thought I'd say this but Jamie Moyer makes me miss chris wheeler...he's the worst broadcaster in sports id even prefer collinsworth
Whenever I'm down, I remember that Guy Fieri and Chris Collinsworth were in ATO, and then I feel worse
Chris Collinsworth leaves inside the NFL. I'd imagine he will be going to NBC sports along with SNF
CHRIS COLLINSWORTH: "That's it, bury his head in the ground" TK
Bob Knight is the college basketball equivalent to Chris Collinsworth
I just did another mock 2014 NFL Draft. . I still hate Chris Collinsworth, Mel Kiper Jr., and Mike Mayock.
Compare them to football commentators among the likes of Chris Collinsworth and Jim you understand.
Mike Milbury has now supplanted Chris Collinsworth as the biggest *** bag in sports broadcasting. His hatred for the Pens has been obvious since 1991 when Ulf Samulleson knocked Cam Neely out of their Conference Finals. His message after Orpiks hit on Towes was to go after Orpiks or any Penguin player for that matter. That's barbaric. Even Keith Jones, who does color commentary for the rival Flyers, was neutral.
Relaxing watching Super Bowl XXXIII from 1989 on the NFL network. Cincinnati Bengals vs San Francisco 49ers A great game with some great players! Joe Montana , Jerry Rice John Taylor , Boomer Esiason Ickey Woods , Chris Collinsworth ... The game has come along way in the wrong direction since then. Most players were class acts! If you watch it you will notice that A majority of today's players are " juiced up " ! Who thinks there's a connection due to the steroids in the amount of violence and the attitudes and lifestyles of today's players?
Russian classical composers are my favorite, and I think Chris Collinsworth is great as an NFL analyst and doing fine at the Olympics, though a different element, but comparing "Sheherazade" by Rimsky-Korsakov to "Phantom of the Opera" by Andrew Lloyd Webber, in my humble opinion, the most over-rated hack to ever spill ink on a chart, is, well, excusable, 'cause I really like Chris Collinsworth.
I love these guys when they do NFL, but Al Michael and Chris Collinsworth commenting on Russian ballet and classical music* is like Fred Flinstone and Barney Rubble reflecting on Haiku. *Closing ceremonies of the Sochi Olympics.
Listening to Darrell Waltrip commentate on the race, is like listening to Chris Collinsworth for NFL. not sure who is more annoying...meanwhile harvick just caused a huge wreck and didn't get any damage. Took out half the field including Danica. wtg Harvick in taking out your teammate lol
Watching the closing ceremonies and waiting for Chris Collinsworth to blame some mishap on Chip Kelly and the Eagles.
Chris Collinsworth is an old Matthew McConaughey. All right, all right, all right.
Going through old keepsakes to get rid of stuff, stumbled across some Topps rookie cards for James Lofton, Lawrence Taylor, Rafael Paleiro, Bernie Williams, Chris Collinsworth, Ozzie Newsome, Steve Largent, Everson Walls and others. Not rookie cards, but also found Terry Bradshaw, Herman Edwards, Tom Jackson, Dwight Clark, and so many others. Now, how do I finance a new pair of skis with these?
I don't care who you say, Dickie V, Dan Dachich, Chris Collinsworth... Nobody is worse than Bill Walton calling a game.
Just let wear shades. We'll understand. Someone do something before NBC gives us the Kathy Lee Gifford/Chris Collinsworth combo.
Is it merely coincidence that Chris Collinsworth and Mary Carillo are never in the same room?
Matt Lauer and Chris Collinsworth commenting on the Men's Snowboard Halfpipe! It's this the best you have to offer NBC?! I guess I should be glad that it's not Joe Buck!
Chris Collinsworth and Matt Lauer talking about snowboarding like and I talk about having bad hair
Ok NBC! You would not be my first choice for airing the Summer/Winter Olympics! Seeing Al Michaels, Chris Collinsworth and Lester Holt doing the show part of it is confusing. I see Al and Chris and I'm thinking football, but no, it's ice skating(dancing), ice prancing! And how the *** is that a team event?
Chris Collinsworth is trying to figure out a way to complement Tom Brady right now
The Russian stripper that gave Bob Costas pink eye is named Chris Collinsworth
I just realized what it was bothered me about football and NBC doing the Olympics: Chris Collinsworth. No, but really these "games" that rely on some drama with the "judges" (refs), as young people contort themselves to old, overplayed songs, just a bit on the turn-off side. i like about two or three minutes, then tire of hearing all the nuances the snobs are looking for outside of the facts that the kids know who won everytime without them. I watched some youngsters slide down the hill of a horse show for over five minutes. Stuffy, and really disgusting. I am writing this for myself so yes, over it. Wait for the ones that try to say I do not appreciate sports , listen to the laughter. The arena is almost empty at the all-world championship of this Russian "sport". Mockery is not a form of flattery. They cannot cheat, and say they have anything that we have here. We watch too. Russians just knocked France out of first place, fancy that, with a pretty nice routine to Marilyn Monroe (insert over-played sno ...
Matt Lauer, Ryan Seacrest and Chris Collinsworth create an unholy triumvirate that may very well bring my Winter Olympics viewing to a bitter end.
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Anyone complaining about Bob Costas covering the Olympics should count their blessings that NBC didn't assign it to Chris Collinsworth.
It's the Super Bowl and we are stuck with these moron announcers where is John Gruden or Chris Collinsworth??
Wait, if the Super Bowl is on fox does that mean Joe Buck is commentating? Please no, anybody but him or Chris Collinsworth
Can we please trade Joe Buck and Troy Aikman for Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth? or even better John Gruden and Mike Tirico? but really I miss John Madden and Pat Summerall.
Couldn't have chosen a worse guy to do the pro-bowl preview than Chris Collinsworth.
I also noticed while watching the pro bowl, my good pal Chris Collinsworth looks like he borrowed his shirt from Trent Cole
The fact that Chris Collinsworth isn't commentating on this game >>
Joe Buck almost *** as much as Chris Collinsworth... almost
I think I dislike Chris Collinsworth more though.
Troy Aikman is Chris Collinsworth's commentating twin... Please get a concussion and end you commentating career
I don't know who's worse, him or Chris Collinsworth.
Madden is a legend. I put Joe Buck in the same room as Chris Collinsworth. lol idk they just rub me the wrong way
rethinking my crush on Chris Collinsworth- what's with that puffy vest?!
al Michael's and Chris Collinsworth would be my nightmare
I really dislike Troy Aikman as an announcer, but not as much as Chris Collinsworth. No one is as bad as him
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Why does have the Super Bowl this year?? Their coverage of sports is HORRIBLE. Only plus is no chris collinsworth
Other than Chris collinsworth the only other analyst I can't stand is boomer esiason, not sure if I spelled that right...
This Ref is Chris Collinsworth brother, they look same
Joe Buck and chris collinsworth may be the worst annnouncers ever
Has Chris Collinsworth congratulated the Patriots on their AFC championship victory yet?
yes the only broadcaster I like without reservation is Chris Collinsworth. Gus Johnson does SJ Earthquakes games
If going totally sport-agnostic, Vin Scully. Otherwise a mix of Gus Johnson, Chris Collinsworth, and Silence.
If you want me to care about the ProBowl, guarantee that if I watch, I never have to listen to Chris Collinsworth or Deion Sanders again
Who's worse, Joe Buck or Chris collinsworth?
Chris Collinsworth and Joe Buck should get married and travel the world together, never to commentate again.
Social experiment: Who is more aggravating? Chris Collinsworth or Joe Buck
I make the same face when I watch Sunday Night Football and Chris Collinsworth is on there
I would rather 69 Vince Wilfork than listen to Chris collinsworth's voice during this game.
he and Chris Collinsworth: Masters of the obvious
Chris Collinsworth on a TV show sounds terrible
I can't decide who's worse, Joe Buck or chris collinsworth
not a lotta love for this pair either. Where's Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth when you need them?
How can we get Joe Buck, Chris Collinsworth, and Al Michaels on a lil "Buddy Holly" airplane?
Lmaooo Chris Collinsworth analysis “Which defense wants it more will win..”
Even Helen Keller is glad she doesn't have to hear Chris collinsworth's voice until next season.
If Phil Simms and Chris collinsworth ever narrated madden I prolly wouldn't buy it. They're too negative!
I wish Chris Collinsworth was announcing this game.
the only thing that could be worse is if Chris Collinsworth was announcing with him.
Joe Buck is my least favorite man in sports, closely followed by Chris Collinsworth
The only way the commentary for this game could get worse is add Chris Collinsworth he'd probably sit in the middle
Id like to see a celebrity deathmatch between Chris Collinsworth and Joe Buck. In real life.
The only thing that could make the announcing crew for the NFC championship game worse would be Chris Collinsworth.
just went on a rant about how I can't stand him or Chris collinsworth
the WORST announcers in football. why didn't they just add Chris Collinsworth? it could be the 3 lil pig heads blabbering
I dont know who i hate more, Joe Buck or Chris Collinsworth. Theyre both bad
I’d like to thank a higher power that we never have an announce team of Joe Buck and Chris Collinsworth.
Chris Collinsworth just sulking right now..
Idk who I hate more, Chris Collinsworth, Phil Simms, Lesean Mccoy, or that old dusty *** lisp having *** college game day sports caster
Chris Collinsworth what do you have to say about the Broncos! Sure you will go for the other team at the big game but for now sing their praises!
I guess I'll take listening to Joe Buck over Chris collinsworth. They're both terrible though
Jim Nantz would have chris collinsworth as a color commenter than step foot into
I can't even deal with Phil Simms, he is just as annoying an dumb as Chris Collinsworth
Matthew McConaughey should play Chris collinsworth in a dark thriller about his football career
Chris collinsworth is the pharell of nfl commentary. *** doesn't age.
Ugh. Just saw a NFL promo with Chris Collinsworth's arrogant mug. I almost threw up a little bit in my mouth.
Matthew McConaughey needs to play Chris Collinsworth before it's too late.
Are Chris Collinsworth and Martin Short the same person?
Chris Collinsworth is the most annoying commentator . Ever
Phil Simms & Chris Collinsworth on one show, God I would rather be shot
Chris Collinsworth watching Peyton play this game like
Wow. I thought Chris Collinsworth was calling the game.
give me Chris Collinsworth over Phil Simms. That's saying a lot too
And Chris collinsworth, they have the most pointless commentary
Phil Simms and Chris collinsworth should announce games together so I can just mute it avd listen to music
they are still better than that *** Chris Collinsworth. He is probably on the sidelines kissing Bradys balls.
There is a good thing about the AFC and NFC title. No Chris Collinsworth
"You don't get winners without losers" -Chris Collinsworth
its unbelievable! Him and chris collinsworth..makes me sick!
I'm not sure who's more terrible, Chris Collinsworth or Phil Simms...
I can't tell whose worse of an announcer..Phil Simms or Chris Collinsworth. Get off the Patriots *** ***
have you ever listened to Chris Collinsworth???
Can't stand hearing Phil Simms wish Chris Collinsworth was on CBS to call this game
I always thought Chris Collinsworth was the most annoying football announcer. Phil Simms has me thinking otherwise...
Phil Simms has reached Chris Collinsworth level of commentary
Phil Simms is terrible. Chris Collinsworth should do every nationally televised game
JTM Ad from 1989 featuring Chris Collinsworth. We think it's safe to say we've both come a long way since then.
Chris Collinsworth that is definitely true, going both ways on the crazy family party, huh? Lol
I wonder if Chris Collinsworth is stroking his pole right now thinking about Peyton Manning.
Man I hope Chris Collinsworth is not the commentator tomorrow. He is horrible.
I use to like Dan Dierdorf but he is beginning to sound like Chris Collinsworth and thats just not good!!
Chris Collinsworth gave the Panthers some love and picked em on inside the NFL.. Portis and collinsworth only smart experts out there
Trying to figure out how Jeff VanGundy is still an announcer... He is the Chris Collinsworth and Tim McCarver of the NBA
Just read that Joe Buck and Chris Collinsworth are taking over for Wheels and Sarge announcing the Phillies games!
Good News - Bad News !! The Phillies announced that Wheeler & Matthews are gone as announcers ! The bad news is that the Phillies hired Tim McCarver & Chris Collinsworth.
Worst sports announcers, not in any order: Brent Musberger, Joe Buck, Tim McCarver, Howard Cosell, Marv Albert, Kenny Albert, Chris Collinsworth, Howard Eskin Feel free to add to the list.
Chris Collinsworth went from being a mediocre receiver to being the worst color man in NFL announcing. he must have one *** of an alimentary canal!
Chris Collinsworth is annoying.then there is Phil Simms.I am real close to watching NFL games with the closed captioning on and the volume down.utterly ANNOYING
Somebody correct if I am wrong, but didn't Phil Simms play football before? Oh yeah that's right, he played for those N.Y. Football Giants. Because if you listen to this fool talk you really wouldn't think so. Really can't stand him or Chris Collinsworth, very thankful they don't do a broadcast together.
I think Phil Simms and Chris Collinsworth should have a competition to see who truly is the worst NFL announcer. There are others out there that suck but these 2 are definitely on top. Phil Simms should retire and within a year or two Al Michaels is either going to choke Collinsworth till he's dead or give him a Piledriver on the concrete. Al Michaels deserves better than having to call a game with that Yahoo.
32 years ago I was living in Cincinnati when the Bengals ( Chris Collinsworth, Pete Johnson, Kenny Anderson, Anthony Munoz) played Dan Fouts and Air Coryell in one of the coldest NFL Playoff Games, Note: I was on crutches with a broken ankle lol Who Dey, Who Dey going beat them Bengals, Welcome To The Jungle
I blame Chris Collinsworth for the Eagles Loss. He kills drives and momentum just by talking.
I hope Chris Collinsworth calls the Seattle game so he can jinx the Saints to another victory.
Chris Collinsworth is painful to listen to. AS bad as Bill Walton commentate basketball.
Congrats to Chip Kelly and The Eagles I never thought you would make it this far! Screw you Chris Collinsworth and Bob Costas! Annoying! Well played Saints!
Chris Collinsworth was hatin on the Saints the whole 4th quarter and he had the ugliest jacket ever boy Craig Saeger wouldn't even wear that
Chris Collinsworth is hands down worst announcer! Comparing McCoy to Barry Sanders. McCoy can't hold Barry's jock! Desean Jackson how about showing up against 1 string players!
Who's worse than Chris Collinsworth? Bob Costas. Glad he's not on too long
Saints deserved it more. I can't stress how much I hate Chris Collinsworth. Starting to dislike Al Michaels too, due to his proximity to Mr. Collinsworth.
The only thing left for a good season would be a Chris Collinsworth car crash.with any luxk he will run over Al Michaels.
Dear Chris Collinsworth, You can throw your Philly hat in the trash now. Go ahead and put on the Seattle hat, *** Sincerely, Philly Lost
Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth tried as hard as they could to jinx that FG...
If Chris Collinsworth says that Shayne Graham has been perfect all year one more time, then the Eagles have it in the bag.
Someone needs to shut up Chris Collinsworth
I hate Chris collinsworth but s/o to him for acknowledging rugby and saying "rugby scrum"
Chris Collinsworth has to be the most knowledgable NFL analyst ever. He predicts plays better than anybody. I enjoy listening to somebody like him. Al Michaels as play by play ain't bad either.
I'd like Chris Collinsworth a whole lot more if he would shut his pie hole! So annoying.
Dear nbc .please replace chris collinsworth.he is a large bag o *** ..
Dear Chris Collinsworth, please shut the *** up. Sincerely, People with Brains
Chris collinsworth talks to much...
Is it me, or is Chris Collinsworth wearing a Break-Away Suit from Real House Husbands of Hollywood? That Suit-Vest tight too!
How many times is Chris Collinsworth going to say the word "precarious"? LOL!
Rick Crandall - Chris Collinsworth just said your favorite saying "It's 4th down territory" - twice. Hope you got to hear it!
Wonder when Chris Collinsworth will retire? All I can say is it won't be soon enough. He drives me nuts.
How is Chris Collinsworth still able to talk with the saints *** all the way down his throat?
Chris Collinsworth comparing Lesean Jackson to Barry Sanders I don't think so
Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth should just go ahead and crown the Saints Super Bowl Champions... GEEZZZ!
ok...I like Chris Collinsworth and all, but LeSean McCoy doesn't hold a light to Barry Sanders
Dear Chris Collinsworth-less, Comparing Lesean McCoy to Barry Sanders is a waste of breath... Sincerely, Someone who actually sees the huge difference...
when Chris Collinsworth and John Madden have a baby, that thing is gonna be the most blubbering little commentator known to man
I used to like Chris Collinsworth. Hard to imagine why.
Somebody tell Chris Collinsworth we play D down here too. Seattle and Carolina not the only ones.
Nice suit vest Chris Collinsworth. Is that what Belichick wears to church Tyler Cox?
Will someone please shut up Chris Collinsworth!
My boy chris collinsworth makin an *** of himself as usual can someone tell me why he still has a job
What in the world is Chris Collinsworth wearing?
Chris Collinsworth needs to shut his stupid mouth.. A little bit of a hold??? Really??? Were we just watching the same play? God you're a hack!
What the 'F' is Chris collinsworth wearing? Someone, anyone help the poor ***
Whats going on with Chris Collinsworth - is that a tweed puffy vest?
I think Chris Collinsworth needs to just call & comment to the San Francisco 49ners games only.
I like chris collinsworth hes a local guy that grew up in Titusville,he was a three sport standout at astronaut h.s. the same school my kids graduated from.But while I watch the philly new Orleans game seeing him announce it he sure needs to do something about that outfit hes wearing!He reminds me of a guy I saw in central park in nyc once that had a monkey with a tin cup collecting coins grinding an organ!
If I see u Chris Collinsworth im gonna K.O your ***
Chris Collinsworth and Dan Dakich. I'd rather ride Its a Small World ride at Disney 5 times than listen to either of one of them commentate
Please Repond- is Chris Collinsworth an irritatingly arrogant announcer, or is it just him?
I really can't stand Chris Collinsworth. Sub-par player=sub-par announcer.
Thank God the football game is on the radio b/c I'm in no mood to hear Al Michaels or Chris Collinsworth talk tonight.
Chris Collinsworth and Al Michaels are the worst announcing team in the history of TV. They both hate the Saints and ain't afraid to show it.
Thank goodness Chris Collinsworth was there to explain to us three times that the shin is above the ankle. GO eagles!
Man I hate Chris Collinsworth he never shuts up *** keeps on sucking those eagles nuts !
Chris Collinsworth seems to be wearing a winter suit vest. He could be wearing his old Bengals uniform and still look less ridiculous.
Does Chris collinsworth love the saints or what all he talks about is the saints or compares a eagles player to a saints player
Does anybody else think Chris Collinsworth sounds like the ONLY EAGLE HATER
I really wish Chris Collinsworth would get hugged in the face with a shovel!
Chris Collinsworth is just an annoying commentator. I do not care what game you are watching or who is playing. He is just annoying!
God I want to punch chris collinsworth!
If Chris Collinsworth were to commentate on my life, he would say "There he is breathing because you know , without oxygen the body will die."
I hate chris collinsworth. Always rooting for whoever the Saints are playing against. Some fair announcing would be a welcome change.
Ya know Chris Collinsworth is smarter than i give him credit for. he knows the shin is above the ankle.
Chris Collinsworth: you know the ankle is part of the foot and the shin is above foot. Mom: thank you for that anatomy lesson Collinsworth. Love watching football with her...
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