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Chris Collinsworth

Anthony Cris Collinsworth (born January 27, 1959) is a former American college and professional football player who was a wide receiver in the National Football League (NFL) for eight seasons during the 1980s.

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Isn't that Chris Collinsworth on the left?
Am I the only person who hates Chris Berman? I mean this when I say it, I'd rather listen to Chris Collinsworth and that says a lot.
Chris Collinsworth and Al Michaels on ... On Always a great show with Feherty!
Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth on Super Bowl broadcast…. Is there a way to use the mute button on just Collinsworth?
Who do you hate worse: Pierre McGuire or Chris Collinsworth? Show your work.
*** Vitale is the Chris Collinsworth of college basketball. I hate both of them.
nope he's been eating Chris Collinsworth's ***
Chris Collinsworth and Al Michaels are going to ruin the Superbowl. Amateur analysis for a great game, shame.
no doubt. I need those beast mode TDs and for Chris Collinsworth to be mad too.
I’m very much looking forward to this game…what I’m NOT looking forward to is hearing Chris Collinsworth talk for 3+ hours…
NOW on the Show - Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth! Listen LIVE 1057FM/1250AM
I have no interest in any Super Bowl story line this year. Not to mention having to listen to Chris Collinsworth for 4 hours.
America has to suffer through Chris Collinsworth commentating Super Bowl XLIX... Goodell should find himself for that debacle.
Is Mackey the Chris Collinsworth of local media? ☺
Well I will be muting the Super Bowl thanks to Chris Collinsworth' presence
Finally got around to watching new "Real Sports" last night. Will never look at Chris Collinsworth the same ever again. Great piece on him.
Late addition to today's lineup: Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth
Are Al Micheals and Chris Collinsworth the Super Bowl commentators this year?
Chris Collinsworth is the cutest lil broadcaster
Wait. The Super Bowl is on NBC? Does that mean Chris Collinsworth is on the broadcast? If so,
Bob Errey just stated the Jets will make the NHL Playoffs. Following the steps of Chris Collinsworth. FIRED
Just spoke w/ Chris Collinsworth about Marshawn Lynch shutting down at Media Day. Relax at 11
Always love listening to Chris Collingsworth. The work he puts in shows
Real Sports on HBO solid tonight - Story of 85 Bears, Marbury, Urban Mayer, and Chris Collinsworth
Chris Collinsworth on Qualcomm: "It's a terrible stadium. I don't mean that to be offensive, but that's a fact."
Listening to Chris Collinsworth and Bob Costas read the phonebook
fans! Football analyst Chris Collinsworth opened up about Qualcomm Stadium. Agree or disagree?:
patriots are 4-0 this year when Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth are announcing. (Bengals,Colts,Chargers, and Ravens)
Chris Collinsworth has 4 laptops for preparing for the Super Bowl -
Just found out Chris Collinsworth is commentating the Super Bowl... 😩😩😩
Out of all the people I could share a birthday with its Chris Collinsworth, Jesus Christ that guy sucked at football and at broadcasting
UGH.. that *** Chris Collinsworth will be calling the Super Bowl
Happy Birthday Chris Collinsworth. Worst announcer of all time.
It would be a perfect Super Bowl if Chris the preying mantis Collinsworth wasn't calling the game
Chris Collinsworth is essentially a creepy uncle version of Skeletor... Bowl
Go tell Chris Collinsworth to at least try to hide his Racism he's not auditioning for job on TK
. Nice!! Maybe Chris Collinsworth will explain eligible / in eligible receivers to him.
when is someone going to call out Chris Collinsworth on his man crush of Russell Wilson? He sounds like John Madden and the Cowboys
So far the only things positive I can say about the coverage of the State of The Union is, neither Chris Collinsworth, Phil Simms, nor Al Michaels is doing the pre-speech show. However if they could fit in Frank Caliendo in some way, I would greatly appreciate it. HINT HINT!!!
Chris Collinsworth or Bill Walton. Who is worse at their job?
Chris Collinsworth just said he never doubted Roger Goodell’s integrity, while Al Michaels gushed about him braving the elements.
Bill Walton makes Chris Collinsworth seem like a good color commentator
We the Fans of the NFL, are fed up with Chris Collinsworth's bias, annoying, celf-centered announcing style. Many viewers turns down the volume on their TV's to avoid having to listen to him. You are loseing viewers because of him, and it will get worst. We want him removed, so listening to a game w…
No. Someone made a petition to NBC and the NFL to fire Chris Collinsworth.
Petition to ban 'Chris' Collinsworth from NFL broadcasts. ' will get worst...'
Chris Collinsworth and Al Michaels are by far the BEST announcers on the NFL network. I am absolutely astounded that ESPN would even consider firing Chris!
Sick of listening to Collinsworth's rambling nonsense? Go and sign this petition.
Dan Dakich is the Chris Collinsworth of college basketball.
I can not stand Pierre McGuire!!! He's like Joe Buck and Chris Collinsworth in one. Plus he hates the Sharks.
Chris collinsworth getting fired is the best news ive heard all day
It pains me to say this but I finally hate someone more the I hate Chris Collinsworth. Stan *** hole)Kroenke
I hope Coach Shanahan gets a job soon, the NFL needs people let him. What doe Chris Collinsworth think.
“There's a petition to fire Chris Collinsworth 😂” 😂😂 why ?
Happy charges aint make the playoffs if I had to hear Chris Collinsworth talk about Antonio Gates playing college basketball I'd kill myself
Fire Chris Collinsworth as sports announcer. He is biased and annoying.
Chris Collinsworth should start calling WWE matches.
oh Chris collinsworth, Troy aikmen and Joe Buck in one booth for a game. And it said "this is what *** looks like" lol
Chris Collinsworth has a darkness to him. I bet he does weird stuff to hookers
So glad Chris Collinsworth got fired could not stand his *** comments and not gettin his facts straight.
Who is Many Viewers and why does he hate Chris Collinsworth?
I know he played at Duke and that's about it. Mike Bibby is an *** Chris Collinsworth could have autism.
Does Shane Battier really have to do this game? I'd almost rather listen to Chris Collinsworth.
Lol the grammar on this petition trying to get Chris Collingsworth fired
There's a petition on the internet for nbc to fire Chris collinsworth and I love it 😂😂
Chris Collinsworth is horrible. He also thinks Suggs is a stand up person. Google suggs and bleach.
Lol there's a petition to fire Chris collinsworth. That's hilarious
So there's a petition to fire Chris Collinsworth from NBC Sunday Night Football...Sign my name on that line!
there is a website calling for the firing of Chris Collinsworth. Thought?
OMG thank you Jesus. Now if we can only get Joe Buck and *** Stockton out were good
Steelers fans empty your diaper here .
Joe Buck taking it all the way to the Chris Collinsworth level via
Bellyaching Ben is so disappointed...he was going to go have a shower...and a spooning session with Chris Collinsworth
Wow, I had no idea filed a petition on change dot org to get Cris Collinsworth fired.
Oh I love Silly people. I hate him as much as the next, but Fire Chris Collinsworth as sports announcer
This seems like it might align with your interests. A petition to fire Chris Collinsworth:
I think Chris collinsworth is more deserving
Why couldn't we keep Stuart Scott and them take Dan Dakich or Mark May or Chris Collinsworth
If you were stuck in a room with a gun that had 2 bullets with Hitler and Joe Buck how many times would you shoot Chris…
Suggs ripped a guys a helmet off. Chris Collinsworth thought it was a hall of fame caliber play.
I wish it was Chris Berman or cris collinsworth who had died
I just saw this, wow! I don't agree but clearly others do.
This actually exists, and he misspelled the offending announcer's name. Thanks, Flyoverville OH.
he's the brother of Chris Collinsworth...but no, not THAT Chris Collinsworth.
If we all loved others as much as Chris Collinsworth loves Terrell Suggs, there would be no more wars or fights or eve…
.- I can't stand to listen to Chris Collinsworth announce FB. He is so biased and needs vocal training.
I really hope this petition thing works and Chris Collinsworth gets fired/remove from his position
“Is it true Chris Collinsworth has been fired as a announcer?” Please say yes
NBC: Fire Chris Collinsworth as sports announcer via
Chris Collinsworth is trending and I don't even have to look to see why. Steelers Nation thinks you're an ***
I cannot take another word from Chris Collinsworth
Best part of the game...I didnt have to listen to Chris since I dont watch hockey. ..&really cant get in to this Pitt ACC thing..what the *** am I supposed to do until opening day in April? ??
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Chris Collinsworth is more annoying than Pierre McGuire
Seriously NBC can you not find anybody better to commentate than Chris Collinsworth he never has anything good to say about the Steelers the only reason I can come up with because when he was with the Bengals the Steelers always beat up on them. Maybe I should send in my resume and Collinsworth can go packin
Chris Collinsworth just said Mosley hit Miller with a "legal version" of a helmet-to-helmet hit. Are we making up rules now? …
Why do we always get stuck with Chris Collinsworth as our *** announcer.. I almost hate him as much as a psu fan
What a day in defeat. An hour drive to Midland Pa to watch my son Adam and the pr varsity boys go down in defeat. Then an hour and 15 minutes to Norwin to watch the Andrew and the fifth graders miss a buzzer beater that would have won the game then 45 min to Pittsburgh to watch that debacle. The only good in it was spending the day with Andrew, and from what I've been reading.not having to hear Chris Collinsworth for 3 hours while I suffered through that.
L. Bell didn't play? I never heard anyone mention it, especially Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth.
Dr. Chris Collinsworth knew right away that the interception was because he was "just not right".
I'd rather listen to a hundred hours of Collinsworth ove ten seconds of Chris Berman
I wish you could mute announcers, I hate Chris Collinsworth more than I hate the Ravens
There was 10 minutes left in the game. Ravens are winning by 8. Ravens have the ball. 3rd and 13. Chris Collinsworth says "Play of the game for the Ravens". He was acting like, if the Ravens don't convert, the Steelers will win. I understand the Steelers are a very good team, but they didn't lose because they didn't have Bell. They lost because the Ravens won. The Ravens were the better team today. The Ravens may be inconsistent, but they should still command respect. They have talent at every position on the field and on the sideline. If they win the next game or even the Superbowl it will not be a fluke. It will be earned. It would be nice if the analysts and commentators would stop acting like the Ravens keep winning the lottery. Go Ravens!
I think Suggs played a very good game considering Chris Collinsworth so far up his butt he could tell you what he had for lunch.
Chris Collinsworth if you take away 7 of the Steelers points this game is really close
Chris Collinsworth's head is so far up the Steelers' *** he can't even see the game
Cassandra Hirsh has grown to dislike Chris Collinsworth very deeply these last two weeks. I tried to explain he is only doing his job on NBC Sunday Night Football, but alas, she is not a fan. In fact, I think dislike should be despise.
The nfl and NBC have managed to put the two worst things on the planet on tv at the same time: the steelers and chris collin…
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Shut up Chris Collinsworth, the Steelers are not going to Denver next week
Chris Collinsworth has been quiet all night until there's a call vs. the Steelers
Hmm i wonder if the Steelers are missing Le'veon Bell. Maybe i should ask Chris Collinsworth
I absolutely hate listening to Chris Collinsworth. He should be banned from commentating during steelers games.
Will Chris collinsworth hop off of Terrell Suggs *** for once
Chris Collinsworth sounded like his best friend got shot when Ben threw the pick. 😂😂😂
Chris collinsworth get off Leveon Bells *** dudes not even playing
There are so many awful, idiotic, overpaid television sports color commentators. Then there is Chris Collinsworth.
Chris Collinsworth is terrible regardless, but when he is calling the game and your team is losing its nearly stroke inducing rage that takes over your whole body
Could horse-face Chris Collinsworth been more a homer for Ravens? What an ***
Someone.PLEASE.pull Chris Collinsworth's bottom lip up over his head.
If I ever work in sports television and have the opportunity to punch Chris Collinsworth in the mouth, I absolutely will.
I get that the steelers were not totally on their game tonight,BUT idiotic officiating and ridiculous penalties, I'm just saying. these are the types of games that make you think that SOMEBODY is lining there pockets.I am not trying to say that they didn't earn their loss,BUT Baltimore was HOLDING more than a mother holding her newborn child and never got called for it,and what about the hitting a defensless player in the back toward the end. Also I think that the Chris Collinsworth needs to be a little bit more bias on who he is wanting to win,he cut on the Steelers and Ben so much you would think that he was on the Buttamore payroll,a loss is a loss and Steelers nation will absorb it and move on WE Still have 6, GO STEELERS we'll get them next year,LETS GO PENS
I cannot fully explain how much I despise Chris Collinsworth
Hey folks, I honestly don't wanna talk about football... But with as many fans as we have wouldn't ya think we have enough to sway an election, or get Chris collinsworth reamed?
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I can almost see Chris Collinsworth's chub for Terrell Suggs through my television set.
Hey do everyone a favor and fire Chris Collinsworth
If anyone needs to know what Terrell Suggs *** and balls taste like Chris Collinsworth will let you know
90% of everything Chris Collinsworth has said tonight could be translated to "terell suggs please bend me over the table to…
If I could kill one person on this planet it would be Chris Collinsworth.
My hate for Chris Collinsworth is so deep.
Chris Collinsworth looking for Suggs' hotel room # tonight
Chris Collinsworth certainly loves him to death
“Chris Collinsworth is Hot! I luv his eyes and smile must not have sound on your tv
Chris Collinsworth has a mangina... Pass it on
Chris Collinsworth SHOULDN'T be allowed to do anymore Steeler games due to the way he roots as announcer against the Steelers!
Now here is a question...Who on the Ravens is Chris Collinsworth in bed with??? This supposedly impartial TV announcer is so in love with the Ravens that it is sickening!!!
Football season is officially over, on the bright side is no more Chris Collinsworth.
Chris Collinsworth needs to just not talk. Ever.
I cannot believe how much the name "Suggs" has rolled off of the tongue of Chris Collinsworth.
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Only good thing about the Steelers losing is we don't have to listen to Chris Collinsworth crying on the broadcast
Chris Collinsworth on the dirty bird payroll? I think so!!!
"Hi, I'm Chris Collinsworth, and I'm here to suck the Raven's *** "
The steelers really need us right now guys...they got screwed by the officials..lost to the Ravens...while Chris Collinsworth broadcasted.we need to stand united now more than ever family!!!
Just sayin wouldn't be a bad thing if tomorrow headline was Chris Collinsworth found floating in the fountain at the point
"It's all about who gets healthy at the right time" -- Chris Collinsworth
Chris collinsworth is by far the worst announcer ever! He's the new Dan diedorf
For the love of God quit letting Chris collinsworth commentate
I would like someone to punch Chris Collinsworth in the mouth for his comments. Is that what you mean by letting loose?
Chris Collinsworth was obviously not in my zip code
Tonight couldn't get worse. First the Ravens win then they tell us Chris collinsworth will be announcing the game
Chris Collinsworth's assertion that "it's all about when you get health" couldn't be more right. Both losers today were heavily banged up
And just maybe Chris collinsworth will get Terrell Suggs *** out of his mouth by the end of the night
I kinda like listening to Chris Collinsworth call the game
Chris Collinsworth is like that *** kid from class who always uses big words for no reason
I wonder if Chris Collinsworth knows he sounds like an *** ..
I absolutely hate Chris Collinsworth. Pay attention.. He hates the steelers .. And for some reason commentates more than h…
It's very hard for me to believe that Chris Collinsworth played football.
I'd rather cut my ears off than listen to chris collinsworth commentate a football game
Hold on!! Why is Chris Collinsworth making excuses about injuries?! Bruh! We got 19 people on IR?!.
What do we have to do to get rid of Chris Collinsworth? Please give us an answer!!!
I hope Chris Collinsworth gets HPV on his face
I vote Chris Collinsworth to cover every steelers game!! I really don't get why everyone in Pgh hates him.
Out this man Chris collinsworth in madden. He's the best commentator in football
Not even as mad as I would be if we lost WITH Leveon I said, no excuses but it's hard playin the opponent, the ref, and hatin -ss drunk -ss Chris Collinsworth...We WILL be back stronger than ever next year
The announcer Chris Collinsworth is annoying af
Chris Collinsworth: "Bell not playing is a huge blow for the Steelers". Al Michaels: "Ya I know Chris, btw did we talk about Bell yet?"
Why does Chris Collinsworth love the Stealers so much? Get outta here, Chris.
Chris Collinsworth will now spend the night fantasizing that he was the ball caught between Terrell Suggs legs
Chris collinsworth is the worst sports commentator in the history of the nfl
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I hate Chris collinsworth, but i would much rather him than have to listen to john gruden.
The only good things about tonight's game is the knowledge that 1. The Ravens will lose next week and 2. Chris Collinsworth will probably cry when they do. Steelers fan for life!
My reaction when I have to listen to Chris Collinsworth commentate during a steelers game
3 stars tonight for the Ravens:3) Jim harbaugh on the sideline. 2) chris collinsworth with his godly praise on the Ravens1) refs;enough said
I may hate the Ravens, but I hate Chris Collinsworth more.
I think next year for Xmas, I'm giving a dinner date with Chris collinsworth and Todd Haley
"Chris Collinsworth needs to take a flight out of Malaysia."
Between the steelers secondary, the refs, and Chris Collinsworth, this game was nearly unwatchable.
This just in... Steelers lose and will not be in the playoffs but Chris Collinsworth is still optimistic for snuggling with Rothlessburger later tonight.
Not sure what's worse, the Pens losing, the Steelers losing, or hearing the voices of Tunch Ilkin and Chris Collinsworth stealing money.
I don't know what is more depressing: the Ravens beating the Steelers for the first time ever in the playoffs, the fact that next week I will root for the Patriots in a game, or the fact that Chris Collinsworth stole three hours from my life that I won't get back.
What a terrible game. It's bad enough to watch the Steeler play so badly but to have to endure the commentary by Chris Collinsworth throughout the whole game just made it so much more unbearable. Cannot stand that guy.
Does anyone know why Chris Collinsworth is still an announcer for NFL football? He ***
Horrible officiating in the Steelers game. Unreal. And Chris collinsworth needs to shut up so you can hear the *** game. We tried, and made mistakes, but only can do so much when the refs are not seeing penalties that should of been called... Good shot . Ps: t suggs looks like a horse.
I've never been so disappointed in the Pittsburgh Steelers ever did Pittsburgh realize it was the playoffs how many sacks did they allow how many fumbles how many interceptions did Ben throw and penalties oh my God they deserve to lose and another thing I hate Chris collinsworth
I feel like the NFL wanted the Ravens to win this game. Chris Collinsworth is a Ravens homer. I'm normally fine when the Steelers lose but the officiating was horrendous tonight. 100 plus minutes for the steelers 15 for the Ravens.
Wow Chris Collinsworth a true Steelers hater all game nothing but negativity ... I love the hate but it's tiring why is he on TV .
My broadcast dream team: Chris Collinsworth, Chris Berman, Erin Andrews. With Stephen A Smith and Skip Bayless at halftime.
I never wish bad things on anyone but i will on chris collinsworth. The guy is a fn *** Fn annoying!
Chris Collinsworth: I'll tell you, there's nothing better than playing in an opposing team's stadium during a playoff game, and there's silence and people are just streaming out! Um, yeah. I think "playing on your homefield during a playoff game and winning" would like to have a word with you Chris...
one good thing about the game being over don't have to listen to Chris Collinsworth anymore
Is it just me or does Chris Collinsworth want to make love to every Baltimore raven especially horse face Suggs
Chris Collinsworth resembles an oblong part of the male anatomy found in the middle region between the thighs.
Chris Collinsworth. You suck more than our Steelers suck! Shame on you!
Let me be the first to say Chris Collinsworth may be the best nfl announcer on TV! :-)
Steelers fans, Did you hear the announcers? "The Ravens REALLY put it to em tonight", per Chris Collinsworth. Ouch!
I know I've said it before but I will say it again. Chris Collinsworth is the most annoying sports announcer ever.
Chris Collinsworth should be on with Kelly Rippa. And steeler fans will turn as quickly as a jail house snitch needing a cigarette. 2 things I learned tonight, and xmas was last week. Gradkowski jerseys flying off the shelf tomorrow Lol cya next year
First off.Chris Collinsworth and his commentating can eat a d***! Second, my daddy taught me not to be a sore loser, but I do not have to congratulate the winner. Third and most important, my daddy taught me to love the game of football. With that said, I still love my Steelers and will continue to love and watch the game. Should be interesting to see who goes to the Superbowl. As long as its not Ravens, Pats, Cowboys or Denver.all is well!! LOL
Chris Collinsworth is so happy about the Steeler loss he doesn't know what to do with himself. I am now officially a Patriots fan for 1 week!
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I need need 2 things right now. A Xanax and someone to sniper Chris Collinsworth.
And Chris Collinsworth thanks for all your negativity this season.
Does Chris Collinsworth bother anyone else as the announcer!!! He talks to much!!!
Who's worse Chris Collinsworth or John Madden?? Good Lord! Better season than I expected. Until next year.on to hockey and baseball! ❤ the STEELERS!!
Three things I really hate in this game...the Stillers, Ravens and Chris Collinsworth.not necessarily in that order...depends on my mood!!!
Someone needs to silence Chris collinsworth... I hate hearing that guy speak.
If God wanted the Steelers to win, they would. We are gracious and humble fans. Everything happens for a reason. There is always next year and we pray Chris Collinsworth retires. Amen. Oh, and who names their kid Will Hill.
There hasn't been a Raven tonight that Chris Collinsworth hasn't let mouth rape him tonight
Looks like after this its going to be Manning vs Brady for the 500th time in the AFC Championship game...because the Ratbirds won't win against the crybabies. And Denver will somehow win. Ridiculous!!! And SHUT UP CHRIS COLLINSWORTH!!!
I can't stand the sound of Chris Collinsworth's voice!!!
I can't stand Philly teams but I think I hate the Baltimore Ravens more than anything. Til next year Steelers. That was not a good playoff game. I blame Chris Collinsworth
Good season. Our defense still *** And can someone please shoot Chris Collinsworth!
Not sure who I dislike more, the Ravens or Chris Collinsworth.
I usually like him, but NBC needs to turn Chris Collinsworth off!
I can't take anymore of Chris Collinsworth
If you've read even just a taste of NFL brain injury journalism in recent years, it's remarkable to tune into a few minutes of a game (as I just have), watch Ben Roethlisberger hurt his head and get taken out for "concussion protocol" (which lasts for 2 minutes), hear Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth use words like "cloudy" and "cobwebs" to describe how he looks when he comes back, and then see Ben throw a pass into bad coverage. Football violence is just part of the game, but the way it's handled by the league and covered by the journalist-spokesmen is insane.
If Chris collinsworth says splash play one more time I think I'll puke.
Chris Collinsworth, you've got a little something on your chin. I think it's Terrell Suggs.
Am I the only one that thinks Chris Collinsworth is the worst football analyst on TV?
Oh well, what ya going to do. Tomorrow is another day. The sun will come up or at least it will get light out, we ALL will still have to pay taxes and Chris Collinsworth will still be a jag off!! Cant win them all.
I wonder if Chris Collinsworth could get any more of Flacco's *** in his mouth if he tried.. And as for the officiating, I can't quite come up with something witty enough to express how I feel about their participation in this game
Bradley Kunkle has been muting Chris Collinsworth every time he offers his "play by play" for the last hour. What took so long?
Win or lose . I'll always hate Chris Collinsworth😡
Is anyone enjoying the Ravens/Steelers score as much as I am? Chris Collinsworth not saying too much about Big Ben this week
Chris Collinsworth cannot say, "That was a good play. Good job Steelers". No one cares you were a receiver for the Bengals when dinosaurs roamed the earth. You weren't that good and you need to move on past the rivalry.
Hilarious that everyone is complaining about Chris Collinsworth...ha! Is he as bad as Steigerwald?
This game is making me sick. And I HATE Chris Collinsworth!
I blame Chris Collinsworth, for the loss, and to the fans that left before Baltimore ran the clock out, you ain't Steelers Fans, your just jag-offs
How can Chris Collinsworth talk with suggs *** in his mouth?
Is a standing 8 count a new rule in the NFL? Apparently, according to Chris Collinsworth it is.
Wow now Chris Collinsworth is a Doctor, what's next oh wait I have an idea RETIREMENT!
I'd give the last 5 years of my life to get Chris collinsworth behind the wood shed for 10 minutes!!
Is Chris Collinsworth rooting for the Steelers or what ?
Let's put Chris Collinsworth and Terrell Suggs in a rocket ship and blast them into space. The world needs less of both of them.
Aw.poor Ben.did it hurt? Oh boy.oh boy.I'm surprised Chris Collinsworth didn't run into the field!
This just in...Chris Collinsworth is in a relationship with Terrell Suggs. It may be one sided, we haven't confirmed with Suggs.
I cant stand Chris Collinsworth.he *** as an announcer...he bashes the Steelers every
I think Chris Collinsworth has a man crush on Terrell Suggs!
Welp I'm calling it a season, great effort guys. Emprovements need to be made, our offence can't afford to be this flacid with one guy out. I feel like we wasted too much time trying to establish the run and not enough time in the air. Troy should've been blitzing all night, and we need DBs in the worst way. Either way I love my Btw, NBC; fire Chris Collinsworth
I don't think Chris Collinsworth could have his tongue further up Baltimore's ***
The only good thing that comes out of a Steelers loss is the fact that I don't have to listen to that a$$hole, Chris Collinsworth, for another game this season...
I nominate Chris Collinsworth to be our next U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan.
What's worse 107 yards in penalties or Chris Collinsworth as an announcer?
I do believe Chris Collinsworth wants to go down onto the field and give Terrell Suggs a reach around
I think Chris Collinsworth wants to have sex with Terrell Suggs. Shut up for a minute Collinsworth.
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Cash reward for Chris collinsworth's voicebox...
Gale Looney Milliken I'm waiting on your feelings about Chris Collinsworth and his I just said to Jim that I guess Leveon Bell (sp?) not being in the game is the reason the Steelers are not winning --- not that the Ravens are playing well. And Ben goes down again lol
Chris Collinsworth are you dating Suggs or what Jesus get off his jank!
Bad enough the Steelers offense *** today.but you have to watch the game on mute cause you CAN'T STAND to listen to Chris Collinsworth mouth PERIOD
I'm getting sick and tired of hearing Chris Collinsworth going on about how the Steelers are missing Leveon Bell. Injuries are part of the game. Deal with it. And by the way, the Ravens are playing without several players who are injured. They have 2 offensive linemen playing who were on the practice squad earlier this year. They dealt with it, and played!!!
Tonight's Drinking Game.. do a shot every time chris Collinsworth mentions La'Veon Bell. I am at 18 and counting.
Would someone please give Chris Collinsworth Le'Vean Bells phone I think he wants to have his love child.
I'm so sick of hearing Chris Collinsworth make excuses for the Squeelers missing LeVean Bell. How about the Ravens totally revamped O-line?
Ravens are taking care of business, at this point, and Chris Collinsworth and Al Michaels are carrying the water for the Steelers, making excuses after excuses, all relating to the Steelers not having Le'veon Bell in the lineup. Kind of pathetic.
I try not to hate people but I really dislike nfl commentator Chris Collinsworth! Somebody shut that *** the F' up, please!
Chris Collinsworth is an *** The ravens defense was not the difference. Bell was not the difference. Every 3rd and long the ravens converted. The Steelers defense lost this game.
For anyone watching the Steelers-Ravens game...does it seem like Chris Collinsworth has said Leveon Bell's name more than any other player's name? Hey Chris, Bell is injured and not playing...time to get over it. (Bryan Hamblin)
Watching Bal-vs- PA, just to watch PA lose of course ( not to see Bal. To win!). I STILL want to smack Chris Collinsworth upside his head.why doesn't he just admit his undying love for PA! He makes me puke in my mouth a little! Why doesn't he just shut up?!?!?
Chris Collinsworth please shut the *** up!!! .you are worse than Gruden and Turico combined
Chris Collinsworth needs to stop sounding like he lost his money in Vegas by betting on the Steelers...
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Chris Collinsworth.Please stop by Mon Valley Boxing Club.Our boys and girls need a punching DUMMY!!!
Chris Collinsworth sounds suicidal right now
Why is Chris Collinsworth slobbering over the Ravens?
Chris collinsworth get of levion bells ***
Chris Collinsworth rumored to be giving BJs in the Ravens locker room, win or lose, after the game...
Watching the Ravens game and hear Chris Collinsworth say "If they can hold on." Whose *** are they sucking? God, they do love their narrative.
Chris collinsworth is our kryptonite. .
What's worse than your favorite team losing a game? Losing a game that Chris Collinsworth is doing the color commentary to...
I don't care which team your rooting for I think we all have one goal we would all love to see or shout I say hear, and that's have Chris Collinsworth shut the *** up this guy is the most annoying commentator I've ever listened to
I'm not mad that the Ravens are winning I just can't stand Chris Collinsworth !!! I would rather listen to John Madden!!!
I'm blaming it on Chris Collinsworth! Because I can.
Dear Santa, next year can I please get a muzzle for Chris Collinsworth ? It's better we loose tonight for 2 reasons. 1. They would not get past the Bronco's. 2. They are not playoff material. We have next year.
Lee Suggs is magical, says Chris Collinsworth as he turns on his gaydar...
Chris collinsworth needs to be quiet! He knows nothing. He acts as though the ravens are the best team in league history
Chris Collinsworth please explain to me how the defensive coordinator can rattle Ben in 2 straight series when the Steelers scored on their first play the last series...
Will someone please tell Chris Collinsworth to get off of Terrell Suggs NUTS already!
Chris Collinsworth is more irritating than _!
I swear to god if Chris Collinsworth says "Splash play" one more time...
Who's the most annoying color commentator - Lou Holtz or Chris Collinsworth?
I can't take Chris Collinsworth , drives me nuts , I would rather listen to Pee Wee Herman !! WTH
I consider myself somewhat of a smart guy but after listening to Chris Collinsworth for 3 hours, I feel like coloring in a coloring book would be extremely difficult for me...
What really I have to listen to Chris Collinsworth. Ugh. Yea I dvr ed it and watching now.
Watching Sunday Night Football & is it me or does Chris Collinsworth (the announcer) sound like he wants to have a 3 some with Richard Sherman & Marshawn Lynch? I think he should run right on the field & kiss the *** of 2 of the worst examples of sportsmanship in professional sports. PLEASE!!!
faced Arizona's WR and QB last night and Chris Collinsworth praised him like he was
Watching the condensed version of on Rewind is a must. You barely ever hear Chris Collinsworth speak.
Chris Collinsworth said it best on the broadcast. He's not going to be the best qb but he will do what it takes 2 win u games
best bit is Chris Collinsworth's incredulous gurgle/chuckle when he somehow gets loose on the sideline
"I don't care if he ever talks to the media, watching that guy play is remarkable" - Chris Collinsworth
Chris collinsworth is a waste of space
good, just thinking about the Chris Collinsworth commentary we're gonna get Sunday night
I wish someday that I can make my dad as proud of me as Chris Collinsworth is of Marshawn Lynch.
Chris Collinsworth make a great point about how what he does fits in really well with the defense
Amidst the love fest Chris Collinsworth provided tonight, he failed to acknowledge Lynch's obscene "hold my *** gesture
Marshawn Lynch's run was epic. Till Chris Collinsworth opened his mouth.
According to Chris Collinsworth, Tim Duncan has 4 receptions tonight, Ginobili has a pick.
"You play to win Superbowls and the only chance Arizona has at winning it this year is if they win tonight" -Chris Coll…
“Chris Collinsworth, get it together man.”I hate collinsworth
Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth are difficult to listen to.
the only bad thing is we have to listen to Chris collinsworth one more time
What Russell Wilson meant was "I'm about to go get that Chris Collinsworth D"
Never liked Chris COllinsworth to begin with. That dude was always a Steeler hater.
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