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Chris Collinsworth

Anthony Cris Collinsworth (born January 27, 1959) is a former American college and professional football player who was a wide receiver in the National Football League (NFL) for eight seasons during the 1980s.

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Got to see Barry Sanders, Chris Collinsworth, Torii Hunters, and David Robinsons sons play in the same game at Notre Dame stadium today, it was pretty awesome. Go Irish!!!
chris collinsworth just invested a bunch of money into PFF
has to be the biggest *** in sports coverage not named Chris Collinsworth!!
Chris Collinsworth looks like a mattress salesman.
- Can Stephen A Smith and Chris Collinsworth be included?
at least no Chris Collinsworth in the mix, I might have to break my tv if that happened
Jesse Palmer is the Chris Collinsworth of NCAA commentating.
Its official... Phil Simms has passed Chris Collinsworth as the announcer I least want to hear call a game...
you probably wouldn't even know who Christian ponder is if it wasn't for Chris Collinsworth
Phil Simms, Chris Collinsworth and John Gruden all need to be in the booth together so I can mute just one game.
The only thing that could make this game worse is if Chris Collinsworth was commentating.
VIDEO: Who is the best WR in the NFL? Chris Simms and Cris Collinsworth debate
The only good thing about Thursday night games is no Chris collinsworth
Chris Collinsworth is annoying as they come as an announcer can't stand to watch.
These CBS announcers are such a refresher from Troy Aikman or Chris Collinsworth
Wow this TBS commentary team is horrible. I'd rather listen to Chris Collinsworth and that's saying something
Phil Simms might be giving Chris Collinsworth a run for his money as worst announcer in football
I think Chris collinsworth has down syndrome
Not sure who is worse: Chris Collinsworth or Phil Simms
I actually like Chris Collinsworth. He's a good commentator.
listen up Chris Collinsworth touches on the
Chris collinsworth lost respect didn't even have a good reason for wanting the name changed, Good point bout Dec and n word hm
Chris Collinsworth, R u kidding? "We'd still be using words from before civil rights" we are, listen to rap albums lately?
the NFL network needs to fire you you are literally worst the Chris Collinsworth you don't know anything about football
Did these broadcasters go to the Chris collinsworth school of broadcasting
Warren Sapp, Chris Collinsworth, James Brown and Phil Sims was the squad... Inside without all of them ain't the same
Can't wait to watch my Steelers in action tonight but to listen to Chris Collinsworth for 3hrs, lots of drinking.# I ha…
Why can I not find a Chris Collinsworth Florida Gators Jersey... Anyone got any ideas where to find one?
throw Chris Collinsworth in the mix and you've got yourself an all star team.
Yeah, I thought about that, but I'm still hoping for the best. As long as I don't have to listen to Chris Collinsworth.
Joe Buck might be as bad as Chris COLLINSWORTH
Bob costas and Chris collinsworth arguing over a pretzel or the tbs broadcast.
because I hate Chris Collinsworth or because I make holocaust references?
exactly, Aaron Rodgers effect or Chris "I want A Rod" Collinsworth has a say in the rankings, he drools over him
I'd rather listen to John Gruden commentate the holocaust than Chris Collinsworth commentate a football game.
Hunter Pence wishes Chris Collinsworth was announcing the game
Am I the only one waiting for Chris Collinsworth to get interrupted by a when he keeps saying "About a Week…
if Chris Collinsworth was a country western singer he'd be Brad Paisley
Ray Lewis is beginning to sound like Chris collinsworth...
Always wonder who will stop speaking first Darren rovell, Chris Collinsworth, or Trent Dilfer
Listening to Jon Gruden makes me REALLY appreciate Chris Collinsworth.
Jon Gruden is the most annoying person associated with the NFL.”. *Chris Collinsworth*
Madden would be a thousand times better if It used Jon Gurden instead of Chris Collinsworth!
I still like your analysis more than Chris Collinsworth's
yet you've got a Chris Collinsworth sized *** for Al Michaels?
Who would you rather spend a day with? A) Cris Collinsworth B) Reggie Miller C) John Madden D) Chris Berman
You were right about Chris Collinsworth. He apologized a few years ago about something he had said when he was very young.
Jon Gruden, Phil Simms, and Chris Collinsworth are the worst nfl announcers ever.
Chris Collinsworth is the best color commentator on TV!
It must of nearly killed to watch the Cowboys play that well and have to listen to Chris Collinsworth commentate it
Is Chris Collinsworth drunk on air all the time? It's like he can only handle one thought at a time. .
I would love to hear Joe Buck and Chris Collinsworth call a Cowboys game together, the slobber fest would be worth the ticket.
DEAD ... can these dudes take Chris Collinsworth's gig?
Chris Collinsworth is to TV commentary what I am to ice dancing.
Nobody else caught that shade Chris Collinsworth threw. Jason Garret's wife last night?
That fake punt was so bad Chris Collinsworth made sense.
Nfl announcer Chris collinsworth " it's hard to withstand this relentless pounding." And we giggle
“Chris Collinsworth pretty much telling a story about how baked DeMarco Murray was at a party one time”😂😂
Listening to Collinsworth on the broadcast, it sure sounds like it. Enough with the lineman draft picks Chris! We get it!
I wonder if Chris Collinsworth knows how stupid he sounds?
Shoutout to Chris Collinsworth, and plenty of other football commentators, for saying "a week ago" over and over. Oh, and…
Chris Collinsworth spent a lot of this game sucking the Cowboys collective wieners. It's early, Chris.
I just can't listen to Chris Collinsworth praise a team and owner who have been 8-8 the last three years. Stop it
Al Michaels asked Chris Collinsworth if he'd ever been to Charlotte, Iowa. Game tonight is in Ch…
I find listening to the voices of Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth voices to be the most soothing way to spend a Sunday night
Chris Collinsworth is annoying beyond words. And Al Michaels isn't much better. Need new play-by-play people STAT.
I believe Neil deGrasse Tyson from the 'Cosmos' series is incorrect. The largest, gaseous object in our solar system is Chris Collinsworth.
I would love to punch Chris Collinsworth in the face
I have a theory that Chris Collinsworth and the skinny guy from American Pickers are the same guy. Sort of an imposter Paul McCartney deal.
I'm rooting for Chris Collinsworth not to announce the game
Chris collinsworth got nothing on him
Emmitt smith is my least favorite gator .. Followed by my uncles roommate at UF .. Chris collinsworth
Gary danielson vs chris collinsworth, the great debate on pay per view. 😁
*** Driskel is still at Didn't he play with Chris Collinsworth?
I don't know who is more annoying Gary Danielson or Chris Collinsworth
Who would be the worst commentating team. Gary and Verne or John Gruden and Chris Collinsworth
Chris Collinsworth had me hittin it during Sunday Night Football bruh
Chris Collinsworth "John Barry "14. The worst commentator of your preferred sport?""
Maybe you're right. A finance degree doesn't give me much room to speak. At least she's not Chris Collinsworth.
Chris Collinsworth in Charlotte for practice! Sunday Night Football update coming soon on
Wow! TD catch by is something special... circa Chris Collinsworth in 83'
Chris Collinsworth just compared playing on field turf to playing on astro turf, which, yeah, sure.
Chris Collinsworth compared LeVeon Bell to Barry Sanders. I love Bell's talent but let's pump the brakes bud.
Chris Collinsworth at least once every game. "Well you're down. And you just gotta get out there and tough it out." He does it in Madden too
Who do Broncos fans dislike more? . Phil Simms or. Chris Collinsworth h…
“I wish the NFL would install a "No *** policy so Chris Collinsworth could never announce a game again.”
So good news bad news this week Panther fans. Good news we won't have to listen to Ronde Barber. Bad news, we listen to Chris Collinsworth.
I have 3 national broadcasters I can't stand Joe Buck John Gruden & sum times Chris collinsworth
I'd rather have him over Joe Buck or Chris Collinsworth.
How in the world did Chris Collinsworth make it this long as a commentator?
This is great: Can you make one for Chris Collinsworth too?
Chris collinsworth is the WORST announcer. commentating I mute the tv. And he has done the first 2 bears games! Come on man
[GUEST COLUMN]. "I might as well have drafted Ed Hochuli and Chris Collinsworth instead of Rice and Peterson."
Chris Collinsworth is worse than Phil Simms imo there is more hate out of that man than most announcers
yes. Chris Collinsworth is an hater. Same with Warren Sapp & Mike Ditka.
FACT: Chris Collinsworth's voice is 11 times more annoying when your team is losing.
Phil Simms should watch highlights of Chris Collinsworth calling a game and take notes.
aw man I signed up to eliminate Phil Simms and Chris Collinsworth.:/
If CBS doesn't ban Chris Collinsworth and Phil Simms from calling Broncos games, this is an alternative.
it's too bad it wasn't the Sunday night crew. Chris Collinsworth loves y'all
Lets add Chris Collinsworth to this too.
victorys like tonite the reason Chris Collinsworth best mind in football got the Eagles winning SB
Cole isnt nearly on Joe Bucks depth of awful. More like Chris Collinsworth
Get rid of Roger Goodell, Phil Simms and Chris Collinsworth..make it a clean sweep
Trent Dilfer is about as annoying as chris collinsworth!
Jon Gruden should be required to announce every NFL game.. Pay the guy and get Chris Collinsworth outta there
Gruden is still better than Chris Collinsworth
Jon Gruden said that Cox was playing terrible, now saying he has been great all night. Officially worse than Chris Collinsworth now.
Getting punched in the ears with a chainsaw > Cris Collinsworth > Chris Berman > Jon Gruden
Which is worse watching Sunday Night Football with Chris Collinsworth or Monday night with Jon Gruden?
maybe Chris collinsworth but I don't have a problem with Phil Sims
Chris Collinsworth danced around the N-Word like Gregory Hines...
Chris Collinsworth and Tim McCarver should fight to the death. Winner gets killed by the swordsman.
Chris is one of the best announcers, there is a reason he replaced John Madden, all you haters are ***
Only Bengal from that era that is dead is Chris Collinsworth. And that's only on the inside.
I wonder how much Pro Football Focus is paying Chris Collinsworth...
If I were comish I'd ask to meet chris collinsworth, punch him in the *** then tell him he's suspended from all nfl broadcast booths
sounds like something Chris Collinsworth would do
On Sunday Night Football Chris Collinsworth referred to Reggie Wayne as a future Hall of Famer.
Hope would life be if Al Michael and Chris Collinsworth narrated everything?
for this sack of potatoes. Fav for Chris Collinsworth
I stopped caring about Tara after that cut. She look like Chris Collinsworth. Good work getting her outta here Gemma.
It's Tuesday and I'm already dreading listening to Chris Collinsworth this Sunday night.
he's not as bias as Chris Collinsworth on the NFL *which I don't mind btw*
the only think to like about Berman is that he ISNT Chris Collinsworth
Kyle Walsh thinks Chris Collinsworth is an excellent broadcaster
Lol, was trending but I really don't mind him at all. Plenty worse like Cardinals baseball announcers, Chris collinsworth.
Joe Buck and Chris Collinsworth the dynamic duo
I think I hate Chris Berman almost as much as I hate Chris Collinsworth
I can't tell if I hate him or Chris Collinsworth more
Chris Collinsworth, SNF: I saw him in practice and Ray Rice is "'as good as there is right now'" in the NFL at [being a mysoginist A-Hole]."
better than listening to Chris collinsworth claim he was good.
Chris Berman is awful. Take him off my tv please > Worse than Collinsworth, Gruden or Grandpa George on
I'd rather listen to Chris Collinsworth every Sunday for the rest of my life than have to hear Chris Berman call one more game.
Chris Berman is making me yearn for Chris Collinsworth. Where's the mute button.
“I wish I could mute Chris Berman and Chris Berman only.” I feel the same about Chris Collinsworth
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I would rather listen to Chris Collinsworth than Trent Dilfer.
Phil Simms and Chris Collinsworth are probably there too
Chris Collinsworth's analysis on SNF superior to Differ on MNF
Chris Berman and Chris Collinsworth have good commentator voices that I like listening to but have terrible commentary
more like anyone who speaks English > Chris collinsworth
Chris Berman doesn't make me want to punch a baby like Chris Collinsworth yet. But he isn't good
at least it ain't Chris Collinsworth
is doing a pretty job commentating. You should replace Chris Collinsworth!
Half a quarter of Chris Berman is like a season's worth of Collinsworth.
Just learned I'm in the same building as Chris Collinsworth..
Last night had to suffer through Chris Collinsworth and now Chris Berman. My love for football is definitely being tested.
I guess if there's anyone worse than Cris Collinsworth it would be Chris Berman. I only have to deal with Berman twice a year tho.
I know people hate Buck and Collinsworth, but Chris Berman as a PBP guy is hands down the worst in the business, IMHO.
First Chris Collinsworth now you expect me to listen to a game with Trent Dilfer as the broadcaster. The NFL can't figure anything out.
Chris Collinsworth and Al Michaels are like the Joe Buck and Tim McCarver of football both commentating teams suck
Chris Collinsworth is just as bad as Troy Aikman at announcing
Is it just me or does Chris Collinsworth need to stop bowing at the feet of every mediocre Seahawk? Almost as bad as Troy Aikman
"Chris Collinsworth is the worst thing about America" Joe Buck and Troy Aikman are up there too
Chris Collinsworth is just as annoying as Joe Buck and Troy Aikman.
Pretty sure Chris Collinsworth has a mancrush on Russell Wilson. Might even be a creeper
It's so apparent that Chris Collinsworth has a crush on Russell Wilson. Relax, dude
Chris Collinsworth is as bad as Troy Aikman. Like man stfu
“hate Chris Collinsworth.” Howie Long always called him weasel neck lol. CC was the state champ in the 100 in HS (Florida!)
Why does Chris Collinsworth still have a job?
Phil Simms is still on Inside the NFL. Chris Collinsworth is not. Boo, Showtime. BO. Boo.
Wait, they kept Phil Sims, the only anchor member I. could never stand on show? No James Brown, No Chris. Collinsworth? 4get it
Enjoying Brandon Marshall on will miss Chris Collinsworth and Jim Brown. Keep whining Phil Sims.
Nobody picked Troy Aikman or Chris Collinsworth yet. On the clock ...
Can we be done with the kid singing for the Wyatts? Almost at Chris Collinsworth levels of annoying.
Chris Spielman is about as talented as Cris Collinsworth in the football announcing department.
reminds me of how boring Chris Collinsworth is for
Chris Collinsworth 2«Two worst sports analysts: Reggie Miller and Lou Holtz. The opposite of music to my ears.»
Austin Collinsworth with some wise words. Even though his dad also known as Chris is a ***
But that means no Chris Collinsworth on Sunday nights! Wait, no.
Are we sure Joe Buck, Troy Aikman and Chris Collinsworth r not calling this game? It's hurting my ears.
could be Joe Buck, Chris Collinsworth, Mike Mayock.. Just give me Keith Jackson.
everyone should react like that. Instead you have Chris Collinsworth non stop talking
The commercial announcer on "pardon the interruption" literally is as annoying as Chris collinsworth. It must be a frequency.
. Never disparage John Madden! You can mock Chris Collinsworth all you want, but not the Godfather!.
Chris Collinsworth the worst announcer of all time
I'd rather listen to Chris Collinsworth commentate an entire nfl season than sit is this finance class.
Chris Collinsworth might be the best in the NFL
can we get rid if Chris collinsworth too?
Joe Buck or Chris Collinsworth take your pick!
I would remove Chris Collinsworth from any NFL broadcast.
Chris Collinsworth Proud, Daughter Ashley named Capt of the Harvard Track Team Son Austin named Capt of the ND Football team
bring back Al Michaels And Chris Collinsworth!!! Only thing this franchise is missing is more than just 2 commentators
Chris Collinsworth is not on Madden 15. The best day of my life
Honored to announce the captains for 2014. Austin Collinsworth, Sheldon Day, Nick Martin and Cam McDaniel.
or maybe Chris Collinsworth?? I think Chris is older, so I'll go with Chris.
Chris Collinsworth tells me "Pastor Tim said he wanted to buy some dirt" Lol. Maybe we should have explained the...
And this is why Chris Collinsworth *** "Toby Keith is the man..
. Chris Collinsworth: "and drew Brees passes for yet another 5k yards". Me: "what else is new?!?".
Chris Collinsworth can fall in a hole ...a big one
I'd rather listen to than Chris Collinsworth ANYDAY!!!
Colin Cowherd just might be worse than Skip Bayless -- add Chris Collinsworth and you have quite the triple crown
yes. that's why NFLN has Bills/Giants instead (with Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth). also have Patriots/Redskins on local TV
Making the executive decision to mute the TV during the game, makes me yearn for Chris Collinsworth on commentary
I actually don't purchase Madden anymore because of Chris Collinsworth.
the things we do for quality sports coverage! (never ask Crystal how she feels about Chris Collinsworth)
Rick Sutcliffe is the Chris Collinsworth of baseball
Chris Collinsworth's voice makes me wanna punch myself in the face.
still not as bad as Chris Collinsworth
After just a few minutes of pre season football, I find that some things never change. Chris Collinsworth is still annoying!
our boy Chris Collinsworth pick us to win the SB
he's the Chris collinsworth of what he does
if Chris Collinsworth is doing play by play.
Football is back and I still despise Chris Collinsworth
Oh god Chris Collinsworth predicted the Eagles to go to the Super Bowl. Now the season is over.
Chris Collinsworth just said one of the players has a big butt. Lol
Chris Collinsworth talking about EJs throwing motion
I see Chris Collinsworth got his head on his shoulders right lol
Chris Collinsworth picks the Eagles to win.this must mean something
This is too funny. Chris Collinsworth predicts the to win the Super Bowl and all of Philadelphia tells him to shut up.
I thought Chris Collinsworth hates Philly. Eagles as a Super Bowl contender. Yea he hates Philly. Everyone tells me he hates us
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
G'day idle predicted for SB by announcer Chris All others quiet
Chris Collinsworth DOES NOT HATE PHILADELPHIA. I don't get why people keep saying this? Philly fans are so paranoid about announcers.
wish this said we wish Chris *** face Collinsworth well in his future endeavors.
Chris Collinsworth predicts a Super Bowl for the eagles this season. That's the only time I've liked anything he's said.
fact: women aren't as good as men at sports. Fact: I hold my mom's opinion on sports higher than those of Chris Collinsworth
Chris Collinsworth picked the Eagles to win the Super Bowl this year... Season's done. 3-13.
for the record they never mention Chris Collinsworth went to UF and he's on their payroll.
For the record, I still hate Chris Collinsworth.
Chris Collinsworth saying eagles gonna hoist the Lombardi trophy in Feb, I'm with it.
Chris Collinsworth hates Nick Foles every game he commentated the birds, but says they're Super Bowl ready?!? Stop *** eatin dude
Chris Collinsworth says the Eagles are contenders .. Your thoughts
So Chris Collinsworth loves Philadelphia now apparently. Can't believe Philly media is drooling over him. Calling him "the best NFL analyst"
Chris Collinsworth picked the eagles to go to the bowl this year... Idk if I'm happy or mad
Collinsworth thinks the could win the Super Bowl
Chris Collinsworth says he has the Eagles going to the Super Bowl. I don't like him but I agree with the statement 😌 lol
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Chris Collinsworth! LMFAO!! How is this guy employed by NBC when he is this clueless??
Chris Collinsworth: "im gonna keep my eye out on the eagles, i think they'll go to the Super Bowl" 😂😂 i want some of whatever he's smoking.
Chris collinsworth at hof adduction said he could see the eagles as Super Bowl winners. He actually acknowledged the eagles that amazing.
Eagles in the Superbowl lol. Chris Collinsworth said it.
Football is officially back, unfortunately so is Chris collinsworth"s voice
NBC analyst Chris Collinsworth picks Eagles to make it to Super Bowl: NBC analyst Chris Collinswo...
Chris Collinsworth thinks we make it all the way
I think every season Chris Collinsworth gets more and more drunk during the games.
Looks like me and Chris Collinsworth were on the same page for the 1st time ever. Read Birds Camp recap
lol Chris Collinsworth was asked who would win the Super Bowl and he said he's keeping an eye on the eagles.
If you have ever suspected that Chris Collinsworth was high during but wasn't sure he just said the Eagles are makin…
Chris Collinsworth said the Eagles are going to win the Super Bowl. Someone plez pull up to his house and put a bullet…
Chris Collinsworth just said he likes the Eagles in the Super Bowl. . Smart man
Chris Collinsworth picks the for to make it to the Super Bowl
Chris Collinsworth giving my his Super Bowl prediction makes me even more excited about this upcoming season,
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Chris Collinsworth just said Eagles are his surprise Super Bowl team
It feels so good hearing Chris Collinsworth and Chris Berman together. 😍😍
" Sammy Watkins is going to be a star in this league. I can't wait to see him tonite." NBC commentator Chris Collinsworth.
Eric Wood has a bronze sculpture of Chris Collinsworth in his kitchen.
Chris Collinsworth always looks like he just smelled a fart. FART ROBOT APPROVES.
Thanks Chris Collinsworth for a great start to the day!
Roger Goodell just echoed Chris Collinsworth, saying that football is valuable lesson about getting knocked down and getting back up. Whuck?
Chris Collinsworth is a very nice guy!
"HATERZ" right there ,,they must be related to Chris Collinsworth.
Walking down the street from my morning break and had the opportunity to meet Chris Collinsworth.…
does that really surprise you. Joe Buck competes with Chris Collinsworth as the dumbest sports commentator of the year
can y'all please take off the air Id rather have Chris Collinsworth and John Madden call the game
Juts met Chris Collinsworth at a restaurant in SF and holy smokes is he tall. Shocked he didn't remember me from scouting the NFL. Sad face
yes it's true, Chris Collinsworth is on his jock, always bringing him up during other NFL games. ESPN's golden boy!
Idk who i hate more commentating Chris collinsworth or Joe Buck? They both suck
Him and Chris Collinsworth are literally the worst ever
Chris Collinsworth voice makes his criticism feel condescending lmao
Joe Buck and Chris Collinsworth are the last commentators you want when ya NFL team hope for winning is gone late in the 4th
Chris Berman, Chris Collinsworth and Joe Buck need to leave the booth
I don't mind Chris Berman's voice. Anyone other than Cris Collinsworth (particularly during Steelers games) is Ok with me.
Chris Collinsworth picks the Eagles for Super Bowl at RT
LOL a team of Chris Berman and John Kruk may finally unseat Cris Collinsworth and ANYONE ELSE as "Worst Announcing Team Ever." A true honor.
If you're a Philly sports fan & you don't hate Howard Eskin, Joe Buck, Chris Berman, or Cris Collinsworth, you're doing it wrong.
Chris Collinsworth says he knows all about “League of Denial” and concussions but let’s his two kids play football (college/high school).
Chris Collinsworth "It's our job 2 make sure this isn’t lip svc..there R changes that hav 2B made2 the game of football.
"Seattle's the best team, if they don't do the Super Bowl hangover thing. Denver is the most motivated." Chris Collinsworth
Not a big fan of the no socks look when wearing a suit. Or even not, Chris Collinsworth. Come on, man. (It’s Sunday Night Football panel).
John Kurk is the Chris Collinsworth of baseball
Just imagine Chris Collinsworth describing a “lovely” pass to Colston on SNF
Alexi Lalas.ugh! He's right up there with Joe Buck and Chris Collinsworth.just stop talking!
The British have their own version of Chris Collinsworth lol
Is it me or is the announcer for World Cup almost as annoying as Chris Collinsworth? Go USA
Alexi Lalas is the Chris Collinsworth of soccer.
The announcer at the World Cups voice is so bad it makes me miss Chris Collinsworth
Taylor Twellman is definitely the Chris Collinsworth of Soccer. I really think I could be a better commentator than him
Alexi Lalas is more annoying than Chris Collinsworth. I didn’t know that was possible.
Don Cherry, Chris Collinsworth, Joe Buck, 3 way deathmatch, who are you rooting for...
The highlight of my day was meeting Chris Collinsworth while I was installing his new grill
It was great catching up with Chris Collinsworth today at Hilje Music in San Antonio! He did a great job on my horn!
Is it me or is better without Alexi Lalas. He's like Chris Collinsworth of
The commentators that do the Mexico games are worse than Chris Collinsworth
Best thing about watching on Chris Collinsworth
Bill Simmons is the Chris Collinsworth of NBA commentators/analysts
Ian tarke says the dumbest things I've ever heard a commentator say. he may make less sense than Chris Collinsworth
This commentator is like the British version of Chris Collinsworth
Far more entertaining. American/Canadian commentators are the worst for soccer. Dear God,imagine if they had Chris Collinsworth
Alexi Lalas is soccers version of Chris collinsworth. Aka the worst
Bill Simmons is up there with Chris Collinsworth and Alexi Lalas as worst people to listen to talk in sports
The pairing of Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth on the NFL are very good. Wish we had such quality in UK Sport.
Side by side, something at Tropical Isle in NOLA, and the inspiration (?) Chris Collinsworth?
Ohh no! Chris Collinsworth is down yeah I'm bored Lol!!!
Give me these guys over the Joe Bucks's and Chris Collinsworth's of the world any day.
Cris Collinsworth just kicked off the 10th Annual Nearly 1,300 in attendance!
Good day beautiful people of Kansas City, surrounding areas and Chris Collinsworth.
Alexi Lalas is just as annoying as Chris Collinsworth.
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