Chris Christie & John Kasich

Christopher James Chris Christie (born September 6, 1962) is the 55th and current Governor of New Jersey. John Richard Kasich (born May 13, 1952) is the 69th and current Governor of Ohio. 5.0/5

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Chris Christie, John Kasich, Brian Sandoval, and Bill Walker are all against it too.
Stanley Druckenmiller rips into Chris Christie as he endorses John Kasich
I never asked John Kasich to be my VP. I asked him to tell Ted Cruz to tell Chris Christie to bring me lunch without eatin…
I'm predicting Donald Trump's running mate. I think it will be:. John Kasich, Chris Christie or Ben Carson . Thoughts???
Chris Christie,Ben Carson,Mike Huckabee and yes John Kasich (Michigan) all did same with DT,so when Cruz is up front it's wrong?
Is Chris Christie or John Kasich still in the room?
Republican leaders like Jeb + George Bush and Chris Christie should endorse John Kasich, the only decent GOPer left..
Chris Christie is creepy.Ted Cruz reminds me of Joel Osteen if Joel Osteen was a car salesman. Who is John Kasich
Chris Christie and John Kasich are arguing over who fired more people during the Great Recession.
Super PAC backing Chris Christie hits John Kasich over ties to Lehman Brothers
should let Chris Christie, Jeb Bush & John Kasich lead the onslaught on Marco in today's debate.
6/ Jeb Bush, Chris Christie and John Kasich must beat Rubio in New Hampshire. Or go home
Bob McDonald, Chris Christie, John Kasich, Cory Gardner, Larry Hogan—their margin of victory is with those whites.
Emo Kylo Ren (has more followers than John Kasich, Chris Christie and Martin O'Malley combined.
Ben Carson, Chris Christie, Martin O'Malley and John Kasich are making stops in New Hampshire today.
.also polls ahead of Chris Christie, Carly Fiorina, and John Kasich in both Iowa and nationally
Note to Jeb Bush, John Kasich, and Chris Christie: being a mediocre governor does not qualify you to be president.
Carly Fiorina, John Kasich, and Chris Christie refuse to sign GOP debate demand letter:
Tonight’s debate:. Chris Christie has a pulse. John Kasich has a plan. Donald Trump has a gun
New CNN poll puts Rand Paul at ahead of Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, John Kasich, and Chris Christie.
Put Kasich on the list of RINO's who I refuse to vote for. 1.Jeb Bush. 2.Lindsey Graham(D). 3.Chris Christie. 4.John Kasich. 5.Jeb Bush.
Chris Christie and John Kasich are in. Rick Perry is out. And Donald Trump will be center stage.
.announces candidate lineup for prime time debate Chris Christie & John Kasich last 2 to make cut
Chris Christie in the house! Sike! It was John Kasich. How horrible he looks in that outfit, puts 200 pounds on him.
.Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Carly Fiorina, John Kasich and Lindsey Graham to fight over number two
For Bibi: “‘Adelson summoned [Jeb] Bush and Govs. Chris Christie of New Jersey, John Kasich of Ohio and Scott Walker of Wisconsin to Vegas.
The quarter-finals of the 2016 race for the White House now pit Jeb Bush against Chris Christie, Paul Ryan, Rick Perry and John Kasich for the establishment wing of the party. And it features Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Scott Walker, Rick Santorum, and Ben Caron battling for the Tea Party nod.…
It’s not even 2015 yet and no candidate has declared that he or she is running, but the pollsters are already asking about who you’ll vote for in the November 2016 Presidential election. In this CNN poll, the choices for a Republican are Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, Chris Christie, Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal, John Kasich, Rand Paul, Mike Pence, Rick Perry, Rob Portman, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, Rick Santorum, or Scott Walker. The choices for a Democrat are Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Andrew Cuomo, Martin O’Malley, Deval Patrick, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren or Jim Webb. How many of these candidates could you envision being a successful President?
Chris Christie will campaign with Gov. John Kasich and Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor next week in Independence
They came to Las Vegas, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Scott Walker, John Kasich, crawling on their hands and knees, prostrating as they enter the King’s Court, kissing his ring certainly his “behind” in a bid to win his financial support as they seek the highest office in the land. What a disgusting sha...
Media w USA sa kontrolowane przez oligarchow. Klasa srednia upada. In his 1943 painting "Freedom of Speech," Norman Rockwell illustrated American democracy in action by depicting a man speaking up at a town meeting. A framed poster of Rockwell’s painting hangs proudly on a wall in my Senate office in Burlington, Vt. Since 1990, when I was first elected to Congress, I have held hundreds of town meetings in almost every community in Vermont. Just this past Sunday I held a town meeting in Middlebury, Vt., with a video connection to meetings in three other towns. At these town meetings I listen to what my constituents have to say, answer questions and give a rundown of what I'm working on and what's going on in Washington. This process – an elected official meeting with ordinary citizens – is called "democracy." Ironically, at the same time as I was holding town meetings in Vermont, a handful of prospective 2016 Republican presidential candidates (Jeb Bush, John Kasich, Chris Christie and Scott Wa ...
I AM WONDERING WHOM OF YOU REMEMBER WHEN Las Vegas WAS KNOWN NOT ONLY FOR GAMBLING BUT BIG TIME FOR PROSTITUTION-? Well, it is back. This last weekend, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, even John Kasich, who I sort of used to like a bit, made the journey to kiss the ring of the man who spent over 93 MILLION dollars last time on Newt and Mitt, chump change, but is being fawned over like he was Pope Francis. What a spectacle.
Politics & Policy The White House Sheldon Adelson's Search for an Electable Republican Who Hates Online Poker By Joshua Green March 28, 2014 Sheldon Adelson in 2012 This weekend a crop of potential blue-chip GOP presidential candidates will assemble in Las Vegas competing for the attention, favor, and money of casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, who is worth $38 billion. The marquee names in attendance: former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and current governors Chris Christie (New Jersey), Scott Walker (Wisconsin), and John Kasich (Ohio). Adelson really wants to elect a Republican president in 2016. And the fact that he and his wife dropped almost $93 million in the 2012 cycle is an indication of how much they’re willing to spend in pursuit of that goal. What’s happening this weekend is essentially a beauty pageant. At some point soon, Adelson is going to pick a Miss Republican, and instead of a crown, the lucky winner will get a boatload of money, probably in the form of a candidate-specific Super PAC like t ...
So Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, John Kasich and Chris Christie are all in Las Vegas competing like a gaggle of desperate wet T shirt contestants for the favor - and multi millions in campaign funding - of Sheldon Adelson. The dubious distinction of winner will go to the one Adelson believes has the best chance of winning - and successfully killing off online gambling. What a grossly pathetic and embarrassing spectacle. SO antithetical to what the Founders of this country stood for and intended.
Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Scott Walker, John Kasich are all chasing big money to back them for their presidential bid. If you want what Sheldon Adelson wants then vote for one of them. He is in the process of buying them as I write this.
Well Republican Party, Sheldon Adelson (one of the richest guys in America...) is interviewing 4 persons in Las Vegas today to see who he wants to put his money behind in 2016. In 2012 he invested 92 million of his money to try to buy a GOP President. Let's see. What do his candidates look like?!? Well, so far they are male and they are white. ...The winners are Jeb Bush, John Kasich, Chris Christie, and Scott Walker.
Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, John Kasich, and Scott Walker head to Vegas this week for the "Sheldon [Adelson] primary." http…
Jeb Bush tries to court Crony Casino Money in VegasBy Nick Sorrentino on March 24, 2014Sheldon Adelson kept Newt Gingrich alive during the the 2012 race for president. Now Jeb Bush wants some of that sweet sweet casino money. Bush is joining Chris Christie (shock,) Scott Walker, and John Kasich at a...
Chris Christie gave shoutouts to 4 govs up for reelection this year: Scott Walker, John Kasich, Rick Snyder & Rick Scott.
Kasich and Chris Christie look toward 2016: John Kasich says he and New Jersey Gov. Chris ...
Romney shout outs for Bob Mcdonnell, Chris Christie and John Kasich
Medicaid expansion in Mississippi may be the biggest issue in our Generation. Please read today's article in the Sun Herald "State Hospitals pressing for Medicaid Expansion". and decide if Rick Scott (R-FL), John Kasich (R-OH), and Chris Christie (R-NJ) are on the right side of this issue along with the Mississippi Hospital Association, Chris Anderson CEO of our own Singing River Health Association.The other side of this issue are Politicians who are more worried about their standing in the Republican Party then they are about the working poor in their state such as Phil Bryant (R-MS), Bobby Jindal (R-La), and last but not least Rick Perry (R- TX). If you spend 20 minutes learning the facts about this issue you will see how important it is to Mississippi and your own friends and family.
From a Primer on Class Struggle: Resistance to thinking about class struggle is powerful, but the power of class analysis is hard to resist, once one grasps it. Suddenly, seemingly odd or unrelated capitalist stratagems begin to make sense. To take a current example, why would capitalists bankroll candidates and politicians to destroy public sector unions? Why do capitalists care so much about the public sector? It’s not because they want to balance budgets, create jobs, improve government efficiency, or achieve any of the goals publicly touted by governors like Scott Walker, Chris Christie, Rick Snyder, or John Kasich. It’s because of the profit and power they can gain by destroying the last remaining organizations that fight for the interests of working people in the political sphere, and by making sure that private-sector workers can’t look to the public sector for examples of how to win better pay and benefits. Capitalists’ goal, as always, is a greater share of wealth for them and a smaller s ...
I've noticed a number of you hand wringing over the current state of NFL officiating. There's a lot of "just give the refs what they want" & "save the integrity of the game" out there. You folks do realize that the regular NFL referees belong to a union, right? A union the NFL would very much like to break, you know, not unlike Scott Walker or John Kasich or Mitch Daniels or Chris Christie or Rick Scott, or any of the rest of their political ilk (See, e.g., Mitch Mcconnell, Rand Paul, Hal Rogers). Apparently that's ok, though, as long as they don't mess with your entertainment. Cops & teachers & firemen & other public servants don't really need a fair wage for the jobs they do & certainly don't need the ability to negotiate en masse, but BY GOD, just give these refs whatever they want so I can get back to enjoying watching large, sweaty men pound on each other. You gotta admire hypocrisy taken to that level.
Looking back at the Republican and Democratic Conventions, one big difference I noticed was that during the Republican Convention almost all of the speakers were talking about how great they were individually, while the speakers at the Democratic convention talked about the people of this country. A truly stark contrast. From Scott Walker to Chris Christie to John Kasich, they all mostly focused their speeches about themselves. They had the political commentators saying that it looked more like the 2016 presidential campaign had begun instead of truly promoting Romney 2012. Now even the top Conservative commentators are giving up on Romney. When Limbaugh says it's not about voting for Romney, it's about defeating Obama, he might as well just come out and say he cant stand the Republican candidate. Fox News Laura Ingraham said "If you can't beat Barack Obama with this record, then shut down the party. Shut it down. Start new, with new people." Rush Limbaugh said "He may as well be Elmer Fudd as far as ...
"... Republican Governors across the country including John Kasich (OH), Chris Christie (NJ), Terry Branstad (IA), Rick Scott (FL) and Nikki Haley (SC) are downright giddy as the say the exact opposite, self-servingly touting their home states' economic turnarounds as they seek another term. The impact is so potentially harmful to the GOP ticket that Team Romney has reportedly asked Kasich, Scott and others to tone down the positive statements." and this IS NOT HOW VICTORY FOR REPUBLICANS IS ACHIEVED: to accentuate the negative and deny the existence of a positive, deny any truth that the corporate creator deity did not pay the *** to say, the lyrics that the *** would sing, the script that the CRT would display or read out?
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
In addition to Romney, his running mate, and Gov. Chris Christie keynoting . . . six good choices plus the Governor of Florida, since it's in Florida . . . The Tampa Bay Times reports that seven Republicans -- Florida Gov. Rick Scott, Sen. John McCain, Condoleezza Rice, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, Mike Huckabee, Ohio Gov. John Kasich and New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez -- will speak at the Republican Convention.
What gets me is that Scott Walker, Chris Christie, Rick Scott & John Kasich just to name a few governors were handed much worse economys than his holiness obama, and yet they have managed to turn their respective states around and grow their economys and add substancial job numbers all in much less time than it took obama to screw up the U.S. economy, shred the constitution and then to blame Bush for all of his woes...Just Saying!
Join us, Chris Christie, Bobby Jindahl, Bob Mcdonnell, John Kasich and Reince Priebus at the convention!
This is what Scott Walker and John Kasich, Chris Christie, and All the Tea Party Governors around the country want to do , destroy the unions , take away collective bargaining and have two classes in America the masters and the Slaves. This is the agenda that the Koch Bros. and the rest of their Corporate masters want.
Is it just me, or do you all remember that the Republicans/Tea Party was swept into office in States and the Congress all over this Country by campaigning on Jobs and the Economy? 2 years later the only legislation they have offered is : anti-labor, anti *** anti-immigrant, anti-voter, anti-women's health. In the Congress the Republican controlled House of Representatives has offered more anti-abortion legislation than job creating legislation, 44 Bills were offered in the House this term that include some form of anti-abortion language. All of those Republican Governor's John Kasich, Chris Christie, Scott Walker, Rick Scott, Jan Brewer. Look at the policies that they are proffering in their States and the legislation that they've signed into law. As Mr. Boehner is so found of asking "where are the jobs"? Just a cautionary tale to us all, don't just evaluate how they campaign think about how they'll actually govern!!
You will be judged by the company you keep. Romney's friends are Chris Christie, John Kasich, Scott Walker, and all the Bushes.
Chris Christie called Newark, "vibrant." In other news, John Kasich called Toledo, "the Paris of the Midwest."
Today in labor history, May 2, 1933: Nazi forces occupy the headquarters, seize the funds, and imprison the leaders of two of Germany's largest trade union federations, comprised of 41 unions representing about 4.5 million workers. Independent trade unions were abolished. Now Governors Scott Walker, John Kasich, Rick Snyder, Mitch Daniels, Tom Corbet, Rick Perry, Bob Mcdonnell, Nikki Haley, Rick Scott, Bobby Jindal, Paul LePage, Chris Christie and many more have not occupied the union headquarters, but they have passed legislation created by ALEC to dismantle them or weaken them to the point that they are neutralized in any meaningful way. It won't be long, and we could see the final action by these and other Republicans would be to occupy the union headquarters and arrest their leadership. You say, no, no... Can't happen in America. Wrong, it will because it is happening before your very eyes.
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