Chris Christie & Hillary Clinton

Christopher James Chris Christie (born September 6, 1962) is the 55th and current Governor of New Jersey. Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton (born October 26, 1947) is the 67th United States Secretary Of State, serving in the administration of President Barack Obama. 5.0/5

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Gov. Chris Christie makes the case against Hillary Clinton via
Don't forget Chris Christie's speech at the 2016 Republican National Convention was a Mock Trial of Hillary Clinton
Gov. Chris Christie says Hillary Clinton ‘started’ this whole ‘bigot’ thing. Actually, no, Donald Trump did.
Chris Christie says Hillary Clinton 'started' this whole 'bigot' thing. Actually, Donald Trump did.
Hillary Clinton trolls Chris Christie with never-before-seen video of them hugging: via
Really?!? "ignored crucial context in claims about Hillary Clinton" "love the uneducated" ;)
Chris Christie uses speech to “convict” Hillary Clinton before he heads to prison for BridgeGate
Let's Count the Lies in Chris Christie's Attack on Hillary Clinton -
Pathetic Trump whipping boy Chris Christie currently holding a far right kangaroo court to "judge" Hillary Clinton htt…
We, the People, say Yes, Convict, Hillary Clinton, Thank You, for Mock Trial, . Chris Christie, We the People enjoyed
Absolutely savage Hillary Clinton camp trolling of Chris Christie
Chris Christie is going to be Hillary Clinton's WORSE NIGHTMARE. He will chew her up and pick his teeth with her brittle b…
I liked a video ‘Lock her Up’: Chris Christie asks the crowd at RNCinCLE if Hillary Clinton is
Chris Christie speaks as if Hillary Clinton is more pro-Putin than Donald Trump. The opposite is true.
Audience chants "lock her up" as Chris Christie slams Hillary Clinton at
Chris Christie is going hard right now on Hillary Clinton
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Reclaim Philly listing all of the candidates that Hilferty has donated to. Chris Christie, Jen Bush, Hillary Clinton https:/…
Hillary Clinton ripped Chris Christie saying he follows Donald Trump 'holding his coat' via
Reagan democrats came out to vote for Hillary Clinton in New Jersey same ones who voted for Governor Chris Christie
Chris Cuomo to Donald Trump: Even Chris Christie's wife 'made a face' when you attacked Hillary Clinton - CLO...
"A vote for Trump is a vote for Hillary Clinton." . - Chris Christie. Christie endorsed Trump today.
Chris Christie is going to prevent Hillary Clinton from reaching the White House by closing off the Wilson Bridge.
Chris Christie: If you're worried about the world being on fire, you cannot give Hillary Clinton a third term of Barack…
If Chris Christie OR Hillary Clinton become next president, I'm done with everything...
Chris Christie, Andrew Cuomo, Hillary Clinton: Mourn for Paris to fly a large French flag from the St... via
Chris Christie: Do you see Hillary Clinton in this room right now? Can other people see her, or does she only appear to you?
.Hillary Clinton “believes in the systematic murder of children in the womb"
"Who is going to prosecute Hillary Clinton?" said Chris Christie without a hint of irony
or Scott Walker, or Chris Christie, or Rick Perry, or Lindsey Graham, or Hillary Clinton, or Bernie Sanders.
Rick Perry, Chris Christie, Mike Huckabee, Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, Lindsey Graham - all Statists who need to be stopped.
Rick Perry and Chris Christie were two of the four Republican governors Hillary Clinton lambasted over voting restrictions last week --
Katie Pavlich: Chris Christie should challenge Hillary Clinton … in Democratic primary
What Barack Obama, Chris Christie, Rand Paul, Ben Carson and Hillary Clinton have said about vaccines.
There’s been some debate recently over which 2016 candidates belong in the top tier of the Republican primary. There are the obvious national names: Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie. And there’s a group of candidates who are genuinely in contention: Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul.…
A Democratic group with ties to former Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton today filed another complaint against Gov. Chris Christie over his recent trip to Dallas to root for the Cowboys
If you could only choose from between these four candidates for president in 2016, only these four - Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Chris Christie - would you: A: Pick Chris Christie, then buy a gallon of Pepto Bismol, B: Pick Chris Christie, then leap off the Empire State Building, C: Pick Donald Trump, because then at least that Real Estate Investment Trust stock that you were talked into buying might go up a few pennies, or D: Hijack NASA's next unmanned flight into outer space, because however primitive the life may be on the moons of Saturn or the oceans of Jupiter, at least they haven't been stupid enough to run people like Biden, Clinton, Trump and Christie for president. John F. Di Leo
That's it I'm letting the politics out of the bag . I'm calling them out ... Please run for President ... Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Marco Rubio, Canadian Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan, Chris Christie, & Rick "Frothy Load" Santorum. You made my news so awesome in 2012 I can't wait for a repeat! Serious candidates AKA Rand Paul, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Jeb Bush, & Hillary Clinton . Who cares the most about the American People and who cares the most about Campaign Funds? I bet Campaign Funds trump the American People every time.
Fox News contributor and Republican strategist Karl Rove attempted to deflect attention from the latest ethical controversy facing New Jersey Governor Chris Christie by reviving a false smear of Hillary Clinton that was debunked years ago.
It’s not even 2015 yet and no candidate has declared that he or she is running, but the pollsters are already asking about who you’ll vote for in the November 2016 Presidential Election. In this CNN poll, the choices for a Republican are Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, Chris Christie, Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal, John Kasich, Rand Paul, Mike Pence, Rick Perry, Rob Portman, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, Rick Santorum, or Scott Walker. The choices for a Democrat are Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Andrew Cuomo, Martin O’Malley, Deval Patrick, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren or Jim Webb. How many of these candidates could you envision being a successful President?
Poll: Christie no match for Hillary Clinton in N.J.: Gov. Chris Christie won't come close to winning New Jersey's Electoral Votes if ...
A Jersey Guy in the White House? Fuggetaboutit. New Jersey voters say that America isn't ready for one of their own as the commander-in-chief, and would pick Hillary Clinton over their state's governor, Chris Christie, by a margin of 11 points, according to a Quinnipiac University Poll released Thursday. A slim majority in the survey say Christie wouldn't make a good president, while half of the state's voters don't think the U.S. [ 549 more words. ]
Hillary Clinton, Chris Christie and Jeb Bush are trying to avoid speaking on the Scumbags.
New Q-poll: Hillary Clinton leads Chris Christie in his home state of NJ by 50-39:
Interesting poll from CNBC on Hardball tonight: Of millionaires, regardless of party, 31% support Hillary Clinton for President; 18% are for Jeb Bush, and 14% favor Chris Christie. All establishment candidates. Tea Partiers, you may want to chew on that the next time you favor even laxer rules on political donations.
Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, Bobby Jindal, Marco Rubio, and Michelle Bachman they are all proudly "Indispensables."
In newspapers, Chris Christie, Hillary Clinton & are getting the most 2016 buzz
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: Chris Christie, Hillary Clinton head to Pennsylvania to campaign for party ... - New York Daily News
Hillary Clinton, Chris Christie get more media coverage than any other potential 2016 contender
Poll: Hillary Clinton whips Gov. Chris Christie in N.J. in 2016 matchup via
Hillary Clinton is handily beating Gov. Chris Christie in his home state, according to a new poll Wednesday.The Quinnipiac University Poll finds 50 percent of Jersey voters backing Clinton and 40 percent going with Christie.The former Secretary Of State holds a 20-percentage-point lead over Christie…
Kay Rez, "I found out last year that my son had to write not one but two essays on who he would vote for and why! That assignment was passed down from DESE to the teacher. She graded it for content, and said they would be mailed to the state. The choices were; Hillary Clinton, Chris Christie or other. The ONLY way I found out the state was gathering a rough estimate of a secret ballot, (Families talk politics at home) was through communication with my son. The staff KNEW this was illegal, KNEW it was a violation of privacy, and FORCED anyway! Parents are deliberately kept in the dark, deliberately not told about violations of privacy, for minors. Because surveys are becoming very polarized, personal questions are showing up on the Standardized Tests. Again, districts know this, and are deliberately covering it up. If we do not organize a million mom march on state capitals this November and large walk outs during tests and surveys... We absolutely will lose this fight. We have used words for the past fou ...
Chris Christie, Hillary Clinton are neck-and-neck in New Jersey Governor's home state, according to poll on hypothetical presidential match-up for 2016.
That awkward moment when Chris Christie has dropped so far in the 2016 polls that he's losing to Hillary Clinton by 8 poin…
Chris Christie's job approval drops to lowest level in three years and Hillary Clinton would even beat him in New Jersey, finds poll
New Jersey voters favor Hillary Clinton over Chris Christie for president, according to poll: h…
Poll: Would you vote for Hillary Clinton or Chris Christie for president?
So I know it's early.. But it looks to me like it's going to be Chris Christie and Hillary Clinton against each other for the next Presidential Election. And it's to the point where I don't know which one I would rather NOT vote for. Let's hope I'm wrong.
Corporate and Wall Street Republicans fear Tea Partiers more than they do certain Democrats. The current battle over the fate of the Ex-Import Bank is just the latest example. Last month, during the Republican primary for Virginia's 7th Congressional District that resulted in the ouster of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, victorious Tea Partier David Brat repeatedly charged that Cantor “does not represent the citizens of the 7th district, but rather large corporations seeking insider deals, crony bailouts, and constant supply of low-wage workers.” Meanwhile, dozens of major GOP donors, Wall Street Republicans, and corporate lobbyists have said if Jeb Bush decides against running and Chris Christie doesn’t recover politically, they’ll support Hillary Clinton. “The darkest secret in the big money world of the Republican coastal elite,” says the inside-the-beltway rag Politico, “is that the most palatable alternative to a nominee such as Senator Ted Cruz of Texas or Senator Rand Paul of Kentu ...
Although I didn't want President Obama reelected, stories like this mean nothing to me because it's in the past! Yes, we all know that President Obama has been one of the worst Presidents in recent American history. Yes, we know he lies about Benghazi and allowed a U.S. Ambassador to be captured, tortured and killed. Yes, we know he lied about Obamacare. Yes, we know he has allowed Russia to impose its expansionist ideology on the Ukraine. Yes, we know that he broke our promise to Poland and discontinued the missile defense system. Yes, we know that he was wrong about how his economic programs would turn America around and create jobs. And Yes, we know he continues to be indifferent to Israel which feeds the aggression of radical Islamic nations towards the Jewish state. So we know all this. The question is how will we make it right in the next election? Hillary Clinton? Really? Chris Christie? Seriously? Where is our next Washington, Lincoln, Teddy, or Reagan? Let's forget the "should haves" and focus .. ...
Quinnipiac Poll shows shift away from Chris Christie to Hillary Clinton in swing state
Hillary Clinton to sign books in New Jersey while Chris Christie is away
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Why is Hillary Clinton derided for being "testy" with media but Chris Christie isn't? via
My dear fellow Americans, I know you get many requests and solicitations from candidates that might be running for president, like Chris Christie, Ron Paul , the Rev Al Sharpton and Bernie Madoff. People who don’t live in the world we do. Struggling to pay our bills, feeding and educating our children and working hard to keep our families healthy and strong in these difficult times. I would just like to say that I, Hillary Clinton, am just like you and understand and feel the pain and complexities of trying to make ends meet. When I left the White House, I was an unemployed, older woman with a philandering husband who spent all of our money on his mistresses, Wall Street and Mcdonalds. I even had to auction some of his memorabilia on E-bay, like the original truck with Astroturf he had his early “meetings” in (I mean “on) and his saxophone. I still couldn’t accumulate enough funds for a down payment on a modest home in Chappaqua for two large egos and a staff. I found myself an empty-nest ...
Focus- He has said he is not running for president in 2016, but Mitt Romney is already being called an early favorite in the first-in-the-nation primary state of New Hampshire. A recent survey shows Romney as the frontrunner with 24%. Governor Chris Christie is a distant second with 9%. Earlier this week, we asked who you would vote for between Governor Christie and Hillary Clinton. Many of you said neither. Would you change your mind if Mitt Romney was on the Republican ticket?
After Chris Christie showed off his dancing skills on the "Tonight Show," he talked with Jimmy Fallon about a head-to-head presidential race against Hillary Clinton, and called the talk show host a "putz" for making weight jokes at his expense. Check out the video here!
NJ Gov. Chris Christie dad dances with Jimmy Kimmel, says he can beat Hillary Clinton (video)
If John Edwards had access to unlimited funds, then Chris Christie does. So does Marco Rubio. And Joe Biden. And Hillary Clinton.
Poll: Chris Christie and Jeb Bush have best chance to beat Hillary Clinton in 2016.
The Democrat and Republican parties keep throwing out the same people. Slick men and women in slick suits. I refuse to believe that Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, Rick Santorum and Chris Christie are the sharpest tools in the shed. They may be the most politically connected,... but they are not the smartest. Change the way you evaluate candidates. We must stop electing slick suits that are politically connected. It's the only way we can save this country from them.
Political humor. Karl Rove thinks we shouldn’t have Hillary Clinton in the White House because she fell and hit her head a couple years ago, spent three days in the hospital, and maybe she has brain damage. You know, I don’t recall the Republicans being this concerned with mental fitness during the years when Reagan was talking to house plants in the White House. Yesterday Chris Christie said he thinks it would be fun to run against Jeb Bush for the Republican presidential nomination. While Jeb Bush said it would be fun just to watch Chris Christie run. Today President Obama took his 1,001st flight aboard Air Force One. And they still made him take his shoes off at security. President Obama was touring New York sites in need of repair. He wants to spend money on the infrastructure. For example, the Port Authority needs fixing. And the Tappan Zee Bridge, where the renovation is already finishing up way ahead of schedule – like Obama’s second term Aba deya bedya bedaya, That's all folks!!!
All the Democrats make fun of how fat Chris Christie is- And he is- But can you only imagine what would happen if the Republicans made fun of what a fat *** Hillary Clinton is? She is a hideous fat *** hedgehog who had Vince Foster killed and "What difference does it make what happened in Benghazi??'' Pathetic !
Who would you support for President if the election were held today? . 1.Chris Christie . 2.Hillary Clinton . 3.Allan West . 4.Joe Biden
I like Chris Christie but I don't think he'd stand a chance against Jeb Bush. Neither would Joe Biden, maybe Hillary Clinton, just maybe, though.
For Republican financiers, Hillary Clinton is apparently the next best thing to Jeb Bush and Chris Christie. - 2014/04/28
Last week I gave my opinion of those who would support Hillary Clinton as a Presidential Candidate. Well Today I will tell you the same about Jeb Bush and Chris Christie neither one of them is qualified to be president anymore than Obama was. They are Rino's of the 5th power, they are not qualified to mow my lawn and I will not support them period.
A consistent and reoccurring theme amongst those attacking and taking over our public schools is that our children need to be ready to "Compete in the Global Economy" and specifically, with China. Jeb Bush seems as if he can't say this enough. Of course,when we look at what China is... a country wherein the citizens are slaves to the ruling political culture which has total control over the government. When Jeb Bush, Arne Duncan, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Chris Christie, et al,.. Tell you that we need to compete with China, what they are saying is this: They intend to treat you as the Chinese Gov't treats their own... as slaves with no rights and no voice in the matter. The writing is on the wall, but if we allow the Common Core Agenda to proceed, it won't be long until no one can read it. Wake up, America! Your "leaders" in the Republican and Democratic Parties are literally training your children to be sold on the open labor market... the open, SLAVE labor market.
(CNN) -- A new survey indicates Gov. Chris Christie, Sen. Rand Paul and former Gov. Jeb Bush would all fare about the same in a potential presidential matchup against Hillary Clinton in 2016.
If it turns out Chris Christie and Hillary Clinton both get their party's nomination for President who would you vote for?
During a post speech Q&A session, Hillary Clinton admitted that she's thinking about running for president. 2016 Presidential Race - Chris Christie and Hilar...
Imagine if the media spent as much time interrogating Hillary Clinton about Benghazi as they have Gov Chris Christie on the bridge closure!
The American Presidential season continues to warm up even though we're more than 2.5 years from Election Day 2016. Given that political horse trading is already upon us, who in your opinion makes a worthy candidate from the two major Parties and for what reason (The Economy, Education, Less-Corrupt Government, the Deficit, War, Healthcare, Women's rights, Drug Prohibition, Secularism/Public Faith, Race Issues, 'Entitlement' spending, International Affairs, Social Welfare generally etc) Democrats: Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Andrew Cuomo, Elizabeth Warren and/or others. Republicans: Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Sarah Palin, Rick Santorum and/or others.
Hillary Clinton says she may rule out a presidential run. It's a big political shakeup because her opponent Chris Christie has already ruled out running, biking, hiking, and swimming.
2016 Presidential Choices From Change To Nightmare As of today our best hope for a Change Election would be a Bernie Sanders vs. Rand Paul Presidential Contest in 2016. Same Old, Same Old would be a continuation of our Power Elite - Hillary Clinton vs. Chris Christie. Nightmare Election would be if a Neoconservative Authoritarian gets the Republican Nomination like Rick Santorum.
I was just going through the old Ron Paul memes and saw someone who went out of his way to defend Mitt Romney. Here is the problem.The primary selling point of Romney was that he was most electable. And he lost. So he wasn't most electable. It wasn't that he was a "good conservative" because he wasn't. Nor was he a believer in liberty. So that electable canard will be brought out again. Probably for Chris Christie or Jeb Bush. I think we now know that Christie certainly isn't "most electable". But here's the problem I have with both and it is exactly why neither should be nominated. My opinion is, if you do not see Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for the extreme evil that they are, you should never be entrusted with the Presidency. I don't care how qualified you otherwise are. If you are blind to that, you are wholly UNQUALIFIED to be President. And this disqualifies both Christie and Bush. I don't give a rat's *** HOW "electable" either one is, given that fact.
Hillary Clinton's doing 14 points better against Chris Christie in Colorado now than she was in December:
Hillary Clinton, and Chris Christie if he can return from the bridge ordeal. I don't like Rand Paul or Ted Cruz but who knows?
Hillary Clinton leads Christie and other GOP hopefuls in Iowa via
Hillary Clinton leads New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and other Republican presidential contenders in Iowa by double digits, according to a new poll. Forty-eight percent of Iowan voters support Clinton compared to 35 percent for Christie, according to a Quinnipiac University Poll released Thursday. T...
Chris Christie got STAND OVATIONS at CPAC yesterday!!..The Media has been trying to destroy him over the "Bridge scandal" in New Jersey and I think they WAY over played that situation!!..Christie will CRUSH Hillary Clinton in a debate and I truly think he is the best chance to win back the White House for the Republican Party in. 2016!
TODAY IN ONE PARAGRAPH: Crimea scheduled a referendum on whether it will secede from Ukraine and join Russia, but President Obama said it would violate international law and would not be recognized by the U.S. Chris Christie, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and others spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference, and Mitch Mcconnell brought a gun. Russia is pushing for the International Monetary Fund to go ahead with a 2010 set of reforms without U.S. approval. An ABC News/Washington Post poll puts Hillary Clinton far ahead of her possible Republican challengers in 2016, and shows that Jeb Bush's last name might be holding him back. But Bernie Sanders says he would be a better president than anyone else, including Clinton.
wondering who will be rep/demo candidates for president in 2016: got curious and have been researching possibliities. since we've had 8 yrs of demo leadership, wonder if Rahm Emanuel with either Evan Bayh or Ben Affleck could take the demo nomination. then remembering the Republican Party - possible candidates include Jason Chaffets, Chris Christie, Kelly Ayotte, Tom Corbett, Ted Cruz, and Susan Martinez. Anyone's thoughts? Please for sake of sanity do not include Hillary Clinton - Bengazi and other fiasco in making. btw - what brought this on was watching West Wing on Netflix. So - what do ya think and why?
“.Are people insane?..2016 poll: Chris Christie, Hillary Clinton still king
The Republicans are desperate. Really desperate! So desperate, they're using L'il Rand Paul, of Ky., whose digging up old bones from the past. Then there's former Congressman from Georgia Bob Barr, who all of a sudden has gone way back into his closet of some 20 years, to get his bones out, from when he led Impeachment Proceedings against Former President Bill Clinton. Bob Barr wants to return to Congress, in effort to bring out those old bones from Bill Clinton, to run again for Congress, and scatter them over Barack Obama, to assist in Impeaching him, and bury Hillary Clinton. These guys just can't get over the forced resignation of Richard M. Nixon, so they invented lies with Michael Dukakis, John Kerry, and now Hillary Clinton, because it's looking more and more that their only hope, Chris Christie, is becoming toast. So now L'il Rand Paul sees his chance (he's thinking), to open up old wounds, digging a hole for Hillary Clinton, who hasn't even thrown her hat into the Political Ring. I tell 'ya, Fear ...
The next Presidential Election has already started. I can tell because the heavy artillery isn’t aimed on Obama any longer.  In the past few weeks, it looks like columnists and pundits on the right have locked their sights on Hillary Clinton.   Last week it was announced that the former Secretary Of State is now leading presumptive Republican frontrunner Chris Christie by 16 points.  Clinton’s super PAC is already flush with $4 million in seed money for a presidential run, while the GOP seems to be searching in vain for a new front runner in the wake of the New Jersey Governor’s lane closure scandal.   With no clear leader to cheer for on the right, the current strategy seems to be to criticize the presumptive Democratic nominee.  We’ve been hearing a new chorus of “Benghazi,” which never seemed to gain traction when it was fresh, let alone stale. I’ve also noticed a lot of regression back to Monica gate and Bill Clinton’s sexual dalliances in the 1990s (as if that’s going to galvan ...
A new CNN/ORC poll finds Chris Christie slipping further into the never going to be president netherworld, as Hillary Clinton has opened up a 16 point lead on the New Jersey Governor.
CNN/ORC poll: Hillary Clinton leads 55%-39% over Chris Christie in 2016 showdown. Christie had 2-point edge in Nov.
Hillary Clinton's boots where made for walking, and that's just what they'll do. and they are going to walk all over you Chris Christie and all the GOP too... in 2016 !!
What’s the state of the 2014 and 2016 elections? Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty explains his thought on the GOP’s odds to take the Senate, Chris Christie and Hillary Clinton tonight on Kudlow.
Chris Christie's 2-point lead over Hillary Clinton in November is now a 16-point deficit, according to new CNN/ORC poll. CNN's Erin Burnett has more at 7pm ET.
Rand Paul has twice gone after Hillary Clinton. Clearly he is not afraid to go after her. Chris Christie is still on the rebound after "Bridgegate." Ted Cruz is still going after Obamacare (which I think he should). I am still going with Rand Paul for 2016... ~Chaos
It is stunning each night and weekend to see the scum that occupy the anchor chairs at MSNBC: Chris Mathews, Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes, Steve Kornacki, Al Sharpton, and Lawrence O' Donnelll, literally devote entire one hour shows to the destruction of Chris Christie. They fill the guest chairs with the same partisan N.J. Democrat politicians who are out to get Christie. So far, after a month, there is not a shred of evidence against Christie. None. The aforementioned MSNBC scumbags collectively did not devote more than 10-15 minutes total in over two years to the Benghazi terrorist attack and the aftermath, where it was proven that both Obama and Hillary Clinton lied about a 14 minute YouTube video being the cause of 4 brave men being killed. They collectively mocked the Republicans, calling Benghazi a non scandal. However, the lane closings on a New Jersey Bridge, boy oh, boy, that's a real scandal and they want Chris Christie's blood. I believe that they think that he is a threat to H.Clinton's Preside ...
Republican voters remain undecided over their favorite candidate for the 2016 Presidential Election while Democrats are rallying heavily behind Hillary Clinton as their front-runner, according to a new poll released Tuesday. The Public Policy Polling survey shows that Gov. Chris Christie and Sen. Ra...
She still hasn't announced whether she's running for president in 2016, but Hillary Clinton is already the biggest front-runner ever for the Democratic presidential nomination, the Washington Post reports. According to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, Clinton leads Vice President Joe Biden by 61 percentage points — the largest margin in the history of the poll. The former First Lady is tops among all possible candidates for the Democratic Party with 73 percent of those polled saying they'd vote for her. Biden, at 12 percent, is a distant second, while Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who some believe could challenge Clinton in a primary, gets 8 percent of the vote. "For any politician looking to take a flyer on challenging Clinton in the 2016 Democratic primary," the Post writes, "these numbers will have a chilling effect on those ambitions." Among possible Republican candidates, Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan (20 percent) leads by just 2 percentage points over former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (18 percent ...
Here is an interesting tidbit. For months and months in 2013, Hillary Clinton was polling ahead of any Republican for the 2016 Presidential race. Dec. 26, 2013 CNN poll shows Chris Christie polling ahead of Clinton for the 2016 race 48% and 45%. Jan. 8th, 2014 (2 weeks later) The NJ Bridge scandal came about and every Democrat in NJ came out of the woodwork to blame Christie for being some sort of Bully. Coincidence? Hardly! The Democrats are afraid of Christie and they know he has a strong chance to upset their idea of electing Clinton for the WH in 2016, so as soon as he started showing signs that he could beat Clinton, the DEMS crafted this plan to try and pull him down. Make no mistake, there is NO PROOF of Christie doing anything wrong, this is a HUGE joke. Interesting when you look at facts and see how this whole thing came about.
Lotta people out on the roads today that don't need to be. One of them isn't PennDot cause they r no where to be found. I had to be to get to the gym. U don't get a fine tuned body like mine without hitting the gym. Those 20 lbs dumb bells aren't going to lift themselves. Saw Joel Olsteen on tv this AM. He said he was outside on a sunny, no clouds in the sky day and God made it rain cause he can. Saw a political show and apparently 2 years from now Chris Christie will suffer greatly for bridge gate if he decides to run for president. But, Hillary Clinton won't suffer for Benghazi. Go figure. And the lottery checker is still broken at sheetz.
Are obese people worthy of admiration? In some cases, possibly, yes...but how about entrusting them with immense power over our lives? Recently, a friend returned home from a vacation to Russia. The first thing they shared with me was their perception that there were no, or at least very few fat people in that country. It occurred to me that this was an interesting observation to be the first one mentioned from such an experience. It highlighted for me the significance of maintaining our physical condition, especially as we age. I say this as someone who is on a post Holiday/mid-winter diet that I view with mixed emotions...namely craving and disdain. That said, getting fat is an even less appealing option. Fat is a gateway flaw...once achieved, a litany of shortcomings become a smorgasbord of failings to choose from. To wit, Chris Christie...a man who feeds with both hands from the trough of dirty deeds and questionable behavior. He can't, or won't aspire to control his own indulgences, why wou ...
Jake Tapper admits that Chris Christie (R-NJ) has gotten a lot more scrutiny on the “Bridgegate” scandal than Hillary Clinton did on the Benghazi scandal.
Unaccountable Hillary Clinton Brent Bozell | Jan 24, 2014 Brent Bozell Recommend this article Recommend 216 65 CNN anchor Jake Tapper blandly admitted the obvious in a radio interview with conservative host Hugh Hewitt. The same reporters that insist their former Republican Party favorite Chris Christie is ruined for 2016 by traffic jams on a bridge are letting Hillary Clinton skate for embassy-security neglect that led to four dead government employees at Benghazi. Why would so-called watchdogs of government suggest Clinton is a shoo-in in 2016 as if Benghazi never happened? Tapper strangely suggested that Benghazi always seemed like more of a White House scandal than a State Department scandal, and I don't blame him, because Clinton didn't grant him an interview. "Hillary Clinton was on her way out, and you know, I can't tackle her," he said in self-defense. "I haven't had a chance to interview her since Benghazi happened. I don't even know, has she done interviews? I think she did some interviews on he ...
WRIGHT: Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie - Oh, how the mighty may fall - Washington Times: via
Mitt Romney praises Chris Christie and says Hillary Clinton is beatable! Guess he knows what it takes 2 win!
CNN's Jake Tapper said Wednesday that Chris Christie's "Bridgegate" scandal has received more media coverage than Hillary Clinton's handling of the Benghazi attack, though he said there were "complicated reasons" for that. "Obviously, Christie is getting a lot mo...
So it turns out Hillary Clinton has an enemies list. If that surprises you, politics is probably not your specialty. But because of what's unfolding in Chris Christie's career this month—and what might unfold in 2016 if Clinton faces Christie for the presidency—the salient question is how much we sh...
Shocking Poll numbers for Christie: NBC Poll: Hillary Pulls Way Ahead After Christie Scandal NBC News/Marist, 1/12-1/14 Clinton: 50 Christie: 37 Hillary Clinton has pulled way ahead of Chris Christie following the Bridgegate scandal that has hit the New Jersey Governor hard over the last two weeks, according to a new NBC News/Marist Poll. After trailing Christie in the last three polls of the year, the former First Lady has broken open a 13 percent lead over the Republican frontrunner. Yesterday, we found that Chris Christie has not lost any steam in the race for the Republican nomination despite being embroiled in a scandal for the last two weeks. That's not surprising since we have seen that the bridge scandal has not affected Christie's standing among Republicans very much. It has, however, turned off... Read More... Iowa GOP Trends: Christie in Trouble in Caucus Polls as Cruz Surges Candidate February July November Christie 12 16 17 Cruz - 10 16 Paul 15 18 13 Santorum - 6 11 Ryan 10 15 9 Bush 14 14 - ...
Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie are both 2016 front-runners, and both are linked to potentially harmful scandals - but only one scandal is legitimate.
Chris Christie isn't the best candidate conservatives could hope for -- but is he a better choice for president than Hillary Clinton?
In a hypothetical 2016 match-up, Hillary Clinton's lead against Chris Christie grows after Bridgegate scandal. Details on the latest NBC News/Marist Poll:
Chris Christie should've just pulled a Hillary Clinton when she was asked about Bhengazi "What difference does it make why it happened?" No one is railroading her so go for it Chris!!
I'm still convinced that neither Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden nor Chris Christie will make it past their respective primaries if they elect to run for president. There...I said it.
(CNN) - As Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie find themselves wrapped in scandals this week, can the two potential 2016 presidential frontrunners survive the political backlash? Republicans have renewed their criticism of Clinton after the release of a bipartisan report by the Senate Intelligence...
Bad news for the Chris Christie-loathing GOP. In a new Marist Poll, he came out ahead with Republican voters, when asked who they would lean towards if the election were held right now. Chris Christie 16% Paul Ryan 12% Rand Paul 9% Jeb Bush 8% Marco Rubio 7% Rick Perry 6% Rick Santorum 5% Ted Cruz 5% In a poll of all voters, Hillary Clinton beat Christie 50% to 37%
Tonight on the battle lines for 2016. Gov. Chris Christie and Hillary Clinton, the two front-runners, already face problems. Live comments from the team will be added here, jump into the debate below.
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Hillary Clinton’s 2016 lead has grown over the last month when pitted against the scandal-burdened Chris Christie in a new poll.
A new NBC News/Marist Poll shows that Hillary Clinton has remained essentially stationary in a head-to head battle with Chris Christie since the Christie scandal broke, but Christie has plunged downward. Last month Clinton garnered 48% of voters; this month she received 50% of those polled. Christie’s numbers plummeted from 45% to 37%. 68% of those polled say the scandal didn’t change their opinion of Christie. …read more Source: Breitbart
If Governor Chris Christie should be considered a political bully what about Hillary Clinton?
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and French President Francois Hollande. One is a political bully in hot water for screwing people he shouldn't have. The other just lost an election to Hillary Clinton.
In the latest NBC/ Marist Poll Hillary Clinton has 13 point lead over Chris Christie.
In a surprise announcement, Hillary Clinton stated that the deaths in Benghazi were actually Chris Christie's fault. She is claiming that the rescuers were stuck on the George Washington bridge.
When I said it was good that Chris Christie had a real press conference, that should in NO way be considered as support of him. In the same piece I mentioned the press conference I clearly said "I am no fan of Chris Christie" - I thought that was pretty clear. Apparently not, so I'll be a little more clear here: Chris Christie is a big government, corporatist, authoritarian statist cast in the same mold as *** Cheney, Hillary Clinton and President Obama: people who see government as the solution rather than the problem and who are the most harmful force in our nation. Christie / Obama/ Cheney / H Clinton have big differences in their marketing machines and style but all support domestic spying, drones, bombings which kill families and kids in foreign lands, expansion of the TSA and DHS and military style police on our streets, the Patriot Act and other destructions of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Even a broken clock is right twice a day: Christie was right on bigotry a couple years back and rig .. ...
In light of the recent "scandal" of Chris Christie, if anyone thinks that he's better or worse than Barbara Buono or John Mccain or Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama or Christie Whitman, you are fundamentally ignorant of the ills which plague this nation due to the vice of political establishment and its propensity for the rampant corruption we see in both parties. Republicans are not the only problem. Democrats are not the only problem. They together pose a greater threat to our former Republic than any Iranian or terror organization thousands of miles away.
Hillary Clinton has nothing to fear from Chris Christie.
Maureen Dowd on Chris Christie in the NYT-- her op-ed is SUPERB! Thunder Road WASHINGTON — I HAVE learned two things covering politics. One, first impressions are often right. John Edwards is slick. Hillary Clinton is expedient. W. was in over his head. Barack Obama is too much in his head. Chris Christie can be a bully. Politicians are surrounded by spinners who work tirelessly to shape our perceptions of the characters of their bosses. Pols know how to polish scratches in their image with sin-and-redemption news conferences, TV confessionals and self-deprecating turns at hoary Washington press banquets. As Carter spokesman Jody Powell joked, if Hitler and Eva Braun came on stage at the Gridiron Dinner and mocked themselves in a song-and-dance routine, Washington chatterers would say, “Oh, they’re not so bad.” After being showered with spin, you say to yourself, maybe that first impression was wrong. But often it isn’t. Christie’s two-hour “I am not a bully” news conference was operatic . ...
Looks like Chris Christie is toast. So much for my hope of a race between him and Hillary Clinton.
Surprising endorsement for Hillary Clinton by non-Rino Republicans by vile comments about Chris Christie.
Sure-blame Chris Christie for the traffic jam in NJ.What about Hillary GD Clinton and her incompetent job over Libya where Ambassador Stevens and others died?What about the annointed one and his tax scandal with the IRS???Mr.Obama also lied through his teeth about his crappy healthcare that he has imposed on us illegally!!!Why don't these things get press time?You can cram it you GD liberals!Oh and don't forget,Hillary Clinton stunk up the place as our Secretary Of State.She really didn't do much!!!These people have to be held accoutable for gross incompetance!!!
MSNBC, Chuck Todd, says Chris Christie is a typical politician. If that is true, what about Obama? Christie fired two people yesterday. Obama gave Susan Rice a promotion, Hillary Clinton was able to walk away from Benghazi. Obama has never done a press conference on any of the scandals under his watch. Media bias is alive and well!
Chris Christie should have given Hillary Clinton's explanation of Benghazi; "what difference at this point does it make?”
I am a Republican and think that Chris Christie should not be president due to his traffic thing. Now, lets talk about why Eric Holder is still not in jail for contempt of Congress, why Hillary Clinton is not in jail for lying to Congress and why obama has not been impeached for crimes against the people. Thank you Jim Jordan
( Lets see - Traffic jam in Fort Lee, NJ == Major Scandal!! ) US Ambassador and 3 other Americans DEAD in Libya = "What difference does it make?!?" US troops committed to war in Afghanistan based on a POLITICAL calculation - so who cares - yet soldiers are dying! Are any of them your children??? The IRS & NSA are harassing & spying and otherwise destroying American lives. We have the most bias and corrupt Justice Dept. of all time - that is OK . More folks than ever have NO Health Insurance, but that is OK. * PREDICTION - by the end of this year even more people will not have any Health Insurance - any takers here?!? 91 Million Americans out of work, but that is OK Give me a break Chris Christie is better than most I would take him over Obama any day God help us if that Gunt ( sorry about the spelling ) Hillary Clinton gets in
The U.S. Attorney investigating the scandal involving Chris Christie's staffers affecting bridge traffic is a Hillary Clinton fundraiser who would...
I would love to see Chris Christie challenge Hillary Clinton in 2016 - in the Democratic primaries.
Chris Christie's staff may have closed the GWB, but Hillary Clinton is the reason why 4 Americans were killed in Benghazi, Libya
Chris Christie of New Jersey.. Just watch out for him in 2016.. He may just be the Republican guy that'll confront a possible Hillary Clinton candidacy... I like his electrifying character. *just musing into the future*
Sizing Up The Field Oh no! Not another commentary about the 2016 Presidential Election! Don't worry, it's not. It's Saturday. Time for a lighter discussion. Besides, engaging in speculation re: the 2016 election would be folly at this point. Sure, Public Policy Polling shows that Chris Christie would win over Hillary Clinton if the election were held today. HOWEVER, at this same point during Bush's second term, polling had Rudolph Giuliani defeating Hillary Clinton.and we all know that's EXACTLY how it turned out. JK So I prefer to size up the NFL playoffs today.which can be just as tricky to predict as politics. But here goes: This weekend, I believe the weather will be the big story. Kansas City over Indianapolis: Colts beat the Chiefs in Week 16. Historically, that doesn't bode well for Andrew Luck's crew. Philadelphia over New Orleans: Warm weather team playing in this bitter cold? The Eagles won't soar, but will eke out a victory. Cincinnati over San Diego: See above. Green Bay over San Francisco: Be ...
Chris Christie and Hillary Clinton would both be bad choices for America in 2016. I'm thankful for third parties where I don't have to vote for the two major parties. Its time people opened their eyes and realized the Dems nor Repubs are good for America and realize they are not the solutions to the problems, they are the problem. We need real solutions and real progress towards turning our country in the right direction.
Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie are the top picks to receive their respective party's presidential nomination. *** no…
Speaking of polling, Chris Christie and Hillary Clinton are "essentially...
I think Hillary Clinton is Chris Christie in drag. Ever notice you never see them both at the same time?
If it's Chris Christie vs. Hillary Clinton in 2016 who will you vote for? STORY:
A new poll suggests Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie are neck and neck in a hypothetical 2016 Presidential Election.
In a potential preview of the next Presidential Election, a new national poll suggests Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie would be neck and neck if...
Do you think Hillary Clinton could beat Chris Christie?
Happy Friday Varney viewers! Coming up on the show today, Channel One News Anchor Shelby Holliday joins us from Denver to talk about what she found when she interviewed young people about Obamacare. Some young people are saying they would rather pay the fine because it's cheaper than the plans...what do you think of that logic? Kendra Todd will also join us at 9:30 to give us her predictions for the real estate markets in 2014, as well as whether we should expect to see more people moving from apartments to homes in the new year. Would you prefer to rent your place or buy it? Express Employments CEO Bob Funk will also join us to break down the expiration of jobless benefits and what that means for those who rely on it. He will also give us his predictions on where we could see unemployment numbers move to in the new year. And coming up in the 10 AM hour, Jason Mattera will weigh in on the dead heat race between Chris Christie and Hillary Clinton when it comes to who will be our next President. A new CNN p ...
Ok, 2016 potential Presidential Candidates are in the polls and it is a HUGE yawner! On the Dems side is the leader Hillary Clinton of cattle futures fame. Then we have Joe Biden. To be honest, I have nothing to say about his worthless as *** on a boar hog butt... That leaves Elizabeth Warren, Martin O'Malley and Deval Patrick. I am asleep at the wheel and headed for a crash... But I won't leave the rotten *** slate on the Republican's side out. Chris Christie holds a narrow lead, with Jeb Bush, Tom Cruz and Paul Ryan sniffing up his butt with a microscope. Problem is, they all SUCK! That leaves Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Scott Walker, Rick Perry and Rick Santorum holding up the rear of the GOP flanks, the most appropriate place for them. *** should ALWAYS take up the rear... Looks like one more lame *** election of complete morons... When will we have reps running who aren't clueless by nature? I am starting a voters for Goofy or Dopey as president campaign. Are you in?
Chris Christie or Hillary Clinton what a choice both are bad choices for N.J.
Hillary Clinton vs Chris Christie in 2016 America ...we have come a long way ...a *** vs an elephant .good thing is I like them both
Just saw Barbara Walters interview Hillary Clinton and I'm so convinced she is going to be the next president. I can dig it. Chris Christie is kinda dope too though...
If Chris Christie is the Republican nominee, the republicans will LOSE again!! No one wants that fat kiss *** POS for president... we've had enough POS"s in the White House. we need someone who care about the COUNTRY... NOT the TITLE! HILLARY GETS COLD SHOULDER IN IOWA - The latest Quinnipiac poll in Iowa shows trouble for 2016 Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton. The survey has Gov. Chris Christie, R-N.J., leading Clinton by 5 points and Clinton in a dead heat with Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky. Among other potential Republic nominees, Clinton bests former Gov. Jeb Bush, R-Fla., 47 percent to 40 percent. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas fares similarly, trailing Clinton 48 percent to 41 percent. Wonder why Iowa is chilly to Hillary? How about this: the current Democratic occupant of the Oval Office, who carried the Hawkeye State twice, had a 38 percent job approval rating in the poll.
2016: A presidential contest between Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie is a contest the bankers can’t lose.
Hillary Clinton just said she hasn't decided if she's running in the 2016 Presidential race yet, she'll decide in 2014. That means she's running. As previously stated, I expect she will be running against Jeb Bush, with Chris Christie as VP. Which also means, President Clinton for 2016 and 2020.
Oops! Chris Christie is beating Hillary Clinton by 3 points in a hypothetical Presidential Election poll between them.
"Chris Christie is the only GOP candidate capable of beating out Hillary Clinton in a 2016 matchup in Iowa.
Iowa Voters Prefer Chris Christie to Hillary Clinton in 2016 matchup (45-40%) - Democratic...
TRENTON — Gov. Chris Christie leads Hillary Clinton by 5 percentage points among Iowa voters surveyed about the presidential race, according to a...
-_- if Chris Christie and Hillary Clinton end up as the front runners in the 2016 election I am going to start riots.
'16 presidential poll: Hillary Clinton leads big, Rand Paul just behind Gov. Chris Christie
Chris Christie, Hillary Clinton neck-and neck in mock 2016 race, new polls show featured in NBC s Science of Love
Group linked to Hillary Clinton attacks Chris Christie over unsolved Port Authority lane closure
Be President . America deserve better choices than Chris Christie, Rand Paul ,and Hillary Clinton . We want
If I say something about government power being out of control and someone immediately shouts "Obama is destroying America!" that is fine. But if that person stood by silently while George W. Bush pushed domestic spying, the NSA, TSA, DHS, bailouts, the Fed and the Patriot Act, then that person is part of the problem as well. When we believe the marketing that tells us one side is significantly different from the other we do less to make change and more to maintain the status quo. Blaming "the GOP", "liberals", "Obama" or the "Tea Party" is the result of a simple tool inspired by those in power who wish to divide us and give their supporters the idea that a Hillary Clinton or a Chris Christie would somehow be any different than the Bush / Obama policies of violence and destruction of our rights.
Hillary Clinton or Chris Christie will be the Democrat Nominee in 2016. Both are proud leftist progressives.
Chris Christie isn't a moderate! He's a Progressive-Liberal! Anyone who wants him for President mind as well slap a GOP pin on Hillary Clinton!
Unless something pretty big happen, I'm convinced that it will be Hillary Clinton (D) v Chris Christie (R) in 2016 with Clinton winning.
It’s way too early, but right now Chris Christie would defeat Hillary Clinton in Iowa. Yes. Iowa.
What do Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie have in common? - eugene357smith- Gmail
All four Paul Ryan, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Chris Christie are already trending ahead in the polls over Hillary Clinton. That is if she decides to run. And yet the wicked witch of the west Nancy Pelosi says she believes "This country is ready for Hillary." Keep on dreaming all the way back to the land of Oz. Personally I would be just fine with Ryan, Paul, or Cruz. Dems have no chance this time around in '16. That is if Jesus doesn't return before then. Hallelujah praise the Lord!
More New Jerseyans prefer Hillary Clinton for president than Gov. Chris Christie, a new NBC News poll shows. In a hypothetical match-up, Clinton...
A national poll pitting Chris Christie and Hillary Clinton up in a hypothetical 2016 match up finds Clinton triumphing over a fractured GOP.
Br! Abby Reed KCBD here with a peek at some of the stories I am following from the News Now Desk on lawyers for the Boston Marathon bombing suspect will be in court today - I'll tell you why. Plus, I have some amazing video out of Syria this morning that shows massive explosions in Damascus. And NBC News has just released a poll that pits Hillary Clinton v. Chris Christie in a "hypothetical" presidential matchup.
NBC News poll: If New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie runs for president in 2016, he would likely face the dual challenges of uniting a fractured Republican Party and besting a formidable Hillary Clinton in a general election.
My 2016 presidential race outcome prediction. Chris Christie will run for president as an Independent. Hillary Clinton will run on the Democratic presidential ticket. I do not have a guess at this time for who the Republican candidate will turn out to be. I doubt it matters -- the Republicans will put up another Robert Dole, or John Mccain-like, low caliber, RINO candidate. Chris Christie will split the Republican vote, handing the presidential victory to Hillary Clinton. We saw this in 1992 and 1996 when Ross Perot, an operative working on behalf of Bill Clinton handed Clinton the election through splitting the Republican vote. Expect Hillary Clinton to pull this off using Christie to win the White House. In return, Christie will receive a choice cabinet position or other nomination which will turn out to be very financially lucrative.
Bernie Goldberg said on the O'Reilly factor tonight that calling Chris Christie a RINO (anyone to the left of Ted Cruz) is an insult and that the real RINOs are the ones in the Tea Party and hard right whose allegiance is not with the Republican Party but to their particular own brand of conservatism and by doing so it will get Hillary Clinton elected in 2016. . . .Well tooo f'ing bad Bernie we're tired of Republicians that not only compromise with the democrats but also meet their every demand and if that's the case in 2016 sooo be it ! !
Chris ChristiE: When [the book] "Double Down" by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin was released, the... [pundits were] seemingly obsessed with the non-story of President Obama not choosing to replace Joe Biden as his vice president with Hillary Clinton. Segment after segment was devoted to it, even though nothing actually ever happened --other than an alleged floating of an idea that was quickly dismissed. But what was much more curious... was the very studious refusal to connect the dots on the opposition research done by the Romney campaign on prospective [vice presidential] candidate Chris Christie. While the general consensus amongst the Villagers was that Romney felt threatened by Christie's larger-than-life persona and felt repulsed by Christie's size. But Heilemann and Halperin actually documented some serious issues about Christie that you would think might hurt his chances at a presidential run. What disqualified him for the vice-presidency certainly should equally be of issue for his prospective ...
Reader Mail (Christie-Martinez): "Just read your column and I couldn’t disagree/agree more on your quasi-endorsement of a Christie-Martinez GOP ticket in 2016. Much like I dedicated my citizenship and San Diego residency to the removal of Bob Filner earlier this year when I began to hear rumblings of bizarre behavior at City Council meetings, I am dedicating my US citizenship to two specific things now. First that Hillary Clinton not be our first women President and two that Chris Christie not become President of The United States now or even after seeking anger management counseling be it voluntary or involuntary. Fine for New Jersey, but this guy doesn’t have the character to even play Tony Soprano much less become Auditor-In-Chief. Nonetheless, I find NM Gov Martinez to be a bright light and would welcome her throwing her bonnet, sombrero or hat into the ring in 2016. I can forgive her for campaigning for Christie’s reelection as New Jersey Governor, but she has probably already learned that were ...
Here is my prediction for the 2016 presidential race. Hillary Clinton will get the democratic party's nomination easily. She won't have any serious challengers. On the Republican side, it will be just like 2012. There were basically 3 types of republican voters in 2012. There were libertarians or people who leaned libertarian and voted for Ron Paul. There were "establishment republicans" who voted for Mitt Romney. And there were Tea Party people who weren't libertarians who split the vote between everyone else. Mitt Romney didn't win the majority of votes but he got more than anyone else (a true majority requires 50% or more). Then when Mitt Romney got the nomination no principled voter cared about it because he was the same as Obama and Obama won. The Republican Party will have the same problem in 2016. Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Chris Christie, and a few teapublicans will run. I'm guessing that Rand will get more libertarians votes, Cruz will get more Tea Party people who lean libertarian to vote for him, Chr ...
inShare. Sean Hannity declared that the "anointment" of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie as the 2016 GOP presidential nominee following his re-election on Tuesday is "jumping the gun" — adding, "I don't know what the big appeal of Christie is, just based on the record." He told listeners of his radio show on Wednesday: "It is hardly an economic boon or turnaround in the state of New Jersey, I can tell you that. [But] everybody is just going nuts thinking they have this thing figured out for 2016." Editor's Note: Should ObamaCare Be Defunded? Vote in Urgent National Poll Hannity charged that Christie is "not in the mainstream of conservatism. Don't tell me this is going to be a cakewalk." Referring to exit polls on Tuesday that showed Hillary Clinton beating Christie in 2016, Hannity said: "Chris Christie on his most popular day can't beat Hillary Clinton. That ought to be a warning sign to everybody who wants to put their anointment on this guy without even having a primary." Hannity continued: "This gov ...
Fox News proving once again they are the channel for Elitists and RINO's everywhere. Wall Street Journal report is now talking about Chris Christie and how he's the savior of the Republican Party. It'd be interesting if they didn't run the very same programming and analysis for John Mccain and Mitt Romney. Chris Christie cannot win a Presidential Election. In every poll no matter what Jujitsu you apply to the math, he comes out losing to Hillary Clinton. And yet we're going to be treated to an avalanche of programming from Fox News telling us what a genius this guy is. I am not kidding, folks. They really ran the same programming for Romney and that proved to be an embarrassing loss.
Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie are secular progressives and they must be defeated and only you do it.
You do know that Hillary Clinton defeats Chris Christie by 6-8 points in Jersey, right? NEWS FLASH: Laura Ingraham better get ready for HILLARY!
If your presidential choices in 2016 were Hillary Clinton or Chris Christie, what would you do?
CNN: Top 10 states buzzing about Chris Christie and Hillary Clinton
The sounds of the circular firing squad have begun, after losing in Virginia, New York, and catch this ALABAMA LOL, the exit polls show a large rejection of the Tea Party, and now the GOP has to come to grips with the truth "The Tea Party is tanking the republican reputation". The big money donors are cheering for Chris Christie, while the Tea Party faction is cheering for Ted Cruz lol, if the party leadership refuses to deal with the Tea Party then the Dems will get the big money donors, and thus the Civil War has begun. This should be fun, however fight as they will, I have a better chance of getting a date with Janet Jackson and Beyoncé on the same night, then the republicans have of beating Hillary Clinton. I said it once and I will say it again, 2016 is a lost cause. The donor base should focus on keeping the house and accept the fact that the dems will control the senate and the whitehouse.
OK, I screwed up the other day when I said to "NOT vote Democrat?! The governor races of today consisted of Chris Christie (R) vs. Barbara Buono (D) in New Jersey and Terry McAuliffe (D) vs. Ken Cuccinelli (R) (Libertarian) in Virginia. Chris Christie ® won the race in New Jersey and he is really a Democrat in sheeps clothing. He stands for and believes everything Hillary Clinton and Obamacare! (My bad)! And well although I don’t know much about Terry McAuliffe (D) vs. Ken Cuccinelli,®, I do know that Cuccinelli stands in the same corner as Rand Paul and he only lost at 1.4% of the vote. He has only been campaigning for a few weeks. Rand Paul is trying to save America from big government and Obamacare! The lesson here: No party (Republican/Democrat) is immune to the possibilities of back handed slavery for the American People. Don’t let this happen to you or your children and grandchildren! Pay attention to who you vote for. Learn as much about them as you possibly can before you vote for anyone!!
To paraphrase something I once heard Carl Rowan say about Hubert Humphrey; America could do a lot worse than Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie as the 2016 Presidential Nominees--and probably will.
Good job, Virginia. Congrats to Governor-Elect Terry McAuliffe. Also, in New Jersey, exit polls showed Hillary Clinton beating Chris Christie in his own state if they meet in 2016.
Chris Christie? Not my choice, but Joe Six-Pack is better than Hillary Clinton! Yikes, the mere thought gives me shivers!.
Not surprisingly, the liberal media on Friday focused on leaked details from Mark Halperin and John Heilemann's new book "Double Down" that involved Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Mitt Romney, and Chris Christie.
"Chris Christie will campaign against ACA and beat Hillary Clinton in the general election" via …
Chris Christie is no competition for Hillary Clinton! He's just as stale as the other pro-wealthy Republicans!
Alec Baldwin conducted a superb interview with New York Times political columnist Michael Powell on Up Late on MSNBC, discussing Chris Christie, Hillary Clinton and Andrew Cuomo. I've touted Alec to Les Moonves and to Pat Fili as a lead anchor, and seeing the intellect and knowledge behind his questions and follow-ups and the pleasant surprise of the likes of Powell to be asked a sophisticated, challenging question is delightful for me. Alec kills reading prompter and of course he's Alec Baldwin. Next Friday Alec reunites the two stars of Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey.
"DOWNLOAD FROM A PARKBENCH" Today, Thursday, October 17, 2013, contrary to currently popular societal political gossip is the first day of the rest of America, the World and Your life. Since the world did not dissolve in the big debt ceiling powered financial super nova that was predicted. Since, I am, sure you are wondering why, may I offer this modest reality check. I suggest you be securely seated or lying down on the floor this will get seismic. Following is a list of persons and circumstances none of which had anything singularly or collectively to do with this most fortuitous conditional circumstance. Barack Obama, Charles Schumer, Lindsey Graham, John Mccain, Harry Reid, Mitch Mcconnell, John Boehner, Ted Cruz, Rick Perry, Michelle Bachman, Ron Paul, *** Durbin, Cory Booker, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, NASA, Chris Christie, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Diane Feinstein, Wonder Woman, Super Man, Angela Merkel, Vladimir Putin, Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald, Chelsea ( formerly Bradley ) M ...
Am I the only one who thinks the RNC pulling the plug on having CNN debates next election is a bad idea? I think it's a great idea! I think so because it serves them right for the stupid debate criteria they had last time. Admitting the lower polling Rick Santorum (and occasionally the lower polling Jon Huntsman too) but not allowing Gary Johnson in when he was qualified. So screw CNN. With regards to the actual reason of the RNC walked away from the agreement. I kinda don't blame them. You make a kiss *** biographical documentary of Hillary Clinton when she is considered a potential Presidential Candidate yet you don't show any others of the other potential candidates like Chris Christie, Rand Paul... or Gary Johnson. (Man, would that last one be something)
Chris Christie or Hillary Clinton holding the power of life or death over each of us.
More likely GOP will nominate someone like Chris Christie or Jeb Bush. They can run against Hillary Clinton. Ensures no change.
Cable news to provide in-depth coverage of Egypt as long as it takes until Chris Christie, Rand Paul or Hillary Clinton say or do anything.
Things are messed up for the GOP when Gov. Christie is the only GOPer who leads Hillary Clinton in GA. .
Chris Christie is rabidly anti-Second Amendment . He is more of a gun grabber than Hillary Clinton .
Diane Lane signs on to play Hillary Clinton for Mini Series, not to be outdone Chris Christie will be played by Ryan Gosling
Who’s more popular: Chris Christie or Hillary Clinton? Wrong question. Who makes you puke first?
Poll shows Chris Christie is toughest match for Hillary Clinton via
Chris Christie edges out Hillary Clinton as voters’ favorite politician, poll finds.
The three leading candidates for Democratic Presidential nomination are Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, and Chris Christie.
Chris Christie edges out Hillary Clinton as voters' favorite politician, poll finds
Chris Christie's anti-liberty rant goes a long way to help Hillary Clinton get elected in 2016..
Hillary Clinton ahead of Chris Christie and Rand Paul in 2016 US presidential poll | Irish News | IrishCentral
2016 poll:Hillary Clinton takes Chris Christie: Hillary 46% to Christie 40%: What a shame, and GOP acting stupidly not helping for 2016
Hillary Clinton is leading both Chris Christie and Rand Paul in a potential 2016 presidential race, a new poll... http…
What about Chris Christie? MT Hillary Clinton would beat Jeb Bush & Marco Rubio in the 2016 pres. election
Chris Christie (R), Marco Rubio (R), Hillary Clinton (D), or Michael Bloomberg (I) of these people will be our next President
‏Coming up on My look at Hillary Clinton, Chris Christie, and the already-beginning 2016 presidential …
If the Presidential Election in 2016 is between Chris Christie and Hillary Clinton I honestly don't know who I'd vote for.
I will call out any politician who defends any portion of this administration's mass snooping. I am sick and tired of status quo politicians refusing to rock the boat. OH NO I MAY NOT GET THAT CUSHY COMMITTEE APPOINTMENT, or I might make my superiors mad... IF those PETTY WORTHLESS SELFISH pursuits are worth more to you than our children's future, you don't deserve to be voted in as dog catcher or to lick the boots of the soldiers who fought and died for a fraction of your legislative salary, heck your legislative pension. You my dear politician, are every bit as big of a problem as George Soros, Tides, Henry Kissinger, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Newt Gingrich, Chris Christie, Ann Coulter Marco Rubio and any of the other two bit progressive / establishment shills who fiddle while America BURNS. This holds true for ANY politician who takes an oath to uphold the constitution. If you give one hoot more about what the politician next door thinks, or your party boss thinks or your Association of political ...
Why wait - Hillary Clinton or Chris Christie for president in 2016?
Jonathan Alter: Obama's 'Deranged' Enemies Helped Him Win in 2012 Alter: GOP Attacks Helped Vault Obama in ’12 Veteran journalist Jonathan Alter, who has a new book focusing on the 2012 presidential race, says that Republican attacks on President Barack Obama backfired and hurt the GOP, but asserts that Obama's failure to reach across the aisle has hurt his agenda. And he predicts that both Gov. Chris Christie and Hillary Clinton will likely run for president in 2016. Alter also discloses details about a secret meeting in which leading conservatives, including Rush Limbaugh and Fox News chief Roger Ailes, tried to convince Christie to enter the 2012 race for the White House. Alter, a senior editor and columnist at Newsweek from 1983 to 2011, is now a Bloomberg View columnist and contributing correspondent at NBC News. His 2010 book, "The Promise: President Obama, Year One," was a New York Times best-seller, reaching No. 3 on the list. His new book is "The Center Holds: Obama and His Enemies." Alter’s ...
So it's no secret Rand Paul is my first pick for 2016. But my second pick for 2016 is NJ Governor Chris Christie, and if he runs and wins the nomination, I believe he can and will win the Presidency in a landslide and here's why: 1) He will automatically take all the red states, which gives him 206 electoral college votes right off the bat. 2) As a result of the who gun debate issue, Virginia, Colorado, and Nevada have once again gone back to being red states, so he will have those three swing states, bringing his electoral college votes up from 206 to 234 at this point. 3) California loves Chris Christie more than they do Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, and have been giving him stupid money hand over fist, and will vote for him in a heart beat, causing him to turn California into a red state. That brings his electoral college vote count from 234 to 289. He has the presidency won at this point. 4) He will take his state of New Jersey without a problem, let's not even kid ourselves, they love the guy. This ...
Just had a national media person ask me about Chris Christie in light of today's decision (see below). Here's what I told him: "Chris Christie is toast in a national Republican primary. Toast. He is seen as the man that bailed out Obama right when it seemed Romney had some momentum, and a RINO. He's not a moderate-to-liberal type like Rudy Giuliani who is still good on several issues. He's the poster-child for what the GOP establishment wants to do to this party, which is offend no one except their own base. This decision, which is nothing more than an obvious attempt at political triangulation, just reinforces that. There's a better chance he'll be Hillary Clinton's running mate in 2016 than he'll be the Republican nominee. If he does show up as a Republican in states like Iowa and South Carolina, he's liable to find the conservatives in the audience have a little more chutzpah than the state employees he bullies on YouTube."
BREAKING: Chris Christie isn't going to appoint a Republican to fill his now open U.S. Senate seat, essentially guaranteeing the seat will stay in Democrat hands. Good move for Christie. Keeps his option of being Hillary Clinton's 2016 running mate open.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Don't kid yourself, Pubs. She will run. She will beat any man you put up there, except Chris Christie, and you're just not smart enough to nominate him. Your only other shot would be to nominate a woman, but the only thing you have to offer are Sara Palin and Michele Bachman. Neither one would get more than 15% of the women's vote versus Hillary. Hillary Clinton will be the next president of the United States, and there's not a thing you can do about it.
Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie to headline event - Maggie Haberman. Y do some conservatives like this tub of goo?
2016 Presidential Election will most likely be between Hillary Clinton or VP Joe Biden against Chris Christie or Paul Ryan.
For his One More Thing Thursday afternoon, The Five's Eric Bolling shared a campaign ad that he said was up for grabs for Joe Biden, Chris Christie, Rand Paul or Marco Rubio to use in 2016. With the new ad, Bolling raised the question of just how much Hillary Clinton's role in the Benghazi aftermath...
This is from Hillary Clinton's exchange with Sen. Ron Johnson in the Senate on Jan. 23 where she denies that she knew of any other report that contradicted the talking points that Susan Rice used o...
I give you the 2016 Democratic ticket. Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie to headline event
Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie to headline event via
Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie, the odd couple. Chris Christie reached, but how? We know how Justice Roberts...
Hillary Clinton beats out Chris Christie in 2016 Presidential Election, poll shows.
Hillary Clinton beating Chris Christie and other Republicans in first 2016 poll. Sad, but I miss presidential polls.
The new numbers are from Quinnipiac University, which asked about nine hypothetical head-to-head matchups among one of three Democrats (Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Andrew Cuomo) and one of three Republicans (Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan). As always with this type of polling, name recogniti...
A new poll says Chris Christie would clobber Gov. Cuomo in presidential race -- but Hillary Clinton would beat them both. do you think would come out on top in 2016?
: CPAC as Sister Souljah: Honors Ted Cruz, insults Chris Christie : "The most interesting question about the upcoming Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) gathering is whether any Republican will have the courage to say what many of them privately believe: the way of extremism is the way to GOP disaster. In this sense, CPAC is Sister Souljah waiting to happen, awaiting a Republican willing to criticize extremism directly to them, as Bill Clinton did in the Sister Souljah affair. CPAC offers prime time to the latest flavor of the extremist month, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), most recently seen peddling his extremist wares by accusing Harvard of being infiltrated by communists, while insulting New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie by not inviting this most electable Republican to speak. Readers of my columns might re-read an older column, about the conservative crack-up, and a newer column, about how Hillary Clinton can turn Texas blue. I also agree with a recent column by my colleague A.B. Stodd ...
I think its safe to say Hillary Clinton won't be running for President in 2016. I just either Cory Booker or Chris Christie.
New Jersey voters would pick Chris Christie over Andrew Cuomo for president in 2016, but they’d narrowly prefer Hillary Clinton to their own governor.
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Via BedfordPatch -- Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie Early Frontrunners for 2016 NH Primary - and
While the search for fired Los Angeles police officer Christopher Dorner continues, several versions of a manifesto believed to have been written by Dorner have been circulating around the Internet. Many of the versions are redacted to remove the names of Dorner targets. But a version that was originally posted on Fox's Los Angeles affiliate KTTV also contained quotes on President Obama, MSNBC, Chris Christie, Jon Huntsman, Hillary Clinton, George H.W Bush, and support for gun control. The version of the manifesto was obtained and posted on Fox LA 12 hours ago, but the link now returns an error page. A representative of Fox LA told BuzzFeed they pulled most of the manifesto after a request from police. A version of the Fox story remains online on a mobile version of the site and contains names of those targeted who police have asked news outlets to retract. The police haven't commented on either version of the manifesto but have said they are protecting individuals mentioned and their families. This is th ...
2016 is looking to be a whale of an Presidential primary. The Jeb Bush smear-destroy-cheat machine vs. Chris Christie on the GOP side. The considerable Hillary Clinton smear machine (she knows how to fight) vs. emerging progressive Anthony Cuomo. And if the two most spectacular political war machines get nominated, Hillary vs. Jeb will be the biggest political war ever seen since the early 1800s (this country is OLD).
Someone's getting ready to run for president. The primaries (Hillary Clinton, Martin O'Malley, Andrew Cuomo, and Antonio Villaraigosa for the dems and Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal, Nikki Haley, Jeb Bush, Paul Ryan, and Chris Christie on the reps) are gonna be a lot of fun in 2015
Great Job testifying infront of congressional committe today, Hillary Clinton ! Intelligent well informed looks rested and even looked pretty good ! Hillary for POTUS in 2016 ! Screw Andrew Cuomo and any of the ridiculous possible repug candidates, although ( worse case scenario) Im warming up to Chris Christie (see William Howard Taft BIG MEN, being polite !) with Bubba Bill capaigning with her she should win in a landslide if she runs.
What we know. Republicans blast Democrats for blaming Bush for our mess. Prediction. After Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and a newly converted Republican to Democrat ; Chris Christi have each served two terms as President; Republicans will agree and start blaming Bush for the mess they're' in!
"Chris Christie condemned the NRA ad in order to position himself for the 2016 Democratic primary against Hillary Clinton." - Rush Limbaugh
Hillary Clinton would be "the ideal Democratic Presidential Candidate in 2016,” sweeping her party's primary and besting potential Republican candidates other than Chris Christie, according to the Democratic firm Public Policy Polling. The Secretary Of State has a 54 percent favorable rating among r...
If the GOP want to have a chance in 2016 they should start by not selecting a VP who worships Ayn Rand, the leader of one of the most selfish and hateful philosophies ever (even though her teachings basically formed the modern Republican Party). How about a ticket of NJ Gov. Chris Christie and former Chattanooga mayor Bob Corker? Them 2 teamed up against Hillary Clinton and Cory Booker might make America look less horrible.
What was outcome on those races “Hillary Clinton v. Chris Christie 2016 could be the biggest thing since Hillary v. Giuliani."
Barbara Walters asked Hillary Clinton if she's too fat to be President! Just kidding. She begged her to run then asked Chris Christie that.
"Booming," "sky-high," and "formidable" are just a sampling of the adjectives often used to describe Hillary Clinton's popularity, as DC pundits speculate about her perceived ambitions for 2016. It's correct that Clinton (bested only by her husband Bill) enjoys the second highes …
Just kidding.  She asks Hillary Clinton about her hair and Chris Christie about his weight.You know - the important qualities which decide wh...
Im no fan of Chris Christie but, does anyone think that Barbara Walters would ever ask someone who has a D next to their name if they're too fat to be President? Like say Hillary Clinton? -JM
Last night on Barbara Walter's Most Fascinating People of 2012 - she asked NJ Gov. Chris Christie if he was, "too fat to be President" ... Curtis & I were talking about it this morning & he said, "Can you imagine if she had asked that to Hillary Clinton"?? AND, Curtis is right. There would be OUTRAGE. So, Curtis wants to know, why isn't everyone freaking OUT about her asking the Gov??
Little Giant Ladders
2016 Hillary Clinton vs. Chris Christie? Three debates or 2 of 3 falls sumo wrestling match?
Right now it looks like front runner for 2016 in Republican Party is Chris Christie. His best hope is for Terry Branstad to try a run so he can skip Iowa, otherwise he dies here. On Democratic side not yet clear who. Hillary Clinton probably won't run. Biden too. Need to wait and see on Elizabeth Warren, but she really not ready. Most likely Democrat is Sen Diane Feinstein. She is getting center stage thanks to GOP Benghazi push. Should be much clearer in 4-6 months as the visits begin.
Chris Christie, Nikki Haley, Bob Mcdonnell, and Hillary Clinton...hoping for a great race in
Thinking about 2016? At 81, I may well not be around, so I will make my prediction now. The Republicans will return to sanity and dump the crazies like Ryan and tea-party. They will nominate Chris Christie who will select Susana Martinez (New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez) for VP, and they will run against Hillary Clinton, with Julian Castro as VP. Christie will be hard to beat because Hillary has tso much baggage. Sent from my iPad
So, who's ready for Hillary Clinton vs. Chris Christie in 2016?
Chris Christie, Marco Rubio for Republicans, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden for Democrats. Still very early though
Prediction: If Obama wins, 2016 will be Hillary Clinton vs Chris Christie
Well the last evening of the Republican National Convention has drawn to a close. Through the miracle of television, so many high profile speakers were guests in my home. It reminds me of an old saying that never seemed more appropriate as upon this "momentous?" ending. All of our guests bring us pleasure. Some by arriving and others by their leaving. So, after all it was a happy ending in that it Was an ending. Tonight after hearing Jeb Bush speak the words of a Republican moderate, I am doubling down on my earlier prognostication that he will defeat Chris Christie for the nomination of their party in 2016 to face Hillary Clinton in the general election. This presupposes Romney’s defeat which I see with growing inevitability. He has painted himself into the corner on so many issues that although the big money superpac lying machines will run the hate ads at top speed in an attempt to drown out opposing voices as we near November, the voters still just don’t like him and are suspicious of his inten ...
Whenever a Republican speaks their mind with no filter (Chris Christie, Allen West, Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann, John Boehner, Joe Wilson) it is revered within their party as being ballsy, outspoken, and honest. When a Democrat (Joe Biden, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton) does it, it's disrespectful and according to conservatives they should resign. Yeah, okay. From now on, every time Mitt Romney or any Republican speaks Barack Obama should just start calling them *** and scream, *** no you can't!" Then say, "I'm quoting Gov. Christie and Speaker Boehner. Why, is it rude?"
If the 2016 race is Hillary Clinton vs. Chris Christie, that will be really exciting.
Chris Christie vs Hillary Clinton 2016? And people said it would be a HARD decision...Clinton♀ 2016!
This will help you focus your mind whether you are Hillary Clinton, John Mccain, Chris Christie, Homeland Insecurity...
Is it too late to get Hillary Clinton to run against Chris Christie for President?
2012 predictions: Obama defeats Romney, Democrats take back the House, Democrats keep majority in the Senate but Republicans keep enough seats to fillibuster... 2014 prediction: Democrats keep House and get the 60% senate seats to stop fillibuster 2015 primary predictions: Republicans-Jon Huntsman (former 2 term Governor of Utah and former 2 year Ambassador to China), Jeb Bush (former 2 term Governor of Florida, son to George Bush Sr and younger brother to George W. Bush), Chris Christie (current 1st term Governor of New Jersey), Mitch Daniels (current 2nd term Governor of Indiana) and Tim Pawlenty (former 5 term House Rep and 2 term Governor of Minnesota)...Democrats-Hillary Clinton (former First Lady, 2 term Senator of New York and currently 3rd year of being Secretary Of State in President Obama's cabinet), Andrew Cuomo (current first term Governor of New York), Elizabeth Warren (twice named one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World by Time magazine, served as chair of the Congressional Overs ...
No doubt Chris Christie would be a tougher opponent than guys like Mike Huckabee and Jeb Bush. Hillary Clinton would beat them all.
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Poll: Hillary Clinton, Chris Christie in top shape for 2016
For political junkies, Obama has to win reelection and set up an open seat for 2016. You'd have potentially Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren (if she wins this year), Andrew Cuomo and Joe Biden on one side and then Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, Scott Brown (if he wins this year), Jeb Bush and Bobby Jindal on the other. Would be awesome and the complete opposite of this cycle. ie: Entertaining.
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