Chris Christie & Cory Booker

Christopher James Chris Christie (born September 6, 1962) is the 55th and current Governor of New Jersey. Cory Anthony Booker (born April 27, 1969) is the Mayor of Newark, New Jersey. 5.0/5

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Cory Booker is doing an amazing job representing the people Left Behind by Chris Christie, a Trump pawn
How is Chris Christie, who supported Cory Booker for Senate and Sonia Sotomayor for SCOTUS, a conservative voice for anything?
So Gov. Chris Christie vetoes the gestation crate bill -- on Black Friday, when he hoped no one was looking -- while long-time veg Sen. Cory Booker pledges to go vegan for the remainder of 2014. What a contrast between these two New Jersey politicians! You needn't look too close to see both the past and the future. Check out Mercy For Animals' (and the Hsus' (commentary.
Chris Christie and Cory Booker tried to reform Newark's broken public schools. The results have been disastrous
Cory Booker, Chris Christie, and Mark Zuckerberg had a plan to reform Newark’s schools. They got an education.
How does Cory Booker (NJ senator) have 1,400,000 followers but Chris Christie (a national face) has only 500,000?
What happened when Mark Zuckerberg, Cory Booker, and Chris Christie pledged to reform Newark’s schools?
From Former CouncilWoman Bessie Walker : I will share with you true factual information Where Shavar's money is coming from. The Newark First is Chris Christie people. You know I don't put information out without facts. Check it out later and you will see who is controlling Shavar just like they did when I told people about Cory Booker. Hedge Fund people. I will show you the connect and how they are tied in with taking our schools building and city. We let the Trojan Horse in in 2006 and they want Shavar to continue giving away our city. Trust me I have the proof.
She is a Thatcherite who loves Chris Christie & Cory Booker. So there's that...
love fact that 5 yrs from now Cory Booker'll be the most influential NJ politician in America and Chris Christie will be …
A final thought for the seems that quite a few Democratic Mayors of NJ.Were approached by Governor Chris Christie to play hardball.I wonder what NJ Senator , Cory Booker's take on this might be since he was the Mayor of Newark when this went down !
The smoking gun of political malfeasance and apathy towards veteran.When people do not do their jobs veterans lose thier homes. This is the sweet card for the report a stolen mail that I reported to Cory Booker and Chris Christie who both did nothing to help a better and keep this home of record. It would seem that it's better for a pattern to go homeless then for these two people to do their constitutional duty to help protect constitutional right people in their city and state., where I stayed where corruption is an everyday occurrence and people wonder why people call it The Sopranos state. The Garden State is right with corruption if you're not in political favor you get nothing done by the responsibility to their duty.
Chris Christie is likely to run for Office in 2016. I believe he will likely win. His strongest competition will be Cory Booker if he actually runs.
So, Chris Christie is the governor here in NJ again. Way to go, fellow Jerseyans! Barbara Buono is complaining and crying to no end. Bottom line. The Dems did not want to finance a weak opponent. They were not going to sacrifice Cory Booker, a rising star for Big Blue. He would have faired much better than Buono, but he still would have lost. You see, the Democrats hate Christie. The GOP doesn't trust him. That's reason enough for me to support him. No opponent of his will ever be able to intimidate him. First of all, he's just too *** big. Secondly, he's way too smart. As for NYC, you deserve this guy. You think Bloomberg was bad? (Which he was) Out of the frying pan, into the fire you go. Have a Great day everyone.
A BIG WIN by Chris Christie today proves he is seen by New Jersey voters in the same light as Cory Booker. Chew on that.
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is about to stomp his Democratic opponent into the ground. Sixty Democratic officials have announced their support for him over the challenger. Democratic Essex County Executive Joseph "Joe D." DiVincenzo, who runs one of the largest governmental and political operations in the state, has campaigned with Christie like a running mate. Sen. Cory Booker, the state's best-known elected Democrat, supports Christie's opponent - but the day after his election to the U.S. Senate he joined Christie at a groundbreaking for a ShopRite in Newark and praised the governor for bipartisanship. President Obama, whom Christie befriended after Sandy, has done nothing for the Buono campaign. I read that the Democratic leaders not only like Christie they don't like Buono. She has not been a team player in the past so she has little support or money from her own team.
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"DOWNLOAD FROM A PARKBENCH" Today, Thursday, October 17, 2013, contrary to currently popular societal political gossip is the first day of the rest of America, the World and Your life. Since the world did not dissolve in the big debt ceiling powered financial super nova that was predicted. Since, I am, sure you are wondering why, may I offer this modest reality check. I suggest you be securely seated or lying down on the floor this will get seismic. Following is a list of persons and circumstances none of which had anything singularly or collectively to do with this most fortuitous conditional circumstance. Barack Obama, Charles Schumer, Lindsey Graham, John Mccain, Harry Reid, Mitch Mcconnell, John Boehner, Ted Cruz, Rick Perry, Michelle Bachman, Ron Paul, *** Durbin, Cory Booker, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, NASA, Chris Christie, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Diane Feinstein, Wonder Woman, Super Man, Angela Merkel, Vladimir Putin, Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald, Chelsea ( formerly Bradley ) M ...
Same-sex couples are wedding today in N.J. and there's nothing Gov. Chris Christie can do to stop it — for now.
Refreshing difference Cory Booker is compared to Chris Christie. He just officiated 1st *** marriages in New Jersey!
Sharpe James out with memoir entitled "Political Prisoner;" Takes shots at Chris Christie, Cory Booker
Secular Coalition for America Gives Cory Booker an ‘A’ and Chris Christie an ‘F’ in Latest Scorecards | Friendl...
Cory Booker and Chris Christie being friends shouldn't be a surprised. They're pretty close politically.
if the GUV'ner logic prevails, Chris Christie seems likely, plan B: Hillary and Cory Booker ticket 2016! Brilliant!
.Cory Booker and Chris Christie, personality over policy
Return of the Jedi keeps popping up on cable and I keep seeing dribs and drabs of it. Last night I dreamed that Chris Christie was Jabba and Barbara Buono was Slave Leia. The cackling thing at Jabba's side may have been Cory Booker. No more JDs before bedtime for me.
Cory Booker, Chris Christie, HRC (for Dem primary) good, Congress bad, according to voters in polling released every day ever.
Cory Booker is very capable and is just the right person to fight Chris Christie's politics.
Chris Christie slow cooks our goose - Chris Christie all but hands Cory Booker a Senate seat on a silver pl...
So there are now four Democrats running in the primary election for Frank Lautenberg's seat. The only declared Republican in the race is right-wing extremist Steve Lonegan. Interestingly, in a recent interview, Chris Christie says he agrees with Lonegan 90% of the time. So if you think Christie is a moderate Republican, remember that he is right in sync with a Koch Brothers funded Tea Party radical. Any of the Democrats would make a better senator than Lonegan. Of the four, Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver is not going to be a factor. While it's good to see a woman trying to break into the all-male New Jersey congressional delegation, this is neither the time nor race for Oliver. She will not be a factor in this election. Of the remaining three, Cory Booker is the front runner. Booker is a good candidate on social issues, but his ties to the educational-industrial complex and his cozying up to education profiteers is troublesome. Booker also has the endorsement of the North and South Jersey power brokers - ...
Chris Christie vs. Cory Booker: Battle for New Jersey's Most Beloved Politician: Even when you're arguably Ame...
Chris Christie isn't going to appoint a Republican to fill the late Senator Lautenberg's seat. He's not going to appoint anybody. Instead, he's ordering a special election to be held three weeks before this fall's General Election. It's an obvious money-waster in my cash-strapped state. Why do it? Because the all-but certain winner of the next U.S. Senate election in New Jersey is Newark's Democratic mayor, Cory Booker. Booker is a political superstar who is sure to draw an extra-large number of Democratic voters to the polls -- and registered Democrats outnumber registered Republicans by 700,000 in the state. Christie, who's hoping for a huge plurality in the fall to boost his presidential hopes, doesn't want all those Democrats showing up when his own name is on the ballot. It this smart politics or a craven act? Inquiring minds will disagree. But the waste of money won't sit well with tax payers, and national Republicans may not be happy that they won't have an extra vote in the Senate to fill out Laut ...
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Christie to spend $24m in tax money on special election -- to avoid Cory Booker?
Chris Christie has called a special election for October 2013 to fill Frank Lautenberg's seat. NJ law is reportedly murky on this point, but Christie could have arguably chosen November 2013 (to coincide with his own re-election) or even as late as November 2014 (to coincide with the midterm elections) -- meaning the presumably GOP appointee he will shortly name could hold the seat and have a full 15 months to raise money and campaign for re-election during the midterms, which should be a very GOP-friendly climate. I see Christie's move as sacrificing GOP interests to his own personal interests. Everyone pretty much knows that Cory Booker will run for the Senate seat and win against any GOPer. Making it this easy this soon for Booker will help Christie score points personally with Democrats and left-leaning independents (of which there are many in NJ). He will also draw lots of Booker supporters to the polls in October who would likely also vote for Christie's Dem opponent if the election were held in Nov ...
Chris Christie has a tough choice in appointing a Senator to replace Frank Lauterberg, who passed away today. If Christie chooses Cory Booker, he helps a potential future rival, if he chooses a Republican he alienates his mostly Democratic state. The ideal choice, a popular New Jersey resident who won't run in 2014. Hey, Snooki is available.
When Chris Christie vetoed same sex marriage, Cory Booker ran to his defense
I think its safe to say Hillary Clinton won't be running for President in 2016. I just either Cory Booker or Chris Christie.
Chris Christie is very popular now.. So popular Cory Booker is avoiding running against him. He's hard to stop right about now
Chris Christie is glad that Sen. Frank Lautenberg is retiring "so that Cory Booker will run for Senator and not Governor."
Cory Booker is running for Senate because he knows he won't be able to beat Chris Christie for governor
There is no difference between Cory Booker and Chris Christie except one pretends to be a Republican and occasionally talks about unions.
I offer New Jersey Democrats the same advice I offered the GOP on Cory Booker. Short of death or major scandal Chris Christie wins in November in a walk. There's always 2017.
So here's what 2016 is looking like so far: for the Republicans it's Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Susana Martinez, Jeb Bush, Paul Ryan, Scott Walker, Kelly Ayotte, and Chris Christie, for the Democrats it's Joe Biden, Andrew Cuomo, Mark Warner, Martin O'Malley, Deval Patrick, Cory Booker, and Michael Bloomberg. Not bad on both sides, but will be interesting to see who the confirmed candidates are.
If the GOP want to have a chance in 2016 they should start by not selecting a VP who worships Ayn Rand, the leader of one of the most selfish and hateful philosophies ever (even though her teachings basically formed the modern Republican Party). How about a ticket of NJ Gov. Chris Christie and former Chattanooga mayor Bob Corker? Them 2 teamed up against Hillary Clinton and Cory Booker might make America look less horrible.
Corey Booker is not running, but a landslide possibility for Gov. Chris Christie shouldn’t scare off the entire Democrat field except for a sacrificial lamb.
,Love Bloomberg and Cuomo at home, but I love Cory Booker and Chris Christie too
Cory Booker won't challenge Gov. Chris Christie for the governorship, saying he will complete his term as Newark's mayor
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Who would you vote for? Booker or Lautenberg? Newark Mayor Cory Booker, perhaps New Jersey's highest-profile Democrat, announced yesterday that he will not challenge Chris Christie for the governorship of New Jersey next year and instead is eyeing a run for U.S. Senate in 2014. Sen. Frank Lautenberg...
Not only can Cory Booker not beat Chris Christie, I don't think he can beat Frank Lautenberg either.
Cory Booker is calling Democratic party leaders this morning to tell them he will not challenge Chris Christie in next year's gubernatorial race but will run for Senate in 2014, The Star-Ledger has learned
NJTV's Michael Aron has some thoughts and questions for Newark Mayor Cory Booker as Booker decides whether he's going to throw his hat in the ring in the race for NJ Governor: It's all about you now. We saw you on "Face the Nation," "The Daily Show," a Huffington Post video, on the front page of The New York Times. It seems the whole country is waiting for your decision, not just New Jersey. I remember seeing you at the Democratic Convention this fall being mobbed by the masses and thinking, "This guy really is a national phenomenon, just like Chris Christie." If you run, you can probably beat Barbara Buono in the primary. But don't under-estimate her. She is tough, smart, and well-spoken. I've watched her grow from an excessively cautious freshman assemblywoman in 1994 into one of the backbones of the Democratic majority in the Senate. Read more:
Ha! Even democrats would rather have Chris Christie than Cory Booker as Governor of New Jersey
Cory Booker highlights 'policy differences' with Chris Christie
Bob Shrum predicts Cory Booker runs for the Senate. "Why would he take on Chris Christie? Look the guy did a great job during the storm."
Should Newark Mayor Cory Booker run for governor? Riding high in the polls, especially after his performance during Sandy, Gov. Chris Christie might appear politically invincible to most people, but not to Newark Mayor Cory Booker, widely viewed as the Democrat with the best chance of dethroning Chr...
Newark Mayor Cory Booker on Monday made what could be seen as a telling slip possibly indicating that he may challenge incumbent Chris Christie for governor of New Jersey in the upcoming 2013 election. Booker's comments came as part of an appearance on HuffPost Live, during which the mayor cited pol...
"Mayor Cory Book hit the national talk show circuit over the weekend, capitalizing on his food stamps stardom and the lingering question if he will run for Governor. Booker kept mum on his intentions, but noted he needs to decide in the next two weeks if he goes for Governor or waits for the 2014 Senate race. CNN got all excited when Booker noted that Gov. Chris Christie is "vulnerable to any Democrat." This may or may not be accurate, but, c'mon now, what else is Booker suppose to say?" - Morning Briefing
The chairman of the New Jersey Democratic Party has decided not to challenge Gov. Chris Christie (R) in next year's gubernatorial race.
Newark major Cory T. Booker announced today on Face The Nation that he is considering a gubernatorial run against Chris Christie. A decision will come within two weeks.
NJ Mayor Cory Booker says he'll decide within 2 weeks whether to challenge Chris Christie for governor:
The Newark mayor will decide "in the next few weeks" whether to run against popular GOP Gov. Chris Christie
Cory Booker to decide within two weeks whether to challenge Chris Christie
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Where are Chris Christie"s and Cory Booker's voice in fiscal cliff discussions? We desperately need their unpartisan voices to be heard.
So Chris Christie is throwing his hat in for 2016? Someone bust down Cory Booker's door and tap him for Jersey Governor race.
I have a feeling 2016 is gunna be a battle between Chris Christie and Cory Booker
Not so fast, Cory Booker fans, said Gov. Chris Christie today. Riding a surge of post-Sandy popularity, the...
Chris Christie announced he'll run for re-elect in '13. Now, ya'all know I'm not his biggest fan.BUT, if it comes down to Chris vs. Cory Booker, Perky Little Babs Buono, or ANY NJ Dunce-o-crat..I'll vote Christie twice.
NJ Gov. Chris Christie files papers for re-election in 2013, AP reports.
*** want Cory Booker to run against Chris Christie.
It would be the kind of off-year prizefight political reporters dream about: pugnacious New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie squaring off for reelection against Newark Mayor Cory Booker. But reporters shouldn’t start booking Garden State hotel rooms just yet. (PHOTOS: Cory Booker and Chris Christie)...
In a Governor's Re=Election,knowing what I saw of Chris Christie,he would pick a fight with Cory Booker.
Apparently Cory Booker is ready to make the next step in his political career as he is rumored to be ready to challenge Chris Christie for the New Jersey Governorship.
Police had to resort to pepper-spray after a procedural move by Mayor Cory Booker caused angry citizens to storm the stage in protest—and should cause tremors in a possible fight against Chris Christie.
Cory Booker for Governor of New Jersey.let us unseat the biggest jerk of all, Chris Christie..
Cory Booker might run against Chris Christie for governor. I would be so proud of this state.
I got an idea: To counteract Chris Christie, let's run Cory Booker for President. 1) It's another black guy, which will *** off the Republicans. 2) It's a black guy from Christie's state, which will REALLY *** off the Republicans. 3) Pair him up with Biden as a vice-presidential nominee, the entire Republican Party will go into a seizure.
For all you Chris Christie fans. Really clever American voters stick with Obama's failed status quo by Andrew Malcolm -... Page 1 of2 Voters witnessed the end of Chris Christie's budding hopes for a national Republican career. His ill-time... d, over-the-top effusive praise for a visiting POTUS after Hurricane Sandy was an obvious bid to buy Obama's silence next year when the New Jersey Governor faces a real reelection challenge, likely from Newark Mayor Cory Booker. But beyond the Garden State, conservatives rightly view Christie's comments and presidential hand-holding and hugging as near-traitorous for needlessly elevating Obama's photo op to help stall Romney's momentum just days out. And assist the complicit media in ignoring FEMA's botched local assistance that ran out of water, of all things. "Great job, Craigie." Christie may still try something in 2016. Oh, look! With Romney's defeat, the road is conveniently clear for him -- and others from the GOP's incredibly deep bench. But Christie will have ...
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alright, since the 2012 election is basically over, let's start speculation on 2016. I think we're looking at Hilary Clinton, Jennifer Granholm, Cory Booker, and Deval Patrick. Maybe Biden again (token white male). On the Republican side, Jon Hunstman, Tim Pawlenty, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Sarah Palin, Chris Christie, Ron Paul (or Rand), and Rick Santorum. Thoughts?
In this election, I'm voting for the Cory Booker / Chris Christie ticket. I think they've done a fabulous job dealing with the storm.
Chris Christie, Michael Bloomberg and Cory Booker kick *** right now!
Obama, Bloomberg, Cory Booker, Chris Christie = leadership in an emergency. Romney's canned foods campaign = display of utter incompetence.
Chris Christie is praising The President for coming to his aid following the hurricane after the ravage of Sandy. Besides,he has a tough race against Cory Booker next year. Christie was no Romneyite but a Christieite.
A Republican state senator saw the travel-weary look in Chris Christie's eyes and had to give him a reminder about where he was.
Cory Booker nipping at Chris Christie's heels in new poll |
Current Jersey Governor Chris Christie remains popular in the Garden State but Newark Mayor Cory Booker could be...
Cory Booker would be in striking range of Chris Christie if he chooses to run against the popular governor in 2013.
Gov. Chris Christie made good on his promise to trim Newark's budgetary sails today, cutting in half the aid requested by the state's largest city according to two city officials with knowledge of the decision
Enjoying the speculation that Cory Booker will run against Chris Christie. Don't know if he could beat him, but just such a good contrast between Political "types"
Republican Strategist Bill Spadea and Democratic Strategist Alex Habib discuss the week in politics. Topics include Chris Christie fighting the Democrats, Ne...
I think Chris Christie and Cory Booker. NJ is gonna be big in 2016.
With an Obama win likely (settle down, not even talking about that) what do you think this will/should mean for Chris Christie? Think he'll run again? Or does he have too much to lose should he lose? What about Cory Booker? Think Christie could beat him? If Romney loses, is Christie the de facto GOP candidate in 2016? So many questions, so many answers. Let's here your take for our Backtalk feature. (list your hometown, if you please)
Cory Booker, the Democratic mayor of Newark, says that he and Chris Christie, the Republican governor of New Jersey, have found ways to put progress above politics.
At USA Today forum, Cory Booker declined to answer when asked if he would run against Chris Christie for NJ Governor.
.jokes about a future with Chris Christie as president and Cory Booker as VP.
Ah, Chris Christie. I look forward to you losing your job to Cory Booker. It should be a really fun election.
Newark Mayor Cory Booker is reportedly weighing a challenge to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie when Christie runs for reelection next year. According to PolitickerNJ, some state Democratic officials see Booker as the only viable candidate to run against Christie in the gubernatorial race. Both Ne...
Cory Booker is said to make a final decision by December.
Cory Booker said to consider race vs. Chris Christie
read Cory Booker Vs. Chris Christie, 2013?: Chris Christie in 2013, is reporting. Party sources told Polit... today
Anonymous Dem County Chairman says he met w/Cory Booker last wk & Booker told him he may run against Chris Christie (R) - for NJ Gov. in '13
Reasons Chris Christie WON'T run for re-election as NJ Gov. in 2013. Add new reason: Cory Booker might run. And win!
Cory Booker may run against Chris Christie for governor.
Early prediction: I predict that unless he is given a job in a Romney administration, Chris Christie will run for reelection as governor in 2013 and win. I have a surprise prediction for who his Democratic opponent will be. My prediction: Chris Bollwage, the mayor of Elizabeth. As for Cory Booker, he will NOT run for reelection as mayor of Newark in 2014. Instead, he will run for Frank Lautenberg's U.S. Senate seat in 2014 and win - whether or not Lautenberg decides to run again. Meanwhile, the old Sharpe James faction will regain power in Newark.
Aside from the effects on the national race, the pick of Ryan has implications for Booker back home, where many consider him the Democrats' best bet to take on Gov. Chris Christie next year
Fresh from playing a starring role in Trenton's budget season, the South Jersey Democrat emerged as one of Gov. Chris Christie's most vocal critics
I wonder if Cory Booker is going to get a prime time slot at the DNC like Obama got back in 2004. Or will that crazy pro-Romney and pro-Private Equity outbursts he did months ago hurt his chances to become a bigger national leader at the DNC. I would not be surprised one bit if Cory left the Dems and became an independent who then later ran with Chris Christie as his VP choice in 2016. Or maybe just Christie's driver while he campaigns in the 2016 GOP primaries!
Cory Booker vs Chris Christie for Governor 2013. That's going to be a great race!
Cory Booker's Libertarian Case Against the Drug War - I've already confessed to man-crushes on Chris Christie, Marco...
The only think remotely likable about Chris Christie is that he is who he is. Cory Booker is 100% fake.
Chris Christie is terrified at the thought of Cory Booker running against him for Governor. Discuss.
New Jersey politicians Chris Christie and Cory Booker made a spoof video together. What did you think of the video?
Newark, N.J. Mayor Cory Booker’s national star has been rising in recent weeks: First it was rescuing his neighbors from a fire, then he spoofed himself alongside N.J. Gov. Chris Christie in a “Seinfeld”-inspired video skit. But Booker, a Democrat and surrogate for the Obama campaign, may just have ...
Chris Christie, Cory Booker have some fun in video
Just when Mitt had me convinced that NO Republican has a sense of humor, along comes Chris Christie and Dem pal Cory Booker.
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Newark Mayor Cory Booker got together to parody Booker's rise to fame as an Internet celebrity.
Kudos to Chris Christie and Cory Booker for this.
TRENTON — Gov. Chris Christie and Newark Mayor Cory Booker are channeling the Seinfeld-Newman rivalry in a video parody that spoofs the mayor's heroics and Christie's vice presidential potential.
Both Chambers of Congress should take cues from Gov. Chris Christie & Mayor Booker on how to Work Together Effectively. I'm just saying they do work well together & consistently demonstrate Effective Bi-Partisanship in action even if they Don't Agree on every issue. What's more Important the Constituents or Personal Interests? Both Booker & Christie have proven the Citizens of New Jersey come FIRST! Cory Booker for New Jersey Governor in 2014 or 2018!
Chris Christie, Cory Booker join in spoof video - Tim Mak - via
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, pictured, and Newark Mayor Cory Booker released a parody video spoofing the rivalry between Seinfeld and Newman in the long-running NBC comedy.
In a rare show of bipartisan cooperation, Gov. Chris Christie and Newark Mayor Cory Booker put the opposing political views aside for a video that channels their best Jerry Sienfield impersonations.
Chris Christie, Cory Booker star together in parody video
From that far away galaxy of Garden State biparisanship, an inspired web video from Chris Christie and Cory Booker
Good for Mayor Booker for standing up against Chris Christie and his proposal to leave the issue of *** marriage up to the voters of New Jersey. He hits the nail on the head. Civil rights should never be allowed to be put to the whims 'the most …
Let's face it, Chris Christie fears a Cory Booker challenge for governor
The Playoffs aren't even over yet, and the N.E.T.S. organization is already throwing salt in the face of New Jersey fans. Hey, Cory Booker, and Chris Christie, when will the top powerhouse political leaders in New Jersey, bring an NBA team back to New Jersey. Or should we wait for the average citizen to lobby the NBA for a team.
I like the combination of Chris Christie and Cory Booker. May I move to New Jersey?
From Frank Conniff: Not to be outdone by Cory Booker, Chris Christie just ran into a bakery and saved a tray of Cinnamon Rolls from burning.
Newark, New Jersey Mayor Cory Booker rescued a woman from a burning building. I picture Chris Christie using it as an excuse to call for the layoffs of more firemen. I can picture FOX showing a video of it backwards and claiming it's evidence of the Democrats war on women.
Cory Booker please run for governor of New Jersey. I will be a great governor. I still don't know what people see in Chris Christie.
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