Chris Christie & Bruce Springsteen

Christopher James Chris Christie (born September 6, 1962) is the 55th and current Governor of New Jersey. Bruce Frederick Joseph Springsteen (born September 23, 1949), nicknamed The Boss, is an American singer-songwriter-performer who records and tours with the E Street Band. 5.0/5

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Imagine being Chris Christie—15% approval rating, your lifelong idol, Bruce Springsteen, hates your rotten guts, this still exis…
Chris Christie, alone somewhere in his house, watching Bruce Springsteen play for HRC on tv. A small tear falls slowly d…
Donald Trump & Chris Christie, the Twin Villains of Atlantic City(Sign read: "Bruce Springsteen hates both of you") Chris Christie buying Bruce Springsteen's old home in Long Branch, NJ?It’s only a block & a half from the beach.
Chris Christie's fawning love for Bruce Springsteen is deeper than an average New Jerseyan's
senator walker, Ohio still *** Chris Christie doesn't like Bruce Springsteen, jeb bush might have brain damage.
Jessica Springsteen, Bruce Springsteen's daughter, to Chris Christie: Ban puppy mills by
Jerry Jones may feel special, but when Chris Christie was hugging Jones' backside, he was probably thinking about Bruce Springsteen.
Chris Christie: fanboi of the 2 biggest wankers in America, Jerry Jones and Bruce Springsteen
Poll :Is Chris Christie's love of Bruce Springsteen cool or embarrassing? -
My favorite dysfunctional, one-sided celebrity relationship: Chris Christie and Bruce Springsteen
Chris Christie is very serious about Bruce Springsteen. Chris Christie also has a bit of a temper.
Chris Christie does not like it when you question his friendship with Bruce Springsteen
Gov. Chris Christie is set to appear on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' for the first time since he was mocked by the host and rock star Bruce Springsteen in the George Washington Bridge traffic...
I wonder what Chris Christie will do to Bruce Springsteen in 2016 if he refuses to give an endorsement
Bozell & Graham Column: Jimmy Fallon, Democrat Political Asset The Obamas have had few more obsequious media allies than NBC's Jimmy Fallon. Now that he's taking over the hallowed ground of "The Tonight Show," Fallon's proven ability to spread his reach into viral videos on YouTube promises to become even more politically potent. Fallon's Obama-friendly sketches and interviews have become immediate "news" grist for the Comcast corps at NBC and MSNBC. The same sensation happens when Fallon is ripping into a Republican. Just as NBC and MSNBC were tearing Gov. Chris Christie apart over "Bridgegate," Fallon joined this political crusade by bringing on liberal rock star Bruce Springsteen for a jokey version of the hit "Born To Run." Fallon and Springsteen sang clumsy lyrics that Christie was "killing the working man who is stuck in Governor Chris Christie's Fort Lee, New Jersey traffic jam." The YouTube video went viral, while the media played it up as another nail in the coffin they were building for Christie ...
I am looking forward to Superbowl XLVIII on Sunday. Here are the TOP 5 stories that the LIBERAL MEDIA will not cover for SuperBowl XLVIII. 1) Payton Manning will wear a Colts t-shirts under his Broncos uniform. 2) Bruno Mars is Bruce Springsteen son. 3) Football fans who hate the Seahawks will call in sick on Monday with the Bird Flu if Seattle wins Superbowl XLVIII. 4) Governor Chris Christie will be a Traffic Cop outside of Metlife Stadium for Superbowl XLVIII. 5) Weather smeather, Lets Play Some Football.
Bruce Springsteen took a swipe at Governor Chris Christie's controversial "Bridgegate" scandal with a parody of one his most iconic songs on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. The 64-year old rocker and the talk show host both donned identical costumes, lampooning Springsteen's "Born in the USA" period,…
Chris Christie, a noted fan of The Boss (when he isn't sleeping through his concerts), probably won't love this. Last night on "Late Night," Jimmy Fallon and his guest Bruce Springsteen donned '80s-era Springsteen attire to parody the seminal New Jersey anthem, "Born To Run." Except this time, the l...
Chris Christie sort of got the Scott Tenorman treatment last week thanks to Jimmy Fallon and Bruce Springsteen. While "South Park's" Tenorman suffered a somewhat...
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a longtime Bruce Springsteen fan, reportedly could not bring himself to watch a parody about the recent "Bridgegate" scandal that featured The Boss and Jimmy Fallon. INSIDE EDITION explains.
THE SUNDAY SHOW RODEO ROUNDUP (via Politico Playbook, c/o Matt Mackowiak): The "Ed Snowden Ticker Tape Parade" Edition. Highlights: Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) will be on NBC, CBS, and CNN's Sunday shows along with various other politicians and government officials discussing the Obama administration cracking down on NSA spying. No Mike Rogers, but Fox News Sunday is in on the NSA act too. NBC will still have time to find some guy from New Jersey, not Bruce Springsteen, to rip on Chris Christie while the governor bawls listening to "Born To Run." You know, Christie has been to over 100 Springsteen concerts, and he told him so during a prank phone call from The Boss who happened to flying on Air Force One with a giggling President Obama. ABC will have Soviet dictator and world humanitarian Vlad Putin, with live sports play by play reporting on communist *** bashing from Sochi, Russia, where I have heard some other sports event is happening soon as well. Now, get your TV remotes ready.To the shows! NBC’s “M ...
Watch Jimmy Fallon and Bruce Springsteen take down Chris Christie with this hilarious parody of the rock star’s Born To Run.
Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy Fallon sing about Chris Christie and the bridge
Rush Limbaugh has an unfavorable opinion of Bruce perfect Chris Christie parody
Oh -- this was good. Bruce Springsteen & Jimmy Fallon on Chris Christie's traffic jam in NJ, worth the watch.
"Bruce Springsteen snubbed Gov. Chris Christie in a very public way on Jimmy Fallon's show Love this.
Chris Christie was annihilated by his idol, Bruce Springsteen, who sang 'Governor Christie's Traffic Jam' to the tune of 'Born To Run' with Jimmy Fallon
Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy Fallon's Chris Christie parody is amazing.
Gov. Chris Christie has loved Bruce Springsteen for years, but on Tuesday, in his hour of need, he was scorned by the singer on national television.
For those of you that don't know, I'm from New Jersey. I'll say it loud and proud!!! I'm a jersey girl. Known for "The Sopranos", The Jersey Shore (the ACTUAL shore, not the show), taylor ham,egg,and cheese (if you don't know,just ask), Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Whitney Houston, and. Chris Christie. Chris Christie? Yes, the elephant in the room, the loud mouth, republican, who holds his tongue for no one. Our governor. But apparently, Governor Christie has been running a three ring circus filled with monkeys, clowns, acrobats, and such, rather than a government administration. And it seems that just recently, the "elephant in the room" as he's been dubbed, has finally stepped in a big old pile of elephant dung! So much for Jersey strong. In the past few weeks Governor Christie has been tied to not one, but two scandals. TWO! The first. A member of Christie's staff was named part in a plan to close an access lane to the George Washington Bridge. The second. The feds are currently investigating Governor ...
Chris Christie has long been comic fodder for late night comics, but on Tuesday, he became the biting joke target of one his music idols, Bruce Springsteen. The Boss appeared on "Late Night with Ji...
Chris Christie is to Bruce Springsteen as Paul Ryan is to Rage Against the Machine.
“If I were advising Christie, I’d tell him to embrace the moment. His best strategy—his only strategy—is to react with humility and humor.” — John Cassidy on Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy Fallon’s “Born To Run” parody about Chris Christie:
Viral on Google News: Jimmy Fallon and Bruce Springsteen poke fun at Chris Christie - San Francisco Chronicle (blog)
John Cassidy on and song about Chris Christie, set to the tune of “Born To Run
Next to the word Parody in the dictionary there should be this: The brilliance of Jimmy Fallon on Chris Christie:
Chris Christie's "hero" Bruce Springsteen brings gales of laughter from crowd at Christie's expense. Lol! When you play w…
Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy Fallon skewer Chris Christie in song (VIDEO)
WATCH: Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy Fallon slam Chris Christie with "Born To Run" parody via
Bruce Springsteen mocks Chris Christie on Jimmy Fallon, Christie travels to Mount Moriah to sacrifice only son so he may please god of NJ.
Watch Jimmy Fallon and Bruce Springsteen's musical parody of Gov. Chris Christie
Bruce Springsteen, Jimmy Fallon rework Born To Run as a saga about Chris Christie bridge scandal
Chris Christie's strange, over-the-top, attend-130-concerts love of Bruce Springsteen isn't returned.
If you're wondering what the sound of Chris Christie's heart breaking is, it probably sounds something like Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy Fallon doing a parody about Bridgegate set to "Born To Run."
Last night was perhaps a career low point for Chris Christie: During his appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Bruce Springsteen mocked the New Jersey Governor's bridge scandal with a parody performance of "Born To Run."
“Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" took on the controversy around New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and "Trafficgate" with a parody version “Born To Run," the signature song of Garden State rocker Bruce Springsteen. Fallon performed the song with some help from the Boss himself.
The big story in New Jersey these days is "Bridgegate," so it's only fitting that the Garden State's biggest Boss weigh in on the controversy. Bruce Springsteen sang a very funny parody song poking fun at Chris Christie's ...
Jimmy Fallon & Bruce Springsteen team up to fire some zingers at New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. It's an instant classic:
Last night, the boss of New Jersey Bruce Springsteen took on the governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie.
Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy Fallon teamed up Tuesday night to cover of 'Born To Run' with new lyrics focusing on NJ Gov. Chris Christie and the Bridge scandal.
Bruce Springsteen did a "Born To Run" parody about the Chris Christie scandal on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon
"my dream concert is Chris Christie playing Springsteen songs. But in Bruce Springsteen sized outfits" - Abby Parker
Can someone please give Chris Christie some Bruce Springsteen tickets so he'll go away?
Chris Christie, US politician, has been to more than 100 Bruce Springsteen concerts. WAD. (More polite than W the f**k, stands for W a ***
Poll: Chris Christie more popular than Bruce Springsteen... in New Jersey! - Daily Caller
Back in the land of Chris Christie, Bon Jovi, and. Bruce Springsteen.
Gov. Chris Christie and First Lady Mary Pat Christie were joined by Jon Bon Jovi in Sayreville to announce a donation from the Bon Jovi band to the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund. Before the formal announcement at Borough Hall, Jon joined the
Politics News: Listen to Gov. Chris Christie's July 4th Playlist: New Jersey Governor and Bruce Springsteen fanatic Chris Christie has a playlist to get you in the patriotic mood this July 4th. Get Full Details From News Source
Clarence Clemons Day Declared in New Jersey January 11 is now officially Clarence Clemons Day in New Jersey. Governor Chris Christie signed off on the resolution to annually celebrate the day, which is "Big Man's" birthday. According to the, the resolution states, in part: “WHEREAS, During the E Street Band’s legendary live concerts Clarence Clemons’ saxophone solos were highly anticipated and he was always introduced last in the band introductions, to the delight of the concertgoers who greeted his every move with roars of approval." The act was a labor of love for Christie, who's an avid fan of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street band. The resolution was first introduced in 2011 by state Senator Jennifer Beck, a resident of Red Bank, New Jersey, where saxophonist Clemons once owned a music club. Clemons died on June 18, 2011 at the age of 69 after suffering a stroke.
The Apotheosis of Chris Christie, Christie is running for election on liberal training wheels
(CNN) -- "Down the shore, everything's all right," President Barack Obama declared Tuesday on his return to New Jersey's devastated coast seven months after Superstorm Sandy caused billions of dollars in damage there. The line from the Tom Waits song "Jersey Girl," popularized by local hero Bruce Springsteen, was the main theme of the joint visit by Obama and Gov. Chris Christie to survey recovery efforts and encourage people to hit the beaches this summer. Christie, a Republican, was criticized last year for appearing with Obama after the devastating storm at the height of the 2012 election campaign and praising the Democratic president's response. Obama subsequently won re-election while Christie saw his poll numbers soar. Gov. Christie wins Obama a stuffed bear Obama: You are stronger than the storm! The return of Seaside Heights Sandy-battered coast rebuilds Tuesday's return visit by the pair raised anew the perception that both sought to again gain political benefit from jointly touring the disaster- ...
Just dreamt that I went to see Bruce Springsteen with Rahm Emanuel and Chris Christie and they wouldn't stop arguing.
My fellow conservatives, do you really feel that Chris Christie has been a sell out or just smart when his state needed help? Where do we draw the line of taking care of your state vs taking care of the movement? And did he go too far?
he attended ud and vacations in Lewes beach nj has Bruce Springsteen and Chris Christie lol he's r treasure
Bruce Springsteen is from NJ. He doesn't mind being called "The Boss". He's not complaining to some defamation league. C'mon Chris Christie.
I don't agree with most of Gov. Chris Christie's politics, but I did really like his effort to work with President Obama after Superstorm Sandy and his more recent giddy fanboy moment with his musician idol Bruce Springsteen made me feel very happy for him. Think about your favorite all-time musician, and imagine not only getting a big hug from him or her, but being told "Now we're friends." I don't blame Christie for being excited and happy. It was a nice moment. I like it when people get to have a little joy.
Last night (December 6), New Jersey Governor Chris Christie stopped by The Daily Show and got right down to the real issues with host Jon Stewart - fan-girling over Bruce Springsteen.
Kate Middleton battles morning sickness, Samantha Bee predicts the royal child's future, and Chris Christie shares details of his hug with Bruce Springsteen.
Chris Christie said there is a difference between disaster relief and the health insurance exchange. Jon Stewart replied, 'If you have cancer and don't have health insurance, that's Hurricane Sandy.'
Big mouth Jersey boys Chris Christie and Jon Stewart got down to brass tacks last night in a lengthy interview on The Daily Show. They jumped right in with the important stuff by discussing Christie's recent encounter with Bruce Springsteen during a benefit for Hurricane Sandy victims. The NJ
PPP poll shows Bruce Springsteen trails Chris Christie by a 61/25 margin in a hypothetical Gov match up.
"You're right, he's more of a saint." Gov Chris Christie, super on SNL, giving props to Bruce Springsteen:
Chris Christie quoting Bruce Springsteen and calling him a saint on SNL. Love it!
OK you gotta love Governor Chris Christie quoting Bruce Springsteen on Saturday Night Live
Chris Christie on SNL Weekend Update quoting Atlantic City by Bruce Springsteen AND referring to Bruce Springsteen as a saint. Let's just say I might be voting republican in 2016.
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Chris Christie moved to tears by hug from Bruce Springsteen via
Now the teabaggers are after Chris Christie's scalp (or some other more substantial part of his anatomy) because he got a hug from Bruce Springsteen. You'd think this was Richard Nixon shaking hands with Mao-Tse-Tung, or Yitzhak Rabin shaking hands with Yasser Arafat. Anyway, the author of this post calls Christie's reaction "juvenile bull-". Do you agree, or are the juveniles the ones making a big deal out of all this?
When it comes to Bruce Springsteen, Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey knows all the lyrics, has been to 130 shows and, after the devastation from Hurricane Sandy, can now call him a friend.
Chris Christie crying after talking with Bruce Springsteen on Air Force One. I think he's done as a Republican. I can understand sucking up to Obama for more money but crying because you spoke with Bruce. Give me a break.
These days, Bruce Springsteen fandom is like a rite of passage for middle-aged politicians/political pundits. But no one, not even David Brooks in Europe, comes close to Hurricane Sandy breakout star Chris Christie's obsession.
.NJ Gov. Christie: Call from The Boss made me weep Associated Press – 7 hrs ago.. . .Associated Press/Pablo Martinez Monsivais - President Barack Obama, accompanied by singer Bruce Springsteen, waves as he arrive at a campaign event near the State Capitol Building in Madison, Wis., Monday, …more New Jersey Governor Chris Christie … KEANSBURG, N.J. (AP) — New Jersey's famously tough-talking governor finally got a hug from his longest-running unrequited love. Speaking Monday at a briefing on storm recovery. Gov. Chris Christie revealed he unexpectedly spoke with Bruce Springsteen earlier in the day. Christie had been discussing storm-related matters with President Barack Obama when Obama handed the phone to Springsteen, who was traveling with him as part of a campaign trip. Christie also said he got a hug from Springsteen at Friday's benefit concert for storm victims. The famously liberal Springsteen had never previously acknowledged the Republican governor. Christie considers himself among The Boss ...
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie gets a hug from Bruce Springsteen and cries
COLUMBUS – President Obama played peacemaker today on Air Force One en route to Ohio. On the phone with New Jersey Gov. – and Bruce Springsteen superfan – Chris Christie to discuss Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts, Obama patched in the legendary rocker, who was joining him on the flight. Springstee...
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said on Monday that he was moved to tears by recent interactions with singer Bruce Springsteen, who hugged the governor at a benefit concert for victims of Hurricane Sandy on Friday and spoke with Christie by phone on Monday while flying aboard Air Force One with P...
The President has been to 3 campaign events with Bruce Springsteen, something Chris Christie would dearly love, being a huge (not that way, I am being nice here) Bruce fan. He's been to almost every Bruce concert, knows all the words to all the songs. The President knew this and called Christie from Air Force One and put Bruce on the line. Guess the Pres. & Christie really bonded.
Chris Christie still at it. Now doing three-way phone calls with Obama and Bruce Springsteen. Yet somehow the Republicrats claim I'm the Democrat double-agent.
ABC News correspondent Jake Tapper: by bringing together Bruce Springsteen and Chris Christie, President Obama may have finally earned that Nobel Peace Prize.
Although Chris Christie's actual adult behavior has led me, for now, to refrain from my refusal to use his actual name I can't help but wonder if it is all a desperate ploy to get Bruce Springsteen to be nice to him.
Shame on you Bruce Springsteen... You can't even say the Governor's name when talking about your "relief" concert (which will probably turn in to an Obama rally). New Jersey, has had unprecedented destruction and devastation and is being bravely led by a man who has always put aside his politics to endorse YOUR music, should be ashamed of you. You don't have to be a conservative to applaud Chris Christie's efforts to protect this state and lift it's people out of the *** it is going through this week. Christie is a man who is endorsing Mitt Romney, yet knows he needs to put those politics aside, to request help from Obama and anyone else who can aid the people of his state. Sorry Kristin, I had to vent.
In other news: Bruce Springsteen applauds Chris Christie; no charges in Gene Hackman’s fight wit...
Ok, how awesome is this??? Local Newspaper in Dayton, Ohio --reported that in a Cleveland suburb, Bill Clinton and Bruce Springsteen pulled 3,000 people in for a rally in a gymnasium. A week or so ago, Mitt Romney & Chris Christie were in Cuyahoga County in a suburb of Cleveland. Number -- 13,000+ at their rally. Cleveland is, of course, a Democrat stronghold. But, those numbers may prove to be VERY telling!
Who isn't Chris Christie yelling at today? / Bruce Springsteen
Chris Christie who fell asleep at a recent Bruce Springsteen concert, didn't wake up on time this morning, thus failing to provide aerial coverage at several of today's NFL games.
I love when these rich, stiff republican nerds try to either use a good rock song for their campaign or confess that they are big fans. This has been going on since Reagan mistakenly thought Springsteen's "Born in the Usa" was a patriotic, pro-American song. When in fact it was Bruce commenting on the horrors of the Vietnam War especially the terrible treatment of Veterans returning from service. As usual Ryan doesn't get it. He's a fan of a group that speaks out against everything he stands for. As u will read Tom Morello sets him straight! Tom Morello Hits Back Tom Morello Rages Against Paul Ryan Guitarist takes on Romney’s VP pick – the world’s most unlikely Rage fan BY Tom Morello Paul Ryan’S LOVE OF RAGE Against the Machine is amusing, because he is the embodiment of the machine that our music has been raging against for two decades. Charles Manson loved the Beatles but didn’t understand them. Gov. Chris Christie loves Bruce Springsteen but doesn’t understand him. And Paul Ryan is cluel ...
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie hasn't been shy about his love of Bruce Springsteen, but will he hear Springsteen's daughter out?
I just saw NJ Gov Chris Christie singing Thunder Road by Bruce Springsteen on David Letterman. He doesn't strike me as the guy to "roll down the window and let the the wind blow through your hair".lol!!
Chris Christie must be SO jealous The President got to use Bruce Springsteen's song. :)
Couldn't help but wonder how Chris Christie felt listening to Bruce Springsteen blaring as the Obama and Biden families took the stage, knowing that Bruce won't even acknowledge him at his concerts. Oh, and of course feeling proud to be a Democrat. 4 more years!
Chris Christie says his first Bruce Springsteen concert was at Seton Hall University in 1975 - Star-Ledger |
Does Bruce Springsteen even like Gov Chris Christie? Not that the Boss needs the publicity but you never here him acknowledge or respond to anything Chris Christie says about him, his band and his songs.
Gov. Chris Christie tells Jimmy Fallon he's been to 130 Bruce Springsteen show starting in 1975. I cant even imagine.
I don't know what to make of this, but New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has seen Bruce Springsteen in concert 132 times. I haven't been that surprised since I learned Ann Coulter is a huge Grateful Dead fan.
Chris Christie said he saw his 130th Springsteen show last night. Interestingly, it's also the 130th time Bruce requested he not to go.
"It was my 130th show lastnight." Chris Christie telling Jimmy Fallon about his Bruce Springsteen fandom.
From Star-Ledger Reporter Jenna Portnoy: Everything comes back to Bruce Springsteen for Gov. Chris Christie. … http ...
In the midst of his praise of the GI Bill, public universities, and Bruce Springsteen songs, New Jersey Governor and designated Republican Party bully among bullies Chris Christie attacked unions, ...
Regarding the Republican National Convention last night.lets talk politics. Jeez how come I am a Jersey boy and I don't look like the Hindenburg? Not sure what New Jersey's 2 term limit Governor was all about. What was Chris Christie was trying to run homie with last night at the RNC(?,) it certainly was not what the Bodybuilder State aka Garden State, wants to portray. Why those huge stage monitors b ehind him showing a remake of an old Bruce Springsteen postcard of his album , 'Greetings from Asbury Park...'.was anything to be proud of Chris Christie ~who rather looked like a poster boy child for a backwoods Mississippi Walmart Frozen food aisle, Not a Belmar, or LBI lifeguard. (Not to mention is was the *** Democrat governor of Nj, it was in fact James McGreevey who rebuilt Asbury Park.)--Certainly not the anti union Chris Christie for no reason, claiming some kind of credit.) Not so sure Chrisie was a right pick for Romney if he wants to beat Obama and his all so thin "eat right" foods First Lady ...
Love this: Chris Christie's unrequited admiration for Bruce Springsteen. Atlantic's
Attn: Chris Christie--please never mention Bruce Springsteen's name again, even though you're from Jersey. Signed, Music Fans Against Fat Jackasses
I thought it was interesting this morning that Joe Scarborough (a conservative that I generally like and respect) was all excited about Chris Christie's speech tonight, and said that he was going to watch, wearing his Bruce Springsteen t-shirt. They do realize, don't they, that The Boss is virulently opposed to everything that they stand for?
Watching the RNC on CNN, Chris Christie is speaking at the moment and not surprisingly dropped a Bruce Springsteen reference, recalling listening to "Darkness on the Edge of Town" in his youth. I guess he really is a dyed in the wool fan, (supposedly having seen over 100 shows) but it's ironic that he would mention an album inspired by Springsteen's perception of an American middle class ravaged by the policies of the Reagan era, considering that I'm sure Christie, like much of the Republican Party view Ronald Reagan as some sort of omnipotent political being. He is a good and forceful speaker however. I usually find listening to Rick Santorum's speeches on God, family, and the American dream about as enjoyable as being fed through a wood chipper, but I thought he was fairly subdued tonight, like his heart wasn't really into it. Ann Romney delivered a good speech in her probably futile mission to humanize her husband, but every time the camera panned to the extended Romney family, it was like looking at t ...
Somebody should tell Chris Christie that Bruce Springsteen hates him.
I can't believe CBS morning show just had the nerve to us The Rising by Bruce Springsteen as the intro to Chris Christie! Don't they read the papers?!?!
Bruce Springsteen wrote a special song for Obama and the Dem. convention. This will so irk Chris Christie who loves Springsteen but has been repeatedly ignored by him. Cristie is the Rep. keynote speaker. I hope Springsteen shows up to sing "Born in the USA" at the convention! Sock it to 'em!!
Paul Ryan is a fan of Rage Against The Machine. Chris Christie is a fan of Bruce Springsteen. I am getting the vibe that neither of them spent much time contemplating the lyrics of "The Ghost of Tom Joad."
Dear New Jersey, In the 1980s when I was a kid, the 2 most famous people from your state were Bruce Springsteen and Joe Piscopo. Today, it's Kevin Smith and Gov. Chris Christie. Hey, New Jersey, get back to the gym! Best, Zeke
Like Chris Christie, Paul Ryan is clueless when it comes to the politics of music. ergo, Bruce Springsteen won't acknowledge Christie and Tom Morello won't acknowledge Ryan.and remember "This guitar kills Fascists".
Team – Governor Chris Christie is many things – a visionary, a courageous leader, and a Bruce Springsteen fan. He is also a funny guy. But he knows how to drive home a point, and this line had people laughing and nodding along at yesterday's rally: "Now I'm sure Congressman Inslee is a nice guy. But here's the problem: He's Congressman Inslee. And he's been part of the problem in Washington, D.C. And I'm going to tell you something: You don't want to import Washington, D.C. problems to Washington State. You need a New Direction, and Rob's going to give it to you." Governor Christie is a Republican with a Democratic legislature (sound familiar?) – but he's managed to balance the budget, rally the state around education accountability and reform, and lead the charge on job creation that has been dubbed, "The New Jersey Comeback." Governor Christie is a setting a New Direction in New Jersey. Now it's Washington's turn – and it all starts with you. Thanks for your support, Rob
great article in latest Atlantic mag about Chris Christie's unrequited love for Bruce Springsteen, and working class people who vote Repub
Chris Christie will give the keynote address at the Republican Convention in Tampa. Bruce Springsteen plans to attend and sleep through it.
Chris Christie is a diehard Bruce Springsteen fan, but the feeling is not mutual.
Bruce Springsteen is my new hero for ignoring as*hole NJ Gov Chris Christie !!
Just caught the version of the show. I AM so glad that The Boss Bruce IGNORES Chris Christie's rude self!
And see Ezra Klein's piece (sitting in for Rachel Maddow) tonight (7/2)... where Chris Christie is just dying to get The Boss to even RECOGNIZE him at concerts... Christie is so cruel to constituents, the press, his opponents, etc., is it any wonder he's ignored?!
David Brooks and Chris Christie are both huge Bruce Springsteen fans, despite their politics. What is it about the Boss that conservatives love so much?
Fascinating article about conservative Gov Chris Christie's love for liberal Bruce Springsteen
As a one-time resident of the Garden State (Tara and I lived in NJ for two and a half years, admittedly somewhat of a counter-intuitive living experiment for us), I am always happy to see pugnacious *** Governor Chris Christie put in his place, but especially when the human embodiment of ...
Chris Christie seeks common ground with Bruce Springsteen
Bruce Springsteen fans will be interested to read that he's dissing his biggest admirer, NJ Gov Chris Christie
Excellent article on NJ Gov. Chris Christie and his admiration for Bruce Springsteen: Jersey Boys - The Atlantic
Fun read on Chris Christie's unrequited love for Bruce Springsteen:
A truly delightful yarn about NJ Governor Chris Christie's unrequited love for Bruce Springsteen:
What Gov. Christie would say to The Boss: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says he understands Bruce Springsteen's...
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said he was not sleeping at a Bruce Springsteen concert earlier this month -- he was reflecting on the music.
Posts where I get to bash Bruce Springsteen are the best posts
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
This guy's got charisma. Chris Christie defending himself against allegations he fell asleep at Bruce Springsteen show
If Chris Christie don't stop talking about his love for Bruce Springsteen. The Boss don't even like him
Do I like Bruce Springsteen less for having Chris Christie as a mega-fan, or Chris Christie less for falling asleep at a Bruce show?
Gov. Chris Christie fell asleep during a Bruce Springsteen concert? A perfectly good reason to never vote for this man.)
So NJ Governor Chris Christie does the impossible and is seen dozing off in his VIP box at Bruce Springsteen's NYC concert. Guess when you'e a Fat Cat Republican, hearing songs about supporting the working class and against corporate greed puts one asleep
So NJ Governor Chris Christie gave this new 2.3 billion dollar casino that just opened up in Atlantic City an incredible tax incentive so investors would finish it. They say it could be paid off in 3 years. Now he's all over TV asking Bruce Springsteen to play there on memorial day. YO GOV.HOW ABOUT ASKING THE BOSS TO PLAY AT ONE OF THE STRUGGLING CASINOS THAT ARE READY TO GO UNDER.
at last night's Bruce Springsteen concert, he announced from the stage that they were collecting for the Food Bank of New Jersey. (They are collecting outside the Izod Center... bring some non-perishable food, or give them some $ if you go tonight) The Boss reported that the Food Bank distributes over 40 tons of food a month. And that's just to Chris Christie's house!
Daily Digit: 127: The number of Bruce Springsteen concerts that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has attended.
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