Chris Christie & Bobby Jindal

Christopher James Chris Christie (born September 6, 1962) is the 55th and current Governor of New Jersey. Piyush Bobby Jindal (born June 10, 1971) is the 55th and current Governor of Louisiana. 5.0/5

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Chris Christie and Bobby Jindal get heated during GOP debate: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Louisiana Gov…
Everybody is raving about Bobby Jindal in his pre FOX debate when gave participation ribbon, juice box to Chris Christie to mock him..--Rush
Who was that little fat kid Bobby Jindal kept picking on,Chris Christie ?,The loud mouth tough guy from Jersey?,Must of left his balls home!
the “undercard” GOP debate, with Chris Christie, Bobby Jindal, Mike Huckabee, and Bad News Barrett
Lindsey Graham, George Pataki, Chris Christie, Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal, and Rick Santorum are all basically out of the race.
Chris Christie is likely to be relegated to the undercard round of the next Republican primary debate, and Bobby Jindal and George Pataki
Why Chris Christie and Bobby Jindal could miss the next GOP debate:
Rand Paul, Chris Christie ,Mike Huckabee ,Lindsey Graham and Bobby Jindal need to just pack it up. Jeb! should leave with them.
Now to give the opposing view, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Rick Santorum, Bobby Jindal, and Chris Christie.
Bobby Jindal: If you want someone who is less popular in home state than Chris Christie, pick me!
Curt Schilling compares Muslims to Nazis, already polling ahead of Lindsay Graham, Chris Christie, and Bobby Jindal in South Carolina.
including Scott Walker, Chris Christie, Bobby Jindal and others have welcomed Trump’s immigration plan and have shown support for ending
Same with Rick Perry, Bobby Jindal, Chris Christie, etc. You can destroy your home base but as long as you hit the right marks on camera...
Michelle Bachmann, Donald Trump, Rick Perry, Chris Christie, Bobby's a party folks, you're all invited!
What do Scott Walker, Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Rick Perry, Bobby Jindal, and Rick Santorum have in common?... http:/…
Just a thought: Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Rick Perry, Mike Huckabee, Scott Walker, Bobby Jindal, Ted Cruz, Rick Santorum, Carly Fiorina, and Ben Carson. How many clowns can the Republican Party get into that clown car that will be the RNC.
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The UK is the new Iowa: Rick Perry and Jeb Bush went last year; Bobby Jindal just returned; Chris Christie and Scott Walker will go in Feb.
I want a Conservative, CONSTITUTIONALLY-ELIGIBLE candidate for President & VP!! I lean towards Dr. Ben Carson, Amb. Alan Keyes. and Gov. Sarah Palin. I do NOT want Chris Christie or Jeb Bush!!! The following are **NOT** ELIGIBLE: Senator Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal, Rick Santorum, Kelly Ayotte, John Mccain---and "Barry Soetoro" (AKA "0bama")!!! Mitt Romney has been the PRESIDENT-ELECT since 11/2012---since he got the MOST votes of CONSTITUTIONALLY-ELIGIBLE candidates on the 2012 ballot! = ***NONE*** of this would be happening if CONgress---AND the MEDIA---had DONE THEIR JOB to PREVENT AN IMPOSTOR from CONTROLLING NUCLEAR WEAPONS & OUR MILITARY!!! Will CONgress FINALLY call Sheriff Joe Arpaio or Lead Investigator Cdr. Mike Zullo, at (602) 876-1801 or (602) 876-4881, about their CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS re: the COUNTERFEIT IDENTITY of AKA "0bama?" Did you know that AKA "0bama" has a COUNTERFEIT Selective Service "registration," with a COUNTERFEIT "Postmark?" And a COUNTERFEIT SSN and MULTIPLE COUNTERFEIT "Birt .. ...
I am seeing lots of online straw polls about the 2016 Presidential nomination on the Republican side. Obviously, I am hoping for a run by Marco Rubio -- but he isn't the only candidate I could get behind. Rubio is my favorite coming out of the Senate, but I also would call Tim Scott, Mike Lee, and Ted Cruz "maybes". Very much against Rand Paul, Lindsey Graham, and another run by Rick Santorum. From the current group of GOP governors, I would love to see Bobby Jindal emerge as a front runner --- but I also like what I hear from Rick Perry, Nikki Haley, Scott Walker, and Susana Martinez. I really don't want to see Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin, or another run by Mitt Romney. From the House, I could get behind Paul Ryan, or Trey Gowdy. Certainly don't want to see Peter King. Finally, in the Non-politician category, I would definitely support Dr. Ben Carson.
It’s not even 2015 yet and no candidate has declared that he or she is running, but the pollsters are already asking about who you’ll vote for in the November 2016 Presidential election. In this CNN poll, the choices for a Republican are Jeb Bush, Ben Carson, Chris Christie, Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal, John Kasich, Rand Paul, Mike Pence, Rick Perry, Rob Portman, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, Rick Santorum, or Scott Walker. The choices for a Democrat are Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Andrew Cuomo, Martin O’Malley, Deval Patrick, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren or Jim Webb. How many of these candidates could you envision being a successful President?
What do you know about Jeb Bush? Republicans are pushing Jeb Bush to run for president in 2016, but Americans know very little about him. Extremism and corruption, during his tenure in Florida, should provide ample fodder for us all. NationofChange | Op-Ed Whenever the deep thinkers of the Republican establishment glance at their bulging clown car of presidential hopefuls — with out-there Dr. Ben Carson, exorcist Bobby Jindal, loudmouth Chris Christie and bankruptcy expert Donald Trump jammed against Sens. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, to name a few — they inevitably start chattering about “Jeb Bush.” Never mind that his father was a one-term wonder of no great distinction or that his brother is already a serious contender, in the eyes of historians, for worst president of the past 100 years. Behind 911 Attack causing War in Iraq and Afganistan base on the lies Never mind that His Grandfather Prescott Bush, served as a business partner of and U.S. banking operative for the financial architect of the Naz ...
Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, Bobby Jindal, Marco Rubio, and Michelle Bachman they are all proudly "Indispensables."
Listen, the GOP has one shot here, they better let the establishment step aside!! the Boehners and McCains, the Lindsey Grahams, McConnells...Get rid of them NOW!!! they are as dangerous as Obama will ever be!!! they sold us out Long time ago...those in the Establishment will Give Jeb Bush as your next candidate, they make sure they Defund and Vilify their own Party is time for a change in Direction and Leadership...time for Mike Lee, Trey Gowdy, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan!!! sprinkle in, Chris Christie, Bobby Jindal, Nikki Haley, Susana Martínez, Scott Walker, Allen West, Dr Ben Carson to name a Few...reach out to all people and take back this country, uniting us simply Americans With a Dream to Keep and Fight and even Die for our freedoms. WAKE THE F**K UP!!! TIME FOR NEW BLOOD OR SUFFER ANOTHER PRESIDENTIAL DEFEAT!!!
Wall Street is one of the biggest sources of funding for presidential campaigns, and many of the Republican Party's potential 2016 contenders are governors, from Chris Christie of New Jersey and Rick Perry of Texas to Bobby Jindal of Louisiana and Scott Walker of Wisconsin. And so, last week, the GOP filed a federal lawsuit aimed at overturning the pay-to-play law that bars those governors from raising campaign money from Wall Street executives who manage their states' pension funds. In the case, New York and Tennessee's Republican parties are represented by two former Bush administration officials, one of whose firms just won the Supreme Court case invalidating campaign contribution limits on large donors. In their complaint, the parties argue that people managing state pension money have a First Amendment right to make large donations to state officials who award those lucrative money management contracts. With the $3 trillion public pension system controlled by elected officials now generating billions ...
Republicans are have a lot of contenders for 2016; Ben Carson, Rick Perry, Scott Walker, Chris Christie, Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal etc.
Interesting !! - "Faith and Freedom Coalition Speaking of their extreme base, this weekend it will be on full display right here in DC. And the parade of 2016 GOP presidential candidates are tripping over themselves trying to kiss up to them. That’s right. Ted Cruz, Chris Christie, Bobby Jindal, Rand Paul, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Rick Santorum, and others will be sharing the stage with everyone from Allen West to Steve King to Herman Cain and Phyllis Schlafly. And we know what they’re going to say. They’re going to attack the President with each breath. (Any bets how long before the first impeachment reference is made?) We’ll hear conspiracies about Benghazi and the IRS. They’ll rail on about repealing the Affordable Care Act, the need to restrict women’s health decisions, the dangers of *** marriage and the detrimental effects of single mothers on society. What we won’t hear is a single serious proposal to help grow the middle class. And that’s the Republican Party’s problem. The Americ ...
Huckabee is the overwhelming choice of home state GOP voters to be their candidate for President in 2016- 38% say he would be their pick to 14% for Ted Cruz, 13% for Rand Paul, 10% for Jeb Bush, 4% for Chris Christie, 3% each for Bobby Jindal, Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan, and 2% for Cliven Bundy.
The truth is starting to win and beat back the RINO's in the GOP. After that we'll wipe out the DNC (Democratic National Crime syndicate). Then we can take back America. Here's the results of the latest poll. The poll also found that while 48% identified more with the "traditional Republican Party," 42% said they identified more with the "Tea Party Movement." In addition, "50% of participants identified with being an "economic conservative concerned about jobs, economic growth, and debt," while "35% of participants identified with being a "social conservative concerned about moral values, protecting the family, and pro-life." Here are the complete results of the poll, which was conducted March 18-20th: 1. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) - 13% Fmr. Gov. Mike Huckabee (R-AR) - 13% 3. Fmr. Gov. Jeb Bush - 11% (R-FL) 4. Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) - 9% Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) - 9% 6. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) - 6% Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) - 6% 8. Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) - 5% 9. Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA) - 3% Fmr. Sen. ...
America's Conservative News YES! YES! YES! Senators Paul And Cruz Jump To Early Lead In ACN GOP Straw Poll The poll is still open but preliminary results are in and Senators Rand Paul an Ted Cruz have jumped into an early lead in the ACN GOP Presidential Straw Poll with 42.2% and 33.8% of the vote respectively. Trailing Paul and Cruz are Sarah Palin (9.3%), Jeb Bush (5.2%), Congressman Paul Ryan (3.2%), Chris Christie (1.9%), Marco Rubio (1.8%), Rick Santorum (1.8%), and Bobby Jindal (0.8%). The poll is still open... and final results will be published to those who have taken the poll (and to the media) in a few days. If you're reading this email, then you've already taken the poll and can't vote again, BUT... you can forward this email to your friends so they can vote and everyone's voice is heard. They can take the poll by using this link. Help us ensure that everyone's voice is heard. If you are receiving these poll results directly from us, your vote has already been counted but you can forward th ...
It dawned on me tonight that I have seen several republicans down Obama for having not served in the military and that made him unfit to be president. They stated emphatically that it should be a requirement to serve as president. With that in mind, I looked up what republican front runners for 2016 have actually served. To the best of my knowledge and what I could find in their bios, basically NONE of the front runners were in the military! That includes Chris Christie, Bobby Jindal, Scott Walker, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Mike Huckabee. I have seen people talk terribly about John Kerry and his service. After seeing all of the horrors, he was against Vietnam. So, talk all you want about him, he had 3 (THREE!) Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star to name a few medals. You know what Romney the draft dodger had? 4 deferments! He never even served! Can't wait to see who the hypocrites support. LOL. (Disclaimer: I support our troops and veterans with all my heart. Military experience would be nice for ...
Grover Norquist told Business Insider Friday at CPAC: "There are only 6 people who can credibly run start-to-finish, & any of them could conceivably win the presidency," Gov. Chris Christie, Gov. Scott Walker, Gov. Bobby Jindal, Gov. Rick Perry, Jeb Bush, and Sen. Rand Paul. YOUR THOUGHTS?
Good Saturday Morning Patriots. Are you watching any of the CPAC Speakers? Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich will speak the last day. I am not that big on Newt these days but will probably listen to what he has to say. In the end, as a patriot, I will vote for who I like most in the primary election then who ever wins the nomination, I WILL VOTE FOR THAT PERSON! Have you heard anything you like, dislike or you think just don't fit. I like the overall idea that the theme seems to be "We're Americans first and Republicans second." Now, that isn't written anywhere but I get the feeling that MOST of the speakers so far are saying *** off LIBERALS and RINOS, we're sick and tired of listening to your crap!" Ted Cruz, Chris Christie, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal, Rick Perry, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorium and Rand Paul have done a bang up job so far in convincing me we can still turn this thing around. I know, they are politicians but who else do we have to listen to. I made it very clear in the fir ...
Following are the complete first day results of the CPAC poll: Rand Paul (29%) Ted Cruz (17%) Ben Carson (10%) Marco Rubio (10%) Chris Christie (10%) Scott Walker (7%) Paul Ryan (2%) Jeb Bush (2%) Rick Santorum (2%) Mike Pence (1%) Note: Sarah Palin and Bobby Jindal did not receive enough votes to remain on the leader board.
I like Bobby Jindal, Herman Cain, Allen West, Dr. Ben Carson , Haily Barber MSM will give us Chris Christie
WHO’S ON YOUR BALLOT? Imagine, for a moment, that you could magically transport any or all of these candidates into one of the positions listed below. Who would you choose? Pretend, for a moment, that we don’t just vote for President but for the entire staff. Here’s a faux ballot. If you don’t see your favorite, just write it in. We have some extremely intelligent and highly skilled options out there. Take your time…Study the job requirements for each position and your nominees’ skills. Let’s see what this make-believe President, VP and his entire cabinet looks like. Fill in the blanks and have fun. 1. Jeb Bush _ 14. Michelle Bachman _ 2. Dr Ben Carson _ 15. Darryl Issa _ 3. Trey Gowdy _ 16. Chris Christie _ 4. Ted Cruz _ 17. Jim Demint _ 5. Nikki Haley _ 18. Bobby Jindal _ 6. Mike Lee _ 19. Sarah Palin _ 7. Rand Paul _ 20. Mike Pence _ 8. Rick Perry _ 21. Marco Rubio _ 9. Paul Ryan _ 22. Rick Santorum _ 10. John Thune _ 23. Scott Walker _ 11. Allen West _ 24. Condoleezza Rice _ 12. Louis Go ...
Finalizing details for my CPAC conference trip to Washington, D.C. March 5-8. If anyone is interested in sponsoring me, that would be much appreciated. Feel free to inbox me your email and I'll get back with you as quickly as possible with a personalized letter. Speakers at this conference include: Sarah Palin, Sen.Ted Cruz, Gov.Bobby Jindal, Rep. Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Gov. Rick Perry, Donald Trump, Dr. Ben Carson, Sen. Pat Toomey, Gov. Chris Christie, Sen. John Cornyn, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, Sen. Rand Paul, Jim Demint, Jenny Beth Martin, Al Cardenas, David Keene & Carly Fiorina. Wow, what a great line up!
The American Bobsled team refuses to compete until I post my RANT. In honor of the Olympic rings and in the hope of Gold, here is your RANT! Share and repost freely! The Rant February 10, 2014 (Pray for our friends in the middle of the ice storm) 1. The Beatles Tribute on Sunday was phenomenal. From beginning to end. Props to Ringo…he had a good night vocally. Paul still sings in the original keys! For a nearly 70 year old man that is amazing. 2. Won’t it be nice when we finally get to the day that someone coming out is not news? Props to Michael Sams but it should be a non-issue. 3. Katie Couric and her morning show can disappear before June. It started strong but has become total horse manure. 4. GOP is digging into Hillary’s comments as First Lady? Not even formally declared and the GOP is already running scared. 5. If the only choices the GOP has to offer are Paul Ryan, Rand Paul, Bobby Jindal or Chris Christie, then Jeb Bush needs to step up. Bush would be a tough competitor for H. Clinton sh . ...
Republican polling numbers- Huckabee ,He's at 16% to 14% for Jeb Bush, 13% for Chris Christie, 11% for Rand Paul, 8% each for Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Paul Ryan, 6% for Scott Walker, and 5% for Bobby Jindal.
Rand Paul no Marco Rubio no Ted Cruz no Scott Walker no Bobby Jindal no Paul Ryan no Chris Christie no, he's too big for his bridges, I mean britches
Where were Sarah Palin and Bobby Jindal when New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was whacked with his wife in their brand-new pink Cadillac?
Scott Walker, Chris Christie, Rick Santorum, Bobby Jindal, Marci Rubio, Ted Cruz Rand Paul and Paul Ryan, can we let them fight to the death
Uh, oh, someone better get John Boehner, David Vitter, Paul Ryan, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Bobby Jindal, Jeb Bush, Bob Mcdonnell, Marco Rubio, Michael Steele, Sam Brownback, Rudolph Giuliani, Chris Christie, Antonin Scalia, Anthony Kennedy, Clarence Thomas, John Roberts and Samuel Alito on the horn, ASAP!! -- Matthew 5:19-20 Anyone who breaks one of the least of these commandments and teaches others to do the same will be called least in the kingdom of heaven, but whoever practices and teaches these commands will be called great in the kingdom of heaven. For I tell you that unless your righteousness surpasses that of the Pharisees and the teachers of the law, you will certainly not enter the kingdom of heaven.
Who will occupy the GOP clown Car in 2016? . Here are the likely probabilities ; Bobby Jindal, Chris Christie,...
Public Policy Polling's newest look ahead to the 2016 Presidential race in New Hampshire finds no clear Republican leader. Rand Paul's at 20% to 19% for Chris Christie, 14% for Jeb Bush, 12% for Kelly Ayotte, 10% for Ted Cruz, 7% for Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan, 3% for Bobby Jindal, and 2% for Rick Santorum. Just LOOK at this line up and ponder Abe Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Andrew Jackson. Even Harding, Coolidge and Hoover start to sparkle. HOW can this be our country's finest? (and I don't even know who Kelly Ayotte is).
Medicaid expansion in Mississippi may be the biggest issue in our Generation. Please read today's article in the Sun Herald "State Hospitals pressing for Medicaid Expansion". and decide if Rick Scott (R-FL), John Kasich (R-OH), and Chris Christie (R-NJ) are on the right side of this issue along with the Mississippi Hospital Association, Chris Anderson CEO of our own Singing River Health Association.The other side of this issue are Politicians who are more worried about their standing in the Republican Party then they are about the working poor in their state such as Phil Bryant (R-MS), Bobby Jindal (R-La), and last but not least Rick Perry (R- TX). If you spend 20 minutes learning the facts about this issue you will see how important it is to Mississippi and your own friends and family.
It already seems inevitable that I willl be supporting Rand Paul for president in 2016. I doesn't seem as if Chris Christie or Scott Walker are going to surprise me by showing an interest in libertarian-ish policies. The other sort-of possibilities are Mary Fallin, Brian Sandoval and Bobby Jindal. But they all seem unlikely. I hope a super-wealthy libertarian wants to run. Hear me, Peter Thiel?
Names frequently mentioned include Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, Nikki Haley of South Carolina, Chris Christie of New Jersey and Mitch Daniels
CHRIS CHRISTIE SNUBBED BY CPAC - Though if there were ever a politician who could crash a political conference, shove the speaker off the stage and berate everyone in attendance... and not have his reputation change one bit, it'd be Chris Christie. NBC News: "At least eight potential presidential contenders will be speaking at CPAC: Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, and Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania... One potential 2016 hopeful who won't be there, however -- New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. Despite being the keynote speaker at the Republican National Convention and having a sky-high approval rating in the Garden State, CPAC officials told First Read Christie was not invited. Christie rankled some on the right with his public support for President Obama's handling of Hurricane Sandy in the weeks leading up to the 2012 election." ...
The fact that Marco Rubio looks better than Mitch Mcconnell, Chris Christie, or John Boehner, and is more masculine than effete Mitt Romney, Bobby Jindal or Eric Cantor, will probably help the Republican Party. (Studies have shown that good looks & vitality are a plus for both male & female candidates among both male & female voters, partly because we like to identify with our leaders). But the mindless mush coming out of his mouth was the same destructive economic ignorance his counterparts have been selling.
Happiest Republicans in America after Senator Rubio's response: Chris Christie, Bobby Jindal, Jeb Bush, and Jon Huntsman... Appears the Freshman Republican didn't get the memo re: party reform and outreach
Somewhere Tea Party and Conservative strategist are scribbling notes vigorously! "yeah, yeah, write down that part about empowering women. I think voters will like that! Oh oh, rights for people. Put that down too. We'll slip it into Chris Christie's or Bobby Jindal's speech."
Public Policy Polling has some shocking results in the 2016 Presidential race. If Hillary Clinton is the nominee, she could be the first Democrat to carry Texas in 40 years! The last President to carry the Lone Star State was President Jimmy Carter in 1976. The poll shows that 50% of Texans have a favorable opinion of the former Secretary of State. When she is paired with possible Republican presidential candidates, Clinton leads Rubio 1%, Christie by 2% and Rick Perry by 8% in his home state! In the Republican primary, the news is not good for Governor Perry nor for last year's Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan. The poll has Rubio at 21%, Huckabee at 14%, Rand Paul at 13%, Jeb Bush at 11%, Paul Ryan at 11%, Chris Christie at 9%, Bobby Jindal at 4% and Perry at 4%! Isn't it interesting that Huckabee has risen in the polls again and they don't even ask about Santorum!
Bobby Jindal & Chris Christie are the New Coke of Republican politics; slightly different formulations of the same toxins.
"Bobby Jindal, Rick Perry, Rick Snyder, Chris Christie, and Mike Pence will all be excellent candidates in 2016. If Jeb had a different last name, he would be in too." -Wayne Isconservative Bradley
Need to read the article on Bobby Jindal, R-Louisiana. He spoke to Republican leadership today and said the GOP has got to quit being the Stupid Party. I think "We the People" finally got through to the GOP that we are tired of all the BS being spewed. Gov. Chris Christie is even fed up with his own party. Go People.the only way to get their attention about anything is to show them we have had enough of the bickering and prove it at the polls.BTW before anyone jumps to any conclusion that I am a Democrat.I AM NOT.I AM AN UNDECLARED VOTER! I try to look at the person running and pick the one who wil try to do the best for this wonderful United States of America that we all live in! God Bless US All and God please Bless America!
Someone's getting ready to run for president. The primaries (Hillary Clinton, Martin O'Malley, Andrew Cuomo, and Antonio Villaraigosa for the dems and Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal, Nikki Haley, Jeb Bush, Paul Ryan, and Chris Christie on the reps) are gonna be a lot of fun in 2015
Herman Cain for president in 2016? And Vice President Marco Rubio? Dana Perino as White House press secretary. Chris Christie as secretary of defense. Bobby Jindal as secretary of state. Newt Gingrich as treasury secretary. And Charlie Crist as secretary of education. (I figure the intellectually elusive former Fla. governor could mangle the federal agency beyond repair.) And Mike Huckabee as something. I don't know yet. But we got to fit him in somewhere.
I would vote for Chris Christie b4 I would vote for Bobby Jindal. Jindal is a wanna be. Wants badly to be in prime time.
Top picks for the GOP in 2016: Marco Rubio (Sen) Bobby Jindal (Louisiana Gov) Rand Paul (Sen) Jeb Bush (Frmr Florida Gov) Bob McConnel (Virginia Gov) Rubio is from Florida, has a solid record on immigration reform and education, is young, and could help communicate to Minorities. Bobby Jindal, for the same reasosn. He has a firm grasp of Budgeting, and is also young, like Rubio. Rand is taking the torch from his Dad. Paulites aren't going anywhere. Jeb was a successful governor. The name may still have a sour taste, but his record is solid. I've seen Bob McConnel's name thrown around in the past few weeks. He Chairs the Republican Governors panel, but he isn't well known to many. Absent from this list: Chris Christie. No. Just no.
The video above shows Alex Wagner covering some potential Republican candidates for President in 2016. The first three should come as no surprise as Wagner shows clips Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, and Bobby Jindal. Then Wagner mentions an article by Weekly Standard writer Charlotte Allen that says, ...
I'm not trying to get started early, but... Here are the potential GOP presidential candidates thus far for 2016: Gov. Chris Christie (NJ) Gov. Bobby Jindal (LA) Sen. Rand Paul (KY) Sen. Marco Rubio (FL) Who do you like?
I think 2016 choices for nomination in the Republican Party will include Chris Christie, Bobby Jindal and Jeb Bush
Ahh but he and Karl Rove sure tried...I'm sort of eager to see what the plan of attack will be in 2016. Record spending, gerryrigging, and voter suppression didn't work...what will they do this time? Will they put up another cast of circus clowns to run against Hillary or will a creditable Republican candidate emerge. Paul Ryan doesn't have the personality...Marco hasn't been vetted yet...Chris Christie might be a consideration but is he conservative enough to get Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Michelle Malkin, Glen Beck, and Rush Limbaugh approval? Bobby Jindal is a consideration too but is he ready for the big stage? If so, then why didn't he play a prominent role at the RNC? The best guy they had this time was Jon Huntsman and they ran him out of town in two weeks. It will be interesting for sure.
Marco Rubio and Bobby Jindal are quickly going the way of Chris Christie.
You know who won the election this year---Barack---You know really won though---Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, and Bobby Jindal. I think when the Republican Party runs in 2016 we are going to see the "caring conservative win(i.e. Bush in 2000). I don't know who we have in the party who in 4 years can sway a majority of the electorate. Currently, I think about my boy Deval Patrick running but he is too crazy(no offense because he is my favorite politician, and that's what I love about him). Republicans will paint him as a the tea partier for the Dems. I'm just wondering who we have. *** I'll also take Michelle Obama for pres too. Just saying...
It's time for those moderate people who affiliate themselves with the Republican Party to let themselves be heard that their party has gone too extreme. There are plenty of Republicans saying just that, Chris Christie, Meghan McCain, Bobby Jindal, Joe Scarborough, George Will to name a few. Even Barbara Bush says that the election is over, it's time to move on and work together. These movers and shakers along with the general population need to be the voice of reason and compromise now, let your representatives know what's important to you. There are plenty of people who would like to align themselves with a party that is more fiscally conservative but just can't vote with a party that continues to alienate women and minorities. It is not the government's place to make decisions or have opinions on what people do within their bodies, marriages, & religious beliefs. Hey people, don't you remember that FREEDOM is what this country was founded on??!! Thanks for reading my rant.can't believe the divisive thi ...
I do have respect for Chris Christie on Morning Joe this morning. After 2wks of Sandy gone by, all power, all water, most schools are up and running. It shows that partisan politics is coming to an end. You also have Bobby Jindal saying things that make sense. We have so much to grieve this Thanksgiving, but so much more to be thankfull for. Theresa Swanson
2016? Yep a lot of names are starting to surface for the 2016 Presidential race. So far, I've heard Hillory Clinton, Joe Biden(??), Suzanna Martinez, Jeb Bush, Rob Portman, Bobby Jindal, Chris Christie, Haley Barber and more. Who catches your interest this early in the speculation. There are some pretty impressive names in the offing, don't you think?
Excerpt from CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER, 11-08-12. Behind Romney, the party has an extraordinarily strong bench. In Congress — Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Kelly Ayotte, (the incoming) Ted Cruz, and others. And the governors — Bobby Jindal, Scott Walker, Nikki Haley, plus former governor Jeb Bush and the soon-retiring Mitch Daniels. (Chris Christie is currently in rehab.) They were all either a little too young or just not personally prepared to run in 2012. No longer. There may not be a Reagan among them, but THIS GENERATION OF RISING LEADERS IS PHILOSOPHICALLY ROOTED AND POLITICALLY FLUENT IN THE NEW CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATISM. Ignore the trimmers. There’s no need for radical change. The other party thinks it owns the demographic future — counter that in one stroke by fixing the LATINO PROBLEM. DO NOT, however, ABANDON THE PARTY'S PHILOSOPHICAL ANCHOR.. In a world where European social democracy is imploding before our eyes, the party of SMALLER, more modernized government owns the ideological future. Romn ...
Patiently waiting for Nov 8th 2016. who will my candidate be then. Marco Rubio, Allen West, Bobby Jindal, Chris Christie? I would support any of them. But i'll tell you, I would love to see a strong conservative Woman take the reigns. It is unlikely as the mainstream left media will demonize and mock any woman running as a conservative candidate. Met our new state congressional representative Susan Martin a few weeks ago and was very impressed. This country needs more women leaders. but above all, it needs to stop spending money like a college kid with his/her parent's credit card
I need my fb Fam to get in touch with a couple of people for me . 1) Donald Trump 2) Sarah Palin 3)Any Fox News Correspondant 4) Mitt Romney's Son 5) Rush Limbaugh 6) Bobby Jindal( Governor of Louisiana) 7) Chris Christie 8) Herman Cain 9) Clarence Thomas 10) Nicki Minaj 11) Stacey Dash 12) Any other moron you can think of. When they answer play the song Obama came out on last night . "Signed , Sealed , Delivered" by Stevie Wonder.
Silver linings: Hillary is screwed. Chris Christie is history. Marco Rubio. Bobby Jindal. Nancy Botox is proly history as leader.
Ok, so I told you before that I voted early. With one week left to go, I will explain to you why I voted the way I did (and if you know me, it shouldn't be hard to figure it out). On the one hand, Romney was never my first choice. I would have rather seen Bobby Jindal, Mike Huckabee, or Chris Christie along with many others. I am nervous about how he has changed his stance on many issues, but maybe he has matured (of course, I believe it is more that he wants to be president). He is a man of good morals, even if I can't always believe him or relate to him. I voted for him because I didn't really like my choices. I wanted Obama to do well because if he did, our nation is doing well. Yes, many of our problems he didn't cause. Obamacare did some good things for us (No denial of coverage and no donut hole in prescriptions), but I still feel that med coverage is better left to the states. I like Obama the man, but I do not feel he has been a good leader. Yes, he has had a hostile Congress for 2 years, but he h ...
ya boy Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal, and Paul Ryan setting it up for the next run.
Regardless of what takes place in this election, the Grand Ole Party is experiencing its most talented crop of young leaders since its originators. Waiting to take the lead tomorrow are people like Scott Walker, Rand Paul, Chris Christie, Bobby Jindal, Marco Rubio, Mia Love, and yes... Paul Ryan. Even those left of left (Nancy Pelosi) have to be impressed.
Another *** like Size 79, Chris Christie, is Bobby Jindal. He changed religion to further political career.
In a show of respect for their Party's candidate, Republican Governors Chris Christie and Bobby Jindal, and former Senator Rick Santorum all heading to Iowa to begin their campaigns for 2016 Republican nomination for President.even while the corpse of the Romney campaign is still warm.
Unless something BIG were to happen; Obama is going to win re-election. Inside Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Bobby Jindal, (he really does not have a chance), and maybe Mike Huckabee are jumping for joy. When nobody is around, they all look in the mirror and chant 2016, 2016, 2016, 2016! Chris Christie gets so excited he eats on another 10 pounds.
Relax everyone. It's all figured out. Paul Ryan for president (or Mitch Daniels, or Rob Portman, or Chris Christie, or Marco Rubio, or Susana Martinez, or Bobby Jindal.if he keeps it up, Mitt can be O'bama's communications director. C'mon Mitt- the economy is bad and tanking, we're stealing from our kids, the middle east is on fire thanks to the power vacuum we're leaving, and you can't make the argument? Time for common sense and faith in individuals. btw, anyone seen the Gipper lately? Where'd he go???
Video- Tim Jones: I will pattern my educational reform plans after Chris Christie and Bobby Jindal:
Gov. Bobby Jindal's upcoming speech to the Republican National Convention probably won't make or break him as a major national figure. Second-tier speakers rarely draw much media coverage, particularly when they appear on the same program as one of the convention's true stars. That's the case o...
Bobby Jindal & Chris Christie scheduled to speak Tues 8/28/12 at RNC.
Ask Sharon Day who she thinks represents the future of the Republican Party, and she can't stop tossing out names: Gov. Nikki Haley of South Carolina, Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, Senate candidate Ted Cruz of Texas, Gov. Susana Martinez of New Mexico, and particularly Gov. Chris Christie of New J...
looks like I'll have to vote for Mitt. Though he's not my first choice, I'd rather b voting for Chris Christie or Bobby Jindal
Bobby Jindal and Chris Christie are the only members of the GOP that I'd work for.
Chris Christie is basically giving his 2016 campaign speech. Bobby Jindal will give his too. Deep down they want and know Romney will lose.
After months of intense speculation on who Mitt Romney would select - everyone from senators Kelly Ayotte and Marco Rubio to governors Bobby Jindal and Chris Christie - it comes down to a 42-year-old newbie congressman: Wisconsin Rep. Paul RyanIf that doesn't make some Republicans sweat just a tad, ...
So 2016 is going to be a battle between Chris Christie, John Thune, Bobby Jindal and Jebb Bush.
~~There are several prominent candidates believed to be on his shortlist. The Research Team has compiled a dossier on seven candidates considered very likely to chosen to be Mitt Romney's running mate: Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Rob Portman, Tim Pawlenty, Bobby Jindal, Bob Mcdonnell, and Paul Ryan.
Paul Ryan? Condoleezza Rice? Marco Rubio? Chris Christie? Bobby Jindal? Scott Walker? Who do you think Romney will choose as running mate?
The vice-presidential picks were all over the board. Tim Pawlenty or Rob Portman got three votes, Bobby Jindal got three, Chris Christie got two, Allen West got 3.5, Condolleza Rice got two, Marco Rubio 3.5, and Herman Cain, Paul Ryan, Ted Nugent, Gene Simons, Jim Demint, Michelle Bachman, Walt Disney, Yoda, J.C. Watts and John Mccain each got one. I note that one comment suggested " a relatively undecorated serviceman" as VP candidate, and that gave me pause. I hereby nominate myself. True, a got a medal or two in Vietnam, but that was long ago and I ain't no hero, so why not? I could use a nice part-time job. Scribble novels while I was presiding over the senate. A free house. Nice salary and benefits. *** I'm twice as smart as Joe Biden and better looking too. Why not?
"Can we run for President?" Mitch Daniels, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, John Thune, and Bobby Jindal, sometime this afternoon.
So the next question becomes: who will be Romney’s running mate? The fine folks at Bovada Sportsbook are one step ahead of the matter and have already come up with the odds: Who will be the Republican Vice Presidential Nominee? Marco Rubio - -2/1 Rob Portman - -3/1 Chris Christie - -9/1 Paul Ryan - -9/1 Bob Mcdonnell - -10/1 Susana Martinez - -15/1 Condoleezza Rice - -18/1 Rick Santorum - -18/1 John Thune - -20/1 Mitch Daniels - -20/1 Rand Paul - -20/1 Bobby Jindal - -25/1 Nikki Haley - -25/1 Tim Pawlenty - -25/1 Jeb Bush - -30/1 Newt Gingrich - -50/1 Ron Paul - -50/1 Sarah Palin - -50/1 Donald Trump - -100/1 Herman Cain - -100/1 Clearly, Marco Rubio and Rob Portman are the favorites but don’t be surprised if New Jersey Governor Chris Christie makes a push. He’s as honest as they come and he’s quite blunt. President Barack Obama has been questioned about his record and what he’s done over the last four years by Republicans and Christie will definitely not skirt that – or any other – topic. J ...
Deb Hansen says and rightly so.PLEASE COPY AND PASTE TO YOUR STATUS - WE NEED TO LET EVERYONE KNOW THESE GOVERNORS HAVE NADS: Once again, I salute the governors who have PROVEN their courage in standing up for what's right for their state: Scott Walker (WI), Jan Brewer (AZ), Chris Christie (NJ), Bobby Jindal (LA), Nicki Haley (SC), Mitch Daniels (IN), and Rick Scott (FL). Moonbeam (Jerry Brown - CA) is starting to show a LITTLE BIT of guts, but has a LONG way to go. The stinky cheese STILL stands alone . . . the stinky cheese would be Gov Pat Quinn (IL), who is still looking for his *** . . .
Through the political turmoil of the GOP nomination and now the upcoming choice of a Vice President, I have come up with my own personal top 10+1 list of possible choices for the Republican Party. In conjunction with my brother we have the following choices. 1.) Sarah Palin 2.) Herman Cain 3.) Ron Paul 4.) Chris Christie 5.) Rudy Juliana 6.) Jeb Bush 7.) Jan Brewer 8.) Hale Barbour 9.) Rick Perry 10.) Bobby Jindal 11.) Newt Gingrich Choose wisely Mitt Romney
For political junkies, Obama has to win reelection and set up an open seat for 2016. You'd have potentially Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren (if she wins this year), Andrew Cuomo and Joe Biden on one side and then Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, Scott Brown (if he wins this year), Jeb Bush and Bobby Jindal on the other. Would be awesome and the complete opposite of this cycle. ie: Entertaining.
Today in labor history, May 2, 1933: Nazi forces occupy the headquarters, seize the funds, and imprison the leaders of two of Germany's largest trade union federations, comprised of 41 unions representing about 4.5 million workers. Independent trade unions were abolished. Now Governors Scott Walker, John Kasich, Rick Snyder, Mitch Daniels, Tom Corbet, Rick Perry, Bob Mcdonnell, Nikki Haley, Rick Scott, Bobby Jindal, Paul LePage, Chris Christie and many more have not occupied the union headquarters, but they have passed legislation created by ALEC to dismantle them or weaken them to the point that they are neutralized in any meaningful way. It won't be long, and we could see the final action by these and other Republicans would be to occupy the union headquarters and arrest their leadership. You say, no, no... Can't happen in America. Wrong, it will because it is happening before your very eyes.
Good one, Frank Bruni: "...the presidential race turns the corner into its most feverishly speculative, excessively breathless phase: the veepstakes.The veepstakes are the journalistic equivalent of a public works project, by which temporarily underutilized pundits and campaign reporters, biding their time until the end-of-summer conventions, keep their muscles toned and their hours filled. Bobby Jindal becomes their bridge to nowhere, Chris Christie their great big hydroelectric dam."
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