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Chris Christie

Christopher James Chris Christie (born September 6, 1962) is the 55th and current Governor of New Jersey.

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Chris Christie plays weatherman on 'Fox and Friends': Watch via
"Chris Christie auditions for weatherman on 'Fox & Friends'" via FOX NEWS
As citizens of New Jersey we should never forget the time when Chris Christie cancelled Halloween
"Mark Zuckerberg met Friday with Newark Mayor CORY BOOKER & Gov. Chris Christie in Idaho to discuss New…
This is the story of how Mike Pence landed the Vice-Presidential ticket—and how Chris Christie lost it.
Callista Gingrich, what's next Chris Christie in charge of bridges?
In New Jersey, we are voting for a replacement to the blowhard Chris Christie, so it's very imp…
"Don't burn bridges in life, just close them" -Chris Christie
Ahhh! Just like Frank to put cheesy in the title to snag the Chris Christie sale.
briefings. But said no), is that it's not take votes no respect to be, many mistakes made Ashley Judd: Keep up with Chris Christie of
It's time for Donald Trump to replace Jeff Sessions with Chris Christie! Enough is Enough, Get someone as AG with BALLS!…
John Lovett would be a much better presidential candidate from New Jersey than Chris Christie.
I finally realized who that total gem of a person Sarah Sanders reminds me of. Good ol' Chris Christie. They're equally beautiful people🙄
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has reportedly been chosen to deliver the keynote address at the Republican National Con…
Chris Christie on MSNBC is essentially throwing Mike Pence under the bus for involving Mike Flynn in the transition and the…
Limited edition Chris Christie baseball cards. Be dialing people. I'll even…
Chris Christie , I'm a Vet and my mom is already limited on therapy will be worse.
Graham-Cassidy is just about the only thing less popular than Chris Christie.
BREAKING: In the last hour, Chris Christie, AHIP (Insurers), Blue Cross, Fed of Amer Hospitals announced Graham-Cassidy oppos…
Chris Christie, John Kasich, Brian Sandoval, and Bill Walker are all against it too.
Chris Christie built like he walked into the pool too fast
Chris Christie: Ted Cruz is lying about Hurricane Sandy relief bill via
3/ Ann Coulter backed Romney in 2012. She loved Chris Christie. She is a hack...Chickened out a couple months ago at Berkeley.
Look everyone it's Chris Christie the Meatloaf Man with his toupee off!
Chris Christie, can you help Rick Scott scare people into evacuating? You were actually good at that.
"I'm not going to say I want you to pledge allegiance. Who would do that? Who would ask a man to pledge allegiance?"
OUCH: Ted Cruz SLAMS Chris Christie "Go back to the beach"
Steve Bannon explains WHY Chris Christie was passed over for a Cabinet position
Trump on allegations of Russian DNC hacking: “it could’ve been a ‘400-pound guy’ on his bed.” This is how far down Chris Christie has gone.
Was really hoping Chris Christie would offer to let Rush borrow his beach chair
Acting for Chris Christie. What a claim to fame.
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Chris Christie wants to join CNN or MSNBC as a contributor since sports radio didn't happen
Report: Republican bully Ethically Flexible Chris Christie in job talks with CNN, MSNBC
Two lanes closed on the Ben Franklin. Wonder what Chris Christie is up to
Cruz did vote against Sandy aid, back to his old trick of lying. Sad when Chris Christie has the moral high ground…
Chris Christie called Cruz a hurricane hypocrite for Sandy aid vote. Cruz: "Chris should go back to the beach."
Steve Bannon: Chris Christie's lack of loyalty cost him cabinet consideration via
Confirmed: All Trump cabinet members are fawning stooges via
Report: Christie in job talks with CNN, MSNBC via for iOS
To date, the largest evacuation in the U.S was Chris Christie's colonoscopy prep.
"It's disgusting to me that he's standing in a recovery center w/victims standing behind him as a backdrop & he's.." https:…
But, if they hire Chris Christie, will lose this viewer.
Yes, loyalty is very vital to dictatorship.
Whether it's CNN or MSNBC that hires Chris Christie. One thing is for sure, they better get a reinforced chair for him to sit o…
Report: Christie in job talks with CNN, MSNBC. Save us from corrupt Christies lies! The new Jeffry lord! Spare us!👎👎 http…
Report: Christie in job talks with CNN, MSNBC
Policy: Christie backed off at lewd and for…
There's is no coming back from this, Chris!
Can someone photoshop Chris Christie on here!
Chris Christie in talks to be cable news contributor after leaving office
you can hire Chris Christie, but no one will watch him. Remember Greta? Don't make us tell you, "we told you so."
Hey, Rick Scott, maybe it wasn't such a smart idea to put Chris Christie in charge of the evacuation.
Steve Bannon: Chris Christie didn't get a Cabinet position because he didn't show up for 'Billy B...
Steve Bannon: Chris Christie's response to the 'Access Hollywood' tape cost him a spot in Trump cabinet
Christie '18: NJ in ruins. 15% approval. Unfit for sportscasting. Dismissed by Trump admin. Hey, &
Chris Christie mad as *** at Paul Ryan.because they voted down aid for New Jersey and…
Chris Christie: Ted Cruz is 'dead wrong' for defending Superstorm Sandy vote
Ted Cruz calls Chris Christie "desperate" as he doubles down on Sandy hypocrisy
Chris Christie on "Morning Joe" raked Ted Cruz for saying 2/3 of Hurricane Sandy relief bill was pork. "He made it up"…
Day's bright spot: Chris Christie calling out for being a liar and a hypocrite on Sandy-Harvey aid.
Hayes said so many easy strawmen to counter but Chris Christie couldn't do it. No wonder he isn't at the White House🤣.
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Here's how Chris Christie fell out with Trump on election night - Business Insider
Chris Christie: Ted Cruz is lying about Sandy relief
Chris Christie actually said his president doesn't have a bigoted bone in his body. (Watching him on MSNBC w/ Chris Hayes) LIES! 😐
David Osmek & Matt Dean are the Chris Christie & Marco Rubio of 2018, but maybe even more unlikable.
Trump is as fit to be President as Chris Christie is to climb Mt Everest with a 50 pound bag of hoagies over his shoul…
What a world where Chris Christie can go from maybe-Vice President to dropping out of a job competition with Mike Valenti
According to reports out of New York, Chris Christie is no longer a candidate for the WFAN sports-talk job. Mike Valenti front-runner?
shouts out to myself for Chris Christie's terrifying conclusion to this question for carson when it should be for Cruz
Why does David Byrne look like Chris Christie lol
Take a look at that WV gov. He's criticizing others when he could compete with Chris Christie for fattest politician.
And never forget Chris Christie was gov during that time!
Gov. Chris Christie makes the case against Hillary Clinton via
Anyone else think the WV Gov looks like an older Chris Christie?
It looks like the West Virginia Gov swallowed Chris Christie. Sorry couldn't resist. Or is that Pat Buttram?
America's new FBI director Chris Wray is Chris Christie's lawyer and has the NJ gov's infamous cellphone
WH opioid group led by Gov. Chris Christie asked Trump to declare the a national emergency.
Has the GOP won a debt ceiling battle yet? Chris Christie just reaped the rewards of his NJ gov't shut…
Chris Christie: 'Not swearing off baseball games' after heckling incident New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) says …
Hey, soon he'll catch up to Chris Christie's 15%!
Baseball fan confronted by Chris Christie challenges gov to "combatstyle" fight...
The Latest: Man on probation wishes for Christie's nachos: The Latest on Gov. Chris Christie restraining himself……
NJ Gov. Chris Christie says he held back on dumping nachos on heckler he confronted at Brewers-Cubs game. Story:
Chris Christie on heckler video: 'I didn't dump nachos on him or anything'
It's like a mashup of Private Leonard Lawrence, Chris Christie, &
Was not surprised to find Chris Christie crashing a wedding at Asbury Park Beach this weekend
Chris Christie confronted a Cubs fan who was heckling him at a Brewers game
Chris Christie clash with Cubs fan began when fan told the politician that "he sucked"
Hot Dogs, Peanuts, and Chris Christie in the Face of a Chicago Cubs Fan VIDEO -
Chris Christie gets into a fan's face at MLB game via what the *** is fatty doing in Chicago
I wonder if the fan was worried Chris Christie was going to eat him.
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Are we sure this wasn't Steve Schirripa playing the role of Chris Christie? Also that Cubs fan looks like the obnox…
Chris Christie technically can't be president due to the structural limitations of animatronic mobility in Disney's Hall of Pre…
Chris Christie confronted a heckler at a baseball game by calling him a "big shot," and there's footage to prove it. ht…
. Chris Christie enjoying some nachos while chatting…
Be with someone that holds you like "Chris Christie" holds his nachos
Chris Christie is nothing but a morbidly obese miserable bully, & corrupt crook.…
Watch Chris Christie get in a fan’s face after he was heckled at baseball game.
Chris Christie is gross and despicable, but not because of the nachos. Mmm fake cheese!
There is nothing less intimidating than Chris Christie saying "you're a big shot" with a tub of nachos and pants pulled up…
I couldn't care less about Chris Christie. Or his maternity pants. If he tried that with me. I would've just started e…
Chris Christie can't run for president so he's running for greatest meme of all time
Chris Christie is so, so close to living in a van down by the river.
Hold up. When did Wes Rucker bump into Chris Christie?
This guy tried to tell Chris Christie that hotdogs are sandwiches. The secret service had to intervene (…
Chris Christie angrily confronts Cubs fan to call him 'a big shot'
Breast Cancer Awareness
Chris Christie got in a Cub's fans face at Miller Park in Milwaukee today
I would have incited the crowd around me to shout in unison "Chris Christie stinks! Go take a shower!"
Chris Christie's nipples and waistband get about an inch closer to each other every year. When they finally touch, Jesus wi…
I tried to resist, but I was, ultimately, powerless over Chris Christie and Photoshop.
Chris Christie is a thug, but we already knew that.
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is caught on video confronting a Chicago Cubs fan while carrying a basket of nachos.
Chris Christie confronts fan at Milwaukee Brewers game via the
"Chris Christie goes nose-to-nose with Cubs fan while cradling nachos.". America, y'all.
Is Chris Christie yelling at somebody while holding a basket of nachos at a Cubs game even news at this point
Chris Christie will not tolerate heckling Cubs fans 😂😂😂.
Chris Christie just proved it's impossible to look tough with your pants pulled up to your chest.
In light of today's Nacho Gate, it's kinda crazy to think back to 2012, when many of us thought Chris Christie might be the n…
Cut Chris Christie slack. Maybe he was just defending the honor of his nachos.
Chris Christie has another bad day at the ballpark after yelling at Cubs fan
This is the most Chris Christie picture ever. It's like he commissioned someone to take the one photo that summed up hi…
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Chris Christie's blood is just cheese sauce now.
Chris Christie get in a Cubs fan's face, and sarcastically tells him, "yore a big shot," while cradling his nachos. https:/…
Chris Christie is going to spontaneously combust and food will fly every where.
Chris Christie telling off a Cubs fan while cradling his nachos is glorious.
Chris Christie is an ugly ugly man, not because he's fat, not because of his fashion sense, but because he's vile http…
I have a rare photo of Chris Christie without a basket of nachos.
"Chris Christie's Nachos" is going to be a popular fantasy team name this year.
Chris Christie thinks he can intimidate a man who said "you suck" while holding nachos 😂 go exercise!
Chris Christie confronts fan at Milwaukee Brewers game -
Chris Christie confronts fan at Brewers game
Chris Christie confronts fan at Milwaukee Brewers game
Daily News: "N.J. Gov. Chris Christie confronts fan who heckled him while holding nachos at Milwaukee Brewers game"
Chris Christie got in a fan's face at today's Cubs-Brewers game
Chris Christie spotted at Milwaukee Brewers game after NJ kicks him out.
VIDEO: NJ Gov. Chris Christie and Cubs fan get into verbal confrontation at Brewers game in Milwaukee:
Chris Christie on similar career ending path as John McCain and tax dollars pay for this embarrassing behavior 👎
Now imagine West Side Story, but entirely without switchblades, just fat dudes carrying nachos. Chris Christie as Riff.
I support this but can't help but think of cutting to footage of Chris Christie buying smokes for his kids Patrick & Bridget.
I'll bet Chris Christie would take it in a heartbeat (wanted it). Thinks he doesn't belong in cell next to…
Counting the cars on the New Jersey Turnpike they've all come to look 4 America. -Chris Christie
Seth Myers on Chris Christie being booed at a Mets game: "Usually the only way to get booed at a Mets game is to be the Mets."
Chris Christie booed after catching foul ball at Mets game
"Chris Christie caught a foul ball last night! Which would of been interesting if he hadn't closed down Citi Field for it!" -Seth Meyers 😂😂😂
Chris Christie caught a foul ball at Citi Field, then got heavily booed and dunked on by a dopey play-by-play guy
The Mets should have made Chris Christie run the bases after he caught that ball last night
host Mike Francesa predicted that Chris Christie might have to deal with this while filling in ht…
Over dinner, Sam Brownback confesses to President Trump that environmental activists are on point. Chris Christie gets an extreme makeover.
is a more logical choice to replace Mike Francesa than Chris Christie and it isn't close.
Chris Christie catches foul ball at Mets-Cardinals game
Steve Mills running the Knicks is as bad as Chris Christie running New Jersey.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
I listened to Chris Christie host Mike Francesa's WFAN show so you don't have to. This was the highlight:.
Chris Christie was an American politician who served as a delegate in the Continental Congress. As an inventor, he is known for the (1/4)
It’s almost like Chris Christie is trying to put another Kushner in prison.
Lol even Chris Christie's beach chair got a meeting with the Russians...smh
Christie:I think it's probably against the law . Me: I think ur right!. I also think ur getting even w/ Jared😂. h…
* thinks of Chris christie's heart health *
When Corrupt Chris Christie calls you out, you know it's bad….
Great excerpts from the new book about .
Trump can't count on Christie anymore. One more "Ally" of Trump no longer reliable. Trump is Toast. via
Trump's election night, per a new book: a fight with Chris Christie, and a last-minute victory speech.
Chris Christie dumped by Trump over his stink filthy cell phone 😂😂😂The Daily Beast
Trump apparently fell out w/ Christie after a fight over whose phone to use on elex night to take a call from Obama. http…
A massive Meadowlands mall boondoggle, and a Hudson tunnel that hasn't been built, typify the Chris Christie era
Chris Christie on getting opposition research from Russia: "I think, quite frankly, it's probably against the law"
Ex-Prosecutor Chris Christie had Charlie Kushner jailed for corruption and now sees Jared going away the same.
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Let's be honest, nobody has ever lost Chris Christie.
But we all know Trump doesn't play well with others. Got in a tiff with Chris Christie moments after winnin…
He's on the phone with Chris Christie now asking for a beach pass.
Chris Christie: Getting Russian opposition research is "probably against the law"
Thug Chris Christie says he still doesn't see evidence of collusion btwn Trump Cartel & Russia. Good thing no one cares a…
So book reports Christie fired from transition for trying to force a germ-y cell phone call with Obama
Trump shouted at Manafort after report that campaign aides tried getting his attention through TV interviews
Like, do they really think Chris Christie or Rick Scott Walker or Larry Hogan are pioneering ambitious infrastructure investments?
I had a dream I was at Austin Peterson's birthday party and Chris Christie was there and he was hammered
Seth is running vs. a Chris Christie minion & a Goldman Sachs exec. It's time for the people to defeat th…
"Bridgegate" mastermind and former Chris Christie ally avoids prison time for scandal
Chris Christie was good during the 2016 debates His weight has to be a burden for him
Did Chris Christie underachieve as a presidential contender, or overachieve as a US attorney?
This is beached whale is replacing Francesa with next year .. Chris Christie, calling caller a communist/bum. htt…
Gov. Chris Christie at all-time low approval rating, Monmouth University poll shows
In taking the sun at the beach. Chris Christie committed a breach. Of what he decreed. Not seeing the need. To practise the sh…
Chris Christie in the Park with George. (why I love the Internet)
In his defense he did call Christie a "fat ***
Meanwhile, Chris Christie's sports radio audition is going great
If I ate a hamburger for every time crooked Republicans tried to use the term "nothingburger", I'd be the size of Chris Ch…
"Child marriage is rampant in this culture and must be stopped.". What? Muslims? No, no. America. Christians. . https:…
And I really hope that Chris Christie is heavily involved in all of this as well.
Chris Christie's audition to replace Mike Francesa was chock full of angry callers.
It was a "Did I really hear that?" moment, even by the standards of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie
Christian child marriage common in some US states Probably same people who hate homosexuals. Re…
Chris Christie hosts sports talk radio program, meets caller who trolls him about beach closures
Recall when Chris Christie fell out of his chair at WIP sports talk radio? | Bob's Blitz via
Reminder: Hillary sped up Alicia Machado's citizenship process to get dirt on Trump. Fake News Media didn't cry about that.…
Chris Christie has eventful audition in WFAN chair | Fox News
Trump Sr was in Trump Tower on 6/9/2016 with Chris Christie... look it up. HE KNEW...HE ALWAYS KNEW
Chris Christie is longing for the days of bridge gate: Joe Piscopo
How did Chris Christie's audition for sports radio go? We played some of the audio and reacted on the Morning News.
Christie calls constituent 'bum,' 'communist' on sports talk radio.
Nothing gets me turning the dial faster than hear Chris Christie on WFAN.
Chris Christie called a constituent who criticized his beach outing a 'bum' and a 'communist'
if that fat fuggin cowboys fan chris Christie takes mike's place on the show you guys are a joke
AUDIO: Caller tells Chris Christie he's a FAT A** and a BULLY over beach-gate!
Chris Christie called a constituent a communist... for asking him to use private beaches instead of…
Call screener has a rough job today on - guaranteed to be flooded with Chris Christie hecklers. Let them ALL get through, please.
NJ Gov. Chris Christie’s approval rating remains at an all-time low -- angry callers aired their grievances on a radio show Ch…
Now you're accusing Chris Christie of hacking emails?
From a poll on beach day: "6% of those polled simply used some form of profanity" http…
From the makers of Waldo: Chris Christie, Beach Edition! Can you spot Christie on a beach faster than the media?. [Scaled dow…
That's the worst body I've seen in baseball pants since Chris Christie.
Live look at Chris Christie's radio audition:
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Donald Jr is somehow even more busted than Chris Christie sitting on an empty beach
I thought I'd enough of Chris Christie on the beach and then some genius goes and does this.
Don't forget Chris Christie vetoed two bills to stop the torture of pigs (see pic). He's a man with no political future…
Jack Ohman cartoon: Life's a beach for Chris Christie and Donald Trump...
That's like telling Chris Christie to go back to the fridge. He's already there.
uses thumbnail with Chris Christie on beach with Amelia Earheart! My sides are in orbit! XD
Chris Christie has a great future behind him.
Show me a better Chris Christie beach meme
Middlesbrough will try to sign Cyrus Christie having missed out on Chris Gunter
Chris Christie is the Confederacy of Dunces sequel the author killed himself to avoid writing.
LMFAO,... Imagine being chased by 'Chris Christie',that's how fast black bears run !
Chris Christie wouldn't work in fiction
ICYMI Chris Christie gets tryout for top gig
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie seen here waiting to enjoy the entire Golden Corral to himself
5 ways Chris Christie is giving voters a giant middle finger before he leaves office | Via
Chris Christie closed the beach because that's where he likes to sleep...
OMG. Up here in Canada, saw that pic? Call Greenpeace, Whale Rescue? Then I realized, just Chris Christie on the beach. Whew
Remember, when you hear of a NJTransit train derailment, think of Chris Christie's big funding cuts.
Chris Christie filling in for Mike Francesa on WFAN
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie suns self on beach he closed to the public / Boing Boing
why did you use a picture of Chris Christie?
Chris Christie is morally and ethically gross, but fat jokes are unnecessary and they accomplish nothing. that's all 💙
little reminder that Chris Christie's actions and greed may make him horrible, but his body doesn't!
Name the New Jersey Govenor who shut a public beach and then spent the 4th July 2017 there with his family ??? Chris Christie
My lord there HAS to be a photoshop of this with the beached Chris Christie.
Maine citizens, is this guy still in the governor's office? Maybe you'd like Chris Christie to come on up. He'll be…
This is a great loss for America. Donald will now appoint someone like Chris Christie to this role, making…
Chris Christie gives little care to any type of optics
Governor Chris Christie just can't seem to ESCAPE from all the stuff!
Just me or everyone: do you hear "Down on the Corner" by CCR when you see the Chris Christie beach photos?
Chris Christie slammed for sunbathing on a beach he closed to the public
Newly released photo of Governor Chris Christie being helicoptered back to Trenton from Island State Beach Park
A giant sand sculpture of Chris Christie lounging in a beach chair has appeared on the Jersey Shore.
Why Chris Christie’s legacy will be about a tunnel, not a bridge:
Forrest Gump: "Mama always said that life is like a box of chocolates". Chris Christie: "someb…
Chris Christie look-a-like at Catherine the Great's Winter Palace seen today in St. Petersburg.
... and when there was just one set of footprints in the sand, that was Chris Christie.
Trump aligned with Chris Christie and Rod Blagojevich (on Apprentice)...2 of the lowest governor approval ratings of all time.
Clay Higgins (R-LA) may be on a faster freefall than Chris Christie 😂
Chris Christie still waiting on the Trump bus to the White House, but the bus ain't coming!
Chris Christie: Watch how many people I can insult. Clay Higgins: Hold my beer.
Why does Chris Christie sound like a teenage girl in 2004 telling someone to “talk to the hand"
Was just told the beach at Coney Island is closed. Instinctively, I started looking around for Chris Christie.
No one less popular than Chris Christie in nj these days. Not sure that would go over well. I say Evan and Chris Simms.
Chris Christie's Trump-like tactics turn him into Nero on the beach as New Jersey burns via
King's Hawaiian Tropic..the official sunscreen of Chris Christie. 🍞
This is what the White House would say about the Chris Christie revelations: the real story is who leaked this?
Breaking: Reddit post shames Chris Christie into stepping down as King of New Jersey. "It was the picture of me in…
July 2, 2017, Gov. Chris Christie, beach at the governor's summer house at Island Beach ,New Jer…
Chris Christie enjoyed a closed beach, then got flamed. But he definitely did not get a tan.
BREAKING: Gov. Chris Christie and the New Jersey Assembly have a budget deal - NY Times
Chris Christie sees himself as king, shutting down the beaches and then takes his family to one. Then blames the media for doing their job.
Trump takes a 5 day golf holiday, Chris Christie kicks all of the plebs off the beach. The Mad King & his Court Jester.
Chris Christie & guests enjoying NJ beach — after he ordered state beaches closed to the public over a budget fight https:/…
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie closed beaches, then was snapped enjoying one with his family
Chris Christie can kiss me where the sun don't shine, which admittedly is difficult for him to find when he's lounging…
How a photographer caught Chris Christie sunbathing on a beach he closed: “It wasn't difficult to find him"
This is so great. How photog Andrew Mills outsmarted Chris Christie and caught him sunbathing on a closed beach
NJ Gov. Chris Christie is blistered over his day at the beach . (Andrew Mills/NJ Advance Media via AP)…
Chris Christie, New Jersey Governor, Protects citizens from Sludge on beach. Children's ey…
. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie lounges on beach that he shut to public
Chris Christie, New Jersey Governor, enjoys beach he closed to public. Still abusing his elected position.
As government of New Jersey province is shut down, US Governor Chris Christie tans muscular physique on beaches closed to wo…
'When the eyes meet, you know the jig is up': Photographer recounts how he caught Chris Christie in 'Beachgate'
Chris Christie is the low-rent, bizarro version of Trump: a glutton with bad judgement who's universally loathed. It's…
I know Chris Christie is getting a lot of flack today, but let's be real. His portayal of Okja was some of acting I've seen in awhile.
Chris Christie. Hugh Hewitt. Erick Erickson. I feel like there's a pattern.
Chris Christie is a and character come to life. That had to be Sheila Larson in those beach photos, yeah?
Chris Christie is to American politics what Jerry Gergich was to Parks and Recreation.
As ruler/emperor of NJ,Chris Christie has his staff take blame in & now he bans public from beaches so he & hi…
Governor Chris Christie lounges on closed New Jersey beach:
Chris Christie built like the clown *** from spawn
Chris Christie spends weekend in New Jersey state park after ordering state parks closed
Chris Christie frolicking in the water at a beach he had closed down due to New Jersey's government shutdown.
I can't look at Chris Christie and not hear tubas playing.
domain names
Chris Christie shuts down the NJ state govt, then he and his family use the state beach, now closed to the public, for Jul…
Let's say we did look at Chris Christie on a beach, but don't. No, really, let's not.
With Beaches Empty, Christie Wages One More Fight The shutdown of New Jersey’s government has its roots in a dispu…
4. Once Christie became aware of the photos, his spokesman said he didn't lie because he was wearing a hat
Someone tell me how I can volunteer against literally whomever runs against Chris Christie
Chris Christie ran out of covfefe and shut down nj.
reports broadcast by Gov. Chris Christie goes to beach after closing them to pu...
Gov. Chris Christie and family soak up sun on state beach he closed to the public. h…
So did Chris Christie close the parks because of the budget, or did he just want a private beach for the holiday weeke…
Chris Christie caught sunbathing on beach closed by budget standoff
Chris Christie ordered New Jersey public beaches closed due to a government shutdown. . Now he and his friends have th…
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