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Chris Christie

Christopher James Chris Christie (born September 6, 1962) is the 55th and current Governor of New Jersey.

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Like, do they really think Chris Christie or Rick Scott Walker or Larry Hogan are pioneering ambitious infrastructure investments?
Seth is running vs. a Chris Christie minion & a Goldman Sachs exec. It's time for the people to defeat th…
"Bridgegate" mastermind and former Chris Christie ally avoids prison time for scandal
Chris Christie was good during the 2016 debates His weight has to be a burden for him
Did Chris Christie underachieve as a presidential contender, or overachieve as a US attorney?
This is beached whale is replacing Francesa with next year .. Chris Christie, calling caller a communist/bum. htt…
Gov. Chris Christie at all-time low approval rating, Monmouth University poll shows
In taking the sun at the beach. Chris Christie committed a breach. Of what he decreed. Not seeing the need. To practise the sh…
Chris Christie in the Park with George. (why I love the Internet)
In his defense he did call Christie a "fat ***
Meanwhile, Chris Christie's sports radio audition is going great
If I ate a hamburger for every time crooked Republicans tried to use the term "nothingburger", I'd be the size of Chris Ch…
"Child marriage is rampant in this culture and must be stopped.". What? Muslims? No, no. America. Christians. . https:…
And I really hope that Chris Christie is heavily involved in all of this as well.
Chris Christie's audition to replace Mike Francesa was chock full of angry callers.
It was a "Did I really hear that?" moment, even by the standards of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie
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Christian child marriage common in some US states Probably same people who hate homosexuals. Re…
Chris Christie hosts sports talk radio program, meets caller who trolls him about beach closures
Recall when Chris Christie fell out of his chair at WIP sports talk radio? | Bob's Blitz via
Reminder: Hillary sped up Alicia Machado's citizenship process to get dirt on Trump. Fake News Media didn't cry about that.…
Chris Christie has eventful audition in WFAN chair | Fox News
Trump Sr was in Trump Tower on 6/9/2016 with Chris Christie... look it up. HE KNEW...HE ALWAYS KNEW
Chris Christie is longing for the days of bridge gate: Joe Piscopo
How did Chris Christie's audition for sports radio go? We played some of the audio and reacted on the Morning News.
Christie calls constituent 'bum,' 'communist' on sports talk radio.
Nothing gets me turning the dial faster than hear Chris Christie on WFAN.
Chris Christie called a constituent who criticized his beach outing a 'bum' and a 'communist'
if that fat fuggin cowboys fan chris Christie takes mike's place on the show you guys are a joke
AUDIO: Caller tells Chris Christie he's a FAT A** and a BULLY over beach-gate!
Chris Christie called a constituent a communist... for asking him to use private beaches instead of…
Call screener has a rough job today on - guaranteed to be flooded with Chris Christie hecklers. Let them ALL get through, please.
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NJ Gov. Chris Christie’s approval rating remains at an all-time low -- angry callers aired their grievances on a radio show Ch…
Now you're accusing Chris Christie of hacking emails?
From a poll on beach day: "6% of those polled simply used some form of profanity" http…
From the makers of Waldo: Chris Christie, Beach Edition! Can you spot Christie on a beach faster than the media?. [Scaled dow…
That's the worst body I've seen in baseball pants since Chris Christie.
Live look at Chris Christie's radio audition:
Donald Jr is somehow even more busted than Chris Christie sitting on an empty beach
I thought I'd enough of Chris Christie on the beach and then some genius goes and does this.
Don't forget Chris Christie vetoed two bills to stop the torture of pigs (see pic). He's a man with no political future…
Jack Ohman cartoon: Life's a beach for Chris Christie and Donald Trump...
That's like telling Chris Christie to go back to the fridge. He's already there.
uses thumbnail with Chris Christie on beach with Amelia Earheart! My sides are in orbit! XD
Chris Christie has a great future behind him.
Show me a better Chris Christie beach meme
Middlesbrough will try to sign Cyrus Christie having missed out on Chris Gunter featured in NBC s Science of Love
Chris Christie is the Confederacy of Dunces sequel the author killed himself to avoid writing.
LMFAO,... Imagine being chased by 'Chris Christie',that's how fast black bears run !
Chris Christie wouldn't work in fiction
ICYMI Chris Christie gets tryout for top gig
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie seen here waiting to enjoy the entire Golden Corral to himself
5 ways Chris Christie is giving voters a giant middle finger before he leaves office | Via
Chris Christie closed the beach because that's where he likes to sleep...
OMG. Up here in Canada, saw that pic? Call Greenpeace, Whale Rescue? Then I realized, just Chris Christie on the beach. Whew
Remember, when you hear of a NJTransit train derailment, think of Chris Christie's big funding cuts.
Chris Christie filling in for Mike Francesa on WFAN
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie suns self on beach he closed to the public / Boing Boing
why did you use a picture of Chris Christie?
Chris Christie is morally and ethically gross, but fat jokes are unnecessary and they accomplish nothing. that's all 💙
little reminder that Chris Christie's actions and greed may make him horrible, but his body doesn't!
Name the New Jersey Govenor who shut a public beach and then spent the 4th July 2017 there with his family ??? Chris Christie
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My lord there HAS to be a photoshop of this with the beached Chris Christie.
Maine citizens, is this guy still in the governor's office? Maybe you'd like Chris Christie to come on up. He'll be…
This is a great loss for America. Donald will now appoint someone like Chris Christie to this role, making…
Chris Christie gives little care to any type of optics
Governor Chris Christie just can't seem to ESCAPE from all the stuff!
Just me or everyone: do you hear "Down on the Corner" by CCR when you see the Chris Christie beach photos?
Chris Christie slammed for sunbathing on a beach he closed to the public
Newly released photo of Governor Chris Christie being helicoptered back to Trenton from Island State Beach Park
A giant sand sculpture of Chris Christie lounging in a beach chair has appeared on the Jersey Shore.
Why Chris Christie’s legacy will be about a tunnel, not a bridge:
Forrest Gump: "Mama always said that life is like a box of chocolates". Chris Christie: "someb…
Chris Christie look-a-like at Catherine the Great's Winter Palace seen today in St. Petersburg.
... and when there was just one set of footprints in the sand, that was Chris Christie.
Trump aligned with Chris Christie and Rod Blagojevich (on Apprentice)...2 of the lowest governor approval ratings of all time.
Clay Higgins (R-LA) may be on a faster freefall than Chris Christie 😂
Chris Christie still waiting on the Trump bus to the White House, but the bus ain't coming!
Chris Christie: Watch how many people I can insult. Clay Higgins: Hold my beer.
Why does Chris Christie sound like a teenage girl in 2004 telling someone to “talk to the hand"
Was just told the beach at Coney Island is closed. Instinctively, I started looking around for Chris Christie.
No one less popular than Chris Christie in nj these days. Not sure that would go over well. I say Evan and Chris Simms.
Chris Christie's Trump-like tactics turn him into Nero on the beach as New Jersey burns via
King's Hawaiian Tropic..the official sunscreen of Chris Christie. 🍞
This is what the White House would say about the Chris Christie revelations: the real story is who leaked this?
Breaking: Reddit post shames Chris Christie into stepping down as King of New Jersey. "It was the picture of me in…
July 2, 2017, Gov. Chris Christie, beach at the governor's summer house at Island Beach ,New Jer…
Chris Christie enjoyed a closed beach, then got flamed. But he definitely did not get a tan.
BREAKING: Gov. Chris Christie and the New Jersey Assembly have a budget deal - NY Times
Chris Christie sees himself as king, shutting down the beaches and then takes his family to one. Then blames the media for doing their job.
Trump takes a 5 day golf holiday, Chris Christie kicks all of the plebs off the beach. The Mad King & his Court Jester.
Chris Christie & guests enjoying NJ beach — after he ordered state beaches closed to the public over a budget fight https:/…
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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie closed beaches, then was snapped enjoying one with his family
Chris Christie can kiss me where the sun don't shine, which admittedly is difficult for him to find when he's lounging…
How a photographer caught Chris Christie sunbathing on a beach he closed: “It wasn't difficult to find him"
This is so great. How photog Andrew Mills outsmarted Chris Christie and caught him sunbathing on a closed beach
NJ Gov. Chris Christie is blistered over his day at the beach . (Andrew Mills/NJ Advance Media via AP)…
Chris Christie, New Jersey Governor, Protects citizens from Sludge on beach. Children's ey…
. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie lounges on beach that he shut to public
Chris Christie, New Jersey Governor, enjoys beach he closed to public. Still abusing his elected position.
As government of New Jersey province is shut down, US Governor Chris Christie tans muscular physique on beaches closed to wo…
'When the eyes meet, you know the jig is up': Photographer recounts how he caught Chris Christie in 'Beachgate'
Chris Christie is the low-rent, bizarro version of Trump: a glutton with bad judgement who's universally loathed. It's…
I know Chris Christie is getting a lot of flack today, but let's be real. His portayal of Okja was some of acting I've seen in awhile.
Chris Christie. Hugh Hewitt. Erick Erickson. I feel like there's a pattern.
Chris Christie is a and character come to life. That had to be Sheila Larson in those beach photos, yeah?
Chris Christie is to American politics what Jerry Gergich was to Parks and Recreation.
As ruler/emperor of NJ,Chris Christie has his staff take blame in & now he bans public from beaches so he & hi…
Governor Chris Christie lounges on closed New Jersey beach:
Chris Christie built like the clown *** from spawn
Chris Christie spends weekend in New Jersey state park after ordering state parks closed
Chris Christie frolicking in the water at a beach he had closed down due to New Jersey's government shutdown.
I can't look at Chris Christie and not hear tubas playing.
Chris Christie shuts down the NJ state govt, then he and his family use the state beach, now closed to the public, for Jul…
Let's say we did look at Chris Christie on a beach, but don't. No, really, let's not.
With Beaches Empty, Christie Wages One More Fight The shutdown of New Jersey’s government has its roots in a dispu…
4. Once Christie became aware of the photos, his spokesman said he didn't lie because he was wearing a hat
Someone tell me how I can volunteer against literally whomever runs against Chris Christie
Chris Christie ran out of covfefe and shut down nj.
reports broadcast by Gov. Chris Christie goes to beach after closing them to pu...
Gov. Chris Christie and family soak up sun on state beach he closed to the public. h…
So did Chris Christie close the parks because of the budget, or did he just want a private beach for the holiday weeke…
Chris Christie caught sunbathing on beach closed by budget standoff
Chris Christie ordered New Jersey public beaches closed due to a government shutdown. . Now he and his friends have th…
Chris Christie basically hasn't given a solitary you know what since Trump humiliated him by not appointing him to a Ca…
Governor Chris Christie surrounded by DOZENS of his friends, family & fans. Ok, not DOZENS. Maybe less than a dozen…
Chris Christie enjoying the peaceful quiet tranquil beach
I don't want anything but Chris Christie news for the next 48 hours
2. Christie was so strict about enforcing the shutdown that he kicked a Cub Scout Pack out of a state park
Chris Christie wanted his own private beach.Even the whales were disgusted at the sight of his body
Chris Christie with an impressive level of transparent contempt for his state's residents.
Chris Christie will always be,the governor who cancelled the 4th of July in New Jersey.
What's worse?. Chris Christie hugging Obama before election. or. Closing down NJ beaches for everyone except him & family on
"Chris Christie" go ahead on & slide on that banana hammock you know you got at your house. Go to the beach & showout for them Jersey girls
if you're eating out in a restaurant, Chris Christie can legally eminent domain your french fries and everyone in NJ ju…
If Chris Christie went to closed down beaches for just his family, NJ should throw his *** out.
I don't know what's more disgusting. Chris Christie's politics, his dead-behind-the-eyes servitude to Trump, or the image o…
It truly is amazing how much Chris Christie succeeds in being an absolutely horrible & detestable human being.
This might be my favorite Chris Christie story yet. Also: Everything is FINE.
Chris Christie closing the beach to the public and only opening it up for himself is the most real life Cartman/South Pa…
Just look at us! Right and left. Conservative and liberal. All coming together to bash Chris Christie. We are truly on…
Today was the day Chris Christie became President.
So from space you can see the Great Wall and Chris Christie.
Seriously...did not one person in Chris Christie's family think: "perhaps this isn't a good idea 4 us to party on a clos…
Chris Christie sets a new record for stupid. Closes a beach to the public, then uses it for himself:
Chris Christie enjoying an afternoon at a beach closed to the public due to Jersey’s government shutdown.
The image of a grotesque Chris Christie sunning himself on an empty state beach he closed is an evocative metaphor for our er…
Such a Trumpian thing to do. "Chris Christie closes beach to everyone but himself".
In these divided times, it's nice to be reminded that we can all come together and hate Chris Christie equally.
While NJ stays home. Chris Christie sunbathes on beach . that his kleptocracy closed. Like DT. he has no clue. what's wrong w…
After ordering state beaches closed to the public, Chris Christie took his family to the empty beach
3. He also blatantly lied to reporters, denying he went to the beach, saying he didn't get any sun
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Chris Christie closing a beach to the public before writhing into a latex swimsuit is the most considerate thing he's ever…
“Chris Christie gets caught lounging on New Jersey beach he closed to public” by
Chris Christie is so unpopular in New Jersey that he doesn't even care that he closed the beaches to the public and is…
Chris Christie embodies entire GOP - closes beach for everyone but himself, make healthcare unaffordable for millions jus…
Me: "Bruce Rauner and Scott Walker are America's worst governors". Chris Christie: "Hold my beach ball".
In this alternate reality political climate I have a feeling "Chris Christie" will go unscathed by just as he did w/
New Jersey beach shut for everyone bar Chris Christie and family
Chris Christie is trying his damndest to break the 3 way tie for worst NJ governor ever between Brendan Byrne, Jim Florio & Jon Corzine.
Gov. Chris Christie calls for special session to solve New Jersey's budget dispute which led to government shutdown.
"I’m not going to talk about Trump...I’m not going to talk about Chris Christie". on being Kim Guadagno >.
Chris Christie: Tell Governor Christie to make New Jersey a member of the US Climate Alliance - Sign ... via
Chris Christie won't allow sports radio host to throw party at governor's mansion after all . ***
Our governor (and Trump fanny- kisser) Chris Christie thinks that such laws…
Chris Christie's approval rating is at 15 percent making him the least popular governor of any state in the last 20 years. 😐
Like New Jersey Governor race home of Chris Christie. Lol. & m…
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Governor of NJ - I don't give a . Chris Christie on his record-low approval ratings: 'I don't care'
Chris Christie has officially polled lower than any governor in modern history
Chris Christie now has the lowest approval rating of any New Jersey Governor — ever
Oh my, how things have changed since the start of Chris Christie. After the job he did I wouldn't vote for his Lt G…
I'm not splitting the vote to let Chris Christie's Lieutenant gov…
Chris Christie physically reminds me of a pile of mashed potatoes. However, the mashed potat…
Chris Christie will go down in history as the most unpopular governor ever. Only 15% approve. Even GOP hates him. https:…
Are you sure Chris Christie isn't moonlighting as Connecticut governor?
Chris Christie - 15% Christie is the Most Unpopular Governor in Two Decades - Anywhere!. Slogging away with a 15%...
and by the way the sate was New Jersey, and the governor was Chris Christie
LISTEN: Craig Carton makes Chris Christie uncomfortable with his plans for a party at the governor's mansion.
Why you shouldn't count out in the race to succeed Chris Christie as NJ governor. My latest:
Ha! Chris Christie is my governor. Beat that!
Congratulations to Chris Christie for achieving the lowest approval rating of any governor in history.
Chris Christie watched his political career end this week "a possible but far from likely prospect"…
Chris Christie is now the least popular NJ governor in recorded history. Approval rating: 15%. Disapproval: 81%. https:…
Chris Christie is the most unpopular governor in 20 years. In any state
The GOP literally put in the work to get CHRIS CHRISTIE as Governor of New Jersey.
Poll: Trump *** kisser Chris Christie has lowest approval of any governor in 20 years.
Jesus chris christie over here trying to out *** holster *** holstering talk about nesting holsters
Democrat Phil Murphy is outpacing Republican Kim Guadagno in the New Jersey Governor race to replace Chris Christie
Ebola has a higher approval rating than Chris Christie.
Imagine being Chris Christie—15% approval rating, your lifelong idol, Bruce Springsteen, hates your rotten guts, this still exis…
Pres Trump. Fire mueller now appoint Chris Christie as spec proc on Hillary offense…
Trump is magnanimous to defeated enemies just like Caesar, look at him and Marco + Chris Christie
Deja vu: Gov Chris Christie is still free also!!
Chris Christie Is the Most Unpopular Governor in 20 Years. In Any State! Just like his daddy Trump.
After the Iowa caucus Chris Christie claimed that every single one of his voters was cool and all mine were pathetic turd m…
' Professor Klump ' Chris Christie has a 15% approval rating .that's the lowest approval rating in New Jersey's history.
Chris Christie has a 15% approval rating. That's the worst approval for any gov. in any state surveyed by Quinnipiac in…
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Chris Christie has a 15% approval rating as governor of NJ. To put that in perspective, I have a 19% approval rating as go…
No actually he is  Gov. Chris Christie (R) lawyer . Wow a real swamp draining lol.
5 more States have agreed to join New Jersey's prescription-monitoring program to share records of dangerous drugs, says Gov. Chris Christie
“The president’s allies cited that inexperience to defend him on Wednesday. Gov. Chris Christie of New...”
Someone needs to ask Newt Gingrich, Chris Christie, and Rudy Giulini (all without Gov’t jobs) about DJT being such a loyal guy to supporters
NJ Gov. Chris Christie: Trump pressuring Comey to drop Flynn probe is just 'normal NYC conversation'
Yup. Christopher Wray "was the lawyer for Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey during the Bridgegate trial." What could p…
Gov. Chris Christie leaving office could be one of the best things that ever happened to in New Jersey.
Chris Christie (a ex-fed prosecutor) says on that Trump just not used to gov't: "What he considers to be normal, NYC…
FBI director hopeful Chris Wray held onto the cell phone Chris Christie used during Bridgegate and never let go. Was never…
Christopher Wray represented Chris Christie in Bridgegate. Hs lack of ethics in deciding caseloads makes…
He has ties to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.
The left finds issue w/ Christopher Wray representing Chris Christie but not Comey's brother being an attorney for the…
President Trump's pick to lead the FBI represented New Jersey's Chris Christie in the bridge lane-closure case.
Pls meet Christopher Wray. He was Chris Christie's "bridgegate" lawyer. Orange wants him to be the FBI Director. https…
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If you believe this is normal NYC conversation, then Chris Christie has a semi-blocked bridge to Jersey for sale.
Unanimously confirmed as assistant AG under George W. Bush. Also represented Chris Christie in the Bridgegate scand…
It's New Jersey primary day in the race to succeed Gov. Chris Christie
Christopher Wray, now Wshngtn-based criminal defense lawyer who rcntly repstd Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey in the…
A former Goldman Sachs executive and Gov. Chris Christie's top deputy win New Jersey's primaries for governor:
Wray was Chris Christie's personal lawyer during the Bridgegate scandal
Ex-Goldman Sachs executive, top deputy to Gov. Chris Christie win primaries in New Jersey
The race to succeed Chris Christie as New Jersey’s governor is set: Kim Guadagno will face Phil Murphy
Voters choose Murphy and Guadagno to face off in the race to succeed Chris Christie
Same applies to Christie. It must be a Chris thing.
I hope can finally give Governor Chris Christie the boot
Polls are open. And if you're still not sure: Voter Guide: Who's Running To Succeed Gov. Chris Christie via
Dworkin: NJ Dems expect to win in Nov and resolve issues blocked b/c of Chris Christie’s opposition.
Chris Christie orders a massive centralization of IT
Referee at my NJ polling place said election turnout is very low, even for a primary.
Is it me or does Chris Christie look like the love child of Richard Nixon and Oswald Cobblepot?
: - The Latest: Chris Christie votes for his lieutenant governor
Making Out is the Most Enjoyable Way to Prevent Tense Jaws and Headaches
Voting day in today. Get out there and vote in the primary for governor. Finally Chris Christie is out!!!
Donald Trump has finally figured out what to do with Chris Christie. He's going to make him the US Envoy to Moose K…
Check out the Atlantic's "Politics" column: The Governor's Race on Track to Give Democrats a Decisive Victory
Regardless of your preferred candidate, the Democratic Party needs to stand united in these troubling times
Nobody knows more about a tool being used than Chris Christie does
Donald Trump has been the greatest thing for your industry.”
An under-the-radar election in New Jersey is on track to give Democrats a decisive victory, reports.
Voters start on picking candidates to replace Chris Christie
Hey New Jersey voters, put Chris Christie's corrupt administration out of office on election day!
New Jersey voters go to polls to replace Gov. Chris Christie.
TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — The Latest on the New Jersey primary races for governor (all times local):
NJ voters are headed to the polls to select the Republican and Democratic candidates to replace Gov. Chris Christie
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It's hurricane season and we have no FEMA Director. Chris Christie's blue fleece can only do so much.
Not to mention a plea bargain by Chris Christie (Trump alliance?!) and prison time! Check out Char…
Chris Christie for Drug Czar? Let's hope the Donald cuts that out of the budget | Mulshine
NJ Gov. Chris Christie proposed legislation to use state funds to help support the $71.6B NJ Fund
Chris Christie formally proposes legislation to use N.J. lottery to pump up pension fund
There are some rumours about Chris Christie and Rudy Giuliani being discussed, and if that is true, then this is even more alarming.
Check out the comments on the video btw for some classic truths such as "Joe Hockey is Australia's Chris Christie"…
Perhaps the American people did not want Chris Christie,Ben CARSON, Jeb Bush, Rand Paul and all the other candidates ?
BREAKING: Vice President-elect Mike Pence to lead Trump transition team, replaces Chris Christie as chair.
.gives Trump's first 100 days an F, Chris Christie a B. What grade does Trump deserve?
In 2020 instead of voting there should just be a great big tug of war with Chris Christie anchoring the right and probably Moore on the left
This Eli Manning press conference, would like to say a hearty FU to Joe Beningo and Evan Roberts, Chris Christie for starters
Wish we can keep Chris Christie, NJ is 100% ruined now because of Phil Murphy.
This is not how Chris Christie thought his term as governor would end
Thank goodness Chris Christie canceled that new tunnel that was already laid for
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Opioids Aren’t the Problem and Chris Christie Isn’t the Solution b…
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is the least popular governor in the country, new poll finds via
This isn't new. It was discussed by Chris Christie in the election.
That would be whomever at wfan thinks putting Chris Christie on for Boomer is a good idea. Chris…
Did they return the favor and rip Chris Christie over fake Governor allegations?
Chris Christie: Giants QB Eli Manning a 'liar' who 'got caught'
Yard Gnome Christie needs to pipe down. Innocent people sent to jail for his crooked ways and GW Bridge scandal. Get Jerrys c…
Jerry Jones lapdog and Trump groupie Chris Christie takes time from his busy schedule to lecture on how Eli Manning is a bad guy.
So Chris Christie and legal gambling in Pennsylvania killed Jesus 30 years after he rose from the tomb?
Mike Tyson says Trump promised him a 'pardon,' tells Chris Christie to ask him
Hearing that Chris Christie nullified his sentence, and is reviewing a pardon.
Chris Christie should think this through and then STFU.
Chris Christie needs to shut the *** up. Being the least popular governor apparently isn't enough to let him know nobody likes him.
Chris Christie rips Eli Manning and the Giants, says Manning knowingly defrauded collectors with bogus memorabilia htt…
Why pain patients should worry about Chris Christie.
Chris Christie rips Giants, Eli Manning over fake mem..
Chris Christie, as qualified to be a moral authority as he is to be quarterback, calls Eli Manning a "liar" http…
Even more Laughable? Chris Christie accusing him of lying, considering Bridgegate and other issues.…
GOOD NEWS: Gov. Chris Christie commutes the sentence of decorated Marine facing mandatory term for gun charge:
Thank God for moral and ethical beacons like Chris Christie to keep us centered!
First Tony Romo leaves. Now Dean Blandino. party bus is gonna be just Chris Christie & his bag of Blazin' Cheetos.
Chris Christie is the most unpopular governor: Poll – Asbury Park Press
Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey One-On-One with Alisyn Camerota in New Day. via
Chris Christie? When was the last time HE flew economy? Not sure he'd squeeze in...How about that Hudson River tunnel instead?
Chris Christie killed the Hudson River tunnel project that could have eventually alleviate…
we can all thank Chris Christie for kiboshing new tunnels under the Hudson which o…
Jim McGreevey, Mike Tyson to salute Chris Christie at Jersey City confab
[Author: associated-press] Gov. Chris Christie is challenging the commissioners of the four major pro sports lea...
on Chris Christie's 2010 cancellation of Trans-Hudson commuter rail tunnel
Barry Manilow announces he's *** In similar news, Chris Christie says he loves cake.
Stuck in Penn Sta due to NJ transit derailment. Thanks, Chris Christie (who starved NJT of funds)
Chris Christie on Politics: "We want to run on the Golden Rule, but you won't let us. You don't reward us for that." *** True. Savage.
Chris Christie, the former Republican Vice Presidential hopeful, was prosecutor who put him behind bars.
Trump asked Chris Christie to oversee a campaign to combat drug addiction... Isn't he the governor who smoked crack in his office?
Who knows Chris Christie , the governor of NJ? I need to get to him and teach him about ibogaine for heroin,... I'm serious
if u ever feel ur wasting time, rmbr Frank Bruni wrote 1300 words about how Chris Christie isn't too fat to be POTUS
Chris Christie, if you do nothing else in your days as governor, please, please do whatever necessary to ensure...
Paul Ryan's low approval rating might end up being the factor that helps him keep his job. Chris Christie was hired…
Gov. Chris Christie shares what drives him to fight the opioid epidemic.
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