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Chris Christie

Christopher James Chris Christie (born September 6, 1962) is the 55th and current Governor of New Jersey.

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First Tony Romo leaves. Now Dean Blandino. party bus is gonna be just Chris Christie & his bag of Blazin' Cheetos.
Chris Christie? When was the last time HE flew economy? Not sure he'd squeeze in...How about that Hudson River tunnel instead?
A new poll shows that Chris Christie is the most unpopular governor in the US... it takes A LOT to *** off New Jersey.…
Chris Christie killed the Hudson River tunnel project that could have eventually alleviate…
we can all thank Chris Christie for kiboshing new tunnels under the Hudson which o…
Chris Christie is now the least popular governor in America Allan Smith
Jim McGreevey, Mike Tyson to salute Chris Christie at Jersey City confab
[Author: associated-press] Gov. Chris Christie is challenging the commissioners of the four major pro sports lea...
on Chris Christie's 2010 cancellation of Trans-Hudson commuter rail tunnel
Barry Manilow announces he's *** In similar news, Chris Christie says he loves cake.
Stuck in Penn Sta due to NJ transit derailment. Thanks, Chris Christie (who starved NJT of funds)
Chris Christie on Politics: "We want to run on the Golden Rule, but you won't let us. You don't reward us for that." *** True. Savage.
Chris Christie, the former Republican Vice Presidential hopeful, was prosecutor who put him behind bars.
Trump asked Chris Christie to oversee a campaign to combat drug addiction... Isn't he the governor who smoked crack in his office?
Who knows Chris Christie , the governor of NJ? I need to get to him and teach him about ibogaine for heroin,... I'm serious
if u ever feel ur wasting time, rmbr Frank Bruni wrote 1300 words about how Chris Christie isn't too fat to be POTUS
Chris Christie, if you do nothing else in your days as governor, please, please do whatever necessary to ensure...
Paul Ryan's low approval rating might end up being the factor that helps him keep his job. Chris Christie was hired…
Gov. Chris Christie shares what drives him to fight the opioid epidemic.
“There’s nobody better to do this than Chris Christie. He’s given a lot of people hope in the state.”
Wow! I would expect someone who lives where the Governor is Chris Christie to say this...
Chris Christie on .Lets all look at the fine job your doing now in New Jersey Christie!Ghost Governor at best!
Poll: Who Should Republicans Choose to Run to be the Next NJ Governor after Chris Christie? News
Criminal bully though he is, Chris Christie isn't close to Sam Brownback in the competition for worst governor.
President Trump has appointed Gov. Chris Christie to tackle the .
Bridgegate case: Chris Christie's former allies Bridget Kelly and Bill Baroni sent to jail
Useless. Trump asks Chris Christie to chair new drug commission on US addiction crisis
WATCH: Chuck Todd explains why the "Bridgegate" scandal still haunts New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's political caree…
Some of Chris Christie's close allies are going to prison for their roles in Bridgegate
Chris Christie has managed to weasel himself back into Trump's circle of scumbags. He's going to fit right in.
Trump is getting Chris Christie to advise him on opioid abuse. I thought he'd get an expert like Rush Li…
As NJ governor's staffers r sentenced 2 jail, Trump decides it would be a good time 2 bring their crime boss, Chris Ch…
Chris Christie met with Trump as his two former aides got sentenced. Trump says he got a lot of useful tips from the meet…
Two former officials linked to NJ Gov. Chris Christie's office have received prison sentences in the Bridgegate case
Chris Christie is scum. He wasn't even in New Jersey today as his staff was sentenced to prison. He was at the white ***
Chris Christie... Before the opioid war, how about first attacking the calorie intake war within? 👁️
Trump pokes at Christie over his endorsement
Chris Christie walked away while his staffers got prison sentences. That's a shame.
It's a weird feeling to wish Chris Christie was president right now
Bill Baroni is sentenced to 2 years while Chris Christie is still free to gorge in public.
Chris Christie was at the WH today getting pre-approved for a presidential pardon.
2 aids for Chris Christie today and are going to prison for Bridgegate. Why isn't the governor going to prison too?
Chris Christie is to head Trump's opiate-addiction panel. He's a medical marijuana skeptic. The 2 might be in conflict htt…
Christie aides sentenced in Bridgegate as governor meets with Trump via Sentences should'…
Chris Christie sent Kushner's father to prison when he was a fed. prosecutor. Christie's working for him now. Trump's favo…
Former Chris Christie allies sentenced in 'Bridgegate' Christie a dirty politician who got away with murder   10% Off
With the negative atmosphere in Washington we don't see President Trump laugh often but Chris Christie dropped a zinge…
President Trump has appointed Governor Chris Christie to host the Make Meatloaf Great Again contest on our new affilia…
During an opioid abuse listening session today, Trump took time to reflect on how NJ Gov Chris Christie was "a very, very earl…
Chris Christie when characters are actually going to jail:
Chris Christie to work with Jared Kushner to combat opioid epidemic
Governor Chris Christie and President Trump to work together on curbing opioid abuse. Read more: http…
Chris Christie is leading the president’s commission on combating addiction as his ex top appointee sentenced to 2 year…
Sure.because when I think of people who can control thier habitual cravings, Chris Christie just naturally comes to mind.
Chris Christie should be doing time for this stint! Unacceptable!
Not sure I trust Chris Christie.. Curious why you picked him.
Opioid addiction: Chris Christie to advise Trump panel on crisis
Chris Christie Confirms He Will Head Trump Drug Commission . He knows a thing or two about the munchies
Chris Christie denies rift with Jared Kushner, says pair "get along just great"
Imagine going to prison for Chris Christie
Former Chris Christie allies sentenced in "Bridgegate" case
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
given Chris Christie's fondness for food and subsequent lap band surgery clever choice of words "who they serve".
So Chris Christie's former employees go to jail, and all he had to face over Bridgegate was humiliation at the hands of Don…
Q. Who lets a mother of 4 children go to jail for 18 months just to avoid taking responsibility for his own actions? . A: C…
Gov. Chris Christie passed one of the most aggressive laws to combat the opioid epidemic
A former Chris Christie aide got two years in prison for his role in
should make Chris Christie the Minister of Bridges and Tunnels.
Bridget Kelly, Bill Baroni sent to prison in Chris Christie scandal . via
Chris Christie's ex staffers are sentenced to jail terms that'll feel at least as long as people were stuck in traffic due to bridge closure
Chris Christie just left the WH, meantime in NJ--- Bill Baroni, his fmr aide, is sentenced to 2 years in prison over b…
Chris Christie's former associates sentenced for Bridgegate
WATCH: Chris Christie's former associates sentenced for Bridgegate
Chris Christie's former allies sentenced to prison in Bridgegate scandal:
Chris Christie knew about bridge lane closures, prosecutors say ➡️ by
Chris Christie leads commission on Opioids? First, close all bridges which might be used to transport drugs. Gotta go with what you know!
Bridget Kelly testified against Chris Christie: "He knew of lane closures in advance.". Same day as Christie is point ma…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Chris Christie is an addict himself. Food, blocking bridges, human punching bag for Sad
Incredible story: Two former aides to Gov. Chris Christie get prison for N.J. bridge revenge plot via
Chris Christie had a really bad day. At least he isn't in prison. .
BREAKING: Bridget Kelly, ex-aide to Gov. Chris Christie, gets 18 months in prison in bridge plot; co-defendant got 2 year…
Chris Christie's wife once told him she had a crush on Clint Eastwood and he threatened to close the Bridges of Madison…
And they did this w/o Chris Christie's knowledge??? Feds ask no leniency for Bridgegate duo at sentencing
. I hear Chris Christie has some experience with bridges.
Here's some old news for ya: Donald Trump offered Chris Christie vice president role before Mike Pence, sources say https:…
Trump may be defunding the Meals on Wheels program. . "I vehemently object to any assault on the food delivery industry" said Chris Christie
Chris Christie is the Hartford Whalers of governors.
Remember when Flynn went to the first Intelligence Briefing & he was yelling at the Briefers and Chris Christie calmed him down…
New Jersey will have another bad governor in (D) Phil Murphy! Thanks Chris Christie for pretty much giving NJ a...
When are we going to hear from Rudy Guiliani and Chris Christie about the Russian scandal? I'm sure they know quite a bit.
"We're here to demand Chris Christie do his job and protect our health care!"
what's on the menu? Poached Bald eagle eggs and Chris Christie's decency.
I would let Chris Christie give me a Cleveland Steamer after eating for a week straight to have him on th…
I seriously LOLed at that pic of Chris Christie.
I met someone last year who said he'd die for Chris Christie, somehow I Imagine this is worse
Trump’s Apprentice-style gut-instinct hiring is upending Washington (and he keeps offering Chris Christie jobs) :
Would be really funny if Trump made Meatloaf eat Chris Christie.
Hey NJ, u need a good Irishman🍀in the Gov's mansion like Phil Murphy. 4 the workg man. Chris Christie has done enuf damage 2 my home state.
Chris Christie will be named National Security Advisor at a White House Rose Garden ceremony at 3pm.
I find it hard to believe that ANYONE has ever "pressured" Chris Christie into eating ANYTHING…
This is an actual headline from news papers...are you serious?!?!...who cares what Chris Christie eats...Really?!?!.
The ONLY redeeming thing about the Trump presidency is the ritual humiliation of Chris Christie.
Enjoying the humiliation of Chris Christie is literally the only thing Trump has in common with the average working American.
Judge: Criminal case against Chris Christie over 'Bridgegate' can proceed .
I'm terrified to consider the possibility that Chris Christie's consumption will become meatloaf-gate w/a darker side to t…
Chris Christie has never been forced to eat anything...
Forcing Chris Christie to eat meat loaf is like forcing me to smoke a bowl and watch Star Wars. I don't think any guns came out.
JUST IN: A judge has found probable cause to charge New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie in the Bridgegate scandal
Chris Christie has never been forced into ordering meatloaf his entire life
Judge finds probable cause to charge Chris Christie over Bridgegate
the meatloaf was made out of Chris Christie's hopes and dreams.
did anyone ever notice that Chris Christie is built just like the Phanatic...
"Mr Christie, stop!" begged the stage hand, but it was too late, Chris had mistaken the microphone for a chicken le…
President Trump, after a hard few weeks, decides to unwind with his favorite hobby: Ruining Chris Christie's life.
Let's just all hope Chris Christie's being forced to have the "meatloaf" isn't a euphemism.
Seriously, that story about Trump forcing Chris Christie to eat meatloaf could only be made weirder if he'd demande…
Chris Christie not only ate the meatloaf, he drank the Koolade.
“There’s the menu, you guys order whatever you want. Chris, you and I are going to have the meatloaf.”
Chris Christie when Trump forced him to eat the meatloaf.
Sorry but no one has ever had to make Chris Christie eat meatloaf.
ROFL: ⚡ Chris Christie was forced to order meatloaf at the White House.
Chris Christie eating meatloaf out of a dog bowl on the floor, Trump hitting him with a rolled-up newspaper each time he m…
I got scared when "meatloaf" was trending. I was relieved he isn't dead, but shaken up that Chris Christie ate him with Trump.
I want Chris Christie to eat my boipucci. 😳
Chris Christie says President Trump made him order meatloaf when they dined together at the White House this week
i found the audio of Chris Christie telling the story of Trump forcing him to eat meatloaf because i needed to hear it from…
This just in Chris Christie had meatloaf when dining with Trump. Nazi propaganda here, worst thing since Hitler. Ba…
Chris Christie was so distraught over having so many options for precious food he began to cry, Trump had no choice but to order for him
why did the chicken cross the GWB? It didnt. It sat in traffic for hours whole Chris Christie lost power.
it's 2 am, mike is short for micycle, i am Owen Wilson and Chris Christie was forced to eat meatloaf at the White House good night
Chris Christie still scared of Con and kushner. What about unemployment in Nj?. What about 8 bond downgrades in NJ?. Nothi…
Do you think Chris Christie finds CBP unsafe because of the existence of stairs?
1of 2) Bill Maher: "Trump saying 'Ill see you in court' to the 9th Circuit judges is like saying to Chris Christie
If Rudy Giuliani & Michael Milken have buried some hatchets, what's to say there's a possibility for Chris Christie & Jared Kushner?
Oh puhleeze, Gov. Chris Christie commenting on the travel ban on CBS' "Face the Nation". He said something-like...
Chris Christie says on 11thhr that when bad things happen, it's staff's fault, not the President's. Truman is spinning wildly in his grave.
Chris Christie on 11th Hour/Brian Wms is in the weeds trying to defend Trump's EO disaster, Jared & Shabbat, Reince, etc. Big BS
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Chris Christie seems to believe that the president is blameless for the botched and racist rollout of the
I really thought I'd never have to listen to Chris Christie again...he's back sucking up to Trump again. Pitiful...
Shoosh, Chris Christie realy wants Trump to know that nothing that has happened so far is Trump's fault.
Nicole Wallace totally owning Chris Christie, who seems to be sending a secret love letter to Trump for Spicer's job,
Chris Christie, he's just not that into you.
Chris Christie just said the buck stops with a convenient underling.
Chris Christie is one of the most squalid human beings I've ever seen.
Brian, where did y'all find Chris Christie?
El HEFE ALERT! Chris Christie on CNN now. An authority on ethics. and civility. Shamu
Chris Christie sounds like he's still gunning for a White House position
*** does Brian Williams have Chris Christie on? Was everyone else busy?
Chris Christie is still sucking up to Donald Trump after being tossed by Jared Kushner... Pathetic.
Chris Christie on MSNBC is hilarious...this is the biggest sham ever 😂😂😂. These arguments make 0 sense . *** 😂
you guys had Chris Christie on I hate you people now you're disgusting
Why are you having Bridgegate Chris Christie on, Please don't give this corrupt dude a platform! Ew.
Ew Chris Christie is so easily agitated I'm laughing
I don't know what Chris Christie is doing. İs he trying to be a cowboy now?. Is this some Earl of Kent type strategy? (See King Lear.)
Trump should keep Chris Christie as far away from his WH as possible.
Watching Chris Christie on MSNBC right now is like watching Ducky in Pretty In Pink.
Anyone hear it? Brian Williams said "Our nominee for the Supreme Court" and everyone on tonight are GOP. With Chris Christie on too. Please!
Brian Williams asking Chris Christie if he thinks Jared Kushner has a significant influence over the president is so shady.
Chris Christie breaks with Trump on immigration order
If you believe Trump chose the list of SCOTUS justices or even cares who this guy is, Chris Christie's on the line about a brid…
Turning on and there's Chris Christie (mid-interview) ...?
Chris Christie appearing on MSNBC to discuss Jared Kushner's hypnotic influence on the President is peak-2017. And its only January.
Wait. Chris Christie is playing pundit on tv?.
Chris Christie still begging for job in WH . Poor NJ bond rating . Unemployment in NJ. Rudy said was a muslin ban . Christie did not get memo
Chris Christie being interviewed on about the Administration. Why are we listening to this has-been?
Chris Christie still has his lips firmly on Trumps fat *** Disgusting desperate plea for a job
I look forward to and fear the moment when Trump realizes that all doing Putin's bidding does is making him Putin's Chris Christ…
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
What do you think your viewers will learn from puppet Chris Christie? Your show suck
In latest act of indignity, Chris Christie defending substance of even as he criticizes the rollout.
Thank you for calling out Chris Christie. Spineless Christie is a coward.
Chris Christie. . Don't call it a comeback. .
Chris Christie on 11th Hour tonight, fast talking like we're all *** Blaming t'Rumps staff who "I'll-served" him.
Chris Christie says the president hopes this successful rollout of a SCOTUS pick will dominate the conversation. . Nice try.
Chris Christie sounds like he's still trying to get WH job. He's said Trump's been "ill-served" like 5 times during his MSNBC hit tonight
Chris Christie on MSNBC is criticizing the travel ban execution. If I were cynical, I'd say he's subtly angling for Priebus'…
Of all the people could bring on with to talk about the SCOTUS pick, they bring on...Chri…
I wonder what it is like to completely sell your soul in order to defend a narrative at any cost. . Asking on behalf of C…
Chris Christie says Trump travel ban rollout was 'terrible.'
Chris Christie yapping again? For the love of God the presidency is not an on the job training type of deal. Ill served my butt. 😠🇺🇸
Chris Christie has thrown a vat of spaghetti against your wall to see what sticks. The lies you didn't catch they'll run with.
I cant believe u give chris christie a forum. He,saw an opening and is grovelling to get back in Trump admin. Its disgusting 2listen2
Chris Christie seems to think Trump deserves credit because his wasn't as unconstitutional as it could've been.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Chris Christie still kissing DJT butt in spite of being ditched by Jared.
Chris Christie on NSNBC. Why should we believe anything he says?
Chris Christie is trying hard to become one of Trump's lapdogs.
Good golly!. There is Chris Christie, again, in a large replay of when he matured, on my TV screen.
Chris Christie says Trump immigration order rollout was "terrible"
Chris Christie is shaking his *** for Trump on Brian Williams in an effort to get back in daddy's good graces. Pathetic!
Chris Christie says the rollout of Trump's travel ban was "terrible"
This coming from a man who crippled his city by closing down a bridge!
Huge win coming for Democrats in New Jersey this fall as we take back the Governor's Office from Chris Christie
Paul Ryan walks and opens the closet. Inside is Chris Christie wearing nothing but underwear. He's grown a feral beard.
Chris Christie jerk for hypocritical \'awful\' Eagles fans comment
.discusses Chris Christie's hating on Eagles fans and 'Make America Great Again' cakes.
Chris Christie called Eagles fans angry and awful people. Here's my response.
Chris Christie is a loudmouth jerk. contemptuous of his New Jerseyans who root for the Eagles.
Maybe Trump is so angry at 3am because no one will have sex with him anymore- not even Chris Christie htt…
Titus' reaction to the Chris Christie comment. LOL!
A fired Chris Christie aide who played a role in the "Bridgegate" scandal is headed to Donald Trump's White House
Chris Christie got played.He humiliates Bill Stepien (Bridgegate) & Trump hires him as WH political adviser
adds former Chris Christie aid to his staff.
By The Rundown Live Brian Aitken was sentenced to seven years in prison — later commuted by Chris Christie — on...
Chris Christie related to the George Washington Bridge closure: Christie could be facing ten years in prison for…
Donald Trump got what he wanted from Rudy Giuliani, used him & tossed him aside. Just like he did to Chris Christie. And w…
Chris Christie’s Pleas for a Job, Any Job, Fall on Deaf Ears
the sweetness of Chris Christie's descent and fall
So Chris Christie is out in the cold? Maybe he can eat himself to happiness
Chris Christie’s insanely low approval rating just broke an all-time record
Chris Christie’s career: the public screwing by his buddy Don The Con is complete.
No wonder I can't get Chris Christie on the phone today. Probably brought a lounge chair to his local bakery.
Talking Chris Christie on momentarily. And wearing a sweater.
left on outside looking in as fills out Cabinet.
In 2010 tea party governors like Chris Christie and Rick Scott rejected tens of millions of $ from the Obama admin to build…
He's the Chris Christie of terrible prop comedy
like childish did, like I said, 2 whole different genres anyways.
a little bit, it was out of blue. Respect the new sound he's going for though but he didn't want to push it
I mean J Cole was to overrated for this album tbfh
Chris Christie vetoed bill banning solitary confinement for children and pregnant women:
“With one foot out the door, Chris Christie just doomed countless prisoners to torture” by He is vile!
Chris Christie could be the next Rick Barnes.
Chris Christie will not be the next co-host with Kelly Ripa.
order 5000 business cards sent to his house: Chris Christie, not Secretary of State.
At this point I'm expecting trump to find some random dude and tell chris Christie that this is the new chris Chris…
the only positive thing to come out of this election has been the continuing ritual humiliation of Chris Christie
"Chris Christie will not be the new manager of the New York Yankees, sources told the NYT"
I kind of hope people just spend the next ten years telling Chris Christie he didn't get jobs.
In alternate universe where Biden is the Dem nominee:. Trump: Chris it's dinner time... Eat him alive. Christie: (begins to sa…
The second-biggest political mistake of the decade was Chris Christie not running for president in 2012.
At 19%, Chris Christie's job approval rating is the lowest of any governor in any state in more than 20 years
Chris Christie will not be the next Republican National Committee chairman, sources say
4 years ago lots of people thought Chris Christie should be President. We sure dodged a bullet there! Then we got hit by a bigge…
And Chris Christie supports bears being slaughtered every year despite around 92% of his constituents being against it.
But this week, Gov. Chris Christie vetoed that bill. by
Chris Christie has been told he will not be named to lead the Republican National Committee, sources say
The constant humiliation of Chris Christie always brings a smile to my face.
We are disgusted. Governor Chris Christie should be ashamed he allowed this to occur.
+Chris Christie makes appearance at Trump Tower to visit...
This is actually pretty interesting. Involves David Samson from Chris Christie "Bridgegate" fame.
The guy who invented the Big Mac has died. Chris Christie calls for a national day of mourning.
I'm curious if Gov. Chris Christie, Cuomo, Senator Booker, Menendez, City Council Speaker and members really get...
Jeff Sessions enforcing civil rights, Betsy DeVos setting education policy—how long until Chris Christie is overseeing the nat…
Chris Christie says the only job he'd have left for was vice president
Watch today's show for an update on the criminal case against Governor Chris Christie.
Grievances and Grumblings, Long Before Chris Christie’s Fall in Donald Trump’s Circle -
This just in>Gov. Chris Christie is offered the position of White House Guard Dog because doe…
Donald Trump “got annoyed” with Chris Christie for hogging his spotlight
Asked about legalizing for revenue, says profits would be "blood money"…
NJ Gov. Chris Christie should step down. Then up, then down again, then up again, and repeat that for 1 hour every day.…
responds to caller's suggestion about taxing legalized pot: "Are you high right now?" By
A bill requiring domestic abusers to surrender guns is headed for the desk of NJ Gov. Chris Christie — again.
I would have been disappointed if Dr Carson was not in, the same goes for Chris Christie and Rudy Giuliani
So how does that explain fellow shill Chris Christie?
The Clash - Should I Stay Or Should I Go (Live) via This one is for Chris Christie
Gov. Chris Christie on whether he'll serve in Trump administration -
Chris Christie shuts door on Trump administration job
Source here in case you want verification of staff lying to manipulate
Finallt, some sense out of Chris Christie...Republicans should NEVER raise taxes without cuts elsewhere.
I am glad, I am not a fan of this jerk Chris Christie.
Look how he treats some who supported--Chris Christie. People are pawns to him
Chris Christie is the fat guy that gets bullied to the point that be assaults a bunch of citizens for no reason whatsoever.
Chris Christie's dismissal from Donald Trump's transition team was weeks in the making, according to sources
that's not a chin, that's Chris Christie hanging on...
Gov. Chris Christie insists he&not serving in Trump administration
The year is 2019, the only interview President Trump has given in 21 months is on Chris Christie's SportsShed.
Chris Christie headed to Texas for Cowboys v Redskins Thanksgiving Day tilt via
"I would suggest she clarify that she doesn't really have to ask for permission to disagree" says https:/…
You guys hear any rumors on Chris Christie job in the admin?
Isn't this interesting. Especially the Chris Christie cameo.
As a man, Chris Christie has to consider getting in a warm bath and opening his veins. Like, seriously.
transition team in “Stalinesque purge” as part of Jared Kushner’s revenge against Chris Christie via
respects loyalty ... that's why Chris Christie and Mike Rogers are f'ed
SCOOP: Former US Rep Mike Rogers is OFF on Trump transition team, sources tell me. He was tapped by Chris Christie; al…
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msnbc: '...Stalinist purge of those associated with Chris Christie.', including Mike Rogers. Jaysus. Power behind the throne is the SIL.
Former GOP Rep Mike Rogers purged from Trump transition team - they’re purging everyone associated with Chris Christie!
Leslie Stahl is as inept an interviewer as Matt Laurer when it comes to the likes of Donald Trump and Chris Christie
Stanley Druckenmiller rips into Chris Christie as he endorses John Kasich
"Among his most trusted surrogates are men like Paul Manafort, Chris Christie, and Rudy Giuliani, who now speak of Muslims and Mexicans..."
Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin, Chris Christie, Rudy Giuliani, Pam Bondi..way to drain the swamp. Nothing says new...
Judge issues criminal summons for Chris Christie over Bridgegate
Another time Chris Christie dropped an f- bomb READER DISCRETION ADVISED via
Also John Bolton Monica Crowley Ted Cruz for Supreme Cour,t Chris Christie. George Prescott Bush(if not now, in the…
Vice chairs of the team include Gov. Chris Christie, Rudy Giuliani, Sen. Jeff Sessions and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich http…
Donald Trump's shuffling of transition team elevates Jeff Sessions and demotes Chris Christie 🔓
GOOD NEWS: Chris Christie has been demoted. Jeff Sessions has been promoted. Stephen Miller is National Policy…
Chris Christie is taking a reduced role in my transition team after he tried to fill my Cabinet with Junk Food!
Chris Christie aides found guilty in Bridgegate want new trials: Two former aides to New Jersey Gov.……
Chris Christie is being dumped because of 'Bridgegate' where two of his gofers closed two lanes on the…
Chris Christie is like that weird kid that wants to hang with the cool crowd but keeps getting k…
News Flash! Chris Christie to be named as Secretary of Transportation (LOL)
What is wrong with Chris Christie that he didn't have enough self-respect to not suck up to Trump? It was never goi…
Donald Trump,out of Superstition, dumps Governor Chris Christie as head of transition effort
I know. Chris Christie has his own legal issues
Eric Brown Ok now many are happy he played Governor Chris Christie ??? where are all the people who did not like...
Chris Christie's *** must be a feckin' horror show by now!!
Donald Trump appoints Mike Pence as new transition team leader, replacing Chris Christie
The long simmering resentment between Jared Kushner and Chris Christie will make for some real fireworks:
Chris Christie is the plastic bag in American Beauty floating around in the wind without purpose or direction, just alwa…
WASHINGTON (AP) — Vice President-elect Mike Pence to lead Trump transition team, replaces Chris Christie as chair.
Donald Trump dumps Chris Christie as leader of his transition team, Mike Pence to take over - Belfast Telegraph
Just had the thought ... given I bet Trump names Chris Christie as Secretary of Transportation.
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