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Chris Carter

Chris Carter (born October 13, 1957) is a television and film producer, director and writer. Born in Bellflower, California, Carter graduated with a degree in journalism from California State University before spending thirteen years working for Surfing Magazine.

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The Yankees should exercise patience with Chris Carter - Pinstripe Alley
The Yankees should exercise patience with Chris Carter
Chris Carter is off to a slow start. That shouldn’t deter the from getting him at-bats, though.
Vince Carter tell Chris Carter your brother that 6'9 from Deltona FL say hello
have runners on 1st & 2nd with no outs, and Chris Carter up at bat.
Lineup change today for the -- Matt Holliday scratched due to lower back stiffness. Chris Carter to DH and bat thir…
Matt Holliday has been scratched from todays game vs the w/lower back stiffness. Chris Carter will take his place at DH.
When you shake hands with Howie Long and Chris Carter but you have no idea who they are
Hurry back Gare Bear, Birdy, and Didi. I didn't wait all winter to watch Austin Romine, Chris Carter, and Ronald Torreyes.
"oh yeah Opening Day is gunna be great, we'll go see Sanchez and Bird". nope you get Chris Carter and Austin Romine
Not sure who's more of a waste on the roster, Chris Carter or Jacoby Ellsbury 🤔
Gary Sanchez. Greg Bird. Matt Holliday. Aaron Judge. Chris Carter. And the first to HR this year is Ronald…
This is the omen of Chris Carter's exit from yankeeland. He will be released eventually. Too many K
Oh Greg! First pitch? Don't make Joe Girardi get Chris Carter, you know he wants to do it
VCA Animal Care Center of Sonoma County on I am so grateful to Dr. Chris Carter and the VCA Animal Care Cent…
In case you missed it, Chris Carter homered
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Chris Carter goes YARD!. The slugger's 2nd spring homer cuts the Braves' lead to 8-5 as New York bats in the 7th.
[SB Nation: Stampede Blue] - Former Colts linebacker Chris Carter signs with the Redskins
have signed LB Chris Carter. Played 9 games w/the Colts last season. Has appeared in 62 regular season games in 6…
Reminds me that I've never figured out whether Alien Workshop owner Chris Carter was the same Chris Carter from the X-Files.
Chris Carter is not a waste of space for the Yankees, even with a healthy Greg Bird - Pinstripe Alley…
Greg Bird could make Chris Carter obsolete. By Delia Enriquez . Greg Bird has had a gre...
So should Warren Sapp, Chris Carter (booted from Philly), LT, Irvin be in the HOF?
Happy Publication Day to the amazing Chris Carter! Can't wait to read this! 😍
Of course you gotta chest bump at the end of a Chris Carter handshake.
So many books but so little time! Have Hunted by Paul Finch to finish then Chris Carter's book is out on Wednesday then Chris Mooney's 😁
Interesting read regarding drop in value of one dimensional players & Chris Carter's disappointing contract http…
Chris Carter: Mulder and Scully are platonic. David, Gillian, Mitch, William, the fandom, God:
Tyler Austin is no lock to make the Opening Day roster. Great guy, wish him well but with the signing of Chris Carter, where are his AB's?
Yankees' Tyler Austin not focusing on how addition of Chris Carter may cost him…
Yankees 1B/OF Tyler Austin isn't focusing on how Chris Carter's addition may cost him a big-league spot:…
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Tyler Austin is “a little frustrated” that the Yankees signed Chris Carter -
Did the Chris Carter signing force the trade of Brett Gardner?. By el duque *** A we...
How Yankees' Brian Cashman was 'brutally honest' with Chris Carter.. Related Articles:
Brian Cashman went on WFAN to talk about Chris Carter, plus other 2017 notes
.breaks down the First Base position for the after Chris Carter signing
The Yankees discussed trading for Chris Carter before Carter was non-tendered by MIL,and before the NYY signed Matt Hollid…
After seeing that the signed Chris Carter for $3MM, compared him to Mitch Moreland to see how mad I should be.
Took them three years to elect Marvin Harrison, six for Chris Carter & Tim Brown. The voters have consistently shunned receivers.
longevity does matter which is why players like Curtis Martin and Chris Carter get in. Shouldn't peak impact matter also?
"Throughout the entire debate, four of the city’s North Side aldermen — Terry Kennedy, Samuel Moore, Chris Carter...
Chris Carter... Pedro Alvarez... Kennys Vargas... what do you think? How does Mike Napoli fit into your thoughts?
Byung *** Park's upside seems like it's Chris Carter or Mike Napoli. So, like, if you want Park just get one of those guys.
Then they can go sign Chris Carter who was basically Park’s upside last year
Chris Carter, Matt Wieters, and Mike Napoli seemed to have been too expensive to the liking
Logan Morrison got a contract but ByungHo Park, Mike Napoli, and Chris Carter dont? How in the ***
Chris Carter and Mike Napoli are going to be popular in Japan. Party at Napoli's Tokyo style should be fun.
Give me Chris Carter as the platoon 1B/DH with Mitch Moreland
Sounds like Mike Napoli is waiting on 2-14 to sign w Texas, but crazy that neither he and Chris Carter (combined 75 HR in '16) have a job
Mark Trumbo got 3 years, and Chris Carter can't find a job
Turned on the Herd, heard Chris Carter talking, turned off the Herd. Colin, you're better than this. Come on
if we go by 'talent, WR's: Moss, T.O., Megatron, LarryFitz, Chris Carter, Lance Alworth, James Lofton, R.Berry, THEN Rice.
So you want Chris Carter or Mark Reynolds? Majority of pitchers are RHPs. Stack the lefties. Howard is perfect
Chris Carter should worry about where is going to get his next line of cocaine instead of Watson
Chris Carter and cowherd just ripping CLE on The herd . Traitor
Today in former Brewers: The Marlins are the latest team to be tied to Chris Carter.
Mark Reynolds no Chris Carter yes either way I'll take some power no matter who it is
have you forgot the days with Randall Cunningham and Chris Carter. or McNabb? you really exaggerate how bad the Eagles have been.
Miami Marlins discussing if they should sign Chris Carter or Mark Reynolds
I'll re-subscribe when Mike Lombardi comes back. Chris Carter is trash.
NBC Sports - HardballTalk: Chris Carter is talking to the Orioles and Rangers
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Hmm, Mike Thomas, Ted Ginn, Chris Carter to name a few. You know as opposed to no hands Edwards. But good try
Chris Carter makes her way down the lane and scores two. . DU-44| IT-44
After signing Trevor Plouffe, may still look to one of remaining FAs Mark Trumbo, Mike Napoli, Jose Bautista, Chris Carter, & Adam Lind.
& among the teams that have been in contact with FA's Chris Carter and Adam Lind.
no urgency what so ever in what WR do they sign...Jerry Rice, Chris Carter, Tim Brown LOL
Chris Carter ..Mike Greenberg got u into the hall of fame.
Well outside Jerry Rice, Randy Moss, Chris Carter, Terrell Owens, Tory Holt, Marvin Harrison, Tim Brown...his are the best
NC promotes Chris Carter to chief of staff, Curtis Rhyne to deputy chief/LD
Stfu. Randy Moss. Calvin J. Julio Jones . Chris Carter. Do I have to go on?
Other DH types out there: Plouffe, Loney, Butler, Reimold, Pedro Alvarez, Logan Morrison, Chris Carter. Lots of time to get that DH filled.
MLB rumors: Tyson Ross, Chris Carter, Welington Castillo, Jeff Manship are top new free agents on market - MassLiv…
Would love to see the Phillies sign Chris Carter and make a push at Hamilton if the price is right
Just had a great interview with GM John Mozeliak. I forgot to put in a good word for my old pal Chris Carter. Sorry, guys.
I'm kinda on the sign Chris Carter, punt Justin Smoak into the ocean bandwagon.
just frustrating we are talking about Justin Smoak or Chris Carter as regular (even if platoon) players
Chris Carter was the only reason for the Astros playoff appearance.
Any chance the Yankees get Chris Carter for DH in the event that they strike out on Beltran/Napoli?
Chris Carter is actually better than Justin Smoak in every way, but probably costs more than 4M.
Fantasy GM Idea: 1B Chris Carter from Milwaukee Brewers to Boston Red Sox for SP Henry Owens, 1B Sam Travis, and SP Brian Johnson
so did Chris Carter. Chris Davis. Adam Dunn when he was playing. I'm all about that money ball and can he get on base.
Moss was sharing numbers with Chris Carter & Jake Reed tho. While Robert Smith was leading the league in rushing...…
S/O to Chris Carter, Kevin Brooks, Mike Hirschfeld, Kathy Taylor, and - they make work
sign former Ravens, Bengals and Steelers OLB Chris Carter and elevate former Purdue CB Frankie Williams from the PS.
released LB Chris Carter and claimed former OL Billy Turner off waivers.
We are enjoying on Sirius XM Radio channel 26 with Chris Carter, David Fricke, Mark Goodman and Jim Lad…
When you see Jim Craig from the 1980 Olympics and HOF WR Chris Carter within 5 minutes.
Back to Mono all afternoon with Chris Carter's British Invasion SXM 21
Mark this on your calendar! Chris Carter's British Invasion on Sat. noon ET, Sun 4pm ET - 4 hour special on the Rollin…
Thank you for this. Chris Carter & Little Steven's Underground Garages on Sirius XM radio❤️
Two on, nobody out, Chris Carter makes a lunging stab down the first-base line on a Votto liner. Stepped on first, threw to second.
You said stars now you backpedal. Orlando Pace, Chris Carter, Michael Jenkins, Santonio Holmes, Carlos Hyde. Way more than UofM!
Not a huge fan of Chris Carter, but his power is obviously undeniable. Biggest all-or-nothing hitter in Brewers' lore since Rob Deer.
Chris Carter and Terrell Owens Ryan Seacrest can't shut up *** shame they're not on television Sagittarius
Chris Carter of the USA has won the triple jump at in Berlin with 17.01m.
32% done with Ragdoll, by Daniel Cole: If you are a fan of Chris Carter's Robert Hunter ...
X-Files creator Chris Carter to be honoured at Vancouver film fest
are receivers as good as Jerry Rice, Chris Carter, Randy Moss, Andre Reed, & Lynn Swann? No. And add Walter Payton to RBs.
Chris Carter homers (29) on a line drive to right center field. Hernan Perez scores.
will get tying run to plate in form of slugger Chris Carter after Perez doubles to center with one down.
Robinson Cano grounds out, second baseman Hernan Perez to first baseman Chris Carter. Leonys Martin scores. Norichika Aoki to 3rd.
Robinson Cano grounds out, first baseman Chris Carter to second baseman Hernan Perez. Norichika Aoki scores. Seth Smith to 2nd.
Ravens who stood out in in opener: Terrance West, Kenneth Dixon, Ryan Mallett, Matt Judon, Chris Carter, Vlad Ducasse,…
Hernan Perez makes first start of season for at 1B tonight. Chris Carter will serve as DH. Nieuwenhuis in RF
Chris Carter for sure. Cmon man wont be the same
Ravens' top-graded defenders in the opener by . Chris Carter. Matt Judon. C.J. Mosley. Arthur Brown. Terrence Brooks
I was very impressed with David Morgan lookin like a fat Chris Carter.. Smokin that clay Mathews cronic. Lol
A few standouts from Thursday got the day off -- Carl Davis, Urschel, Chris Carter. Guessing the team just wanted reps to go elsewhere.
Even though I'm a massive fan if there is a X Files Season 11 Chris Carter, similar to George Lucas & must not be involved.
what are Chris Carter splits?? And pop ups in the infield?? Everyone on MLB network very surprised Gallo wasn't involved
we already have the 3rd with Chris Carter who can't field or barely hit...
Chris Carter has walked twice. He is hitting .215 on the season. Think about that for a bit.
Then Chris Carter finishes walking on four pitches. Two on to begin the 3rd for Gennett.
Gallo and Chris Carter on the same team would be phenomenal. If they could only get Chris Davis in the mix somehow.
The evolution of Chris brown and his dance moves😭
With added opportunity due to injuries, WRs Chris Harper, DeAndre Carter and Aaron Dobson are all showing flashes in camp.
Limited skill set and huge holes in his swing. Maybe a better version of Aguilar and maybe a Chris Carter type. Bradley is priority
I can finally sleep in peace after finishing Chris Carter An evil Mind book lol
Wonder if Joey Gallo might end up being replica of Brewers' Chris Carter. Guy who hits 30+ HRs a year w/ very low batting avg & tons of Ks.
Is Chris Carter not in the media? Did his extended rants about Josh being an addict not influence anyone's opinion of him.
That one time told Chris Carter about me.
Chris Paul & Dwyane Wade connect for the windmill alley-oop with in 2008!
Joff Gibson and Paul Carter have a home straight tangle in the consolation.
doubt Chris Carter, but besides that, yes
23 years later and still love them still so many👽... Thank you for the X files Chris Carter💜.
I'm so emotionally unstable thanks Chris Carter
I highkey dislike all my "ex's" except 4 Chris. He's cool. He's my friend 😅
Derek Norris is a HR-K guy, just like Chris Carter. That would be some power in lineup with Braun, Carter, and Norris.
and Taylor, mahogany, Carter, now it's only aaron, cam, Chris, and a few of the others.
the Brewers already have Pedro Cerrano his name is Chris Carter
*** auto correct. Maybe the Brewers should throw in Chris Carter so you have another Pedro Cerrano as well?
I admired shows like 'Six Feet Under.' That was an amazing show. Never boring, always inventive
scully would have been The Best™ mom and honestly chris carter can kiss my ***
it's always Bush's fault.but the Bernie explanation sounds plausible.can we blame Carter (Chris)?
Chris Carter is one strikeout away from a
Ok that should always be Chris Carter's walk up song
for real though, how do fans in WI cheer for a guy named Chris Carter?
Goal: find me a man who can sing Chris Brown's part in No Air.
Chris Paul bet Michael Jordan his whole camp gets free shoes if he missed 3 shots
Bregman is 0-16 to start... can he reach Chris Carter status?
Rubean Randall and Jordan Matthews are gonna be the new Randy Moss and Chris carter
I feel like George Springer is channelling his inner Chris Carter
Lmao at Chris carter being an option but moss.
Chris Carter should pull off a Greg Vaughn and unbutton all but the bottom button on his shirt while at the plate.
Chris Carter is just a fantastic guy, I have enjoyed working for him, immensely. I lo https:…
jerry player 20 years and got all the records, BUT to me randy better, chris carter got better hands than anyone
Just turned on Chris Carter has so much to answer for.
Chris and I at Carter Lake. Thanks for the picture Howard.…
Plus-Minus Mittlere Jass was contributed by Chris Carter and Chris match 1, Eddie raises to 2.
Chris Carter escaped largely unscathed, should not have mined this location. read last section of
I'm glad Nieuwenhuis did not pick the Sturgill Simpson version. Also, Chris Carter's choices are on point.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Chris Evans// Michael Jon "Booster Gold" Carter. Don't let Captain America make y'all forget he's funny
apparently Chris Carter used it as template for feel of X-Files.
Taurus settles lawsuit with Chris Carter for $239 million. Guess how much the pay out for Carter is… .
...a force out, 2B Josh Harrison to SS Jordy Mercer. Jake Elmore out at 2nd. Chris Carter to 1st [2/2]
I got to see Mr. Rooney, John Madden, and Chris Carter walking him it was so cool
The Crucifix Killer by Chris Carter has a great storyline that will keep you in suspense, read my 5* https…
That Vikings squad that had Chris Carter, Randy Moss and Jake Reed changed my life.
Stranger Things is like the best of Steven Spielberg, Steven King, and Chris Carter rolled into one.
"I think the reason why The X Files worked is because he [Chris Carter] flipped the gender stereotypes." - Frank Spotni…
it's not always a waste. Ever hear of Chris Carter, Jamal Williams, Bernie Kosar, Amad Brooks? There's plenty more.
TIL the x-files Chris Carter is the former Minnesota Viking Chris Carter
Ready for your chilling summer read? Chris Carter's is out this week
The explosive new Robert Hunter thriller 'I Am Death' by Chris Carter is out now
...out, SS Jonathan Villar to 2B Scooter Gennett to 1B Chris Carter. Randal Grichuk to 2nd [2/2]
Varsity 2-1 New Philadelphia. Goals from Chris Carter and Dom Van Winkle get the Raiders a victory!
domain names
Chris Carter or Mark Reynolds h2h points league
Yes. No reason to go "defense first" at LF at MMP. Carlos Lee and Chris Carter could handle it.
Congrats to Tribe swimming associate head Chris Carter, who was named the National Rising … htt…
And still Chris Carter owners are happier.
Fireworks explode to mark Chris Carter's 3 run homer for v in Milwaukee. Look for Bernie Brewer
Wow from Throbbing Gristle backing our campaign - what an honour!
I have this sinking suspicion that the writers were pulling a Chris Carter with the G-Man, too .
A's victimized by old teammate Chris Carter in 5-4 loss to Brewers.
Braun records 1,500th-career hit as hold on to defeat A's, 5-4. Tonight's
Chris Carter hit 2 home runs tonight? Chris Carter hit 2 home runs tonight:.
RECAP: flirts with no-no, Chris Carter homers twice as take opener.
That ball was hit kind of far. Chris Carter off the batter's eye in center field! His 16th. 3-run HR. 5-0 in the 6th.…
Chris Carter leaves the yard for the 15th time this season! A 2-run homer and the lead 2-0.
Carter's pair of HRs propel Brewers past A's: Chris Carter homered twice to provide some breathing ...
"One of marketing’s basic roles is to structure customer feedback so that it can be used as a competitive advantage." –Ronald Brown
Brewers Video: Chris Carter clobbers a two-run homer and a three-run shot, both to center field, in 5-4 win over A…
Chris Carter blasted a pair of long balls and drove in five runs, powering the Brewers to a 5-4 victory over the visiting Athletics on Tues…
USA Baseball chooses AD Chris Carter to serve as assistant coach for 2016 Tournament of Stars.
have. Weirdly it makes me miss Chris Carter's D. Dude was no gold glover but he knew when to let Altuve go for the ball
Chris Carter's British Invasion on is the best music for the gym on a Saturday morning!
there is no way Terrell Owens is better than Chris Carter. TO is at best.
Infield single by Chris Carter and walk for Kirk Nieuwenhuis puts two on to open the second for the Brewers.
List of players Dan Haren was traded for in career: Mark Mulder, Brett Anderson, Chris Carter, Carlos Gonzalez, Tyler Skaggs, Andrew Heaney
He's good at two things. I own him in Tout. He also could hit for a lousy average. Loosely, an OF Chris Carter.
RECAP: Chris Carter homers as drop series opener to Mets:
Chris Carter (MIL): 13th HR ties MLB lead with Yoenis Céspedes and Nolan Arenado. 8th HR to center, most in MLB. https:…
Chris Carter, David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson are ‘on board’ for X-Files season 11: The finale of The X-File...
FOX CEO says David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson and Chris Carter on board for more X-Files
Chris Carter comes through with a 2 run double and the lead swells to 4-0!
Chris Carter crushes a ball to the RCF gap! It's off the wall on one hop. Gennett strolls home and Braun flies all the wa…
Miguel Sano, Byung *** Park or Chris Carter for my last UTIL spot tonight? Thanks in advance!
If any of them are written by Chris Carter then I can wait until Darin Morgan rewrites them all.
The month of May has been a good one for the led by Chris Carter and Ryan Braun
Dana Walden says Chris Carter, Duchovny & Anderson are on board to do more - it's about working out schedules.
Was there ever a doubt he would strike out? Gomez makes Chris Carter look like Ted Williams.
The offense welcomes back 2 of their 3 QB’s that made starts last year in Ahmad Bradshaw and Chris Carter.
Chris Carter is the greatest ever.. fools! Followed by Carlos Gomez! :)
Players leading MLB with 5 homers in the last 2 weeks:. Jackie Bradley. David Ortiz. Chris Carter. Mark Trumbo. Todd Frazier. Brandon Phillips
Will smith, Malcom Jenkins, Chris Carter, Eddie George, all impact player who went to ohio state.
Ugh. This trade just went through in my forever keeper ESPN league:. Maeda/Strasburg. for. Dee Gordon, Peter O'Brien and Chris Carter. Sigh.
is Chris Carter leaving mother ship too?
ESPN cleaning house: Chris Carter out. Ray Lewis out. Randy Moss In. Yet Stephen A. Smith and Chris Broussard are still there?
Randy Moss >>>> Chris Carter. Moss in, Carter out. I like Keenan Thompson better as Ray Lewis than Ray Lewis himself
Chris Carter hits one through Brandon Phillips!! keep it going Crew!
Yes it's early and yes Anthony Rizzo is on top, but the Nos. 2, 3, 4 fantasy first basemen are Mark Trumbo, Wil Myers and Chris Carter.
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Ray, I was offered Chris Carter for Brandon Belt. Given Belt health history is Carter sustaining this?
Chris Carter gets away from Dave Hudgens and is near the top of the league in all meaningful power rankings.
Giles stinks and Chris Carter is good
Chris Carter has as many home runs as Bryce Harper. Ten apiece, tied for second in the Majors with Trevor Story.
Jose Altuve has as many home runs as Josh Donaldson, Anthony Rizzo, Robinson Cano, Chris Carter and Giancarlo Stanton. Because baseball.
How did Chris Carter get his nickname He explains during his interview: https:…
I want to see Dallas pitchers (Kershaw & Jake) versus Vegas home run hitters (Bryce, Kris Bryant, Joey Gallo and Chris Carter)
As expected, QBs Ahmad Bradshaw and Chris Carter are listed as co-starters.
Hernan Perez and Chris Carter team up for a 9th inning gem. Perez charges and barehands a grounder, and Carter snags the one-hop throw.
when did Chris Carter turn into Barry Bonds b
O. Herrera and Andrew Miller. For Chris Carter and Danny Santana OF/SS. What do u think? Which side do you like?
Former Bristol White Sox slugger Chris Carter of the was among Justin Grimm's strikeout victims.
In need of a power hitter? Pick up Brewers' Chris Carter. 5 HR/15 RBI in 19 games.
In a league someone offered me Billy Hamilton and Zobrist for Chris Carter. Was I stupid for taking it?
Same reason that Chris Carter and Ray Lewis still have jobs. They work for ESPN.
Skinnier Prince Fielder is better than "Sleepy". Chris Carter reminds me a lot of Greg Vaughn.
you and Chris Carter have the best laughs in the industry
Josh Doctson and Tyler Boyd give me a Randy Moss and Chris Carter vibe.
The nickname for Chris Carter is catching on already, thanks to Craig Counsell's talk @
Aaron Hill, Chris Carter &, going GONE! A 3-HR night for the Crew en route to a 10-5 win.
"That got out of here right now!" - Matt Lepay, coming into his own as play-by-play super-sub. Huge line drive by Chris Carter!
Where do I sign up for the Chris Carter fan club? Does my Russell Branyan club card get me a discount?
What a catch! Starling Marte climbs a wall to rob Chris Carter of a home run.
Maybe AJ Hinch will "threaten" Gattis with Jon Singleton like he "threatened" Chris Carter with him?
Jose Altuve tries to pull off hilarious trick play on Chris Carter
I've never heard of Chris Carter before this year. I have heard of Cris Carter though
win! Chris Carter, and Ryan Braun each went deep!
Chris Carter from Alien Workshop, one of the reasons I do design today was being amazed by their graphics and balls
REALLY good interview with Chris Carter of Alien Workshop
notch their first win of the season 4-3. Chris Carter with 2 RBI. Jeremy Jeffres works a 1-2-3 ninth
Chris Rattue is speculating that Damian McKenzie could be better than Daniel Carter... now that is a MASSIVE call.
Chris Hemsworth performing a dramatic reading of 'Work' by Rihanna 😍😂
We congratulate our newest members, Chris Brakke, Carter Powley, and Mario Jiminez, on their initiation into the S…
This man chris is really sitting next to Vince carter, Danny green, and Harrison Barnes at the national championship😳
Well, Chris Carter went to help bring peace to Afghanistan.
What might have been ... Kobe, CP3 talk about the time they almost became teammates:
there was some good episodes but the last couple was fumbled so terribly, Chris Carter clearly lost it
I hate UNC, but mannn are they getting hosed by the refs
North Carolina has the richest basketball history in the world. Michael Jordan . Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Vince Carter. Kyrie Irving. Chris Paul & on
When you wish you could be out there:
Bro the simple fact that it took Chris Carter that long shows they drunk
Chris Carter shows patience at the plate in season opener via
Chris Rattue: Damian McKenzie could be better than Dan Carter via
Quick thoughts on the first game: Loved their eye at the plate, especially Chris Carter's. Bullpen will struggle this season.
Love the quote from Chris Carter, he of the best batter walk up music in the history of baseball.
Well of Chris "The Animal Carter" believes in this scorebook, it must be good
Within that story, Chris Borland says he's starting with the Carter Center's mental health program next month
"if you're going to have a 8 legged pig, you're going to need a butcher guy" S/Chris Carter
Chris Carter looks more like a defensive end than a wide receiver.
Chris carter played the same position and had way more of an impact
Writers who's doing Carter's role gotta dumb down a little with the Chris Tucker impressions. Actor isn't that bad though.
i can't wait for Chris Carter to hit .198 with 40 HRs tho
why did you have to bribe her with diamonds like you paid Chris Christie and Ben Carter
Madison Bumgarner's bases-loaded walk to Chris Carter in 1st inning was 2nd bases-loaded walk of his career. (prev: Apri…
Is it just me or does Chris Carter look like Pedro Serano?
I mean, Chris Carter or Pedro Alvarez at Coors would have been lots of fun.
Chris Carter:"I think that pigs mother was smoking synthetic marijuana laced with PCP"
Chris Carter: "the colin kaepernick trade doesn't pass the smell test"
really, ...? in the words of chris carter, COME ON MAN.
Chris Carter: "I think that Bill & Marshawn were smoking marijuana laced with PCP"
Little Giant Ladders
Chris carter: if you're gonna go to the poo museum, you're gonna need a stall guy.
Multiple people have said Carter looks like mine and Chris kid lol
Chris Carter draws the bases loaded walk and the lead 1-0!
Chris Carter "this museum doesn't pass the smell test"
I love it so far but I feel like Chris Carter is an effing manipulative *** who knows the fans only too well.
Chris Carter: "if you're going to have a poo museum, you're going to need a Charlie Weis guy"
The National Poo museum just doesn't pass the smell test signed Chris Carter
8 years ago today, Shawn Corey Carter and Beyoncé Giselle Knowles got married.
Chris carter is on pace to walk every plate appearance
For anyone still making fun of Rihanna's abuse incident with Chris Brown, read the police report
When did Chris Carter learn how to take a walk?!?!
Chris Carter has seen 10 regular season pitches as a player and swung and exactly zero of them. Two bases on bal…
Chris Carter "if you're going to have cookie, you're need a milk guy"
Astros Fans: the game today might have been postponed, but you can watch Domingo Santana, Jon Villar and Chris Carter play for MIL in 10 min
Whether is Deanlo Russell, Chris Carter or Troy Smith, former Buckeyes are always in the news for the wrong reasons. ht…
Should I cut Chris Carter and take Tyler White from waivers?
Mark takes Josh Hamilton of the Zach takes Chris Carter. Danny takes Ian Kennedy.
Chris Carter, Chris Davis, Khris Davis and Kris Bryant - though Bryant's minor league numbers suggest he'll be less prone as he develops
is Chris Carter the real life version of Pedro Cerrano?
It's being presented by editor Chris Carter and Eve Conway from Rotary International
"if you're going to have a leak,you'll need to someone to ride the creak" S/Chris Carter
"If you're going to have a leak you're going to need a plumber guy" s/Chris Carter
HOUSTON (AP) Free-agent first baseman Chris Carter agreed to a $2.5 million, one-year contract with the Milwauk
Craig Counsell on 1B Chris Carter: “He has shown a real intent on improving his defense. That’s exciting. He has worked real hard at it."
manager Craig Counsell said 1B Chris Carter is dedicating himself to being a better defender. Playing better D a big focus of camp.
not top 5 all time. Not better than Rice, Moss, Chris Carter, Andre Reed and Larry Fitzgerald
episode Chinga was written by Stephen King and Chris Carter. Bloody and scary. I was gonna turn it off when I saw King's name.
50 shades of Gillovny. A new movie directed by Chris Carter with Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny. Based on real facts.
Chris Carter wouldnt be close to the field for me bro. I got Moss then next is a tie TO & Rice. But its a big gap from Moss
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