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Chris Carpenter

Christopher John Carpenter (born April 27, 1975 in Exeter, New Hampshire) is a starting pitcher in Major League Baseball who has played for the St.

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Gotta throw Chris Carpenter & Adrian Peterson in that convo too...
Adam Wainwright has a chance to become the first pitcher to start an All-Star Game since Chris Carpenter in 2005.
3 Reasons Why 2012 Napa Valley Wines Are Priceless "The devil is in a lot of things," Chris Carpenter
Albert Pujols and Chris Carpenter on Nyjer Morgan Incident – 101ESPN June 18, 2014/0 Comments/in Uncategorized/by LUXURY ARTCardinals ace Chris Carpenter and slugger Albert Pujols comment on an incident with the Brewers’ Nyjer Morgan that cleared both teams’ benches.
Nyjer Morgan comments on his bench clearing incident with Cardinals pitcher Chris Carpenter and first baseman Albert Pujols.
is it a just comparison to put Chris Carpenter and Bob Gibson in the same sentence as far as intensity and stature in person?
He's won the Cy Young, appeared in three All-Star games and is one of the best post-season pitchers in Baseball history. So what's next for now-retired Cardinals ace Chris Carpenter?
Former Cardinals ace Chris Carpenter is looking to sell his mansion in Ladue. The 2005 Cy Young winner is asking...
Off to see She's Not Dead and Chris Carpenter's band The collective and then off to see Frankie Bones & The...
Jacob actually ate dinner tonight! Two tater tots, a bunch of pasta noodles with butter, and almost a serving of grapes! His smile seems so much brighter now with his little bald head! Great day. Even though he wasn't allowed to go to Busch Stadium, Elizabeth Kubik brought him back a signed shirt and a baseball from Chris Carpenter! Jacob says "thank you, Liz!" He said he didn't get a chance to tell you. Working on another Lego project tonight! I need to buy stock in Legos!
APRIL 20, 2001 MONDESI AND DELGADO, BACK TO BACK (TWICE) Raul Mondesi and Carlos Delgado entered their names into Blue Jay’s lore today as they became the first Toronto teammates to hit back-to-back home-runs twice during the same contest. The sluggers first attacked Kansas City’s Mac Suzuki for two solo shots in the 1st inning before completing their titanic feat off of Kris Wilson and Tony Cogan respectively in the 7th. Mondesi’s second blast was a grand-slam while Delgado added a third dinger in the 9th to preserve a commanding 12-4 victory at Kaufman Stadium. It was Delgado’s second three home-run game of the young season, with the first coming only sixteen days earlier. Chris Carpenter was the beneficiary of the days offensive heroics and garnered the victory. Home-runs have fascinated baseball fans since Babe Ruth helped pull the game out of disgrace following the infamous 1919 World Series scandal. The Bambino and Lou Gehrig were the first teammates to eclipse the 100 home-run plateau by l ...
Thanks to Chris Carpenter for making Anna's day!!
Chris Carpenter is the closet I will get to my Dad's Bob Gibson memories - love that guy
Chris Carpenter will throw out today's ceremonial first pitch.
Chris Carpenter will throw out ceremonial first pitch at home opener vs Only thing better: If Jason LaRue cam…
Well, Tomorrow. .Its Practice day!!..Finally! !..Hiatus *** *** but man, What a year my band had. Now, its time for the next level. Come check us out At 8pm Red Eye Fly..My boy Chris Carpenter new band will be playing too.
Chris Carpenter, John Smith and 12 others posted in Bernie Sanders admiriers.
Nathaniel Heidenheimer, Chris Carpenter and 12 others posted in Bernie Sanders admiriers.
The covered the loss of Adam Wainwright in '11 and Chris Carpenter in '12. They can cover the loss of Jaime Garcia in 2014.
With Michael Young and Roy Halladay announcing their retirements, and with Chris Carpenter not far behind, it's time to ask if there are any other serious impact players in all of Major League Baseball who were scouted and developed by the Toronto Blue Jays organization. If you want to get to the heart of the Jays' perennial ineptitude, you start here. Where's Pat Gillick when you need him?
Our own Craig Grow along with Chris Vance, Carpenter Instructor from the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and...
Trevor talking to chris on the phone: "people call me a carpenter. Nahh I'm just kiddin they call me a space cowboy." 😂
No worries, if I get around to it later I’ll do the survey myself
I don’t know but I like the shelf behind you! Oh, your glasses; very cool!
Can't thank enough for taking care of me while I feel like death😷
"90's At 9"...tonight, it's Mary Chapin Carpenter and Chris LeDoux!
Read Your Own Blog, Dummy: . The alway-eagle-eyed Jeff Burks pointed out that I had already found...
BREAKING: Joe Banner has hired Chris Grant as Mike Lombardi's right-hand man.
Since LeBron James left the Cavaliers - and Chris Grant was named GM - no team has had a worse win percentage than Cleve…
Don't worry Chris Grant, if Dan Gilbert learned anything from you, he will hire you back in two years.
The Cavs have fired general manager Chris Grant according to a source. First reported by Yahoo.
Your images are coming out really tiny, thumbnails in fact. Any chance you can give a bigger image please?
No clue, lol. I know next time to get Chris Carpenter again.
Pretty sure I have half of closet at my house😁
Fun Facts of the Night: . -Adam Sandler went to Manchester Central. -Mandy Moore was born in Nashua. -Chris Carpenter went to Trinity High
I'm really, really hoping that tomorrow is dry: today was tough on the with rain and headwinds.
Feel like I was out for 3 days,glad to be amongst the living and ready for rehab on the neck/rib.Have a new respect for chris carpenter:)
“Now that I think about it I haven't gotten flowers In awhile. 😳”
Move in with in less than 48 hours :)
... Dr. Chris Jarvis, Head of Languages at King Edward VII School, Martin Carpenter, Senior european Commercial Manager for Beats, ...
We're getting a ton of great reviews on Chris's latest blog. Please check it out!
Have you tried olive oil from Sicily? Wow, oh wow!
Mine was fine on heat but the olive oil was a modest Portuguese one. Not bad.
- mine could have used more heat but the Planeta olive oil made up for it
One of the very best! Am thinking of standing in a strong draught for a while.
Ha, that’s mad. I had for lunch as well. One of my favourite pasta dishes
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A Mary Lynch called me yesterday with a query about her grandfather, the revolutionary Fionan Lynch. Never took number. A…
Chris Carpenter several years ago, began to notice it in many agricultural publications
Is it weird that I really want to see Chris Carpenter?
Stuff that was never meant to be. Adam Wainwright and Chris Carpenter to pitch in the same starter rotation. Would that have been fun to see
Guys went to a lot of trouble to meet Chris Carpenter without meeting Chris Carpenter, but still met Chris Carpenter.
Happy Birthday Chris, love you little bro
please don't encourage and Chris Carpenter. They are easily lead down the tasteless joke path
I died a little today after hearing that in the past the Rockies had the chance to trade Pedro Astacio for Chris Carpenter and Vernon Wells
my uncle a carpenter lmao my pops got this *** to make me a PADDLE with "Chris' Friend" engraved on it lmao
At work we have a company that shreds our old HDs and certifies that they are destroyed
Chris Brown pandora is the best homework mix
Huge pain in the *** but he'll always be my biggest fan💕
Chris Carpenter and his team at Chris Carpenter Real Estate at Keller Williams Realty Boise want to spread the...
Well done Tommy O'Donnell. First appearance in 6 Nations. First of many for Tipp man.
my dads coaching against Chris Carpenter right now and I'm laughin
So Chris carpenter is one of the villa coaches for the cyc basketball game I'm scoring
Hmm butchering, that's a bit strong. There are health benefits to circumcision
Georgia and UGA Boys represented in the Super Bowl, James Carpenter, Knowshon Moreno, Bruce Irvin & Chris Clemons.
Yup, I rode 85km today. Un-convinced by Mavic tyres. You wanna send me some GP4000s to compare?
Blues win! And sitting that close to Chris Carpenter! night
not all that pushed myself - would rather go ride my bike. No wait, already done that today.
Totally impressed by the product range. After my 84km ride drank and feel great. It really works.
So has the Cardinals in MLB's power rankings. Really? They only lost Carlos Beltran, David Reese, and Chris Carpenter.
I got to spend the evening deep in the energy of "The Cardinal Way" -- Legends like Bob Gibson, Red Scheondienst, Tim McCarver, Tony Lurossa - Future Legends - Mike Matheny, Chris Carpenter, Adam - to name a few. I was struck by the common thread from all generations - in addition to passion and love of the game, they all spoke of generosity to each other as a Team, Character as men and fathers - and most of all gratitude - for living this life as a Cardinal- Its the recurring them through out and what makes the St. Louis Cardinals different from every other team out there. It's why I'm so passionate about "my boys" -- it's who they ARE. It's why they win. We are lucky to be able to watch. I'm ready!
I played unusually hard for a night at Howl. I was on stage for several hours straight and I feel like I got in a fight with Chris Carpenter or Lou Ferigno. My head hurts, my arms are sore, my sinuses are burning *** ) and I'm starving *** hungry. Long but fun night. Would have been cool to see George Strait though. It was however fun to see the Westboro Baptist Church folks being idiotic outside my workplace. It's so strange to me that there are so many like minded crazies. I mean there were like 20 of them. That's nuts. It's so interesting how there hasn't really been any violent attempts on that place yet. I never really want to see people hurt. Even if they're misguided and dumb. But of all the things that receive violent protests throughout the world, one would think that this would be a prime target for some crazies to go after some crazies. Anyway. Hope your evening was fabulous and that you're still as good looking as you were yesterday.
Chris Carpenter will join Cards front office -
“Chris Carpenter will join Cards front office YAH!!
Chris Carpenter will join Cards front office : Sports (via
Chris Carpenter will join Cards front office: via
Chris Carpenter will join Cards front office via
Chris Carpenter will join Cards front office
What do you mean you haven't purchased your tickets to the baseball writers' dinner yet? You're actually thinking about missing Uecker, Brock, Gibson, McCarver & Shannon talk about the magical 1964 season? You're going to miss the tribute to Chris Carpenter? And you'd consider missing Tony LaRussa's first St. Louis appearance since his call from Cooperstown? And we haven't even mentioned the 2013 National League Champion Cardinals... Go to right now for tickets.
The Red Sox signed veteran Japanese pitcher Shunsuke Watanabe to a Minor League contract on Tuesday, while releasing the contract of pitcher Chris Carpenter to the Yakult Swallows of Nippon Professional Baseball.
Q CLOSED - Happy 52nd birthday to Darren Daulton, known for his time with the Philadelphia Phillies, although he won his only World Series championship with the Florida Marlins in 1997. Daulton won the NL Comeback Player of the Year Award in 1997. Name the last 5 players to win the award in each league. Well, a little catch - 1 player actually is on the list once in each league! AL 2013 - Mariano Rivera 2012 - Fernando Rodney 2011 - Jacoby Ellsbury 2010 - Francisco Liriano 2009 - Aaron Hill NL 2013 - Francisco Liriano 2012 - Buster Posey 2011 - Lance Berkman 2010 - Tim Hudson 2009 - Chris Carpenter
Great Christmas Eve run this morning. Even had a few snowflakes. Joined Andrea Rich, Jamie Tassa, Dawn Denny Evans, Kelly Murphy, Bob Murphy, Wood Caldwell, Chris Carpenter, Craig Huseby, Dru Anderson, Vince Durnan, Sam Lorber and Meredith Lorber for 8 miles. Then I had donuts supplied by Sarah Hart and joined another large group of runners. The temperature said 27 when I stepped out the door, but it felt much colder. If you are going out, bundle up!
Red Sox announce they’ve released the contract of RHP Chris Carpenter to the Yakult Swallows. Carpenter was compensation for Theo Epstein.
Congrats to Chris Carpenter on winning the inaugural Stan the Man Award at last night’s
Pretty much the most justifiable selfie out there.
Nice! You have to go ride that now: I just love riding tubulars
This is insane! Bike handling skills that need to be seen to be believed!
There's a good story to be told about the curse/deal with the devil Chris Carpenter and Roy Halladay made during that …
Nah, Chris Carpenter. Second best playoff pitcher of all time behind Pettite. Pretty much carried the 2011 Cardinals pitching.
Love this silent but deadly interview with cartoonist Martyn Turner by
Per Halladay, Rivera, Pettitte, Helton and Chris Carpenter all enter the HOF ballot. in 2018. Two in, three fall short.
I think it's cute that Roy Halladay and Chris Carpenter are retiring together.
The late Mel Queen brought countless arms to the bigs, including Halladay and Chris Carpenter in that era.
Another great pitcher retiring this year. Great careers Roy Halladay and Chris Carpenter. It's been a pleasure to watch you guys pitch.
I think the should sign Chris Carpenter and Roy Halliday.
*** that "the Doc" Roy Halladay and Chris Carpenter retired this offseason because of injuries.
How fitting Chris Carpenter and Roy Halladay retire at essentially the same time.
Ironic that Roy and BF Chris Carpenter both hang it up. I see some exotic fishing trips in their future.
my opening day Line up is Bourjos CF, Carpenter 3B, Holliday RF, Craig LF, Molina C, Adams 1B, Peralta S…
Roy Halladay and Chris Carpenter, 2 of the biggest warriors in the 21st century, started their careers together and will now retire together
not really too surprising He is good friends with Chris Carpenter of who retired recently also!
You want Chris Carpenter to be a hitting coach?
Chris Carpenter? MT “Expect announcement re: new assistant hitting coach later this week.”
Roy Halladay is retiring now & Chris Carpenter has retired... We've lost 2 great pitchers in the offseason so far
Him and Chris Carpenter are two of the best pitchers of all time!Sad to see them retire 😢
2 of the best pitchers, Chris Carpenter and Roy Halladay, of the last decade both retire within a few weeks of each other.
Roy Halladay one day should be in the hall of fame him & Chris carpenter both retire this year! Glad to have seen those guys play ball
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Roy Halladay and Chris Carpenter retire in the same year.Congrats to both on fantastic careers !
Now Chris Carpenter and Roy Halladay can fish all year long together. Two of the best. Congrats on a great career!
fantastic pics Bryan. Love the of Steve Carrell
Roy Halladay should be a pitching coach. Chris Carpenter, too.
Chris Carpenter and Roy Halladay both gone. Two great pitchers. Game 5 NLDS 2011
A but like Halladay's buddy Chris Carpenter. HOF pitcher... when he pitched. Injuries prevented enough longevity.
Especially fragile for righty NL Cy Young winners of the last decade. (See: Carpenter, Chris; Lincecum, Tim)
Pretty cool that best friends Chris Carpenter and Roy Halladay retired during the same year!Will never forget Game 5 of 2011 NLDS. Warriors!
I was there. Game 5, 2011 NLDS in Philly. Chris Carpenter vs. Roy Halladay. Cards win 1-0, CG by Carpenter. Carp's best game ever.
such a work horse. A fine pitcher. Him and Chris Carpenter are easily two best of my generation. Congrats on retirement, Roy.
Roy Halladay only retired because he wanted to be more like Chris Carpenter
Roy Halladay and Chris Carpenter both retiring. So that's basically the worst thing ever.
has seen like Mariano Rivera, Chris Carpenter and now Roy Halladay all retire after the 2013 season, I'll miss them all
Halladay is what Chris Carpenter could have been if healthy for a decade. Wish I'd seen more of him; not many Jays games in the 417.
Roy Halladay is retiring a Blue Jay. I hope the team finds a way to get him involved. He was a wonderful mentor to Chris Carpenter & others.
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Chris carpenter and Roy Halladay retire the same year
What If the Blue Jays had kept Chris Carpenter and Kelvim Escobar? They along with Halladay would'be been a dangerous 1-2-3 punch.
I'm happy to see two great friends, Chris Carpenter and Roy Halladay, retire after some great... via
Roy Halladay follows his buddy Chris Carpenter and retires in the same off-season. Thanks for being slightly less awesome in NL…
At the very least, he would have started the All-Star Game against Chris Carpenter, which would have been awesome.
Retired aces Roy Halladay and Chris Carpenter can finally just relax, reflect on their tremendous careers, and wrestle jungle snakes.
Roy Halladay joins Mariano Rivera and Chris Carpenter in the retirement party. That will be a good looking Hall of Fame ballot.
At least Halladay got to have one year out of Chris Carpenter's shadow.
It's pretty ironic that Chris Carpenter and Roy Halladay retired after the same season. Now they can enter the together
Roy Halladay is just doing this so he and Chris Carpenter can go on more fishing/anaconda wrestling trips, isn't he?
Chris, not Cris. There was a Cris Carpenter that did play for the Cardinals though.
What about Chris Carpenter? Very similar pitchers...does Carp have enough stats/longevity?
Wonder what Chris Carpenter and Kelvim Escobar are up to over the next two days...
will never forget that Roy and Chris Carpenter playoff battle
Very fitting that longtime friends Chris Carpenter and Roy Halladay retire the same off-season.
Two incredible pitchers retiring in one season. Roy Halladay and Chris Carpenter. They knew baseball. And are actually good friends
Roy Halladay retiring? Wow. I guess Chris Carpenter needed a friend to go on his fishing trips.
Chris Carpenter and Roy Halladay can go into the Hall of Fame together. That would be so awesome.
if Roy Halladay is a first ballot HOF. Then is Chris Carpenter at least a HOF at some point?
Roy Halladay retires the same year as Chris Carpenter. I will miss watching those two pitch, they were amazing.
Going to be an interesting year in Baseball sad to see to bulldogs and really good friends Chris Carpenter & Roy Halladay retire
Roy Halladay and Chris Carpenter retiring means has lost two big, dominant starters. plaque in future for either of them?
So many great memories of Roy I'll always remember 2011 NLDS Game 7: Halladay vs Chris Carpenter. Pitching rivalry for the ages
Sad day for baseball Roy "Doc" Halladay retires. Enjoy your fishing trips with Chris Carpenter.
I'll never forget the pitchers duel in Game 5 between Roy Halladay and Chris Carpenter. One for the ages. Wishing both well in retirement.
Only fitting he hangs it up with his buddy and another future HOF Chris Carpenter
Roy Halladay retiring. He and Chris Carpenter had last postseason hurrahs in best game I ever saw - Game Five 1-0 Cards w…
Love that Chris Carpenter and Roy Halladay both retire in the same offseason,
Roy Halladay and Chris Carpenter both retiring this year. Baseball has lost two of the fiercest competitors in the game
Roy Halladay and Chris Carpenter going into retirement together. Very fitting. Two of my all time favorite pitchers.
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I just saw Halladay retiring as well. He and Chris Carpenter both went down battling each other on October 7, 2011 in Game 5 of NLDS.
Chris Carpenter 6-6 230 lbs, Roy Halladay 6-6 225. Best friends who retire at the same time and who hooked in a clas…
Bryan native Chris Carpenter delivers a pitch for the Boston Red Sox during the 2012 Major League season. Read...
This wasn't for the Ozzie ball. It was to win a Chris Carpenter signed wallet. Not sure what second place means.
Chris I now have a screen shot of tht
Chris sent me the the most embarrassing snapchat.. Like I would feel bad if I posted it
No chance of boy band on the first floor: we look awful compared to radiant beauties on the 5th!
Also see editorial from faculty & scholar, Chris Carpenter, on older adults in emergency care
Digby in studio with vision mixer Chris Carpenter and guest Yannick Gielen. Loving the racing today
"I was a carpenter w/ a 25-year addiction...(the industry was built by victims of (Preach it Chris!
I love their stuff plus the customer service is the very best I’ve encountered. On or off the bike: great kit.
Those look gorgeous! They have a fantastic range of products generally… bag on my short-list. Thanks!
Congrats to Dr. Chris Carpenter, from the Department of Communication, Western Illinois University, on his most...
You can't help but love this guy... Check out Carpenter's 10 greatest career moments so far!
House of Cards returns with all new episodes, February 14, 2014. Only on Netflix.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Uh I'm pretty sure Chris Carpenter is at my gate sitting 13 seats away from me. If his seats next to me on the plane I will pee my pants
O-care is ‘the law’? Not for Harry Reid’s exempt aides! Amanda Carpenter, Ted Cruz shred: “Do as we say, not a...
richly deserved Sports Journalist of the year award. They did make you sound like an upmarket carpenter though :-)
I hate rudeness, mishaps, have we nots, Chris Carpenter, and brain amoebas
My girl:) I'll be there supporting you again this weekend!
I ordered a Chris Carpenter jersey and they sent me a Matt Carpenter one.. The struggle is real folks.
CONTEST ALERT - Read to the end to enter to winan Amazon Gift Card!. Chris Carpenter Real Estate at Keller...
Waino, Yadi, Holliday, Chris Carpenter (before retirement) and how can you say the young guns aren't national.
Rep. Darrell Issa met with error message on D.C. insurance exchange: Senate staffer Amanda Carpenter isn’t the...
“I might be more obsessed with Olaf.”⛄️
Swear Chris wants to make me fat he brings me home a pint of Icecream and I of course eat it all 😐
Chris Carpenter all day RT: Nobody works the gum like Pete Carroll. nobody
Chris Carpenter, David Ortiz, or the history of the Red Soxs 😍😍
The fact that I have the same doctor as Chris Carpenter is pretty sweet
Wondering if would send me a autographed Chris carpenter ball for Christmas. That would be the best present ever.
The Anarchist’s Gift Guide, Day 6: . I cannot give you the gift of better eyesight in the shop be...
OMG and Chris Carpenter is at my work best day ever
Yeah, I just sold Chris Carpenter some socks at work. What did you do today?
My cousin just snapchatted me a picture of her and Chris Carpenter shopping at the Sports Authority. 😅
thanks Chris for sharing that inspirational good to hear and hope we can hear more stories like that!
Marina Warner on books on sea monsters and witches (via
Chris Carpenter is smarter than us all and he couldn't explain fighting to his son.
Dear online sports stores, this is not CHRIS Carpenter:
10 years ago today, the Cardinals signed free agent pitcher Chris Carpenter, who hadn't pitched in MLB the year before. Good move.
“Everybody has that one friend. dogs
Presumably China’s landing site is away from the Apollo sites? Would hate to see them, ‘violated’
Yup! I did exactly that this morning so I didn’t become a hood ornament on a Dublin taxi that pulled out without looking
Competitor. Class. Respect. Heart. Chris Carpenter embodied all of these. What he means to STL fans:
Who was your idol when you were growing up? — Chris Carpenter
The Anarchist’s Gift Guide, Day 4: . My first experience using shellac in the mid-1990s was a dis...
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There is a guy in the uk who ships truffles by the gram. Just frustrating in Dublin
Driving home from first watch. Saw Chris Carpenter.
Lol, even wikipedia understands - "Carpenter is often confused with the later St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Chris Carpenter."
Gotta ask, I get Jordan, Mussina, Bernie, Smoltz, Griffey, Big Unit, and would understand Chris Carpenter, but Cris Carpenter?
sorry! I need to down there & dig out a few places who will post direct to you.
bah hum bug. At least you have the option. Nothing in Dublin unless you are willing to forgo a child.
gotta think with Chris Carpenter logic :P
Vin Sylvia Making the case for Carpenter: Chris Carpenter's retirement as a player last month begged t...
For my squirrel girls ... Marcia Anderson, Angie Stiemsma, April Kelley Wise, Caroline Hardester, Karen Anderson Harvey, Morgan Andrews, Chris Carpenter Paboucek and the others.
Chris Carpenter: "Julie... WHY do you have so many apps?!" Julie Collins: "I don't have that many apps- wait. YOU HAVE ENTIRE FOLDERS!"
Thank you to everyone who supported us for our 500km Endeavour Foundation raffel. Congratulations - First place: kayak - Lisa O'Donnell Second place : $200 voucher from Shoes Feet Gear - steven jones frim SJR Third place- Massage with Chris Carpenter- Cate from Community Connections Thanks everyone!
BLOG: Huge names (like Jonny Gomes and Chris Carpenter) highlight the 2013 Granite State Baseball Dinner.
I am at the annual Granite State Baseball Dinner in Manchester, NH tonight! Big names in attendance (Jonny Gomes, Chris Carpenter + more!)
What can Mike Matheny say to motivate a guy like Chris Carpenter? The manager gives his take:
So, I heard the news yesterday that Chris Carpenter says that he's retiring at the moment. 8 years ago, He won the 2005 NL Cy Young Award, did not pitch last season due 2 nerve injury. The Cardinals signs manager Mike Matheny 2 a 3-year extension.
Chris Carpenter has retired from MLB. He has 2 WS rings, been an All-Star, Cy Young winner & the comeback player of the year
Chris Carpenter is a legend in the Lou and will be remembered long after his retirement. He's had a million big moments here but his Cy Young year and playoff pitching dominance will hopefully be compared to Bob Gibson someday. Happy trails to the man and if he wants to stick around we got some kind of pitching job for him I'm sure.
Chris Carpenter calls it a career, 2 Time WS Champion and Former Cy Young Winner, Main Reason I wear today.. Phenomenal Career. Sad day
Sad to see Chris Carpenter retire. Cy Young and a couple of WS Titles, just couldn't overcome those nagging shoulder and elbow injuries. He solidified our rotation and helped our young pitchers develop into what they are now, especially Waino. He'll go with the love and admiration of Cardinal nation. You will be missed, Carp.
Welcomes Robert Shemo,Scottie Fulp,Jennifer Carter,Dana Nelson,Marcie Burton and Chris Carpenter to the page. Go Deacs!!!
Chris Carpenter has retired and the world is a sadder place.
Thanks for 9 years pf memories Chris Carpenter! 3× All-Star (2005–2006, 2010) 2× World Series champion (2006, 2011) NL Cy Young Award (2005) NL Comeback Player of the Year (2009) NL ERA champion (2009) What else needs to be said, other than you will be missed!
Interviewed then-reigning Cy Young winner Chris Carpenter in '06 for Class act, great compet…
3-time All-Star, 2-time champ and 2005 Cy Young Award winner Chris Carpenter called it a career today:
“Congrats to pitcher Chris Carpenter on an amazing career! 😔
The St. Louis Cardinals revealed on Wednesday they have agreed to a three-year contract extension with manager Mike Matheny. Hired in November of 2011 shortly after the Cards claimed their latest of 11 World Series titles and then-manager Tony La Russa announced his retirement, Matheny has guided St. Louis to a 185-139 record and last year's NL Central crown in two seasons at the helm. Also on Wednesday, the Cardinals announced the retirement of pitcher Chris Carpenter. Carpenter, a three-time All-Star, won the Cy Young in 2005 and was named the Comeback Player of the Year in 2009. He was also a major contributor in helping St. Louis to World Series titles in 2006 and 2011. Over his 15-year career, Carpenter has pitched more than 2200 innings in amassing a 144-94 overall record and a career 3.76 ERA with the Cardinals and Toronto Blue Jays.
Chris Carpenter is retiring - for 10 yrs the anchor of the Cardinals staff and two World Series wins. Well done!
I can't sleep. I did notice on espn that Chris carpenter retired though! So here it goes; CHRIS did more for an inactive player for most of his career than an active player could ever do. He is Luke sky walker, the most amazing part about his benefit to a team is not his game 5 win vs Holliday in 2011 which is in my opinion one of the amazing pitching performances ever( look it up) but he was and still will be the heart beat,stable corner stone of a decade and benefit that will carry over for years! He will be a coach on the Cards and I love that! But here is our toast Carp. You have done what most athletes can not do, you have challenged and effect evilly caused a lot to think of what it means to work hard and believe even harder, even in the every day person. For the first time I tip my cap to you! Thank you Chris Carpenter for making a decade of fun and belief for not perfection but for everything you have to give! Now that's awesome!
Sad day for St Louis Cards fans.Chris Carpenter retired today. He's probably one of my all time favorite cardinals (no one can supplant Ray Lankford). It's been a pleasure watching him pitch. Carp.I thank you.
MLB news: Cardinals pitcher Chris Carpenter has chosen to retire. Carpenter was a former Cy Young in 2005 and multiple All Star games. After injury occurred several times Carpenter decided to retire. In 17 years in the majors, the pitcher amassed a 144-94 career record with a 3.76 ERA. Is he HOF bound? -Marcus Sinclaire
Well chris carpenter you had a great career as a card. hall of fame is calling your name now!
So Alex Rodrigues (NYY) blew up on his whole case about using PED's. Prince Fielder (DET) got traded to the Ranger for Ian Kinsler (TEX) And Chris Carpenter (STL) has announced his retirement after 15 MLB seasons. Crazy day for baseball even though it's the offseason.
Chris carpenter retired. I may have to put my jersey in glass. I think it would be a good idea, I'm pretty sure he won't "Favre".
At this afternoon's press conference, Cardinals GM John Mozeliak formally announced what we had all expected for a while, but was still sad to hear - the retirement of Chris Carpenter. When I read...
Well, I asked for Hot Stove happenings the other day and there's been a flurry of them over the last couple days. The news everyone will be talking about tomorrow is Fielder to Texas, Kinsler to Detroit but the next biggest story should be the retirement of Exeter, New Hampshire native son Chris Carpenter, one of the greatest "big game" pitchers to ever toe the rubber. His 10-4 postseason record is slightly skewed by an 0-2 finish while he was battling injury and fatigue but when he was healthy, he was almost indefatigable when the lights shined the brightest. The Red Sox were fortunate to miss him in 2004, else it may not have been a sweep, because he dominated in his other World Series starts. Tip of the cap to one of the underrated greats as he calls it a career. He may not see Cooperstown - too much missed time overshadows the two rings - but he will certainly be inducted into the St. Louis Hall of Fame and, I imagine, the New Hampshire Hall of Fame, should such a place exist.
Have a great retirement Chris Carpenter... you were a *** of a pitcher and a great part of the Cards success the past decade!!!
Sad to see a great pitcher hang em up today that guy was a gamer love him or hate him he was a *** good one. Good luck Chris Carpenter your energy and fiery leadership will be missed
One of the best as a Cardinal retired today and will be missed wearing for the St. Louis Cardinals, hate to see you leave but thanks for the memories Chris Carpenter!
Chris Carpenter announces retirement? I haven't been this baseball happy since Marmol got traded. Sorry Ice Cube.but today was a good day.
Thanks for nine years of pitching Chris Carpenter. It was fun watching him over the years...
Wow Prince Fielder to the rangers for kinsler didn't see that coming happy retirement Chris carpenter
Willie McGee Ozzie Smith Albert Pujols Yadier Molina. All of them great but in my life Chris Carpenter has been my favorite baseball player to watch and now that he is officially retired I am sad I will never get to see him pitch again. Surely a Cardinals team with two healthy Carpenters would have won the World Series this year no doubt.
Chris Carpenter is officially retiring from baseball. Thanks for the memories Carp. We love ya. -Cardinal Nation http…
Thank You Chris Carpenter for your ridiculous degree of dedication fueled by the love of the game and what it means to its fans ,(for which I'm a lifer),rather than greed, deceit and selfishness others occupy my viewing pleasure with.
Most intense competitor in Baseball? For myself, one of the top ones just retired, Chris Carpenter. Such a bulldog on the mound. Will miss watching him compete.
On the occasion of Chris Carpenter's retirement, let's recall how essential he was to the Cardinals' two most recent championship teams.
It is a sad day. Chris Carpenter announced he was retiring from baseball. He may still have a job on the team going forward, but his career with a 144-94 record and 3.76 ERA, and 10-4 record with a 3.00 ERA in 18 postseason starts will be GREATLY missed :(
After a decade with the Cardinals, Chris Carpenter will retire from the starting rotation, where he served as the team's ace and the staff's clubhouse leader for most of his tenure. But the team hopes he will not be leaving the organization.
Thanks Chris Carpenter for an amazing career in baseball spent with the Cardinals. Hope to see ya doing something in baseball, with the Cardinals in some way please.
Good news/Bad news day: We get Mike Matheny for 3 more seasons! And Chris Carpenter is retiring:-( Thanks for the great years, Carp!
Thank God that Chris Carpenter retired and that the Rangers are in the American League.
Chris Carpenter calls it a career and Prince Fielder is traded to the Rangers?? ***
The Game of baseball is looseing a great pitcher today.Thanks for the memories carp!!!Carpenter
Good luck on your retirement Chris Carpenter. Thanks for what you did for the Cards and what you gave us the fans.
Congratulations to Chris Carpenter of the Saint Louis Cardinals for a good career and i wish i was going to the Granite State Baseball Dinner in Manchester this Saturday to say that to you in person, even though i already have your autograph from two years ago
Thank you Chris carpenter for all you did for the St. Louis Cardinals what a great career! Always a redbird!!
We have to say goodbye to one of the greatest Cardinal ever, Chris Carpenter. He was not only one of the best players but mentors. We will miss watching you play but Thanks for everything. You gave us a lot of years and many memories.
Chris Carpenter, one of the best clutch pitchers in the storied history of the St. Louis Cardinals, announced his retirement Wednesday.
Mike Matheny signed to continue manage the Cardinals through 2016, meanwhile Chris Carpenter is now officially retired and will be offered a position in the front office.
Signed manager Mike Matheny to a three-year contract extension. Announced the retirement of RHP Chris Carpenter.
I would like to thank Chris Carpenter for all that he's done for St Louis Cardnals you were a class act player awesome pitcher and you will be missed. Good luck with retirement
It has been suspected for quite some time, but Chris Carpenter made it official at a press conference in St. Louis today as the 38-year-old Cardinals starter announced that he is retiring as a pitcher. He was one of the best pitchers, and toughest competitors of our generation. Carpenter, who starte...
One the best pitchers of the game ever retired today enjoy retirement Chris Carpenter
Not surprised, but still pretty bummed Chris Carpenter will never take the mound again for the Cards. One of the last, truly tough, gritty pitchers in the game.
Congrats to Chris Carpenter on a great career! And to Mike Matheny with the new contract extension!
Chris Carpenter is retiring. Gonna miss him dominating the mlb. -STL4Life
Its a sad day. One of the all-time greats is calling it a career after an improbable comeback that jus feel short. Chris Carpenter
Here's to Chris Carpenter-- truly a Cardinal for any season. Thanks for the memories!
Chris Carpenter, thanks for the memories and happy retirement!!!
Today Chris Carpenter retired. Thanks for the memories Carp.
What's Chris carpenter going to tell his kids? He tells them I'm a quitter. Hooray!
Chris Carpenter announces his retirement: 22, same appeal as Drew Brees, Tim Duncan (62%)
Chris Carpenter hangs them up... What a warrior on the mound. Favorite moment; 2011 NLCS game 7 1-0 shutout against Roy Halladay. One of my all time favorite Cardinals
Thank you Chris Carpenter. You will be missed.
Matheny was joined at the dais by DeWitt and general manager John Mozeliak, who also announced Wednesday that veteran Cardinals ace Chris Carpenter is retiring. Carpenter was 95-44 for the Cardinals over nine seasons. He was the National League Cy Young Award winner in 2005, when he went 21-5 with a 2.83 ERA, seven complete games and four shutouts. Carpenter, 38, is the Cardinals all-time leader in postseason wins (10).
I am sad that Chris Carpenter retired from baseball. I really liked him.
My favorite Chris Carpenter memory is game 5 of the 2011 NLDS. It says in the record books that the Cardinals won that game but that's slightly inaccurate. Chris Carpenter won that game. He was simply magnificent in the most important moment of his career up to that point, and he even outpitched the then undisputed best pitcher in baseball Roy Halladay.
Dan Dierdorf and Chris Carpenter calling it quits in the same day; how does this day get any better?
Thank you Chris Carpenter for all that you have done for the STL Cardinals! You will be missed on the mound but not in our memories of such an outstanding pitcher!
Chris Carpenter from Bedford NH is retiring from baseball after 17 years with the St Louis Cardinals.
Today, Chris Carpenter officially retired from baseball. 15 years, and too many great memories to count. I wish it could have ended on his terms instead of in the grips of injury, but the presence he had on and off the field for the Cardinals will be remembered for generations. Truly a legend, its sad to see him go.
Sad day for St. Louis sports both Dan Dierdorf (broadcasting) and Chris Carpenter (pitching) announced they are retiring
St. Louis Cardinals great Chris Carpenter announced his retirement
My favorite memory of Chris Carpenter was his gem of a game against the Phillies in the 2011 NLDS elimination game!
Chris Carpenter it's sad to see you go. You were one of my favorite pitchers and players. You are an amazing guy and an awesome player. Cardinal National will miss ya man! Good luck in the future!
going to miss Chris carpenter. One of my favorites. Tough, big game pitcher.
Congrats on retirement, Chris Carpenter! The Cardinals were lucky to have you on their roster!
The great Chris Carpenter has retired! No! Thank you for all the things you did for the cardinals! 2006 & 2011 would not have ended in championships without you!
Thank you Chris Carpenter for being awesome.
Chris Carpenter is retiring and Carlos Beltran might be leaving the team? Smh. :'( featured in NBC s Science of Love
This is a sad day. This really upsets me. Chris was one of the great ones and now he's retiring. *** Hopefully he stays with us as a pitching coach or something. *** it man, too many injuries. Thank you Chris Carpenter.
Not sure if I can think of a pitcher in the last 15 years with more grit and personal drive than Chris Carpenter. Throwback guy with the awards & rings to boot.
Chris Carpenter says he is retiring :(((
Chris Carpenter retiring. There will never be another cardinal pitcher in my lifetime with more guts and big game composure than this guy. You will be missed.
Congrats to Chris Carpenter and your retirement.
Chris carpenter retired. Hate to see him go
Enjoy your retirement Chris Carpenter. You earned it.
So Chris Carpenter is retiring from playing baseball. One *** of a Cardinal and one *** of a workhorse. He weathered 6 surgeries on his arm in his career, and came back a beast from all but the last. Most guys give it up after 2 surgeries. I'm sad to see him go but I'm thankful for all the glorious moments he's given baseball, and especially us Cardinals fans. I really hope to see him remain a Cardinal as a member of the staff so he can keep passing on his wealth of knowledge to these young pitchers. Thank you, Carp!
THE GOOD: Matheny has received a 3 year contract extension. THE BAD: Chris Carpenter is now officially retired. THE UGLY: Pete Kozma is still our starting shortstop.
Chris Carpenter of the St Louis Cardinals officially announced his retirement today.
Chris carpenter it is sad to see you retire but you will always be a cardinals and we will always love you
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