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Chris Brunt

Christopher Brunt (born 14 December 1984 in Belfast) is a Northern Irish footballer who plays for English Premier League side West Bromwich Albion.

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Im having nothing to do with West Brom, they stole chris brunt from us lol 😁
Would anyone take Chris Brunt or Glenn Whelan back?
Seems fitting that as a woeful human being leaves Chris Brunt and Darren Fletcher - footballers of substance - score…
WOW. . Looks like Iredell Co. got the brunt of this storm.
The guy just farted out some BT graphics 😂😷
CBO estimates that in states requesting AHCA waivers, premiums for low-income elderly enrollees would go up 800 percent. Th…
Again and again, children, whom make up aprx 40% of population, are bearing the brunt of this ugly war and its many wo…
Pope Francis with different heads of state during their visits at the Vatican. . Something seems...different 🤔
The most beautiful message from Dr David McCarthy, NHS Anaesthetist on-call in Manchester last night.❤️.
Andrew Little: Does he agree there is a housing crisis, given Auckland has a shortage of 40,000 houses?. Bill English: No
Chris Brunt and Adama Traore would be the most devastating fullbacks the league has ever seen!
Terrorism by definition seeks to spread terror. Don't forget that.
Seth Rich's brother pleads with Hannity to stop spreading conspiracy theory
Chris Brunt can fairly thump a football! Great finish
'This attack stands out for its appalling sickening cowardice". - powerful statement by Theresa May.
This is the only time I've ever fully agreed with a statement from Trump.
A good statement from on Lets stop glorifying these cowards and giving them th…
Unspeakable. Just mindless infliction of suffering. No one wins.
One fan throwing a coin at Chris brunt has caused all of this, absolute wankers. Absolutely disgraceful behaviour to a t…
All fun and games until he's two footed by Chris Brunt at The Hawthorns
I've never seen a crowd like it in Hull. Or anywhere else.
Two weeks ago I would have voted without a doubt. But, right now, all the momentum is with
GOAL West Brom 2-0 Spurs (4 mins). Chris Brunt doubles the Baggies' lead, volleying in from an acute angle
Hit Chris Brunt with a ball. Drop the F bomb on live Television. Visit buffet at HT. Give Guard of Honor mid game. Stuff that champions do.
Beyblades died and were replaced by fidget spinners: a conspiracy theory
Look. VP got to speak. The students who wanted to protest got to speak. No speech was suppressed. That's a win on today's…
There's an In-Form Chris brunt on Fifa 17 PS4 only 1 on the market (PS4)
Chris Brunt shoots from his own half. It goes horribly wide...
Attempt blocked. Chris Brunt (West Bromwich Albion) left footed shot from outside the box is blo...
Chris Brunt's volley is well blocked by Naughton
This is proof that Soulja Boy was ahead of his time and needs to be respected for his art.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Who's that pulldick fella seen plenty of school shooters gassing him up he's just a yank Chris Brunt.
"And then--get this--they forgot to even send the ObamaCare-repeal bill to the Senate!"
Ten Labour MPs that Tories should vote for on 8 June:
I think we are all agreed Chris Brunt is a WBA legend
Imagine that and as we speak, trying to convince to not aggressively slander Robert Mueller in statement.
White House given less than 1 hours advanced notice of the appointment of Robert Mueller. FBI has had enough.'re not looking good. What happened to your face?
This lack of foresight, more than anything else, demonstrates unfitness for office. His associates must be despairing.
If Trump wasn't an impulsive *** Comey never fired, Robert Mueller never appointed and this whole thing goes away. Self inflicted damage.
He's a murderous thug, but you can't help but admire Putin's intelligence and cunning. Runs circles around Trump.
These two papers--and the on a run of epic, historic, world-changing proportions. We all owe them, BIGLY.
We knew how Citizen Trump had lived his life for 70 years when we voted. Everything President Trump has done is consiste…
.is going to get the Comey memo, if it exists. I need to see it sooner rather than later. I have my subp…
"Arsenal taking a big risk with this Koala sack lad. There isn't many who know the league better t…
Lots of Democrats previously skeptical re: impeachment now invoking as potential game changer. Citing obstruction of justice etc.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
"The country is being tested in unprecedented ways. I say to all my colleagues in the Senate: history is watching." Schume…
what conversation? NYT reports something and you think it's accurate 😂😂😂
the idiocy of you to take this as fact with no supporting evidence. Clown.
Chris Brunt makes his 275th league start for Albion tonight. His 316th league appearance & his 344th Baggies appearance in to…
The idiocy of Trump to think he could fire Comey and that the details of the Trump to Comey conversation wouldn't come out. Muppet.
Chris Brunt for me isnt good enough as a winger nor left back, in all respects hes a club legend but shouldnt be first team next season
📷 Claudio Yacob, Chris Brunt and come back into the starting XI this afternoon...
What would you say are all your squads celebrity lo... — Lewis - Chris Brunt. Ben - Rob Earnshaw. Jack - Dec...
"The next two games will probably define the rest of our qualifying campaign, especially the Norway game...".
Chris Brunt and Lee Grand from my Gameweek 13 wildcard. Brilliant for me since
Just interviewed Chris Brunt... He picked Glenn Whelan in a fantasy five-a-side team of players he's played with…
Chris Brunt backing Northern Ireland to secure 2018 World Cup play-off spot
I tried to help your wife calm down a little so you won't get the brunt of it.
🗣️ INTERVIEW. Ahead of crucial Chris Brunt talks about the togetherness in the squad…
Some sources in WH are frankly surprised at how pundits are warming to the speech. Say Trump has not changed, no big shif…
Just remembered being told few yrs ago that Chris brunt almost signed for Cardiff before he joined Wednesday many moons ago
"We're getting goals from other areas of the team and from open play".
Chris Brunt suggests West Brom teammate Salomon Rondon's goal drought is hurting him
Real pleasure to chat and team-mates with Chris Brunt for this piece
💬 | Chris Brunt is happy with the variety of goals are scoring: .
Justices never clap, let alone stand, during speeches to joint session, but they did for my mom. Beautiful.
Audible groans from Dems as Trump announces he's starting an office to publicize crimes by immigrants called VOICE
You can disagree w/him on policy, but this is most Presidential Trump has ever sounded. If I had amnesia, I might even forg…
lmao not a creative bone in his body, Chris Brunt is probably more creative.
***FACT OF THE DAY***. Britain's 5 most powerful people are now all women.
Chris Brunt should be your first name on your team sheet for the next few weeks
Chris Brunt appears to be forcing a move to Hyde FC, however no bids have met his £2.5m valuation. (The Guardian)
West Brom's Chris Brunt on the knee injury that made him stronger...
Chris Brunt calls on Albion to break new ground across the rest of the season. His views below.
It's a year (& a day) since Brunt's injury. As Palace loom again, he reveals the positives he's taken from it htt…
Time for Chris Brunt to front up in your team? . Part one of the Show has the answer... https…
📷 Chris Brunt makes his 300th league appearance and 200th start for Albion this afternoon! Congratulations Brunty!…
📷 Chris Brunt is Albion's assist king with 42 to his name. James Morrison is second with 23.
BATW | Jonny Evans & Chris Brunt helped get three points on Saturday & Lee Hodson struck his first
West Brom Albion made it three wins from four Premier League matches with goals from Jonny Evans, Chris Brunt and M…
Great to see Jonny Evans, Chris Brunt, Lee Hodson, Liam Boyce and Jamie McDonagh all getting on the scorseheet for the…
Central defender Jonny Evans headed in a Chris Brunt opener to put the Baggies in front with his first goal of the season.
Goals from Jonny Evans, Chris Brunt and Matt Phillips win it for West Brom with a consolation from Christian Kabasele
Natural wonders of the earth; Niagara Falls, the Himalayas, the Grand Canyon and of course, Chris Brunt's rocket of a left foot.
Treatment of Darren Fletcher and Jonas Olsson 'disappointing': Chris Brunt and Albion's coaching staff a...
1' Jonny Evans starts in midfield alongside Chris Brunt and Darren Fletcher (0-0)
Chris Brunt nears West Brom return after recovering from severe knee ligament injury: West…
Okay I gave in a download pokemon go
It's fair to say Nick Gibb MP has been on a bit of a journey. . Third time lucky.
Great to see Chris brunt out on the grass
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
best day of my existence when Cesc pinged the ball from 30 yards and hit Chris Brunt square in the face
We all seem to want the same thing and yet the only way we know how to get it is by taking it away from someone else.
To all the people who have Pokemon go before the UK release
Whoever tells you that working in a children's playden is the easiest job in the world, it's not
a load of people have changed their setting to American, no idea it's slowly coming out this month everywhere
see I've seen people say that they've got it 😕 do you know when it's out?
Roy Hodgson resigning is better with the Titanic music... .
Harry Potter is better with the Titanic music...
I'm so confused is Pokemon go out in the UK yet?!
And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why cannot be Arsenals striker if we ever want to win the EPL.
Ibe going. Disappointed with that in a way. I mean if we got pjaca as a replacement, then fine. But we'll get Chris brunt.
Hard luck Outclassed in every respect.
Jeremy Corbyn signing the Mirror's 'No War' petition back in 2003. He was right about Iraq. . (via https:…
I need to watch more but cba to get my laptop out everytime 😧😧
Okay so I'm on episode 5, season 1 of Game Of Thrones
Waiting for to release in the UK like
My dad's not great at baking because, somewhat ironically, he was cremated.
If people are gross enough to send *** pics, at least have the courage to use a face-swapping app.
Finally getting the chance to see Adtr after waiting 3years
The sorts of morning that make me want to do journalism.
.is nothing short of awesome. Great response. She bore the brunt of that hate w/aplomb & outed it.
Chilcot tomorrow. Friend reminds me of the Lenin quote, 'There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks wher…
The Daily Mirror campaigned hard to stop the Iraq War. . Tomorrow, Chilcot may finally explain why we were right.
So Labour leadership preaching unity to save Corbyn last week see dividing Labour over Chilcot as best way to save him…
Chris Brunt has had one amazing career.
Well done First to find Chris BRUNT in our West Brom
National's repeated use of the word 'comprehensive' to describe their response to the housing crisis displays a lack of c…
Canadian top 1% bore entire brunt of income loss during recession; bottom 99% improved.
I'm such trash when it comes to animals in TV shows
I watched the second episode of Game Of Thrones the other day and I cried when they killed the wolf..
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
When the gig starts and everyone gets pushed together
when you make TV show references in your everyday life
You know when you're pure lazy when you're not dressed by midday so you decide to get changed into fresh pair of pajamas 😂😂
When you started the drama but you get out fast
UK politics: the gift that keeps on giving.
Farage resigns, Gove losing badly. All those who led us to Brexit have now gone or going. Who carries the can? we do!
Great to see Chris Brunt back in training for Such a shame he missed out on for
Michael Gove absolutely wrecked on the
The NHS is terminally underfunded and the mental health sections often get the worst brunt of the cuts.
Like for the past two days I've felt really claustrophobic around my neck
Ever since I was sick last Monday I've been on edge
Can't believe this is even a debate. Almost Trump-like.
Still saddened that "Blairite" is such a toxic term - a legacy of the Iraq war in all likelihood.
Meanwhile, become less and less electable. People too quick to chastise forgetting he won three elections.
Why is no one talking about how is being held hostage by a bunch of idealistic, far-left young nutters. Keeping Corbyn in power.
Chris Brunt previews EURO 2016 and discusses his rehabilitation from a knee injury...
Can't believe it's been 15 years today. Still my favorite match of all time.
see I'm going to see if I can get this for the cats
James Morrison and Chris Brunt charity testimonial plan
Rewatching the Poland match, hearing Sweet Caroline in the background of the Chris Brunt interview was incredible!
John Stead or Chris Brunt would have buried the chance...
Chris Brunt underwent surgery today on knee injury set to keep him out for six months https…
Chris Brunt honoured by club legends...
How will Northern Ireland cope without Chris Brunt? Ferguson? Evans to left-back? Dallas to wing-back?
Chris Brunt: Northern Ireland winger ruled out of. European Championship after West Bromwich Albion. injury
Northern Ireland winger Chris Brunt ruled out of European Championship
West Brom and Northern Ireland's Chris Brunt to miss Euro 2016 with knee ... -
The outlook seems bleak for Chris Brunt. How will Northern Ireland cope without him at Euro 2016?
It's been a nightmare couple of weekends for Chris Brunt. Wishing him all the best...
Chris Brunt stretchered off and is replaced by James Wilson.
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your Saturday shift paid off mate - West Brom programme cover pays tribute to 'loyal' Chris Brunt
West Brom fans will be throwing coins into buckets this weekend for Chris Brunt.
West Brom's Chris Brunt got hit by one of his own fans with a coin in todays game at Reading. disgusting.
West Brom comment: Why losing Chris Brunt at left-back might be a blessing in
Discussing photo of AJ on hol with WBA's Chris Brunt and James Morrison, AJ confirms he shaves his chest "for tanning pur…
fans back charitable show of support for Chris Brunt.
West Brom fans will hold bucket collections for a charity of Chris Brunt's choice after he was hit by a coin.
West Brom: Darren Fletcher feared for Chris Brunt's safety before coin-throwing incident
Just been sent this video of West Brom fan's confronting the fan who tossed a coin at Chris Brunt. Scumbag!
Look at the absolute West Brom "fan" who threw the 50p at Chris Brunt today absolute state.
Whoever threw that coin at Chris Brunt today, thousands if not millions of kids will see or hear about it. You're a disgrace…
Chris Brunt is "disgusted and ashamed" after being struck by a coin thrown by a West Brom fan today.
Chris Brunt was going over to acknowledge the Albion fans and give someone his shirt and got coined, class support
The one fan who threw the coin at Chris Brunt should be made to leave the club instead
The thug who nearly blinded West Brom's Chris Brunt will be banned for life, have confirmed.
All purpose parts banner
Chris Brunt was hit by a coin from his own fan base today following the 3-1 defeat to Reading. Unacceptable.
Chris Brunt on defeat to Reading and coin incident "There's absolutely no excuse for it"
Chris Brunt goes to give his shirt to a young girl in the WBA end and gets coined by his own fans.
Chris Brunt hit 1cm under the eye with a coin thrown by his own fans. Remonstrates with away end & still gives his shirt a…
"Liverpool will move for West Brom's Chris Brunt if their bid for Alex Teixeira is unsuccessful"... ...and so on.
Gibson and Downing are 2 exceptions, likes of Chris Brunt,James Morrison,Adam Johnson,Cattermole left
GOALS 21-30: Here's the third instalment of Chris Brunt's goals for West Bromwich Albion
Chris Brunt has got the most effective left foot since Heather Mills.
Pulis ain't interested unless you have 52 pace like Chris Brunt 😂
He must feel he is the second choice to Chris Brunt to turn down that
Looks like Chris Brunt will be continuing at left back for a little longer...
Not that you need another reason to love Chris Brunt but.. this 😃❤
fabregas booting the ball at Chris Brunt's head😭😂
VIDEO: Baggies support the Albion Foundation: West Bromwich first-team players including Chris Brunt and Garet...
it's always a Top 4 player as well, it's never kids with Charlie Adam or Chris Brunt 😂
Wow, Chris Brunt really is stealing a living. Bit like Jimmy kebe for us really.
Not even the 'Chris Brunt fan club' can even defend his performance today. Absolutely terrible. Championship player at best
Tony my man, Chris Brunt is past his sell by date and has nowhere to hide anymore - get WBA a left back or get smacked again
See as Zaha just use Chris brunt today
Yohan Cabaye scored a penalty awarded by Jon Moss after Foul by Chris Brunt.
Chris Brunt is stealing a living as a left back.
please buy an actual left back. Chris brunt is a left winger NOT a left back!
...still waiting for Chris Brunt to turn up for this game . 💩
The commentator saying Zaha has to be thought about for England after a good 85 minutes up against Chris Brunt 👍🏿
Wilfried Zaha is ripping Chris Brunt to pieces here.
PENALTY!. Chris Brunt brings down Wilfried Zaha and can double their lead.
Chris Brunt got his *** kicked today, Zaha ran riot lol smh
Look up the word nightmare in a dictionary, there's a photo of Chris Brunt.
Sums up Chris Brunt's day at the office today
Chris Brunt gives up a penalty to Wilfried Zaha. Literally no one saw this not coming.
Chris brunt responsible for 4 out 5 goals in last two games, not closing down two crosses and playing onside Monday now pen
2-0 to Crystal Palace! Yohan Cabaye doubles the hosts' lead after Chris Brunt brings down Wilfried Zaha.
Gareth McAuley,Johnny Evans, Chris Brunt and James McClean aren't from the British isles, they're Irish, get it right
*** Johnny Evans off injured and now Chris Brunt off after collision.worrrying ahead of such a big week for N.Ire..
Early injuries for at Palace aren't good news for Northern Ireland: Johnny Evans has limped off, & now Chris Brunt has a bloody nose.
Really disappointing to lose Johnny Evans and now Chris Brunt in the wars. Could they call West Brom game off at half time please?!
Pulis starting Craig Dawson and Chris Brunt at fullback against Bolasie and Zaha looking like a really terrible mistake early on here.
, , . Chris Brunt and Craig Dawson put in a good shift
Scott Brown, Chris Brunt and David Marshall ahead of Ramsey, Henderson, Barkley, Delph and Hart?
Mixed international night for players as Gareth McAuley, Chris Brunt and Jonny Evans help secure late draw (1/2)
Pulis also confirms that Chris Brunt & James Chester have minor hamstring injuries. has a knock but has made bench
Evans back for vital NI games: Jonny Evans, Kyle Lafferty, Chris Brunt and Jamie Ward h...
Simon Francis is my favourite Premier League full back. Well, second to Chris Brunt, but close enough
I'm sure we can replace a man who had the same amount of assists as Gylfi Sigurdsson and Chris Brunt.
Brunt urges Baggies to keep McAuley: Chris Brunt has told West Brom a new contract for team-mate Gareth McAule...
The West Bromwich Albion players celebrate together after Chris Brunt's strike gave the home side a 3-0 lead with ... ht…
BREAKING: Sir Alex Ferguson reacts to Cesc Fabregas hitting Chris Brunt with the ball.
GOAL Man Utd 0-1 WBA (63 mins). Chris Brunt's powerful free-kick deflects off Jonas Olsson and goes in, giving the Baggi…
Man Utd 0-1 West Brom - big deflection, but won't care!. Chris Brunt's FK cannons in off Jonas Olsson
63' - Goal. WBA 1 United 0. Chris Brunt fires a free-kick goalwards and it deflects off Jonas Olsson and past De Gea.
West Brom defender Gareth McAuley, whose contract expires in the summer, deserves a new deal, says team-mate Chris Brunt. (Birmingham Mail)
Only one player rated higher by this week than James Morrison and Chris Brunt, both higher than Hazard and Kane!
West Brom are starting Chris Brunt, Graham Dorrans, James Morrison and Craig Gardner like they're not all the same perso…
8' Darren Fletcher heads home Chris Brunt's corner to give Albion the lead on
West Bromwich Albion midfielder Chris Brunt has been suspended for one match and fined £8,000 after accepting an FA misco…
I'm not a fan of Chris Baird tbh, would like to see maybe Brunt in there but that'll never happen
Guest appearances from Chris Brunt & Roy 'the wolf of wall street' Carroll in the Carl Frampton piece
Good interview with the champ inspiring chris brunt and ahead of tomorrow's big game
Northern Ireland v Finland: Chris Brunt knows the score for crucial Windsor clash: Chris Brunt was surprised t...
West Brom's Chris Brunt: I hope Northern Ireland can hit the home straight against Finland...
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I dreamt I saw Chris Brunt in KFC and told him that I loved him. Interesting way to start the day
Here is the Stephen Brunt essay to end all essays: Thank you Stephen and producer Ch…
West Brom star Chris Brunt wants to turn Windsor Park into a fortress ahead of Northern Ireland's clash with Finla...
[The Guardian] - West Brom’s Chris Brunt fined and banned after accepting FA charge
First Jonny Evans, now Chris Brunt lands in trouble with the FA:
Chris Brunt is as about enough use on a football pitch as Steven hawkin but he's a good servant to the club so we will forget about that
What a chance for Craig Dawson heads over from 6 yards from Chris Brunt's free-kick.
West Brom slowly growing into this second half after a shaky start with Chris Brunt's free-kick narrowly headed over by Craig Dawson.
West Brom rally to share draw with Burnley: Goals by Chris Brunt and Brown ideye canc...
Brown Ideye, Chris Brunt and Aston Villa all scored in the same weekend
Tony Pulis probably looked & thought Chris Brunt captaining Darren Fletcher I dont think so, so then decided to switch making Fletch captain
Jason Koumas is the best player I've seen in a wba shirt. Jk, Chris Brunt is.
Baggies: Brunt: New West Brom regime with Tony Pulis: Captain Chris Brunt insists the onus is on his...
New West Brom boss Tony Pulis will make the Hawthorns ''horrible'', says skipper Chris Brunt
Can't wait till the transfer window opens and we sign Ryan Babel and Chris Brunt on loan
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Chris Brunt urges fans to get behind West Bromwich Albion
DID YOU KNOW? Chris Brunt and Graham Dorrans have been playing for West Brom since the club was founded in 1878.
West Brom skipper Chris Brunt could be fit to face Man Utd, find out who else is in or out:
EPL MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL 2Oth Oct 2O14 West Bromwich Albion vs MANCHESTER UNITED 21:00:00 Hawthorns Referee: Mike Dean TEAM NEWS. .. •West Brom West Brom skipper Chris Brunt could be fit despite injuring his groin on international duty with Northern Ireland, which caused him to miss the victories over the Faroe Islands and Greece.Striker Victor Anichebe, whose last league start came in the 0-0 draw at Southampton on 23 August, is a doubt with a hernia problem. •MAN UTD United captain Wayne Rooney is suspended after his red card against West Ham, meaning Juan Mata is likely to continue just behind the strikers, as he did against Everton.Defender Chris Smalling and midfielders Ander Herrera, Ashley Young, Phil Jones and Michael Carrick are training again and could feature in the game, if they can prove their match fitness.
Here’s a favorite post of ours from the past: FULL MATCH UPDATE BW West Bromwich Albion 1, Arsenal 1 90’ FOUR MINUTES ADDED ON The referee's assistant hold up the board showing four minutes of time added on. 89’ WEAK SHOT Flamini's shot is weak and can't beat Myhill, and Steve Clarke makes his final substitution, bringing on Chris Brunt in place of Amalfitano. Just one goal now will win this match. 85’ ARSENAL SUB Wenger changes his striker, with Nicklas Bendtner replacing Giroud up front. 83’ SETTLING FOR A DRAW? Arsenal are keeping possession in midfield, probing for a way through the home defence. But when their attack breaks down West Brom attack forward, but in fewer numbers than previously. The game is not as frantic as it was ten minutes ago – perhaps both teams are now just as anxious not to lose this at they are to win it. 78’ MORRISON ON West Brom's standout player, Sessegnon, is replaced by James Morrison. Let's see if he can open the doors of Arsenal's defence. 76’ END TO END S ...
Ben Foster labels abuse of West Brom captain Chris Brunt as 'pathetic' -
Ben Foster has blasted the West Brom boo-boys over their treatment of captain Chris Brunt.
Ben Foster hits out at fans who jeered skipper Chris Brunt. says was "pathetic"
Ben Foster has dubbed West Brom fans pathetic for their abuse of the clubs skipper Chris Brunt.
Ben Foster blasts the boo-boys over their treatment of Chris Brunt: "It's ridiculous, he's been an incredible servant."
New post (Premier League: Ben Foster blasts West Brom supporters over Chris Brunt boos) has been published on...
Ben Foster has hit out at West Brom fans' "ridiculous" and "pathetic" abuse of captain Chris Brunt during Saturday's defeat against Everton.
Ben Foster leads the chorus of dressing room support for captain Chris Brunt. Read at http:/…
Chris Brunt backing the . Craig Gardner backing 'White Dee'. All that new season goodwill has disappeared already
11,000+ agree with you. Read the comments if you have time. Will make you even more proud to be Tognan
Right, I've got Chris Brunt in my Fantasy team and he isn't taking pens? What's going on? Transfer.
Chris brunt looks like he's from widnes!
HBO (US & Canada: Please pull HBO and ABC TV show "Jonah from Tonga" from HBO.
Irvine with his first change, former Claret *ahem* Chris Baird on to replace Brunt for
haven't beat @ home since 2005, the owls came behind from a Tudgay opener with 2 2nd half goals from Chris Brunt & David Graham
He had co-writer at start - maybe reigned him in? BTW, if you have time, interesting comments on petition
The big kick-off: Chris Lepkowski talks to West Brom's Chris Brunt ...
This is great: " [WBA player Chris Brunt] has a left foot so cultured that it spent the summer writing sonnets.."
just heard Chris Brunt was walking through tesco in Holmefield Road, Mossley Hill, in an Everton training kit
Our Man At Albion talks about the new season with Chris Brunt -
Albion captain Chris Brunt, if selected, will make his 250th Baggies appearance (all comps) this weekend. He is on 40 goals so far for
Overpaid inner city LIARS living it up on tax $$ pretending 2be National broadcaster.
I don't think Chelsea were too keen on Liam Ridgwell & Chris Brunt TBF 😂😂
The comments on here will give you an idea of the hurt and anger
"Jonah from Tonga" - the world sees the garbage deems as prime television
Hopefully Chris Brunt has his testimonial over here so i can get the flag out on show at an Irish League ground
2-3 more players before the window closes? A right sided wide man, back up for Chris Brunt (could imagine a loan) and another striker?
Lots of comments from Tongans in the comment section of the petition
"nice" to see the boot on the other foot. I remember the dark days when I would have settled for Chris Brunt/Morten Gamst Pedersen.
Roy HODGSON made Chris BRUNT an for from Jan 2011. He joined them in 2007 from
- . Chris Brunt commits to West Brom as Baggies captain signs new three-y...
No Mulumbu, Chris Brunt CM, Berahino LM. Some clown at the Telegraph knows better than us
It's shambolic mate. No Mulumbu, Chris Brunt CM, Berahino LM. Imagine they have Sanchez at LB for Arsenal.?
10,000+ say NO! to HBO racism & more ways to contact HBO and ABC via
I'm in comp prep mode, Chris is bearing the brunt of it, end of lol :p
Reply to HUGE movement in the US against the damage this show is causing
you do realise Chris brunt was skipper for West Brom for a while. He's not a new captain...
Here's the link if you're interested 😊
it's ok lads we're getting Mccathy & maybe someone like Chris Brunt😂😔
Didn't bid for Buckley, apparently not interested in Biabiany or Moses but don't worry guys we've got Chris Brunt
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
- Chris Brunt signs new West Brom contract
West Brom: Captain Chris Brunt signs new three-year contract.
oh ffs lad my mistake. You should look up to Jonny Evans and Chris Brunt then.
Trying to sell Chris Brunt is like trying to flog a dead horse, gave the lad another bloody contract don't want him down JobCentrePlus
BREAKING NEWS: Chris Brunt signs a new three-year contract with ...
Nah mate they have Chris Brunt, they are hard!
Chris Brunt is interviewed after signing a new three-year contract with ...: via
Forgetting to remember, by Chris Brunt via
FYI petition asking HBO to pull the show at close to 10,000 signature. Comments really interesting …
West Bromwich Albion captain Chris Brunt is interviewed after West Bromwich Albion beat West Ham United 1-0 in the Barclays Premier League at The Hawthorns. ...
It'll be mint when Chris Brunt finishes the season as our highest goalscorer, with six goals.
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