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Chris Brown

Christopher Maurice Chris Brown (born May 5, 1989) is an American singer, songwriter, dancer, actor.

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The fight is off. . Soulja Boy said Chris Brown's manager called to cancel the boxing match htt…
The Big Podcast with Shaq - Cowboys loss, the end of the circus, and Chris Brown versus Soulja Boy-…
Chris Brown was the last African American to win artist of the year at the AMAs in 2008
Amazing how the Soulja Boy & Chris Brown situation lost ALL momentum... Talk about stalling TF out.. Sheesh
Get a Anthony Hamilton and have ya man waitin at home like ya name Charlene, or keep Chris Brown around and get bea…
T-pain: she want that LOVEY DOVEY... Chris Brown: that KISS KISS... T-pain: in her mind she fantasize bout . Me: GET…
Let the record show that I no longer crush on Chris much (lol)! Bryson Tiller has my ♡
Chris Brown: Shawty keep it on and. Us: Poppin
Thinking of buying Composite PLA - The Original Carbon Fiber? Read our latest review of the product by Chris Brown https:/…
From the desk of Curtis Jackson III: Mike Tyson will train Chris Brown
Chris Brown says once you date him, you're stuck with him.
Loyal by Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne & Tyga on
Nick Jonas is the white Chris Brown... . Chris Brown is the white Chris Brown. . -Dylan
Y'all do me a favor rank Neyo, Chris Brown, Trey songz Discography from least to greatest
I be Forgetting Trey songz, Neyo, and Chris Brown all came out at the same time 🤔
its so devastating that the ONLY TWO celebs im dyin to meet i prolly NEVER WILL smh . Chris Brown and Michael B Jordan
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I still stick by my statement that Chris Brown is the most underrated artist of our generation.
• TEXT "CHR" to 79922 to vote for Chris Brown's official "Don't Judge Me" video on BET's 106 and Park count down.
How is Jason from Corrie in P Diddy's house chilling with Chris Brown lmao? 🤔
I added a video to a playlist J. Valentine - Beat it up ft. Chris Brown, Pleasure P
Soulja Boy shows y'all how he gonna KO Chris Brown ... how many rounds will it take BIG SOULJA to put chris to sleep? htt…
There's a picture I never thought I'd see. Chris Brown with Ryan Thomas from Coronation Street watching the Super Bowl 😂. ht…
Chris Brown deserves to perform at the superbowl halftime show 😒
Somebody said they should've let Chris Brown & Soulja Boy fight at halftime 😩😂
You might not like him nor agree with his actions, but Chris Brown is the most qualified musician to do the Superbowl Half…
Chris Brown opening the superbowl with "kiss kiss" or "forever" would be 100 times better than this whole performance.
Should have just had Chris Brown and Soulja Boy fight for the halftime show.
once again, Zayn's album is pure fire. it's like Nick Jonas meets Chris Brown, forreal.
Chris Brown, Karrueche Tran relationship over, another break up in 2017. - ThyBlackMan
Terrell Owens didn't get inducted into the HOF for the same reason some of y'all don't like Chris Brown... lmao!! Crazy righ!?
Chris Brown about to turn Vanessa Vargas from an IG model to a celebrity overnight.
Curious how we (quite rightly) kick up a stink about Chris Brown getting into NZ despite DV record, but Axel Rose? *crickets*
Soulja Boy says he got the contract signed for the boxing match with Chris Brown 👀
After the Soulja Boy/Chris Brown boxing match, we should get an Arnold Schwarzenegger/Donald Trump fight
Stop playing with Chris Brown before he gotta put the beats on one of y'all rappers!! He also says he setting the fight u…
Ladies, is Chris Brown stalking you? Grab a 35,000,000 volt stun gun for $10.98. .
We're about to have:. Chris Brown vs. Soulja. Derek Fisher vs. Matt Barnes. LeBron vs. Charles Barkley. 2K17 Fight Card 😂
Alan, you are as country as Chris Brown. You destroyer of country music!!!
Drake was in SA. Rihanna in Malawi. Chris Brown in Kenya. But some wee Ugandans will choose to bring us only Wizkid's adv…
A little bit of that old Chris Brown we used to know. Back when he was, without a doubt, killing the music scene 💯
Generations of toxic Black masculinity. If you ever wondered where Soulja Boy and Chris Brown got it from. Fighting…
Eagles survive an early onslaught by the ND first line. Chris Brown nearly gets a goal in transition out of the box.
Woah y'all remember when Chris Brown was on suite life of Zack and Cody?? 😦
I hope y'all call Robin Thicke a woman beater & tarnish & drag his name daily like y'all do Chris Brown...oh wait y'all…
when are we as Breezy fans gonna see a Collaboration- Chris Brown ft Usher & Omarion.🎧🎧🎧
Soulja Boy or Chris Brown — breezy, he 10x more athletic than soulja..
Breast Cancer Awareness
Hey Team Breezy! What 2016 Chris Brown release do you prefer?. Vote&RT
Chris Brown is so lost in the sauce he doesn't even understand how calling Aziz "Aladdin" is EXACTLY why he's the Donald Trump
Soulja Boy thinking he's gonna win this fight with Chris Brown 😂
🎵 Give it to me | Jeezy, Breezy. Chris Brown always giving 💯 on these hooks
Chris Brown is an angel compared to Bobby Brown
So many people are miserable and insecure. Chris Brown posts a video of his cars and some haters be like "money isnt every…
All these one hit wonder *** singers and rappers. Chris Brown and Beyonce the only consistent singers and rapper
Chris Brown got a different car for each day of the month
Chris Brown need to hurry up & drop this new album because Jujitzu sounds 🔥🔥😩
Lol at this point Chris Brown could drop a snippet album and it will go Gold in no time.
I liked a video Chris Brown - Thriller Tribute at World Music Awards (HD Quality) (Tribute to Michael
Bobby Brown had to walk so Chris Brown could run.
Chris Brown need to drop this already 🔥
I just thought about that time me and Deidra Delores Clements sung Chris Brown's first OTW to GMA Delores house...
Chris Brown, Julia Morris say Celebrity menu will top 'ostrich *** ...
All purpose parts banner
& w/ that crew I leave out Q. Carter, Jonathan Nelson, Pryce Macon, Chris Brown, Beal, Mensik, and? Maybe best LT in Crazy.
Chris Brown fires back at Aziz Ansari for comparing him to Donald Trump: “Tell Aladdin hop off my d*ck!”
Today in 1984 Michael Jackson drops the title track, Thriller. Finally, Chris Brown gets to do this
Chris Brown doesn't even have a Controversy tab on his Wikipedia page which must mean Chris Brown edits his own Wikipedia pag…
"Chris Brown does exactly what Aziz Ansari makes fun of him for"
Kanye West, Paul Wall, Chris Brown, Mike Jones, David Banner, & countless others. Please forgive me. I got it how I lived.
Kelly Price to Sing the National Anthem at the Chris Brown & Soulja Boy Boxing Match
I love rap songs and Chris Brown drake weeked paramore panic at the disco 😊
*Cues in Drown in it by Chris Brown ft R. Kelly*
.monologue explores how is the Chris Brown of politics. | |
Killed it. . "DT is basically the Chris Brown of politics" 😂. SNL Hosts Aziz Ansari Monologue 01/21/2017
Its official, Mike Tyson will be training Chris Brown in the fight against Soulja Boy
Chris Brown has Goku from Dragon Ball on his Lamborghini lmaooo
Mike Tyson confirms he will be training Chris Brown for his fight against Souljah Boy 👊🏻
Sooo Kaurruche met Chris Brown as an employee at Nordstrom and got put on... I need to get a job there so I can meet Anita Baker
And sites like TMZ constantly talking about Chris Brown beating Rhianna when they seem to be ok with Mel Gibson who beat his ex wife.
Big Soulja on day 7 of training to KNOCKOUT Chris Brown ... and he's mixing up his protein shake ... tryna add some lean…
Chris Brown (even tho he don't make it to the end of the movie) Taraji, Tyrese, Christian Keyes, Palmer Williams Jr…
This side of Chris Brown the media never shows
Remember when Chris Brown visited Ajax at the hospital and Ajax talked to him in Xhosa
Dj Khaled said he has a new song coming featuring Chris Brown & Justin Bieber!
Chris Brown is sitting on one of the biggest songs of 2017 😱
👀 Chris Brown is sitting on platinum hits. Next album about to be crazy 🗣
Jim and Pam just got married and I think Forever by Chris Brown is my new favorite song
The best episode was when Pam and Jim got married and they played Forever by Chris Brown. I swear I was happy crying lol
Ghetto Gospel by 2Pac is also good! Party by Chris Brown, Gucci Mane and Usher, Say you won't let go by Ja…
If you don't like Rick Ross fight me on the Soulja Boy & Chris Brown undercard‼️
Chris Brown hasn't even released this yet and it's already a banger 🔥or 💩
Get the Gloves I'll show u a punk. We can be the undercard in that Soulja Boy vs Chris Brown fight!
*in culvers*. " its Rhianna and Chris Brown before he beat her " -
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Chris Brown sitting on the biggest song of 2017😱😱.
Adrien Broner and Andre Berto saying Chris Brown can really really fight
I just saw with my brother, Takers is awesome movie with Paul Walker, Chris Brown and among others :D
When you think you're Chris Brown but you look like Honey G
How Soulja Boy suppose to have a chance against Chris Brown when Chris out here looking like a power ranger. 😯
you guys really overrate Chris Brown. He's been making the same kind of tired club bangers since 2013, listen to something new
Chris Brown comes with bangers consistently. Only reason we put up with his antics sometimes
Up to this day I'm still mad Chris Brown died early in Stomp The Yard
I'm learning choreo for Party by Chris Brown and that makes me very very happy ✨
This is me and my bf but we vibe to Chris Brown and j.cole
If "Forever" by Chris Brown doesn't make you think of The Office/Jim and Pam's wedding, get out of my face.
Kevin Gates, Lil Wayne, J Cole, Big Sean, Chris Brown and Chance The Rapper are all people i need to see in concert.
Eric Ainge, Chris Brown, and Terry McDaniels will be our special guests! Come out and meet them, get some autographs, and cheer on our STARS
Jim and Pam's wedding just backs up the fact that Forever by Chris Brown bumps
I liked a video Professor Griff speaks on Soulja Boy, Chris Brown, and The Rise of Internet Beefs
Nahh j cole has highlight projects ppl can point out. Chris Brown??? Nahhh
Aye we need you to get on that soulja vs Chris Brown card and give Derek fisher the hands one time. Do it for the kings man!
Chris Brown is like the J. Cole of R&B he just screams mediocre but for some reason he has a cult-like following
Mike Tyson and Chris Brown vs Floyd Mayweather and Soulja Boy. Is this real life rn?
Celebrity Deathmatch! Who is on the undercard of Chris Brown vs Soulja Boy.
This new Chris Brown album gon be so FIRE 🔥🔥🔥
Can't stop listening to Chris Brown - party bet I look like a right weirdo doing that lingaard celebration in the middle off the street😂
Soulja Boy and Chris Brown fighting doesn't make me wanna listen to either of their music if that's what they think is going…
That video of Mike Tyson telling the world about training Chris Brown is hilarious. "Chrith Brown v Thoulja Boy"
Chris Brown: 1-0 against Rihanna; Soulja Boy: 0-1 against some dude in the street. who ya got?
Checkout this adorable photo of Chris Brown and his daughter: She’s so…
Day 3 of Big Soulja in the gym getting in shape to knockout Chris Brown
Mike Tyson got a song out about Soulja Boy and Chris Brown fighting . says Chris gonna KO Soulja 💀💀
it's kinda unfair, ya know, with Chris Brown's experience... Ask Rihanna about it
idk and what make Chris Brown this great boxer all of a sudden? Got the same skills homie got
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Chris Brown to box Soulja Boy over social media feud (from YES!!! attn
Mike Tyson is now training Chris Brown for his fight w/ Soulja Boy 😳
Chris Brown will probably only hit Soulja Boy if he wears a wig and grows ***
Soulja Boy training for his fight against Chris Brown, does he have what it takes?
⚡️ “Mike Tyson will train Chris Brown for fight against Soulja Boy”.
Mike Tyson will train Chris Brown to fight Soulja Boy
Soulja Boy says Chris Brown is his homie and that 50 Cent is his big bro. Ain't no real beef 🙄
Just heard Clive Anderson v Jeremy Vine is on the undercard of the Soulja Boy V Chris Brown fight..
I added a video to a playlist Soulja Boy admits he Doesn't Have Real Beef with Chris Brown &
Soulja Boy and Chris Brown should perform at the Super Bowl halftime show.
Mike Tyson says he's going to train Chris Brown
Chris Brown and Soulja Boy are gonna box. I'll pay to see this
50 Cent is ready for the Soulja Boy vs. Chris Brown boxing match 😂😂
Soulja Boy says Chris Brown is his brother & that he has no beef with 50 Cent
Chris brown went off on just fine man that's why his first album his best
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Chris Brown shaking the hand of a super fan who loves his music and wants to be him. Such a giving person.
The signs as people involved in the Chris Brown/Soulja beef. 50 cent: Scorpio, gemini. Chris brown: Leo, Aries. Soulja Boy: Sag, Taurus
Chris Brown is dope but he doesn't belong in the same sentence as MJ. Stop it.
Not making an excuse for Chris brown but he really was 17 when he hit Rihanna. &they prosecuted his image for years. He's 2…
To train for his fight with Soulja Boy Chris Brown is making all his sparring partners wear a mask of Rihanna.
Chris brown and his crack head xousin Orlando Brown 😂😂😂😂
This *** added me on Tango saying he's Chris Brown. I had to handle his rass!...
.promises revenge for Rihanna by knocking out
Soulja Boy wants to fight Chris brown because he beat Rihanna but is training with Floyd Mayweather who is also a woman be…
Chris brown need to release this banging *** song bruh🔥
Mike Tyson will reportedly train Chris Brown for Soulja Boy fight WHAT THE FAK
After I knock Chris brown out I'm going to crank that Soulja Boy and super man in the ring on his stupid *** 😈😂
Ooh dang. I was thinking T-Pain, but Ne-Yo can get a song poppin and Chris Brown hooks are always catchy. 🤔
Mind set: Chris Brown really Finna beat my ***
I added a video to a playlist Young Thug Warns Soulja Boy to not touch Chris Brown
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Soulja Boy when Chris Brown runs up on him
Chris Brown posting this just proves he petty af 😂😂
Sex therapist says Chris Brown chasing Karrueche is abusive, not romantic
Mike Tyson is training Chris Brown in a celebrity fight for Floyd Mayweather Productions. And I just named 3 woman beat…
Chris Brown landed a 1-legged front flip to the beat drop of March Madness but y'all think he's losing a fight to Soulja Boy
Mike Tyson Will Train Chris Brown to Fight Soulja Boy - But now, opponent Chris Brown has Mike Tyson on his sid...
Chris Brown and Soulja Boy agree to boxing match - with Mike Tyson and Floyd…
YG weighs in on the Soulja Boy vs. Chris Brown feud
Chris Brown gets 'kicked out of NYC gym'
Soulja Boy really got Floyd Mayweather to train him to fight Chris Brown 😂😂
If this Soulja Boy VS Chris Brown fight happens, who do you think is going to win?
"Chris Brown's mother,Joyce Hawkins 'wishes' that Chris & Rihanna would get back together, according to a n…
Chris Brown and Soulja Boy agree to settle feud with boxing match in Las Vegas.
In the words of poet laureate Chris Brown, these *** are not loyal
Chris Brown at Soulja Boy, sa boxing match tatapusin ang iringan
Chris Brown sacrifices sex and alcohol as Mike Tyson agrees to train him against Soulja Boy – report
Chris Brown did a front flip and landed on beat to March Madness, he is going to kill Soulja Boy.
Mike Tyson bout to train Chris Brown.. Soulja Boy bout to lose a fight and a ear 😂
21 Savage vs 22 Savage fighting for the savage name (Last Savage Standing). Chris Brown vs Soulja Boy, lord knows what they fighting for.
According to a boxing match between Kenyon Martin & Tim Thomas has been added to the undercard of the Chris Brown/…
50 Cent gets Mike Tyson to agree to train Chris Brown to fight Soulja Boy
So Floyd is training Soulja Boy and Mike Tyson is training Chris Brown.. I'm a little scared for Chris. Tyson is crazy 😂😂😂
Let's go ahead and make Jumpsteady vs young wicked the co-main evert for the Chris Brown vs Soulja Boy fight on ppv
Remember the stick man death fights back in the day??? That's what Chris Brown vs Souljah Boy will be you know
Chris Brown just can't help himself from wanting to hit women?
So, is training for his fight against Chris Brown
This Soulja Boy vs Chris Brown fight will never happen. People are hype for no reason. I can guarantee someone will pull out.
i'm dropping a lot of gems on this episode and by gems, I mean gossip about chris brown and don lemon.
Y'all talking so much about this Chris brown and Soulja Boy fight meanwhile some should be worrying about your rent due this week 😂😂😂
It just sends me to the moon that somehow Chris Brown ALWAYS ends up looking like the bad guy when people steady comin…
We've had Orlando Brown, Soulja Boy, Chris Brown, Nicki/Meek & *** Navy mess 6 days in 2017. . We're not making it to Decem…
If Chris Brown and Soulja Boy were in a fistfight who would you want to win
Chris brown really going to beat Soulja Boy up 😂😂 and he crazy too 💀 ya better stop playing with my *** 🤣
Chris Brown tells Soulja Boy to keep his daughters name out his mouth
Watch: Chris Brown warns Soulja Boy to stop speaking on his daughter, Royalty.
Floyd is training Soulja Boy and Adrien Broner is training Chris Brown for their celebrity boxing match 😂
It's vs. in the boxing ring. On PPV. sets it up. Seriously. .
Could and settle their differences in the ring? Cue help.
Chris Brown putting in some work with the gloves . who got the better hands ... big Soulja or Chris Brown ??
Chris Brown getting ready for his fight against Soulja Boy 😂😂
I got $20,000 on Chris brown. Who wana bet?
The Hip-Hop world must be boring af right now cause all I'm seeing is. Soulja Boy VS Chris Brown. Nicki Minaj is single…
Old Chris Brown and Black Eyed Peas will forever be timeless. Real music that instantly brightens ya day.
I hope everyone bootlegs the chris brown vs Soulja Boy fight. No one involved in this deserves our direct financial supp…
Chris Brown vs. Soulja Boy Scheduled to Happen on January 28th (
Chris Brown is tired of Soulja Boy bringing his daughter in their beef 😳
Let's be honest, Chris Brown got this. In any category. Boxing, UNO, kickball, Miss Mary Mack...
Who y'all got in the draft?. Top 5:. 1. Floyd Mayweather. 2.Lebron James. 3.Jon Jones. 4.Chris Brown. 5. Terry Crews
remember when Chris Brown got beat up by Frank Ocean
*** Chris Brown & Soulja beefin, Trump is about to be inaugurated & now Nicki Minaj dumped Meek Mill.. 2017 abt to be cr…
Chris Brown training for his fight against Soulja Boy
Soulja Boy vs. Chris Brown, Drake retiring Back To Back, Childish Gambino and Chance working on new music, TUNE in 🔌. http…
Chris Brown is not here for Soulja Boy bringing up his daughter
Orlando Brown should be commentary of the Soulja Boy vs Chris Brown boxing match
Chris Brown can go head and release this though. 👂🏾
Chris Brown baby moms really is an example of women who see children as a golden ticket instead of a kid. I hate it.
if Celebrity Death Match still aired the I just know the Chris Brown vs Soulja Boy episode would've been golden
Last meeting at the Keepmoat 16/3/2013. 1 Portsmouth 1. Chris Brown scored for , Jed Wallace for Pompey.
50 Cent talks about setting up the Soulja Boy and Chris Brown fight 😭😭😭 says Soulja Boy need to stop apologizing and bring b…
Chris Brown is the ONLY and RIGHT person for the job to lay hands on Soulja Boy. He will do it the clean way. Show up, r…
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This whole Chris Brown and Soulja Boy beef is exhausting. It's like they're doing it as a publicity stunt, so *** annoying🙄
It's like the whole world is picking on Chris Brown
Chris Brown is writing his own fatal attraction episode fam lol
Troy Ave sextape . Chris Brown smoking squares . Soulja Boy a piru. Orlando Brown best rapper in the game . 3 days into 2017
Soulja Boy GOONS just posted a video getting at Chris Brown 💀💀
Lil Bibby got $30,000 on Chris Brown beating up Soulja Boy in a fight
I really want Chris Brown to invest in an ash tray. He be pulling the *** out of that nicotine.
Chris Brown and Soulja Boy are the same person to me. Two lame rich *** looking for validation from hood ***
Chris Brown has anger management issues. He always will. People don't change. They just learn to hide things better with age.
.has accepted boxing match challenge 🥊. Call up
DC Young Fly on the Chris Brown and Soulja Boy beef 😂
Chris Brown is not playing with Soulja Boy 👀
Breaking News: Chris Brown has won the battle, I repeat, Chris Brown has won.
My TL is full of this Soulja Boy, Chris Brown stuff 🙄 I'll be back tomorrow
The 2017 has barely started and chris brown certainly has already won savage of the year
Hamilton Collection
Chris Brown smashed all Karrueche's friends and had a baby on her. But expects her to forgive him because he screamed…
The men defending Chris Brown sound just as abusive as he is.. Then again, abusers tend to defend one another & enable e…
Soulja Boy just signed his death certificate after he brought up Chris Brown daughter...
Karruche was successful before Chris Brown. All he did was introduce her to a bigger audience." https:…
Now I do think Chris Brown is a punk for beating women and does have some serious issues, but I truly believe he would dest…
I got one more. Orlando Brown, Soulja Boy and Chris Brown show we need to take mental health seriously as Black men. ht…
Bruh... Chris Brown cold blooded ... after getting Soulja Boy checked and almost robbed in his own hood.. Chris says he s…
well Chris brown shouldn't even care because he got more money then Soulja and still making hits
Kim kardashian, Ray J, Chris brown, and Soulja Boy are feels like 2007 more than 2017😳😂😁
Soulja Boy getting mugged?Why does he have beef with Chris Brown over Karrueche?Why is he taking so many L's It's only the beginning of 2017
Chris Brown, Soulja Boy, and Orlando all need to squash it and collab on some help
Soulja Boy homies got spray paint. Chris Brown homies got AK's... that's not even a beef.
Chris Brown is not accepting Soulja Boy's apology and is ready to set up fight with him 👀😳😳
Chris Brown reacts to Soulja Boy getting robbed on instagram live lmfaoo "God bless you" 😭😂
Plot Twist... the guy Soulja Boy tried to hug and got mushed was this guy w/ the smiley face on his shirt in this video C…
*** I guess that ends all the discussion about who connected Chris Brown or Big Soulja. Same dude from Chris brown vide…
Soulja Boy went to his hood to try and prove his point to Chris Brown and this happened...😂😂
yo KeKe turning into Angela Bassett "Listen to Keke Palmer speak on Chris Brown:
if you didnt know who Kalamari was before Chris Brown
Any woman that is team Chris Brown doesn't love herself .
Chris Brown hit a woman 10 years ago and y'all still hate em with a passion. I don't think Rihanna hate Chris Brown as…
Chris Brown and Soulja Boy are fighting over Karrueche Tran on Social Media
Chris Brown is not accepting Soulja Boy's apology 👀
Why is Joe Mixon playing? I say we should let Chris Brown play quarterback since Sean White isn't coming back
Soulja Boy has accepted Chris Brown's boxing challenge and wants Adrien Broner to set it up 😱
Chris Brown has said his boxing match with Soulja Boy will be for Charity.
If Cocaine gives Chris Brown the ability to do spinning flip kicks like Chun Li then y'all really doing the wrong drugs
Karrueche scarred Chris Brown, for real. You can tell. Any woman that can make you react like that, still got your heart in…
A lot of women don't even know what actual love from a man looks like tbh. To them, what Chris Brown is doing is the pinnac…
Chris Brown really ain't start this one with Kellogg' was all her
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ravage: Cause severe and extensive damage to. Coachella. Chris Brown. Sir Ivan Rogers. Ramsey
Lmao so Soulja called Chris Brown.2017 begins with barbeques and chickens tryna back out after talking gangster
Really wanna mute everything related to Chris Brown and Soulja Boy forever.
Chris Brown knew he wanted a reaction out of that girl, and now he got one, and now he all "nobody was talking to you"
Chris Brown the only *** on Earf that manages to be right and wrong at the same time
I think it's safe to safe that Chris Brown will beat Soulja Boy ***
Chris Brown challenged Soulja Boy to three rounds in the ring 😱
When Soulja Boy and Chris Brown meet up to fight
Soulja Boy don't want no problem with Chris Brown. Breezy dgaf about nobody but his daughter lol
Got $20 on Chris Brown who got their money on Soulja
Should I partake in watching this Soulja Boy and Chris Brown mess?🤔
Chris Brown vs. Soulja Boy in first celebrity feud of 2017
*** you must've forgot Chris Brown not no ordinary lightskin *** he got Darkskin *** ways bruh
Yall Trey and Chris Brown just be walkin roun Southpark Mall like its nothin lol
Welp Soulja Boy about to drop at least 4 songs about Chris Brown and guns
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Remember when Chris Brown came home from jail looking like the Pillsbury doughboy
Can we all take a moment to congratulate Karrueche for not going back to Chris Brown in 2016... A win for all of us. https…
For him chilling with Chris Brown in his studio n record with him n go on europian tour with him he is the bestes 😍😍
Didn't Chris Brown do that before, was it Wendy Williams set?
it's sad how people call Ariana a *** and are still upset over donuts. but meanwhile Chris Brown still has a thriving c…
cassidy tryna dance like Chris Brown
That would be cool if Chris Brown made an album called . As the sequel to his debut but with only Scott Storch produc…
95. Lil Mama - Shawty Get Loose (Remix) (feat. Chris Brown & T-Pain). - if they played this at the club I would get so hype…
theplugformusic: Chris Brown, Gucci Mane & Usher in the same music video 👀🔥
Somebody need to send Ray Rice, Chris Brown, Ike Turner and Greg Hardy after this wanch! . iheartmiko's video
2017 looks like it will be a CBE Year finally. Sevyn Streeter, Chris Brown & Joelle James all dropping in the same year!!…
when Chris Brown jumped on songs and made them his.
TBH women that dont see Chris Brown as the toxic abuser, that he is, concern me. I pray they never have to encounter an abu…
Chris Brown that ex who will only leave your girl alone if you beat his *** or he beats yours lmao
Yall stay tryna paint Chris Brown as some misunderstood little boy instead of the abusive, controlling grown *** man that…
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