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Chris Brown

Christopher Maurice Chris Brown (born May 5, 1989) is an American singer, songwriter, dancer, actor.

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Chris Brown is on that list??? Devin you're doing amazing sweetie.
Now playing on Jacket Radio: New Flame (ft. Usher and Rick Ross) - Chris Brown
Chris Brown has destroyed his nose. Soon he'll have the same nose as Daniella Westbrook 😯
If y'all REALLY listened to Rihanna AND Chris Brown's music, they've literally been telling us what happened for YEARS. https:…
Chris Brown predicting everyone's going to win a ten fold this weekend! 🙏
Its so mad. Chris Brown singing just like me on "Whatever you need" ***
Audio: What has Chris Brown done to upset Rihanna fans? has more on 4
Gucci Mane and Chris Brown turn up in the video for "Tone It Down." Watch:
Listen to New Flame - Chris Brown ft. Usher & Rick Ross Cover by Rijen Shrestha on
I'm actually OFFENDED that my Frank Ocean Pandora station started playing Chris Brown!
Stop saying Chris Brown better than Frank Ocean 2k17
I remember when Chris Brown first released his album, I had to get that cowboy belt buckle. I still got it😭😭😭
I woke up as your friend. Afrojack - As Your Friend (feat. Chris Brown)
July 21st was the 7 Year Anniversary of Chris Brown (Feat. Tyga & Kevin McCall)
When Law and Order SVU made that episode about Chris Brown, his entire fanbase was ready to square up with Olivia Benson.
This question was inspired by Wendy's Show: . Would you date Chris Brown?
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You don't have the right to judge. I'm sure he got help so whatever. Live ur life and stop hate on Chris Brown
LMAOOO @ Charles Manson being considered a better artist than Chris Brown.
The only other song-book connection is Birdsong and All Back by Chris Brown
This *** said "Chris Brown, Wendy Williams all these men". I just slapped all my files on the floor. I can't.I can't
35) Chris Brown : With you - This is a CLASSIC, i still bump this 💯
Dave East and Chris Brown serenade the ladies on "Perfect.” Listen:
"But Depp/Casey Affleck/Woody Allen/Chris Brown are talented so I'll support them" nah
Chris Brown jokes really be pissing me off. 😂😂
Jamming to Chris Brown on the Victoria Clipper. Watch out Victoria, this ratchet *** is coming to ya.
That one time we had cause a Micheal Jackson/Chris Brown argument last year.a time
Lil Yachty and Dj Khaled get nominated for generic videos but Chris Brown doesnt get any for "party" & "privacy"???
Chris Brown has duets with Micheal Jackson & Aaliyah and they both are deceased.
I'm lowkey sad about Chris Brown's trajectory.. Based on artist talent, he was actually supposed to be The Micheal Jackson of our Generation
Paul Mooney said Chris Brown was fearing from his life in the Rihanna situation & she deserved to get her asswhipped cuz it was self-defense
Can you play something other than Chris Brown
Same way it supported Woody Allen, and Roman Polanski and Chris Brown and Ray Lewis and Dr. Dre...
VA has Pharrell . VA has Missy Elliot. VA has Chris Brown. VA has Trey Songz. VA has Arthur Ashe. VA has George Patton a…
Chris Brown's closet is bigger than my entire house 😂😂😞
Hey we need a celebrity death match free for all- R. Kelly & Casey Affleck vs. Chris Brown & Johnny Depp.
Chris Brown - New Flame ft. Usher, Rick Ross listen, like, share at
They wont tho. You're talking about people who still book Chris Brown and defended Cosby. They dont care about us.
And since we're canceling R. Kelly, why not add to the list also:. 1. Chris Brown. 2. Rick Ross. 3. Kodak Black. 4. CeeLo Green
You know who else might wind up with a cult someday? Chris Brown. Charlie Sheen. Mel Gibson. Bill Cosby. Donald Tru…
Celebrities really be weird af. You can get ANY woman you want. Chris Brown chooses to stalk one and R.Kelly wants nothin…
We're Taking Azealia Banks out of the canceled list and replacing her with R.Kelly along with Chris Brown and Steve…
Paul Mooney speaking on the Chris Brown and Rihanna situation is still one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard.
Chris Brown shoulda put me or Rick Ross on Privacy 🖐🏽📖
Future, Ty Dolla $ign, Young Thug, Chris Brown, Rick Ross, and Lil Uzi Vert will all be on Meek Mill's album "Wins and Los…
Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor supposed to fight next month and I'm still waiting on Chris Brown and Soulja Boy t…
Chris Brown is literally the sexiest thing I've ever seen 👅👅👅
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Looking for a song (not on SoundCloud) and if it's a trash remix ft Chris Brown, then what is it when ft Lil BooBooMix or whoever🚮
y'all hate Chris Brown, which is warranted, but seem to have no problem supporting Emma Roberts
VIRGINIA has Trey Songz . VIRGINIA has Chris Brown . VIRGINIA has Athletes. VIRGINIA has Wawa. *** . VIRGINIA started thi…
1. Chris Brown | y'all knew lil baby was gone be first.
Chris Brown dying in Stomp the Yard took me OUT when I saw it in the theater
Candy Shop by 50cent. Take you down by Chris Brown
VA has Pharrell . VA has Pusha T. VA has Chris Brown. VA has Allen Iverson. VA has Mike Vick. VA has Kam Chancellor. VA has Miss…
3 women in the US die a day from partner abuse and y'all still Stan for Johnny Depp and Chris Brown. 💩
Merqury pls play me don't judge by Chris Brown
Chris Brown's music makes me want to shake my ***
If Forever by Chris Brown doesn't make you want to dance, I'm pretty sure nothing ever will.
*** telling me Janet Jackson, Drake & Chris Brown are more talented than Sammy Davis, Stevie Wonder & Hazel Scott
If we can't sing old Chris Brown together you're def not the one lol
How girls hate Kodak but love Chris Brown???
Listening to Do You Mind [Explicit] by DJ Khaled feat. Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, August Alsina, Jeremih, Future & Rick Ross, on my Echo!
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"The girl is mine feat Quavo and Chris Brown" LMAOO
Listen to (feat. Chris Brown, Siya and Sage The Gemini) by Tank on
North boys coach Danny Gibson is now the new head coach at New Albany, replacing Chris Brown.
No air by Jordan Sparks and Chris Brown is a classic that cannot be matched don't @ me
Next 2 you ~ Chris Brown ft Justin Bieber after a fat J is zee best 🎧
Crissle : what is it I just saw R. Kelly & Chris Brown & somebody else released a single?. Kid Fury: called what? "…
Future and Chris Brown some savages in their brand new video for "Pie"
Offset on Chris Brown feud: 'He don't want no smoke'
What Redbone would sound like if it came out in 2009 & you're listening to it in Chris Brown's lamborghini while he's a…
Kodak a rapist and Chris Brown beats women and y'all praising them, but SZA has consensual sex and you're judging her? Tak…
Offset speaks on the Chris Brown altercation "Ain't No Beef, *** don't want no smoke". Via TMZ
Been jamming Chris Brown x Ray J all day. Love the songs!
I Listened to Chris Brown and Ray J’s Mixtape so You Don’t Have To:
Natalia Kills was an *** one time & y'all never forgave her but still accept jerks like Ed Sheeran and Chris Brown?…
I added a video to a playlist Migos tries to fight Joe Budden and Chris Brown after interview!
Y'all still Chris Brown & Trey Songz fans?? In 2017? Come on sis when you gon get tired of the same three beats and two h…
Chris Brown needs to fix his life. It's dilapidated. I didn't want to mention him because Bill Cosby blocked me
I got mad respect for Chris Brown, that *** can do everything, rap, sing, ball, dance. That *** could've made it in s…
Wonder if Chris Brown paying this gal to defend him like this
Chris Brown love life and music career is a mess. His biopic gonna be so dope lol
Get Like Me | David Banner ft. Chris Brown, Young Joc | Chris was out there doing his thing.
I want to thank Meek Mill, Migos, Chris Brown, Joe Budden and everyone involved for embarrassing Black Men this weekend. Good job ***
A different angle of the altercation between the Migos and Chris Brown at the
Karrueche got restraining order against Chris Brown and this *** is poplocking just 40 feet away from her
Another actually shows chris brown was not doing anything...the MIGOS are mess
Chris Brown music don't sound the same mfs be hating lol
Chris Brown could kill a child and his stans would still say "y'all just some haters"
This *** Chris brown can dance , sing , paint , rap etc .. *** he can't do 😭
& Chris brown absolutely LOST IT on stage while performing his song.
I finally got the footage of what started the fight between Migos, Chris Brown, and Joe Budden!! It was Chris's fault.
Chris Brown is the level of unbothered i need to be.
Also u r a fan of chris brown so killing babies is terrible but beating women is o…
Migos hit Joe Budden and Chris Brown in the same night. That's like 2 grand slams in the same inning.
Dont let Migos and Chris Brown lil fight distract you from the fact that Mr.Krabs sold Spongebob's soul for 62 cents
I heard this was the reason migos and chris brown was bout to fight at don't quote me on it tho
Chris Brown and Future are onto something 👀🔥
So... karrueche , Chris Brown and Quavo all in the same building... . Wendy Williams home like: .
Chris brown could be 100 feet away from a fight & yall will be like. "He still fighting over karate. He's a stalker with a ment…
The Migos had time for Chris Brown and Joe Budden at the
Trey Songz backstage watching Chris Brown dance and sing better than him
Aye, what ever happened to that Chris Brown vs. Soulja Boy boxing match?
Chris brown is the Dwight howard of R&B
Literally Chris Brown has had 0 growth as an artist or a person. It's time to leave him behind.
Chris Brown been making the same song since 2009 and y'all still support him
Chris Brown is a crack head and a acrobat. As close to wolverine as you will get in real life.
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Y'all know Chris Brown had nothing to do with Joe Budden and Migos "fight" 😂😂😂 yall always make this man the villain
Chris Brown had absolutely nothing to lose, why would you fight a man like that? Lmao
Chris Brown way in the background in the green pants. BET Awards are just a reincarnation on the Source Awards.
They almost got Chris Brown too, allegedly.
Future - Pie Feat. Chris Brown via Chris Brown went *** this song! Seen the video love it
Chris Brown and Migos getting into it
Chris Brown is undeniably one of the most talented artist in the business but his behavior outside of performing is a…
Good to see that they let Chris Brown out of the Betty Ford Center for his performance. His thighs are looking mighty thick.
Only (feat. Drake, Lil Wayne & Chris Brown) by Nicki Minaj is on iTunes rap songs chart.
Glen Lewis & Nina bout to cross over to LA find out about BET Awards and why Chris Brown and Migos got into a fight listen now
Chris Brown is thee best performer. And Jamie Foxx dancing to Mask Off is all I need to end this night.
Video of Chris Brown trying to fight Quavo of Migos over Karrueche .. more footage at
ion know about all yal... but im gone always love Chris Brown. I honestly don't care what y'all say.
Rihanna has been with Chris Brown, Matt Kemp, Travis Scott, Leonardo DiCaprio, Drake. and she is *** near 30. THAT…
I feel like no one understand my love for Chris Brown 🤤 featured in NBC s Science of Love
Chris Brown is the most talented performer alive.
Like they say, all these girls hate Chris Brown, then he dances his way back into their hearts every award show.
Chris Brown the best performer besides Micheal Jackson don't @ me
Chris Brown is out here burning the floor with those moves 🔥
Chris Brown just somewhat saved the show a little bit
Chris Brown has been giving us these laser tag betty spaghetti performances since 2008
Chris Brown is the greatest performer alive. Idc.
B*tch please, fugly Chris Brown is Michael Jackson's servant boy. Michael Jackson has more charisma, and commanding god like presence than CB, and better music. You jealous CB stans that come here getting threatened because your tin idol never had a "hit" (pardon the pun) and can't compare to an electric platinum god. Michael Jackson is forever the immortal King of Dance, music, Innovative creativity, and humanitarian causes. Michael slays your favs Deal with it!
Getting tired of people saying I look like Chris Brown
Chris Brown telling the story of what REALLY happened the night he hit Rihanna 🤔
Yo (Excuse Me Miss) | Chris Brown | Back when Chris Brown was trying to get at Erica Mena all while dancing and krumpin.…
Chris Brown - Privacy (Explicit Version) We need to hit 40 million views today!! 200k left only 🙏🙏
Best Love Song by T-Pain ft Chris Brown used to be my ish
Chris Brown took wizkid on tour in 2016. Future's taking wizkid on tour 2017. You need to come closer and let this wizkid…
Whatever you need- Meek Mill ft.Chris Brown and Ty Dolla Sign. 😏🙌
Jhené Aiko - Hello Ego (Lyric Video) ft. Chris Brown video by and my oldest Cam!
Jhene Aiko and Chris Brown do no wrong together
Jhene Aiko I love you, but please stop making music with Chris Brown
Chris Brown's finessing all of his finishes (via
Heather Schmidt and Chris Brown hitting it out of the ballpark in their video session!
Thank you Heather Marie Brown and Chris Brown for the lovely thank you card and thank you again for asking me to...
Usher said "if you're a Chris Brown fan, you felt everything he went through" THE *** TRUTH 😭💯
Melissa,Mya and Chris Brown with their new Ford Edge.Rick Pennington as their salesman! We appreciate your Business!
Do you know what they say about Chris Brown's music?. It beats Rihanna's.
I added a video to a playlist Run It - Chris Brown / Shawn Choreography
Karrueche Tran gets 5-year restraining order against Chris Brown after testifying about abuse
A reminder of how terrible of a person Chris Brown is. *Trigger Warning*
Chris Brown's Show off music video shows South African Police Vehicle
Chris Brown gets high on that chyna white and turns into Ike Turner. 🌚
WHAT IF ...Soulja Boy vs Chris Brown was the opening fight for Mayweather vs McGregor
Weird I keep getting messages from Chris Brown and Bruno Mars about downloading their music but I don't know how legit it is?
Bruh the way these ppl try and drag Karrueche for get a restraining order on Chris Brown is crazy asf
My photo of Chris Brown performing at Philips Arena is featured in this article. . (My friend Scott Legato also...
Remember when Chris Brown and Soulja Boi were supposed to fight? Two rich *** *** living in the same city with open s…
Why do people treat her like she murdered their family but Chris Brown gets a free pass
She and Mason Betha were the highlights of my night. Chris Brown for her. . . . . . .
. "Ain't no other girls in mind. It's me and you baby. I love you.". ㅡ You Changed Me ft. Chris Brown // Jamie Foxx
Chris Brown and Jordin Sparks sang their complete *** off in No Air.
Please do not support Chris Brown and his horrific actions. People shrugging off his abuse is why more women don't…
Chris Brown discusses his music at documentary premier in Los Angeles: via
So no one excuses Chris Brown's behavior but Johnny Depp, Mel Gibson, Woody Allen, and Danny Masterson are all in the clear?
white people rightfully bashing Chris Brown and Cosby but not John Lennon/Casey Affleck/Sean Penn/Woody Allen/etc
And some people still like Chris Brown. a shame
Why not Charlie Sheen or Sean Penn or Nicolas Cage or John Lennon? But y'all can hop on the slander Chris Brown bandwagon like it's nothing
06-09 Chris Brown pines for ex Karrueche Tran and apologises in...
Look at Chris Brown being humble lol he know he'd beat our Queen in a dance off 😂
Crazy that Chris Brown can beat a woman n STILL have a successful career; meanwhile, Kathy griffin's is over hm interesting
Chris Brown is scum and will always be scum for multiple reasons
NO ONE is condoning what Chris Brown did but Johnny Depp and Christian Bale aren't getting reports…
Why is Chris Brown still a famous icon?😒
Chris Brown documentary was serious nut humorous, I'm so glad I went to see it
It's like saying Chris Brown is better than Michael Jackson.
Chris Brown was joined by Diddy, Jhené Aiko, & his daughter Royalty at the premiere of "Welcome to My Life"
I'm so excited about this chris brown movie😩
1. You just committed sin by comparing lil B to chris brown. 2. That's cool the song still trash
Chris Brown said he has Lil Wayne on a couple tracks. but the rest of the album is just him since he can carry his own tor…
Listen to 'Welcome To My Life' - the theme for his documentary of the same name feat/
Don't even come for Chris brown before the whole Rihanna issue( I had to step away from him) I used to cry and fantasize about our wedding
Chris Brown is a crack head. Argue with your mother not me.
Me every time Chris Brown releases a new song:
Update your maps at Navteq
They still think they are looking at Run It, Kiss Kiss & Wall to Wall Chris Brown
Chris Brown's movie is out today and it's playing 1 time here 😭💀💀
Just bought tickets to see Chris Brown's Documentary tonight 😂✊🏼💗
I wish y'all would keep Roro out of your thread on "why we should all hate Chris Brown"
I'm the type of person to play Gucci mane, Arctic Monkeys, Chris Brown, The Beatles, and Hozier all in the same car ri…
Chris Brown haters today entering the movie theaters to see documentary.
I can't be friends with someone that stans tf out of Chris Brown.. actual trash.
Kurkjian: What it feels like to get hit by a pitch
In honor of Chris Brown's new movie coming out tonight here is what he did to Rihanna and why no ammount of musical talent…
fuvk a Soulja Boy and Chris Brown fight we NEED to see Fisher and Matt Barnes 12 rounds 3 mins each bare knuckles 😂 htt…
Less than 24 hours and is out in theatres nationwide. ❤️.
I really wanna see Chris brown documentary 😫
June 8, don't miss Chris Brown: Welcome to my life. Show starts at 7:30 PM. Get tickets:…
Chris Brown is one more girlfriend away from being Oscar Pistorius
Remember when we ended Kathy Griffin's career for a satirical photo but allowed Chris Brown his singing career after he beat Rihanna?
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Forgotten but still good songs:. Africa-karl wolf. Bow Chicka wow wow. Don't let me fall-BOB. Dreamer-Chris Brown. Hall of Fame. I'm just a kid
Mills Center for Contemporary Music co-director Chris Brown is encouraging people to protest administration's plan to fir…
Your WCW claims to be a feminist but she still supports Chris Brown's music career
107.5 just followed 2Pac with Chris Brown and I actually got mad 😂
Run It [produced by Scott Storch] - Chris Brown ft. Nicki Minaj Listen Live at
So Kathy Griffin's career is considered gone after a political photo but Chris Brown still has a career after the poli…
Chris Brown is a better singer than Michael Jackson. Might even be a better dancer. This is not up for debate.
Iowa grad part of team behind Chris Brown film - Mason City Globe Gazette
Chris Brown got stalkers showing up at his house! 👀
Ken how long it just took me to find a song that Chris Brown featured in, finally 😂😂
Just remembered that Mamach had a Bow Wow and Chris Brown poster in her room when we were younger lol
In 2-3 years Chris Brown will be Bow Wow, his new music is trash and will only be relevant because of the music he made when…
Chris Brown singing try a little tenderness still makes me wet
Chris Brown listening to Bryson Tiller's "Self-Made" on his InstaStory.
Chris Brown gotta stop playin' and drop this🔥
Imagine a song with Chris Brown, Trey Songz, and Bryson Tiller...
i read thru this girl comments. she really upset folks asking for receipts on Chris Brown and that she was reaching. lmao. i cant.
95% of Chris Brown songs sound the same tbh
Sometimes you can support a person's artform or what they do but not them as a person. . Like me with Chris Brown and Floyd Mayweather.
Apart from Ariana Grande, Chris Brown, Sia, Selena Gomez,. . which of my siblings do you know??. ^^^
Chris Brown hosts birthday pool party for daughter Royalty
One is Drake's,One is Chris Brown's one is Kerron Gomez's
Check it out, from Usher, Ne-Yo, Craig David, Mariah Carey, John Legend, Chris Brown and much more,…
📷| Ariana has reportedly invited Selena Gomez, Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea, Jennifer Hudson and Chris Brown for her benefit conce…
2nd youngin flip was just as iconic as Chris Brown's for March Madness. I am beyond proud. 😥
I was in Paris this time last year seeing Chris Brown 😭😭😭😭 how depressing
David Beckham is a Taurus. George Clooney is a Taurus. Adele is a Taurus. Chris Brown is a Taurus . Queen Elizabeth is…
Just like Rhiannon did with Chris Brown she said she loved him and wanted to s…
Travis Scott is a TAURUS . Chris Brown is a TAURUS . Adele is a TAURUS . Cam Newton is a TAURUS . Malcolm X is a TAURUS. Cher is…
How many of y'all actually think Chris Brown can sell out Stadium Tour with around 45,000 crowd per Venue?
Chris Brown attended the cloning center as a REM driven clone of himself @ Donald Marshall .
Chris Brown - "Privacy" | Nicole Kirkland Choreography . via dancing like this rn. charot. wala bang guys?
Chris Brown feat Usher and Rick Ross - New Flame on
Also here is Chris Brown's insane flip to end the concert!
3 more days till I get to see Chris Brown 🤤🤤🤤
Chris Brown went to jail,got banned from radio & tv,lost everything & is still paying his dues,and people be like "he hasn…
Chris Brown is dead & was replaced by a look alike: a conspiracy theory thread
when Chris Brown first went blonde. 😍
Jade Chynoweth - Chris Brown - Privacy - Nicole Kirkland choreography this is why I love jade😭😭
We're gonna get The King Blues, Moose Blood, Lostprophets, Chris Brown's music taken down too then huh?
Chris Brown about to announce a U.K. Tour
Just watch and enjoy... Chris Brown - "Privacy" | Nicole Kirkland Choreography (immaSPACE Versio...
*Chris Brown at 87 on his death bed*. His fans: He's still young and learning. Don't judge him.
Nah never, Chris Brown is a dam legend. Theres only 1 CB, Bryson cant act, dance or anything like CB
its deadass true what Usher said, if you truly love Chris Brown you've felt everything he's dealt with, im so ready to see this…
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Chris Brown, Nas, Meek Mill, Quavo and more are featured on "Just Another Mixtape 7" hosted by
vampires Eric and Pam are the best. And Lafayette (although I unfollowed the actor for RT'ing Chris Brown).
Y'all here blaming Chris Brown for things that he don't did, trying make him look like a monster.. and the real monster he…
Waiting for this Chris Brown album to drop already like..
Chris Brown and Yeezy really out here giving talentless *** like Karrueche and Amber Rose careers and w/o receiving a single thank you
Chris Brown is just my absolute favourite
Slim Thug salutes Souljah Boy and Chris Brown for taking beef to boxing ring instead of streets .
The award for best hook of all time goes to. Chris Brown "waves"
Chris Brown in the studio making the same song for the 40th time
Karrueche will be testifying on Chris Brown allegedly kicking her down a flight of stairs, punching her and giving her death…
Sean Kingston, Chris Brown, Michael Jackson was his inspiration since he was little and so much more black artists but yep…
Imagine buying a "men are trash" shirt from someone who loves Chris Brown 🤔
I love Omar for getting me Chris Brown tickets, literally been dreaming to see Chris in concert for years.
If Chris Brown is featured in your song it's automatically a hit.
Lmfaooo drunk girls at sunfest think i look like chris brown
Best show ive ever been to was a Chris Brown concert, he puts on an awesome show!!
Why would chris brown only put his movie out for one day instead of a whole weekend. I really want to see that movie.
I would do anything, literally anything to go see chris brown😍😩..
Me and are binge watching Chris brown music videos getting hype for this concert 🤘🏽
Chris Brown has been served with Karrueche Tran's temporary restraining order papers...On his birthday:
Chris Brown has been making the same music since he abused Rihanna
Karrueche served Chris Brown restraining order papers on his birthday 😂 I want to be this petty one day 💀💀💀
3rd of all I'm single af. I'd never flex like the *** just be stalking me but he's the dark skinned version of Chris brown ...
karrueche served chris brown with a restraining order on his birthday?? MY GIRL.
*** Chris Brown 28. He been in the spotlight since 15, sheesh
Chris Brown got Served with Karrueche Restraining Order today which is his birthday. Karrueche is a savage
My Last 7 Day: Just Rocked Chris Brown Concert, Dropped a song with E40! & Ty dolla sign, did a ABC special today and on BET…
You're a liar if you say you didn't sing along to No Air and pretend that chris brown was your crush singing with you
yugyeom: can we please listen to something chris brown?. jinyoung: cAn WE pLeeEeEEaaAASsE LisTEN tO soMEtHinG El…
Did anybody ever watch the perfect match? If so, on a scale of 1 to Chris brown, how garbage is it? Will I be wasting my time? 🤔
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I'm seeing the Chris brown movie June 8th🤘🏼🔥
Chris Brown is officially 28 today! ! Thank you for being one of the most influential artists of the…
Chris Brown received Karrueche's restraining order paperwork as he left his birthday party:
Chris Brown's bday weekend is off to an unfortunate start .
Chris Brown really think he likes this song more than me and it's upsetting me
My pic with Chris Brown, Mac Powell, and Dave Ramsey at…
At the Leigh Park Polling Station with Damien Stone representing Chris Brown and The Labour Party
Chris Brown pulled off a front flip while performing "Mask Off" with Future last night in Atlanta. 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Chris Brown told his fans back in 2012 that he doesn't want y'all listening to leaked music before the album... AND YALL STILL LISTEN.
Joe Budden said. "Chris Brown is working on having better results this time, it's gonna be more fire on this album, and be…
Chris Brown hit some wild dance moves in Atlanta when he brought out Future to perform "Mask Off.". See the footage:
Hi Reba. Mail from Waikiki Beach. Dear Pee, I was born in the year of the apple. Goodbye, Chris Brown.
*** this *** knows what he want I thought to myself. The Dj was playing Deop it Low by Ester Dean ft Chris Brown
Justin Beiber, Chris Brown ,and the Weeknd will take over your track
Chris Brown is giving us a double album
Like can we take a minute to appreciate that Chris Brown's about to drop 40 songs. That's essentially four full albums.…
Chris Brown's new album is set to have 40 tracks
Chris Brown's new album "Heartbreak On A Full Moon" will be a double album with 40 songs:
Chris Brown's documentary is coming to theaters in June
Chris Brown is dropping a double album
Remember when Chris Brown thought there was a dance battle going on at his concert but it was really a shooting https:…
Chris Brown has his own documentary releasing in theaters
thanks for all your questions. This week we will let you know where you can watch Chris Brown's answers to se…
This would be a summer anthem if they replaced Justin Beiber with Chris Brown
Remember when we saw Ricky from Eastenders with Chris Brown.. THIS TOPS IT!
this is up there with the Ricky Butcher/Chris Brown pic 😂
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