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Chris Brown

Christopher Maurice Chris Brown (born May 5, 1989) is an American singer, songwriter, dancer, actor.

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Chris Brown pulled off a front flip while performing "Mask Off" with Future last night in Atlanta. 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Chris Brown told his fans back in 2012 that he doesn't want y'all listening to leaked music before the album... AND YALL STILL LISTEN.
Joe Budden said. "Chris Brown is working on having better results this time, it's gonna be more fire on this album, and be…
Chris Brown hit some wild dance moves in Atlanta when he brought out Future to perform "Mask Off.". See the footage:
Hi Reba. Mail from Waikiki Beach. Dear Pee, I was born in the year of the apple. Goodbye, Chris Brown.
*** this *** knows what he want I thought to myself. The Dj was playing Deop it Low by Ester Dean ft Chris Brown
Justin Beiber, Chris Brown ,and the Weeknd will take over your track
Chris Brown is giving us a double album
Like can we take a minute to appreciate that Chris Brown's about to drop 40 songs. That's essentially four full albums.…
Chris Brown's new album is set to have 40 tracks
Chris Brown's new album "Heartbreak On A Full Moon" will be a double album with 40 songs:
Chris Brown's documentary is coming to theaters in June
Chris Brown is dropping a double album
Remember when Chris Brown thought there was a dance battle going on at his concert but it was really a shooting https:…
Chris Brown has his own documentary releasing in theaters
thanks for all your questions. This week we will let you know where you can watch Chris Brown's answers to se…
This would be a summer anthem if they replaced Justin Beiber with Chris Brown
Remember when we saw Ricky from Eastenders with Chris Brown.. THIS TOPS IT!
this is up there with the Ricky Butcher/Chris Brown pic 😂
Like that random one of Ricky from Eastenders with Chris Brown
This is the single best photo of all time, better than Ricky from Eastenders with Chris Brown
It's like Ricky from Eastenders chilling with Chris Brown 😩😭😭
Justin Bieber sounds like he's using the Chris Brown formula
I liked a video Chachi Gonzales from IaMmE at MWC Mondays - Chris Brown "Should've Kissed You" -
I'm gonna Chris Brown beat it cause she Michael Jackson bad 🎶
Is it fair to say Chris Brown is the Michael Jackson of our generation?
Chris Brown and Soulja Boy to fight in Vegas
wow takers is a good movie + it got all the sexy guys in it 😋🤤 . T.I, Chris Brown, Paul Walker and Michael Early 😍😍😛😛
See... Rick James was on drugs, but he still made quality music. . Chris Brown needs to take notes.
War Machine's conviction was a good thing. Christy Mack should have Chris Brown's job, if you want to set a precedent.
Chan Soonyoung and Minghao covered "privacy" by Chris Brown im shaking
Chris Brown and Fabolous Monday Night at Space Ibiza..Get your tickets now or wait in line like a chump
All this donald trump is just to distract us from the fact that Soulja Boy and Chris Brown never fought
Y'all listen to Chris Brown, Kodak Wack, and xxxTrashion. in 2017? Grow up
Hey I love you Nicole Sandidge She is suprized to hear from you teambreezy ànd Chris Brown
Get yourself someone that loves you as much as loves Forever by Chris Brown
mind yall Chris Brown hasn't even came on the stage yet 😹
Remember when Chris Brown did bits with Benny Benassi and dropped Beautiful People, what a belter🕺🏼
how can I hate Chris Brown but always be listening to his songs
"Nobody cares about what Chris Brown doing! Nobody will see this documentary." Really? 🤔
Listen to Chris Brown & Benny Benassi - Beautiful People by Abdelilah Khadraoui on
Chris Brown & Benny Benassi - Beautiful People. That summer tune you'll always love 🙌🏽💫
Chris Brown is a talented artist yes, but he is an abusive, sadistic and violent human first and no documentary will cover that up
Chris Brown saying that him being viewed as a public enemy made him depressed. Top tip: don't abuse women and the public will b nice 2 u :)
Say Goodbye // Chris Brown will never get old.. ever. 😍
I'll be in love with Chris Brown until he chins me
can't go wrong with some old Chris Brown in the morning.
MASKED BOOBY - DRY TORTUGAS. Chris Brown and I just completed the first of three Dry Tortugas trip this month. In...
Exactly. And thats just talking talent wise. Chris Brown is a top 10 all around entertainer of all time in my book…
Oh my god 😭😭 anybody who says Chris Brown isn't good probably lowkey still vibes to his music. I can't even ent…
Do u ever wonder how legendary Chris Brown would've been if he wasn't problematic? He can Sing, Draw, Rap, Dance, He is a Tale…
I can't wait to go to the Chris Brown Concert. May 2nd where you at? 😩
(Ottawa Sun):Photog says 'sucker punched' him at nightclub : Police in Florida are investigating..
Ready for Wale to drop this song with Chris brown 😭
Chris Brown is the most complete artist. 🙏🏾
Chris brown says theae girls aint loyal
NEWS resched for 4/23 to allow for Game 5 vs Maple Leafs
(Photo/Video) See the photo Chris Brown shared on his IG page
as Long as Chris brown gimmi a child and I get some child support in straight 😂💯
Wow, Chris Brown is as good as a painter as he is a singer/dancer.
Let's go see chris brown tomorrow lmao
See what Chris Brown made groupies do …
I really want to get Chris Brown tickets for my baby & I to the Party Tour 😩
Chris Brown has allegedly "sucker punched" a photographer who was taking pictures of him at a Tampa club. Photographer is pre…
Jungkook should cover a Chris Brown song, I reckon it will be amazeballs!😄
Chris Brown's Coming to Phx on May 15 w/ 50 Cent, Fabolous, More Stars! Tix on sale now:
Who's down to go see chris brown tomorrow in Jacksonville lmao
If you discredit Chris Brown's talent then that means youre discrediting the majority of artists, cause 99% have less tale…
Every Chris Brown song sounds the same
My birthday is on Monday and I'm Really tryna win the Chris Brown tickets
Do y'all really believe my boy Chris Brown Punched that photographer in Tampa?
Yo this ain't Demarcus this chris brown
We are actively investigating an incident involving R&B singer Chris Brown. Here's what happened...
the only reason I still listen to forever by Chris brown
Chris Brown is so talented it must be hard making the same song in 100 different way
Chris Brown accused of punching photographer in nightclub brawl (photos)
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If she was going against Chris Brown she woulda got beat
Chris Brown allegedly punched a photographer at a club in Tampa on Monday morning:
Just for my brothers, John David Hodge, Chris Brown. xx.
If Michael Jackson can get a pass.. Chris Brown can 😒
Somebody .. A 26 year old .. Just said "Chris Brown is the Michael Jackson of this generation" . Like bye you sound stupid
oh my god I saw Chris Brown, Floyd Mayweather, the hit the floor dancers and more 😌
Whatever happened to that boxing match between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy?
greetings to you the man with the double G please play loyal by Chris Brown for me... Thanks
feeling feelings like I'm Bryson Tiller like I'm Chris Brown like I'm Skizzy Mars like I'm Mac Miller
Chris Brown's new video has some really superb art direction... I really need to know who designed this 😍 htt…
I bet won't ever mess with the likes of Chris Brown, Floyd Mayweather or fifty cent. They have strength for women though.
Good Luck to Chris Brown in Wimborne who is a fantastic Candidate and will make a great County Councillor
you want something similar to when Chris Brown's music was laid back & chill? 'Oasis' by Crush is the perfect answer h…
Chris Brown hit Rihanna and did features with her later in life...Only other *** to do that was David Ruffin
I seriously hope from the bottom of my heart that Chris Brown gets help. He's clearly not mentally stable and I'm just ti…
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Chris Brown tribute to Sam Cooke at the "Fashion Rocks Concert", 2008.
Somebody tell Jessica to buy me tickets to see Chris Brown 😩
Text to win 2-VIP tickets to see Chris Brown with exclusive access and VIP treatment by texting the keyword to 96148
"No Filter" by Chris Brown dance choreography of gforce_jim ❤️ with the cutie 😍…
Listen to Hip-Hop Request on Only by Nicki Minaj ft. Chris Brown, Drake & Lil Wayne
Chris Brown's music can't go wrong but kid please don't get inspired by Chris Brown's personality, he's assaulted w…
I liked a video Ester Dean ft Chris Brown love suicide Lyrics
Chris Brown could kill a woman & his enabling *** fans would still be there defending his *** "ppl change!" "he's still g…
I'm so confused how does where we are going have to do with Chris Brown?
Niggamania 34 card: . 1. Chief Keef vs Lil Jay - Fight to the death match . 2. Chris Brown vs Soulja Boy - *** in...
Chingo Bling. Wiz Khalifa. Chris Brown . Future . These are the next concert on the list all tickets are finally in! 😀😘
When the Old Navy Catalog model, your uncle from jail, the Soca club Hypeman & Chris Brown's back up dancer all sho…
the things I would do to Chris Brown 😋😍
Sweet! Good double check on the right Chris Brown handle.
Say Goodbye by Chris Brown will always be a banger
Chris Brown performing Picture Me Rollin' in at Prudential Center 🎉 April 1st
Chris Brown during performance in the gym prudential center in Newark, NJ -, 01/04.
Zara Larsson called Chris Brown trash but only 5,000 people bought her album...
Just bumped into Chris Brown of the Bills repping his red and blue at *** s 🔴🔵
Me: "Wow I absolutely love Chris Brown and his voice.". Levi: "I've been told I sound a lot like Chris brown.". Me:
Jason D Lewis on Inspiration 8-10pm new Kendrick, Drake, Chris Brown, UK heat & more
Anthony Anderson on Chris Brown guest starring on Black-ish tonight.
y'all lying and blind if you don't find Chris Brown or Lucas Coly attractive 😩😩
if you tuned in "The Wendy Williams Show" you'll see that Wendy will talk about Chris Brown struggling and addiction.
Uuuugh! chris brown is on i just want him to go away
Chris Brown and I were complimenting each other in that photo actually!
there is no way possible I'm missing Chris Brown's concert this year, idec if I have to go alone, BYE
Shoutout to Kenya Barris, the writer of Blackish, and for being supportive of Chris Brown. The role was f…
Why people make a big deal out of Chris Brown being on "blackish"? Johnny Depp,Nicolas Cage and Woody Allen still do movie…
y'all i'm sitting next to these white ppl in this cafe and they talkin about how Chris Brown is the world's greatest RAPPE…
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Because people love asking Chris Brown, Ne-Yo, etc to do old school R&B songs but when its to buy them, y'all dont.
People been asking Chris Brown to do a full r&b album and according to producers & writers,next album will be full r&b. Ya…
All these people talking bout why chris brown on shutup yall president a pervert. the man made a mistake 8 yrs a…
Chris Brown is actually perfect for this episode.
Why is 'Black-Ish' working with serial abuser Chris Brown?
With you is once the the best chris brown songs ever.
Chris Brown was on Blackish and fans of the ABC sitcom aren't happy
IDC Chris brown is amazing... Like that man is music genius
Chris brown's "Micheal Jackson" tribute is and will always be historic
Honestly Chris Brown could be Bigger than Drake but that Rihanna holding him back
was great as always and chris brown was really funny I hope he comes back in the future.
If you don't get hype for T-Pains part in Kiss Kiss w Chris Brown then what you doin
Yall mad chris brown was on but yall dont mind tuning in every episode to watch terrence howard who has a past o…
Remember when Chris brown was on zack and cody
who wants to go to the Chris Brown concert with me next tuesday???
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Looks like somebody pulled out of Chris Brown's Party Tour - Miami…
Chris brown went crazy on that privacy
If you're too dense to understand the message being put together on tonight that needed Chris Brown then Blackish i…
Chris Brown. So tired of ya'll ignoring the fact he's a misogynist who has physically harmed multiple women and is just over…
Drake is only ahead commercially. Chris brown is miles ahead in terms of music/talent.
Reactions to Chris Brown's guest spot on 'Black-ish' were all over the map.
From 2009 until today,Chris Brown has been hated on and nothing has stopped him from being relevant/talented/successful! K…
Everything Drake is doing now, Chris Brown already did during the peak of his career in 2005-2008. Drake is in his peak ri…
People forget that Chris Brown was as huge as Justin Bieber during 2005-2008. Stop comparing CB to Drake.He already did wh…
I am truly happy Chris Brown is doing tv/ movies so people will give him chances to do something different!!
I don't hate Adrian Peterson, Ray Rice, Greg Hardy, Chris Brown, etc, or on their ability to earn. Just never going to be a supporter.
With You by Chris Brown will always be a jam
OMG 0_0. What them girls like - Ludacris ft. Chris Brown ft. Sean Garrett.
🎶 Science never goes out of style 🎶. Friday night at my house when Chris Brown & Ethan have control of YouTube.
2008 Chris Brown, Malcolm X, the dude who snitched on Aaron Hernandez, Denzel Washington as Malcolm X, DMV
Jeremih, Chris Brown, and Big Sean shoot a video for "I Think of You"
Chris Brown is back to work and doing something positive!
Drake and Kendrick ain’t even the same genre to me. They just both rap. It’s like comparing Ed Sheeran and Chris Brown c…
I agree but would put Chris Brown at and take out Travis Scott
Chris Brown links up with Konshens for "Bruk Off Yuh Back" Remix.
I liked a video from Chris Brown - Kriss Kross Choreography by: Hollywood
Chris Brown jumps on the remix to Konshens' dancehall hit "Bruk Off Yuh Back." Listen:
August alsina was born in September . Future doesn't know tomorrow. Mario isn't a game. Chris Brown is light skinned
have you seen the picture of Sid Owen getting lit with Chris Brown ? That's mad.
Chris Brown: there's never a right time .. . Me: TO Say Goodbye BUT WE KNOW THAT WE GOTTA GO OUR SEPARATE WAYSSS
Chris Brown: I don't see how you can hate from the outside of the club . Me: YOU CANT EVEN GET IN
Women bumping Kodak and Chris Brown is like me bumping some David Allen Coe!
August Alsina Jeremiah and Chris Brown, you know the chorus bout to be lit
David Guetta - Dangerous Part 2 (ft. Trey Songz, Chris Brown and Sam Martin) at by claudiu23
Tickets for Chris Brown with 50 Cent, Fabolous, O.T. Genasis & Kap G at Hampton Coliseum April 20 on sale NOW at…
All purpose parts banner
Como dice Chris Brown "Who said you cant find love in a club?" 😞❤️
lol seeing John Mayer, Maggie Rogers, Clean Bandit, Chris Brown and 50 cent all in April. Need to stop drunk buying concert tickets
U guys ever listen to Chris Brown radio on pandora
TMZ lies all the time about Chris Brown and today they lied about Auntie Fee saying she died and then changed their st…
So Candace done turned into Chris Brown now. Talking about…"I just wanna see you strip right now"…*pulls dollar out of wallet*
Come to my girl as a woman and Ima come to you as Chris Brown 😂😂
Kindly play "It Won't Stop" by Sevyn Streeter (ft. Chris Brown). Equally having fun this way on Bravo
Hey Guys :). Can you please check out my YouTube channel. I post video of Chris Brown every week. Hope you like and sub.
A painting I did two summers ago that was inspired by Chris Brown & Konfuzed 🎨
I would hit her with the meanest Ray Rice, Chris Brown, Bobby Brown, Falcon punch, Floyd Mayweather, Ike Turner combo f…
last night Chris Brown's stylist told me that he has watched the shooketh video and I didn't know how to tell her that's not…
I wanna live to see a collab of Jason Derulo, Usher, Ne-Yo & Chris Brown.
Sunday night there back! James Healey & Chris Brown. He'll sing your socks off
Photograph by Nickelback featuring Eminem by Luke Bryan featuring Chris Brown
Prince Royce has a song with Chris Brown and Chris sings like two lines in Spanish and hehehe
Next time Chris Brown is here I hope you self righteous ones treat Chris Brown like you tryna treat Kool Kat. BE CONSISTE…
Made a Slow Jams Playlist. Everything from Jodeci to Trey Songz, Dru Hill to Chris Brown. Check it out 🎧 .
Pine Tree Food Equipment is pleased to introduce our newest employee, Raymond native, Chris Brown. . Chris's...
I mean it's only Chris Brown where are her father, brother, uncles and cousins 🙄
Air Jordan 6 "Doernbecher" being rocked by Chris Brown. Tag someone who would kick these 6s!!…
"Tell me how I'm supposed to breathe with no air" -Jordan Sparks/Chris Brown . 😂😂😅😅
I really may risk not seeing Chris Brown on tour just to go see Quanera compete at Florida Relays.
Roller Coaster by Luke Bryan featuring Sam Smith by Chris Brown featuring Brantley Gilbert
taking applications for someone who can rap T-Pain's part in Kiss Kiss by Chris Brown
Chris Brown can sing, dance, rap, act, draw, design etc. Just so talented. Really hope he can get the help he needs
This *** said Chris Brown gone be our generation's Bobby Brown, Bobby Light
i listen to Chris Brown's Exclusive album from like 2007 every day lmao
Chris Brown slow jams on replay while the lights fade and my eyes get low
Chris Brown is slowly getting rid of the golddiggers and fake friends. Kid red, wackstar, Lo, etc are gone! I wonder who's…
Chris Brown after waking up to news about Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj
Chris Brown frontflipping to March Madness and landing on beat is the only appropriate way to start off March
I liked a video Chris Brown rehearsing for Billboard Music Awards 2013!
Omg I was listening to a playlist and turn up the music by Chris Brown came on... remember that harrison webb video 😂😂😂
Justin Timberlake is opening the dancing better than crazyhorse Chris Brown, closetcase Jason Derulo and 1 trick pony Trey Songz
It's like Bobby Brown starting beef with Chris Brown and writing a diss track. Like OK you entertained us for a day thank you but bye again
yes...I used to say if James Brown and Bobby Brown had a baby it would be Chris Brown!
She got to since Chris Brown and Soulja Boi ain't going to
In a 2013 survey, parents voted Miley Cyrus and Chris Brown the worst role models for kids.
no it's very confusing. I've always hated Chris Brown lol.
Don't let this Nicki diss from Remy distract you from the fact that Chris Brown & Soulja Boi still ain't fight yet 😑
Missed our video post two weeks ago where Radio Stoke interviewed our very own Chris Brown? . Catch the replay here:
the list. Hyuk: Justin Bieber. Ravi: Chris Brown, most the rappers he collabed w(sanE, donutman, etc)
I cant believe women are really defending Chris Brown like he aint got a history of abuseOh & we still ain't forget what he…
I liked a video from Chris Brown - Forever - Corey Gray and Max Schneider Acoustic
I hope everybody knows that Chris Brown is the one who pulled out of the Soulja boi boxing match 💀
I added a video to a playlist Chris Brown - Go (Before The Party Mixtape)
If I could sing like The Weeknd, dance like Chris Brown, and have style like Travis Scott life would be dope
Telling video from Chris Brown. I think he needs help.
Chris Brown's ex "Karrueche Tran" files restraining order against claims he threatened to kill her - Read more…
Yup. Always the “separate Jah Cure/R. Kelly/Chris Brown from his music” men who can’t bear to listen to Frank Ocean or S…
Dude must think he is in Chris Brown and T pain video Kiss Kiss 😂😂😂.
How is it that Chris Brown can't fight soulja boi but can beat on his exs???
When is this Soulja Boi and Chris Brown fight supposed to take place?
Big Soulja gives an acceptance speech for his W in the fight vs Chris Brown since he backed out. Also clowns Breezy for K…
James Brown, Bobby Brown, Chris Brown, Orlando Brown. I'm not saying there's any correlation, but isn't it worth taking a…
Orlando Brown, Chris Brown, Bobby Brown.its the name stay tf away from *** with the name Brown, they are crazy cr…
Jessica's legit more excited for 50 cent than Chris Brown..
I swear Chris Brown could shoot up a preschool and his fans would still defend him
I'm going to need Chris Brown sympathizers to get out. Tolerating domestic violence and cheating is why love is so messed…
Chance the Rapper, Big Sean, J Cole, Chris Brown, Future, Migos, Torey Lanez and The Weeknd all going on tour😩
Update your maps at Navteq
Chris Brown beat her, had a baby on her, threatened to kill her, verbally abuses her, public ally humiliated her & you ma…
ur mcm actually believed Chris Brown and Soulja Boy were really going box and wasn't a publicity stunt
When Breitbart, Drew Peterson & Chris Brown are all trending... seems like a super safe day for women
Karrueche Tran gets restraining order on Chris Brown after he reportedly threatens to kill her https:/…
So Chris Brown has abused and harassed yet ANOTHER woman, and STIL, y'all are defending him?
omg, ken bone, chris brown, & milo all on the same day?!?!? Has this insanity always been here & I just didn't…
Imagine how scary Chris Brown is when he's in domestic violence mode?. *** be climbing up the walls like Black Pa…
People are always whining because Chris Brown keeps getting chances and nothing seems to end his career. Deal with it hate…
Chris Brown and Karrueche's old neighbor says she used to hear Chris beating Karrueche & she even got into a disagreement wit…
Imma need Snapchat to allow us to change user names because I suddenly don't know a chris brown 😭😭😭 breezy out my name got to go
.was scared of losing the fight to And/or he was afraid of failing the drug test!!
I thought we all figured out that drama follows Chris Brown and that he has a serious anger problem and a KNOWN history of abusing women 🤔
I've said this many times but if Chris brown were ugly to girls his career would have been over but he lightskin with tattoos so
Chris Brown hit with a restraining order by Karrueche after he threatened to kill her; He's beaten her up before and pushed h…
Can Yugyeom drop Chris Brown already he has no reason to look up to that crackhead
Gonna try to get the greet and meet tickets, I'm dying to meet Chris Brown 🔥
That being said.Chris Brown a sucka if true.
Nobody love Chris Brown more than women. That's what makes that headline the funniest
.on his fight with "All the wrong people got in the way."
It's a woman reading this right now that still would let Chris Brown do Brazilian martial arts on her forehead just to…
Karrueche knew Chris brown be putting his hands on women way before they got in a relationship soo idk what's the issue
Chris Brown has been harassing karrueche ever since they broke up. It's not that hard to believe that he threatened to…
Better question, her or Rihanna aint got no big brothers to run down on Chris Brown?
Chris Brown can murder 350 people and his fans will still be like "ok? but his music."
Chris brown stans are delulu I been dealing with them ever since I had to let them know their fav has been releasing the same music since 08
there are people out there that hate kanye for his attitude and the 2009 VMAs but say chris brown is "still young and still…
I gotta see J.Cole, Chris Brown, Chance the Rapper, Future, Migos... Bank account:
Artists going on tour this year (so far):. Chance The Rapper. Big Sean. J. Cole. Chris Brown. Future . The Weeknd . 21 Savage. G…
Screenshots from Karrueche's restraining order. Chris Brown is a real life pig:
Black folks have a difficulty letting toxic black folks go. I.e. Chris Brown. He's abusive. Yes he can sing and dance, b…
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Karrueche restraining order. Chris brown not right, something not well with him...
Everyone: "Chris Brown is an abuser. Here is proof. Here is more proof.". Chris Brown Stans:
"Everybody be lying on Chris brown, he'd never stalk or abuse women"
burrito. half chicken half steak (thanks Chris!). Brown rice, pinto. Lettuce, pico, cheese. Gotta have chips and guac too.
It's been a brazy day.. Lou Williams got traded to the Rockets, Migos Jumped Sean Kingston & Chris Brown getting a Restrai…
Please let me know where to meet to protest Chris Brown and violent anti-women rap and hip hop songs. 😐
Are people actually defending Chris Brown? That's a new level of pathetic.
Chris Brown could've killed a woman and stupid *** would say, "Aw that's still my baby y'all just trynna ruin his caree…
Finding out Chris Brown is still abusive
people still... to this day... defend Chris Brown
Chris Brown should've faded into obscurity years ago. What kind of privilege does he have?!
The fight is off. . Soulja Boy said Chris Brown's manager called to cancel the boxing match htt…
The Big Podcast with Shaq - Cowboys loss, the end of the circus, and Chris Brown versus Soulja Boy-…
Chris Brown was the last African American to win artist of the year at the AMAs in 2008
Amazing how the Soulja Boy & Chris Brown situation lost ALL momentum... Talk about stalling TF out.. Sheesh
Get a Anthony Hamilton and have ya man waitin at home like ya name Charlene, or keep Chris Brown around and get bea…
Tracy Chapman - Fast Car one of the best songs of the 90s. Fight me if you disagree. I got Chris Brown on my side.
T-pain: she want that LOVEY DOVEY... Chris Brown: that KISS KISS... T-pain: in her mind she fantasize bout . Me: GET…
Let the record show that I no longer crush on Chris much (lol)! Bryson Tiller has my ♡
Chris Brown: Shawty keep it on and. Us: Poppin
Thinking of buying Composite PLA - The Original Carbon Fiber? Read our latest review of the product by Chris Brown https:/…
From the desk of Curtis Jackson III: Mike Tyson will train Chris Brown
Chris Brown says once you date him, you're stuck with him.
Loyal by Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne & Tyga on
Nick Jonas is the white Chris Brown... . Chris Brown is the white Chris Brown. . -Dylan
Y'all do me a favor rank Neyo, Chris Brown, Trey Songz Discography from least to greatest
I be Forgetting Trey Songz, Neyo, and Chris Brown all came out at the same time 🤔
its so devastating that the ONLY TWO celebs im dyin to meet i prolly NEVER WILL smh . Chris Brown and Michael B Jordan
I still stick by my statement that Chris Brown is the most underrated artist of our generation.
• TEXT "CHR" to 79922 to vote for Chris Brown's official "Don't Judge Me" video on BET's 106 and Park count down.
How is Jason from Corrie in P Diddy's house chilling with Chris Brown lmao? 🤔
I added a video to a playlist J. Valentine - Beat it up ft. Chris Brown, Pleasure P
Soulja Boy shows y'all how he gonna KO Chris Brown ... how many rounds will it take BIG SOULJA to put chris to sleep? htt…
There's a picture I never thought I'd see. Chris Brown with Ryan Thomas from Coronation Street watching the Super Bowl 😂. ht…
Chris Brown deserves to perform at the superbowl halftime show 😒
Somebody said they should've let Chris Brown & Soulja Boy fight at halftime 😩😂
You might not like him nor agree with his actions, but Chris Brown is the most qualified musician to do the Superbowl Half…
Chris Brown opening the superbowl with "kiss kiss" or "forever" would be 100 times better than this whole performance.
Should have just had Chris Brown and Soulja Boy fight for the halftime show.
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