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Chris Breezy

Chris Brown (born Christopher Maurice Brown; May 5, 1989) is an American singer, songwriter, rapper, dancer and actor.

Frank Ocean Meek Mill Big Sean

Soulja boy thinking he's gonna win this fight with Chris Brown 😂
🎵 Give it to me | Jeezy, Breezy. Chris Brown always giving 💯 on these hooks
The song Party by Chris Breezy is fire 🔥
Hey we made this...if you like dancing..
I was Chris breezy with the dance moves
So many people are miserable and insecure. Chris Brown posts a video of his cars and some haters be like "money isnt every…
biggest closet, best car collection, successful clothing line, painter, director,actor, best dancer, great singer. CHRIS B…
whats yo email. I got beats for low
lol Check out me singin this christmas by chris breezy aka 😇👍
Offset was chris breezy with the dance moves
If Beyoncé and Chris brown can just release a single together 😩😫😫😩 it will be AMAZING
All these one hit wonder *** singers and rappers. Chris Brown and Beyonce the only consistent singers and rapper
Chris ft. Team Breezy is always good
Aww. I remember when chris breezy was on suite life of zack and cody😍😘
Take you down by Chris Breezy never fails when you need a slowjam
Chris breezy ain't even the words to describe this weather 😭😭
Lmfao Chris Breezy with the dance moves.
Lmfao Ayo I'm crying. Offset was Chris Breezy at one point
Chris Brown need to hurry up & drop this new album because Jujitzu sounds 🔥🔥😩
Lol at this point Chris Brown could drop a snippet album and it will go Gold in no time.
Hope y'all got y'all Mr. Rogers sweaters on... it's a little Chris Breezy outside
I sound a lil like Chris Breezy while I'm singing along to his old stuff.. 😏😈
Bout to run Chris Breezy first album til I fall asleep
Then I hit em with the Hotline, Chris Breezy with the dance moves
I know you have heart to hearts with ur uber drivers. Chris Breezy with the heart to hearts.
Lol Chris Brown so cute for saying Karreuche name in the song 😍🙌🏾
If you hand me the aux cord, be prepared to listen to some Chris Breezy js 🤗
Chris Breezy: We got the club going crazy. All eyes on u. Meek Mill: she was the baddest, I was the real-
Chris Breezy with the dance moves SIXTEEN
I hit em with the hotline. Chris Breezy with the dance moves.
Chris Breezy and that *** Bieber boy also delivered...Adele is a winsh! Sia album go well too!!!
Kenya Are you ready for Chris Brown? Breezy Touchdown KE, coming soon Keep it here for more info!
- *** Chris B is keeping the King of RnB seat with Hot Shots
Gm to all watchin trace request.plz play me body on me rita ora n Chris breezy
Listen to Sex You Back To Sleep by Chris_Brown on Breezy killing it!
@ lmao y'all funny man weeknd better than breezy ? Chris had a number 1 hit when he was in jail
Chris Breezy and Drizzy are the only realest light skinned niggaz alive!!!
That new Chris Breezy record is crack.
Chris Brown Gets Steamy on New Single 'Sex You Back to Sleep': . The smooth R'n'B jam is the latest offering from Breezy's new album '...
Listen to Chris Brown - Sex You Back To Sleep by Team Breezy on 😍😍😍
Listened to Chris Brown's new song and it's absolute trash. C'mon Breezy.
Chris Brown cuddles with his daughter on album cover
no. he's Chris breezy he needs to make good music. I need real content.
He lowkey sounded better than Chris breezy .
Chris Brown - "Sex You Back To Sleep": Breezy takes it to the bedroom on new Royalty single. The post Chris Br...
he's chris breezy, he's gotta have some baby making songs but I see what you mean. as long as it's rnb I'm good👌🏾
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This old Chris brown on this night drive gonna be lit
Chris Brown mood. Playing with "YO" by the great Chris Breezy. My Boy2album on the way! Mann at…
Rihanna tried to put that virgin island voodoo on Chris Breezy. That's why he blacked both of her eyes. 🐼
See Mrs. KFC today a Island Grill ... *cues that Chris Breezy song*
Looking forward to Club Mambo at Rainbow next month. Hope they stick some heaters on that Terrace. Chris Breezy up there
we really pretending to be Jordan Sparks & Chris Breezy :(
Chris breezy and then DC. This weekend about to be fun.😌
Also, there's a new version of Punk'd w/c listed Top 100 successful black artists as targets. Pilot episode had K Michelle & Chris Breezy!!!
Chris Breezy had the crowd litt dropping tracks boy
and I out to this chris breezy concert
WATCH: 'Punk'd' Reboot Chooses Chris Brown As First Victim: 'Joke is on Breezy thanks to French Montana'
reasons why Chris breezy is BAE af !!
Benny x breezy great duo but I expected x Chris brown to release one dope one is average..
Chris breezy tha goat in that song lol
(Insert any new hiphop/rnb song title) featuring Chris Brown. C. Breezy is everywhere.
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loving Chris breezy music # really tracks can listen over and over again
All eyes on you - Nicki Minaj ft Meek Mill, Chris Breezy
Just found out my Chris brown concert t shirt glows in the dark. Ay
having Chris sing in any dance music is awesome because he has good vocals Chris breezy ☺
Seeing Jazmine Sullivan in three days, Kev Hart in eight & Chris Breezy in ten. What a way to end my SUMMER!!
I can't wait to go to Cleveland next week. My bestfriend, Chris Breezy, Greg, and Cedar Point!
Big Sean's video wit Chris Breezy was dope af tho.
When that Chris Breezy throwback come on 💀💀💀
Y'all done forgot about Cassidy and switched to Chris Breezy..
The Cosby Show off until further notice. While this is being played out and Bill Cosby has denied the allegations, and we're not sure if he did or not, I will share my thoughts. 1.) He is a Billionaire, so his pockets won't hurt that much. 2.) As everyone is throwing stones at him, I thought about "The King of Pop".remember when MJ was accused of molestation(we didn't know then and still don't know now if he touched the children) we STILL BOUGHT his music. MTV, BET, Vh1, did not REMOVE his videos, and he still TOURED. There's not a person reading this post, that won't go crazy if they hear their favorite MJ song! His new album is selling like crazy! My point.pick your poison. Both of these men have been(MJ) and is(Bill Cosby) accused of HORRIBLE acts. So is one greater than the other? Or is is that b/c one is the soundtrack to most of our lives he gets a pass? oh...Chris Breezy...Woman BEATER, still selling MILLIONS and women still find him sexy.
Always said Chris Breezy was a hero 😎
Sorry but David Letterman won this one tonight. You had Chris Breezy as a musical guest, he had Ryan Adams.
Chris Breezy fight like a girl he just lucky I didn't break his *** like some fine china
like Jamal Bryant and Chris Breezy had said...They not loyal brush lolol
Chris Rock 2014 - Introducing Breezy - 'Our next artist just signed a new deal unfortunately it was a plea deal".
heyy youngster can't wait 4 ur new release wid Chris Breezy
Video: Chris Brown Performs Loyal at the BET Awards Breezy is back and in the words of host Ch...
Breezy - you just got out! You gotta ease back into the party life!
Chris Breezy should've been on that Rich Gang track "Lifestyle".
Hot Or Not??: Chris Brown FT. Usher/Rick Ross - New Flame: New Music from breezy and he brought Usher and Rick...
Chris Brown Performs ‘Loyal’ For First Time at BET Awards: Chris Breezy is back. Check him out ripping the stage!
-> VIDEO: chris lastnight at PlayHouse nightclub
-> VIDEO: Chris at Playhouse Nightclub lastnight after the BET awards -
Did my *** Chris Breezy finally cement the legendary Bible verse 'These *** Aint Loyal' into history w/ a performance last night?
"baby looks so happy 😩💗“Chris Brown Performing At 2014 BET Awards I'm not there though
Drake is drizzy.wayne is weezy.kanye is yeezy.chris is breezy and rihanna is easy ja neh
“STOP what you're doing & have a listen to BRAND NEW single >>>
My Boop made my evening last night😊 I enjoyed her performance more than Chris Breezy's…
BREEZY COMEBACK! Listen to his recent single 'New Flame' feat. &
C. Breezy's back. After rejecting the opportunity to plead guilty in his Washington, D.C., assault case earlier...
Little Giant Ladders
All my us connects telling me chris breezy killed his performance last night.need to see this !
Close to the home of Chris Breezy lol
Listening to I agree that Pastor Bryant didn't have to refer to Chris Breezy song for his sermon...S…
Artist...who wld b yo top3 industry colabs to boost yo career??Mine is Drake,Robin Thicke&Chris Breezy
They put my nig Chris Breezy in rehab but Steve Francis is still allowed to walk this earth looking like he has crack in his pocket
Shamalia Willis and Alaysia Black Hackett if this were you what would you do... Chris Breezy or Luck Lucas!
I still think Chris Breezy is the coolest man alive
Hi, play 'show me' by Chris Breezy ft Kid Ink greety Kato Samuel
Before I'm dreaming about Chris Breezy to wake me up, but i guess i was knock down by Neyo's one in a million nice voice, Then Lil Wayne Came and Gave me lollipop! So i let Omarion got his heart turn to IceBox,.. then Receive a text message from Bow wow saying Shawty Like Mine,. Souljah boy got mad so i called him and KISS him thru the Phone,.. Oh Just thinking I'm So Childish till I woke up and hoping T.I will get me and give me WHATEVER I like,.. and i will surely keep on saying i got your Back boy...WOOHOOO LOL just saying...
white version of Chris Breezy just waiting on him to beat Selena Gomez up 😂
Put 'Stomp The Yard' on in the hopes that La will be interested in the dancing... Nek minnit,, TOO interested!! Now I'm holding her hands while shes dancing around, even trying to frickin' stand on her head like Chris Breezy and all :/
SoMo in the morning Chris Breezy at night. 🎶
Anotha HOT 1029 thro bac pic! Chris Breezy at the Russ Parr Bus Tour downtown at the RTA Hub! Guess what year...
I have three photos to take today. I need Handwriting, Bottles, and Home. They're all super simple but it reeks of effort :D Since I need something to write, anyone want me to send em a secret message? Or have an idea about what I should write? The thing I was originally gonna do would probly make you people hate me and whine and cry about it. I don't feel like hearing crybabies. Like when Chris Breezy went off and started whining for like three hours. He still hates me. I don't know why. We used to be such good buddies. Maybe that's what I'll write about :D I don't know. What do you think?
Watchin Takers wit the homie it got my 4 husbands Michael Ealy, Hayden Christensen,Chris Breezy,and T.i they is so fineee lol
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OK lets set the record straight shall we there are 3 types of people. You are either a Bendy straw a Straight straw or a Crazy straw Krystal Colantonio + Chris Breezy
Giving it much thought, I almost let something I read last night on the net from someone with influence saying that I should not collaborate with non Christians to do anything for Haiti. (In Ref. to a project I did with Busta Rhymes.) I admit... I was livid, hurt and confused all at the same time. But after sleeping on it and talking to God about it, I only have to say one thing. Beyonce, Jay, Rihanna, J Cole, Chris Breezy, 2 Chainz, Kanye... you ALL need to give your life to Christ... if you want to know more about him lets talk over a studio session while making a record for Haiti together... (Aiight, maybe I need to have an extra meeting with Kanye before we do ANYTHING together.)
Who'z a better dancer...Adam Sevani a.k.a "Moose" (skinny guy from step up).or Chris Breezy???
- palms pool was poppin widd the celebs, T.I, Meek Mill, Chris Breezy, so much fun
Congrats on the follow from Chris Breezy!
Chris Breezy re-unite with his ex Karrueche Tran.its over between him & Rihanna.i remember he once quoted that he is in love with two woman so now he made his finaly choice...
did kid rock juz try my boy Chris Breezy tho?
It's official. Riri and Chris Breezy are officially over...or at least for now. The former couple spent the weekend 3000 miles away from each other, with Chris living it up in Vegas for his birthday, and Rihanna spending her Saturday at the Barclays Center. Rihanna looked unimpressed with the Nets
We're having the Breezy Birthday Bash next week. To start here's the exclusive GS interview w
happy birthday Chris! Hope you have the most amazing day ever!!! Xxx
Its all about ma boo Chris breezy tomorrow
Happy B-day to my favorite singer, Chris Breezy Brown
Happpy birthday chris breezy pray for an uncomplicated year
Chris By ALL TEAM BREEZY FRANCE we love u we love all of your song It´s just perfect. u are perfect!
Thank you mommy to have gave us a masterpiece like Chris Breezy. God bless you!! Much love from Rome, Italy xoxo
Belated happy birthday to chris brown ★
Happy birthday Chris Breezy from your wife >>>>>>> Love you babe ♥
Ouh la...“Drake is Drizzy, Wayne is Weezy, Kayne is Yeezy, Chris is Breezy and Rihanna is Easy...”
ill make songs like Bruno Mars, Chris Breezy & Frank Ocean .ill always make music, but ill always be a fighter 1st.
I hope Chris Breezy's album isn't too raw since he's back with Rie Rie. His stuff after Grafitti seems like angry material.
best quote of the week “If anybody trippin' off you smoking weed', f**k them'.Chris Breezy. yo Charter house and RLG next year bring Wizkhalifa and Snoop Lion. like you go see what Mama Ghana and her children will do to you.
REVEALED: rlg Paid Chris Brown Over$1million to Perform in Ghana Investigations revealed Chris Breezy does not take ‘coins’. Nothing below a million dollars is expected in his accounts from event organisers. How much is been paid to our local artiste? What the difference? Should this always be the case? In a country where foreigners runs most on the companies,is now been doomed with foreign artistes draining the little we have. Having Chris Breezy inGhana is not a bad idea but paying$1million which couldhave been used for other developmental projects is questionable.
Man da city of Charlotte is gne be turnt up dis wk parties n shows out da *** u gt TI,Future,Chris Breezy,Jeezy,Rocko,Dj Khaled,2 Chainz and Mike Epps gne b here plus greek parties for da CIAA tournament i'm almost tempted to call n or leave early one those nights real talk!
I just miss layin in bed listening to music with Makayla lol in that Chris Breezy mood ^-^
Everybodys hating on the GRAMMYS but yall still watching. suckie performance after performance. sorry Michael is gone Prince is getting old..yall hate on Beyonce and Chris Breezy. yall like boring *** people who may write great songs like Frank Ocean... But he can't perform like sisqo... so take ya punishment. Ya killed all the great performers one way or another...
With Dancing Passion chapter 1 Music blaring through the speakers to the dance studio , me swaying my body to the beat and getting ready to free style to the song "Sex Therapy-Robin Thicke" Hehe its weird saying my dads name .. But i was starting to get the groove on when i started to get this feeling some one was . Watching me ? I shrugged the thought off not even taking a glance towards the door in the mirror . Or even turning to face the door . I just closed my eyes and got down to the get down . I love to dance its my passion , my desire , and my everything . My dad being really rich and famous, bought a dance studio for famous people . I had my own room though because I've met all artist well that is the ones who are well known . Like Nicki Minaj , Lil Wayne , Chris Breezy , Rihanna , 2Chains , Usher , Justin Bieber , Big Sean , JayZ , Beyoncé , Drake , Trey Songz , Future , Miguel ,Cash Out , Diggy Simons , Keyshia Cole , Frank Ocean , Wiz Khalifa and Amber , Kanye West and more . So i really wasn' ...
Let me find out Frank Ocean put the hands on Chris Breezy
Word on the street is my son Chris Breezy popped that bottle on Frank Ocean.
Representing on the dancefloor tomorrow at TB!! Chris Reezy, im Crown Point's version of Chris Breezy
Kyle tryna be a lil Chris Breezy with that tat behind his ear.. That *** flaming!
What kind of video is this n what kind o dancing do we have to do cuz im dwn 4 Chris Breezy
Chris breezy was woowed @ d mansion the organizers of last night event lodged Him in. I was the last one to knw the gaunt version of Chris Breezy was in nije recently...when will the rest of him be there to perform
If you could give Chris a Christmas present what would that be?
Its Chris Breezy not Brezzy anh anh y are Naijas like this.dunno why it annoys me but it does! Lool!!
BREEZY! Help Chris share the through with the ‘Giving Assistant’. Download it now -
360Fresh: Chris Morris ft Zeal (Styl Plus) – Igirigi: Igirigi is Chris Morris' first official single and was per...
Bangin ma mane Chris breezy rite now
Wizkid and chris brown perform live on stage wizzy nd breezy
Wisky wit chris breezy plz.he is reppin
Lol funny how a girl actually cried last night -_- chris breezy
The way chris brown sing this Christmas >>>>>>> this song immediately puts me in a good mood
""Now rhinna's coming am sure its because. Chris brown came"!!!" She's thirsty for some breezy
"Chris breezy. The nice pic about Naija...!!! CB mahaukaci ne lol
Lol, chris breezy is there oh "If it aint weezy am not going 4 any show"
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Dear Chris Breezy and Cassie, Why both of you are sooo *** hot? :")))
Abeg, see how our very own Wizkid be beside Chris Breezy!!! Dis guy suppose go dey gym ooo.. Lol, :x
All these guys on Deuces are .. Gad! But Chris Breezy takes the cup.
My dad playing chris brown 'don't wake me up' so loud down stairs he is a proper breezy fan
Chris breezy. The nice pic about Naija...!!!
(PHOTOS): Chris Brown Spotted With Wizkid: Chris Breezy was in Lagos to perform at eko suites and he was spott...
Im a real Cb fan. I posted a Pic page Of CB and said for the first time he looked ugly. I was told I should have kept it to myself. I never said he was ugly... Juss the pic... We all take bad pictures lol im running a breezy page and a have a cb tat. Juss bc i say one thing doesnt mean im not teambreezy. Juss.means i see him as a person. I love CHRIS BROWN MORE THAN ANY ARTIST. But if I cant be real about what Chris.Brown does good or bad... Then how can I be a fan ? I know im not the only cb fan that has.done that lol
Well the world didn't end so you better come down to the Eagles in Ogden and celebrate The Beginning of the World with The Breezy Trees, Chris Aguilar and Friends, and The Mistakes! Be There!!!
Who is your best friends? — Brandon Jennings, Louis williams, Chris Breezy and Trey S.
Good morning , like to say it back .
Maci Bookout follow my white chris breezy friend
For Chris Brown, his fans were the ones who helped him rebound, giving him strength when he thought success may have been a thing of the past. Brown’s fans around the world embraced him when he started releasing music on the internet, most notably the mix tapes that included his # 1 singles “Deuces” and “No BS.” It was the reaction to these songs that convinced the trailblazing singer-dancer-actor to title his new album, F.A.M.E.. “I was surprised by all the love and support I got from all my fans when I started doing the ‘Deuces’ record and the mix tapes,” he says. “They were getting really good reception, so I wanted to make it ‘Fans Are My Everything.’ It’s more personal to them and they can identify with that, from where I’ve been two years ago to now. They can see the progress and the maturity and the level of music that I’m putting out.” To this point, early F.A.M.E. selections “Deuces,” “No BS,” and “Look At Me Now” showcase an edgier version of Brown, on ...
& what happened at your most memorable Christmas ever ?
QOTD: What is YOUR FAVORITE CHRISTMAS SONG? Mine is "This Christmas" .. by anybody!! "Hang all the mistletoe, I'm gonna get to you know beta, This Christmas!!" *rockin back and forth!*
Hey it's Feature Friday on The Breezy Radio Show today! Today's feature artist is Chris J. Platinum selling r&b artist debuting his new single, "Under your Nose". Listen in and after you hear it, go to The Breezy Radio Show fan page and leave a comment to let me know if you the listeners think it's a "smash or trash it"? That's today from 5-7pm EST eastern standard time on The Breezy Radio Show w/ Walt Breezy on!!
When one's expectations are reduced to zero, one really appreciates everything one does have.
Hood Love Part 14: ~Prod's POV~ I woke up the next morning and I saw that Jessie wasn't around. I went downstairs and find all girls on the floor sleep. Elaine had her head on Dreyah's arm, Dreyah had her leg on Jessie's back, Jessie had her arm across Asia, and Asia was just... Asia. I laughed at the way they were looking. Then the rest of the boys came downstairs. Ray: well well well All of a sudden all girls sat up Roc: hey babe Elaine: hey *stretching* Ray: was it good? Dreyah: *** yea! Asia: *yawns* Prince: whoa morning breath. Asia: sorry Prod: hangover? Girls: maybe Jessie: ahh my head is killing me softly. Boys: *laughs* Roc: well come on daddy's baby *picking Elaine up bridal style* so we can brush those teeth of yours. Prince: uh babe did you have oatmeal this morning cuz it's on your shirt... Asia: no that's... throw up. Then Roc came out with Elaine on his back and with her teeth cleaned and face washed. Now she was sleeping on him. And boy can that girl snore. Then Chris and Twist came out. . ...
STAR shows her commitment to rapper by getting an inking of the name he calls his supporters — Team Breezy
Moses Mabhida stadium is where we at!! Chris Breezy concert, VIP baybay coz that's how we roll!
Yea yesterday I was drunk sleeping☹ "Chris Breezy was at the Gateway Mall ..."
Usher in tha morning, Meekmill jus before noon, Rozzaey all noon, Ne-yo in tha evening and Chris Breezy all night long
every girl I get with having a crush on Chris Breezy n Justin Bieber.Like cant I be the only dude you have a crush on?
Chris makes me mad though cause he's rich and his *** always responds to these basics making team breezy look ratchet.
And THEN, we will wait for her. When she gets there we will make sure she reads it. That'll teach her. No more cupcake !
I feel for Team Breezy Chris Brown chucked them the dueces literally like I couldn't handle it if Nicki did that(again)
RT“All you can do is pray for Chris because all this messes with a person, no matter how bad you want to think he doesn't care.”
*** yea ! Lets gang up on her bro. U and me and will write that girl a strongly worded letter !
According to Team Breezy, if you have a difference of opinion with someone, "eating a *** is the cure for any and all problems.
Momma J please tell Chris that team breezy is always gonna be by his side!
Who was it that was goin in on Chris Breezy today so hard...
Ugh Chris Breezy , why'd you leave ? We wanna stay updated with your life
yea bro. She thinks I'm her " cupcake " like c'mon we're so not their yet in this relationship Lmfao
Check out Breezy's latest. Lending weight to my campaign to have him exiled inside a big spinning mirror in space
I'm sure chris brown doesn't need team breezy to help him out, look what happened to rihanna
*** Ik yo jaws tired from slurpping on my mans chris brown lmao .
Chris Brown Team Breezy.Lady Gaga has the Little Monsters.Im waiting for some musuician to their fans the Lil ***
Team Breezy PRESSEDT. Chris never talked to his fans. All his TL was, was promo.
sorry Neyo, I'd rather see Chris breezy.
Guys please support one of da caver,s taktics to open 4 chris breezy in his cumin concert in durbs n support our movement da caveman movement,we jst highly motivated *** hu need all da help dey cn get to succeed,ur support is highly appriciated,and to adaz thnk u in advance 4 ur support n I say dis from all da cavers.salute cavers.
Jammin to dat boi chris breezy can't wait 2 git da 4ortune cd
Chris breezy has tat of rihannas face from when he beat her up. Thats messed up but *** what a thug
Chris 'Breezy' Brown live in Jozi. who is gonna join m to th show
Showing the ladies how to have a good night
Woo hoo!!! My boys are back.too bad I'm off to work now but its is day 1 of my new transition and the bet w chris breezy (inny) lol.anywhose extra amp'd thanks to my boo, I replaced some of my lost songs on my ipod and got a few new ones too!!
Bae iCan be in ur heart iThink iShould start by sayin yea by:Chris Breezy
LOVING is doing anything for them, thinkin' about them constantly and being able to spend your whole life with that person :) -Chris Breezy
Please don't judge me cus I wont judge you before it gets ugly, just let it be beautiful - Chris Breezy
Chek out my baby chris breezy crashed out in my room...
Yeah, I wanna see your legs in the air! Baby don't worry about your hair over sex I don't give a *** about that # chris breezy =D
jus tunin into diamonds in the sky remix wif kanyeezy and takin eish easy wif chris breezy 4years old and blowin blunt wif my hommie stil lil weezy and remenisin wif dreezy doin it rong WATASAYI..lehgomusiq eish at its helluva best**smiles
Ain't no bodies business, ain't no bodies business but mine and my baby."singing" Chris breezy and Rihanna rocks. Loving the song to the T
Chris breezy concert here I comelove you so mch ryt now cc
PLEASE DONT JUDGE ME:just let the past just be the past and focus on things that are gonna make us laugh.Take me as i am,not who i was.I'll promise I'll be the one that you can please dont judge me and i wont judge u along with Chris BrEezy# he said it.
Gn fb bout to watch this Christmas wit my hubby chris breezy in it oh yea baby!!!
I guess that's why this war is on drugs is the debate, So imma keep on living my life from day to day, learn from my mistakes.. -chris breezy-
Chris Breezy need to have a concert there in the front!!!
This was a big 70s hit fot the The O'Jays
First everybody was Trynna be like wiz khalifa.!(blonde strip) Now everybody Trynna be like Chris Breezy.!(blonde head) SMH.! Y'all get ya own style lol.!
Don't Judge by Chris Breezy is my joint.
Always wanted a Dad in my life .But my Mrother was both to me At a young age I learn who my protector provider all the above Thank U God for my Life !!!.
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Lmhimm!!! Mom asks me y did I make her win tickets 2 watch an ugly tattoed guy like that live in concert.lmbimm!!! (Chris breezy).ek moet mos bas! Wat wiet die ou mense?!
This how I feel click on the link Dont judge me Chris Breezy...
Lol, poor chris breezy is getting turned down by mexicans and all, nobody wants to perform w/ this niggah b/c of the barbariandos rihanna =/
Niggaz in paris remix by d.j. Cosacala is fire...featuring pitbull and chris many good artists on this song...
OMG chris breezy will be coming t S.A m gona make a plan..jou i gotta t c him
SQUADROLL OR LUS CREW??? Vote for your favourite crew to open for CHRIS BROWN ON THE 17th of DEC.and u cn win your self a ticket to big johns FAT ND UGLY PREMIER or an ulbum DINNER TIME BY SQUADROLL? Whos wil open for the 1 and only CHRIS BREEZy between the two crews? Vote now...thnx in advance
Chris breezy concert in Nai...22k entrance, who's with me party pips?
*Too much light in this window, don't wake me up Only coffee no sugar, inside my cup If I wake and you're here still, give me a kiss I wasn't finished dreaming, about your lips* BREEZY
Please don't judge n I won't judge u,if u love me then let it b beautiful Chris Breezy
ConfessionDrizzy Drake,Chris breezy and D.Rose inspire me!!:)
Q: My question is can u and chris breezy nd bow wow do an album that would be fire? A: Idk maybe but right now we are at different points in our life.
I am thankful for Marky Mark and Chris Breezy ;)
I can't wait to see the fam and eat til drop aka sleep like plez don't wake me up lol Chris breezy love him but love ya
Please don judge me n i won judge you ~ chris Breezy
Smoking,drinking,and eating good on thanks giving,feeling like chris breezy them,LET US CELEBRATE!
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Rihanna git it girl! Track 10 'Nobodys Business But Mine and My Baby with Chris Breezy and a splaaash of Mike!!
Wonder Y ppl are against LADY-GAGA cuming 2 S.A.but she'll b here on mzansi in december.think ma sis booked tickets 4 ha show...dat mins i will b dah.nd CHRIS BREEZY too
M listening to Chris Breezy F/T Tyga. She needs it 4 The Fame plyin in repeat in traffic
"Plz dn't judge me, and i won't judge you coz it cud get ugly b4 it gets beautiful, so let it beautiful":-)*along with chris breezy**
Ooh chris breezy on dnt judge me song dat *** nailed it n i point it straight 2 riri ayeye:D
Snapbacks back. ::: tyga. ft chris. breezy
GET READY THR33 SCORPIO GLOBAL has finalized are international deal we will now be bringing some of the hottest artist from CHINA, UK, DUBAI, AND JAPAN to Cali and NY to record with some of the Hottest celebs in the game exclusively and they pay very well and yhea they wont CHRIS BREEZY OUT FRONT THIS IS GOING TO BE FUN HAPPY BIRTH DAY TO ME.
Chris Breezy is cumin down to mzansi get ready fans*excited*
She's my electric guitar. Singing, Chris Breezy making my morning
I'm not a Chris Breezy fan but with this "Don't Judge" me track I'm thinking of going to The Dome on the 15 Dec ekse!!
Please dnt judge me, n i wont judge yu, cuz it can get ugly, b4 it get beautiful Breezy
Don't judge me by chris breezy good song mak my aand hope wht I started wil hav n good ending
Baby yu aint got to read my mind, coz yu knw i wana get it in. - Chris breezy
She saw me in the Lamborghini asked me is that a transformer I said no but i can transform you like Chris Breezy and Lil Wayne
Someone pls buy me chris breezy tickets...early xmas present *bbm can't watch face*
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Is it me or is chris breezy lookin a lil for real
Some people just don't learn. You don't go out & spend money like you're Wheezy or Chris Breezy when you only make money like a grocery store cashier. Just be droppin money like you ain' finna have an eviction notice on your door. Act your wage!!
Waiting on Chris Breezy and Kelvin Phipps to make this a epic game of Team Rhino history . We work, but play harder.
U wil neva mis a gud tng til its gne# chris breezy.. I want it all bckin tot
I want my tickets for. Lady Gaga and Chris Breezy!!!
Z true that chris breezy z kamin hea
If Only Chris Breezy Brought MJ n' 2Pac back To Live, Then 22.3k is nah deal for me, Lest He Drags Wale n 2Chains with Him.
Plz dnt jugde me,and i won't jugde u.breezy#
A nice, relaxing drive down PCH, singin' along to some Chris Breezy, Ne-yo, 112, and Pretty Ricky... Had a wee bit of a scare, low fuel indicator lamp came on a ways past Joe's Crab Shack. That means I got roughly 9/10 of a gallon left. Managed to make it to the Chevron on Beach and Slater, though. Times like this make me glad I have a diesel. :D
Please dnt judge me & i wont judge u cause it could get ugly b4 it gets beautiful. ~Chris Breezy
So happy that Takers is on right now. T.I., Paul Walker, Matt Dillon, Idris Elba, and most importantly Chris Breezy. ♥
My private dancer 😍 gotta love Chris Breezy for this song
Im talking about as soon as she ready to smash ill have to transform into Chris Breezy and The Bus Driver on that cat (:
lol nah chill I was asking the same *** question too :xx
Dont judge me By chris brown fits me perfectly .
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Switched the music now to chris breezy!
Poetic justice has to be one of the best rap songs I've heard in forever.
If U watched "The Chris Brown Takeover"last night then U would've seen that is making a "Diamonds"video!
How's gonna mention chris breezy beating up rihanna lol
Chris I just wanna see you strip right now cuz you Breezy Baby❤
no lie Denver just walked in and said "Tiffy, did you know Chris has white hair?" we're on first name basis with Breezy? got it.
Please don't judge me and I want judge u In my Chris breezy voice
My dude chris breezy needs to shave the patchy bread lol c'mon bro ur better then that
Don't Judge Me vid is well done by Chris Breezy !
Chris brown look so good.hopefully sis dont mind me talkin bout her man..., Breezy could get rode down into the floor boards tho
prefer a classy mate to make them feel proud. Aries have a strong ego regarding status.
An will have their way with you. It's never the other way around.
Everyone add my Cousin Chris aka Chris Breezy - 2A55A66F and Follow him on Twtter
I feel bad for those girls that break out when they are about to have their period or have their peroid.
yea breezy should'nt have dun kae dirty like that but thats not even the issue. kae was chris grl 4 2 years cuz HE wanted her.
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if he is anything like Breezy then joe has no chance ;) Chris is my life!
Why did I just hear on the radio that chris breezy hit rhinna with a lawsuit bc of an STD lol ohh damnn
While i got up all in the club with the lights down kow and i got you!! Make love-chris breezy
Its time i beat up the game like chris breezy did to riri
As a boyfriend, you shouldn't allow anyone to disrespect your girlfriend.
it sure does and I'm glad u decided to forgive Chris Breezy!!! yaye my wish granted
Plz don't judge me and I won't judge you cuz it will get ugly before its get beautiful!!! Sn:powerful song by Chris breezy!!
Dnt judge me coz i won't judge u n if u lv me tht wuld be beutiful. I lv ths song, by Chris Breezy.
cnt slip without plz dnt judge me by chris Breezy da song makes me wana cry
I just find out two things namhlanje firstly tht thre is a festve opening bash in stellenbosch on the3rd of next month n secndly tht chris breezy is coming hre ngo dec, s party animals out thre can u confirm this plz
Everything i say right now is gonna be used in another fight, can we change the subject. -chris breezy-
You're hearing rumours about me And you can't stomach the thought Of someone touching my body When you're so close to my heart I won't deny what they saying Because most of it is true But it was all before I fell for you So please don't judge me And I won't judge you Because it could get ugly Before it gets beautiful~Chris Breezy
Ice:kelly rowland and dnt judge me:chris breezy rite now!at the same time one n my ear the other out loud
Just saw a video of chris Brown and some spanish Dudes on the spanish Station. ..OMG Chris Breezy so fly singing his Little spanish Verse Rhianna got all That m !
its funny how many pipo r driven by there emotions,just bcoz drake used YOLO in the motto now chris breezy says YOLO is one in many words which should b stopd frm bein used.
This song has been on repeat i dnt even realise Chris breezy-plz dont judge me very nice tune
I see prince of fame and pretty boy where is Nappy boy?
I'm put it down and u ganna fall in love chris breezy and brandy all day baby!!!
lol BUT i thought jayZ was gunna protect u CHRIS BREEZY STILL GETTN PAiD
If hd a choice then what would you choose to do, I can live without money I can live fame and if everyday was sunny I can live without the rain and if I evr went up to heaven I wld fall ryt back down and I wld nt be living coz u da one I cnt live without(chris breezy)
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