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Chris Blair

Chris Blair (born 4 March 1978 in Invercargill, New Zealand) is a male badminton player from New Zealand.

Dan Kuhn Merry Christmas Georgia Southern Marion County Sheriff

new free trance track from Judge Jules
Absolutely awesome interview with Jays 3B right here:
Even more exciting than the news is happening is the news that Chris Carter's brought back Darin and
"What Tony Blair did is Tony Blair's affair" - why are you asking Miliband questions about what Blair did then?
anyone as long as it's not Chris Evans! I'd rather it was Tony Blair than that over paid wally
Uncut review:"Blair Inc." by Francis Beckett, David Hencke et al - reads it so you don't have to
Was a pleasure to host in today. Fab talks from & Chris Knight of
From actress Selma Blair:. "I love Chris Henze for being the man and father he is to make such a beautiful movie...
.Breshad Perriman ran a sub 4.25 40-yard dash at his pro day. Wait, WHAT!?! http:/…
Why We Love Sports Today: Doctors inform Devon Still that daughter Leah's cancer is officially in remission. »
When Blair heckled by WI it was all over press. Cameron heckled by Age UK over NHS today. Let's see how much press that get…
foo you should have been at the game tonight 😂 me justin nick hunter Chris and Quinn vs cole Blair hunter cam and Guzman 👏
[Giving good advice at a restaurant]. "You should try to kill two birds with one stone". [Family of birds on next table]. Just i…
Congratulations to Seniors Blake Blair-2nd team All-Ohio and Cory Contini- Hon. Mention All-Ohio.
Patriotism is now racist, and treason has been done away with by Blair. New Order Britain.
here's a good one 4 you the UK GOV gives terrorist murdering scum amnesty
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
hoodie is no longer side bae... It's CHRIS Blair (LostBoyCrow)
Been doing some organisational stuff tonight with for our weekend away in Blair Atholl in a couple of weeks :D
deal with issues, lib/lab/com cover up Cyril Smith, Chris Hulme and war criminal Blair.
Just watched the Eng France match. Missed it yesterday. Poor Chris Robshaw.. mmm .. Given lesson by the exceptional Nigel Owens
When in opposition Cameron said that pre-announcing his departure was "the absolute-killer" for Blair's last term
Tony Blair during the 1995 Brighton conference said Labour would end zero hour contracts. TWENTY years on why should we be…
Wow! I have my laptop going again, thanks to my friend Chris Blair. THANK YOU!!!
Tim Blair complains in the media about lefty media obsessing about Is he being ironic or just stupid?
Congratulations to Dr. Chris Blair and his staff on the opening of their state-of-the-art Dental Clinic at Bronte...
Could Tony Blair, former British PM, have advised President to appoint Chris Okemo who is wanted by Scotland Yard & SFO?
Trust by blair williams at Jerry Revish church Unity Temple Church of God. Chris Brown - Organ. CSharp...
But I can't get over how stupid the BBC management are...I blamed- Tony Blair ... No Chris Pattern... No,Tony Blair!
Clagon will wrestle Chris Villalong of Cornell, formelly of Blair, for fifth in a little while
Results of our young player of the year poll- Sean Matheson 28%, Colin Sutherland 25%, Chris Gordon 25%, Dylan Murray 17%, Blair Mackay 5%
Blair pulled up the ladder of social mobility. Now the bright and the average both suffer via
Totowa and former Blair Academy star Chris Villalonga of Cornell trails Drake Houdashelt of Missouri, 2-0 after 1 period in NCAA 149 semis
We would like to welcome Costume Artist Chris Suicide Blair to Scarefest!
Shoutout to Chris for his portable charger 😈
Oh this is going to be fun with Chris Blair and Holly Cope!
Is blowback a foreign word to Tony Blair? I used to have respect for him once.
Did Chris Blair keep most of his campaign promises? Yes. Did he keep all of them? No. Has he fought to keep his promises only to realize pre-existing hurdles will prevent him from keeping his promises? Yes. Did he do a complete about-face when called to action? Yes, only after the hurdles became too…
Bus Tour: 4 major rallies this weekend before June 24th run-off.
Chris Blair, looks like it's bout time to get married!!!
Now posted: Keith Chartrand examines Sheriff Chris Blair's first year in office. Did he keep his promises? Find out:
Todays the Spurs championship parade. Chris Bosh hasn't been this upset since he was locked in the kitchen freezer of Ju…
Yesterday I played full court basketball for the first time in 10 or so years with some guys from work. When my alarm went off this morning, my legs almost buckled from the soreness. It was fun though, and I discovered I can still get the occasional rebound. Harlan Salser, Jonathan Boone, Drew Godfrey, Chris Blair
being Blair Waldorf is my life goal
The Marion County Commission on Tuesday unanimously backed Sheriff Chris Blair's request to spend $255,000 on The Rook, a tracked, armor-plated vehicle to be deployed when suspects are barricaded inside buildings.
Bra idk who funnier between Blair and Chris
I just read Benny, Chris, Blair, and Kevin's whole convo and I'm cracking up lol
Chastity Blair this looks good have Chris Blair Sr. make it for u
The Blair Peace Project: Serial warmonger’s call for new Iraq war will have opposite effect
Sir Peter Tapsell (Con) father of the house: delays in Chilcott mean House should impeach Tony Blair now
"No Mr Blair. Your naive war WAS a trigger for this savage violence" "Writes Chris Meyer, GB Ambassador to the US"
when I read this I thought Blues Chris Stewart vs. Blair "Chapman" in a fight.
What is interesting about is that none of the women are suing Blair because they're not big fat crybabies. Right Chris?
It always a good night when I work with Chris and Blair
Blair Riley on the takeaway... or gift by Oleksiak. lead 3-2 in third period.
Tony Blair wants to bomb Iraq again
Quote of the century? Tony Blair: "We have to liberate ourselves from the notion that 'we' caused this crisis"
The alternative with is brilliant. Few Carling, crisps, dour football. Decent
Let's be honest guys, everyone remembers Blair...the trick that used to take 1261717 videos in Chris' crib. 😒
better than Fred at this current moment in time
Letting me blair beenie man in the car... Esteban: turn that crap down!. Chris: Yeah crap knocker. me: Define crap??
I'm sorry but Love and Blake are highly overrated IMO, Chris is a much better player the Blake
Tim Blair doesn't appear to be known for thinking a lot. :)
What on earth was Tim Blair thinking with his nasty, petty 'article' today? Juvenile stuff a 15 year old would be embarrassed by.
. As was said fuk knows who to believe anymore but when Bears mock up Chris G shagging Dingwall I despair
Tim Blair is another one of Murdoch's rabid attack dogs. I think Chris Kenny is in charge of them. Interpret that as you will.
Of course when I actually get into writing for Chris, Blair starts messaging. God *** it, Blair...
now that success right there. Congrats Chris and keep goin dope niger
Tony Blair was only unstoppable because of a democratic flaw | Chris Huhne via
Edinburgh - FA Cup Final party At The Constitution Bar in the Red Room. We have received a box load of flags, clackers and a big banner from Arsenal and these will be dropped off at the bar on Saturday morning. Now as Fraz, Ryan, Chris Blair, Liam, Tich, Mitch, Zippy and so on will all be with me in London we need the rest of the eastern gooners to make a party of it in the Constitution. so please turn up in good numbers and give Arsenal your full support. Sorry to Gooners in Aberdeen ( No.10 bar ) and Glasgow (Alfredos) but the party stuff just turned up today so you will have to make do with what you have yourselves to Arsenalise your pubs.
Minnesota Vikings kicker Blair Walsh says the comments made by former punter Chris Kluwe are "reprehensible"
blair just sent me a vine of Chris Brown. she knows whats up
Today is our 9 year anniversary Chris Blair & im so lucky to have u as my other half. Thank u for loving me for me, just the way i am. You are my very best friend, u know everything there is to know about me & without you I am incomplete. No matter what, through the ups, downs & in betweens, ill always be by your side, till death do us part. I love u so much that words cannot explain how much i cherish being your wife.. I love you forever & ever Happy Anniversary my love♥
Blair Walsh: not a fan of Chris Kluwe, it appears.
Chris Blair Nah bro...tonight was a special Empower webinar...We usually don't do Thursday nights.the main EN call is usually on Mondays.
Updated newser on Kluwe/Priefer with Blair Walsh statement for those asking:
Blair Walsh issues statement in support of Mike Priefer - After Chris Kluwe alleged that he was cut by the Vikings...
Blair walsh just taking a dump on chris "crybaby" kluwe
Blair Walsh's canned, clearly written by the Vikings PR department, statement really makes me question everything Chris Kluwe said. Oh wait.
Finally, a pro comes forward and says it: Hey you weren't that good. That's why you were cut.
Me thinks Blair Walsh is just covering his ***
Welcome to Marayah Spiritheart, Markus Aurelius Francis X and Chris Blair in our family.
15/6/2013 show in Long Beach, California, featuring special guest singers, "Sonic," Chris Blair and "Note" of "Dreams of Mad Children from" Thailand.
Today was the first time in recorded history that I was capable of working out on New Years Day...and it was a KILLER one!!! Thanks CrossFit CDI!!! with Darren Kemp & Chris Blair :)
Happy New Year's! My day was not so great, but it's getting better. One of my goals this next year is to set better boundaries, and today I took a great big beating (verbally and emotionally) for doing so, but I held my ground! So that's an accomplisment. I later got an apology, but it zapped my energy, and I didn't feel like going out or doing anything even though I could have gone out to the Riverroom or spent it at the warehouse with Jim and May Rudisill, Sue Bicket, Chris Blaire, and Dennis. I worked till about 10:30pm anyway. excited about this new year...and I didn't let myself get maniplulated!
Can't think of a better way to be spending New Years eve. I have my 3 boys Joey Blair Chris Blair and Ryan...Rachel Rachel Deanna Lambert and my wonderful loving hard working husband Butch.. Bkcheatham Cheatham right here with me. I hope everyone is this blessed tonight and has a great new year
Amy Williams McDowell, I ate lunch beside this lovely picture the other day at Applebee's;-) Chris Blair tried to say that this isn't you so I told him..."BET"
Had a great night last night with Kashta Andrade-booker Mustafa Monstar Andrew Hernandez for CULT Ent. performance by Chris Blair and Adam Ford. Thanks for having us out brothas. 2013 was a good runner up but 2014 and beyond will be prosperous!
lookimg forward to meeting up with some of my oldest friends Denise Holland John Shorey Sue Brennan Sue Wratten kerry Chris Blair and Laraine Clark may the wineflow xx
Marion County Sheriff Chris Blair came out swinging in 2013, during his first year as the county’s top law enforcement officer.
Another full day. TJ & Rachel spent the night, so we had waffles this morning. They left and then my friend Chris Blair-Whitehead who lives in Arkansas came by for lunch and a wonderful visit. It's been too long since I've had a hug from her. Then T & T & family took me to La Mornita's for yummy food. We even stopped by KMart and I finally found a star for the top of my tree. Jennifer Ribeiro came by for a visit this evening. I'm a terrible hostess - we visited and I never even offered her something to drink. Great visit and more hugs. I'm truly blessed with caring family and friends. Brewing a cup of tea now and then it's time for bed.
If you are looking for a sweet tool to build your business, then SendReach is for you. If you are looking to save hundreds perhaps thousands comparing SendReach to Aweber or GetResponse, then SR is for you. I am ready for my best online year yet.and thanks to Matt and Chris Blair's recommendation of SendReach, I know I am ready! Bring on 2014!
If you are an internet marketer or do any email marketing, do not miss this event tonight with my friends Chris Blair and Matt Stefanik! This looks awesome!
Yes .. many thanks your invitation Chris Blair ..
To all the 104 brothers, friends and family of Kevin M Arneil. Rodney Browne and myself Chris Blair are going to have a college trust fund set up for Kevin's daughter Isabella Graham at a bank. We would ask in lieu of followers and donations we get together and pass the hat to help out his daughter in this tragic time with her loss just before the holidays and to help see to her future. As we all know Kevin had a prolong illness he was fighting for a long time. He had just gone throw a major surgery on his foot fighting more of his diabetes and was cleared to go back to what he loved to do "Line-work " and Storms. He had to use up most of or all of his retirement to pay for meds, bill and food. I will say without the LU 104 brotherhood fund helping him, he would of went threw it a lot quicker. We will post more info when we finalize all the details with her and the bank. Please keep Kevin and the family in your thoughts and prayers. Thanks Chris
Merry Christmas to you and your family! Want to be sure you saw this as it is incredible! Who wants an Xbox One, Kindle Fire 8.9 HD, or a $100 Amazon gift card? You do? Great news! Chris Blair & Matt Stefanik and I are giving one each away to three lucky attendees to this Thursday night's webinar! Here's the catch: we want to get at least 500 people on this webinar so be sure to share this event with your friends, team, on your wall, etc... Event details here:
Happy Birthday Sheriff Chris Blair. Hope you have a beautiful day with your family. Merry Christmas!
Who wants these FREE Gifts from Chris Blair? Read below to know more and be sure to JOIN this FREE Social Email Marketing Training. Christmas everyone! :)
Well as our Christmas comes to an end this year I am truly thankful to the love of my life Chris Blair for cooking the turkey, lamb and pork for our meat lovers Christmas dinner, our 12yr old daughter Annaliese for making the Trifle, all I had to do was the salads. The most stress-free and relaxed Christmas I can remember. Very full , very grateful, thanks also to Avalon Goffe for chillin' out with us today
That was the best family get together I've been to in years! I love all my family!! Billyjo Blair, Chris Blair,David Blair, Timmy Weaver, and Leonard-talk be ready Sunday boys!! It's going to be on!!
imma try and enjoy myself but kinda. hard spending time with families but don't have my people. I can spend this holiday with... RIP CHRIS BLAIR,NATASHA BLAIR , JULIANNA. BLAIR FELIX BLAIR, ERICA BLAIR. JOHNNY SCOTT! !! JOHN SCOTT JR...!! I LOVE Y'ALL! !!
󾔒󾔐󾔓 Dominic Kirwan Scott Newstead Chris Blair Wayne Golden (new) Chris! Gareth Pritchard Shane Pritchard Liam McGinty.. And of course Colm Kirwan! I just wanna wish u all a very Merry Christmas and all the very best wishes for 2014! Can't wait to see some of u next year! Colm.. U better be back over! X x have a lovely festive time friends! X x 󾔒󾔐󾔓
Oh Christmas spirit where are you. You weren't on deerfoot cause we spent an hour there waiting for you. You weren't in line at the zoo cause we waited 30 minutes there. You better be inside the zoo twinkling the little lights. Lol. with Chris Blair
Chris Blair I forgot to tell you that I really like the new jeep 󾌰 it's quite sexy lol
Chris Blair...I love the gift. You know me too well!
This vet is plain awesome to have brought this cat back from how he was...great work Petfriends and Chris Blair ;-)
Last night we decided to drive around and look at Christmas lights. We started in town and went to the fairgrounds to see Christmas in the Ochocos is what I think it was called. Pretty cool to see our fairgrounds lit up all over. Headed around town and noticed that not many people do Christmas lights anymore. Kind of sad. Stopped off at DQ before heading out to our sweet little church to see the live nativity there. AWESOME! Church family you did a great job! Thank you to all who were out there! What a great experience and blessing for us. Good to see you all! I am curious though, how did you get Pastor Chris Blair to stand still and not talk? :)
From last year i did laundry for Chris Blair And dad said he didn't pay me the 10 that he owes me So i ain't going to worry about it But he payed me the other 10 when i washed his clothes for him 2 years ago
So Chris Blair and I are going out tonight...all night! (well whenever I get there, he knows I am not getting there till 1am!)
Got out to the truck with my to go drink from Bdubs and noticed it felt a little light. Got to looking and it's only about 3/4 full. Naturally I'm so angry I could pull at myself Chris Blair and Ron Coleman.
It's been confirmed! Tell your friends! Chris Blair (Connect Savannah's Actor Of The Year 2 years in a row) will be joining us for the Christmas Special! You GOTTA see this!
Chris Blair's call of the final play in Gainesville, Fla. Eagles a winner over Florida tonight. Hey Now.
Another Daysof TheDead in the books. Finally able to put my thoughts into words. First and foremost, thank you to Adolfo Dorta, Carrie Gedeon, Rick Lara, Jennifer Lara,and Bill Philput for another awesome wild ride. I am still blown away by your use of my little creations. I was not expecting that (still in shock it even happened). I look forward to making new ones for the show. Thank you to all the VIP pass holders and even the celebrities who enjoyed their gifts I made. I am very much looking forward to taking them to the next level for you. To my family Amber Decker, Larry Lutze, Angela Cottrill, Jeff Cochran, Chris Blair, Pezz.and so many more. I love you all. We don't get to see each other enough,but when we do, it is epic. Much love to you all. Without you my life is incomplete. With having the honor of picking up Rochelle Davis, Leslie Easterbrook, Jordan Ladd andDave Brockie from the airport, sitting with TK Carter and David Collum all weekend, and taking Rochelle Davis back to the airp ...
Getting ready to wake Ashlie Brook Yoder Andy Yoder and Chris Blair to head to Myrtle beach to meet Waylon Griffith Kendra Keller River Griffith and banner main. Kristin Keller and Jon Lance will meet us on Sunday. Teresa Sluder and Jessica Sluder Long should be on their way.
Who got value out of the second webinar of $.02 FB Clicks by Andrew Murray, Matt Stefanik & Chris Blair? Comment below.
OG Fister Reunion with cigars. Chris Blair, Ron Messer and me, in Afghanistan laughing and sharing some memories!
Does any one know Roger Burrows, Chris Blair or Phil Dunne that played for Wenty Roos thirty years ago? We are trying to track them down for the out coming reunion. If you do know them or know where they now live, please let us know.
Robbie Franks and Josh Swanner, excellent pitching tonight; Zac Collett way to work behind the plate; Chris Blair great hitting tonight; Brayden Blakley your attitude does wonders for team morale; Jonah Swanner awesome at short; Zac McQueen you dominated at first; Donovan Simmons good eye and great base running; Nathan Shepherd good job on 3 and way to take one for the team; Sean Hall we missed you tonight---CONGRATULATIONS ASTROS on your first win of the season!!!
Tonight was funny asf! Chris we really trippin, had me Jade and Leron busting up!
I having to turn it around on me...would make me feel like I'm in the blair witch project.
Troy Bodie and Blair Riley drop the gloves. Bodie got two solid rights on Riley before being taken down.
are still without a shot with 10:31 left to play, but are heading to the power play as Blair Riley is called for hooking.
Yes Ed One nation labour not new labour tony blair didnt mind him !!! but he did not reform the social housing followed suit
defo Blair, it has to be Blair loool
This is so cool! Chris Hadfield wrings out a washcloth in Very proud right now to be
I'm gonna go to lunch with my cuties Blair, Chris and maybe Chelsey. It's gonna get real cute. Then I'm picking up INJUSTICE
Thatcher save the country after Callaghan, DC doing his best to follow her legacy & save the country after Blair/Brown
I'm not sure I'd have trusted Blair if he'd said Measles could deploy against us within 45 minutes
I wonder is it Drake's or Chris Brown's ... lmao !
Yes. And to his lapdog Tony Blair. But not Canadian PM Jean Cretien. As he then was!!
true. I admired Blair too. I think combination of him and Maggie means everyone will hate me!!!
take it up with Blair he told me to tell her
i fucc with Chris Brown more than Drake. Nh
Ms. J-Lynn and Ms. Chris spent the morning with Angela Blair from the State Public Charter School Authority...
Stomach flipping uncontrollably while watching the Thatcher highlights. Cheney, Netanyahu, Kissenger, Blair... Utterly nauseating.
Maggie was draped in a Union Flag surrounded by Troops.. Blair was surrounded by Troops draped in Union Flags. Enough said methinks...
Shad Blair & Chris Schelske will be playing at Giddy Ups - at 7pm tonight
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
are you going to complain when Tony Blair gets his similar funeral??
Evan McMahon, Miah Akston, Lauren Rumpler, you know how I mercilessly mocked you in the office? Well, Blair...
Chris Blair and I are workin hard to put out some new things. We are almost there with a few projects. Just gotta...
I watched and listened to all the Leaders tonight on the News Hour, and based on that, I've made my decision. I'm voting for Chris Gailus
I'm crying with laughter at Chris O'Niell's new video.
'I'm not sure how much he knows how the British public feel from 1st-class lounge at Heathrow,' Mili ally tells of Blair
Blair, we do what Chris tells us to, just because!
that's cause Chris rocks, we love you too Blair
I did Chris, just because you said to. I used to listen to Blair all the time before
Guys, Chris Blair is my best friend.
i got Chris St Louis Blues hockey tickets for this Friday and my little cousin outta no where wet up and told him
Hello Mr. Chris, Be honest, i have been watching your show for month and i can't believe that someone could love animals as me:)
Taryn Marie. Brittany Elizabeth Blair Chris Gutter please get a hold of me when y'all get up so I can find a ride...
must be nice. Chris is already counting down the days after Blair when I can start mine again. No more babies for this girl.
By my count, there are three SGF Cardinals participating in P Seth Blair, OF, Chris Swauger, and myself.
me too, same with Blair, Kinnock all of them... respect for the dead is built in from good parenting
Chris Villalonga (Cornell, Blair Academy) wrestling right now in the 149 wrestlebacks vs. Edinboro's David Habat.
I cannot stand Tyler the Creator. CAN'T STAND HIM. He's right below Chris Brown on my list of celebrities I despise. I don't see the appeal.
wet shaving is the best grooming decision I have ever made. It is worth persisting through the initial bleeding.
Pitt needs Levance fields Chris taft and Dejuan blair lol
Former PM Tony Blair on war with Iraq - BFBS News app -
Oliver will meet Virginia's Derek Valenti (from Kittainny HS) in the 2nd round; Valent defeated Blair's Chris Villalonga (Cornell) 8-4
"Eat a *** The Blair Witch Project is a great movie" Kept me out of the forest for a solid.. Well I haven't been back since
good cause if you didn't like Chris brown... We couldn't even have a friendship 😔👋
We need a debate with Blair Jenkins and Alistair Darling air across the whole of the UK.
prof! Can you help me? I don't have a picture of Jayson Blair (Chris). Can you give me a picture of Chris
Last years Chris Sandow,or Adam Blair."Worst buy of the season goes to. Tony Williams."
We've lots of enemies. Defence acts as a deterrent. Despite what say, the wars we're in are Blair’s legacy.
I wouldn't go quite that far, Tony Blair did some excellent things for the country despite the Iraq war
Chris Huhne is in jail for contempt of court yet Tony Blair is at large after showing contempt for the law & British public
Iraq War launched with total disregard for lives. Blair told Lab backbenchers it'd all be over in 12 weeks - Chris Mullins
THE A.A.V.E. catches up with Chris O'Dowd, star of the new film THE SAPPHIRES, and Director Wayne Blair on...
You need to come by The Listening Room Café tomorrow from 6-8 for the "Stories Behind The Songs" with Chris Blair.
I swear If Blair doesn't give Kyle, Chris and I good grades on our movie...I will be MAD!
Chris Nineham's brilliant article. How close did we get to stopping the Iraq war and toppling Tony Blair?
It has to be said I dont see eye to eye with Chris Nineham views on life but on Tony Blair he is spot on, Blair shows no remorse re Iraq
Tony Blair just wants a legacy, even if it is being remembered as the most evil *** there ever was.
Blair on Iraq "How can you regret removing a monster?". Brown on Blair: "How can you regret removing a monster?" UK on Brown: "How...etc.."
.Here, I'll let explain it in their response to Chris Elliot cited in their most recent piece.
Chris Huhne in jail. Tony Blair still walking the streets.
Blair deluded - Saddam not terrorist apt fm Kuwait - Iraq now no food, water, power, law - was that his intent?
funny you weren't so rude when trying to get votes for your slimeball boss Blair in 1997 to 2003
Blair continues to 'make all kinds of stuff up'
you know I had that Chris brown voice everybody started crying when I was singing 😌
but it was about Chris's picture, so like I said, you can man up and tag him in it :)
Chris and I are going. Assuming Blair is too
Yeah, it's been a pretty sensible month, all in all.
...will rise. Just like what happened during Blair's time. But it is wrong to deprive the working man of his hard earned money.
❤❤❤time to give God all his praise and glory!!!
Ed Miliband is like the product of a drunken one night stand between Tony Blair and a filing cabinet. Bland yet menacing.
check out your boy feat new single "Money or Me"
and Drowned in Blood Illegal invasion all in the name of oil,gas & pipelines
you gotta go through initiation to join Blair
LoL Chris Brown featured in a new song called "Beat It" with Sean Kingston and Wiz Khalifa. Ironic enough - good song though.
who would you say are the nicest/funniest guys in TM ... — Um, Reece, Heedy, Matt, Adam, Daniel, Blair, Chris an...
The 2013 Winter Carpet Oval Series here at Allen's is now officially under way. Several twists and turns as well as some very close, competitive racing in all three classes made for an exciting day of racing. For some, a good start to a short point series. For others, some work to do in the next five weeks to hopefully climb back into the hunt. Spec Slash MDM D-main rolled out onto the track first. Rich Edwards brought the field to the green followed by Wendell Zulauf Sr. and Chris Blair. On lap 3, Zulauf and Blair got together in turn 1 allowing Tom Appelt to sneak through to 2nd from the 4th position which dropped Zulauf down to 6th. Lap 10, Appelt managed to run down the leader of Edwards and make the pass for the lead heading into turn 3. Unfortunately, Appelt got tangled up in a wreck on lap 17 giving the lead back to Edwards. At the same time, Dan Downey got around Kerrie Saunders for the 4th spot. Edwards managed to hold on to the lead until lap 28 when Appelt made a strong move off turn 4 ...
So excited to see Andrew McMahon with Chris Blair in March. Haven't been this excited for a concert in a long time.
Chris Blair, a Safety from East Forsyth high school in North Carolina is Ball State's 21st commit for the class of 2013
that's why I miss ol Blair Walsh smh
Hi CHris - you are so so right having worked in the NHS 30 years and seen cultural change +++
So now that Chris Hussey has had his contract terminated, hopefully that's means positive news on signing up
Stoked for Sno*Drift with Anthony M. Fenlon, Chris Blair, Stuart Satterthwaite, and Matt Blair then going to crew my first rally with Casey Szink for Matthew Conte. Such a great start to the 2013 season!!!
now you know me. I don't care about all that. I bought Chris browns albums after all his mess. Talent is talent
bro check out my mixtape yea I rap to boyyy
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Blair Jones is an alright grinder, but my god Chris what drugs are you on and where can I get them?
Big thanks to Chris Dunn and TJ Blair, lots of fun last night. Great way to kick off the series.
Buy my grinder peeps, its a beast and needs a new home !!
deal on a Professional grinder in NZ, bid now !
San Antonio Spurs signing Aron Baynes means the end of the road for Dejaun Blair. (Source: Steve Kyler)
I'm sure you will! We can't have you working w Chris rock wanna be for the rest of your life :)
LAS VEGAS, Nev. – Georgia Southern Men’s Basketball returns to Las Vegas for the first time in a decade this weekend. The Eagles face Mississippi Valley State on Saturday afternoon at 3 p.m. (ET) at the Orleans Arena. GSU will face either Cal State Bakersfield or North Florida on Sunday at a time to be determined. Georgia Southern is 1-1 in the 2012 Continental Tire Las Vegas Classic and is the only team in its bracket with a win in the regional rounds of the tournament. The Eagles are 4-6 on the year including a 78-73 win over Virginia Tech a week ago. Saturday’s game can be heard live across the Georgia Southern Radio Network and online at Chris Blair and A.J. Henderson will call the game from the Verizon Wireless Broadcast Table with airtime set for 2:30 p.m. (ET). Eric Ferguson leads the team with 14.1 points per game and has 976 career points. The junior is set to become the 39th member of the 1,000 point club at Georgia Southern. C.J. Reed is averaging 16.0 points per game over t ...
FB: Take a break from holiday shopping tonight & join Coach Jeff Monken and “Voice of the Eagles” Chris Blair for...
Marion County Sheriff-elect Chris Blair officially began the transition process this morning.
I wish instead of Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns, it was Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero and Owen Hart and.oh wait.
Will anyone go to the formal with mark Blair? He will pay for your dress and ticket
I don't know if y'all noticed but uh Chris brown came out his clothes 😍😍
Chris and Blair are pure comedians man and thats on my life lmfao
PH colour indicator. Far left Whangarei tap water, then the next 3 have been ionized at 3 different levels up to a...
Watch out everyone, Chris is in a pissy mood.
have you seen Chris monk debate with Tony Blair? Check it out on YouTube, saw a bookshop trying to flog the transcript for £8
Rylan and Chris through... We are talkin about a country that voted in Tony Blair AND Gordan Brown mind
Number 37 is a 'celebrity' filled video for Chris rea's 'driving home for Xmas' starring Lionel Blair, Gail porter amongst others.
Congrats to Southport's Brenton, Chris, Mel, Leiston, Blair, Kylie and coach Glenn on their selection in Aus team for Super Series in Perth
RE: Georgia Southern announcer Chris Blair. Would someone PLEASE teach him that people at home can't SEE the personal foul for 15 yards and would he please enlighten us instead of getting distracted and waiting two minutes to tell us that it was a personal foul, but not what for?? A division 1 announcer he's not . . . . . .
The smile in your face let's me know that you love me. The truth in your eyes say you'll never leave me . I love you Chris Blair
Why does Chris houghton always spit!!
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Reporting from Chris Blair's bedroom, the undefeated pony league team takes on...
Chris Dowden and I are basically best friends now.
On ESPN 102.1 Now: Voice of Georgia Southern, Chris Blair, joins Harp on Sports to preview the Eagles and Georgia...
Really wishing I had those left overs from Dinner at Ruth's Chris last night :( so hungryyy
BREAKING: Tony Blair's father has died. The former PM was at his bedside and 89 year old Leo Blair is said to have died peacefully.
Sad breaking news that Tony Blair's father has died.
Email Guardian Readers' Editor, Chris Elliott, at readerand tell him antisemitism is unacceptable
Cook attended Blair event, now works for Blair supporter -Ocala
On election night last week, many well-wishers wanted to congratulate Sheriff-elect Chris Blair. But to some in attendance at his victory party, one guest stood out: Melissa Cook, the woman who launched the scandal that paved the way for Blair to win the race.
looks good Chris I'm there next thurs should be a *** lol
Mark Blair, Chris Blair, Gary Blair is raising money for BLESMA. Sponsor them with Virgin Money Giving.
Brilliant! Tony Blair resists pressure & continues to support right to self defense H/T
The crash, the hug and the catch: The way Duke became bowl eligible might make you cry.
I'll be driving a total of 17 hours this week.
I blame society, tony blair and michael owen
Me and an old friend used to jam to Chris Brown's first album.
Tony Blair was a good PM until he and Bush decided it was their mission in life to destroy the world.
Her and Chris Brown would have a song together again called Nobody's Business
For Eagle Fans in Middle Georgia, Chris Blair joins the Bill Shanks Show at 3:45pm to talk GSU/UGA matchup on...
Kick off the Holiday season with this fun party for children and families! Chris Blair, Suzanne Shafer, William Pike, Brooke Pike, Caron Elise Blair
Alana Andrews Thanksgiving Storytime at BN is on Tuesday Nov. 20th! I am sure she will help get your little ones in the holiday spirit! Suzanne Shafer, Caron Elise Blair, William Pike, Brooke Pike, Chris Blair
Chris Benoit to be awknowledged by WWE
The art of leadership is saying no, not yes. It is very easy to say yes. ~Tony Blair
I'm a huge fan, but have you ever faced Chris Benoit in a one on one match? For the life of me I can't think of if you have.
my *** Blair flipped his *** in '08 when bruh was at UCONN, loc ain't been right eva since..
Jermaine is to Mike Conley Jr. as Chris is to Monta Ellis. lmfao.
Hmm...Chris Jericho vs. Renee Dupree. Should be a good match.
Here's a picture of my cousin hanging with the Royals !
The snapchats I get from coach chris >>>>
Chris Blair: I see a balloon by god
Buy Miche Bag Online!
DMU colleague Chris Goldsmith will be giving a talk at Political Studies Association heads of dept meeting on Friday on teaching in £9K era.
Well Alex has gone to a good home now just Simon left. Killer deal $1500 Reserve !
We'll see if I wanna stop staring at the Mary Blair mural.
Go here to know to $7,000 Monthly Residual Income Created in 6 weeks with NMVT
THE SAPPHIRES' director Wayne Blair was voted 'Creative Force of the year' by For all winners see here:
Convincing people my father is Chris Osgood is probably one of the easiest things ☺
Well if your child is bullied at school don't expect more than a tickle with a wet bus ticket for the bully...
Thanks to my son, Chris Blair for his continuing service to our country... Although he no longer serves in the USAF, he still helps protect us from those overseas forces that wish to destroy us! Thanks son and PLEASE stay safe!
Hey Chris Blair.maybe you should run the new prisons like a bad nursing home and the guys would not be repeat offenders. LOL
Finally had great night at work. Thanks you to all my guys for hanging in there and we almost got our whole crew back. Hurry back Chris Blair we miss you.
Sleeping over with the sexy boy Chris Blair c;
How bout da sheriff election scandles our new ones under investigation 24 hrs after takin office ole chris blair funny as fuk
The FDLE investigation that has temporarily halted Sheriff-elect Chris Blair's assumption of power was prompted by an anonymous tip, officials say.
Crisis situation really shows people's true colors! 27 horses safely moved to higher ground. I can not thank enough: (hope I don't miss anyone, I'm really tired!) Russell Hennig and JT?, Steven Potter, Laurie Potter & friend (sorry I brain farted his name:) Donna Putnam, Payne Farm Too, Beth Glace, Bri Hackett, Susan Clark, George Devine, Myron Langer, Julia Robinson, Robin and Stephen Larsen, Margo Biuso, Keith Kip Perry, Kevin Perry, Luxurious Lynne, Chris Blair, Chloe Adler, Ashley Miller... etc, etc Many have offered help, but these really stepped up! : What a weight off my chest (Carl says I must say "no pun intended") to have horses safely out of the flood zone. Those who followed our plight last year with Irene and Lee will understand. Other people have tried to profit by our desperation, and those will not be forgotten either ;) Must apologize for those who FB won't let me tag. II'm not sure how many people are allowed to be "tagged" in a post, but it's more than I was able to:) God bless u ...
I plan to walk into the early voting precinct on Monday and select Dan Kuhn to elect Chris Blair. My unwavering support remains for the FOCUS and the ISSUES of the MCSO. As a Marion County resident and registered Republican voter, I choose Chris Blair as my choice for the following reasons: Chris Blair is a man of the law. His work ethic and committment proves it. Chris Blair has the most dignified law enforcement and investigative experience. His experience doesn't come from knowing how to weasel his way out of his wrongdoings or poor choices, it comes from EXPERIENCE and PROTECTION of people like me. Chris Blair's work ethic may be intimidating to some... but only those who have got by the skin of their teeth or those who slacked and expected respect for a badge and position they didn't deserve. Chris Blair is a man that I tru st with the lives of my children. Why? Because, he CARES. His concern is MORE about the safety of our community over the political correctness of ones prior offenses, charges, tim ...
Candidates for sheriff spar over gun rights: Marion County Sheriff candidates Chris Blair, left, and Berni...
Last night the 4th Annual Chair-ity Auction at Ocala/Marion County Board of Realtors in collabration with the Affiliates of OMCAR put on a fantastic event. Everyone who attended had a good time, music, wine tasting, great food and lots of fun all around. The benefits will be awarded to the Royal Kids Camp and the Ocala Domestic Abuse Center. Much thanks to Chris Blair who attended and won the "Swamp Life Saloon" with the highest bid we have ever received for one item! Remember if you want to vote for Chris Blair in the upcoming election, you will have to check the Dan Kuhn box on the ballot, there is not enough time to change them before the election!! Get out and Vote on Nov 6th!
Three area football players, including two from schools in Forsyth County, have been selected to play in the Shrine Bowl of the Carolinas — Chris Blair of East Forsyth, Ryan Gould of West Forsyth, and Cole Blankenship of Davie County.
Blair Dec Chris Marley Morgan & Me are taking the train down mate, you going?
This guy stole a charity box for Hospice from Steve Haywood Jeweller, anybody know him?
One of the most unusual races this year is the contest for the Marion County Sheriff.
Dear Chris Blair supporters: The Honor Flight carrying Veterans of WWII will be landing at the Ocala Airport on Thursday, 10/25/12 between 9:30 pm and 10:00 pm. If you are able to attend, this would be a great way to honor them when they arrive at the airport. There are 180 vets and over 300 total people who will be landing that night on two separate planes. Please come out and show your support for these brave men and women who fought for what we have today, OUR FREEDOM!
Great meeting Cullen, Chris, Blair at MOA- thanks for the free tickets-can't wait to see Vikings defeat Tampa Bay.
I should probably put your gift in the mail soon...😁
Good evening everyone! Chris from Blair MS. Ready to watch appy hour will rock the house!
Chris, middle school principal in Blair, NE A1-bullying is a power struggle
Thanks for the free tics Blair Walsh & Chris Loeffler
me too I cried a little inside. And some more when I found out I can't go to moa to meet Chris kluwe and Blair Walsh tonight
Thought both and Chris Mullin were great tonight. Who knew that Blair & Campbell were key in 'free Deidre Rashid' campaign?!
Chris and Shayna want to hang out on Friday after school and Blair wants to go to the movies over the weekend. I'M GETTING A SOCIAL LIFE
Write-in votes for Chris Blair won't count in sheriff race. Voters have to pick Dan Kuhn.
Chris Bryant..tried to get Blair voted out..posed in his underwear to get *** partners..stop being a hypocrite..
Chris Bryant? He annoys me alot, he has similar characteristics to Blair. He just got ruined by cameron on PMQ's lol
If you are planning on doing a bootcamp, check this one out.
Just got home from a good walk and it's 38 degrees. Alone quality time woot woot seen some nice Halloween decorations . I absolute live spending time with my baby I love you Chris Blair
Ryan Levay Please spread the word: in order to vote for Chris Blair, you MUST fill in the circle next to Dan Kuhn's name. YOU CAN NOT WRITE in Chris's name on the ballot. It will NOT COUNT. Please remember . A VOTE FOR KUHN = A VOTE FOR BLAIR.
Being the ballots were already printed when Kuhn dropped out of the race for Sheriff, they aren't changing the ballots...SOO you have to circle in Dan Kuhns name in order for your vote to count for CHRIS BLAIR. DO NOT write in CHRIS BLAIRS name as it won't count. Just vote for Dan Kuhn.
Oh and BTW, hearty congratulations are due to Chris Blair & his lovely new wife, Lauren who consummated their nuptials in a quiet ceremony this past weekend. A toast to the newlyweds!
At NWA Cocktail party. Day 2 of Toronto ICSC...great event, great contacts. Good to see Ric,Chris+Jason Hauser, Blair Walker + Tom Madden.
Visit for breaking news in Orlando, FL from WESH. Orlando breaking news, weather, and sports. Florida local TV news and more from NBC TV's local affiliate in Central Florida WESH - Orlando's Channel 2.
.and the irony is I was going to use Tony Blair as my other example!
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