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Chris Blair

Chris Blair (born 4 March 1978 in Invercargill, New Zealand) is a male badminton player from New Zealand.

Doug Thompson Marion Co Georgia Southern

JC was the brains, the heart, the soul behind those victories - Blair just his front man until he too rebelled.
Corbyn & his cult of followers detest Blair; so Corbyn can't take ownership of Blair's creation. He shld STFU.
Chris Paul shouldn't be that high but should be in top ten. Switch steph with cp3 and harden or Russ with cp3. Good list
Having a three year old child is, in many ways, like playing the David Spade roll in a Chris Farley vehicle that never got g…
Chris Blair won't be the only new Voice of the Tigers this fall. ¡Viva los Tigres!
Former & current UFAs who have yet to receive a contract:. Brandon Prust. Matt Bartkowski. Chris Higgins. Blair Jones…
Chris read 'and see why will win,or has turned into ?
My first camera. Still works. Also used it to film The Blair Chris Project.…
Coming from someone who has Tony Blair on his side.
all the scum who support Blair and bush in ther disaster in iraq
Mmm I think re Blair are extrapolating to absurdity. There are clearly more factors than where on left right spectrum
...and it seems to imply that if we had Tony Blair back now he'd be voted straight back in with no trouble, clearly nonsense
Watching RUSH HOUR.. Blair keeps doing her Chris Tucker impersonation... It's really good . .
15. Poppin - Chris Brown . UNDERRATED . Dance like a *** to this oops
8.Gimmie that - Chris brown . (btw get ready for a LOT of Chris brown😅)
Unbelievable message from on healing. So powerful. There's still time to tune in!…
Even though we don’t understand it all,. we should keep trusting God.
Remember when 172 Labour MPs mutinied against Blair over the dodgy dossier, ID cards & 90-day detention without charge? No…
If you want to die let let Ariel Blair drive you around
I want to thank the PLP for making Greek politics look respectable!
A nice Chris Davis play, a Bowman sack that was wiped out and strong push from Blair but that was a real bad defensive series.
John Blair told me he thought would be 5th. Bloody brilliant that he went one better.
Last week the hype was on the Davis' brothers: RB Mike Davis & Chris Davis. Game 2 look for MVP to be DE Ronald Blair.
I made a film in 2003 entitled 'The Blair Chris Project' Scariest two days of my life!!…
3. 'here's the thing Blair isn't coming back' why's that relevant? What's your point?
First ever legit 900kg drug free raw total in New Zealand. You the man Brother.
Special thanks to Chris Blair and Braylen Edinburgh for the post game interviews
Poor Blair trying to make an amazing unifying, rallying for America speech by a racial issue. Talk about gr…
and Blair and Wilson? Oh well we probably just need to agree to differ.
I swear it's the Chris Kluwe curse... Ever since we cut his *** and drafted Jeff Locke, Blair Walsh has been garbage..
Blair Walsh misses... Seahawks will go to Carolina for the divisional round next week. Wait, what?
Oh blair when we play the Seahawks maybe take the night off
Can confirm Preston striker Joe Garner due in Glasgow Friday for medical.
they would give birth to Scott brown??
most have gone missing in fight for party. Sad to say - unlike Blair, Kinnock, Brown or Wilson seem to lack ultimately.
SCSN St Louis on Fox2 this morning in St Louis!! Tune in at 9am local time . Thanks Chris Blair, John Bisci and...
So I'm at the Warehouse buying a bag of Purina dog food for my dog. While in the check out line, a woman behind...
Home from covering softball at WCWS, hear Chris Blair call Kramer Robertson's 2-run shot driving down Nicholson Drive. June is great.
Days after Marion County Sheriff's Office's Chris Blair was arrested on 3 felonies, man Fred LaTorre resigns.
Marion Co. Sheriff Chris Blair charged with perjury, removed from office
Marion Co. Sheriff Chris Blair chrgd with perjury, rmvd from ofc More "Republican" values on display. FELON!
Buzzy Haydel is filling in for Doug Thompson alongside Chris Blair on the radio broadcast tonight
Doug Moreau will return as football color analyst alongside PxP man Chris Blair. with the story
Doug Thompson and Chris Blair talked about Albert "Don't Call Me Joey" Belle last night eh?
Uhhh. I just saw that website I used to write for published something on DeJuan Blair 20 minutes ago. Sigh.
Sharing again for the Blair boys - Chris Blair and Holly Cope Blair. Y'all are going to need this! LOL
Chris Blair? I was waiting on this all weekend lol
Get excited for our guest speaker, Chris Durden, this Thursday in Blair 229 @ 6:30! Have some questions prepared!
Chris Blair picked a great weekend to start his LSU Radio career!
I will miss Jim Hawthorne but really enjoyed listening to Chris Blair!
Chris Blair (on "It was one of the best weekends of my entire life." On 1st call (
Joined now by Chris Blair on Culotta & The Prince
Watch Chris Blair's 1st moments on the air calling Congrats and welcome, Chris!
did you listen to any LSU baseball games this weekend? Chris Blair sounds great as the new voice of the Tigers
It's finally showtime for new LSU play-by-play voice Chris Blair: Ron Higgins...
Chris and Cookie! Reminds of the teacher team, I think Paul and Blair from two seasons ago.
Listen to a few of Chris Blair's home run calls from today's 12-4 series sweep victory over Cincinnati:.
Delaware’s Kareem Williams breaks off 53-yard TD run. Missed tackle in hole by Elon’s Chris Blair helped spring him. Blue Hens tie it 7-7.
Pass interference on Elon’s Chris Blair bails Delaware out of third and 12. Hard-hitting Blair is hurting, too. Ankle injury bothering him.
Columbus with a turnover to start the game .. Chris Blair with a strip and Mario Bradford with a recovery ... CHS on the DeSoto 48
Blair Walsh and Chris Ramirez teeing off at the first annual United foot golf tournament Baker National Golf Course!
Electronic Device Insurance
Ah, the Tony Blair model. He hasn't managed to have a good war yet though, he might be hanging on for that.
Nope, that doesn't quite follow, Chris. I'm not a fan of Blair, Thatcher or Savile.
(Most of my rivals from school have probably perished in Blair's oil wars.)
Why does Chris colinsworth have a job
Hangin' out at Chris Blair's bday bash Listening Room
Chris is about to be the Zombie Apocalypse version of the Blair Witch Project
Do an episode where he stops dragnet spying, prosecutes the elite pedophiles, does Blair for war crimes then ste…
almost nobody believes in you, Blair. You should be fired.
Rather than make up lies about why don't the press remind is is responsible for
Now Jeff Blair is using a Figure4 Leglock on Lil Chris!
I will fight to stop that happening until I feel its a lost cause. I hope that it isn't. Under Blair>>
whispers Chris Alexander hoping the "Old Stock" Canadians don't notice.
Hi Blair, unfortunately we can't confirm the price of Fifa until nearer the release. Apologies for any inconvenience. Chris.
Zachary Blair has 8 total tackles and Chris Wilson has added 5 total tackles for the Cavaliers.
MPs thinking about leaving Labour should remember that remained backbench Labour stalwart for 32 yrs throughout Blair's years as PM.
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His dad did 20 years in prison. Soon Chris Blair will play in front of him for the first time. Their journey http…
Jeff Blair: Chris, I know you're gonna us that you guys don't pay any attention to what the Yankees do-. Colabello: No, we do.
Chris Pope from ServiceNow shares his 6 Best Practices for Problem Management.
sadly Chris almost everybody hates Blair. The mere mention of his name sours the conversation
.on Chris Brown: "He should just bugger off" Will logic also apply to Tony Blair & other criminals? Hypocrisy. Uggh.
No, Dimbleby. Chris 'Blair's long lost twin' Bryant and Ken 'fingers in every corporate pie' Clarke won't be very interesting at all.
Happy Birthday and Congrats to you, Chris, and Buddy on little Blair she is stunning just like her mother !!
Seem to recall that Murdoch's wife left him recently. Didn't Blair play a part in it?
Jeremy Corbyn is a patriot – he would never have waged the illegal war that killed my son | Reg Keys
Congrats to my friend & her husband Chris! Blair Addison is absolutely perfect! 💕
Chris Christie forgot to take off his neon club bracelet.
I feel you 😂 Chris on the left Blair on the right ?
Caleb Blair plays an acoustic set tomorrow night at Calvary Chapel with Chris Bernstorf and Kept On Hold at 7:00pm.
Read Louisa Hall's Speak last week and can't help but think of poor Chris & Mary & thousands of Barbies dying alone.
My new sounds: Ep. 46 - The Importance of Taking Action on
One of the most powerful weapons we have against Corbyn media propaganda is humour. 😀
lol fasho fasho I'm wit it. Remember that time when we all went to amc? Me, u, Blair, Chris, donyell n Mackenzie
Chris - do you have any thoughts on what might be going on with Blair? Is he hurt?
Who's worse; Chris Berman, Trent Dilmer, the refs, or Blair Walsh?
"Chris, I'm not changing my name to Blair Minecraft, it's just not gonna happen, I'm sorry."
I don't know what's worse Blair Walsh's kicking, AP's blocking or Chris Berman and his analysts play calling
Love how Chris Berman caught himself before assuming that anything is in Blair Walsh's range right now.
Imma be real. We need a new kicker. Blair Walsh is trash now that Chris Kluwe.
Better contract, Mauer or Blair Walsh? My God you suck. Chris Walsh is a better kicker.
I seriously think I could make more FG's than Blair Walsh. Previous experience: Co-Ed 7 v 7 beer soccer league.
Blair Walsh is done, can't do it anymore - it's in his head
Blair Walsh wants to hide in safe place... Poor guy hasn't made a field goal in forever
It was MASSIVE protest by Stop the War Coalition on 15th Feb 2003 (led by & friends) that almost caused Blair to resign over Iraq.
No but why is Rohan Perry, Elli, Dutty Berry & Bella Blair at school ?
The CIA and NSA falsified intelligence that it fed to Bush and Blair. CIA/NSA are security apparatus for rich
Hamilton Collection
not top down control freak like Blair. He's true democrat who said he wanted DISCUSSION about objectives incl. Cl 4.
Chris Farley slept in a van down by the river so I slept in a truck down at the Boji boat dock.
Media prattles on about 'totemic' scrapping of (making 'electable') as if party had never won election before Blair.
Kendall & Cooper are opposed to because, like Blair-Brown, they are flunkeys of private corporations and banks.
Nothing new about Kendall. Just a throwback to discredited crypto-Tory politics of Blair. New Labour is so...yesterday.
What gutter media can't, or won't, understand is is not a top down control freak like Blair/Mandelson. He is true democrat.
They have as their hero Blair who falsified intelligence to invade Iraq and kill over a million innocents JC opposed http…
Starting gossip girl for the 3rd time and I'm still team Blair any day. She rocks my socks Serena doesn't
"A home game. Who knew?". -Chris Berman as the towels go flying when he announces Chairman Dan Rooney.
Which source? Chris Leslie, Tony Blair. Don't see THE thinking this.
'Those of a similar ideological disposition to Blair within Labour would never want the party to'
I said that's dmv Chris Blair and she said oh really
And we will comrade,starting with a Rules Revision Conference to restore the democracy to the Party that Blair&co took away!
Chris Graham at his best. First it was the Muslim Community. Fans need to rid themselves of this stain on th…
GOAL Newtongrange - Blair Tolmie heads home from Chris King's free-kick after ten minutes against Kelty.
So don't buy him drinks. Pretty easy to comprehend.
Blair and Bush ignored all that was human to bomb Iraq, look where that got us. Vote
Today, at 3 pm, on "Ask the Cops," Sheriff Chris Blair and his guest, Captain Joseph Garcia of Special Operations.
glad you enjoyed your day, Chris, and thanks - hope you enjoy your trip to Blair Atholl likewise😊👍
Id take the chris blair of pony league before I'd take dalton.
Whenever me & my coworkers reenact scenes from Facts of Life they make me be Tootie. That's some bullcrap. Why can't I be Blair? Even once?!
TUNE IN TOMORROW!. Sheriff Chris Blair will be on the Voice of Ocala with Buddy Martin tomorrow at 3pm. Tune in at...
When did you ever see a queue like that to hear Cameron speak, or even 3-times elected Tony B…
ICYMI: opens football practice tonight with hard-hitting Chris Blair now a believer in the benefits of yoga
Chris Blair, our multi-talented Tap Room manager took this shot after yesterday's race. Check it out!
significant risk Chris, hard to catch but thought they might have an advantage through the middle w no Blair/McGuire
With set to open football practice, hard-hitting Chris Blair has become a believer in the benefits of yoga:
Welcome Chris, middle school principal Blair, NE great to be back.
Let Tony Blair know your heart is in the right place. and vote for
Blair was full of BS. Should have joined the Tories. He was more like them than Labour
Weathercock Andy Burnham pledges to re-nationalise railways as did Blair in 1997. Clue: Blair reneged on it. Signpost won't.
Tony Blair should stand trial for war crimes over Iraq invasion, Jeremy Corbyn says
Can't imagine. Chris is an odd Bird with him leaving home, heading to Blair Academy and then Iowa. Bet that went over well
Chris Leslie, Kez Dugdale, John Mann, John McTernan, Alan Johnson, Tony Blair are the tip of a very nasty iceberg of sect…
Chris Blair dominant for Maryland Monarchs in their 1-0 win over Flemington Tuesday
Story about Chris Blair's dominant performance Tuesday in 1-0 win over Flemington Post 159
I added a video to a playlist Jo Botting Gives A Testimonial about News Feed Fire by Chris Blair &
The have runners on first and second base in the second inning following a single by Josh Whitaker and a walk by Carson Blair.
Craig DeCoursey, Blair Becker and Chris Turnbull are on stage accepting their development awards.
Hi Edward, are you available to speak to LBC at 11am about Blair and his security expenditure? Thanks, Chris
Chris, describe your reaction when Tim Blair referred to Sarah Hanson-Young as "swamp cow" on your show
Revealed: The true scale of Tony Blair's business empire (funded by you)
The ginger kid, Chris Evans, once blanked me at Leeds station. Awful man. I realised later it wasn't him after all, but…
Decent and naive or a deliberate liar? Star or weak? Wells and Wente seem to have completely opposing views of Chris Alexander.
Interesting to read Margaret Wente's article about Chris Alexander juxtaposed with Wells calling him a liar today.
Chris Alexander takes a crack at rewriting history. corrects the record: http:…
Here's shredding Chris Alexander's falsehoods about the history of Canadian immigration:
Chris Alexander "is one of the least impressive ministers in an increasingly weak government bench."
And with Paul Wells calling him a liar.
Blair, speaking to Chris Kyle's parents this morning, I felt your love.
Min Alexander is right. No sober minded person should vote 4 liberal defence of racist policies like Bill Blair's.
Morning everyone! Its Friday, Chris Evans is on the tele and Tony Blair is in the papers. Is it 1996?
As of to day Chris way of life is going to be a and family show plus we're going to have Blair Vox and my boy JB in the show
Watching Question Time and can't help thinking Chris Bryant is Tony Blair's long lost younger brother
Just closed eyes to do the test and it's true. Chris Bryant sounds like Tony Blair. 😣
Blair had a choice: make peace or make money, he chose the money, Chris Doyle
The true scale of Tony Blair's global business empire and what it costs the taxpayer
Did you know: Tony Blair used to date Mary Harron, director of 'American Psycho'. She also dated Chris Huhne
Having stood down as CC, press corps rumours suggest Chris Royals will replace Tony Blair as the Quartet's envoy to the Middle East
Oh no Chris Evans isn't coming back on TV is he? I thought we'd moved on from 90s megalomaniacs like him and Tony Blair.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Really want to see Chris brown live🙍🏼
Manufacturing fell by half (as a share of output) under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown's Labour governments, Chris Grayling tells Commons
Apparently, Chris Blair of GA Southern interviewed for LSU's open play-by-play position. Here he is...
This is why I like chris brown Gregory
Audio from some of the semi-finalists for play-by-play gig: Chris Blair, Brett Dolan,& Sean Kelley (-
.on Christie: Why it is so hard for meek politicians to commit to a simple set of standards?
Source: LSU interviews Georgia Southern's Chris Blair for gig to ...
Because The Blair Witch Project was made for pennies and earned zillions, using basically that method alone.
Night: Georgia Southern play-by-play man Chris Blair interviews with for 'Voice of the Tigers' job, source says
I clearly remember T Blair starting this off. And the dreaded emphatic hand thing.
Tony Blair was the first person to call the result of Britain's general election—in January http:/…
And so was Brown and Blair... But Labour are for the 'working class' apparently 😄
ha to be fair it is all very John Majorish - the only issue is there is no John Smith or Tony Blair in the Labour ranks
but SNP is not left wing. No progressive or redistributive policies. Populist centrists. Inheritors of Blair.
no Chris.. You must have no tastebuds
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Found on my windshield in the Blair parking lot. DMV rappers have reached a new low
As it turned out, voting for Blair was remarkably similar to voting for Thatcher in many ways. Funny how things turn out.
"Eh why burn the gas. Not like they'll check on that anyway." - Jayson Blair, somewhere.
Said this before & I'll say it again, if you vote Labour you've got a pretty short memory. Brown & Blair saints yeah?
Blair Breen accepts ON golf hall of fame induction for dad Bobby, loved by everyone in golf community
My favorite girls of all time are as follows 1. Akiza 2. Luna 3. Alexis 4. Rio 5 Blair
Oh no! Who is this Tong Blair of whom I speak?! I of course meant the wonderful and glorious Tony! TONY.
HI Chris, i'm a big fan, luv the hilariousity vids, do you have anymore coming soon? ps. your Blair Witch was way better :)
Blair was bloody great and anyone who believes otherwise is a diddy. A titan compared to Miliband.
"Facts of Life". I must say Chris is a beautiful Blair & Henry is a very convincing Natalie...LOL!!!
Gosh, imagine, imagine we were all able to wake up tomorrow and walk to the polling booth and vote for Tong Blair.
Blair gutted of ALL democracy. Annual conference abolished, replaced by PR rally > difficult to implement change.
We just finished a 14 hour day of pre-pro! We have 2 more songs to do. The songs rock! Blair and Joel are great!
Tony Blair has poked his nose, saying a referendum should be left to the politicians. He must think public r thick. I'…
Also happy for Chris Blair who was honored as the Men's Basketball Champion of Character
we are making the trip to cheer y'all on to victory. See you Thursday.
'let's vote labour because they're for the working class' - yeah I'm sure Blair, Brown and Miliband aren't millionaires
A thought: it's forty-nine years since Labour last won a working majority without Tony Blair at the helm.
I could be wrong chris. Madrid are not playing well
Looks vary from Blair Underwood to Dallas Austin. Lolol just an example. Chris Brown to Michael B Jordan. Don't try to figure me out lol
If the Clippers win this game without Chris Paul...would just be an absolute theft. Hard for them to lose series if Paul comes back healthy
Joe Johnson with the nasty cross over on Chris Bosh!!
Would love for you to check out Brand New Video … … must SEE!!! Follow Him!
Both parties Conservative & Labour are corrupt agents of banks, e.g. Blair gov't. Tories applauded him when resigned.
Remember that Blair gutted party of ALL democratic means of challenging leadership. Annual conf is now a rally.
Were we able to "sort out" Blair and Brown gov'ts as they implemented bankers agenda and supported US wars?
Foodbanks, started in Salisbury in 2000 due to the declining situation under Tony Blair's government
will sell out in office, like Blair-Brown did, so call for vote is NOT an endorsement
Hi,. There is a new exercise on the website. It's on writing an email of feedback in English. . Enjoy,. Chris.
Now just a cotton pickin' minute. Chris Kenny and Tim Blair all in place?. No thanks.
Because awesome~ It's got Tracey Ullman, Chris Isaaks, Johnny Knoxville, & Selma Blair in it :3
even better, Chris Guest was a member of the House of Lords before Blair's reform in the late 90s
What Chris Rock Taught Me About Relationships: Comedy may be about extremes, but Blair Glaser just had to call...
In the middle of today's message on Grace is a fantastic parenting point, attend or watch to find out.
Do you remember the Ipswich byelection in 2001 and Blair's letter to Chris Mole?
Good for Chris Paul tho. He took that game from the Spurs. Best 1st round series ever. Better than every series in the East altogether.
First-pitch strike from Chris Mathewson and we're underway from Blair Field. vs.
Game 2 is underway here at Blair Field! Chris Mathewson looking to start the 1st inning on a great note.
She's amazing but I wish she hadn't dressed like Linda Blair from The Exorcist
Tremendous stops at Bald Blair Angus and Chris Patterson's stud. WEIGH UP, PROPHET, ALL IN, COMRADE and more will be on the breeding lists!
Selley: Shocked Libs would run Blair? You haven’t been paying attn Kinda the def. of a Lib.
Yeah, basically, I think gets this right:
ahh I seee. Not sure what to make of Maurice Blair. Seems very slow
Chris Selley: Why Bill Blair makes sense as a Liberal Party of Canada candidate
I thought the same thing about the Tony Blair remark - very odd, and a bit biased.
“I want someone to be the chuck bAss to my Blair Waldorf... can see being like that
new free trance track from Judge Jules
Absolutely awesome interview with Jays 3B right here:
Even more exciting than the news is happening is the news that Chris Carter's brought back Darin and
"What Tony Blair did is Tony Blair's affair" - why are you asking Miliband questions about what Blair did then?
anyone as long as it's not Chris Evans! I'd rather it was Tony Blair than that over paid wally
Uncut review:"Blair Inc." by Francis Beckett, David Hencke et al - reads it so you don't have to
Was a pleasure to host in today. Fab talks from & Chris Knight of
From actress Selma Blair:. "I love Chris Henze for being the man and father he is to make such a beautiful movie...
.Breshad Perriman ran a sub 4.25 40-yard dash at his pro day. Wait, WHAT!?! http:/…
Why We Love Sports Today: Doctors inform Devon Still that daughter Leah's cancer is officially in remission. »
When Blair heckled by WI it was all over press. Cameron heckled by Age UK over NHS today. Let's see how much press that get…
foo you should have been at the game tonight 😂 me justin nick hunter Chris and Quinn vs cole Blair hunter cam and Guzman 👏
[Giving good advice at a restaurant]. "You should try to kill two birds with one stone". [Family of birds on next table]. Just i…
Congratulations to Seniors Blake Blair-2nd team All-Ohio and Cory Contini- Hon. Mention All-Ohio.
Patriotism is now racist, and treason has been done away with by Blair. New Order Britain.
here's a good one 4 you the UK GOV gives terrorist murdering scum amnesty
hoodie is no longer side bae... It's CHRIS Blair (LostBoyCrow)
Been doing some organisational stuff tonight with for our weekend away in Blair Atholl in a couple of weeks :D
deal with issues, lib/lab/com cover up Cyril Smith, Chris Hulme and war criminal Blair.
Just watched the Eng France match. Missed it yesterday. Poor Chris Robshaw.. mmm .. Given lesson by the exceptional Nigel Owens
When in opposition Cameron said that pre-announcing his departure was "the absolute-killer" for Blair's last term
Tony Blair during the 1995 Brighton conference said Labour would end zero hour contracts. TWENTY years on why should we be…
Wow! I have my laptop going again, thanks to my friend Chris Blair. THANK YOU!!!
Tim Blair complains in the media about lefty media obsessing about Is he being ironic or just stupid?
Congratulations to Dr. Chris Blair and his staff on the opening of their state-of-the-art Dental Clinic at Bronte...
Could Tony Blair, former British PM, have advised President to appoint Chris Okemo who is wanted by Scotland Yard & SFO?
Trust by blair williams at Jerry Revish church Unity Temple Church of God. Chris Brown - Organ. CSharp...
But I can't get over how stupid the BBC management are...I blamed- Tony Blair ... No Chris Pattern... No,Tony Blair!
Clagon will wrestle Chris Villalong of Cornell, formelly of Blair, for fifth in a little while
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Results of our young player of the year poll- Sean Matheson 28%, Colin Sutherland 25%, Chris Gordon 25%, Dylan Murray 17%, Blair Mackay 5%
Blair pulled up the ladder of social mobility. Now the bright and the average both suffer via
Totowa and former Blair Academy star Chris Villalonga of Cornell trails Drake Houdashelt of Missouri, 2-0 after 1 period in NCAA 149 semis
We would like to welcome Costume Artist Chris Suicide Blair to Scarefest!
Shoutout to Chris for his portable charger 😈
Oh this is going to be fun with Chris Blair and Holly Cope!
Is blowback a foreign word to Tony Blair? I used to have respect for him once.
Did Chris Blair keep most of his campaign promises? Yes. Did he keep all of them? No. Has he fought to keep his promises only to realize pre-existing hurdles will prevent him from keeping his promises? Yes. Did he do a complete about-face when called to action? Yes, only after the hurdles became too…
Bus Tour: 4 major rallies this weekend before June 24th run-off.
Chris Blair, looks like it's bout time to get married!!!
Now posted: Keith Chartrand examines Sheriff Chris Blair's first year in office. Did he keep his promises? Find out:
Todays the Spurs championship parade. Chris Bosh hasn't been this upset since he was locked in the kitchen freezer of Ju…
Yesterday I played full court basketball for the first time in 10 or so years with some guys from work. When my alarm went off this morning, my legs almost buckled from the soreness. It was fun though, and I discovered I can still get the occasional rebound. Harlan Salser, Jonathan Boone, Drew Godfrey, Chris Blair
being Blair Waldorf is my life goal
The Marion County Commission on Tuesday unanimously backed Sheriff Chris Blair's request to spend $255,000 on The Rook, a tracked, armor-plated vehicle to be deployed when suspects are barricaded inside buildings.
Order Miche Bag Online!
Bra idk who funnier between Blair and Chris
I just read Benny, Chris, Blair, and Kevin's whole convo and I'm cracking up lol
Chastity Blair this looks good have Chris Blair Sr. make it for u
The Blair Peace Project: Serial warmonger’s call for new Iraq war will have opposite effect
Sir Peter Tapsell (Con) father of the house: delays in Chilcott mean House should impeach Tony Blair now
"No Mr Blair. Your naive war WAS a trigger for this savage violence" "Writes Chris Meyer, GB Ambassador to the US"
when I read this I thought Blues Chris Stewart vs. Blair "Chapman" in a fight.
What is interesting about is that none of the women are suing Blair because they're not big fat crybabies. Right Chris?
It always a good night when I work with Chris and Blair
Blair Riley on the takeaway... or gift by Oleksiak. lead 3-2 in third period.
Tony Blair wants to bomb Iraq again
Quote of the century? Tony Blair: "We have to liberate ourselves from the notion that 'we' caused this crisis"
The alternative with is brilliant. Few Carling, crisps, dour football. Decent
Let's be honest guys, everyone remembers Blair...the trick that used to take 1261717 videos in Chris' crib. 😒
better than Fred at this current moment in time
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Letting me blair beenie man in the car... Esteban: turn that crap down!. Chris: Yeah crap knocker. me: Define crap??
I'm sorry but Love and Blake are highly overrated IMO, Chris is a much better player the Blake
Tim Blair doesn't appear to be known for thinking a lot. :)
What on earth was Tim Blair thinking with his nasty, petty 'article' today? Juvenile stuff a 15 year old would be embarrassed by.
. As was said fuk knows who to believe anymore but when Bears mock up Chris G shagging Dingwall I despair
Tim Blair is another one of Murdoch's rabid attack dogs. I think Chris Kenny is in charge of them. Interpret that as you will.
Of course when I actually get into writing for Chris, Blair starts messaging. God *** it, Blair...
now that success right there. Congrats Chris and keep goin dope niger
Tony Blair was only unstoppable because of a democratic flaw | Chris Huhne via
Edinburgh - FA Cup Final party At The Constitution Bar in the Red Room. We have received a box load of flags, clackers and a big banner from Arsenal and these will be dropped off at the bar on Saturday morning. Now as Fraz, Ryan, Chris Blair, Liam, Tich, Mitch, Zippy and so on will all be with me in London we need the rest of the eastern gooners to make a party of it in the Constitution. so please turn up in good numbers and give Arsenal your full support. Sorry to Gooners in Aberdeen ( No.10 bar ) and Glasgow (Alfredos) but the party stuff just turned up today so you will have to make do with what you have yourselves to Arsenalise your pubs.
Minnesota Vikings kicker Blair Walsh says the comments made by former punter Chris Kluwe are "reprehensible"
Today is our 9 year anniversary Chris Blair & im so lucky to have u as my other half. Thank u for loving me for me, just the way i am. You are my very best friend, u know everything there is to know about me & without you I am incomplete. No matter what, through the ups, downs & in betweens, ill always be by your side, till death do us part. I love u so much that words cannot explain how much i cherish being your wife.. I love you forever & ever Happy Anniversary my love♥
Blair Walsh: not a fan of Chris Kluwe, it appears.
Chris Blair Nah bro...tonight was a special Empower webinar...We usually don't do Thursday nights.the main EN call is usually on Mondays.
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