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Chris Benoit

Christopher Michael Chris Benoit (May 21, 1967 – June 24, 2007) was a Canadian professional wrestler whose career and life ended in a murder–suicide.

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i call B.S, didnt Chris Benoit last longer in the Rumble then Mysterio ( even though in WWE world he no longer exsits)?
Chris Benoit outlasts 29 other men including the Big Show to win the Royal Rumble in January 25, 2004. After pursuing gold for months, Smackdown general mana...
If Chris Benoit is Still Alive ,Do you think he can be The WWE / World Champion? -RKO-
I found this today. I know it's a long list, but as muh as WWE is against suicide, murder and/or drugs, there are a few if these names in the hall of fame. Yet we should forget Chris Benoit forever? Nope of these wrestlers, managers, or associates of wrestling will never be forgotten. This list is is chronological order . The list features only the most famous wrestlers that have wrestled across the United States Frank Gotch (39)--December 16, 1917--Uremic Poisoning Ed "The Strangler" Louis (76)--August 7, 1966--Died of Natural Causes Stanislaus Zbyszko (88) --September 23, 1967--Natural Causes Dory Funk, Sr.: June 3, 1973--Died in his home. Bobby Shane (Bob Schoenberger)--February 20, 1975--Died when the private airplane he was piloting crashed near Tampa, FL; he was 40. Injured in the crash were wrestlers Buddy Colt, Austin Idol and Playboy Gary Hart. Chris Taylor--June 30, 1979--Died of heart failure after a long period of declining health. Edward "Bearcat" Wright--August 28, 1982--Died from sickle ...
Penn State's new coach mentioned Joe Paterno and WWE's new TV station will not scrub Chris Benoit. What a week.
The WWE Network will show Chris Benoit footage but an advisory message will be shown before he appears. In an update, word is that any show that features Benoit will have the advisory message that plays at the beginning, stating that all characters on this show are purely fictional. - D.C
WWE Network, will air Chris Benoit matches, with a disclaimer "Killing your family, Don't try this at home".
The first PPV of 2004, its fondly remembered by a lot of people as its the show that Chris Benoit won the rumble! But is the rest of the PPV any good??? WWE ...
Why do you think Chris Benoit should be/should NOT be inducted into the Hall of Fame? The best answers will be posted here on PWW. -Sky
Insane Clown Posse music video Chris Benoit from their album The Mighty Death Pop. Directed by The Deka Bros. Produced by Made in Michigan Entertainment, Dee...
I wish Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit are still alive. I remember thoe's great matches Ohh! Eddie with, Dominque and Rey Misterio.
Another interesting WWE Network deal. Chris Benoit WILL be included. They won't promote him, but his inclusion means even more amazing matches.
PWS Star Of The Day Voting Post. Vote for one of the following. SCSA. Chris Benoit . William Regal. Cm Punk. Bubba Ray Dudley. MVP
The WWE is reportedly no longer going to attempt to erase the memory of Chris Benoit.
Breaking News: Chris Benoit to be inducted into the 2014 WWE HALL OF FAME Watch the Press Conference LIVE at 6pm
I know that Chris Benoit is a figment of our imagination, but we are going to have to acknowledge him sometime. Yes, what he did was terrible, but too my knowledge there are still Documentaries about guys like Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Domer. Sport guys like OJ Simpson.I think I lost my train of thought, help
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Daily reminder that Rob Van Dam believes that actual demons killed Chris Benoit, Nancy and their son.
Looking for a dvd "chris Benoit HARD KNOCKS" As it is a free site I would happily girf someone something back if needed
I will create new page: Chris Benoit - HOF. I want someone trusted to help me! Comment below and add me :)
Undertaker predicts Chris Benoit going crazy and killing himself and his family in this 2006 video game. Kind of eerie.
You Haters can kill yourself like chris benoit
Remembering Eddie Guerrero & Chris Benoit, only thing that has ever made me cry when it comes to television was the Eddie tribute...
Chris Benoit should be in the hall of fame
WWE will air footage of Chris Benoit on the WWE Network but with a disclaimer. Seriously???
Well WWE had now decided to air Chris Benoit footage on the WWE Network. Which I'm glad. I know what he did was wrong. But dammit he was one *** of a wrestler and he loved his family. I don't believe he even killed them. The way it went down just isn't right. Well yeah I'll be quiet now.~SS
Chris Benoit is back and this time is upset about WINTER. He also addresses the BILL COSBY and TOURETTE
full story-Source: F4WOnline reports that WWE has sent out a memo stating that Chris Benoit footage will be allowed on its new Network broadcas...
As we previously reported, the much-anticipated launch of the WWE Network may come in the early months of 2014, with an announcement scheduled for January 8. Along with containing a plethora of WWE pay-per-views and televised shows, WWE Network will also contain footage of Chris Benoit, according to...
If you could bring back Eddie gurrero or Chris benoit only one which one ?
I still refuse to believe chris benoit commited that crime.but I guess its gonna never really be known.
A new report reveals details on WWE showing footage featuring Chris Benoit.
WWE will be airing Chris Benoit footage on their upcoming network to be announced January 8th, with an advisory before each show he's on. -Jerichoholic
BREAKING NEWS: Chris Benoit has been confirmed to be on the WWE Network with an advisory to be played before a match of his airs. I swear if anyone complains and his matches get taken down I won't be a happy camper lol -KSavage
It's now been said that when World Wrestling Entertainment debuts their WWE network in 2014, the late Chris Benoit, who famously passed away as the perpetrator of a double murder-suicide, will be included in various showings, albeit with an advisory preceding any show he is on. I think the advisory will be along the lines of "Please, don't try this at home."
They are going to show Chris Benoit footage on the new WWE Network. Thoughts?
BREAKING: WWE is going to allow Chris Benoit to be shown and aired on the WWE Network!
Will be showing Chris Benoit footage on the Network?
WWE To Allow the Airing of Chris Benoit footage on WWE Network, with an advisory about the content played before hand.. WOah.
Even though we will never know but I wonder if Brian Pillman,Owen Hart,Eddie Guerrero,and Chris Benoit would still be wrestling if they we're still alive and if it would be for Vince McMahon and World Wrestling Entertainment or Dixie Carter and Total Non Stop Action?
This Game will feature the Biggest Roster of all time including Eddie Gurrerro (2005) version of him along with Chris Benoit as well and Owen Hart, British Bulldog, Mr. Perfect, Test, Yokozuna, Jimmy The Superfly Snuka, Ricky The Dragon Steamboat and all of the Greatest Tag Teams as well.
Top 10 people I would put in the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2014 10 - Chris Jericho 9 - Diamond Dallas Page 8 - The New Age Outlaws (Road Dogg & Billy Gunn) 7 - Jake "The Snake" Roberts 6 - Rob Van Dam 5 - JBL 4 - Lita 3 - "Macho Man" Randy Savage 2 - Goldberg 1 - Owen Hart TOP 5 Honorable mentions and why I didn't add them: 5 - Chris Benoit - I know that Benoit will most likely never go into the hall of fame due to what he did in the last few days of his life, but I hope one day we can look beyond that and recognize Chris Benoit for the amazing career he had. 4 - Vince McMahon - At least wait until he either retires or dies. 3 - D-Generation-X - I would induct the members of DX separately, Triple H had a good career by himself, so did HBK, New Age Outlaws, X-Pac, and Chyna. 2 - The Rock - He is almost like Undertaker, has quite a few matches left in him before its all done. At least give him a feud with Daniel Bryan or Roman Reigns. 1 - Undertaker - I would personally hold off on putting the Undertaker in ...
After Newtown, Seeking Psychiatric Solutions to Mass Shootings Forensic psychiatrist Dr. Michael Welner discusses the preventative measures that may stop mass killings from taking place. By: James Swift One year after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, many Americans still find themselves asking why the tragedy occurred. As a forensic psychiatrist, Dr. Michael Welner finds himself asking how a young man like Adam Lanza became so gripped in homicidal thought -- and especially what interventions could have deterred him from embarking upon a pathway to destruction. Welner, the founder and chairman of The Forensic Panel and lead researcher of The Depravity Scale, has been the lead forensic psychiatrist and consultant in numerous highly sensitive criminal investigations and cases. Among others, he’s profiled Andrea Yates, Chris Benoit and Jayson Williams. His portfolio also includes evaluations of several mass shooters, including Byran Uyesugi and Richard Baumhammers. “It’s clear that Adam Lanza ...
I don't know why most fans talk about technical wrestling as if they're having sex. Honestly let's face it, as great as the 5-7 minutes of a match are, if it goes on for long, it becomes boring. Yes there are matches like Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit or Dean Malenko vs Y2J or Bret Hart vs HBK or Bret Hart vs Bob Backlund will be considered great matches for their technicalilty but they are BORING nonetheless.
A little thing I figured I'd share. Before they went to the then WWF, Radical members Dean Melenko, Perry Saturn, and Chris Benoit were apart of the stable Revolution. Along with Shane Douglas. Eddie during this time was a member of another stable called the filthy animals. Which included Konnan, Billy Kidman, and Rey Mysterio.
Today in Wrestling History: 2003 – UPN airs the first ever WWE Smackdown “Christmas In Iraq/Tribute To The Troops”, which was taped at Camp Victory in Baghdad, Iraq on December 20th for an audience of soldiers overseas. The show included Vince McMahon knocking down Santa Claus for not bringing him a gift, only for “Santa” to reveal himself as Steve Austin. Austin then gave McMahon a stunner. Here are the matches from the show: - The APA defeated Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin. - Rikishi defeated Rhyno. - Eddie Guerrero defeated Chris Benoit. - Torrie Wilson defeated Dawn Marie and Sable in a “Santa’s Little Helper” contest. - John Cena defeated The Big Show with an FU. After the match, Steven Austin came out and gave stunners to both men.
Yeah, he talked about it on his WWE dvd. I believe it was Chris Benoit told Edge it was his neck that was the problem.
Making breakfast for myself and feeling Chris Benoit's Holy Ghost
Merry chris-benoit-mas.seriously merry Christmas guys or whatever if any holiday u are celebrating today.and...
Me when people say Chris Benoit should be forgotten in WWE:
Iron Sheik, New Jack, and Honky Tonk man reaction to Chris Benoit and his actions via
if my kids ever complain about their presents I would go chris benoit on them
He gave you an original WCW Chris Benoit figure? Never let him go.
Surprised looking through this WWE encyclopedia to see Chris Benoit in it!
Just remember at this time of year, Chris Benoit killed his family with the Walls of Jericho
Some people just need to be killed by Chris Benoit
Chris Benoit looking at these jokes beating his chest in his coffin right now bruh
By WWFOldSchool:- WWE Hall Of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin recently shared his thoughts on the possibility of the late Chris Benoit being inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame. Regarding the subject, Austin said on a recent podcast, “Well first and foremost, what I think about Chris Benoit is that g...
This WWE star speaks about the unforgivable thing Chris Benoit did - Killing his wife and kids. . Read on to know...
Chris Benoit & Eddie Guerro are two people that have influenced my life. . My hero's. . Rip and merry Christmas . . we will be together again.
Gostei de um vídeo do Stone Cold Steve Austin gives his honest opinion of Chris Benoit
The only good thing Triple H ever did was put over Chris Benoit clean at Wrestlemania.
What did you think Chris Benoit did that for
the answer to the suplex question last night.. Chris Benoit AND Kurt Angle
I think Chris Benoit was a bigger tole on me than finding out it was all fake
Watching Wrestlemania 23 vs Chris Benoit What a great match!
Next match is for the Intergalactic title! is taking on Eddie Guerrero who's subbing in for Chris Benoit tonight!
This Christmas Eve I am mostly thankful that Vince McMahon hasn't been able to erase Chris Benoit from YouTube.
Discussing the pros and cons of Chris Benoit with
Chris Benoit and his family are still dead. Merry Christmas
WAR Super J Cup 2nd Stage 12/13/95 Round Two: Chris Jericho (Lionheart) vs Chris Benoit (Wild Pegasus) Their first match together, and man is it a great one.
First time Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho ever faced off in their careers. Great wrestling.
for real though what was Chris Benoit thinking, did he just wake up one day like 'LOL gonna kill my family today'
“i wonder how Chris Benoit & his family are celebrating Christmas wait oh nvm” 🌚
At THE GYM. Chris Benoit theme song blares in Ipod as I do my stretches, dont know why all these meatheads are staring at me?
Watching some classic Chris Benoit matches. I forgot how talented he was. It was a shame what happened with him and his family, but as a performer i have loads of respect for him. All my wrestling friends hopefully agree
I actually talked to Chris Benoit right before he died. The last thing he said to me was something about working with his wife on a new wrestling move.
TRIVIA: Did you know? Chris Benoit and his family's death was posted on Wikipedia 14hours BEFORE the actual incident? Whether it's an editing glitch from wikipedia or something else, no one knows...
We'd like to wish ALL the Chris Benoit guys a safe and Happy Holidays!
Don't miss one of Wrestle Talk TV's most controversial interviews of 2103, tonight. MVP discusses his views on Chris Benoit and also does some topical word association too. It all starts from 11pm on Challenge. See you there!
I just remembered Chris benoit died in a story line about who killed Vince McMahon. Odd irony. Good wrestler, as a human being however. :l
Debate of the night: Should Chris Benoit be inducted to the WWE Hall of Fame? Despite what happened.
Some of you may not understand what im about to say others will. I have came across something that's been eating away at me many years. A post on face book today kinda got my mind rolling on it again. Few of you may remember the death of chris benoit and his family. Years after people are left thinking that the one responsible for this act was in fact chris benoit himself. Well I did some searching and came across this bit of info here. By Johnny Angel (Former Pro Wrestling Champion) Now known as Rev. Johnny Lee Clary World-Wide Evangelist The tragic deaths of Chris Benoit and his wife Nancy and son Daniel have shocked the wrestling world. The police are calling it a double-murder-suicide, but is it really? Let’s look at some facts. It has been 10 years exactly since Nancy divorced Kevin Sullivan to marry Chris Benoit. In the 1980’s Sullivan, along with his then-wife Nancy, were running a gimmick in wrestling of how they were Satanists, and Nancy was known as “The Fallen Angel.” She later became . ...
Please Lord bring back chris benoit we will trade aj lee for him
I'm finally back everyone! Missed you fans, so much! :D Remember, I'm A Chris Benoit Guy... :)
playin with my ism like Nate Dogg,Chad Butler,Chris Benoit&Bernie Mac don't live thru syced my birthday
Who Booked My Life: Michael Davis Even though some tragic events are better left forgotten it does not mean they do not still bring up feelings and it does not mean they no longer produce pains. Sometimes the feelings we tuck the furthest away are the feelings that produce the most intense emotions. These memories may be the ones that produce the quickest tears. Because of the acknowledgement of these feelings, whenever I see a picture of Kevin Sullivan there is one question I want to ask… “Kevin are you ok?” On June 25, 2007 Chris Benoit, Nancy Benoit, and Daniel Benoit were all found dead in their Fayetteville GA home. Through time and investigation it was discovered that Chris killed his wife and son and then committed suicide. Since this event Chris Benoit has become the name that is not spoken in Sports Entertainment, his name has been completely removed from the record books and his matches removed from the video library of the WWE. Benoit’s name still is not mentioned on television and hi . ...
sbellast • What was the last game Chris Benoit was in? : Pro Wrestling
I thought wrestling around the year 2000 .wasn't bad. A lot better then now. The Rock vs Triple H. Kurt Angle the Olympic nerd, funny character,great wrestler. The fans always liked Chris Jericho .I thought he he kind of a big mouth,but that's what they liked. Chris Benoit great wrestler,not a talker. Shocking what he did to his wife and kid ,and then himself. The Undertaker number 1 Bad *** Kane wore a mask then. X-Pac and Road Dog. Chyna and Eddie, The Dudley Boyz. The Hardy boys and Lita. Steve Blackman,Val Vennis. What about Right to Censor. Steven Richards, Ivory. Thanks
I love Christmas as much as Chris Benoit loved his family!!!
NWA: New Breed Wrestling Association fans, If the poster was not enough for you well... We here at the NWA: New Breed Wrestling Association managed to catch up with the Current NWA World Heavyweight Champion and one half of the NWA World Tag Champion...Rob Conway to discuss his current NWA roles and also his time in the WWE. Q: Firstly Rob, thank you for taking the time to talk to us here in the UK we know you are very busy in Japan. I would like to touch upon your early career and the WWE. Could you please explain to the fans the feeling you had when you first debuted on WWE TV back in May 2000? A: When I debuted on TV I was very excited to be getting a chance to wrestle in front of a huge crowd and try to get a job with the WWE. Q: In the WWE you came face to face with many of the current top superstars and many legends including: Ric Flair, John Cena, Doink the Clown and Randy Orton. However in your opinion what was your most memorable match in the WWE? A: My most memorable match was winning the WWE wo ...
Chris Benoit did he die years ago wow
Daniel Bryan and Orton are shades of Chris Benoit and triple h.
Dan: Anyone else see Chris Benoit on TLC last night??? When they showed Orton winning his first ever world title they showed Benoit Leg... :) Still marked out though
The ghost of Chris Benoit will always be there.
Just let it sink that Chris Benoit has just had more airtime than Ryder. He was shown on main event and just now in the TLC promo.
side note guys.we got a Chris Benoit siting at TLC.who would of thought huh
Oh my God. They showed Chris Benoit on a WWE ppv. Amazing
If Owen Hart,Eddie Guerrero,Chris Benoit&Randy Savage saw it now they'd roll over in their graves,it is boring!!
1st of all before anyone draws any conclusions, Chris Benoit deserves to be remembered as the way he is, and he should burn in *** but why are the attitude...
– Chris Benoit was briefly shown in a WWE TLC video package related to the John Cena vs. Randy Orton match that takes place at TLC this weekend. Benoit was shown being …
I'm surprised they showed a glimpse of when Randy Orton beat Chris Benoit when he was covering Benoit at Summerslam on Smackdown
Historic match,John Cena vs Chris Benoit in Smackdown in the 2003 year.Enjoy the match people!
NEWS: - Chris Benoit was a hot topic on social media this week after a shot of Benoit getting pinned by Randy Orton was seen during a John Cena vs. Orton video package that aired on this week's WWE Main Event.
As said in news...Chris Benoit was shown in a TLC video package being pinned by Orton for his first world title win in the history of world titles on TV
Watch the video «Chris Benoit & Billy Kidman vs The Guerreros 12/12/2002» uploaded by PeepFan316 on Dailymotion.
Besides, has an anime character and Latino Chris Benoit
Wrestlers who died under the age of 50 (Chris Benoit etc.)
Anyone else think that Daniel Bryan Vs. Chris Benoit would end up with two guys going 5 hours before someone taps...
Edge Shawn Michaels Chris Benoit undertaker the old Y2J & old Booker T > now that was a good time to be an wwe fan
K, mom told me Chris Benoit killed his family and himself...the wrestler Chris Benoit is it true guys???
I think Spike can capture the Chris Benoit wrestling/drug aspect as only he can. We have never done press even turned down Oprah.
*** the Chris Benoit story is sad bruh ... WWE literally killed this ***
Benoit's going to have to spend the rest of the winter keeping Chris Antonetti and Josh Byrnes from being in the same room.
😂 “Evelyn blocked me cuz I asked her did Ocho really perfect Chris Benoit's finisher on her. She so petty”
Things I know about wrestling:. -Chris Benoit was erased from history. -Hulk Hogan REALLY likes his daughter. -X-Pac tore open his butthole
send me the Chris Benoit he was basically erased from history in WWE
Benoit likely signing with the Tribe? I miss Chris Perez already.
An official with knowledge of Benoit contract talks believes SD is the front runner over Cleveland.
What's your honest opinion on the murder/suicide of Chris Benoit and the afterwards erasing of him from WWE history?
Chris Benoit taught me that .. He didn't tap out so I wasn't letting to
Soldado looks a bit like Chris Benoit
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I asked her what her thoughts on Chris Benoit returning at the Royal Rumble 2014 were.
Favorite match at WWF no mercy 2000? — TRIPLE H VS CHRIS BENOIT :)
She followed you but won't answer my Chris Benoit questions.
This episode of Raw is the first appearance of The Radicalz - including Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero. Got excited, then remembered...
They really put me to watch this Chris Benoit looking dude. if I end up in a crippler cross face you know what to do 😂😂
Currently watching the Money in the Bank anthology. WWE censored Chris Benoit's entrance and any mention of him...
Indians out here trying to sign Chris Benoit to a 2 year $14 million deal
Joe Nathan is better than Benoit. Veras awful down stretch. Smyly faded.
would have been nice to keep Benoit on but not as the closer, he is a great setup man.
I think you might be in the minority. Nathan in place of Benoit. Chamberlain for Veras. Others remain same for most part.
I know what you mean. just trying to make some sense of it. I would have preferred Benoit but its not my $
really like how the BP is shaping up, I do think we will miss having Benoit in there though.
Run up with your mother and father with c4 strapped to my arms call me Chris Benoit I'll leave your Canadian family ripped apart
I'm not Chris Benoit, neither am I your mom.
Going to go Chris Benoit on her *** in a minute, crippler cross face locked in till she stops tapping!
Breast Cancer Awareness
Two guys that inspired me the most, Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit. Neither were the biggest guy in the locker...
Grab that pistol, kiss it, put it to your temple, Chris Benoit
11 years ago today on Smackdown from Atlanta WWE Tag Team Champions Eddie & Chavo Guerrero def. Billy Kidman & the late Chris Benoit.
Photo : bigoned: So Chris Benoit was on Main Event tonight in Randy Orton’s video accomplishments thing ...
you just have see Chris Benoit on WWE Main Event
Chris Dankland's fave alt lit of 2013
.You two winning Match of the Year is like Chris Benoit winning Father of the Year.
Ric Flair concludes his promo and is terrified when the black-clad Grim Reaper, in the form of Chris Benoit, hits the ring to snuff him out!
I liked a video The Rock and Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit and Triple H 4/24/2000
But if you ask me, the more exciting brand of wrestling is with the guys who may not be tall enough to "ride the ride", but have the heart to throw their bodies around like rag dolls off the top turnbuckle every single night! or one, to me they are much more entertaining than most of the lumbering mammoths we are forced to watch. You tell me, who would you rather watch wrestle for 20 minutes: Rey Mysterio or The Great Khali? No you can't teach size, but you also can't teach mobility and physicality. There is only so much a seven-footer can do in the ring (clothesline, big boot, punch...) while a smaller more athletic guy can pull from an array of weapons like shooting-star presses, climbing the top rope, and jumping in and out of the ring with ease. Guys like Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho and the Hardy Boyz, along with countless others ushered in a new, high-flying style of cruiserweight wrestling that not only told better stories than that of their bigger counterparts, but took you on a rid ...
What's the most anticipated match-up ever? I've compiled a top ten list for your viewing pleasure… 10. Chris Benoit vs. Eddie Guerrero for the US Title This one was like the Ruthless Aggression Era's CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan. Although independent wrestling fans had seen this match before, it was quite the spectacle to see it in the WWE. Under better circumstances, this could've been the greatest match of the decade. Although it wasn't for a world title or at Wrestlemania, it was still a spectacular match. 9. Razor Ramon vs. Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania X This match really set the standard for ladder matches. Although already a staple in indie wrestling, this ladder match was to many a first-time experience. The build-up was great, the match was great, and it arguably stole the show, despite its initial lack of support. At the end, one man walks away the unified Intercontinental Champion, Razor Ramon. 8. Jeff Hardy vs. CM Punk for the World Heavyweight title CM Punk and Jeff Hardy's in-ring styles may ...
David Benoit, son of Chris Benoit, wants to become a pro wrestler and had aspirations to begin wrestling for New Japan Pro Wrestling according to a report by Dave Meltzer. Benoit, 20, is around 6-2 ½ and checked in on joining the New Japan dojo along with Cody Hall (son of Scott Hall). Benoit's ultimate goal is WWE making it a very interesting situation if he would ever be under consideration.
R.I.P Bernie Mac and Michael Jackson and Chris Benoit and Issac Hayes and Anna Nicole Smith and Eddie Guerrero and Britany Murphy. *** smh
LOLTNA & Indy News, Turkey Day Edition: - Tongiht's TNA Impact will features Team Angle vs Team Roode & Mr Anderson's Funeral for Aces & 8s - Mike Tenay & Taz have been doing taped commentary for TNA in Nashville instead of at TNA Tapings in Florida. - Lei'd Tapa celebrated her bitrhday yesterday. She turned 31. - David Benoit (Son of Chris Benoit) & Cody Hall are apparently trying to go to Japan to train in NJPW's dojo. - Bill $
7 years ago today in Buffalo,NY Chavo Guerrero def. WWE United States Champion the late Chris Benoit in a Non-Title Match.
remember the Radicals? Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, you and Dean Malenko. good times
That being said my is as follows-CM Punk,Chris Benoit,Eddie Guerrero,Steve Blackman,and Billy Kidman.
do they mention Chris Benoit in the new DVD?
Backstage, Eddie Guerrero ( 3) is backstage, and runs into Chris Benoit (4.)
Buff Bagwell on the Chris Benoit murders, Drug testing in WCW, thoughts ...: via
Is that Chris Benoit in between Jim Cornette and Paul Bearer?
Today in Professional wrestling History. . . 1988 – Ted Turner buys out Jim Crockett Promotions, creating WCW Wrestling In 1999, WCW Mayhem: Tournament of Champions was held in Toronto, Ontario - thus becoming the 1st WCW PPV to be held north of the border: – Evan Karagias defeats Disco Inferno (wrestler) to win the WCW Cruiserweight Championship – Norman Smiley defeats Brian Knobbs in the final of the Hardcore Championship Tournament to become the 1st holder of the WCW Hardcore Championship – Buff Bagwell defeats Curt Hennig in a Retirement Match – Scott Hall defeats Booker T to retain the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship & WCW World Television Championship – Bill Goldberg defeats Sid Vicious (wrestler) in an I Quit Match – Bret Hart defeats Chris Benoit in the final of the World Heavyweight Championship tournament to win the vacant WCW World Heavyweight Title
Looking back at the Prime WWF/E days, didn't realise how many of the guys are no longer with us. Chris Benoit, Eddy Guerrero, Crash Holly, Big Bossman, Paul Bearer, Test, Randy Savage, Lance Cade, Umaga and of course, The British Bulldog, all formed the better part of my Saturday morning. Sigh.
Here's on the life and death of Chris Benoit, the superstar the WWE pretends never existed:
Are Daniel Bryan/CM Punk a tag team? Reminds me of Kurt Angle/Chris Benoit & Davey Boy Smith/Owen Hart combos, they just gel well together.
SmackDown! General Manager (2003–2004) After McMahon "defeated" his daughter Stephanie in October at the No Mercy 2003 pay-per-view, she was forced to resign from her position as General Manager (GM) of SmackDown!. Heyman returned to television to assume Stephanie McMahon's on-camera role as GM and, unlike the fan favorite character Stephanie portrayed, Heyman's character was portrayed similarly to Eric Bischoff's on Raw- an arrogant dictator of a boss that stacked the odds against his popular wrestlers and favored the unpopular ones. During this time, he re-aligned himself with Lesnar and proceeded to infuriate Undertaker, John Cena, and especially Chris Benoit by making sure he had no WWE Championship opportunities as long as he was GM. Eventually, on SmackDown! right before WrestleMania XX, Heyman asked the entire locker room to back him and Lesnar up against Stone Cold Steve Austin, but they just stood there and walked away from him, including one of Heyman's main supporters, The Big Show. On March ...
I wish U.S. gender roles were less insane. Men are supposed to hold in their emotions and not express them until they become like Chris Benoit and snap one day and kill their whole family and then themselves. Women are expected to be dumb and subservient, so that legitimately smart women like Hillary Clinton who went to Yale Law School is considered a *** and horrible mother by conservatives. Intelligent people realize that approximately 68% of the population would have to be androgynous in this gender polarized system because of the undeniable logic of a population spectra on the bell curve, of which any observable trait along a spectrum (including gender) would include. Hence, 68% of the U.S. population would be oppressed by these strict gender roles just by using simple statistical and mathematical rules. I'm pretty sure the feminists have the ethical argument in favor of more equality logically locked down, but how they implement that equality is still in question.
Results from What Would I Say reveal I may havebeen a robot all along. "Adding henry rollins to an entire bottle of whiskey, please." "Wake up in a real person." "Find out in my Chris Benoit tank top." "Therefore you can actually see the time" "Why does John Lydon have a cruel man, I drank it hard to see a stinker?"
I liked a video Chris Benoit vs Road Warrior
I liked a video Chris Jericho VS CHRIS BENOIT - 2-out-of-3 Falls Match (Summerslam 2000) (Good
6 years too late but why have I only justs found out what happened to Chris Benoit!
nah I'm too busy having fun watching you go Chris Benoit on errbody just because your friend can't handle his gf💁
I liked a video Kurt Angle vs chris benoit unforgiven 2002 full match
alright Chris Benoit here is my 12 1.)I'm a caring and nurturing person, and I know I want to help people for a living. 2.)I have really, really, bad social skills at times 3.) I never really dated, I was just looking for my soul mate the whole time. 4.) I love my wife more than anything, she is my one and only. 5.) I'm a giant book worm, with one of my favorite IP's being Warhammer 40k. 6.) I was born on the west coast, and the only reason I moved out here when i was 3, was so we could be with my dying grandmother. 7.) My first real memories as a child are the last months with my grandmother, something I would never change. 8.) I'll never get to show my godmother my future child. 9.) I've always wanted children (yes since i was a little girl) 10.) I like big butts and I can not lie 11.) and no I do not like skinny women stop assuming I do 12.) and lastly I may not show it, but I love everyone that's in my life
Finally got this video uploaded after spending all of yesterday trying to get it uploaded. This match between Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit was awesome, these two always put on classics when they went against one another, check it out!
I could watch Chris Benoit matches all day, every day! 1 if the greatest 2 ever do it. i really miss that guy.
Chris Benoit featuring in Shawn Michaels' new DVD: via
“Chris Benoit's son submitted when he made him tap out with the
Watching Backlash from 2001 (2nd favourite PPV of all time mainly due to the INCREDIBLE 30 minute ultimate submission match between Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle) before a couple of frames at Grove Mill against my former Snooker mentor James 'Barrel' Bryer :)
"The death of Chris Benoit's wife was actually written on Wikipedia fourteen hours before the bodies were found." CREEPY
I think your teacher needs to do the world a favor and follow in Chris Benoit's footsteps. How does one butcher it that bad?
My teacher just referred to chris Benoit as chris "Ben-oyt"
laughing my head off earlier thinking about when u said that Chris Benoit crossfaced his kids to death
Heel John Cena vs babyface Chris Benoit avenging the slaughter of his family. Record buy rates, new boom period
I can name 4 Great Wrestlers who's lives came to an end way to early. 1. Eddie Guerrero 2. Brian Pillman 3. Owen Hart (Whether you agree or not he was a great "Wrestler") 4. Chris Benoit Agree or Disagree? - R Triple
Found this to be an interesting wrestling note, Chris Benoit's son David (From a previous relationship) is training with the likes of Harry Smith and Chris Jericho to become a pro wrestler. After seeing a picture of him He does kinda look like Chris Benoit. Would be interesting to see how his career develops in the future, obviously any name he would use could not involve the last name Benoit because of the stigma attached. My thoughts: Wanted to add this, because i didn't last night, would be great to see him achieve success in the industry, think he could use the Benoit name in the indy's but WWE/TNA would make him change it for the stigma attached to his father. *** WWE changed Joe Henniq to first Michael Mcgillicutty, and now Curtis Axel when his father had no negative stigma whatsoever. I think David Benoit could use certain moves to highlight the memory of his father like Axel does with the perfectplex for his. Throwing out a diving headbutt or pulling out the crippler crossface would be a nod ...
Survivor Series Count-Up – 2002: Open The Chamber Of Stupid Survivor Series 2002 Date: November 17, 2002 Location: Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York Attendance: 17,930 Commentators: Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler, Michael Cole, Tazz Well we’re into the brand split era now and last month on Smackdown’s PPV, we had a Cell match between Taker and Lesnar. Bischoff’s response: the Elimination Chamber. This is one of those shows that ticks me off to no end because of how the booking goes. Other than that, we’ve got a stupid booking decision on Smackdown as well which I don’t think I complained about enough the first time. Let’s get to it. The theme song is Always by Saliva which is a personal favorite. Dudley Boys/Jeff Hardy vs. 3 Minute Warning/Rico This is an elimination tables match. Oh and that’s Bubba and Spike, not D-Von. Spike and Bubba got put through the same table on Raw Monday to set this up. The Dudleys and Jeff clear the ring to start and Spike is thrown into the arms of the Sa ...
Chris Benoit deserves the recognition for his in rong performances. He will go down as one of the greatest in...
Former WCW star Alex Wright speaks on working with Chris Benoit and hearing of the tragic incident surrounding his death: “…Benoit was a very tough wrestler, very hard in the ring, a lot of intensity, but I liked that kind of style…It was very sad hearing about Benoit. It was shocking, you know, because I met a person that was totally different, you know, and so it was kind of unbelievable that this had happened.'' - D.C
Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho as tag team champions -Pj
Who is this Chris Benoit you speak of?
There are new shirts on sale. Get your "I'm A Chris Benoit Guy" tee AVAILABLE NOW!
Those are my favorites too:) I like Eddie Guerrero, Brian Pillman, Chris Benoit, Mickie James, Batista, X-Pac & Maria too.
This Chris Benoit angle sure is taking a long time. Don't you think he has built up enough heat, Vince?
12 facts... 1. I try to do at least one thing new each day 2. The only tattoos I've committed to are symbols (4) 3. My first crush was on Chalky from Doug 4. All my shirts are black except 6 of them.. 3 are pj tops. 5. Black is my favorite color 6. I knew I would name my first daughter Jaliyah since the 7th grade 7. I know how to play the flute, clarinet, and the drums 8. I'm 1/8 black 9. First autograph I ever got was from Chris Benoit 10. I hate poppy seeds 11. I eat like a linebacker 12. First song I learned all the lyrics to was Gangsta's Paradise Lms and I'll give you a #
Today is the day I see CM Punk et. al at Leeds Arena. This is shaping up to be the best night of my life and I really hope I can start a cheeky Chris Benoit chant.
I watched the new WWE video about the money in the bank ladder matches and Chris Benoit is featured in the first one, now I know what he did was horrible, but to cut out his entrance and any commentary on him I feel like that's just disrespectful to Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross who were calling the match and not fair to the fans.
Wrestle Talk TV recently interviewed Chavo Guerrero, who discussed working with The Undertaker and the late Chris Benoit. He also spoke about why he feels Eddie Guerrero would not be a fan of the wrestling business today. "I don't think he would like it," Chavo replied after being asked what Eddie would think of the business today. "Just the way it is now, it's hard for a young wrestler to get that seasoned experience, to be out there and become a good wrestler. It's hard. You can disguise it all you want with explosions and pyro and big entrances and having Paul Heyman in your corner, but when it comes down to the ring, it's you and that other person. You can't disguise that. "I don't think Eddie would like that. Back in the day when other guys could go other places, and go to Mexico and other circuits that are thriving, and learn how to perfect this art... because it really is an art. You just can't learn it wrestling in one place, you just can't."
A little bit about me... I've been a big wrestling fan since 2002, but I've been watching my whole life. My favorite current wrestler is Daniel Bryan, and my favorite all-time wrestler is Chris Benoit. (Shudder)
Liev Schreiber will NOT be playing wrestler Chris Benoit -- who murdered his wife and son in 2007, then committed suicide -- in a biopic about the…
What the *** .my number is five...1, I'm addicted to Papa Roach. 2, I use to cut myself. 3, I've smoked grass. 4, Chris Benoit was my favorite wrestler. 5, I don't hate Nicky boy.
So, I liked Faith O'Keeffe's status that requires me to tell errbody 13 things you don't know about me. I'm generally an open guy, so I don't know what people don't know, but here goes I suppose. 1. When growing up, I'd always watched the *** out of the Crocodile Hunter and other shows on Animal Planet, then go outside and imitate it instead of playing normal kid games. 2. Never knew my biological father. Never even knew much about him. Don't even know his name. 3. First game ever was Super Mario 64 (never beat it). Second game ever was Pokemon Blue and I even encountered the mysterious glitch Missingo after some kid in one of my classes showed me! 4. I was robbed once in 7th grade I believe. Kid who knew my brother did it after we got into a fight. Stole our PS2. 5. Speaking of PS2s, I think I've gone through at least 4 of them growing up. God I loved that system. 6. Back in North Carolina in high school, I used to love to read. I'd walk a mile or two to the local library almost everyday. I wish I still ...
Let's get a Chris Benoit chant going tomorrow.
Remember when Chris Benoit was supposed to face CM Punk, but CM Punk faced Johnny Nitro and Benoit had a handicap match against his wife and son?
8 Years ago today we lost a legend. R.I.P Eddie Gurerro. By the way that other guy is definitely not Chris Benoit...It's Bo Dallas. Bo-lieve me.
Pro Wrestling Game:List your top 5 pro wrestlers on your dream team Mine's is Daniel Bryan,Chris Benoit,Tazz,Eddie Guerrero and CM Punk.An Ultimate Pure Grappler Team
Today marks the 8th year Anniversary of Eddie Guerrero's passing still remember that day like it was yesterday and occurred making Chris Benoit depressed and making him crazy and doing that incident
King of the ring tournament participants include, Randy Orton, Buff Bagwell, AJ Styles, Hulk Hogan, Bob Backland, Chris Benoit, Andre the Giant, Lex Luger, Rick Steiner, Goldberg, Rick Rude and The ShockMaster who wins the tournament to be named the new king of the ring? -Pj
Just downloaded 2 Chris Benoit documentaries. I don't care about what he did, it wasn't hids fault. He was an incredible wrestler and he seemed like such an amazing person (he made me cry numerous times during Eddie Guerrero's RAW tribute) and yeah, what he did was terrible but the fact that when they did his autopsy they found out he had the brain of a 90-odd year old Alzheimers person due to taking so many head bumps kind of explains it all.. My heart truly goes out to him. I genuinely wish I could have met him.
So, I take it that Chris Benoit will be on the "Shawn Michaels: Mr. WrestleMania" DVD.
Break the walls down! Umm no and never liked Jericho. I preferred Chris Benoit or Chris Candido for the technical wrestlers
Put the nail in the coffin and just announce that you are gonna bring Chris Benoit's weight machine next week.
strange. Tyson Kidd somehow reminds me of Chris Benoit. I like him and his fighting style.
"Ooh it's Chris Benoit, ooh it's My Chemical Romance, ooh it's JK Rowling" - me trying to read my abnormal psychology textbook...
Watching the Chris Benoit dvd retrospective. Here's a 2012 piece I wrote for about Benoit -
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So Chris Benoit's son wants to wrestle. Hope the wrestling world doesn't blackball him for what his father did cause that's unfair to him
Paula Patton my boo but she got a neck like Chris Benoit
I still laugh at being Chris Benoit's alter ego dead guy.
10 years ago today on Smackdown & the late Chris Benoit def. Jones,Matt Morgan & A-Train by DQ.
If people think they can compete with and I they should just go home and chris benoit
Wiz Khalifa be looking like Chris Benoit when he hit Amber from the back. She really gone be tappin out.
Wish people would stop banging on about Lloris and his head injury, he aint gonna turn into Chris Benoit!
I actually miss Chris Benoit I used to ask Chereece if that was her daddy loool
Just bought the money in the bank ladder match anthology 3 disc set onky like four of them i haven't seen but badass they actually have chris benoit on here sweetness
Yooo they really mute Chris Benoit's name in this MITB anthology lmao ***
Chris Benoit's wife has a body that takes my breathe away via
that would be cool cause most of attitude era is on TNA impact ... & they need to start putting Chris Benoit on games
"Chris Benoit is a better father than Flava Flav." -Jimmy Kimmel
They reopend it because they think Kevin Sullivan did it
who cares if they reopened it. He did it
Little Giant Ladders
Instead of Chris Benoit, John Cena should be the one erased from history. . PERIOD!. GO LIKE IF YOU HATE CENA -->...
Instead of Chris Benoit, John Cena must be the one who is completely erased from the history. -Yo STAN
I'm sorry, if I get stick for admiring a guy like Chris Benoit for his ability in a ring for what he done why does no one who likes this
Debra Gale Marshall (born March 2, 1960) is an American actress and former professional wrestling manager and WWE Diva. Arguably best known by her ring name, Debra, she gained recognition for her appearances with the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) between 1998 and 2002. She began her career in professional wrestling in 1996, accompanying her husband Steve "Mongo" McMichael to the ring in World Championship Wrestling (WCW). She joined the WWF in 1998, where she managed the tag team of Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart. In 1999, she won the WWF Women's Championship from Sable in an Evening Gown match. She later appeared on-screen with her second husband Stone Cold Steve Austin until 2002, when the duo left the company. In addition to her wrestling career, Marshall has had small acting roles and formerly competed in beauty pageants.Marshall's marriage to National Football League alumnus and professional wrestler Steve McMichael lasted ten years. McMichael's mother, whom Marshall met on an airplane, set up their f ...
What took Chris Benoit four reigns has only taken one, as Axel is now on day 143 as IC Champ, passing Benoit at 142 days.
Chris Benoit had bout 5 signature moves. Usually *** only have 3 at the most. Eddie Guerrero had 4 tho
All of the matches were insane that night. Can't forget about Shane vs. Vince and Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle
lol u gonna make Chris Benoit or nah
Undertaker and Triple H going around the whole place, Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit put a *** of a show, & Austin shocked every1
Chris Benoit hasn't been returning my phone calls for the past 7 years what's up with that
ur welcome now next fight has I wanna see chris benoit confront him over the nickname !!
"what about the Chris Benoit head butt" gasp
what about the Chris Benoit head butt
I don't think so, I think it's just a sick joke on Chris Benoit and what happened
I never heard anyone complain about Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit or Bret Hart because they were good wrestlers but weren't charismatic...
Watching Chris Benoit wrestle makes me sad
Chris Benoit had the hardest intro music in WWE
Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit from the 03 Royal Rumble is the only flawless match in my opinion
MVP def. United States Champion Chris Benoit (2-out-of-3 Falls Match; new champion) | via
A guy named Chris benoit should be mentioned in WWE. i mean he accomplished Alot and wwe wants to put him in the shadows. Chris benoit is the best Technical wrestler, all the other guys who say they are, can nip that phrase in the Bud.
Cant watch WWE anymore, i miss Goldberg and Chris Benoit
Check out made by and myself on . DL on 360 CC
I had a dream that I was Chris Benoit
Hey guys I know it's early to say introduce myself but I'm excited for this page! I'm Trevor. BIG fan of wrestling. Loved it for 14 years. My all time favorite wrestler is Billy Gunn (met him) and my other favorites are Chris Benoit and Shane McMahon (met him). I will bring you updates, opinions and questions for you! -Trevor
On this date: November 5, 1994 Chris Benoit fought Sabu (w/ Paul E. Dangerously & 911) to a no contest at around the 1-minute mark when the match was stopped after Sabu sustained a broken neck 2 Cold Scorpio replaced Sabu after injury which lead to Chris Benoit fought 2 Cold Scorpio to a double count-out at 12:00 Still one of the most scary injuries i've ever seen in the wrestling world
Ever wonder how Chris Benoit became known as "The Crippler"? Yeah, it's because of what he did to Sabu on this date in ECW history, breaking his neck at the "November to Remember" event.
Remember, remember the 5th of November. When Chris Benoit broke Sabu's neck at November to Remember.
New admin into! :D · my name shall be MistressHardy · I'm a 27 year old single mama - Jeff Hardy made me a fan a million year ago - I firmly believe Chris Benoit is innocent and am still a huge fan of his work in the ring - My mini man recently found my WM 1-14 vhs box set and has since become a fan so I am definitely doing parenting right ;) Any questions? Ask away!
if u could revive one wwe superstar who could it be? i would go with chris benoit, and you? -DoubleM
On this day in Pro Wrestling history (courtesy of -November 5, 1994: ECW holds its 2nd annual November To Remember event at the ECW Arena in Philadelphia, PA. The show includes two of the most memorable moments in ECW's history. First, a supposedly 'blinded' Sandman removes his sunglasses and bandages, double-crossing and beating down Tommy Dreamer. Later, in a match with Chris Benoit, Sabu breaks his neck taking a high backdrop. The clip is played repeatedly on ECW tv and earns Benoit his nickname of the 'Crippler'. Question of the day: What is the worst in-ring injury you've ever seen? (Please, non-fatal only out of respect for the deceased) -Dave
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Six man elimination match: Undertaker vs chris benoit vs Kurt Angle vs Jeff Hardy vs John Cena vs brock lesnar who will win comment fast and eliminate one by one in your single comment and tell me the winner. I will post the result as picture after 2hour's
why are they making a Chris Benoit movie? Was the murder-suicide not enough? Wonder how this is gunna pan out...
So during maybe the last 30 minutes or so of RAW someone or someones was changing the "Owner" of TNA. It went from Billy Corgan,Vince,Khali,Katie Vick,Owen Hart,Nancy and Chris Benoit.
Cod ghost tournament was awsome. Chris Benoit git third. While my wife Annie Smith whoopes my *** in it! Can't wait to get it!
Wwe bringing out every money in the bank match on dvd , Chris benoit was in some of those matches , should be interesting since they said they aren't gonna promote him anymore
Fun Fact: Chris Benoit is included in the new "Money in the bank: Straight to the top anthology" DVD, however they skip his entrance and they also edit his name out of the commentary.
That new WWE game has everyone that's ever been in the WWE/WWF/WCW except my boy Chris Benoit. What my homeboy ever do? Lmaoo.
I've learned there's three things you can't talk about with people: 1) Religion 2) Politics 3) Chris Benoit -Jeffro
I'm voting for Chris Benoit to face Orton. ~~BJ
*** is going on with the dead people jokes on here its not funny to make bad or funny jokes on dead people like Reid flair And Chris Benoit talking about their ghosts appearing and stupid stuff :P
mock me if you will, my dream isn't to be a WWE superstar but a international professional wrestler. it is all i have ever wanted to be my entire life. ever since i saw my first replay of Hulk Hogen body slam Andre the Giant i knew it was my favorite form of entertainment. when i first saw Chris Benoit wrestling Eddie Guerrero to a stalemate i knew it was my dream. when it finally hit me that Pro Wrestling was my future i saw my all time favorite match, TLC1 Edge & Christen vs. the Hardy's and Dudleys they laid there lives on the line, and you can tell me all you want on how it was 'fake' and 'set up' why don't you go jump through a table head first and tell me how fake it is. now in the WWE today is a man by the ring name of Seth Rollins, he is from Davenport and he proves to me that if i put my heart and soul into this i can make it out of Iowa and become the best *** wrestler in the world. just wait and see Taven Whisper is going to be one *** of a force in the professional wrestling world
I personally don't understand the amount of "doom and gloom" coming from wrestling fans lately. Professional Wrestling is NOT in a bad state. It is NOT stale. We are at a rare time in the business where there are a lot of bright, young stars being showcased on a weekly basis. Sure, I get the complaints about John Cena - WWE Universe and Randy Orton - WWE Universe being the two respective champions. But here's a thought for you. Remember at WrestleMania 21 when JBL and Triple H respectively passed the torch to John Cena and Batista? What about that time when Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit (a moment that we'll never see on WWE television again) reigned supreme at the end of WrestleMania 20? Has anyone even began to think about the possibility of WWE setting the stage for similar moments in the future? CM Punk has already had the longest WWE Championship reign over the past 30 years or so. Daniel Bryan has only JUST elevated to main event level over the past few months. Where's the patience? Why can't we ju ...
Summerslam 2004 Main Event: defeated Chris Benoit (c) for the World Heavyweight Championship
What submission hold did Chris Benoit use to retain the World Heavyweight Championship at Backlash 2004?
David Benoit, son of Chris Benoit, is training to becomea wrestler. Too bad he can't use the Benoit name.
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Can't believe I found out Chris Benoit murdered his son with the crossface :(, executed the finishing move literally
Ineffective people live day after day with unused potential,cluding Chris Benoit, what are you stupid or something
Chris Benoit is my favourite wrestler 4ever 4real 4life. # Shobhit
Kai was talking about Chris Benoit's son David. This is what he looks like
A very bad man. But one *** of a wrestler. Chris Benoit. Best heel turn ever?
Thanks to Joe Blood for the idea,. If Chris Benoit wasn't dead and still wrestling, what do you think his...
What was crazy is Chris Benoit killed his son, his wife and himself. Steroid overdose will do that. Roid rage
A fan came up to me at the grocery store and explained that Chris Benoit was framed... by The Pope Deangelo...
Pretty sure my dad went to the same parenting school as Chris Benoit.
with Chris Benoit as Tag team champs :)
Why are all mentions of Chris Benoit on commentary removed on the new DVD?
Sadly, Chris Benoit is never going to be in the series due to how he died. (murder/suicide)
Hey do you know where I can download the Dave Meltzer pod where you talk about Chris Benoit? It's missing from the archive.
Hey when you gonna show respect for CHRIS BENOIT the men that OWNS all your movements? don't believe me I show u the videos
Eddie Guerrero, Kurt Hennig, Chris Benoit are a few I can remember off hand who are gone
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I liked a video Chris Jericho and Lita vs Trish Stratus and Chris Benoit
"Dad is wrestling fake" - last thing Chris Benoit's son ever asked him
“Quote with your favorite WWE finisher” Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerro, and Rey Mysterio's
q.4)Name when chris benoit won the royal rumble and entry number.
Chris Benoit pouliot with the crippler cross face wrister
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