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Chris Benoit

Christopher Michael Chris Benoit (May 21, 1967 – June 24, 2007) was a Canadian professional wrestler whose career and life ended in a murder–suicide.

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Alex Wright beat Chris Benoit in what was billed as a death match in 14:54.
you about as wholesome as Chris Benoit was a good parent
Now watching: Nitro 120 Chris Benoit and Steve McMichael vs. Saturn and Scotty Riggs
righty Chris Murphy is pleased as punch with his first pro complete-game shutout.
ICYMI, I picked five pro wrestling biopics we need after Andre The Giant's for
TRUE. Someone said something about Chris the other day & I had missed the game and I like chewed there head off. 😂
well I come home and my mom says "it's okay, he'll be okay" and I was like WHAT HAPPENED TO COLE and then she told me ab Chris
girl when Chris got that error I thought I was gonna have a heart attack. I cried for about a minute .
Chris Benoit was my only hero in all of yeah.
I'll give him props, Chris Benoit was a pretty good family man.
I like it rough but I'm not into Chris Benoit vs Daniel Benoit Foreplay.
She turned into Chris Benoit real quick
punk when u gunna stop playing and expose the WWE for framing Chris Benoit?
My friend and I discussed this not too long ago. It has legs. I mean, look at Chris Benoit.
Pro wrestling Chris Benoit killed his wife and child, when they examined his brain it was that of a 90-year old. He was 40.
Chris Benoit was the real victim, if you think about it
just like Chris Benoit and the can pretend it didn't exist but it's
I liked a video Steve Austin gives his honest opinion of Chris Benoit
The Chris Benoit incident happened the Day of Jonathan Coachman's wedding
WWE on Snapchat: How do you feel about Extreme Rules?. Me to WWE: I miss CM Punk and Chris Benoit. *gets blocked by WWE on Snapchat*
if they let Adam Rose back into WWE. then might as well put Chris Benoit into the Hall Of Fame..
Since WWE acknowledged Chyna after she died do you think they'll acknowledge Chris Benoit after he dies?
Chris Benoit should be on the Edgar and Christian show. Will WWE talk about it?😂😂
There are still people who regularly defend Chris Benoit. Basically, it's like talking to a wall, sadly.
English gematria codec of 6.I have solved the Chris Benoit murder mystery.heir of Brandeis.shalom.
How did man use Chris Benoit and that caption LOL I'm howling
.has put himself in the Chris Benoit category. Worthless, selfish and buried. Cya, kid.
I can't help everytime i hear steroids and domestic violence by a wrestler i always remember Chris Benoit
On days like today, it is important to remember that Chris Benoit murdered his wife and son then skirted all responsibility.
Leicester's celebrations will be good, but will they be as good as Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit crying in each others arms a…
Chris Benoit vs Randy Orton (Summerslam 04) is one of my favourite matches of all time, but my god Benoit took some silly bumps.
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Chris benoit was/is the best technical wrestler ever. Hope everyone knows that!
Gotta make a Chris Benoit biopic eventually...
Glad to see Bills fans are now having the Chris Benoit argument with OJ Simpson.
Also, the company has a habit of "erasing" wrestlers who have fallen out of favor (Chris Benoit is a notorious example).
5 pro wrestling biopics we want to see after Andre the Giant
I liked a video from John Cena & Chris Benoit make Paul Heyman eat Soap
Jerry Lawler: "Chris Benoit with the belly to back suplex" "and he gets the trifecta"
I thought they weren't suppose to mention Chris Benoit
...Im a guy that is open for the HOF Induction of Chris Benoit, helluva a wrestler that was sick.
RTT,Y'all finished or Y'all done? I'm hopin Nik and Joe died in a gruesome Chris Benoit type love triangle
Wish Chris Benoit was alive still and married Azealia Banks
Now watching: Bash at the Beach 1997 Chris Benoit vs. Kevin Sullivan
Prince Albert drops Chris Benoit on his head
my favorite is DDP, Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, John Cena, Dean Ambrose, ect...
12 years ago today on Raw from Topeka,KS Chris Benoit & def & to retain the World Tag Team Titles
Favorite male wrestlers are Santino Marella, Zack Ryder, Jeff Hardy and Chris Benoit. Favorite female are Mickie James and Melina.
Brian Pillman, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit (and his family) and now Chyna have all died too young and in so much pain.
All of my faves are dead. Chris Kanyon, Chris Benoit, Eddie G, Dr. Death Steve Williams, Mike Awesome etc I been over wrasslin
Some how ended up watching videos on Youtube about Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit instead of going to bed early like I was going to...
Man I hate Daniel Bryan retired bro . He was a better Chris Benoit
The last time Arsenal won the league Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero were alive
"King of the Underground" Scott Summers VS Samoa Joe. Back in the day Taz vs Chris Benoit
Why didn't they cast Brian Stann as Captain America? Dude they got is ok but omg. Chris Benoit should of been Wolverine. # no-brainer RIP
Hey playing Chris Benoit's theme music in your ballpark is maybe not a great idea considering the murder etc
I remember that time when The Rock was Champion in 2000 and Triple H, Kurt Angle, Kane, Chris Benoit etc...came out to challenge him!
Chris Benoit, Dynamite Kid, Daniel Bryan. Definitely enough reasons for it to go
"Chris Benoit is a shoe-in for the WWE Hall of Fame in the future!". - JBL, Wrestlemania 23, year 2007
I never liked Kevin Sullivan, love the match against Chris Benoit, because Benoit annihilated Sullivan
At WrestleMania 20 it was Triple H(c) vs Shawn Michaels vs Chris Benoit in a Triple Threat match…
Remember this match? Triple H vs Shawn Michaels vs Chris Benoit
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My favorite wrestlers are and likely always will be 1. Shawn Michaels 2. Eddie Guerrero 3. Chris Benoit. I don't care what anyone else says
Today's match in the countdown is triple H vs Shawn Michaels vs Chris Benoit from wrestlemania 20 http…
March 14th 2004, WMXX. Chris Benoit defeated HHH & Shawn Michaels to win the World Title for the first time. https:/…
Another OJ Simpson biopic when Chris Benoit story neglected
Thought I just had: if Chris Benoit's life had gone differently, would he be on people's Best Wrestlers of All Time lists today?
Watching Armageddon 05 on the WWE Network. . Cole: "Up next, it's sudden death for this man, Chris Benoit". That's enough for one night then.
Will Chris Benoit be in the movie and play as a "lost crew member".
Kurt Angle vs. chris Benoit was like the fourth match. Jesus WM17 was loaded
What was Everton's result directly before Chris Benoit's homicidal rampage?
So Chris bats last night& I started recording him but he hit 2 foul so I stopped...the second I put the phone down got his 1st hit and RBI 😑
Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit because I was super into wrestling at the time.
I'll chris benoit that match and forget it ever happened if Brock wins.
The Undertaker and The Rock vs Chris Benoit & Kane. Chris was so close to probably winning the WWF title. Too bad he broke his neck
Chris Benoit the killer great gimmick
Hey Aaron, how well do you think Chris Benoit would've done in this era of wwe keep up the good work. Answer in video
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Chris Benoit double murder, suicide. He was my favorite wrestler at that time
When Chris Benoit died WWE did that tribute then they found out how he died they cut all ties with that dude lmfaooo.
Chris Benoit still shocks and confuses me today
Tough question...Let me think...Michael Jackson, David Bowie and the wrestler Chris Benoit.
So, I still like one of those Chris Benoit killed his family music things that got played on won live?
I wonder if Chris Benoit ever got out and met people
good job man can you reupload your Rick rudes your Hulk Hogan both and your Chris Benoit ok
My favourite wrestler, when i was a kid of course, was the late Chris Benoit. I don't know who is king of the business nowadays.
I liked a video ICP shoot : Whats in the Bag / The *** Bag / Chris Benoit Story
hi Chris was just watching ur podcast about Chris benoit hadn't seen it before I agree mental illness needs more awareness imo
“Nothing worse than pouring the cereal then no milk” when chris benoit killed his entire family and self
11 years ago today on Raw from Providence,RI the late Chris Benoit def. Muhammad Hassan by DQ.
TIL Chris Benoit had WWF tryout matches in 1995 against Owen Hart, Bob Holly, and Adam Bomb and was accompanie...
Exclusive: Cliff Compton Talks WWE, Chris Benoit, ROH, And More: After finding the right side of the tracks, C...
Triple H vs Shawn Michaels vs Chris Benoit at Wrestlemania 20 for the World Heavyweight Championship
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Eddie Guerrero beating Kurt Angle and celebrating with Chris Benoit when he won the heavyweight title
You may want to kill me after this question but here it goes. Eddie Guerrero or Chris Benoit??
Crying myself to sleep watching Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit videos
Adam Johnson was framed just like Chris Benoit.
- ;The World Changed - . Chris Benoit & Eddie Guerrero were my favorite of all time. (Vine by
Wrestlemania 20 question: In particular to the title, was the celebration of Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero a...
will Chris Benoit, Owen Hart, Hardy Boyz & Kurt Angle in game
Top 5 wrestlers out of Canada are Bret Hart, Chris Benoit, Owen Hart, Lance Storm and Trish Stratus
Gosh I hope Macho Man Randy Savage and Chris Benoit show up, they're my faves
All that reminds me of is Chris Benoit :S
Daniel Bryan Chris Benoit etc, just take the Big Show and be done with it like
I wish wasn't scared of acknowledging Chris Benoit. I'd love a "Collections" section on the Network with the Best of 7 with
Every time I him, reminded me of Chris benoit
Can people please stop drawing straight lines from Chris Benoit murdering his family to concussions. It's incredibly reckless/irresponsible.
Treat her like how the WWE treated Chris Benoit pretend like nothing ever happened between us ever all records gone
Chris Benoit had a massive case of CTE, and it has been found in many other wrestlers.
My favorite Daniel Bryan moment is when he went Chris Benoit on Justin Roberts
Modern day Chris Benoit ➖ the steroids & 20 pounds. Dude had heart, he knew just about every submission move known to man.
Someone needs a one way meeting with Zombie Chris Benoit.
IWC: Chris Benoit died for this business. How dare WWE not let Daniel Bryan do the same?!
We never see vs Chris Benoit and now We never see vs a shame, God bless you from México🇲🇽
David, the son of the late Chris Benoit, was backstage at Friday’s WWE’s live event in Calgary, Alberta at the...
It's actually a heap of problems, but things get lost in the shuffle. Also Chris Benoit.
I know, right? It's all fun an games until the specter of Chris Benoit shows up.
The fear of CTE and/or another Chris Benoit situation is real.
Harley Race, Dynamite Kid, Chris Benoit, now and should be banning head butts really shouldn't they?!
Someone just said super bowl 50 never happened like Chris Benoit lmfao 😂😂😂
His health comes first, it's the most important thing. Imagine if he ignored it. We don't need a second Dynamite Kid or even Chris Benoit.
legal and PR nightmare, this is a post Chris Benoit world we live in after all
Where's Chris Benoit winning the 2004 Royal Rumble after entering first?
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Chris Benoit will never be in the hall of fame only because of what he did yes he had an amazing career but sadly it just won't happen
*** Daniel Bryan retired due to concussion. I wish Chris Benoit sought the help he needed before he did what he did.
That's sad how Chris Benoit died, even though the *** killed his whole family lmao
Think about how many concussions he has had or Chris Benoit.
I guess no wrestler can pull off a diving head bunt off the top rope with out getting brain damage like Chris Benoit.
Super Bowl 50 never happened like Chris Benoit and I'm ready to shoot it out with anybody who disagrees.
Why did Cam Newton leave the podium abruptly?. He might have been hearing a beaming Chris Harris nearby.
Could have sworn Chris Benoit had the same story in 2004 🤔🤔🤔
I just hope I'm half the father as Chris Benoit was
Chris Benoit the goat but I was going off alive. And Eddie Guerrero
Chris benoit and dem man de..Jah know..when it was wwf it seemed so real and dramatic well intense
chris benoit will always be the GOAT
idk Chris Benoit went out with a bang.
Daniel Bryan is the best Wrestler since Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit.
Then Chris Benoit went crazy so he had to come back in two weeks 😐
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in 2007 why did Chris Benoit let David Benoit go free but Killed his wife his other son and himself?: submit...
Rene Dupree on what really happened in the Chris Benoit tragedy: via
11 years ago today on Raw from San Jose,CA the & Sylvain Grenier vs & Chris Benoit match ended in a Double DQ.
I'd watch Wrestling but there's no Shawn Michaels, Chris Benoit, Jeff Hardy, Goldberg, The Rock, Stone Cold.. + HHH is a punk now
Eddie Guerrero, Booker T, Chris Benoit and Bret Hart are the only guys to have held the US title in both WCW and WWE h…
My money is on Chris Benoit, Hulk Hogan or Eddie Guerrero
Huk Hogan to win the Rumble by eliminating Chris Benoit.
In 05, Eddie Guerrero, Bob Holly, and Chris Benoit punished Daniel Puder for embarrassing Kurt Angle on TV.
will he be facing Chris Benoit, Hulk Hogan or cm punk at WM32
sullivan K.S. Killed Karen and Chris Benoit and there son Daniel. But he will answer
Will the NJPW Stars Meet Expectations in the WWE?: Not since Chris Benoit, Perry Saturn, Eddie Guerrero, and D...
On this day 16 years ago Chris Benoit won the WCW Heavyweight Title @ Souled Out.The following day he quit WCW.
I need a time machine so I can save Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit
When Randy Orton beat Chris Benoit for the World Heavyweight Championship & broke up Evolution >>>
After a win for Ultimate Dragon, it's back stage to Chris Benoit on an ancient laptop on the WCW website. Now: Harlem Heat vs Steiner Bros.
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No wonder why WCW failed as they had worst world champions like Vince Russo, Big Show, Chris Benoit and even DDP.
This is why I question pro wrestling fans in general. What does Steven RIchards has to do with Chris Benoit? And...
If you see Caitlyn Jenner as a hero then I see Chris Benoit as one. Both are murderers.
13 years ago today at a Smackdown taping in Atlanta,GA Eddie Guerrero & def. Chris Benoit &
A fusion of Chris Jericho, HBK, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, and Dean Malenko. It has to be a fusion because they all were...
Chris Benoit vs. Kevin Sullivan in a San Francisco Death Match with Woman and Jacqueline Strapped to each other!!
I added a video to a playlist Raven shoots on Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero & Chris Benoit
9 years ago today on Smackdown from Buffalo,NY def. WWE United States Champion the late Chris Benoit in a Non-Title Match.
"He's tougher than a Waffle House steak"- Jerry Lawler on Chris Benoit, 2004.
Chris Benoit was the man during the Attitude era. Absolute legend.
Do you think Chris Benoit should still be recognized?: In this "megathread" we'll be discussing if WWE should ...
The set up for Kevin Sullivan vs Chris Benoit is pretty awesome!
Looks like Chris Benoit just won the World Heavyweight Championship at my school
Holy crap. Just discovered that on my birthday in 2007, Chris Benoit died... Same as Ernest T.S Walton (the man who split the atom) in 1995
Re watching Royal Rumble 2001 ladder match between & Chris Benoit. A classic underrated ladder match!
I liked a video Chris Benoit vs Elijah Burke (Benoit last match of his life)
the only character they should add is Chris Benoit
"BREAKING: Chris Benoit has apparently 'been framed'. More:
"That's not funny. Be quiet" - Triple H on fans chanting 'Chris Benoit' last night.
I do not think Randy Orton will get a 2k Showcase as is first World title will was against Chris Benoit...
I know it's not a popular opinion but pound for pound Chris Benoit is IMO the best all around in ring performer in pro wrasslin' history
If only Chris Benoit didn't go on a sociopathic rage and kill his family his career could be appreciated in the Hall of Fame.
Also today in history,in 2005 he lost by dq to Chris Benoit in Amarillo,Texas & in 2009 lost to John Cena in Moncton,N.B.Canada.
Hulk Hogan vs Chris Benoit at WrestleMania 32. Winner gets recognized by
lol exactly, talking about how tough the premier league is but moan when Costa brings that Chris Benoit aggression
I worry for my friends and family if Costa scores the winner. Not sure what I'll end up doing to them. Will probably do a Chris Benoit
When i was izzys age i totally would have died if Chris Benoit pulled me out of the crowd. He was my favorite. 😢
If fifth spit ah, kill man, woman and child a la chris benoit!!!
Does Rush still come out to Chris Benoit's music because that was kinda amazing when he did.
So this technico Rush on this CMLL show flat out uses Chris Benoit's theme music.
found it kinda weird that Rush came down to Chris Benoit's theme music on the CMLL show
so I'm assuming Chris Benoit one? I'm watching Swerved right now, very funny
the only wrestler that has made a true difference to the world is Chris Benoit
I liked a video In memory of Chris Benoit
you turned on your family quicker than Chris Benoit.
omg I low key get Chris Benoit teas from him, I stan!
I wish Katie Hopkins had married Chris Benoit sometimes.
That time Chris Benoit killed his entire family & then himself, but still got a tribute night on WWE.
I wanna hear reports of Chris Benoit chants heard throughout the Bell Center tonight.
Want to relive the 30 minute Iron man Main Event from the next NXT Takeover?. too bad, imagine it was chris benoit vs chris benoit
Millions does not make up for what can occur later. Chris Benoit is one example of extreme effects.
"It's extremely good that Chris Benoit killed his family". -Hulkamatt, problematic mod
Today's Fantasy Friday!. A battle of Technical Titans as Chris Benoit takes on Daniel Bryan. Who wins? What kind of …
Forgot to ask;. Chris Benoit on acid or that talking tree sober?
wmx7 or Royal Rumble 03. Which match with Chris Benoit do you remember fonder?
You cant be badass and from Canada. Chris Benoit you are not.
Maybe if we start referring to CTE as "Chris Benoit's Disease", American sports fans will get it
How much have you learnt from working with such great technical wrestlers like Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle
"It was the night that Chris Benoit broke Sabu's neck!" ~Joey Styles
Shoutout to those WCW Hog Wild 1996 crowd for booing at the fact they were going to see Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko wrestle into overtime.
Chris Benoit vs Kevin Sullivan career threatening match!!! Benoit is 4 real
Incorrect it was actually Dean Malenko who invented it. Mentor and partner of Chris Benoit.
Watching Eddie Guerrero vs. Chris Benoit on the with Randy Anderson as ref. Sad match, all have passed on.
If there's another Mark Remark episode, I'm hoping for a joke where LK says "Hulk Hogan" but it's dubbed over with "Chris Benoit".
I also want the crowd 2 chant Boring, Chris Benoit, CM Punk, CZW, Nick F'N Gage during the IC Title match.
Announce that next week will be Chris Benoit appreciation night
& gotta be huge fans of Eddie Guerrero & Chris Benoit. Gear patterned after Benoit. Finish patterned after Eddie.
I got the chance to see Chris Benoit wrestle live back in 06 against William Regal. It was a masterpiece.
dyk there are people in the world wide net who think that Chris Benoit was framed for murdering his family by Kevin Sullivan...
I went as Spike Dudley to a similar thing a while ago. Chris Benoit would be a fitting tribute
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August 15th 2004, SummerSlam. beat Chris Benoit to become the youngest World Champion of all time. http:…
*** can you bring Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit with you please?
Chris Benoit held his coveted World Heavyweight Championship from WrestleMania 20 to the Summerslam of 2004. http:…
Bret Hart, Mr. Perfect and Chris Benoit were the three best technical wrestlers of all time. This was a great feud
as long as you don't wear your Confederate flag hat or Chris Benoit shirt.
Ned Stark and Chris Benoit rose from the dead, and had a casket match with ODB as special guest referee.
for me it's 20, seeing Chris Benoit finally get that belt and Eddie Guerrero beating Kurt Angle is Legendary
Chris Benoit vs. Solomon Crowe in a Chamber of Horrors
The Dynamite Kid is only 56. In a far brighter timeline, he's having a triple threat match with Chris Benoit and Bryan Danielson.
In your opinion, who is the master of the German Suplex:. Brock Lesnar;. Chris Benoit;. Or Kurt Angle?. - The Next Big Thing
Rankings: 8. Chris Benoit defeated Triple H(c) and Shawn Michaels Huge for Benoit and Eddie Guerrero's career that night
Eight years ago this week, Chris Benoit's horrific murder-suicide shocked the world. .
Public Enemy vs Kevin Sullivan and Chris Benoit... no tension on this team
February '97 feuds for my guys:. -Piper fighting Hogan for the title. -Kevin Sullivan and Chris Benoit having their fabled feud.
This is Chris Benoit's first PPV match since his year long recovery from a broken neck & it's a tables match :/
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8 years ago today, wrestler Chris Benoit killed his wife & 7-year-old son before hanging himself in Fayetteville, GA. http…
Chris Benoit "killed" himself and his family 8 years ago today. I'm still under the assumption that Kevin Sullivan murdered them
I'd missed this one. Kevin Sullivan not only killed Benoit, but Sherri Martel. Proof that Chris Benoit is innocent
Eight years ago my hero Chris Benoit died. His legacy lives on, we love you Chris! http…
8 years ago today Chris Benoit was killed by Kevin Sullivan and framed for murder, wrestle in peace Chris.
2 of the greatest to ever lace up a pair of boots Chris Benoit vs. Curt Hennig
listening to Chris Benoit's entrance song at work makes me want to German supplex and crippler cross face everyone.
If don't so much as know who Roddy Piper, Chris Benoit and Scott Hall or why Stone Cold's a big deal, shut up.
Kevin Owens reminds me a lot of Chris Benoit (minus the whole murder thing).
"No one's ever pushed Cena to the limit like Kevin Owens except for Chris Benoit and CM Punk. But we can't mention them"
Now watching Chris Benoit vs at Royal Rumble 2001...An amazing ladder match by 2 of the best.
In 1996 the Four Horsemen were Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Brian Pillman and Chris Benoit. The younger guys are the ones not with us.
Kurt Angle, William Regal, Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, and Perry Saturn are some of the greatest wrestlers in the world.
Kane Larkin makes me want to do a Chris Benoit
A literal demon Kane arrives with Chris Benoit as his minion. Then a rejuvenated Undertaker blasts them w/lightning.
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It's so sad that because of Chris Benoit and Jimmy Savile, we now have to wait a few months before celebrating the life of a dead celebrity.
Aaron Hernandez to the NFL is like the Chris Benoit to the WWE
Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero, the same destiny...
I liked a video from Shane Douglas shoots on Chris Benoit
This one will be good. Chris Benoit vs Jushin Thunder Liger. Too bad this match technically never happened
Chris Benoit and Eddie were the four best wrestlers to ever step in the ring
In the kind of mood where if Chris Benoit was alive and gave me a crippler cross face, I wouldn't even care...
Who is Chris Benoit? There is no such wrestler as Chris Benoit.
Chavo Guerrero was the last person Eddie & Chris Benoit ever had contact with. . I wonder if that plays *** the poor guys mind
Team effort! I haven't watched 2 much since the whole Chris Benoit thing...but I started in 84 at age 6
I'll download 40 clones of Chris Benoit. Only one murderer will reign supreme
On this day in 2004: Chris Benoit defeated Triple H and Shawn Michaels in a Wrestlemania XX rematch…
On this day in April 18, 2004~ Chris Benoit vs Triple H vs Shawn Michaels for the World Championship
Today in history: Backlash 2004: Chris Benoit defeated Triple H & Shawn Michaels to retain the World Heavyweight...
Hate to mention the guy's name after what happened but Chris Benoit vs Brad Armstrong from Clash Of Champions XXII was a *** of a match
you said stevie Richards is in wwe 2K16, don't you mean Chris Benoit ?
WWE Fact! Shawn Michaels and Chris Benoit are the only wrestlers to enter the Royal Rumble at No. 1 and win.
Chris Benoit kinda reminds me of Daniel Bryan. (Claude Allen III request)
Chris Benoit was the first person to win a WrestleMania main event via submission, legend.
Eddie Guererro is dead. . Chris Benoit is dead. . At one point they cut to Michael Clarke Duncan sitting at ringside. . EVEN HE'S DEAD!
I liked a video Kurt Angle on: Chris Benoit
Today in '97, WCW United States Champion Dean Malenko fought Chris Benoit to a no contest at WCW Spring Stampede '97!
Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko vs Eddie Guerrero and Mr JL up next. Alex Wright was scheduled to be Eddie's partner but is on crutches
Plies really got hit with a body to body suplex last night. Straight out of the Dean Malenko & Chris Benoit school of wrestling 😂😂😂
So Kevin Nash, Diesel is in the Hall of Fame and Chris Benoit isn't? Okay, I know why Chris isn't but he should be. Gre…
Chris Benoit's victory at WrestleMania XX was the first time a title was won by submission in the main event at a WM. …
Anyone who thinks Daniel Bryan is a better wrestler than Chris Benoit is delusional
Look out Chris Benoit is coming for your WWE World Heavyweight title tonight on Raw. ht…
Bill Simmons should say something about Chris Benoit.
Working on page 17 of while watching the War Games blu ray. Still taken back that they included Fall Brawl '97 with Chris Benoit
Jeff Hardy and Dudley boyz vs Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit and Willia...: vía
Hazing Secret is what Kevin Sullivan would have done if Chris Benoit survived.
There are signs featuring Chris Benoit, Kurt Angle and the Hardy Boyz. What is this, nostalgia night!?
Daniel Bryan really is this decades Chris Benoit.
Bob Holly on: Chris Benoit "I was supposed to be at his house that day"
No way it was Chris Benoit all along who would have guessed it
Did Danielson eliminate Big Show recently in memorable of Chris Benoit back to Royal Rumble 2004?!
That's how Chris Benoit eliminated Big Show in the Royal Rumble.
Daniel Bryan pulling Big Show over the top rope like he's Chris Benoit winning the Royal Rumble.
Chris Jericho and Bret Hart talk concussions, Chris Benoit and Goldberg: via
this new joke assumes the audience knows Woody Allen's movies, Allen's life, Birth of a Nation, Chris Benoit, Triumph of the Will, n' Satire
They mentioned Chris Benoit once on the Monday Night War the fall of wcw episode, once more than I expected.
dont wanna link to Lawler in this one but it all changed when Chris Benoit died
you had better believe it only other time i saw that was when Chris Benoit's accident after Mr McMahon was
Continues Faces Of Fear vs Chris Benoit and Steve McMichael with my boo by his side
Chris Benoit should have won it but Eddie Guerrero eliminated him 😟
In 9 Rumbles he's been eliminated by The Rock, The Rock, Kane, Chris Benoit, Triple H, Orton, R-Truth, Ezekiel Jackson and Orton.
5. Bring back Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero so they could have a triple threat match at Wrestlemania with CM Punk.
Chris Benoit Vs at Great American Bash 1998 now that's what you call an awesome match.
Here is Herb Kuntz tid bits for 1/22/98 17 years ago today. This is another long read FYI. - The WWF had the Royal Rumble this past Sunday. Overall, it didn't come off as a strong show, really having only one strong performance (by Shawn Michaels). The finishes on the show were absolutely atrocious, bringing back memories of Dusty Rhodes at his creative worst. The show has to get a thumbs in a middle at best, once again bordering on down. Quick run-down: * Vader beat Goldust: Dustin Rhodes is starting to look so much like his father, it's become scarier than his gimmick. The match was a throwaway, disappointing since both guys used to be able to do so much more. The finish was cute: Vader went up for a Vader Bomb, Luna jumped on his back, and he hit the bomb anyhow, with Luna riding him down. The show could have gone either way from here. * Max Mini & Mosaic & Nova beat El Torito & Battalion & Tarantula in a Mexican minis trio match: Sunny refereed. The minis were way off their usual form, relying far too ...
“Every Superstar that drew No.1 going into the where's Chris Benoit
Confession: i still have my action figures (including a chris benoit one)
After Chris Benoit why would they NOT be hella careful with concussions
Don't care what anyone says, Chris Benoit was one *** of a wrestler.
Chris Benoit's family was on the receiving end of a (I don't have a punch line just yet)
Just saw your 2001 Royal Rumble match with Chris Benoit. Loved it. Its a classic :)
I just realized that 11 year ago from sunday Chris Benoit won the Royal Rumble as the number 1 entrant
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