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Chris Andersen

Chris Andersen (born July 7, 1978) is an American professional basketball player for the Denver Nuggets of the National Basketball Association.

Matt Barnes Lance Stephenson Mario Chalmers Zach Randolph Hassan Whiteside Miami Heat Norris Cole Tony Allen James Jones Michael Beasley Jordan Farmar Shabazz Napier James Ennis Brian Roberts Josh McRoberts Vince Carter

Here's Alison's dad, Andy, in tears of joy as Chris Hurst won his election
"I was Thor for Halloween!". "I was a fairy!". "I was Chris 'Birdman' Andersen, who overcame a meth addiction to wi…
The second saddest feeling is knowing Chris Andersen doesn't play for Miami anymore, when I live this close... 😣😣😣
Adam Vinatieri needs 107 points to pass Andersen.
Lots of scratches for Beaupre, Kennedy, Hayami, Clarke, Andersen & Kersten... Chris Elliot starts in goal
The Birdman! Check out the latest Chris Andersen design!! Link below!.
has to be top 3, Andersen at 5, newman would be good at 4, s…
Almost got to meet you at Chris Phillips's opening night at South Point over a year ago, but fate... Huge Fan!
No no..Chris Andersen didn't have a shot outside of the paint
.will be speaking at Carleton next Monday! . “University reconciliation will (probably) be underfu…
It was really nice dinner with former Heat player Chris Andersen and my aluminum suppliers Jack Cheng and Michael R…
Andersen Windows acquires Canadian door and window maker: reports
"Chris Birdman Andersen" all you need his tattoos and he's Mohawk
Blocking Chris Andersen for the rest of my life...
What do you think of this Miami mansion?
same game diamond Harden defended against my emerald Chris Andersen and I couldn't back him down in the post. So cheese.
Congratulations Chris Bishop being elected Hutt South MP, and to Ginny Andersen on her election to Parliament as...
Funnier than current Birdman on the 08 Hornets team in 2K is me expecting for a minute a faithful recreation of 08 Chris Andersen
Chris Bishop, Ginny Andersen and Trevor Mallard are all heading to Parliament.
any chance that for the 12-13 heat team, you can get Shaq to shout "Birdman Birdman!" in the halftime show for Chris Andersen?
You guys have Chris Conte. That's all that needs to be said.
Not Chris Bishop's biggest fan, but it would be churlish to deny he worked his *** to win Hutt South…
Impressive showing out of the Bobcats today. Chris Murray and Troy Andersen were dominant, as was the defense.
I have a friend in Hutt South who said she could turn around without running into C…
Grumpy as I might be, nice to have side convo with Hutt South voter mightily impressed by both Chris Bishop and Ginny Andersen. . (1/2)
Touchdown Troy Andersen!. Bobcats go up 14-0 over North Dakota. Chris Murray had big 4th conversion on the drive.
With 39.1% counted Chris Bishop has over taken Ginny Andersen by 15 votes (6259 v 6244)
In Ohariu, Labour's Greg O'Connor leading by just over 500 votes. Ginny Andersen is ahead by over 200 votes over Chris Bishop Hutt South.
Labours Andersen ahead by 440 ahead of Nationals Chris Bishop in Hutt South
Hutt South Ginny Andersen Labour is 1000 votes ahead atm over Chris Bishop,
Just at work & saw this guy come up & grab his wife's *** from behind, then he turned around & it was Chris Anderse…
You got me there. I know we can agree that there isn't one thing wrong with Chris Andersen's ink
Chris 'Birdman' Andersen victim of internet catfish scheme
Watching this episode of catfish and this girl name Shelly almost ruined Chris Andersen career
A successful talk is a little miracle-people see the world differently afterward.-Chris Andersen
In that situation , you quote Dirty Harry - "Your mouthwash ain't makin' it." 😎
This is how Melbourne United will line up, this season:. Casper Ware. Chris Goulding. Casey Prather. David Andersen. Josh Boone. Not bad.
Chris Andersen returned from his two-year ban and went on to play 9 more seasons. No reason why he can't do the same.
Great time playing tonight at Andersen School!!! @ McMenamins Anderson School
I'd go have a beer with Chris Petersen, Gary Andersen, J-Harbs of course, Mike Riley, does Buddy Ryan from EMCC count?
Ron McBride is a regular visitor at Oregon State, connecting Gary Andersen's college coach to his current program
. is using the Rich family for political cover just like they did to Chris Steven's dad
39 years old today. NBA champ. 7,888,412 tattoos. They call him "Birdman". Happiest of birthdays to the memorable, Chris An…
I am kind of surprised these rallies aren't filled with half the guys were Chris Andersen or Jason Williams jerseys.
Man, I wish Chris Farley could have got it together. He was a well loved dude.
Check out what Board Member Chris Andersen has to say about the Dow and recent jobs report:
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
wildest NFL fact ever?. Ken Stabler played with both George Blanda (who entered the NFL in 1949) and Morten Andersen (who…
Deputy Operations Group Commander Lt. Col. Chris Occhiuzzo spoke to media about the bombers currently on island.
In Game 2, it's got even better as George put up the signature play of the game with the dunk over Chris Andersen.
From Oregon State begins year three of Gary Andersen era
Your post work is like Chris Andersen
My biggest dream right now is to have J.J. Redick come through with the Chris Andersen tattoo level.
Chris Andersen, also known as the Birdman, is one of the more unique players in the NBA with his colourful tattoos……
Here's my brother-in-law Jim Fawcett with Chris " Birdman"Andersen at a Fla turnpike gas station. How cool is that?
Never knew Chris Andersen was Catfished some time ago and made to think he was talking to a 17yr old.
Partying in the burbs with NBA champion, Chris "Birdman" Andersen
I ran into Chris Andersen and I didn't ask for a picture. So stupid.
The 05 Dunk Contest is on NBATV. Back when Birdman was just plain old Chris Andersen
Chris Andersen and I did a similar analysis of Daniels and linked i…
The catfish episode on Chris Andersen is so wild!! O m g
Aaron Carter looks like a combo of MGK, Chris "Birdman" Andersen, and Justin Bieber...
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I am at Lamborghini Houston and Chris “Birdman” Andersen is here lol
Your boss must have a direct line to to the big guy upstairs 🤗 pisstake
I would've been there I'm always there cos I care just wish it was a shared view
Sad times mate, my team closed this year Coventry Bees, can't afford another one to go.
I know the fans do but the people at the track that's why there's no meeting on today.
A think you will find speedway fans care,
Chris Andersen, the bird man, has been getting work for years looking like a Tattoo tra…
I didn't know Chris Andersen was in the movie
I would have been there. Thought all along any excuse to call off...
What your missing is pretty obvious 🙈😝
Here is the killer of Chris Speer who got paid the 10.5 Million by TRUDEAU. Now he can give part of the fortune to ISIS or Al Q…
I am very sad to hear of the passing away of one of finest lawyers Advocate Chris Andersen SC - may his soul…
Happy Birthday to Chris Andersen, Cassidy, Tasha Cobbs & Allen Payne!. From: Wendy R. Wendy Jones of the USA.
The big contracts given to Dellavedova, Mozgov, and Tristan Thompson added with the revival of Chris Andersen's car…
My mans said it was cause I had the chris bird man Andersen jersey on 💀💀💀
Now I know how Chris "Birdman" Andersen felt when PG dunked on him.
this is like when Pam andersen traded Tommy lee for kid rock
Better than being the 3rd wheel in a big deal, when you know you're getting Dahntay Jones, Chris Andersen's expirin…
episode aboot Chris Andersen is cray-cray!!
I think Chris Andersen is the next member of the 2009 Nuggets I'd like to see get a GM job
I just watched the chris andersen catfish episode and...
🎥🍏🍔and I'm down the 🐰🕳again. I've got 26yrs in this game and well, Chris…
Wait, Birdman isn't about Chris Andersen's road to the NBA?
When your homegirl gets flown out by Miami Heat's Chris Andersen... 👀💅🏽
Me: *Asks dude who his fav team is* Him: Cavs, I've been a fan for as long as I can remember. Me: Has Chris Andersen ever
Never forget that that Chris Birdman Andersen got playoff minutes for Lebron's Heat teams
INJURY UPDATE: Chris Andersen returned to Miami to have his left knee examined. He will miss the remainder of the road trip.
Chris Andersen has the best dunks on this game
Kind of crazy to think that the Cavaliers had Chris Andersen, Andrew Bogut and Larry Sanders on their roster this season.…
9: Chris Andersen live from the 2015 USPSA Multi-Gun Nationals in Las Vegas, Nevada -
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If you have an hour this weekend, I'd check out 20/20 last night on demand w this whole catfish scandal with Chris Andersen. It was bonkers.
Oh wow! 20/20 did a piece on a girl being Catfished by someone who pretended to be Birdman. Chris Andersen. Not Baby.
Chris Andersen is trending on Google. Read the latest here:
ZepCook Find the best kitchen-tested recipes, videos, healthy meals, party menus and cooking techniques from top cooks. Andersen zep…
I seriously hope Shelly Chartier is extradited for what she did to Chris Andersen. Turned his life completely upside down & nearly ruined.
This episode of on cat fishing the NBA player Chris Andersen has me shook
This Chris Andersen 20/20 story is baffling. How does this Easterville girl catfish an NBA player and I can barely get wifi in my apartment?
Glad 2020 exposed what happened to Chris Andersen, Birdman. Everyone needs to watch it. It's mind blowing and sickening.
Wine and 20/20 night. I have never felt worse for an NBA athlete. Chris Birdman Andersen got completely railroaded.
Chris Andersen case: Who is the Manitoba woman accused of ‘catfishing’ Miami Heat centre? via
After hearing story, my heart goes out to (Paris Dylan Dunn) and Chris "Birdman" And…
Watching on about Chris "Birdman" Andersen 😐 and Man I had no idea this happened lol
So when Paris flew to Denver did she really meet Chris Andersen? .
This Catfish story about Chris Andersen on 20/20 is crazy
I feel so bad for Chris Andersen after all he has been through with the woman who catfished him .
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Manitoba woman Shelly Chartier, catfished Chris "Birdman" Andersen and almost destroyed his life .
After everything Chris Andersen went through with this catfish scheme he was getting his life back.
Chris Andersen still had sex w an underage girl, regardless if he thought she was 21. But he got to continue his career🤔😒
This 20/20 episode about Chris Birdman Andersen getting catfished is crazy!!
In on Friday night, nerding out on a catfishing special involving superstar Chris Andersen and aspiring model…
Watching 20/20 (bc that's a cool thing to do on a Saturday night) report on Chris Andersen catfishing incident. TERRIFYING.
Watching this 20/20 episode about the Chris Andersen catfish story, more terrifying than any horror movie.
My mom is watching the catfish story of Chris "Birdman" Andersen. She then tells me uk him & Tony Braxton dated, go look it up. Bruh...
The whole Chris Andersen catfish case is on 20/20 right now.
*** this Chris Andersen catfish story was crazy.
This catfish story on 20/20 about Chris Andersen is crazy. I knew about this but not all these details.
The Chris Andersen catfish story is on 20/20 😩
Somehow I'm back home on a Fri night watching a 20/20 about Chris Birdman Andersen...when he was on the Nuggets
Mark Bryant, Chris Andersen’s attorney, says he is a true country boy and fans relate to him as a person.
Ok I'll watch your Chris Andersen catfishing drama documentary
20/20 is doing the Chris Andersen catfishing story and they just called him a superstar. This is crazier than being catfished.
Is this real or not? Aspiring model, NBA star Chris Andersen's rendezvous turned out to be catfishing scheme. FRIDAY
Frederik Andersen lowers the boom on Brett Connolly behind the net
Chris Andersen had 0 division 1 or div 2 offers out of highschool. Instead went to a junior college called Blinn.
getting totally outworked by the caps down low. Andersen holding the fort. Only reason this game is tied.
Cavs have traded Chris Andersen and cash considerations to the Hornets for a protected second-round pick
Cavs have traded Chris Andersen to Charlotte. Move clears a roster spot to add additional players. Cavs sent cash in dea…
(Nick) Quarterfinals update: Adam Snook (B/G Aggro) evens the match against Chris Andersen (Temur Aetherworks) at 1-1.
Feb 18/16, Chris Kirby on tour with Matt Andersen. Another man you must watch out for, he'…
Congrats to Chris Andersen on winning 2 t-shirts at the Invite. 1st in the 100 back and 2nd in the 100 Fly. Awesome!
Check out Chris Andersen’s Temur Aetherworks Deck Tech from here!
How is this justice for a young kid?
and Chris Andersen wasn't even in the 2012 team cause he was too busy being a cokehead
I don't know this Chris Anderson you keep speaking of I only know Chris Andersen
Andersen hails prospect of independent integrity unit as “ground-breaking”
DORTMUND, GERMANY - NOVEMBER 08: Ilkay Guendogan of Dortmund runs with the ball during the Bundesliga…
Every day I question why James Jones and chris andersen are still on the cavs' roster
Chris Andersen and James Jones in for Cavaliers, and Cleveland fans filing out even before Raymond Felton's corner 3 to push lead to 23 🏳
I don't care how bad chris Andersen is I'm still a fan of him
With 7:10 left in 4th quarter & Cavs down by 21, Ty Lue brings in James Jones and Chris Andersen. Felder at scorer's table
Just think, a team existed of under 25, Chris Paul, Chris Andersen, and JR Smith, With PJ Brown, and David West, with Byron Scott as coach..
Johnny Manziel's gonna look like Chris Andersen in a couple years with the rate he's adding tattoos...
The Cavs have signed Chris Andersen to a one-year deal!
Cavaliers are reportedly working to sign Chris Andersen.
The Grizzlies' 2015-16 season ends with Jordan Farmar, Vince Carter, Matt Barnes, Lance Stephenson and Chris Andersen on the floor. 116-95.
Dave Joerger coached a team with Chris Andersen, Matt Barnes, Vince Carter and Jordan Farmar into the playoffs. That's a magic trick.
Chris Andersen made a 3 on the same night that Goran Dragic dunked.
Lineup- insert Chris Andersen into the starting lineup along with Ray McCallum, Tony Allen, Matt Barnes, and Zach Randolph
Kristaps Porzingis, AKA the exact Ricky Sobers meets the fellow Chris Andersen 🕡
Weber signs, helps Grizzlies win ... then gets by Birdman   10% Off
Chris Andersen on the bench in an Elvis t-shirt.
Chris Andersen-Memphis Grizzlies Andersen is sidelined with a left shoulder injury and there is no timetable for his return.
Memphis Grizzlies Chris Andersen wears an Elvis shirt under his suit to game vs. NOP.
Memphis says center Chris Andersen suffered a left shoulder subluxation on March 6 vs. Suns, is listed as out & will be…
Grizzlies Chris Andersen out indefinitely with left shoulder subluxation
Briante Weber inked a 10-day contract, helped beat Pelicans ... and got videobombed by Chris Andersen.
Lineup note: Grizzlies will start Conley, Hairston, Barnes, Randolph, Chris Andersen on Wednesday.
expected to be Conley, Hairston, Barnes, Randolph, Chris Andersen but nothing official yet.
and Matt Barnes, and Lance Stephenson, and PJ Hairston, and Chris Andersen.
Time to Turn and Face the Strange: Three Things to Watch For in the Memphis Grizzlies
acquire four 2nd Round Picks, Chris Andersen & P.J. Hairston in three-team trade. Details>
Chris Andersen (left knee bone bruise) is questionable for Friday's game vs Minnesota.
Memphis Grizzlies signs Chris Andersen and Lance Stephenson... who is next? Rasheed Wallace coming back? Conor Macgregor?
Practice - Brandan Wright and Chris Andersen are cleared to play.
Zach Randolph, Tony Allen, Matt Barnes, and now PJ Hairston and Chris Andersen. This is one interesting collection of pe…
UPDATE: Miami sends forward Chris Andersen and two second-round picks to the Grizzlies as part of the trade; Brian Roberts goe…
frederick_luna + Chris Andersen su new team MEMPHIS thank
Chris Andersen is the opposite of what you're describing. Everyone in Miami loved him.
Chris Andersen su new team MEMPHIS thank
Why TF is Chris Andersen still in the league? Lol & why would you trade for him under any circumstance?
The real Lineup of Death is Mario Chalmers, Lance Stephenson, Matt Barnes, Zach Randolph, and Chris Andersen.
Tony Allen, Chris Andersen, Matt Barnes, Lance Stephenson, PJ Hairston and Zach Randolph are playing on the same team.
The Memphis Grizzlies are a team I have to watch w this line up. Tony Douglas, Matt Barnes, Lance Stephenson, Zach Randolph, Chris Andersen.
Just showed our 11yo daughter a photo of new Griz acquisition Chris Andersen. Her gasping response: "What ... what's happened?"
Lance Stephenson, Matt Barnes, and Chris Andersen, together at last
Also, as you'd expect, I'm crushed that Chris Andersen got traded. He was great. One of my favorite athletes I've ever cov…
OFFICIAL: HEAT acquire Brian Roberts from the Hornets in a three-team trade involving Chris Andersen. Full release:
Grizzlies might have interest in Whiteside and Chris Andersen in a deal the Heat could receive both Courtney Lee and Jeff Green
Goran Dragić (calf) & Beno Udrih (neck) will both travel with the team on the upcoming 5-game road trip. Chris Andersen (kne…
hey tell that 2 Lin, Alston, Hayes, Chris Andersen, & Danny Green. Dleague can mk or brk plyrs.
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National Bird Day is a good self-reminder of the greatest purchase I've ever made: Chris Andersen dishware.
From last night: Chris "Birdman" Andersen struggled in his lone start of the season for the
I forgot how daddy Chris Andersen is lmao
Chris Andersen draws start but only plays 10 minutes via
'Birdman' as an old man: Heat's Chris Andersen grows into veteran ...
Had to throw the ol' Chappelle Show reference from one of my favorite skits in Chris Andersen's blurb for tonight:
Chris Andersen got the start tonight lol and you have a point
fact and that they had to rely on the defensive efforts of Amare Stoudemire, Chris Bosh, Chris "Birdman" Andersen,and Justise Winslow.
Chris Andersen was a -24 tonight so yea I think having Hassan Whiteside kinda helps the team
Unrelated: Matt Barnes is the Chris Andersen of the Grizzlies. Chris Andersen is the Jeremy Shockey of the NBA.
Would love if Kristaps would come to Miami to ball with Chris Andersen
Chris Andersen waited all season to play, and picked up three fouls in 4:40.
Wow Chris Andersen still has arms 💪 full court pass to wade for the fastbreak dunk
If it wasn't already apparent, Chris Andersen should be nowhere near an NBA game. Past it
I'm voting to send Chris Andersen to the All-Star game!
New starter Chris Andersen played a whopping 4:40 in the first half. Left early in the first quarter with 3 fouls, didn't return.
I'm def more of a Dennis rodman or Steve Kerr than a Michael Jordan def more of Chris Andersen than a lebron but yo you still get a ring
Investment banker & alum Chris Andersen lives high on the hog, raising pigs for high-end pork
NBA trade rumors: Miami Heat’s Chris Andersen, Sacramento Kings’ Demarcus Cousins and why they are on radar
The Heat will likely have to also trade Chris "Birdman" Andersen without taking salary back to get under the luxury tax line.
is it possible to get a Chris Andersen Blinn College jersey made I would be happy to purchase one if someone could make one
is it possible to get a Chris Andersen jersey made . Thanks
A look at how Mario Chalmers trade went down & who won.
Look at - Mario Chalmers trade + moving Chris Andersen would drop MIA under apron.
Heat will also send C Chris Andersen to cavs for SF James Jones.
Following the Chalmers deal, the Miami Heat remain interested in packages involving center Chris Andersen, a Miami source has also relayed.
Honda Center crowd got a good cackle when ref Chris Rooney went down after no goalie interference whistle for Hanzal running into Andersen.
I love the new talents but... I miss the good Chris Andersen !
Chris Andersen on the city of Miami: "I love it here. I love these people."
Amare Stoudemire and Chris Andersen will be on the active roster for Sunday's game vs. the Suns.
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Ah, yes. Miss that place. Thanks, Chris & congrats on the growing family! Say hi to Gary Andersen for me soon :)
No, believe me Doc, Chris, whatever you want to be's because RAP is not really expression
Great pic with one of my all-time fav players Chris Birdman Andersen!
Chris Andersen isn't getting any playing time with the Heat
Jeremy Lin doing his best Chris Birdman Andersen impersonation
Tyler Johnson, Chris Andersen, James Ennis only active Heat players yet to play.
Chris "Birdman" Andersen visited the Miami Heat doctor's office today FWIW
This just in from Her foot would pop for Chris Pine. And Dominic Andersen. In only boots.
Does Chris Andersen still have a place in the
NBA trade rumors: Chris Andersen, Mario Chalmers out of Miami ...
Report: Miami still open to trading Chris Andersen, Mario Chalmers ...
Miami Heat needs to set Chris Andersen free. With Amar'e on the team there's no way Chris will get playing time. Plus birdman out of shape
Miami Heat Rotation: Does Chris Andersen still have a place? via
who are some famous athletes who are vampires? uhh Tim Lincecum...Andre Caldwell...maybe Chris Andersen
do you think we could get Chris Andersen, McGee, or maybe even a risk like Andrew Bynum, sammy d, maybe pekovic? Pls respond
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Sources: Heat offering Mario Chalmers and Chris Andersen to Denver for Danilo Gallinari.
Pro Basketball Talk - - Report Heat willing to give away Mario Chalmers and Chris Andersen
Start the ball rolling now to get Norris Cole, Udonis Haslem, and Chris Andersen for next year. And maybe Alonzo Mourning
Maybe we can make a trade for Udonis Haslem AND Chris Andersen for next year. But if we're lucky, we'll get Norris Cole,too
When she thinks Chris Andersen and bird man were 2 different people 😴
Chris Andersen's new tattoo is legitimately scary.
Latest Updates: 2015 Boston Marathon: Among the spectators at Coolidge Corner today was Chris Andersen, a 25-y...
Harkless Over Andersen: Maurice Harkless gets to the cup and bangs it over Chris Andersen.
Chris Andersen (calf), Michael Beasley (elbow) & Hassan Whiteside (hand) will all warm up with the intention to play tonight…
Kickass weekend! Great gig last Friday at Hardrock Café Stockholm. Huge thanks to the guys in Fourways AB, Chris Andersen, Ryan Roxie & HR!
Chris follow me back or I will steal your corvette I swear
Prof Chris Andersen from Uni Alberta discusses "Métis": Race, Recognition and the Struggle for Indigenous Peoplehood. ht…
Zach Auguste's game reminds me of Chris Birdman Andersen
Dwyane Wade, Hassan Whiteside, Chris Andersen, and Shabazz Napier could all be out tomorrow vs. Pistons. Report:
We are happy to have you following us! Chris let us know if we can help with anything! via
Update your maps at Navteq
Frans scoring on Andersen might cause Herning to burn down
he's right, Andersen and Gibson were injured
Chris Andersen (calf) is questionable for Sunday's game vs Detroit.
Andersen and Heeney got to be massive vest candidates. That said, Heeney's on my bench. Anderson not in my team
Chris Andersen with a big dunk in the first quarter
Poll: Vote on your favorite Nuggets player to hate
Chris Andersen (calf, shoulder) is putting up shots in pre-game, but it still doesn't look like he's going to play.
Chris Andersen (left calf contusion) did not participate in this morning’s shootaround. Coach Spo does not anticipate him pl…
Chris Andersen is out tonight against the Hawks.
Chris Andersen (calf) is questionable for Friday's matchup with the Hawks, Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reports.
Heat missing three key players against Celtics: Dwyane Wade, Hassan Whiteside and Chris Andersen have been rul...
Dunk of the Night: Chris Andersen gets a hand on the ball, but can't stop LeBron from posterizing him. VIDEO:
IF all the Miami GTDs are out (very unlikely), that leaves Henry Walker, Michael Beasley, Shabazz Napier, James Ennis and Chris Andersen
Last summer when I was in Denver, my friend and I bumped into Chris Andersen at a record store. He bought BOXES of vinyls.
my mom sat next to Chris Andersen. on the train in NYC and didn't know who he was um ???
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That's going rate (cheap actually). For the cost of a movie outing Can't Hardly Wait (pun intended) to see
Chris Andersen still had most entertaining dunk contest
Block of the Night: Chris Andersen | Watch the video ...
When I hear the word "Birdman", I don't think about Chris Andersen anymore!
you know you salty chris Andersen. Don't front. Cash money falling off for the 99 and 2015.
Is he related to Chris Andersen or is that Chris Andersen?
Just saw a video of Chris Andersen from like the early 2000s and holy crap he looked sooo different 😳😅
Chris Andersen had some nice dunks in the dunk contest ✊
Chris Andersen looked like he'd shoot up a school in 2004
The *** was up with Chris Andersen's hair in this dunk contest?
I still think Chris Andersen should've went to the knicks.
ASK IRA: Does Birdman have more value to Heat in lineup or in a trade?
WATCH: Chris 'Birdman' Andersen rises under the basket to send back J.R. Smith's shot!. →
Chris Andersen and Jr Smith in the dunk contest
Chris Andersen blocks J.R. Smith under the basket.
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Q3) Which star will be playing in his 10th consecutive All Star Game this year? a) Chris Andersen…
Didn't think this needed to be said, but Chris Andersen should NOT guard Kevin Durant one-on-one
Miami proposed a trade package consisting of Chris Andersen, Norris Cole and Josh McRoberts to Brooklyn for Brook Lopez. …
According to the Miami Heat offered Chris Andersen, Norris Cole and Josh McRoberts for Brook Lopez
Chris Andersen is the scariest change
Hassan Whiteside is so much better than Cabbage patch tattoo artist Chris Andersen.
Looked like Chris Andersen just took a flying Trevor Ariza knee straight to his man area.
Birdman Delivers: Mario Chalmers tosses it up to Chris Andersen for the alley-oop dunk.
Chris Andersen tweaked his right ankle and it has been re-taped. He will return to the game.
Recommendation by :Chris Just a minor thing for Anderse...
“Chris Andersen (tweaked right ankle) has been re-taped and will return to tonight's 👏👏👌
Chris Andersen returns to the Heat bench.
Chris Andersen is headed back to the Heat locker room.
Chris Andersen injured himself while setting a pick. D-Wade missed long j which led to good touch pass from D-Mo to Smith for dunk.
Chris Andersen has started the last 2 games though so that's a plus
With Josh McRoberts and Chris Bosh out, Chris Andersen starts for Heat - Sun Sentinel
Mavs need to trade Felton for a hustle kind of backup center. How about Chris Andersen 😁😁
Chris Andersen cause why not for his last year
Lineup note: Mario Chalmers, Shawne Williams, Chris Andersen will remain in starting lineup Sunday.
Mario Yepes has turned into a soccer Chris Andersen/Jermaine O'Neal type free agent where he only signs with teams contending for titles
New P Mat Latos, who said he's spent about $5K on tattoos, is a huge fan of the and Chris Birdman Anderse…
“Really glad Sons of Anarchy is done filming so Chris Andersen can focus on basketball full time again.”
Something new: Heat to start Chris Andersen tonight alongside Hamilton. Yes, an
Chris Andersen limps off and is headed straight to the locker room.
Recommendation by :Chris It looks like Andersen dodged ...
Recommendation by :Chris Anderson appears to be dealing...
Chris Andersen-F: Andersen back in locker room with a tweaked right ankle. getting re-taped
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