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Chorus Line

A chorus line is a substantial group of dancers who together perform synchronized routines, usually in musical theatre.

Orpheum Theater Donna McKechnie

She ruined the chorus lmao but her other line is fine
Ha yes, its obvious really - two short, softly spoken verses and a one line chorus, yet it says everything...
These daylilies from the back garden remind me of a singing chorus line.
Where is *** Shawn and a line of chorus girls when we need them?
I learned so much Jazz/ballet in 3 days it's crazy 😅! Here's a little snippet of me and some friends doing "One" from Chorus…
actual chorus and not just a hook line. Thumbs up all around.
Change of plans. A chorus line 06 revival.
Listening to "What I Did for Love" from A Chorus Line on a loop for some reason. I blame cc:
what does kip say in the first line of the chorus of The Bull? "Thank you all"??
Here's where PRODIGY snagged their chorus line in GIRLS from.learn something new every day
If there wasn't a caption for this, I would have thought this was the broadway musical for Chorus Line.
i can't believe every single local wants to see newsies but nobody cares about a chorus line y'all are DUMB
I believe they're doing Chorus Line at the Underbelly.
Great thread, the picture puts me in mind of a Chorus Line, wonder what the showtune is ?
Crabs look like a chorus line sheepishly leaving the stage because they came on too soon.
A lovely chorus of happy birthday for your dad as he crossed our finish line this morning. G…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Tentacles are good. My wife has a DUNWICH HORROR PICTURE SHOW T-shirt with a chorus…
I literally only know the chorus, a couple lines of the prechorus, and one line of each verse. That's it 😂
Love it this: "If you have a skeleton in your closet, invite it out to dance." ...Pretty sure I've got the whole *** chorus line in mine.
a chorus line:. - listened to the cast albun. - and all I can say is. - google translate sings a chorus line
The chorus line in Energetic has made a nice little home in my brain, it's got a 2 car garage and a heated pool in there.
Greek Goddess chorus line In our autobiography are Myths, Legends, Gods & Goddesses
The second chorus says "I want you to be alive" as in the person on the suicide prevention line talkin…
I'll never forget when my chorus teacher spent an entire class period breaking down Confessions Pt II line for line. We weren't ready
"One of many unpleasant and all too common sensations" from "Won't Even Make The Crew, Much Less The Chorus Line"
Shout out to for giving me my favorite LI Theatre A Chorus Line I've ever seen 👍🏻 now time to sob through American ***
I have absolutely no clue what next week's show could be. A Chorus Line???
I sing praise. to that which I can't understand. Inner chorus,. direct line to heavenly realms. My life lived. for all that…
Fiddler on the Roof, Annie, A Chorus Line, Grease & Grease 2, Gimme an F, Pirates, Bring it On, Strictly many!
Mary Jo Shively (not Annie Potts, the platonic ideal of Mary Jo) as Maggie in A Chorus Line.
Gala tonight was fantastic. Opening # of A Chorus Line to Mary Testa among others. Sublime.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Not only should you come out and see Billy Elliot but you should also go see Cinderella, A Chorus Line, and School Of Roc…
I stopped trusting John Leguizamo when he talked about second-acting the intermission-less Broadway production of A Chorus Line.
Don't miss your chance to see A Chorus Line brought to the Old Town Temecula Community Theater…
Trevor Nunn, maybe? After the opening night of A Chorus Line in London a few years ago (only opening night I've see…
my aesthetic is teaching fellow cast members "A Chorus Line" choreography in between learning choreography for Cinderella. 🎭
shuffle + questionable taste in music = Joy Division followed by song from A Chorus Line, followed in Scots Gaelic.
''A Chorus Line" to "Dreamgirls": How Changed From the to the Screen': "For...
"A Chorus Line" to "Dreamgirls": How Musicals Changed From the Stage to the Screen
In my opinion, the best version ever! Enjoy! Eydie Gorme - What I Did For Love (from "A Chorus Line")
No YOU'RE listening to the Original Broadway Cast recording of A Chorus Line at one in the morning.
Did anyone else besides me see Ann Reinking in A Chorus Line?
Seeing the road show of 'A Chorus Line' in 1977 at the Orpheum Theater in ...
The next job I apply for, I'm sending a clip of me singing the "I really need this job" bit from A Chorus Line instead of a cover letter.
Saw the exhilarating A CHORUS LINE last night Congratulations
Awesome job on ur new show a chorus line, I would definitely see it if u guys ever toured 2 philly. I will always support u & ur fam
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Spiritual theater experience @ HBowl A Chorus Line. Your Diana one of all time best! Great production of fav classic
If you are coming to see A Chorus Line at The Hollywood Bowl you will not be disappointed. This is gonna be special.
Happy Thespians! Go out there & get show off your Chorus Line moves, or just blast some Broadway! 🎭🎶
So nervous and excited for tomorrow's a chorus line workshop led by the legend that is 😱💃 😂
SNAPCHAT | Backstage at A Chorus Line at the Hollywood Bowl - via snapchat
Check out your favorite Broadway stars performing songs from A Chorus Line.
Check out pics from A CHORUS LINE at
"Ross is in this?". 🎥 Adam Shankman's Snapchat, from A Chorus Line at The Hollywood Bowl. July 30, 2016.
Ross during the ending of A Chorus Line [via: Whoever edit$ on vine]
On This Day: The singular sensation A Chorus Line opened on Broadway in 1975!
Run, don't walk, to buy tickets to A Chorus Line at the Stratford Festival...Magnificent!
Endearing, optimistic, and energetic: youthful cast delivers in 'Chorus Line' at
GUYS, not a single photo of Donna McKechnie in A Chorus Line exists, and Playbill is ON IT.
Sang along with and when they broke out A Chorus Line on the new Shane and Friends. My all time favorite musical!
I dreamt last night that I was auditioning to play Bebe in A Chorus Line by singing They're Playing Our Song soo... miss you Marvin Hamlisch
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I got sidetrack choreographing because I started dancing to "One" fro Chorus Line...with an Easter bucket as a top hat.
it fits the cadences of the opening lines of *** 'n *** from A Chorus Line. If that's helpful
Been in call centre box office queue for whole of 'I Hope I Get It' from A Chorus Line, & the title track from Jesus Christ Superstar. 😬🔫
Stratford booked for June: Macbeth, Chorus Line, A Little Night Music, and Lion, Witch and Wardrobe - clearly will need a second visit!
Who wouldn't want to watch Danny Trejo and Ray Liotta in A Chorus Line?
Just seen this! Tough one, but I'd say Rose's Turn (Gypsy), At the Ballet (A Chorus Line) and I'm Changing (Dreamgirls).
"Kiss today goodbye. And point me toward tomorrow.". - A Chorus Line
Some of them should have been out WEEKS ago.. GOP should only have two candidates not a chorus line
hard to choose but I pick what I did for love from chorus line
1D's History keep playing on my mind in repeat -.- And that's just the first line of the chorus
Sign of owning vocal cats: vet bill email has subject line “Bill for kitty chorus”
Hey check out this video I made that mashes together Hamilton and A Chorus Line honoring ACL orig. Oh my god!!. Its just a throwaway line before the chorus...but it brings groove to the day...
Hello boys! What a chorus line up for the next BIG HOUR! Nearly all my favourite boys in one show! Promises to be stimulating!
so my friend and i were talking abt missheard lyrics & the second line for baepsae chorus i thought it was 'is that *** i stG LISTEN TO IT
That competition line drew a chorus of snorts.
Just remembered that my senior quote was lyrics from A Chorus Line and a legitimate shiver went down my spine.
and the chorus line where they all stand together and kick their legs yeah that's exactly how I imagined it would be when it came out first🙊
I think I love her literally my fav Gucci song ever idgaf ever since squad gave me the nickname Susie I live that thot's chorus line 😂
In case y'all were wondering who made the cast in chorus line @ all of rush's drama classes
There may be a chorus line ... just not in A CHORUS LINE. But good guess!
Anyone else just sing the line "I be in the kitchen cookin' pies with my baby" over and over for the whole chorus of Trap Queen
Mitzi Hamilton's story is Val's! (T*ts & *** but she wasn't cast in original CHORUS LINE.
great chorus, but that B.o.B. track sounds so much better, even if the kippah line makes me uncomfortable.
Is Throwback Tuesday a thing? We already miss our dancers from A Chorus Line!
. I'd love them days back. Just grinning thinking of a Burkha clad chorus line.
War and Peace is on the box. The chorus line appears non existent
The beginnings of A Chorus Line were born this night in 1967 🌟
After watching this evening there is no other choice but to listen to the original broadway cast recording of A Chorus Line
I often feel like my life is just the opening number from A Chorus Line or Climbing Up Hill from The Last Five Years.
I'm pretty sure that little chorus line that did in was the most dancing they've done as a band in 5 years
"This is Mitzi Hamilton" made by the cast of A Chorus Line from Riverside Theatre, Vero Beach. Amazing. 👍
Love all the clips, but I LOVE the chorus kick line... = big smile from me
Hey have you seen this? Hamilton/A Chorus Line mashup about chorus line orig Mitzi Hamilton!
I believe he's singing the chorus line of Bamboleo from the band Gypsy King (Spanish announcer)
Hey check it! If Hamilton were about A Chorus Line orig Mitzi Hamilton, it might sound like this...
Don't forget to order your tickets for A Chorus Line! You can purchase them by calling 706.826.4707 or by...
The icy rain clattered on the windows like an endless chorus line of rhythm-challenged tap dancers.
A Chorus Line revival? Sweeney Todd? Why would we want that garbage when we can have CATS???
Right but why isn't A Chorus Line on the west end again yet
"That's no moon, that's a Chorus Line"
Chorus Line remaster has digital liner notes on Amazon, folks — CD and digital version together for $10
I love A Chorus Line and I love Josh Groban singing A Chorus Line.
When the person you work for has seen Glenn Miller live and also Ben Kingsley. Like wow! And PotO and Chorus Line too!
"What's your favorite scary movie?". that Chorus Line revival documentary. 👻
Seeing dance in A Chorus Line tonight at Macha Theatre. I adore this little space.
Can't believe I didn't know Terrance Mann was Larry in A Chorus Line! Need to reunite my favs as JVJ & TM as Javert
🎶all dance teachers yell ,rent the movie ,"a Chorus Line", she's just getting them ready! It is Rough out there
Magical drive home listening to Original Cast Recording of A Chorus Line. What a masterpiece
Blue Oyster Cult has a song with the Chorus "Joan Crawford has risen from the grave" as its sole line and yall think music is getting worse
snapchatted the whole chorus of a fall out boy song line by line and I'm not even sorry
Does anyone want to see A Chorus Line at 2:30 on Thursday?
Today in 1987 - A Chorus Line celebrated its 5,000th performance. It was estimated that 25 million theatre goers...
90s whose chorus had the line "I've been the cephalopod guy these past few days. I am playing the game:
His back-up dancers r too good 4 back-up! Dazzle & charisma 2b Stars in their own right! Theme of "A Chorus Line".Overkill?
When I got home I just wanted to perform A Chorus Line so bad but mom said no.. :(
“Jon, this is wonderful. I feared I'd missed the "Chorus Line" boat.
I have such love for A Chorus Line.
This video is a masterpiece by SixOSix artiste, Ketchup, and he titles it Pam!Pam!. The first line of the chorus...
Giving dad a musical theatre quiz in the car "one" from chorus line* . Dad: Rent? . "When I grow up"Matilda. Dad: Wicked? . I've disowned him
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
on singing Chorus Line song in a bathroom: "I always sing in the bathroom. ... Acoustics are awesome."
Like Jane Lynch, I sometimes sing CHORUS LINE songs in the bathroom.
They're singing A Chorus Line on muppets most wanted ?
I'm happy my fellow ladies love Jeremih too. He sung a line from The Body acapella, and all the girlies sang the whole chorus back to him.
Probably not, tbh, but the melody line at the end of the chorus on this one is quite nice.
The Ensemblist A Chorus Line - up on the site! Check it out to connect with our guests! …
Listening to today has me feeling Hello 12, Hello 13, Hello YouTube binge of A Chorus Line.
this lyrics was before the chorus ok fav line uGH
Staggering top line from & in Mahler 8. And what to say about Tanglewood Festival Chorus? Te…
ryanmccabe "RT jenashtep: There were only 7 years btwn Hair & Chorus Line. Wake up,look around. How lucky we are to be …
Canadian Theatre Company Brings A CHORUS LINE to the Stage - With a Male's Take on 'Cassie'
Oh the whole world will be in line for a chorus in that one.
...And in Imasugu she gets a big solo line in the first chorus that shows how much her singing actually has improved...
...For starters she's one of the main singers (supporting wise) in Oh My Wish and gets a solo line in the first chorus for that too...
Looking through 10GB worth of past comp ideas that was too scatter brained to be a full song for a suitable chorus line for this new one ;3;
why did they give * that line before the chorus in what if he sounds too good to be true I cry every time I hear it
The hardest part about writing a song: the first line of the chorus. That's like the make or break. 👍🏻👎🏻
Corset Myths Debunked! (aka Excuse to Post the GIF of in chorus line)
I physically cannot...listen to A Chorus more time
Flanked tonight by orginal Connie and Cassie from A CHORUS LINE, megastars Donna McKechnie and Lucky Me!
Sonja Milsom - Apprentice Artistic Director. A CHORUS LINE . Once upon a time there was a little girl…
Sunday chorus line, the choreography of good grill cooks is great theatre.
When you realize that A Chorus Line is over
My life is the opening act of Chorus Line
"It would nice to be a star. But I'm not.". Chorus Line is one of the best musicals of all time because of this bit.
I added a video to a playlist Flapper Chorus Line with Ted Weems Orchestra
"I don't know what to do with my life bc a chorus line is over" -
Flying Down to Rio (RKO, 1933) The chorus line of beauties from Flying Down to Rio with Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers
it's the one line in the chorus that is always on repeat unfortunately 😓 lol I wish I knew more about French music tho
Heard a song. It had a line in chorus:. "It only hurts when your eyes are open". And this is the reason I always like to sleep.
A Chorus Line (A Blue Canoe Production) on Friday night at The Grand Theatre in Kingston, Ontario. Guests...
The energy and talent of youth at tonight's opening of A Chorus Line. On until Sunday…
so excited to see A Chorus Line presented by Blue Canoe Theatrical Productions with great company…
Tonight, there were enough carpenter ants in our dressing room to put on a small production of A Chorus Line.
This was the 2nd Broadway show I ever saw and both were at The Schubert, 1st was A Chorus Line! Loved your Lady of the Lake!!!
PHOTO: Ally Sheedy is photographed at the premiere of "A Chorus Line" at the Plitt Theater, Century City, Cali...
A Chorus Line was written by Marvin Hamlisch, Edward Kleban, James Kirkwood and Nicholas Dante.
Natalie Cortez as Diana Morales in A Chorus Line is literally life goals.
Unpopular Thought of the Day: . What it took Michael Bennett 3 hours to do in A Chorus Line... Bob Fosse did in 2 minutes in All That Jazz.
Thank you Austin Nedrow for the nomination to choose my top five dream roles. This was extreamely hard process for me. Thank you to my lovely roommate Caley Crawford for moral support and helping me narrow down my list. Here it goes: 1. The Cow as White as Milk in "Into the Woods" 2. Lefou in "Beauty and the Beast" 3. Connie in "A Chorus Line" 4. The Second Star to the Right in "Peter Pan" And finally 5. Pumba in "The Lion King" I would now like to nominate Renee Wylder, Jessica Crouch, Robert Head, Chloe Tucker, Maddie Arthur and Chelsey Clark Good Luck!
The musical theatre song from A Chorus Line is in Muppets Most Wanted oh my gosh.
On my podcast this week, requested Billy Joel & Chorus Line. I did both, up first: Goodnight Saigon
My jazz band director is the clarinet player for A Chorus Line, and then find out is directing it! 😱
Another great mention for OCSA alumna Krysta Rodriguez and the bright and talented cast and crew of OCSA's...
Krysta Rodriguez, an OCSA alumna (Class of 2002) who played 'Bebe' in the Broadway revival of A CHORUS LINE, will return to The Orange County School of the Arts to guest direct A CHORUS LINE, running October 16-19, 2014.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
and the chorus apparently has the line "Am I the focus of your heart?" AND I J JJ UUSt
Save the dates for the 2014 aMUsed Dance Concert! Marshall University's dance company will be presenting a dance revue with contemporary, musical theatre, ballet and many more disciplines! The shows will be presented on October 17, and 18 at 7:30 PM at the Joan C. Edwards Playhouse on campus. Tickets are $12, but it's free for a Marshall student! You don't wanna miss this radical night of dance! My daughter Haley Burgess in the musical theatre piece and we're doing A Chorus Line medley! Come on out for a night filled with culture, dance, and GLITTER.
Chris will play a combination of both Reed 3 and 4 (Flute, Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone and Bassoon) in a production of 'A Chorus Line' next week. The production will be staged in Frome from the 16-18 October with the Sitzprobe this weekend.
The MAT Board is in discussion of doing another fundraising show in 2015 sometime. These are VERY early discussions, where the location, time-frame, and show selection are being considered. Fundraisers are difficult to figure out, because they have to be extremely low budget, while appeal to a larger audience to ensure turnout and also be appealing to those that would audition. We would allow auditions to be open to the general public this time around. We have narrowed down our decision to six potential shows (4 musicals and 2 plays), but would like some input from all of you to find out what you would like to see and/or audition for. Before just making a snap choice, please consider investigating into all of the choices if you have not seen nor heard of them. Google or Youtube the music if you haven't heard it. Read a Synopsis. Please don't just arbitrarily pick a show simply because it's a name you know. If you have OTHER show suggestions, then please don't list them here or it will derail the point of ...
Less than a week 'till the curtain goes up on Merlin Theatre Company's production of A Chorus Line! Get your tickets now online at or during Box Office opening hours: Tuesday - Friday - 10am - 3pm Saturday - 10am - 12pm
I can't get the opening sequence of A Chorus Line out of my head.
Frome, Somerset 16&17 October - Join the celebration with A Chorus Line. Somerset...
stays the same! I love the line "the future might change but the past stays the same." And the chorus in live slow die old!
Great news for Blyth - yours truly in the chorus line at the back..
A musical number with the chorus line of "don't kill yourself" - thank you, and
Top marks for the A Chorus Line lyric. Are you sure you're not a middle-aged homosexual...?
Couldn't help but notice that the one Asian lady in my commercial class started all of her scenes in the "Connie" pose from A Chorus Line..
last line of chorus should be "and it will surprise u what the Lord has done" but I like this less lordy version
By the way, the dress I'm wearing in that chorus line pic is by wonderful . Another comfy triumph!
Dang jst got bags packed n chorus got the line prob sortd. bad 2 sleepova at HQ but gud can T anyway
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
all I have is Chorus Line music stuck in my head Jesus Christ I need to listen to like some India Arie or something
I just realized that the chorus melody to "Ruby Soho" (which I love) is very similar to the horn line on "Ring of Fire.
Our production of A Chorus Line is featured in Playbill!!.
Just sang with the original Cassie from A Chorus Line on Broadway. And Raoul from Phantom of the Opera. And the Little Mermaid.
.draws a chorus of boos from the Pueblo crowd for going with the faux line of attack.
I've been listening to A Chorus Line all day 🎩👯👠✨
Rent! Whut? Lucky you. Still haven't seen it. Son is in A Chorus Line starting next week. Come out and stay here!
Do you ever listen to a line you sang for a chorus and think "I sound *** good WHY WASN'T THIS MY SOLO"
My hard 1.5 mile run was easy AND I stayed in straddle splits for the entire Chorus Line finale. Progress is fun.
Additional congrats to Matt Mitchell (Don) and Ava Smith (Connie) cast in the Team Broadway production of "A Chorus Line" in Charlotte, NC.
Watching Robin Williams as John Wayne doing a number from "A Chorus Line."
We're on again tonight with "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee" at 7PM, followed by 'A Chorus Line' on...
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