Chipper Jones & Luke Bryan

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Had Aaron Murray and Chipper Jones by us at the concert.😍 Luke Bryan who???
Watching Chipper Jones' episode of "Driven" and see Luke Bryan sitting 3rd row during his last game!
I got the DVD for Christmas, Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Willie Robrston and Chipper Jones, most epic hunting team ever
Chipper Jones, Willie Robertson, and Luke Bryan crack me up on Buck Commander
I'm gonna need for Luke Bryan, Josh Turner, or Chipper Jones to be my Christmas present this year.
Willie Robertson, Luke Bryan, and Chipper Jones on the hunting channel. >> Ahhh 😍
‘2012 CMT Artists Of The Year’ Taping Top stars from the entertainment and sports worlds gathered Monday night for the ‘2012 CMT Artists of the Year” special. Honoring the achievements of several of the year’s hottest country music artists, the TV special was taped near Nashville. Rascal Flatts and “Nashville” actress Hayden Panettiere hosted the celebration, but the list of honorees is being kept top secret until they are revealed when the special airs Saturday. Among those participating in this year’s special are Jason Aldean, Lady Antebellum, Luke Bryan, Rodney Carrington, Kenny Chesney, Eric Church, baseball great Roger Clemens, Sheryl Crow, the Eli Young Band, Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson, Mike Fisher of the Nashville Predators, Academy Award-winning actor Morgan Freeman, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member Sammy Hagar, Merle Haggard, Hunter Hayes, Metallica’s James Hetfield, former Atlanta Braves third baseman Chipper Jones, Toby Keith, Kid Rock, Miranda Lambert, rapper Ludacri ...
If I could marry Luke Bryan, Chipper Jones, or Sean O'Dell, well lets just say I'll be taking lots of "business trips" to 3 different places
Luke Bryan hunts with Chipper Jones AND the Lakosky's? Lucky son of a gun!
"Chipper Jones, Brad Pitt, Brett Favre, Luke Bryan, Larry the Cable Guy... Yeah, they're all in the
watchin Duck Dynasty. this show was a lot better before I knew people like Jason Aldean, Chipper Jones, Luke Bryan and several other celebrities fronted the cash for a hunting camp and ended up handing a bunch of hillbilly quack call builders a million dollar TV Show. lol
"I'm more excited about meeting Chipper Jones than I am about Jason Aldean or Luke Bryan." -Lyndi
Chipper Jones hangs out with Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean. I'm jealous.
*** Chipper Jones & Luke Bryan go hunting together. That's too much for me to handle.😍
I know, right!? How dare Jason Aldean, Chipper Jones, and Luke Bryan go hunting without me! ;)
Chipper Jones and Luke Bryan are friends... Now I'm even more obsessed, with both of them 😍
I guess Chipper Jones and Luke Bryan are just best friends now?
My two favorite men Chipper Jones and Luke Bryan are going to be in the same place at the same time tonight! I'm mad 😡
Looks like Luke Bryan goes hunting with Chipper Jones. Maybe I should have more respect for the guy.
Chipper Jones hunts with Luke Bryan? That would be a good as time
Can't get over the fact that Luke Bryan and Chipper Jones are friends. I think I had a dream about this once.
chipper Jones my favorite baseball player ever, seeing my favorite singer Luke Bryan in my city!!
Wow! Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean and Chipper Jones all 3 together! What a combination! Love it!
check it out. Chipper Jones is on it. So is Luke Bryan, and Jason Aldean. It's really good.
I have three potential presidential candidates. Luke Bryan (courtesy of Chase Ware), Bobby Cox, and Chipper Jones.
Watching Buck Commander - Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean are taking a break from their tour to do a 5 day deer hunt, on Chipper Jones' dads farm in Texas... very cool!
Watched "Buck Commander". With Chipper Jones, Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Adam Laroche, and one of the duck commander guys, I was excited, my favorite ball player and some of my fav singers, Yet the show was 28 mins of advertising useless huntin gear and 2 mins of hunting. What a rip off. Very disappointed !
Do you ever think that you are a blessed person? There are many days I do not feel blessed and some days I am not very appreciative. Tonight I feel exceptionally blessed. I went to Missouri last week. I have season tickets to see my beloved Dawgs play all home games, I have Chipper Jones night Braves tickets. I am going to drive NASCAR Oct. 5th. I have GA/FL tickets and Auburn tickets. top it off I have Luke Bryan tickets to see him on his Farm Tour. I do not know what I did to be so blessed. I do know that I am very fortunate and I am very appreciative. God is good and I am grateful to Him for all the good friends and good times I have in my life. I truly look forward to all life has to hold the next few weeks. Thank you! Thank you!
So Chipper Jones just told me he'd put in a good word for me to Luke Bryan! 😍😍
Sad to see Chipper Jones and Matt Duffy leave Buck Commander, but good too see Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan officially join the pro staff
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