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Chipper Jones

Larry Wayne Chipper Jones, Jr.

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Chipper jones was also a double digit all star. Great player. Similar career to jeter
Don't let Derek Jeter's number retirement today distract you from the fact Chipper Jones was absolutely the better play…
Baseball is so weird with Chipper Jones, Randy Johnson, Mariano Rivera, Derek Jeter. It's like I don't even recognize this new era anymore.
Derek Jeter, Chipper Jones...I'll always respect them. The ones I hate are the Luis Sojo, Eddie Perez scrubs that kill us
Dr. Karen Luise, Chipper Jones' first wife, speaks out about his book
I got a group right behind Gronk. Maconaughey, Chipper Jones, Blake Shelton, and Martha steward
With the 3rd overall pick: Chipper Jones over Ripken and Michael Jack
Reminder: Monday at 5p ET hear an exclusive Town Hall with Chipper Jones (hosted by…
Good chance Jacob deGrom played at the Chipper Jones Little Complex in DeLand, FL, growing up. He came up 2 years too late to face Chipper.
Chipper Jones feel the game relic. $5
Freddy Freeman is the modern day Chipper Jones. Love to hate them, being a Mets fan.
Still gotta find me a chipper jones jersey.
I guess the last Brave to play when Fulton County Stadium was around was Chipper Jones.
watching Braves vs Mets, Lets go Braves!! Don't you miss Chipper Jones?!
Could someone please put Alex Jones in a chipper?
Best switch hitter of all time. Love his explanation of Approach. "It's not guessing. It's hunting".
Chipper Jones Suggests Knees Are Shot … Are not able to Even Perform Softball (Online video)
Sportscenter basically *** now, but Chipper Jones just told a story about Greg Maddux peeing on his leg in the shower.…
It was a pretty good read. I didn't know all those things about Chipper Jones and have a new found respect for him.
Frank Wren still work the Red Sox? Doesn't seem to have a fan in either Chipper Jones or Bobby Cox.
Chipper Jones claims Bobby Cox nearly quit as Braves manager in 2008 because of Frank Wren
Heads up Mets fans: Jinx or not? Met hater Chipper Jones tells Stephen A Smith that Mets are his pick to win the World Series.
Chipper Jones just picked the mets to win the World Series on the Stephen A Smith show . Thoughts
Chipper Jones picks the to win the World Series...
Future Hall of Famer Chipper Jones with the SSK CLONE. What stadium did Chipper name one of his…
I don't think people like Harper much. I know us Mets fans don't for reasons other than the "Chipper Jones" effect
Would ppl be interested in raffle for signed Chipper Jones bat? Up to 52 slots at $5 per As many as you want Would need…
Man I wish I still got to watch Chipper Jones suit up!
Good times at talking baseball & my book 'Ballplayer'. On sale today if yall wanna grab a copy.
Larry's gone Limp! killer Chipper Jones says his knees are so bad he can’t even play beer league softball …
Video: Chipper Jones shares his keys to hitting and it's amazing!
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Just caught an ESPN baseball segment, and present-day Chipper Jones looks exactly like present-day James Hetfield.
Honored to have met the great Chipper Jones today! World Series champion, eight-time All-Star and future Hall-…
Chipper Jones made a lot of money playing baseball, will be a Hall of Famer and perhaps the best switch hitter,but…
Chipper Jones signing autographs during first preseason game while carrying a diaper bag. Pure Hall of Famer right there.
Chipper Jones and Adrian Beltre are two of the greatest third baseman of my lifetime. I'm thankful I've been able to watch both.
10% done with Ballplayer, by Chipper Jones: So far so...typical for an athlete's memoir.
Proud of the Eagle Baseball team. Total team win. Also as Chipper Jones would say, my boy went "yicketty" for the slam!
if you ever do a Kirby Puckett or a Chipper Jones, I'd be interested
just finished calling a college game in a Montreal. Biggest villain: Chipper Jones & Darryl Strawberry for killing my Expos!!
Jane would be cheering 4 Chipper Jones while Ted beside her would be asleep.
This is like asking who the best hitter out of Ted Williams/Vlad Guerrero/Brian Giles/Chipper Jones, & Ted not winning.
Chipper Jones has highest switch-hitter batting average title .364 in 2008. Source:
Just hit a walk off grand slam with Chipper Jones. Good times.
Ryan Howard is at the 76ers game. Introduced as "Former Philly Ryan Howard". Greatest relief since Chipper Jones retired.
he's been doing it as long as I can remember. Thought he was gonna be the black RF Chipper Jones for the Braves
Colton Sceviour is to what Chipper Jones and Pat Burrell were to the and Jamie Moyer was to
Chipper Jones has the real name of Larry...lmao
I was a huge fan of Bobby Cox, a huge fan of Chipper Jones and John Smoltz. And just those guys,
90's Braves... Bobby Cox, Chipper Jones, and that pitching!
Had last been done by 2003 Braves:. Chipper Jones. Andruw Jones. Javy Lopez . Gary Sheffield. Vinny Castilla. Marcus Giles
Mike Piazza is a kickass man. Almost as kickass as Chipper Jones who owned Shea Stadium. He named his son Shea.
No. 1 overall picks to debut with the Braves: Dansby Swanson, Chipper Jones and ...
Dear Stephen Strasburg, . Freddie Freeman owns you like Chipper Jones owned the Mets. . Sincerely, Braves fans
is Freddie Freeman to the Nats what Chipper Jones was to the mets??
Chipper Jones and Rick Ankiel will not be making the trip to Wichita. Bummer.
Still can't believe I'm going to see Chipper Jones(on the field at Lawrence-Dumont Stadium for
Chipper Jones and 25 other former All-Stars are joining forces for the National Baseball Congress World Series:
Chipper Jones is joining Roger Clemens' fantastic, random roster of ex-MLB players
Chipper Jones is joining that fantastic team of former pros at the NBC World Series.
This just in: Chipper Jones to be added to the list of ex MLB stars to play in college baseball tournament
Too premature to say that. Chipper Jones did this his whole career. He even named his child Shea.
Derek Jeter will never be better than Chipper Jones.
In the last 4 yrs, I've seen players like Chipper Jones, Derek Jeter, Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, Peyton Manning, all retire. Childhood. Over.
Think of any killer you want. Robbie Thompson, Chipper Jones or Pat Burrell. Daniel Murphy has moved to the top of th…
As Chipper Jones would say, it's time to send the Mets fans home so they can put on their Yankees gear
Chipper Jones,Andrew Jones,Brian Jordan,Bret Boone doing the thang on the diamond..
The demons in my dreams are Chipper Jones and Freddie Freeman
Chipper Jones 2016 is leading off the bottom of the ninth.
Pretty sure he's telling me give me treats or your autograph Chipper Jones baseball is history!
Ex-MLB All-Star Chipper Jones drops price on his Double Dime ranch to $12.5 million via
Wow, I love I just won this for free, Chipper Jones
noticed today that chipper jones and Jackie Robinson were added to the legends free agent list too. Very cool additions!
happy birthday to her!! Ya'll be careful & have fun!! That sounds like a blast! My teen years I was in love with Chipper Jones 😂
TSNSports has heard that (Chipper Jones) will be hired as Braves Mgr. for 2017 start & will come as a coach. ⚾️👍
Never a bad thing bringing a Jones into the fold
The Mets being in a World Series seems like a life time ago. Chipper Jones and Brian Jordan playing tonight??
This game has Chipper Jones walkoff blast against Benitez written all over it.
Did Chipper Jones come out of retirement and I missed it?
Freddie Freeman is this decades Chipper Jones. Also, Mets were up 8-0 ~20 min ago
At this point, Chase Utley should just go the Chipper Jones route and name his next born child Citi. Has a nice ring to it.
This is a good game. My friend Mrs.Elliott told me that Mr.Chipper Jones saved his friend Mr.Freddie Freeman in a snowstorm.
The new intentional walk rule in *** I once seen Gene Stechschulte give up a homer to Chipper Jones on a Intentionalwalk
Chipper Jones, Andrew Jones, Bobby Cox, John Smoltz, and Bob Gibson, my favorite player growing up.
Who was the last Brave to be NL MVP before Chipper Jones?
chipper jones was a number overall pick. He will be the next HOF to make 2.
Chipper Jones guaranteed 1st overall MLB pick to HOF in 2017
chipper jones was overall number 1 in 90 draft. HOF for sure number will double. Love the show. Great stat
Don't forget about Chipper Jones overall pick and easy HOFer!!!'
Chipper Jones was a overall pick too.
Chipper Jones was a number 1 draft pick and will be in hall of fame in 2018
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Chipper Jones was a overall selection and will be in the HOF as well.
what about Chipper Jones in 2 years.
This is Chipper Jones after a few ground balls
Chipper Jones: 'Nobody's going to feel bad for the Atlanta
watch out . Chipper Jones could be the next Manager 2017.
Chipper Jones one of my favorite players of all time
I would sell my soul to the devil to see Randy Johnson throw against Chipper Jones one last time
Love to hear Chipper Jones thought on the night
Randy Johnson struck out Chipper Jones 3 times in his perfect game. (Vine by
Reunited ~Chipper Jones the Lhasa Apso from in Washington County. Message from the owner: “Someone...
A source close to Chipper Jones says he's not interested in managing in 2017. Barring change of heart, he's probably…
Some guy just asked if Chipper Jones is still playing for the Braves
I found a Chipper Jones shirt at Goodwill and it's an XXL and I'm a small but I bought it anyway cuz it's a shirt
Chipper Jones about to manage the braves 😎
are there any considerations for Chipper Jones?
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Let me tell you all how it is. There's 3 faces all time for Braves. Hank Aaron,Dale Murphy,Chipper Jones. The end.
Just a friendly reminder ... Chipper Jones will cohost Friday with me &
I'm giving away something for you on 1998 Donruss Gold Proof Chipper Jones 1 o. Get it here -
I'm giving away something for you on 1996 Finest Rare Gold Chipper Jones . Get it here -
need to hire Chipper Jones as their new manager. Brian Jordan as bench coach and Greg Maddux as pitching coach. Done. Simple.
[USA Today] Chipper Jones on the Rangers-Jays fight: 'Baseball's going to police itself'
Big show! . Chipper Jones, former Atlanta Braves star and future National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum...
Brandon Guyer & Luis Valbuena: First time two players have had 5 RBI in a loss on same day since Carlos Lee & Chipper Jones, 8/23/07.
So when does Nikita Kucherov joins Reggie Miller, Michael Jordan, Chipper Jones, Pat Burrell and Troy Aikman as NYC killers?
Dale Murphy isn't coming out of that dugout. Neither are Bob Horner, Chipper Jones or any of those great pitchers they had.
It's so nice watching Mets vs Braves with Chipper Jones and Brian Jordan retired
2009 team also had Chipper Jones, Brian McCann, etc for most of the season
I absolutely loathed Chipper Jones. Always wanted to see a line drive bounce off his forehead.
by the way, I do a great Skip Caray announcing Chipper Jones impersonation
Per my sources, Hayden will be choosing between Mark Trumbo and Chipper Jones at
Pretty cool how Forsyth county is never good enough for anyone who grew up here but it's good enough for Chipper Jones
Kelly Johnson and Jeff Francoeur. Brings me back to the Bobby Cox and Chipper Jones days.
Freddie Freeman in the cage. Chipper Jones and Kevin Seitzer looking on.
Having a beer with Chipper Jones would seriously be the most amazing thing.
I didn't approach or bother him, but legend Chipper Jones (is in the next table @ Town Tavern.
As a lifelong Braves fan, he is one of my 4 favorite Braves: (1) Hank Aaron, (2) Dale Murphy, (3) Chipper Jones, (4) Tom Glavine.
The Mariners are trading Felix for Dansby Swanson and Chipper Jones
Is Dansby Swanson going to be the next Chipper Jones? I can already hear the "Dansby" chants at Citi Field.
were getting old man!! It hit me the day I saw Chipper Jones walk away from baseball and thats been a few years ago!
so do Dominik Hasek , Scott Niedmeyer or Chipper Jones (rarely does private signings) sign TTM ?Got some cheap RC @ swap meet
Just realized: Chipper Jones and Andruw Jones will both be on the Baseball Hall of Fame ballot for the first time in 2018.…
Meeting Hines Ward, Chipper Jones, Kirby Smart, and Miss America in the same day👌🏻
I remember this! I think you were Chipper Jones for celebrity day for Homecoming week! Lol
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