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Chip Kelly

Charles Chip Kelly (born November 25, 1963) is the head football coach at the University of Oregon. Widely regarded as one of the most innovative offensive minds in college football today, the 2009 and 2010 Pac-10 Coach of the Year, 2010 Eddie Robinson Coach of the Year, 2010 Walter Camp Coach of the Year, 2010 Sporting News Coach of the Year and 2010 Associated Press Coach of the Year was previously the offensive coordinator for the Oregon Ducks.

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De Sean Jackson is right. Chip Kelly did ruin the Eagles. But they can be fixed, with a good Head Coach!
Mike Ditka "I like Chip Kelly. I don't know who they're going to get now. His mistake was personnel, he got rid of too m…
“I like Chip Kelly, it takes time to build a program, I don’t know who they’re going to get that’s better?” -Mike Ditka
DeSean Jackson has a message for fired coach Chip Kelly: "I believe in karma"
What does DeSean Jackson think of Chip Kelly's firing?. "Bad karma comes back on you."
Come on 49ers.. forget the Chip Kelly and Hue Jackson bologna, and go get Sean Payton, and let's win some football games!
Chip Kelly is a good NFL coach. People ignore that he won the division. He will be just fine.
Chip Kelly actually made the Eagles relevant again, so now we can see how bad they will be in years to come
DeSean Jackson has a simple message for Chip Kelly: (via
Sean Payton is staying with the Saints so I guess the only logical guy to get as your new OC is Chip Kelly
Sean Payton to Chip Kelly is dramatically different
DeSean Jackson on Chip Kelly firing: "I’m a firm believer that bad karma comes back on you.”
An update on Chip Kelly and Sean McDermott to kick off today's open thread:
Anthony Davis may come don't hire Chip Kelly! Gruden, Lovie (with top OC), & Sean Payton!
Report: 49ers meet with Chip Kelly: Add another big name to the 49ers' search for a head coach.
Seahawks, Cardinals, and Rams fans hoping the 49ers hire Chip Kelly, it'll keep the 49ers mediocre or worse for another couple years
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Who should be the next football coach of From obvious candidates to Todd Dodge to Chip Kelly:
Chip Kelly on meeting Russel Wilson at NC state "You could tell he was going to be successful in whatever he did" ...
Lovie Smith is now available too with Chip Kelly,Tom Coughlin,Hue Jackson,Adam Gase,Sean McDermott,Matt Patricia,Josh McDaniels
wow, apparently the Giants are unaware of the Chip Kelly college coach fiasco!!! Bill Cowher seems comfy and 10 yrs out.
Chip Kelly in Boston, fitted for Red Sox uniform, will be in 3rd base coach's box directly across from 1st base box & Ruben Amaro, Jr.
Breaking: ESPN reports that the San Francisco 49ers to interview both Chip Kelly & Sean Payton to replace fired coach Jim Tomsula.
With the Giants job opening up, hopefully Sean Payton will go there. Chip Kelly will go to Tennessee. That will leave Jim M…
Sorry coach I'm devastated as anybody about it but writing is on wall unless Chip Kelly or Jon Gruden are coming to Cleveland!
At least with all the news breaking today, I won't be surprised when the Eagles hire Ruben Amaro Jr. to replace Chip Kelly.
At the very least, I think Chip Kelly would become an option. Erik Karlsson oddly seems like the quarterback he wanted in Philly
Marcus Smith with a sack. This game is officially the biggest "F you" to Chip Kelly.
almost destiny for Chip Kelly to coach in New Orleans so he can go to smoothie king center and watch the Pelicans
.analyst says Chip Kelly will land a new NFL gig right away"
what about our strength and Conditioning coach? Should hire someone from Chip Kelly's camp
I don't like the Chip Kelly rumors. I don't see the Niners having the required players to run that offense.
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The Giants are reportedly interested in Chip Kelly.
Chip Kelly should not get another head coaching job THIS YEAR. He needs to be humbled.
Brian Gaine is director of player personnel who works closely with GM Rick Smith. Gaine interviewed with Chip Kelly last year.
.says the job is a resume job, not a must-have and Chip Kelly should go to .
Chip Kelly to ??? I'd like to see that happen and watch fans freak out!
Report: Chip Kelly, Mike Shanahan interested in 49ers job
Chip Kelly was believed to be in Florida Keys Sunday — not put up by as some suspected — but vacationing. For what that's worth.
Eagles deviate from Chip Kelly's offensive plan in win over Giants
49ers ended the season on a high note. 2 keys for the offseason: no Eric Mangini or Chip Kelly as HC and don't draft a 1st RD QB
2 teams, one coached by former Eagles head coach and the other by the man passed up for Chip Kelly, make playoffs.
Chip Kelly. Brian Kelly , Gruden types targeted . Guys less interested if new GM in place??
It does appear the brought in Andy Reid for clock management & Chip Kelly as QB coach for this game.
Report: Chip Kelly was fired in part because he messed up the Eagles' holiday party
When Joe Thomas said he didn't want Eric Mangini part 2, I took it as he didn't want Chip Kelly. Maybe I'm wrong.
Mac fired Nuss and is bringing in Chip Kelly as new OC. Also Saban is leaving Bama to become our New DC after Collins is let go this week.
looks like they got their eyes on Chip Kelly.
Only two names make sense. Gruden or Chip Kelly
I've heard a lot about the environment with Harbaugh similar to Chip Kelly after a while it wears them out
I think with coaches like Chip Kelly or Eric Mangini you just know it isn't going to work out. Just like Tomsula. Just w/ different reasons
Chip Kelly? Jon Gruden? Nick Saban? The homeless guy outside the stadium begging for tickets? Who's the next coach for the Browns 🤔
Browns should just go hire Chip Kelly, I can only deal with one city being THE story this offseason
Great job Merrill Reese announcing that Chip Kelly was gonna do the press conference after the game lol somebody had a Ron Burgandy moment
Chip Kelly learned a valuable lesson - don't mess with billionaires Christmas parties
Chip Kelly got fired and Demarco Murray immediately became good at football again.
Orchard Park Ny is on fire🏈 Tyrod Taylor the fastest QB in the NFL. Chip Kelly should have went after him over Bradford #
In their first series without Chip Kelly, Demarco Murray goes 54 yards for a TD - his longest rush of the season. https:/…
Props to my for reporting what an Chip Kelly was in Philly! Die Eagles, die. Great work, buddy!
Report: “Keep an eye” on Chip Kelly to Cleveland Browns.
Here's my likely 49ers short-list from a few weeks ago, I'd only add Chip Kelly if I did it today:
Agree. Gary Patterson always struck me as the evolutionary step between Chris Farley and Chip Kelly.
Joey Harrington rolling in his house. Dennis Dixon just took another shot. Chip Kelly waiting on a call to go back
Releasing DeSean Jackson. Trading LeSean McCoy. Player personnel decisions are a big reason Chip Kelly was fired.
Penn State speculated as destination for Chip Kelly; DT recruit Ellison Jordan…
BREAKING NEWS: Titans hire Chip Kelly. Immediately after, Kelly trades away Jurrell Casey to New England for Bill Belichi…
are expected to part ways with Mike Pettine following Sunday's game. Chip Kelly and Jon Gruden are top candidates …
New post: Column: Cary Williams was right about Chip Kelly
Chip Kelly could work with Tyler Jones as QB at Texas State honestly
.says that Cary Williams wound up being right about Chip Kelly.
New York Giants fans are glad the Eagles fired Chip Kelly - Bleeding Green Nation
Chip Kelly got let go early, will fellow NFC East coach Tom Coughlin suffer the same fate on
On Mike McCarthy and the trouble with consistency: When is good not good enough? Chip Kelly got the a...
Stuff I heard/ "Brian Kelly and Chip Kelly are conjoined twins. Joined at the tail bone, separation surgery took place whe…
Some perspective. Chip Kelly was fired by the guy who produced "V.I. Warshawski".
I guess Chip Kelly's new years resolution would be Find A Job.
lord knows the likes of Chip Kelly, Jim Harbaugh and Pete Carrol would do the same.
I liked a video from Destroying the FINAL Remaining Piece of Chip Kelly in Philadelphia
Just wrapped up my & Chip Kelly interview on with Tony D. It will be aired at 12:30 AM ET tonight.
Lane Johnson didn't mince words when talking about Chip Kelly. has the story:
NFL coaches who could soon join Chip Kelly in looking for work -
Eagles player rips Chip Kelly, calls him a 'dictator'.
"Eagles fire him, but Chip Kelly did this to himself" -- by longtime Oregon sportswriter John Canzano.
Murray: Chip Kelly's firing 'a fresh start for everybody': Demarco Murray spoke for the first tim...
Eagles right tackle Lane Johnson rips Chip Kelly, calls him a 'dictator'
Now that the Eagles have a roster that Chip Kelly wanted it'll be completely revamped for next coach. 2 total rebuilds-Doesn…
Demarco Murray said he talked to Chip Kelly since the firing
Matt Williams and Chip Kelly walk into a bar...
VIDEO: spoke with analyst on Chip Kelly's firing
I swear if the Colts fire Chuck Pagano and hire Chip Kelly, I'll lose it
S Malcolm Jenkins also said he was OK with Chip Kelly, but added "the communication between the players and Chip probably wasn't the best."
Mario Williams to the Giants & Chip Kelly to the Colts. I'm calling it now!!
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"Lane reads too many articles." Malcolm Jenkins fires back at Johnson, and talks where Chip Kelly went wrong:
Podcast up: We talk Chip Kelly, Moving pass-rushers to LB, Tyrod Taylor's development and LOADS more.
Can't wait for Al Jazeera to tell us what Chip Kelly was on when he made all those roster moves
Malcolm Jenkins spoke for 1st time since Chip Kelly fired."Chip Kelly's door always open if players wanted to talk."
Well I woke up today and I'm still employed, and that's more than Chip Kelly can say.
Malcolm Jenkins: Communication between players and Chip Kelly wasn't the best. Blame fell on both parties.
Chip Kelly has as many playoff wins than Marion Campbell, Jerry Williams, Ed Khayat, Buddy Ryan and Joe Kuharich combined
wish fans would stop mentioning Cary Williams when they go down the list of Chip Kelly's purging of players.That's one he got right
Chip Kelly shouldn't feel bad. Jeffrey Lurie might be the least accomplished NFL owner in history, and his franchise will pay the price.
Do you agree with as to why the fired Chip Kelly:
Mr..Williams, what are your thoughts/reactions about the firing of Chip Kelly?
We can only hope he's played his last game here, and hire Chip Kelly??? Tony, you must be smoking dope!!!
I would support a Chip Kelly acquisition under Tannebaum without Hickey and Jim Shwarts as DC.
Chip Kelly got rid of 5 pro bowlers in their prime and left the team with Riley Cooper and Sam Bradford. Thank you-All N…
Chip Kelly, gone the way Riley Cooper should've been.
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Stephen A. Smith brings back the Chip Kelly racist narrative - Larry Brown Sports
Chip Kelly run off the field at the Linc for a final time |
Knowing Jay Jacobs he'll probably tell Chip Kelly to sit tight until 2016 and then hire him when he fires Gus. Would totally hate that move.
Being an OU fan I don't want Chip Kelly anywhere near Austin. Id like to rehire Mack Brown tbh
College Football might as well be in offseason mode when an article suggests Chip Kelly joining Scott Frost as an assistant at UCF.
It's been 24 hours and the Chip Kelly is Bill Belichick comparison is still a bad comparison. Closet person to BB is Gregg Popovich.
Ex-coach Chip Kelly has released a statement, saying among other things, "My players mean the world to me."
The should seek legal action again Chip Kelly for INTENTIONAL Sabotage of an professional organization !
Chip Kelly: Tony Romo is 'as good as any quarterback' in NFL
Exclusive clip of Chip Kelly on the way home from Lincoln Financial Field
what are the chances Kevin Sumlin gets the pink slip and is replaced with Chip Kelly? A&M looks bad.
Kevin Sumlin does realize Chip Kelly got fired yesterday right? He may not have a seat on the charter flight home
The Aggies are about to fire Kevin Sumlin and get Chip Kelly aren't they? God *** it
Bold prediction: Texas A&M fires Kevin Sumlin after this game and goes all in on Chip Kelly
Chip Kelly? The sports science connection is big. I would expect Miami to look into him and possibly bring him in for an interview.
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Jeff Lurie discusses risks that came with coach Chip Kelly's philosophy
hey you and Tony need to hurry back so I can hear y'all clown Chip Kelly. You've been saying it all this time about Chip.
Hidden camera captures Jeff Lurie at meeting with Chip Kelly yesterday.
Eagles kept Chip Kelly's firing quiet. Owner Jeff Lurie was able to break it to season ticket holders with an email at 7:…
Clear message from owner Jeff Lurie. Wants a leader as new head coach. Sounds like clear indictment of Chip Kelly.…
Philadelphia Eagles CEO makes clear coach following Chip Kelly needs to have people skills.
The day Chip Kelly was fired, a Patriots fan claims he was able to get him on the phone.
Listen to talk about why it was a mistake for the . to fire Chip Kelly on .
Chip Kelly has been better than 15 coaches in the Hall of Fame
Jeffrey Lurie: "Sam, we're firing Chip Kelly". Sam Bradford: " I don't think you should Fire hi...". Demarco Murray: https:/…
I think Chip Kelly's greatest accomplishment as Eagles head coach was to make Jeff Lurie seem likable and sensible.
Jeff Lurie wrote the epitaph for the Chip Kelly era when he cited “emotional intelligence”
Jeff Lurie discusses risks that came with ex-coach Chip Kelly's vision - ABC
One thing in common between Andy Reid and Chip Kelly: Both were fired by Jeff Lurie after their first back-to-back non…
Chip Kelly apparently acted like Bill Belichick and that's unacceptable to Jeff Lurie apparently
Marcus Smith sacked Chip Kelly more today than he did quarterbacks in the past two seasons.
Jordan Mathews says that he found out Chip Kelly was released by a phone call from TE Trey Burton.
so Stephen A. Smith says a big reason why Chip Kelly was fired was the Riley Cooper incident..this guy always has to make things about race
Lurie " a risk in hiring Chip Kelly sometimes the risks don't work".
Theme of Philly sports radio, speculating Chip Kelly has Aspergers...
.owner Jeffrey Lurie explains 3 reasons why Chip Kelly was let go ahead of Week 17.
I cannot touch this. I get DiMaggio, McNabb, Bucky Dent, Joe Gibbs, Chip Kelly,
. Mike was wrong about Chip Kelly, bottom line. Stop whining and take it like a man Mike
You need to write an article squashing these Chip Kelly rumors and show what a great coach Jim Mora is.
Chip Kelly getting fired by the Eagle = Apple firing Steve Jobs. Chip bout to backpack around India then come back and win 1…
sources told me that former coach Chip Kelly made special teams players hold lighter fluid in their mouths during…
Sources with the tell me that Chip Kelly held Friday practice with the entire 53-man roster inside of the play pl…
Wednesday Fantasy Freak Show: & dive into the Chip Kelly fallout, preview Week 17 & more -->
Ready to hike the next play. He's like Chip Kelly's dream center.
An inside source tells me Chip Kelly made Evan Mathis drive to King of Prussia mall daily to see if Williams-Sono…
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BREAKING: Eagles fire Chip Kelly. . Other: Pat Dye is in a smoke filled bar trying to talk Jay Jacobs into firing Gus Malz…
Jay Jacobs, I hear Chip Kelly is looking for a job!
WATCH: Philadelphia Eagles holding news confernece on Chip Kelly termination
If Auburn loses, does Jay Jacobs make a call to Chip Kelly tonight?
Only if Chip Kelly took lessons from Mike Zimmer on how to be a head coach. It's about creating bonds w/players.
Sources with report that Chip Kelly frequently made RB Demarco Murray drive to the King of Prussia Cinnabon to ge…
Chip Kelly and staff at the Eagles Corp do not have legal contracts and no recourse in court without the real owner's signature.
VIDEO: Patriots fans apparently call Chip Kelly after firing, yell ‘go Pats’ at the end https:/…
Do you think Fred Glass will try and contact Chip Kelly on becoming the head coach at IU?
So basically Chip Kelly was Willie Wonka as a coach & GM. This is what happens when you think you know everything and nobody else does.
Hey, maybe now Chip Kelly can become Scott Frost's assistant at UCF! Bianchi blog:
>> Ron Jaworski on knowing when fired Eagles coach Chip Kelly was in trouble
Chip Kelly didn't work out in Philly? Odd...
Here's why the Chip Kelly experiment didn't work after initially taking the NFL by storm:
San Francisco 49ers: Eagles fire head coach Chip Kelly: With one game left in the 2015-16 NFL season, the Eag...
Less than a year after giving Chip Kelly too much control, Lurie admits mistake and fires him. Jed York, are you paying atte…
Chip Kelly will revolutionize NFL coach firings.
Chip Kelly was only 2nd coach in NFL history to win division title in his 1st season. Two years later, he's out.
Perfect timing to cut Ben and fire Tomlin. We can get Chip Kelly and Sam Bradford
Chip Kelly fired yesterday. Bill Cosby charged today. What happens in Philly tomorrow? Will Ben Franklin rise from the dead?
my bet is that Chip Kelly ends up with 49ers seems like a total Jed York move plus the Tom Gamble connection
You know Chip Kelly news is live when EDP makes Fox Sports live .
finally! The people on the Dan LeBatard Show are calling Stephen A. Smith a liar about his Chip Kelly story. We all new he lies.
I like Chip Kelly, but I get why Philly fans are mad at him. Same reason we're mad at Jed York. Massive changes don't always go over well.
Rich Kotite was statistically a more successful head coach than Chip Kelly. That is a FACT.
Stephen A. Smith goes all-in, says Chip Kelly's downfall stems from the Riley Cooper video. https…
The MMQB's joins Tim Murray NOW to talk about Kirk Cousins rise, the fall of Chip Kelly, and more.
Bianchi: Maybe now Chip Kelly can be Scott Frost's special assistant at UCF
. Love the comments of Steven A. Smith on the firing of Eagles coach Chip Kelly.
Steven A Smith may be as racist as it gets!! Chip Kelly was a failure it was never Black vs White.
(LISTEN) Chip Kelly is GONE! breaks down the major firing from yesterday! -->
Chip Kelly gets fired and my main man Tom Coughlin is still standing!!! ...somehow
Chip Kelly's flameout shouldn't stop Giants from looking at college coaches to replace Tom Coughlin | Politi
Who could've predicted that Chip Kelly would get the axe before Tom Coughlin?
The need a running backs coach, and Chip Kelly needs a job. This has to happen
When you joking and laughing at the cause they fired Chip Kelly but realize Tom Coughlin still has a job https…
ICYMI: Chip Kelly's time in Philadelphia is over
Chip Kelly couldn't do anything with the Eagles, but he fixed Guns n' Roses.
Chip Kelly firing caught me off guard like Gerald Levert dying😳
Along with Chip Kelly; Jason Garrett, Tom Coughlin should be let go as well. Especially Garrett after another disappointing year in Dallas.
EP 40 Chip Kelly..I said it in August & Manning & HGH. The Stinkin'Truth . iTunes on awsc
SOURCE: fans reevaluating tenure of Rich Kotite after 3 years of Chip Kelly.
To me Rich Kotite was a better coach then Chip Kelly 😂😂😂😂
. Simply put. Chip Kelly is outta here. Tom Coughlin is next. By the way, Good morning Nicole
"Top 10 candidates to replace Chip Kelly as Eagles coach | Sporting News" via
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Coach Eric Taylor accepts offer to replace Chip Kelly as Philadelphia Eagles head coach
Chip Kelly goes 3 and out just like his offense did so many time before
I feel like Jed York is young enough to be hype about Chip Kelly
Chip Kelly's crappy team lost to Stephen Ross & Mike Tannenbaum's crappier team. I'll pass.
Fact: Rich Kotite won more playoff games in Philadelphia than Chip Kelly.
If you bump into Chip Kelly, mention that the Hamburg and Twin Valley jobs are currently open.
Chip Kelly lost his job because on draft day he offered: . Fletcher Cox . Mychal Kendricks . Sam Bradford . Round 1 pick. For: . Marcus Mariota
so when will we get the ep with Bjorn Rebney consoling Chip Kelly? . . 😂😂😂😂
Chip Kelly belongs in college football.
Is it? Chip Kelly in January of 2013: "I’m a football coach. I’m not a general manager." We see how that turned out. https:…
3 of 5 coaching candidates Bills interviewed in 2013 already out of work: Marrone, Whisenhunt, Chip Kelly. Other 2 Lovie S…
Chip Kelly got fired. Scott Frost is heading to UCF. Oregon needs an OC. Chip plz
the will hire Ken Wisenhunt and will hire Chip Kelly !!!
Before it was public, from the table next to us I heard Vince Papale read a text that Chip Kelly had been fired. That's what I did tonight.
I forgot Chip Kelly was a racist GM. Brian Hartline finna get that extension.
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Chip Kelly will end up being the head coach at Jim Mora has been under whelming at best it's time LA gets a big time coach !
Pete Carroll was 14-18 before they drafted russell wilson. Chip Kelly had a winning record with 2 terrible QB's.
Before joining the Titans, Ken Wisenhunt's record was 45-51. Chip Kelly's record is 26-21.
Chip Kelly's kept making all those stupid trades like a kid playing Madden. Now look at him 😂
Jordan Matthews to on Chip Kelly firing: “It was unexpected. I had no idea it was coming. I found out like everybody else."
My guess is Chip Kelly is gonna be the next coach at Jim Mora gets a job and creates the opening.
Jeff Fisher- 20 years as NFL coach, 6 seasons over ,500. Chip Kelly- 3 years as NFL coach, 2 seasons over .500
TEXT from Chip Kelly: "Can you put me in touch with Bruce Allen? I'd like to help him shove it up Lurie's *** I'll even be his gofer."
Riley Cooper's only comment about Chip Kelly being fired
Chip Kelly- had a bad season, had a winning record last year,won the NFC East,made the playoffs and lost
We need to keep Coach Pettine, sign Chip Kelly as an OC and fire Ray Farmer. Show this to Jimmy Haslam
"My Uncle's barber's nephew, who is a realtor, said that Chip Kelly just bought a house in Euclid." You serious Clark?
Demarco Murray after Chip Kelly firing: "Bradford, look at me. I'm the captain now"
Celebrating the firing of Chip Kelly with my dad by pregaming at Illegal Pete's, and attending…
49ers should hire Chip Kelly, keep Kaepernick & hire Chris Ault as offensive coordinator.
Chip Kelly probably has more offers than Vinny Chase after Aquaman…
Among the things Demarco Murray told owner Jeffrey Lurie weeks ago was that he had no confidence in Chip Kelly as head coach,…
Eagles New Head Coach: Top 5 Candidates: The Philadelphia Eagles have fired Chip Kelly. Check out our list of ...
Hello, Tha eagles have let go Chip Kelly and tha hopes of makin' tha playoffs next year.Urban Myer,Andy Reid,Jim Brown or *** Vermeal or...
without Chip Kelly, I don't want Bradford, Peters. Keep Curry & move to 4-3 & out Kiko, Hicks, Mych, Cox & Logan on field
Chip Kelly has been fired. His strategy of not keeping talented players didn't work. Weird.
Chip Kelly is a little kid playing & the just took away his controller.
I hope you guys get a great coach. But yeah, Chip Kelly isn't exactly Houston Nutt or Mack Brown. He can pick from P5s.
so if Chip Kelly gets fired after 3 years going does Jason Garrett keep a job being 45-40?
Yes, I just saw that Eagles fired Chip Kelly? I wonder how this bodes for Sam Bradford?
Rubén Amaro, Jr. got the axe from Philadelphia earlier this year, now Chip Kelly ends 2015 with a bang. Can the 76ers/Flyers follow?
Chip Kelly you may be a bum for Philly but UCF needs you come back and coach with Scott Frost and bring us to the promised land
Chip Kelly can now fulfill his destiny: Coach Marcus Mariota to a Super Bowl.
BREAKING NEWS: The Philadelphia Eagles have parted ways with head coach Chip Kelly.
Hey, Chip Kelly's available. Maybe the Ducks can bring him in to replace Scott Frost.
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DeSean Jackson after finding out the Eagles fired Chip Kelly
Chip Kelly was basically Harold Hill from the Music Man without the redeeming qualities or Shirley Jones.
Chip Kelly is the latest example of you can't be an *** as an head coach & lose (see Schiano, Greg c. 2013; McDaniels, Josh c. 2010).
Even if the Eagles won the NFC East. they still would've fired Chip Kelly
My smile for my is back on my face. Chip Kelly is gone. Can we get Desean Jackson, Maclin, and McCoy back though? Lol
Good luck to Chip Kelly. I hear Scott Frost is hiring assistant coaches.
And no, Jack Del Rio nor Bill Musgrave are getting fired for Chip Kelly in Los Angeles in 2016. Not gunna happpin, y'all.
Sounds like Chip Kelly is the coaching version of Steve Patterson.
Chip Kelly reported as the new OC at Northwood University 😜
Eagles fire Chip Kelly; Pat Shurmur will serve as interim head coach on Sunday.
Chip Kelly, Sam Bradford, Demarco Murray, Tim Tebow, the storylines will be epic if we can pull off a Super Bowl win with these…
DeSean Jackson, LeSean McCoy, Jeremy Maclin, Evan Mathis are smiling about Chip Kelly departure
If you think Mike Tannenbaum is letting Chip Kelly into the building...
Why couldn't the Eagles have done this last year! Chip Kelly and Scott Frost to Nebraska would have been AWESOME
These Russell Athletic Bowl officials are lucky this Chip Kelly news broke as they officiated the worst 3 mins I football …
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BREAKING: Eagles fire coach Chip Kelly with one game left in third season.
The Eagles fired Chip Kelly. Kinda surprised about that. I figured he would get 1 more year there.
The Eagles have fired head coach Chip Kelly
BREAKING: Philadelphia Eagles have released head coach Chip Kelly.
Chip Kelly deserves to be fired you don't run Murray and you say Tim Tebow isn't good enough to be a 3rd string quarterback
Chip Kelly out in Philadelphia. Eagles announce they've released the head coach after three seasons.
Steven A Smith calls for Tom Coughlin and Chip Kelly to be fired via
If not for joy/gray hair is giving me this fall my room would look like Ray Finkle's but w/Chip Kelly instead of Dan Marino
Today's daily Eagles talk between my boss and I consisted of shooting Chip Kelly out of a cannon. 🤔
bad season for the Birds...Chip Kelly needs to make big changes in the offseason again. I'm still not sold on Bradford
Tim Hightower is gonna lead me to a fantasy 🏆. Shouts to Chip Kelly for destroying Demarco Murray's career and forcing me to pick him up. 👍🏻
uh.. McCoy doesn't sit well with buffalo's system, Chip Kelly had his style back, and went against it... Don't matter
it should come down between Chip Kelly and Jerry Jones, in my humble opinion...
Chip Kelly pretty much nailed it when the lights went out in his press conference.
How about just say Chip Kelly take a seat next to Spurrier, Pardee and every other coach who was revolutionary
Chip Kelly out Eric Taylor in. Sign Vince Howard in at QB and we are sorted
"Chip Kelly" will NEVER be Buddy Ryan..stop the comparison!!! . Ryan is BELOVED in Philly, not so much.
Chip Kelly expects to be back in Philly; Sam Bradford wants to stay
Chip Kelly is the 1st coach since Buddy Ryan in 1988 to have 0 Playoff Wins by his 3rd Year
On the other hand, pretty hard to root for Chip Kelly after what he did to DeSean/LeSean and what he didn't do to Rile…
Lights go out on Chip Kelly's pressed and reporter says, "That's sort of ironic."
I'm happy for DeSean Jackson, getting some revenge on Chip Kelly tonight.
"Chip Kelly, you AREN'T the man" -Harry Kalas from his grave God rest his soul
Doesn't Chip Kelly know Herm Edwards expression, "You play to win the game!!" He's waving the white flag with still lots of time.
In Eagles offseason news: Chip Kelly trades entire Eagles D in an attempt to get David Akers and Ron Jaworski back from retirement
So what do you think the Eagles biggest issue is... Chip Kelly? Or?
Chip Kelly: "No we don't suck all the talent is in Washington Buffalo Kansas City and Denver"
Brandon Bair is on field warming up in game pants. Earlier this week, Chip Kelly said Bair would be active if Logan couldn't go.
If the Eagles lose tonight Chip Kelly and Bill Davis both should be gone
This is a HUGE game for 3 ppl specifically. Chip Kelly, Sam Bradford and Billy Davis.
Not as bad. How about Chip Kelly and Bill Davis get out coached constantly and over value mediocre players.
My air of grievances are Chip Kelly for imploding the offense, Billy Davis coaching, RAJ and the Sixers organization
If the Eagles dont win the Division with the talent they have, Chip Kelly and Bill Davis need to be fired immediately.
If Desean Jackson ends Chip Kelly's season for the 2nd yr in a row I'm supporting any and all petitions to put him in the ring of fame
lmao he can't do it with Chip Kelly's Happy Hour Menu S8 and kkkooper and huff
PHI [SB Nation: Bleeding Green Nation] - Chip Kelly's offense showed signs of being too predictable in Eagles'...
I would assume Rob is being sarcastic because there's a 100 % chance Chip Kelly tries 2 beat the Giants in a meaningless game.
Buffalo Bills at Philadelphia Eagles - Nine months later, he&still mad coach Chip Kelly traded him. ...
Not with Chip Kelly as your head coach
They let Chip Kelly get rid of all your good players and now that bum has to go.
Daryl Johnston on says he believes Robert Griffin III will be in Buffalo next year or get a look from Chip Kelly and the Eagles
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