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Chip Kelly

Charles Chip Kelly (born November 25, 1963) is the head football coach at the University of Oregon. Widely regarded as one of the most innovative offensive minds in college football today, the 2009 and 2010 Pac-10 Coach of the Year, 2010 Eddie Robinson Coach of the Year, 2010 Walter Camp Coach of the Year, 2010 Sporting News Coach of the Year and 2010 Associated Press Coach of the Year was previously the offensive coordinator for the Oregon Ducks.

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Chip Kelly trying to decide whether to put in Mark Sanchez or send assistant down to Home Depot to pick up a day laborer real quick instead.
Chip Kelly genius is going to be tested with Mark Sanchez. I think he can pull it off though. Top 5 HC in the league
If Chip Kelly could pick one young qb in the league right now that best fits his system, who do you think he would pick?
So Chip Kelly wasn't a magical wizard with injuries last year he was just lucky. Eagles are getting killed with injuries this season.
Nick Foles gonna lose his starting job and show up to Mark Sanchez and Chip Kelly like
I'm wondering if Chip Kelly has PERMANENTLY rebuilt the confidence of Mark Sanchez.
Take a moment to count our blessings: Chip Kelly, LeSean McCoy, Darren Sproles, Jeremy MacLin, and a team that simply kn…
Hi Amy☺.Do u think that with the injury to Nick Foles,will make the Eagles season fall apart & Chip Kelly may bolt for Florida?
hey with Chip Kelly as coach who knows what he could do!
Chip Kelly on DeMeco Ryans: "He's the true leader. ... He's Mufasa. He's our guy."
Chip Kelly said that Todd Herremans left because of an ankle injury not because of his elbow.
Young qb in the league who would be a perfect fit for the Chip Kelly offense- Ryan Tannehill!
If Chip Kelly could pick a young qb currently in the NFL that is best suited 2 run his system, who do u think he would select?
Amazed by Chip Kelly's ability to make things work with what he has.
Chip Kelly identified a way to slow down JJ Watt with 5 consecutive runs for an TOUCHDOWN!
There's no way Mark Sanchez is better for Chip Kelly's offense than Tim Tebow
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Cam Newton would be the perfect QB for Chip Kelly's system
NBC's Tony Dungy: ``I have to credit Chip Kelly. He knew what (Mark Sanchez) could do and didn’t care about everyone else’s …
Dear Chip Kelly, . Please use Mark Sanchez to the best of his abilities. Sincerely,. Stas Shkirdov
Chip Kelly mum on status of Nick Foles and his injured left shoulder (Shutdown Corner)
they usually have a good run til playoffs.. Then they choke.. Maybe with chip Kelly and McNabb now gone they'll do better
The best teams win on Saturdays. Not the best individuals. – Chip Kelly
starting to think chip kelly can make any of these QB's look like a good QB lol
I font know why? Andy Reid and chip kelly did well their first year with new teams ☕️🐸
Chip Kelly should make Josh Huff give up his collarbone since he wanna turn the ball over two weeks in a row
If the Eagles win a playoff game in the shape we're in now then I want Chip Kelly to be the coach forever. It's Mark Sanchize time.
Chip Kelly mum on status of Nick Foles & his injurd left shouldr
Eagles Coach Chip Kelly re: Earl Wolff -> Today Earl Wolff had 5 tackles.
I'm telling you chip kelly does wonders I won't be surprised if Sanchez looks good with this offense and the weapons he has
So Big Ben has 12 TDs in 2 weeks under the oft-maligned Haley... Nick Foles has 12 TD all season under the offensive wizard Chip Kelly
UPDATE: Roethlisberger now has 12 TD passes in two weeks. Foles had 12 TDs entering Week 9, thanks to Chip Kelly's revoluti…
I was busy today hanging w/ a pal visiting from DC so I couldn't watch the Philadelphia Eagles win. They're now an amazing 12-3 in the Chip Kelly era when I do NOT watch them. Crap! What am I supposed to do? I want to see them win but would rather them be victorious and me NOT watch then me see a defeat. I'm so superstitious. I actually busy & can't watch next Monday night so hopefully they'll keep the streak going and my fellow Birds fans will be happy...
Can you imagine Jeff Lurie on the sideline talking to Chip Kelly in the 4th quarter? No you can't. Never change Jerr…
Get Ready For A NFL Track Meet The Houston Texans vs Philadelphia Eagles Two of the NFL Brightest Young Coaches Are Meeting To Decided If Coach Bill O'Brien Texans Head Coach or head coach Chip Kelly will take their teams to the NFL -- The Texans are 4 & 4 . This enough time for the O'Brien Team to understand properly the Blue Print and execute fully the Game Plan. What better way to measure your new coaches performance than to play the Eagles. Charles "Chip" Kelly (born November 25, 1963) is an American football coach. He is currently the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles and the former head coach at the University of Oregon. During his four seasons at Oregon, he led the team to three Pac-12 Conference championships and four BCS game appearances. O'Brien first season as head coach, he Penn State to an 8-4 record and won ESPN National Coach of the Year award. After the 2012 season, O'Brien garnered significant interest to return to the National Football League (NFL) as a head coach and interviewed ...
Chip Kelly had the Barney Fife play sheet, also had Aunt Bea and Otis the Drunk in pass coverage.
Chip Kelly probably wants nothing to do with University of Phoenix Stadium. Did win a Fiesta Bowl there, but also two devastating defeats.
Chip Kelly back in University of Phoenix Stadium since Fiesta Bowl win for Oregon over Kansas State.
ESPN hypothetical: send LeSean McCoy to so Chip Kelly can draft Marcus Mariota. I joked Foles trade
In Andy Reid's system with Vick as your QB. Both of whom you call inept. Chip Kelly & Foles wouldn't have gotten more out of them?
Because it was a call to Chip Kelly, not Brian Kelly.
The Giants need a head coach that can beat the best head coaches in Chip Kelly, Pete Carroll and Jim Harbaugh, and that guy is Nick Saban.
Who should be the Gators next choice, John Gruden. And then when Chip Kelly gets canned, we will take him as our offensive cord
Chip Kelly visited Victor Cruz in the hospital this week. I'm sure the New York tabloid will still read "Kelly only stayed 2 hours!" Smh.
Victor Cruz says Chip Kelly visited him in the hospital.
Eagles coach Chip Kelly visited Giants WR Victor Cruz in the hospital
The side the New York media doesn't show about the Eagles: Chip Kelly went to visit Victor Cruz after the game in the ***
Chip Kelly and the culture of success - culture wins games, deals and the hearts of your employees
because i love Chip Kelly and their uniforms and they're offense.
Imagine the 2004 versions of Donovan McNabb, Terrell Owens, and Brian Westbrook in Chip Kelly's offense. Seriously, just…
do you think Stefon Diggs would be perfect for Chip Kelly and the Eagles?
Darren Sproles' left knee injury doesn't appear to be serious. The RB could be back after the bye from his "spruise," as Chip Kelly termed it.
Eagles coach Chip Kelly confirmed Monday afternoon that Darren Sproles suffered an MCL sprain in his left knee against the Giants on Sunday...
Speaking Monday, Eagles coach Chip Kelly refused to rule Darren Sproles (sprained MCL) out for Week 8.
Chip Kelly confirms Darren Sproles has MCL sprain and will miss 2 ...
ICYMI: Chip Kelly says Darren Sproles could return from his "spruise" without missing a game thanks to the bye week:
I love watching Chip Kelly press conferences: Reporter: With all the chatter about how this team was 4 1 before last night, how do you explain to people that you're 5 1?It was not just 'Joe Fan' out there, but football people also questioned how you have this record. How do you explain that you have this record now? COACH KELLY: We don't have to explain. You are what you are. Reporter: I'm asking you the question. COACH KELLY: I don't care. I don't have anything to explain to anybody. I don't worry about that. We don't go in after a game and say, 'Okay, let's tell everybody the reason why. It's that we're 5 1. That's it. Doesn't matter. You don't have to explain it to anybody, your record is what it is. You look at the standings and that's your record. We don't pay attention to it. There is noise out there that when you spend time on it you're wasting time that you should be devoting towards developing a game plan for the Arizona Cardinals.
Eagles RB Darren Sproles has a sprained MCL that could sideline him a couple of weeks, per HC Chip Kelly. Eagles have bye…
Chip Kelly confirms mcl sprain for Sproles, less severe than Mathis'
The only difference between Nick Foles and Ryan Tannehill is that Foles has Chip Kelly and Tannehill has Joe Philbin
Are you more like Giants coach Tom Coughlin or Eagles coach Chip Kelly? Take the quiz
Mike Johnston is the Chip Kelly of the NHL
Just as I do for Chip Kelly and college, I can't wait to tell Mike Johnston to go back to Juniors.
ICYMI: When it comes to practice, Chip Kelly said he agrees 100% with ... Allen Iverson.
“Chip Kelly agrees with Allen Iverson about practice luv it May have 2 start watching some football
The Linc - Chip Kelly agrees with Allen Iverson about practice: Philadelphia Eagles news and links for…
Chip Kelly agrees with Allen Iverson about practice
With the Eagles today ... Chip Kelly said WR Brad Smith had a "core muscle injury" and just had surgery. Will be out a cou…
Chip Kelly says Nick Foles must work on footwork.
Yes, the Philadelphia Eagles are 4-1, but Chip Kelly's offense isn't nearly as potent as last season's edition. What gives? Bucky Brooks hits the film room to identify the three biggest problems.
not saying I've given up on Nick Foles. But if there is 1 QB that I think would be ideal for Chip Kelly's system it would be Russell Wilson.
Chip Kelly watched Russell Wilson's performance last night and ignored all of Nick Foles' texts.
I have an unrepentant mancrush on Russell Wilson. I would trade the entire Eagles offense to have him in Chip Kelly's system.
Chip Kelly must be drooling watching Russell Wilson play. Chip will never able to realize the full potential of his offense with Foles.
Imagine what Chip Kelly could do with Russell Wilson... MIND BLOWN!
Can only imagine how lethal Chip Kelly and Eagles would be with a smart and mobile QB like Russell Wilson.
Russell Wilson would be CRAZY in Chip Kelly offense
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Chip Kelly is watching Russell Wilson run and thinking, "Man, it'd be great to have a QB who can do that.''
ur girl gonna be looking for answers from me just like the Giants D gonna do to Chip Kelly & I ain't talking bout my Giant D
Chip Kelly says LeSean McCoy took himself out late in the fourth quarter (Shutdown Corner)
please..please ask Chip Kelly about putting Carroll and Boykin on the outside.
Cary Williams says Chip Kelly pushing Eagles too hard
Cary Williams is complaining about Chip Kelly, claiming he works the players too hard in practice, …
Hey Rube, does Billy Davis (and Chip Kelly) have a clue on how bad Fletcher and Williams are playing?
Still don't have faith in Chip Kelly, Nick Foles, Carey Williams, or Bradley Fletcher.
Foles stinks, McCoy still not himself still, Cooper is awful, cut Cary Williams, Chip Kelly is overrated...This week on
Brian Polian looks like the X-Men: Days of Future Past version of Chip Kelly
Site member Jason Scott asks the question about our Miami Dolphins "Are we running a Chip Kelly offense ALREADY?"
Chip Kelly: Lane Johnson is not far off |
Chip Kelly says Lane Johnson is not far off |
Chip Kelly is currently earning $6.5M/year. Something similar is my guess at Davis' offer.
Chip Kelly confirms Jeremy MacLin and Nick Foles are healthy for the Philadelphia Eagles game in Week 5.
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Really? I just prefer NFL forces us 2 hire real GM. & gives our $36M back. & banishes Chip Kelly. & makes it a penalty 2 touch Rob.
Bill Davis, Chip Kelly share similar time of possession philosophies
Bill Davis gave his thoughts on time of possession Tuesday. They aren't much different from Chip Kelly's.
Rob Ellis " Chip Kelly wants production from every position...if he's not getting it he needs to get it" thank you captain effin obvious
It’s time for Eagles head coach Chip Kelly to put Riley Cooper on the bench: A couple of weeks ago I…
My spite towards Chip Kelly's play calling down the stretch is gone and he is forgiven as I watch Andy Reid try to man…
3rd and goal at the 1. Chip Kelly had to go all Andy Reid on us. Just pound the ball behind Jason Peters.
Even an offensive genius like Chip Kelly might have been impressed with that half by Romo's offense.
TERRIBLE play call (Bill Davis, Chip Kelly), Terrible Offense, Terrible Defense lost this one.
This loss is brought to you by Chip Kelly and Bill Davis! . our Defense is a joke!
Chip Kelly should reevaluate his play calling.
23, 21. Chip Kelly thinks he's an offensive genius, but inserting Donovan McNabb as today's starting QB was a bad idea.
Who would have thought Billy Davis and Dave Fipp's units have been better than Chip Kelly's unit.
And now you will witness the second half adjustments of Chip Kelly's offense...
Jeff Lurie needs to fire Chip Kelly and promote Billy Davis to head coach.
Billy Davis should be on a hot seat..Chip Kelly has respect in this league now he can get a better coach
Chip Kelly's gon cry in the car, after he finds out Vernon Davis will play today
Chip Kelly has had this game circled on his calendar ever since the schedule was released. Eagles wont go down without a fight.
I am 100% all in with Chip Kelly. Bill Davis? You better show me something first..
That sound I hear is Chip Kelly screaming at Billy Davis: "You let this clown throw for 427 yards on your defense?"
Rex Ryan's D and Chip Kelly's O would make the ultimate team
Can't say enough good things about Chip Kelly and his game day coaching ability. I appreciate the job Andy Reid did while here, but we would be 0-4 right now if he were coach ( I know we played only 3 games but he would have found a way to lose a game that hadn't been played yet)
Little know fact, Chip Kelly (Eagles HC) was the defensive coordinator for Johns Hopkins University in the early 90's...
Joe Buck just said Chip Kelly was the OC at N. Hampshire 8 years ago...the year they beat HU on a 4th and long TD. Now I'm sick again.
LaDainian Tomlinson. In a Chip Kelly offense. . Can you imagine the touchdowns?. can:
I bet the Bucs wish they could've had Chip Kelly instead of Greg Schiano. Thanks for saying no Chip!
Chip Kelly's outside the box thinking
The big difference between Chip Kelly and Andy Reid is Chip finds ways to win where Reid would find ways to lose.
why can't Mark Richt be like Chip Kelly
“Chip Kelly is the man” no I hate chip Kelly now. Cost me fantasy this week
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Chip Kelly has Bill Walsh ingenuity and a Gregg Popovich personality. Will leave a lasting mark on the NFL by the time he's done.
Chip Kelly is such an offensive genius that he can even make Trent Richardson productive.
Darren Sproles bout to be DeAnthony Thomas in this Ducks offense of Chip Kelly
Chip Kelly looks like Boomer Esiason and Jim Gaffigan had a kid
Colts face offensive innovation when Eagles visit. The potential trendsetter is Chip Kelly.
Jeff Fisher is really proving what an amateur Chip Kelly is when it comes to having your team ready to play
Chip Kelly's understanding is that any changes in NFL drug policy would not affect Lane Johnson's suspension.
In college, Andrew Luck and Chip Kelly crossed paths several times. What does Luck think of the Eagles HC?. WATCH:
Greg Hansen of the Arizona Daily Star: Arizona QB Anu Solomon spurned pitch from Chip Kelly to honor his commitment:
Need to inspire a struggling team? Take a tip from coach Chip Kelly and try honest humor.
I am glad the Eagles hired Chip Kelly, I like him as a coach more and more each day.
“I was booing myself.”. —Philadelphia coach Chip Kelly, on the fans who let his team have it when the Eagles were down 17-0
I can't wait to see what the over/under point total is going to be for next Monday night's game in Indi...Chip Kelly's offense going up against Andrew Luck...72.5 might not be a stretch
.head coach, Chip Kelly, coming up next at 8am. Listen live:
Chip Kelly must have given a better pep talk than Herb Brooks in Miracle
Chip Kelly said "I'm going to humiliate you and put Sanchez in" foles came running out yelling turn up
Chip Kelly better bring out da whip in the locker room at halftime
gonna get use to the name Marqise Lee catching balls on them . Chip Kelly knows him well
A year ago, the Philadelphia Eagles were a team with a lot of questions. They were a team with a brand new head coach named Chip Kelly, who had an offense that was supposed to be nothing we have ev...
Video: How will Chip Kelly handle the spotlight?: The Inquirer's Bob Ford and CineSport's Brian Clark discuss ...
Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly turns to sports science to keep players healthy via
"We have to manage him..he's got such a high motor." Chip Kelly priming Jordan Matthews for the opener, by h…
Agree totally. And then there is the question of training methods. Chip Kelly vs. "Junction Boys" mindset which still persists
that whole team need a fix Chip Kelly got his offense playing way to fast unlike our coach Ron Rivera
BREAKING: cut all remaining players. Chip Kelly to line up at all 22 positions.
8/29 SportsCenter On-Demand; hear:. -Brian Baldinger on Eagles better now vs. last year. -LeSean McCoy on Chip Kelly.
LOVES Jordan Matthews. Is he right? We'll find out. Great metrics. Chip Kelly. Mediocre WR competition. Also has stone hands.
Sam you have to get this highlight reel to Chip Kelly, our next kicker!
If Kap had Chip Kelly, he would be 5,000/1,000 this year but we have Greg Roman's Old Bo Schembechler O
Bill Belichick, Chip Kelly, Greg Cosell and more on the up-tempo movement:
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
What's life like at Ohio State without Braxton? Thanks to JT Barrett and Chip Kelly, the beat goes on.
PFT Live: Mark Sanchez the Eagles’ QB of the future?: Chip Kelly was reluctant to proclaim Nick Foles his...
Anyway you could share with me how you animated your avatar picture? I want to make mine Chip Kelly diving in a pool but I can't!
Brian Baldinger definitely jerks off to Chip Kelly with that freakish hand hes got there
Chip Kelly is the best and smartest coach in the NFL.
Stadium Revitalization: One Day Away: Head coach Chip Kelly will unveil the 2014 Philadelphia Eagles team for the...
said Chip Kelly said I can coach the defense that's why I got my jersey on 😂😂
.says that he saw coach Chip Kelly in Annapolis this summer, where he was watching and learning Navy's triple option.
Eagles coach Chip Kelly demonstrates what means. WATCH:
5 players to watch in tonight's Eagles preseason game: Eagles coach Chip Kelly has two goals for tonight’s...
ICYMI: Eagles coach Chip Kelly diving into a pool of ice water is pretty awesome. . WATCH:
The Oregon reunion continues in Philly. Chip Kelly loads up with another former Duck: Kenjon Barner.
And what if Chip Kelly acquired Darron Thomas from Arena football?
Chip Kelly's offense just got even faster:
I wonder what goes through the minds of Chip Kelly and Sam Hinkie... Now that'd be a good tv show
Why did Chip Kelly have Curtis marsh play in the 1st quarter? Lmao
Before he revolutionized the NFL, Eagles coach Chip Kelly honed his philosophies in small-town New Hampshire, writes ESPN The Magazine's Seth Wickersham.
I'm no Chip Kelly genius, but I would throw to whoever Patrick Chung is covering too!
The NFL has gone from doubting Chip Kelly to trying to mimic his innovations. Can he stay ahead? by
Chip Kelly and Duce Staley chatting with Vince Wilfork before practice. Likely wondering if he has a long-lost twin.
Chip Kelly reflects on meeting Bill Belichick for the first time, returning home to New England
ESPN Video: Mack Brown speaks with Urban Meyer about his team's outlook for this year, his relationship with Chip Kelly and why he continues to coach after winning two national championships.
Urban Meyer spends 4 days with Chip Kelly...says the thing he learned was the importance of hydration
Interesting. Parts of practice are closed and Urban did spend time with Chip Kelly this summer.
Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly doesn't like wasting time with his high-powered offense, so perhaps he's trying to find ways to make things faster on the sideline as well...
Chip Kelly just saw one of his old Oregon Ducks Return a punt for TD(Chiefs RB Thomas). Probably calling GM Roseman wit…
Eagles in the a.m.: Chip Kelly on Nick Foles, Marcus Smith's first game, Zach Ertz's improvement
*** that there's that nonsense NFL alternate helmet ban, a Chip Kelly team REALLY deserves access to those beautiful 1933 monstrosities
Philadelphia Eagles' coach Chip Kelly would be wise to pick up a New York Giants' kicker once the last cuts are released later this month.
Yikes; DaMontre Moore bit *** that read option. Chip Kelly is somewhere taking notes
.in two series, I saw 4 batted balls...they need those Chip Kelly ball swatters at Bills practice
There's no way in *** I'd be intimidated or fear Stephen A, Jemele Hill, or Chip Kelly if I met them. They're who I want to
Chip Kelly: Arrelious Benn in a lot better shape this year coming into camp than he was last year. Likes what he sees afte…
Troy will forever be marred by the Lane Kiffin > Chip Kelly take. Like Sammy Sosa.
Chip Kelly: Lane Johnson is doing a good job working with 2s ... Probably helps that he's not next to Herremans, forces …
Unless ur name is Chip Kelly or Bubba Watson, guys who wear visors are *** ..
Eagles coach Chip Kelly cites a Navy SEALS ethos when talking about humility
What if Dave Chappelle's white friend Chip is actually Chip Kelly?. It makes sense that he would want to race.
Yardbarker: Chip Kelly says DeSean Jackson 'was getting man on his side' via
Great quote by Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly. One to live by!
Chip Kelly will be speaking at 11:20! You can tune in at the Eagles official website
"Chip Kelly's offense is so fast they lost 2 games in 4 days" - Anonymous
Update Chip Kelly to speak to Media at 11:20 AM
How was there ever football before Chip Kelly?
The Eagles had the best offensive line and running back in the entire NFL last season but Foles and Chip Kelly is gettin all the love 😂
Chip Kelly: DeSean Jackson didn't open things up for others last season
"No one is going to play us in two deep because if you play us in two deep, we can run the heck out of the ball." -Chip Kelly
“Chip Kelly: DeSean Jackson didn't draw double-teams but the lanes he opened for lese..
Chip Kelly: DeSean Jackson didn’t open things up for others last year
Absolutely love chip Kelly's creativity, willingness to be different, & honesty.
Written by John Angiolillo     There has been a thought process among fans that Desean Jackson opened up the offense last season for guys like Riley Cooper and Zach Ertz.     Chip Kelly calls...
Philadelphia Eagles reporter Phil Sheridan talks about Chip Kelly's comments criticizing the NFL draft and combine and how the hype affects the
Chip Kelly's response was priceless today when asked why he thinks the NFL Draft is so overrated.
I said it while he was at Oregon & my opinion hasn't changed--Chip Kelly runs the most efficient practices I've ever see…
why not some love for Sean McDonough and the 11 straight playoff appearances, mentor to Chip Kelly
Training camp starts today. The entire Delaware Valley is fixed on Chip Kelly and the Eagles. Good luck boys you have our full attention.
Here's our preview of the with The Tao of Chip Kelly author Mark Saltveit (
who's going to produce more results in Philadelphia... Sam Hinkie or Chip Kelly?
RG is still a question mark. Hasn't returned to Rookie peak form. Chip Kelly's system is successful thus far. Slight edge
Chip Kelly doesn't have a mercy rule. First to 80 wins his book.
From Craig Berube to Simon Sinek, Chip Kelly looking outside his realm to help improve his operation.
(Yes, Chip Kelly got fired in my CCM - oddly so did Andy Reid but he's not successfully coaching the Giants after Coughlin retired.)
Chip Kelly? The Harbaughs? Pete Carroll only took 2 years "tnew coaches never do that great the first time"
WHY do I get Chip Kelly, Andy Reid and Sean Payton mixed up?! Who told me to do that?
Another interesting read, especially the differences between Andy Reid and Chip Kelly
Last year, the Eagles ran FEWER plays with Chip Kelly than they did the year before with Andy Reid (25). 162 points and 1,011 yards more.
Any coach ranking that has Jeff Fisher ahead of Chip Kelly is laughable
I was trying to stick with as we went over that list of top coaches in NFL but Chip Kelly below Rex Ryan and Chuck Pagano? uh-uh
Chip Kelly will take him. Nice replacement for D-Jack because Cooper and Maclin aren't game breakers.
FieldGulls: The Bill Belichick All-22 breakdowns from 2013: As I said over at the Chip Kelly version of this p...
For those unfamiliar with Cleveland offseason lunacy, a radio station here did an all-night marathon after the reported hiring of Chip Kelly
If Pat Shurmur gets another HC job, I assume there will be no further arguments about the genius of Chip Kelly.
No wonder Chip Kelly coached from the sidelines. That's the ladder to the coaches box at U of New Hampshire stadium.
It's a trend, he ranked Chip Kelly as 26th NFL coach, Shanahan in 2013.
Lane Johnson faces suspension Phil Sheridan | June 30, 2014 PHILADELPHIA -- Eagles right tackle Lane Johnson faces a four-game suspension this season after testing positive for a performance-enhancing substance, according to multiple reports. Neither the Eagles nor the NFL had any comment on the reports. The pending suspension was first reported by the Philadelphia Daily News. Johnson, 24, was the Eagles' first-round draft choice in 2013, the fourth player taken overall. He started all 17 games, including the Eagles' playoff loss to the New Orleans Saints. Last year, the Eagles' offensive line benefited from remarkable continuity. All five linemen started all 17 games in coach Chip Kelly's first season. The line helped running back LeSean McCoy lead the NFL in rushing and quarterback Nick Foles establish himself as the starter. Assuming the reports are accurate, that continuity will be impossible in 2014. The Eagles' first four games are against Jacksonville, Indianapolis, Washington and San Fran ...
Bleeding Green Nation :: Jason Avant and Chip Kelly "butted heads" in Philadelphia
PHILADELPHIA (AP) Chip Kelly is turning into the Aristotle of the NFL.
Like David Blatt a lot. Is hiring him like hiring Chip Kelly? Proven system with lower level competition?
Chip Kelly wants big. Brandon Boykin is, well, not big. So, as writes, he isn't moving from slot CB:
The Departed - Oregon coach Chip Kelly and Syracuse coach Doug Marrone are off to the NFL. Notre Dame's Brian...
Chip Kelly took my draft. Marcus Smith Jordan Matthews Bumming me out!
Recent events have made me take a good look at Philadelphia sports the and their future. The Sixers: They have made the decision to build for long term success by sacrificing wins now and building for the future. Let's hope it will be attractive for quality free agents and well chosen draft picks. The Eagles: It appears that Chip Kelly was the right person to lead this team. Bringing in young players and getting everything out of his current players gives us a bright future. 1- Is Nick Foles for real? We will get a better idea this year. 2- Was releasing DeJean Jackson the right move? 3- How much improvement will we see in the defense? From start to finish we saw an incredible improvement last year. The future looks good. The Flyers: I think Ron Hexstall will be a good choice as GM. I wanted the Flyers to bring him back to take over for Holmgren. Former Flyers executives have done well around the league. Look at LA as a prime example Dean Lombardi and Ron Hexstall turned the Kings into champions withou .. ...
Philadelphia Eagles: Chip Kelly has seen this side of Nick Foles before - PHILADELPHIA In the history of the NFL,...
TE explains how Chip Kelly's practices have bolstered his chemistry w/Nick Foles:
that's funny cuz you said Nick Foles and he definitely runs read option Chip Kelly's offense that's how I know you don't watch ball
New York or LA will hoist a cup, Miami or San Antonio will win the NBA. Meanwhile in this wretched city, the phillies have won their championship for the century, the Eagles pin their hopes on Chip Kelly & Nick Foles, the sixers only hope is a 19 year old who can dunk but not much else & the flyers still think Kate Smith will solve everything. Goodnight
Lolz just saw the Porter presser... And mother Mrs thought she was done with these kinds when Chip Kelly left
Eagles stats last year with a first year coach Chip Kelly. With our drafts picks & free agents watch!
BCCL Saints would like to announce the hiring of Chip Kelly as the new head coach.
Kelly says Foles will start for Eagles on Sunday - . Eagles head coach Chip Kelly confirmed Wednesday that Nick...
Jason Garrett receives a text from Chip Kelly before tonight's showdown
Eagles head coach Chip Kelly happy to have Jeremy MacLin back and healthy -
I would argue that Nick Foles is helped by Chip Kelly more than Matthew Stafford is helped by Calvin Johnson.
EAGLES: Foles to start at against Raiders - PHILADELPHIA Chip Kelly named Nick...
Chip Kelly's at it again. The HC has added 2... unique drills to Philadelphia's OTAs:
Jeremy MacLin, Mark Sanchez full go at Eagles OTAs Who in the NFC needs to get to work? Jeremy MacLin is one step closer to a full recovery from last summer's devastating knee injury. Eagles coach Chip Kelly told reporters Thursday that the sixth-year wide receiver has been full go during Philadelphia's first week of organized team activities. "Mac's doing fantastic," Kelly said, per the team's official website. It's Maclin's first on-field action since tearing his right ACL last July. The coach also noted that fellow wideout Arrelious Benn, linebacker Jason Phillips and former Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez -- who all missed last season with injuries -- joined Maclin as full participants. Kelly recently said he expects a "healthy competition" between Sanchez and Matt Barkley for the understudy role to Nick Foles, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. On Thursday, it was Sanchez who took the majority of snaps with the second team, per CSN Philly's Geoff Mosher. Maclin's return means the most. Helping to ...
I don't. Just cause they are going uptempo doesn't mean it needs a mobile qb. Chip Kelly noticed
Can't wait to see Jordan Matthews, Josh Huff, and Darren Sproles join Nick Foles, LeSean McCoy, and Chip Kelly in Philly!
OH NO VICK! YOU REALLY SAYING THIS? A year ago, Michael Vick and Nick Foles were in a proper quarterback competition. First-year Eagles coach Chip Kelly made it clear that the best man would win, and when the season began, that man was Vick. An injury eventually paved the way for Foles, who played out of his mind during the final two months of the season, but he earned it. Vick signed with the Jets this offseason, and he'll enter training camp as the clear No. 2 behind second-year quarterback Geno Smith. It's something the veteran understands, even if he doesn't embrace it. “Going through the competition with Nick [Foles], we knew both of us coming in that it was open competition and the best guy was going to win the job,” Vick said, via the New York Daily News' Seth Walder. “Pretty much cut and dry. This situation is different. It's kind of unique. Even though it's not an open competition, we're both competing every day. ... “It's still tough right now ... I won't lie,” Vick continued. “Becau ...
Really excited to see what Chip Kelly does with UDFA Trey Burton. Played every offensive position under the sun @ Florida including QB/HB.
in Chip Kelly and Nick Foles I trust to bring us to the promised land
I feel bad for Vince Young. If he were rookie today w/ these offenses.. Imagine 22-yr-old VY suiting up for Chip Kelly?
Bleacher Report just lost ALL my respect. Seriously? Check out this article they wrote about the Eagles... ""The Philadelphia Eagles were one of the biggest stories of 2013. Not only were they one of the most aggressive teams in free agency, new head coach Chip Kelly's offense turned the league on its ear, racking up a fourth-best 27.6 points per game, per Pro Football Reference. This season, it's been the polar opposite. The Eagles' biggest free-agent move was to cut star receiver DeSean Jackson outright. They also let quarterback Michael Vick walk, allowing Nick Foles to take the starting job, and let both of last year's free-agent defensive backs go in favor of two others: safety Malcolm Jenkins and corner Nolan Carroll. After a very quiet free-agency period where the Eagles got worse overall, they kicked off the draft with a big reach for pass-rusher Marcus Smith. Second-round receiver Jordan Matthews is a perfect fit—but rookie wideouts rarely dominate, and the Eagles will be relying on him and reh ...
Eagles coach Chip Kelly discusses drafting DT Beau Allen and more
I wonder who has the larger man parts- Chip Kelly or Sam Hinkie
Sam Hinkie and Chip Kelly are the only 2 men that deserve to be my man crush Monday
"We are really, really excited about Chris [Polk]," Chip Kelly said. "He's been an outstanding special teams...
Chip Kelly loves his toys, and he may have found a gem in the pool of recent undrafted free agents. The Philadelphia Eagles reportedly have agreed to a deal with former Nebraska quarterback Taylor Martinez. Martinez passed for 7,258 yards and ran for 2,975 more in four years at Nebraska, but missed most of […]
Chip Kelly prefers draft prospects who have college degrees.
Stigall Show Log 9.10.13 - 6:11 Chip Kelly debuted as Eagles Head Coach with an upset win over the Washington...
Eagles head coach Chip Kelly and the team's fifth-round draft pick Taylor Hart spoke to the media Saturday. Here's the full transcripts:
Chip Kelly / Eagles should sign Y'all know I'ma Cowboys fan, but that'd be the place fa him, if ya asked me.
Chip Kelly is "putting the family back together" according to Taylor Hart, who joins Josh Huff and five other ex-Ducks …
Four Oregon Ducks selected in 2014 NFL Draft, with Josh Huff and Taylor Hart reuniting with Chip Kelly
"We're putting the family back together." -Chip Kelly to Taylor Hart after he was drafted to the Eagles.
Josh Huff says Chip Kelly has played 'major role' in his life
Taylor Hart on what Chip Kelly said to him after he told him were picking him: "We're putting the family back toge…
Howie Roseman might not have been looking to dump Bryce Brown but Chip Kelly sure was. Chip was not a fan.
For those of you who say Oregon players suck in the NFL well Josh Huff this is the 1st player drafted by Chip Kelly who played at Oregon. Huff thrived under this up tempo offense. Josh Huff can play the inside and outside receiver. Good blocking good burst to his step once he gets the football. Chip is all about familiarity and fit for his system. His system thrives on space players and big plays. Josh Huff showed that at Oregon. Also Chip knows Huffs work ethics and attitude as a being a "team player" something Chip has emphasized since he got to Philadelphia.
As an eagles fan I don't like these ppl Chip Kelly, Riley Cooper I wish we has a coach like the Giants or Seattle or anyone else
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The Philadelphia Eagles were rather successful, to the surprise of many, in 2013 under first-year head coach Chip Kelly. With a lot of folks doubting that the former Oregon coach’s offensive ...
Josh Huff and Taylor Hart are going back to Chip Kelly and playing for the Eagles. But De'Anthony Thomas is going to the Chiefs...
Josh Huff with Chip Kelly? I may just be an Eagles fan this year!
Big name Oregon Ducks in the draft... Josh Huff and Taylor Hart both going to the Eagles where, who coaches them now... oh ya former Ducks head coach Chip Kelly! He's getting the squad back together in the NFL. It's true what they say Ducks fly together!!! DeAnthony Thomas aka The Black Mamba goes to the KC Chiefs where Andy Reid ( former Eagles coach) is at now... hmmm this seems very peculiar. Either way I am proud of my boys who made it to the big leagues. WTD
From Oregon to Philadelphia, DE Taylor Hart reunites with head coach Chip Kelly. Learn more about the fifth-round pick in his NFL Network draft profile …
At Josh Huff’s Pro Day in March, his offensive coordinator told him that the Eagles would select him. So when the Oregon standout was reunited with his former coach, Chip Kelly, after the Eagles selected Huff in the third round of the NFL Draft, Huff wasn’t surprised.
With the first pick of the fifth round, the Eagles selected former Oregon DE Taylor Hart. Head coach Chip Kelly discusses the reunion with the former Duck …
I would've loved Chip Kelly as our head coach. He most definitely would've moved up for Manziel tho so maybe not
On ESPN, Chip Kelly was asked if Matthews and Huff will replace DeSean Jackson. Answer? "We have Jeremy MacLin"
NFL UPDATE: The role of Eagles head coach Chip Kelly will be played today by Andy Rooney...
Eagles head coach Chip Kelly says defensive back Jaylen Watkins will work out at both cornerback and safety for...
Green jerseys? Check. Wings on the helmets? Check. Chip Kelly as head coach? Check. Josh Huff and Taylor Hart will fit right in with the Philadelphia Eagles (and DAT will look pretty good in Chiefs red, too).
So good ol Chip Kelly drafts Josh Huff AND Taylor Hart! Well played Chip, well played. None of us saw that coming.
It wasn't another Oregon player, but Chip Kelly stayed in the Pac-12 with the second fifth-round selection. With the 162nd overall pick, the Eagles selected Ed Reynolds, a 6'1", 207-pound safety out of Stanford. Reynolds played three years at Stanford and finished his career with 139 tackles, includ…
Talking about the Bryce Brown trade, Chip Kelly talked about how much the Eagles like Chris Polk and also high on Matthew Tuck…
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Another round, another Oregon player for the Philadelphia Eagles and head coach Chip Kelly.
Taylor Hart, Oregon 5th rd pick just said when Chip Kelly called him, chip said we are putting family back together. LMAO!!! That "family" won as many National Championships as the Iggles won SB's!
Another Eagles pick goes to an Oregon product. The Eagles used their first fifth-round pick to select another face familiar to Chip Kelly. Taylor Hart, a 6'6", 292-pound defensive lineman, was selected by the Eagles to add to the line and contribute to the pass rush. Don't know anything about...
Congrats to Taylor Hart(DE, Oregon) who will be joining Josh Huff in reuniting with the legendary Chip Kelly on the Eagles. Also, congrats to De'Anthony Thomas who will be a RB for the Chiefs. 3 Ducks have been drafted into the NFL so far, still 2 rounds left, Go Ducks!!
When it comes to Oregon players, Chip Kelly just can’t help himself. The Philadelphia Eagles added yet another former Duck in Round 5, selecting defensive end Taylor Hart. Hart is the second Oregon player selected in this draft, which makes seven total on… [ 289 more words. ]
Chip Kelly is no longer the head coach at Oregon. In a restructuring, he now leads the post-grad job placement department.
Chip Kelly loves his Oregon players. Another one will be joining the Eagles. With the 141st overall pick in the Draft, the Eagles selected defensive lineman Taylor Hart from Oregon. Hart is 6'6" and 292 pounds and another Kelly recruit to Oregon. In his senior season, Hart had 75 tackles,...
Wow, Eagles head coach Chip Kelly just went duck hunting again. I knew it, he's building The Eagles like His old team, The Oregon Ducks. NFC East just became more dangerous!
Chip Kelly takes Taylor Hart. Sticking to what he knows. De'Anthony to the Chiefs.
Chip Kelly drafts one of his former college players--taking Oregon defensive end Taylor Hart with the 141st pick. Welcome to Philly, Taylor!
Eagles fans are going to ask for Chip Kelly's head on a platter Monday he is drafting players from Oregon it's so *** obvious!!! Get it together eagles seriously y'all missing out on some crucial picks!!!
For better or worse, having Chip Kelly at head coach results in drafting a lot of Oregon players.. Hope it's football based & not biased
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