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Chip Kelly

Charles Chip Kelly (born November 25, 1963) is the head football coach at the University of Oregon. Widely regarded as one of the most innovative offensive minds in college football today, the 2009 and 2010 Pac-10 Coach of the Year, 2010 Eddie Robinson Coach of the Year, 2010 Walter Camp Coach of the Year, 2010 Sporting News Coach of the Year and 2010 Associated Press Coach of the Year was previously the offensive coordinator for the Oregon Ducks.

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Interviewer: "being a receiver you've got to be excited about playing in Chip Kelly's offense.". Matthews: "God is good."
Chip Kelly peels back the curtain on the draft, explaining that no one really knows what any of these guys will do htt…
“RD3 - PK22 J. Huff (WR-Oregon) - chip Kelly got one of his favorite playmakers
It was love at first sight. Chip Kelly and WR Jordan Matthews
Josh Huff on playing for Chip Kelly: “Go in and prove myself and prove that the reason he drafted me isn’t just because I play…
Chip Kelly took Huff before he took De'Anthony.
Josh Huff to Chip Kelly and the Eagles in the third round.
Oregon's Josh Huff goes to Philadelphia to play for Chip Kelly.
Newest WR favorite college memory? Winning the 2012 Rose Bowl with Coach Chip Kelly.
I was told by a good source Chip Kelly badly wanted Manziel (who initially signed w/ Kelly at Oregon) but guess my sou…
Huff says his best Chip Kelly story is when Kelly flipped over a table at halftime of a game.
Dammit Chip Kelly, I liked Josh Huff, now he plays against my favorite team
When I need to use the term "God" I will replace it with "Chip Kelly". In Chip Kelly we trust. Chip Kelly bless y'all.
I like the Jordan Matthews pick but the 3rd round pick, they needed help in the secondary and I guess it's not important to Chip Kelly.
They said our offense was gonna take a step bak.. I laughed n said Bish we got Chip Kelly
Chip Kelly and Josh Huff reunited and it feels so good
Jeremy MacLin, Riley Cooper, Jordan Matthews, Josh Huff and Arrelious Benn. Not to forget Brent Celek, Zach Ertz, Darren Sproles and LeSean McCoy as receiving options. Nick Foles must be a pretty happy man right now, and Chip Kelly must be dreaming of plays we can run. -Dean.
That's it... i'm an Eagles fan. Ill jump on that bandwagon with Chip Kelly and pretty much an Oregon reunion in Philly
Chip Kelly is genius..str8 like dat
Way to go chip kelly we got some great pick 3 Oregon WRS Josh Huff, Jeff maehl, Will Murphy and we got WR Jordan Mattews from Vanderbilt an DE Marus Smith from Lousvill, 6.9ft Villanueva from Army Ranger.. we about to trun up..
With the 86th overall pick, Chip Kelly picks one of his own selecting WR Josh Huff from Oregon.
My only comment on the draft is: I have full confidence in Chip Kelly.
NFL Draft Round 3 is in the books. Congrats to Scott Crichton another excellent OREGON STATE player selected. Finally a duck comes off the board late late late. I guess Chip Kelly felt sorry for the little guy Josh Huff.
My dude Josh Huff back with chip Kelly he went to the eagles
Ashlee Hoskin Megan Shaner Isaiah Jacob Long I may become an eagles fan tomorrow XD as long as chip kelly drafts his former player deanthony thomas from oregon lol :) he is my favorite football player XD lol
I swear the eagles just keep making dumb draft picks Chip kelly them stupid
Congrats on reunion with Chip Kelly as a third-round draft pick of the Philadelphia Eagles. http:…
Chip Kelly an the Philadelphia Eagles just drafted Josh Huff in the third round
Cool to see Josh Huff reunite with Chip kelly in Philly.
Josh Huff going to play for chip kelly again.
Chip Kelly got reunited with Josh Huff to replace Desean Jackson...solid!
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Chip Kelly after drafting two WRs in three rounds: "We're not averse to taking another one tomorrow, either."
So chip Kelly feels bad because all pac 12 players are getting drafted including one from Colorado except oregon so he takes Josh Huff... Figures.
So Chip Kelly picks up an Oregon player in the 3rd round.Josh Huff first Duck of the board
No idea, but it's legit, so I went over to the Browns page: Owners: Chip Kelly, Nick Foles, and the Philadelphia Eagles.
We always love to see Ducks hiring other Ducks. Chip Kelly and Josh Huff didn't even need to use the Duck Career Network! Great pick, Chip.
Beavs have guys drafted in 1st and second round. No Ducks... Until the 3rd round, which almost has no bearing since Chip Kelly was the one who drafted him. (In before "at least we win" blah blah blah)
Congrats to Josh Huff on becoming a Philadelphia Eagle!! Him and Chip Kelly are gonna run things over there!!
Josh Huff first Duck Philly! Hello again Chip Kelly.
Josh Huff is the 1st duck picked in the draft... drafted by Chip Kelly. Go with what you know I guess.
Wohoo Josh Huff got drafted by my Philadelphia Eagles so stoked nice choice Chip Kelly
I love seeing Chip Kelly picking his former players. Once a Duck always a Duck. Josh Huff to the Eagles. I've slowly became an Eagles supporter with so many of my Ducks on the team.
Good pick Eagles Josh Huff back with chip Kelly
With the 86th Pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles select Josh Huff.
So cool just saw Josh Huff is reuniting with Chip Kelly in Philly!! Good times are coming in Philly I do believe!!
I can honestly say I didn't expect Chip Kelly to go with another WR with this pick; Welcome OU WR Josh Huff to Eagles Nation
I think Howie Roseman and Chip Kelly have been possessed by the ghost of Al Davis! Are making these picks by throwing darts at dart boards??
All This time I thought Chip Kelly was a defensive minded guy
Chip Kelly has Josh Huff back. Pretty awesome.
Chip Kelly is drafting his Oregon players lol Josh Huff is a nice pick up for the Eagles
Wow chip kelly got Josh Huff from oregon I know hes happy
Chip Kelly is a homer taking an Oregon player instead of Carey to put them back together
Chip Kelly drafts Josh Huff. a star is born!
Josh Huff finally picked up at going to rejoin Chip Kelly with the Eagles!!!
Chip Kelly takes Oregon wide receiver Josh Huff in the third round. YES!
The Eagles moved up in the second round to select Vanderbilt WR Jordan Matthews. Head Coach Chip Kelly explains why the team made the move …  
Philadelphia Eagles head Coach Chip Kelly announced that newly drafted wide receiver Jordan Matthews will be the Eagles' starting slot receiver.
Can't wait for football to start. Chip Kelly is making some big moves.
Philly is gonna love Chip Kelly , when they see this Matthews kid play. DeSeanWho?
Chip Kelly announces that Jordan Matthews will replace Jason Avant as the slot receiver, which is Matthews' strength.
Pete Carroll or chip kelly will go after D,Anthony Thomas, and he will flourish
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Earlier this offseason it was stated that Chip Kelly was "in love" with a certain receiver and ESPN's Chris Mortensen just confirmed that receiver was in fact Jordan Matthews. -Brad
Oh how I wish Jordan Matthews fell to the Titans but I am so happy for him! Playing under Chip Kelly. Looks like I'm going to be rooting for the Eagles a little bit. Anchor Down!
If there was Chip Kelly Stock to invest in on Wall-Street, after what we all witnessed last night, those shares would of took a Roller Coaster Nose dive when the market opened this morning. Because as of right now.
Eagles Head Coach Chip Kelly Loves Marcus Smith’s UpsidePosted by: Cardinal Connect Staff in Cardinal FootballMay 9, 20140Photo| Philadelphia EaglesDefensive end Marcus Smith had a sensational senior season for the Louisville Cardinals in 2013 and was one of the nation’s sack leaders. After watching…
I don't usually do this but, Im so tired of hearing fans already bash Chip Kelly and the eagles. Give the guy a break he won 10 games with a division tittle during his rookie year as coach. What more do we want from him? The draft isn't even over and the season hasn't started and we already hear some fans being negative or pessimistic. Keep in mind Chip inherited almost the same team that Andy left. That team only won 4 dam games and Chip was able to turn it around. If any of you followed Chip from his days back at Oregon he's not the type of guy that always goes after the big name high profile players. He picks up the players that fit the scheme and have that team concept. He doesn't make the popular moves and moves we all want but, he does whats best for the team. So if you think moving down getting a much needed pass rusher with an additional draft pick is a bad move then idk what to say. Lets just wait and see what happens.
With the immobile Nick Foles playing at an all-star level last season coupled with the fact that Eaglez passed on 3 "functionally mobile" QBs in last 2 drafts (Geno Smith, Manziel & Bridgewater), it's apparent that Chip Kelly is NOT going to be interested in ever running his Oregon offense in the pros - message received!
Going back to last nights draft, Chip Kelly says that 6/6 targets for their 22nd pick were already unavailable. That left them with two options: Which would you rather choose?
For those of you we bash Chip Kelly or the drafting of Marcus Smith should read this article. The eagles are playing it smart and by the percentages in terms of drafting. we also got additional picks by moving down.
Anthony Tyson has made up his mind. CHIP KELLY KNOWS WHAT HE'S DOING:)! At least until what he's doing doesn't work anymore. Until then, I let the PROFFESIONALS do what they do, and I enjoy the show. E.A.G.L.E.S EAGLES:)! I need a drink now lol.
and for Chip Kelly, & the Eagles next trick (proving that they are smarter than you), they select a 4th round WR with their 2nd round pick, and release Shady McCoy for nothing (probably because he didn't get to bed on time, or doesn't like smoothies). Shady goes to Giants.
I know us Eagles fan's can be tuff on draft day..But we need to put a little trust and faith in Chip Kelly .After all he's familiar with these college players...
Head Coach Chip Kelly explains the team's first-round trade and the selection of Louisville LB Marcus Smith ... 
Howie on WIP Morning Show: Draft isn't always going to go how you expect it to go. Bills/Browns trade changed thinking across league on compensation to trade up. Price tag to move up went higher. When you have young QB like Nick Foles, you have to throw total support behind him. Roseman admits Dee Ford was the next pass rusher on the Eagles board. Reid took him at 23. Have to look at the 1st round in terms of the player plus the 3rd round pick acquired. Chip Kelly's statement that they had 6 players targeted at 22, who were all gone. Essentially just said that the Eagles went off "BPA" to draft a position that is harder to fill. Tried to trade back 2x when they were at 26, were worried that they'd go too far back & lose a good tier of players. Personnel around the league agreed Marcus Smith would not be there later in the 2nd round.
Chip Kelly must have the Madden cheat sheet telling him which players have the best overall and development traits.
Chip Kelly passed on Johnny Manziel in the NFL Draft and as a result offered a public commitment to quarterback Nick Foles.
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Good Morning Everyone tonight is round 2 and 3 can't wait to see who we get i trust in Chip Kelly so we will see tonight who we get
Well Eagles fans yall just get ready to say goodbye to Chip Kelly. With that lousy draft pick he won't be around long.
Observation, because I like to observe things: If you had any doubt as to whether Chip Kelly needed a running quarterback, you now have your answer. Johnny Manziel sat there, drinking water, when it was the Eagles’ turn to pick at 22 last night. The… [ 273 more words. ]
☆☆☆Either Chip Kelly is a Genius, or he's the dumbest coach in Eagles history, and we'll know that answer by November 1. Smh!
In my last column, I wrote about Chip Kelly’s long post-season silence, even amid the controversy over releasing star WR Desean Jackson. The weeks since January 4th have felt like an eternity of baseless speculation, what-ifs and angst over every conceivable draft pick. There have been so many...
Eagles fan out of pocket. Y'all act like you guys are pros scouts. Don't forget chip Kelly knows more about the college players then any other team at the moment. He was just coaching their at least put some faith in the guy before you blast him. Not all big name player can play at the nfl level if he messes up then rip him at least give the the draft guys a chance to play goodness.
The Eagles-Howie Roseman-Chip Kelly can't blame this one on Andy Reid or Joe Banner. Marcus Smith in the 1st round looks like a reach. They could have moved down again and still gotten him and more picks. Roseman had a good draft last year. They'd better be right on this one. One thing is certain: This should clear up any idea that Foles is not Chip Kelly's guy. He passed on Johnny Football.
So disgusted. I dont care how good his scheme is--I hate Chip Kelly.
Hard to be an Eagles fan today. Every scout in the nfl had Marcus Smith as fourth round talent and we take him in the 1st round. Even if he turns out to be the best player in the draft ( which he definitely will not) it still was a horrible pick. Worst pick in nfl history, way to go Chip Kelly and Howie Roseman.
Chip Kelly got Rid of Deshawn Jackson, Now he Picks Marcus Smith a Player who had 14 Sacks (unblocked sacks I may add) against Teams like Temple who are in a weak division 1st of all.& Temple *** BIG TIME Even when I attended Temple in the 80's...What a Major Disappointment.
Man.. I can't BELIEVE Chip Kelly and the Eagles didn't Draft Johnny Football... smh..
ESPN - Chip Kelly on Marcus Smith: "Outstanding athlete with huge upside. He's got speed coming off the edge"
Chip Kelly on Marcus Smith: "His ceiling is very, very high. We're excited. He's a tough, hard-nosed football player who has great potential." Smith has not played DE/OLB for very long, and was getting better with every season he was playing the position. Could actually be a steal in the draft if you think about that.
Chip Kelly has proven that you should never trust a man who wears a visor in a snow storm
All this week on Philly Sports Radio the only thing I heard over and over is if Chip Kelly is going to draft 'the man who broke his heart Johnny Manziel' and if they would trade up to get him and blah blah blah Nick Foles blah blah .and and.they trade their pick ...
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The Eagles is like a Scooby Doo episode. They are going to rip the mask of Chip Kelly and see it's Andy Reid..
Chip Kelly was drinking with me today!! The buhl is hammered tho
Wow... I can't even sleep. I wanna ball tap Chip Kelly for his idiotics
I don't know about Coach Chip Kelly. he makes me question him
Chip Kelly honeymoon is officially over
Yes, you all know more than Chip Kelly and can tell that Marcus Smith was a bad pick.
Well chip Kelly you blew your first NFL draft pick
Chip Kelly and howie gonna get flamed on the radio tomorrow.
Told you guys the Eagles would draft someone NOBODY expected. Chip Kelly knows more about these college prospects then anyone else.
Chip Kelly doing his best Andy Reid impression.
I think Chip Kelly trading down was a smart decision in the end. Most of the dynamic players were gone, especially the 2 they wanted. After signing Nolan Carroll in the offseason, we have a pretty nice 3 way competition going on at the CB spot so no need to get Dennard. Now we have an additional third round pick in a draft where we only had 6 picks. Good call Chip. -Josh-
Just got a call from Chip Kelly. Unfortunately he meant to call the person he was going to draft. Hit the wrong speed dial number. I took the opportunity to congratulate him for getting rid of Michael Vick. OK, he didn't really call me. But I did just eat a chocolate chip cookie. Close enough right?
Chip Kelly & Bird Gang know what there doin! We don't need Johnny Football aka Johnny Manziel!
I guess Chip Kelly really does like Nick Foles. Good move.
*** Chip Kelly why didn't you get Manziel, We don't need Mark Sanchez is overrated
Ok. Anyone out there left thinking Chip Kelly doesn't like Nick Foles or doesn't think Foles is his man you need to get yourself checked out immediately. We know you're out there so don't deny it. Just shut up from now on.
If Chip Kelly does the unthinkable and drafts Johnny Manziel, I will throw up and then shoot myself. It's been on my mind all week.
Chip Kelly and Johnny Football to unite? Fairy tale come true...
Hey guys. What if Chip Kelly isn't totally in love with Nick Foles?
Eagles are on the clock! Will Chip Kelly go boom! I wonder if Nick Files bitting his!
Ha Ha Clinton Dix is the best choice. But, if you gonna sit and tell me Nick Foles runs that system better than Johnny your crazy. Not saying anything close to being a better QB than Foles but in "Chip Kelly's System" Manzeil is the prototype.
Manziel with Chip Kelly and the Eagles would be a bit crazy. Kind of pulling for it
Chip Kelly really likes Manziel, I so don't want him
Heard Manziel was loved by St Louis, CLE and Chip Kelly in Philly. Also heard trading for Glenn Davis would keep Dwight …
If/when Chip Kelly doesn't take Manziel will all the haters stop saying Chip doesn't think Foles is his man?
We don't need a god *** qb the eagles will have totally screwed this draft if they draft Johnny and it will be Andy Reid all over again way to go chip Kelly you jerkoff
I swear, I'll blow a gasket if Chip Kelly takes Johnny Football and I'll be the first to say fire him. The Eagles need defense, enough said. Ha Ha Clinton-Dix should be the pick for the first round.
Well eagle fans I love chip kelly. I wouldnt mind picking up Johnny Football and then trading Mark Sanchez for another pick. But I dont want that to happen.
Wait I just have Another Epiphany!!! What about Chip Kelly, wouldn't Manziel fit into a Chip Kelly style Offense? Think about it Nick Foles, is there because Vic and injury prone and Sanchez has no mobility but would be a ok back up. Philadelphia has the 22nd pic, Lets see what happens.
Ughhh ohhh wat if the Eagles get Johhny Football Manziel... After all Chip Kelly did try to recruit him to college... He fits our system perfect... But than again Nick Foles is a beast
I'd love to see Johnny Football in Midnight green at I'm not a huge fan of Nick Foles. You cant run a Chip Kelly style Oregon offense with Nick Foles. Not fast enough. Let's go, Eagles.
As this NFL draft continues, have to ask, if Manziel is available when the Philadelphia Eagles pick at would you see a scenario where the Browns offer their first rounder at and perhaps another couple of picks for Nick Foles, the Eagles take that and then take "Johnny Football" at There are those who think Manziel would fit Chip Kelly's offense better than anyone else.
Come on Chip Kelly and Howie Roseman !! Make me a proud Eagles fan tonight !!
My 2014 NFL Mock Draft is good to go, complete with the usual team and player skewerings. This year, I take aim at Johnny Football, Rex Ryan, Chip Kelly, and (of course) the Rams. Enjoy!
Last year, the Eagles surprised the NFL when they traded up in the fourth round to snag USC passer Matt Barkley. The quarterback went against popular belief and established Chip Kelly as wild card on draft day. A little over a year ago, the …
2. Eagles trade up with Raiders for Sammy Watkins: We've read about the Eagles potentially looking to move up for Odell Beckham. But perhaps Philadelphia will aim higher to round out Chip Kelly's offense. If Watkins slips to No. 5, Oakland becomes a logical team to move down. Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie needs to rebuild his roster with a ton of picks, and he could acquire a franchise-altering collection by going all the way down to No. 22. How to watch the NFL draft With the 2014 NFL Draft fast approaching, find out how to catch all the action from Radio City Music Hall on NFL Network. More ... It's rare to see a team move up this far, but the Falcons pulled off a bigger move for Julio Jones. That's paid off, and Watkins is the best receiver to enter the league since Jones. If Watkins was in last year's draft, he would have easily gone No. 1.
Eagles Coach Chip Kelly attended more Pro Day workouts than any other NFL head coach. But he s
If De'Anthony Thomas go to Philly with Chip Kelly they gonna be tough lol
With just one week until draft day, the Philadelphia Eagles have six picks with which to improve the team that went 10-6 and captured the NFC East title a year ago. Chip Kelly seems to have his quarterback set for now, as second-year pro Nick Foles emerged from relative anonymity to post a...
To all my Fellow Eagle fans. If this talk that Chip Kelly has been talking to Jeff Lurie and Howie Roseman about trading up for Manziel will really irritate me. Chip Kelly will make me question his word . Like he Just called Nick Foles our Future our Franchise OUR STARTING QUARTERBACK. (Johnny FOOLball & JIP KELLY) BDiddy Gayle Sean Johnson
From earlier, says head Coach Chip Kelly isn’t arrogant like the media leads you to believe.
cover32: Chip Kelly and the arrogance issue surround the Philadelphia Eagles’ head coach..
Managed to integrate Mike Bellotti, Chip Kelly, & Mark Helfrich into this health care management paper. Related:
The Philadelphia Eagles started the 2013 season with a lot of optimism with new head Coach Chip Kelly, and some uncertainty with the new offense and quarterback competition between Michael Vick and Nick Foles. Eventually Foles earned the job lighting up the football field and leading the Eagles to t…
Jerry Jones sees all the success of Jim Harbaugh, Chip Kelly and Pete Carroll and thinks "I did that first."
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I think De'Anthony Thomas needs to reunite with Chip Kelly.
Thanks man, I appreciate that. I'm a little surprised too, but Chip Kelly and State College food places can shake things up.
Chip Kelly has recently visited the Navy football team and plans to install the Triple Option into our playbook. That will let LeSean McCoy, Darren Sproles and Bryce Brown be on the field at the same time. He also has plans to make our offense much faster then what it was last season. In 2013 the Eagles were 1st in the NFL with the fastest snap time between plays... Scary thought.
LeSean McCoy on report Desean Jackson clashed with Chip Kelly "Never seen the two of them get into it."
That said, I think he would be ridiculous in a Chip Kelly offense. Dude's size-speed combo is only rivaled and beaten by Calvin Johnson.
Already talks about Draft Day sequel with Ron Moody as Howie Roseman and Martin Wuttke as Chip Kelly.
Who has done a better job in their first year: Chip Kelly or Craig Berube? Vote here:
All 32 NFL teams were in attendance Wednesday for LSU's Pro Day. QB Zach Mettenberger was the feature attraction, impressing onlookers with his quick recovery off November ACL surgery. Boots on the ground reported he looked good throwing the ball and displayed the ability to roll out without any noticeable limp. Mettenberger didn't go through any agility drills, but looks like a player who will be ready to play in 2014. Head coaches on hand included Chip Kelly (Eagles), Sean Payton (Saints), Rex Ryan (Jets), Mike Tomlin (Steelers) and Mike Zimmer (Vikings). A number of general managers were also on hand including Ruston Webster of the Titans, Jerry Reese of the Giants, Rick Spielman of the Vikings and Mickey Loomis of the Saints. WR Odell Beckham Jr. also shined, and is raising his draft stock with his impressive blend of athletic skills and playmaking ability.
Pennsylvania comes together at Penn State pro-day, with Chip Kelly and Mike Tomlin on hand. (via
I am hoping beyond hope (and expect beyond expectation) that the Desean Jackson signing derails the Washington Redskins in a way that's both entertaining and almost difficult to watch. I make no secret of that. But even I am stunned that Jackson chose to go on vacation rather than attend his first voluntary workout as a Redskin (also... seriously... can we change the name? I don't even like typing it). Like... it's the first one, DeSean. It's literally RIGHT in the middle of a big media debate about whether you're a committed football player and a devoted teammate. It's dead smack in the middle of the time when people are trying to make this about your work ethic vs. Chip Kelly's desire for total control. Do you even HAVE PR people? Yeah... vacation was totally the way to go this week.
Which coach has had a more impressive regular season in their first year, Craig Berube or Chip Kelly? |
Which coach had a more impressive first regular season with their respective team? (Craig Berube or Chip Kelly)
Sean Payton, Marvin Lewis, Bill O'Brien, Rex Ryan, Mike Zimmer, Chip Kelly and Mike Tomlin are all expected to attend LSUs Pro Day.
Penn State WR Allen Robinson helped himself at his Pro Day workout Tuesday at State College. He dropped 12 pounds, down from the 220 he weighed in at the combine. With a 4.47 time in the 40, 42-inch vertical and 6.53 three-cone at State College, Robinson vastly improved his athletic results from Indy: 4.60, 39-inch vertical, 7.00 three-cone. He also added four inches to his broad jump (131 inches Tuesday). Steelers coach Mike Tomlin and his Eagles counterpart Chip Kelly were both on hand to view the workout. Robinson projects to an early second-round selection.
Chip Kelly, Pro Day workaholic: Note: it's also a way to scout these guys for scheming against them in the future.
Gang signs not wanted in the NFL: What really happened to make Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia...
In the days following Desean Jackson’s release by the Eagles, speculation ran rampant as to the reasons why. Everything was to blame from Jackson’s petulant, rambunctious sideline behavior, to his alleged gang ties, to Jackson’s character, to this being Chip Kelly’s fault.
In an interview with ESPN's Stephen A. Smith Friday, Desean Jackson opened up about his Eagles release, alleged gang affiliations, Chip Kelly and...
Desean Jackson said that Chip Kelly told him moving on was the best thing for everyone, writes
Completely agree with the move by Chip after reading this, "he's the Redskins problem now"
Desean Jackson: "I'm not perfect. No one is" Desean Jackson acknowledged to ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith that he made some mistakes early on his career but that he’s “matured to the utmost” in recent years. “Have I always been perfect? Have I always done things the right way? No,” Jackson told Smith in a lengthy interview Friday afternoon. “Have I learned and found out a better way of doing things? Yes.” “Me coming in the league at 20 years old, very young, not knowing the right and wrong things to do,” Jackson continued. “I had to learn it. I’m not perfect. No one is. But at the end of the day, I’m going to learn to do it the right way.” Jackson acknowledged that he had been late to meetings as a member of the Eagles, who released him last week after six seasons amid reports that he did not see eye-to-eye with head Coach Chip Kelly, was a poor example for younger teammates and allegations of gang ties. The Redskins signed Jackson, a 27-year-old three-time Pro Bowler, to a three-yea ...
Sanchez in, Jackson out? Chip Kelly, I like u but I think u made a mistake here...just saying :/
Desean Jackson: Chip Kelly wouldn't say why he was cut
It's a shame some fans don't have higher morals, and only like a player for their talents and ignore their bad...
If Reid, who Jackson saw as a father figure, couldn't get Jackson to change, theres no way Kelly could. And...
A new report has emerged with strong quotes from anonymous sources around the Eagles who outlined Chip Kelly's problems with Desean Jackson.
“Jackson wants why Eagles cut him, Kelly didn't say I really hate Chip Kelly now
man f that lol we stink without him imma flatten Chip Kelly, the gm and your tires
Jackson wanted to know why Eagles cut him, Kelly didn’t say: When Eagles Coach Chip Kelly called DeSean Jackso...
Jackson, Redskins agree on three-year contract - . Chip Kelly may not have wanted...
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if DeSean was so detriment to the team/ Chip Kelly, why was he playing every week?
Chip Kelly: "We've decided to go in a different direction." . Desean Jackson: "Backwards?"
Brandin Cooks: "Maybe Chip Kelly is looking to take another speedy receiver in that first round, and that could be me. Who knows? And if that’s the case, a lot of people will wonder ‘Can he do it like Desean Jackson?’ In my opinion, I can do it like him and do it better."
Chip Kelly was smart to get this Jackson issue resolved before the season. Now lets have a great Eagle 2014 seaon
Desean Jackson signs three-year deal with Redskins - . Chip Kelly may not have wanted...
you’re always up at crazy hours of the night. That’s not good. Chip Kelly and the will want you to get 12 hours of sleep.
Desean Jackson was released by the Eagles b/c he threw temper tantrums and cursed out Coach Chip Kelly several times.
sooo just bet me 2k you won't have more than 20 receptions this year bc chip Kelly cut you
Get Off Desean's *** The and Chip Kelly are now the biggest *** in the NFL.
A full year's worth of reviewing tendencies, habits, mistakes that Foles/Chip Kelly made. Plus to review Kelly's play calling as well.
Desean Jackson told ESPN he was released in a phone call from Chip Kelly. Classy!!
"Source close to situation said that Desean Jackson has called a few Eagles teammates and told them he's staying after tal…
[Miami Herald] - Desean Jackson tells ESPN that Chip Kelly told him his departure was best for the ..
Apparently DJax's release had nothing to do with his ties with gang related activity and it was because Chip Kelly and other members of the team felt DJax wasn't a team player.
Desean Jackson was reportedly a problem for Chip Kelly, Eagles in locker room -
It will come back to haunt DeSean. Trust in Chip Kelly to pull out some secret weapons this year.
vs. Union. Let's see how good y'all think Chip Kelly is after this.
Why was Desean Jackson cut? Because he reportedly threw temper tantrums and cussed out Chip Kelly several times:
Desean Jackson talks release from gang ties, Chip Kelly, locker room reputation, more in ESPN interview:
This crap all over the news about Desean Jackson being a gang member is total b.s.- before Chip Kelly became the Eagle's new & highly overrated coach there was never any talk about this. Then the Eagles released him and the media reported that at least six other teams were interested in signing him. And there is proof- the Jet's owner expressed his interest at NFL owner's meeting, Andy Reid of KC Chiefs who is DeSean's good friend (from when he coached him in Philly) was interested and then 49's were mentioned. So DeSean signed with the Washington Redskins and now the media in Philly reports that the only team interested in him was Washington. Total B.S.- way to go Eagles for letting a great player go over him supposedly being a gang member. The Eagles suck, Chip Kelly *** and Philly media *** You should all be ashamed of your lies. Can't wait to see the Redskins shut the Eagles out this season. Go DeSean!!!
Very rarely do NFL teams release star players for seemingly no reason. Not when they are in the prime of their careers and coming off their best seasons. Chip Kelly is now an exception to that rule, having made the decision to cut ties with Jackson after he recorded 82 catches, 1,332 yards and...
Last time I checked, the Eagles still have LeSean McCoy, Nick Foles, Jeremy MacLin, Darren Sproles, one of the best offensive lines in the NFL, Riley Cooper, Brent Celek, Zach Ertz and a completely LOADED draft to add more very good talent and one of the best offensive minded coaches to come into the NFL for quite a long time, maybe THE best. Food for thought: Who knows Desean Jackson better then anyone else? The Eagles. Who knows his weaknesses and what you need to do to stop him? The Eagles. Who would know how to fill his void the best with players that will elevate us to a higher level? Chip Kelly. Desean Jackson was a fan favorite. But it is more then obvious now that he had 0 fans in the front office and coaching staff, which is the only thing that matters. It's time to move on, and embrace the players that we still have, and the players that we will add. Chip Kelly wouldn't have gotten rid of DeSean yet if he didn't have a master plan in place for the future. I've followed Chip Kelly's career before ...
I hope Chip Kelly knows what he is doing because I'm starting to question his decision making
Chip Kelly spoke to the media on Desean Jackson as well as his gravitation towards players with a strong work ethic.
As you guys know I am an Philly Eagles fan... but I think releasing Desean Jackson is the dumbest move I have ever seen in the history of watching the NFL.. now the Redskins picked him up :/. I know Chip Kelly did this at Oregon but come on now the guy came off a pro bowl season... smh.
Watched that Desean Jackson interview on ESPN, the Eagles are so Dirty! And what's funny is all this credit for a good season Chip Kelly had, with Jackson Ballin out! They wouldn't have won 8 games without him. We'll see Chip, back in college sooner than later making *** decisions like this.
Hat's off to the Eagles organization & Chip Kelly for taking the high-road, & cutting Desean Jackson!! No need for a self-serving punk that admittedly played "not to get hurt", until he got PAID! More on-board with the Eagles direction than ever!! Shame on Chris Carter and his hypocritical comments. Typical in our current culture of race baiting & victimization-6 years of Hope & Change!! Nuff Said!!
So chip Kelly calling plays for the heat now? *** slow the *** down!!
DeSean says he felt he had a good relationship with Chip Kelly, but Andy Reid was "like a father figure.
Deshawn Jackson may be at an all-pro at the Redskins but the Eagles are better off without him. Chip Kelly may have OCD, but he still a *** of a coach.
Lol typical Stephen A Smith trying to make the eagles look bad or they just screwed Desean Jackson. It's clear when you hear the quotes from other eagles players the guy just didn't belong in Philadelphia any more. Most notably just didn't mesh well with Chip Kelly. Chip is all business and takes no BS. He just wants whats best for the team.
Apr 3, 2014 IN A WORLD where perception often collides with reality, the next big announcement should be that Chip Kelly has traded himself to the Washington Redskins. Think about it: They've got a quarterback who can make plays with his feet, and now by adding Desean Jackson to an offense that already includes wide receiver Pierre Garcon and tight end Jordan Reed, downfield weapons who will make fully operational that up-tempo, 100-play-a-game offense that Kelly was supposed to have installed here last season. Those were the talking points 12 months ago, right? Chip was going to throw, throw, throw, throw, use up what remained of Michael Vick's talents while he played out a mulligan season that would allow him to develop a running quarterback obtained in last year's draft. He was going to trade Nick Foles to obtain that arm, or maybe he was going to take his beatings that first season so he could be in a high position to grab one of the quarterbacks from this year's class. The point is that Kelly, and Ea ...
Washington Redskins receiver Desean Jackson on Friday gave his version of his controversial release by the Philadelphia Eagles, telling ESPN that he is not a gang member and that a report alleging he belongs to a gang was wrong and disrespectful. The Eagles cut ties last Friday with the veteran playmaker after they uncovered information about his off-field connections and activities, a source told ESPN. Shortly before Jackson was let go by the team, published a story discussing his alleged gang connections in his native California. Jackson refuted the report and did so again in an interview Friday with ESPN's Stephen A. Smith. "I actually got a chance to hear about [the report] before it came out," Jackson said. "Got a call before it came out. My agent called. How do I feel about From my point of view, it was very disrespectful. I don't think it was right -- straight up." Asked if he hangs out with gang members, Jackson said, "Not if they're doing negative things." He added that gang ...
Wow! That interview was such a joke! Can't wait to hear what he says about Chip Kelly later. Nice outfit choice. Could have just worn a boyscout uniform
Deshuan Jackson ,what a disgrace to the NFL.Thank you Chip Kelly
Desean Jackson, in an espn interview with Stephen A Smith, wouldn't give the reason why Chip Kelly said he was being released. I think that says it all about him really.
I don't expect we will ever know all the reasons that motivated Chip Kelly to release Desean Jackson. I do believe Kelly understands what a Desean Jackson can bring to a team with his play on the field and what he can take away from a team with his actions off the field. Whether the Eagles win the Super Bowl this year or tank I trust that Chip Kelly made the only choice left him by Desean Jackson.
97.3 espn interview with Brian Dawkins to discuss the DJAX saga: Dawkins: "We arent privy to a lot of the information teams have. Im no longer in the locker rooms, you dont truly know." Dawkins: "There was a lot going on. At the end of the day the Eagles said we think it's better for us to move forward without him." Dawkins: " What I know from sitting down with Chip Kelly, you respect the team building aspect and buying into his system." Dawkins: "Kelly doesn't have any ties with the player." Dawkins: "I care about DeSean and his future. I now know what life can be like after you leave the game." Dawkins: "If there is something that DJAX knows that he has to change, he has to change them. Look in the mirror." Dawkins: They'll be fine. Use Sproles, Ertz more, more tight ends, get a WR in the draft. But they run the football too.
Desean jackon will get the last laugh, Lol believe that...chip Kelly pulled all them strings on the move...
Can I just make 1 on here real quick? How is it that Phil Jackson can manage to coach players like Michael Jordan (who is known for punching fellow teammate Steve Kerr in the face) and Dennis Rodman but Chip Kelly couldn't handle Desean Jackson? Makes no sense!! I don't know who is at fault! I know Andy didn't want DeSean in KC and Chip didn't want him in Philly. All I'm saying is party of being a head coach is knowing how to manage your team! Cutting your all star player to me is not the answer!! I'm gonna be sick over this for a long time! Smh
I find it funny after the NFLPA announced they are investiating the Eagles on how they handled Jacksons release that now all of a sudden Desean Jackson cursed out Chip Kelly. Where were theses reports when he was released last week? But if anyone cares Desean Jackson is about to be interviewed on ESPN about this situation if you want to watch it.
There is a new report going around that Desean Jackson cursed out Chip Kelly, and did many other disruptive things.
Ok Philadelphia Eagles you are starting to look more like cowards. So you cut Desean Jackson because he wasn't buying into the system and tried to bully Chip Kelly. So, why would you allow a story of gang relations/ties to come out but for any other reasons then to black ball him. I am also not a fan of his team mates that came anonymous to say he wasn't a great team mate nor did he have a connection to anyone in the organization. If you are man enough to talk in the media then put your name behind what you stand for. Classless act by the organization as a whole!! You have the right to cut a player if he doesn't buy into the system it's a business but be transparent in your actions!!
CBS Local in Philadelphia is reporting that Desean Jackson reportedly cursed Chip Kelly, was a malcontent and was disliked by a lot of his teammates.
Everybody thinks the Eagles are crazy letting go Desean Jackson. And now he's on the division rival Redskins. Remind you of anything? Everybody thought the Eagles were crazy trading Donovan McNabb to the Redskins a few years back, and we all know how that turned out. Eagles will be fine, I think even I could catch 50 passes in Chip Kelly's offence
If the Eagles pick up Chris Johnson, I'll forgive the release of Desean and I will go back to believing in Chip Kelly
So the new rumor is that Desean Jackson cursed out Chip Kelly in front of the team. If that's the case, that's reason enough for cutting him. And I'm fine with that.
For weeks, we’ve heard stories of gang affiliations and legal issues possibly being the source of Desean Jackson’s departure from Philadelphia. However, it looks like it’s something different and it involves head Coach Chip Kelly. CBS Philadelphia is painted a different picture via sources who...
CBS Philadelphia reports that Desean Jackson was a very obnoxious character in the Eagles lockeroom. He reportedly got into a cursing match with Chip Kelly and was very selfish and only cared about his greater good. Good riddance. Just a spoiled rotten brat who thought the world revolved around him. Not one ounce of team player or leader in him at all. Have fun with him Washington, you'll want him gone in a year or two.
Phillie, I think Manager Sandberg may be another Chip Kelly. Rollins was with his Wife two out of three days for their new born baby. Tonight he's been benched. Why Sandberg didn't call him to take the third day if he wasn't going to play him. This is the second time. Howard is hitting over 300, if he doesn't hit tonight what happens. My eyes are open.
They saying Desean cussed out Chip Kelly in front of team & the that y they wasn't throwing him the ball that much or is that why he did what he did?
All of the sudden the media is contemplating whether the Redskins are the team to beat in the NFC East. Get out of here with that. RG3 needs to prove he can play in the NFL again first off. Djax may not be the player he was with a different offense, though I do believe he will do well. Pierre Garcon is losing a few steps. Not to mention do you really think Chip Kelly is going to release his best WR playmaker without a plan?
Sources say Desean Jackson was a Problem for chip Kelly and in the locker room
It's really sad and frustrating to see the eagles get so much negativity and backlash for releasing Desean Jackson. Some still can't understand the difference between business and benefiting the team. They wouldn't just do this without good reason. He's a great player a star caliber but, if your a head coach you put your team 1st before anything. Also some gotta understand the eagles are a very young team especially on offense we recently released Jason Avant who's viewed for his veteran leadership and presence. "A locker room guy" We don't have those big name guys anymore like a Brian Dawkins or A Brian Westbrook, and a Jeremiah Trotter who can be that big of a influence in the locker room. This is a young team with a still new head coach setting his mark and making a statement about no BS and making that "team concept" I commend and respect what Chip Kelly did to address this situation
So there is a story on CBS yaw can look it up... It says Chip Kelly tried time and time again to get through to Desean Jackson, that Jackson would talk crazy to the coach in front of the team and was very disrespectful... It also says he didn't show up to team functions for charities and was more worried about other things... Jeremy MacLin told the eagles you either cut Desean or I'm out, that's why he only wanted a 1 yr deal... If he was talking crazy to Chip then I respect Chip cutting him, now just release a statement please eagles! I'm a Djack guy but u disrespect the coach u gotta go!
Eagles update : wow ! there is a lot of an anonymous quotes from the eagles locker room. They are upset that Chip Kelly is getting the bad end of the stick on this to Desean Jackson release . According too several players the team want him out. Due to not showing up to meetings on time not even showing up to meetings at all. So even said that Desean Jackson never grew up. It's now the Washington Redskins problem many eagle players are being quoted . The sum of all this just not a locker room player . we have something good going on with Philadelphia Eagles and Chip Kelly is our leader
Last Eagles/Desean Jackson thought for the day: - In eight games against teams under .500 in 2013, Jackson had 51 receptions for 849 yards and seven touchdowns. - Against teams above .500, he was held to 28 catches, 483 yards and two touchdowns. - Remember, too, that in Philly's playoff game, Jackson caught three passes for 53 yards, hardly the big-game production the Eagles expected or needed. I really feel Chip Kelly will reload and this offense will not miss a beat. But most importantly of all, I think I need a Philly Sports Radio talk show to make everyone see the light! Keep the faith Philly fans.
Chip Kelly,has several problems with Eagles. First he is not Coaching teens, he's coaching young adults & their Dad is at Home. D.Jackson is more aware of what he can do and how to do it. he's Pro Bowler. Now! He had Vick get abused instead of protected like Foles & dumped him along with Jackson. Kelly is a racist & any African who speaks up will be gone. Sorry Lurie/Foles
Jackson takes the high road when asked about Eagles Desean Jackson was given a few opportunities to take a shot at the team that unceremoniously dumped him after six years during Wednesday's conference call with reporters. But the newly signed wide receiver declines took the high road when he was asked about his thoughts on the Eagles. When the name of Chip Kelly, the Philly coach who made the decision to release him, came up Jackson was gracious. “Honestly, Chip Kelly came in, he did a great job,” said Jackson. “He had a great year. But I’m moving forward and I’m proud to be a Washington Redskin.” When asked if he would be excited about facing the Eagles this coming season, Jackson gave it the old “every game is a big game” approach. “I definitely will be very excited about the opportunity that is presented, regardless of who we’re playing,” he said. “Obviously me coming from the Eagles, that will definitely be emotional and a big game, but I like to say every game that we’ll pl ...
Desean Jackson expected RG3 to give up his jersey number to him! Seriously thought his identification with was more important than the franchised QB's. I can hear Chip Kelly chuckling all the way from Philly.
We want to believe in Chip Kelly. We really do. We want to believe he knows what he’s doing.
Fast track coaches do things differently. They take risks. Chip Kelly is one of those coaches. The former Oregon Duck head coach and current top man with the Philadelphia Eagle was trending recentl...
i swear chip kelly is a retard D-JAX was never even in a gang wow one hand gesture and it gets him kicked off the team well if he is kicking people off for dumb reasone then all of them should be bcuz everyone has anger issues on the Eagles but yea we need Andy Reid back for dayyz yea skrew chip kelly he can go suck one thats all i have to say about that Andy Reid is a way better coach then chip kellys *** *** and he thinks he is so good as a coach but he just came from college football to NFL like that wow that is stupid he needs better training and better decisions bcuz trading D-JAX was the stupidest idea he has ever made in his life its sad to bcuz some new coach had to come to the eagles and just ruin it D-JAX has been on the eagles since 08 and chip could care less bcuz he has no heart and doesnt trust anyone like a screw up he is
Eagles fans are annoying. Chip Kelly had an excellent first season. But since they decided to release me-first DeSean Diva Jackson, Chip doesn't know what he is doing. Give the man a chance especially with unselfish players that fit into his system. Me-first receivers put up great numbers but teams rarely win champuonships with them.
Hey Jonathan Papelbon, Desean Jackson and Chip Kelly would like to thank you for stealing the spotlight for at least a f…
I'm willing to give our Coach Chip Kelly a chance to make it work for the eagles, eaglesnation still rules!
Phillies Must Cut Jonathan Papelbon - . Head Coach Chip Kelly and the...
Does Desean Jackson's departure from Philly mean Chip Kelly is definitely going to draft De'Anthony Thomas out of Oregon? I th…
Jadeveon Clowney became the second player in the 2014 draft class to threaten the Houston Texans if they don't pick him as their first draft choice. "I'll make them miserable if they pass on me." Manziel already threw out that missive last month. College coaches don't put up with that crap- but I guess it impresses the pros. Or is it time for Chip Kelly to teach them all his best Barney Fife and show them how to "nip, nip, nip it in the bud,"
Last night Desean Jackson signed a deal w/ the Eagles' rival Redskins. Here is how Chip Kelly reacted last night. http:/…
The "CK" of Chip Kelly also stands for "Crip Killer." Bye bye, Djacc. Have fun losing with the Redskins.
Well, the 2014 NFL off season has been full of excitement in Washington. Redskins addressed pretty much all of their dire needs in free agency - Offensive guard, center, defensive tackle, inside linebacker, wide receiver, and safety. Ryan Clark is like a quarterback on the defensive side of the ball and retaining Merriweather gives some optimism on the safety position. Now, the Desean Jackson addition gives the Redskins a deep threat, sure, but just having him on the field will open up crossing routes underneath and will make opposing defenses back off the box, opening up more opportunities for Alfred Morris. He will also give some insight into Chip Kelly's offensive system. Stealing veterans from Philly and Dallas...good moves, Gruden & Allen. End Rant.
“Chip Kelly's ego will be his downfall” facts!!!
“Chip Kelly's ego will be his downfall”
Chip Kelly's ego will be his downfall
Was thinking the Eagles would have to draft a wide receiver to replace D-Jax. Instead, they'll need to draft a cornerback to cover him twice a year. Chip Kelly has put himself out on a limb -- interesting season ahead.
Chip Kelly lucky he pulled this stunt after winning the division He keep this up he gonna be chilling with Greg Schiano
Eagles fans are slow: all this Chip Kelly's a standup guy is a bunch of crap. He left Oregon because he was facing penalties for violations remember? There is NO Super Bowl winning reran that didn't have a problem child. None. Tom Brady's a hot head, Billecheck a spy, Brett Farve a script head, mike Irvin a come head, I'm a raider fan we had a whole team, Charles Haley an alcoholic, Big Ben had rape charges, John Elway was an alcoholic. All Super Bowl champions. New Orleans hat the hit parade. Now here comes Larry Brown, I mean Chip Kelly breaking up your team without realizing Deshawn made everybody better because defenses had to account for him and y'all drinking the Kool aid that they just gave him all that money less than two years ago because he's trouble? I got a house on mars I wanna sell you.
D.jackson will sign with Oakland I bet since he has his fellow crip friends in Los Angeles will be local enough to do more business together. What a waste of talent. Same with that tight end from new England. Chip Kelly did the right thing. Very hard decision based upon his skills but very easy decision based upon his character and attitude and he was a team cancer. Chip will build our team right. He knows what he is doing
My mind would be blown if Chip Kelly drafts Marqise Lee and Pete Carroll drafts DeAnthony Thomas, Josh Hu...
Okay, here's the thing with ESPN: according to them, no player ever does anything wrong. I made the error of switching over to ESPN 1000 from the Score during a commercial this morning, and I hear Chris Mortensen. "Hey, Chris, what do you think of all of this evidence tying Desean Jackson to known gangs?" "Well this 'gang affiliation' stuff is really just speculation. The dots are a little fuzzy. They wanted to release him anyway for not buying into Chip Kelly's system and they used this 'stuff' as a smokescreen. And Jackson fully denies the reports, so they can't be true. But hey, you can't cover a guy that fast, I'm sure he'll get picked up soon!" Besides badly mixing metaphors, this response totally ignores the obvious information that has been right there in other people's reports and lets the athlete completely off the hook. So when is it okay to deny a player employment for questionable behavior, Chris? When they get involved in a murder? No, that can't be it, you're sitting down the desk ...
Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Mike Goodson get arrested for drug and GUN possession, and still played (before getting injured) last year? How is he "one of Idziks type of guys" but DeSean isn't? The more I think about this, the more it's looking like a smear campaign by the Eagles because they didn't want to pay him and Chip Kelly didn't like him. They had all of this info BEFORE giving him a massive contract, no?
ICYMI: Report: Chip Kelly simply didn't want Desean Jackson on his team
Kudos to Chip Kelly for releasing Deshawn Jackson of the Eagles for questionable conduct including gang affiliation. Chip could have traded him and got another receiver for him, but he didn't want to pass the problem on to another team. Impressive decision making based on values rather than money and football.
Chip Kelly soils himself when he hears John Facenda's voice.
The Philadelphia Eagles totally handled the Desean Jackson situation all the way wrong. Lost a lot of respect for Chip Kelly and the organization as a whole. SMH
Chip Kelly has had a week that smells like *** First he signed Butt Fumble. Then he gets rid of Desean Jackson without even a draft choice in return.
I will give credit to my bud Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles for releasing Desean Jackson, one of the NFL's top WRs, for his "alleged" gang ties in L.A. Had Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots had the same set of balls, and foresight, they would have released Aaron Hernandez and kept Wes Welker and saved themselves a lot of embarrassment and the wrath of pundits like me. Chip Kelly is the real deal !!
Chip Kelly offense is designed to spread the field & do it quickly, who was his key guy to make that happen
I'm thinkn Outloud on the Philadelphia Eagles.let me get this str8 you cut Deshon Jackson and you ca$h out Riley Cooper racist *** ..what a message to send...scratching my head to the White meat on that one Chip Kelly..
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What is wrong with the Philadelphia Eagles...? They decide to part ways with Desean Jackson??? Hmmm he's only one of the top 5 NFL wide receivers in the last few years... Wow.!! Talk about scratching your head but this is stupid. Something must have happened. You are giving up your best player, other than McCoy. Chip Kelly needs his head examined seriously.
I've been an Eagle fan all my life, my father was an Eagle fan for 40+ years, and I will trust Chip Kelly with all my might. I am actually choking up thinking about all the idiotic moves this organization has made over the years since the NFL merged with the AFL, but no coach like Chip Kelly has ever been at the helm in our past. I will continue to wear my midnight green costume every Sunday, and I will always be an Eagles fan. I understand the cutting of Desean Jackson, but I don't understand it all at the same time. I am immensely confused at the moment, and I will never forget his catch in the 2008 NFC Championship game, or his punt return in the closing seconds at the meadowlands to put Giant fans back in their seats as they weep away a loss that won us the NFC east in 2010. Jackson will go down as one of the best to come through our organization, and just because he knew gang members from when he grew up in the inner-city of L.A doesn't mean he's some felon with a rap sheet the size of Texas. I will ...
I just dont understand how we can be so stupid! We release not Trade for picks or more talent but we release the most explosive player in our division and on oir team. Deshawn Jackson has never been in trouble. Chip Kelly is S T U,P I D!
The Eagles have released Wide Receiver Desean Jackson. Not traded, but just flat out released. I was a huge fan of Desean Jackson's AS a football player, and although it did not make sense to me, I am now hearing he has ties or affiliations to gang activity in Southern California. Combine that with his attitude issues, and I am getting the picture. So... Chip Kelly has released the dog killer, and he has released a sometimes troubled receiver who is secretly attached to a hometown gang... I must say I like both choices. Although he now MUST address finding a deep threat to open up those over the middle plays and the run game, but the extra running back (Darren Sproles) now makes a lot more sense, Sproles will fill the hole on special teams, as well as giving the Eagles a one two punch in the run game. I'm not totally sold, but Chip Kelly just took a huge step forward for me, lets see where we go in the draft and how he responds as far as filling Jacksons role as the speedy deep threat, and that will tell ...
Chip Kelly must not have liked the gang name that Desean Jackson tried to give him after their last meeting.
This was not Chip Kelly choice! Look at some of the kids playing a Oregon rap sheet! People not playing with they money!
My Philly dudes... Why y'all mad about DeSean? Chip Kelly knows what he is doing. He got made Nick Foles a household name and a Pro Bowler. Y'all were projected to be a 4-12 team last year and are a few players away from being the second best team in the NFC in one year! Sometimes really talented players are not good for a team environment because they are uncoachable. The biggest recent Philly icon Allen Iverson was similar. I bet you the Eagles find another slot WR with speed in the 4th round that will make 1/10 of what D. Jackson made...
Chip Kelly finally has won the QB battle over USC with Barkley and Sanchez what's next Matt Leinart?
Desean and Chip Kelly is like Iverson and Larry Brown
They just let Deshawn Jackson go cause they said he was tied to gangs bull crap . Chip Kelly your job will be soon gone next you clown
After impressing NFL personnel at his Pro Day Thursday in College Station, Johnny Manziel discussed his history and relationship with Chip Kelly.
RE: Mark Sanchez: Chip knows exactly what he's doing. If you don't really know Sanchez, don't fall for the "butt fumble" catch phrase hype. That's for headline readers, not real football fans. Here's what Chip sees: A QB who had some proven playoff experience. A guy with something like a 94.3 QB rating, and who had thrown 3 times as many playoff TD passes as INTs. A guy who beat both Peyton AND Brady in their own stadiums, and a guy who holds the all-time record for road playoff wins. A QB with a better playoff winning pct than Peyton Manning, Brett Favre, Steve Young, Dan Marino, Phil Simms, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Roger Staubach, and yes, Michael Vick. The above stats belong to Mark Sanchez. If needed to step in, he won't shrink in a big game. That's what Chip Kelly sees.
With Sproles, McCoy, Celek, Jackson, Cooper, Avant, and Chip Kelly's creativity, Tim Tebow would be a much cheaper and more exciting backup to Foles with MUCH MUCH more potential than Sanchez. They are basically the Florida Gators of the NFL, and if Foles got hurt, throw Tebow in with those guys. magic time. Come on Phlliy.
Chip Kelly on Sproles trade: "If Darren Sproles was available with a fifth-round pick in this year's draft, would you take…
"We're always going to do what's best for the Eagles." - Chip Kelly
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Chip Kelly has taken about 20 minutes of Desean Jackson. Says conversations are private. Won't commit to DeSean being on team next season
Asked why he chose to call Desean Jackson 2 days before his interview, Chip Kelly said he felt it was necessary to ease WR…
Chip Kelly said earlier that he got along with Desean Jackson last season.
Asked if Desean Jackson would be on the roster by the start of OTAs on April 21, Chip Kelly said he can't predict future f…
Chip Kelly is "real excited" about the addition of Darren Sproles, but wants to see him in OTAs before defining any type…
Is the press interviewing Chip Kelly or something?
Does Chip Kelly believe Woody Johnson's admission of interest in Desean Jackson is tampering? "I don't get involved in that…
Chip Kelly-"We're going to do whats in best interest of team" says it all. HUGE MISTAKE
Chip Kelly confirmed he had a conversation with Desean Jackson a few days ago. Wants to keep that conversation private.
head Coach Chip Kelly confirmed that he has communicated with Desean Jackson. Kelly said that he'll "do what's b…
Head Coach Chip Kelly of the draws a crowd at the Annual Meeting media session in Orlando
Chip Kelly said that backup quarterback is a "position of need" after losing Michael Vick.
For the NFC coaches breakfast popularity contest: Chip Kelly, Jim Harbaugh, Lovie Smith (we're in Florida) & Sean Payton
Chip Kelly joked that this is the best WR draft class since he's been here.
Chip Kelly is speaking with the media at 7:15am. Follow our for the latest from Orlando!
Again, to clarify, Chip Kelly has not said that Desean Jackson won't be traded.
Chip Kelly says Michael Vick handled himself w/ poise after Foles stepped in. Believes MV has a lot of good football left. …
Chip Kelly said that he can see Connor Barwin, Jason Kelce, Malcolm Jenkins and Darren Sproles replacing the leadership …
This is Chip Kelly's world, we just live in it.
Chip Kelly is a *** head...He kept it's straight foward though lol
Jackson source says Chip Kelly told him, 'Don't worry about anything.'
OK today Chip Kelly will finally show some leadership and discuss the DJax situation. A few facts on the controversy are DJax made an emotion comment after great season and answered a reporters question as to whether DJax deserves a new contract after his ProBowl Season. A statement DJax has since clarified by saying he was just being emotional and is NOT asking for a new contract. Subsequently the media has had him everything from cut to traded for "Terrell Pryor" of all people. My guess is he will announce this is a non story, Jackson is under contract, and is going nowhere. Many think he will announce he will be shopped at the draft. Some think he will announce he will be cut on the mythical June 1st cap cut day. Some claim DJax will in fact get 2 years added to his contract to make him and his contract more cap friendly. What is your guess?
Eagles wide receiver Desean Jackson says he talked to Chip Kelly on Monday and that conversation apparently went so well, Jackson told teammates he's staying in Philadelphia.
Ok EAGLES fan I just talk to Chip Kelly and he said Deshawn Jackson ain't going anywhere.he is an EAGLE for life
Mike Dantoni and Chip Kelly coach just alike speed first
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