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Chip Kelly

Charles Chip Kelly (born November 25, 1963) is the head football coach at the University of Oregon. Widely regarded as one of the most innovative offensive minds in college football today, the 2009 and 2010 Pac-10 Coach of the Year, 2010 Eddie Robinson Coach of the Year, 2010 Walter Camp Coach of the Year, 2010 Sporting News Coach of the Year and 2010 Associated Press Coach of the Year was previously the offensive coordinator for the Oregon Ducks.

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Your beat reporters think Chip Kelly is still a story. Do you care what Chip Kelly has to say?
Chip Kelly's ex-chief of staff James Harris landed with Pittsburgh Pirates. More details on role/Eagles connection:
Chip Kelly says his talks with Kaepernick have been about working together via
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Pederson and Chip Kelly are both speaking at the NFL Owners Meeting and most of the Philly media are choosing Chip. So Phill…
Eagles owner: Had to give Chip Kelly power to see if he'd sink or swim [Pro Football Talk]
NFL: Chip Kelly on Colin Kaepernick: ‘I’d love to have him.’
Colin Kaepernick's fate with 49ers reportedly in Chip Kelly's hands
Per 49ers owner Jed York wants to keep Kap but will let Chip Kelly decide.
Jed York wants him to stay chip like but does Kap like Chip Kelly
. I hope Jed York is smart enough to disregard your advice & go get Chip Kelly a real QB N the 1st R
Sam Mitchell is the Chip Kelly of NBA coaches.
Chip Kelly's ultimate troll move was trading Matt Barkley, allowing the Tim Tebow crazies to celebrate, then still cut him the next day lol
Chip Kelly alienated free agents, Eagles owner during Philly tenure, according to report
Sean Miller was sweating like Chip Kelly at a taping of Def Comedy Jam
49ers Hot Read ° Goff ponders 'awesome' possibility of joining 49ers: The 49ers' Chip Kelly and the Cleveland ...
NFL Insider Peter Schrager shows just how desperate Chip Kelly was to draft
I feel like a 30 for 30 documentary on Chip Kelly's stint in Philly would be amazing. Maybe one day...
BTW, did you see the reported king's ransom Chip Kelly offered to TN last yr for their 2nd overall pick?
SFO MN Hot Reads: 49ers add five to Chip Kelly's 21-man staff
Chip Kelly and QBs coach Ryan Day are among a large contingent of SF coaches and scouts at Cal's pro day, featuring Jared Goff.
Chip Kelly would've sent the Liberty Bell to Tenn for MM
Wait until you see the mammoth offer Chip Kelly made the last year to move up for Marcus Mariota. http…
Chip Kelly on Colin Kaepernick: 'I'd love to have him.' (Yahoo Sports): While others specul... (per Yahoo Sports)
Chip Kelly still has big plans for a certain QB.
Breaking news - the 49ers have actually found someone who wants to work with Chip Kelly!!! 🏈
Ok, I'll do this better. From the 26 minute mark Dr Harry Edwards explains relationship w Chip Kelly & Racism
In case anyone was worried about the Chip Kelly racist banter, listen to Dr Harry Edwards discuss the topic on Dave Zirin podcast
coach Chip Kelly said he spoke with quarterback Colin Kaepernick yesterday. Post to come ...
so in other words Chip Kelly has no new ideas?
Thad Lewis on Chip Kelly: 'His people skills are great': When he fired Chip Kelly, Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie
Matt Forte should sign with the Hyde has never carried the load for full season. Pass-catchers do great under Chip Kelly...
Troy Aikman: Eagles gave up on Chip Kelly too soon...
McKelvin said he was able to pick off Bradford in the Eagles-Bills game because Chip Kelly kept running the same play ov…
Chip Kelly would be a great fit for Trent Richardson, who would see a ton of carries and looks in Kelly's run-heavy offe…
Murray, Alonso and Maxwell all being traded away. (🖕🏼 Chip Kelly)
Wasn't sure Josh McDaniels screwing us over could be topped but Chip Kelly has done just that even though he's across the country
I expect us to keep Martin when he see he won't be getting Demarco money. Only one Chip Kelly in the NFL
The Eagles players that Chip Kelly signed be like
Howie Roseman wiping out the Chip Kelly era quicker than a Corleone during a baptism
I'm less shocked Philly is dumping all these guys Chip Kelly brought in than I am that they seem to be finding such will…
Howie Roseman is removing anything Chip Kelly ever did. He really disliked that guy lol.
Nancy Reagan, who played quarterback under Chip Kelly's tutelage at Oregon, has passed away.
So there's no chance he's trying to learn the Oregon offense from Mark Helfrich like Jon Gruden did with Chip Kelly?
Guess what I'm saying is, count your blessings. Chip Kelly, Riley Cooper, Sam Bradford, these things will pass.
Eagles resigning Bradford validates Chip Kelly's decision to trade for him. Either Chip was smart of Eagles just as dumb CK!
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
49ers, Chip Kelly can eliminate Sam Bradford as quarterback possibility - Sacramento Bee
It should not be lost in today's Bradford extension that Chip Kelly did literally everything wrong in that trade.
Eagles hated Chip Kelly's roster moves so much they resigned one of them. Go figure.
The Duck can do as it pleases after it won a Heisman under Chip Kelly's direction.
also the Chip Kelly connection you know he's still in the loop
Same "block" of fans supported chip kelly, Scheme over talent & Culture. Blew up in their face again!
i miss Chip Kelly. Its boring without him in Philly.
writer joins with his thoughts on Chip Kelly & the
I'm about to jump on the air on 95.7 The Game to talk some Chip Kelly, combine, draft, and just possibly Kaepernick might come up.
amen. He's a snake. Just like the pitinos, coach cal, the harbaughs, chip Kelly, Saban. They're dirt bags
"When a warrior goes down, you pick up his shield and go play in honor of him." -Chip Kelly
GM Trent Baalke on working w/ Chip Kelly: "It's been great. We've had a lot of good discussions & look forward to continu…
Baalke on "Ideal fit for Chip Kelly. He's not game ready yet, but he's healing nicely & we look forward to having him …
GM Trent Baalke detailed his draft strategy & working relationship with Chip Kelly.
Chip Kelly on QB "I'm excited to start working with him.".
"He's a big, physical 'back who should be fun to work with." -Chip Kelly on
What did Chip Kelly think about comeback season?. READ:
🏈 + 📐📏= Chip Kelly explains his ideal draft qualities for OL and QBs:
i mean Phil Jackson is the Chip Kelly of basketball right now and it will not suffice
After seeing the Sam Bradford contract, maybe Chip Kelly wasn't making all of the bad decisions in Philly.
Eagles just signed a QB that's no better than Blaine Gabbert to a two-year, $36 million deal. . Yeah, it was ALL CHIP …
Chip Kelly hasn't used a FB, but it's his job to make use of a "football player" like Miller.
Chip Kelly looks like Winnie the Pooh's dad.
Sounds like Chip Kelly has a grand plan out here in San Francisco
coach Chip Kelly recently visited with U.S. armed forces in Europe, Africa and Asia.
8 years to find someone . Chip Kelly got 3 years in philly
coach Chip Kelly, GM Trent Baalke agree on a "big" scouting philosophy.
Tom Condon needed only one team to leverage against the in Sam Bradford talks. Wonder if Chip Kelly helped drive u…
BREAKING: The 49ers have placed the Franchise Tag on the University of Oregon. Chip Kelly: "Now I can take any Duck I …
Eagles Re-Sign Bradford for Two Years: Sam Bradford was a disappointment in Chip Kelly's offense last year, bu...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
He was out of place in Chip Kelly spread offense. In Doug Pederson's West Coast O, he will light it up like people expected he would before.
San Fransisco will not shine with Chip Kelly there
Colin Kaepernick is asking for a trade...Chip Kelly can't wait to replace him with a white quarterback.
is that a fusion of Chip Kelly and Cris Carter
To me Chip Kelly is a great offensive coordinator but not ahead coach/GM
Ron Jaworski says being Chip Kelly's defensive coordinator is the "worst job" in NFL.
Colin Kaepernick's agent asked if he could seek trade. Last year w I heard Chip Kelly was not fan of Kap An…
The amount of people who hated Chip Kelly and then turn around and make fun of Jeff Lurie for firing him. It's baffling.
.says the biggest question with the 49ers is if Chip Kelly & Trent Baalke can work together while letting the other do their job.
Doug Pederson took some thinly-veiled shots at Chip Kelly's use of running backs.
New post: "Malcolm Jenkins: Race wasn't an issue for Chip Kelly"
Evan Mathis: This Broncos team would have eaten Chip Kelly alive - Pro Football Talk
Chip Kelly not holding a presser. The Buffalo News would flip out
[VIDEO] Arik Armstead on Chip Kelly, 49ers young talent...
Arik Armstead on Chip Kelly, 49ers young talent via
Website Builder 728x90
D-lineman Arik Armstead vows to improve, talks new/old coach Chip Kelly. “I feel like we let the fans down…"
Arik Armstead on Chip Kelly, 49ers young talent
Arik Armstead shot video as part of - he talked brieflty about Chip Kelly
D-lineman Arik Armstead talks improvement and relationship with his new/old coach Chip Kelly
UNINTERRUPTED: Arik Armstead Discusses His Excitement to play for Chip Kelly again. via
Shady McCoy gets traded to LA Rams from Buffalo so he can play Chip Kelly 2x season and buys this in Shady Canyon.
It's official: Colin Cowherd is a blithering *** with Chip Kelly issues
VIDEO: of the shares a Chip Kelly story from those times:
Thankfully Hakstol has a better grasp of instant replay than Chip Kelly did
Our newest writer details why Carlos Hyde will benefit under HC Chip Kelly. Check it out.
Trent Baalke and Chip Kelly need to be spinning Gold right now. Find the next elite player
Chip Kelly never got that the Eagles were like a family
Booger McFarland, Jhonny Peralta, Chip Kelly, Penny Hardaway, and CoCo Crisp think Scooby Wright has a dumb name.
Do you think Chip Kelly helps Carlos Hyde's value or no?
Crazy that the FBI arrested Cliven Bundy upon his return to Oregon, where he played for, yep, Chip Kelly.
The notion that Chip Kelly was a big analytics guy is a myth. Did great work w/ sports science, but that was about it.
Top 11 story lines for the 2016 NFL offseason: All eyes will be on Chip Kelly in his first year as San Fr...
Lets trade Lesean Mccoy back to Chip Kelly for Carlos Hyde and a draft pick.
Big Ern. I'm looking for a UVA run in March. That's because Tony Bennett is my Chip Kelly.
.explains how & can thrive in Chip Kelly's offense.
Imo, Paxton Lynch seems like better fit for what Chip Kelly wants in a QB then what Doug Pederson might want.
Eagles finally released Riley "Hard R" Cooper. He knew his *** was grass as soon as we fired Chip Kelly.
the offseason storyline I'm watching for most closely is any sign of Chip Kelly re-igniting the NFC West arms race with Pete Carroll
Josh Huff can leave with Riley Cooper and reunite with Chip Kelly. Keep Nelly and Jordan
LeSean McCoy attacked 2 off duty police officers at a night club. He mistook the men for Chip Kelly & Riley Cooper.
Honestly after watching Broncos yday, this Chip Kelly guy just needs to stack our defense. Bring back Pat Willis also
Hugh Douglas knows what's up , can't wait about 1 1/2 yrs from now fraud Chip Kelly is GONE.Kaepernick already wants to get away from him
Evan Mathis should send Chip Kelly a telegram thanking Chip for releasing him.
Chip Kelly couldn't think of Wade Phillips when he had Billy Boy Davis!!!
Wade Phillips was unemployed last year. . Chip Kelly kept Billy Davis during that time.
Order Miche Bag Online!
Panthers got Chip Kelly calling plays on offense and Billy Davis on defense
Looking back at the 2009 Zona/UO game, it just boggles my mind that Chip Kelly made Jeremiah Masoli look like a heisman candidate
what Howie wants Howie gets. Just ask Joe Banner, Chip Kelly and Tom Gamble.
BREAKING: Chip Kelly announces he will coach the Ball State Cardinals starting the 2016-17 season.
And here's coach Chip Kelly at the Playboy Super Bowl 50 party in SF last night SFGate
Malcolm Jenkins: Colin Kaepernick not enough, Chip Kelly needs to vary tempo
>> Torrey Smith excited to play in Chip Kelly's offense
Malcolm Jenkins on Chip Kelly: "He just wasn't proactive enough to gain the entire trust of everybody" in Philly
Anthony Davis weighs in on 49ers meeting with Chip Kelly... [CSN]
he reminds me of Alex Smith he has had how many OC'S in the beginning of his career the 49ers need to keep Chip Kelly around
Malcolm Jenkins says Chip Kelly's offense is too simple and Kaepernick won't help
Malcolm Jenkins says teams have caught up to Chip Kelly's tempo offense
Chip Kelly releasing players, Drafting Marcus Smith, and not signing T.O
Ian Rapoport: team's change of head coaches from Chip Kelly to Doug Pederson hasn't altered Murray's standing, and the sides are currently …
Chip Kelly did make Nick Foles a Pro-Bowler. Can't see Kaep wanting to leave SF now.
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Boomer Esiason, Phil Simms with more of the cliched Colin Kaepernick-Chip Kelly comments via NinersNation
Looks like Navarro Bowman is gonna be the last great player to be traded by Chip Kelly out of SF lmao
Chip Kelly will jump on that! as long as he thinks he needs help and seeks it.
Evan Mathis has no regrets about Chip Kelly releasing him
The little talked about benefit of Chip Kelly&hurry up offense - Niners Nation
Niners Nation > The little talked about benefit of Chip Kelly's hurry up offense
The time to run it is early in the game. It's something Pete Carroll, Sean Peyton, or Chip Kelly may do.
NaVorro Bowman not worried by Chip Kelly impact on D -
Clay Matthews wanted USC to wait and pursue Chip Kelly
Clay on Clay Crime: Clay Matthews wishes had waited to go after Chip Kelly rather than hire Clay Helton.
does Trent sound more like Marty Funkhouser than Chip Kelly looks like Farley in "I live in a VAN down by THE RIVER"?
Cam Newton looks like the offspring of Michael Clarke Duncan & Randall Cunningham if Chip Kelly was a mad scientist
I thought HS coaches were bad but Chip Kelly must be out his *** mind!?!?
49ers announce the completion of Chip Kelly's first staff. It is as follows ...
Chip Kelly really gave Sam Bradford a second chance like Reid did Vick
New is out! joined us from the to talk draft, Peyton, Chip Kelly, and more.
hired Chip Kelly over Mike Shanahan because Shanahan wanted to move on from Colin Kaepernick & draft QB https:/…
Not afraid of Chip Kelly coaching the 49ers? You will be.
Defensive coaches see high upside in Chip Kelly, Colin K..
people who say Chip Kelly doesn't work in NFL said Bill Walsh wouldn't either wait till Chip has a real defense
Chip Kelly watching this game like *** I can't wait to get to Kap ...
LIVE LOOK IN at Chip Kelly's first official day as 49ers head coach
Chip Kelly to add Hardy Nickerson to staff as linebackers coach [report]
Chip Kelly humbled to be standing in same place as Bill Walsh. Says organization is "second to none.".
Still believe in you Kaep! Take some ques from Montana. You are to Chip Kelly what Montana was to Jim Walsh! Super Bowl! '17
Breaking: Chip Kelly calls LeBron James for advice on controlling an entire organization.
Modkins is a Chan Gailey guy. Chip Kelly probably likes some of Gailey's offensive concepts.
I'm listening to Murph and Mac Podcast : 1-21 Keith Bruce, Duane Kuiper, Chip Kelly on the KNBR 6...
Is this Chip Kelly or the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman?
Mike Shanahan told SF he would not want Colin Kaepernick on the team if he was to accept their HC job. Chip Kelly was h…
will Chip Kelly review the old Bill Walsh tapes and films? I think we 49er fans would love to hear more about him doing this
Huh, at the 2:10 mark, Charley Casserly says, "[Chip Kelly] hires Mike Vrabel"
Com'On! Chip Kelly now the White female assistant coach! Another slap in the face
Jerome Simpson is as good as gone IMO. Chip Kelly doesn't like "off the field" stuff.
.believes Chip Kelly's offense might just be a perfect fit for Colin Kaepernick. .
Maybe Greg Papa likes my 49ers...but Papa wouldn't want Chip Kelly ad the Raiders Coach. Chip didn't respect Eagles players.😩
Bill Walsh, Chip Kelly: Anatomy of a press conference (the treatment) https:…
From the man himself: Why new 49ers head coach Chip Kelly went to visit Alabama
Chip Kelly has already started reaching out to new players [Pro Football Talk]
The B/R Morning Buzz with is LIVE recapping the Dubs blowout in Chicago, a couple college upsets and Chip Kelly is introduced!!
Purdy: Expect Kelly, Kaepernick to work together with 49ers: New coach Chip Kelly and the 49ers have a decision to…
1-on-1 with Chip Kelly: 'best opportunity out there' [CSN Bay Area]
My column for Thursday print about the grand opening celebration for Chip Kelly, the Silicon Valley air sniffer:
Every day Chip Kelly doesn't trade Carlos Hyde and a high draft pick for Sean Lee is a day I will grow ever more sad.
Watch the opening remarks from the Chip Kelly introductory press conference on-demand now:
The identity of the under Chip Kelly? He wants them to be fearless.
Today's Kevin Lynch (discusses the Chip Kelly reaction from SF & more --- PODCAST
Press Conference:. CEO Jed York formally introduces Chip Kelly as teams new head coach.
Pretty clear today that Chip Kelly understood every question, could guess why it was asked, and had a decent-to-good answe…
If there's one thing that's still true about Chip Kelly (and I assume there are many), him talking still turns everyone into a psycho
LIVE: 49ers introduce Chip Kelly as their new head coach. Watch:
Any chance 49ers trade for Ryan Mathews? A RB who has had success in Chip Kelly's Off.
Colin Kaepernick spoke Monday with Chip Kelly, who repteatedly has said what he values most in an NFL QB ...
I really hope Chip Kelly signs Lynch away from the Seahawks.
Chip Kelly had a chat with Colin Kaepernick on Monday ... ...
Ben McAdoo insists he won't pull a Chip Kelly on Jerry Reese
Back to this convo now, I wouldn't be surprised if we keep him with Chip Kelly. That's my quarterback (T.O voice)
BREAKING: Chip Kelly has traded the entire 49er roster, coaches, stadium, and the city of San Francisco to the Titans …
icymi ... why Chip Kelly can win immediately with the 49ers:
Chip Kelly = Dan Devine? Read 1st graf of Kelly item about how he treated players and botched personnel moves.
Just listened to an interview with Stephen A Smith about Chip Kelly and racism
ICYMI: loves Chip Kelly to the 49ers & says San Francisco is in better shape today than the Eagles
Stephen A. Smith basically just said Chip Kelly got another job because he's white. Nothing to do with winning 10 games 2/3 yrs?
Chip Kelly and the 49ers are the worst match imaginable
Stephen A Smith just eloquently explained why Chip Kelly is not this Football Guru that you falsely claim. Indisputable Facts.
Chip Kelly will reportedly signing a 4 year deal worth $24 million with the San Francisco |
Mike Tanier and Melissa Jacobs have slightly different opinions on the 49ers hiring of Chip Kelly.
why does Chip Kelly get a chance but no love for Lovie Smith? Proven winner...
New 49ers' HC Chip Kelly will be signing a 4-year, $24 million deal, according to a league source.
Chip Kelly reportedly already contacting the cardinals about trading Eric Reid for the corpse of Pat Tillman
Eagles face both Andy Reid and Chip Kelly in 2017.
Adam Schein discusses the 49ers' decision to hire Chip Kelly as their head coach.
"There's no high school players in Oregon" Chip Kelly's a proven winner.
Chip Kelly succeeding as the 49ers head coach is the best thing for the Seattle Seahawks / 49ers rivalry. Do it.
Adam Schein considers the San Francisco 49ers and Chip Kelly a match made in heaven.
Yea, I expect Chip Kelly to be good in SF in year 1. But do they make players differently out there? Fully expect them to hate him by year 2
Chip Kelly is the new HC of the 49ers. I bet he'll have a chip on his shoulder when he plays the Eagles. Wow. Give me some…
Steve Young: Colin Kaepernick needs to prove to Chip Kelly he has "software" to succeed.
Colin Cowherd: Philly fans not ‘cerebral’ enough to get Chip Kelly: Cowherd also took the opportunity…
"Everyone shouldn't have opinion" Chip Kelly disdain is very unwise.
Colin Cowherd: fans not 'cerebral' enough to appreciate Chip Kelly
The Eagles go from Chip Kelly to Ben McAdoo to Tom Coughlin to .
Hi John! Not happy over Chip Kelly being a Head Coach, I'm hoping you & Greg Papa, can cheer me up on 😢👎😔
.Chip Kelly is going to win big with the
Chip Kelly finally has the mobile quarterback he has always wanted
Chip Kelly will have playing like it's 2012
BREAKING" Chip Kelly has already traded away the entire 49ers roster for a bag of Gummi Bears and some Mountain Dew Cod…
Gene chizik has a title. Is he a better coach than Chip Kelly?
The 49ers are sure they can't go wrong with hiring Chip Kelly because they don't have good players that he can trade away.
In which I hear the Chip Kelly news, shrug, and prepare for a whole new round of "Oregon resources relocating to the Bay Area"…
Hamilton Collection
My terrible Jim Harbough jokes will now be replaced with Chip Kelly ones
49ers fired Jim Harbough despite his 3 nfc champ game appearances because he wanted "too much control". Then they go out and sign Chip Kelly
As he plotted potential moves & his next stop, Chip Kelly was trying to figure out how to trade for/sign Colin Kaepernic…
The rest of the NFL after the hired Chip Kelly
Chip Kelly is also in talks to bring Chris Borland out of retirement
Pete Carroll and Chip Kelly played each other once a year back in college. Now they will square off at least twice a year…
Now it's clear why SF never moved on Hue Jackson. Knew it had Chip Kelly waiting for Niners the whole time.
in the NFL: Chip Kelly is the new coach for the
"You know what a slightly dysfunctional team that is always bordering on complete ruin needs?". "Chip Kelly?". "EXACTLY. C…
"As his first move as HC, Chip Kelly gets management to trade Kaepernick for EJ Manuel."
Chip Kelly gone get rid Colin Kap and sign Tyler Thigpen or Derek Anderson
BREAKING: The 49ers have announced the hiring of Chip Kelly as their head coach.
Final proof that Jed Yorks a blooming *** 49ers hire Chip Kelly as head coach; fired by Eagles last month after going 26-21 in 3 seasons
After a thorough search, Trent & I are thrilled to announce Chip Kelly as the new of the
49ers CEO Jed York announces that Chip Kelly will be the next head coach in San Francisco.
hire Chip Kelly as 20th head coach in franchise history. .
Chip Kelly is the new head coach of the
Chip Kelly has been hired to be the 49ers head coach
Chip Kelly is the new coach of the 49ers.
49ers announced their new HC is Chip Kelly.
49ers hire Chip Kelly, Colin Kaepernick goes back to starting qb and becomes an absolute stud
49ers are expected to choose between Chip Kelly and Mike Shanahan for their next head coach. (via
DeSean Jackson took shots at Chip Kelly then went out and reminded everyone why Kelly cut him. Diva WRs don't win Super…
Really wished the would have traded Chip Kelly, Mark Sanchez and Billy Davis to the for Aaron Rodgers and McCarthy
Chip Kelly's Casey Matthews fascination the first evidence of concrete proof that he will be a fraud and a disaster
Do what Uncle Eddie would do... Or not do...Don't hire Chip Kelly!
I’m sure Jeffrey Lurie wants to follow up the Chip Kelly disaster by scouring the 8-5 college coaches ranks.
Only thing I've heard is that Chip Kelly let it be known he liked Colin Kaepernick. Don't know Jed/Trent reaction to that.…
Lol chip Kelly gonna make your team a playoff bound team
Nick Saban, Lane Kiffin field questions about Chip Kelly visit to Tuscaloosa
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
If Tajh Boyd declares for the draft and Chip Kelly is the coach for the Browns, Boyd will be Kelly's guy.
Yardbarker: Jackson on Chip Kelly's firing: ‘Karma comes back on you’ via
Im no longer calling Chip Kelly Chip Kelly.he will be known as Chip Jelly for now on cause he is forever Jelly
I don't believe this 4 a second. would not go after another college CH after Chip Kelly. Sumlin
Please just not Chip Kelly.please please please no.
Anyone but Chip Kelly why must we 49er fans be subdued by your dumb decisions?
when Chip Kelly says time of posession is meaningless, he's watching the wrong football
Tennessee would be a terrible landing spot for Chip Kelly; mostly because there are no Pro Bowl players for him to trade away.
Eagles News: Chip Kelly wasn't a good coach in 2015
Chip Kelly should work for FanDuel as an expert on how not to draft a good team
Lane Kiffin on Chip Kelly’s visit to Bama this week: “It was good to spend some time with him & to bring him in & get some different ideas.”
Chip Kelly meets with San Francisco 49ers, according to report
That would be funny. Dude can coach. He ain't no Chip Kelly LOL
.If 49ers nab Hue Monday, then the Lions get McDaniels, does that bolster chances of Chip Kelly moving to Tennessee?
Don't know what happened in the 49ers' interview with Chip Kelly, but that was always going to be a tough fit with Trent B…
Reports: Chip Kelly interviewed with San Francisco 49ers -
Chip Kelly to the Giants, Tom Coughlin to the Eagles.
why do you believe hue is better head coach then Kelly? Hue was only 8-8 in 1 season. Chip has track record of winning as HC
So far everything I have read on Hue is very positive. I am also very much okay with Chip Kelly. Either way should be interesting football
good Lord Sumlin is a poor man's Chip Kelly.
with Chip Kelly talk about a ego maniac
Also remember that Marrone quit on his team. But you all are concerned with "The players don't like Chip Kelly". Absurd.
Spoke with former coach *** Vermeil, who still lives in Philly area. His advice to re: Chip Kelly: Hire hi…
please tell me there is no chance we get chip Kelly and keep manziel- what a circus that would be
They had a better roster maybe before Chip "Ship em out" Kelly got done with their roster.
You fired Harbaugh. If you hire Chip Kelly, I’m through with you FOREVER.
I just relieved we didn't hire Chip Kelly!! Hoping for the best
Chip Kelly gets fired from the and in the mean time Andy Reid takes the to
DeSean Jackson on Chip Kelly: '...To have a guy come in and change up the team like that, I just believe in karma' https:…
Chip Kelly thought that Mark Sanchez was good enough to play for the Eagles they should have fired him for that alone
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he did but Chip Kelly did well in the draft and I'm not saying the season was good or everything worked out but he tried
why do u have such a big problem with chip Kelly?
The Chip Kelly Error: Why do college coaches fail in the NFL?
think Chip Kelly releases and trades
The only thing that could make this better is Chip Kelly to the Giants
chip kelly was the home run hire in 2012. That worked out well
On Chip Kelly visiting, Nick Saban said they're good friends. Said Chip was in the area & stopped by. Said it has nothing…
Should Chip Kelly be showered with boos if he ever returns to Lincoln Financial Field?
Nick Saban confirms report of Chip Kelly visiting Tuscaloosa but said it "wasn't about anything of significance to this…
ICHIPBOT movie about a robot who resembles Chip Kelly... Or Tostitos.
Chip Kelly to Alabama as OC watch out, flashy plays incoming
After the Chip Kelly experiment imploded, is Jeffrey Lurie looking for the next Andy Reid? Looks that way.
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