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Chip Kelly

Charles Chip Kelly (born November 25, 1963) is the head football coach at the University of Oregon. Widely regarded as one of the most innovative offensive minds in college football today, the 2009 and 2010 Pac-10 Coach of the Year, 2010 Eddie Robinson Coach of the Year, 2010 Walter Camp Coach of the Year, 2010 Sporting News Coach of the Year and 2010 Associated Press Coach of the Year was previously the offensive coordinator for the Oregon Ducks.

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Next year (if he makes it) Chip Kelly will coach vs. the Eagles in Philly. Just imagine the Linc that day, especially if…
John Fox, Mike McCoy, Chip Kelly and Rex Ryan are all on the hot seat. But, don't forget, NFL coaches NEVER make mistakes.
Coaches that should be fired: John Fox, Todd Bowles, Chip Kelly, Mike McCoy and Marvin Lewis.
we gotta better chance than y'all. I admit we in having a downfall due to Chip Kelly but we'll see 😬
49ers vs. Rams this season: 2-0. 49ers vs. rest of NFL: 0-13. Chip Kelly has to learn to schedule more patsies, like they d…
Jim Tomsula's last game: win over Rams. Chip Kelly's first game: win over Rams. are 0-16 vs. non-Rams teams since D…
49ers RB on whether the team is playing for Chip Kelly's job: "I don't worry about anybody's else job except…
And How are Chip Kelly and the Niners doing? Lol
is it me or does Chip Kelly look close to tears?
Patiently waiting on that breaking news notification that Chip Kelly has been released
they said that about Chip Kelly too...
Chip Kelly goes to ECU as HC. Tony Romo to ESPN. Rex Ryan goes back to toe sucking
continuity hires: Tom Osborne, Lloyd Carr, mike Belotti, Chip Kelly, all the Boise St. coaches the last 20 years...
Greg Cosell thought Colin Kaepernick was more of the issue on Sunday vs. NYJ, and not Chip Kelly's play calling
mahomes is a great example. Excellent stats, but plays in a simplified, no huddle offense. See Chip Kelly for reference.
coach mac and gators will be .500 in 2017, chip kelly to UF 2017
Also, how does Chip Kelly still have a job???
Chip Kelly said that the Eagles cut WR DeSean Jackson because they wanted to get "bigger at the wideout spot" - Do you…
"I’d take the win over the stats any day." . Reaction from Carlos Hyde and teammates following Week 14:
Ok, if Harbaugh was a choke artist - what the *** were Nolan, Singletary, Tomsula? And what is 1-12 Chip Kelly? Flaming ***
Chip Kelly's urine analysis tests would've detected this.
Most incompetent team in the NFC. Disappoint EVERY season. How chip kelly was allowed to gut the talent is beyond me.
we can't base him off one season. He is trying to rebuild with what chip kelly's *** left him with. One more year before we
and also I am speaking in reference to the direction of the team. Like the Vick v Foles argument, Chip Kelly, Reid, etc.
The Rams FINALLY fired Jeff Fisher!! Please don't hire Chip Kelly after the niners fire him too after the regular season..
LOL...chip kelly would be winless if he didn't get to face fisher. 2 bad Browns don't get to face him
And Chip Kelly isn't the coordinator...with a new scheme and point to prove right?!?!? All Blain Gabbert.
if the rams hire Jim Harrbaugh. With chip Kelly and Pete Carroll the NFC west is becoming the new Pac-12
lmao yeah true but we were set back a couple years because of Chip Kelly.
One year ago today, was Chip Kelly's last win as head coach.
and one of those 16 came against Chip Kelly and that dumpster fire we called the 2015 Eagles lol
why wouldn't he? And the refs, and the announcers and chip kelly . But never talk about the overrated wentz
please he's just what we need look how smart chip Kelly is his niners are also trash we need our heart back desean jackson
I think if you asked Chip Kelly where he'd rather be now 49ers or Oregon that he'd say Oregon in a heart beat.
Greeny Harbaugh, Myer & Saban aren't gonna do a Chip Kelly & give up a prime Collegiate job for scraps in the NFL.
Chip Kelly on starting Colin Kaepernick: "Well if I was going to pick a week to start Colin, of course I was going to…
BREAKING: Chip Kelly has traded the entire 49er roster, coaches, stadium, and the city of San Francisco to the Titans…
The robots aren't coming for the NFL - they're already here
When you realize you're a better NFL coach than noted genius Chip Kelly.
Sources report..." Chip Kelly could be let go as early as tomorrow due to performance of the team over the past seasons.".
Chip Kelly need to go get Johnny Manziel
Why does Chip Kelly still have a job with the 49ers? Are they aware that keeping him makes the entire organization look l…
heard the Rams were interested in Chip Kelly... OK.. just joking.. but why did they keep fisher for so long? Good Riddence!
Baalke & Chip Kelly may be out at end of season as well ☺
people said that about chip Kelly and Pete carrol...
GM Trent Baalke likely done with 49ers; Chip Kelly's fate up to next GM -
loved your Sundayfunday show. How can SF regain glory? Bench Chip Kelly and the GM...
What do the 49ers Have to do to bounce Chip Kelly?
but somehow Chip Kelly beat him at home last season
Chip Kelly still looks like he's always about to cry
Chip Kelly is the police chief Wiggum of the NFL
Years after Chip Kelly released DeSean Jackson Im still mad about it. This game today just shows us what we could have had.
Christian Ponder seems like a Chip Kelly guy. May see him start soon. .
using Chip Kelly and Vijay Singh together in the same sentence was simply phenomenal
Last week Byron Maxwell and Kiko Alonso helped beat Chip Kelly. This week. Matt Barkley, who Chip traded up to draft.
Condolences to Chip Kelly, whose father passed away Friday. He said he coached because his mom wanted it that way.
if only Chip Kelly had let Fox run down/out the clock in the first half, this game is entirely different.
Chip Kelly still have his job. When was the last time Rex Ryan went to the playoffs? Still has a job.
It's a lot for me. Rex Ryan, Mike D'Antoni, Chip Kelly, Mike Conley, etc. the list goes on.
didn't get tickets, very happy. The Oregon game was a heartbreaker, they had 1 last play but Chip Kelly ran onto the field
Chip Kelly on conference call with media: LB Shayne Skov went out for MRI today, no update at this time.
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I'm not sure why so many people want Chip Kelly back. When people break up and get back together, how often does that end well?
Chip Kelly maintains he won't return to Oregon:
Report: Chip Kelly starting to worry 49ers won’t fire him in time to take the Oregon job
Chip Kelly really went to philly got rid of the entire team and left town like it's a madden franchise u can just delete and…
If I'm Tennessee, I fire Butch Jones right now. And I call Chip Kelly and tell him to name his price. And I mean name it.
If this true and I never believe it until its signed. Who is UT's target? Chip Kelly? John Harbaugh? John Gruden? J…
Chip Kelly is about to hold camp in Mexico City or Machu Picchu
Byron Maxwell, Kiko Alonso, Marcus Smith, Nelson Agholor, and Mark Sanchez perfectly describe Chip Kelly's time in philly.
Chip Kelly's mark is still felt on this offense dawg. Philadelphia Public enemy number 1. Even after Andrew Bynum
Legarrette Blount is gonna leave his mark on this game. Chip Kelly suspended him at Oregon, making him undraftable.
Gotta think Chip Kelly will take the blank check from Phil Knight to return to Oregon. Alternative getting run outta town by a 2nd NFL team
Chip Kelly and Bill Belichick go way back via
If Malcolm Jenkins is Chip Kelly's legacy in Philadelphia, that's something to be proud of.
Les Miles for SoS? Also been hearing Chip Kelly and Jimbo Fisher’s names tossed about.
Column: If you had a vision of how Colin Kaepernick and Chip Kelly might fit together, Sunday was finally it.
how many yards do you think Marshawn Lynch would have rushed for against this Chip Kelly run defense?
Hugh Jackson, Chip Kelly and Jeff Fisher should all be in the hot seat.
Went from having a great coach with one of the best rosters in the league to a bottom 2 roster & Chip Kelly's fat f…
even Chip Kelly know to kick Fieldgoals at those times
Chip Kelly is staying put and not returning to coach Oregon or any other college. (via
49ers: Chip Kelly not interested in returning to college despite speculation - Adam Schefter (ESPN)
Doug Pederson . Chip Kelly . Miles Austin . WRs . Mychal Kendricks. Zach Ertz . CBs. All catching this heat in this rant later on
It will take years to make up for the damage Chip Kelly did to this team. LeSean, DeSean, Maclin, Agholor and no offensi…
Chip Kelly is an offensive genius! He's the 2nd coming of Bill Walsh and Lombardi rolled into one!
I hated Sam Bradford. Hated him!. Like I hated Chip Kelly. They will rot in my Pit of Torture one endless night
Canzano: Ghost of Chip Kelly, legend of Phil Knight... and the future of Oregon Ducks f...
Chip Kelly on tablets: 'Sometimes that doesn't work perfect'
Hyde likely out but Chip Kelly is such a scoundrel I don't trust him.
I don't want to disrespect silicon Chip Kelly but he does not belong here anymore NFL coaches get fired all the time
Jason La Canfora speculates Penn State is possibly in the mix for Chip Kelly, Jon Gruden and Sean Peyton
Todd Bowels just like Chip Kelly, must have forgotten how truly awful his backup QB is.
Why boo him? His situation here was Chip Kelly's fault not so much the fault of Sam.
Chip Kelly considering changes at inside linebacker
Chip Kelly talked about Gerald Hodges and Shayne Skov to potentially shake up 49ers ILB depth chart
this matchup should be good. Both Todd Bowels and Bruce Arians were assistants on Chip Kelly's staff at Oregon
What college team will Chip Kelly be coaching next year? I say ND...they have a penchant for Irish jerks named Kelly it seems.
San Francisco punted from Buffalo's 40 on 4th & 2. What the *** happened to Chip Kelly?
4th and 2 on the Bills 40 and San Francisco punts. Where have you gone Chip Kelly?
Latest Colin Kaepernick conspiracy theory hits with Chip Kelly
is Chip Kelly hoping for Colin Kaepernick to fail? via
head coach Chip Kelly has announced Colin Kaepernick will start at QB Sunday at Buffalo. Blaine Gabbert will be the…
Why Colin Kaepernick is exactly what Chip Kelly's offense needs: .
This isn't the first time Chip Kelly has made a QB change after Week 5.
BREAKING: Chip Kelly announces Colin Kaepernick will be the starting QB for the 49ers this week vs. the Bills
After 5 weeks of watching quarterback Blaine Gabbert struggle, 49ers coach Chip Kelly is making a change.
Good for Chip Kelly, not buying the character assassination of Colin Kaepernick. Find out what he can do on the field, not…
Colin Kaepernick has regained his role as the 49ers’ starting quarterback, Chip Kelly said.
Does anyone like beating anyone as much as Bruce Arians likes beating Chip Kelly?
From overnight: Chip Kelly hinted at it, the 49ers have to do it... right now is the time for Colin Kaepernick...
Awkward: Chip Kelly getting peppered with questions about Blaine Gabbert's job security and Gabbert is present next to the st…
Chip Kelly to discuss QB situation. Blaine Gabbert: "I let this team and this organization down tonight.”.
I need Blaine Gabbert and Chip Kelly off my favorite football team by the year 2017.
Billy Davis ran a prevent defense and Chip Kelly ran a hurry up offense. Did they know there is more than 2 minutes in a football game?
Get out of unhealthy relationships, just ask the Eagles and Sam Bradford what it did for them when they dumped Chip Kelly
Chip Kelly turning Blaine Gabbert into Marcus Mariotta . only whiter. And not as good.
Most points in a coach's first 15 FBS road games in history:. 610 - . 594 - Bobby Petrino. 587 - Chip Kelly.
lol imagine if Chip Kelly didn't ship out DeSean Jackson and LeSean McCoy
[Press Democrat: Inside the 49ers] Chip Kelly says he met with just two QBs before draft
Josh McDaniels or Chip Kelly would be great hires.
need to start thinking about moving on from former Chip Kelly draft bust WR Josh Huff (5 rec, 19 yds in 3 games)
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Bill Belichick pal Chip Kelly picks up second former Patriots receiver in the last month. Snagged Chris Harper abou…
Chip Kelly in No Hurry to Make a Move to Kaepernick [NBC]
I remember when he was who I wanted to replace Andy Reid, over Chip Kelly and Bruce Arians.
They are getting further and further away from Chip Kelly and it shows.
Ive always wanted to see Denard Robinson with Chip Kelly
HC Chip Kelly had this to say about being on magazine!
Chip Kelly staunchly supports Colin Kaepernick for shedding light on 'heinous' social issues
coach Chip Kelly said he supports Colin Kaepernick using his platform to speak out on societal issues.
Chip Kelly got into a heated exchange with a reporter over Colin Kaepernick’s protest.
Dream: to one day see a college football game between Bobby Petrino and Chip Kelly. Over/Under: 100
"And for my next amazing trick, I will turn Chip Kelly back into a viable NFL coach.".
Why does Chip Kelly talk like he's interveiwing for the ultra fast Jimmy Johns
Took the day off work to watch this, and so worth it. What a start for Chip Kelly.
Chip Kelly era off to a good start for Niners
Rams CB Troy Hill will be facing his college coach tonight. Niners coach Chip Kelly coached Hill at Oregon.
Chip Kelly's offense is fundamentally broken. I wrote about what went wrong in my first piece for the
Chip Kelly: says lot of positives coming from dialogue sparked by Colin Kaepernick's anthem protest
Bringing in to discuss with as the team kicks-off the Chip Kelly era. Listen: https…
.I say we're one bad Blaine Gabbert start away. Imagine: Chip Kelly, Kaep, and Johnny on one awful team
Howie Roseman doing to Chip Kelly guys like Emperor Palpatine did to the Jedi..
And so Philadelphia says so long to another Chip Kelly draft pick. The cleansing continues.
In 3 years, the have gone from McCoy, Maclin, Jackson, Chip Kelly, and 27-2 Foles... to Carson Wentz, Doug Pederson, and...?
49ers coach Chip Kelly told reporters on his conference call that Blaine Gabbert will start the opener. Colin Kaepernick i…
Howie Roseman traded Bryce Brown for a 4th round pick. What could he have gotten for DeSean Jackson?. Chip Kelly, by the…
Transcripts of 49ers Colin Kaepernick, Chip Kelly, Eric Reid after beating Chargers
Im just glad the 49ers have Chip Kelly aboard to thoughtfully navigate the organization through the complicated waters of…
poor mechanics quarterback in Colin. Chip Kelly's nor Bill bellicheck would be able to win with this team
Oregon's 2007 offense, with Chip Kelly coaching Dennis Dixon, was 🔥😍 🏈
Coach Boone, football players don't need to run this much. It's a Chip Kelly level of unnecessary running. Get it together.
I love Chip Kelly as a head coach but only for the Ducks so thank God the Eagles might actually have a chance this year
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Chip Kelly does an amazing job with his offense. Without game planning and even with planning his offense can present a lot o…
"I think Chip Kelly has been overrated as an NFL head coach.". - Booger
is Chip Kelly available? LOL. This offense is just awful I have no faith in Doug Peterson's offense
Chip Kelly: Unofficial defensive line coach Charles Haley can stay as long as he wants via
Chip Kelly coach of the year. Jed York sells team to fan. Fan fires everyone and actually hires ppl who care
coach Chip Kelly seeks consistency from young WRs. One in particular stood out to QB Blaine Gabbert.
49ers targeting 3rd preseason game for Kap – Colin Kaepernick | SF: 49ers coach Chip Kelly said the team expects...
Chip Kelly on Charles Haley, an unofficial d-line coach for 10 days. "Charles can do whatever he wants. I'm not tel…
Kaepernick's arm is coming around. coach Chip Kelly tells reporters he'll practice next week. Plan on him in the 3rd p…
Can't stop thinking Deshaun Watson ends up in Chip Kelly's offense. Dangerous.
Chip Kelly would have been able to get Dorial Green-Beckham too... for Jordan Matthews, Fletcher Cox, Jordan Hicks and a…
I'll take a nice loser because an *** winner is like Bill Belichick. (Or with Jones it's Chip Kelly in a 9 team league.)
Exited to see this Chip Kelly offense Lets Go
Not quite "Montana or Young?" | Kaepernick or Gabbert? Chip Kelly waiting to name preseason starter
As expected, Chip Kelly said both Colin Kaepernick and Blaine Gabbert will get first-team reps early in the preseason.
Chip Kelly: Both Colin Kaepernick and Blaine Gabbert will get snaps with first-team offense in preseason opener.
was so correct. Chip Kelly will do more harm than good to QB Colin Kaepernick confidence!
What does Chip Kelly mean for Colin Kaepernick? 2016 49ers preview -
49ers coach Chip Kelly chatting with former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice...
Chip Kelly and Condoleezza Rice chatting before practice.
"Media types" made Bill Belichick, John Elway and Chip Kelly decide who plays for them. Sounds reasonable 😬
49ers offseason report: Chip Kelly looks to apply lessons learned in Philly - USA TODAY -
Noted Kenny Chesney fan and Chip Kelly favorite Riley Cooper is available though.
I'm going to be somewhat bold and say Colin Kaepernick. That Chip Kelly offense could do wonders.
49ers: Chip Kelly splitting first-team work evenly between QB Blaine Gabbert, QB Colin Kaepernick in training...
Chip Kelly: Preseason games will be 'huge' factor in Colin Kaepernick, Blain Gabbert battle https…
I’ve told anyone who will listen that Chip Kelly and Colin Kaepernick are a dangerous combo.
No pressure but.Chip Kelly says the preseason will likely decide the 49ers' QB battle.
Really excited to see a Chip Kelly team without the defensive brain mush that was Billy Davis.Jim O'neil has all the pieces to succeed in SF
I'm going to be sick. Torrey Smith "biggest thing to trust the process" w/ Chip Kelly .
[ESPN Video] This year's Oregon team could be faster than any Chip Kelly squad: . Trevor Matich looks ...
Chip Kelly's veteran players seem to be a fan of his practice schedule
HC Chip Kelly said that DE Glenn Dorsey won't be a full go for today's practice.
Eagles camp today:. 🏈 Jon Dorenbos' success: 🏈 Jason Peters does not like Chip Kelly:
It was a Chip Kelly mistake for sure. I never understood why they kept a higher paid bum like Sanchez over Foles
Interesting to hear who David Shaw talks to in the coaching world: Dabo Sweeney and Chip Kelly. He also really appreciated Denny Green
Chip Kelly loves his TEs, and PHI used a lot of Y-Iso. In SF I think Blake Bell is the guy, not Celek or McDropsies
.has impressed Chip Kelly in a very short period of time at the
G.J. Kinne He's Chip Kelly's favourite player ever it seems. Chip tried him out at TE just to keep him around
Nelson Agholor was one of Chip Kelly's "character" guys right? Like Riley Cooper?
Chip Kelly believes Colin Kaepernick and Blaine Gabbert have &skills
Prior to that a nice form tackle by Braun to stop Crosby's potential breakaway. Chip Kelly would be proud -SK
I've argued with him before. An argument in which he said Chip Kelly was a better football coach than Jim Harbaugh
49ers head coach Chip Kelly had his first interview with Damon Bruce. He had plenty to discuss.
Jordan Matthews was Chip Kelly's top WR in '15 with 85/997/8 (WRbut 50% of games single digits. Indication for Bruce Ellington.
Damon Bruce asks HC Chip Kelly what situation he walked into. No surprise, Chip says it's great and a great franchise.
Chip Kelly ruined the careers of Sam Bradford, Kiko Alonso, LeSean McCoy, Nick Foles, Desean Jackson, Byron Maxwell, and eventually the 49rs
Welcome to the Meet 15 members of head coach Chip Kelly's coaching staff:
Chip Kelly experiment didn't work out as planned for the Eagles. EVP Howie Roseman tells what he learned:
So... Seems like things are going swimmingly for players during their first Chip Kelly practices. https…
Chip Kelly ranked way higher than Garrett. Wow.
Kenjon Barner: Don't call me a 'Chip Kelly guy'; more notes on Fletcher Cox, Jalen Mills.
In some ways Doug Pederson's practices are similar to Chip Kelly's but they're mostly different. Here's how: h…
SportsCenter Video: Chip Kelly can't have a QB competition or name starter until Colin Kaepernick cleared - Adam C…
Which Coach will be more successful, the one that the almost hired (Adam Gase) or Chip Kelly?
I'm sensitive about the Niners right now 😂 Chip Kelly tryna make Bruce Miller a TE brah like *** you don't use FB's 😤
Blaine Gabbert, not Colin Kaepernick, is exactly what Chip Kelly and the 49ers need. Agree?
VIDEO: OG receives PRICELESS hug from HC Chip Kelly and GM Trent Baalke as they meet him halfway:.
Chip Kelly explained the difference between the Eagles and the 49ers
Michael Bennett explains why black players like Pete Carroll and not Chip Kelly:
Chip Kelly's dad is a lawyer, and he chooses his words carefully. Of course, Trent Baalke is the guy they'd call anyway.
PHI [SB Nation: Bleeding Green Nation] - Chip Kelly's former right hand man with the Eagles reportedly has a new job
Trenton Brown, DuJuan Harris, Chip Kelly all enjoying Sharks hockey: Members of the San Franci...
Connor Barwin: I loved playing for Chip Kelly. Nothing but good things.
San Francisco 49ers loving Chip Kelly's new up tempo offence - Herald Sun
Chip Kelly will be back coaching in the Pac-12 very soon if he starts Gabbert.
Chip Kelly can't go with Blaine Gabbert. - There has been a lot of praise for Blaine Gabbert during the 49ers o...
Chip Kelly should have released Riley Cooper after incident at concert in Linc. He'd have had respect of players & would be here
I was just thinking about your traditional Andy Reid / Chip Kelly era shenanigans
Chip Kelly or Greg Schiano, for the overzealous dictator vote.
I always enjoyed the Chip Kelly answers after 14 years of Andy Reid.
Post-draft, how does Chip Kelly envision 2016 season: "I think we're going to win every game."
I love Jeff Driskel to San Fransisco 49ers. He is a solid passer and is very mobile. Can succeed with Chip Kelly?
The select a QB for Chip Kelly, one of the draft's best athletes: QB Jeff Driskel at No. 207
11 from 12: Chip Kelly's teams have focused on one conference.
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Chip Kelly was less convincing on the Kaepernick question.
that's cause they hate Chip Kelly ...east coast BIAS !
I'm so pleased Chip Kelly is now ruining someone else's team
YES !!! but as Colin Cowherd said him and Chip Kelly r the same guy ! Lol
49ers trade up the 2nd Round to grab OG Joshua Garnett, the 2nd Pac-12 player taken tonight by Chip Kelly.
Chip Kelly is working *** University of Oregon's newest alumni association chapter: the San Francisco 49ers.
Chip Kelly is slowly turning me into a self-hating niners fan rn
49ers fans are scratching their heads...thank you Chip Kelly!
Since he's been in NFL, Chip Kelly's teams have used 10 of their 22 draft picks on Pac-12 players (3 from
10 of the 22 players Chip Kelly has drafted as an NFL head coach have been from the Pac-12 (45%).
Ducks fly together! DeForest Buckner will join Chip Kelly in San Francisco!
49ers coach Chip Kelly on drafting DeForest Buckner: "That's one Oregon player down. Only 51 to go."
Shocker: Chip Kelly's new team picks an Oregon Duck.
DeForest Buckner plays defense. We now have confirmation Howie Roseman makes 49ers decisions, not Chip Kelly. eric @ Tygr Express
Chip Kelly drafts a guy out of Oregon, shocker
Of course Chip Kelly took a guy from Oregon
It's only right for Chip Kelly's first pick to be an Oregon player.. 🙄
Of course another Oregon player goes to a Chip Kelly team
DeForest Buckner will join Arik Armstead and Chip Kelly in San Fran after being selected with the 7th overall pick. https:/…
So is it Chip Kelly's fault the Eagles are spending $60 mil on QBs this year?
Same thing Chip Kelly did with fullback James Casey in Philadelphia.
The stench of the Chip Kelly era is out of Lincoln Financial Field. The fans are excited. This team is going to be electric.
Blaine Gabbert might benefit most with QB guru Chip Kelly and end up starting by Week 6
Sam Bradford reportedly doesn't want to play for Chip Kelly
not at all Darren Sproles Ryan Mathews Jordan Matthews Josh Huff Nelson Aguilar they're all Chip Kelly's guys
I have to correct you Andy Reid was not here when we drafted Matt Barkley that was Chip Kelly
Andy Reid wanted Matt Barkley?? He was drafted Chip Kelly's first year.
Coming up on AFC season, UA coach Rich Rodriguez, WSU DC Alex Grinch on working with a young Chip Kelly & more!
Chase Daniel is now NFL's first $7 mill/yr 3rd-string QB. No wonder Chip Kelly stripped Howie Roseman of power last year.
Chip Kelly wouldn't have even given up this much
imagine if Chip Kelly and Howie Roseman could've just gotten along. Bruce Arians/Steve Keim potential.
Marcus Smith breakout year with 16 sacks. Chip Kelly wins 14 and a Super Bowl. rides off never to be seen nor heard from again
hottest of takes:. In 2016, Marcus Smith II will have more sacks than Chip Kelly has wins in his first—and only—year with the Niners.
in your radio spot for 97.5. Did you say Johnny Manzel played for Chip Kelly at Oregon? We then took Marcus Smith. Confirm??
Chip Kelly could switch sports and coach the Warriors and have the same success Luke did with that line up
Chip Kelly is reportedly already causing problems with the 49ers - Bleeding Green Nation
he's now on Chip Kelly's team in San Fran
Much like Chip Kelly, I like Doug Collins the coach, I do not like Doug Collins the personnel guy.
.said he's excited to learn Chip Kelly's scheme & is ready to master the playbook.
NFL Network ranks Chip Kelly as the worst head coach in the league
[SB Nation: Niners Nation] Ron Jaworski thinks Dak Prescott is good fit for Chip Kelly 49ers offense
Niners Nation > 49ers official: Colin Kaepernick will play under Chip Kelly or take pay cut to play elsewhere
aka Everybody has to want to do what Chip Kelly wants to do, and because they didn't, they failed.
Chip Kelly to Peter King on biggest lesson learned so far in NFL. "Everybody has got to be on the same page..."
They aren't trading Fletcher Cox. If Chip Kelly was coach still, maybe, but no way now.
Proud to have head coach Chip Kelly visiting with us today.
Wow, sources indicate to me that Chip Kelly's draft picks were actually made by a team of 44 interns, paid only in smoot…
Chip Kelly dug himself a hole in his Mariota quest when he gave up 2nd round pick for Bradford. Howie Roseman moved up 5 spots from 13 to 8.
I wonder how much Howie Roseman would love to successfully trade up in the draft for a QB after watching Chip Kelly fail to do so.
Chip Kelly is a worse scout than Al Davis.
I don't think Chip Kelly will be interested in joining the "Knile Davis Fan Club". Not impossible, though.
Former Eagles exec: Chip Kelly literally threw scouts' work in the trash
Eagles...robbed... looting the city. has anyone check on the whereabouts of Chip Kelly?
Chip Kelly impressed by RBs, including freshly re-signed Shaun Draughn. He adds to depth, competition.
Stephen A. Smith vehemently does not believe 49ers coach Chip Kelly when he says he only evaluate... - via App
Chip Kelly has been "impressed" by Gabbert via could Blaine be starter in 2016?
49ers coach Chip Kelly said he has been "impressed" by Blaine Gabbert.
Stephen A.: Chip Kelly is full of it - ESPN Video
Stephen A this is why your my dude, you keeps it REAL! And as for Chip Kelly he's a joke!
Chip Kelly takes no responsibility for his failure as Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach: via
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Clearly, Chip Kelly had rubbed too many people the wrong way - particularly Jeff Lurie. And he LOST.
Eagles fire Chip Kelly as head coach
Why is Chip Kelly being taken to task "for pointing fingers" when Howie pointed fingers for 5 years (i.e. Danny Watkins)
Chip Kelly opens up on dysfunctional front office. has more from the NFL owners meetings.
Chip Kelly blames Howie Roseman for bad Eagles contracts
Chip Kelly says 'weird' Eagles organizational structure led to his dismissal: The 49ers head coach told the me...
Chip Kelly says 'weird' Eagles structure led to his dismissal: Former Eagles head coach Chip Kelly spoke out a...
Good for you Chip!! All the cheap shots Laurie gave you after the fact. I'll never forget that before Kelly we were 7-9,4-12.
Chip Kelly you are such a loser. You sucked as a head coach in the NFL and still can't take blame. Go ruin the
Chip Kelly fires back, reveals details on strained relat..
Worth noting that Agholor was a Chip Kelly pick, and with Howie running the show and Doug coaching, don't think he is …
Chip Kelly “We never told him to get (them) at any cost. We told them who we liked, and who the good players are.”
Chip Kelly says he never demanded control during his time in Philly: BOCA RATON, Fla. — Chip Kelly sounde...
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