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Chip Kelly

Charles Chip Kelly (born November 25, 1963) is the head football coach at the University of Oregon. Widely regarded as one of the most innovative offensive minds in college football today, the 2009 and 2010 Pac-10 Coach of the Year, 2010 Eddie Robinson Coach of the Year, 2010 Walter Camp Coach of the Year, 2010 Sporting News Coach of the Year and 2010 Associated Press Coach of the Year was previously the offensive coordinator for the Oregon Ducks.

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# Chip Kelly needs to find a pair and start Mark Sanchez. Roddy White nailed it on Fantasy Sports Radio, "This offense too quick 4 Bradford
Chip Kelly turned a playoff team into hot garbage in 2 years.
just speculation though. Don't see anything wrong with it. Chip Kelly is a hot topic right now. Don't know anything about
Wait, why are people talking about Chip Kelly being on the hot seat in Philly?
If Eagles coach Chip Kelly fails, he can blame the general manager in the mirror
Again I say, Chip Kelly is the Philadelphia what Josh McDaniels was to us
In 3 home losses to Dallas, Chip Kelly has averaged 13 pts a game. At home vs all other opponents, Chip Kelly has aver…
Head coach Chip Kelly faced the media on Tuesday after Philadelphia's horrible 20-10 loss to Dallas in th...
360 Update: Moving On From Dallas - On Monday, Eagles head coach Chip Kelly explained what he and the coaching sta...
Chip Kelly..Put Oregon behind you .It's time to be an NFL Head Coach. These are your boys .Now win with them.Start designing Pro Plays
Chip Kelly 'embarrassed' by Eagles performance in loss: The Philadelphia head coach supports his offensive per...
Chip Kelly, 2016 U of South Carolina Head Coach? Looks about where he's heading... Needs young guys who have never done it a different way.
:let me guess, Donald Trump to replace Chip Kelly as Eagles head coach?
Week 2 and the focus already is on team flaws: Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly gestures on ...
The news is on latest on pope's visit, only days away and head coach Chip Kelly explains Sunday's game
Chip Kelly will be the head coach of the University of Georgia next year
.You are dedicated sports channel! You stated Chip Kelly is in 2nd season as head coach!
Press Pass: Chip Kelly - Find out what head coach Chip Kelly's message is to the fans as he explained what went wr...
Chip Kelly is learning quickly that it's a player league...Good Players aren't easy to replace, but a mediocre EGOTISTICAL Head Coach is!
Chip Kelly's show-cause penalty is over and USC hires him as head coach. Takes the USC-Oregon rivalry through the roof.
Hot dam Chip Kelly is still our head coach. It's going be a long season.
Imagine if Rutgers hired Chip Kelly as the Head Football Coach the offense would be really good&fast paced.Way better then Flood for sure
.and Nick Foles is 2-6 as a QB without Chip Kelly as his head coach. 240 yards/gm, 7TD 4INT
Chip Kelly on Eagles loss to Dallas: 'I was embarrassed': There is no head coach in the NFL that has more to…
Chip Kelly is 2 years away from being the Hurricanes head coach and severely underachieving there with a lack of talent.
Philadelphia Eagles will never win anything as long as Chip Kelly is your head coach he thinks he's the smartest man in the room
Watch Eagles head coach Chip Kelly address the media a day after the loss to the Cowboys:
NFL: Eagles head coach Chip Kelly to cover team's rough start and injuries hurting the team. (ESPN, Sportscenter.)
head coach Chip Kelly talks about what he saw on film against Dallas. Tune in now on or team app.
Eagles coach Chip Kelly's day after press conference LIVE updates, analysis: Follow along as Eagles head coach...
Looks like Chip Kelly is turning into the best (& by that I mean worst) of Josh McDaniels and Spurrier. Traded away talent, offensive genius
To the Chip Kelly pundits & naysayers-HOF Head Coach Bill Walsh was 24-33 thru first 4-years in the NFL...sustainable success takes time.
I blame Chip Kelly.150%.This is his 35th game as a head coach.That offense yesterday was unwatchable.That i…
Press Conference: Chip Kelly - Head coach Chip Kelly met with the media after the game to talk about the team's lo...
Trading away your QB and star player, bringing in Tebow...I'm convinced Josh McDaniels has been Chip Kelly the whole time.
Chip Kelly is the Gus Malzahn of the NFL. Hotty toddy
Just realized Chip Kelly is the second coming of Josh McDaniels. Has some success, which goes to his head and destroys the roster/future
Remember all of those risky moves Josh McDaniels made in Denver that didn't pan out?. Chip Kelly = Mcdaniels 2.0
Chip Kelly to Texas. Brian Kelly to Eagles. Nick Saban to Notre Dame. Urban Meyer to Alabama. Jon Gruden to Ohio State. Sound good?
Look around for struggling blue bloods in cooler, Chip Kelly might be there soon.
Chip Kelly and Nick Saban sit while they pee
Chip Kelly says Tony Romo is as good as any QB in NFL today, has been elite QB for long time htt…
Something tells me Johnny Manzeil would fit perfectly in Chip Kelly's offense.
Tim McManus said that Chip Kelly said depending on the match up, Eric Rowe and Chris Maragos' status will change game to game
Some say Chip Kelly is crazy like a fox. But even John Fox ain't this crazy JJ
Just got off work...some body explain to me why Chip Kelly had Sam Bradford pass the ball 52 times?..
"Hi, I'm first half Chip Kelly, and I have cable."
The Eagles will never win a Super Bowl with Chip Kelly as head coach. Bill Belichick would never throw the ball 52 times w/ Murray as his RB
This clown Chip Kelly has running backs on deck but he throws the ball 50 times??? I let u espn clowns crown him tho. Smh
Chip Kelly will never kick another field goal.
Murray had 9 yards rushing... Chip Kelly's is racist 😂
So when is Chip Kelly going to start being a good nfl coach?
Chip Kelly is sick lol tried to kick a field goal on 4th and one and the kicker how Greg Jeffus would say blew the kick
Chip Kelly would never have lasted in Cobra Kai. Cobra Kai doesn't kick a field goal there
Chip Kelly is the Barney Rubble of the NFL.
Chip Kelly on the sideline: "Can one of you guys actually cover Julio Jones?". Eagles Defense: "No.". Kelly: "Well at …
Chip Kelly's Eagles offense is so fast that it seems like they're barely on the field.
sitting here eating some chips watching Chip Kelly's offense. How wild is that, man. Man I love Doritos
Paul Giamatti as Chip Kelly. Philip Seymour Hoffman would've killed the role. :(
Remember when Chip Kelly was almost the Bucs coach then he pulled out and we ended up with Greg Schiano? Good times, good times.
Can't freaking wait for this Eagles team to take the field. In Barney Rubble we trust. I mean Chip Kelly.
Dan Quinn is hoping to bring his defensive success from Seattle to Atlanta. His first test: Chip Kelly & the Eagles. h…
TFW Chip Kelly says you’re the QB of the future but you take it too literally:
Based on the play of Nick Foles & Marcus Mariota today, Chip Kelly better hope Sam Bradford is his guy.
The 'hawks are my other favorite team. They just ran into Nick Foles wanting to prove Chip Kelly is
Why would Chip Kelly run a read-option with a QB who's been injured most of his career?
Matt Rhule looking to take the title of Biggest Balls in the City from Chip Kelly.
LeSean McCoy has seven yards on seven carries with a long of eight yards. Chip Kelly takes the holeshot on Greg Roman and the Bills.
does Chip Kelly have an "Ernie Adams"/football research director scouting other teams? Not sure if u saw "Do your Job."
In Fri. Inquirer -- Chip Kelly and Matt Ryan have known each other since earl 2000s. Now, Kelly game plans for him:
Why did Chip Kelly make the offseason changes? What do experts and players think? Inquirer special section story:
Chip Kelly is the biggest name on Eagles team.Just win:Early Birds: Why Stephen Morris is the 3rd QB via
"I truly believe it is going to happen under Chip Kelly." - Merrill Reese | Listen:
either a Chip Kelly smoothie, or some of that miracle Nano water Russell Wilson is repping ...
ICYMI: Chip Kelly explained today why the chose not to keep Rasheed Bailey on the team's practice squad:
Chip Kelly hopes Rasheed Bailey plays in the CFL after being cut by Eagles: PHILADELPHIA -- Philadelphia ...
Chip Kelly: Rasheed Bailey has 'bright future' but must improve
Chip Kelly: Rasheed Bailey has 'bright future' but mu... |
You mean to tell me Chip Kelly thinks Stephen Morris (not sure who that is) is better than Tim Tebow? Seriously? 😒
Chip Kelly updates health of roster; talks Stephen Morris decision; and more.
Chip Kelly opens up about decision to cut Hometown favorite Rasheed Bailey.
Chip Kelly "Talked to some CFL Teams about signing Rasheed Bailey, hopes a team signs him"
Chip Kelly: talked to a CFL team about Rasheed Bailey ... He just needs to continue to improve.
Chip Kelly says he talked to a CFL team about Rasheed Bailey and hopes he continues to play.
Eagles Video: Jon Gruden says Chip Kelly wants \"like-minded people,\" credits owner Jeffrey Lurie for giving him …
The courts are racist just like the commish and Chip Kelly and all white people Jim come on catch up
can you get Jim White to explain why Chip Kelly's no huddle offence is so effective? No? Thought not...
I wonder if Chip Kelly would enjoy having Cardale Jones run the read-option.
Jones is the type of QB Chip Kelly would like to have in Philly I bet
Tim Tebow should play in Canada. Chip Kelly says he "needs more reps" - he hasn't had many last 3 yrs. So do what Moon…
Report: Chip Kelly told Tim Tebow to play in CFL to get more reps -
Also keep in mind Steven Morris already knows our system back when he played QB with Chip Kelly back at Oregon.
Sorting out emotions on Tebow: Stunned. Sad. Disappointed in Chip Kelly. Thankful for all the great moments Tim Tebow
BREAKING: Tim Tebow arrives in uniform at facility despite being cut from team, claiming "God's authority" overrules Chip Kelly.
Chip says Eagles will add a quarterback, Tebow not good enough. Eagles coach Chip Kelly says the reason he cut Tim...
Can we let Tim Tebow go back to being an analyst? Or be the next Joel Osteen plz? With all Chip Kelly's unorthrdox moves, he still cut him
Chip Kelly's reason for Tim Tebow not making the in one picture:
Chip Kelly said it best. Tim Tebow is not a good enough passer for the NFL . Most people that understand the position knew th…
Seen the Chip Kelly interview. This mf act like he got 6 rings or something.
Chip Kelly said Marcus Smith will be on the active roster, will not get IR to return. Also said Cody Parkey, Miles Austin are fine.
Chip Kelly, who sort of knows how to build an offense and Bill Belichick have now both come to same conclusion. Tebow isn…
Every piece of jewelry Chip Kelly owns, he bought. He has won NOTHING. Mike Irvin on the other hand...thats right, rings.
I know Chip Kelly wish he had Marcus Mariota so bad but…
Chip Kelly says the Eagles will add a third quarterback, but Tim Tebow isn't good enough right now
So glad Chip Kelly didn't end up coming to the Browns. We would have cut Joe Haden and traded Joe Thomas
I'm starting to think Chip Kelly gave Tebow a shot to take the media attention off of him being racist.
To reiterate I honestly think Sam Hinkie and Chip Kelly have some sick bet going on...
Tebow. DeMarco. Chip Kelly. I am officially adopting the Eagles as my number 3 NFC team (Lions and Russell Wilson).
Who made that opening limit price of Tebow making the team +190? Ray Charles? BTW Chip Kelly is now racist against blondes
Chip Kelly can coach up Tim Tebow but Jay Gruden cant help RGIII? Yeah right
Jimmy Johnson hears good things from Chip Kelly on Tebow -
Chip Kelly is gonna let Tebow make his third NFL team. Am I the only one who sees how wrong this is?
Chip Kelly's Philadelphia Eagles roster overhaul was about depth - The MMQB with Peter King -
If I'm Chip Kelly and I really need to win a game, I go with Tim Tebow over the disaster that can be Mark Sanchez.
Why is Murray a bust? I think Chip Kelly will know how to keep his RBs fresh. He will still produce you watch.
"only hope at this point is Chip Kelly's STUBBORN PRIDE." -
Remember this "Chip Kelly is gonna get himself fired" Shannon sharp. At least that's I think what he said. I can't really understand him
Chip Kelly and Sam Bradford are better than Jason Garrett and Tony Romo.
I heard people were bring them up on 96.5 last night. People really think Chip Kelly is Marty Mornhinweg??
That looked like one of Chip Kelly's Oregon teams beating up on some FCS team on that opening drive.
Nice drive by the Eagles. Chip Kelly's offense coming together with DeMarco and Bradford.
Once again, Chip Kelly utilized all three running backs on a single drive. . Just a beautiful drive to start the game off.
This just in Chip Kelly trades demarco murray for e.j manuel and matt cassel.
How Vinny Curry and Brad Jones fit into Chip Kelly's "master plan":
cmon robin eagles lost 3 best off plyrs Mccoy jackson n maclin and u think theyll be better? Chip Kelly isn't a miracle wrkr
Hey Blair, ready for the season? Got a piece on Chip Kelly today if you're interested: Speak soon.
How long of a leash does Chip Kelly have? joined Bob to talk all things .
Lane Kiffin, Bob Stoops, Chip Kelly all wear visors. All *** hats. Spurrier is an old and charmin' *** Bubba Watson, visor, ***
Eagles News: Pete Carroll sides with Chip Kelly on Terrell Suggs hit
Chip Kelly: No read-option play on Sam Bradford hit. Plenty of gray area after NFL ruling.
Chip Kelly says Eagles secondary is lactose intolerant because they do not bite the cheese http:/…
I feel you brother on that Philly situation. Typical Philly fan. Chip Kelly's shouldn't run that type of play with him in.
What we learned: Chip Kelly's Eagles are flying high -
Good Morning! Going to have a great day, feel blessed because I watched a great Eagles game & James Bond. Thank U, Chip Kelly
Heath Evans wrote an article that Chip Kelly was the worst coach of all time and Jamie Dukes hates Philly
"If shutting out the Ravens is cool, consider me Miles Davis." - Chip Kelly
I'll be happy if Chip Kelly wins as many playoff games as legendary Eagles coaches Rich Kotite and Ray Rhodes.
Report: Chip Kelly excited about Tim Tebow’s progress
Chip Kelly signs Taylor Mays. I see it now
Lots of good stuff on Chip Kelly, race, and the workplace packed into a bite-sized piece by Howard Bryant.
Davis: Reiterates what Chip Kelly said yesterday about Steve Smith being a great player for the D to practice against.
Still think RG can have success but that not in DC. Playing for a coach like Chan Gailey or Chip Kelly (barf) is his best shot.
Wondering how Tyrod Taylor would look like in Chip Kelly's offense.
[Carroll County Times] - Eagles coach Chip Kelly fondly remembers his one year as Johns Hopkins football assistant
ICYMI: Chip Kelly still avoids spotlight despite headline-grabbing moves, by Albert Breer
[Carroll County Times] - Joe Flacco is elite if you ask Chip Kelly
Latest from Chip Kelly on Miles Austin status with the Eagles:
I'm not understanding how Tom Tebow is 4th on the depth chart, Chip Kelly offense is designed for dualthreat QBs.
are you serious? Chip Kelly took away his only other good reciever in Desean.
Former Oregon Duck trying to latch on with former coach Chip Kelly's Philadelphia Eagles
Peter King pretty much said "Chip Kelly isn't a racist because he signed two black running backs " I laughed when I read it
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Bold strategy by Jill Ellis to go for the 2-pt conversion there. We got a veritable Chip Kelly!
Chip Kelly's needs to get LaMicheal James & Darron Thomas back
If you took the cast of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and place them on the Eagles team, for sure Danny DeVito would be Chip Kelly.
That throw right there, over the head of Matthews, is kind of why Chip Kelly traded for Sam Bradford.
Chip Kelly should be fired immediately.
Pretty sure Chip Kelly reached out to Graham Henry since being at PHI but think that was more culture rather that strategy.
Just hanging out with Chip Kelly and his dog Henry... No big deal...…
Riley Cooper avoids topic of whether he damages Chip Kelly's reputation http://
What is your official stance on Chip Kelly? How is Riley Cooper still on the roster?
is Connor barwin racist and will this be Chip Kelly's downfall? my column:
I think all the former Eagles players who are accusing Chip Kelly of being racist are confusing him with Riley Cooper.
Safety first! Chip Kelly arrives to training camp bright and early. 🚴🏼
Ed Dickson: coach Chip Kelly not a racist, but check your ego at the door.
Chip Kelly arrives 6:20am on his bike with a helmet ready for another day of camp.
Chip Kelly really thinks Tim Tebow can be the Philadelphia Eagles' starting quarterback:
Panthers' Ed Dickson on Chip Kelly: 'He doesn't like egos'
Chip Kelly is the main reason I'd want Hard Knocks tho
Man this dude on Pardon The Interruption basically said if Chip Kelly wins games he's dictator comparable to Benito Mussolini
Chip Kelly says Brandon Graham does an outstanding job of setting the edge.
I'm watching first take right now and Steven A Smith is comparing Chip Kelly to a slave owner.
Steven A Smith is making great points about Chip Kelly on First Take in regards to the racial issues surrounding the players. 👂
it's almost like how Chip Kelly uses black guys on his team when the white get hurt. Sorry. Had to do it
Tim Tebow is fighting for a roster spot in Philly. Wow! Chip Kelly really does think he is smarter than everyone else. What a ***
News: Sad to see Eagles' Chip Kelly dogged by racism allegations – The Philadelphia Inquirer
Ryan Matthews made of tissue .. Chip Kelly be selling dreams
Ryan to Whitlock: 'You're not a believer in Chip Kelly?': . Jason Whitlock and Bob Ryan discuss the moves Chip ...
...Greg Schiano, Jim Harbaugh and Chip Kelly all are used to a level of control they can't have in the NFL. Guys are married, have mortgages
rode DeMarco Murray into the ground - cry us a river over it. Cowboys rode DeMarco like U ridin Chip Kelly
i hope you have the courage to call out this 'we all backed him' lie Chip Kelly pushing. mccoy & carey williams were vocal
Chip Kelly conceded today that Tra Thomas, Boykin & Shady comments could be product of his handling of Riley Cooper:
Louis Vasquez & Manny Ramirez claim Chip Kelly didn't trade for them because they're hispanic
Herm Edwards on Chip Kelly: "If he hadn't won 20 games his first two years, this would be a really big mess." …
I love that mad dog sports radio is grilling anybody that calls in and wants to call Chip Kelly racist lol
Here's my latest column about Chip Kelly, Darren Wilson and "culture."
My view: Chip Kelly wants to be star of his team, in total control, so he wants only coachable cogs who never question…
is trying to make a case of Chip Kelly being racist for having monitors on every player not just black players but EVERYONE😂😂
Everyone should read the Darren Wilson feature by the His quotes about "culture" gives life to Boykin's claims about Chip Kelly.
Certainly, but is there a little Greg Schiano in Chip Kelly? Dealing with college and NFL players is different worlds.
Chip Kelly: 'Mychal Kendricks is not going anywhere'. (via )
This is also another interesting head scratcher for Chip Kelly
Hour 2 of today's show: Chip Kelly's; talked UK recruiting and w/ unmatched golf coverage
Chip Kelly trades McCoy and cuts Boykin so he's racist? Chip Kelly cuts Evan Mathis, nobody says anything about race?
Chip Kelly let Jeremy MacLin go then drafted Nelson Agholor.who's NIGERIAN.
Chip Kelly might not be racist (I doubt he is), but he's the anti-Bo Ryan. If you don't understand America's culture, learn it.
Live look at Chip Kelly and his staff taking in the action on day 1 of training camp.
he's already joked about running. You must not know about Chip Kelly
Former coach Mike Holmgren discusses how Sam Bradford will do in Chip Kelly's offense
Chip Kelly thinks Sam Bradford has an 88-90% of avoiding re-injury. Why he's playing the odds, in the Sun. Inquirer:
Brandon Boykin tells he's surprised to be traded since Chip Kelly told him he was going to get a chance to win star…
Chip Kelly knows Eagles need a franchise quarterback, and it might not be Sam Bradford
Chip Kelly says the numbers are in Sam Bradford’s favor now
I love that Sam Hinkie and Chip Kelly continue to reshape roster and everyone cries that they don't know what they're doing ...we'll see 😉
I still don't know why Chip Kelly traded for Sam Bradford…its amazing he hasn't gotten hurt yet
Chip Kelly: The numbers are in Sam Bradford’s favor
Lets go Philly/South Jersey farmers. We need an up tempo Chip Kelly corn maze .
Chip Kelly betting big on Sam Bradford to come through for Eagles
Chip Kelly is depending on Sam's 88% healthy self to have a good season
LeSean McCoy cancels "Females Only" party, invites Chip Kelly and Obama to a new one
[cover32] - Eagles HC Chip Kelly needs to get Darren Sproles the ball in every way possible
Jimmy Johnson, Steve Spurrier, Butch Davis, Pete Carroll, Saban, Chip Kelly. Basically Urban is the only "dynasty" coach not to yet.
Little Giant Ladders
Martinez is out of his mind if he thinks Andy Reid is doing a better coaching job than Chip Kelly
On Murray, Mathews And the Stretch: Chip Kelly and Duce Staley had some other options in Darren Sprole...
DJ Chip Kelly was spinning tunes all night long whilst Andy Reid and Mia Khalifa mysteriously went missing at 9pm..
he learned from Andy Reid and Chip Kelly. Very relatable, low maintenance personality, easy to connect with young guys
Chip Kelly believes history is on Sam Bradford, Eagle... |
More and more I feel like Chip Kelly is probably not racist.
Rumors: Is Tebow the perfect backup in Chip Kelly's offense?
Chip Kelly's two favorite players on the Eagles? Has to be Brent Celek and DeMeco Ryans.
Chip Kelly didn't bring in Tebow only to cut him and Tim wouldn't have signed if he didn't believe they had a real meeting of
NFL News and Rumors: Tim Tebow hot on and off the football field: Chip Kelly has come into the NFL like a stor...
Chip Kelly: Agent requested Evan Mathis' release, team complied
Jimmy Johnson to Chip Kelly: Until you win big, expect criticism
Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly on Chip Kelly: 'he gets killed' for having complete control
Jimmy Johnson has advice for Chip Kelly: find someone you can trust.
Notre Dame’s football team is using a Chip Kelly-ism as their 2015 motto
Jimmy Johnson on Chip Kelly's roster makeover in Philadelphia | The MMQB with Peter King
Chip Kelly's "Culture Beats Scheme" quote is now being used as Notre Dame football's motto
Chip Kelly has been ranked the 3rd most influential person of the 2015 NFL season, ahead of Jerry Jones, Bill Belichec…
>> Charles in Charge: Eagles boss Chip Kelly ranked the third most powerful person in the NFL
Chip Kelly ranked as one of the most the influential people in the NFL
Jimmy Johnson knows Chip Kelly can be great because he isn't afraid to take risks
Jimmy Johnson helps explain the method to Chip Kelly's madness:
"[He's] going to dazzle this year in Chip Kelly's offense."
Chip Kelly truly is cleaning house in Philly; This was the depth chart the day he was hired - htt…
Well then, this just about sums up exactly why Chip Kelly cut DeSean Jackson over a year ago. Unbelievable.
Former Eagles kicker David Akers says he still bleeds green, talks Chip Kelly
Hey we’re big fans of Carol Dweck’s belief in the growth mindset, and LOVE how Chip Kelly advocates it.
Brandon Graham said he expects to start at LB in Philly this year, feels comfortable, enjoys coach Chip Kelly. Said it's …
On what planet is John Fox a better coach than Chip Kelly?
Howie Roseman added 23 new players thru FA/NFL Draft during 2011 offseason. Chip Kelly has cut/traded all but one of t…
I don't think anybody has a ceiling. Everybody can constantly improve. – Chip Kelly
The best QB for Chip Kelly's system - Randall Cunningham
We give these coaches carte blanche. Do they deserve not to be questioned at all? Chip Kelly? George Karl? Mike Shanahan?
Chip Kelly likes how Miles Austin fits in Philadelphia Eagles ...:
Chip Kelly needs bug off back to college. He has no idea how to run a team, Howie Roseman's probably laughing his *** off.
Like him or not, Chip Kelly has played a huge role in revolutionizing football and is a sport science genius.
Chip Kelly would trade the Eagles franchise for Dez Bryant
Chip Kelly has said that Evan Mathis asked to be released but Mathis says Drew Rosenhaus mentioned a release only in March.
Jimmy had one truly big game in college and Chip Kelly won by 30 after being down 24-3
***This Hour on FOX Sports 1 Reporter, Alex Marvez. We tell you who's got Chip Kelly's back,...
What can the learn from coach Chip Kelly?
Chip Kelly and the Who else?. These rosters are nearly unrecognizable from last year:
It's ok little Timmy. Chip Kelly will just grow Embiid a new leg
DeSean Jackson, Shady, Jeremy MacLin, Todd Herremans, Trent Cole, Cary Williams and now Mathis? What are you doing to my team Chip Kelly?
coach Chip Kelly displays faith in offense and former lineman Allen Barbre.
Dez Bryant caught it, Tony Romo was Mvp , The eagles will never win a superbowl nd Chip Kelly works for th…
Enjoyed this article by about Chip Kelly and his recent roster move:
Nice read by on Chip Kelly releasing G Mathis:
tell Bob Ryan that Chip Kelly has nothing to do with Notre Dame.
It's pretty obvious that Evan Mathis told D'Angelo Russell that Brett Brown met with Chip Kelly last week... thus Russell canceled his visit
i think the 'archaic' excuse is lame. it's ok to compare Chip Kelly to Chuck Knoll.
I want to know what this Eagle fan thinks of Chip Kelly's moves. This is epic!
Chip Kelly is like Amaro mixed with Ray Rhodes and throw in a little Ed Wade and Billy King.
Between Evan Mathis and Todd Herremans I'm now convinced Chip Kelly hates white people
Hate him or love him, Cary Williams speaks some truth about Chip Kelly and Eagles: Criticism has been com...
NFL rumors and news: Tim Tebow hoping Chip Kelly can restart his career: Philadelphia Eagles quarterback ...
Cary Williams saying that Chip Kelly's system didn't work is laugh out loud funny. Remember how well he played?
Cary Williams didn't agree with Chip Kelly's approach to games/opponents? Well, Cary, I didn't agree with your approach to the CB position.
Seeing Cary Williams bash on the Eagles is making it so much more apparent on why Chip Kelly cares so much about cultur…
Seahawks CB Cary Williams says he didn't agree with Chip Kelly's approach in his time in Philly.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Cary Williams on Chip Kelly & "Whatever they were creating, I didn't believe it."
Chip Kelly on Sproles' absence: Darren had a family thing. He will be here tomorrow.
Chip Kelly said that Fletcher Cox will be at practice today. Darren Sproles will miss today, too, for a personal reason.
And the NY Football Giants won 4. Chip Kelly can suck it.
No. 16: Heat coach Erik Spoelstra credits a conversation with then-Oregon football coach Chip Kelly as his eureka...
LeSean got an 11 on his Wonderlic test out of college and every time he talks it's easier to understand why Chip Kelly traded him.
I asked LeSean McCoy why he didn't take Chip Kelly's calls. He responded by threatening to end interview if he got ano…
LeSean McCoy compared Greg Roman to Chip Kelly, calling Kelly “a genius” for getting backs in to space.
I see the Chip Kelly stuff in Philadelphia very similar 2 Mike Martz with the Rams from 2002-2005
When a warrior goes down, you pick up his shield and go play in honor of him. – Chip Kelly
SI’s Greg Bedar says that Chip Kelly is one of the toughest football coaches to cover |
Chip Kelly loves to go for 2; Could Tim Tebow make the team for that reason alone? -
Chip Kelly is trending again. What did he do now? Probably announced Tim Tebow is his starting quarterback.
Why did Chip Kelly go get Demarco Murray, Nelson Agholor, Jordan Hicks, Jacorey Shepard? I think you are way off sir.
Stephen A Smith implies a bunch of ppl are calling Chip Kelly's only him & Lesean McCoy
Stephen A Smith calling Chip Kelly a racist for letting go of Maclin, Desean, and McCoy but keeping Riley Cooper is so stupid
Stephen A. Smith pisses me off. He thinks Chip Kelly is racist cause he let go of black athletes. Get your head out of the gutter.
Stephen A Smith still calling Chip Kelly a racist lol
Stephen A Smith made excellent points about Chip Kelly
Stephen A. Smith goin in on Chip Kelly ... Valid points though
Stephen A and I are back tomorrow to debate DWade, APeterson, Thibs, Chip Kelly on race accusations, Eagles QB battle,…
Chip Kelly: The only guys limited right now are Sam Bradford, Earl Wolff and Marcus Smith
Eagles coach Chip Kelly says LeSean McCoy was "wrong" in suggesting that race played a role in personnel decisions.
ICYMI: a review of 's fascinating and flawed portrait of Chip Kelly.
What's wrong, and what's right, in Greg Bedard's 5-page Sports Illustrated profile of Chip Kelly? My column:
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