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Chip Kelly

Charles Chip Kelly (born November 25, 1963) is the head football coach at the University of Oregon. Widely regarded as one of the most innovative offensive minds in college football today, the 2009 and 2010 Pac-10 Coach of the Year, 2010 Eddie Robinson Coach of the Year, 2010 Walter Camp Coach of the Year, 2010 Sporting News Coach of the Year and 2010 Associated Press Coach of the Year was previously the offensive coordinator for the Oregon Ducks.

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This is why Chip Kelly let go of Desean Jackson
Eagles News: Donovan McNabb says Chip Kelly needs to start winning soon or he could be gone
I think it's almost happened a few times hasn't it? Marge Schott in Cincy, Donald Sterling last year, Chip Kelly...
How about the guts by Chip Kelly to go for it on 4th and 1 in OT on the road?
I'm just awake to see Chip Kelly's team lose to a team with Matt Cassel at the helm.
Chip Kelly seems like the guy who plays Madden/calls 4 straight hail marys after going down big, then turns console off after they dont work
As Barkley says, "Badford is Turrrbal!" Chip Kelly ain't all that either. Get rid of both of them!
whose calling the plays John Donovan or Chip Kelly?
Their fans, Chip Kelly and Anything that reminds me of Donovan McNabb.
who was that guy on who said Andrew Luck is to blame, but Derrick Rose is hurt & Chip Kelly to Miami. So I can avoid him.
Bold prediction for 2017: Chip Kelly is the Longhorns coach, Kevin Sumlin is the Eagles coach, Kendall Briles takes over Baylor.
Mike Florio is Adding Half-Assed Fuel to the Chip Kelly to the Titans Fire
if and Chip Kelly leaves/gets fired from Philly do we bring him here? Reunite with Mariota?
>> Start the Chip Kelly-to-the-Titans rumors because it makes some sense
Stop saying Chip Kelly. He gonna trade away Jurrell Casey and Parrish Cox and Kendall Wright. NO lol
Andrew Luck is God. Chip Kelly is a genius. Andy Dalton stinks. Let us know when you say something that makes sense 😂
So if y'all are sick of Andrew Luck I'd happily give you Sam Bradford, Chip Kelly, and the mythological rights to Dario Saric for Luck.
Chip Kelly and a bag of chips for Andrew Luck.
I love your analysis...I am an Eagles' fan or more aptly put, a Chip Kelly fan. I would love for you to be as thorough w/more
You'd think David Wright could pick it up, given that he played for Chip Kelly at Oregon
Remember when Chip Kelly could've took Deaanthony Thomas but passed on him.
Chip Kelly really better see about trading Jason Peters for Joe Thomas.
WOW! At all these stories of players such as Mack Thomas and Kruger up for trade and even Chip Kelly close to a deal being our next HC
Tough figuring Tony out. Post UF he's calling for back channel exploration of get Chip Kelly out of Philly to UT...
Yes it's that time of Day again to Remind "Bleeding Green Nation" That Chip Kelly continues to not have answers to turning season around?
Taking a poll among Eagles Nation: Do you think Chip Kelly should be fired?
>> Donovan McNabb on the Hall of Fame, Chip Kelly, Scott Shafer and burying the 44 debate
Donovan McNabb says Scott Shafer is the right man, Chip Kelly needs to win, 44 debate needs to end.
People calling for Chip Kelly to be fired. Sure he had bad clock management but if players caught the ball it might be a different story
Mistakes that might, unfortunately, define Chip Kelly: . 1. Marcus Smith over Carr/Bridgewater. . 2. Not paying Maclin but pa…
Chip Kelly changes tune from interview on says Ryan Mathews was hurt on 22-yard run |
Chip Kelly was just questioned about why Ryan Matthews only had 1 carry after his long TD run. Says I dunno Duce (staley) ma…
I'd rather have Ryan Matthews in the Chip Kelly offense over DeMarco Murray. Fits the spread offensive better.
Gotta ask Duce Staley how he feels about Chip Kelly always blaming him for Ryan Mathews not getting the ball more.
Time to admit it: Ryan Mathews is better than DeMarco Murray. When will Chip Kelly catch on? My column:
Chip Kelly can't deny it any longer. Ryan Mathews is the best RB option on the
Hear from Eagles, Chip Kelly, Sam Bradford, Malcolm Jenkins next on NBC10 postgame show.
not at all. Chip Kelly made multiple bad decisions. 3rd and 9 call after a timeout. Only letting Mathews run 6 times, etc.
Chip Kelly to USC and as the Eagles head coach?
Prediction: Chip Kelly releases Maxwell, Carroll, and Murray (3 top players) next season to make room for the Oregon Duck Mascot at QB
Dropped Passes & Bad Decisions: Volume S8. That's the name of Chip Kelly's first mixtape.
Eric Taylor won a championship with Matt Seracon and Chip Kelly can't scratch his *** with a heisman winner
Ryan Mathews has six carries for the entire game. SIX!. This game is all on Chip Kelly, in my opinion.
Chip Kelly baffles more than Andy Reid ever could have dreamed of.
Holding on Ed Dickson. Interesting fact: He played quarterback for Chip Kelly at Oregon.
Chip Kelly would be so good at running a Burger King.
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Larry Joe Campbell and Chip Kelly were separated at birth
Chip Kelly is the poster child for why most college coaches should stay in their lane and stick to college. Lets...
Jonathan Stewart played Quarterback for Chip Kelly at Oregon. Few people know that.
Chip Kelly is going to trade Jason Peters this offseason smfh
do you guys think Jonathan Stewart has ever met Chip Kelly? considering they have no affiliations to the same schools or anything like that
Butch Davis, make a run at Chip Kelly, Fuente, interview Matt Campbell and whoever coaches Temple, approach John Harbaugh.
Word is that Chip Kelly never had Matt Cassel on his speed dial. He did have his number on a piece of paper in his dashboard, however.
Just so you know, there’s no way Chip Kelly would wind up at Miami.
do u think Chip Kelly has to try to get Colin kaepernick from San Fran
Guys, you need to consider the possibility that Chip Kelly will continue coaching the Philadelphia Eagles.
Peter King on Chip Kelly and college, an impressive stretch for App St & more in News, Notes & Quotes
Chip Kelly would be so much better if he packed bombs like the San Fran coach
Chip Kelly and the 49ers front office should get together and write a book called "How to destroy an NFL team in one off season"
and the winner plays chip Kelly's Oregon in the pro bowl
Panthers preparing for pace of Philadelphia Eagles, coach Chip Kelly.
You know what makes me love Chip Kelly so much? The fear and hatred he inspires around the NFL. If he *** so bad, why are
say anything insightful. "Sam Bradford will be the Eagles QB until Chip Kelly decides he isn't". Really
Chip Kelly gets more familiar with his players tendencies by drinking their ***
Brilliant comment saying that Sam Bradford will be our QB until Chip Kelly decides he isn't. That is insightful!
Subtle shot at Chip Kelly in there too.
The daily urine samples Coach Kelly requires and some of the testing sounds so intrusive. Where is the union lol http:…
Chip Kelly LIVE from the NovaCare Complex coming up next on CSN. WATCH LIVE:
Chip Kelly collects daily urine samples from a 60 man roster? Do you realize how much urine that is?
Eagles News: Redskins to release Desean Jackson after 2015 season?
Chip wanted Helfrich to take over so all of you can blame Kelly for that, too.
The Eagles have the worst ever Chip Kelly is straight up trash as a coach for y'all he traded Shady to the Bills smh
I feel like Chip Kelly probably listens to Jeezy and Dipset b/c you wouldn't expect that but you're not shocked.
The guys they were recruiting when Kelly was on his way out would be Juniors now. QB Depth is more on Mark than Chip
Once I saw Chip Kelly was monitor sleep and collecting urine etc I wondered if the NFLPA would get moving on it.
Chip Kelly to USC? Will Bradford get it together? Al Michaels was on earlier with Mikey Miss in a great interview.
Eagles will beat Carolina and Monday morning ESPN be like "chip Kelly offense back?"
Colin Cowherd went on an awesome rant about Eagles' Chip Kelly, who is ... ...
Chip Kelly: "Psst...Don't tell Bradford I asked you this, but can you play quarterback?"
Eagles coach Chip Kelly on Panthers LBs Thomas Davis and Luke Kuechly: "That pair is the best pair we'll face."
Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly gets depicted in emoji form, and the result is truly something
If human beings who watch football watched Kiko Alonso this season compared Shady McCoy I'd say Chip Kelly made the right move
Chip lives in Haddonfield now?!? Looks like i offically live near Chip Kelly now 😏
Chip Kelly is not the answer for says
Redskins to release Desean Jackson after 2015 season?
.Chip Kelly & Sam Bradford are neighbors. If Chip's new house gets egged, Bradford has alibi: his accuracy
Could definitely see Paxton Lynch in the Chip Kelly offense. He is athletic enough to provide the run threat on the read.
Chip Kelly no closer to solving QB riddle now than when Eagles dumped Foles for Bradford (Yahoo Sports)
Ben who should be the next Coach at USC Pete Carroll, Chip Kelly, Brian Kelly or the Coach in St Louis ?
I'll NEVER get tired of Chip Kelly dismissing a Howard Eskin question at the postgame presser. Total clown!
Chip Kelly just trolled Howard Eskin I love it!!
Chip Kelly ripping up Howard Eskin.. lol I love it
Chip Kelly (and Howie Roseman, to a lesser extent) deserves credit for how much this defense has improved since coming here.
Sam Bradford is to Chip Kelly as Chris Duhon is to Mike D'Antoni
Chip Kelly's won almost 60 percent of his NFL games, is a MNF win away from 1st in division. But there's a *college footba…
Tim Beckman and Mark Mangino are more likely to be hired by USC than Chip Kelly.
Too bad Treon Harris still a Sophomore. Chip Kelly won't be the Eagles coach by the time he comes out. That'd be a steal for them.
Sports notes, on Utley, Chip Kelly college rumors, an I don't get it from ,
Report: Chip Kelly bought a new house near Philadelphia
Former WR Amani Toomer on Chip Kelly: "I don't think any of his moves have turned out."
News: Former Giants WR Amani Toomer doesn't think any of Chip Kelly's moves have panned out: ...
"I dont think he is leaving, I think he likes the NFL." - Sal Pal on Chip Kelly rumors.
Chip Kelly to USC? Rumors persist, anxiety for Eagles fans does not - ESPN (blog) NFL, Philadelphia, Eagles
Eagles links: Chip Kelly to North Texas State? latest on Kiko Alonso, Nelson Agholor: Get caught up on the lat...
Chip Kelly says he's not interested in return to college football. But so did Nick Saban. And Jim Harbaugh. ^rd
Chip Kelly denies interest in USC HC gig. I remember when Nick Saban also said he had no interest in the Alabama job.
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Chip Kelly says 'no, no, no, no, no' to USC job; don't believe him: Another coach once made a similar…
Keyshawn Johnson, "Why don't we go get Chip Kelly? Enough of that. It's your opportunity to make (Helton) coach."
I think it's a better chance zombie Joe Paterno rises from the grave to coach USC than Chip Kelly.
Love how Heath Evans keeps moving the goalposts. "Chip Kelly will be the worst coaching hire ever" to "Won't win the Super Bowl"
I think Heath Evans caught Chip Kelly banging his wife so I think that's why he really hates the Eagles
On just said he believes the two leading candidates for the USC HC job will be Chip Kelly and Kev…
Chip Kelly leads list of 10 candidates to replace Sarkisian as USC coach
Chip Kelly? Brian Kelly? Bob Stoops? Yes, and 7 other candidates to replace Steve Sarkisian at USC.
Chip Kelly gonna end up at USC or Miami next year
Darren Daulton 11AM. Charles Davis (called the game) 12PM & Chip Kelly speaks at 1PM! Tune into the show on !
Coming up with Darren Daulton joins the show at 11:00, 12:00 and the Chip Kelly press conference at 1:00
Chip Kelly is never going to step foot in Heritage Hall Trojans. You’d have to make him the first billion dollar coach.
Take it easy on the Lions on the show this week. In other news, I hate what Chip Kelly has done to my
Sam Ficken waiting for that phone call from Chip Kelly like
Sam Bradford is killing my emotions. I really hate Chip Kelly, Pat Schumur and Bill Davis. They all (cont)
I didn't see the Times today. Hue Jackson should be interviewed for the job.I doubt Pat Haden & Chip Kelly get together.
Ashley Fox reported Friday that there are “rumblings” that coach Chip Kelly is in danger of losing the team’s locker room.
I don't want Chip Kelly. Pete Carroll was hired in part because his daughter was at USC. He succeeded largely based on creating enthusiasm.…
Report: Chip Kelly in danger of losing Eagles locker room
He is a great college coach coach, but how is Chip Kelly going to coach USC, Texas, Miami, South Car AND MD next year?
It's just petulant to fire USC coach on a Chip Kelly pipe dream
The Tao of Chip Kelly: Lessons from America's Most Innovative Coach. The Tao of Chip Kelly: Lessons from Ameri…
no examples of a good head coach/GM? Forgetting Belichick and Carroll...? Tone down the Chip Kelly hate dude.
Maryland football linked to Eagles head coach Chip Kelly
No way Pat Haden hies Chip Kelly. Pat would have to go before this could happen
Pete mentions Chip Kelly in here ... Chip loves the NFL but has long been said to have eyes for the USC job.
Since head coach Randy Edsall is getting fired by Maryland football team, it's time to bring in Chip Kelly so they become winners.
USC to approach Eagles' Chip Kelly if they fire Steve Sarkisian?: Kelly being linked to a potential head coach...
Flailing USC needs Chip Kelly as its coach, not Steve Sarkisian
USC could be interested in Chip Kelly
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Agree. ---> “Just my 2 cents. I don't think Chip Kelly could coach an NFL team..”
As long as Chip Kelly is Eagles coach, I'm gonna believe in him. Who gives up after 4 games. Don't praise him when he tu…
- rumor floating re: .coach Chip Kelly might be contacted. Coach "O" should've been the guy.
Report: Chip Kelly is in danger of losing the Eagles locker room
Chip Kelly isn't in danger of losing the locker room,". Just because dumb reporters from out of the city say he is doesn't mean anything.
Ashley Fox reporting that Chip Kelly in danger of losing locker room. For putting blame on players and not his scheme.
Chip Kelly to the Trojans would be LIT
Sark, Chip Kelly, Billy O'Brien, Randy Edsall, Al Golden, Butch Jones...who else is walking the Green Mile?
Tonight on & I debate if Chip Kelly belongs at UMD or UT. Plus, we re-enact Matt Barnes' drive to fight D…
I've read multiple comments from Terps fans convinced that Chip Kelly and John Harbaugh are serious candidates to replace Randy Edsall.
Sylvester Stallone uses bad pun to defend Chip Kelly: 'I don't think it's time for Chip's ahoy yet.'
My top 2 coaching candidates would be Josh McDaniels & Chip Kelly. McDaniels half the price of Kelly. Kelly proven product though.
Crazy to think that 3 years ago Chip Kelly led Oregon and Vince Young to a national title. Now he's coaching Maryland in the MAC.
So Sly Stallone said not to give up on Chip Kelly...if I wanted to listen to some bumbling retard from NY talk about the Birds I'd ask Zomp
Fox Sports The Audible: Three schools that could make a big run at Chip Kelly in 2017. No. 3 will shock you! (Listen)
Eagles 360: Episode 21 - Dave Spadaro and Joe DeCamara offer the latest news from the NovaCare Complex. Chip Kelly...
Chip Kelly the GM calls Chip Kelly the coach. Funny stuff! Joe Conklin
Lions OC Joe Lombardi is a perfect fit for Chip Kelly. Together they could lead a bunch of talent to zero points.
What if Chip Kelly replaced, say, Charlie Strong at Texas? Just a what-if.
Can't wait to hire Sean Payton. Who is the same as Chip Kelly, but with coke.
If not for 2 strange out-of-it plays by CB Chris Culliver resulting in Bradford TD bombs, Chip Kelly's offense looked …
Chip Kelly is the man and Jeremy hill is still top 5 RB in football.. Week 4 everyone relax
Chip Kelly will be looking for a new job soon and has the perfect landing spot.
Chip Kelly's excuse that the Eagles would be 3-1 if not for missed kicks is absurd, ICYMI
Chip Kelly might want to resurrect that Tim Tebow idea he had:
Chip Kelly: Culture beats Scheme. Dave Hakstol: Will with Skill. Spoke to the Flyers coach tonight. I like his more than Chi…
Kelly Isn't Changing Anything Despite Eagles' 1-3 Start - Chip Kelly is sticking by his players and his scheme des...
Chip Kelly's miss was thinking Sam Bradford would be the trading tool that would bring him Marcus Mariotta.
Eagles look inept in every way: Chip Kelly and the Philadelphia Eagles have become the Murphy's La... Tscent
MMBM: Chip Kelly is running the 'The Producers' scam in Philly - SB Nation
Chip Kelly has to figure out offense quick. Jets D ballin with Todd Bowles: 10 turnovers, given up just 17 points
Texas should only fire Strong if they know they can get a Nick Saban, Jim Tressel or Chip Kelly. Someone of that caliber.
Chip Kelly is full of himself. A real know it all. He don't know diddly n I ain't talking about Bo! He's creepy looking 2
When it comes to scoring points, no quarterback has ran Chip Kelly's offense in the past two years better than Mark Sa…
Anyone else catch Chip Kelly at the Saints game?
Its amazing Chip Kelly thought losing Desean Jackson, Mccoy , Maclin and others was a smart idea. Its almost like he b…
It's beautiful watching the Eagles fail. Chip Kelly definitely doesn't look as smart as he thinks he is
Chip Kelly might not be a genius after all. The NFL will figure you out after a year. Your system still needs talent to execute …
Chip Kelly's shutout in the first half, lead 13-0 in Washington
The obvious question to Chip Kelly... Do you wish you still had Todd Herremans and Evan Nathis?
When the Eagles gonna fire Chip Kelly? Right now? When they get back to Philly? Tomorrow?
Maybe we'll find out that Chip Kelly was once slighted by an Eagles player or coach when he was young. This is his revenge
Just wanted to send a big eff you to Chip Kelly from everyone who owns either Ryan Mathews, Demarco Murray, or both.
The Eagles still have a shot at the No. 1 overall pick ... which Chip Kelly will trade for an old knee brace and the righ…
Remember when people were fine with Chip Kelly cutting Evan Mathis and Todd Herremans?? WOO HOO CHIP!! GENUIS!!
Are you telling me Chip Kelly isn't the 2nd coming of Bill Walsh?
Letting go Evan Mathis and Todd Herremans go better be haunting Chip Kelly every night...
Congrats, Chip Kelly, you've done the impossible: In a city that contains the Phillies, Sixers and Flyers, you've built t…
Sure would be nice to have Evan Mathis and Todd Herremans right now but they weren't "Chip Kelly guys"
cause every player that Chip Kelly jettisoned, sucked, has bad character & don't fit his system or culture.
Chip Kelly said that he expects Jason Peters and Riley Cooper to be ready by Sunday.
Chip Kelly's never seen a player prepare like Darren Sproles
Chip Kelly would be tossed off the Betsy Ross Bridge for this play calling.
There's no telling of how Chip Kelly will respond if Philly turns on him. Good read from
DeMarco Murray still believes he's a great fit in Chip Kelly offense, needs more opportunities but convinced run game iss…
If are wanting to make trades they should reunite former OL Kyle Long with Chip Kelly right
Jeremy Maclin former Oregon Duck with Chip Kelly. Ppl forget that
if you just want to listen to Chip Kelly being parroted, listen from 5-7 and hear Jason Kelce parrot Chip for 2 hours More Josh!
Chip Kelly didn't have an injury update for Andrew Gardner. Said Riley Cooper left briefly in game, but returned.
It's 11:30 and is still trying to tell me that Chip Kelly would go to Maryland. Need to get out of here.
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Chip Kelly beat an old-school, hard-nosed, smash-mouth team. Bart Scott, Heath Evans, and Mark Schlereth are all weeping currently.
Chip Kelly should send Sam Bradford to Seaside Heights and not let him back to Philly until he's won at least three large stuffed animals.
Oregon is all out of Chip Kelly signings, they're headed back to the bottom, they're a west coast Maryland,crazy uniforms, mediocre football
If the Philidelphia Eagles do not make the playoffs this year we must absolutely, without a doubt fire Chip Kelly...
2015 appears to be built around erasing any evidence that Chip Kelly was ever any good, so watch out UNH
agreed!! A thousand percent next year we will be even worse. Is Mack Brown available or Chip Kelly anybody?
unless Nick Saban or Chip Kelly is the coach by then, WE won't be in the playoffs.
This time next year Chip Kelly will be coaching the University of Texas...and laughing all the way to the bank.
I guess we had a better offensive line. U went for the money anyway Chip Kelly ain't all that. Howie Roseman is a genius
Would Johnny Manziel be a good fit in Chip Kelly's offense?
Chip Kelly "Jordan Hicks played all three downs after Alonso, Kendricks injuries and did well. can't wait to see what he can do"
Chip Kelly should start making moves and try to get Johnny Manziel. The guy has potential. I can't see this guy as a second-string QB
Are you really going to credit Howard "Howie" Roseman with signing Riley Cooper more than Chip Kelly??.
Chip Kelly needs help. We'll see if Jeff Lurie has the courage to give it to him
Eagles' Chip Kelly on Jets reporters' Mark Sanchez questions: 'Are you Mark's agent?': It was a brief conversation.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Chip Kelly: Huff told me Dallas didn't know our signals
Best part: Chip Kelly and Mark Sanchez have the same agent.
"Are you his agent?" Chip Kelly annoyed by Mark Sanchez questions.
This is the actual conversation that Chip Kelly had with a New York reporter over the phone about Mark Sanchez
Chip Kelly gets sarcastic on Sanchez, Bradford debate via
Chip Kelly does NOT want to talk about starting Mark Sanchez. (via
Chip Kelly's needs to trade for Johnny ASAP
Chip Kelly: My play calling isn't too predictable, the problem is the execution
Eagles News: Chip Kelly deserves all the blame
Also: Have defensive coordinators figured out Chip Kelly? Should Chuck Pagano have walked back what he said about his QB? (…
A sampling of Chip Kelly's conference call from this morning
Chip Kelly shuts down reporter who asks why Mark Sanchez isn'... |
head coach Chip Kelly meets with the media to preview the Jets. Tune in on and team ap…
How can Chip Kelly fix the Philadelphia Eagles? (by
Chip Kelly's a genius but y'all still taking L's
The Blue Line: Chip Kelly on the hot seat?
lmao a play on words with the Eagles coach Chip Kelly.
Chip Kelly’s response to reporter asking about Mark Sanchez is hilarious (http:/…
Has Chip Kelly's offensive scheme lost its luster? takes a closer look at the Eagles and the NFL:
Chip Kelly: My play calling isn’t too predictable, problem is execution
Chip Kelly had some rather succinct comments to the New York media regarding the QB situation
Chip Kelly has to be the most criticized coach of all winning coaches in the past two years, I've never seen such nonsense
Sad sack is a kind way to describe what Chip kelly hath wrought.
The whole exchange with Chip Kelly on Mark Sanchez on conference call:
Chip Kelly to a Jets' reporter asking if Mark Sanchez should start: "Are you Mark's agent?"
Sign Murray to a salary cap busting deal just to deny him to Dallas. Chip Kelly for Executive of the Year!
"Are you Mark's agent?" Chip Kelly hounded by Jets reporters about chances of Mark Sanchez playing vs. former team: http…
Chip Kelly said that Kiko Alonso has a sprained knee and that a decision has yet to be made. Didn't rule out playing Sunda…
Wire: Chip Kelly: Josh Huff told me Dallas didn't know our signals
HC Chip Kelly said he has not given any thought to replacing QB Sam Bradford with Mark Sanchez.
Chip Kelly's response to New York reporter asking if Mark Sanchez should start ... - Bleeding Green Nation
Remember when Chip Kelly lost that playoff game with Andy Reid/Howie Roseman's team? We thought it was gonna be different back then.
# Chip Kelly needs to find a pair and start Mark Sanchez. Roddy White nailed it on Fantasy Sports Radio, "This offense too quick 4 Bradford
Chip Kelly turned a playoff team into hot garbage in 2 years.
2006 victory over in the Las Vegas Bowl was the last game the played without Chip Kelly's "blur" offense.
just speculation though. Don't see anything wrong with it. Chip Kelly is a hot topic right now. Don't know anything about
Wait, why are people talking about Chip Kelly being on the hot seat in Philly?
The Cowboys really should sign Tim Tebow even if it's just to *** off Chip Kelly
If Eagles coach Chip Kelly fails, he can blame the general manager in the mirror
Antonio Pierce says Chip Kelly in Philly is Steve Spurrier in DC
should've pulled a Chip Kelly & ask for more power & there never would've been a John .
Again I say, Chip Kelly is the Philadelphia what Josh McDaniels was to us
In 3 home losses to Dallas, Chip Kelly has averaged 13 pts a game. At home vs all other opponents, Chip Kelly has aver…
Head coach Chip Kelly faced the media on Tuesday after Philadelphia's horrible 20-10 loss to Dallas in th...
360 Update: Moving On From Dallas - On Monday, Eagles head coach Chip Kelly explained what he and the coaching sta...
Chip Kelly..Put Oregon behind you .It's time to be an NFL Head Coach. These are your boys .Now win with them.Start designing Pro Plays
Chip Kelly 'embarrassed' by Eagles performance in loss: The Philadelphia head coach supports his offensive per...
Chip Kelly, 2016 U of South Carolina Head Coach? Looks about where he's heading... Needs young guys who have never done it a different way.
:let me guess, Donald Trump to replace Chip Kelly as Eagles head coach?
Week 2 and the focus already is on team flaws: Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly gestures on ...
The news is on latest on pope's visit, only days away and head coach Chip Kelly explains Sunday's game
Chip Kelly will be the head coach of the University of Georgia next year
.You are dedicated sports channel! You stated Chip Kelly is in 2nd season as head coach!
Press Pass: Chip Kelly - Find out what head coach Chip Kelly's message is to the fans as he explained what went wr...
Chip Kelly is learning quickly that it's a player league...Good Players aren't easy to replace, but a mediocre EGOTISTICAL Head Coach is!
Chip Kelly's show-cause penalty is over and USC hires him as head coach. Takes the USC-Oregon rivalry through the roof.
Hot dam Chip Kelly is still our head coach. It's going be a long season.
Imagine if Rutgers hired Chip Kelly as the Head Football Coach the offense would be really good&fast paced.Way better then Flood for sure
.and Nick Foles is 2-6 as a QB without Chip Kelly as his head coach. 240 yards/gm, 7TD 4INT
Chip Kelly on Eagles loss to Dallas: 'I was embarrassed': There is no head coach in the NFL that has more to…
Chip Kelly said Marcus Smith was healthy, but hadn't practiced full yet and intimated that special teams played a factor i…
Chip Kelly is 2 years away from being the Hurricanes head coach and severely underachieving there with a lack of talent.
Philadelphia Eagles will never win anything as long as Chip Kelly is your head coach he thinks he's the smartest man in the room
was hoping Chip Kelly go John Idzik during his presser
Watch Eagles head coach Chip Kelly address the media a day after the loss to the Cowboys:
NFL: Eagles head coach Chip Kelly to cover team's rough start and injuries hurting the team. (ESPN, Sportscenter.)
head coach Chip Kelly talks about what he saw on film against Dallas. Tune in now on or team app.
Eagles coach Chip Kelly's day after press conference LIVE updates, analysis: Follow along as Eagles head coach...
Looks like Chip Kelly is turning into the best (& by that I mean worst) of Josh McDaniels and Spurrier. Traded away talent, offensive genius
To the Chip Kelly pundits & naysayers-HOF Head Coach Bill Walsh was 24-33 thru first 4-years in the NFL...sustainable success takes time.
I blame Chip Kelly.150%.This is his 35th game as a head coach.That offense yesterday was unwatchable.That i…
been binge watching Homeland n I feel I'm trapped in that plot with Chip Kelly playing the part of Nick Brody.
any responsibility for Chip Kelly the GM is on Jeff Lurie. All of it.
Look what happens when you give Chip Kelly full control of the team. Need to bring back Howie Roseman.
Chip Kelly, to Jeff Lurie.I'm the fools gold standard!!
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Anecdotal observation from the past three years: When people think it’s time to turn on Chip Kelly, they turn on Chip Kel…
Press Conference: Chip Kelly - Head coach Chip Kelly met with the media after the game to talk about the team's lo...
I'm disgusted with this Eagles team.Maybe I mis-read how good Chip Kelly is as a coach ,If I was Jeff Lurie I would call Jon Gruden tonight.
Trading away your QB and star player, bringing in Tebow...I'm convinced Josh McDaniels has been Chip Kelly the whole time.
The Cowboys have now beaten the genius Chip Kelly three straight years IN PHILADELPHIA. Go figure, Eagles fans.
Chip Kelly is the Gus Malzahn of the NFL. Hotty toddy
Jeff Lurie is glaring a nasty stare at Chip Kelly righ tnow.
Chip Kelly and the Eagles are a DISGRACE to our city! Jeff Lurie you need to be accountable for putting that egomaniac in charge!
Chip Kelly has to be the only coach in the nfl who would score lower on a wonderlic test than Todd Haley.
Just realized Chip Kelly is the second coming of Josh McDaniels. Has some success, which goes to his head and destroys the roster/future
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