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Chip Kelly

Charles Chip Kelly (born November 25, 1963) is the head football coach at the University of Oregon. Widely regarded as one of the most innovative offensive minds in college football today, the 2009 and 2010 Pac-10 Coach of the Year, 2010 Eddie Robinson Coach of the Year, 2010 Walter Camp Coach of the Year, 2010 Sporting News Coach of the Year and 2010 Associated Press Coach of the Year was previously the offensive coordinator for the Oregon Ducks.

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🙏 God...please let Chip Kelly leave philly and become the head the blood of Joe Namath, Amen.
Wait, is Chip Kelly secretly a Canadian Police officer?
SOURCES: Chip Kelly is being traded to HOU for Watt, Clowney, GW Bush, and a Kia dealership.
Oregon OC Scott Frost said Chip Kelly texted him before the game that he was going to Dallas and would see the Ducks there.
the need a CB but could Brett Hundley fit Chip Kelly scheme? Foles is mortal after all.
Chip Kelly, Andy Reid, Bruce Arians and Jim Caldwell are the four who have made it.out of 15 new coaches since 2012.
Of the eight coaches hired in January 2013, Chip Kelly is tied for second best record at 20-12 with Andy Reid. Bruce Arians leads at 21-11.
Coughlin would be back if Giants players had a choice: Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly, left, and Ne...
Giants vs. Eagles: Head coach Tom Coughlin of the New York Giants meets with head coach Chip Kelly of the Phil...
I think I'd rather keep Chip Kelly as head coach.
anything works when you have Chip Kelly as a head coach
News Alarm: LeSean McCoy (RB - Phi) Head coach Chip Kelly said LeSean McCoy was fine. McCoy was removed late in the game with a leg injury.
How about comparing Chip Kelly's 1st 2 years as head coach to Andy Reid's 1st 2 yrs, considering the team's record the year b4.
Chip Kelly has a great future as a head coach. But he absolutely has to figure out his long-term solution at quarterback.
Chip Kelly won 10 games in both of his seasons as Eagles' head coach. It's amazing how we were ecstatic in 2013 and devastated in 2014.
Chip Kelly ran to the NFL after sanctions and will run back to college with his gimmicky bullsh…
I just noticed something. Coach P is the Chip Kelly of the boys Lacrosse team
“NFL has adapted to the Chip Kelly offense: So True coming from ex coach
Chip Kelly diving into a pool of ice water is top Philly sports GIF of 2014. Here are 27 more:
Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly not tipping hand about offseason QB ... -
Although I don't think it's going to happen. if Chip Kelly cuts or trades Nick Foles, he'll lose some of my confidence in him as head coach.
Chip Kelly man. What a great coach. If that name doesn't make you wanna go grab a bag of Lay's potato chips then I don't k…
Chip Kelly won't commit to Nick Foles as the Eagles' QB of the future:
Odell Beckham Jr.'s success no surprise to Eagles coach Chip Kelly |
Per Eagles HC Chip Kelly drops firm deuce after second cup of quinoa tea, thinks water is wet.
Chip Kelly says Odell Beckham Jr. 'was the best in the draft': Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kel...
“Chip Kelly: Evaluating quarterbacks will take time" there's a kid you use to coach at Oregon that's pretty *** good.
coach Chip Kelly has not yet made a decision about Nick Foles' future. He's going to evaluate everything in the offseason.
Eagles Coach about NYG WR RT: Chip Kelly thought Odell Beckham Jr. was the best receiver in the 2014 draft .
Chip Kelly's a good coach, but a genius? Caption my new toon:
"No one rises to the occasion. You always sink to your level of training." - Philadelphia coach Chip Kelly
Russell Wilson turns 26, meets Stevie Wonder, attends Grey Cup–and considered playing for Chip Kelly at Oregon
Head coach Chip Kelly meets with the media LIVE from the NovaCare Complex. Tune in now on or our mobile app.
Chip Kelly, Eagles coach reveals Odell Beckham Jr. was No. 1 WR in draft.
Chip Kelly is a Pro Coach with a College Coach mentality. It's a joke Wilson isn't in the Pro Bowl, the kid could play.
College coach rips Chip Kelly for 'helping' opponent
Chip Kelly should win college coach of the year
Chip Kelly has taken a lot of heat lately, but says the Eagles' coach is still one of the NFL's best: http:…
Ranked every NFL head coach on their performance this season based on expectations. Chip Kelly was 14th.
Kudos to Phila. Daily News for headline on story about Eagle coach Chip Kelly's refusal to bench underperforming starters: "I Sit You not."
Rumor has it Urban Meyer, Nick Saban, Chip Kelly and Jimbo Fisher are all coming to Pitt.
You could've, but Chris "The Vulture" Polk and Chip Kelly won't let you have nice things.
Fact: the playoffs are less fun without Chip Kelly's Eagles. Enjoy watching Ryan Lindley, Andy Dalton and the Jim Caldwell Lions!
Eagle fans now you know why sooner or later "Keep It Simple Stupid" works in NFL. Chip Kelly? New Bill Walsh? No. New Andy Reid.
next time Chip Kelly should not say anyone can run my system. Mark Sanchez is a back up.
We need to switch to a speed offense, let's try to get Chip Kelly and trade for Mariotta or Dak Prescott!!
"you should probably hate Chip Kelly and Sanchez 🐸☕️"
you should probably hate Chip Kelly and Sanchez 🐸☕️
If I were Chip Kelly i'd team up with Sean Payton
Dude. Why won't Chip Kelly give a real answer to why he traded The Sean Jackson? LA.
Someone go photoshop Bradley Fletcher into a gang picture so Chip Kelly has an excuse to cut him. Because Im sure getting burnt isn't enough
For as smart as Chip Kelly is, not letting the Redskins score there was really really dumb. Mike Smith esque clock management
you're wrong: if Tom Landry and Paul Brown had a child that was raised by Bill Walsh it would be Chip Kelly!!
Am I the only one who would love to see Tim Tebow run Chip Kelly's offense for the Eagles? Can't be much worse than Mark Sanchez, but certainly would be more entertaining
If Marcus Smith is any indication of Chip Kelly's future number one draft picks, I will give up 5 for Mariota.
Chip Kelly says Marcus Smith does have the ability to play in this league. Good to hear that statement about our first-round pick.
is Chip Kelly too loyal (coaches, Oregon players, Riley Cooper)?
Chip Kelly on Marcus Smith: "He's got a skill set that can play in this league." This is exact quote he gave about Nnamdi before cutting him
Two dumb moves in the offseason will probably keep the Philadelphia Eagles out of the NFL playoffs and the blame rests with head coach Chip Kelly. See why here.
Last year, the Philadelphia Eagles won the NFC East largely because of the play of Pro Bowl quarterback Nick Foles and All-Pro running back LeSean Mccoy.  Head coach Chip Kelly has shown in the past that he’s not afraid to make huge moves to build the Eagles the way he wants them.  In the upcoming […
Jim Harbaugh, Chip Kelly and John Fox are my favorite coaches.
Robert Griffin III:"Just from afar, Chip Kelly's offense is very similar to what we did at Baylor. ...He's proven it can work in the [NFL]."
Quotes like this are why every football fan should love Eagles coach Chip Kelly
All jokes aside, the reason the Eagles can't last is Chip Kelly's killing them with that "hurry up" offense. Niggaz be 3 & out so quick! Smh
So Jay Gruden can't run the offense with RG3 that Chip Kelly runs or the one Pete Carroll uses with Russell Wilson. Th…
Chip Kelly keeps gushing about Marcus Mariota, but the league may eventually tell Chip to zip it
Today on Mike Missanelli: . Chip Kelly and Riley Cooper are the frauds that I told you they were . Chase Utley *** . Seinfeld trivia
I'd kill for Chip Kelly and his offense to be implemented in San Diego. Mike Reich is too scared to call anything but a dink to the RB
Chip Kelly is the Mike DiAntoni of the NFL.
Sanchez gonna Sanchez and Chip Kelly's gonna Chip Kelly. His offense losing in a big game to a physical team? NAH! Never!
When did Philly replace Chip Kelly with Mike Leach anyway?
Cary Williams and Casey Matthews have exploitable pictures of Chip Kelly, I’m sure of it.
it's easy to out coach Chip Kelly when you have Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers as your QB. Or if you give Chip Mark Sanchez.
PHI philly .com: Chip Kelly stands by Cooper
Chip Kelly stands by Cooper: Chip Kelly continued to support Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper, who had three ...
Chip: Third-and-long was the story, on both sides: Eagles coach Chip Kelly said his offense faced third and lo...
Chip Kelly looks like a fat John McCain
Chip Kelly, players, every Philadelphian back to Ben Franklin howling at refs for not calling clear def holding on Sherman. PHI drive ends
Another Jaguars Loss! Gus Bradley is Jack Del Rio in disguise. We could have gotten Chip Kelly or Bruce Arians.
Eagles have Chip Kelly and the rest of the teams in the division have Jerry Jones, Dan Snyder, and Eli Manning. ❤️ you, NFC East.
Check out Chip Kelly breaking down tape in the Kellystrator:
fyi, feeling vomity since Fox color guy just invoked the names of Chip Kelly and Scott Frost in the same sentence
Scott Frost the OC currently. Mark Helfrich was Chip Kelly's OC. I wonder who has put the most into the Oregon offense.
Didn't Chip Kelly have a similar conversation with Dontre Wilson the day before he took the Eagles job?
Seahawks/Eagles.Pete Carroll/Chip Kelly.if the NCAA shows up at the stadium, everyone might be in probation.
Beavers coaching job down to Nick Saban, John Gruden, Jesus, Chip Kelly and Mark Helfrich. Have to think Jesus has the best chance.Sources.
Pete Carroll aware how potent Chip Kelly's teams can be
Chip Kelly reminisces about first meeting with Russell Wilson
Chip Kelly burns his former doubters when asked about the Florida Gators job
Before he was coach of the Eagles, Chip Kelly visited a Seahawks practice in 2010: [
Chip Kelly: ‘I don’t think our pro offense would work at the college level’
Chip Kelly tried to get Russell Wilson to Oregon- but RW narrowed it down to Auburn and Wisconsin.
And now people flooding my timeline with Chip Kelly and Sean Payton. I hate coaching searches. Turns people into nutbag…
Florida is apparently calling Chip Kelly today to gauge his interest in returning to CFB. You should go after the biggest fish
Florida will reportedly gauge Chip Kelly's interest in the head coaching job.
to see if coach Chip Kelly wants to return to the college game:
Gruden on his worship fest for a 2-9 team? Marty Mortinwerg is not Chip Kelly. Jon please stop.
Is Frost our man? As an Oregon fan you've known this day was coming. At some point, it was going to happen. However it's surprising that a 9-3 season, and 67-27 career was the demise of Bo Pelini at Nebraska. Pelini wasn't charismatic with the media but his players respected him and he ran a clean program. Oregon fans should be able to relate to being in a tough recruiting area as Nebraska is. It takes a special coach to manage these challenges. In 2009, Chip Kelly made a surprise hire bringing in former Husker standout Scott Frost. Frost was co-defensive coordinator at Northern Iowa. Yeah exactly, where? Frost joined Oregon as a receivers coach under Chip Kelly with Mark Helfrich as his offensive coordinator. Every Oregon fan is aware of the events that followed. In his first year as offensive coordinator, Frost set the mark in total offensive yards at Oregon. The Ducks went 11-2 with an Alamo bowl finish. With the Nebraska job now open is he ready to take the next step in college football? Frost has bee ...
If the Eagles make in to the NFC championship game, then Chip Kelly won't try to get Marcus Mariota.
Random stats -Eagles have won 5 straight division games against the NFC East dating back to last season. -With that last win, Chip Kelly improves to 18-9 in the regular season as the Eagles head coach (16-4 in his last 20 games) -In his 6 NFL seasons, Lesean McCoy has rushed for over 1,000 yards in 4 of them. (The only 2 he didn't were his rookie year and a half injured year) -Jeremy MacLin now has his first 1,000 yard receiving season of his career and is 2nd in the NFC in receiving (trailing only Golden Tate) -The Eagles' defense now has 42 sacks on the season, 2nd in the NFL trailing only Buffalo. (3rd place Jacksonville only has 33) -Cody Parkey leads the NFL with 123 points -Darren Sproles leads the NFL with 14.5 yards per punt return and is the only player this year with 2 punt returns for touchdowns -Jordan Matthews is on pace for 914 yards and 9 touchdowns -Mark Sanchez improved his completion percentage to 63.4%, 14th best in the NFL -Cody Parkey has made 42 extra points and 27 field goals (both ...
Mark Sanchez finding ways to thrive in Chip Kelly's offense (via
to me it's all about coaching. Compare how Mark Sanchez is thriving with Chip Kelly in Philly.
It's Russell's chance to get revenge for that Rose Bowl loss to Chip Kelly
Only significant difference between Cowboys & Eagles is ppls perception of Chip Kelly vs Jason Garrett. Oh and our …
Joe Buck & Troy Aikman think Chip Kelly and the Eagles should slow down
Chip Kelly is thankful for Mark Sanchez for salvaging the Eagles season.
Chip Kelly's gimmicky offense will never work in the NFL. He will be another college coach that fails. Remember Steve Spurrier?
You think Chip Kelly, Hue Jackson, Bruce Arians or Jim Harbaugh struggle to groom Robert Griffin III? NO WAY. Griffin would THRIVE
Very true, But neither had Jim Tressell or Brian Kelly or Chip Kelly. If you can coach you can coach.
Washington needs to trade in the offseason. If they cut him, hello Chip Kelly.
I hope gets a team and coach that design a offense for his talents instead of forcing him to be Drew Bledsoe. A Chip Kelly scheme?
Happy 51st birthday to head coach Chip Kelly.
Happy Birthday to the future President of the United States of America, Chip Kelly!
to wish happy birthdays to former QB Donovan McNabb and the man in charge of it all, head coach Chip Kelly!
Today's Chip Kelly's birthday. We won't see him. Yesterday, a writer wished him happy birthday. He said, "It's not my birthday…
It seems Chip Kelly is confident in Marcus Smith.Pass the Sodium Pentothol please.
Chip Kelly says Emmanuel Acho (groin) won't practice today. Has 'confidence' in rookie first round pick Marcus Smith, the next man up.
My choice? Chip Kelly. That won't happen. Mike Gundy seems to be the favorite and apparently he wants the job. We'll see.
Chip Kelly to Mike Quick on facing Cowboys in just 4 days, "Our guys are built for this".
I need you hit up Chip Kelly and tell him to finish us off
Eagles playing fast today. Gotta love Chip Kelly.
realistically if his option isn't picked up, I could see Chip Kelly take this reclamation type project on
Chip Kelly, Jim Harbaugh, Gary Patterson, Hugh freeze and Mike Gundy. Art Briles but he's old lol
My favorites to get HC in order. 1. Bob Stoops/Mike Gundy. 2. Chip Kelly. 3. Mark Hudspeth . That's my final idea
I'll bet anyone any amount of 💵💰 Mike Leech, Bob Stoops, Chip Kelly, or Dan Mullen will not be UF's head coach
Nick Saban said "energy vampires". How long before Chip Kelly says Mark Sanchez needs to clear his chakras ?
Rex Ryan *** at developing QB's and Chip Kelly is good at covering up their flaws = the story of Mark Sanchez.
agreed. Because not even in crazy world would someone say Mark Sanchez > Russell Wilson. Not even Chip Kelly.
Chip Kelly said Eagles trying to get Mark Sanchez and Darren Sproles some extra work together this week. Sanchez said near-misses abt timing
3:55 SportsCenter update: Chip Kelly gives his assessment of Mark Sanchez's play at quarterback.
News Alarm: Mark Sanchez (QB - Phi) Nick Foles is working hard so he is ready to play once he is healthy, says head coach Chip Kelly
Eagles' Chip Kelly says Nick Foles is helping Mark Sanchez, but getting ready to play once he is healthy
Eagles coach Chip Kelly is NOT worried about Mark Sanchez's past in New York The story on at 615
I told I want Jeff Fisher, Chip Kelly or Les Miles to coach Michigan football next year.
You think Michigan can get Chip Kelly, Les Miles or Jeff Fisher? Those three are my choices to coach Michigan football.
1st choice would be Chip Kelly because he runs an offense that is great for college football. Les Miles & Jeff Fisher intriguing
And don't tell me Chip Kelly, Les Miles and Jeff Fisher would say no to Michigan. IT'S MICHIGAN! It's a prestigious job.
The only coach I'd truly get excited about would be Chip Kelly. The amount of speed here in Florida plus his offense..bruh. Won't happen.
ICYMI at Franklin Field on Saturday, here's head coach Chip Kelly's farewell message to Coach Bagnoli:
Chip Kelly must think he's still coaching in the Pac 12, who runs a toss on 4th & goal from the 5?
Chip Kelly must have told the Eagles he's headed to UF. 46-13? 😂
Really wasn't sporting of the Pack to throw a bucket of confetti at Chip Kelly after the last TD while whistling "Sweet Georgia Brown."
We made a GIF of Chip Kelly and Birdman rubbing their hands side-by-side:
Mark Sanchez sure is showing how great Chip Kelly's system is today. Sample size Schmample size.
Personally, I'd like to see Chip Kelly, but I don't think it's happening.
Chip Kelly one on one in studio re: Mark Sanchez, the pass rush, Darren Sproles, and Aaron Rodgers.
On-air on right now. Who would you rather have on your side for Sunday: Aaron Rodgers or Chip Kelly?? 610.632.0975
Chip Kelly lauded spy job Connor Barwin did on Cam Newton. Psst. Look for Barwin in that role against Aaron Rodgers.
The Sanchize will be a Top 10 QB the rest of the season in Chip Kelly's offense!
City Council candidate Matt Wolfe with State Representative John Taylor at Taylor's fundraiser Monday night. The Eagles game was on. Wolfe has been working out with the team due to the injuries on the offensive line. Since a few of the guys came back from injured reserve Wolfe did not need to dress for the game, but Chip Kelly has him on speed dial and Wolfe could have gotten down to the Linc on short notice if necessary. Fortunately there were no further injuries and the Eagles won going away.
The Eagles should trade 5 first round picks and Nick Foles to the Packers for Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers + Chip Kelly = 😍😍😍😍
Packers vs. Eagles: Can you imagine Aaron Rodgers in Chip Kelly's offense?
If there's truth to "you could stick anyone in Chip Kelly's system & they succeed", can't you say the same about Andy Reid's??
ya, I also think Russell Wilson is a perfect fit in Chip Kelly offense
how do you think Russell Wilson performs in a Chip Kelly offense?
"Heath Evans: "I am going on the record calling Chip Kelly one of the worst hires in pro football history."
That went even better than Chip Kelly could have hoped
Agent David Dunn and group rep HC Chip Kelly, and QBs Mark Sanchez, Nick Foles and Matt Barkley. All in on
Chip Kelly loves the Andy Reid offense: Get a comfortable lead, put it in cruise control,
"Failed" head coaches and QB's generally get 2nd chances in Shurmur, because of Andy Reid and Chip Kelly pedigree, will get a look.
Connor Barwin and Malcolm Jenkins... Chip Kelly knows how to find a good veteran in free agency.
The difference b/t Andy Reid and Chip Kelly is so obvious. Chip adjusts mid-game based on how the other team is playing. Duh.
.I've been saying it ever since Dennis Dixon went from bum to star: Chip Kelly knows how to coach QBs
Chip Kelly is a great coach, but I'm seeing lots of players Andy Reid brought to Philadelphia making plays.
Remember when Brandon Graham was a bust? He's tied for the NFL lead in forced fumbles. Man, credit to Chip Kelly for hiring DC Bill Davis
I think this league and the media better realize this isn't Reid's team It the Awsome coach named Chip Kelly for the doubters how's he doing
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Chip Kelly: QB savior. Tim Tebow & Matt Leinart on the phone right now begging their agents for tryout with the Eagles.
I hate it when Chip Kelly gets that confused Andy Reid look.
Chip Kelly in Full Andy Reid mode right now. Pass till you punt
That's Chip Kelly's first 30-point first half as Eagles coach ... Andy Reid had 10 of them while he was here ...
For years under Andy Reid the Eagles were awful in primetime. Chip Kelly comes in and he is a primetime killer
the only person that likes to run the ball less than Andy Reid is Chip Kelly
Chip Kelly should sign Dennis Dixon next. Why not?
Mike Tirico: "Chip Kelly decides to punt on 1st down?". John Gruden: "Boy I'll tell ya what man, that guys got guts...t…
Chip Kelly got cocky with Mark Sanchez at quarterback. We are through the looking glass here people.
I like the Chip Kelly better than the Andy Reid version. More fun.
We saw what Sanchez & Alex Smith did without Chip Kelly, Harbaugh & Reid.
The Eagles average play takes only half a second and involves travel through and back from a wormhole that Chip Kelly cre…
Panthers are 27th against the run.Chip Kelly wants to Andy Reid
Chip Kelly is just as inconsistent with McCoy as Andy Reid was. Very frustrating.
I like the Eagles. I like Chip Kelly. I miss Andy Reid. I'm so confused.
So, Mike Shula versus Chip Kelly. This is why boxing has weight classes ... and standing eight counts.
No one brings up the fact Chip Kelly is doing it with Andy Reid players.
The last time Chip Kelly faced Cam Newton, the Auburn star walked away with a crystal football.
Don't be surprised if he does pretty good in Chip Kelly's system
I am still on the fence about Chip Kelly. Let me make that clear. I do like him way more than Andy Reid though.
I think Bruce Arians is the best offensive minded coach in the NFL then Chip Kelly and then Sean Payton
If Sean Payton, Pete Carrol, Chip Kelly and Rex & Rob Ryan was the coaching staff on a team.. My god.. Dynasty for a decade.
Gus Malzhan is gonna go to NFL in three years just like Chip Kelly did
u are no Chip Kelly u suck. I could coach a better game than u by asking madden every time.
Mark Sanchez is gonna throw for 9 TDs, Cam Newton will crumble to dust after 5 INT, and Ron Rivera will merge body and mind with Chip Kelly
nbdy ever heard of Gary Patterson, Art Briles, Chris Peterson, Chip Kelly or even Riley at one point. But they all got a shot
OSU protectors of Riley ask who u gonna get? Nobody at one point had ever heard of Gary Patterson, Art Briles, Chris Peterson, or Chip Kelly
8am chip kelly is on WIP live with angelo.. on internet radio if you are in the car and not in PHilly for local radio.. 7 minutes away
If you can't appreciate and give credit to Chip Kelly after that game, I give up.
Chip Kelly coming up at 8am to talk about the win over the Texans. Will be posted at Listen:
Caller: "I blame Chip Kelly. We should have won those two games." .I'm done. I need to go home, and it's 7:51am.
Hope Nick Foles is ok but Sit out as long as u need! At least This keeps Chip Kelly from having to Bench u for Blowing Yesterday's game!
7:45 SportsCenter Update: Mark Sanchez era beginning in Philadelphia, and Chip Kelly says it started off just fine.
I don't think Coach Chip Kelly has any room to look down his nose at your conditioning.
Since Eagles & Buccaneers couldn't pull the trigger on the trade for WR Vincent Jackson. Expect Chip Kelly to revisit that conversation with Buccaneers in the off season and bring the big physical WR to Philly.
Yea because Chip Kelly won't let him screw this up
no, the Eagles would've been 7-0, not Foles. Foles plays for the Eagles, at QB, under Chip Kelly.
Double Duty today for on the and their injuries after Chip Kelly talks and hoops..St. Joe's media day today
he whines too much. Gimme Chip Kelly as COTY
nah. That offense down there is Chip Kelly's. In green bay it was McCarthys.
No matter what happens this season I must say I am very impressed with my Eagles and Chip Kelly. At times losing 4 out of 5 offensive linemen and starting linebacker, free safety, another linebacker who is our unsung hero and the starting quarterback---and we are still 6-2. Again, no idea what the future holds but we are competitive and we plug guys in and they manage to hold their own. THAT is OUTSTANDING COACHING AND PLAYER PERSONNEL development deserving of credit where credit is due. Oh yeah---thanks for utilizing Chris Polk--much more good to come from him.
Nick Foles is out broken collar bone Mark Sanchez wins I'm guessing it's the Chip Kelly system
Chip Kelly: 'We have total confidence' in Sanchez via
The narrative is this: 1) The fact that Foles is so replaceable means Eagles need a franchise QB AND 2) Chip Kelly's offense is THAT good
I told Moose that Mark Sanchez will do well because he has a great coach in Chip Kelly and that he has better playmakers
Update your maps at Navteq
Time to see if I'm right. Chip Kelly can make any qb look better than they really are.
Moose said Mark Sanchez will do well. He knows Chip Kelly will get results out of Sanchez.
Chip Kelly is the quarterback whisperer !!!
...shows that Chip Kelly knows more about football than you.
Would love to see Sanchez thrive in the Chip Kelly offense, with capable weapons. He hasn't had capable weapons since 2010.
maybe you can get that shot at playing for Chip Kelly now...
6:30 SportsCenter Update: Chip Kelly says the feel great about Mark Sanchez as their quarterback.
Chip Kelly joins the today at 8:00am, as he does every Monday. Listen live:
Philadelphia Eagles: Chip Kelly leans on run game, Mark Sanchez performs well, in win over Houston
Mark Sanchez is no slouch. Chip Kelly probably has faith in him otherwise he wouldn't have made him back up to Foles.
but chip Kelly's offense had been found out!!
Mark Sanchez is now starting for the eagles. Chip Kelly will be coach of the year if he makes Sanchez actually look like a quarterback
Hey man make it to February and we will see you then but we both know Chip Kelly can't win in January at any level
Chip Kelly calls DeAndre Hopkins a 'star in the making'|
Chip Kelly trying to decide whether to put in Mark Sanchez or send assistant down to Home Depot to pick up a day laborer real quick instead.
Chip Kelly genius is going to be tested with Mark Sanchez. I think he can pull it off though. Top 5 HC in the league
If Chip Kelly could pick one young qb in the league right now that best fits his system, who do you think he would pick?
So Chip Kelly wasn't a magical wizard with injuries last year he was just lucky. Eagles are getting killed with injuries this season.
Nick Foles gonna lose his starting job and show up to Mark Sanchez and Chip Kelly like
I'm wondering if Chip Kelly has PERMANENTLY rebuilt the confidence of Mark Sanchez.
Take a moment to count our blessings: Chip Kelly, LeSean McCoy, Darren Sproles, Jeremy MacLin, and a team that simply kn…
Hi Amy☺.Do u think that with the injury to Nick Foles,will make the Eagles season fall apart & Chip Kelly may bolt for Florida?
hey with Chip Kelly as coach who knows what he could do!
Chip Kelly on DeMeco Ryans: "He's the true leader. ... He's Mufasa. He's our guy."
Chip Kelly said that Todd Herremans left because of an ankle injury not because of his elbow.
Young qb in the league who would be a perfect fit for the Chip Kelly offense- Ryan Tannehill!
If Chip Kelly could pick a young qb currently in the NFL that is best suited 2 run his system, who do u think he would select?
Amazed by Chip Kelly's ability to make things work with what he has.
Chip Kelly identified a way to slow down JJ Watt with 5 consecutive runs for an TOUCHDOWN!
There's no way Mark Sanchez is better for Chip Kelly's offense than Tim Tebow
Cam Newton would be the perfect QB for Chip Kelly's system
NBC's Tony Dungy: ``I have to credit Chip Kelly. He knew what (Mark Sanchez) could do and didn’t care about everyone else’s …
Dear Chip Kelly, . Please use Mark Sanchez to the best of his abilities. Sincerely,. Stas Shkirdov
Chip Kelly mum on status of Nick Foles and his injured left shoulder (Shutdown Corner)
they usually have a good run til playoffs.. Then they choke.. Maybe with chip Kelly and McNabb now gone they'll do better
The best teams win on Saturdays. Not the best individuals. – Chip Kelly
starting to think chip kelly can make any of these QB's look like a good QB lol
I font know why? Andy Reid and chip kelly did well their first year with new teams ☕️🐸
Chip Kelly should make Josh Huff give up his collarbone since he wanna turn the ball over two weeks in a row
If the Eagles win a playoff game in the shape we're in now then I want Chip Kelly to be the coach forever. It's Mark Sanchize time.
Chip Kelly mum on status of Nick Foles & his injurd left shouldr
Eagles Coach Chip Kelly re: Earl Wolff -> Today Earl Wolff had 5 tackles.
I'm telling you chip kelly does wonders I won't be surprised if Sanchez looks good with this offense and the weapons he has
So Big Ben has 12 TDs in 2 weeks under the oft-maligned Haley... Nick Foles has 12 TD all season under the offensive wizard Chip Kelly
UPDATE: Roethlisberger now has 12 TD passes in two weeks. Foles had 12 TDs entering Week 9, thanks to Chip Kelly's revoluti…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I was busy today hanging w/ a pal visiting from DC so I couldn't watch the Philadelphia Eagles win. They're now an amazing 12-3 in the Chip Kelly era when I do NOT watch them. Crap! What am I supposed to do? I want to see them win but would rather them be victorious and me NOT watch then me see a defeat. I'm so superstitious. I actually busy & can't watch next Monday night so hopefully they'll keep the streak going and my fellow Birds fans will be happy...
Chip Kelly works because of parity in NFL. If you define "works" as over .500 and playoff flameouts
I figured this would happen at some point this season smh, hard to fail in Chip Kelly's offense
according to Kenny Albert, the 8:01 drive, was the longest time wise in Chip Kelly's NFL career.
I bet Sage Rosenfels could do this Chip Kelly offense.
Can you imagine Jeff Lurie on the sideline talking to Chip Kelly in the 4th quarter? No you can't. Never change Jerr…
Get Ready For A NFL Track Meet The Houston Texans vs Philadelphia Eagles Two of the NFL Brightest Young Coaches Are Meeting To Decided If Coach Bill O'Brien Texans Head Coach or head coach Chip Kelly will take their teams to the NFL -- The Texans are 4 & 4 . This enough time for the O'Brien Team to understand properly the Blue Print and execute fully the Game Plan. What better way to measure your new coaches performance than to play the Eagles. Charles "Chip" Kelly (born November 25, 1963) is an American football coach. He is currently the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles and the former head coach at the University of Oregon. During his four seasons at Oregon, he led the team to three Pac-12 Conference championships and four BCS game appearances. O'Brien first season as head coach, he Penn State to an 8-4 record and won ESPN National Coach of the Year award. After the 2012 season, O'Brien garnered significant interest to return to the National Football League (NFL) as a head coach and interviewed ...
Chip Kelly had the Barney Fife play sheet, also had Aunt Bea and Otis the Drunk in pass coverage.
Chip Kelly probably wants nothing to do with University of Phoenix Stadium. Did win a Fiesta Bowl there, but also two devastating defeats.
Chip Kelly back in University of Phoenix Stadium since Fiesta Bowl win for Oregon over Kansas State.
ESPN hypothetical: send LeSean McCoy to so Chip Kelly can draft Marcus Mariota. I joked Foles trade
In Andy Reid's system with Vick as your QB. Both of whom you call inept. Chip Kelly & Foles wouldn't have gotten more out of them?
Because it was a call to Chip Kelly, not Brian Kelly.
The Giants need a head coach that can beat the best head coaches in Chip Kelly, Pete Carroll and Jim Harbaugh, and that guy is Nick Saban.
Who should be the Gators next choice, John Gruden. And then when Chip Kelly gets canned, we will take him as our offensive cord
Chip Kelly visited Victor Cruz in the hospital this week. I'm sure the New York tabloid will still read "Kelly only stayed 2 hours!" Smh.
Victor Cruz says Chip Kelly visited him in the hospital.
Eagles coach Chip Kelly visited Giants WR Victor Cruz in the hospital
The side the New York media doesn't show about the Eagles: Chip Kelly went to visit Victor Cruz after the game in the ***
Chip Kelly and the culture of success - culture wins games, deals and the hearts of your employees
because i love Chip Kelly and their uniforms and they're offense.
Imagine the 2004 versions of Donovan McNabb, Terrell Owens, and Brian Westbrook in Chip Kelly's offense. Seriously, just…
do you think Stefon Diggs would be perfect for Chip Kelly and the Eagles?
Darren Sproles' left knee injury doesn't appear to be serious. The RB could be back after the bye from his "spruise," as Chip Kelly termed it.
Eagles coach Chip Kelly confirmed Monday afternoon that Darren Sproles suffered an MCL sprain in his left knee against the Giants on Sunday...
Speaking Monday, Eagles coach Chip Kelly refused to rule Darren Sproles (sprained MCL) out for Week 8.
Chip Kelly confirms Darren Sproles has MCL sprain and will miss 2 ...
ICYMI: Chip Kelly says Darren Sproles could return from his "spruise" without missing a game thanks to the bye week:
I love watching Chip Kelly press conferences: Reporter: With all the chatter about how this team was 4 1 before last night, how do you explain to people that you're 5 1?It was not just 'Joe Fan' out there, but football people also questioned how you have this record. How do you explain that you have this record now? COACH KELLY: We don't have to explain. You are what you are. Reporter: I'm asking you the question. COACH KELLY: I don't care. I don't have anything to explain to anybody. I don't worry about that. We don't go in after a game and say, 'Okay, let's tell everybody the reason why. It's that we're 5 1. That's it. Doesn't matter. You don't have to explain it to anybody, your record is what it is. You look at the standings and that's your record. We don't pay attention to it. There is noise out there that when you spend time on it you're wasting time that you should be devoting towards developing a game plan for the Arizona Cardinals.
Eagles RB Darren Sproles has a sprained MCL that could sideline him a couple of weeks, per HC Chip Kelly. Eagles have bye…
Little Giant Ladders
Chip Kelly confirms mcl sprain for Sproles, less severe than Mathis'
The only difference between Nick Foles and Ryan Tannehill is that Foles has Chip Kelly and Tannehill has Joe Philbin
Are you more like Giants coach Tom Coughlin or Eagles coach Chip Kelly? Take the quiz
Mike Johnston is the Chip Kelly of the NHL
Just as I do for Chip Kelly and college, I can't wait to tell Mike Johnston to go back to Juniors.
ICYMI: When it comes to practice, Chip Kelly said he agrees 100% with ... Allen Iverson.
“Chip Kelly agrees with Allen Iverson about practice luv it May have 2 start watching some football
The Linc - Chip Kelly agrees with Allen Iverson about practice: Philadelphia Eagles news and links for…
Chip Kelly agrees with Allen Iverson about practice
With the Eagles today ... Chip Kelly said WR Brad Smith had a "core muscle injury" and just had surgery. Will be out a cou…
Chip Kelly says Nick Foles must work on footwork.
Yes, the Philadelphia Eagles are 4-1, but Chip Kelly's offense isn't nearly as potent as last season's edition. What gives? Bucky Brooks hits the film room to identify the three biggest problems.
not saying I've given up on Nick Foles. But if there is 1 QB that I think would be ideal for Chip Kelly's system it would be Russell Wilson.
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