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Chip Kelly

Charles Chip Kelly (born November 25, 1963) is the head football coach at the University of Oregon. Widely regarded as one of the most innovative offensive minds in college football today, the 2009 and 2010 Pac-10 Coach of the Year, 2010 Eddie Robinson Coach of the Year, 2010 Walter Camp Coach of the Year, 2010 Sporting News Coach of the Year and 2010 Associated Press Coach of the Year was previously the offensive coordinator for the Oregon Ducks.

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Until now, Chip Kelly has been the villain after free agency thing when it comes to the media, if manziel comes to philly he will be hero
10 quarterbacks Eagles' Chip Kelly would take over Sam Bradford
- What Philadelphia Eagles HC Chip Kelly dreams about at night - QB Marcus Mariota in an Eagles uniform
for all the genius that people claim Chip Kelly to be he sure is proving to be an *** by NOT signing
Chip Kelly is married to the game while Eagles fans are married to the names.
Theory by During original Foles trade, Eagles and Rams privately agreed to swap picks 10 and 20 -- IF Mar…
and with chip Kelly's new offense looks like y'all won't win one in a couple of yeas
Run from being good. Chase being great. – Chip Kelly
Should the mortgage the future to try and draft Marcus Mariota? Ron Jaworski thinks so:
Source: Chip Kelly worked out WR R.J Harris on Sat, will workout C Mike Coccia Tues. Details: ht…
I knew that Chip Kelly was gonna trade for Johnny Manziel because Chip recruited him to play at Oregon so he's always been a fan
Chip Kelly back up in New Hampshire today to work out UNH WR RJ Harris, a possible late-round pick.
Chip Kelly's unorthodox practice schedule not deterring free agents, but what will they think of program? My column: http:…
Chip Kelly worked out a record-breaking draft prospect lo si diceva no?
Here's everything you need to know about New Hampshire WR R.J. Harris who Chip Kelly worked out Saturday and UNH...
According to playing for Chip Kelly isn't scaring free agents away from the Eagles:
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Who's doing a better job: Sam Hinkie or Chip Kelly?
“Some kid claims NFL Films has footage of LeSean McCoy threatening to hit Chip Kelly"
Chip Kelly and Sam Hinkie are their leagues versions of Varys
LISTEN: Bob Costas weighs in on Cole Hamels trade rumors and Chip Kelly's offseason moves on the Broad Street Line.
Chip Kelly reveals all about Tim Tebow at the Eagles
Chip Kelly better know what he's doing
LeSean McCoy believes that Eagles HC Chip Kelly doesn't like or respect star players. »
I think Chip Kelly was a genius this offseason but he goes from genius to retard real quick if he trades for Manziel
Bishop McDevitt grad LeSean McCoy creates stir by saying that Eagles coach Chip Kelly doesn't like star players:
Bills RB LeSean McCoy has some strong words about his former coach Chip Kelly. »
Good call. My suggestion to save him = Mike Evans :) MT Aways said Chip Kelly was the one guy who could rescue Johnny Manziel.
LeSean McCoy on Chip Kelly: He doesn't 'respect the stars'
LeSean McCoy on Philadelphia Eagles under head coach Chip Kelly, "It was more like a college feel"
Phillip Dorsett are u a fan of the & Chip Kelly at all??
I don't think this was a fair analogy. (BTW, Chip Kelly beat Wilson in college)
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Legend has it Chip Kelly to this day is still calling for intentional-grounding on Russell Wilson
I fully expect Chip Kelly to draft him or for John Schneider to trade up. I'm so excited about Jones' potential.
Chip Kelly in Tampa to workout USC and former Berkeley Prep WR Nelson Agholor. Projected 2nd round pick.
Greg Rosenthal, Chip Kelly's Bradford move is risky, but Pete Carroll followed same…
Chip Kelly asked if he plans to sign Tim Tebow, who worked out for team. "I don't know .. We bring a lot of people in for p…
“Chip Kelly must really love DeMeco Ryans” He definitely does, but Demeco is hard not to love.
I wonder if Chip Kelly traded Foles to the to prove to Stephan A Smith that he isn't racist.
"Pete Carroll says Chip Kelly knows what he's doing How sweet!
Pete Carroll: Eagles' Chip Kelly knows what he's doing
Chip Kelly: "Eli Manning never screams and yells but he's a stone-cold killer in the fourth quarter. Look at how many comebac…
Utah CB Eric Rowe was impressive in his pro day workout yesterday. Chip Kelly was trhere watching. Has really moved up boar…
Chip Kelly attends Utah pro day to watch Eric Rowe, Nate Orchard, others
Story/video/photos from Pro Day, where Chip Kelly was among ~50 pro personnel
with that said I stand behind EVERYTHING Chip Kelly does green
and former Oregon head coach Chip Kelly is in attendance
Chip Kelly will trade the entire Eagles team for former Oregon Ducks. Marcus Mariota is next...
Jay Glazer on Chip Kelly and Philadelphia’s timetable for solving the Mid East Peace crisis
Chip Kelly "People used to think the world was flat, until that guy took the boat and kept going."
Chip Kelly said the aren't actively shopping Evan Mathis, but that they have permitted agent Drew Rosenhaus to seek a trade.
It's clear Derrick Gunn & John Gonzalez don't like Chip Kelly lol
Chip Kelly explains why he brought in for an workout:
It's a shame we live in a world where Aaron Rogers and Chip Kelly can't come out of the closet because the "distraction" it would be
lol darren thomas former oregon qb said that he was at the vet combine for Chip Kelly
Former Oregon QB Darren Thomas worked out at the vet combine today. Maybe that's why Chip Kelly didn't offer Tebow a contract.
Darron Thomas at the veterans combine tho so Chip Kelly finna sign him afterwards
Chip Kelly inherited a roster with DeSean Jackson, LeSean McCoy, Jeremy MacLin and Riley Cooper. Guess which one he kept…
NFL Veteran Combine starts today, featuring former Mike Kafka and Brian Rolle. Also, Chip Kelly is on hand!.
Chip Kelly going to scout his bud Darron Thomas today.
"Chip Kelly, who has parted ways with Desean Jackson and Jeremy MacLin and has Murray, Mathews, and Sproles, values RBs more than WRs"
Matt Leinart does NCAA analysis for TNT... Next thing you know Chip Kelly will be calling him for a workout...
Chip Kelly forced him out via Phil Knight
Covers all the bases: Sam Hinkie is a math nerd, Chip Kelly only signs Ducks and can go back to college at any time, etc
Tebow is no Wilson. Chip Kelly's O may help him. I like Tebow. Just don't think he's a starter
Chip Kelly just arrived to give a football to Ofc Wilson's son.
Colin me and you are a lot like Mariota and Chip Kelly.. You're cute and talented and I'm just unsightly
If Greg Oden comes back gotta think he's Chip Kelly's first choice
"How does the signing of Greg Hardy by the Cowboys figure into Chip Kelly's plans to draft Marcus Mariota? My column: "
Now I understand Chip Kelly loading up on all the QBs this off season.. Cause the Cowboys have landed Greg Hardy
One thing I do love about Chip Kelly, is his emphasis on culture. Keeps guys like Greg Hardy out of the locker room.
Greg Hardy to the Cowboys, maybe, would be the first thing they did right this offseason. Eagles have Chip Kelly, we have Jerry-joke-Jones
Chip Kelly needs to trade Bradford & 20 to Carolina for Cam Newton & be great. I mean clearly Gettelmann likes to see his QB hurt.
REPORT: Chip Kelly planning to work out Brett Favre, Matt Leinart, and Alex Moran from Blue Mountain State within the ne…
Cowboys roster criminals like Josh Brent and Greg Hardy, but let's criticize Chip Kelly for working out Tebow.
At this point you know Vince Young is basically staring at his phone, waiting for Chip Kelly's call.
Insider buzz: Chip Kelly is looking at Tim Tebow as a 3rd QB if he can trade Matt Barkley http:/… featured in NBC s Science of Love
Chip Kelly has new helmets for the Eagles
I like how Stephen A. says it's ok for Dal to get Greg Hardy because of competition but Chip Kelly's moves are because of racial bias
Eagles working out Tim Tebow. Cowboys working out Greg Hardy. Excuse me while I keep laughing at Chip Kelly.
Chip, it's St Patrick's Day imagine today you bring back the Kelly Green...
Chip Kelly '11: "I want a quarterback who can beat you with his arm. We are not a Tim Tebow type of quarterback team” ht…
Chip Kelly guna get chased outta Philly if he don't win.
Tim Tebow with chip Kelly? Would love to see that actually happen .
Is joining Chip Kelly and the Find out more:
You do NOT rip apart a team coming off of back-to-back 10-Win seasons!
I gotta feeling Chip Kelly using Sam Bradford as trade bait to move up and get Marriotta
JETS! Unloading Harvin, making moves, and a new head coach. What is chip Kelly doing?!?!?
No matter what you think of the offseason, what Chip Kelly did for a slain cop's son today was pretty great. ht…
he ran Chip Kelly's offense at Oklahoma before Oregon was Oregon. Chip knows what he is doing.
Tim Tebow isn't the only quarterback Chip Kelly plans on working out...
Can mad scientist Chip Kelly build a better Philadelphia Eagles team?
Chip Kelly's wild offseason continues as the Philadelphia Eagles coach brought in quart…
Chip Kelly has gone mad with power - Tim Tebow working out for the Eagles
Unless Chip Kelly gets him, that's the only way he'll succeed but he won't get past 1st or 2nd round in playoff time.
If chip Kelly really wana run da spread ain't but 2 Qbs DAT can run it Mariota n Tebow if dey can't get Mariota dey beta sign Tebow
Chip Kelly must be awesome at Poker
Tim Tebow waiting for Chip Kelly to call:
It would be cool to see Tebow in Chip Kelly's offense
Shoutout to the Bills fan with his long anti-Chip Kelly rant on including "I know Eagles have Frank Gore now, but".
SOURCES: works out for Chip Kelly/OTHER SOURCES: Chip Kelly hasn't actually watched the NFL since 2011.
DeMarco Murray is an Eagle Find out why thinks he's an upgrade over Shady McCoy.
What's Chip Kelly doing in free agency? Simple. RBs are undervalued so he's buying them. WRs are expensive, so wait for the dra…
."That was Stephen A.'s opinion. I don't think Chip Kelly makes decisions based on race." Listen live ->
Chip Kelly's antics have have taken over the media
"If anybody's going to have an open mind, it'll be someone like Chip Kelly." .
ICYMI: Chip Kelly and the Eagles brought in Tim Tebow for a private workout Monday.
Why do the Eagles need to waste one of their 60 interviews on Mariota? Chip Kelly knows who he is.
“ICYMI: Chip Kelly and the Eagles brought Tim Tebow for a PRIVATE workout Monday."Clearly they missed the private part of it
Tim Tebow works out with the Eagles. More mad science from Chip Kelly? Herm Edwards answers.
Chip Kelly is a class act. Arrives at funeral with a signed football for Wilson's son.
Chip Kelly is trolling me! I leave the country and he works out Tebow? On 3:16? REALLY?
OMG. Can anyone confirm that Chip Kelly has flown in Todd Marinovich to work out for the coaches / trainers?
"The media hasn't talked about the Eagles in 24 hours. Let's bring in Tim Tebow" - Chip Kelly
Wait...the Eagles worked out Tim Tebow on March 16 (3/16)? Chip Kelly is the ultimate troll.
When Eagles fans heard about Chip Kelly working out Tim Tebow:
Tebow worked out for the Eagles today?!? Has anybody ever seen Chip Kelly and Rob Ford at the same place, at the same time???
Im convinced that Chip Kelly just likes breaking the internet
Chip Kelly is a fan of Ducks. Maybe that's why he's watching Tim Tebow throw passes today.
Chip Kelly is basically doing everything he can to get his own ESPN channel for the Eagles.
Jimmy Johnson is a big fan of Chip Kelly
"Robert Morris has to kick the extra point here. Despite what head coach a Chip Kelly wants, they can tie it now"
coach Chip Kelly's gift to the family of fallen officer Robert Wilson
Chip Kelly attended officer Wilsons funeral. Thank you for your service to all police men & women.
I think Chip Kelly was feeling the PRESSURE...I don't think this was an UPGRADE from
The Eagles have only $6.7M in cap space, but as Chip Kelly said, "We're not done." Look for more in Sun. Inquirer about what's l…
Chip Kelly should've picked up Todd Gurley nd traded a couple for Marcus
Alright. Chip Kelly the new Eagles coach, says
Eagles have now announced they have hired Chip Kelly as their head coach. Bold, bold move. Showed a lot of perseverance…
. Paul...Thank you for your Honest. Input on Chip Kelly..Long time Stephen A. Fan...Absolutely Disgusted with his Comments
If the Bradford/Murray combo didn't work out for Bob Stoops, how the *** will it work for Chip Kelly? Also, Cowboys will draft Todd Gurley.
It's like Sean Payton and Chip Kelly are playing some warped game of Trade Chicken.
Sooo..the Saints are just gonna be cool w/ trading 2 of their top 3 receiving threats from 2014? Has Sean Payton been talking to Chip Kelly?
Sean Payton is starting to approach Chip Kelly confusing status after C.J. Spiller signing.
I think Chip Kelly and Sean Payton are on the same drug and honestly I think both teams will be better
Sean Payton just trying to be a poor man's Chip Kelly in his Saints roster shake-up.
Waiting on that Sean Payton for Chip Kelly trade announcement...
Sean Payton* "Chip Kelly is that guy in your fantasy league that can't win so he drops all his players
Is Philadelphia coach Chip Kelly the next Bill Belichick?. Or will his signing of DeMarco Murray and...
I think Sean Payton and Chip Kelly have an inside bet to see who can trade the most players in one off-season
Sean Payton is acting worse than Chip Kelly 😂
At some point Sean Payton and Chip Kelly must have had a weekend getaway together and planned there teams off seasons.
Re-arranged - by Limp Bizkit!! honor of Chip Kelly and his personnel/coaching decisions
I trust what Sean Payton is doing to this team right now. Chip Kelly on the other hand not so sure.
Rae Carruth “Tim Tebow "RT with someone that Chip Kelly would sign."”
Chip Kelly says Buffalo Bills leaked LeSean McCoy trade before he could tell him
The pursuit of DeMarco Murray all started with a phone call from Chip Kelly
The genius of Chip Kelly...sent McCoy to Buffalo (irrelevant team), and took the league leading rusher from a division rival.
I wouldn't be surprised by anything Chip Kelly & the Eagles do anymore. Maybe trade for Tom Brady, J.J. Watt or another running back. Lol!
Hextall’s not going to go Chip Kelly crazy this offseason, but I wouldn’t put anything past him.
Chip Kelly's gonna somehow draft Todd Gurley and Melvin Gordon so that his entire offense can just be running backs
Chip Kelly makes clear he doesn't envision DeMarco Murray being a workhorse back. Plan is to spread it around || HEADACHE!
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Todd Bowles structures his defenses and. Chip Kelly runs his offenses . Like every team most people have built in Madden since 2002
Chip Kelly signs Ryan Mathew who of course is HALF WHITE an ***
Chip Kelly is starting to remind me of Kevin Costner in Draft Day. He's fun to watch.
Chip Kelly: I thought DeMarco Murray would be out of our price range
“Buffalo values the Running Back position and so do we.” ~ Chip Kelly
A look into Chip Kelly's office as he gets ready to draft Todd Gurley...
Mathews says the signing of DeMarco Murray didn't deter him at all, happy to be in Chip Kelly's system.
It's Chip Kelly's world, we're all just living in it
I do recall big named analysts proclaiming FA's are leery of signing with Eagles to play with Chip Kelly? What happened to that
Two days ago everyone thought Chip Kelly was an *** now he's got DeMarco Murray, Ryan Matthews and Darren Sproles p…
Anymore wisecracks about Chip Kelly and his moves?! The guy knows what he's doing! Relax!! Let Big Ba**s Chip handl…
Chip Kelly has been reminding me of Kevin Costner in Draft Day smfh
Chip Kelly is doing in real life what I do with teams in my first year in Madden
I wanted to Chip Kelly for Buffalo 2 years ago, and now I feel blessed that we don't have that ego driven *** running our team
Whoa, all these Chip Kelly connections are starting to freak me out! /s/ Kevin Bacon
Chip Kelly has just traded the 76ers 2015 1st round pick for former Oregon QB Akili Smith.
I bet Chip Kelly could trade half his players and still beat the Buffalo Bills
So the Eagles got DeMarco today?? Chip Kelly wants to be Kevin Costner in Draft Day so badly.. Lol..
I'll say it again: As a lifelong Cowboy fan, I'm overjoyed Chip Kelly is now the primary decision-maker for the Eagles.
Right, they both killing my vibe bro lol. Chip Kelly got to be the dumbest in the world
Chip Kelly and Eagles fans right now.
Chip Kelly calls Sam Bradford a "big strong physical" QB??? The Bradford I know is willowy, brittle and folds under po…
Every time Chip Kelly closes a door, he opens a window with a sledgehammer.
If you saw the movie Draft Day, doesn't Chip Kelly kind of remind you of Kevin Costner's character right now?
DeMarco Murray decides to go extra mile to impress Chip Kelly.
SOURCES: Chip Kelly set to release DeMarco Murray after discovering he didn't go to college at Oregon.
BREAKING: head coach Chip Kelly has contacted RB Emmitt Smith to gauge his interest in joining the team.
how about that racist Chip Kelly now Stephanie A Smith!
Now that he might not be, why was Chip Kelly getting so much criticism, but nothing about Sean Peyton.. Except from a 7 yr old girl..
Chip Kelly is basically doing what I did in madden offseasons, now all he needs to do is create a 6'6" 300 LB running ba…
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Chip Kelly smart he got Sam Bradford cause it was demarco Murray old roommate
On the MMQB Podcast, Cosell mentioned Bryce Petty as a good fit for Chip Kelly's offense.
"When we don't understand something, we either throw up our hands, or mock it." - Jorge Sedano about Chip Kelly's offseason moves
Chip Kelly trades cheese steak for bologna on wheat as Philly's new official signature sandwich. Yes, appare…
rushing champion calls Chip Kelly, plans visit to rival Knows how to create max pressure on …
ICYMI: RB DeMarco Murray reached out to Chip Kelly with interest in playing for Eagles, will visit Philly today. » http:/…
Chip Kelly is recruiting Ducks. Someone get a hold of Akili Smith!
Mark Schlereth sounds like an *** when talking about Chip Kelly and the Eagles
Eagles signing DeMarco Murray would literally be spitting in Jerry Jones and the Cowboys face's... I love Chip Kelly 💚
Chip Kelly spoke, "no intention of going after Mariota", Murray is visiting Philly tomorrow, Bruce Carter signed with the Bucs
Chip Kelly to Howie Roseman, "Shut it down!", walks out and signs 10 year deal with Bar Rescue
why Chip Kelly wants so many Oregon players after seeing Butch Davis do it w/ Miami guys...
DeMarco Murray is flying to Philly to meet with Chip Kelly and the Eagles tomorrow! (report by
5 More Things We Learned On Wednesday: Head coach Chip Kelly addressed the media for the fi...
We see what you did there, Chip Kelly...
domain names
First we lose Bruce Carter then Murray personally reaches out to Chip Kelly. LET. HIM. GO. and move on.
Chip Kelly now working out Danario Alexander for WR. On an unrelated note, Dr. James Andrews has bought a home in Philadelphia.
Hey if I'm gonna burn bridges in philly I'm gonna need some burrnin oil!- Chip Kelly
DeMarco Murray personally reached out to Chip Kelly this morning to express his desire to play in Kelly's offense. (via
DeMarco Murray called Chip Kelly because he's interested in joining the Eagles
but but I thought players didn't want to come to Philly and Chip Kelly was racist and and
Eagles fans watching this Chip Kelly press conference like:
Eagles HC Chip Kelly said his team was offered a first-round pick this morning for his QB Sam Bradford.
Chip Kelly's says not trading up for Mariota... Then says he was offered first rounder for Bradford. Chip Kelly's stirring the pot!
I know what Chip Kelly is up to. He's going to dismantle Bradford, Alonso and Mathews and piece together one super play…
Howie Roseman had final say over draft last year, including Marcus Smith pick, according to Chip Kelly.
Chip Kelly said that Howie Roseman had final say on last year's draft. E.g.: Marcus Smith.
ICYMI 👉 "Chip Kelly: Howie Roseman had final say on the Marcus Smith pick."
Chip Kelly said Howie Roseman had final say on 2014 draft. So there's Marcus Smith pick. Talk about throwing a guy under…
Chip Kelly says he has a "Hershel Walker type" Mega Trade on deck for Sam Bradford 😂😂😂
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Eagles HC Chip Kelly on trading up for Marcus Mariota: "Let's dispel this now. I think this stuff is crazy.”
Notion? “Chip Kelly wants to "dispel" the motion he wants to trade up for Marcus Mariota
Chip Kelly is single handedly flipping the NFL world on its head right now, this is amazing
I'd like to see Chip Kelly and Jay Cutler have a good old fashioned DGAF competition. Winner gets all the cigs.
This just in: Chip Kelly fires himself and hires Butch Davis to takeover head coach position
Eagles coach Chip Kelly says he's already been offered a 1st-round pick this morning for newly acquired QB Sam Bradford.
Chip Kelly said that Sam Bradford and Mark Sanchez are his QBs.
Chip Kelly just announced Chase Utley, Jon Papelbon, and Cole Hamels are available for a half eaten two day old cheese steak sandy.
Chip Kelly is the new Joe Kuharich who traded Sonny Jurgensen for Norm Snead in 1964
According to my insider information, Chip Kelly and the are looking to lock up Cory and Eric Matthews to 3-year deals.
BREAKING NEWS: Chip Kelly has just signed free agent OL Peter Griffin to a 12 yr/ $150 million contract.
Last time I'd seen this much talk about Chip Kelly being in over his head was after his 1st game as a HC at Oregon. We…
if Chip Kelly released you from your job today
Jon Kitna coming to terms with Chip Kelly for the fighting QB spot
This whole Chip Kelly thing reminds me of Butch Davis era in Cleveland when he was given full authority. Well multiplied by about 50
EXTREMELY NSFW VIDEO: Furious Eagles' fan calls for Chip Kelly's job and oh, so much more.
Chip Kelly is turning into a character that Norm MacDonald would parody on SNL like Burt Reynolds in jeopardy
I want Chip Kelly to join my fantasy league. I just put Akili Smith and Joey Harrington on the trading block
Just added to the show in five minutes: Phil Sheridan of What is Chip Kelly doing?
Chip Kelly just traded his toilet for a built in Port-A-Jon
Chip Kelly's run reminds me (a lot) of Butch Davis' early years in Cleveland.
Funny, Chip Kelly was on my flight from STL to PHX on the way to the Super Bowl...
I just wish this pork chop of a man Chip Kelly would actually grow some balls and address the media
“So for Foles, McCoy and a 2nd-round pick, Chip Kelly got Kiko Alonso and Sam Bradford.
Next year Chip Kelly will either get coach of the year or fired. .
Ray Didinger: "Chip Kelly is a genius with Xs and Os. But you know what? He's going to have to be."
I've been pretty willing to give Chip Kelly benefit of the doubt on most moves. But more I look at this Bradford trade …
Chip Kelly moments before the trade
"Hey, it’s me. Skip Bayless from High School. I agree with Steven A that Chip Kelly is racist. Here’s a book about Troy Aikmen being *** "
Chip Kelly playing with our emotions like...
Tough to believe in Chip Kelly after baffling QB swap Philly sports talk
*** are the Eagles doing traded Nick Foles (1.5mil) for injury prone Sam Bradford(13mil). Chip Kelly is crazy!
I still don't think Sam Bradford will be our starting QB. Chip Kelly isn't stupid. This is all part of his master plan to ge…
I'm sticking with what I'm saying. IF Sam Bradford can stay healthy, I do believe he will do phenomenal in Chip Kelly's offense.
Chip Kelly these days:. You from Oregon?. "No". Get off this team
just change Billy King to Chip Kelly and Eddie Jordan to Chip Kelly and fwd to
Chip Kelly is doing NBA style trading to get Mariota
Martin Sheen heading upriver for Chip Kelly right now
Are you really going to peddle Chip Kelly's insanity as actual logic? He swapped a potential franchise QB for Ryan Leaf 2.0.
Chip Kelly mine as well pick up De'Anthony Thomas too
Chip Kelly won't pay $12 million for LeSean McCoy or $11 million for Jeremy MacLin but he spends $13 million for Sam Bra…
If the Eagles go anything worse than 10-6 Chip Kelly getting fired
Chip Kelly is the John Spano of the NFL (That's a joke for the NHL fans out there)
It would've been easier for the Eagles to just trade Chip Kelly instead of their entire team.
Chip Kelly is flying those Eagles straight into the ground
"BREAKING: Chip Kelly has traded Riley Cooper for Katy Perry's left shark". Wont be loong b4 he trades Peters 4 WHITE llama
If there is no success this coming season Chip Kelly deserves to get fired. He should be considered on the hot seat just for these moves
I think Chip Kelly has been hanging out with Josh Gordon a little bit too much
Hot take: Chip Kelly is coaching college in a year.
🐒 🐟 "Chip Kelly" 🌈 Sex Dates in your Area Click here >>
Chip Kelly you are now OFFICIALLY on the hot seat! *** man really! Really? Sam Bradford?!
I'm almost positive it is within your power as mayor to arrest Chip Kelly and force him to do a 4 hour presser for the fans.
Chip Kelly is probably trying to get John Dorsey to trade him De'Anthony Thomas
Now that Chip Kelly has let go of Nick Foles, I'm just going to say it - Steven A. Smith's an even bigger *** today t…
Sam Bradford is one-eighth Native American so Chip Kelly can't be racist
Whatever John Mara is paying Chip Kelly, please double it.
I dont know bout this one...I'm getting nervous about Chip Kelly now. This trade just doesn't make any sense at...
Eagles trade Chip Kelly for Otto Graham; ESPN sources have reported
My Philly homie told me they ready to Lynch coach Chip Kelly
Live look-in at Chip Kelly in the Philadelphia Eagles front office...
Seems like Chip Kelly is self-proclaimed Billy Beane of the NFL. Source: John Kitna & Scott Hatteberg are next.
So the coaches in the NFC East are Not John Gruden, Old Man Coughlin, Jenius w/ a J Chip Kelly, & Jason Garrett.
Go guard the Liberty Bell with your musket before Chip Kelly trades it.
Chip Kelly just traded for a white quarterback, whatcha think Stephen A?
Chip Kelly is secretly cashing checks from Jerry Jones
Chip Kelly on Jerry Jones payroll, gotta be
and Jordan Matthews...I'm disappointed but who knows what if Chip Kelly is gonna do something BIG lmao
Chip Kelly is either an absolute genius or complete ***
Chip Kelly was planted by Jerry Jones!! It all makes makes sense.
Chip Kelly is like your buddy who gets drunk enough that he thinks he can throw darts left handed.
what are the chances Chip Kelly was hired by Jerry Jones as a mole in the Eagles organization
At this point it won't be surprising if Chip Kelly trades for Derrick Rose
I hope Chip Kelly has plenty of technology for Sam Bradfords injury concerns. Intro - Six Million Dollar Man:
So, one. About Stephen A Smith calling Chip Kelly racist. So it goes.
I'm convinced that Jerry Jones is paying Chip Kelly big money to ruin the Eagles
So I think we can all agree that Jerry Jones is secretly paying Chip Kelly to sabotage the Eagles...
Secret meeting with Jerry Jones, Dan Snyder and Chip Kelly..."Just say yes to every trade and we'll take real good care of you"
Nick Foles for Sam Bradford is by far the most racist move Chip Kelly has made thus far.
I think Chip Kelly is a mole sent to the Eagles by Jerry Jones to tear the Eagles apart from the inside
We need to check the paper work on Chip he on Jerry Jones's payroll? Who vetted this ninja?!
If you're recovering from a torn ACL send Chip Kelly an email. He just might trade for you.
FAKING NEWS: Chip Kelly trades his lunch of, fried chicken, a Caprisun, and an apple for a tuna fish sandwich.
Live look at what Chip Kelly is doing to the Eagles' organization
Chip Kelly reportedly trades his wife for a copy of Mein Kampf
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