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Chip Esten

Charles Esten Puskar III (born September 9, 1965) professionally known as Chip Esten, is an American comedian, actor and singer known for his appearances on the improvisation show Whose Line Is It Anyway?.

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I first saw him as Chip Esten on Whose Line is It Anyway, but Charles Esten has killed it on Nashville.
Just got added to the Grand Ole Opry for this Saturday night! Hope some of you can make it out! The show features Ricky Skaggs, Eric Paslay, Clare Bowen, Jonathan Jackson & Chip Esten!
charlesesten Chip Esten at nashville_abc @ Alexandria, Virginia
Trying to talk Deacon into not giving up on rayna. Seriously an amazing chip esten concert at the…
Chip Esten Thank you you are Good Man your Now
Why is Chip Esten on Nashville and not
See every time I see Chip Esten I picture him on Whose Line singing some song about bugs to the tune of a boy band.
Love the show! I looove Jeff Davis omg. Please bring back Chip Esten too!
Photo: juliette-claybourne: Chip Esten walks to the dugout during the City of Hope Celebrity Softball Game...
I recently found out that Chip Esten of "Nashville" fame is a huge supporter of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. My sister and I are both blood-cancer survivors and I’m on the board of LLS’s New York City chapter so this news made me very happy.
Chip Esten of ABC's hit show Nashville on the CMT Close Up Stage at CMAFEST 2014. SEE MORE AT...
He can play a guitar and play softball. Deacon Claybourne (Chip Esten) is at the plate!
Pick up People Magazine and you'll see Nashville star Chip Esten talking about how he's helping LLS & why!
"A Life That's Good" with my dancin' buddy Chip Esten and his beautiful bride Patty at the Vinny…
Chip Esten and his daughter performing Believing: via
Chip Esten and his daughter performing Undermine at CMA Fest 2014: via
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I got to see Chip Esten twice!!! Once in the Music City Center and again at the ABC BLOCK PARTY! woo hoo!
A huge thanks to the amazing Chip Esten for his marathon autograph session and performance with his…
Charles Esten from Nashville used to appear regularly on Whose Line Is It Anyway. He was Chip!!! OMG...MIND BLOWN!!!
Chip Esten, you are most gracious star out there. You were obviously well raised!! Kudos to your lovely mom!
Martin Guitar tent. Getting ready to see Chip Esten. And hopefully meet him.
I miss Jeff Davis and Chip Esten in Whose Line is it anyway.
Chip Esten from takes the field for
A life that's good - Chip Esten Performance at CMA Fest: via
Loved Chip Esten & Kree Harrison matinee at the Ryman.
Just saw Deacon Claybourne (Chip Esten) from Nashville live at Love him and the show!!
Chip Esten who plays Deacon on Nashville had a better showing for his performance and Q&A than a lot of the real country stars!
Chip Esten aka Deacon Claybourne just walked by me and said "Nice to see you again." AGAIN? SO YOU REMEMBER ME AND LOVE ME?
Just made eye contact with Chip Esten my heart melted
Rode on the elevator with Deacon (Chip Esten) from the TV series Nashville... We talked about Physics... No big deal...
You make friends with the security guards you get to sneak in line to meet Chip Esten..(Deacon) I am so excited 😍😍
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Backstage view of Chip Esten who plays Deacon Claybourne on ABC's Nashville.
Fun day at the softball game! Danielle bradbery, kree, chip Esten, Dustin lynch, Jamie Lynn spears,…
Back stage with Chip Esten of ABC's Nashville while he performs at CMA FEST.
.Chip Esten (aka Deacon) is LIVE on the CMA Close Up Stage Now. Watch >>
Loving so far! The AT&T Universe is amazing. Plan on meeting Chip Esten and seeing Sarah Darling live before Opry tonight.
Ready to see Ryan Stiles, and Chip Esten live!! Excited!
Seeing Ryan Stiles, Chip Esten, Greg Proops, and Jeff Davis from Whose Line is it Anyway?
Anyone out there interested in buying 2 tickets to the Bloomington Center for the Performing Arts show "Whose Live Anyway?" performance tomorrow night - Saturday 5/31 at 7:30p. Purchased 2-3 months ago for $90 but unable to go now - so will let em go for $45. That is like buy 1 - get 1 free! Tickets located in Pontiac. See below for description and picture. Thanks! DESCRIPTION OF EVENT: Whose Live Anyway? is 90 minutes of hilarious improvised comedy and song all based on audience suggestions. Ryan Stiles, Greg Proops, Chip Esten and Jeff B. Davis leave their audiences gasping with the very witty scenes they invent before your eyes. Audience participation is the key to the show so bring your suggestions and you might be asked to join the cast onstage. Whose Live Anyway? performs some of the games made famous from the Emmy Nominated TV show Whose Line Is It Anyway? plus some new ones. It's a night of unforgettably funny interactive comedy!
Just saw Chip Esten, Jeff Davis, Gregg Proops, and Ryan Stiles in person!! It was awesome!
So how does one get an interview with Chip Esten? Serendipity, thou art loosed.
For me and Chip Esten has always have been such amazing person and I know he is and always funny and him and to watch of watch Whose Line It Is Anyway and Chip Esten and he and is one of my world greatest camidin and ever and good luck and happy holidays and also Happy Easter to you Chip Esten yours truly Alana Pettigrew
I've never been a big fan of country music but liked Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson and some others. But I love "Nashville" on TV and the music is terrific. I particularly like "Deacon" played by Chip Esten. Turns out we have something in common! He grew up partly in Alexandria, VA and he attended William & Mary, like his parents (class of '63), his sister, and his wife (who was a military brat). His story was in the recent Alumni Gazette. I'm always amazed at the connections I find in life.
Sam Johnson: Yeehah! Woohoo! When I first did meet you, I wanted to give you a whirl, Too bad that you were not a girl. Now that all has changed, and I thank my lucky stars, That you went to Denmark. Yeehah! Jane Brucker: I tell you one thing, I think is kinda hip, Now that I'm a guy, I never wax my lip. Ever since I took my brand new testosterone, I've discovered that I've got myself a brand new bone. Ryan Stiles: My friends no longer know me, they think that things have changed, All of my parts have been rearranged. They don't know me any longer as Billy, Since they cut off my willy. Chip Esten: I have a little boy, you know his name is Tom. I was his daddy, but now I am his mom. I was a tough one, as tough as old Charles Bronson, Until I went to the hospital and they cut off my Johnson.
Chip Esten played a convincing Buddy Holly imagine him hair darker tash (not you of the must )
Heading out to Nashville this morning for rehearsals with Chip Esten (Deacon) and Clare Bowen (Scarlett) from the...
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Watching Nashville and reading my williamandmary alumni magazine. Love you Chip Esten '87!
When I met Chip Esten, he was literally one of the nicest, most down to earth people EVER. I actually was UNABLE to be nervous >>
had a chip that looked just like that - named him Demetrius. He rode on my shoulder for ~6 months in college.
hold up Chip Esten, aka Josh, the Stamford branch manager, went to William & Mary
i discover this as I'm watching "best of chip esten" Whose Line videos on youtube and decide to google if he's single or not
Uhh wut?! Just found out my mom went to college with Deacon Claybourne (Chip Esten) from 😳😍
Chip Esten (Deacon on the show Nashville) taking a break at out rehearsal for some of KiKi's Coffee.
Performing live with Chip Esten and Kenzie Wetz on Eddie Stubbs show on WSM... as we speak. Tune in!
Just visited "Chip" on the WSM radio show tonight (Mon, Feb 10, 2014) here in Nashville. Chip showed he is such a kind-hearted person by the way he took his time with each person that approached him. We (my husband & I) are so impressed with him and we love watching the TV series, "Nashville". We hope Chip stays the kind man he seems to be. It is nice to see that he doesn't act bigger and better than regular people. Debbie & Charles Edwards
with Special guests Chip Esten and Sam Palladio from ABC's "Nashville", also Danielle Lauderdale too! This one is gonna be packed, trust me. Show up early.. and you might want to buy tix ahead of time.
I liked a video Lennon and Maisy, and Charles (Chip) Esten - Believing - Nashville
I added a video to a playlist Nashville: "Believing" by Chip Esten (Deacon) & Lennon Stella (Maddie)
Photoset: haedaeso: It should be mandatory that Chip Esten has to play Bartender every time he’s on.
Scene from Nashville "Too Far Gone" featuring "Keep Coming Back" by Chip Esten (Deacon) Song available now on iTunes: Get more exc...
Scene from Nashville featuring "This Time" by Rayna (Connie Britton) & Deacon (Chip Esten) Song available now on iTunes: Get more exclu...
Standing backstage at the Opry with Chip Esten, aka Deacon. Not a bad place to be...
Will Jared Leto look like Chip Esten when he grows up?
Michael Knox in the studio with Will Chase and Chip Esten from the hit tv show NASHVILLE and Mickey Jack Cones...
Chip Esten of Nashville performing for the Tennessee Press Association.
Today's 13 hours on the set of Nashville was *long* with at least 11 of those standing in heels and very few breaks--much more strenuous than the 15-hour day Deanna and I logged last season. But two things made it all worth it. 1) The show's hair stylist--i.e. she's in charge of Connie Britton's locks!--came to tidy my mane and announced to the room: "wow! She has amazing hair! Like so healthy it's rare" (news to me...second career as a hair double? HA). 2) After a long scene standing with Deacon, Scarlett and her manager, Chip Esten turned to me, winked and said: "it's been a pleasure standing next to you for two hours." I had a witty retort prepared but instead just fainted. All in all, not a bad day (though my calves are going to be hurting tomorrow!).
Chip Esten is still taping ABC's Nashville and regrets he will not be in Vancouver on Feb 21 & 22. Joel Murray from "M…
Chip Esten, who is on the TV show Nashville, will be an entertainer at Cowboy's Night at the Opry II!
My two favorite characters from Rayna and Deacon. Also my Chip Esten!
Just got back from the Opera. It was amazing and we were sitting on the same row with the star of Nashville, Chip Esten.
Aurisonics, Inc. is a Nashville, TN (Music City) based professional audio product company. Aurisonics was founded in 2011 by veteran master audio engineer and audio products designer Dale Lott, with the goal of making products that truly allow customers to "hear it" and "live it." In just two years, Aurisonics has rapidly grown from a basement operation with one employee, to an international audio products force. Our customers (part of the Aurisonics family) include artists and band members from such musical acts as Rascal Flatts, Blake Shelton, Night Ranger, Stryper, The Isaacs, ASIA, Styx, Mandisa, and Matthew West, to name a few. Other well known celebrities such as the Food Network’s Guy Fieri, Grammy winning composer A.R. Rahman, and NFL commentator Terry Bradshaw use our products. Even stars of the ABC hit series Nashville (Connie Britton, Hayden Panettiere, and Chip Esten), use our in-ear monitors (IEMs) on almost every episode of Nashville. ~ Beano ~ For futher information : video source :
TV SHOW-- NASHVILLE: "Believing" by Chip Esten (Deacon) and Lennon cover by Hany... Capo on 3 Intro: G G I don't remember how I got here Bm C G When my rose ...
How many of you are fans of ABC's "Nashville"? I am working on a trip to Nashville which has the TV show as the backdrop. After getting to see Chip Esten (Deacon) perform live at the conference I attended, this is sounding like a very interesting trip. More info about this trip as soon as I get all the details worked out.
Scene from Nashville featuring "Believing" by Chip Esten (Deacon) & Lennon Stella (Maddie Jaymes) Song available later this year... Get more exclusive Nashvi...
Just started watching nashville i was just to see chip esten and im really enjoying it
By the way, this song was beautiful! Nashville Lennon and Maisy Chip Esten
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Charles Esten - Sideshow The View 3-27-2013 - Nashville. I'm a little bit in love with Chip Esten
Jared Leto and Chip Esten duking it out for the biopic SCAHILL
Don't blame her! Chip Esten is just delicious. Especially as broody scruffy puppy dog-eyed Deacon. I absolutely cannot.
My agent just sent over the ABC Nashville Series script (sides) to me for a requested Audition for speaking part in a scene opposite Charles 'Chip Esten AKA Deacon. This is actually pretty darn exciting to think about. what a nice guy and great opportunity.
Just got back from a concert Grand Ole Opry with Darius Rucker, The Gatlin Brothers, Alison Krauss, a surprise appearance and performance by Chip Esten of Nashville AND the newest members of the Grand Ole Opry Old Crow Medicine Show. It was great!
So they just surprised us with one of the stars of the tv show Nashville, but I don't watch that show so I have no idea who he is...but any fans of that show out there in FB land...his name is Chip Esten he plays the character Deacon.
For those of you who watch Nashville Chip Esten? Has the ladies screaming!
if I remember, Chip Esten in a game of scenes from a hat
Chip Esten. Is Chip going to be on the new season of Whose Line?
Chip Esten reminds me of you... you kind of look similar too... idk 🙊
Finally done with this crazy day at Belmont! I feel really good about my audition, and also really REALLY relieved to be done! Everyone we met and talked with today was SO sweet, and if it all works out, I can't wait to be here next fall. I could definitely feel everyone's prayers while I was singin, and I'm so thankful for everyone's love and endless support. In other news, we saw Chip Esten (Deacon from the show "Nashville") during auditions and I just need to get used to seeing famous people because it's bound to happen. I was fan-girling for sure. Holy cow. That's all! Love y'all!
Deacon from Nashville aka Chip Esten sings in a local honky tonk some old school Hank Williams!
a tie between Chip Esten and Hunter Hayes :)
Check out this video of Nashville star Chip Esten (Deacon Claybourne), who jumped up on stage at one of Nashville's honky tonks to grab the mic and sing - it's pretty awesome! watch here
Fun day at Robert's Western World yesterday! We'd like to thank Chip Esten (you might know his as Deacon from Nashville, maybe Big Love or The Office or.) for joining us on stage and doing a great job with a Hank Williams song. Sweet guy - smiled and graciously posed for photos with anyone who asked. And everyone asked...what a gent!
2013 - Wow! it's too much to write about.. but, I'll take a stab.(Ramble alert!) I was Blessed and am grateful for so many great musical experiences on the road , on T.V., in the studio, and playing around town - and all the while doing it with total pro's , the best in the biz and many of these same ppl are my closest buds whom Ive known 20+ yrs.. I'm thankful and appreciative beyond words for their friendship,musicianship, professionalism and sense of humor - because Lord knows we spend most of our time seeing who can make each other laugh the hardest and most often..Personally, my fam is healthy and happy which I'm thankful for and don't take lightly..however,It wasn't all sunshine & rainbows ( it never is).. I saw a few friends deal with some major health challenges, fight cancer,and other horrible illnesses. I hope they know I was thinking of them, and still do.Im gonna miss my drumming bro' Tommy Wells, who passed away very unexpectedly, but will laugh every time i think of our last hang at Forks, . ...
I wish Jeff Davis, chip esten and Brad Sherwood would serenade me 󾌺
Rang in the new year with our buddy Chip Esten and his awesome family and our friends The Stellas. We lost TV signal less than 2 minutes before midnight, so we all ran downstairs just in time for the countdown. I got to kiss the prettiest girls I know! Happy New Year!!
"Unlikely jeopardy categories: I'll take things no one knows for 1000"- Chip Esten
Let's play some Whose Line trivia! Who of the following cast members has NOT sat in all four seat positions? A) Ryan Stiles B ) Greg Proops C) Brad Sherwood D) Chip Esten
What a great year it has been! We're taking a trip down memory lane. Get on board the Freewheelin’ Big Rig – We’re hauling our best interviews from this year starting from A and going all the way to Z. We’ve got a long road ahead, and lots of hours to transport, so sit back and enjoy the ride! Here’s your holiday agenda for the week: Tuesday, December 24, 2013 We’re taking off with A-C, interviews include: NHRA star Alexis Dejoria, Andrew Lincoln of AMC’s The Walking Dead, Brande Roderick from NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice, rock n’ roller Bret Michaels, Brian Baumgartner from NBC’s The Office, Brian Jay Jones author of Jim Henson’s biography, country stars Bruce Robinson & Kelly Willis and SiriusXM NASCAR radio’s champ Buddy Baker. (REPLAYS TUESDAY, 8pm-11pm ET) Wednesday, December 25, 2013 We’re riding through Christmas morning and hauling interviews from guests this year with names from C-G. Interviews include: Chip Esten of ABC’s Nashville, Chip Taylor plays some music, heavy . ...
I'm listening to Scars/EXCLUSIVE by Chip Esten on Outlaw Country at
Person I love per episode on Mentalist at this point. Today has brought Chip Esten and Michael Mosley :)
regram sarahdpyott. Met Chip Esten at the Nashville viewing party
Blake just saw Chip Esten in Target. Funny that we recognized him from "Jessie" and not "Nashville" or "Whose Line is it Anyway." Yep, we have three little girls...
Ah Nashville you are killing me! Have to wait until January to find out more drama!! I would love to see Chip Esten (Deacon) & Jonathan Jackson (Avery) at the Grand Ole Opry next week :)...
Chip Esten says the Bluebird Cafe set is so convincing he's tried to go to the fake bathroom.
they really do! Like Chip Esten but he's in Nashville now so he won't do that...
Another wonderful benefit concert for Room in the Inn at Christ Church Cathedral tonight, with mystery guests from the cast of Nashville Chip Esten (Deacon)) and Jonathan Jackson (Avery), Kathy Mattea, John Cowan, Don Henry, the Nashville mandolin ensemble, and the wonderful Dave Pomeroy who organizes it all, and many more. Year after year the best gig in Nashville. Video clip of "Deacon and Avery"
Go behind the scenes of "Playing Tricks" with songwriters Striking Matches and Adam Wright as well as Chip Esten and the producers of Nashville.
I added a video to a playlist Nashville: "This Town" by Clare Bowen (Scarlett) & Chip Esten (Deacon)
I really do love Paul Rudd, with an Anderson Cooper/Chip Esten kind of magnitude.
Hangin' with Chip Esten (Deacon) from Nashville at my roommates aunt and uncle's pickin' party.
shared from Commodore Grille Nashville & Rick Stewart, photo of him & Chip Esten...
shared from Commodore Grille Nashville & Rick Stewart, photo of him & Chip Esten (Deacon on 'Nashville' TV Show) at Rick and Tammy Stewart Shows@ The Commodore Grille
So cool to have Chip Esten, who plays Deacon on Nashville, at my show tonight! Super nice guy.…
Singing A Little Family Traditions with Lee Brice and Chip Esten (Deacon) off the show Nashville! Fun Night!
Chip Esten singing White Christmas with his incredibly talented daughter, Taylor Noelle, at the Graceland Lighting Ceremony Friday 22nd of November 2013 No c...
Thomas Gibson rolling into EYES WIDE SHUT, be like Jean-Luc Godard seizing on Chip Esten as his go-to guy for a new masterwork
More stars from ABC's "Nashville!!" "DEACON"~aka Chip Esten, joins Codie and me tomorrow morning at 7:20am AND 8:20am. We'll ask him about Rayna, The Bluebird Café, and his faux/show daughter, and real life daughter, Addie.who is the bravest of all, why? Find out!
Posted a new photo: "Chip Esten greets Steve Anderson at Brian Deans benefit concert"
Listen for "This Town" in Wednesday night's episode of Nashville! I co-wrote it and Clare Bowen and Chip Esten will be singing it!
Posted a new photo: "Gary Nicholson, Chip Esten, Kenzie Wetz and Colin Linden"
"Because I'm the chocolate and you're the Chip" Best Wayne Brady line ever to Chip Esten on Whose Line
will Charles Chip Esten be making an appearance or is he too big now?
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WORKOUT DONE!! Also ran into Chip Esten from "Nashville" at the gym. No I didn't take a picture…
Me, Chip Esten and Exile tonight at the . Oh, and Larry too. 😏
When you're like NEW DEACON SONG PREVIEW... Then wait this is from 9mo ago... Then wait this isn't Chip Esten. That was disappointing.
"Showtime! Chip Esten Great photo, bet he was amazing! Fantastic guy & performer :)
I think that next season should have Connie Britton & Chip Esten on the show!
Throwing back with Chip Esten and the best of Whose Line.
New exclusive video on The Men of w/ & Chip Esten h…
Charles (Chip) Esten. He's an improv comedian and actor. He plays Deacon on the show Nashville.
I cannot but I will take a GIF of Chip Esten saying or doing anything.
Who can make me a GIF of Chip Esten saying he's following BSB reunion tour around the country from
Clare Bowen and Hayden Panettiere, chip esten I think that's all
Chip Esten gets ready to take the stage at The Grand Ole
So much luck to and Chip Esten at the tonight!! Love, your biggest cheerleader from Holland :D
Can't believe I'm in Nashville and I dont get to see and chip esten perform at the tonight. Hate my life.
Chip Esten is so attractive in Whose Line series 4
Best way to wind down my birthday? Hearing Brandy Clark, Connie Smith, & Chip Esten on the live stream!
That moment when you didnt realize Chip Esten was Deacon in Nashville until mentioned it on Up at Noon.
Chip Esten from Whose Line is Deacon in Nashville!!! He aged SO WELL!
needs to bring back Drew Carey and Chip Esten
Finally watching Whose Line is it Anyway. It's really funny, but I miss Drew Carey! Oh and Chip Esten.
can we please have Chip Esten back on Whose Line Is It Anyway?
Congrats to Connie for her Emmy nomination but I think Hayden Panettiere & Chip Esten should've been nominated. They're better than Connie.
Pumped to see Connie Britton & Elisabeth Moss (2x!) on here but sad about the lack of Chip Esten and
I'd add Hayden Panettiere & Chip Esten to that list, their work on Nashville was amazing
Really Emmy nominators?! No love for Monica potter or Hayden Panettiere or Chip Esten?! For shame!
I'm very disappointed to see no love for or Chip Esten.
I tried not to rant but seriously, how the *** is Chip Esten not nominated?! The finale alone proved he deserves it!
that's how I feel about my time as a Chip Esten/Deacon fan. I've known him a short time, but it's an intense connection! ;)
Colbert would be good. Especially since he's been on the show before. I want Chip Esten and Greg Proops back.
I want Gary, Chip Esten, Greg Proops all back on the show.
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This new Whose Line is right on form. Missing & Chip Esten though.
Ahh. The cast of Nashville is back in town. (Meaning my occasional random Chip Esten run-ins can start up again!) All is good.
And bring back the greats: Mike McShane, Brad Sherwood, Chip Esten.
Chip Esten is the greatest guest star on With Jeff Davis closely behind.
Hope to see Brad Sherwood, Greg Proops, and Chip Esten back on the show too!
Ya know I may start watching Nashville now that I know chip esten is on it
TRU I just wish CHIP Esten would reprise his famous snagglepuss impression
Yay for "Whose Line" being back on! I wish Chip Esten would take a break from "Nashville" and make an appearance.
yes it is, I'm so glad it's back, I just hope Jeff Davis and Chip Esten come on!
Laura Hall and Linda Taylor hair grew.I like it. Bring me Brad Sherwood, Greg Proops, chip esten, and richard simmons
Please tell me Chip Esten is reprising his role on the new Whose Line Is It Anyway.
I wonder if Chip Esten will be back for an episode of Whose Line
but Chip Esten is in Nashville...not that he's Colin Mochrie or anything.
awesome they brought it back. But will definitely not be the same without I demand a guest spot! Chip Esten 2
Chip Esten has such a lovely singing voice omg
my dad was insistent about Ryan, Colin and Wayne. He'd like Chip Esten too, but I told him he's busy on
Had a dream last night that Chip Esten was my boyfriend!! OMG can u say withdrawals?!
I'm seriously considering watching Nashville for Chip Esten.
I'll be back in a couple of minutes. I have some things I have to do... - Chip Esten
Ryan Stiles thought his goatee was making him overheat. Chip Esten and Jeff Davis making up songs had me peeing
I call for a redo of Postcard from Mexico with Deacon instead of Liam. If only to hear Chip Esten say/sing "bad girl".
my sister has decided we're gonna watch nashville bc of chip esten's handsomeness. I'm not convinced it's enough.
Happy Father's Day Mark Charter! I told him that I am taking him to Mexico for Father's Day and really i just need a beach vacation.
What a weekend... Friday: Disc Jam Music Festival was better than ever! Wobblesauce rocked the silent-disco main-stage proper so good job to Tony Scavone, and your team, for all of your hard work... (and thanks to Ellie Balding and Michael Fitzgerald for coming out!!! Beating's Summer Series round 1 was a perfect setting to return home to and enjoy some beautiful weather and amazingly positive and productive people!!! (AND THE BRUINS WON!!!... and oh ya... CONGRATS to Andrew Johanson and his epic ending to his bachelor party at the Wobblehouse w/ Josh Weinberg, Christian Esten, Billy Gamble etc...) Sunday: NOW, its Father's Day! Thanks Chip Boynton, for ya know... doin' that whole DAD thing... Love you, man ;)
Oh man, we are both happy. Chip Esten actually whispered into my ear that I did an extremely good job, so... yeah. Mind blown.
Chip Esten: "You have those nights when you die onstage but essentially you're immortal...OH! And when…
Recorded some killer hand claps & vocals w/the amazing Chip Esten aka Deacon Claybourne from Nashville. Can't wait to s…
The cousins and I with Ryan Stiles, Jeff Davis, Joel Murray, and Chip Esten 😄
Just realised chip esten is in Jessie omfg. HES EVERYWHERE
Ryan Stiles And Chip Esten from Nashville,Party Of Five. Both also on Who's Line is it Anyhow? Fat guy in orange me
I liked a video from Chip Esten Performs "SideShow" on The View 3/27/13
i can't believe this was over a year ago. here's me and my sister with chip esten C:
Chip Esten and that's a lot of hottness to handle!
It seems like I have had the high-end of the Nashville experience lately, mostly to the effort of my wonderful & talented Daughter, Leah Deagle. Leah was invited by Vince Gill to play in his annual Pro/Celeb/Junior Golf Tournament called THE VINNY on Sunday. Since Sunday morning I have Shook the hand and/or Hugged the following: Vince Gill, Amy Grant, Mac Davis (singer/actor), Larry & Steve Gatlin, Marty Roe (Diamond Rio), T. Graham Brown (singer/writer), Tommy John (baseball) Johnny Miller (golfer), Nancy Lopez (golfer), Henry Cho (comedian), Mike Fisher (NHL/Carrie Underwood's husband), Chip Esten (Deacon on the TV show Nashville), Meadowlark Lemon (Harlam Globtrotters), Bobby Clampett (golfer), Tom Purtzer (golfer) & last but not least Scott Hamilton (skater/I Am To end this, this morning i stopped by Kroger to pick up something and i ran into William Lee Golden (Oak Ridge Boys long beard guy) getting a coffee at the Starbuck's inside. We talked for 20 minutes; very cool dude and lives ...
If you're a fan of "Nashville", Chip Esten who plays Deacon Claybourne joins Doc & Andie tomorrow morning at 7:10...
Connie Britton & Chip Esten "The End Of The Day" buy their new duet on iTunes. Do it now
I can't decide between Chip Esten, Brad Sherwood, or Robin Williams
Can Nashville have a second season now please? We only need Connie Britton and Chip Esten in the second season though, that'd be fine.
.Greg Proops, Brad Sherwood, and a tie between Chip Esten and Jeff Davis
Just realize Charles Esten from if chip from who's line it is anyway?
Me and Chip Esten @ the black crowes concert in Nashville!
"But in space, no one can hear you cry." ~Chip Esten, LOL
I'm spending way too much time watching every Whose Line Is It Anyway? episode.. but with Chip Esten and who could resist?!
Prior to his time playing a musician on which actor played in a band called N'est Pas? ANSWER:
there is just something about Chip esten aka Deacon Claybourne
hey Kelly are we going to hear the song you did with Chip Esten from Nashville. Love ya!
I liked a video Whose Line: Best of Chip Esten (Part I)
is Chip Esten too big time now for since he became Charles Esten for
Ryan Styles is my hero, and you of course Wayne :) will Chip Esten be back? or is he too busy?
In the meantime, next month Chip Esten and Ryan come to Dallas
.star Chip Esten, aka Deacon, is immersed in Music City culture in real life
You just never know who you're going to see at a Rubiks Groove show. Check out Chip Esten (ABC's "Nashville") w/RG.
Not an act! star tells us about his love of Music City ... & his real-life songwriting!
Chip Esten, who plays Deacon on "Nashville," and I on the set :) love working with this show and these people...
Found out that Deacon from Nashville is Chip Esten and he was on Whose Line is it Anyway? omfg
Rascal Flatts thrilled to have 'Nashville' star in 'Changed' video: Chip Esten, who plays the part of ...
Connie performed for the first time ever at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville last night with Chip Esten! She...
4 those who ask, I make a point of not getting to know Chip Esten when I see him in Nashville. I'd MUCH rather know him as perfect Deacon.
If I'd written tonight's promo, the top 10 reasons to watch would be: 1-9. Connie Britton, and 10. Chip Esten's scruffy face.
Vamos que lo curas todo.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Can Chip Esten just make his own album already? I like his sound better than like, 90% of male country artists actually on the radio.
Behind me, under the restroom sign, in the blue shirt is Chip Esten aka Deacon Claiborne from the TV show Nashville.
Still shaking after asking Chip Esten for a picture
Any idea if Kathy Greenwood/Greg Proops/Jeff Davis/Chip Esten or Brad Sherwood will be back for Whose Line?
Chip Esten in WLIIA reminded me of Joey from FRINEDS so much. I love this guy! Though he looks much older in Nashville right now..
Chip Esten, Deacon from , at last night! Such a fun night w : )
Always love but last night made my life complete! Saw Chip Esten aka from the show Mad crush!
Josie's team just played Chip Esten's daughter's team from Sherman Oaks, CA. Super nice guy!
I can't believe it took me this long to realize that Deacon Claybourne from was also Chip Esten from
Look who showed up on stage tonight! It's Chip Esten... AKA Deacon.
Watching the British Whose Line and I realized young Chip Esten looks like right?
Chip Esten (Deacon) from the series Nashville made a surprise visit to Nashville Unplugged. So cool!
The people demand Chip Esten be a part of the "Whose Line" revival, "Nashville" or no "Nashville" -
Only a few seats left for the big dinner, but you can still score a spot at the after party! Cozy up with celebrities like NFL Hall of Fame legend Richard Dent, Vikings’ Jared Allen,Green Bay's AJ Hawk, Titans new safety George Wilson, country artists John Rich, Darius Rucker, Kix Brooks, Jana Kramer & Chip Esten...
kieor ir al cine horita kien me akompañaa !!
Yeah man, I hope they bring back some of the guests they used to have also, like Greg Proops and Chip Esten.
I wonder how often Chip Esten will guest star...Got that Nashville gig going on now...
Since is coming back I hope Charles Esten goes back to being Chip Esten for awhile and does a few eps.
Chip Esten at Zanies tonight and then Kirsten Dunst at Melrose Billards. Yeah, I live in Nashville.
Kelly Clarkson and Chip Esten working together? I approve!
I have to admit, my new guilty pleasure is "Nashville". I'm totally hooked! I started watching because my old Whose Line pal, Chip Esten, is a series regular (and does a brilliant job, I might add). And I especially love the music, produced by one of my faves, T-Bone Burnett.
You guys I was recently informed that Deacon Claybourne on Nashville = Chip Esten from Whose Line is it Anyway? and I am still processing...
Catching up on last night's episode of Nashville. Re-watching this Rayna and Deacon scene over & over... Can't decide if its because I love Connie Britton or because I wish I were standing that close to Chip Esten.
This the beginning of my Chip Esten sketch:
Things I love lately: The Grumpy Cat, that dude who plays Deacon on Nashville (hubba hubba) and my new cast iron Dutch oven. P.S. I fully realize that you don't care, but please humor me.
I take it it's not going to well with Chip Esten
I could just marry Chip Esten right now! He looks like a young John Brazier!
I'm pretty sure Chip Esten is old enough to be my dad, but he is definitely eye candy.
Sitting in a living room with Chip Esten throwing new songs at eachother. Best post activity ever.
I met Chip Esten from and he said he loved my brothers and I in The Chronicles of Narnia.
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Is anybody else still waiting for Chip Esten to break into a hoedown?
Chip Esten aka Deacon is from Pittsburgh! did you know that?
Rayna and Deacon--killing me softly guys. Outstanding acting from Connie Britton and Chip Esten!
Sadly, Chip Esten is now better known around Nashville as the guy who played in between periods at a game, rather than
Ming-Na is on Nashville. I *think* she's putting on an odd and inconsistent "southern" accent.
I miss Chip Esten so badly. I mean improv Esten. But Charles Esten is a *** actor and working it.
Trivia! Deacon Claybourne (actor Chip Esten) was originally on Who's Line is it Anyway!
Chip Esten from Whose Line is in that new show Nashville. Couldn't believe my peepers when I saw him lol :-p
I just watched an ep of "On the Spot", a terrible improv sitcom. It stank abominably but Chip Esten and are in it.
‘Nashville’ is a TV show that began to air on televisions in Fall 2012. Based in Nashville, this TV show stars Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere. There are many reasons why I like this show aside from the fact that it seems to be inspired by real life events that happened in the past.
Dan was talking about how he wanted to see if he could cry on stage, and Jeff said "Our friend Chip Esten can produce a tear in
I had Chip Esten laughing during lunch break on the set of Friday. Cool guy yo.
Do u Ryan Stiles & Chip Esten would bring Whose Live Anyway to the east coast like Canada NS? Maybe yes?
can i just pour Nutella all over Chip Esten and lick it off thank you very much
Don't even get me started on chip esten
Chip Esten from the TV show Nashville...he plays Deacon.
Chip Esten performing in the second intermission as well?
Love seeing Chip Esten playing in the Predators band!
Chip Esten just sang at 1st intermission of the game! I screamed when I saw him! Lol
Wait… Chip Esten is playing the intermission show? Umm…. I must be missing something.
I agree.but also waiting for a CD from the saxy "Chip" Esten! :)))
Got to share the screen with and Chip Esten last night.
is so good. I'm living vicariously through Connie Britton/Rayna & want her to hurry it on up & re-consummate with Chip Esten.
Okay, switching over to watch Nashville. The Bluebird Cafe rule is now in effect.
Chip Esten no longer goes by Chip. He now goes by Charles. What...?
That's it. I'm watching Nashville for Chip Esten. I mean, Charles.
Deacon...I mean chip esten is playing at the bluebird tonight I love you deacon!
I just realized Chip Esten, who plays Deacon Clayborne on Nashville, was a main guy on Who's Line Is It Anyway! Mind = Blown!
Greg Proops is my favourite then Brad Sherwood then Chip Esten then Kathy Greenwood.
If you aren't watching on you should be! Here I am with Charles/Chip Esten back in May. featured in NBC s Science of Love
just watchin my first episode of Nashville. You n Jo Dee Messina should be playin those parts of chip esten and Connie Britton
I forget often that Wayne Brady and Chip Esten are actually good singers.
It's so funny to see Chip Esten on and then see him on Whose Line Is It Anyway.
My right hand met Hayden Panettiere's Hand, & my left hand met Chip Esten's hand. Plus I got paid bank to be an extra on tv!
Chip Esten is in the show Nashville, but is credited as Charlie Esten... This makes me uncomfortable.
Chip Esten aka Deacon on Nashville greeting people at the show taping I attended
Chip Esten with a beautiful 1938 Martin 00-42 guitar. He's in heaven!
okay so i'm gathering from a lot of posts that this isn't actually Chip Esten, and yet his got Colin followin…
I watch. YouTube videos everyday. All day. About Jeff Davis and Chip Esten and BTR. that's all.
So proud of who was cast in a role on On set w/ Chip Esten. Very cool, down-to-earth guy
On the set of ABC's Nashville with Chip Esten. Very cool, down-to-earth guy
ImprovAganza Promo poster - most notable feature: Check out how sexy Chip Esten is in it!
Has anyone acknowledged that the guy that plays Deacon on Nashville used to be on Whose Line is It Anyway? Charles Esten=Chip Esten.
I like everyone to know that Charles Esten from is Chip Esten from Whose Line Is It Anyway?, and that makes me happy.
obviously Wayne Brady and Chip Esten have the most adorable voices aw
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looking out for Nashville because of Chip Esten! :) Love Deacon/Juliette team!!
I'm totally watching Nashville because of Chip Esten. I wanna bite that man. omnomnom.
I have decided one of my life goals is to have Jeff Davis and Chip Esten sing an improv song to/about me.
she once squealed in front of Jeff Davis because she saw his better half Chip Esten. Jeff thought she was a freak.
The bald jokes are back! It appears that Colin says to Chip after his song "May midgets f**k on your grave". Thanks to everyone who figured this out.
With my co-stars & Chip Esten last night. Did you watch the show?
So I asked & Chip Esten if I could be the bologna in their "hot guy sandwich" at the show. Yep.
Total Fangirl moment w/ Chip Esten at I'm not embarrassed.
I remember when I saw the sneak peek of Nashville at the CMA fest.. I was super excited that Chip Esten was in it. I love him on Whose Line!
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