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Chip Caray

Harry Christopher Chip Caray III (born 1965) is a television broadcaster for Fox Sports South and SportSouth's coverage of the Atlanta Braves baseball and Southeastern Conference basketball, and is an occasional radio broadcaster and co-host of the pre-game and post-game shows on the Atlanta Braves Radio Network.

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Williams Perez was dealing. Chip Caray (and Joe Simpson on righty's dominance vs. Phillies.
Chip Caray (and Joe Simpson on an emotional day for what led to Fredi Gonzalez's firing
Now would be a perfect time for Chip Caray to say Trevor Rosenthal has never given up a grand slam to Erik Aybar.
Chip Caray is the king of the announcer jinx.
Glad Chip Caray is calling the Braves out for shoddy defense. This is bad.
BREAKING: Braves trade Chip Caray and Joe Simpson to St. Louis for two actual Cardinals. Like the actual birds.
Chip Caray with the high heat. "Best dressed fans in baseball, just ask them."
Chip Caray stickin it to Cardinals fans again tonight. 😂 "They're the best-dressed fans in baseball. Just ask em."
"This has been a very enjoyable part of the Braves success this year." - Chip Caray. The Braves are 29-31
"Jace Peterson can tie the game with one swing of the bat." - Chip Caray. I suppose that's true in theory. (h/t
"Christian Bethancourt reminds me of Derrek Lee." - Chip Caray
I turn on the game on MLB Network and immediately hear Tim McCarver. Thank God for MLB TV! (even if Chip Caray is terrible too)
I thought you were going for the Chip Caray pronunciation
Knowing Tim McCarver is doing the Cardinals broadcast makes me glad to here Chip Caray. *shudders
Chip Caray sure has one thing right: we sure do miss Skip Caray and Pete Van Wierren at the moment.
I just snorted water out of my nose hearing Chip Caray and Joe Simpson do Skip Caray impersonations.
Chip Caray just said that the Best Fans In Baseball are jumpin off the bandwagon. lolol
Waiting on Chip Caray to say "good things happen when you put the ball in play" but I never hear him say it on a double play.
Chipcast: on highs and lows of defense, Garcias ...
>> Chipcast: Chip Caray on highs and lows of Braves' defense, Garcia's success
Chipcast: Chip Caray (and on highs and lows of defense, Garcia's success
Braves Radio Network ain't to shabby. Ask Chip Caray :) . But who doesn't love Vinny!
I would say so. Very entertaining. Listening to Chip Caray and Joe Simpson makes me want to put glue in my ears.
chip caray called it the best catch by an Atlanta player ever during last night's broadcast
Also, Wikipedia's list of PBP guys has this entry: "Chip Caray (1998-2004) 'Swung on and belted!' 'Fisted!'"
Chip Caray is in midseason form. We're doomed.
Chip Caray still does Braves games huh?
Chip Caray and Joe Simpson prepping for 90 loss mode by making fun of Nats media guide and playing bobblehead audio during live action.
Chip Caray just made a joke about a media guide making an oblivious joke that their catcher is great at receiving the baseball. We have AJP.
We secretly offered other teams Freeman, $50 million in cash, and Chip Caray for a bag of peanuts this winter, and they all laughed at us.
Chip Caray & Joe Simpson are awful. / PLEASE change your blackout policy. I hate paying to watch the on the ATL channel!
Throwback to when Chip Caray roasted my *** on public display
yeah that really was a Chip Caray home run call
Chip Caray side swipes will eventually bring world peace.
Wrong guy. Skip Caray is an all-time great. Chip is his son. Not an all-time great.
well its certainly better than Chip Caray
I may hate Colin Cowherd more than I hate Chip Caray.
But remember, Braves fans, Gordon Beckham "bolstered the bench", right, Chip Caray?
Chip caray " free baseball in atl on opening day nothing can beat that". Yeah a win in 9 innings. Not hockey no points for extras
Chip Caray: "Free baseball on Opening Day. Doesn't get any better than that!" Um...yeah it does. It's called WINNING in a standard 9 innings
Was that the first Chip Caray Overly Excited of the year?
Our first Chip Caray overreaction of the season. Ugh.
"There will be no tie today". Chip Caray, once again challenging the will of the Sports Gods
Chip Caray just talked about the Braves "bolstering their bench", right before Gordon Beckham fanned on 3 straight. That's about right.
I had to choose him though because Chip Caray is on the other call and I can't handle his stupid right now.
New rule - if Chip Caray has to explain the rule to you, then that rule should be automatically made void
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Chip Caray's face talking about the burgerezza thing
someone set up a dot matrix printer in front of Chip Caray's & Joe Simpson's microphones?
Always nice to listen to Chip Caray and Joe Simpson!
Chip Caray says Freddie Freeman and Bryce Harper are on pace for 162 homers. If there was a Chip Bingo for today, that joke would be on it.
My mom just thought Chip Caray said Markakis had off-season sex surgery
After Freeman bomb, announcer Chip Caray proudly proclaiming that the Braves will not be no-hit. I'm sure fans can breathe sigh of relief.
"THAT'S how you take care of Johnny Vander Meer history!" -- Chip Caray.
Oh boy... 162 games of Joe Simpson and Chip Caray. Yay. 😒🔫
Never understood the bum rap Chip Caray has gotten as a PBP guy.
Game hasn't started yet!!! It is just coming on! Chip Caray and Joe Simpson running their mouths ❤️
Chip Caray's tan remains faithfully nuclear in color.
We begin another season of Braves fans subjecting themselves to Chip Caray and Joe Simpson. Should be a special place in heaven for them.
Can't wait to hear Chip Caray, Joe Simpson, and Jerome Jurenovich!! Go,
I wonder if Chip Caray, DOB, Paul Maholm, Brett Anderson and the STL Cardinals still have me blocked.
In other news, *** Stockton is the worst sportscaster on the planet. And with Chip Caray living on the same planet, that's saying something
Chip Caray is griping about Herbstreit talking too much. LOL.
Sitting alone in his basement, jamming out to Rush, Chip Caray plans out his best "This Bud's For You!" and "Bend It Like Beckham!" puns.
Braves sign Gordon Beckham. Chip Caray immediately starts trying to figure out how he can maximize “Bend It Like Beckham” jokes on tv.
"The Cubs have traded Len Kasper to the Barves for Chip Caray."
one must never confuse Skip Caray with Chip Caray.
but it's John Smoltz and AJ Pierzynski not Chip Caray and Joe Simpson lol
Could Brian Anderson be anymore animated for the Cubs... ? I'd rather hear Len Kasper or Chip Caray. Or Hawk Harrelson...
Chip Caray: . The Braves are bad because… . *fumbles game notecards and picks one up at random*. A jason grilli injury!
still dwelling on the night before with Chip Caray
When Coppolella takes over for Hart, he's going to assert his dominance by firing Chip Caray and bring back Boog Sciambi. This is my dream.
Listening to the radio tonight, Jim Powell is so much better at his job than Chip Caray that it’s not funny
As reported by Chip Caray referred to a base hit as a stroke job.
A review on whether a home run was fair or foul, Chip Caray lecture on how foul poles should have cameras coming in 3,2.
Play-by-play announcers for the FSN/Fox Family coverage included Kenny Albert, Thom Brennaman, Chip Caray, Josh Lewin, and Steve Physioc.
No chance I would listen to Chip Caray calling into a DC radio show. He's an announcer for a 3rd place squad in a half-empty (at best) park.
I'm going to be joined by Chip Caray at 2:15 on I'm looking forward to it. The Nats and Braves are building a rivalry.
VIDEO: Chip Caray (and Joe Simpson break down the walk-off win over Scherzer, Nationals.
I enjoyed Len Kasper and Harry and Chip Caray, none of them were players.
I try to not troll about sports... like Chip Caray
Chip Caray makes me appreciate Bob & FP and Charlie & Dave infinitely more
What ever it takes to get Chip Caray out of the TV booth.
That's not the real Chip Caray trolling fans is it? Wish he was more like Harry.
Only thing worse than a sore loser is a sore winner. I think Chip Caray needs a hug.
I love how much Chip Caray throws shade at the Nats
Chip Caray shouting out Northwest Rankin High School on the Braves' broadcast as Tyler Moore steps in for the Nationals
Chipcast: Rookie pitchers, Harper's effort level; more talk w/ Chip Caray (and
Chipcast: Rookie pitchers, Harper's effort level; more talk with Chip Caray (and myself.
If/when Chip Caray goes on vacation, the Braves could do a lot worse than on the call.
Someone let me know how bad Joe Simpson and Chip Caray talk about Bryce Harper tonight.
Honorable mentions to the Athletics for the top broadcasts and Braves (mainly Chip Caray) for the bottom broadcasts.
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Yes they are. Give me Bob Carpenter over Chip Caray anyday!
Chip Caray is my number one candidate to go full on 9/11 truther on the air one day.
Chip Caray stunned that a bridge is made out of steel. How dumb is this guy?
"The Pirates are having a great weekend" - Chip Caray. "Thats because they have good players!" replies my dad
Chip Caray is like one of Michael Keaton's later clones in Multiplicity. Just not quite right.
Costas, Harold Reynolds and Curt Schilling this weekend for Cubs-Cards. *** throw in Chip Caray while you're at it, guys.
"How come it only rains when we hit."--Chip Caray.
Chip Caray and Joe Simpson gonna be blazin it at that time
This is one of the weirdest things I've ever heard from a broadcaster and I listened to Chip Caray for 6 years.
Let it be known that in year two of instant replay, Chip Caray and Joe Simpson still don’t know the rules regarding challenges.
In this day & age, for Chip Caray and Joe Simpson to not know the review rules is pure incompetence.
Chip Caray just said the are wearing their "home Black jerseys" about we just make it official now.
Chipcast: offense looking for answers sans Freeman; more with Chip Caray (
The Internet, brought to you by Chip Caray & Joe Simpson.
Best moment of Chip Caray's broadcasting career right here.
Even as someone who has to listen to the horrible Chip Caray, I don't understand how Nats fans listen to Bob and FP.
He's on my very long list of sportscasters that need to quit jobs... main others ones: Chip Caray and Chris Berman
Freddie Freeman homered 5 steps to the left of straightaway center today and Chip Caray called it opposite field
Besides being corny and terrible, Chip Caray is horrible at describing what's happening on the field.
Chip Caray: "The poison 'pen miseries continue for the Braves out west.". Having Grilli and 6 scrubs in the bullpen is SO much fun to watch.
Sometimes it's easy to tell that Chip is Harry Caray's grandson
The camera angle just Chip Caray'd me
Feel sorry for Joe Panik. Chip Caray just put him in the same sentence as Dan Uggla.
I think the should trade CJ, Cahill and Chip Caray for Kris Bryant.
later in the year, they're giving out a Harry Caray bobblehead w/voice chip. That's kind of cool. Much cooler than Clark the Cub.
"Did he catch it?" - Chip Caray as the ball bounces into the seats
Never minded him with Boog or Sutton or Caray. With Chip? Insufferable./
Chip Caray drops a "Steven" Curry on Braves-Giants broadcast when they pan to the MVP in the crowd. :/
I grew up listening to Harry Caray and had to go through Chip as well. I like a lot.
This is what happens when you hire Chip Caray, Fox. FOR GOD'S SAKE, THINK OF THE CHILDREN!1!1!
Chip Caray says Miller has never lost against the Giants. So of course Belt hits a homer two seconds later.
Chip Caray: "... and now Fredi Gonzalez has some decisions to make.". Me: Shudders
Chip Caray so bad. Had me thinking it was a routine fly out
'Cause you have to have someone on par with Chip Caray
Godamighty, Chip Caray can butcher some names. Especially if they're Japanese. Good grief.
"BELTED!!!" - Chip Caray broadcasting your lady bagging
Braves: Chipcast: Maybin's rise, Uribe's impact, toast and more Braves with Caray: Chip Caray joi...
Chipcast: Chip Caray (and on Maybin's rise, Uribe's impact, toast, more topics
Chipcast: Chip Caray (and I talk Maybin's rise, Uribe's impact, toast and more topics
In Chip Caray's defense, he has pretty good hair.
Well I gotta give credit to Chip Caray there.
i mean duh. Everyone knows Chip Caray is always the choice.
I have only noticed hearing "shutdown inning" on a broadcast three times this season. All three spoken by Chip Caray.
I'm sure they are better than Chip Caray though.
Watching Chip Caray call the game. And the other guy.
hopefully that puts an end to Chip Caray's "Teheran is matching Kershaw pitch for pitch" jibber jabber.
For some reason, I'm really enjoying Chip Caray having to say 'Charli XCX' for promos.
How can anyone take Chip Caray serious with that hairstyle?
I'd take Scooter Barry and Chip Caray over jvg and jax
Chip Caray is amazed at how cameramen do their jobs
Imagine how good watching the Braves game would be if we didn't have to hear Joe Simpson and chip caray
I like them but Chip Caray blocked me on here...I got 9 ballparks left
Nick Punto, Chip Caray and the Platonic Essence of a Base Hit.
I never thought the phrase "reverting to the mean" would come out of Chip Caray's mouth.
Joe Simpson: "If he gets a base hit here, I'll vote for Pedro". Chip Caray: "And we had tots for breakfast!"
June 2, 2009. Randy Wells has a no-hitter going in the fifth inning, so Chip Caray decides to get the crowd in Atlanta to let Randy know.
I would never have thought there'd be a play-by-play guy who makes me miss Chip Caray.
Can we trade Chip Caray and Jordan Schafer for Gary Thorne?
"Chip Caray makes an unfortunate verbal slip-up Steve Levy off the hook now?
Chip Caray says because of Jordan Walden's unique delivery, he actually is 51 feet from plate when he releases pitch. A miracle of science!
Chip Caray with the obvious Heyward-Larry Walker comparison...
May 13, 1991 Harry Caray, his son Skip Caray and his grandson, Chip Caray are all at Wrigley Field to announce a Cubs vs Braves game. Braves defeat the Cubs 5-3 behind the pitching of Tom Glavine.
Joe Buck and Chip Caray, highlighting the evils of nepotism since when the *** ever.
He's Thom Brennaman. Senior member of the lucky sperm club, along with Chip Caray.
Lent Confessions, Day 23: The argument over whether the opening day of Baseball Season should be a national holiday is not quite as valid as the argument for making Election Day a holiday. I can easily find time to vote. The polls are open early and stay open late. Plus, it's a great chance to take an extended lunch. On the other hand, coming up with a believable excuse to shirk my professional duties for an afternoon requires a tad more planning and creativity. I'm proud to say that this is the first year in some time that I didn't have to fabricate a situation that would allow me to eat my hot dogs and bask in the mellifluous tones of Chip Caray as he describes the play of my Atlanta Braves. But that doesn't get me off the hook for previous season openings. From "sudden vehicular failure" at lunch (causing a necessary trip to an auto shop) to an onset difficulty in properly adjusting to the time change (which plays remarkably convenient habit on my sinuses), I've gone to great lengths to assure that I'd ...
I'd rather listen to Bob Costas or... (gasp) Chip Caray call a game.
Will CBS throw to Chip Caray for Midwest analysis?
Chip Caray and Goose Givens talking about having Nick Anderson on their fantasy basketball teams back in '92 was a pleasant surprise.
I remember almost purchasing that chip caray bottle opener.
you can use mine, the only catch is that it's a talking one and it plays a Chip Caray home run call when you use it
I need a photo of you holding a guitar for my fantasy team logo. Team name is Chip Caray Unplugged. Thanks in advance.
Don't forget about anti-stats announcers, Chip Caray and Joe Simpson.
Congrats, Hubie Brown. You are officially in my top 2 least-favorite sports announcers, right up there with Chip Caray. Your blatant lack of professionalism, constant tangents about useless topics during live action, and inability to announce a game down the middle on a neutral network makes you one of the worst announcers that any sport has ever seen.
Wonderful seeing Chip Caray & his family at game Friday, laughing too with Nick Anderson as team honored Great memories.
"Swung on Belted, There she goes! Number 62! Move over Big Mac you've got company!" -Chip Caray
I loved when Chip Caray did that ALDS. After that we got stuck with Ernie Johnson.
leave chip caray and Joe Simpson in a raft with no food or water
TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT! IT IS CHOPTOBER! We are right here at it... FEAR THE CHOP! What do you think, Braves Country? Who will get things started?!? What will you be doing for the game? First pitch at 8:37 pm ET on TBS! GO BRAVES! "I think what Jason has done atop the batting order has totally revolutionized the offense. His ability to get on base and score runs even without getting hits has set the table for Freddie Freeman, Justin Upton, Brian McCann and others. His dynamic play in center field, he's a Gold Glove defender. I just think Jason Heyward as a table-setter, a leadoff guy and a guy that can set the tone with a leadoff home run, a hustle double and patience at the plate and ability to manufacture offense is going to be critically important." -Chip Caray, Braves Broadcaster (FoxSportsSouth)
Finishing the week strong with Brian Dawkins, Thomas Dimitroff, Chip Caray, Jerod Mayo and on Friday it's Mike Smith & Bill O'Brien.
Nice little week developing on the program! Chip Caray, Ted Roof, Brian Dawkins, Jerod Mayo, plus some more surprises to come!
"You know what? I like that." -Chip Caray in reference to Chris Johnson bunting. We know you like that Chip, we know...
Skip Caray called last NL East clinching win in 2005. Chip Caray will call this years title in Harry Caray's Wri…
If I were Chip Caray, every time Scott Downs came on to pitch, such as today, I'd say, "And it looks like the Nationals have …
Chip Caray just said that Jordan Schafer is the best outfielder on the Braves...not sure I agree.
Chip Caray is a freaking *** Jordan Schafer is NOT the best outfielder on the team.
Wow, Dale Murphy said a joke that was too corny for Chip Caray. Well done, sir.
“A Braves win for Scott Downs in his big league debut.” -- Chip Caray. This is Downs' 540th career MLB game. (h/t
When the are on Fox with Joe Buck I feel like I'm being punished. Give me Chip Caray and Joe Simpson any day.
"pun competition between Chris Berman and Chip Caray?"-I'd rather get a prostate exam from Edward Scissorhands.
I like how they always have Dale Murphy sitting to the left of Chip Caray to make the Chip 'n' Dale jokes just a little bit harder to make.
Chip Caray said the Phillies' offense has been scoring runs "in bunches." The Phils are 21st in the majors in runs
Chip Caray just said "Kennedy, back and to the left," when Ian Kennedy was pulled from the game.
getting to meet a who's who of cool baseball people tonight. Chip Caray, Don Sutton, denny matthews, steve physioc. questioning whether hud is cool tho? lol
Let's see I can choose Chip Caray, Buck Martinez, or death. I choose death.
Busy Mac Attack Monday. We have Celania and John Kilgo together. Jeff Hammond talks about the All Star Race at 745 and Chip Caray is at 845
as a Phillies fan who was 8 years old for the 93 World Series, I can say I hate Joe Carter even more than I hate Chip Caray
Chip Caray just said "ironically on Bark in the Park day the Braves have K'd 9" I wanna find who writes his jokes and punch them in the face
Chip Caray doesn't need to explain what "lean years" means. Went from his daddy and Pete Van Wieran to his calls. Definition of lean years.
The are 17-12 this year when Chip Caray makes a terrible pun.
Chip Caray. He didn't just say that. Did he?
Chip Caray: "And for my next act, I'll try my best to impersonate a *** bag Braves annoucer!! Oh wait..."
Extra reps for that Skip Caray impersonation by Chip.
That's it. I now never need to hear Chip Caray call a game ever again.
How did David Wright stick the dagger in when he just tied it and we had a great shot at scoring in the 9th... Chip Caray at his finest.
This message is for Frank Wren: Please fire Chip Caray. If you care for the fans and your team, fire Chip. seriously. Thank you.
Chip Caray has a brain the size of a pea. Stuff that comes out his mouth is unfathomable. His forbears are rolling in their graves
I always love the surpressed rage in Chip Caray's voice any time the other team gets a big late game hit.
A guy that likes to hit homers, ya don't say, Chip Caray?
Chip Caray just compared Bobby Parnell to Craig Kimbrel. That's insulting.
Chip Caray be schoolin them boys on the trivia question!
Chip Caray had no clue that was out
Seriously. How does Chip Caray have a job. He is THE WORST. STFU.
Chip Caray likes the grey uniforms, that explains everything.
Even I pulled a chip caray on that one
I meant chip caray. I love Skip Caray
Chip Caray: "BJ a hard single to left." Joe Simpson: "Here he comes." Me: Goosebumps. We might finally be getting the real BJ Upton.
Chip Caray is more capable of accurately describing weather
Dish network is not showing the Braves because they were sick of Chip Caray!
Waiting for chip caray to make a mike "minor league" pun if this continues
Chip Caray: It seems as if the Braves hitters have either been ahead in the count or behind in the count all year" *facepalm*
Is there a Chip Caray drinking game yet?
Chip Caray lost STL credentials when he became a broadcaster for the Cubs.
Chip Caray would puke at the Nats puns.
know what I'm happy about? I don't have to listen to Chip Caray and Joe Simpson for a while
The Rangers pbp man is bringing back the Chip Caray infamous phrase of the batter getting fisted.
Chip Caray just proposed Joe Maddon as a manager who has seven 90 win seasons
Man, that Chip Caray is freakin' hilarious!
lol “one swing can tie this thing up” says Chip Caray as he reaches in his bag for his next joke.
Chip Caray should find another Nationals cold streak to mention tonight.
Tom Glavine needs to take Chip Caray's job full time.
I like it here. I'm comfortable. Not a parody, but I can't stand just like anyone else
I got just what you need. Nothing like some early morning bashing to get the juices flowing
Could I interest you some early morning bashing? Goes great with the morning coffee
Meanwhile, on the Braves game, Chip Caray is explaining Hawk Harrelson catchphrases.
Chip Caray just quoted Hawk Harrelson and I projectile vomited.
You forgot to denote that as a Chip Caray Quote.
Chip Caray attempting to prevent awkwardness by calling the trainer Lee "Koontz." Unfortunately, it's pronounced Kuntz.
Tom Glavine knows how to watch a game called by Chip Caray . . . with the sound turned off.
Chip Caray just called a ball that bounced four feet in front of the plate "a little low".
I'm watching the Sports South telecast myself, but I absolutely do not want to hear about how much ESPN *** Chip Caray is our announcer.
Can ATL trade BJ Upton, Dan Uggla, And Chip Caray to The Dodgers for Either and Vin Scully?
So I'm watching the Braves replay and commentator Chip Caray says, " He's getting raped on the first pitch."
"... Tim Hudson, in the history books with the Atlanta Braves, with his 200th victory of the season." -Chip Caray
welp, somewhere along the way I fell asleep. Was just woken up by Chip Caray and Joe Simpson screaming through the TV.
"It's 6-1 and listen to this place!" - Chip Caray, right when everyone sits down quietly
And chip caray jinxes huddys's no hitter.
I blame chip caray for the loss of the Hudson no-hitter
I think Chip Caray is off his meds tonight. At least we've got the Glavinator in the booth with him.
Speaking of Hammers, Ted Williams hit a homerun today, Joe. -The one and only Chip Caray
Watching the isn't as enjoyable without Chip Caray and Joe Simpson broadcasting.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
These announcers suck...where is Chip Caray and Joe Simpson??
Cannot stand watching the Bravos on National Fox. Hate the announcers. I need Joe Simpson and Chip Caray
I think Chip Caray is going to go full-Harry Doyle by mid-season.
Of course, Chip Caray and Joe Simpson thought that was a good call. Biggest homers South of Bob Carpenter.
Would you rather have to listen to Verne Lundquist or Chip Caray for the rest of your life?
I'll trade ya Chip Caray for Bert Blyleven straight up RIGHT NOW and throw in 100 1982 Donruss Kent Hrbek rookies as a bonus
oh DOB never blocked me. Chip Caray is back in my TL though--and BILL SHANKS!! and I am free to be my *** self...jk
After Kanye, you knew they were gonna have to max the whiteness. Chip Caray just turned it back on.
Chip Caray just changed the channel.
I would LOVE for Vin Scully to broadcast Braves games. Chip Caray is so stupid. And annoying.
idk why people don't like him honestly. I think he's a good broadcaster. As a braves fan, I CANNOT STAND Chip Caray.
I am imagining Chip Caray is disappointed that he did not have the opportunity to call Doug Fister's start tonight.
Tim McCarver and Joe Buck. Go start a hotdog stand and let Joe Simpson and Chip Caray do the job.
It's you. And his dad was the best. Gotta say, Joe Buck, Thom Brennaman, Chip Caray all have same problem -- living up to Dad.
Cardinals are still strong, defeat Giants 6-4 in NLCS game 1. Even stronger, Fox's Joe Buck. He called a football game at Candlestick Park and made it to AT&T Park to call the NLCS game. He did his old man Jack proud! But doesn't he always? Loved listening to Jack and Mike Shannon do the Cardinals games on KMOX when I was growing up, even though I liked the Braves and Reds. The Reds' Marty Brenneman is another one of my favorites and I feel the same way about his son, Thom. Also enjoyed Harry, Skip and now Chip Caray...
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Yep...TBS was my childhood...only bad thing now is listening to Chip Caray call a game
Why does Chip Caray want the Brewers to win? I'd rather have the possibility of clinching tomorrow.
Fisted: Twins Get Shut Out By Fister, Tigers In 8-0 Loss: Okay, now that I've got my Chip Caray "fisted" joke ou...
Credit where it's due: while very terrible at guessing where a ball is, Chip Caray is usually pretty solid on what inning it is.
If Gary Danielson and Chip Caray did football games together, they should get Honey Boo Boo to be the sideline reporter
Not gonna lie, I pulled a Chip Caray on that fly ball.
Love for him and Chip Caray to have a "homer off". Maybe throw your boy Hawk in there too
What Skip Caray did for keeping viewers tuned in during blowouts, Chip does the exact opposite.
Chip Caray had Prado in left field on that last home run.
Thanks 4 ANOTHER jinx chip WHY does he open his idiotic mouth BEFORE have actually done something! Joe even corrected him.
Thank you Chip Caray for jinxing the Braves
Chip Caray is such an embarrassment. To humankind.
Of all the things that Chip Caray calls a line drive, for him to call that a fly ball REALLY bothers me.
Chip Caray actually just compared this pitcher to Nolan Ryan
I say this daily, but I hate Chip Caray. "HIGH FLY BALL" hit off the handle to shallow right.
If Chip Caray gets a Hall of Fame vote, I'm pretty sure he just writes MARTIN PRADO across the whole thing.
I hate Hate HATE Chip Caray. Notice how he brings out the worst of Joe Simpson? Simpson was fine on the radio with Jim Powell last night.
Chip Caray just said "hot smash" twice in the span of a couple of minutes. Not quite sure what to think about that.
Over/under on the number of gallons of hair gel that Chip Caray uses before each broadcast?
Since Chip Caray wasn't calling the game, somebody had to say it.
hmmm I've talked to Chip Caray, Ken Rosenthal, Jim Powell, and a couple of minor league Braves.
exactly! Idk whose worse ESPN or Fox. Both suck regardless. They make me miss Chip Caray
Chip Caray seriously just guessed that replaced RAFAEL FURCAL in Chipper's MLB debut! Wow. Can we get rid of him now?!?
Tim McCarver makes me long to hear Chip Caray.
Jason Heyward ties the game with one swing! Thanks for shutting up Bob Carpenter and Ray Knight on MASN. Maybe because the Nationals have never been any good before, they act as if they've already won the World Series. And Ray Knight borders on being a complete *** Ugh where are Joe Simpson and Chip Caray when I need them?
How to Use Your Inside Voice While on the Air, by Chip Caray
Am I the only one that thinks Joe Simpson wants to punch Chip Caray in the nose???
I love the Braves, but Chip Caray makes me sad. He seems to have sucked the life out of Joe Simpson. I miss Skip.
Even Joe Buck thinks Chip Caray is a joke of an announcer.
Chip Caray is dressed tonight like he's related to Judge Smails.
Dodgers-Braves highlight tonight...means either 3 hrs of Vin Scully or 3 hrs of Chip Caray. That's a pretty big talent gap.
Instead of ANOTHER John Sterling call for the play of the day go with a Chip Caray call on two home run night.
I wish Chip Caray was retiring, not Chipper Jones
And there's my answer. Thanks chip caray. Well said. Go braves.
A Chip Caray bobblehead that when the head falls off, he'll shut up.
Chip Caray must be a fortune teller! Chipper did have something special planned for tonight.
me five secs ago: maybe I'll put on the braves game, I never watch them (hears chip caray's voice) (changes to different game)
I'd sing 'take me out to the ballgame' in place of Chip Caray!
I'd choose a Chip Caray/Tim McCarver call over Hawk Harrelson 100% of the time. The worst announcer/HR call in baseball.
okay, why is Chip Caray so obsessed with the time?
Chip Caray and Joe Simpson looking for nice things to say about Evereth Cabrera...
Please come back so we don't have to listen to Chip Caray anymore.
And now, they showed a clip from a random Mariners-Royals game...ANNOUNCED BY CHIP CARAY. I'm in ***
Kudos to the Chip Caray, Joe Simpson, Tom Glavine and especially the CREW for covering the SD pitcher's mom watching her son pitch his first inning of major league baseball. Classic coverage. Olympic moms got nothing on THIS lady! Great job.
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