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Chinese Auction

A Chinese auction is a combination of a raffle and an auction that is typically featured at charity, church festival and numerous other events.

The letter was sold on an auction for £21.9 million.
Interesting story on the rebounding Chinese art market in today
Come out and support the SPHS Baseball Boosters on October 14th at Fundaze-Back Bar. Cornhole Tournament, Chinese Auc…
Registration is open for our Oct. 24th Chinese Auction!!!...
Who can forget the greasiest chinese food in the central valley? Only at Cherry Auction! 😄
Interest in this plate from a cupboard is at fever pitch Auction Friday! 🔥🔥…
Lot of the morning goes to 394, a Chinese bronze censer selling at an impressive £15000.
A treasure of the Elizabethan Silk Road – Chinese bowl with 17th century English mounts travels to auction:…
I'm giving away something for you on 5 pcs Chinese Traditional Therapy Vacuum . Get it here -
Latest Ocean Tomo platform seeks to woo Chinese bidders sceptical of auction format
Chinese vase sells for $5.2m, 10,000 times its estimated price at a Geneva auction house
Anyone or any business willing to donate something to St Nicks Chinese Auction on Sun, November 5th please let me...
Hong Kong the Inperial sale works of art de la…
The words for "cockerel" and "fortunate" are homophones (ji), making roosters an auspicious motif in Chinese art.
A Chinese vase was sold in Geneva for more than 6 million Swiss francs (€5.18…
Really? A classic case of fraud and money laundering using a proxy buyer
What's for dinner?? Spaghetti! Please join us tonight. Lots of great Chinese Auction baskets too!
Record-breaking sale of Chinese vase at Geneva auction...
Check out this fab sale of a Estimated at between £382 to £611, it's now sold for £3.8 million!…
A Chinese vase has been sold for 10,000 times its estimated value after an auction got way out of hand
A Chinese vase was sold at 10,000 times the amount reckoned by the auction house which put it under the hammer.
This pair of Chinese pink sgraffito vases just sold for £700 in our weekly sale.
There was a bidding battle at the auction by two people who believed the vase was in fact from the 18th century.
Chinese vase sells for 10,000 times estimated price as auction involving amateur buyer gets way out of hand
This week's flower auction is of classic Oriental lillies, anthuriums, ginger flowers and bamboo just in time for C…
These are our tickets of choice when running a Tricky Tray or Chinese Auction! Definitely try them out if you...
Chinese vase goes 150 times over estimate in shock auction sale
Tickets for our annual Chicken Barbecue, Raffle and Chinese Auction are available for purchase. Call Lion Diane at (716) 648-4833 for info.
Chinese altar vase that was estimated at £1200-1500 exceeded all expectations and sold for an amazing £252,000
I'm giving away something for you on New Chinese Good Luck Silver coin frog Ch. Get it here -
Spot the missing decimal point! Chinese painting sets record at auction via
.donkeys sold at auction yesterday in for R2 000 each. 5 years ago a donkey was sold for R500.
Exquisite Chinese Dragon and Phoenix bowl possibly Qianlong in Mondays auction
Imperial sleeper in Somerset as Chinese vase makes 150-times estimate at auction:.
The annual Chicken Barbecue, Raffle and Chinese Auction will take place Sunday, May 7 at the Town of Hamburg Community Center.
Chinese food from the cherry auction is sounding so good right now
I'm giving away something for you on 2 brand new silver tone chinese symbols L. Get it here -
I'm giving away something for you on ** PINK SATIN CHINESE CLUTCH/ORGANIZER **. Get it here -
Wow, I love I just won this for free, 1950 Malaya 10 Cents *( Minted during CHINESE COMMUNIST
Year of the rooster this year with Chinese new year hoping to auction this for a good price for…
Good news is auction clearance rates should increase!
We are accepting donations for the 2017 Winter Trail Banquet and Chinese Auction, if you have items you would...
Join us as we celebrate Chinese New Year this Saturday. 2017 is the year of the Rooster! Pictured is lot 286 in the…
I'm happy to help in whatever way I can. Maybe a local Chinese raffle and/or gather some Passamaquoddy crafts to auction off..?
Housing affordability is all about communist Chinese investors have take our younger generation land. go to an auction in Box Hill
. Housing affordability out of reach due to huge Chinese buy up. weak laws that Chinese get around. Go to an auction in Box Hill
Gorgeous Chinese painting created live at event yesterday - performance with a lasting memen… htt…
Once sold James a Chinese pot for Antiques Trail. He went on to…
China to auction more Xinjiang oil and gas exploration sites to private investors
Handled with care! - The International Exhibition of Chinese Art 1935-36 at the Royal Academy of Arts
Barnebys art search engine moves into Chinese market.
The new Chinese peony fashion female silk scarf 017
Church fundraising. Chinese auction is gambling. What does the Bible say about gambling?
Chinese collection of copper sculpture Jesus cross decorative statue
Getting super hype about the Bumblebee Academy Chinese auction 😊🐝. So many great baskets already.
Overheard: He is disappointed with no Chinese bid for the eBay auction, but should realize they had bought his namesake already.
Auction: on 4/16. Gorgeous Chinese Oil Painting, no reserve auction!!!😊 Check it out.
Chinese Antique natural jade ancient minister meet with Emperor board no pendant
Here's a sneak peek at a few of the items that have been donated to our Chinese Auction!. Thank you to all these...
We are also having a Chinese Auction the day of the meal pick up. 😊 May 5: 3-7! 🐝 there.
A Western art search engine wants some of that sweet Chinese Yuan:
I'm giving away something for you on Picture with sick Chinese art. Get it here -
Found at a car boot sale, these 19th Century bowls sold £840, we are now taking in for our 11 May
catalog imperial Chinese ceramics and works of art POLY auction 2010 Asian book
Currently at the auctions: A natural jade amulet or pendant of the Chinese Wealth Toad - Late 20...
More Western art on shopping list for Chinese tycoon Liu: He first stunned the auction world by snapping up hu...
Important collectibles to bring auction crowds
Thanks to Severance Hall for 2 tickets for the Chinese Auction for the W.W.P. On June 4th 2016
At a charity event with a Chinese Auction, my MIL put $30 worth of tickets into a "bounce house rental" thinki...
This Sunday at 7:00pm join us at CM Performing Arts Center for our annual pageant, Chinese Auction...
Wow! I just won this for free, Chinese Jade Pendant
throwback to when nicole thought a Chinese auction was when you auction off Chinese people
TMRW: big bro's stag $20 gets you food beer entry for a 39" flat TV. There's an AMAZING chinese auction and more. 6PM @ NewtonAbbottFire
1st auction china underbiders in 20's >$3.6m. Aus-Chinese local tells me it's daddy's money from mainland
Excited to support the inaugural HSMAI Austin Chinese Auction (@ Austin Country Club)
1991-06-04, Between Heaven and Earth: A Guide to Chinese Medicine, Harriet Beinf
Website Builder 728x90
So "aspirational Aus-Chinese" magically have cash to dominate whole Sth East. Where is the money coming from
Auction almost over for this beautiful Chinese pot - we'll definitely miss having it around!.
I'm giving away: 8 Different Chinese Emperor Coins. Check it out -
Chinese Americans and the Politics of Race and Culture (Asian American Histor...
We are looking forward to the Chinese Auction Dinner and Fundraiser this evening!
Chineseness across Borders: Renegotiating Chinese Identities in China and the...
Just Some of Tomorrows Chinese and silent Auction items!
Chinese Export Porcelain for the American Trade, 1785-1835 by Jean M. Mudge...
A pair of Chinese bottle vases,19th C. From our 1 July auction. htt…
Having long relied on auction catalogue descriptions and explanations onl…
lovely collection of Chinese pictorial magazines from the communist era (1958 onwards) - on auction at eBay now
Works CHINESE vintage BRASS GLASS pocket watch BALL clock
PHRA SOMDEJ TOH by chinese rich people built for Buddhism celebrate 2,400 y.
Illusion magic trick magician new Chinese…
My mom won one of the Chinese Auction baskets
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Another sincere THANK YOU to HSMAI and the Chinese Auction committee for truly turning hunger into hope for so many hun…
djing a benefit where no one appreciates the air horn even when they announce the Chinese auction winners :/
Wow! I just won this for free, .999 Fine Silver 1 Gram Bar - Chinese Zodiac Mouse
Join us Fri, 7/24 for the Chinese Auction @ Napper Tandy's & support respite activities for B2H youth
Sister brought me to this Chinese auction/ fashion show and everyone is dressed up... except me.
Check out our Chinese Auction, May 24th save the date, this will be a great oppurtunity to help out my team...
No shoots today. Chinese Auction at 3 to help raise money for a local Food Pantry in Perth Amboy. Donating my...
Who were the most expensive Chinese artists at auction in 2014?
and I won 7 baskets at the Chinese auction! 😍
Watching a repeat of tv ones First Home live (when it was live) auction. The winner was a chinese looking lady ;'D.
When I was putting tickets in the Chinese auction cups, after each pink ticket dropped I said "2 in the pink!"
I won it at a Chinese auction yesterday! Was the best prize i think! Lol
the lottery is a Chinese auction, right?
Was asked to sign a poster for a Chinese auction basket. It's a great event and I'm more then happy to provide it!…
We would like to thank Harvey Moy's Chinese & American Restaurant for donating to the 2015 Channel 10 Great TV Auction.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Big estimate mistake. Or someone just wanted it at all cost.for real!!!
It's a great day for a Chinese auction. join us at Drop the Puck. Brentwood park. NOW
Slovenia 2015 ** MNH Chinese zodiac Year of the Goat animal
Chinese export clock tops expectations at Michaan’s auction. Read more:...
Would you have the nerve to hold this cup? Rare Chinese cup sold for $36m at auction:
catalog important Chinese calligraphy in the past 100 years POLY auction 2012
Wow! I just won this for free, 1 each of the $100 & $50 Chinese Training America Banknotes.
And I did not win anything at the chinese auction oh well maybe next year :(
when mom doesn't win anything at a Chinese auction
Leaked Silver Mario amiibo found in Chinese auction
Chinese pres is requested not to auction scrap machines. Sharif devils can auction Pak national integrity @ any price.
catalog Chinese ceramics and works of art POLY auction 2012 Hong Kong book new
Why is my mom dragging me to a Chinese auction 😂🔫
Talk about multicultural Australia mate. Chinese translators now calling auctions. Read:
Watch Annalisa get everything I want at the Chinese auction 😂
Coming up in our next sale carpet with thunder line pattern
Come out tomorrow to our Chinese Auction! Well over 100 gifts available including door prizes. We…
Thanks for donating these row-6 seats to an Indians game for RJ's Chinese Auction!
catalog ancient coins for 20th Anniv.of China Guardian auction 2013 Chinese art
June 7-8. Towanda fire house. Spaghetti dinner Chinese auction. come out for a good cause.
Do you enjoy going to a Chinese auction WHILE helping your community? Please join us on April 12th, this Sunday,...
Heres a sneak peek at one of our Chinese Auction items. An Autographed Red Sox hat signed by
The party will feature live entertainment, 50/50, Chinese Auction, dancing, surprise guests appearances & FREE Beer! Hope to see you there!
This year's Chinese auction is sure to be twice as nice. We will be auctioning . Walt Disney passes. Hilton Express...
Help support MDA and attend a Chinese Auction and Baked Food Sale on April 26 at Warsaw Moose Lodge.
We are looking for Chinese Auction items for our upcoming event; if you own, work for, or know of a place of busine…
Chinese buyer pays $14MN for ancient Chinese vase. Chinese cash is seeking assets.
In the quest to sell the lagoon, some group of Igbo has just auction the lagoon to the Chinese..
LEARN: what the Auction Houses and there Crony Dealers are doing to collectors here in the USA at
ADMA Elite's Chinese Auction is right around the corner on Saturday, May 2nd at 5pm at the Irish Heritage Center... featured in NBC s Science of Love
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