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Childish Gambino

Donald McKinley Glover (born September 25, 1983) is an American actor, writer, comedian, and musician.

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I want to play Double Dribble . Now cause of Childish Gambino song. . Don't you want to as well. .
T5 artists I will continue to overplay in 2017:. Childish Gambino. Weezer. Beck. Manchester Orchestra. Chance the Rapper
Anderson Paak, Childish Gambino, Frank Ocean, Solange, Bruno Mars all impressed me this year.
Artists that I want to see a 2nd time in concert: Frank Ocean, Anderson .Paak, Childish Gambino, & The Weeknd
Redbone by Childish Gambino is like a beautiful mix of Prince and Macy Grey 🙌🏻😍
7. Childish Gambino can sing, rap and Act better than Drake.
Prince, James Brown, Rick James, & Maurice White are looking down from Heaven applauding Childish Gambino right now https:…
Redbone by Childish Gambino slowed down to it's natural pitch. . let me make you a mother to this
Y'all remember when Childish Gambino said I made the beat retarded, so I'm calling it a slow jam? It changed me
Not everything about 2016 was terrible. There was 'Moonlight,' 'The Underground Railroad' and Childish Gambino.…
Childish Gambino has been possessed by Rick James, Prince, Bootsie Collins & any other dope *** artist you could muster up from that era. 😂😂
Childish Gambino is trying to go full Prince (and pulling it off)
Childish Gambino's California is such a jam. I want to put on a sundress and listen to it on my way to the beach.
Gary Clark Jr, Niall Horan, & Childish Gambino are all going to be on Jimmy Fallon in the next few days
Having Miles Davis, Robert Glasper, D'angelo and Childish Gambino on one playlist makes me so happy. What a time to be alive ❤️️
I'm the type of person who alternates between Billy Joel and Childish Gambino on Spotify.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Bruno Mars as Roger Troutman >>>>Childish Gambino as George Clinton.
The new Childish Gambino has hits of Sly and the Family Stone, Parliament Funkadelic and the Isley Bros. Donald Glover keeps you guessing.
"So everybody a J Cole fan now?". "Y'all wasn't listening to Childish Gambino when he came out with Camp!"
Need to do some new album shopping. Hamilton Mixtape. The Weekend. Childish Gambino. Lady Gaga. Daniel Caesar. The Head and the Heart.
Childish Gambino "California" sounds like something that random cultural *** on Clifford the Big Red Dog would play on his steel drum
Questlove likes Childish Gambino's new album so much he woke up D'Angelo at 4 a.m. to tell him about it.
Childish Gambino just dropped the funkiest album since The Love Below
Childish Gambino got some Jeff Lynne/David Bowie/Barry White inspiration on this new album, I did not expect such greatness
Childish Gambino is selling virtual reality vinyl of his new album
Whatever you do tonight, listening to Terrified by Childish Gambino should be one of those things.
Childish Gambino's new album 'Awaken, My Love' is online now and it's an actual funk odyssey
🔌 In just a few hours, Childish Gambino will be dropping his new album 'Awaken, My Love!'
Childish Gambino is dropping an album tonight.
I don't even like referring to Donald Glover as Childish Gambino anymore. The *** has exceeded his capabilities beyond h…
I got a Childish Gambino song stuck in my head because of Andrew but I only know one line and idk what it's called ☹️️
Wow that childish gambino album was straight trash
Childish Gambino's new album is out now:
Can we just acknowledge how insanely talented Childish Gambino is across the board? vibes so hard
J. Cole, Post Malone, Childish Gambino, Kid Cudi & Gucci Mane are all dropping an album this month
Childish Gambino's album is gonna give me nightmares. I love it.
Don't know how to feel about Childish Gambino's Awaken, My Love
Childish Gambino can have my children
This Childish Gambino album is so black he shoulda named it Leroy.
People that say "Childish Gambino took an L on this album" are people that expected another rap album from Donald... Respe…
Listening to the childish gambino album til I fall asleep.
"This new Childish Gambino album is trash."
I still have to listen to the new Childish Gambino album
Your mcm calls Childish Gambino's new album trash because it's not rap
Childish Gambino been talented, where y'all been?
Wanna feel better? . Childish gambino. . Going through a breakup?Childish gambino. . Mom ate all your tacos? . Childish g…
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I wanna hear Childish Gambino and Vince Staples on a track together
When Drake , Jcole , Childish Gambino are all dropping albums this month 😭💥 . Best way to end the year
New Childish Gambino is speaking to my soul
Childish Gambino's album has me tripping
What Mac Miller and Childish Gambino have done this year is real impressive growth. What Weeknd and Travis Scott is the opposite
So this month we get projects from, Kid Cudi, Childish Gambino, J. COle and possibly Drake?
Childish Gambino album this Friday. J Cole album next Friday. Kid Cudi album the Friday after that. This is a holy month.
Kid Cudi and Childish Gambino are about to release the best albums of 2016 👁👁
Kodak is free, Childish Gambino, J. Cole, Drake, Kid Cudi, and Post Malone all dropping this month, this is gonna be the best…
Within 15 days Childish Gambino, Kid Cudi, and J.Cole are dropping. Look at God
J Cole, Childish Gambino, Drake and Kid Cudi all dropping albums this month... wow
Kodaks free. Childish Gambino drops his album at 11 pm. Tomorrow is pay day. what on earth could possibly go wrong rn?
Y'all remember in 2013 when Childish Gambino freestyled, held a convo, and then continued to freestyle? 🔥
John Legend, The Rolling Stones, Childish Gambino, Deadmau5 and Pete Doherty all release albums this Friday, December 2!
Excited about this new Childish Gambino and John Legend
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Jaden Smith, Raury, Shia LeBouf, Justin Bieber and Childish Gambino are all such beautiful men. 😋
I added a video to a playlist Childish Gambino - Urn
That time Childish Gambino had a conversation in the middle of his freestyle 🔥🔥
Childish Gambino will never produce a better album than Camp
Childish Gambino never fails to impress me
Childish Gambino's growth as an artist is incredible.
2016 has been a blessing for music: Frank Ocean, Yeezy, Childish Gambino, Travis Scott, Young Thug, Drake, Chance the Rapper, Roy Woods...
3. Telegraph Ave (Oakland) - Childish Gambino . Way too many people sleep on him 😩😩
Telegraph Ave. by Childish Gambino might be one of the best songs ever
Now listening to III. Telegraph Ave. ("Oakland" by Lloyd) [Explicit] by Childish Gambino
29) Childish Gambino // Telegraph Ave. I'm so in love with this song I swear.
Telegraph Ave by Childish Gambino is my fav song in the world
News surfaced about the release of Childish Gambino's new album 'Awaken, My Love' bc of this clutch fan…
Check the tracklist, release date and first single for Childish Gambino's new album 'Awaken, My Love!' htt…
Listen to Childish Gambino's first track from the '…Awaken, My Love!' LP.
Donald Glover's Childish Gambino announces new album, shares first track in two years
Childish Gambino unveils tracklist, release date and pre-order for 'Awaken, My Love!'
2016 has been a sick year for music, Drake, Kanye, Childish Gambino, Chance and Frank Ocean have to hear this new Childish Gambino song
JUST IN. Today's is new music from Childish Gambino "Me & Your Mama" 9am LA. LISTEN HERE
Forget all the craziness of last night…Childish Gambino is dropping a new album next month
Childish Gambino is dropping his new album "Awaken, My Love" Next Month
"Hold you down" by Childish Gambino talks about how reverse racism is a problem. Such a good song
Aaliyah is good Adam Lambert, Alessia Cara, Anthony Hamilton, Arctic Monkeys, Childish Gambino, Calvin Harris want more?
Rappers I think would kill it on tiny desk concerts:. -Childish Gambino. -Taylor Bennett. -Noname. -D.R.A.M. -A Tribe Called Quest
Childish Gambino is going to be in the new Star Wars. Eric B. and Rakim are back. . J. Cole went double platinum w…
Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino will be playing a character in a 2018 Star Wars film
📷 iamdonaldglover: Scenic suit of Childish Gambino on Joshua Tree
Donald Glover is gonna be Lando Calrissian in the upcoming Han Solo film! Next step: Childish Gambino for the end credits s…
We live in a wirld where Childish Gambino is playing Lando Calrissian... what an odd time to be alive
Donald Glover has a new rap name or something like that? Apparently he dropped the name Childish Gambino for Yung Lando? Sounds pretty legit
Childish Gambino was born to rap over the "Stranger Things" theme song:
Congrats to Childish Gambino on the arrival of his first child! 🎉🎉🎉🎉. Telegraph Avenue. with…
I did a seventeen second cover of Telegraph Avenue (Oakland) by Childish Gambino, here it is!(:
What's with the Childish Gambino walk in Atlanta?
I'm really banking on Frank Ocean, Bon Iver, Solange, Beyoncé, Childish Gambino, Jaden Smith, Kid Cudi and Travis Scott to be at Coachella
I can listen to Kendrick, J Cole, Childish Gambino, Mac Miller and Chance all day and not get bored
btw the only good thing about Childish Gambino is that he got his name from an online Wu Tang Clan name generator
The Worst Guys (Feat. Chance The Rapper) - Childish Gambino via u and your sisters are mention
I can misquote Childish Gambino pretty well. Almost to the point where it's interesting. "Space bar. Man I hate y'all.". Almost interesting.
Childish Gambino, Meek Mill, Mac Miller, Isaiah Rashad, Danny Brown and more are dropping a project in September
MAAAN. Broods, Childish Gambino, London Grammar AND Shura are all gonna be at Falls Festival this year and I can't go! Argh
London Grammar, The Avalanches, Violent Soho & more join Childish Gambino for the 2016 Falls Festival!
Childish Gambino has a new album titled "PHAROS" debuting in September
Childish Gambino's Epic Freestyle on HOT97 for Rosenberg check this freestyle
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
screaming cause I didn't know Childish Gambino was Marshall Lee it's even better when I remember NPH was Prince Gumball
John Meyer invited me on FB 😂😂😂... We are now FB friends. Just have to track down & become friends with Childish Gambino. 🙄🙄🙄
Sober by Childish Gambino is a beautiful song. It fills me with joy everytime I hear it.
my playlist goes to Childish Gambino to Kurt Travis to One Direction to Motionless In White its great
Childish Gambino shows up on a new collab with Steve G. Lover, aka his bro Stephen Glover .
Childish Gambino (will debut his new album at Joshua Tree shows this fall
Donald Glover, aka Childish Gambino, has joined the cast of 'Spider-Man: Homecoming'
Donald Glover stopped being Childish Gambino for Spiderman and its both a blessing and a curse
Kanye West, Childish Gambino, Frank Ocean, Gucci Mane, Cole Spouse, Vince Stapes, Kendall Jenner and more are here at th…
Wish I could sing dance & rap like Childish Gambino so I'd have career options 😐
Favorite Song ft Childish Gambino will always be fire.
🔌 Chance The Rapper confirmed with Zane Lowe that his collab project with Childish Gambino will be released
Y'all ever get scared that Childish Gambino and Frank Ocean have just lost interest in music? Because I am.
will you do another collab with Childish Gambino? Driving Miss Daisy was dope
Can we talk about the fact that Pete Wentz is referenced in one of Childish Gambino's songs
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Chance The Rapper confirms a mixtape with Childish Gambino exists, and he's touring soon https:…
All I want is a song with J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino, and Chance the Rapper...
Can we please just get J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Chance the Rapper, ScHoolboy Q, Logic and Childish Gambino on a track!
I've recently developed a crush on Childish Gambino
Childish Gambino's cover of U Don't Have to Call is one of my favorite covers
Why is she your boo? Why not a guy? Childish Gambino can freestyle ya'll he be like hummm shackle lacum. Hey… — bye
I liked a video Childish Gambino's Epic Freestyle on HOT97 for Rosenberg
My driver gave me the aux chord and i saw him jamming to childish gambino
I can listen to Childish Gambino, Chance and J Cole all day
Just witnessed a bunch of white girls yell the "oh KKK" part in Childish Gambino's sweatpants and I was the darkest per…
Chance The Rapper confirms joint project with Childish Gambino is real
Forgot how good old childish gambino is
Missing bc I'm listening to childish gambino
Love listening to Childish Gambino when i write long papers lol
Childish Gambino's mixtape Camp is a little better drunk.
Don't mind me, just interpreting Childish Gambino lyrics at midnight on a Saturday night
Ian Eastwood's choreography of Childish Gambino's U Don't Have to Call is on point af
Chance The Rapper has confirmed that his collab project with Childish Gambino still exists
Childish Gambino/ Donald Glover. This man is not only a lyrical genius but he a god on earth. so beautiful.
Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino.. I'm in need of new music from you
Can we get a Lando Carlissian movie starring Donald Glover AKA Childish Gambino?
Chance 3 over anything that that has dropped since Acid Rap and Childish Gambino's Yaphet Kotto freestyle
I realized not too long ago that Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino voices Marshall Lee in Adventure Time
Stone Mountain Park you raised me well. Stared at by Confederates but hard as *** -Childish Gambino
III. Telegraph Ave. ("Oakland" by Lloyd) by Childish Gambino - *** this song is making me feel ALL the…
Childish Gambino showing off his vocals
Childish Gambino just gotta drop a track where he spitting the verses and got Frank Ocean singing the chorus and call it Res…
Dont know if ur reffering to Donald Glover, Childish Gambino or Troy Barnes from community
I live for that one line by Childish Gambino in Freaks and Geeks. You know which one.
"Chillin with my n words say it like a white kid" Freaks and Geeks by Childish Gambino
160410 IG video. Sounds like Childish Gambino's Sober playing in the background. New remix work?
Watch the HD promo for Childish Gambino's new 'Atlanta' show
HOT did the same to Childish Gambino, weeks later he sold out Hammerstein Ballroom in a day, it's all about the audience
my constant mood is a mixture of a low simmering "Heartbeat" by Childish Gambino and the Cantina Band Song from Star Wars
My playlist goes from The Avett Brothers to Childish Gambino.
Kanye was on the Cleveland Show and that episode was lit. Tyler, Childish Gambino and MC Lyte on Regular Show was so lit
Childish Gambino // African-American. acting like he dead. wont respect me and come back to music. Lyrical genius.
Childish Gambino said "my Mills aren't meek they scream in the streets". On his song Life: The Biggest Troll. i laughed
i saw NASDAQ in Times Square and knew it sounded familiar and now i remember childish gambino raps about it 🙃
It's a Frank Ocean and childish Gambino type of day
I'm still really disappointed childish Gambino is done with music like he could have been really big..I had high hopes fo…
Childish Gambino x Freaks and Geeks. This releases my Nerd Rage just as effectively as when I was becoming pubescent
I liked a video Childish Gambino keeps it all the way Real w/ Rosenberg!
One of the greats man. Live music is so dope. Childish Gambino - Do Ya Like (Live)
Childish Gambino CAMP album was slept on
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Perks of dating me: I'll take you to baseball games and I'll rap any Childish Gambino song for you.
Childish Gambino has pulled a Frank Ocean on us. Idk where he went
Old Kanye West kinda sounds like Childish Gambino tbh
You're acting so childish but without the gambino
I liked a video from Childish Gambino - 3005 (Beach Picnic Version) [Secret Track]
Childish Gambino is underrated af. you are a true artist and genius, (and such a lovely human)
I liked a video Childish Gambino Freestyle - Westwood
"If we could be together would that make you happy?. And If it wouldn't, tell your girlfriend to get at me" my fave childish gambino line
Childish Gambino . Tyler the creator, Goldlink, Chance the rapper and Tory Lanez all have a special place in my heart 🍃😁
They're playing an old *** Childish Gambino song on the radio
Telegraph Ave x Oakland x Childish Gambino is still such a great song
projects Im waiting on in order of potential dopeness (obv subjective): Jai Paul, Frank Ocean, Childish Gambino
Lol Clay Davis plays Childish Gambino's father in his new series. . LIT!
I liked a video from Chance The Rapper - Favorite Song (feat. Childish Gambino)
So Willie Cauley-Stein and Childish Gambino were apparently in Davis and this is the weekend I choose to stay in and do schoolwork. :(
I'm going to be on some Tyler The Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, Chance The Rapper, Frank Ocean, Childish Gambino music making
Childish Gambino. Beautiful, fun, raps about silver spoon things and makes its able to not be obnoxious.
We need new albums from Childish Gambino, Chance the Rapper, Frank Ocean, and Bruno Mars. ASAP
Um, why didn’t anyone tell me Childish Gambino was in Magic Mike XXL? Made that movie semi enjoyable.
If you don't listen to Kyle, Logic, G-Eazy, Cam Meekins or Childish Gambino, what are you doing with your life?
It amazes me how many people still think Donald Glover & Childish Gambino are two different people
Telegraph Ave - Childish Gambino . Sounds so good in headphones. .
Waiting for J. Cole, Chance The Rapper, Childish Gambino, Vic Mensa, Ab-Soul, Bas, and Pryde to drop.
. •Good News for people who love bad news- Modest Mouse . •Because the Internet- Childish Gambino . •Absolute Zero- LGC
Frank Ocean is 28. A$AP Rocky is 27. PARTYNEXTDOOR is 22. Young Thug is 24. Tyler the creator is 24. Childish Gambino is 32. B…
This will forever be🔥. Listen to Childish Gambino - Grindin' My Whole Life (Freestyle on Hot 97 with Paul Rosenberg)
Childish Gambino and Chance The Rapper dead *** was dropping that fye whenever they worked together
That time Tyler The Creator and Childish Gambino guest stared on Regular Show
Enjoy my new track TOGETHER ft. the amazing artist Childish Gambino
Give her rounds with Childish Gambino's Telegraph Ave/oakland playing in the background 🔥🔥
"III. Telegraph Ave. ("Oakland" by Lloyd) by Childish Gambino from because the internet ♫
foot on the gasIII. Telegraph Ave. ("Oakland" by Lloyd) by Childish Gambino ♫
Drunk and bumping some Camp by Childish Gambino! I make the beat retarded, so I am calling it s slow jam.
if you see your favorite artist:. Kendrick . J Cole. Eminem . Chance the rapper. Kanye. Drake. Dr.Dre. Childish Gambino . AS…
If you ever doubt Childish Gambino as an artist listen to freaks and geeks bonfire or I be on that.
Skizzy, Chance the Rapper, Frank Ocean, Kid Cudi, Hoodie Allen, Childish Gambino, G-Eazy and KYLE... That's all you need
Girl I followed on tumblr has childish gambino hopping on tracks and glo'd her whole situation up..wild to me because I watc…
Childish Gambino, Janelle Monae, Jidenna, Wale would most likely be about a Towson move
I listened to all of Childish Gambino album the most apparently.
Childish Gambino next album will be better then any album I've ever heard in my life
Ready for childish gambino to release a album
Childish Gambino covers Tamia 'So Into You' . Gambino is too dope good at everything acting,singing, and rapping
If anybody likes rap or stuff like that I recommend Childish Gambino if you haven't heard of him before, Because of the Internet is A1 jsjs
Childish Gambino's cover to into you has me crying real tears
Childish Gambino was my summer 2015'
Childish Gambino's Because The Internet is still great. Story line and all.
Listen to centipede by Childish Gambino on
Childish Gambino is one of the only musicians I can listen to all day long and not get tired of.
Childish Gambino covers Tamia 'So Into You' for Like A Version Talented as fook.
Childish Gambino looks like the beautiful melanin embodiment of what jesus wouldve actually looked like
Childish Gambino!! All sorts of yummieness... People become handsome when they grow up hey.
Listen to Selah Sue - Together (Marlin Remix) feat. Childish Gambino by marlin on
Oh my. David Glover/Childish Gambino's upped his beard game and has morphed him into a new kind of spice.
Listen to Hot N*gga X 3005 - Bobby Shmurda, Childish Gambino & Plot Twist by The Emperor Penguin on
Who else would love another Childish Gambino album? 🙌🏻🔥
I might be late, but I just realized Marshal Lee from the Adventure Time Fiona and Cake series is voiced by Childish Gambino
J. Cole, Drake, August Alsina, Childish Gambino, Bryson Tiller, and Chris Brown are my absolute faves.
Californians are lucky they have a 10% chance more than me of running into Childish Gambino or Seth Macfarlane
Frank Ocean, Childish Gambino, and Earl Sweatshirt all need to release new music like ASAP. 🙌 🎶
Childish Gambino and Vince Staples made a song together for the boxing movie 'Creed.'
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I probably have problems when my music goes from Childish Gambino to Billy Joel to Kacey Musgraves to Big Sean
That song, Heartbeat by Childish Gambino, the ending 👌👌 relatable
night world! Bed Peace by Childish Gambino, Jhene Aiko from Sail Out ♫
Vince Staples and Childish Gambino have new music on the way together
This boy Wesley gives me this Childish Gambino, John Legend, Bob Marley feel...
Rap, EDM,and trap mostly. Few of my favorite artist include Logic, J.Cole, Pegboard Nerds, and Childish Gambino.
Happy birthday to my XC bid Em! Hope your day is filled with Childish Gambino and (not so much) chem 💕
I'm Childish Gambino at the end of "That Power"
well at least you knew Donald Glover and Childish Gambino are the same person
that Donald Glover guy looks just like Childish Gambino
Girl: I love Childish Gambino . Me: Donald Glover is probably the most talented artist. Girl: Who's that?. Me:
Us Weekly with praise for the new McLovins single "Talk About It" alongside the likes of Childish Gambino, Run...
Watch Flux Pavillion bring out Childish Gambino for Do or Die !
Childish Gambino - Yaphet Kotto (Music Video) via one of my favorite mcs out today we gonna…
I have BMTH, Jack Johnson, Jason Aldean and Childish Gambino on the same playlist and that accurately describes how unorganized my life is
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Look like an Earl Sweatshirt and Childish Gambino offspring
Manny Pacquiao has 2 platinum albums. You know who still doesn't even have one? Childish Gambino.
gee whiz Crispin Glover is so talented, i can't believe how different he is as Childish Gambino /. !!!
Enjoy this sermon of Childish Gambino covering So Into You by Tamia
Some of my favorite people... Childish Gambino, Donald Glover, and Troy Barnes. *In no specific order*
*** Childish Gambino was booed off stage in Australia:
Bed Peace by Jhene Aiko and Childish Gambino saved me
Happy Birthday or Troy Barnes or Childish Gambino or Jason Rogers or Derrick or whoever you are
Cole, Drake, Kendrick (in no order) . Future, Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa, . Travis Scott, Chance the Rapper, Childish Gambino.
Me when said he's listening to Yaphet Kotto by Childish Gambino! 😭
Frank Ocean? ASAP Rocky? Childish Gambino? Kanye West? Drake? No thanks, Soulja Boy is where the real rhymes are at.
I want to be Childish Gambino. Or Donald Glover. Or McKinley Glover Junior. Well what ever name he calls himself by. You get my point .
Childish Gambino definitely used some Donald Glover on that track Freeks ands Geeks. Funny *** punchlines
"You know who looks alike? Childish Gambino and Donald Glover."- 😐😐😐
Here's my mashup combining Kanye West's "Power" and Childish Gambino's "Bonfire". Full video: …
Childish Gambino, Travi$ Scott, 50 Cent, A$AP Ferg, A$AP Mob, Ab-Soul, Ace Hood and Action Bronson are all releasing an …
My music playlist is so random😂 William Clark Green to Kid Cudi to Kacey Musgraves to Childish Gambino
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