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Child Protective Services

Child Protective Services (CPS) is the name of a governmental agency in many states of the United States that responds to reports of child abuse or neglect.

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slutty child protective services worker. The kids will love it !!
you left out Child Protective Services investigator.
Bouta talk to Child protective services. Oh lawd..
Who's handing out candy corn to trick-or-treaters tomorrow night? I need to know who to call Child Protective Services on.
yes. I looked up her fathers paintings on Google. They should had lost her to child protective services
I should call child protective services on your ***
As of January I will be a Social Work intern at Beaufort County DSS in the Child Protective Services Agency. Couldnt be happier 😊💼👍
to extend to kids and Louisiana at times has a very aggressive Child Protective Services that I think would be picking it up
My mom threatened to take away my glasses do I call child protective serviceS now or
trying to get help from Child Protective Services in the Maine is like pounding your head against a cement wall!
When I heard the "Honey Boo Boo" show had been canceled, I figured it meant Child Protective Services finally arrived.
fetuses are considered human beings. I think you could call Child protective services
Worried about Mr. Baby hearing your crazy pro-Buckets propaganda. If this persists, I’ll have to call Child Protective Services
Kidnaping by Indio child protective services
should I inform child protective services
Can I call child protective services on that terrible lady?? Omfg I am so ANGRY
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Viewer calls child services on protest streamer Bella Eiko for child left in car
How many kids wrongly being adopted out in because of poor casework?
Poorly run leads to major crisis for CA's kids. They need help now, please.
How many kids have been wrongly taken or wrongly left since audit? System needs fixing now.
Audit showed crisis. What is being done?
No it's not. 14 is a minor therefore it gets reported to Child Protective Services.
CPS Commissioner says he vows to improve the system: How do you reform Child Protective Services? The agency tasked…
An Epic Fail for California Child Protective Services and a horrific tragedy.
Call child protective services on the Bulls
You've got mail... From child protective services
When child protective services ask "What type of food do you eat at the house?"
Diapers are not insulation. Especially when full of pee from half an hour ago WHAT IS THE NUMBER FOR CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVI…
so bad that Child Protective Services is investigating the matter...
Those friends that won't call child protective services on you when you just don't like your kids that day. That's what real friendship is.
The role of CPS in Texas: Child Protective Services is a program that conducts investigations when allegations...
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Fox News reported that Russia was threatening WWIII. Now, I can't find the article. See, my fellow Americans don't even realize that due to the fact that they don't stand up to fight this corrupt insane government of ours.we are probably placing ourselves more in danger by not doing anything to stop a secret society bent on taking over the world by any means necessary. I'm pretty sure the Illuminati infiltrated our government. The Illuminati are a Communistic Secret Society! According to a book called "Proofs of a Conspiracy by John Robison A.M. 1798," their main objective was to create a One World Government also known today as a New World Order. Their sub-objectives included taking control of mainstream media, so that they could control the masses. Another sub-objective was to rob people of their property, so they created the Federal Reserve Banking System which slowly robs us all over time. Taking children away from poor mothers was also in their agenda, so they created (CPS) Child Protective Services ...
Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans has received a lot of criticism online when it comes to her competence as a parent, but on Monday the MTV star declared that Child Protective Services found no problems after a recent visit to her household.
Watched an interesting documentary this afternoon,called "Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father". It started off slow and I nearly shut it off...but I'm glad I stuck it out. It's a very touching film. A man was murdered by his ex-gf, then later announced she was pregnant by the man she had murdered. A friend of the murdered man chose, to help his own healing process, to start filming places the man had been...filming his friends and having them talk about the man...going to the man's school, office, etc. It was to help himself heal, to help the family and friends heal, but also to show the baby just who is father was. Unfortunately, the family fought with the Canadian and US government with extradition, with charges, with keeping the woman in jail. Ultimately, she was released for a second time with minimal bond and killed both herself and the baby. The family is fighting to have laws changed and have set up a scholarship fund in their son's memory. It really was a very touching film and really ...
I called Child protective services on my neighbor because I thought his 12yr old was wasted. Turns out she was just retarded.
Are Nick Names Good or Bad? I have always admire people that adopt new names. Whether its because of religious conversion or adopting the name of a mentor or popular star. For example, I came across more than ten people here in Jos with the name Tupac. As a matter of fact, I have a nephew called Tupac. My own name has many variations. Christians and Muslims both use Adam. In some other places they call it Adams. In the western part of Africa its called Adamu. While Ado is the short form of Adamu. As a young hip hop enthusiast back in the 80s, I adopted the name Charlie Adams. Well, that never got that far. I recalled an incident that happened in 1985. I was a young student at St John's College, Jos. There was a popular senior student that nicknamed himself "Armed Robber". To another group of students he was known as "Dealer". On one occasion, his father who was a respectable cleric in Jos came to visit him. He asked about three to four students if they know of a "Moses". Nobody seem to know who Moses was. ...
These people in this house starving me ! I'm calling child protective services 😂😂😂
Watching an episode of the Simpsons where marge and homer lose their kids to child protective services .. whoa
so glad Dylan's friend is dumb enough to tell child protective services that's all he does is drink and party lpl
Foo foo food, charity bingo and a silent auction for Child Protective Services. Having fun for a good…
should I call child protective services on my neighbors
louis is such a baby I'm seriously considering calling child protective services on his mom why does she allow him to travel the world alone
My mom woke me up saying shes going to strangle me! At 20 am i too old for child protective services?
Sad that child protective services wants to take her child away (from what I kinda assume) because she has DS. ***
Hansel and Gretel may have been saved by Child Protective Services but will succumb to Type II Diabetes.
Dad won't give me $42 a month to study Kabbalah online so I'm calling child protective services
saying those kinds of comments will get child protective services called on you Najma
Child Protective Services raids the Magic Treehouse with stun grenades and automatic weapons.
- I’ve just realised that child protective services would seriously be on top of the Dursleys.
not if there's evidence of your childs safety being jeopardized. Child protective services don't play that
Let's be real. If Harry Potter had been forced to live in a closet under the stairs, child protective services would have been called ASAP
Parents who let their kids stand outside the McDonald's at the 4 corners should be reported to child protective services
I just called child protective services because that's child abuse
Mr and Mrs "The Explorer"? Its Child Protective Services. We've had some concerned complaints from the neighbours about your daughter.
Hi: Although my family resided in Seattle, Child Protective Services (Murderers) kidnapped the children to Port Orchard, WA.
How u living in a 2 bedroom apartment with 6 ppl including your child somebody call Child protective services📞
Attn: NBC. This image does not make me want to watch a sitcom. It makes me want to call child protective services.
Pigpen is with child protective services now, Charlie Brown
The chrianna mothers left us for dead...they know who they are...I'm calling child protective services 😤😤😤 ...don't come back neither 😡
"Killer haircut 😃😃😃 i'm calling child protective services this is abuse
Pig-Pen is taken away by child protective services.
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Pigpen is taken away by child protective services.
Let me find the number to Child Protective Services real quick
"If my mother bought me home that clown as a gift I would call child protective services. Think I'm playing.
Child Protective Services confirmed 233 victims of sexual abuse and 418 victims of physical abuse last year in...
For some stupid reason we can't see most of the adults in our family outside of child protective services (1/2)
ADVERTISEMENTS Michigan Child Protective Services (CPS) sent a police SWAT team, equipped with an armored vehicle, to seize a girl from her home because her mother refused to give the
A cellphone video of a police stop has gone viral after a police officer tells a couple that he will send their two-week-old baby to Child Protective Services if they don't get out of the car during a routine traffic stop. 
Parents Concerned About Investigation We’ve learned Midland Police, who were first on the scene, did not to file a police report. It's not clear if they reported the incident to Child Protective Services. No arrests have been made.
I am so mad,attention females if you have ever had a child taken from you by child protective services you might want to your next baby daddy this before you spread your legs and get pregnant by him.this is something you do not keep from someone
the *** I'm not, don't make me call child protective services
. Child Protective Services should reach out to her. . can you make CPS aware?
where the *** is Kris?! Where is child protective services? Dammit I'm calling my mom lol
If my mom takes away my car for not doing basketball I'm calling child protective services
If the divas title is a "baby", then it needs child protective services.
If the govt says give your kids unproven, dangerous drugs do it or they will take them away from you
please abolish the federal law that created Department of Children's Services and Child Protective Services destroying family.
To reform child protective services! They are out of control.
nah, Mav. You gotta hit him with the "4 days? Child protective services."
Taking my kid to the Ripley's Believe It or Not! museum. Does Child Protective Services just wait for you there?
White preschooler with dreads on the train. I feel like child protective services should be contacted.
Child protective services jails parents who let kids wander into armed households; need to know.
Scott: Crist cut funding for child protective services. Crist: Economy sucked, we had to make tough choices
"I'm gonna call child protective services!" *** YOU'RE NOT MY KID" when it should be "you're not even a kid" -_- l
And we wonder why there's so much distrust of doctors and child protective services - this is awful!
Child protective services protecting children from the bad puns
4. Throw pieces of cheese at her and laugh about how dumb she is. . Child protective services should be called on me for the *** min pin.
I assume this has something to do with Child Protective Services?
While Cyrus is out tracking down prostitutes who is watching Baby Ella?!!! Someone call Child Protective Services!
Isn't someone going to call Child Protective services!?!?. "Help! a re-animated monster is carrying my daughter down the street!".
Someone on my FB named their newborn Donnetta. I'm calling child protective services.
Like they didn't even give him medicine… Like that is cause for calling child protective services man
Why did fans call Child Protective Services on Jenelle Evans?
I'm going to grow into a social worker for child protective services to prove to this town that they don't all suck
Fans call Child Protective Services on ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jenelle Evans over this photo:
Very sad video from a kid that was abused in Child Protective Services in Texas.
'Mind you. Child Protective Services,being the Paedophile Escort Service that it is,leaves one wondering which is worse'
You let the kids pick donuts over pizza for breakfast??? (calling Child Protective Services right now) ;)
I just let my kids watch Brickleberry. Child Protective Services will put them some place nice.
Wow... Where is Child Protective Services when you need them?
Where are you located? I'm going to call Child Protective Services on her.
This is horrible, I feel like calling Child Protective Services.
You Don't Have to Answer the Door to Child Protective Services - Bubblews
Watching Toddlers and Tiaras. They just spray tanned a three year old. This is horrendous. Where are Child Protective Services?!
How to Make Sure your Kids are NOT Placed with Child Protective Services
I'm crushing on this Child Protective Services lady but I only get to see her when someone hurts kids so my *** heart are confused/ashamed.
Really Adrian Peterson Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, already facing felony charges in Texas for child abuse, has been accused in a separate incident involving another son who is 4 years old, KHOU-TV in Houston has reported. The CBS affiliate cites text messages that reportedly include a photo of the son with an apparent head wound covered by bandages. Peterson was indicted by a grand jury on charges of reckless or negligent injury to a child on Friday. Peterson, who apologized in a statement Monday for "the hurt I have brought to my child," also said he will testify in court that he did not intend to harm his son and said he is "without a doubt, not a child abuser." The Houston TV station reported the mother of the 4-year-old -- from a different mother than the child he stands charged with abusing -- filed a report with Child Protective Services but no charges have been filed. The text exchange was as follows, according to KHOU-TV: Mother: "What happened to his head?" Peterson: "Hit his ...
TMZ reports Child Protective Services confirms they are working on a case involving Adrian Peterson and says the alleged…
See my answer on to: Orange County, CA Child Protective Services took my daughter into their custody ...
; As a Social Worker, the only thing I hate about my job is having to contact Child Protective Services. 😔
as long as he's safe, or I'll have to call Child Protective Services, and I'll take custody of him 😂😂😂
Have you called Child Protective Services yet, or should I?
Everyone with school aged kids should read this... our friends experience with Child Protective Services. Thank you for being open and sharing Sarah Conners Hercules!
Texas City police say an eight-year-old boy is in critical condition after being shot in the face by his seven-year-old cousin. Capt. Joe Stanton said the boys were playing unsupervised at a Texas City apartment Thursday when the seven-year-old found a handgun and it discharged. The eight-year-old was shot in the left cheek. Stanton said Friday morning that the older boy was out of surgery and in the intensive care unit at a Houston hospital. Police say there were no adults in the apartment when they arrived. Stanton says a boyfriend of the victim's mother may have been responsible for supervising the children. Texas Child Protective Services is reviewing the incident.
Child Protective Services is going to have him arrested. If they were real people, anyway. As it is, he runs his fingers -
omg I knew I should have called child protective services a long time ago😭
how has Daniel not been taken away by child protective services, I mean you LOST him, and then you left his sibling in the oven
Yea angel gon be living right in jail as soon as I call CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES ON HER ***
I Can't bring ppl to my house... They'd call child protective services
Found out that my mom called Child Protective Services on my dad and his crazy wife. They told her her that (cont)
//That`s illegal. If they can`t deal with their kid, child protective services should be called. And PETA.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
My neighbor is 6 months pregnant and is also a Juggalo. Can I call child protective services preemptively?
this better be a joke or I'm calling Child Protective Services.
"I'm a fun mom" she says as child protective services take it away.
When ever my Sim child gets a B in school, I stop feeding him and have child protective services take him away.
But seriously, what if jane’s dressed like this because she’s going to meet with child protective services...
I liked a video Nancy Schaefer "The Unlimited Power of Child Protective Services" Part 1 of 2.flv
My mom works for child protective services but yet she bruises me
putting children on a leash is abuse, I'm reporting you to Child Protective Services
There may be children living in the home, too, so child and adult protective services have been called, Brnjic said
Denise and I think child protective services took you away since you're with an Asian family
Child Protective Services, Lawsuits have skyrocketed nation wide as children age out and sue CPS...
"Hey, God—why do you let your children wander into traffic?". "I call it free will.". "I'm calling Child Protective Services.".
I think my brain's about to call Child Protective Services from all the abuse it's had to deal with.
Mulder claiming defamation is like Rolf Harris calling child protective services on you. Or Hitler accusing you of anti-Semitism.
1 of 2 - Child Protective Services Predators and Corruption - Senator Nancy Schaefer
They live in the sewer and only eat pizza. Why has no one called child protective services for the Teenage Mutant Ninj…
you're abusive. I'm calling child protective services.
hElp call child protective services I'm sick and my moms not taking care of me or sharing margaritas 😭
where is child protective services in the whole Dursley world?? Seriously lax.
Your dad may just be a pedophile. Might want to contact child protective services..
She better grab that cane and her 10 yr old bf and limp tf outta here before I take her man and put him in child protective services
I should call child protective services
Child Protective Services said the same thing.
You might want to contact child protective services
In support of Bill's Elves of KENS 5, BCYD is collecting school supplies and we need you!! Donated items will be directly distributed to more than 7,000 San Antonio kids under the care of Child Protective Services. These children have a variety of difficult circumstances in their lives- let's show some neighborly love and make their new school year a bit brighter. If you or your business would like to sponsor a donation of uniforms or backpacks, BCYD is working with local retailers to provide a discount for large purchases. For more information please call 210-201-BCYD(2293) or email info Uniforms, backpacks, and school supplies (see below for complete list of items needed) can be dropped off at the following locations: Flying Saucer Draught Emporium 11255 Huebner Rd. San Antonio, TX 78230 The Friendly Spot 943 S. Alamo St. San Antonio, TX 78205 KROV Radio 1400 West Avenue San Antonio, TX 78201 National Outdoors and Army Surplus 6900 San Pedro Ave. Antonio, TX 78216 The Little Gym of NE San Antonio 2941 T ...
Child Protective Services making big money fostering out children to non family members. Illegal Alien children big $
Would there be The Wall if Prozac, Dr Phil and Child Protective Services had been around?
I've never seen Child Protective Services in the Capitol, but after that beating - they may be on their way
Child protective services just call my mom and said they were coming by the house tomorrow to check it out. ***
Feature in this week’s takes deeper look at child maltreatment trends:
I think child protective services should be notified here
Another of those Parents was in court a few years ago fighting with Child Protective Services not to take away her chil…
Oh, and does England not have some sort of Child Protective Services set up? Cause the Durleys surely should have been reported.
It was the 1970's, when Child Protective Services wouldn't take your kids away if they were out of your sight for 34 seconds.
Mariah Carey supposedly drank a Guinness in the hospital after having her twins & Child Protective Services was called on her
Good morning... can't sleep tonight. Child Protective Services comes by later this morning to finalize the paperwork for my two granddaughters. Guess my mind is working over time. Thought I'd share a few thoughts. A lot has been happening over the past few months. Joy, sadness, love, frustration, amazement and continued personal growth, and on and on. When I decided to pursue this Challenge, which included following a life long dream of doing liberty with my horse, little did I know how amazing this journey would be. and still is. I had no idea that I was stepping out on a path that would bring me so much closer to myself. One big revelation that I finally "got" once I started in earnest with Mocha is that I was not fully vested up until this point. I'll have to explain that for it to really make sense. I'm not saying that I should have started with Mocha. On the contrary. Had I done so, I would have missed so much of what I was to have gained. I truly believe that starting with Demi was ...
Chula Vista Police Department escorted a mother out of an outdoor concert for nursing her baby (in a carrier, no less). They told her they'd be reporting her to Child Protective Services for taking her baby to a concert, even though the amphitheater allows children. The security officers on staff took pictures of the mother nursing as "proof." Incidents like this happen everyday, everywhere, to mothers who are merely FEEDING THEIR CHILDREN. I'm so glad we have a Nursing In Public Taskforce here in San Diego, but this should be supported by entire communities, not just other nursing mothers.
Several people have asked for timeline notes so here they are to the best of my recollection. (Some details have been removed for the safety of the children.) Golytely= a hospital grade laxative. When given to the girls they receive this 24 hours a day and receive little to no nutrition. (No food) March 6, 7, 8, 9, golytely (Hannah Diegel) March 10th 11th 12th formula (Hannah Diegel) Called Gi on 3-12 made x ray appt for next day (Hannah Diegel) March 13th KUB x ray (Hannah Diegel) March 14th 1st call I am told there is a moderate bowel impaction (by one of Dr. Siaws new medical assistants or nurses?) 2nd call Dr Pasternak’s office calls to tell me there is moderate stool burden I am told to continue to give golytley for 4 more days and follow up with/call Dr. Siaw first thing on Monday. I clearly express I will be completely out of golytely. (Hannah Diegel) March 13,14,15,16 Golytely (Hannah Diegel) Monday the 17th I waited for a phone call I had left many significant messages with the GI office I t .. ...
Someone needs to call child protective services on her and take her children away from her.
DelenaWedding scares me. How are you a mother and you're so hateful? Child protective services seriously needs to take her kids away tbh.
my parents r fighting and I'm hungry I'm calling child protective services
goes to a field trip, school cause child protective services since he got LOST
When I'm surprised that some of you don't have kids, I just think child protective services
2 questions running thru my mind rn: . 1. Why is there no ice cream in the freezer? . 2. What's the number for Child Protective Services?
My fridgerator so empty that if I had kids & child protective services came & seen it, I'd lose all custody
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
“"The first shot I took was when I was 6 lol turndownforwhat" - Pitt” alert Child Protective Services
I think I have to report Fatmir to child protective services
This lady just got three 24-packs of Arrowhead water for her family 😷 Someone call child protective services
Leaving toddler in hot car is severe neglect & neglect is most common cause of Child Protective Services cases.
So 20 girls were supposed to be in Child Protective Services' care and ended up as sex slaves and this gets no press?
At Sunset hearing, Rep. Dutton, "Who's protecting our children from Child Protective Services". Call for better complaint process
A San Antonio news outlet recently featured an inside look into the Child Protective Services Night Unit. Video:
You should have to get drug tested at your ultra sounds if you are pregnant and if you fail child protective services should get called.
Usually I would see CPS and think child protective services...not crop protection you lubbock.
Once signed into law, this will ensure child protection workers have the information necessary to keep children safe:
For those who are interested, the Stephens Group review of Child Protective Services can be found here:
Mexico doesn't have child protective services. They hand m over to Muslims. You know how much Muslims honor their kids...
Where is the Mexican version of Child Protective Services on all of these illegal alien kids? Not a word, zero, NADA
Overrun Child Protective Services That Barely Serve the Needs of Children who are U.S. Citizens
They woke me up at fold clothes...Im calling Child Protective Services
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From the Lost and Tired Archives: 03rd September 2013We ended last school year with Child Pro…
The NSA flagged this as child abuse with Children's Protective Services.
I'll call child protective services on you
Child protective services better go check out that mom. We got investigated when my son had bad eczema. Gun to your babies face .smh
My sister just turned 18...first thing mom says: now she can't call child protective services if we argue 😳😂
Agencies to prevent child abuse take fire for failings - WNEM TV 5 - WNEM Saginaw - -
I don't wanna be stuck at home all day tomorrow ... We don't have food and I can't even call child protective services cuz I'm grown 😩
Oh my god. Child protective services just ripped Vanessa out of arms and took her away.
My mom said she was gonna call child protective services if someone hits the dog... like what lmfao
Agencies to prevent child abuse take fire for failures
we don't care what child protective services and the prosecuting attorney say: StonerDad is a great dad.
Do you think Kate really cares? Her only concern at this point is barring the door to Child Protective Services.
“Wow ... some people are truly just garbage. call Child Protective Services!!!
"I hope the neighbors call child protective services." -Ty
CPS performs audit but ignores abuses of power.
World's youngest alcoholic, 2yr old:( this is sick, child protective services in china please? via
With that being said, the family of the little girl involved in the hoax should be investigated by Child Protective Services PRONTO.
wha. I almost have a feeling child protective services would be all over that one in america...
If only I was there. Then maybe I would know if I should call animal control or child protective services.
FBI rescues 168 youth in sex sting - many victims were from Child Protective Services which do not report missing
Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General 16th Floor, Strawberry Square Harrisburg, PA 17120 (717) 787-3391 (717) 787-8242 Fax June 23, 2014 PA COALITION FOR FAMILY AND PARENTS' RIGHTS REQUEST FOR GRAND JURY INVESTIGATION The Pennsylvania Coalition for Family and Parents' Rights previously contacted the Office of Attorney General in letters dated May 6, 2014 and June 5, 2014 requesting a Grand Jury investigation of Child Protective Service agencies and the Family Court system in Pennsylvania. We have not yet received a response. Many families have suffered due to the blatant disregard of Pennsylvania law by judges and agency caseworkers. We are aware that these entities thrive on extensive litigation fueled by false reports by Child Protective Services agencies or by ignoring verified reports of child abuse. Both entities are rewarded financially through federal funding initiatives at the expense of families whose children are stolen and whose lives are shattered. Years are wasted on unneeded services p ...
I had a very long week..yesterday was people not understand that the child protective services are...
Meanwhile, in 'Murica: I got me everything on mah list, including "Future visit from Child Protective Services".
really pisses me off that Child Protective Services is investigating my family because some drunken *** hit me in the face.
I think child protective services needs to see this
so how can govt cut child protective services at council levels? Of course they blame councils for cutting it :(
They aren't Rock stars, they're criminals. The picture with her naked child covered in Money is obscene. Where is child Protective services?
“been waiting on this photo my whole life {NOPE...I'm seriously calling child Protective services}
"State senators voted unanimously this morning to scrap what has been Child Protective Services and replace it... http…
Morgan Freeman to testify at Kyle Clifford's in-person Child Protective Services hearing.
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Kyle Clifford to have in-person hearing with Child Protective Services for Monday.
Mistakes by Child Protective Services caseworkers over the past year contributed to the deaths of tw
More children have been killed by incompetent child protective services than any school shooting.
You twerk in your hip hop dance? You're 6. Someone call child protective services please.
Is there a puppy version of Child Protective Services that I can call on Carmen?
! I'm calling child protective services now
How many times can you order chinese food in a row for your family before child protective services need to be called?
“Thotler 😂 her mother taught her that. Some1 take this child to protective services
somebody needs to call Child Protective Services on his parents
"It is the child protective services so basically she has too"Rachel added."It's in my papers I have, social worker will be there"
It would be so much easier if Child Protective Services had a spot in Walmart.
Luke asking where the black market is...and HOW has Layton gotten away without child protective services being called on him?
Ima have to call child protective services on mr. Watkins.
“"Thotler where's child protective services yo? Smh”why was she that good ?
Parents investigated by child protective services after giving birth at home.
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Will & Jada Under Investigation By Child Protective Services... Hollywood People are so inappropriate as parents
Child Protective Services has entered the investigation into the death of a 4-year-old who someho...
Baby update: Amira was born on June 7 at 11:15 am. Today, June 13, we are still in the hospital. She's perfectly healthy, and there's nothing wrong with either of us, but Amira has been kept here against our wishes on what is called a "hospital hold" due to reports to Child Protective Services. There have been no allegations of abuse, neglect, or anything of the sort. The "concerns" are entirely based on Ashlee 's disability (she is blind) and religion (she is a Satanist). Everyone here in the hospital has seen us show nothing but love and dedication to our precious little princess Amira and to each other, and we should be able to come home from the hospital with her later today after the meeting with CPS. It breaks our hearts that we must leave our beautiful girl for a few hours to defend our right to have and care for our own daughter. If you would like to support us, please come to the DSHS Office in Tummwater, at 8:30'am and attend the meeting. Many of our friends in the community will be there ...
I will be posting a list of names soon involved in the corruption. From Judges and lawyers to Police officers and Child Support and Child Protective Services workers within Carver County.
Another Sign of the Times: The hunt is on for Afrikan babies! Just read the article "Black Natural Birth Parents Investigated by Child Protective Services after Giving Birth at Home" posted June 11, 2014 in The Kaperville Daily News ( [I'm not posting it because it has a picture of a black woman who has just given birth.] Nonetheless, I recommend that everyone read this article. These DEMONS (LITERALLY) will not rest until we are all literally in physical slavery again in this POLICE STATE because we are all guilty of BWB (breathing while black), and don't even mention that some of us are clear that only a sovereign Pan-Afrikan nation is the solution to this insanity. No wonder Desmond Tutu (before he started working for them) said on Nightline years ago, "The West can go to *** " I think they have always been there, so they have been working to bring every human along with them. Ma'at teaches, "I will not utter curses, except against evil." So I who have never used profanity in my life w ...
The body of a 9-year-old girl found in a southwest Houston apartment Monday was kept for six months in the drawer of a refrigerator after she died, a Child Protective Services investigator told a Houston judge Wednesday. At a hearing to decide custody of Ayahna Comb's 5-year-old sister, the CPS inve…
I called Child Protective Services on Jack and Jill's parents. Somebody had to.
Jay & Bey got one more time to show up with Blue looking like "The Weeknd" and I'm callin Child Protective Services myself !
Someone needs to call Child Protective Services on Beyonce. What is that Blue Ivy's hair?
Smdh this needs to be reported to Child Protective Services - This is neglect. They have the $$$
UPDATE: Child in critical but stable condition. Child Protective Services now getting involved.
Very the way Child Protective Services will be waiting for you when you get home...
Official: Child Protective Services has a high caseload
School regularly call Child Protective Services on parents who request IEPS to get them to stop accessin…
I wonder if Child Protective Services called the mom of the Pajama Kid because she let him go to school wearing that
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The mission of Partnerships for Children has always been to provide Child Protective Services caseworkers with the resources to better serve the kids in our community.
Lauren McConniel, 5-year-old was treated twice at Ball Memorial Hospital, once at Southway Urgent Care Center, once at St. Vincent Randolph Hospital in Winchester and three times at Merdian Services, a behavioral health care provider. Despite staff seeing broken fingers, malnutrition, a head injury, weight loss, unusual vaginal appearance and bizarre behavior, only one of these professional caregivers called Child Protective Services (CPS), which was just a 1-800 telephone call away, police say. Karen Royer -- a counselor at Meridian who reported that in all of her years of dealing with kids she had never heard of such bizarre behavior, and who believed the girl was being seriously sexually abused -- did contact CPS. Lauren looked exhausted, frail and fragile to Royer. But that was on March 1, and the target of the sexual abuse allegation was not the girl's father, Ryan, or stepmother, Brittany, who had custody of Lauren. The target was Amber Huggins, the girl's natural mother who was living in Knoxvil .. ...
Wish me luck on my civil service exam this morning, for a position with Child Protective Services!
Uh oh -- we're not the only ones who thought that Willow Smith's pic was odd and inappropriate. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are reportedly under investigation by Child Protective Services the...
Will, Jada & Willow Smith questioned by Child Protective Services: There were reports last week that Will and ...
So. Last night I happened to catch a segment of Dr. Drew and his Panel of "experts" discussing the recent investigation of Will and Jada Smith by Child Protective Services, a ludricous title for an agency who has done little historically to protect anything other than their own hides; and whose criminal lack of oversite and protection for the children they purport to care for has led to serious abuse, torture, and death in so MANY cases, for child endangerment. As discussed by the panel, who, like I, have always admired this extremely talented high profile Hollywood family, for balancing their public and private lives and putting their children first, they were very much in agreement that CPS, who so often were responsible for so many preventable tragedies, were gunning for the Snith's, in an attempt to make themselves. The investigation centers around a photo of their young daughter, laying on the bed of an actor friend of Will's, the actor friend shirtless, and she reclining somewhat against him. I fou ...
So I just heard that Will Smith and his wife Jada are under investigation by Child Protective Services. It looks like someone will be moving in with their Auntie and Uncle in Bel Air.
soo LA's Child Protective Services is opening an investigation on Will Smith & Jada Pinkett-Smith, but not Dina & Michael Lohan???
I liked a video from Will and Jada Smith Targeted by Child Protective Services
Britney Spears which one of ya'll called Child Protective Services on Will Smith and Jada Pinkett? 😑”
Ugh "Will and Jada Pinkett Smith could be under investigation by Child Protective Services
Remember the picture of Willow Smith with Moisés Arias? Child Protective Services is on Will and Jada's backs now!
Report: Child Protective Services are investigating Will and Jada Pinkett Smith via
Will and Jada Smith reportedly being investigated by L.A. Child Protective Services.
& in trouble with Child Protective Services! Guess why...
Child Protective Services aren't going after Will Smith's family for Willow posing in bed with an adult, they saw After Earth.
Throwback Thursday! Our Grassroots Beginning In 2006, our community faced a major health and safety crisis stemming from rampant methamphetamine abuse. Meth use drove our crime rate up, fostered the most calls to Child Protective Services (CPS), triggered most of the violent crimes, increased emergency room admissions and inundated our treatment centers. MATFORCE began as the methamphetamine advisory taskforce in 2006. Today the name stands for a community working together to reduce all types of substance abuse. Sheila Polk, Yavapai County Attorney and MATFORCE Co-Chair said, “I remember our first public meeting, which was held on January 27, 2006; we had no answers, just questions. We asked ourselves: if we work TOGETHER, can we reduce crime, protect our children, preserve our neighborhoods, and keep drugs out of our schools? Together, we took a leap of faith. And today, after much hard work by many, we have outstanding successes to report.” Through a collaborative approach, our county saw a drop in ...
On paper, Texas Child Protective Services, one of the nation’s largest child abuse investigative and foster care...
my mom works for child protective services.I can get you help. You can be saved.
I have to write a paper on abortion and on child protective services. Looks like I will be doing my homework with a bottle of wine and box of tissues at my side. Sheesh.
I live in mason county of ludington, Michigan and have become a victim of being falsely accused of Child abuse and neglect and Adult abuse also and I am at total loss for words as to how very very vicious these case workers can be and how little these human beings even care at all one bit if you have been falsely accused or not they show absolutely no concern what so ever as to even at least faking that they give a Damon at all for our children's real well being . It is sad really how fake the people really are so cold .
Lawsuit threatens to impact reform efforts by CPS: On paper, Texas Child Protective Services, one of t...
Calling child protective services to have taken away from
I was born in January of 1975 as Jolene Electra Brown. I was removed from my birth mother, Donna DeLong by child protective services in Hammond, IN. Because my older sister was "only a half-sister" the state split us up. I was blessed to be adopted by a wonderful family. However, I have always wondered about my birth family. In Dec of 2013, I found my birth mother's siblings. I found out from them, that Donna has been missing for many years from their family and they are very worried about her welfare. The last they saw of her, she was living in Richmond City, Virgina having split from her husband, Walter Campbell. Donna was born in Massachusetts in 1952. Charlene Brown is thought to have possibly been adopted by her father, Chuck Brown. She would be approximately 41 years old today. Birth date unkown. If you have any information about either of them, please contact me through this page. Thank you!
"If you make me ride my bike I'm calling child protective services". "You're too late Emily already did that"
I don't get it.if child protective services do this, where are they when an abortion takes place?
Where's Child Protective Services when you need them?
Speaking of child protective services. I saw a video of a man letting his 2 year old smoke a cigarette last night.
Do you think poisoning your child with meat is grounds for Child Protective Services to whisk me off into the sunset?
My mom is watching some redneck comedy group someone call child protective services
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Caller shares horror story of out of control child protective services
Dominick Calhoun Dominick Calhoun was sitting on the couch eating his breakfast that Thursday morning when he had an accident, wetting his pants and the sofa cushions where he sat.That’s when the beatings started, police said. Day after day, the 4-year-old’s listless body was dragged from his bed and beaten some more.The little boy who was known for his bright blue eyes was found unconscious Sunday in the Argentine Township apartment he shared with his brother, mother and her boyfriend and that police now are calling a “drug house.” Dominick Calhoun, 4, died April 12, 2010 The mother’s boyfriend Brandon J.F. Hayes, 24, was charged with eight felony charges including torture, first-degree child abuse and first-degree premeditated murder.“He said he was trying to give a sense of discipline for little Dominick,”The family moved in with Hayes on March 30, but after nine days living together Hayes said he was tired of raising Dominick. The boy’s mother was also beaten, and Pickell said Hayes h ...
Gabriel fernandez Anyone who saw Gabriel on a daily basis knew what was happening to him. If they didn’t see the bruises and burns and cuts on his face and body , he wrote it in a note, saying he wanted to kill himself. The social worker assigned to that case “did not make first contact with the family until 20 days after the complaint was received” and then only made “minimal attempts” to investigate.A lot can happen in 20 days when someone is threatening suicide, and in the case of an 8 year old, you would think a social worker might want to immeadiately take action.Some of Gabriel’s teachers tried to help him, reporting abuses to California Child Protective Services (CPS) whenever Gabriel looked “bruised and battered”, or the time when Gabriel came to school with BB pellet marks on his face. One teacher had CPS “on speed dial”, telling them about all of the abuses she was aware of. Yet according to the investigation was determined to be “unfounded”.Gabriel died having suffe ...
“Another Voice: Some reforms of Child Protective Services could put children at risk
My mother is starving me to death. Call child protective services 😩
All Sheriff's Officers Police and Police Officers must be made aware of the biggest pediphile ring in America hidding in child Protective Services.
Why does it feel like Jack the ripper is controlling child protective services
Child protective services proved ineffective by pediatrian - click picture!
told mindie I'll call child protective services for cruel punishment if she makes me go to school tomorrow with my lips:)
Child protective services would be very active if they just people watched in Wal-Mart
if you want Child Protective Services called you monster.
*** is wrong wit this person. Where is Child Protective Services
There have been many testimonies before congress like my wife and myself. the fact that nothing has been done to...
JESUS thank you for this beauitful sunday morning i pray for roglio n leslie n marissa n stefani n david my nieces n nephews to come home soon out of child protective services befor thy get hurt or get sick lord please bring them home self amen jojo love you babbies
Do they have child protective services in Russia? . Russian dad giving his toddler a CIGARETTE
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"They'll take the kids to homeland security." "What?! That's for terrorists. Don't you mean child protective services?!"
Def need child protective services called on they *** ;-)
My kid called Child Protective Services because he still has an iPhone 3G.
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - The Child Protective Services system in the United States has outlived its usefulness, and should be scrapped in favor of other approaches to protecting at-risk kids, according
and the water dept HAS THE POWER to bring child protective services w/them to shut offs and threaten removal of kids if payment is not made.
Need the number for Child Protective Services. Just saw a woman let her kid have Hawaiian pizza.
As bad a restaurant owner as she really is, she is a hideous mother. Too bad it's too late for child protective services.
My mom ate some of my candy can I call child protective services
America's dead children and Child Protective Services via
Child Protection is our 1st priority! BBBS volunteers and staff undergo thorough screening and background checks. Big Brothers Big Sisters’ professional mentoring support staff have ongoing and regular communication with volunteers, mentees and their families and are trained to immediately make law enforcement and child protective services authorities aware of any reports of abuse or exploitation. Find out more at
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