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Child Protective Services

Child Protective Services (CPS) is the name of a governmental agency in many states of the United States that responds to reports of child abuse or neglect.

Home Alone Houston Texans

What happens if Child Protective Services take your child?
Child Protective Services children found in human trafficking sex trade -- Society's Child --
Hey low keyed called the child protective services on about !
Child protective services will do everything but protect the child sometimes.
Child Protective Services need to go ahead & take Wiz & Ambers son lol he too high to be a father & she too busy being a h…
Thinking of phoning Child Protective Services on my neighbours. I don't think they're hurting their kid but I will if it doesn't shut up
Can you get the recording from Child Protective Services in Akron that was suppose to be me? I need to clear my name.
My left arm is broke in 3 places. My neighbor and her sister broke it over a Child Protective Services call.
I think child protective services need to be called! She just left the baby unattended in a theater!
I'm calling child protective services because my mom is making me cook my own Mac and cheese
I tried to kiss my dad on the cheek and he pinched my nipple hard! I told him that i was calling Child Protective Services on him! 😂👌
i ain't having NO kids I couldn't do it, I would have child protective services on my *** 25/8 bc if my kids acted up it would be over w/
"I only have one positive person in my life and dont call protective child services". -noahs paragraph about happiness
Someone needs to call child protective services to save poor Ryan from his parents
Natalie should I call child protective services
I'm obviously NOT trying to have you call child protective services . Smh.
Are the writers going to continue ignoring both Emily and Aria have no parental figures in their lives? Call Child Protective Services.
Looking at a beautiful day in AZ..thinking about the direction of our child protective services Looking for answers & praying for results
Home Alone taught me that child protective services leaves you alone when you are rich and white.
I'm still confused as to why Child Protective Services was called on the Smith family for Willow being in a picture with an …
Child Protective Services and police got involved after 911 calls came in about two children walking alone in Silver Spring, Maryland
appoint welfare commission like Child Protective Services in USA again 2 cents
mom wouldn't tell me the Netflix password, made me do some sick guessing game instead. I'm calling Child Protective Services
*doorbell rings*. Child Protective Services: Sir, we have some questions for you. Me: [holding a baby with a deep bronze tan]…
Not sure what's happening on right now but I sort of want to call Child Protective Services,
Should be first case of adult children being taken away from parents by Child Protective Services.
Here's a horror story where Child Protective Services attacked a family, & some tips on what to do if CPS targets you
One of my kids likes Star Wars Episode I better than Episode IV. Child Protective Services is on their way over.
My mama won't take me to wing stop. I'm about to call Child Protective Services! Ida Hall
If this was in the US, Child Protective Services would be arresting all their parents for child endangerment.
Texas’ Child Protective Services underreported 655 deaths of children
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Tomorrow is the official day that I apply everything I learned in my 3.5 years of college as a Social Worker in Child Protective Services 😁
My uber driver is telling me about his friend who works for Child Protective Services, but is also a stripper.
Privatisation of Child Protective Services is underway: what could possibly go wrong? via …
And now, 2014's Top Five Facepalm Moments... (aka "The *** Five") H-7578 (law in Rhode Island): "Your sixth grader can't get off the school bus without a chaperone waiting" - kids would be required to have an adult waiting at the bus stop to walk them home each afternoon. We're talking 12-year-olds here. If no adult was present at the bus stop, the child would be bused back to school. Cops interrogated an Austin mom after her son, age 6, was spotted playing alone in the yard outside of his home. A Child Protective Services rep came to the house to question the mom's three kids. CPS asked the daughter, age 8, if she had ever seen movies 'with people's private parts.' The mom says "My daughter, who didn't even know that things like that exist, does now. Thank you, CPS." Seattle playground designed for kids with special needs was destroyed because it presented "extreme dangers"... even though over the course of its 10 year history, no child was ever injured on the playground. Blanchester, OH, and 8-year-old ...
Just saw the Angel Soft commercial, and considering if I should call Child Protective Services.
An answer to why the 'movement' wants parents to respect their LGBT children- The movement is tired of transgender children put in positions of being tortured by parents through conversion therapy, overwhelming depression due to refusal of parents to accept LGBT teens, excessive numbers of homeless LGBT children when their parents throw them out. Often this is done due to religious bias or ignorance. There is an obligation that all children and youth are to be protected as part of our society and the laws (often Child Protective Services get involved with abusive parents). When parents actually traumatize and abuse children, we have an obligation to ask the questions on how to stop the abuse. Every major medical and mental health professional organization has stated unequivocally that 'conversion therapy' can severely traumatize children and has led to death - just like with Leelah Alcorn this past week. We seek to stop the deaths and suicides of all LGBT children and end the trauma that is being infli .. ...
Email a friend! Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signs order abolishing state's CPS agency Arizona Governor Jan Brewer announced Monday that she has abolished the state's Child Protective Services department and has replaced it with a new division. The move comes in response to an internal investigation that revealed 6,000 reports of child abuse or neglect were never investigated. The Republican governor said she was ending the agency's oversight by the Department of Economic Security by executive order, saying the recent scandal "broke my heart and makes me angry." "Enough with the uninvestigated reports of abuse and neglect. Enough with the lack of transparency. And enough with the excuses," she said. Brewer praised a special team she created to investigate the problems and said more than 3,000 children have now been seen by social workers or police.
More than 10 years ago, former state Rep. Trish Groe called for review and overhaul of the state's Child Protective Services. Her request went unanswered. This week, Gov. Jan Brewer called for the termination of CPS, to be replaced by a new state agency to report directly to the governor's office. Thankfully, Brewer has the political muscle to make this happen, but we have to wonder about all the children impacted over the past decade - how many of them are now in the Arizona State Prison system, or in county jails, because our elected leaders didn't have the strength of character to do something without being directed by a lobbyist.
Molly Bowling and Michael Becker just spent Christmas without their children after police, acting on behalf of Child Protective Services, kidnapped them.
5 Reasons People DON'T get Involved ! 1. You're shocked and frightened by what you see or what you hear. 2. You doubt yourself and think you are the one who is overreacting. Every day we doubt ourselves about something. Maybe you are overreacting, but then maybe you're not. You could be saving a child. Don't worry about overreacting, make a report. 3. You think "It's not my child so it's none of my business, I shouldn't judge others." Every child is our business if it involves child abuse and neglect. Adults will happily take part in the success of every child, but we are distant when it involves protecting a child. 4. You think "If I make a report I won't be able to remain anonymous." You fear retaliation, which is a very normal and valid concern. However, you can absolutely remain anonymous. If you make the report you will be asked some information about the child and the person who you believed did something inappropriate or abusive. The more information you have, the better. For example, names, addres ...
thats what I'm saying but some people be like "I'm calling Child Protective Services" :/
Child protective services fail to protect abused kids in hundreds of cases that the AP has uncovered:
Meet Molly Bowling, loving mother of three children. Happy little family ripped apart by CPS. She noticed a cut on her infant son's tongue after daycare and took him to the hospital only to have all three of her children removed without cause. (*See Letter) Here is their story A Sioux Falls couple is preparing for a Christmas without their three children---who are now in the state's custody. Parents Molly and Mike say their children were taken from their home after taking their 2 month old son to the E-R for an unknown injury. They say similar stories can be found all over the U.S. "He wouldn't eat when he was crying we would see the cut on his tongue, so I called his doctor and he said we should take him to the ER. So we went to the ER," mother Molly Bowling said. The couple says they told the doctor they had no idea how where the cut on their two month old came from, thinking it might have happened it daycare. "They called Children's Voice and they said that Creedance needed to stay overnight there," Bo ...
I know someone that should join her for making accusations and lies on paper but didn't have the nerve to show...
Nothing like being home for the holidays to make you wistful for the Child Protective Services/foster care system that never intervened.
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Hello I'm with child protective services. Your parents are clearly negligent.
Née née need to stop harassing that lil boy before I call child protective services
You thought I was gonna chase you? The *** I look like, child protective services 😂😂
"He gone be ready for the ladies. Ima have him a stripper when he turn 10." 😳😳 *dials Child Protective Services*
oh good lord! I'm surprised no one called child protective services
Child Protective Services will probably have to get involved for the baby's sake. It takes time.
Girl, I'll call child protective services on that fool if I saw that in the streets lol
If my dad sticks his wet finger in my ear and/or walks in my room, farts, and says "classic" again I'm calling child protective services
no 😒 I'm secretly 12 but please don't call child protective services. I don't want mommy going to jail
Playing Sims 4 and Child Protective Services in the game took my kid away because he was too loud. Harsh.
W.VA. CPS worker raped minor in her "care" - reports to prison on Thursday for 10-20 yrs.
Someone call child protective services my bedroom is 61 degrees.
My mom just slapped my butt while I was doing dishes and I'm in need of the number to Child Protective Services
He thinking about calling Child Protective Services if his mom don't remove him from this hazardous situation
My parents are neglecting their most basic task, they have not fed me in over 12 hours call child protective services
But who hits a car with their child in It , ? And wonder why Child protective services on that *** "
Read about important changes to state law designed to better protect our children here:
House Democrats supported key changes to state law designed to protect our children. They take effect this week:
The media is KEY 2 educating the public (and professionals) @ child protection changes. Read story here
Where is child protective services when you need them
Want to know about Child Protective Services in san Antonio -
A new law has made sweeping changes to Pennsylvania's child protective services' standards.
PA: Previously categorized as imminent risk -- are now considered child abuse: Kicking, biting, throwing,...
Why is Jamie always getting lost or stolen I don't understand where are your parents someone call child protective services
In an alternate universe, child protective services is trying to take Liam Nieson's daughter and he's just a scumbag parent.
I've worked in child protective services for 26 yrs, the victims suffer their kids in turn
"I went from consensual sex to child protective services thanks to my worthless son"
This is why we need transparency and accountability with child protective services!
Child Protective Services should be called about the parents of these kids. This is sck!
Ramen noodles for lunch for the kids. Call child protective services, stat.
Taken 4- child protective services steps in
I let her do it guys don't report parental abuse to child protective services
Im livking sracha off of a dill pickle. Send in child protective services, this classifies as self abuse
Stop throwing $ into a system that only creates more problems then solutions. Aka family courts and child protective serv…
Parents: how to protect your family if there's a knock at the door from Child Protective Services?
Does anyone know any Info about becoming a child protective services (cps) worker?
Michigan Child Protective Services (CPS) sent a police SWAT team, equipped with an armored vehicle, to seize a girl from her home because her mother refused to give the teenager
Many allege that Child Protective Services agencies are essentially kidnapping children from their parents for the money they receive from the federal government. By Selwyn Duke
They're making a Taken 3. At some point we need to consider contacting child protective services.
Redditors who were removed or who have had their children removed by child protective services, what was the reason? what was the process...
What's the number for child protective services in Bethlehem? via /r/funny
The rest of the population would call Child Protective Services on that Bully.
Learn more about the importance of family social services, child protective services, and adoption agencies with
don't get too carried away or I'll call child protective services on ya ***
lol I'll be 18 in April and a last asked me if she needed to call child protective services for me working my job 😵😂😭
"Sandal shoes with denim? I will literally call child protective services."
Child protective services clearly has great judgement?!?!
I think that might get you a call from child protective services.
Why are the Home Alone movies so popular? Child Protective Services should have stepped in a long time ago 🙈
Courtnee said she gon call child protective services on Pia 😂💀💀
On way to magic kingdom, open until 3am. Child protective services, if you are looking for us we will be on thunder mountain.
We've been out of cheese for three days and mom hasn't bought any, should I call Child Protective Services?
I should call child protective services on her *** for not taken to me to the hospital
Don't let them watch the live action version or I'm calling Child Protective Services on you.
I hated when parents be out all *** day & u be hungry asf & these *** comes in the house with nothing... "Child Protective Services" 😩
I swear I'm gonna call child protective services on your parents bro
The US government has turned child abuse into a business: "When Child Protective Services Kidnaps Children for Money"
"Dave" in the old Chipmunk's Christmas songs really yelled at Alvin. Listening to it now it makes me want to call Child Protective Services.
Child Protective Services? That would be a tough job. I work with a lot of those folk and I couldn't do what they do.
This review of Pokemon omega ruby is excellent. "In this revisiting of a world without child protective services..."
This morning Child Protective Services came to my door asking questions because the kids were being abused. I had no idea and feel awful
How much do I charge per day on the ext showing clearly how terrible child protective services is, can maximum damages be charged daily
I let my mom and my brother know Child Protective Services is about to get "their *** handed to them"
By Home Alone 4 how were those parents not reported to Child Protective Services
Child protective services. An oxymoron if there ever was one. Took our little guy away. from us. Said we were too old to raise him.
I didn't just step out pointing fingers. I lived it, then I researched it. Now I'm exposing child protective services.
My mom is singing Iggy Azalea at me someone call child protective services.
Thank you to all Summit volunteers helping distribute bikes + gifts to 2,000 kids from Child Protective Services! What joy! Bless you.
punched me, call Child Protective Services pls
In some states child protective services take kids away from child abusers like u who strike children with objects.
these neighbors are totally evil. Have called child protective services on them and police for domestic dispute.
or I'll call 991 to get child protective services here
“If I ever have children they're gonna call child protective services on me for beating them to much”😱😅
I will call child protective services on they ***
Yes you can, I'll call child protective services on you
You know you're a bad parent when your sim kids are taken away by child protective services
Mom and dad McAllister should be thankful nobody called child protective services on them they were neglective AF
After having an unassisted home birth, this couple had their children taken away from them
Kevin is ignored by his parents, terrorized by his siblings, and left behind on trips. Someone call child protective services.
Mary allowed the Little Drummer Boy to bang the skins in front of her infant? Good thing child protective services wasn't around.
contacting child protective services. What kind of gma are you.
Somebody please just call child protective services on Ran we have proof that he will self his daughter off as liver
Finna call child protective services on my mama man
Roommates told me they were calling child protective services because the house is cold and they're hungry and I'm not taking care of them..
(WARNING TO CPS) These are the crimes our CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES covers up everyday. via
Another gripe from the week: I have to call Child Protective Services entirely too often.
I better not crack my kids one day or child protective services will come after me.
How fast would child protective services take my future kid if I named them Action ***
Our Holiday Wishes program is able to create memories for children served by Child Protective Services (CPS). Each child is able to submit 3 wishes
A CPS Whisteblower exposes every evil aspect of Child Protective Services in just 10 minutes. on The Truth Over Comfort Network. Click Like and Subscribe to ...
You know the problem here is that this whole issue is embarrassing for everyone concerned including me. I f my Wife did not want to be embarrassed than she should have told the truth for the get go and that is I had an Allergic reaction to medicine that was prescribe to me by a my Doctor who knew I was allergic to that medicine not mental issues as she and my inapt family members and local friends claimed. And I am the one who has been damaged the most, my whole career and everything (life’s work, relationship with family and friends, etc) for the past 28 years has been damaged by her lies. And I have the right to say the truth of what happen to me and that I have been found “Not Guilty of Everything” that my Wife and my family and local friends has claimed against me. She has admitted to me on several occasions that I speak the truth and that the facts are correct and so has a court of law. And she denies nothing to me about her adultery with my onetime best friend; the stealing and destruction of ...
Over the past several days, hundreds of you have made your voices heard about a current case with our Child Protective Services in Washington regarding the Rengo family. I want to thank you for your concern and willingness to be vocal. I’d like to be clear: every child’s safety is our top priority in situations like these. Rumors have circulated that the removal of the Rengo children was due to breastfeeding or their home births. Those rumors are false. Breastfeeding and home birthing are not factors that would cause CPS to take children from a home. Their removal from the home was based on factors unrelated to a home birth or breastfeeding. That said, these cases hit home for many of us. We are fathers and mothers and aunts and uncles and we care about our families. And as mothers and fathers, I hope you’ll agree that safety is of utmost importance. Right now, we’ve determined (for reasons unrelated to a home birth) that the Rengo children’s safety is at risk and an independent court initially ...
A couple whose three young children were taken from their Bellingham home a month ago said they’re being bullied by Child Protective Services for refusing to treat their oldest son’s eczema with a steroid cream, which they believed would harm him, and for deciding to give birth to their twins at hom…
Breastfed/Homebirth babies kidnapped - GOING HOME! (with CPS "supervision" and conditions, of course, because Government always knows best). Does anyone actually know what the parents are/were charged with, or does that no longer matter??? Was it because the baby had a rash and they were using homeopathic remedies instead of steroids to treat it? Unlike the Governor of Arizona who has yet to weigh in on the Medical Kidnap of the Diegel sisters, the Governor of Washington made the below statement, and State Rep. Jason Overstreet, R-Lynden, immediately stepped up, and asked attorney Stephen Pidgeon to help the couple to regain custody of their children, the oldest who had his first birthday in state custody, and 2- month old twins, taken into state custody at 1 month old and breast feeding. The nagging question STILL remains: What was the immanent danger these breastfeeding children were in when they were ripped from their mother's breast? (Is that not the standard CPS is supposed to adhere to before kidn . ...
Reducing Kids' Stress Simple as ABC A novel intervention that focuses on increasing parental nurturing and decreasing frightening behavior may provide long-term beneficial effects on diurnal cortisol rhythms in at-risk children, signifying decreased stress levels, new research suggests. Results from a randomized controlled trial (RCT) of more than 100 preschoolers who were referred to protective services as infants because of neglect showed that those who received the 10-week parenting intervention called Attachment and Biobehavioral Catch-up (ABC) had more typical patterns of cortisol production 3 years later than those who received a parenting education intervention. "I wasn't surprised, necessarily, but I was excited to see that intervening in a short but very targeted way could change parenting so that it actually sustains better self-regulation for kids over time," lead author Kristin Bernard, PhD, assistant professor of psychology at Stony Brook University in New York, told Medscape Medical News. "I ...
Child Protective Services Whistleblower, Carlos Morales, exposes the dangerous tactics and overt corruption that he witnessed as a CPS investigator. Through keen insight, historical analysis, war stories, and interviews with attorneys & judges, Carlos Morales speaks truth to power in this shockin...
threaten to call child protective services or her mom. Tell her she's gonna her pregnant and die
If it wasn't for child protective services (CPS) Gene would bend Parker over his knee and spank his *** red.
Ugh. Mom never has snacks for me in her apartment. I'm calling child protective services.
When your parents try to make you eat something? Like df? No. No. I will call child protective services.
Hello, Child Protective Services? I'd like to report abuse. To me. By richardson.jason
Yeah. Child "Protective" Services. Stealing babies just because parents had home births. Evil, evil crap like that.
I'm getting to good at writing child abuse reports, and it kills me to know that protective services won't do anything.
Honestly I'm nervous for my future children cause 100% of my Sims babies were taken by child protective services
Child Protective Services isn't messing around with that many agents.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Arrest child protective services members in Bellingham via
No sitting governor is going to throw their Child Protective Services/Childrens Administration Director or their...
Former social worker with San Mateo County Child Protective Services pleads not guilty to sex with -
And then There's child protective services. can't beat a kids *** or discipline them with out they *** ..
And then the doctor calls child protective services.
Had a form notarized for a background check with Child Protective Services for a teaching position. I have a mustache in my id photo.
"I been sellin crack since like the 5th grade". *child protective services is called and Shmurda's mother is indicted &…
Question: My mom always hits me but i cant call child protective services cause she is all i…
While you're shopping for your family, pick up a gift for a child in Protective Services. You'll be so glad you did.
Most respect to Andre Johnsonof the Houston Texans. Spending over $19͵000 at' Toys R Us' for kids in child protective services!
Dear Friends. In 2014, the Pennsylvania Legislature enacted sweeping changes to the Child Protective Services Law...
Child Protective Services was invented for good reason...
Now the male and female are having a domestic dispute. She is bleeding, the Cubs are missing. I bet Child Protective services picked em up
kareen: when i was 7 i used to threaten my parents to call child protective services... what 7 year old knows what cps is? A FUTURE LAWYER
Tried to get my sons to watch They called Child Protective Services.
So Peter Pan basically ends with Child Protective Services knocking on Wendy's door?
Shouldn't child protective services get involved?
*** She's letting her go? Somebody call child protective services!
Be right back. I'm going to call Child Protective Services and shut this sh!t down
Someone should seriously call child protective services. I think there's a serious neglect issue...
Fun Fact: Child Protective Services was a result of the events portrayed in
Cowboys are gonna get Child Protective Services called on them for beating these kids so bad.
Child Protective Services builds a case on Peter Pan
For the 7th year in a row, Houston Texans Wide Receiver Andre Johnson taking 11 children from Child Protective Services and letting them loose inside Toys "R" Us. They have 80 seconds to pick what they want, and Andre pays the bill, this year $16,266.26. Story---
Every year, Houston Texans receiver Andre Johnson does his best to make Christmas special for a few underprivileged kids in his community. This week, he took 11 kids from Child Protective Services to a toy store and gave them each 80 seconds (that’s his jersey number) to put as many items in their c…
Rejected boyfriend makes accusations A report of marijuana being smoked in the presence of small children was sent to sheriff deputies Sept. 22. According to the complainant, a 43-year-old Middleville woman and a 19-year-old Wayland woman were smoking marijuana in the presence of a 10-year-old girl and a 5-year-old boy. When questioned, they denied the charge and let deputies search the premises. Deputies found no evidence of marijuana or use of the drug. Deputies reported that the children were in good condition. The women said they believed the call came from an estranged boyfriend. When the ex-boyfriend was contacted he admitted to making the call. No evidence was found to support the claim, but a Child Protective Services was advised.
by Child Protective Services or the police. How does a school hire a man wth out BACK GROUND CHECKING him. He worked in special needs
welcome to America. This country doesn't let parents be parents. Parents face Child Protective Services. If they disciplin
Child Protective Services in this state is absolute crap.
Home Alone is on... if this was a real family Child Protective Services would have been called a long time ago
With more regulations you continue to get things that I want to relate in the following story. America is no longer a free country. We have a president who believes he is King and so many public service people who thing they know better than you what is right for you and your family. My four week old grand daughter has just been kidnapped by the Oklahoma DHS (a division of child protective services) because they thought my daughter in law was out of control with the baby blues. The facts say otherwise. An out of control mother does not call her doctor and ask for help when she is feeling overwhelmed. Almost all new mothers have days of baby blues and they just work through it. In this state they arrest you for asking for help. They lock you in a sanitarium for 120 hours and then demand you stay there for up to 10 days while the bureaucrats decide if your a fit person. Not only do they lock you up, in my daughter in laws case they don't even feed you for 24 hours or provide a doctor who knows how to treat ...
and you didn't notify child protective services. LOL
“Joel & Alec have never seen Rocky”. That's just bad parenting right there. I'm thinking of calling Child Protective Services
Long day at the ER yesterday to have the police, child protective services, everytreatment facility in the state and the HOSPITAL tell me that they were either not the right "support" or not correctly suited to meet my sons needs. If I hear one more time how well I have done for the lasy 7 years and I will be just fine I am going to need bail money! The police felt an ambulance ride to the ER was warrented... does that say nothing!?!?!? I AM the momma. I AM a force of nature for my son. Things change and new resources need to be accessed. Being at the ER three days in less than a week tells me we need new supports for puberty. "Ain't going down without a fight" On the flip side, I am sorry that my otherwise happy demeanor and love of life offends. My son will get through this no matter who ir what I have to take out to get there. Other than that "Life Is Good. LIVING IT IS BETTER"... yes, has mantra and troll proof jacket for the journey. Now, onto tea, horses as soon as Pax gets up, bread, planning and s ...
I get to talk to London in an hour. An old friend sent me pictures of our last family outing and I can't help but cry. Over six years of enduring this agony, this kidnapping and perversion of justice. Child protective services is in the business of destroying families and using our children for profit.
Can child protective services speak to my child without my knowledge or consent?.
Thank goodness Gotham's child protective services are currently run by sociopathic stooges to the mob...
Massachusetts child protective services fraud and re-victimization of Father property-owner Roger -
let's just hope Child Protective Services didn't see that little joke u pulled on your son! :)
hey, DM me your address so I can call child protective services to check on you kid
I have been waiting for 20 minutes in 17 degree weather for my dad to pick me up from the airport someone call child protective services.
I'm calling child protective services if my dad don't let me play fifa tonight
Arizona Child Protective Services (CPS) has a 34% employee turnover, with more than (1) in (3) employees “Disengaged”
hope child protective services gets this info. Crazy to not protect your children
We'll know the joke has gone too far when Child Protective Services responds to some dude's joke about letting his kids out of the cage.
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Pageant registration forms should just be mailed directly to Child Protective Services.
Child Protective Services will place children with parents even after dirty drug test, Protection comes after child may be harmed.
every day is like sunday with funnies: Child Protective Circus
Does Korea not have an equivalent to Child Protective Services? How come the orphaned kid is staying w/ the prosecutors?
This makes me think of movies Child Protective Services Theme Song - Nero's Day At Disneyland
Now Idk about you all, but this was my 1st child & all I knew of Child Protective Services is that they come busting in & they take kids
Really wonderful parents taking their small children to a known violent protest. Child protective services needs to take every one of them.
This man lost his wife of 15 years. They also lost their 4 children to Child Protective Services.
Doing all this research on child abuse just motivates me even more to reach my goal in becoming case manager for child protective services.
My answer to: Can I still attend school if im a runaway from child protective services?
Hello, Child Protective Services in 1965? I need to report ...yes, I'll hold.
My cats placed a call to Child Protective Services to protest the temperature of the thermostat during the daytime hours.
"What! She left Ignori behind? This kid has been abandoned since birth. Child protective services…" — Trkguy1638
It's a OFFICIAL ... they will be getting a CALL from CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES!!!
I'm sure CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES will intervene after seeing this episode!!!
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Ohhh like u never hear of 911 or child protective services like u forget is Weh u living
so she took me to the dentist, and he threatened to call child protective services. I got 10 silver caps instead.
It's called "child protective services" yet you'll put a child at risk by giving them back to their drug addict prostitute of a mother.
I have a funny story about how that line of thought almost got me put in child protective services.
Child Protective Services caseworker fired, arrested for trying to buy heroin - CBS 5 - KPHO
The time may be now to hold an official funeral for the death of freedom in the U.S., as 'Child Protective Services' has reportedly kidnapped yet another young child from
In my opinion it should not be illegal to discipline your children without having Child Protective Services telling you you're a bad parent when I was a kid that's what them butt was for . No scarier sound in the world then your dad's belt clearing his belt loops. Or the all important words wait till your father gets home was enough to make you want to pee your pants
The real winner in is Child Protective Services.
Wow.What an article on abuse. Ppl need to wake up. Child Protective Services need overhaul.
You are guilty of removing a viewo Captures Woman Abusing Child-should be reported to Child Protective Services! U R Wrong!
ugh. Can you call Child Protective Services on behalf of an unborn child?
[Phone Call]. "Child Protective Services, can I help you?". I need to report my co-worker for giving her kids McDonald's. "We're on the way!"
Childrens Hospital and Child Protective Services are trying to administer ivig, tylenol, benadryl and anaphylactic for preventative measure
At this point when people take their daughter to audition for a Disney Channel show Child Protective Services should j…
a child getting Band-Aids for X-mas sounds like the kind of story that ends with a call to Child Protective Services
On November 4, 2014, four month-old Kathryn Hughes was stolen by Child Protective Services (CPS) after she...
Four months after Sarah Markham lost custody of her baby for giving him a vegan formula, a Florida judge threw out the ruling and reunited mother and child. When Caleb was 12 days old, his doctor ordered Markham to take him to the hospital after the infant had lost 10 percent of his birth weight. Instead, Markham wanted to try supplementing her breast milk with a vegan soy formula. As a result, Child Protective Services had the young mother arrested for neglect and took away custody of Caleb. Caleb, who has been raised by his grandparents ever since, now weighs 17 pounds and is still on the same soy formula diet. Read KTLA's story here:
Lmfao did child protective services really hop in mentions?
Violators, your mom has to chaperone your use. Unless it's mama June, then you'll need child protective services.
If Kim was a "normal" person and she had posted a picture like that on social media, wouldn't Child Protective Services …
In Pennsylvania, Child protective services fail 4 out of 10 times. FACT.
Where is Child Protective Services at when you need them?
Head of Chicago's Child Protective Services wow in a prime position, Benson is like you're not messing w my cases
Can we say child protective services?
This is making me even more scared for the kids in Child Protective Services... aka the System.
classiclyours: Racism is Will and Jada Smith being investigated by child protective services for a photo of...
are forced to get jobs? Call the Child Protective Services
The neighbors are gonna call child protective services
1600 children died in DCF care nationally in '12. The Annie E. Casey Foundation is going to do something about it.
my mom literally just asked me if i was sending nudes nowadays, someone please call child protective services IM OUT.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
btw if I ever feel like you're mistreating your child, I'm making a report to Child Protective Services.
Jill from Child Protective Services just called me. . . . . lol wut
Report: Box of sensitive Child Protective Services documents found on Flint street.
I mean how many times can you leave your kid home before child protective services arrests you
like CPs(child protective services) will take her children away from her?
If neuroanatomy were a parent, child protective services would have taken it into custody for the abuse that happened today
Seven years ago, Child Protective Services partnered with the Corpus Christi Police Department. Their goal was to better coordinate investigations of child abuse.
Jocelyn's story is being shared everywhere. Thank you for raising child abuse awareness. _ 1-800-4-A-CHILD: What to expect when you call Posted 08/24/2011 by Childhelp For almost 30 years, Childhelp’s National Child Abuse Hotline has helped connect individuals with the information or people they need as they confront child abuse in their lives, whether they are a child, parent, teacher or a concerned school administrator. When calling 1-800-4-A-CHILD (422-4453), here’s what you can expect. A qualified counselor will answer and assist your call for reasons such as if you: Need help and want to talk to a counselor. Are in physical or emotional crisis and need support, encouragement and to get connected to the best possible local resources. Have questions about what the signs of child abuse are. Want to find out where to go to report known or suspected abuse. Want to understand the reporting process and what you might expect through the process. Want more information about Childhelp programs that can hel ...
Legally Kidnapped: The Case Against Child Protective Services. Child Protective Services exposes the dangerous tactics and overt corruption that was witnesse...
This is why we need experienced social workers NOT someone with a degree in marketing and then goes through a 12 week course to become a caseworker with The Dept. of Family Services. Shame on Lisa Ruiz Lee for allowing incompetent case workers to investigate child abuse! Lisa Ruiz Lee needs to be replaced and a new educated competent qualified person needs to head The Dept. of Family Services. This type of behavior and investigation is a crime against the children we the people are suppose to protect! Girls’ testimonies describe torture by adoptive parents By DAVID FERRARA LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL Child Protective Services agents investigated complaints from three girls living at the Las Vegas home of Janet and Dwight Solander at least three years before the former foster parents were arrested on child abuse charges, according to recently unsealed court testimony. In light of further details about physical and sexual abuse the girls endured for years, Clark County prosecutors have added dozens of new .. ...
Lemme call child protective services now. ☎️
can I call child protective services if my parents are making me do track to have something on my college application?
iCarly: as many times as Sam says her mom is a bad parent, why hasn't anyone called child protective services?
I swear when Esme is a mom I will call child protective services on her...
Really?. Why then did the Labour head of Child Protective Services resign and the Labour PCC resign then?
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
the Lord knows your not honest in protecting innocent child has allowed Family & Protective Services get away with extortion
slutty child protective services worker. The kids will love it !!
you left out Child Protective Services investigator.
Bouta talk to Child protective services. Oh lawd..
Who's handing out candy corn to trick-or-treaters tomorrow night? I need to know who to call Child Protective Services on.
yes. I looked up her fathers paintings on Google. They should had lost her to child protective services
I should call child protective services on your ***
As of January I will be a Social Work intern at Beaufort County DSS in the Child Protective Services Agency. Couldnt be happier 😊💼👍
to extend to kids and Louisiana at times has a very aggressive Child Protective Services that I think would be picking it up
My mom threatened to take away my glasses do I call child protective serviceS now or
trying to get help from Child Protective Services in the Maine is like pounding your head against a cement wall!
When I heard the "Honey Boo Boo" show had been canceled, I figured it meant Child Protective Services finally arrived.
fetuses are considered human beings. I think you could call Child protective services
Worried about Mr. Baby hearing your crazy pro-Buckets propaganda. If this persists, I’ll have to call Child Protective Services
Kidnaping by Indio child protective services
should I inform child protective services
Can I call child protective services on that terrible lady?? Omfg I am so ANGRY
Viewer calls child services on protest streamer Bella Eiko for child left in car
How many kids wrongly being adopted out in because of poor casework?
Poorly run leads to major crisis for CA's kids. They need help now, please.
How many kids have been wrongly taken or wrongly left since audit? System needs fixing now.
Audit showed crisis. What is being done?
No it's not. 14 is a minor therefore it gets reported to Child Protective Services.
CPS Commissioner says he vows to improve the system: How do you reform Child Protective Services? The agency tasked…
An Epic Fail for California Child Protective Services and a horrific tragedy.
Call child protective services on the Bulls
You've got mail... From child protective services
When child protective services ask "What type of food do you eat at the house?"
Diapers are not insulation. Especially when full of pee from half an hour ago WHAT IS THE NUMBER FOR CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVI…
so bad that Child Protective Services is investigating the matter...
Those friends that won't call child protective services on you when you just don't like your kids that day. That's what real friendship is.
The role of CPS in Texas: Child Protective Services is a program that conducts investigations when allegations...
Fox News reported that Russia was threatening WWIII. Now, I can't find the article. See, my fellow Americans don't even realize that due to the fact that they don't stand up to fight this corrupt insane government of ours.we are probably placing ourselves more in danger by not doing anything to stop a secret society bent on taking over the world by any means necessary. I'm pretty sure the Illuminati infiltrated our government. The Illuminati are a Communistic Secret Society! According to a book called "Proofs of a Conspiracy by John Robison A.M. 1798," their main objective was to create a One World Government also known today as a New World Order. Their sub-objectives included taking control of mainstream media, so that they could control the masses. Another sub-objective was to rob people of their property, so they created the Federal Reserve Banking System which slowly robs us all over time. Taking children away from poor mothers was also in their agenda, so they created (CPS) Child Protective Services ...
Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans has received a lot of criticism online when it comes to her competence as a parent, but on Monday the MTV star declared that Child Protective Services found no problems after a recent visit to her household.
Watched an interesting documentary this afternoon,called "Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father". It started off slow and I nearly shut it off...but I'm glad I stuck it out. It's a very touching film. A man was murdered by his ex-gf, then later announced she was pregnant by the man she had murdered. A friend of the murdered man chose, to help his own healing process, to start filming places the man had been...filming his friends and having them talk about the man...going to the man's school, office, etc. It was to help himself heal, to help the family and friends heal, but also to show the baby just who is father was. Unfortunately, the family fought with the Canadian and US government with extradition, with charges, with keeping the woman in jail. Ultimately, she was released for a second time with minimal bond and killed both herself and the baby. The family is fighting to have laws changed and have set up a scholarship fund in their son's memory. It really was a very touching film and really ...
I called Child protective services on my neighbor because I thought his 12yr old was wasted. Turns out she was just retarded.
Are Nick Names Good or Bad? I have always admire people that adopt new names. Whether its because of religious conversion or adopting the name of a mentor or popular star. For example, I came across more than ten people here in Jos with the name Tupac. As a matter of fact, I have a nephew called Tupac. My own name has many variations. Christians and Muslims both use Adam. In some other places they call it Adams. In the western part of Africa its called Adamu. While Ado is the short form of Adamu. As a young hip hop enthusiast back in the 80s, I adopted the name Charlie Adams. Well, that never got that far. I recalled an incident that happened in 1985. I was a young student at St John's College, Jos. There was a popular senior student that nicknamed himself "Armed Robber". To another group of students he was known as "Dealer". On one occasion, his father who was a respectable cleric in Jos came to visit him. He asked about three to four students if they know of a "Moses". Nobody seem to know who Moses was. ...
These people in this house starving me ! I'm calling child protective services 😂😂😂
Watching an episode of the Simpsons where marge and homer lose their kids to child protective services .. whoa
so glad Dylan's friend is dumb enough to tell child protective services that's all he does is drink and party lpl
Foo foo food, charity bingo and a silent auction for Child Protective Services. Having fun for a good…
should I call child protective services on my neighbors
louis is such a baby I'm seriously considering calling child protective services on his mom why does she allow him to travel the world alone
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