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Chief Whip

The Chief Whip is a political office in some legislatures assigned to an elected member whose task is to administer the whipping system that ensures that members of the party attend and vote as the party leadership desires.

Deputy Chief Whip National Assembly Cde Jackson Mthembu Stone Sizani Home Secretary Majority Leader Ed Balls Deputy Speaker Minority Leader Michael Gove John Whittingdale Chief Guest Andrew Mitchell South Africa Black Rod John Bercow

[ON AIR]: ANC Chief Whip, Jackson Mthembu wants public funding of parties to be increased.
DA Chief Whip condemns National Assembly Speaker Baleka Mbete for not paying service providers that worked on the Speaker's Ball.
It is not a secret that the Chief Whip of the majority party,Jackson Mthembu,is a supporter of Cyril R…
Very sad to hear of the death of Lord (David) Waddington, an excellent Chief Whip, Home Secretary and then Governor of Be…
⭐️ • Lord Waddington obituary: Chief Whip and former Home Secretary was loyal supporter of Margaret Thatcher:…
Sorry to hear of the death of Lord Waddington, Chief Whip and Home Secretary under Mrs. Thatcher, then Leader of the Lords…
David Waddington, Home Secretary and Chief Whip in Mrs Thatcher's govt & Leader of the Lords in John Major's govt, has died, he was 87.
EFF Letter to the Minister of Water and Sanitation from the Office of the EFF Deputy President and Chief Whip, Floyd Sh…
ANC Chief Whip, Cde Jackson Mthembu, has thanked Cde Moloto for serving for the past 12 years with absolute distinction.
.turns out there was a snake in the grass undermining him all along, the chief whip Conor Mcginn.
who stole the soul from black folk?. the same man who stole the land from Chief Black Smoke. & made the whip crackle along our backs slow
IT raids constitutional assault on Chief Secy's office:Rao he should file case against govt in courts whip govt ***
is the elected Chief Whip. A commissioned police officer by profession. when joined, be assured that you are…
Delhi chief secy cracks the whip, says officials must come to work by 9.45am
Delhi Chief Secretary cracks whip on lax officials, asks babus to come to work by 9.45 am
Chief secy cracks whip, Babus directed to reach office by 9:45 am
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Chief Whip named Michael Gove as Minister in false *** affair claim. .
Jackson "Half-jack" Mthembu should lead the way and resign from the ANC's NEC and his position as Chief Whip...the rest…
Loose cannon Chief Whip of ANC Jackson Mthembu been reigned in by the party.Where in the democratic world wud you see this ill-discipline?
JCorbyn's many rebellions against Blair + Brown govts showed his 'strength of character', says his new Chief Whip.
.400+ votes against Blair + Brown Govts proved his 'strength of character' says new Chief Whip.
Great to see Nick Brown appointed as Labour’s Chief Whip, well placed to unite the party to take on the Tories https:/…
I welcome Nick Brown MP's agreement to serve as Chief Whip and I would like to thank Rosie Winterton for her six years’ e…
Chief Whip buoyed by unity despite speech nerves
Kenny I have the Senate President, Majority Leader and Chief Whip supporting me.
What did it swallow??? Chief Whip at Ekeremor Local Govt.Council, Bayelsa state, Hon…
Mthembu: ANC not divided on Motsoeneng: Chief Whip for the African National Congress in the National Assembly...
each party also has Whips, led by a Chief Whip. Oh and then there's Black Rod
can I be Chief Whip please? Then I can keep an eye on Black Rod!! 😉😳😳
Efforts by Chief Whip to exclude Ghaleb Kachalia as PR Councillor based on procedure fails.
Very happy to act as Deputy to the ever capable Chief Whip,
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
. In the studio is Hon the newly elected chief whip for the opposition,
Mundhe cracks whip on corrupt Navi Mumbai civic officials: Ever since Mundhe took over as the civic chief, he has…
Regina Doherty is now the Chief Whip. Like, calling the agenda. The party line. This.
Delighted Rosie Winterton, Labour Chief Whip today honoured for her distinguished public & political service
Acting Chief Whip of the Senate, Senator Bukar Abba Ibrahim calls the Senate to Order.
Imagine Bernie Sanders VP in the Trump administration, President of the Senate and chief legislative whip sticking it to Schumer and Durbin
Semujju Nganda Ibrahim is the Opposition chief whip at parliament!! 2 days ago he had confirmed they would not elect LOP!! Seriously!!
Chief Whip and housing MMC Ngonyama burning some calories.
IFP pledges support for new KZN Premier: Inkatha Freedom Party Chief Whip in the KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Leg...
FDC elects Kasese Woman MP Winnie Kiiza as Leader of Opposition in 10th Parliament, Ssemujju as Chief Whip
Bill will help intensify land redistribution – Office of the ANC Chief Whip
When Sis said MP's dating across the follow I think she meant IFP Chief Whip and UDM Chief Whip 😂
Proud to have worked alongside Kevin Vickers during my time at the lobby desk of the Chief Government Whip! Awesome!
Today will hold elections to elect their Chair, Vice Chair and Chief Whip of the Council.
So, its become *** for tat.. Zodiak TV beams shots of MPs, including Chief Whip snoring.. Others follow suit..
The Council of Governors will today hold elections to elect The Chairman, Vice Chairman and Chief Whip of the Council.
So is the Chief Whip handing out merit badges to MPs now? Otherwise what's the point of inviting John Mann into her office?
IFP Chief Whip, Narend Singh has described Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng as a champion of judicial independence.
[ON AIR] Chief Whip, Jackson Mthembu speaks to about the meeting with the presiding officers .
me & me wife r ur loyal subjects aint larfd so much in ages offer charlotte job as ur chief whip serious backup (lol) AH for PM!
Calata is asking an academic question that is supposed to be directed at the ANC Chief Whip
"Lord David Blencathra"? David Maclean, former Tory chief whip, now Lord Blencathra, wd do
New post (CM Oommen Chandy meets press after discussion | PC George removed as Chief Whip) has been published on
New post (Munshi on PC George removed from Chief Whip 8th April 2015) has been published on
Remember the words of the ANC chief whip ... "I did not join the revolution to be poor" nor did Zums or any of the lazy, spineless Mp's
Spread your whip hand in association with chief thing rendezvous: XQuUXKx
So, we're talking whip here?! Yes, delighted to be appointed Deputy Chief Whip for
Been ordered to meet with Chief Whip first thing Monday. Thank you and good night. I am here all week
Any truth in the rumour that John Whittingdale is to become the new Chief Whip?
Females always say appreciate the smaller things in life until you whip out ya *** smh
It was wrong for the opposition parties to believe the Public Protector report is above all. — ANC Deputy Chief Whip Doris Dlakude, Nov 2014
ANC’s choice of Jackson Mthembu as chief whip a surprise
Should Whittingdale now be referred to the Chief Whip?
The money they say was used irregularly was not used by the president. ANC Deputy Chief Whip DORIS DLAKUDE
Maimane waffles, i doubt if he reads or prepares his Chief Whip Steenhuisen can speak better than him, even on this impeachment thing...
Let's hope Chief whip of DA will agree, But forward we Go!!! Thanx
Great comment.. he should be Chief Whip
DA Chief Whip John Steenhuisen confirms that the National Assembly will debate motion to impeach President Zuma on Tuesday
Tory Chief Whip Patrick McLoughlin and John Whittingdale vice chair of '22. Wonder what they could be discussing..
No doubt this story about Whittingdale will be a matter for the Chief Whip. More serious are his plans for the BBC
John "I was confused, she said she was the Chief Whip." Culture Secretary claims dominatrix will be "sorely missed"
Congratulations to who has been appointed Assistant Chief Whip of the Fianna Fáil party.
Newbridge FF would like to extend our congratulations to on her recent appoint to Assistant Chief Whip of the FF party.
Gov't Chief Whip appeals to members over budget process
Who got the whip and is down to chief 😂
Full (undoctored) interview with ANC Chief Whip after his appointment.
While pursuing an establishment elite. Chief Whip, however, it sixties and as them and in both sides do this far too long.
Congratulations to Cde Jackson Mthembu to being appointed as Chief Whip of ANC.we trust u Tata.u wil defend umbutho ka Tambo noMandela
ANC appoints Jackson Mthembu as Chief Whip: Ruling party says new Chief-Whip has vast experience and they're c...
Cde Jackson Mthembu was confirmed by National Executive Committee of the ANC at the weekend to replace former Chief Whip,Cde Stone Sizani
ANC in Parliament congratulates Cde Mthembu for his appointment as the new Chief Whip of the Majority Party in Parliament
ANC Chief Whip in Parliament Jackson Mthembu says he is ready to carry out his new task.
Congratulations to the new Chief Whip, Cde Jackson Mthembu
Roy Stone is the Principal Private Secretary to the Chief Whip, yet little is known. The power this man potential wields is incredible.
Chief Whip of the South African ruling party(ANC) has resigned for a post in Germany as an ambassador.
Whereabouts is Chief Whip Michelle Thomson in the SNP these days. Sorry, former Chief Whip.
The statuette behind the Tory Chief Whip here. What he's on about - 'scandal involving small boys' Sickening
Inspired by the Tory Chief Whip and his pals
Maimane's call for ministerial recusals fanciful - Office of ANC Chief Whip: DA leader's demand based on neith...
Chief Whip of Mr Sithole states how culture & education were key forms that saw the conquering of black people
Listen to IFP Chief Whip Mr Narend Singh speaking to South Africa from By-elections in AbaQulusi today.
When you get too old for your parents to whip yo ***
"systerm ya ma jaaambazi"those are lyrics by one kenyan.the great quaks of chief whip.chief registrar.chief EACC
Just when I was thinking .. When was the last time good news came out of EC. . See 30k officials, chief whip stories etc
Thanks, always good to see you Madam Chief Whip. Get some chicken soup in you!!! Best, D
"We can’t work on the basis of the conscience."- Chief Whip,Stone Sizani. Says it all really.
FF+ chief whip said they must attack EFF members, well will crunch them...
'You can hardly call me chief whip' IM DYING NO
Chief Whip Brian Hlongwa calls on the opposition to come up with ways to improve the state of Gauteng instead of criticising
ANC chief whip Brian Hlongwa says opposition is delusional, hence they come up with planet this and that.
Newly appointed Whip of INC in Arunachal Pradesh has issued Whip to vote.
the court ruled. So calling Chief Whip's wife a money launderer or continue to accuse her for money laundering is unparliamentary
I wouldn't like to be Fine Gael Chief Whip after if he has to shepherd a headless flock of independents.
Has no one noticed how strongly he resembles former Labour chief whip Hilary Armstrong!?! It's her husband I feel sorry for.
The Chamber is officially set for today's proceedings - Olusola Adeyeye (Senate Chief Whip).
Senate Chief Whip, Distinguished Senator Olusola Adeyeye now calls out to Distinguished Senators to take their seats.
slowly is becoming harder for business as usual: Amahlathi Council 'chief whip accused of defrauding council':
We shall never apologize for saying and we stand by our Chief Whip in Parliament
Looks like council is set to resume, minority parties and the chief whip now return.
Crack the whip on terror outfits within the nation
Chief Whip's wife gets off on 5 counts of money laundering >>
FF+ Chief Whip - Corné Mulder is calling for establishment of Department of Minority Affairs
‘Mr Narend Singh, IFP Chief Whip speaking about the latest Developments.
Bracken high in Ekurhuleni with Chief Whip and deputy minister Magwanishe
Rondebult high school in Ekurhuleni, delegation led by Chief Whip and deputy minister Magwanishe
There are only 3 ppl that move Parliament... The Speaker, Majority Leader and Chief Whip. - Kan Dapaah
Labour's women at war: Former sex partner of Diane 'plots to oust Chief Whip' .
New post: ". Labour's women at war as Abbott 'plots to oust Chief Whip' over plum Shadow Cabinet job . " .
The follow up letter Chief Whip spoke about in Parliament asking 4 urgent attention to htt…
Here's my interview with the Chief Whip of the ,
A Chief Whip not across standing orders. Abbott promoted his mediocre boys' club over talent. Time to prune the deadwood.
EFF LEADER’S EJECTION FROM THE HOUSE: . 1- The Office of the ANC Chief Whip welcomes the ruling by the National Assembly House Chairperson
John Jeffery for ANC Chief Whip in NA! Think his wasted as deputy minister
8th Parliament of Sri Lanka : Chief Government whip - Gayantha Karunathilaka ; Leader of the House - Lakshman Kiriella
UNP MP Lakshman Kiriella appointed as the Leader of the House and Gayantha Karunathilake as Chief Govt Whip
Lakshman Kiriella named Leader of the house while Gayantha Karunathilake named Chief Government whip.
Lakshman Kiriella names as the leader of the house while Gayantha Karunatilake as the chief government whip
MP to be the Leader of the House and Gayantha Karunathilake to be Chief Whip.
exactly! 😂. Take Frank for example now . He got to be VP from being chief whip and manipulating his way to that office
The way I whip off in the bowl, you think I made a cook book 💪🏽
The lil *** who made whip nae nae eating off that song. They play it at chuck e cheese and on Nickelodeon.
Just 24 hours to go until the Lib Dem Chief Whip in the Lords, visits to meet local party members.
Jump out a new whip like im a slave master 🎧😈
Interesting idea: Corbyn and the removal of the chief whip.
The Office of the ANC Chief Whip has learned with sadness the passing of DA MP Kenneth Mubu
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I'm really finna bump the chief keef wii remix in the whip it goes hard
Every time I hear "Now watch me whip, now watch me Nae-Nae"
AP assembly: Ready to discuss all issues - Chief Whip Kalva Srinivasulu | CVR News: via
My next whip gone b some raw on chief
In case you missed it interviewed chief whip Check it out at
1. Transcripts from the council meeting have to be sourced by the chief whip & 2. statements from office bearers collected
Sir Tim Fortescue Chief Whip tells small boys were raped by MP's & it was covered up by his team.
Which of the serial rebels is going to be chief whip?
18 mths not theirs to give for Chief Whip lol??
Chief whip of the houseDay...Love her long time
Chief Whip denies urinating on 2B made criminal offence. "Otherwise most of us would be in clink"
Jeremy Corbyn is going to have to employ Attila The Hun as chief whip to get any performance out of those sulky blairites ;)
I bet the 232 Labour MPs are already preparing their replies to that first phone call from Corbyn's Chief Whip.
down tell Devon to bring me my calculator I left it in his whip
I wonder who his whips will be. Dianne Abbot has been making noises about MPs being loyal. Maybe she will be chief whip?
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tell me why at 10:30 last night I get a text from chief to teach drill team the whip
Labour's Deputy Chief Whip says we should look into this. Why? It's their own fault!
If she doesn't do anything report her to the Chief Whip of the ANC Joburg Caucus.
BREAKING: Chief Whip alarmed by Jimmy Savile zoo quarrel.
The Thick Of It has taught me, to run a successful government, you need an Angry Scotsman as a chief whip. Always an Angry Scotsman.
Who's gotta whip and wants to chief heavy
As a person I really liked him. BTW he was Chief Whip when this was taken.
Done. As proof of intent, I pledge complete your reforms by abolishing election for Lord Chief Whip!
I'd change my name to Jeremy Yearley if you'd make me Lords Chief Whip Hopi.
And if is willing to be called Mrs Jonathan Pearse, she will obviously be Lords Chief Whip.
President appoints Prime minister, opposition leader, chief opposition whip and ministers. Don't see how this can go wrong. Lol!
SLFP CC has authorized President as party chairman to appoint the Opposition Leader,Deputy Speaker & chief opposition whip
spokesman on Europe, Foreign Affairs, Defence, Shadow Leader of the House and Chief Whip! Wow!.
ANC Chief Whip, Hon. Stone Sizani essentially on some I wanna go home. Stop this,
Stone Sizani is the coolest and best Chief Whip in South African Parliament. He knows how to rebuff pedants and how to take them on.
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EFF break-in claims nonsensical - Office of ANC Chief Whip: Allegations of ANC involvement opportunistic utter...
Stone Sizani,ANC Chief Whip speaks about the new
Hannah French: 'Chief Whip toughest job in Govt? New one a bit different to Kevin Spacey'
(37) Majority Leader of the House, the Minority Leader, the Chief Whip and Chairmen of Committees receive annual salaries of N 6,
Worse apparently the ANC Chief Whip is alleged to have said Mama Winnie is absent from coz she doesn't want to. Haibo Seriously?
Protect first-time MPs and leaders - Dan Botwe: Minority Chief Whip, Dan Kweku Botwe, wants the New Patriotic ...
1. The Deputy Governor of Ogun State Chief (Mrs.) Yetunde Onanuga and the Chief Whip, Ogun State House of...
I congratulate the new Speaker, Majority Leader, Minority Leader, the Chief Whip and members of Niger State House...
Senate Leader will emerge with other Principal Officers, like Minority Leader, Chief Whip, etc, at a later date.
The Leader in the House of Lords and the Chief Whip on the death of http:…
As well as unopposed election of as Shadow Leader in Lords, remains Chief Whip &
I feel privileged continuing to serve Labour Lords as Chief Whip & work with brilliant comrades Angela Smith as Leader & Phil Hunt as Deputy
Peter Munya is the new council of governor's chairman, Deputy chairman is Mvurya and Oparanya takes up the Chief Whip.
Danny Jordaan for Mayor,Jomo Sono for Secretary general,Kaizer Motaung for President,Shakes Mashaba for Chief Whip and then we Bafana Bafana
Michael moves to justice, to Chief Whip in
Order Miche Bag Online!
Chief Whip (as manager of the Championship's whipping boys) - Lee Clarke
Chief Whip will guide the committee on the way forward by proposing solutions to deal with this Tran…
Chief Whip *** Area MLA Shri Bikram Pradhan as the Chief Guest handing away meriterious certificates to trainees...
[ON AIR] UDM Deputy Secretary General and Chief Whip says opposition parties facilitate the work of government
Sisulu,referred to the DA's David Maynier as a "batting lunatic"DA, Chief Whip, John Steenhuisen ask that she withdraw the statement
ABC news are reporting the PM has sacked Phillip Ruddock as Chief Whip. The Father of the House is widely respected. Another Captain's pick.
EFF Chief Whip says Presidency's claims to the contrary are opportunistic, disgusting and distasteful lies ECONOMIC FREEDOM FIGHTERS STATEMENT ON MISLEADING CLAIMS BY ZUMA THAT HE HAS BEEN ACCOUNTABLE TO PARLIAMENT 20 January 2015 The Economic Freedom Fighters note the misleading statements of The Presidency and the President of South Africa that they have been to Parliament for accountability as required by the Constitution and Parliament Rules. On various occasions, The President has claimed that the President has been accountable to parliament and this is purely an opportunistic, disgusting and distasteful lie spread by what is supposed to the highest office in the Land. As an organisation that always tell the truth and claim no easy victories, the EFF will state the facts as they are and illustrate to the whole of South Africa that Zuma and The Presidency are lying and misleading the nation. Here are the Facts: 1) Rule 111 (1) (a) of the National Assembly Rules states that, "Questions to the President ...
CIC Chief Whip and ZV at FNB to see
.it was your current Deputy Leader, Cabinet Member for planning and Chief Whip who voted against ARK Conway Primary...
Speaker refers to govt Deputy Chief Whip - behave or get out! Ed Balls says we'll get him out next year ! .
never been seen so animated. Keeping the naughty 'boys' & dept chief whip on check Iain fir against
Deputy Chief Whip Don Foster used to be science teacher. Embarrassingly, speaker just threatened him with being sent out of class
Dep gov chief whip told to shut up or get out Typical loud mouthed Tory Ed Balls Classic Dont worry we'll get him out in May
Speaker threatens to expel Tory Dep Chief Whip from the House, and they didn't believe Mitchell behaved as he did?
John Bercow telling Tory chief whip as well as a another tory mp to be quiet or get out of the chamber.
Speaker tells Dep Chief Whip:"Calm down or get out,man!". "Don't worry.We'll get him out next year.".
The government's Deputy Chief Whip ( Don Foster ) is threatened with expulsion from Chamber by Speaker - not a good look!
"behave or get out" to Tory Deputy Chief Whip. Shameful! Do MPs think that the plight of the economy is just one big fgame
😂😂😂😂 just tore the chief whip a new one 😂😂😂😂 LAD
The Deputy Chief Whip is so I guess it is him yelling at Ed Balls?
The Gov't Deputy Chief Whip, listen or get out "He'll get out next year, Mr Speaker." Touche, Ed Balls. If this were a classroom.
Gov dep chief whip told off by Speaker!!! Ed Balls performing well on statement in Commons in response to Osborne
‘Behave or get out man’ - John Bercow to the Deputy Chief Whip
Bercow has just rebuked Opperman again and govt Deputy Chief Whip Greg Hands too. Labour MPs shouting "get out!!"
Balls is doing well. Cam feigning boredom. Bercow ticking off Deputy Chief Whip
Violence mars Lagos APC primaries •One person shot — Police •Lai Mohammed’s son defeat Kenny St Brown •Desmond Elliot wins •Over 10 sitting lawmakers lose FOUR people were feared dead in the primaries held by the Lagos State chapter of All Progressives Congress (APC) at Arena, in Ebute-Metta, Lagos Mainland Constituency 1. Incumbent member of the state House of Assembly, Honourable Bashiru Oloto and another aspirant, Oladele Adekanye, contested over who becomes the party’s standard-bearer in the state House of Assembly poll for 2015. Adekanye, the immediate past chairman of Mainland Local Government Area of the state, popularly addressed as Lado, defeated Oloto. Violence was said to have erupted, following the announcement of the result by the returning officer. Also, it was gathered that lives were feared lost in Ojokoro in Ifako/Ijaiye constituency, soon after the results of the exercise were announced, as a result of protest by some said to have felt aggrieved about the way and manner the ...
ANC protests Zille's intolerance and abuse The ANC Western Cape today walked out of the Western Cape provincial legislature in protest of premier Helen Zille's flagrant undermining of the authority of the Deputy Speaker Piet Pretorius and her refusal to withdraw clear unparliamentary allegations. The sitting got unruly when Pretorius twice instructed Zille to withdraw a reference to 'deliberate' distortion which is deemed nparliamentary and she bluntly refused to abide by the ruling. At one stage she wanted to leave the meeting. ANC Western Cape chief whip Pierre Uys says: "The ANC left the sitting of the legislature after Pretorius gave a different ruling of deferment to accommodate Zille. He will make known his new ruling on Wednesday morning." The ANC says this incident is not the first where Pretorius - one of the most experienced people in the legislature who served both as secretary (chief official and advisor of the legislature) and as a presiding officer -changed his ruling. On the other hand it i ...
Report him to the chief whip I say.
Police span a "web of lies" that led to the "vitriolic" Plebgate press campaign against the then chief whip Andrew Mitchell, a court hears.
.Chief Whip gets his Masters in Politial Science -
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New Chief whip for the as the Group chairman picks for the job
Thanks Chief Whip. People need to know how rubbish Tony E has been in Council.
[ON AIR] Freedom Front Plus Chief Whip says parliament has become more interesting
[ON AIR] FFPlus Chief Whip says to understand the uproar in parliament you have to understand the Nkandla deb…
the Chief Whip sometimes reminds me of Thabo Mbeki when he speaks, he sounds like him...
[ON AIR] FFPlus Chief Whip says needs to lead by example by answering questions
[ON AIR] Freedom Front Plus Chief Whip says smaller parties in parliament are not mere spectators
[ON AIR] FFPlus Chief Whip says it's not about how many members you have but how effective your members are
[ON AIR] FFPlus Chief Whip says at the moment is undermining parliament
The DA has called for a division on the motion by the Chief Whip of the ANC to adopt the report of the Powers and Priv…
CA Members of Nepali Congress showed their commitment on behalf of the bill for controlling the accusations and superstitions related to witchcraft (crime & punishment) prevailing in the Nepalese Society.The discussion program on the recommendations for the amendment of this bill provided by the local youths and women of 45 districts was organized by Women Act (WA) at Aryal International Hotel, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu on 28th November, 2014.Honorable Minister for Law and Justice, Mr. Narahari Acharya gave his special presence in the program as a Chief Guest and the Chief Whip of Nepali Congress, Mr. Chin Kaji Shrestha chaired the program. The program supported by The Asia Foundation remained very interactive among the CA members who placed their opinions on the recommendations and showed their commitment to speak in the parliament...Ms. Srijana Adhikari, President of Women Act welcomed the participants,highlighted the major objectives of the program and Ms. Bishnu Maya Bhusal, a Law Expert and Professor ...
State House dragged into escrow scandal Parliament was told yesterday that a State House official, Mr Prosper Mbena, wrote a letter to reinforce the decision to withdraw the Sh306 billion escrow funds from the Bank of Tanzania. Mr Mbena who works as secretary to the President reportedly wrote the letter last year directing the ministry of Finance to release the funds as advised by the Attorney General. The involvement of the State House official surfaced as MPs begun debating the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) report on the scandal that has gripped the country in the last couple of months. The Leader of the Official Opposition in Parliament, Mr Freeman Mbowe, and the camp?s Chief Whip, Mr Tundu Lissu, revealed the role by the Ikulu official to reinforce the claim that high placed State officials had a hand in the release of the Tegeta escrow billions. The PAC report concluded that the escrow money was taxpayer?s property that was fraudulently withdrawn and shared among influential figures. It recommended ...
That was quick! How to understand frmr Chief Whip, disgraced Andrew Mitchell bounced back 48hrs to say he'll stand GE15 via
Gove talks about his party demotion to Chief Whip (related): Ken Clarke, Philip Hammond and Michael Gove give ...
Vice President Namadi Sambo on Thursday evening met behind closed-doors with principal officers of the House of Representatives elected on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party. The meeting which took place at the Presidential Villa, Abuja held a few hours after the riotous situation which broke out while security operatives were preventing the Speaker, Aminu Tambuwal, from entering the National Assembly. Sambo met with the lawmakers because President Goodluck Jonathan had travelled to London where he is expected to preside over a meeting of Nigeria’s Honorary International Investment Council. The lawmakers were led to the meeting by the Deputy Speaker, Emeka Ihedioha. Other lawmakers in the delegation were the House Leader, Mulikat Adeola-Akande; the Deputy House Leader, Leo Ogor; and the Chief Whip, Ishaku Bawa. They arrived the Presidential Villa at about 5pm and left at about 6.15pm. They did not speak with journalists after the meeting.
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ANC statement: "ANC Chief Whip deplores the rowdiness and general chaos. deliberately perpetrated by members of several opposition parties"
In hind sight the Chief whip of the ANC should have stuck with Baleka and limited the motions without notice. She had foresight on this one
EFF Chief Whip explained it yesterday, were opposition parties agree, they will cooperate, were they don’t they won’t. Simple
lol can imagine. Last i saw, deputy chair aka "deputy share", was asking the chief whip ea DA 'who the *** were u talkin to?!'
Really want to commend the Speaker, Chief Whip of the Majority Party and All the ANC's MP's for their restraint, dignity, resolve and stellar leadership in the face of a disgusting opposition coalitions behaviour which has served only to humiliate our country globally and made us a laughing stock. The opposition should be suspended indefinitely and the Speakers powers should be extended to deal with these anarchists.
When the Chief Whip realised STONED her, without even looking at her!
Bail petition of Banki MLA & former chief whip of BJD, Pravat Tripathy rejected
How did Uganda get miltarized? We need to bem ourseves. The 1995 constitution that was refered to as the one of the best on the African continent is similat to the 1900 Buganda agreement. The spirit of this country through democratic governance is separation of powers and regular free and fair elections. We have not such a system because he speaker of parliamant, clerk, and chief judge are appointed by the president and approved by he parliament. The opposition is not different. The chief whip of opposition, leader n parliament are got from Najanankumbi.
ANC Chief Whip contends that be consuming medication the whole afternoon, could be the reason she's so insulting. Brilliant!!!
So who's playing the Chief Whip role today? Gardee?
IFP Chief Whip Narend Singh,notes the 4year anniversary since the brutal passing of Anni Hindocha(Dewani) in parliament
Let me design something to summarise the duty of a Chief Whip of the majority!
Captain of the House now sat to the rear of the chamber (away from the TDs seats) in discussion with gov chief whip
I understand that the Commander in Chief of the EFF is not in the National Assembly today, is the Chief Whip also not present?
it was a joint collaboration with my brilliant Deputy Chief Whip
There is no person who have called more orders in parliament than honorable fighter Ghadi. The member should had been a chief whip, he can call orders even when his own leaders are on the podium.
Madam Speaker Mrs Baleka Mbethe is fuming after the Chief Whip of the majority party; Mr Stone Sizane supported the opposition parties idea that they should continue wt their last agreement not the cooked one.ANC members are selling each other.Stay tune on there's still more to come.
Their Chief Whip didn't explain it properly in the dressing room.
Write to Your MP and ask them to support a national investigation into child abuse cover-ups I ask everyone to send a copy of the ‘Open letter to David Cameron’ to their MP with a personal message. Send via this website: a message in your own words, or if you’re pressed for time you could use this draft email template below. Please contact me when your MP has replied so their responses can be collated. Dear [my MP] I call your attention to an open letter to David Cameron (below) which seeks to expose child abuse – both historic and current. Whilst the letter is addressed to the Prime Minister, I look to all Members of Parliament to put pressure on the Cabinet and those in governmental office to demand investigation of all paedophiles – no matter of their standing in society or high office. As my MP, I trust you to represent me on this matter and assist in exposing these horrendous crimes. Do you support the request, summed up in the final paragraph of the open letter, for an independent inquiry ...
By Reginald Kanyane Taung Greater Local Municipality is mourning the death of its Chief Whip Lepodisi Tong who passed away this morning. Even though the details amid Tong's death are sketchy, he wa...
The DA Chief Whip KNOWS ALL the rules of the house. From 1 to 12362829 paragraph 4.
Deputy Chief Whip of the DA Mike Waters was ordered to leave the House for ignoring Mbete's repeated instructions
"The DA Chief Whip will be the end of me! Lmfao!
Councillor Mabusela hands over gifts to Tshwane triplets There aren't enough words in the dictionary to describe the significance of giving back. Even the simplest acts of benevolence – those acts we think of as "random acts of kindness" or "no big deal" – are actually incredibly important. Volunteering in all shapes and forms strengthens our communities, brings people together and provides us with valuable experience and insight. The Office of the Chief Whip noted with joy that the Modau family in Soshanguve, House 302, T2 Section, Ward 25 was blessed with the birth of triplets on 11 September 2014 at George Mukhari Hospital. However, with both parents being unemployed, it is difficult to support their bundles of joy and four other siblings. This prompted Cllr Mabusela, MMC for Health and Social Development, to assist the family by handing over clothes for the babies and food parcels for the family today. Cllr Mabusela and the Ward Councillor also called upon individuals, institutions and local busin ...
chief whip of the DA tells khubayi to go and paint her nails.
Speaker of the National Assembly 'I have recognized the Chief Whip of the Majority party'
Good!“Speaker Mbete recognises ANC chief whip Stone Sizani but she has refused to allow opposition MPs to speak…
Tjo Deputy Speaker loses his cool naye ngoku, after DA chief whip said Hon Waters wont leave the House,DS says who the *** must do that do?
This chief whip of the DA has an arrogant manner about him
This DA chief whip is so sexist. He is signalling that lady to go do her nails instead of speaking to them in parliament
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
DA chief whip John Steenhuisen tells Tryphosa Kubayi to "go do your nails".
DA Chief Whip has touched the Deputy Speaker on his studio.
DA Chief Whip putting a motion that Mbete relinquish her seat because she's losing control of the house -
chief whip Sizane supports motion to continue, Bakela has to do u-turn on earlier ruling sayin…
"Chief whip of the Desperate Alliance" guys what's going on here?!
FFP Chief whip, Dr Cobus Mulder says all issues members raise ito is NOT in the report
'You wish' says Baleke Mbete to DA Chief Whip John Steenhuisen in today .
DA chief whip John Steenhuisen asks Mbete to step down from the chair and allow Cedric Frolick to preside over sitting. M…
Commissar Sonti she is always loosing it,I think the Chief whip Commissar shud reconsider her been there
Speaker: The ruling has been referred to the forum of the chief whip.
Chief whip shouts up to press gallery with emergency sandwiches offer, but can we ever trust FG again after those election pledges?
Speaker you are abusing your position, Speaker,” said chief whip John Steenhuisen, as Mbete tries to calm House.
ANC Chief Whip concurs with calls for oppositions parties to have the Debate first. Opp shouts "what a sur…
DA Chief Whip "You have lost control of the House. You are pushing us towards a constitutional cr…
Still wondering why ANC’s Chief Whip supported the DA's call for the Speaker to drop her ruling. Internal divisions perhaps?
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Every second the DA Deputy Chief Whip sits in the House, after being expelled, is another chunk eaten out of Mbete's withe…
Todays highlight is Baleka Mbete telling the DA Chief Whip "You Wish" when asked to step down.
I doubt the Speaker was impressed by Chief Whip ambushing her like that.
OPPOSITION'S VIEWS ON THE AD HOC COMMITTEE 12 November 2014 The Office of the ANC Chief Whip notes the announcement of a so-called alternative report on the Nkandla security upgrades by a group of opposition representatives following their walkout from the Ad Hoc Committee set up to consider the President’s response to reports of various institutions on the security upgrades at the Nkandla residence.The ad hoc committee concluded its business yesterday and its report will be considered by the National Assembly on Thursday.The report of the committee is a culmination of a thorough process of assessment, analysis and interrogation of all the reports before the adhoc committee, looking at commonalities and differences, which informed its objective findings and set of recommendations. The majority of these recommendations will have to be implemented by the executive within the next three months. The findings of the ad hoc committee indeed echoes those of the reports it considered, that there were serious ir ...
Gove may think his move from Education Secretary, to Chief Whip, came at just the right time."
NRM CEC: The inside story Blow-by-blow account of dramatic showdown between Museveni and Amama Mbabazi To some witnesses, Amama Mbabazi’s ouster as secretary general on October 18 provoked the most intense exchange in the history of the NRM Central Executive Committee (CEC) probably since the party was officially formed in 2005. Sitting at Nakasero State Lodge, the day’s agenda was to break Mbabazi and possibly force him to resign immediately as NRM secretary general. Yet unknown to many, Mbabazi and his wife Jacqueline had assembled an arsenal of verbal artillery that would make the ouster harder. The main actors in Saturday’s meeting, according to our sources, were President Museveni and Jacqueline Mbabazi (head, Women League) with Maj Gen Matayo Kyaligonza (Vice chairman Western) playing the key supporting role for the president and Mbabazi lawyering for his wife. The setting in the conference room was perfect. Museveni sat at the tip of the long boardroom table next to Hajji Moses Kigongo, the N ...
Nallala Odelu likely to be made chief whip: Telangana Chief Minister K.Chandrasekhar Rao began the exercise of appointing chief whips...
Statement on ANC North West Caucus Lekgotla Date: 24 October 2014 The African National Congress in the North West Provincial legislature will hold its first annual Caucus Lekgotla in the current term of 5th Parliament on Saturday, 25 October 2014. All ANC Members deployed in the Provincial legislature, in the National Assembly and in the National Council of Provinces, including Single Whips of all district and local municipalities, are expected to attend this crucial Lekgotla. The Lekgotla will amongst others be addressed by ANC Provincial Chairperson Supra Mahumapelo , ANC National Chief Whip Stone Sizane and ANC Provincial Secretary Dakota Legoete. Discussions at the Lekgotla will be informed mainly by the National Conference resolutions, the election manifesto commitments and the National Development Plan and the role of ANC Caucus in ensuring their implementation. The meeting will therefore emerge with a five-year programme of action aimed at ensuring that Legislature, through robust and fearless over ...
Full details of this interview with Hon Ferguson Onwo, vying for the Isoko South constituency 11 seat in the state house of Assembly come 2015 shall come your way when fully cooked.Just stay tuned... "Never ever will I step down for anybody, why should I? My people have decided and there's nothing anybody not even me can do about that, its a game of forward ever backward never. "Whatever political platform my people decides, I will follow them. This decision to go to a platform is not new in Isoko South, I can tell you, in2003, I was a council chairman, the party was led to ANPP to vote Hon. Johnson Erijo and the whole local government party supporters voted for him in ANPP. So, it is not new to us that the party and stakeholders have decided that this is where we are going. Any platform they decide, we will go. "Yes I see betrayal of trust here, O yes! Why I said so is that, if there was an agreement that Hon. Johnson Erijo will not contest the 2015 election and there are strong indications, therefore it ...
Michael Gove seems so much more at home as Chief Whip, & actually seems like a decent bloke. Mistake was giving him education in first place
Nallala Odelu likely to be made chief whip
2/n Chief "Enforcing Officer" or something else. Whip sounds too cruel -jaise ki
1/n Dont u feel, in a democracy like ours, Chief 'WHIP' should be replaced by
Me & my hubby With Chief whip of Vidhansabha shri at BAPS ..!!!. New Year .
Good to see still consulted on key issues: 'I'm advised by my Chief Whip that herding cats is quite difficult'
It also emerged that the ex-Chief Whip has already spent £150,000 employing experts in a bid to clear his name.
EX-Tory Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell abused police 16 times before the “Plebgate” clash, a court heard
Chris Whiteside Tory Quote of the day 24th October 2014: "I am advised by my own chief whip t...
Raila Odinga CANNER should be appointed the CHIEF WHIP
When Gucci Mane said "I'll pistol whip a *** with a crow bar" Idk what that mean but I know he aint nobody to play wi…
Whip out your memory managers, because the new CHEKOV graphics require ALL 640 KB. You didn't need that mouse driver anyway!
Searching Google for images to illustrate a publication for our Chief Whip has returned some interesting and NSFW results.
The whip is the coldest dance right now 👊😈
.in a devolved Yorkshire, would Chief Whip become Chief Whippet?
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