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Chief Whip

The Chief Whip is a political office in some legislatures assigned to an elected member whose task is to administer the whipping system that ensures that members of the party attend and vote as the party leadership desires.

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OPPOSITION'S VIEWS ON THE AD HOC COMMITTEE 12 November 2014 The Office of the ANC Chief Whip notes the announcement of a so-called alternative report on the Nkandla security upgrades by a group of opposition representatives following their walkout from the Ad Hoc Committee set up to consider the President’s response to reports of various institutions on the security upgrades at the Nkandla residence.The ad hoc committee concluded its business yesterday and its report will be considered by the National Assembly on Thursday.The report of the committee is a culmination of a thorough process of assessment, analysis and interrogation of all the reports before the adhoc committee, looking at commonalities and differences, which informed its objective findings and set of recommendations. The majority of these recommendations will have to be implemented by the executive within the next three months. The findings of the ad hoc committee indeed echoes those of the reports it considered, that there were serious ir ...
Gove may think his move from Education Secretary, to Chief Whip, came at just the right time."
NRM CEC: The inside story Blow-by-blow account of dramatic showdown between Museveni and Amama Mbabazi To some witnesses, Amama Mbabazi’s ouster as secretary general on October 18 provoked the most intense exchange in the history of the NRM Central Executive Committee (CEC) probably since the party was officially formed in 2005. Sitting at Nakasero State Lodge, the day’s agenda was to break Mbabazi and possibly force him to resign immediately as NRM secretary general. Yet unknown to many, Mbabazi and his wife Jacqueline had assembled an arsenal of verbal artillery that would make the ouster harder. The main actors in Saturday’s meeting, according to our sources, were President Museveni and Jacqueline Mbabazi (head, Women League) with Maj Gen Matayo Kyaligonza (Vice chairman Western) playing the key supporting role for the president and Mbabazi lawyering for his wife. The setting in the conference room was perfect. Museveni sat at the tip of the long boardroom table next to Hajji Moses Kigongo, the N ...
Nallala Odelu likely to be made chief whip: Telangana Chief Minister K.Chandrasekhar Rao began the exercise of appointing chief whips...
Statement on ANC North West Caucus Lekgotla Date: 24 October 2014 The African National Congress in the North West Provincial legislature will hold its first annual Caucus Lekgotla in the current term of 5th Parliament on Saturday, 25 October 2014. All ANC Members deployed in the Provincial legislature, in the National Assembly and in the National Council of Provinces, including Single Whips of all district and local municipalities, are expected to attend this crucial Lekgotla. The Lekgotla will amongst others be addressed by ANC Provincial Chairperson Supra Mahumapelo , ANC National Chief Whip Stone Sizane and ANC Provincial Secretary Dakota Legoete. Discussions at the Lekgotla will be informed mainly by the National Conference resolutions, the election manifesto commitments and the National Development Plan and the role of ANC Caucus in ensuring their implementation. The meeting will therefore emerge with a five-year programme of action aimed at ensuring that Legislature, through robust and fearless over ...
Full details of this interview with Hon Ferguson Onwo, vying for the Isoko South constituency 11 seat in the state house of Assembly come 2015 shall come your way when fully cooked.Just stay tuned... "Never ever will I step down for anybody, why should I? My people have decided and there's nothing anybody not even me can do about that, its a game of forward ever backward never. "Whatever political platform my people decides, I will follow them. This decision to go to a platform is not new in Isoko South, I can tell you, in2003, I was a council chairman, the party was led to ANPP to vote Hon. Johnson Erijo and the whole local government party supporters voted for him in ANPP. So, it is not new to us that the party and stakeholders have decided that this is where we are going. Any platform they decide, we will go. "Yes I see betrayal of trust here, O yes! Why I said so is that, if there was an agreement that Hon. Johnson Erijo will not contest the 2015 election and there are strong indications, therefore it ...
Michael Gove seems so much more at home as Chief Whip, & actually seems like a decent bloke. Mistake was giving him education in first place
Nallala Odelu likely to be made chief whip
2/n Chief "Enforcing Officer" or something else. Whip sounds too cruel -jaise ki
1/n Dont u feel, in a democracy like ours, Chief 'WHIP' should be replaced by
Me & my hubby With Chief whip of Vidhansabha shri at BAPS ..!!!. New Year .
Good to see still consulted on key issues: 'I'm advised by my Chief Whip that herding cats is quite difficult'
It also emerged that the ex-Chief Whip has already spent £150,000 employing experts in a bid to clear his name.
EX-Tory Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell abused police 16 times before the “Plebgate” clash, a court heard
Chris Whiteside Tory Quote of the day 24th October 2014: "I am advised by my own chief whip t...
Ekiti legislature locked in impeachment saga OCTOBER 24, 2014 BY KAMARUDEEN OGUNDELE 5 Comments Fayose and Fayemi In this piece, KAMARUDEEN OGUNDELE takes a look at the crisis rocking the Ekiti State House of Assembly The tension pervading the Ekiti State House of Assembly started with a rumoured plan to impeach the Ekiti House of Assembly Speaker, Adewale Omirin. This was reported in a section of the media on October 12, 2014. The reports said the Speaker required a divine intervention to survive the onslaught, which had been perfected by the All Progressives Congress-dominated Assembly. Many analysts had wondered why the lawmakers would want to remove Omirin, who is a member of the APC. Also purportedly pencilled down for removal were the Deputy Speaker, Taiwo Orisalade; the Majority leader, Churchill Adedipe, the Chief Whip, Ade Ajayi, and other principal officers of the House. It was learnt that the plot to impeach the Speaker was over who becomes the acting Governor in case the inauguration of the th ...
Raila Odinga CANNER should be appointed the CHIEF WHIP
When Gucci Mane said "I'll pistol whip a *** with a crow bar" Idk what that mean but I know he aint nobody to play wi…
Whip out your memory managers, because the new CHEKOV graphics require ALL 640 KB. You didn't need that mouse driver anyway!
Searching Google for images to illustrate a publication for our Chief Whip has returned some interesting and NSFW results.
The whip is the coldest dance right now 👊😈
.in a devolved Yorkshire, would Chief Whip become Chief Whippet?
Has met his match with Michael Gove's Snowy? Chief Whip looking v Blofield stroking his white pet!
John Thurso: "I'm advised by my own chief whip that herding cats is quite difficult.". *laughs*.
Japan's new trade minister's team spent official funds at an S&M club. They've been summoned to appear before the Chief Whip tomorrow.
Michael Gove Commons absence for dog show prompts questions as Hague defends the "gainfully employed" chief whip
After bumping my phone on AUX yesterday in the whip i realized i dont have ENOUGH chief keef downloaded 😤😂😂
Nkandla committee's deadline extended again - Office of ANC Chief Whip | via Politicsweb - Daily news headlines
Kevin Brennan refers to bizarre videos of Chief Whip - inc appearance in a back garden - shouldnt something be done abt attte…
Commons mice 'out of control'Whip is busy with his snowy
Question for chief whip Michael Gove: did he give barrister MP time off for this court case?
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“Lil Quise Off The Chief Keef , Bahoo Off The Lil Durk” lit scoop off the brutha linch in the whip
...instead of howling and entertaining us with their endless stunts from the outside," ANC Chief Whip Stone Sizani said in a statement.
Labour former Chief Whip says Police and Crime Commissioners should not be scrapped where they are working
Grant Shapps. Conservative Party Chairman. 'And as we fight the next election there's nobody I would rather have in the trenches than Michael Gove'. Michael Gove??!! (I was disappointed - I thought he would want Gordon Brown). Yes Gove indeed - he did such a great job for you guys with his education portfolio that David Cameron sacked him! (Ahem - 'promoted' him to Chief Whip). It's like Monty Pythons. Bring on the clowns...
Michael Gove was a crap Secretary of State for Education and according to he's a lousy Chief Whip too!
When Michael Gove was Education Secretary, any Tory teachers I knew left the Tories. Now he's Chief Whip, Tory MPs are leaving the Tories...
Michael Gove, the UK Chief Whip, says far from eradicating the hatred of anti-Semitism in Europe is now...
I have read with sadness about people in Europe boycotting Israeli goods in reaction to the recent conflict between Israel and Hamas. Michael Gove, the Chief Whip of the Conservative Party spoke well when he said that the last time (in the 1940s) people boycotted Jewish products it ended with the holocaust. So we need to beware. The postmodernist, secular and irreverent world that the 21st Century is producing needs to know that any stand against the Jews always brings a curse, not a blessing. If you boycott their goods, God will boycott yours. This is because Israel was set up by a direct sovereign act of God, the only nation in the world to be directly founded by God. Of course no one in their right senses can fail to be touched by the suffering of the Palestinians. It is always tragic when children and women are killed in war. Whether it is because they are being used as shields by their people or because they are being targeted by an opponent army, it is still tragic. The time must have come and passe ...
The spirit of Julius Malema is now upon the DA Chief Whip, for the first time he had the guts to call an *** an *** in parliament.
Juju LMAO "Chief Whip will oppose everything including your name"
Public Protector Thuli Madonsela has raised concerns over attacks on her by the ANC and the office of its Chief Whip in Parliament.
Wife of the ANC Chief Whip, Stone Sizani will appear again in court on Monday. She is facing case of fraud and money laundering
Fraud and money laundering case against the wife of the ANC Chief Whip, Stone Sizani has been adjourned by the Port Elizabeth Crimes Court
Democratic Alliance Press Statement by Mmusi Maimane MP Democratic Alliance Parliamentary Leader Nkandla Ad Hoc Committee: DA members and expectations Today the Democratic Alliance announces the selection of two members who will serve on the Nkandla Ad Hoc Committee, and one alternate member. Yesterday, 19 August 2014, Parliament voted to establish this Ad Hoc Committee. That resolution of Parliament gives the Democratic Alliance two seats on the Ad Hoc Committee. The work of this Committee is vital, and its establishment in this Fifth Parliament is a cause that the DA has long championed. We welcome the ANC’s accession to our calls. Parliament must establish all the facts of the allegations that emerge out of reports into the Nkandla scandal and specifically the abuse of R246-million of public funds that went into funding the private residence of one man. For this reason, we welcome that the Nkandla Ad Hoc Committee will soon begin its work to consider the reply of President Zuma to the damning allegat ...
DA misunderstands EFF’s purpose BY GARETH VAN ONSELEN THE conduct of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in Parliament has been widely criticised by all comers over the past month or two. The general thrust of that criticism seems to be that the party’s representatives do not properly understand or exercise parliamentary protocol and, if they want to be more effective, they need to become better, more traditional parliamentarians. This, however, is to profoundly misunderstand the EFF brand and its purpose. It might only be a pseudo-revolutionary movement but the EFF’s goal is not to comply, it is to disrupt. Expecting it to fit into a predetermined mould is to expect chaos to fit into a science laboratory beaker. A good illustration of this confusion is the Democratic Alliance (DA). In its entirely quantitative assessment of its own performance thus far, DA chief whip John Steenhuisen stated, "the EFF have asked zero questions of the executive in this term", arguing that, "the lack of questions from ...
If you can't control corruption, legalise it' . A lawmaker in Bihar has proposed the enactment of a new law to legalise corruption in the state. "The fair thing to do in the prevailing situation is to legislate and adopt a new law by the name of Right to Bribe, on the lines of RTI and right to service (RTS)", said Rajiv Ranjan, a senior MLA from the ruling JD(U). Ranjan said he had been driven to make this extreme and unusual demand out of frustration and anger he felt owing to the Bihar government's inability to control corruption. "If you can't rein in corruption, you should legalise it", argued Ranjan, the ruling party MLA from Islampur assembly constituency in Nalanda, the native district of former chief minister Nitish Kumar. "I will move a private members bill for a law to lend legal sanctity to the all pervading practice of taking bribe, during the next session of the Bihar legislature", he told HT Monday. Ranjan's 'outburst' embarrassed the Jitan Ram Manji government in the state sufficiently for ...
Statement by the Office of the ANC Chief Whip, on Parliament's adoption of the resolution of the
Michael Gove is Commons Chief Whip. He'll have an enhanced role in campaigning and doing broadcast media interviews.
'Devolution means development and NOT for an infividual'. ~Hon Beatrice Elachi- Chief Whip Senate
`i want to congratulate EmbuCounty Assembly for being the1st whistleblower,being bold and courageous'. ~Hon Beatrice Elachi-Senate Chief Whip
The wife of the ANC chief whip sits at the dock while her lawyer cross examines a witness who is testifying against her.
ANC chief whip, Stone Sizani's wife, Pankie has appeared on her trial for fraud amounting to R 1, 2 million in PE.
ANC Chief Whip Stone Sizani says that Parliament's ad-hoc committee on will have "carte blanche":
Chief Government Whip Minister Gunawardena was responding to a question raised by JVP Leader
Yea chief. I think we all should go together in the same whip so everybody can have a way
Parliament to set up new Nkandla committee: ANC Chief Whip Stone Sizani had rejected the DA's proposal as supe...
who was relieved of his minority chief whip position by Cord has hit the ground running as evidenced by...
ANC chief whip Stone Sizani says ad hoc committee will consider all reports on which Pres Zuma based his response GD
Nkandla: DA's proposed motion preposterous - ANC - Office of the Chief Whip says opposition attempt to enforce inc...
I'm sorry, but any assurances from the ANC's chief whip re the ad hoc committee on must be taken with a pinch of salt. And Tequila.
Thank you for making that clear chief whip of the majority party.
the Chief Whip is listing them now.
And then DA Chief Whip says it's not fellow MPs we don't trust, it's Luthuli House that we don't trust.
DA Chief Whip congratulates the team for reaching the finals of the
chief whip Stone Sizani has announced the establishment of an 11 member adhoc committee.
The DA proposes an amendment to the ANC's call for the establishment of ANC chief whip says DA is spoiling for a fight.
ANC deputy chief whip is allowed to 'argue' but Shivambu isn't...Baleka Mbete though.
Wife of chief whip in court for scam: how much money is enough?!
Letter lands chief whip Stone Sizani 's wife in court (pleaded not guilty to 31 counts of fraud totalling R1.2m).
Hate when the music in the whip go from something like chief keef, to gucci mane to partynextdoor. I be so confused. :(
Letter landed chief whip's wife in court
"Hollowing out" of the office of the PM leads to stronger MPs "and the rise of the Chief Whip" says
ANC Chief Whip's wife in court for alleged fraud : via BDLive
ANC Chief Whip's wife ghost teachers# it looks like South Africa is a banana Republic where superpowers used corruption to enrich themselves
Zuma replied to public protector's report: Chief whip
Where did the ANC find chief whip Stone Sizani? How is it possible there are so many conscienceless people and the ANC finds them everytime?
Zuma has comprehensively replied to Nkandla reports - ANC: Office of the Chief Whip says it would have been re... .
ANC Chief Whip's office says is satisfied with President Jacob Zuma’s "comprehensive" response on security upgrades at
Hon. Mung'aro is gone as CORD chief whip! Good riddance!!!
I hope the new CORD chief whip,Hon. Thomas Mwadeghu,MP Wundayi will be upto standard.
Any decision regarding the leadership of CORD in the National Assembly cannot emanate from a meeting attended by members of TNA. How can Naomi Shabaan participate in choosing the CORD Chief Whip? Did Jubilee seek the views of CORD when choosing Duale? Jubilee must concentrate on delivering their pledges to the Kenyan people which are long overdue ,as NONE has ever been seen!
[Currently on Air] ANC Chief Whip, Stone Sizani speaking on Parliamentary anarchy and offensive behaviour with
Assault MP referred to chief whip - Conservative MP David Ruffley, who received a police caution for common assaul...
and as the sitting was 3 line whip, I'm sure Chief Whip had adequate reason to agree to her absence (2)
BBC: Assault MP referred to chief whip
Tory MP David Ruffley, cautioned for assault, referred to chief whip ...
MPs WANT STATE OF EMERGENCY ON EBOLA By John Mansaray Majority Chief Whip in Parliament, Hon. Claude D.M. Kamanda of Constituency 095, Western Rural Area, yesterday July 23, 2014 moved a motion that was seconded in Parliament, urging the executive arm of government to declare state of emergency on the Ebola outbreak taking into consideration the death toll it has consumed in the country. According to Hon. Kamanda, it is important for government to declare state of emergency because through that, citizens would see the need to join government in its fight for the eradication of the virus out of the country. He furthered by commending government with all collaborative institutions for their swift intervention in tackling this deadly virus. Hon. Isata Kabia of Constituency 050, Marampa Masimera in the Port Loko District, said the rate at which infected persons with the Ebola virus are dying is alarming more especially when health personnel providing health service to victims have also become victims. With th ...
BABA-NA-BABA ON 2015 VIBES Imo House of Assembly Second Term Seekers and challengers “Ranking” is a common word in the very crucial arm of government, called legislature. Whether at national, state or local levels, the word “ranking” is obtainable whenever an elected lawmaker returns for a second term at the expiration of his first tenure in office. Ironically, the Nigerian constitution of 1999, as amended, unlike the position of the governor to a state has no limit to number of times a candidate can seek elective position as a member of state House of Assembly, House of Representatives and Senate. The limitless number of years for anybody seeking to be a lawmaker in Nigeria responds to international standard practice obtainable in developed climes where experience in the business of lawmaking is an inevitable ingredient constituents seek before giving a legislature mandate to represent their interest at any category of the lawmaking bodies. In Nigeria and indeed, Imo State, the “ranking” stat ...
Tory MP David Ruffley referred to chief whip after assault caution
Meeting with chief whip of Vidhansabha mr.pankajkumar Desai and CM of Gujarat mrs.anandiben PatEl .
On chief when I get this job though I will grab me a whip
Apparently issue has been referred to the Conservative chief whip. Yes, Michael Gove will decide what to do with him . *weeps*
Gove's 1st hurdle as Chief Whip - will David Ruffley be Tory candidate on the Bury St Edmunds ballot? 60% chance No
it and gave the Chief Whip a duplicate.
I was talking about this fresh whip I was going to get if I was rich and this kid from Kentucky thought I was getting a fresh whip
Source tells Gove has held several meetings with people making complaints against Ruffley this week
UPDATE: Chief Whip Michael Gove had meetings with "a number" of complainants against David Ruffley this week
ANC call for the immediate expulsion of the Israeli Ambassador in South Africa
Ruffley Referred to Chief Whip: . The Tories have finally moved away from their original line that the David Ru...
Conservative Party to refer case of David Ruffley to the Chief Whip
CORD replaces Maitha as minority chief whip
Tories on David Ruffley shifted from police dealt with it to 'matter has been referred to the chief whip'. Mr Gove's 1st big challenge?
News just in: After just a few days in the job, Michael Gove has been replaced as Chief Whip
But it seems Cameron's new Chief Whip, Michael Gove, is.
Michael Gove got stuck in the toilet on his first full day as Chief Whip, according to Labour's Angela Eagle.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
will Michael Gove be paid in lieu for his first day as Chief Whip?
Starting a new job is always nerve wracking! Have you had a worse 1st day than the new Chief Whip? (Via
The sacking of Michael Gove - for his demotion from Education Secretary to Chief Whip amounts to nothing less - has shocked Middle England, writes MAX HASTINGS.
DEMOTED: Michael Gove has been dropped as Education Secretary - a pediction I made after hoax Trojan Horse descended into farce & his naked Islamaphobia emerged ... he's now Chief Whip, a lesser role which will not endear him to his Tory mates.
Newsnight make point new Chief Whip & broadcast minister Gove is "unavailable" for, er, broadcast interview
Michael Gove as Chief Whip.what could possibly go wrong
I can't begin to explain my happiness at Michael Gove leaving the Education Secretary role to being Chief Whip... let's hope Nicky Morgan changes the tories' current ludicrous plans concept to me a bit this so let's look.what's trending today."Michael Gove moved from Education to Chief Whip role".er?!.that's sounds interesting?!."What's more interesting?".oh, I know, reading "Flyfishing" by "J R Hartley"!!! I remember the advert years ago about finding the bookshop where J R Hartley found the book written by J R Hartley, i.e himself, by looking in Yellow Pages. Yellow Pages are certainly more interesting than Michael Gove never mind "Flyfishing"!!! It's therapeutic to write a pointless paragraph like this sometimes, relaxing for the brain!
Ohhh, I wish I was Chief Whip. Much more important than Education Secretary.
Good to know. with all these perversion scandals , that we have a new "Chief Whip" - Michael Gove. We should have a "Chief Spanky" as well... i wonder who would get that position
Michael Gove: from Education Secretary to Chief Whip, i.e. from barking mad to barking at the mad. What a government.
Bye bye Michael Gove. Congratulations on your demotion. Seems you have been found wanting on your latest observation. *** doesn't it? To be honest I thought you already were Chief Whip. Perhaps you were similarly confused? At least now you can carry out your new role with the General gusto you have demonstrated so well. Stick at it old sport. x
I wonder if Mr Grove (aka a friend of David and George - I'm quoting the BBC before Sue, Grabbit and Run Unlimited start to sharpen their quill pens) will approach his Chief Whip's appointment with the same crusading zeal of a power crazed demented Dalek as he did as Education Secretary?
Rajnath Deputy BJP leader in LS, No. 2 in Pecking Order; Sushma out of Frame, Modi will be the new leader of the reconstituted BJP Parliamentary Party in both Houses of Parliament, while Home Minister Rajnath Singh will be the deputy leader in the Lok Sabha and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in the Rajya Sabha. The new set up announced by the party predictably has Modi at the helm in both Houses, while Rajnath has now officially emerged as the number two in the government hierocracy. Modi entrusted parliamentary duties to several new MPs, who have been made whips in the parliamentary executive committee announced on Saturday. Being the number two man, even in the current seating arrangement in the Lok Sabha, Rajnath sits next to the PM, followed by Sushma Swaraj and then L K Advani. In the Cabinet meetings too, Rajnath sits next to Modi. The newly constituted BJP Parliamentary Party executive committee announced has Parliamentary Affairs Minister Venkaiah Naidu as the government’s chief whip, with minist ...
I believe he's being lined up to be moved to defence. Still, chief whip will chew his *** tomorrow, that's worth it
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3 ministers, a junior min and chief whip are ex UUP. An ex UUP as leader would mean the DUP had just become UUP in everything but name.
Should have you as chief whip to teach keep them in line but agree with you.
Probably with a hooker , but better to say suicide, Chief whip at it again . Covering up !
Chief whip had enough to say, why would he commit suicide in stockings and suspenders,sex game went wrong with someone ...
Rumour mill says Chief Whip. Odd, because there's no Parliamentary business left to whip now really
Singh will be deputy leader of BJP Parliamentary Party in LS, ArunJaitley in RajyaSabha, VenkaiahNaidu named Chief Whip
ANC suspends members in favour of Mogalakwena mayor, chief whip's removal
named chief whip, as whip in Lok Sabha
Isn't it coincidence that original British TV Series Game of Cards on Drama tonight. Dealing with a gov chief whip cov…
It is Venkayya's hard work n sharp mind which is bringing him posts not becoz of any caste connection.That why he has beco…
Greg Hands 50/50 to become chief whip in the reshuffle
Whether or not becomes Chief Whip will now be seen as a test of Osborne's influence.
Our Dr.Akula is now vth peculiar job.chief whip 4 bjplp leader nd 2 oder ministers...all oder hu take whip frm him hold big post dan him
Early mornings washin the whip bumpin chief so 🔊
Much sycophancy from Kenneth Gibson there - Chief Whip's question anyone?
I don't see the point of buying a brand new entry level car! Pre-owned is good enough!
Dr Akula Rajahmandry urban MLA is the whip of the
No place for GBV in Namibia. WINDHOEK – SWAPO Party Chief Whip, Professor Peter Katjavivi, says there should be no...
Man Chief Keef ain't get shot. He on IG in the whip still flexin and throwing water on tadoe *** 😒😂
Ima give my mom a flat tire tomorrow if she don't give me the whip
Yomi,as Chief Whip of his dept,couldn't instill discipline amongst a hundred and somtin students..GEJ has 170m pple to deal wit!...The irony
I would want to contest for such a position. "My TL thou...we need a Chief Whip"
Greater Giyani Municipality chief-whip Jabu Chabalala also deployed.the question is who is next?
Thanks for sharing and we hope you enjoy the show tonight.
The Swapo Chief Whip in Parliament returns from the Global summit on End Sexual Violence.
who is it that gets them to ask those questions? Chief whip?
The Chief Whip of the majority party in the National Assembly is Mr. Stone Sizani
ANC Chief Whip, Stone Sizani, says Parliament will relook at its rules on insignia and party colours in Parliament.
Please follow the Chief Whip of the Legislature; and like his page Hon. Neels Van Rooyen..
"Since 2009 he has served as the UKIP MEP’s Chief Whip."
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UKIP does NOT have a WHIP system therefor NO CHIEF WHIP suggest you think again
It's a common theme. Even Chief Whip (aka is an EDL fanboy.
"FF+ chief whip Corné Mulder described Malema's appointment as "outrageous"," When asked if there were objections in parly, he raised none
Tks. I trust you're not confusing divinity with the chief whip and his reshuffle plans!
Great motion by Chief Whip yesterday on SANBS lifting ban on *** men donating blood!
Congratulations to Commissar Chief-whip for his appointment to represent South Africa at Pan African Parliament
2/2 Chief Whip A strong team backed up by 4 other Members in the Government Caucus.   
Strongly distrust Shahidan Kassim but I feel he serves a purpose as parliamentary minister -- BN needs a bulldog for deputy chief whip.
Now seek out original 1990 UK version set jn Westminster - the late Ian Richardson as chief whip Francis Urquart was superb.
So 4 mayors and 1 chief whip of the ANC get recalled! Wonder wats the story behind the story...
Just commented on Chief whip gets more powers, but the Taoiseach is still ‘in every way’ the De -
Incase you missed this lowdown from the downlow, R.P! 'mavi ya cuuucuuu' what say the mighty chief whip?
when is he going to apologise to his ex chief whip, andrew Mitchell and bring him back, double standards
EFF's Julius Malema, ANC's former chief whip Mathole Motshekga & former minister Thoko Didiza are among new members of the JSC elected today
CiC juluis malema is been elected to Judicial services commission& our chief whip Floyd shvambu is been elected to PAP
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And the ever so sound remains chief whip of ...which now needs a bigger meeting room!
Chief whip Seán Ó Fearghaíl described ECR as a "crowd of headbangers" & warned that they would make Fianna Fáil the laughing stock of Europe
but coulson stood and lied not only to Cameron but also the chief whip? How can you trust him again??
Chief Whip of the Majority Party has moved that the Extended Public Committees may sit as agreed to by the NA Programme Committee.
Chief Whip of the Majority Party has just moved for the NA to resume proceedings on the Financial Management of Parliament Amendment Bill.
Fianna Fáil will not expell Brian Crowley MEP - that much was clear from interview with Chief Whip on
Chief Whip says Brian Crowley put himself outside the parliamentary party after joining right wing eurosceptic EU group.
Yeah, but thats only the intellect of a former minister and chief whip who thought he should be Speaker.
While ya man says I'll meet you at the spot I'm saying what's ya address I got the whip I'll pick you up 👌
Ministers bunked oral questions in last parliament - John Steenhuisen: DA Chief Whip notes that only 17 % of o...
Get a Lil workout in. Wash n clean the whip. Homework n job apps till my fingers get tired. Might go to the pool today too.
Ramaphosa must present plan to improve ministers’ performance in Parliament - DA Chief Whip
"Naming" by Speaker followed by motion of Leader/Chief Whip & suspension for 1st offence for 5 days?
Democratic Alliance press statement by Glynnis Breytenbach MP Shadow Minister of Justice NDPP probe: ANC Chief Whip must constitute Justice Committee immediately The DA will today write to the ANC Chief Whip, Stone Sizani, and Speaker of the National Assembly, Baleka Mbete, to call for the urgent constitution of the Portfolio Committee on Justice. This will allow the committee to immediately initiate a probe into the process followed in appointing the National Director of Public Prosecutions (NDPP), Mxolisi Nxasana, as well as determine whether the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) is being politicised. Allegations have surfaced that the NDPP, Mxolisi Nxasana, was not appointed through an appropriate process. Another concern is that Mr Nxasana might indeed be a fit and proper person to hold the office, but is now being pushed out because he is trying to assert his independence. Unabated political interference has severely compromised our prosecutorial integrity. Following a slew of scandals, the NPA ha ...
5th June Current Affairs: Special Days 1. World Environment Day (WED) is celebrated every year on June 5 to raise global awareness to take positive environmental action to protect nature and the planet Earth. It is run by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). • The 2014 theme for World Environment Day will focus on 'Small Islands and Climate Change', the official slogan for the year 2014 is 'Raise Your Voice Not The Sea Level. • The first World Environment Day was celebrated in 1973. Appointments 1. Congress appointed Captain Amrinder Singh as its deputy leader in the Lok Sabha. • Party spokesperson Shobha Ohza said Mr Jyotiraditya Scindia has been appointed as the Chief Whip of Congress in the House. • Mr Venugopal and Mr Dipender Singh Hooda will function as whips, she said. 2. Sanjay Kapoor was on 5 June 2014 appointed as Micromax Chairman. Sanjay Kapoor was a former CEO of Bharti Airtel company. • Sanjay was the chief executive officer for India and South Asia of Airtel from March ...
Seven(7) ANC MPs filed in their resignations since da "honourable" Mr President announced his cabinet on Sunday, and ANC Chief Whip says " one knows da reasons why...", there is sumthing fishy here!!! Sbu Ndebele, Lulu Xingwana, Maria Ntuli, Max Sisulu, Marthinus van Schalkwyk, Tito Mboweni and Zizi Kodwa.are da resigned MPs
Arnab Goswami to be the Combined House Speaker, Chief Whip and Supreme Court Grand Jury and Judge
Na huyu Chief Whip(caller KASS fm radio)anatoka wapi,and who pays him to breath out 'fire' against William Ruto?.meanwhile,am glad that majority leader Aden Duale knws kalenjin and always listens to kass fm every morning!!Kumbe tuko wengi serikali,hehe.
Newly re-elected Western Cape Premier, Helen Zille announced her cabinet a shortwhile ago. They are: Nomafrench Mbombo for Cultural Affairs and Sport Debbie Schafer for Education Theuns Botha for Health Anton Bredell for Local Government, Environmental Affairs and Development Planning. Albert Fritz for Social Development Donald Grant for Transport and Public Works Bonginkosi Madikizela for Human Settlements Ivan Meyer for Finance Dan Plato for Community Safety Alan Winde for Agriculture and Economic Development. Earlier Sharna Fernandez was elected Speaker of the Provincial Legislature and Piet Pretorius as Deputy Speaker. Mark Wiley has been elected Chief Whip
NEW LEADERS IN PARLIAMENT The Parliamentary Caucus of the African National Congress wishes to make the following announcements regarding the new leadership that will lead the institution and Caucus during the 5th term of Parliament. The decision regarding the new leadership was communicated by ANC Secretary General, Cde Gwede Mantashe, on behalf of the National Executive Committee during today's first meeting of the Parliamentary Caucus. 1. Speaker: Baleka Mbete 2. Deputy Speaker: Lechesa Tsenoli 3. Chief Whip: Stone Sizani 4. Deputy Chief Whip: Doris Dlakude Both comrades Baleka Mbete and Lechesa Tsenoli will be officially nominated for election to these positions by the National Assembly on Wednesday when the 5th Parliament convenes for the first time. All these leaders bring to their respective Parliamentary positions huge political experience and institutional expertise, which we are confident will enrich the work of this institution. The Parliamentary Caucus wishes them well in their responsibil ...
Fasa emerges Senate President, Science emerges Vice President and Law emerges Chief Whip of the Student Representative Council.
She has been a staunch supporter of Tony Yengeni, ANC Chief Whip, convicted of defrauding parliament in 2004. Mbete, model of consistency.
X-meyor and M.P. Of Barisal ,Shaokat Hossain Hiron died yesterday. We ,the people of Barisal as well as Alhaz Abul Hasanat Abdullah, the X-Chief Whip and M.P of Bangladesh Awami League ,are highly mourned 4 his unexpected death. So ,all of us should pray 4 his departed soul as if he could be taken into Heaven by the almighty, Allah.
Moegoe of the week - ANC chief whip Stone Sizani has once again shot himself in the foot
Lab to bring back regional ministers. The first man Ed Miliband sacked was former North East regional minsiter, and chief whip, Nick Brown.
Tory official Iain Corby resigned after Downing Street raised allegations against him with chief whip
DA's chief whip Watty Watson confirms parliamentary speaker Max Sisulu has spoken to him re ad-hoc committee into Nkandla.
The DA's chief whip Watty Watson says he doesn't have official confirmation but that the party will welcome this.
Can't wait till this summer ima be banded up wit a new whip wit my main *** &
From the start, Kevin Spacey captivates & impresses with his portrayal as the Machiavellian chief whip.
I think we need a real chief whip in parliament
he wasnt Speaker, he was chief whip
My aunty when she give me a hug that Jheri curl juice be all on my cheek *** wait till she not looking to whip my face off
Extraordinary: sixteen months after I blogged this (we have a Chief Whip & Shadow Home Office meeting to debate it.
My chief whip Watty Watson sang a tribute song in SeSotho for his late colleague and friend Hon Ben Skokana MP. Qina!
*** want a mansion and a fly whip but dont wanna work, don't wanna invest, and don't wanna network... Dope don't last forever chief
LD chief whip Don Foster on Labour "Clegg actually meets Ed Miliband quite regularly and has discussions with him..."
When I visited Lib Dem chief whip Don Foster in Bath, he told me he'd like 'to see more Lib Dem influence' in DCMS
APNU MP almost hauled off NCN’s Live Programme by Opposition Chief Whip
The Chief Whip,Gov of Kerala PC George calls the solar scam accused choice expletives that are rarely uttered in civil talk
Chief Keef - Hundreds (Bang 3) via paid a hunna for my whip got a hunna guns on my strip
My new whip gunna have y'all boys quiet 😜😶
IT'S OFFICIAL: work has been given up on, chief whip T is away to bed (though allegedly not before an ep of Ru Raul's Drag Race).
Chief Deputy Whip Diana DeGette (D, CO-1). Talked to one of her campaign managers recently.
what is the Chief Whip playing at? Damage all round and she will, in the end go. There will be no winners from this fiasco!
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Can you please get us the Whip chief Stone Sizani to comment on Jordan's article.
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Do I whip out my sleeping bag? Or just sleep in the fetal position
Mt neighbors were blasting chief keef so I hopped in my whip n turned on sum jojo , r,I, p baby
legislative chief whip Lin Hung-chih in Panchiao, New Taipei City. The leaders of the students occupying the Legislative Yuan
What's the play tonight. got the whip
I love bumping to Chief Keef in the whip. It's only right.
Jimmy Deenihan could do with the chief whip to silence the crowd.
Kemi Afolabi just won for the post of the Chief Whip with 26 votes against Sola Olaibi who pulled 15 votes...
we from Jersey repppin the east coast scene I'll let em know maybe they can whip something up for you this week
yeah bro I'm just trying to talk my mom into letting me get the whip because she not trying be at home all day
Clipboard.. . Imam Bukhari’s invisible whip and TMC chief’s frenzied anti-modi tirade .. nothing is free in this world ..
Finally got a haircut(: gonna go wash the whip and maybe catch a movie
I think they have embarrassed themselves and the country enough now,can they just stop the blaming game,defending the indefensible and do what is right for progress' sake! Gwede Mantashe v/s Security cluster (swimming pool - firepool) Gwede Mantashe v/s Trevor Manuel(ANC NEC involvement + attack on PP's office) COSAS &ANCYL v/s Mapisa-Nqakula(insults- PP) ANCYL+COSAS remarks- Nkandla report(ill-informed) Police Commissioner v/s Vermaak(Farlam Commission-Marikana) ANC Motherbody agrees its a swimming pool-some within the ANC are still arguing-its a "firepool" ANC Chief Whip please read the Nkandla report. Cosatu v/s Vavi and its 9 other affiliates Yoh the list is endless!! Read people
Reps assure Nigerians on passage of PIB The House of Representatives assured Nigerians on Wednesday that it would pass the controversial Petroleum Industry Bill into law after the finishing touches have been made by its Ad-Hoc Committee on PIB. The Deputy Speaker of the House, Mr. Emeka Ihedioha, while speaking on the progress of work on the bill, said the report of the committee would soon be delivered to members for consideration. Ihedioha spoke in Abuja when he received a delegation of the South-East/South-South Professionals on a visit to the National Assembly. He told the group, led by the National President, Mr. Emeka Ugwu-Uju, that the ad hoc committee had earlier conducted public hearings on the PIB at the six geopolitical zones of the country to gauge the feelings of Nigerians,owing to the controversial nature of the bill. However, The PUNCH observed that the 23-member committee headed by the Chief Whip of the House, Mr. Ishaka Bawa, had failed to produce a report, one and a half years after the ...
Mass outreach - The focus in Trinamool campaign March 13, 2014 Trinamool Congress kept up the energy levels during campaigns for Lok Sabha polls on Wednesday March 12. Local leaders were out in full force campaigning hard for their respective candidates. Arpita Ghosh, who is the candidate in Balurghat held a workers` workshop. Soumitra Roy connected to the voters through his unique mass-communication techniques at Harishchandrapur. Trinamool has set a precedent by seeking permission from house-owners before going for a wall-graffiti campaign. In South Kolkata, Sovandeb Chatterjee, the Chief Whip of West Bengal Government, could be seen painting on walls in support of Subrata Bakshi. Indranil Sen and Humayun Kabir led a successful campaign in Baharampur. Sultan Ahmed continued his outreach programme with voters in Uluberia. Afreen Ali was present in Chandrakona for her campaign. Minister of State for Small and Medium Enterprises, Swapan Debnath campaigned in favour of his local candidate in Bardhaman. In B ...
A meeting was arranged with the then Chief Whip, Patrick McLoughlin and his deputy John Randall.
Chief Whip welcomes the resignation of Beverley Lynette Abrahams from the Democratic Alliance to join the African National Congress
'Saraki Will Lose His Hegemony in 2015 Elections' A former Chief Whip, Kwara House of Assembly, Chief Iyiola Oyedepo, on Monday said the results of the 2015 general elections would mark the end of Saraki's hegemony in the state politics. Oyedepo, who is also a staunch member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), made the observation in an interview in Ilorin.
Thursday February 20, 2014 - Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) Chief Whip, Gideon Mung’aro, over the weekend said the Coast region will vote for Jubilee in 2017 Presidential election. In a fresh rebellion that will cause jitters in Raila Odinga’s coalition, Mung’aro also changed his stand o
4:00PM NEWS WITH EMMAH ATAI POWERED BY Orange Uganda: Days after the Pakistani Consul to Uganda ,His Excellency Bonny Katatumba regained ownership of Blacklines House following a protracted court battle, another order has been issued to have him evicted.Court bailiffs have ordered that the building be closed but no property has been removed. The police has fired teargas to disperse a group of students demonstrating at Kyambogo University. The students turned rowdy after failing to trace their names on the final list of those graduating tomorrow. The High Court Judge, Justice Joseph Mulangira, has dismissed an appeal lodged by Kampala pastors in the controversial Pastor Robert Kayanja’s sodomy case. The Uganda Gov't Chief Whip, Justine Kasule Lumumba has encouraged gov't to review its priorities and make readjustments in the Budget in order to deal with the anticipated lapse in donor funding.This comes after members of the donor community threatened to break ties with Uganda in protest of the enactment o ...
The bankrupted, delusional and denial-orientated City of Matlosana is in serious need of new leaders as these ostriches have dug their heads too long in the sand. The Mayor, Speaker, Chief Whip and the Dr. Kenneth Kaunda "Regional Secretary" have to vacate their offices for bringing our municipality into such an embarrassing state. Office of the Premier - North West Province - South Africa should come and invoke the entire section 139. A new Mayor who will start by renouncing the budget of an R800 000 car, rid the council of grade 10 learners who are deployed in the Mayors' Office and many strategic municipal office, section 57 & 58 Managers who are useless. Who is the upright, fit for purpose, has sound economic, social and political foresight and is frank & honest, loved by the majority of Matlosana to lead us out of this *** Who is your ideal person for Executive Mayorship of Matlosana Municipality,
Note to editors: This was the press statement distributed at a press conference hosted by DA Parliamentary Leader, Lindiwe Mazibuko MP, DA Caucus Chairperson, Wilmot James MP, and DA Chief Whip, Watty Watson MP on the DA’s expectations ahead of President Zuma’s State of the Nation Address on Thursda...
As I pointed out the other day...Policeman who lied about Andrew Mitchell...former Chief Whip for Conservative Party imprisoned for lying.HOWEVER, police on duty re Hillsborough...who admitted lying about events of that day...NOT imprisoned? Be grateful if anyone could explain that to me?
Daily Ditty by Critch the Snitch John Bercow is no weakling, he's a Speaker of renown He knows how to call for order when our MP's let us down He's given lines to Gove and counselled Cam to get a grip - I dread to think what he'd be like if he were made Chief Whip!
House: Sacrificing unity for power ALLWELL OKPI writes that the tussle for the leadership at the House of Representatives seems to mark the end of unity that has characterised the lower chamber since inception The House of Representatives of the 7th National Assembly, led by the Speaker, Aminu Tambuwal, has been, unarguably, very united since inception in 1999. But that seems to be changing very fast. Last Tuesday, members of the two largest parties in the House, the Peoples Democratic Party and the All Progressives Congress had a major clash and it was a tussle for supremacy. The Minority Leader, Mr. Femi Gbajabiamila, a member of APC, while contributing to a motion, referred to the Deputy Majority Leader, Mr. Leo Ogor, as “Deputy Minority Leader,” eliciting angry reactions from the PDP lawmakers, who moved to attack him. But as if they had anticipated the reaction, fellow APC members swiftly formed a protective ring around Gbajabiamila. Tension has been on the rise in the House since December 2013, ...
“Congrats Pakistan Beaurocrats, your new chief whip.
Profiles of new chief whip and whips. - ASM Feroz was elected MP in the second, fifth, seventh, ninth and 10th parliament from Patuakhali 2 constituency (Bauphal). Born on February 1, 1953 in Kalaiya village under Bauphal upzila of Patuakhali, he joined the War of Independence in 1971. His career with the Awami League started ahead of the third general elections in 1986. Born on December 13, 1955, Shahiduzzaman Sarker had his masters degree in jurisprudence from Rajshahi University. He quit the judicial service and joined politics in 1986. He was elected MP in the fifth, ninth and 10th parliaments. Sherpur 1 lawmaker Atik is a four-time MP. He was born on December 1, 1957 in Baroghoria under Sherpur sadar upazila. He started his career in politics joining Bangladesh Chhatra League, the Awami League’s student front, in 1968. He was first elected as an MP in 1996 on Awami League ticket. Then he was elected in the general elections of 2001, 2008 and 2014. Iqbalur Rahim is a two-term MP from Dinajpur sadar ...
 ⁠Three out of five PDP Defected Governors may return to PDP Cracks have appeared in the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC) as not less than three of the defected Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governors may return to the party. There was pressure on them. Daily Sun gathered in Abuja yesterday that Murtala Nyako, Aliyu Wamakko and Rabiu Kwankwaso, governors of Adamawa, Sokoto and Kano respectively may eventually yield to entreaties to return to the fold. On November 19 last year, five PDP governors, members of the aggrieved G-7 governors, left the party for APC. Nyako defected to the APC alongside four colleagues including the governors of Rivers, Sokoto, Kano and Kwara. Governors Sule Lamido and Babangida Aliyu of Jigawa and Niger states respectively refused to move with their colleagues. Fresh indications, however, have emerged that of the five governors, three are predisposed to return to PDP as “the old trouble which pushed them out of the party has been resolved.” The governors prom ...
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The nun who inspired TV's most X-rated comedy: As the hit critics love to hate scoops another award, here is the very unlikely story of the show's inspiration Maureen O'Carroll is the inspiration for Agnes in BBC hit Mrs Brown's Boys An extraordinary women, she trained as a nun before becoming a politician Mrs Brown's Boys named best comedy at the National Television Awards It was also the BBC's most-watched programme over the Christmas period By ALISON BOSHOFF PUBLISHED: 22:13, 24 January 2014 | UPDATED: 10:19, 25 January 2014 132View comments Although he is only 5ft 3in and his younger, blonde second wife towers over him, Brendan O’Carroll is an imposing man with a slightly menacing energy. At the National Television Awards this week, the 58-year-old creator and star of Mrs Brown’s Boys, was in full - faintly terrifying - flow. Holding court backstage after winning the title of best comedy, he was happy to discuss the success of his show about a foul-mouthed Irish matriarch which the critics hated w ...
When the concept of CHIEF WHIP is the political norm about our State is it any wonder Garda Commissioner assumes similar role.?
More in the threats used by Whips to discipline backbench MPs
Kachcha Chittha 4: Modi Exports Ministers, Police Offices, IPS, IAS, Senior Govt Functionaries To Propagate “Gujarat Progress” To Indian States Using ‘NRI’ Fund Friday 24 January 2014 Today at a press conference addressed by Prof Hemant Shah, Gautam Thaker, mahesh Pandya, Manan Trivedi and Shabnam Hashmi in Ahmedabad kachcha Chittha 4 was released. The full story is available with original documents in Gujarati and their English translation at : RELEASE MODI EXPORTS MINISTERS, POLICE OFFICES, IPS, IAS, SENIOR GOVT FUNCTIONARIES TO PROPAGATE “GUJARAT PROGRESS” TO INDIAN STATES USING ‘NRI’ FUND Modi is sending out hundreds of officers, ministers to other states ‘with a view to make aware Gujarati community and local residents of respective State about progress achieved by Gujarat in various fields... Under this program, it has been decided by the State Government to depute delegation consisting of Hon’ble Members of Parliament/Hon’ble Members of Legislative Assembly / District Panchaya ...
Todays news headlines: *Democracy at stake in AL's hand: Khaleda. *Attacks on Hindus aim at land grab. *Ministers reception/ School children forced to join/ Keep waiting for hours on streets. *Man shoot dead in Capital. *Devotees swarm banks of Turag. *Islamic allies not worried about BNP's changing gesture. *Rana plaza disaster: Injured worker kills herself. *Firoz made chief whip.
website 5) No, it's the Tory chief whip. Who'd love 2 get his teeth into the I dearly love as a...
Chief whip allegedly sexually assaulted by female askari.
The former chief whip admitted his faith in the police had been shaken by the furore which began when he was accused of abusing police officers in Downing Street
Chief Whip regrets BNP's absence: ASM Feroz says the 10th Parliament's Opposition would have been much stronge...
New Chief Whip ASM Feroz says that the Opposition of 10th Parliament would have been much stronger if the BNP was a part of it.
Chief whip allegedly sexually assaulted by elderly female guard.
WC to Parliament: 11. current ID chief Whip in the National Assembly
Retains Mafabi As LoP Budadiri West legislator Nandala Mafabi is to retain his seat as Leader of Opposition after FDC President Gen Mugisha Muntu held off calls from some party members to have Mafabi replaced. In a management meeting held on Friday at the party headquarters in Najjanankumbi, some party officials such as MPs Reagan Okumu, Odonga Otto, Anita Among and Nabila Naggayi among others were pushing for Nandala’s removal. The MPs told Muntu that he should not maintain Mafabi who is going to continue undermining him as Party President. However, Muntu argued that since Mafabi was not present in the meeting and was expected back in the country on January 29th, the discussion should only be held then. Muntu also put them to task to suggest a name to replace Mafabi as Leader of Opposition in Parliament to which they kept quiet. Last year some MPs had suggested names of Serere Woman MP Alice Alaso who is the Secretary General and Dokolo Woman MP Cecilia Ogwal. The two women had already started carrying ...
Diz is 2 notify all di Honorables and entire Observer dat House are sitting on Monday 27th of January,2014 by 10pm @ House of Assembly. Diz is important 4 all Honorables 2 be dere cz Important issues are 2 be discuss. Thanks 4rm Chief Whip. Hon Olamide.
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Chief whip allegedly sexually assaulted by elderly female askari.
so the *** at the gate of my community calls me chief.. I dont know if hes making a pun to my whip reeking of pot or jus calling me chief
Message to all youth of Sikkim. By our dynamic Chief whip *** Youth President. Sir Ugen T Gyatso.
Defection: Shocks, intrigues as PDP, APC battle over 22 senators All eyes are on the Senate today as its session on the planned defection of 22 Senators from the ruling Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) to the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC) will be historic and dramatic. The planned defection which was put on hold to enable members be present in the chamber, is coming on the heels of the declaration for APC by 37 members of the House of Representatives, who had since swelled the ranks of the APC in the Green Chamber. It is pertinent to remember that the prelude to this planned defection was the disaffection that trailed last August’s special convention of the PDP when five governors and a former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar stormed out of Eagles Square and marched to the Shehu Musa Yar’Adua Centre to set up the New PDP. In same vein, this planned defection in the Senate has its root in the merger of the PDP with the APC last November. Prior to that, 22 Senators had been unmasked ...
Chief keefs new mixtape is guna be gassed in my whip when I'm skuuurrrin soon💯
ICC Sagga has led to death of prominent people. Latest was Chief whip and now J. Sunkul
ASM Firoz appointed chief whip of 10th parliament
East Or West, SDF Is Not Only The Best But SDF Is The Everest : Ugen T Gyatso Youjraj Dahal East or West, SDF is not only the best but SDF is the Everest : Ugen T Gyatso Chief Whip of state government, also the area MLA, Tumin Lingee, Ugen T. Gyatso Bhutia today announced the commencement of 2014 general election campaigns for 2014. He urged youths to sacrifice the remaining 2-3 months for the party with utmost dedication. “Junior youths are the future who are shouldering responsibilities of the party. We should have a single point agenda, – Mission-2014 which should be our target”, Bhutia, while addressing his youths said. Attacking on opposition, he called them political parasites of the state. He alleged opposition of misguiding the youth force of the state. “They have a single point agenda, how to grab the power and to exploit the people”, he alleged. Bhutia asked party youths to think of contributing the party to win the coming elections which, according to Ugen Gyatso, is just a renewal pr ...
Govt Chief Whip in Lords has announced second session of Cttee on EU Referendum Bill for next Friday 31st Jan.
Govt Chief Whip in Lords just announced second session of Committee on Wharton Bill for next Friday, 31st January
Rivers House reconvenes at Govt House Posted by: Bisi Olaniyiin News15 hours ago Seventeen of the 25 pro-Governor Rotimi Amaechi members of the Rivers State House of Assembly, yesterday sat again at the old Banquet Hall of the Government House, Port Harcourt. Three bills were given first reading. On January 7, Amaechi, who is also the Chairman of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF), at the same venue in Government House, presented the N485.524 billion 2014 budget. The budget was passed same day, after a few hours of deliberations, by 23 of the 25 pro-Amaechi lawmakers, led by the authentic Speaker, Otelemaba Dan Amachree. The pro-Wike legislators; Evans Bipi (Ogu/Bolo constituency, the self-acclaimed Speaker), Michael Okechukwu Chinda (Obio/Akpor II), Kelechi Godspower Nwogu (Omuma), Martins Amaewhule (Obio/Akpor I), Victor Ihunwo (Port Harcourt III) and Ikuinyi-Owaji Ibani, the Chief Whip (Andoni), boycotted the budget presentation. Amaewhule, speaking on behalf of the six-anti Amaechi legislators, who ...
In the Klesin whip ✔️ ally's about to get this lite permit
From next Friday In Shaa Allah, I am taking up a new job, albeit without pay. I'll be self appointing myself the "Chief Whip for Children" of the Central Mosque here. I will be taking care of the Female wing. I am going to note every disturbing child and spank as many of them as possible immediately Jumah is over. I will do it! The least parents should be able to do is teach their wards some decorum in the Mosque. What do we even expect when some of these parents cannot just shut up in the Masjid? (I am planning to start whipping these parents too as soon as I get a Soldier husband who will come to my rescue when they decide to beat me) I saw so many annoyingly lousy kids at Jumah today, some as old as 14 years old. This kind of sight is to say the least, very disgusting and very disgraceful. Arrgh!
Senator murkomen who choce you to be a chief whip? I thing you are abdicating your duties to your constituents. Every now and then you are in the media attacking other leaders like mp Keter. For your information majority Kenyans are behind keter. Even the attorney general who is the govt legal advicer is against the railway project. He adviced that the process is ilegal. To make matters worse the china company given the tender has been blacklisted by world bank. Also the chairman of procurement oversight committee is not updated on thesame. Finaly economists have done their maths and concluded that it is not economicaly viable. Pple of embobut are being evicted ilegaly.those pple have lived in that forest for more than 100yrs before demarcation of forests. You gave pple a mere 400,000 which is very little. Those pple need to be compensated with land else where the roads are impassable. What are you doing about it. Otherwise we are fed up with you sycophancy. Better change.
Scot.Sec.Alistair Carmichael is accused of doing too little on sex abuse allegations while he was Lib Dem chief whip
Mayor, speaker & chief whip in da Madibeng Municipality in North West have all been axed out from their posts by the ANC, following violent protests dat claimed lives of 4 people. Which cmes 2 prove dat da ANC z stil a decisive organisation. Viva ANC viva.
STATEMENT BY THE ANC WESTERN CAPE SPOKESPERSON ON LOCAL GOVERNMENT PIERRE UYS:   The DA in the City of Cape Town has once more proven it has no regard for the Rule of Law as it proceeded with construction work on various sites without proper environmental and planning permissions in place.   This is especially disconcerting as the very City of Cape Town demand of residents to first obtain permissions before they may proceed with construction.   The ratepayers must foot the bill for fines by the Green Scorpions of more than R200 000 for amongst others building roads in open spaces (parks) and other structures next to sensitive waterways before environmental assessments were done and/or permission was obtained.   ANC chief whip in the Western Cape legislature Pierre Uys says: “The ANC wants to know what the city is going to do to rectify these flagrant transgressions of the very same laws they have to enforce and rehabilitate environmental areas to what it was before the disturbance of those surfaces ...
All interested Candidates are encouraged to Brace Up and contest for the following positions: 1 President (Batch B only). 2 Vice-President (Batch C only). 3 Gen secretary (Batch B only). 4 *** Gen Sec (Batch C only). 5 Public Relations Officer (Batch B only) 6 *** P.R.O ((Batch C only) 7Treasurer (Batch B only) 8 Social Director (Batch B only) 9 Chief Whip ( Batch B only) 10 Financial Sec (Batch B only)
include former ANC Chief Whip, Tony Yengeni, who was found guilty for accepting a bribe during the Arms Deal.
It's very right decision that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina do not appoint Abdus Shahid as Chief Whip again. He was so much corrupted man and need immediately enquiary by Anti-Corruption Bureau. Only sack is not be his punishment for such crime.
Im still mad someone stole my whip tho
...I always thought it was the Chief Whip who invented
DMK chief Karunanidhi cracks the whip, suspends Alagiri from party
Madibeng Municipality mayor recalled Tuesday 21 January 2014 20:37 SABC News The Madibeng Municipality in Brits, North West, says Mayor Popo Magongwa has been recalled. Magongwa along with the council speaker Buti Makhongela and chief whip Solly Malete had been recalled by the ANC's North West Working Committee (NWC) and the Executive Council. The committee has accused the three recalled members of failing to implement a report by former Local Government Minister Richard Baloyi. The report suggested that there was rampant corruption in the municipality. The ANC NWC has appointed three officials to act in the positions. Tshedi Mangwako has been appointed to act as mayor, Douglas Maimane as Acting Speaker and Simon Klaas will act as chief whip. Community leader Paul Hendricks has described the move to recall Magongwa as shocking. Last week residents called for accountability in the municipality. They alleged that officials were involved in a corruption scandal, resulting in water shortages in Mothotlung and ...
...but nobody is a mind-reader, not even the Tory chief whip.
I'm pleased that AL party did not elect again its former chief whip Abdus Shahid of ninth parliament. He is corrupt in all around. Congratulation to PM Hasina and AL party. I will urge PM Hasina to investigate his financial affairs, who has acquired wealth both at home and abroad during his last tenure!! I'm sure DUDUK will be interested to find out as to the source of his vast wealth!!!
Baroness Anelay tells Lords she was "deeply disappointed" to read our story here on letter from lab chief whip
Congrats Pakistan Beaurocrats, your new chief whip.
ASM Feroz has been appointed as the Chief. Whip in the 10th Parliament.
Dhaka: An MP from MP ASM Feroz appointed Chief Whip of the 10th Parliament. RT
Dhaka ( – ASM Feroz, lawmaker from Patualkhani-2 parliamentary constituency, has been appointed as the chief whip in the 10th parliament. Five whips have also been appointed. A gazette was issued with the Parliament Secretariat on…
SERVICE DELIVERY DOMINATES THE ANDM STRATEGIC PLANNING SESSION Executive Mayor of Alfred Nzo District Municipality, Cllr. Eunice Diko called upon municipal officials to work hard to address service delivery backlogs in the district. Mayor Diko said this when she was addressing the municipality’s mid-term strategic review session which is aimed at looking at progress that has been made since the start of the financial year in July 2013. “As the district of Alfred Nzo we need to accelerate activities that are aimed to celebrate 20 years of democracy and it is in that spirit that we must speed up service delivery to communities” said Diko Below : Executive Mayor, Cllr. Eunice Diko addressing councillors and employees during the mid-term strategic planning session Below : Chief Whip, Cllr. Phumzile Nyangana sitting during the Mid-Term Strategic Review session behind them are members of the Mayoral Committee of the Alfred Nzo District Municipality
SIERRA LEONE PRINT MEDIA HIGHLIGHTS-Wednesday 22nd January, 2014 AWOKO New Speaker of Parliament elected Most of the dailies inform that Members of Parliament on 21stJanuary 2014 elected the Majority Leader of the House and of Constituency 100, Western Area Urban, Hon. Sheku Dumbuya the new Speaker of Parliament with 100 votes and Hon. Chernor Bah unopposed as the Deputy. The papers further inform that 20 out of the 35 SLPP MPs that were present voted for the Speaker while the remaining 15 voted for Hon. Bu-Buakei Jabbie of the SLPP who polled 15 votes and add that the Clerk of Parliament, Hon. Ibrahim Sesay conducted the election as Electoral Commissioner. According to the papers, the APC also elected Hon. Ibrahim Sesay Majority Leader and Hon. Leonard Fofanah his Deputy while Hon. Claude Kamanda retained his position as Chief Whip. Concord Times quotes the new Speaker as calling on MPs to be more responsible. Awareness Times informs that with the election of Hon. Sheku Dumbuya, bye-elections will be con ...
REPORT ON AAUA SUG SRC OPEN SITTING HELD ON 22ND OF JAN. : The SRC yesterday held her 2nd Open sitting of this administration at RC, where several issues where discussed and observers were allowed to ask questions and were also observed. The Business Manager of the BEDC (Benin Electricity Distribution Company) Mr Louis Ireni was available to answer questions and also brief AAUITes on why there is no Light in Akungba He explained that while Owo feeder is from Akure, that Akungba’s own is from Okene, and it passes through Ajaokuta —–» Ido Ani —–» Oka —–» before it gets to Akungba which is unfortunately at the tail end (the reason why light is always low). He said the feeder is taking too much load than its capacity. He said the SUG has visited his Office several times which even involved Locking his office and involving the Police in Owo. He said the Akungba community was disconnected totally from the feeder since the community have decided not to pay their debt. He said as at Nov,2013, the ...
Former Chief Whip of the Senate, Senator Rowland Owie, yesterday, urged the new National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Alhaji Adamu Muazu, to stay away from sycophants and “palace jesters,” so as to have a successful tenure in office.
Early Life and Education * Shri Bala Bachchan was born on 13 July 1966 in Barwani, Madhya Pradesh. He comes from a farming background. He is a BE (Electronics) from SGSITS Devi Ahilya University, Indore. Political Career * Shri Bachchan started his political life in the National Students’ Union of India (NSUI). He has been General Secretary Madhya Pradesh Youth Congress and President of its SC/ST Cell. He was appointed Joint Secretary of Indian Youth Congress (IYC) and during this stint was in charge of seven states. He was subsequently nominated to the Madhya Pradesh Congress Committee and the AICC. He stood for assembly elections from Rajpur constituency in 1993 and on being elected had the distinction of being the youngest MLA in the House. He was re-elected in 1998 and was appointed Minister for Tribal Welfare and subsequently Minister for Sports and Youth Welfare as well as Science and Technology. In 2001, he became the Minister for Public Health and Family Welfare. An AICC member since 2000, he wa ...
Kerala chief whip PC George in View point.
Zanu-PF MPs & party candidates to pay for campaign vehicle ZANU-PF Members of Parliament and party candidates will have to pay for the vehicles the party gave them to use in last year's harmonised elections. The vehicles, which the MPs and candidates have retained, were expected to have been returned to the party after the elections. The decision by the party is expected to end months of uncertainty over what would become of the vehicles given to candidates to enable them to be mobile in the run up to the polls in which Zanu–PF registered a resounding victory against the MDC-T. Zanu-PF Members of Parliament held a caucus at the party headquarters on Wednesday where the message of the new development was conveyed to them. Party chief whip, Joram Gumbo confirmed the development today. "The party has agreed to sell those vehicles to MPs and I was informing the legislators officially of the party decision," said Gumbo. "We are now in the process of establishing the cost of each category of the vehicle as y ...
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