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Chief Keef

Keith Cozart (born 1995), better known by his stage name Chief Keef is an American rapper from Chicago, Illinois.

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Easy contender for album of the year. Pharrell, Chief Keef, Rivers Cuomo, Joey Purp, The-Dream. . Will write more in-de…
Praying for another Travis Scott x Chief Keef collab
Chief Keef's 'Thot Breaker' mixtape will feature production from Mike WiLL Made-It, D. Rich, Young Chop and more
Never forget that Tony Snell was shoutouted out on a very good Chief Keef song
Chief Keef's Homies Go to Bail him and Tadoe Out of Jail! They Plan to Post $750,000 in Bail! - CLICK THIS LINK ...
Lil Wayne & Chief Keef have new music on the way together 👀
Oasis Cafe could be moist while it feels unnecessary but Chief Keef is the voice of a generation
Me all 2012 when Chief Keef , Lil Reese, Lil Durk and Fredo santana were dropping hits
folks who want to turn Chicago into a multi million dollar empire having convos with Jimmy Iovine they told him to sign Chief Keef
Chief Keef has been charged with a DUI following his detainment in Miami Beach.
Niggamania 34 card: . 1. Chief Keef vs Lil Jay - Fight to the death match . 2. Chris Brown vs Soulja Boy - *** in...
Chief Keef must've had Mrs. Puff as a driving instructor all his life too, can't hold a real *** down forever 💯
I added a video to a playlist Chief Keef - Kobe Instrumental HQ [Young Chop Beats by Dj Flam]
Chief Keef was only 16 when he made Love Sosa
The side of Chief Keef the media won't show you
All I ask is that Finally Rich by Chief Keef is to be remembered next to Beethoven's 5th sympathy in the history books 🙏
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I liked a video from Chief Keef during this studio session
Compliment my ability to switch it up; from bumping to 21 Savage to Lana Del Rey, Chief Keef to Frank Sinatra, The XX…
Trump: "Chicago is worse than the Middle East". Yall: "RACIST". Chief Keef: "Chiraq got more killaz than Afghanistan. We t…
If you can't bump to. Chief Keef. Lil Herb. Lil Durk. Lil Bibby. King Louie. Famous Dex. Lud Foe. I can't fw you
If you're having a bad day here's a video of Chief Keef dancing
Very real...Larry Hoover, Chief Keef, & Lil Reese called son up and said let's get this done lol
Chief Keef's first post after getting locked up
Producer who got beat up by Chief Keef defends his decision to call the cops on Sosa
I swear chief keef be exposing females who can't even formulate a sentence
My lil cousin performed faneto by chief keef at his school talent show and got suspended for the rest of the school Year…
He's a millionaire but still robbing homes. There will never be another Chief Keef
Goodnight to everyone except the cops that arrested chief keef
LAPD arrests Chief Keef for alleged Home Invasion and armed robbery
Producer Ramsay Tha Great claims he got BEAT UP by Chief Keef and wants to SUE him 🐀🐀🐀
Its only a matter of time till we hear that the producer that got Chief Keef in jail was "accidentally" murdered
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GBE Antonio says Chief Keef and Tadoe will bond out today ($750,000 for both) . Tour and Mixtapes still happening on sched…
.has been arrested for beating up and robbing his ex-music producer. Read the full story here:
Chief Keef, Tadoe & company arrested in LA for Home Invasion.
Chief Keef high af probably don't even know he in jail yet
Keef is dropping fire new songs almost every single day
Chief Keef has been arrested for assault
Question: Are you happy now that Chief Keef is making music again?
Chief Keef will be out Tonight and back on the road to New Orleans. Thot Breaker still coming.
Chief Keef has been arrested for robbery and assault.
*** Chief Keef was doing so good staying outta trouble. FREE SOSA
Ignorance is bliss. They don't care about his wrongs they just care its Chief Keef.
The producer who is responsible for the arrest of Chief Keef had this to say 👀👀
Chief Keef arrested in Los Angeles on robbery and assault charges.
Chief Keef & Tadoe were arrested for Home Invasion & Assault today
LA SWAT Team Arrests Chief Keef for Home Invasion, Robbery and Assault. He's held on $500K Bail.:
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Chief Keef, Tadoe, & company reportedly arrested in LA for Home Invasion! 😳👀
Chief Keef and Glo Gang's Tadoe have been arrested for Home Invasion in LA
The producer that got Chief Keef locked up speaks out ... he stands by his choice to tell the police on Chief Keef https:…
I thought chief keef was coming hard 2017 he still dropping that hot Souljaboy
The producer who is pressing assault charges on Chief Keef says he did it because he wanted to stop the cycle of violence…
*** . they got the producer ig videos on tv that he made like 3 hours ago. lol he called up the news station. Chief Kee…
When you bought a chief keef concert ticket last night
Chief Keef crew says they are rounding up the cash right now to go get Chief Keef and Tadoe out of Jail. Their combined b…
Chief Keef is really the guy. *** did a Home Invasion wit a lil assault rifle took 1600 and a Rolex and put a *** in the…
I'm listening to Laurel Canyon by Chief Keef on Spinrilla.
Chief Keef - Love Sosa Dubstep Techno remix my old weed dealer &he kept me motivated.
Ooh he think I'm cute, he wanna have sex *chief keef voice*
Chief keef cleared it.. no beef with SD he just ain't know where he at that's all
Chief Keef is such a big influence on Soundcloud and what rap is today i don't think you guys acknowledge it.
Chief Keef Performing Live at Studio 233 in New Orleans on Jan 28th
Yo have u guys heard this chief Keef tape its p cool
saw another fake Chief Keef beef I don't beef anymore, I live in Cali with my Feet up I passed the streets already
All these chief keef fans coming out 😦
Listen to Chief Keef before work it helps
Chief Keef will forever be iconic for this
Chief keef got a crazy catalog on the low definitely slept on
I need to see along with Lupe Fiasco, Dwayne Wade & Kanye. I look at Chief Keef & Derrick Rose & something's not adding up
Chief keef music better than chance the rapper
All the songs on this Chief Keef tape are at different volumes
Show in Dallas Tx With Chief Keef I will be performing live in concert BE THERE 😘
All time goats no matter what: SGP, Ruben Slikk, 5 Finger Posse, Young Thug, $uicideboy$, Chief Keef, Benny Revival... all i…
When you play Chief Keef in the car with your Mom but she doesnt appreciate lyrical genius like you do :/
Haven't bumped chief keef in awhile so this ride to work bout to be LIT‼😤🗣
Thought a *** was Chief Keef he heard that bang bang 🙃
Chief keef and playboi carti the only music that makes me feel richer and flyer then I really am lol idk what it is but you…
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I liked a video from Chief Keef calls Lil Durk and Young Chop on INSTAGRAM LIVE!
Chief Keef had a 4.0 GPA and full ride scholarship to Northwestern University. Never judge a book by its cover.. I also made th…
This why Chief Keef banned from the BET Awards 😂
John Madden one of the coldest Chief Keef songs of all time
Closest thing I've been to being 'swept off my feet' was when I heard Chief Keef for the first time
Chief Keef wrote "Love Sosa" for Beyoncé, but Beyoncé insisted he should keep the song because "it was too emotional to s…
King Louie is undoubtedly the God of drill, but GBE, and Chief Keef in particular grabbed the sound by the throat & took it…
Travis Scott tells Chief Keef to send the Verse on Instagram Live ... new collab incoming??
I know my black history brother, dreads started with Chief Keef. Learn facts before you hop in my mentions
: *gives me crap for liking a Chief Keef song*. Also Austin: *sends me link to Waka Flocka Flame song*
Bobby Shmurda was martyr so we'd be free of Chief Keef and his wave, but hope he comes back. Shmurda had potential htt…
Only Reed would bump Chief Keef at 9 in the morning
Chief Keef playing "Faneto" at with Lil Yachty and The Sailing Team on stage
he just was always alright not a great like Chief keef was . Stopped paying mind to him cuz wasn't good enough lol
"Chief Keef ain't bout this Chief Keef ain't bout that."
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Don't you ever talk bout chief keef on BDE
Chief Keef - Love No Thotties would be the United States National Anthem if I was president 😂😂😂
*white person listens to Chief Keef once*
1st thing in the morning . Listen to Chief Keef - Loose (Prod By Chief Keef) by Chief Keef on
Chief keef and uzi vert yelling nonsense out of there giant studio beats
All Chief Keef bm's are thirst bucket thots in my opinion 😂😂😂 except for his day 1 of course 💯
The Evolution of Chief Keef: What is your favorite year?
Chief keef love no thotties will always b a banger !!!
I actually view chief keef as a legend. He changed the game forever.
What happened to the old chief keef
are you home alone in the morning or something bc if I blasted chief keef at 6 am id get my *** b e a t
Chief Keef, Z-Ro and more attend the opening of Paul Wall and TV Johnny's new custom grills shop in Houston
just know Chief Keef on his worst day = J. Cole on his best day
Chief keef need to be rewarded for being alive
kush wit dem beans x Chief keef his best throwback
What's your favorite chief keef song to listen to in the morning?
Can radford get Chief Keef and Gherbo 😭they'd be shook asab out here 😂
Am I the only person who thinks about how good a song earned it is?. I'm talking about Chief Keef not the Weeknd tho
you're fvcking stupid 😂. If one lil biby is 3. How can one chief keef (10) + two lil biby's(3x2=6) be…
Start your day off with a little chief keef
How long do you think it'll take for Chief Keef to actually blow New Jersey up?
Deep down inside. I'll listen to Lukas Graham, Ed Sheeran, Passenger, Ruth B, etc before I listen to Kodak, Bibby, Chief Keef etc
You can't tell me that Jamaal Charles don't look like Chief Keef bruh
Bow Wow confirms that Chief Keef is banned from the BET awards
Machine Gun Kelly released the video tohis new single ft. Chief Keef - now playing on…
your new favorite Lil Reese ft. Chief Keef - What It Look Like Hip Hop (by user904290410
ppl who listen to Chief Keef can't even comprehend what Kendrick Lamar /chip says in their verse
Most people want their life to look like a Wes Anderson film, but I want mine to look like a Chief Keef music video
"Chief Keef ain't about this, Chief Keef ain't about that"
Y'all remember when Angela Yee asked Chief Keef how old he was on the breakfast club and he said "3-hunnaa" 😂 I hated him so bad yo.
I f**around and listen to Chief Keef followed by Laura Mvula with a side of house music and gospel as the main course.
I want someone to love me as much as the guy from the intro of Love Sosa loves Chief Keef
I love rappers like Gucci Mane, Chief Keef, Tyler, The Creator, etc. because they have their own sound and a distinct voice. I love that man
"Please remember that the President of the United States Barack Obama and Chief Keef are from the same place." -
Chief Keef presents a savage episode of CRIBS.
Chief Keef gives a savage MTV cribs tour of his home and shoutouts Kevin Gates
Chicago got dynamic ranging from Chief Keef to Gill Scott Heron
did we ever find out what the entire state of New Jersey did to Chief Keef?
Chief Keef dropped love Sosa when he was 16...
If yo girl don't stand up for you like the dude on the intro for Love Sosa stood up for Chief Keef. That ain't ya girl.
How have I never heard a Chicago DJ use the Katy Perry sample from Chief Keef's Save Me to transition into playing Sosa?
Title : Chief Keef - According to my watch (Prod. by Sonny Digital). Comment : One of the best song by Sosa since very very longtime.
Micheal Jordan,Kanye, Chief Keef, and Chance would be proud of this photo . P.S. zoom in and see a brown kid flexin'
I'm pretty sure James Holmes was bumpin Chief Keef when he shot 50 people in the movie. Good point
My music can range from Jack Johnson to Chief Keef to Louis Armstrong in 15 mins
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Listen to Chief Keef - Murda Mook Feat Sean Kingston by East Atlanta Santa 2 on
When Childish Gambino and Chief Keef went back and forth.
Ricky Ross with moon walk. Chief Keef with the goon talk.
"All y'all talk about Chief Keef ain't no hitta, Chief Keef ain't this, Chief Keef a fake."
Chief Keef legit an American hero, came up from nothing, if my kids dont learn bout him in their history books then the US…
Andrew Billings look like a Chief Keef without locks
Amari Cooper is almost as inspiring as Chief Keef
Chief Keef //Laurel Canyon or Lil Yachty any song by him really
Chief Keef - "Faneto" might be the greatest song of this Generation
If there was a god, Chief Keef would have a congressional Medal of Honor and J Cole would be sent to Guantanamo Bay
Metro Boomin is only 22 years old, Joey Badass & Chief Keef are 21...🙇🏽 man, what am I not doing right with my life?
Chief Keef the most crankin *** in history and I won't tolerate the weak comparisons
In the words of the eternal icon Chief Keef, "GOD YALL SOME BROKE BOYZ"
Gucci Mane is Trap god. Chief Keef is his protégé. Young Thug is a cousin. Juicy J is the big unc. Mike Will is their cook.
I added a video to a playlist Travi$ Scott - Nightcrawler (feat. Swae Lee & Chief Keef)(Lyrics on
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Sosa Chamberlain will forever be the best Chief Keef song he's ever dropped, my opinion.
No x Chief Keef best slow song in the history of ever
Kehlani not allowed in jersey anymore she getting the same treatment as Chief Keef from now on
Chicago *** say the intro to "Love Sosa" by Chief Keef instead of the pledge of allegiance at school
we gone come and shoot Shaw University up! *Chief Keef voice*
Bill Cosby Ariana Grande London Bridge Wonder Woman Saudi Arabia President Trump Middle East Theresa May White House Donald Trump Sadiq Khan Borough Market Megyn Kelly Justice Department Jeremy Corbyn Hank Williams Jr Liam Gallagher Rob Ryan Supreme Court Patty Jenkins North Carolina President Donald Trump Miley Cyrus Cheick Tiote Former Newcastle El Capitan John Oliver Real Madrid Los Angeles Years Ago World Cup Andy Murray Justin Bieber New Black Jane Austen United Arab Emirates Palmer Luckey Alex Honnold Kevin Can Wait North American Russian President Vladimir Putin Front Line Paris Accord London Mayor Sadiq Khan Prime Minister Theresa May Jimmy Piersall Vladimir Putin Ken Owens Derek Fisher United Airlines Sophie Turner Irish Lions Prince Harry New Zealand Al Gore World Bank Warren Gatland Spice Girls Rolls Royce Monday Night Football James Comey Nikki Haley Queen Mother Theodor Geisel Six Day War Gary Barlow East London Eden Hazard Damon Lindelof Harry Potter Joshua Tree Black Eyed Peas Manchester United Mohamed Salah Wrigley Field Mayor Rahm Emanuel Katy Perry Wall Street Leo Varadkar Premier League General Election Kellyanne Conway Auckland Blues Roland Garros Islamic State Mac Miller Paris Agreement Civil Liberties Orange County Sheriff Champions League Deutsche Bank Mutual Fund Daily News Tom Cruise Tiananmen Square Kevin James International Space Station Bill Maher Roger Moore French Open

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