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Chief Justice

The Chief Justice in many countries is the name for the presiding member of a Supreme Court in Commonwealth or other countries with an Anglo-Saxon justice system based on English common law, such as the Supreme Court of Canada, the Constitutional Court of South Africa, the Court of Final Appeal of Hong Kong, the Supreme Court of India, the Supreme Court of Pakistan, the Supreme Court of Nepal, the Supreme Court of Ireland, the Supreme Court of New Zealand, the High Court of Australia, the Supreme Court of the United States, or provincial or state Supreme Courts.

Supreme Court John Roberts High Court Chief Justice John Roberts United States John Marshall Earl Warren South Carolina Supreme Court William Howard Taft John Jay Roy Moore Dr Willy Mutunga Allahabad High Court Dred Scott Ted Cruz

"Only 69 out of 143 superior court judges have accommodation - Chief Justice". Click to view
New Delhi | The bench led by Chief Justice of India T S Thakur was hearing a bunch of petitions challenging the…
PTI social media paid employees (by Jahangir Tareen) are abusing the SC and maligning new Chief Justice. It's official…
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Chief Strength of the Military. Chief Wealth of the Department of Commerce. Chief S…
Chief Justice of Madras High Court S.K.Kaul and judges K.K.Sasidharan, B.Rajendran paid respects to @
Why William Howard Taft loved being Chief Justice more than President via
Chief Justice, not president, was William Howard Taft's dream job.
.as Chief Justice of SCOTUS would trigger a new birth of freedom in the USA not seen since Ronald R…
The President’s protocol list includes the Chief Justice of State as an eminent person not his Children.
Labor warmly welcomes Susan Kiefel as first female Chief Justice of the High Court, and James Edelman as new judge. Bo…
Now the opening ceremony by the Chief Justice, Prof. Sam RUGEGE in Lake Kivu Serena Hotel
The new Chief Justice of the High Court is a former legal secretary who left school at 15. Susan Kiefel is the...
We welcome former Chief Justice of the Family Court of Australia the Hon Alastair Nicholson AO RFD QC as our newest Am…
First female:. - in QLD to become QC. - judge of QLD Supreme Court. - Chief Justice of High Court. Susan Kiefel, smashing…
Meeting with the Judiciary this morning at Office of the Chief Justice with the Portfolio Committee on Justice and…
"Section 52 of the Corrupt Practices Act requires the Chief Justice of Nigeria to authorise an independent counsel to investigate.
Chief Justice announces the appointment of 18 Senior Counsel, appointees representing a cross-section of advocates
Tmrw at BLS: Geoffrey Ma, Chief Justice of the Court of Final Appeal of Hong Kong gives our next Leader in Law lecture, 3pm LT2, all welcome
17th Conference of Chief Justice of d Wrld was celebratd amidst much zeal n enthusiam by kids at…
In 1st picture kissing the killer of governor Punjab and now is Chief Justice of Islamabad…
Bill Clinton looks like he's gonna cry. Not cuz she lost. Bc he can't be Chief Justice of Hawaiian Tropic Bikini Contest.
Thank you CJ Sereno for being the best Chief Justice ever. ❤️
Constitution says, House has sole power of impeachment, Senate hears with Chief Justice presiding. 2/3 of Senate to convict.
Twice Roy Moore has been removed from Chief Justice position on political issues not criminal ones. Democracy it is not.
Judge's can't do anything when those with tanks abrogate constitution says former Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikha…
Indian Supreme Court same Chief Justice cried the other day for 75,000 more judges that is Indian Supreme Court chief
Provoking public by Chief Justice against government is contempt of court. Supreme judicial council should take notice.
We can be diverse in race but not culture ask John Jay our fist Chief Justice he said this in Federalist paper No.…
Not only scared off. He was bought off . Or blackmailed. Clinton Operatives Brag They “Scared Off” Chief Justice https…
And the current Chief Justice is not much better
Wikileaks' release this week exposes the campaign to intimidate the Chief Justice by John Podesta's Center for...
Ha she bowed to the pressure from the American hating left, just like John Robert's the slime ball Chief Justice, a…
with John Roberts as Chief Justice on SCOTUS. The USA NEEDS Barack Obama as a SCOTUS Justice. To Balance Justice for THE PEOPLE !!
9/26/1789- John Jay appointed first Chief Justice of SCOTUS, Thomas Jefferson first Secretary of State, Edmund Randolph Attorney General.
The LP went after an Ombudsman, a Cong, a Chief Justice, 3 Senators and we didnt blink. goes after 1 Sen and we should…
TIL the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is typically Chancellor of the Smithsonian. This meant John Roberts had to speak today at NMAAHC
Was Justice David Maraga the right choice for Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Kenya?
Congratulations to Justice Maraga for his nomination as the Chief Justice & President of Supreme Court of Kenya.
Chief Justice of Supreme Court: CBI investigation for the suspicious death of Niloy Senguta,... via
was appointed the Supreme Court's Chief Justice in 1789
He was Chief Justice of Uganda between 1963 to 1969, and spent 13 years as a judge on the Supreme Court of Nigeria htt…
At and breakfast briefing with former Chief Justice of Israel's Supreme Court Asher Grunis
Shalom Justice David Maraga! Kindly follow back and by the way,congratulations for being appointed Chief Justice of Supreme Court
LMAO! David Maraga read the verdict and now he is to meet him again at the Supreme Court as the Chief Justice! LOL
Nomination of Justice David Maraga for appointment as Chief Justice & President of the Supreme Court a neutral ending to
Judge David Maraga has been nominated as the new Chief Justice . Supreme Court
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
I can now comfortably apply to Supreme Court to STOP Employers from forcing Seventh Day Adventist to work on Saturday "Chief Justice"
Congratulations Justice David Maraga for your nomination as the next Chief Justice of Supreme Court for the Republic of Kenya.
Justice David Maraga is the Chief Justice and President of the Supreme Court of Kenya, JSC announces.
The governor of Alabama appointed an insurance agent as probate judge for my county. Well, I'll be running for Chief Justice of Alabama
HBD to Cincinnati native William Howard Taft, our 27th President and the 10th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court!
Mugabe must not usurp the powers of the judiciary by trying to be the Chief Justice and President at the same time.
and so as Chief Justice of India when time is paramount!!not on ma'am.. No
John Roberts at his Chief Justice nomination hearings spoil about voting rights, yet read this clip for more…
So now wht propaganda masters going to come up with after PM's announcement for inquiry through Supreme Court Chief Just…
A reminder that Chief Justice John Roberts has epilepsy, as did Presidents Madison & T Roosevelt.
She's been Chief Justice for longer than that.
: Himachal Pradesh HC Chief Justice calls for increasing awareness about drug abuse He said that 29.3% y…
MT Alabama Chief Justice suspended for upholding natural marriage.
Himachal High Court chief justice calls for increasing awareness about drug abuse.
# Manish Sisodia is the Chief Justice of India, sick AAP and team 👌👎🏿🐒
Philippine chief justice objects to Duterte's lawless ways, so he threatens martial law.
and on top of Comey not doing his job, our Chief Justice is not prosecuting HRC for committing a crime! They're all corrupt!
Another case of the Chief Justice opining too freely, in my opinion.
Top Belize court overturns buggery law: Belize's Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin, has found that a law which c...
Afterwords he and Chief Justice Roberts should have gone out for drinks, swap stories. They've got a lot in common.
Judge sues JSC over Chief Justice job interview
Mr. Giles outrage explains a lot we find outrageous about the Chief Minister and the NT justice system.
Maybe should've submitted himself to be chief justice instead? 🤔
Judge refuses to give up on Chief Justice dream, sues JSC via
TODAY: Read our Chief Commissioner's opinion piece in htt…
Fort Pierce Police chief asks Dept. of Justice for help
Police Maintained Presence at Supreme Court for Chief Justice’s Ruling: A notable number of law enforcement m...
UNIBAM Holds Conference to Discuss Chief Justice’s Ruling: After the favorable ruling given this morning by C...
On August 10, 1993, Ruth Bader Ginsburg is sworn in as 2nd female justice of by Chief Justice Rehnquist. https…
Fresh battle over hiring of Chief Justice as State goes back to court - via
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Chief Justice lost credibility. She's supposed to remain She has no business playing politics.
i will not end the pursuit of justice Matthew , You Will Be Held Accountable, i Promise You
Chief Justice Sereno classified as "psychotic" based on her psychiatric test results ("4") - htt…
Chief Justice John Roberts and the ACA released me from that burden
Ex-Chief Justice Puno bats for 'hybrid' con-con
I'm sadden by the Chief Justice ruling in Belize, I'm sadden by the decapitation of Pastor Lui, I'm sadden by...
Attorney General back to court; seeks to have JSC submit 3 names to the President, so he picks one as Chief Justice. Ha! Ha!
What's next for the Baltimore PD? Ferguson's police chief discusses with
"Pinag-aralan namin yan Chief Justice. So fiscal ako noon, it is not that easy to get a warrant,”
"Do you want Bart to be Chief Justice, or a sleazy male stripper?" "Why can't he be both, like the lat…
Yr 11/12 studies students invited to career talk w/ Chief Justice at http…
Alabama's Chief Justice to face ethics trial after abusing authority to block *** weddings
Belize Chief Justice has just made *** sex legal -
SC spokesman: “Many things have been said. The Chief Justice sees no need to add to what are being said.”
threatens martial law after Chief Justice warns judges implicated in illegal drugs not to submit to police. ht…
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Former NH Chief Justice asks in the What is Donald Trump hiding in his tax returns?
Adetokunbo Ademola, Nigerian lawyer and jurist, 2nd Chief Justice of Nigeria (b. 1906) died closer to the moon landing than today
Son of former CM of Assam is SC judge and is all set to become Chief Justice of India in future.deep state.
John Roberts: A look at his 10 years as Chief Justice via
by creating Good Taliban, LET, LEJ, ASWJ, SSP and India's former Chief Justice sits with banned outfits?
Many people with epilepsy/seizures have become very successful-like John Roberts, Chief Justice of the SCOTUS.
people who have epilepsy-one of them is John Roberts, Chief Justice of the SCOTUS.
Mr. Justice Shiavax Jal Vazifdar takes the oath as Chief Justice of & High Court !
Apparently "John Marshall" is responsible for laying down the lure... Thank you, Chief Justice
Paul Ryan should resign. He has done very little since taking that seat. Time to vote for the Chief Justice.
37 new Washington State Patrol troopers will be sworn in by the Chief Justice of the Washington Supreme Court...
Have to get John Roberts to take an associate appointment, so the Big O can be the Chief Justice 🍻
Justice Iqbal Ahmed Ansari has been sworn-in as the 39th Chief Justice of Patna High Court and will retire on October 29, 2016.
Unwise for AG to head judicial division of Sessions, Magistrate court says Chief Justice
Chief Justice of Calcutta High Court Manjula Chellur questions need for police probe, when HC is hearing the case
Chief Justice of Calcutta High Court speaks on human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation.
Fun Fact: William Howard Taft is the only US president to be both President and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court ever.
At the farewell party for the Chief Justice emeritus, Dr. Willy Mutunga, on Monday evening.
With in the middle former Chief Justice of Kenya Willy Mutunga. You can be CJ and activist at the same time!
Today on HD 109246 b: John Marshall is appointed the Chief Justice of the United States (1801/1/31)
Couldn't agree more, lawyers want in new Chief Justice - Daily Nation via
Everyone who Obama had nominated is loyal to there boss except Chief Justice of the United States John Roberts.
I hear him of the lying eye balls have applied for the position of the Chief Justice. Irony is he...
I hear my former lecturer, friend, and astute attorney, John Chebii, has applied to be Chief Justice. . I don't...
the Liberty Bell cracks while tolling for John Marshall, 1st USSC Chief Justice
The Vision Thing: It’s rare for gents to get to appointed Chief Justice of the Lahore High Court on merit alo...
Chief Justice of Lahore High Court Syed Mansoor Ali Shah is the sort of person that Pakistani institutions need as their head. Reformers.
chief obstructionist to justice in Clinton email case.
Chief Justice Shkh.Jalaalu'din is my great grandfather. His judgements were Shari'ah bases. I trust him & the ppl did.
Warren Burger, Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court,quoted; "75 to 90% of American Trial Lawyers are incompetent, dishonest or both."
Totally false. Justice Dhingra is a very honest person. I know, because I was Chief Justice of Delhi High Court.
Instead of fair justice, proceedings in volunteer battalion Aidar Staff Chief Lykholit interfered by high officials.
Our Chief Justice of SC said it rightly .US emitting carbon 10 times more than India accusing countries like India is ridiculous
Apply polluter pays principle to U.S.: Chief Justice of India
'Mediation is the right alternative': The acting chief justice referred to a motorcycle rally taken out by De...
Dr. Sajid Nisar, brother of Justice Saqib Nisar, Future Chief Justice of Pakistan, is a very close friend of Dad, along…
So excited the first SGA meeting as Chief Justice at the Venice campus! Starting to plan the fall trip & activities 🤓🤘🏿
Our visit to est. 1752. Paris is pretending to be the Chief Justice of the…
Thanks to the immense commitment from our Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice LaBarga to
: Advocates’ meet with Chief Justice of India holds the key July 03, 2016 at 05:36AM
"Chairman visits High Court and meets Chief Justice Sajjad Ali Shah at his chamber.
1/2: Thank you and Police Chief David Rausch for leading by example on
"You cant be a coloniser and be ethical at the same time" - Chief Justice Mogoeng.U should worry about your sour…
Justice Mathur is 100% right. Government employees Kaam 4 Aana, Tankha 12 aana.
KENYA : President takes keen interest in appointment of Chief Justice
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On this day 2012, Justice Aloma Mukthar was appointed as first female Chief Justice of Nigeria
Fmr Palestinian chief justice shows solidarity with ‘gathering
On my last point to Nixon's Chief Justice confirming the 2nd Amendment is NOT about gun ownership: http…
Tempting, he would be the greatest Chief Justice ever. .
Declare Delhi as a Country..& make Kejriwal its. PM. Prez. VP. Chief Justice. Army chief. Censor board. he will still blame Mo…
Two son-in-laws of Chief Election Commission Justice Raza have been appointed Secretary Petroleum and DG Health
General News • 'Chief Justice: We will purge the service of “bad nuts”' via Full story at
Comey will pull off another SC Chief Justice Roberts re Hillary. Let's just say...he'll be convinced not to prosecute.
Developed nations emitting more carbon than India, says chief justice
Season of suo motu has started but wht abot . "Chief justice takes suo motu notice of political interference in…
.That's how elite 'justice' works. Chief Con Habgood ruled out prosecution same protocol
OUR Chief Justice is HINDU.And he himself made it clear that there is no point of removing Islam as State religion
Ogah’s Camp Demands That He Should Be Sworn-In: The Chief Justice of Nigeria, the Attorney-General of the...
Much needed corrective measures by new Chief Justice of Lahore High Court
Monday Briefs: Precedent forms for the Supreme Court, honouring the Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia
Governor Clinton appointed Hubbell as Chief Justice of the Arkansas State Supreme Court, but 10 years later he resigned before pleading guil
Sure, the misguided Chief Justice in Dred Scott debacle.Using him today harkens to a savage time
Justice Mohammed Ibrahim takes over as acting Chief Justice
Son of Chief Justice of Sindh High Court feared abducted: policeDunya
You do know Clarence Thomas isn't Chief Justice, right? That goes to John Roberts.
1941: Harlan Fiske Stone nominated as the 12th Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court
You ignore the abomination Mom 'Chief Justice of Ohio Supreme Court' carried out for her son, yet applaud this fake.
"After two judges recused themselves, the Chief Justice of the Texas Supreme Court assigned Senior District Judge Pat Priest"
Welcoming Mr Zhou Qiang, Chief Justice & President of the Supreme People’s Court of China 2day w/
DFM McGuinness, Junior Min, Ross, and Agri Min, McIlveen met Zhou Qiang, Chief Justice and President Supreme People’s Court of China today.
Regard to the late Trilok Pratap Rana the ex-Chief Justice,Supreme Court,Nepal who was also, the fellows participant with us !
and the Chief Justice of the state Supreme Court runs it like a theocracy what can go wrong
Another quote from recent speech by the Chief Justice of Canada's Supreme Court
First trial as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court; first degree murder and the defendant deemed not guilty✅
/Who's referring to Dred Scott? Am referring to his interest in ARRESTING a SC Chief Justice. But carry on w your Trump attacks
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The indefatigable Boobay of May Tamang Balita reveals that DOJ Secretary and rumored Chief Justice nominee, Leila...
Best example sets by honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan.
JSC gets barred from recruiting Chief Justice and his Deputy Chief Justice.
Court declares Parliament’s amendment to section 33 of JSC Act on Chief Justice and the deputy’s appointment unconstitutional.
Our flags are at half-mast to mark the death of the Honourable Lorne Clarke, retired Chief Justice.
Beatty to be 2nd black Chief Justice of SC Supreme Court
Congratulations to alumnus, Justice Donald Beatty, the next Chief Justice of the S. C. Supreme Court
Great to see Donald Beatty elected as the next Chief Justice of the South Carolina Supreme Court. Xi Psi '71
Donald Beatty becomes second to be names South Carolina's Chief Justice.
Justice Don Beatty is elected South Carolina Supreme Court Chief Justice
33. at the JSC to influence and procure the appointment of Dr. Willy Mutunga as Chief Justice and President of the Supreme
Iconic conservative and former Chief Justice of State Supreme Court announces opposition to death penalty https:…
An interesting article from the former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of North Carolina on how his...
Chief Justice honourable sir u r at helm of affairs ur duty I think is in the name of Allah plz save holy land from all evils
I'm still in disbelief that Honourable Dikgang Moseneke retired without being Chief Justice... Such unfairness!
Honourable Lorne Clarke, retired Chief Justice of Nova Scotia, passed away in Halifax hospital early this morning. He was 87.
NEW: The Honourable Lorne Clarke, retired Chief Justice of passed away in hospital this morning
Collegium recommends Justice Vazifdar as Chief Justice of Punjab & Haryana High Court :
William Howard Taft. 27th President and 10th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. The only man in USA history to hold both positions.
New York has a competitor! Scandals Embroil Alabama Governor, Speaker and Chief Justice
Mississippi is now a Sludge...The Governor is a *** Chief Justice is on Suspension & The Speaker of the House is a Thief! OleMiss!!!
thesis that the Supreme Court admitted a judicial error. Voice of one Justice is not voice of court, not even Chief Justice's
Oliver Ellsworth, 3rd Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court, was born this date in 1745; member St. John's Lodge, NJ.…
Bridges can be easily smashed but not so easily built: Chief Justice - The Sunday Times Sri Lanka
Put her to replace Roberts as Chief Justice when he quits.
Mean-muggin' with the Chief Justice of the Kentucky Supreme Court.🏛 @ Western Kentucky University
Now what after Chief Justice's NO to govt? In at 10 PM tonight on Waqt News. With Ali Zafar, Qayum Sidiqui, Dhamra, Manan.
The latest right-wing nutjob cause: Blaming the Chief Justice, or "John Roberts Derangement Syndrom"
The AWL board with Senator Penny Wong and AWL Patron, The Hon Justice Diana Bryant AO, Chief Justice of the... https:/…
Just a reunion with the former Chief Justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court.…
President Duterte, please consider Madam Santiago to be one of the future justices and eventually a Chief Justice!
Roy Moore suspended: What they are saying around the country about Alabama's Chief Justice
there's hope! Thank you Lord for people of integrity Madonsela # Chief Justice
Life in the Obamanation...Alabama's Chief Justice has been suspended for blocking *** marriage
New post: ". Alabama's Chief Justice of the Supreme Court has been suspended for trying to block same-sex marriage…
Praise the Lord! AL Chief Justice may lose job over refusal to acknowledge Supreme Ct *** marriage ruling.
SC may get a former Bombay HC judge, presently the Chief Justice of MP High Court, CJ as a judge on its bench.
President Hassan Sheikh sacks Chief Justice citing age limit and injustices in judicial system
Transfer of this Hon'ble Judge is a promotion. Now he will be heading a far bigger High Court as its Chief Justice.
Judicial shortage is blocking investment, argues Chief Justice of India -
Kenya's Chief Justice, Willy Mutunga, joining journalists to celebrate during the Gala dinner
NT Govt Media Advisory fail x2. Dr John Lowndes is NOT the “Chief Judge” but Chief Magistrate. If he were, call him Chief Justice.
The deputy Chief Justice, Steven Kavuma on Friday banned Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) and Dr...
Ugandan's don't feel they elected the president,have no role in selecting Chief Justice & speaker so what is democracy?
Chief Justice has full authority to change TORs and start from Sharif family , so stop yelling 😂
John Marshall was Chief Justice for 200 years, fact
Your dad is a hero to the Hacienda Luisita Farmers. He was a Chief Justice and he fought hard to free the farmers...
Today in 1921, former President William Howard Taft became Chief Justice he's the only man to ever hold b…
Chief Justice, Dr Willy Mutunga, has communicated his disappointment over how President Uhuru Kenyatta and his...
Renato Corona, 23rd Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, passed away today at the age of 67.
William Howard Taft was the only man in US history to be President and Chief Justice, yet we only remember him for getting stuck in his tub
Thursday April 28, 2016 - Chief Justice, Dr Willy Mutunga, has expressed his frustration over how President Uhuru...
John Elwood: Likely a certain threshold number of 4-4 cases beyond which the Chief Justice will find unacceptable
7. Some people may not know that John Marshall was a Chief Justice of the United States
"It is a serious charge. A Chief Justice has been impeached for that crime. Vice President Jejomar Binay is in...
Roy Moore (the actual Chief Justice of an actual state Supreme Court) is reaching new levels of unhingedness today.
Chief Justice of India XI take on Supreme Court Bar Association XI in a T20 match at Kotla!
John Jay our 1st Chief Justice wrote in the Federalist No.2 exactly what USA 2B
Rao and Nittoor Srinivasa Rau (who later became the Chief Justice of Karnataka High Court) and several other noted people like Prof. V.T.
Justice Manzoor Ali shah new Chief Justice of Lahore High Court. Great news for judiciary. Unexpected decision
Apr 27, 1880: several appointments are made to Supreme Court: FBT Carter as Chief Justice & Robert Pinsent as Assistant Judge
Two days after our Chief Justice cries, that judges have no time for cases, he goes and does this-
Trump should immediately add a seat and put Barron on the Supreme Court. Obviously as Chief Justice.
Nawaz Sharif will have to resign & Chief Justice should put him in jail not home.
US Chief Justice: SCOTUS ruling about central bank assets, agnst separation of powers.
Also, the late Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and sleazy male stripper Earl Warren.
Chief Justice of India TS Thakur gets emotional in front of PM Modi - Express TV: via
Watch: Chief Justice of India TS Thakur breaks down as he urges for more judges - Daily News & Analysis
Chief Justice of India TS Thakur breaks down during his speech at Jt conference of CMs and CJ of HCs in Vigyan Bhavan
Let's get an expert opinion from the late Chief Justice of the SCOTUS Warren Burger shall we?
Roberts was a brilliant choice of Chief Justice, as we can see. "Bespoke legislation" indeed. via
When a passes judgment on a Chief Justice -
Time for Senator Grassley to go! Passes Judgment on a Chief Justice, via
I'll move from passing my matric, to have a LL.B Degree. Become a Criminal Defense Lawyer, then a judge, Chief Justice. Then President of SA
Nepal gets first woman chief justice. Sushila Karki became the first female acting Chief Justice of Nepal’s Supreme CourtNepal.
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first woman acting Chief Justice assumes office .
Supersession Clause. Commander and Chief needs Chief Justice to take state level Attorney General to Supreme Court.
Nepal's first woman acting Chief Justice assumes office
Tani Cantil-Sakauye, Chief Justice was summoned for jury duty at Sacramento Superior Court.
*** Judge Garland is Chief Justice of DC Appellate Court 2nd most powerful court. Disrespect him & make a powerful enemy for life
nice job schooling Chief Justice on separation of powers to stay out of legislation business. Thanks!
Many thanks to the Chief Justice for bringing back the smile "saka Juju"
Chief Justice of India TS Thakur today took a dig at Senior Advocates appearing for various diesel car...
"On setting up a tally center, we have found that, no provision in the law was bleached" - Chief Justice. Cc.
Remember Rehnquist Court installed Bush and he appointed John Roberts, a young(ish) man who will be Chief Justice
The incumbent Chief Justice of the High Court of Lahore is Mr. Justice Ijaz Ul Ahsan.
Ted Cruz wanted John Roberts to be the Chief Justice. That’s just a fact! .
John Roberts, before he became Chief Justice, was a lawyer for big coal companies like Murray Energy.
Today in In 1865 Hugh L. Nichols was born in He became the first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
.. Taft was as much of reactionary slug as Chief Justice as he was as president. TR was right about him.
Toronto-If Iftikhar Chaudhry had still been Chief Justice of Pakistan-He would taken Somoto Notice-Ordered-BAN ON PAKISTAN CRICKET TEAM-
Inauguration by Chief Justice of India, T S Thakur of the new building of Lucknow bench of the Allahabad High Court. htt…
Chief Justice of Sindh High Court has been pleased to Declare 24th March 2016 Thursday as Holiday on the Occasion of Hindu Minority's Holli.
as head of judiciary, and moving piers to lord Chief Justice, and giving speaker role to Lords Speaker
Remember this: Earl Warren was the Republican governor of California when Eisenhower nominated him Chief Justice.
New post (Supreme Court judges appointment row - Chief Justice vs Modi government?) has been published on
on 1891 Earl Warren, American lieutenant, jurist, and politician, 14th Chief Justice of the United States (d. 1974)
On 3/19 In 1891, future California governor and Chief Justice of the United States Earl Warren was born in Los Angeles.
Earl Warren, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in the '50s and '60s, was born 125 years ago today:
Earl Warren (14th Chief Justice of the U.S. and 30th Governor of California, was born today in 1891.
Today in History - March 19, 1891 - Birthdate of Earl Warren, confirmed Chief Justice of SCOTUS in 1954 -
Why is our Chief Justice such an *** His name is Roy Moore in case you want to send some fan mail
3/19/1891- Earl Warren, Governor of California and Chief Justice of Supreme Court of United States, born.
Chief Justice of Calcutta High Court arriving today - The Echo of India
High Court judge Pratibha Rani sends plea seeking cancellation of bail plea of to Chief Justice bench.
I nominate Roy Moore of the Alabama Supreme Court for the position of Chief Justice for the U.S. Supreme Court.
Rajinder Sachar, former Chief Justice of the Delhi High Court, writes on the . "BJP antipathy to freedom... http…
Finally the Hon'ble the Chief Justice of the Allahabad High Court respected the concerns of the Oudh Bar...
Record number of Civic Learning Awards announced by Chief Justice & State Superintendent
You know who made the best deal ever? Earl Warren. Extorted Ike into making him Chief Justice, got 9-0 vote on Brown v. Board.
At the Supreme Court honoring John Marshall, the great Chief Justice...and my 5th Great Grandfather
Save the date for "Canada in the World" conference on April 12, 2016, featuring the Chief Justice:
Chief Justice applauds hip hop rapper for his style of music. via
China will set up an int'l maritime judicial center: Chief Justice
Timothy Singhel - Who was first Chief Justice of United States? Did you guess John Jay? If so, you're right!
Chief Justice's Michael Kirby + John Pascoe reviewed Donor Consent forms - are not legal documents. Clinics had no authority
On Feb. 4, 1801, John Marshall is sworn in as Chief Justice of the United States.
There are many John Roberts. Voice actor on "Bob's Burgers" and also the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Call me maybe?
CPA to sue Chief Justice over toilet fees: Consumer Protection Agency has issued twenty-one days ultimatum to ...
After Citizens United is reversed, John Roberts' heritage as Chief Justice will go down in infamy.
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Bart Katureebe has directed the Electoral Commission to immediately avail the...
Supreme Court Orders EC to Produce Results Declaration Forms: The Chief Justice, Bart Katureebe, who is leadin...
Centre has appointed which of the following as the Chief Justice of the Meghalaya High Court?. (1) Abhay Manohar...
Chief Justice says conduct is diverting the Court
In response to Counsel for EC raising the EC's busy schedule, Chief Justice notes they have their headaches bt Court also busy
A group of former judges, IPS officers and jurists have urged the Chief Justice of India and all the other judges...
Chief Justice: Information I have shows this amendment was filled at 10:00 am yet this court was meant to start at 9:00 am
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