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The Chief Justice in many countries is the name for the presiding member of a Supreme Court in Commonwealth or other countries with an Anglo-Saxon justice system based on English common law, such as the Supreme Court of Canada, the Constitutional Court of South Africa, the Court of Final Appeal of Hong Kong, the Supreme Court of India, the Supreme Court of Pakistan, the Supreme Court of Nepal, the Supreme Court of Ireland, the Supreme Court of New Zealand, the High Court of Australia, the Supreme Court of the United States, or provincial or state Supreme Courts. John Glover Roberts, Jr. (born January 27, 1955) is the 17th and current Chief Justice of the United States. 5.0/5

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2005: The US Senate confirms John Roberts to be the next Chief Justice of the United States.
9/29/2005-John Roberts confirmed by Senate, 78-22, as Chief Justice of Supreme Court of the United States, takes his judicial oath same day.
There is only one Chief Justice, currently John Roberts. The remaining 8 members, including Gorsuch,…
Jackson, studying for history test on SCOTUS, says and THE supreme is John Roberts 🙈🙈🙈 Actually son, he is called the Chief Justice
John Roberts is Chief Justice of the United States, not Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court. Important to get that right.
John Roberts is the current Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
I was the only one in my mass media & society class that knew that John Roberts was the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court 🙃🙃🙃
with John Roberts as Chief Justice on SCOTUS. The USA NEEDS Barack Obama as a SCOTUS Justice. To Balance Justice for THE PEOPLE !!
TIL the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is typically Chancellor of the Smithsonian. This meant John Roberts had to speak today at NMAAHC
John Roberts at his Chief Justice nomination hearings spoil about voting rights, yet read this clip for more…
John Roberts: A look at his 10 years as Chief Justice via
Many people with epilepsy/seizures have become very successful-like John Roberts, Chief Justice of the SCOTUS.
people who have epilepsy-one of them is John Roberts, Chief Justice of the SCOTUS.
Have to get John Roberts to take an associate appointment, so the Big O can be the Chief Justice 🍻
You do know Clarence Thomas isn't Chief Justice, right? That goes to John Roberts.
nice job schooling Chief Justice on separation of powers to stay out of legislation business. Thanks!
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Remember Rehnquist Court installed Bush and he appointed John Roberts, a young(ish) man who will be Chief Justice
Ted Cruz wanted John Roberts to be the Chief Justice. That’s just a fact! .
John Roberts, before he became Chief Justice, was a lawyer for big coal companies like Murray Energy.
There are many John Roberts. Voice actor on "Bob's Burgers" and also the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Call me maybe?
After Citizens United is reversed, John Roberts' heritage as Chief Justice will go down in infamy.
John Roberts is a great Chief Justice. Neither too liberal nor conservative. Just does right by the law and our country.
Yeah but Cruz supported the nomination of John Roberts who, as Chief Justice, affirmed Obamacare. Get it?
No thanks. Ted is one of the attorneys along with Chief Justice, John Roberts, who stole the 2000 election from Al Gore.
How does that happen with John Roberts, accelerator of Citizens United, as current Chief Justice?
Ted Cruz is spot on. John Roberts has been a disastrous Chief Justice aside from his same sex marriage dissent
“JUST WHO DO WE THINK WE ARE?”. Extract from statement by Chief Justice of USA John Roberts. Under the...
Opposition to Voting Rights Act has been lifelong cause for John Roberts, first in Reagan DOJ & now as Chief Justice
John Roberts and the Supreme Court's business docket over his ten Terms as Chief Justice:
The pusillanimous John Roberts is probably the worst Chief Justice of the past century, including Earl Warren. Thanks, Bush!
I wonder if John Roberts could be the modern day equivalent of Earl Warren: a Chief Justice picked by a Republican president w/ surprisingly
I wonder if G.W.Bush is feeling the same about his selection of John Roberts to be Chief Justice as Dwight Eisenhower did about Earl Warren?
I haven't always agreed with John Roberts' decisions, but he's been the best Chief Justice in the US since Earl Warren.
John Roberts, Chief Justice was Swing Vote in Obama's favor in previous healthcare landmark case
the Chief Justice, John Roberts was born in '55 and Thomas, Alito, Sotomayor, and Kagan are also under 75😂
I would LOVE to see Levin replace John Roberts as Chief Justice! The man is a genius!
I see John Roberts, nominal Chief Justice, & I think "Why isn't he in prison". .
John Roberts. Was originally appointed as associate, but Bush nominated him for Chief Justice after Rehnquist died
SCOTUS political games are offensive and reflect unfavorably on John Roberts whose tenure as Chief Justice is tarnished beyond repair.
On this day in 2005 John Roberts was sworn in as the nation's 17th Chief Justice.
On this date in 2005, President Bush nominated John Roberts as the next Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme
.Hate to tell you this, but John Roberts is the Chief Justice of SCOTUS, not Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She's an Associate Justice.
What year will Bart replace John Roberts as Chief Justice? My guess is 2027.
Bart would be a better Chief Justice of the Supreme Court than John Roberts
Ginsburg retires, Eric Holder gets in, John Roberts will resign b/c of scandal, Eric Holder becomes Chief Justice, Obama installed for life
But you know, John Roberts, Chief Justice says it's a post racial world, so there ya go.
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I think I will feel better about the direction of the # SCOTUS when the Chief Justice is Juan Roberts instead of John Roberts
If your writers thought it was "New York Yankees 3B John Roberts" instead of Chief Justice, would you? Correct is better.
Holder critises the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court,John Roberts for not being tough on Racial issues. To take sides.
A good day to catch up on my criticism of John Roberts. Put more justice into that Chief Justice position.
John Roberts reps a murderer, now he is Chief Justice! Debo Adegbile reps a murderer, can't get a senate confirmation.
John Roberts is Chief Justice of THE United States (not "of the Supreme Court")
Unfortunately elections do have consequences and the appointment of John Roberts as Chief Justice is George Bush's greatest achievement.
as long as John Roberts is Chief Justice, SCOTUS is for sale, not cheaply, to far right.
In early Oct, 2005 was one of the most disastrous events in US history: John Roberts became Chief Justice of the SCOTUS
"DEMO-cracy: Noun, from Ancient Greek, meaning Government by the People; colloquial American English, noun, meaning Government of the Rich People, for the Rich People, by the Rich People." Bye Bye Miss American Pie, By the way.was the McCutcheon Decision handed down on April Fools Day, 2014? Perfect. In this country that was created under the concept of all men are created equal.Justice(and I use the word loosely) John Roberts wrote in this most recent decision."Leveling the playing field is not an acceptable interest of government..." I must ask...wasn't "leveling the playing field..." the reason for the very founding of this nation? What the *** is this Chief Justice smoking? Answer.1000-dollar bills. jgh
I think racism, sexism and homophobia should be an impeachable offense in public office. I think at the very least someone needs to explain, how can a bigot uphold their oath of office when they or not culturally or emotionally capable of representing all Americans. People like Ted Cruz, Jeffery Beauregard Sessions, Jon Kyl, Tom Coburn and Richard Shelby are white Supremacist. They see Blacks and other people of color as subservient life forms. How can we move forward in the 21st century with such a low standard of legislative representation? You have several members of congress that are racist. They may serve the fears and frustrations of their white constituencies but they only serve as terrorist to their Black and Brown citizens in their home states. The same thing can be said about the current US Supreme Court. You have a Chief Justice, John Roberts and Associate Justices Antonin Scalia and Samuel Alito who have a knowable history of racism. The US Senate has a history of confirming justices that have ...
Chief Justice, John Roberts also has hired Virginia Law grads as Clerks of the United States Supreme Court.
John Roberts the economist v the Chief Justice: so confusing!
Hey look, it's John Roberts on Fox News. I didn't know the Chief Justice had a job filling on
It's awesome that we have such a weak-willed, spineless coward as our Chief Justice. I find it amazing that John Roberts consistently rules determining what will or won't get him in trouble. Our Supreme Court (our government for that matter) needs to rule on the side of what's right, and not what is legal. And before I hear a bunch of folks quoting "obey them that have the rule over you" just remember. The founding fathers became criminals once they drafted the Declaration. To even begin the process of bringing about our Constitution, they had to ILLEGALLY scrap The Articles of Confederation which required UNANIMOUS consent from the states to be even slightly changed. The Apostle Paul was a fugitive because he refused to stop preaching Jesus Christ. It is illegal for a 14 year old girl to lead prayer in a public classroom. However, it is legal for that same 14 year old girl to murder a human growing inside her. For those of you wondering what I'm ranging about, the Supreme Court, namely Chief Justice Robe ...
Yesterday I learned that the person who appoints the FISA court judges is the SCOTUS Chief Justice. (John Roberts) Comfy with …
I'm not including, yet, the Congressional bill that Obama said he would veto on protecting Military Religious Freedom or the recently reported (but not yet confirmed) John Roberts (SCOTUS Chief Justice) Blackmail or even another whistleblower who has been threatened or Obama's statement that the USA will be a Muslim country by 2016 . but here are the other 60+ that I've come up with. As I said earlier tonite, rumor mill says something big is about to happen --- is it one of these or something even bigger? Obama Administration Scandals 1. Benghazi - before-during-after, cover-up, gun-running & death by lethal injection for Ambassador Stevens. 2. Fast & Furious (aka F&F), 3. IRS Multiple scandals - targeting Tea Party members and other conservatives,; expanded to include: the FCC [Federal Communications Commission], SEC [Securities and Exchange Commission], FEC [Federal Elections Commission], HHS [Department of Health and Human Services], and "8 businessmen enemies" along with releasing a "donors list: fo . ...
Everything you need to know about the nominations showdown, in one FAQ By Dylan Matthews, Published: June 3, 2013 It was funny when Senate Judiciary Committee ranking member Chuck Grassley equated Obama filling D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals vacancies with “court-packing.” But that’s not the last we’re going to hear from the Senate about judicial appointments. According to my colleague Juliet Eilperin, Obama is gearing up to appoint three more judges to the D.C. Circuit, which currently has eight confirmed judges but a total of 11 seats. If approved, Obama’s new nominees would put the court at full capacity for the first time since a brief period in 2005, before John Roberts left to become Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. The last time the court was full before that was in 1991 — but then Clarence Thomas left to join the Supreme Court. And whether or not those judges make it onto the court could make or break Obama’s second-term agenda. They’ll be the ones ruling on decisions coming from ...
If anyone has that Chief Justice on John G Roberts paper done for Government and wants to text it to me... please holler.soon.
John Roberts (later Chief Justice) wants to marry Jane Sullivan. State allows it. They adopt 2 children but have none biologically.
Scalia: So, you bring this young John Roberts in to be Chief Justice because you think I've gone off the rails? I'll show you off the rails!
Tell Chief Justice Roberts: Don't let Justice Scalia's Republican activism on the bench drag America back to the racist Jim Crow Era The petition to Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts reads: "Put your country and the Constitution before partisan politics. If you overturn the Voting Rights Act with support from Justice Scalia, you put the credibility of the Supreme Court — and your legacy — at risk. Ensure history remembers the Supreme Court under your leadership as Chief Justice as 'the Roberts Court' not 'the Republican activist Court' that returned us to the era of Jim Crow." As one of the youngest Chief Justices appointed in U.S. history, the conservative jurist John Roberts has long been expected to leave his distinct stamp on the Supreme Court. But will his legacy be one of conservative jurisprudence or Republican judicial activism in the tradition of Jim Crow? Will his leadership be known in history books as "the Roberts Court" or "the Racist Court"? That distinction may very well hinge on ...
Scalia disappointed in Chief Justice -but who wasn't.
John Jay was the first one. Others were William Howard Taft (who liked it much better than being President), Charles Evans Hughes, and Earl Warren. The current (and 17th) one is John Roberts. The most important one, and the one really who was the founder of American jurisprudence was the 4th (and longest serving-34 years) Chief Justice of the United States, John Marshall. He was sworn in to the office on February 4, 1801. Two hundred twelve years ago today.
Letters to the editor:Annie Walker morning news: Beyonce lipsynched the National anthem, and found the only way to sing Hedda Foreman, Cleveland Hts. First I want to tell you that I was at the inauguration, and before I was led away in hand cuffs, got amazingly close to the podium...I was there when our handsome President(drool, drool) took the oath of office,and was completely aware that HE was lipsynching..No way was the Chief Justice, John Roberts going to foul things up this year like he did last year by way of a Freudian slip...The idea of an African American President was like a cat and mouse chasing each other around in his unconscious, and tripping over his tongue..There were some folks who got their wires crossed about it that's for sure..Joe Biden didn't lipsynch his oath, because face it--Joe is practical..At any given moment he is capable of saying the wrong thing, lipsynching or not..i.e. why bother.. Back to Beyonce...She is beautiful, she is sophisticated, she s glamorous,she has an ...
Trying to remember who's Chief Justice, Lindsay: "If you were in an Indiana tribe, your chiefs name would be John Roberts" helpful.
Be prepared. Chief Justice of the SCOTUS John Roberts will once again wag his tail and do his master's bidding re: enshrined gayness.
ALL eyes were on Michelle Obama's new hairstyle when Barack Obama was sworn in by the US Chief Justice, John Roberts, for a second term as the US president on Sunday (Washington DC time). She sported a new fringe as her husband took the oath, a hairstyle change that does much to change the first lad...
Rehnquist defended judicial independence in year-end report Zachariah Rivenbark This Week in Legal History On January 1, 2005, former Chief Justice William Rehnquist issued a year-end report [PDF] in which he defended the federal judiciary from political critiques. Chief Justice Rehnquist emphasized judicial independence as a means to "to administer the law fairly, without regard to public reaction," and expressed concern over calls to impeach federal judges "who issue decisions regarded by some as out of the mainstream." This year-end report was to be Rehnquist's last. He had not sat on the bench since late October 2004 due to treatment for thyroid cancer. John Roberts succeeded Rehnquist as Chief Justice in September 2005.
Orly Taitz: Noonan v Bowen was resubmitted today to Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts:...
Saints of the Week: Dec. 9-Dec. 15. Dec. 9 - St. Peter Fourier. Born in France, educated by the Jesuits. Started a Congregation of nuns to teach poor children in free schools and dedicated his life to providing free education to the poor. Dec. 10 - St. John Roberts. No, not the Chief Justice that sealed our fate by making Obamacare the law of the land. (Oi!) Born in Wales, became a Benedictine monk in England and worked to keep the Faith alive with the English people during the intense persecution of the Catholics by Queen Elizabeth. Dec. 11 - Blessed Franco Grotti. Born in Sienna, Italy, spent the first 50 years of his life as a criminal at which time he suddenly became blind. Made the very difficult journey to the Shrine of St. James in Spain, where his sight was restored. Converted to Christianity on the spot. Dec. 12 - St. Finnian. An Irish saint that lived in the years following St. Patrick. Established many monasteries, schools and churches, with the most famous being the monastery at Clonar ...
OBC: Reader Protests to John Roberts: letter to the editor: . Howdy,   In the Inaugural, Chief Justice...
The Nerve of John Roberts. New on the Chief Justice's hypocritical fit of pique yesterday in court.
The Nerve of John Roberts: The Chief Justice calls out the executive branch for doing precisely what the Supreme...
Ahh...John Roberts is the Chief Justice. Clarence Thomas is taking up space.
I think that Buffalo native and Chief Justice, John Roberts, may have something to say about that.
435 HOR and 50 Senators... 27 amendments... John Roberts (Chief Justice of US)... Jeezz... Do you guys even know this...
If you are not a Bible prophecy watcher, this video may be too much for you. However, I would have never imagined Joe Biden speaking prophecy! This is Chief Justice John Roberts confirmation hearing, and then-Senator Joe Biden was questioning him on the “Micro-chip”. Senator Biden tells John Roberts...
"A lot of my jokes got funnier when I became the Chief Justice."- John Roberts
Great crowd at Rice University for Conversation with Chief Justice of US John Roberts.
Someone just referred to John Roberts as the "Chief of Justice"
This chart is good news ... if you think a small handful of wealthy people should dominate American elections. Citizen United will go down as perhaps the worst Supreme Court decision ever, right next to history's worst Chief Justice, John Roberts.
Justice Scalia reportedly insists that Jack be made Chief Justice as John Roberts is a wimp debater, according to former Thos. barman
John Roberts became Chief Justice in 2005. His seat on the D.C. Circuit is still vacant
Four pews behind Chief Justice John Roberts and Justices Kennedy, Thomas, Bryer, Scalia, and Kagan at Mass. Wow.
Storytime: Today in 2005 John Roberts was sworn in as Chief Justice, blah blah blah Citizens United, The End.
"the way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race." Chief Justice, John Roberts.
I learned last night when John Roberts retires as Chief Justice, Ed Hochuli is going to be the front runner to replace him.
Sept 22-1995 Time Warner struck a $7.5 billion deal to buy Turner Broadcasting System Inc./2004 "Lost" premiered on ABC./2005 John Roberts' nomination as chief justice cleared the Senate Judiciary Committee on a 13-5 vote./2008 The U.S. Mint unveiled the first changes to the penny in 50 years, with Abraham Lincoln's portrait still on the front, but new designs replacing the Lincoln Memorial on the back.
My latest credit: From the prizewinning author of The Nine, a gripping insider's account of the momentous ideological war between the John Roberts Supreme Court and the Obama administration. From the moment John Roberts, the chief justice of the United States, blundered through the Oath of Office at Barack Obama's inauguration, the relationship between the Supreme Court and the White House has been confrontational. Both men are young, brilliant, charismatic, charming, determined to change the course of the nation - and completely at odds on almost every major constitutional issue. One is radical; one essentially conservative. The surprise is that Obama is the conservative - a believer in incremental change, compromise, and pragmatism over ideology. Roberts - and his allies on the Court - seek to overturn decades of precedent: in short, to undo the ultimate victory FDR achieved in the New Deal. This ideological war will crescendo during the 2011-2012 term, in which several landmark cases are on ...
Does the world ever seem upside down to anyone else? "It was John Roberts who was determined to use his position as chief justice as an apostle of change," Toobin writes. "He was the one who wanted to usher in a new understanding of the Constitution, with dramatic implications for both the law and the larger society. And it was Barack Obama who was determined to hold on to an older version of the meaning of the Constitution." - Jeffrey Toobin from The Oath
You may want to anyways John Roberts is still Chief Justice and they are going to do shove law back 100 years.
any one can tell me something about John Roberts, The Chief Justice
In which John Roberts' pals defend him and claim he's judicially modest. Interesting read from
John Roberts believes most of his 16 predecessors as chief justice were failures, often due to overreaching.
Did our Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, change his tampon today? It has been on a period for years now.
Speaking of the Chief Justice, are any conservatives speaking to John Roberts yet? God forbid if is given a second term.
George W. Bush, a Republican, gave us current Chief Justice John Roberts who affirmed the individual mandate. So tell me again how Romney is going to keep the Supreme Court safe?
40. Who is the Chief Justice of the United States now? -- John Roberts
Options I am a Jew and I will NOT vote for Obama in 2012 shared Chief "Justice" John Roberts is a Traitor's photo. FOX recently discovered that Detroit has employed and continuous to do so, an expert but hasn't had any horses in ages. Nice income, I'd say. The unions won't allow to fire the worker who never works, at least not in that job. Now that's a lot better than winning the lotto.   10% Off
I got them all, but they gave me a "wrong" when I wrote John G. Roberts instead of John Roberts for Chief Justice. :| :| :|
John Roberts had only been a judge for 25 months when Bush appointed him Chief Justice.
Hi all On Sunday we said goodbye to my beautiful sister, Diane. She was an intelligent and gifted person who lived a fantastic life. After 4 great years at Pompton Lakes High School, she worked her way to Georgetown Law school where she excelled and graduated Magna *** Laude. For 20 years she practiced law at the Federal Reserve in NY and for a prestegious law firm in DC. She worked with Alan Greenspan and John Roberts (the chief justice of the Supreme Court) and loved the challenge of solving complex problems. She "retired" out to San Diego 7 years ago and devoted much of her energy and time to charitable causes including the humane society. She always worked for the underdog and tried to make everyone better The true passion for her and her husband Darrel were their many dogs and golfing. They took their dogs everywhere and loved them as if they were their kids. Her successful career also allowed her to travel the world and played the greatest courses on earth. Diane was a great player and thoro ...
Name one war the United States fought in the 1900's...___ my answer was the Banana Wars, lol as she was like what? I was explaining to her about Haiti, Nicaragua, and all those Central American places Marines had to visit after I felt like a *** so I told her just kidding meant to say WWII. Huh, so John Roberts is the Chief Justice.should have got that one right
Citizenship exam practice question Q: Who is he current Chief Justice of the Supreme Court? A: John Roberts
Chief "Justice" John Roberts is a Traitor Happy 31st Anniversary of Reagan Tax Cuts!!! *August 13, 1981* LIKE and SHARE if you believe we need Reagan-esque policies now!
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts Jr. will speak during this year's Lecture Series
Chief Justice of the US John G. Roberts Jr. is one of five speakers for Rice’s Centennial Lecture Series...
Hey Cheney: Bush picking John Roberts 4 Chief Justice was a mistake. was a life line & she almost dragged McCain 2 victory.
Chief "Justice" John Roberts is a Traitor wrote: Click this link to receive the free bumper-sticker:
July 19, 2005 John Roberts nominated as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Books on him are found in Biographies under ROBERTS.
On this day seven years ago, John Roberts nominated for Chief Justice
John Roberts and the Legitimacy of the Court - In Jeffrey Rosen's latest love letter to the Chief Justice (there hav...
John Roberts is the Chief Justice of the
I sure do agree with her opinion, and John Roberts, well as far as I'm concerned hand him a shovel and send him out to the barn where all the rest of the crap is.
Linda Greenhouse: The Mystery of John Roberts --> fascinating piece on the Chief Justice
At the sprightly age of 57 and less than seven years into his term as chief justice, John Roberts looks like a man whom time has left behind. The reaction among legal conservatives to the Roberts opinion in National Federation of Independent Businesses v. Sebelius (the healthcare case) has been brut...
Should the Manchurian Candidate be returned to the White House, does anyone believe he would not nominate to the IPAB a select coterie of like-minded, Marxist plutocrats, eager to wrench by any means from the American people their last remaining vestige of individual liberty? Did John Roberts realize that his constitutionally depraved ruling would provide the America hating Obama with literal, dictatorial authority over the government, people and future of the United States? If so, the Chief Justice has assumed his place in history as a traitor of unmatched ability.
After the Court's ACA ruling, it's time to look carefully at the John Roberts legacy. Conservatives criticizing the Chief Justice may wish to take a step back.
It is such a good feeling to know that Chief Justice John Roberts, born the same year I was which means we are baby boomers! For we grew up and saw the same exact events which shaped our world, good and bad! I applaud the Chief Justice for doing the right thing!
On the last possible day, the Supreme Court upheld most of the Affordable Care Act. (Here’s a pdf of the opinion.) Who won, then? John Roberts, the Chief Justice, who put himself in the majority with the Court’s four...
by Alan KeyesEmail | Archive Once a high-level Reagan-era diplomat, Alan Keyes is a long-time leader in the conservative movement. He is well-known as a staunch pro-life champion and an eloquent advocate of the constitutional republic, including respect for the moral basis of liberty and self-government. He has worked to promote an approach to politics based on the initiative of citizens of goodwill consonant with the with the principles of God-endowed natural right.Less ↑ When the U.S. Supreme Court announced its Obamacare decision, many conservatives professed to be shocked, even stunned, to hear that G.W. Bush appointee John Roberts wrote the decision in which he and the Supreme Court’s anti-constitutional leftists upheld the individual mandate provision that, for many conservatives, is its most offensive feature. Some so-called conservatives, mechanistically clinging to the GOP delusion, have scrambled like startled hens, awkwardly looking for some rationale that allows them to portray Roberts’ ...
John Roberts' Malta class discusses historical SCOTUS "with a particular emphasis on the role of the Chief Justice.”
The stance of humble gratitude toward John Roberts that’s been assumed is beginning to be a bit much. This is especially true since the real hero of the day is Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
John Roberts will step aside as Chief Justice in favor of
"John Roberts is no doubt a brainy man, and that seems to carry a lot of weight among the intelligentsia -- despite glaring lessons from history, showing very brainy men creating everything from absurdities to catastrophes. Few of the great tragedies of history were created by the village *** and many by the village genius. One of the Chief Justice's admirers said that when others are playing checkers, he is playing chess. How much consolation that will be as a footnote to the story of the decline of individual freedom in America, and the wrecking of the best medical care in the world, is another story. There are many speculations as to why Chief Justice Roberts did what he did, some attributing noble and far-sighted reasons, and others attributing petty and short-sighted reasons, including personal vanity. But all of that is ultimately irrelevant. What he did was betray his oath to be faithful to the Constitution of the United States. Who he betrayed were the hundreds of millions of Americans -- past, ...
"I think what you're overlooking is the sense that he has of his institutional duties," Charles Krauthammer said in his analysis of John Roberts' decision on Obamacare on Fox News' "O'Reilly Factor" Monday night. "As the Chief Justice of the United States, he sees part of his role, or a major par...
The commentary on John Roberts's solo walk into the Affordable Care Act wilderness is converging on a common theme: The Chief Justice is a genius. All of a sudden he is a chessmaster, a statesman, a Burkean minimalist, a battle-loser but war-winner, a Daniel Webster for our times. Now that we've had more time to take in Chief Justice Roberts's reasoning, we have a better summary: politician. In fact, his 5-4 ruling validating the constitutional arguments against purchase mandates and 5-4 ruling endorsing them as taxes is far more dangerous, and far more political, even than it first appeared last week. This is a minority view. By right-left acclaim, at least among elites, the Chief Justice has engineered a Marbury v. Madison-like verdict that camouflages new limits on federal power as a reprieve for President Obama's entitlement legacy and in a stroke enhanced the Supreme Court's reputation—and his own. This purported "long game" appeals to conservatives who can console themselves with a moral victory, ...
The Politico has a story today warning John Roberts: “You can be lionized and be the biggest hero in this town, or we can make your life miserable. It’s up to you.” Now, those are my words, but that’s the point of the Politico story: You can be the biggest, most prominent, most loved and revered chi...
OK thoughts on the show? make it a great weekend! I am heading to the AT&T National golf tournament tomorrow.. and then I am off next week on vacation with the family.. John Roberts is in the chair... (not the Chief Justice of course) Have a great 4th holiday week!
June 29, 2012 Trump Says John Roberts’ Birth Certificate is Fake Traces Chief Justice’s Birth to Village in Kenya New York (The Borowitz Report) – Controversy swirled around John Roberts today as billionaire Donald Trump claimed that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court had a fraudulent Birth Certificate. Mr. Trump said that these are the findings of a team of personal investigators he retained just after ten o’clock yesterday morning. According to these investigators, Justice Roberts, who claims to have grown up in Indiana, was actually born in a mud hut in a tiny rural village in Kenya. Furthermore, Mr. Trump claimed, “So-called John Roberts’ father was a village witchdoctor who forced all of the villagers to submit to his shamanic treatments, whether they wanted them or not.” While most of the mainstream media seemed skeptical of Mr. Trump’s allegations, Sean Hannity of the Fox News Channel called them “very concerning,” adding, “It’s time that the American people learned the ...
New view of John Roberts after health care ruling Chief Justice John Roberts could have taken down the entire
"I am glad that John Roberts, the Chief Justice, voted to uphold almost all of the Affordable Care Act."
This week was all about the Supreme Court -- and the suddenly surprising John Roberts. First, the Chief Justice...
Interesting profile of John Roberts, chief justice of the Supreme Court in the New Yorker.
Life is not black and white. It is shades of gray. (Not necessarily 50.) John Roberts is well-known to be a very conservative jurist in his capacity as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, yet because he ruled in favor of the Affordable Health Care Act, too many from the left want to throw him a parade, and an equal number of those from the right would rather throw him under a float. Let me remind everyone that this is the same Chief Justice who voted in favor of the Citizens United decision, making every corporation a person in the eyes of the law and directly causing the onslaught of nasty election ads across the board (and remember, we have over 4 months of THOSE to put up with). I am reminded of the wisdom of a line from the final episode of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show," a quote which I often refer to. In response to Ted Baxter showing an unusual amount of courage in defense of his coworkers, head writer Murray Slaughter remarked " don't get mad at a flying donkey when it doesn't stay up ver ...
In 2006, at the end of his first term as Chief Justice, John Roberts told me that he was determined to placed the bipartisan legitimacy of the Court above his own ideological agenda. But he recognized the difficulty of the task. “It’s sobering to think of the seventeen Chief Justices,” he said. “Ce...
After healthcare ruling, some liberals felt more charitable about John Roberts and the Supreme Court in general. Congressional Democrats who had feared the worst from the Supreme Court were left grappling with a new reality Thursday after Chief Justice John Roberts cast the deciding vote to uphold P...
John Roberts is said to be quite concerned about the way in which history will view his tour of duty as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Well, he doesn’t have to worry any longer; for his remarkable decision allowing Congress to impose a tax improperly and in a previously unconstitutional manner ...
I wonder is George W Bush a little moderate. First term radical conservative stuff. Most people know now that was Sith Lord Rove and Darth Chaney. His Second term he took the reins, and appointed Robert Gates DoD Secretary and John Roberts and make him Chief Justice. Very interesting idea to me. No one really knows.
thank you, John Roberts! Well, maybe, at least. Posted by Vern Shotwell on June 29, 2012 at 12:42pm in Tea Party Nation Forum Wow, the past day has been a Wild Ride, hasn't it? We were all prepared for a win, while steeled for a loss. Then the Chief Justice threw a curve ball, stating ObamaCare was indeed constitutional, but only if funding is a tax! One of the first reactions, within minutes, was a rather erudite, heavily linked, article here entitled "DID THE SCOTUS CREATE A NEW TAXING AUTHORITY NOT IN THE CURRENT CONSTITUTION?" Go here if you are interested. Poor Judson Phillips has been hanging out at the Supreme Court for a couple of weeks in anticipation. Wasted money on an unused Football yesterday. Hope it was Chinese, so it didn't cost too much! See The football that was not spiked if you are interested. I'll not list all the articles published here yesterday. Or the hundreds of emails I received. Me? I said very little yesterday. I was too flabbergasted to say much. Now, I've had a bit of time f ...
Who vetted an evolving John Roberts? Earl Warren was "conservative" judge before Chief Justice; then one of most lib Justices in history.
Good thing George W Bush appointed and the senate approved that great conservative John Roberts as Chief Justice. Well, at least we don't miss Earl Warren.
John Roberts is not a “traitor to his philosophy.” He is not a liberal. He is, above all else, a very strict originalist, and the Chief Justice of a Court that is acutely aware – and wary – of its role in politics. Understand that his opinion, though certainly not ideal for the Right, contains more ...
Thanks, George W. Bush, for giving us John Roberts, your Trojan Horse progressive nomination for Chief Justice. Thanks a lot. You guys are good. We never saw it coming. Tyranny. The death of individual sovereignty and the imposition of the right of the federal government over the individual. First the S.B. 1070 and now ObamaCare. We should have seen it with the Patriot Act and some of us did. Thanks for laying the shackles on the wrists of those who supported you. Thanks for your betrayal. Thanks. For nothing.
IS JOHN ROBERTS THE SHREWDIST MAN IN AMERICA John Roberts is the most hated man in conservative America. Maybe, but is he the shrewdist man in America.? When the Chief Justice sided with the liberal judges in upholding Obamacare, everyone who calls themselves a conservative when off the deep end. But is there something else at work here? Put yourself in Robert's shoes. Do you really think he likes Obama? I don't. So one of two things happened here. Roberts was indeed intimidated by Obama, and his goon squads, or, he played Obama as a sucker. I think the latter. Remember when Obama dissed the Supreme Court over campaign finance legislation in his State of the Union speech, while the Justices were sitting right in front of him with both houses of congress, and a national TV audience. It was the first time that anyone can remember that a sitting president has done such a thing. And you don't think Roberts remembers this? So if you ask me, Roberts has a little payback due. And he may have just gotten it. Look ...
The sense that John Roberts betrayed conservatives with his vote upholding Obamacare is widespread, but it's probably misplaced. Republicans have already seized on his "tax" label, and the young Chief Justice's interpretation of the Commerce Clause will have ramifications for years. Rush Limbaugh, i...
300 million Americans and the GOP establishment picks John Roberts, the ace of Harvard Law, to be our Chief Justice and Mitt Romney one of only two people in American history to order a health mandate as our nominee for President to run against Obamacare. Genius!
Oh my gawd... if I hear one more person go on about how the SCOTUS decision today makes the "politics" good for Romney- over an issue that is really about one of the greatest constitutional, legal failings by the court in the history of this nation... I am going to shoot somebody. It is not about the next election... it is about a court that failed to do its core duty... TO VOID AN UNCONSTITUTIONAL ACT! And worse yet, the reasons for doing so is that the Chief Justice fears being criticized by the legal academy and the New York Times Editorial Board. Too many of you just don't get it... are you void of all reason? I am ashamed for nearly half the conservative movement for not seeing CJ John Roberts cowardice for what it is.
John Roberts has been selected for the first annual Benedict Arnold Award. Congratulations to the Chief Justice.
MacKenzie's old tennis doubles partner is John Roberts' secretary giving the show an inside look into the Chief Justice's decision.
In his White House memoir, “Courage and Consequence,” Karl Rove recalls being the lone non-lawyer among the group of George W. Bush aides who initially interviewed John Roberts for the Supreme Court in 2005. Rove asked Roberts to go back in history to name the justice whom he most revered. Roberts’ ...
John Roberts, Jr. (born January 27, 1955) is the 17th Chief Justice of the United States. He has served since 2005, having been nominated by President George W. Bush He has been described as having a conservative judicial philosophy in his jurisprudence. THANK YOU, Justice Roberts...
Just think, today liberals are cheering John Roberts, a Chief Justice appointed by George W. Bush. More proof that politics makes for Strange Bedfellows.
SCOTUS Obamacare Prediction Will Wilkinson on June 27, 2012, 10:23 PM On the basis of having for a time shared a house with a John Roberts clerk who conveyed to me no useful information about the Chief Justice's cast of mind, here is my pred...
Historians believe that Dwight Eisenhower came to rue appointing Earl Warren, a Republican governor, as Chief Justice, as the Warren court was largely a liberal one. One wonders if George W. Bush is similarly regretting appointing John Roberts as Chief Justice, given that he just handed liberals a big political victory that will have lasting societal import, not to mention stamp Roberts' place in history.
God Bless John Roberts, who with today's decision to join a Supreme Court majority upholding President Obama's 2010 Affordable Care Act, now ranks as arguably the greatest Chief Justice in the history of the court, far surpassing the early 19th century jurist John Marshall, Earl Warren, and -- dare we say it? -- even William Rehnquist.
John Roberts, who based on his age, could be Chief Justice for a very long time just had an Earl Warren moment. He has shown by writing the majority opinion on upholding the Affordable Care Act that he will not be politically predictable.
John Roberts' View From the Liberals' End of the Bench: Let's also hope that Chief Justice John Roberts, who sid...
Chief Justice of the SC, John Roberts led the industry lobbying efforts against truth-in-labeling for suncreens
Unfortunately, John Roberts is only the first racist Chief Justice since his predecessor.
On 9/15/2005, a hearing was held for John Roberts to be named Chief Justice. Why is Orrin Hatch's testimony missing?
On the bright side for Democrats, John Roberts will probably only be Chief Justice for like 45 more years
all thanks to Chief Justice & wannabe umpire John Roberts. the Federalist Society has the better farm system for sure
John Roberts' spine: Liberals try to pressure the Chief Justice. Read at
Article "John Roberts's Spine" written by Geo F Will in Washington Post is a must read about liberals trying to manipulate Chief Justice.
I'm sure u know this by now but the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is John Roberts...
talked about John Marshall?" Me: "Who?" Chief Justice" Me: "He's dead. I think you mean John Roberts"
John Roberts, Chief Justice of the United States, speaks to BYU students and faculty. He speaks about the U.S. Constitution and encourages listeners to learn more about this document.
Take a trip back in time 2005 John Roberts was sworn in as SCOTUS Chief Justice
Today, one of our groups was escorted by the Capital Hill police to the Supreme Court for a private meeting w Chief Justice, John Roberts!
How did the Supreme Court change when John Roberts replaced William Rehnquist as Chief Justice?
From the Vault: Take a look at how the Supreme Court changed when John Roberts became Chief Justice
If you think John Roberts is a good Chief Justice than I hate you, seriously I'd be ready to fight you.
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