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Chicago Teachers Union

The Chicago Teachers Union is a labor union representing teachers in the Chicago Public School system.

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Chicago Teachers Union: 'This City Belongs to Black People' Time to take out racist teachers
Parents, and advocates protest the possible closing of a Back of the Yards elementary school annex https:/…
And here's Rahm with Republicans, including Bruce Rauner, on an email chain to screw the Chicago Teachers Union
New at RRND: Chicago Teachers Union prefers money over students reading books from the library
so does the teachers union own Chicago's pension woes? This just gets into dicey territory.
Another anti-union propaganda. His background experience says it all: White Supremacy nationalist Breitbart. .
Is that so, Are you fighting the teachers' union in Chicago to let parents volunteer at a library?.
Help save Special Education in CPS! Join the Chicago Teachers Union and CPS families for an afternoon of special...
Chicago is why there should be school choices and vouchers. Chicago teachers union the epitome of failure.
The Chicago Teachers Union would like a word, sir.
Can ANY of my friends who work for the Chicago Public Schools or Chicago Teachers Union tell me WHEN it became...
“There’s never any good time to strike,” Karen Lewis, president of the Chicago Teachers Union, said recently.
Feel like a superhero wearing my Chicago Teachers Union shirt even in NYC. I stand in solidarity as a NY…
Karen Lewis rallies ahead of the possible strike.
Chicago Teachers Union House of Delegates to vote tonight on proposed Oct. 11 strike date https…
Chicago Teachers Union announces plan to strike on Oct. 11
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The Chicago Teachers Union set Oct. 11 as a strike date Wednesday in a vote by its House of Delegates.
We would rather teach BUT we cannot accept the harm CPS does to teachers & students
Chicago teachers union votes in favor of strike in two weeks unless contract talks with district reach fruition
Solidarity with our brothers and sisters in CTU -96 Percent of Chicago Teachers Vote to Strike, Union Says...
CPS responds to CTU October 11 strike date: "We believe a strike can be averted"
CTU sets strike date, says CPS still has "Power to halt a work stoppage by agreeing to a fair contract.". https…
Chicago Teachers Union announce strike date of October 11th.
Chicago Teachers Union Strike date set- October 11th. . We don't want to strike but we will to protect our students.
Chicago Teachers Union to strike on Oct. 11, if deal isn't reached The strike would start aft…
Therefore, Perspectives, the Urban Preps, the Nobles would be able to continue playing, if a strike does happen.
Save the Date: October 11, 2016 . In less than two weeks the Teachers Union could bring the Chicago...
Chicago Teachers Union announces plans to strike on October 11th My respect is for the teachers. the rest of CPS kiss my ***
Sign and share this statement in support of Chicago Teachers Union! .
If no agreement is reached with the Board of Ed, the Chicago Teachers Union will be on strike starting Oct. 11
Chicago Teachers Union says new rules for strike vote is not like North Korea
Chicago Teachers Union members have flooded the concourses of City Hall.
Working to impose concessions, Chicago Teachers Union calls off strike date: Amidst growing ang...
Chicago Teachers Union goes on strike for one day via Illinois Review - CHICAGO - Illinois ...
Chicago Public Schools has announced another round of teacher layoffs amid an ongoing contract stalemate with the Chicago Teachers Union
Chicago Teachers Union calls proposed cuts by district 'an act of war': CTU President Karen Lewis said the dis...
Chicago Teachers Union considering 'serious offer' from after negotiations pick up:
Chicago Teachers Union's head Karen Lewis on Governor Rauner's plan for a state takeover of Chicago Public...
Jen Johnson of Chicago Teachers Union tells story of resistance to austerity + neo-liberalism at htt…
Teachers Union calls for resignations of mayor - Jan 7 @ 6:12 PM ET
Chicago Teachers Union calls for Emanuel, Alvarez to resign
Chicago Teachers Union calls for resignation of Mayor Emanuel
AP: Chicago Teachers Union calls for resignations of mayor
CTU calls for resignations of Rahm Emanuel, Anita Alvarez:
Chicago Teachers Union joins the chorus for Emanuel to resign over police shooting: The union's governing body…
Chicago Teachers Union calls for resignations of mayor
Chicago Teachers demand vote for an elected Civilian Police Accountability Council
Teachers Union calls for resignations of Mayor Emanuel
The Chicago Teachers Union vote overwhelming to officially call for the resignations of Mayor Rahm Emanuel and...
Teacher Mike Shea reports on a massive downtown rally to organize solidarity for the Chicago Teachers Union's...
Governor Pat Quinn and President of Chicago Teachers Union Karen Lewis Paid *** hole by the Chicago Teachers Union.
The powerful Chicago Teachers Union president and thorn in Rahms back, Karen Lewis wont back down. .
chicagonewsnow: Chicago Teachers Union president running for re-election
Chicago Teachers Union president Karen Lewis running for re-election
Chicago Teachers Union president running for re-election: Karen Lewis, whose bid to challenge Mayor Rahm Emanuel
Chicago Teachers Union president running for re-election
Karen Lewis plans to seek a third term as president of the Chicago Teachers Union |
Chicago Teachers Union, parents and community activists have again teamed up to beat back neoliberalism. A...
THANK YOU Union Foundation! Thru 9/30 will generously match your gift to First Book! >>
Chicago teachers union staff and fasted Aug. 25 in solidarity with the Dyett School hunger strikers.
Charter school teachers union of Chicago supports
Update your maps at Navteq
Have you seen the leaders of the teachers' union in Chicago? Do you wonder why their schools stink?
Chicago Teachers Union strikes back at CTU-themed spanking novel:
The author's response is priceless.
"So I wrote a 'spanking novel'—who cares? What's really important here, are the issues."
“Selma meets 50 Shades of Grey. “ Straight from the Comp Title Combo Bad Ideas Committee:
“Lay us off now,” Union official says The Chicago Public Schools (CPS), the...
A1: $1,000.00 in 1 contrib to Chicago Teachers Union PAC (Illinois Federation of Teachers).
Why are leaders of the Chicago Teachers Union signaling that there will be no fight against teacher layoffs?
“Lay us off now,” Chicago Teachers Union official says
A people's history of the Chicago Teachers Union - [ ]
Wow, the man is CLUELESS. "Rauner says Chicago Teachers Union shouldn't have 'dictatorial powers' over finances"
Chicago Teachers Union foundation gave out $1M to nonprofit and advocacy groups, reports
Chicago Teachers Union draws blood in latest battle with school board.
Chicago Teachers Union president Karen Lewis said Sunday that she would support a national teachers strike.
Mayor Rahm-Ney’s Attack on the Chicago Teachers Union | Democracy Now! http:…
C.P.S, Chicago Teachers Union, and all the disinfranchised African Americans of Chicago. Let's send Rahm Emanuel a message this election.
Chicago Teachers Union boss Karen Lewis blasts Rauner, says union prepared to strike if CPS "makes the same mistakes"
Sun-Times reporter Lauren FitzPartick interviews Karen Lewis, the president of the Chicago Teachers Union...
watch and let it sink in:. The Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II at the Chicago Teachers Union 2015 MLK Breakfast:
After battling a brain tumor, Karen Lewis will return to work as president of the Chicago Teachers Union.
"A day after the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU), parents and community leaders took Rahm Emanuel to task for...
Ten Global Elections to Watch in 2015: In October 2014 Karen Lewis, the leader of the Chicago Teachers Union and…
Chicago Teachers Union endorses three Ald. candidates for wards:10th, 33rd & 37th.
Teachers union endorses first three aldermanic candidates - Chicago Sun-Times: Chicago Sun-TimesTeachers union...
CTU endorses first three aldermanic candidates: Challengers against Pope, Mell, & Mitts.
Teachers union endorses first three aldermanic candidates Via
Prob lacking context since you don’t live here. if you want to read one source
Teachers union endorses first three aldermanic candidates: This week, the Chicago Teachers Union’s House of…
CTU endorses first three aldermanic candidates in effort to transform "rubber stamp" City Council
The Chicago Teachers Union has endorsed its first three aldermanic candidates.
Chicago Sun Times - Teachers union endorses first three aldermanic candidates
Teachers union endorses first three aldermanic candidates
Teachers union endorses first three aldermanic candidates: For months, African-American aldermen…
Chicago Teachers Union to protest for minimum wage hike – on Veterans Day via
Chicago teachers union backs Garcia challenge to Rahm Emanuel
Chicago Teachers Union president explains how to …: Take the edge out of maths..
Chicago Teachers Union delegates endorse Garcia for mayor over Emanuel: Acting-CTU President Jesse Sharkey, see...
New contract talks—and the possibility of another Chicago Teachers' Union strike—are just around the corner.
Great news! The Chicago Teachers Union has officially endorsed Sue Sadlowski Garza for 10th Ward Alderwoman!
The Chicago Teachers Union to vote tonight on who they'll back for Chicago mayor. It's expected to be Jesus "Chuy" Garcia.
She owns 3 homes and makes 235 grand a year(my mistake, she has other comp and i thought
She is the President/head person for the Chicago Teachers Union. She's an Ivy League grad whose never beenteacher
has he heard of the Chicago teachers union?
Lee Sustar: Political controversy flares up in the Union
Next week Chicago Teachers Union will vote on who endorse in mayoral election.
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Chicago Teachers Union sent me seven identical letters with a membership card in each one. Does this mean I get seven pensions? 😏💰
All in!! $52,600.00 from Chicago Teachers Union- PAC to Taxpayers for Quinn.
“It has been two years since the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) struck for the fir…
"Karen Lewis, speaking to members of the Chicago Teachers Union by video, endorsed Jesus “Chuy” Garcia for Mayor.
Chicago Teachers Union president Karen Lewis explains how to inject social ju
ohhh, I'm getting a research *** 9 databases open right now, some great articles on social justice and the Chicago Teachers' Union.
CTUd'etat the Musical? The Chicago Teachers Union support for Democrats, second time as farce:
Chicago Teachers Union Files Lawsuit against Board of Ed for Racial Discrimination in ‘Turnaround’ Policy
All in!! $60,000.00 from Chicago Teachers Union to Committee to Raise Illinois's Minimum Wage.
Teachers union boss Karen Lewis, suffering from serious illness, drops plans to run for mayor of
Email from head of Karen Lewis exploratory cmte says the Chicago Teachers Union pres, is pulling out
The unmitigated gall of a charlatan pastor telling the president of the Chicago Teachers Union she’s out of touch:
Meet Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's new foe at the Chicago Teachers Union: Jesse Sharkey via
Karen Lewis, the controversial, combative and charismatic leader of the Chicago Teachers Union, will not run for mayor, significantly boosting Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s chances to win re-election next year.
Like many in the education justice movement and in the Chicago Teachers Union, we were saddened to read the news that Karen Lewis will not be running in this spring's mayoral election.
Praying for Chicago Teachers Union President Mrs. Karen Lewis. God is yet a healer.
prayers to Karen Lewis, head of the Chicago Teachers Union. get better
Chicago Teachers Union leader Karen Lewis has a brain tumor :-( Will be saying a misheberach for her.
Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis will not pursue a bid for Chicago mayor, the coordinator of the committee that was exploring a run announced Monday.
I must say, all prayers go out to the Chicago Teachers Union person with the newly diagnosed brain cancer and anyone else with cancer or other long term illnesses..
My prayers go out to Karen Lewis, Chicago Teachers Union. I hate cancer!
The Chicago Teachers Union’s “opt-out” campaign and the defense of public education
Breaking News: Karen Lewis, Chicago Teachers Union President and progressive champion, has been diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor.
Chicago Teachers Union Pres, Karen Lewis, who considered challenging Rahm Emanuel for Mayor, has brain cancer and will not run.
(Reuters) - Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis, who had surgery last week for a serious illness, wil...
Fox Chicago: Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis is suffering from a canc...
Karen Lewis has brain tumor, not running for mayor: The feisty leader of the Chicago Teachers Union…
Emanuel, Fioretti say they wish Karen Lewis well
Emanuel reelection bid gets boost: Karen Lewis, the Chicago Teachers Union president, decides not to run again...
Chicago Teachers Union president to blame for city’s illiteracy problem now wants to be mayor JABBA THE HUTT ?
Race-Baiting for Fun and Profit . Karen Lewis promised never to out earn her Chicago Teachers Union members — but...
Chicago Teachers Union prez makes MORE money than the “rich WHITE people” she decries
Quinn is the Teacher's Choice. THE IEA, THE IFT and Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) have all endorsed Governor Pat Quinn for Governor!
"Despite some public confusion about Common Core." Oh, the Chicago Teachers Union is NOT publicly confused.
The head of the American Federation of Teachers says the national union is ready to spend $1 million to help Karen Lewis unseat Mayor Rahm Emanuel if the Chicago Teachers Union president decides to run. Emanuel “has shown a deep disrespect for what public education is all about,” AFT leader Randi...
Chicago Teachers Union president Karen Lewis says it's going to take more than a million dollars to defeat Mayor Rahm Emanuel if she decides to run in next year's Chicago mayoral race. But Lewis sa...
At NEA Northeast Regional Organizing Conference in Providence, R.I. Jackson Potter from the Chicago Teachers Union is our Keynoter!
For the past couple of weeks, Karen Lewis has been saying she is “seriously” considering running for mayor. It turns out voters are taking the fiery Chicago Teachers Union president’s potential candidacy seriously as well, based on a surprising new Early & Often poll.
I got off the Blue Line at the federal plaza when a CTA worker noticed my red "Stand with the Chicago Teachers Union" t-shirt. He asked me if I thought Karen Lewis could beat Rahm I said," You bet!" I got raised fist and a "Right on!" Hey, Rahm! You messed with the Chicago working class. Actions have consequences.
check out my piece on why Chicago Teachers Union prez Karen Lewis should run against Mayor 1 Percent
The Chicago Sun-Times letter to the editor: "On May 7, the Chicago Teachers Union passed a resolution stating that it opposes the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and accompanying assessments. As Chicago teachers across elementary and secondary grades, we support the adoption of and continuing focus on the CCSS; we firmly disagree with the CTU’s vote to abandon the standards."
Chicagoans: the next meeting of the Chicago Jacobin reading group will be meeting on June 4. We will be discussing free market education reform and the Chicago Teachers Union. For information on the readings and the location, email online editor Micah Uetricht—micah.uetricht at gmail.
Send in the Clowns: Chicago Teachers Union president Karen Lewis says it doesn’t matter who runs against mayor...
On May 7, 2014, the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) passed a resolution against the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). That evening, I wrote this post and included my own experience and conversations...
8 of Today's Posts FRIDAY, APRIL 18, 2014 from Feel free to share or re-post any that you like. (Be sure to hit the "See More" link below to access the rest of the posts) Do You Know what the Biggest Addition to the National Debt will be in the Coming Years? .. Give up? ObamaMESS: What qualifies as Preventive Care and will it cost me? Obama has sought 442 Tax Increases (Auto-on audio) Chicago Teachers Union: Improving Failed Schools full of Black Kids is Racist Op-ed: The Jewish people did NOT kill Jesus Are you owed part of the $760 Million in IRS Unclaimed 2010 Tax Refunds? Gov Mike Pence (R-IN) hits Obama on Missile Shield in Berlin Speech (Full Video 04-17-14) Marco Rubio interview with the Texas Tribune (Full Video 04-16-14) Hi everyone, I've set up a new group if you are interested: "U.S. General Elections Central" Please check it out. Follow the link above to the group and if interested, please join. Hope to see you there. Bosman
The following is from Stephanie Gadlin, communications director for the Chicago Teachers Union.
Chicago Teachers Union president Karen Lewis and Texas school superintendent John Kuhn will headline the program.
PLEASE, I NEED ALL CITY WORKERS AND FAMILY OF CITY WORKERS TO CALL GOV. QUINN ASAP! ACTION ALERT! Call Gov. Quinn now and tell him to veto SB 1922! Chicago: (312) 814-2121 Springfield: (217) 782-0244 Yesterday state legislators took aim squarely at your retirement security, voting to pass legislation that will reduce the modest pension benefits of City of Chicago employees and retirees by as much as 30%. In the span of one day – with no time for debate or serious examination – legislative leaders pushed through Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s plan to cut the pensions of some 50,000 active and retired participants in the Chicago Municipal Employees and Annuitants Benefit Fund (MEABF). AFSCME, the Chicago Teachers Union and the Illinois Nurses Association led the charge in fighting against this bill. Today AFSCME and our partners in the We Are One Chicago coalition issued the following statement calling on Governor Quinn to veto this legislation (SB 1922): "Many of the individuals this legislation targets are wo ...
Teachers at second school to refuse to give ISATs, CTU says BY BECKY SCHLIKERMAN Staff Reporter February 28, 2014 12:46PM Teachers at a second school will refuse to administer an annual state achievement test next week, the Chicago Teachers Union announced Friday. The second school to boycott the Illinois Standards Achievement Test is Drummond Elementary School, a Montessori school in the Bucktown neighborhood, the union said. Earlier this week, teachers at Maria Saucedo Elementary Scholastic Academy in Little Village announced they had unanimously agreed not to administer the ISAT. “This second boycott is evidence that more and more educators continue to take a principled stand against harmful tests and in support of their parents and students,” said CTU Vice President Jesse Sharkey. “The CTU supports these teachers and calls on the district to stop making threats to parents and educators who are trying to restore some sanity to the education system.” On Thursday, Chicago Public Schools chief Bar ...
I have such a passion for exposing the Chicago Teachers Union for the evil, selfish, vindictive vampires that they are. They strike against any entity that wants to actually educate children. Charter and privates schools is their garlic. I will not be nice, Karen Lewis is not nice. She is the face and voice of their movement, that says a great deal.
ISU's Spring Speaker Series includes a former NBA player, the Chicago Teachers Union chief, and an Iraq veteran:
President Karen Lewis and the Chicago Teachers Union have decided to fight back against the attacks on public education, teachers and students. They have a resolution to fight Democrats and Republi...
Rahm Emanuel @ today's presser: "The planning for this moment began in the summer, the preparation for this moment happened in August..." Yes, except when you refused to close schools until Chicago Teachers Union & Karen Lewis told you to!
When Karen Lewis of the Chicago Teachers Union said that Chicago belongs to black people and not white people, she wasn't just blowing hot air. See video below. Earlier this month the NAACP made much ado about the encroachment of African studies upon government schools in Chicago.A press release
On the December 9th Day of Action, Chicago Teachers Union (IFT Local1) delivered coal to Mayor Rahm Emanuel. [VIDEO]
"After the strike…The mayor [Rahm Emanuel] was determined to destroy the Chicago Teachers Union." --Brandon Johnson
Interesting video of Chicago Teachers Union, Karen Lewis stating that all of Chicago's problems are due to white people.
Chicago Teachers Union sending busload of ppl to the march in Milwaukie;Mil CoC trying to create "recovery zone" so schools can b privatized
September 19th in Chicago History: The Chicago Teachers Union leadership votes to suspend the CPS strike, on this in 2012.
CTU analysis of new University of Chicago research on CPS REACH teacher evaluation
Jacobin magazine and the Chicago Teachers Union's CORE Caucus will be producing a color booklet on neoliberal...
2012 - The Chicago Teachers Union and Chicago Public Schools reach a deal that ends an 8-day strike.
Chicago Teachers Union provides analysis of new University of Chicago research on teacher evaluation - Re...
Testifying today: Advance Illinois, Chicago Teachers Union, Illinois Federation of Teachers, & Illinois State Board of Education
The Chicago Teachers Union now has a bicycling club.
Help fund joint /CORE (caucus at the head of the Chicago Teachers Union) booklet on neoliberal ed reform:
With your help, Jacobin and the Chicago Teachers Union’s CORE Caucus will produce a color booklet on neoliberal...
An exhibit of photos and art by Chicago Teachers Union members from last year's strike: via
I am a Chicago Teachers Union member and TFA is doing a disservice to our city.
So you think you know Karen Lewis?: Most Chicagoans know the Chicago Teachers Union president as the tough talker...
Chicago Teachers Union attacking Juan Williams for not being black enough...what the *** does that have to do with schools?!
Juan Williams thinks the Chicago Teachers Union is but George Zimmerman isn't
Isn't funny when a Black verbally attacks Whites is not labeled racism.there's certainly a double standard in this country. Chicago Teachers Union president spews racial hate speech, ignores truth about minority parents By Juan Williams Published July 02, 2013 As the school year ends one of the year’s most powerful lessons in racial hate speech comes from Chicago Teachers’ Union President Karen Lewis. “Rich white people,” she proclaimed in a speech two weeks ago, “think they know what’s in the best interest of children of African-Americans and Latinos, no matter what the parents’ income or educational level.” Lewis’ outburst is her reply to persistent calls for school reforms to improve student performance in Chicago. The pressure is coming from the political left and right. Mayor Rahm Emmanuel is calling for tougher teacher assessments, longer school days and closing schools with shrinking student enrollment. He is also a big supporter of charter schools that are achieving better result ...
From this AM: Chicago Police Department protect Bank of America from Chicago Teachers Union protest:
Chicago Teachers Union head Karen Lewis blames rich white people for the Chicago Public Schools educational and financial problems.
Hamilton Collection
The unionization of the public school system has led to stupid union officials that are as uneducated as the mongoloid children who fail to graduate from their failed indoctrinization centers. But at least those failed excuses for union toadies gets theirs. (IBD) Chicago Teachers Union Prez Karen Lewis Blames 'Rich White People' For Poor Schools Posted by Daniel John Sobieski on June 20, 2013 at 8:00pm View Blog Education: The president of the Chicago Teachers Union charges that racism and "rich white people" are to blame for the immense financial and educational crisis facing the Chicago Public Schools. Tbe Chicago Public Schools (CPS) represent everything that is wrong with public education in America. They are in thrall to the unions that run the system and bankrupt it through bloated salaries and pensions while too many of the students trapped inside graduate as functional illiterates, if they graduate at all. Poor academic performance generally, a huge budget shortfall and poorly attended schools in ...
In a scathing speech on Wednesday, the president of the Chicago Teachers Union charged that racism and
"They don't want to pay," said the Chicago Teachers Union boss. "But do you want to pay for prisons?"
I won the Chicago Teachers Union art contest!! :D
An attorney representing the Chicago Teachers Union said the school board had violated its own guidelines while deciding to shutter 10 of the 50 schools slated for closure.
2. On Tuesday, 800 delegates of the Chicago Teachers Union voted overwhelmingly to suspend the strike to put an agreement with the city b
Union Resists Chicago School Closings After the Chicago Board of Education approved a proposal from Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D) to close 50 of the city's public schools, the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) took action to stop the closures and to challenge supporters of the mayor's plan with through the grassroots mobilization of school supporters and citizens. The closures came despite widespread opposition to the plan and five days of rallies, sit-ins and other efforts. In response to the school closings, AFT President Randi Weingarten said, "Separate and apart from what it means for the continuity and stability of children's schooling, the evidence makes clear these mass closings will destabilize neighborhoods, and it has raised serious safety concerns for children… We are left at a loss as to why the board chose to ignore the parents, teachers, students and residents of Chicago in pursuing this reckless strategy that is not what the people want and will not help children.” The closings marked the largest m ...
Autumn seemed like dark days for Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. The Chicago Teachers Union had declared a strike,...
Community members reasoned, raged and begged for mercy at a school board meeting about the fate of 54 Chicago Public Schools. (Chicago Teachers Union)
Three days of Chicago Teachers Union-led marches in protest of the Chicago Public School district's plan to close 54 schools ended with a rush hour rally in Daley Plaza Monday evening.
Over 50 Schools in Chicago to be closed in mostly African neighborhoods. This from Pres Obama past Chief of Staff. ARE you ready to read about the history of Chicago's governor now?? ""How ironic that Black Chicagoans, thinking that because Emanuel was President Obama's former Chief of Staff, he was someone who could be trusted. Rhambo won every Black district, securing his becoming Mayor of Chicago. He is beginning to be better understood as he attempts to destroy the Chicago Teachers Union and to close Chicago's schools whose overwhelming population is students of African descent. Open the link below to read about Rhambo's Beat-down. HISTORY: "Before he was Chief of Staff of President Obama, Rahm Emanuel was Democratic National Committee Chair, whose job it was to raise and distribute funds to Democratic candidates running for election or re-election to Congress. In that capacity he was able to provide large sums to mediocre Black candidates running against Cynthia McKinney. Congresswoman McKinney and C ...
Marching with the Chicago Teachers Union today from the West Side to Daley Plaza. Prefect way to spend my day off. Especially in light of the fact that evidence shows Rahm Emanuel altered data in order to sway approval for closing 61 schools. Not surprising. Privatization is NOT ok. Our City, Our Schools, Our Voice - Long March for Education Justice
BREAKING: Karen Lewis has been re-elected as President of the Chicago Teachers Union.
In its final push before the Board of Education votes on whether to shutter 54 schools and 61 school buildings, the Chicago Teachers Union will lead a weekend protest march in hardest-hit neighborhoods, the CTU announced Monday.
Chicago Teachers Union plans to file federal suits to stop school closings. Do you think it will stop the closings? READ STORY:
All purpose parts banner
Coalition To Save Our Union officers (left to right) Mark Ochoa (vice-president), Tanya Saunders-Wolffe (president), Mary Ellen Sanchez (recording secretary, and Kelly McFarlane (financial secretary) speak to the media at Chicago Teachers Union headquarte
Chicago Teachers Union | Chicago Now: Chicago Public School closings point up the dangers of geography...
(Chicago) – OP-ED: It’s a heady time to be part of the Chicago Teachers Union these days. They threw their first strike in god knows how long last year and got…well, something. Now they’re ye...
Human Rights Award recipients include: Jeff Baker, Lisa Brock, PhD, Karen Lewis, President of the Chicago Teachers Union, and
Read & watch as Kyle Olson exposes the lens though which the Chicago Teachers Union makes its decisions
Charter school parents form advocacy group: Cast by critics including the Chicago Teachers Union as villains i...
Anti-school-closing rally planned by the Chicago Teachers Union at 4 p.m. Wednesday, March 27, in Daley Plaza, 50 W. Washington St.
Update! Persepolis not banned: - FYI Teachers Union on initial news:
Chicago Teachers Union is training activists in "civil disobedience" tactics:
Chicago Teachers Union strongly condemns the ban on Satrapi's "Persepolis"
.president slams Education Secretary as 'embarrassingly unqualified'
Chicago Teachers Union | CTU responds to the abrupt resignation of Chicago Board of Education Member Penny Pritzker
Debby Pope from Chicago teachers union flew here for rally. "your struggle is our struggle"
UNO Charter says teachers can form union: Teacher unions took another step into Chicago's charter world with the...
MT Chicago Teachrs Union challenges new Board of Ed. 'budgeting' a new attack on veteran teachers
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Chicago Teachers Union challenges new Board of Education 'budgeting' as a new attack on veteran teachers
If he can handle the Chicago Teachers Union he can handle an international child rape conspiracy.
Confronting the anti-teachers' union myth with, you know, facts.
To read more about the Chicago Teachers Union, click here:
Karen Lewis from Chicago Teachers Union, now speaking about the state of public schools in Chicago
Did you see Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis on Chicago Tonight last night? She got into a lot of the...
"Chicago School Board President Vitale sat in on contract talks with the teachers union for the first time Thursday"
Chicago School Board says they and the teachers union have agreed on a "framework" to end the teachers strike. Listen:
Chicago Teachers Union | David Sirota for Salon: Getting rich off of schoolchildren
UNO charter schools to allow union vote for teachers, staff: One of Chicago’s charter school networks, United ...
One of the largest charter school operators in Chicago has agreed to clear the way for teachers to join a union
Chicago Teachers Union came out with a Position Paper on Standardized Testing
Wondering what UNO's agreement to let union organize teachers means? Here's our take:
Chicago school politics are pretty important right now. Here's an interesting article:
ISO whitewashes role of Chicago Teachers Union in school closures
Wow, hadn't seen this yet--CTU President Karen Lewis will face a challenger in May's union election:
UNO Charter says teachers can form union |
Huge: Scandal-plagued Chicago charter school agrees to allow teachers to form a union
In whitewashing the betrayal of the Chicago teachers strike by the Chicago Teachers Union, the ISO seeks above all to cover up its own role in preparing the subsequent school shutdowns.
Editor's note: Below we print excerpts from the News and Letters Committees panel discussion of teachers and education activists on the September strike by members of the Chicago Teachers Union. Daily mass demonstrations and solidarity from teachers and city residents extracted some concessions from...
Chicago Teachers Union resolves to support the Robin Hood Tax Bill. Our union speaks up for schools and children again.
Chicago Teachers Union's been infiltrated by Marxists. I don't think they want to teach, just indoctrinate.
Tomorrow, Friday, is the last day! Please encourage all CPS parents and students to participate! Please take the time to take the brief CPS survey regarding next year's school calendar. Parent input is important! Parents and students: Please give Chicago Public Schools your input and ideas for the 2013-2014 school calendar! CPS and the Chicago Teachers Union are working together to develop a single-track calendar for next year. Take a few minutes to complete this brief survey about the calendar. Go to the survey by clicking this link: Español: You must input your child’s student ID number in order to complete the survey. Your child’s student ID number can be found on all CPS progress reports and student report cards or by visiting the Manage Students page in the CPS Parent Portal.
Karen Lewis, president of the Chicago Teachers Union, recently gave a speech that joked about the possibility of union members killing the wealthy. The speech, delivered to the Illinois Labor Hist
In September, the Chicago Teachers Union went on strike, shutting down the Windy City’s schools for 10 days. Many of those same teachers were in attendance on Nov. 10 at the Midwest Marxism Conference held at Northwestern University in Chicago.
Chicago Teachers Union prez Karen Lewis for TIME Person of the Year!
Head of Chicago Teachers Union spins Sandy Hook to blame deaths on Teach For America -
AGAIN! Head of Chicago Teachers Union accuses Teach for America of “helping to kill children”: Karen Lewis is th...
Chicago Teachers Union clinging to their stranglehold on education in the City of Chicago. Stranglehold correct word. Killing learning
Chicago Teachers Union guy wins the award for best protestor of 2012.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
What Arne Duncan left behind: Chicago Teachers Union - While the policy of neighborhood school closings and char...
While a guest on a local Chicago radio show, Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) VP Jesse Sharkey was questioned over his recent participation in the Midwest Marxism conference and refused to answer why he was there and what relationship the Chicago Teachers Union has with the conference and sponsoring org...
Before speaking to the Chicago City Club (the movers and shakers), CTU (Chicago Teachers Union) President Karen Lewis was asked: “Instead of corporate meddling, would you prefer that corporations s...
Karen Lewis bravely led the teachers’ strike in Chicago. This was not an action that she or the members of the Chicago Teachers Union took lightly. They deliberated, they debated and in the e...
Chicago Teachers Union vice president Jesse Sharkey had a little trouble corralling the troops by using the famous Occupy Wall Street "mic check" tactics at ...
Board members get tough with CTU: As CPS and the Chicago Teachers Union gear up for a battle over school closing...
Stand up for Marissa, Chicago Teachers Union and all of US at Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Chicago, and Everywhere. This issue is about the First Amendment and the Freedom of Expression. It is also about racism and police repression. Pack the Courtroom 12/17, 2:30 pm 2452 W. Belmont, Chicago. Democracy Now
In a recently released video, Chicago Teachers Union shows the games played by wealthy elites to smear the Union in the midst of heated contract negotiations.
YES. Teachers we love you and we need you to fight. RESPECT to the Chicago Teachers Union for leading the way. Pictured here is CPS teacher Carrene Beverly-Bass arrested at Friday night's sit-in at City Hall for a moratorium on school closings and charter expansion
Back to October 2012 Ed Reporter Chicago Teachers Union Strike What could be more improbable than the Chicago Teachers Union demanding a 30% pay increase ov
The Chicago Teachers Union (launches a new website to fight school closings.
Charter school spent $500,000 on principal: more than on teachers and students
When FairTest’s Monty Neill comes to town on Friday, Nov 2, for a publicforum on testing issuesat 7 pm at St Xavier University, he has also agreed to help lead an afternoon citywide strategy session on anti-testing resistance – how we can work across groups, unite behind some common messages, share ...
Pension reform in Illinois got a rare legislative victory when the General Assembly moved to close loopholes that allowed labor leaders to land six-figure public pensions based on their much higher union salaries.
Chicago Teachers Union Official: “This Is Our Arab Spring!” Do we need extra Security at the US Embassy to Chicago now?
Electronic Device Insurance
Even the narrowest of pension reform laws draws lawsuit from Chicago Teachers Union, signaling more battles ahead.
A lawsuit spearheaded by the Chicago Teachers Union this month seeks to overturn the pension reform law, and the union's leaders are making it clear they will aggressively counter any push to solve the pension crisis on the backs of public-sector workers.
Only 11 people show for Chicago Teachers Union victory party in Michigan
Chicago pensions: Lawsuits filed by Chicago Teachers Union, others seek to turn back reforms -
Discussion from Chicago: lessons from strike, democratising teachers union & mobilising community for struggle ahead:
Karen Lewis: Fiery Chicago Teachers Union chief takes on wrath of Rahm (+video) via
Lawsuit filed by Chicago Teachers Union, others seeks to overturn pension law: Cutting benef...
that we are not all teachers or professors in Chicago, in a Union and Voting democrat
Great article on lessons from the Chicago Teachers Union strike, co-written by Melissa Barton, public high school...
“It is the combination of a social movement on the ground with an independent political party that has always made history together, whether during abolition, women’s suffrage or the labor movement,” (Jill) Stein (The Green Party) said when I reached her by phone as she campaigned in Chicago. “We need courage in our politics that matches the courage of the social movements—of Occupy, eviction blockades, Keystone pipeline civil disobedience, student strikes, the Chicago teachers union and more.
The Chicago Teachers Union is leading the way in the struggle for educational justice. Check out CTU's education...
The evidence against corporate reformers and their education policies runs as deep as their pockets. Learn more about the fight for educational justice from these authors, educators, researchers and activists.
Chicago Teachers' Union launches new website to inform community about school closings. Whose schools? -- Our schools!
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