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Chicago River

The Chicago River is a system of rivers and canals with a combined length of that runs through the city of the same name, including its center (the Chicago Loop).

Kris Bryant St Patrick World Series Day Parade State St Lake Michigan

Man drowns in Chicago River trying to pull woman onto bridge
R.i.p to the guy who fail into the Chicago river. Prayer for you and your family.
Scuba divers retrieved a man from the South Branch of the Chicago River near the Cermak Road overpass early...
Retrieved from river in critical condition; pronounced at hospital. . Chicago, 09/03/17. . news:…
River Flows in You, Kiss the Rain YIRUMA LIVE in 4 tix https…
UPDATE: Police: Man dies after falling into Chicago River near Chinatown
chicago river north overbooked my cousin's hotel room block tonight & no one got their room. Booked a year ago. Great job 🙄
1 Chicago News Search Businesses (CFD: Person who fell into Chicago River ‘in very critical condition’) 1 ... -
CFD: Person who fell into Chicago River 'in very critical condition'
Chicago | Water Rescue | Canal and Lumber | Witness states a person fell into the river, from the bridge. BN2 on scene with witness. 317
The most annoying place in Chicago has to be River North after midnight on the weekends.
You know, I remember watching history channel when they talked about how the Chicago river caught on…
Enjoyed the Chicago River and Lake Michigan Architectural tour tonight as we missed our earlier…
Perfect viewing of the Chicago River dyed green for St. Paddy's Day celebrations!
Day two in Chicago. I don't wanna leave. Tomorrow we're doing a boat tour and an architectural river cruise. Then we are headed to Ohio!
Guided Architecture tour on the Chicago River - in love with Chicago part 2
A shot from last night a the Chicago River Walk.
The is alive. Take a journey on its waters to see the city’s future—and feel the undertow of its past https:/…
When Chicago reversed the river in 1910, their sewage emptied out into the Mississippi. It flows do…
You do know the Chicago river beer story?
ICYMI: Incredible aerial photos of the Chicago River being dyed green
I miss the old Lake Shore Drive 'S' Curve by the Chicago River & Lake Point Tower.
Fluorescein under UV light. 100 pounds of it dyed the Chicago River green on St Patrick's day in the 1960s!
It's a good day for a little kayaking on the Chicago River.
Weather Update 7-12-17 . NWS has issued a Flood Advisory for the Chicago River in Albany Park in effect until 4:30 AM S…
Condo for sale in chicago, il - 325000 cad Elegant fully upgraded largest one bed tier in premiere river north br……
Winding river ways but i'll always be thinking of coming home to you @ Chicago, Illinois
Made it to Chicago! Enjoyed a beautiful walk along the river to an…
Waiting for tonight's episode to start like...
Water tower , edge water , Hollywood beach, Chicago tribune arch.are they on a one pipe system, 200 y…
Bro there are hella white hicks that I just met from floating the river in B-Ham. all I said was "Hey I'm Chicago" 🙃🙃
Ok Chicago people, I need recommendations for beer and food in River North / Downtown next month during MLS All Star week.
Exploring Chicago this afternoon. Boat tour on Lake Michigan and through downtown on the Chicago River. Michigan...
Loving Chicago. First time appreciating the river and skyscrapers. @ Chicago River
So far plans consist mostly of eating and taking the river architecture city tour. Ideas for other things to do? It's bf first time
Read about the enhanced public spaces along the Chicago River over the past few years. Nice to combine seeing them…
Why are you jumping into the chicago river?
You're absolutely right. I'm seeing a lot of people post about it though. May be a glitch.
I don't think so bc they didn't have botb and no two hohs except for when Michelle and Natalie were it
They were not counting on a self eviction
It's still showing the description from last season.
Radio 720 - Mike Stephen interviewed McBriarty about the stories behind
Wait what! Why does the description say the TWO NEW HOHS???I need answers. Plz someone
Just went Kayaking in the Chicago River! You guys are gonna love this vlog!! 😁
"Today, on a site along the Chicago River, architects are exploring a new kind of high-rise structure built...
Says the guy who's about to jump in the Chicago river
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Congrats to Nate Miller and his BURNING RIVER U13 team CHAMPIONS @ Pipe City Chicago in U 15 Bronze Division
If Davidson and Chez are our starting 1B and 3B, I'll jump off a bridge into the Chicago River
When i die, put my body in a human sized hot dog bun and throw me in the chicago river
The Chicago skyline is always changing which is why our Architecture River Tour is great for both tourists and locals!
A great brunch at one of Chicago's best rooftop lounge/restaurants.
This might be a great fit for you: Retail Supervisor - River North - IL
Diversey River Bowl and Golden Nuggets in Chicago are both in need of a decades-long overdue update to their facade.
What in the is this chicago ridge or north river side is going on
‘A lot of fights’ — incidents put spotlight on violence in River North via
If the Cubs lose tonight, they have to sweep Pittsburgh next series or I have to jump off a bridge into the Chicago River
Remarkably wordy ad for a novelty song, Chicago 1907
In Chicago, crime around River North spots serving booze has more than tripled in the past decade, Sun-Times finds.
It sure looks like is going to be jumping into the Chicago River.
on Tabernacle Radio Chicago: Wendy Patterson - River of Peace and Joy.
Happy has to jump into the Chicago river day
Update your maps at Navteq
Re: me jumping in the river- I will do it, but not if I come out a convicted felon. Going over legalities now with two law…
Chicago is (almost) completely flat but it's certainly not boring. It's just more subtle:.
going into the Chicago River like...
I loved it too! owes a great debt of gratitude to you for its river renaissance!
4 hour boat ride on Lake Michigan. (@ River City Marina in Chicago, IL)
That Cub fans gonna have to jump in the Chicago river.
Next summer catch me on my pontoon cursing on the Chicago river
Wow is actually going into the Chicago River
Looks like some "gentleman" were thinking about throwing Toro into the Chicago River.
A look west down the Chicago River from about 275ft above the river.
WW2 in Chicago. Army engineers build a pontoon bridge across the Chicago River at State Street as a demonstration…
Come aboard! The Last Knight is here in the Chicago River!
It was AMAZING!! We could see the Chicago river from our bedroom 💜
The biggest party in tonight? grand opening at River North with Founder and COO
Thank The Lord they found him at least so his family can have closure Sade Roach
Got to meet Founder & COO at VIP Bash for new River North store in Chicago.
Editorial: Make room for parks in 760-acre redevelopment along the North Branch of the Chicago River.
Looking for the best spot to sip on some vino? Our blog has some ideas!
Riverline will bring 6 acres of green space to the South Loop—and it's not the only riverfront project coming soon:
Body of teen who jumped into Des Plaines River recovered
A fun afternoon around Chicago with these amazing ladies. They even saw a proposal on our river walk!
Noyane’s chef believes it’s his job at the Conrad rooftop to properly tell a fish’s story. Read his menu:
These floating gardens could help bring all kinds of wildlife back to the Chicago River:
"They’re going to have to remember this as the Mother’s Day when their mother got punched in the face.”.
I know they have some planned parks up and down the river, but I look at other major cities - Chicago, London...
Really glad the windy, stormy weather in Chicago has passed so we can review the opening of "The River Bride" at Halcyon Theatre tonight.
San Antonio has a very nice River Walk. Chicago's River walk is coming along nicely but San Antonio's is better.…
Did you hear? Coletta restaurant is coming to the River Point building this fall! Who's excited? Thx
Body of missing teenager Cameron Sanders found in Des Plaines River, near the bridge where he jumped in the water.
Once the city's trash bin, Chicago River now the backdrop for two transformative projects
1 Chicago News Search Businesses (Sheriff's office: Body of missing teen recovered in Des Plaines River) 1 ... -
Something really romantic-sounding about revitalizing a river using floating gardens. Kickstarter:
The Chicago River has become a paradise for developers—but what's in it for the rest of us?Actually, quite a bit:
Back of Washington statue Wabash and the river. @ Chicago River
Perfect day for a walk along the Chicago River! @ Chicago, Illinois
Watch send baseballs into the Chicago River during batting practice! LOOK:
Kris Bryant takes batting practice into the Chicago River via
Kris Bryant slugged dozens of baseballs into the Chicago River while taking some batting practice downtown
Kris Bryant crushed some baseballs into the Chicago River today.
Pretty good seat while smashed BP into the Chicago River @ Chicago, Illinois
KB is just hitting dingers into the Chicago River on a random Tuesday?
Cubs star Kris Bryant hits batting practice on the Chicago River:
hitting balls into the Chicago River.
Pretty amazing watching hit batting practice over the Chicago River in the Loop!!!.
It's not too often you get to see NL MVP Kris Bryant launch balls into the Chicago River.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Where does the MVP take BP on his off day? Into the Chicago River. Check it out live at noon on
Kris Bryant is getting ready to take BP into the Chicago River.
Kris Bryant splashes a few BP balls into the Chicago River.
Apple's Pioneer Court - Chicago River space may top any retail location that you've ever seen -
Chicago Tribune - The new Apple store along the Chicago River is... | The new Apple...
Full-Time Housekeeper in River North of Chicago: $55-60K and Benefits. Light schedule for compensation. Start Date:…
I got "You've had a few types of Chicago pizza" on "How Well Do You Know Chicago Pizza?" What about you?
Chicago illustrator and cartoonist Fred Richardson, c. 1899
Apple's Chicago River flagship, by Foster and Partners, taking shape - Chicago Tribune
Join for Eric Yoblanca's presentation on how he became a CIO. Thurs, Apr 6 at Rock Bottom/River North
Amazing kitty looking for a new home (Belmont and river Rd)
The Chicago river used to spontaneously combust
like getting a liver transplant and being dumped in the Chicago River!? LMAO! ❤️UFrank😍
Apple's new store along the Chicago River is taking shape, but the company isn't saying when it will open…
Missing Chicago drum liner pulled from river:
Update your maps at Navteq
Hmmm I wonder what would happen if anybody in Chicago pulled up at AMC East River in Chicago between... now and 8:00... 🤔🤔🤔
Chicago is not great. Now there are some good people there, but it's a total mess! Fall in river
The in is unforgettable. Come see it at East 21!…
Saw a couple doing engagement-type photos on the Chicago river bridge at 6pm today. Why would you pick literal rush hour to do that? AWK
Apple's Chicago River flagship store is taking shape
Chicago (IL) Sun-Times: Body of 63-year-old homeless man found in Fox River in Aurora
Missing Chicago drum liner pulled from river via
When the ice melts off the river, a new adventure awaits. l 📷:
Today we got a sneak peek at the store Avenue. See why its more than just a store.
The history of Green River Soda has deep Chicago roots. What is your Green River story?
Not sure which Native American nations cleared Jean Baptiste Point DuSable's visa to settle at the mouth of the Chicago River...
Time lapse of the dyeing of the Chicago River for St. Patrick's Day
Timelapse video shows the Chicago River being turned green with 45 lbs of dye in honor of St. Patrick's Day.
Watch as a "secret concoction" turns the Chicago River a bright emerald green to kick off the Windy City's St. Patrick's Day c…
It's not St. Patrick's Day until the Chicago River gets dyed! Watch the waterway turn green: http…
Thousands watch the Chicago River turn green for St Patrick's Day
Photos from the annual dyeing of the Chicago River to a brilliant green for :
⚡️ “Dyeing the Chicago River on St. Patrick's day has an interesting origin”.
"Chicago River at Franklin Street Bridge" has just recorded 350 views.
Did you know that the tradition of dyeing the Chicago river green on has roots in property management?
In Trump's America, Bubbly Creek is just a hot spring.
Awesome article on how the Chicago River is dyed green for the St. Patrick's Day Parades. It all started with a...
Tomorrow we dye the River green for a city tradition celebrating heritage! March 196…
Anyone else really fired up to see the green Chicago River get dyed green tmo?
Check out these cool shots of the Chicago River dye going in last year.
St. Patrick's Day isn't just about the green river. Check out this list of ways to celebrate. Corned Beef Ramen?...
Really want to go downtown Chicago tomorrow to watch the river get dyed green & watch the parade. It wouldn't be fun going alone 😕
One of the world's most famous St. Patrick's Day rituals takes place tomorrow at 9am where the Chicago River will t…
The Chicago river turns green tomorrow! Here's your guide to courtesy of
Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Chicago with the annual dyeing of the Chicago river, parades and events:…
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Celebrate early St. Patrick's Day in downtown tomorrow with its annual dyeing of the Chicago River and parade -…
Flashback to a white city and a green river.
The tradition of dyeing the Chicago River for the St. Patrick's Day Parade dates back to 1962. Found out how its...
Lots going on in Chicago March, April. on Chicago River is rolling out the red carpet w/this deal
This weekend, it's the Dyeing of the Chicago River for St. Patrick's Day. https:…
DYK: it takes about 40lbs of dye to turn the Chicago River green during the St Pat's Day Parade. Hope to see you fo…
Time to go explore more. Taking an architectural cruise on the river. Bur. @ Loews…
See also: Chicago. A glimpse of the green river is NOT WORTH IT
The Magnificent Mile (The Mag Mile) is a section of Chicago’s Michigan Avenue, running from the Chicago River to Oa…
to last year when the River was dyed green for Great capture from on Instagram. h…
Are you in town to see the green river tomorrow? Here's your guide to St. Patrick's Day in Chicago:
This is amazing! morning at the river dying. Have a lovely weekend everyone!
All the Chicago dining dish you need this week:
Our South Branch of the Chicago River is undergoing many changes.
The big parade is tomorrow! Check out our blog for more info or call (312) 644 6411 to make a reservation.
New time-lapse video shows beautiful sights from around Downtown. Lookin' good, boo
Care to attend the St. Patrick's Day Parade and river dyeing in Chicago tomorrow?
Heading to Chicago? Experience beautiful city views on the Riverwalk in the comfort of River Dome!…
St. Patrick's Day 2017: When and where to watch parade, dyeing of Chicago River
Celebrate this Saturday with the dyeing of the Chicago River! ☘🇮🇪
Celebrate on the water with a river tour this weekend!…
Throwback to dying the river green in Chicago for St. Patrick's Day in 2015.
St. Patrick's Day is coming up. And the Chicago River will turn green on Saturday.
Walk to the famous dying of the river tomorrow for in ...
Get in from the cold and celebrate at Great food & drink just north of the river!…
on repeat till the Chicago River turns Green tomorrow
Chicago looks dreamy in this timelapse video
Drink more, walk less: 17 bars near the river dyeing ceremony via
The Chicago St. Patrick's Day downtown parade is tomorrow, beginning with the dyeing of the Chicago River at 9am...
Swimming the Chicago River: Coming much sooner rather than later - Chicago Sun-Times
Here's another good way to advocate for safer trail access on a broader scale:
Tomorrow is the day! The Chicago River will be dyed green for St. Patrick's Day.
I can't wait until they dye all the dead bodies in the Chicago River green for St. Patrick's Day
Well, with the elimination of the EPA, at least Chicago won't have to spend money to dye the river green anymore. Ha ha! TOPICAL!
Riverview Roller Rink was located on Belmont Ave. east of the Chicago River.
Keep it moving...scene captured on Chicago River at Harrison Street Bridge Thomas Ray
The Lake Shore Drive bridge over the Chicago River will be closed in both directions from 10pm to 2am tonight for maintenance.
When the Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup in 2017, they should dye the Chicago River red
Nice job by the city of Chicago to dye the Chicago River blue. Outstanding.
The Cubs were welcomed back to Chicago by 5 million fans and a very blue Chicago River.
Downtown Chicago transformed into a sea — and a river — of Cubbie blue.
And the Chicago River runs Cubbie blue for the
Epa determines its impossible to dye the Chicago river blue for the Nothing on earth can make that river look like water again
WATCH: The Chicago River dyed blue this morning to celebrate the win!
Chicago river dyed blue for the cubs parade today 🙌🏻🙌🏻
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Only in would they need to dye a river to make it look blue.
Is there anything they won't dye the Chicago River for?
Chicago dyed its river blue for the Cubs. If the Browns ever win a Super Bowl Cleveland won't even need to dye theirs.
The Chicago River being dyed blue today for the (via
Check out The Chicago River! Dyed Cubs Blue for today's WS Championship parade.
Our view of the Chicago River dyed Cubbie blue
This is the cleanest the River has ever looked, ever!. ht…
They've turned the Chicago River Cubbies blue to celebrate the victory!.
Chicago River turns blue in honor of our champs.
Only in a filthy *** city like Chicago would you need dye to make river water look blue.
The Chicago River is being dyed blue today, presumably because Chicagoans are super pumped about UK's big game against…
It's a historical day in folks. For once the Chicago River is actually blue, the color of water ;)
Cubs parade day isn't all that great when you're the guy dying the river blue
Boats on the River, blowing their horns as the parade passes by on Michigan Ave.
Thousands have gathered in Chicago's Grant Park for the grand finale where we dump Rahm in the river
Afternoons with Ed : They dye it green for Saint Patrick and "Cubbie Blue" for the World Series Champions.
The Chicago river has been dyed blue to celebrate the World Series champion Chicago Cubs.
People are cheering for the people dropping Cubs blue dye in the Chicago River.
(alt caption)...Shortly after pulling a blue Rahm out of the Chicago River... …
Here's a link for your convenience:
Doesn't make much sense that Chicago died a river blue since it was filled with water, and already blue...
Hey Chicago, you win a baseball game so you decide to pollute your River??? *** ??
Chicago died the river Cubbie blue.
Video of the Chicago River being dyed Cubbie Blue
So cool! The Chicago River dyed Cubbie Blue in celebration of the World Series Champion Chicago Cubs!. - Sarah:...
The Chicago River has been dyed Cubby blue for the Cubs champions!
They dyed the Chicago River blue for the Cubs. You know, the color blue, the actual color it's supposed to be.
City of Chicago dying the river blue today. It may not be naturally blue but at least has never caught on fire
City to dye Chicago River blue today for Cubs, city to recreate Eastland disaster in Chicago River tomorrow to memorializ…
They've dyed the Chicago river "cubs blue" as a nod to their World Series champs. Photo via my sisters office.
Watch the Chicago River turn Cubbie blue as the city braces for a World Series parade 108 years in the making
In dying the Chicago river blue for the it now just looks normal instead of its normal shade of sludge
The River has an extra twinkle of Cubbie blue today!
So this is what the Chicago River looks like when it's blue...
Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced Monday that construction will soon begin on a planned 95-story skyscraper along the Chicago River show that
📷 Fort Dearborn was built on the banks of the Chicago River in 1803, and destroyed by a fire during the...
If the Clintons were in the habit of having folks whacked, Rham Emanuel's body would have been found in Chicago River last fall.
USO Clark after Dark August 18 via Chicago on the Cheap - Attend a Military Block Party in River ...
2nd Ward Alderman wants to extend The 606 under Kennedy Expressway and over Chicago River http…
Woman rescued from Chicago River by brave sailors!
Infrared cityscape of the Chicago River in summer by MarthaBohn ♫♪
Infrared cityscape of the Chicago River in summer:
A couple rascals on the Chicago River @ Albany Park Area
The pool looks a lot like the Chicago River most of the year. Except it's probably not as safe to swim in a…
Still kind of pretty, even in the pouring rain. @ Chicago River
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Chicago River lifesaver was an intern who stayed an extra day for company outing. @ 10.
It's kinda funny that this building has "on the river" in its name but is a block away from the river
Looks like the Melman kids have done good in River North:
Chicago man charged in theft at River Forest store
My, my — How did you do on this quiz: Chicago River or Rio's Olympic diving pool?
This is what T* Tower plaza demo was for: "Site prep begins for River North condo tower"
Passersby help rescue woman from Chicago River downtown: Two passersby Friday helped save a woman who is believed…
Paramedics are checking out a woman who was rescued from the river @ State/Wacker... Building delays.
Chicago: Potential for flash flooding as more storms are expected this evening -Chicago River/Chinatown hit earlier. http…
Also considered for Olympic diving venue.. The Chicago River on St. Paddy's day
Woman who went into the Chicago River at State St carried away by seconds ago by EMS.
Passersby help rescue woman from Chicago River downtown
Person rescued from the Chicago River at State St. by CPD Marine Unit; at least one other person fell off boat.
1 of 2 Good Samaritans who helped rescue woman in the Chicago River at State & Wacker. Latest on
The Y symbol, also called the Municipal Device, represents the Chicago River and its two branches. ht…
The Chicago River is prepared to be dyed green for the very 1st time for St. Patrick’s Day - 1962. ht…
A barge captain walks across a frozen Chicago River to get help after becoming stuck, 1940, Chicago. h…
Please enjoy 57,000 rubber ducks plummeting into the Chicago River:
When you're walking along the Chicago River, enjoying the sights, and BOOM. Tower Crane.
My YouTube history is clips from the View & that time they dyed the Chicago River green for St. Pattys.
Day 4 in Chicago // Chicago Sports Museum, riding the bus, food in Greektown & walking along the Chicago River.
Perfect Morning for a walkp by the Chicago River (@ Chicago Riverwalk in Chicago, IL)
One of the favorite things our interns like to do is take a Chicago River tour. Here’s what they see in 360.
can u let me k ow when my local Chicago are back open after remodel River oaks,Orland Park, Chicago Ridge, Thx
Globe-trotting the western beam terminal, duty visit chicago but back up the peltry river pilot: osgMvxE
I was thinking Chicago, be the next D Rose
Anyone have experiences with River boat Looking for recommendations
River cruise with a few IT guys talking tech on this beautiful evening. (@ Chicago's First Lady)
That car will go down in river, remember that movie.
She can jump, but please don't tie up traffic - nice bridges around the Chicago river
A2 best field trip was getting to go through the locks on the Chicago River into Lake Michigan. Don't even remember why we did it!
For what started out as a rainy morning, it sure turned out to be a beautiful day on the river
Just had a solid run along the River and Lake Michigan. Eyes sting from the salt in my sweat, so you know it was a good one.
and I saw on the Chicago River Walk today. Should have challenged him to a culinary duel.
Explore the river with these tours via
Apple Store construction site on the Chicago River
Developer drops plans to buy this 128-year-old River North row home. Could it stay?
Playing at in River North starting at 7. Let's party.
Killing time waiting for the train @ Two…
An interesting look at how the course of the Chicago River changed.
Beautiful evening for the at On river, just east of
Taking in the Chicago skyline from the Michigan river with my…
Chicago-designed app anonymously texts spoilers to your enemies
Still upset that Rose is no longer a Bull 😢 // Chicago River @ Chicago, Illinois
"Chicago River tour" sounds like a euphemism for what'll happen to you if you screw up...
Experience the exclusive Chicago River Bridges Tour! For every voucher purchased $2 will be donated to
hmmm... i look out my office every day-across the chicago river-n c a glorious high-rise... says "TRUMP"- ur right-wat a loser
Located in River West! Enjoy coffee shops, unique nightlife, and Jewel/Osco grocery store.
Today's 7th and 8th grade expedition took the girls on a Chicago adventure with a cruise along the Chicago River,...
Looking to beat the heat? has one of the best outdoor locations in
An evening of beauty on Twilight Cruise.
The Dragon Boat Races for Literacy will go down this weekend on the south branch of the Chicago River!
With dear friends Claudia Nasui and Mara Chindris along the Chicago River
That 62-acre tract of land south of Roosevelt Road and by the Chicago River would be an amazing park and location of the Lucas Museum.
New Item: Topographical Postcards - Chicago - Looking east at the Chicago River & Wacker Drive two of the [1970]
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