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Chicago Public Schools

Chicago Public Schools, commonly abbreviated as CPS by local residents and politicians and officially classified as City of Chicago School District #299 for funding and districting reasons, is a large school district that manages over 600 public elementary and high schools in Chicago, Illinois.

Rahm Emanuel Chicago Teachers Union Bruce Rauner

is meeting w/Illinois’ governor to talk about Chicago Public Schools. Here's wh…
See 4 more context! Police in Chicago Public Schools operate w/ no special training & little oversight https:/…
Chicago Public Schools sues the state of Illinois and Gov. Bruce Rauner over "separate but unequal funding."
"Chicago Public Schools has sued the governor and the Illinois State Board of Education, alleging that the way...
Chicago Public Schools sue over 'discriminatory' state school funding in Illinois via
See how $46 million in CPS cuts affect your school's budget
I spent 12 years in public schools in Chicago and was never attacked by a bear or any animal, I did meet Walter Payton once.
This is the result of Gov. Rauner's veto. Our kids deserve better. Let's start w/ fixing the funding formula. http…
Rauner is a criminal. Crimes against students.
Education is too important to NM children & our economy to have a Secretary of Ed not fully invested in the success of…
Question. How much do substitute teachers make daily at Chicago public schools?
Chicago Public Schools is instituting a spending freeze to save nearly $70 million
Thanks for showing your true colors - Edcuation means nothing to you, but it DOES TO US
Nationally, 20% of public school teachers put their kids in private schools. 39% of Chicago teachers' kids are priv…
Yes!  Because here in Chicago--countless kids are held hostage in dystopian public schools by union and CPS!
With Project Tomorrow and Chicago Public Schools we implemented a program with fifth grade students
Wow. In the bleak midwinter indeed. Rauner you suck.
Cool. Our school just got a 4% budget cut midyear. Cool cool cool.
where did Obamas kids went to school? Why didn't he "championed" public education and sent his kids to public Chicago schools?
Police in Chicago Public Schools operate with no special training and little oversight. via
CPS forced to slash $46 million in spending due to state budget deficit after Rauner veto
Please join us 2/24/17. An especially imp. time to showcase the strength of visionary & inclusive public schools.
Ratings agency says big tax hike is 'most likely' CPS fix Public Schools in financial difficulties.
Massive tax hike of "more than $400 million annually" is "most likely" way for Chicago Public Schools fix: Moody's…
I figure market value of that debt is slightly less than pennies on the dollar. Slightly more than Chicago public schools
my name is Tracy & I have been with Chicago Public schools for 22 years. I am currently on the South side of chgo
(Chicago Tribune) Schools taking bids on about 30 shuttered school..
Chicago Public Schools taking bids on about 30 shuttered school buildings
CPS to list 40 vacant schools, mostly from 2013 mass closings: Chicago Public Schools officials are putting 40……
My family's on Chicago Public Schools medical plan, & now there's the return of preexisting conditions AND a likely future Education Sec...
How a CPS teacher went from 'excellent' to 'do-not-hire' in one year | On Politics | Chicago Reader
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Organizing on Northwest side to improve public schools as an volunteer in…
Chicago Public Schools is moving to sell off all of the shuttered schools as soon as possible – including Emmet...
Because murals will stop Betsey DeVos from closing public schools.
Also, they went on to have an undefeated regular season. And the Chicago Public Schools only paid for referees for the games.
Chicago Public Schools says it is placing some 30 buildings still vacant after the 2013 school closings up for sale. Bids due by March 13.
."the liquidity crisis at Chicago Public Schools is worsening amid a . continued budget impasse at the state level,.
.fail their voters & the parents, teachers, & children in Chicago Public Schools
Chicago Public Schools offer PD for staff to support transgender &gender-expansive youth
With most news organizations shrinking their staffs these days, a couple of the better-known reporters...
I'm excited about the launch of Google's new Personalized Learning features that Chicago Public Schools teachers hel…
.being arrested for protesting at the University of Chicago,1963. Love the casual onlooker to the left!…
Looks like Chicago public schools in the 80's.
Wow, just learned from book "Unequal City" that less than 10% of white students in Chicago attend public high schools.
great effort from 2 of the best athletes in the state definitely the best 2 in Chicago Public Schools!
This is awesome. not exactly known to toe the line
Chicago Public Schools employee fatally shot steps from the school where he worked
The Regional Middle School Science Fair for Chicago Public Schools is in need of judges on Jan 20…
Emails show Hermane Hartman, publisher of N'DIGO, pushing Wayne Watson to the mayor to head Chicago Public Schools.…
Chicago has the worst public schools in the nation
unfortunately it isn't valued even in KG in public schools of chicago :( kids are made to sit & work all day…
Chicago Public Schools blocking ethics probe of top attorney, watchdog says
Second Chicago Public Schools budget OK'd; third may have to be drawn up
Zoom in & check out the disparity in offered classes among public schools in Chicago. Note: online art
Sorry I've lived in Chicago my entire life & the Public Schools in EVERY neighborhood are horrible.
were LATE to the party: Where was leadership on Chicago murders, Flint water, BLM & public schools
Can ANY of my friends who work for the Chicago Public Schools or Chicago Teachers Union tell me WHEN it became...
CPS' watchdog says district is blocking his probe of top attorney: Chicago Public Schools' top watchdog told the…
"Sanctuary campus" great idea for schools needing to up enrollment, like Chicago's DePaul. Hard to figure for in demand public universities.
Nine percent of the special education population in Chicago public schools is autistic
Chicago Public Schools partnered with to develop an ingredients guide for all food and beverages available in…
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42% of all Chicago public schools are less than half schools. Thats ridiculous. They need to be condensed and closed.
public-schools (to issue property-tax bonds because GOs no longer viable. Round
She said there is no poverty in Finland. In Chicago the majority of students in Public schools live in poverty.It affects education
At some point in Chicago 40% of public school teachers sent their own kids to private schools. Why? They know what is better.
Congratulations to Nada Karanouh on her painting "Workers" being selected for the Chicago Public Schools Senior Por…
Great interview w/ executive director on importance of teacher diversity: via
A moment: This past Fall we gave a $40K grant to help 3 Chicago public schools to
My point was that Chicago public schools suck. Where charter schools are allowed to pursue excellence, they work great.
Tick tock: Deadline to apply to a selective-enrollment school is Friday
I hated him because Chicago Public Schools had him singing BDSex in schools but after Late Nigjts Mixtape...I was sold.
Chicago Public Schools teachers missed more than 10 days of school a year, per district report.
Thanks for speaking about languages tonight! As a French teach in Chicago Public Schools it was awesome to hear your thoughts!
News I overlooked:. Illinois voted to fully fund Chicago Public Schools. Can the educational system get a RT! Say what!
ICYMI: Civic Federation recommends include how to contact administrative officials on website:
Ok and hows it goin at Chicago Public Schools W Madison St, Chicago, IL 60602
THE WATCHDOGS: 1 in 4 CPS teachers miss 10 or more days a year: Nearly one of every four Chicago Public Schools……
PUBLIC SCHOOLS under Obama brought politics into the classrooms. It has no biz there. This is the result
This is some BS! CPS students have been traumatized for years. Trump wins and now there is resources!
"Private Profit, Public Loss - why the push for low-fee private schools is throwing quality education off track"
That would be welcome. Something similar came out from Chicago Public Schools & was nice. Too long till MW to wait…
This BS !!! Where's the counseling for children traumatized by violence GTFOHWTBS
Looking fwd to Monday's discussion on the Future of Leadership in Chicago's Public Schools with and
ABC cards used in Chicago public schools in the 1970s. ✊🏾
There are 11,000 fewer students enrolled in Chicago's public schools than there were last year
"Should the State of Illinois provide full and equitable funding for the Chicago Public Schools?" Who says "No" to that wording?!?
I'm looking forward to this promisse I have 2 girls in college and 3 boys in Chicago public schools…
What's next for Chicago Public Schools? CTU House of Delegates recommends new contract
What Chicago teachers, parents & students were able to accomplish by uniting for great public schools:
Chicago Public Schools dismantle co-op women's golf team after dominating performance:
Congrats & But your approach to Chicago Public Schools is wrong. I'd love to talk with you about this.
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moved to Chicago to pursue a career in teaching special ed in Chicago Public Schools
ICYMI: looks at Chicago Schools being + its Ayn Rand acolyte running the district
The 2016 CPLFCA All-Academic Team is out. It features athletes from 19 different schools.
Yup...just as crazy as me wanting to work for Chicago, Memphis, and DC Public schools...
CIA-backed surveillance tool Geofeedia was marketed to public schools via
Honoring parent leaders on our Education Committee, who won a new Chicago Public Schools homeless ed policy
Some incredible reporting from this year on race, class and Chicago Public Schools--start here
Awesome chat between and one of our own Kudos, James!
.discusses programs with James Richmond of in this week's
Talking with Chicago Public Schools AP Government teachers & the power Fantasy SCOTUS.
The CEO of Chicago's public schools has put free market ideology over the needs of students and the
CIA-backed tool Geofeedia was marketed to public schools
By Dave McKinney and Karen Pierog CHICAGO, Oct 10 (Reuters) - Chicago's public schools and its teachers' union make the fin…
Great interview by James Richmond at with discussing partnerships and programs.
Chicago Public Schools may pay $50M to entice older teachers to retire in June
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Tax-increment financing played a big part in the new Chicago Public Schools teachers' contract:…
CPS should consider a new contract first. 340 million and we don't event get the bathrooms cleaned daily.
Chicago Public Schools will lay off about 250 teachers/staff members due to steeper-than-expected enrollment decline
Our ED had a letter published in the this morning. It's about the Chicago Public Schools, not…
Chicago Public Schools announced layoffs today for 140 teachers, 109 support staffers—7 days left to avert a strike:
Dr Janice Jackson, Chief Education Officer of Chicago Public Schools, speaking tonight at our event hosted at the U…
Feel like a superhero wearing my Chicago Teachers Union shirt even in NYC. I stand in solidarity as a NY…
Chicago schools cites drop in enrollment for new layoffs - CHICAGO (AP) — Chicago Public Schools has announced ...
CHICAGO—The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) issued the following statement in response to the Chicago Public Schools...
BREAKING: After massive drop in enrollment, CPS says it's laying off 140 teachers, 109 school support staffers
We are incredibly proud of Senn High School ranking in the Top 15 CPS High Schools in Chicago magazine! This is...
Chicago has charter and public schools. Charter been started, public tomorrow.
Chicago Public Schools back in session tomorrow. has a look:
What CPS parents need to know heading into new school year: Chicago Public Schools held a series of back-to-s...
In Chicago Public Schools, Black children are 3x more likely to be labeled EBD than Whites.
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In Chicago Public Schools, Black Children are:. 4x more likely to be expelled than White students . 5x more likely...
CPS begins new school year with same old problems
Shuttered public schools are being scooped up by developers via
Graduation Rate in Chicago Public Schools Now at 73 Percent Figures released by Chicago Public Schools show contin…
Chicago Public Schools’ official graduation rate is now 73 percent, up 3 percentage points from last year. More:
Back to school for Chicago Public Schools tomorrow! It's going to be a steamy day. Temps at bus stop in morning...
Graduation rate in Chicago Public Schools now over 73 percent
Graduation rate in Chicago Public Schools now at 73 percent...
Accusing Mayor Rahm Emanuel of “incompetent and uncaring mismanagement” of the Chicago Public Schools, and using...
Already know these things as we've went over this before. Numerous times.
Today's 'sode we have and we chat about public schools, ketamine, and more!
ICYMI: Find out why with every RT, we're donating a backpack to a student in need.
Stoked to send my daughter to North this fall! Best Public in Suburbs
Opportunities for integration in CPS are rare—and too important to miss, writes
"Chicago magazine this past week released its list rating the top schools in Chicago and the suburbs."...
Check it out! R. Central and 127.5 are leading the way! Very proud of our Ts and Ss. The Innovators https…
WBEZ is tracking testing results at schools. These are the latest numbers.
Chicago Public Schools budget relying on state in part for $733 pension plan contribution
Chicago Public Schools is set to open for a new school year in less than three weeks, but the question remains - will schools stay
The Innovators Proud to have our work at covered here!
Important listen about Chicago Public Schools' disappearing librarians. Featuring our rockstar librarian
So this just happened! Brooks ranks in the city of Chicago. 7th grade at this school is another step on...
making history! Congratulations on being ranked one of the Best Public Schools in Chicago: via
While is a multi-ethnic city, most public schools are single-race schools. .
We are among the 5 most innovative school districts in the Chicago area!
Excellent reporting on Chicago Public Schools fiscal condition etc prior to upcoming bond deal
Chicago Public Schools is a perfect example of what happens when you have corrupt politicians and Unions in control. It all fails
Congratulations to for making Chicago magazine's list of Best Schools in Chicago!
From an unelected school board member. This is who represents public schools in Chicago. Who do they really serve?
Elementary schools out of South Shore and Chatham made this list 👏 👏👏 ✊
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Update on lead testing in CPS schools now. Look for your school here:
Chi Ed CEO thanks taxpayers for coming through for Chicago public schools, does not acknowledge teachers
The Best Public Schools in Chicago’s Suburbs So nice to see on this list!
TWO AURORA SCHOOLS have been named on the annual "BEST PUBLIC SCHOOLS" List by Chicago magazine! Congratulations...
As Chicago Public Schools votes on budget, Gov Rauner says he doesn't know if pension deal will be reached to give CPS $215 mil in state $
Chicago Public School board votes today on $5.4 billion budget with property tax hikes
Chicago Public Schools: Rehire Mr. David Arredondo after an unjust layoff - Sign the Petition! v…
Naperville's 2016 ratings: 2nd best public schools in US, richest city, safest city, best suburb of Chicago, and 3rd most su…
All of Chicago Public Schools are seeing big gains by allowing students to play. |
Chicago Public Schools, under Rahm Emanuel, waging war on teachers covered by the CTU collective bargaining agreement. .
Like Boston, Chicago, Phila. & 15 other cities, the 1% are coming to privatize public schools. Resist .
Teachers union has 3X the public support of Chicago Mayor Emanuel
Chicago Public Schools sued over alleged handcuffing of six year-old for ‘stealing candy’. https…
Chicago mom sues CPS claiming 6-year-old daughter was handcuffed at school.
Outraged Mom sues Chicago public schools after 6-year-old daughter was handcuffed for taking candy htt…
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Outraged mother is suing after her daughter was handcuffed for "taking" candy:
Oh, I don't even know where to begin.. 😳. 1,000 Chicago Public Schools teachers and staff getting laid off.
And the fact that my school wasn't affected only highlights systemic problems.
I was pushed out of Chicago Public Schools cuz of constant worry over whether I'd have a job that month. Hoping in NYC I won't feel that way
Right this is no way to run a school district, more damage inflicted on schools
Chicago Public Schools laying off more than 1,000 teachers, staff via
CPS will continue to rely on borrowing as it prepares to release 2017 budgets: Months after Chicago Public Schools…
*** ! "Chicago Public Schools to lay off 494 teachers"
Chicago Public Schools is laying off nearly 1,000 staff today. Principals began notifying affected teachers a... https:/…
Chicago Public Schools sent pink slips to 1,000 teachers and support staff Friday
Chicago can't afford public schools or mental health clinics but somehow finds $4 million a day to spend on the Chicago Poli…
Meanwhile, Chicago Public Schools is laying teachers off at 8:30pm on a Friday...but I'm sleep though
This is what Chicago Public Schools did to over 1000 teachers and stuff today, including our own. Show love.
LIVE on Mayor Emanuel and Chicago Public Schools officials addressing today's actions in Springfield https:/…
Mayor Rahm Emanuel says deal will ensure Chicago Public Schools open on time without major disruptions to classrooms.
Bruce Rauner and Rahm Emanuel, once allies on Chicago Public Schools, now adversaries
All politicians should have their kids/grandbabies b a MANDATORY participant in Chi Public Schools.
White cheddar popcorn remind me of Chiacgo Public schools, if you're from Chicago you know what I mean
Chicago to buy the debt of Chicago City Schools? They're drinking their own urine again...
Senate Dems plan to introduce school funding, stopgap bills Chicago Public Schools would get a total of $286 milli…
Chicago Public Schools gets 30% more but they're not at the top of the list of winners. Rauner has called previous efforts a bailout
A Chicago Public Schools employee was shot and killed outside the elementary school where he was working on Thursday afternoon, according
Wrong again. Chicago Public Schools, Boston and Philly all receive Federal grants
has now tested 107 schools' water for lead. More than 30 have elevated levels
I like the way that the guy standing behind the free college slogan mentions failing public schools in Chicago. Adorbs.
Meet our new intern Tevin working with us through our partnership with Chicago Public Schools…
History not a guide for possible Chicago Public Schools bankruptcy
This fight starts with us fighting for high quality public schools is America, and that fight begins right here in Chicago.
Ron Huberman, former CEO and Superintendent of Chicago Public Schools is answering your AMA questions.
Gov: The rest of the state sh not have its school year held up in an effort to bailout Chicago Public Schools.
Radogno says Democrats continue to push for irresponsible bailout of Chicago Public Schools
Mayor Rahm Emanuel is asking aldermen to give City Hall the option of lending cash to Chicago Public Schools:
Go figure, Chicago public schools are the ones responsible for the budget problems in Illinois.
I'm at chicago public schools in Chicago, IL
Chicago mayor asks for city authority to buy Chicago Public Schools' debt
Mayor asks for city authority to buy Chicago Public Schools debt
Mayor asks for city authority to buy CPS debt: As Chicago Public Schools faces the prospect of going bust before…
Meet the video game startup using warriors and heroes to teach Chicago Public Schools students how to code:
, how about taking that TIF money that was going to be used for the museum and help fund Chicago public schools?
PI's editorial cartoonist on the high lead levels in water at some public schools
We shouldn’t reward mismanagement with a $400 million bailout of Chicago Public Schools. Madigan, time to
Madigan holds up budget to push bailout of
Illinois Public School Funding. Delay in a deal is a series of budget failures.
Bad behavior on the part of former investment bankers and hedge fund billionaires.
Madigan wants everyone to pay for failed, corrupt, Chicago Public Schools/ High ... -
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Now I'm curious, were recorders the norm in urban schools in the 70s/80s? I'm a product of Chicago Public Schools and we didn't have em.
It honestly scares me how the IL governor and Mayor of Chicago both have such an intense hatred for public schools.
Chicago Public Schools spent $100K to lobby Springfield for more money | City Limits
Right. Chicago is just one symptom of a nationwide problem w/public schools. Not unique.
Why parents should be concerned about of Chicago Public Schools.
.board pick educator with big city school experience in Chicago, Indianapolis and Cleveland schools
Chicago public schools was bad but never ever had was this bad lmao
Chicago Public Schools employee shot and killed outside school:
Catching up on reads delayed by a busy spring:. on the $$-web of Chicago school reform machinations.
Chicago says it probably doesn't have enough money to fund their public schools. Let that sink in.
They're killing our babies in Chicago. These shootings arent happening "accidentally"...neither is the lead in the water @ PUBLIC schools!😡
My elementary school is 1 of the Chicago Public Schools w/ lead in the water. This fight has always been personal. More p…
Chicago Public Schools to hold meetings on lead levels in water
Lead testing continues on Chicago Public Schools water
Democracy must be returned to Chicago Public Schools, through an elected school board.
Chicago needs an elected school board that is accountable to people who send their kids to Chicago Public Schools.
CHICAGO (AP) — Elevated lead levels have been found in water in five more Chicago public schools, bringing to 19 the number of buildings
New Leader of Chicago’s Principals Taking on Rahm Emanuel and Corporate School Reform - In These Times
CASA stepped up yesterday in the tradition of warrior principals like Unite.
Helpful primer on what's going on in Chicago public schools & how it got so bad, via
Public schools in Chicago have lead in the water. You know who's kids DON'T go to public schools? The governor and the ma…
Michael Moore, please put Detroit or Chicago Public Schools under your discerning lens.
Senate passes Chicago Public Schools bailout bill; outlook in House not so sunny -
Chicago Public Schools is aiming to privatize even more facility jobs. by
Just got a call from Chicago Public Schools regarding my daughter Veronica being absent from school today. Am I missing something?
Chicago Public Schools expands program to clean up schools -
TIL Chicago Public Schools students are 9.4% white. All things considered that still seems very low comp. to city
Chicago Public Schools teachers hit picket lines in front of schools across the city
Chicago Public Schools students react to teachers union strike
Chicago Public Schools students react to strike on April 1
Chicago Public Schools won't discipline teachers who walk out - Chicago Tribune
Chicago Public Schools has announced another round of teacher layoffs amid an ongoing contract stalemate with the Chicago Teachers Union
Amazing data transparency for arts ed in Chicago Public Schools from
Chicago Public Schools chief gives employees unpaid days, CTU says this 'all but assures' strike April 1.
you get Flint, Chicago Public Schools, teacher shortages, and 2 mile high & 140 miles wide dust clouds.
Chicago Public Schools is the worst example of corrupt government, waste, fraud and abuse in the US. Democrat's heaven.
The Chicago Teachers Union is threatening to go on strike as early as April 1 if Chicago Public Schools follows through with canceling the
"Chicago Public Schools CEO Forrest Claypool says that for now the district will continue paying teachers’...
A Chicago Public Schools teacher has been charged after he allegedly hit two young girls with his car Tuesday morning and f…
Chicago Public Schools sets 3 furlough days for workers
Chicago Public Schools announces 62 layoffs, 17 of them teachers, as part of $85M in cuts. http…
Ain't it sad *** *** that these corrupt *** people running Illinois got Chicago Public schools so broke
Great time. Thanks to BioRad,Northwestern U. & Chicago Public Schools Lots for NNHS Biotech students to learn.
wants to do the same thing to Chicago Public Schools btw.
What does it mean to be a public school?
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Chicago public schools union is a spoiled misbehaving child. Your daddy is going to spank you.
Where can those dissatisfied with public in now turn?
Pension pickup remains, but union still plans ‘action’: In a major about-face, Chicago Public Schools official...
Chicago teachers set April 1 for 'showdown' with schools: CHICAGO (Reuters) - The head of the Chicago Public S...
Chicago public schools will now teach all graduates Computer Science...
School Clerk 1 - Chicago Public Schools - Chicago, IL: Communicates in person and on the t...
Chicago Public Schools has sold $725 million in tax-exempt bonds it says will help get the district through the rest of the school year
Chicago Public Schools students react to the school board decision to require computer science for graduation:
"A program that brought mariachi classes to Chicago Public Schools has gotten so popular a citywide ensemble has...
Chicago Public Schools and Antisocial Behavior in the Capital Markets - Pretty damning piece by Bond Girl
Wouldn't it have been great if Paul Vallas was Lt. Gov to help out > Chicago Public Schools slashes budgets midyear
The Mikva Challenge is gathering 100s of Chicago Public Schools students to address the city's challenges...
Chicago Public Schools may have reached the end of the bond market will loan:
Chicago Public Schools on Tuesday announced plans to cut $100 million in spending and staff, a move leaders of...
$100 million in cuts for Chicago Public Schools and more local news you need to know.
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Chicago School District Announces Layoffs in Central Office: The head of the Chicago Public Schools said the d...
y'all. Chicago Public Schools out here feeding the babies these Aunt Jemima pancake packets. I am done dot com.
Triple Threat growing food and programs Chicago Youth Center and Chicago Public Schools. Triple Threat will work w…
Chicago Public Schools is looking for a II (Prek Instruction) in apply now!
New opening at Chicago Public Schools in - (Other Instruction Purposes - M)
(Prek Instruction) needed in at Chicago Public Schools. Apply now!
Chicago Public Schools is hiring a II (Prek Instruction), apply now!
Check out this Security at Chicago Public Schools in
Apply now to work for Chicago Public Schools as (K-8 REG Library) in
Around 400 students from Chicago Public Schools held a rally Friday afternoon in front of the James R. Thompson Center downtown.
Chicago Public Schools responded Monday after a years-old video of students appearing to harass a substitute teacher at a city school went
HBSSEI: New case -- Reform in the Chicago Public Schools
New case -- Reform in the Chicago Public Schools
New opening at Chicago Public Schools in - Teacher (K-8)
Yesterday, the ex-CEO of Chicago Public Schools, Barbara Byrd-Bennett, pleaded guilty to a kickback scheme...
All purpose parts banner
Gary Solomon, Thomas Vranas plead not guilty to indictment alleging kickback scheme at Chicago Public Schools
Mayor Emanuel should hire an auditor to dig deep at Chicago Public Schools, writes ht…
Chicago Public Schools is hiring a Security Officer, apply now!
Security needed in at Chicago Public Schools. Apply now!
(Professional School Counselor) needed in at Chicago Public Schools. Apply now!
Chicago Public Schools walks back inflated graduation rates, delivering blow to Emanuel
CPS success? Yes.: As a new school year gets into full swing, the media coverage of Chicago Public Schools con...
Chicago Public Schools has downgraded four years of inflated graduation rates based on inaccurate dropout rate:
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