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Chicago Police Department

The Chicago Police Department, also known as the CPD, is the principal law enforcement agency of Chicago, Illinois, in the United States, under the jurisdiction of the Mayor of Chicago.

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Racist institution of Chicago police department is
Thanks to our friend, Officer Joe Pagan of the 18th Distict Chicago Police Department, for stopping by! 🚨…
Sharing these excellent tips from the Chicago Police Department in light of the high temperatures we are...
CPD asking officers to design look of new patrol vehicles - The Chicago Police Department, seeking a fresh look...
Chicago Police Department turn to social media to repair image: Program ...
I truly hope the Chicago Police Department does something about the cab driver I reported who touched me. What if the next girl isn't ok?!
They meant "redesign the Chicago Police Department," probably
The Chicago Police Department is asking officers for proposals to redesign the look of its new patrol vehicles…
Chicago Police Department took part in the slaughter. Remember it well. CPD claimed greeted hail of…
9 Shot Chicago in one incident. Why is that not important? Why not stop and frisk? Why not support the 99% good police department? Dont BLM?
WGN TV. Sun is out in Chicago Police Department. Temperatures hit 90° in Chicago today - how are you spending this...
Shameful that is now backing off of meaningful court-monitored reforms for Police Department. ht…
Trump's Justice Department and Chicago may reach a police reform deal with "no teeth"
An inspiring message from the Chaplain's Office of the Chicago Police Department!
This is the Chicago Police Department. This is serious information. Do you mind if we contact you about this?
can you help the McHenry Police Department>>
all proceeds go to the Chicago police department, this is where I got the pin on my maga hat
As a Chicago cop's suicide is being reexamined, the case has taken a shocking turn. via
"Read this article in relation to the book." .
Justice Department: No agreement with Chicago on police reform
With the summer months comes an increase in bike thefts. Register your bicycle with the Chicago Police Department at htt…
Mayor Emanuel backs off commitment to court-enforced agreement to reform Chicago Police Department
DOJ may oversee reforms to Chicago Police Department via
Sunday morning St. Jude with the Chicago Police Department. Thank you for your service! http…
Attempted child luring reported near Lincoln Park: The Chicago Police Department is asking re..
Calling all Police Chiefs! A respectful analysis! I hope you read this short article and comment!. Respectfully,.
Experts say policy has good aspects but are concerned about backing away from de-escalation in light of report.
Chicago Police Department Superintendent Eddie Johnson outlines new use of force guidelines with a renewed focus on de-escalation.
Newest Sterling Police Department K9 trains as comfort dog
A Tribute to the men and Woman of the Chicago Police department: via
Inside the Chicago Police Department’s secret budget
But yet still funding millions to Chicago Police Department and policing
I went to the Justice Department and the Chicago police department and I went to the lieutenant general and the governor on them
Stuff like this is the most obvious:
And you and your presidents favorite Chicago.
Met the Head of the Chicago police department what a great guy !
wow @ chicago police Department do you see this 🙂
Why did the FBI and Chicago Police Department ruthlessly slaughter Fred Hampton
Chicago P.D. (2014-). Follows District 21 of the Chicago Police Department, which is made up of the uniformed cops a…
From Police K-9 Unit the Chicago Police Department Great picture , one question how does he use those handcuffs?...
This my opinion and I'm not crazy. I think the Chicago police department needs to be under investigation I think they doing some of killings
Utilizing data from Chicago Police Department, WBEZ shows you, but also asks some hard questions. A cursory l...
Why don't the just use the reports from Chicago and Baltimore and just change the names, some incidents, and stats?.
Are you an Alto, Soprano, Tenor or beginner? Are you an active or retired member of the Chicago Police Department?…
Listening to Stephen Chung, Commander, 9th District, Chicago Police Department speak about his career experience…
Last year, the movement in Chicago compelled DOJ to come here and investigate the Chicago Police Department.
Just like how CPS should have an Elected School Board the Chicago Police Department should as well
CPD were found guilty of multiple crimes in this DOJ report. They need less power Not more
60% of guns recovered in crimes in were first purchased in states with weaker gun laws than Illinois.
"They're about to feel the full strength and scope of the Chicago Police Department."
"The University of Chicago Police Department announced yesterday a new plan to relocate Hyde Park 200 feet...
Talking with Flint Taylor about his piece on the Chicago Police Department reform (and Trump's feds threat…
Rauner: "At the Illinois State Police, we’re providing the Chicago Police Department with a wide range of resources."
No immediate response from City Hall, the Chicago Police Department or the office of Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner
LW: After refusing to fire top cops who lied about the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald, the Chicago Police Department just
thanks Robin Robinson and Vanessa Westley of the Chicago Police Department's Office of Community Affairs for...
Please come out and cheer on the Chicago Fire Department as well as the Chicago Police Department while they play...
BREAKING: Justice Department says Chicago Police Department engages in pattern of using force in violation of the Constitution
The conclusions of the Justice Department's report on the Chicago Police Department were probably foreordained.
The Department of Justice says the Chicago Police Department committed routine civil rights violations
says was the Worst Potus in US History and in 2008 & 2012 . Chicago Police Department
762 murders happened in Chicago last year, but Loretta Lynch and the DOJ says the Chicago Police Department is the proble…
Chicago Police Department seeks to discipline - but not fire - 4 cops in Laquan McDonald case: htt…
Former superintendent of the Chicago Police Department claims is to blame for rising murder rates:
Obama DoJ "finds a pattern of civil rights violations by the Chicago Police Department"
Justice Department to release major report on Chicago Police Department after yearlong civil rights investigation.
Justice Department Finds a Pattern of Civil Rights Violations by the Chicago Police Department →
A new DOJ report shows the Chicago Police Department violated civil rights by using excessive force and unfairly targeting mino…
The idea that the Chicago Police Department will enact any meangiful reform with Rahm Emanuel in place as mayor is straight…
So, even Chicago has a police department! Now don't that beat all😨😲
Garry McCarthy tells '60 Minutes' that Chicago Police Department is in 'crisis' When u criticize, limit & restrict
The Chicago police department despises ANYONE who holds them accountable. They are purposely not doing their job; that's…
It's very clear that the liberal racist portrayal of Chicago Police Department is just that.onJan.20ThingsChange
Chicago marked 2016 as the deadliest year in 19 years, according to data released by the city's police department (1/2)
Chicago's 2016 murder rate is the city's highest in 19 years, police department data shows.
"The head of the Chicago Police Department is now admitting that more gun laws don’t necessarily result in less...
Feast of St. Jude Thaddeus, brother of St. James the Less, 1 of the 12 Apostles. Patron of Desperate Cases & the Chicago Police Department.
The first female U.S. police officer was Marie Connolly Owens, who joined the Chicago Police Department in 1891 with full ar…
African-Americans make up only 16.6% of the Chicago Police Department. This is one of the city's most ignored commu…
I liked a video Bulls, Chicago Police Department, and Youth Guidance Basketball Tournament
How does Rahm Emanuel still have his job as Mayor? How is the Chicago Police Department still a functioning organization?…
Two public US Dept. of Justice forums on the Chicago Police Department: one on July 12th and the other on July 14th.
as hate. People do. Gangs are the cause of 90% of all shootings in Chicago, according to the Chicago Police Department. That means that of
Now, more than ever, the public is scrutinizing the Chicago Police Department, or CPD. But Chicagoans and...
Chicago Has Violent Mother's Day Weekend: A member of the Chicago Police Department works the scene of a fata...
Chicago Police Department about to cut protesters from inside 131 S. Dearborn.
Chief Johnson vows to improve Chicago Police Department, some skeptical in Austin | AustinTalks
A body was found in Lake Michigan Saturday afternoon, according to the Chicago Police Department.
Chicago (IL) Sun-Times: Ramsey bows out as paid adviser to Chicago Police Department. More -
A new report slams Chicago Police Department for its treatment of blacks and Latinos
Chicago Police Department stonewalls on another police-involved shooting video, so BGA sues
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The residents of Chicago are the eyes and ears of the Chicago Police Department. .
One Dead, Four Wounded in Chicago Shooting: Members of the Chicago Police Department work the scene where five...
Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss. Nice job restoring trust in the Chicago Police Department.
Chicago Police Department. Chicago, Illinois history : the meaning behind our city flag !. The flag's four stars...
A union that represents 54 officers from the University of Illinois at Chicago Police Department is speaking out—arguing the…
New top cop has tough to-do list: A longtime Chicago Police veteran became the embattled department's new inte...
2 Chicago police supervisors trained detectives while under investigation over the Koschman case via
staggering rise in gun violence and killings Chicago Police Department...
Chicago’s staggering rise in gun violence and killings: The Chicago Police Department has been under a nati...
It's not the mayor, the Chicago Police Department or the State Attorney. It's you *** shooting at each other.
Chicago mayor chooses police superintendent from inside the department - Washington Post
BREAKING NEWS: The Chicago Police Department just confirming that 8 people were shot this...
Eddie Johnson named new Chicago Police Department interim superintendent -
Video appears to show man getting shot: The Chicago Police Department is investigating a video purported...
Who is Eddie Johnson, the mayor's choice to run the Chicago Police Department?
University of Chicago Police Department to implement body-worn cameras:
Chicago Police Department openly said they did NOT advise Trump to cancel his rally in Chicago. They were running security. …
ALERT: Chicago Police Department had no role in decision to cancel Donald Trump rally, department official says; University of Illinois at …
I don't believe one word from the Chicago police department how many police officers are in prison for falsify a police report ?
S/O to Chicago Police Department for screwing me over
I dont have it, I saw it from the Chicago police department's section thro my prof, which is not public.
I am glad that the Chicago Police department found the second man who helped gunned down that poor little boy.
The DOJ is conducting a "practice or pattern" investigation into the Chicago Police Department. (2/2)
See our latest IL and click to apply: SUPERVISORY POLICE OFFICER -
We're Read about our latest opening here: Supervisory Police Officer - IL
/it's a great idea and it's a new way of showing that the Police Department is caring about the neighborhood
Chicago Police Department spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said a press conference will be held Tuesday at 12:30 p.m.
Sanders mentioned his arrest by the Chicago Police Department while he was trying to desegregate the U of Chicago school system.
Over a billion to the Chicago Police Department budget to kill our ppl... ~
lmao kid you've dropped more donuts this year than the Chicago police department
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Alli, you know this is huge for me. I was accepted in the academy, and to do an internship with the Chicago Police Department.
"At least three months, then I'm gonna go take a job as an intern in the Chicago Police Department."
A Trump rally, thousands of Chicago protesters, and the Chicago Police Department. Sounds like a winning combination to me. Crikey. 😱
Former Chicago Police Superintendent Richard Brzeczek said there is no question that the department's code of silence is real. In an
I think Chicago could recruit black youth for their police department and public safety.
is indelible is the small intestine into the CIA the FBI and also in Chicago Police Department he's radio transmitting
Miller Emanuel talls Chicago Police . Department not to use firearms in an arrest
Officers in Chicago Police Department refuses to apprehend or engage with criminals Miller has put out word not to use your sidearm
Chicago Police Department would be entirely governed by CPAC. Mayor of Chicago would lose 40% of his portfolio (police).
The quiet guilt of the Chicago Police Department
I saw and got upset. Thought it meant Chicago police department killed another innocent man. 🙃
Reforming the Chicago police department is like trying to reform *** Satan wouldn't allow it.
Lol @ asking Chicago Police Department to stop killing us so they just don't work at all because that's all they know how to do
According to data from the local police department experienced 40 murders and 160 shootings in February, the highest in 2 decades.
Criminal Element Larry Cole Chicago Police Sergeant Joe Donegan Came to the Department With a Plan. to Him the
I think Chicago Police Department are doing their best but I believe the court system needs to be improved
Um…your police department is playing w dark forces, your schools are playing w dark policies! Go fix Chicago https…
Deerfiled Police Department representing and promoting child passenger safety at the 2016 Chicago Auto Show.
Elizabeth FB IMd me some random lady called the Chicago Police Department and said Elizabeth krakHO
“Why were you so unpopular with the Chicago Police Department?”
AKA & police department training vid is on Racist? Homophobic? Misogynist? This movie's for you!!!
never once addressed the covering up of evidence by the Chicago Police Department and Her close friend.
I am thinking they need whole new police department in Chicago...
In an effort to respect the wishes of the Chicago Police Department, we have removed all images of Driver and...
I’m watching the latest episode of Chicago PD right now. I wonder what will happen at the Chicago Police Department this time.
'Nothing happens to the police': forced confessions go unpunished in Chicago
Chicago cops are being promoted & rewarded despite their role in torture and harassment claims
Ferguson Sued by Justice Department https:// Protect criminals 50 dead in Chicago in January alone . because of Police ?
The Chicago Police Department loves this City and stands with all Chicagoans alike!. Enjoy you day..
suing is under daily attack & this is where they focus their attention. Is NYC next?
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What does Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel know about the police department's 'code of silence'?
The city of Chicago, take heed. Department of Justice Sues Ferguson, Which Reversed Course on Agreement
Guys I'm addicted to Chicago Police Department the show
You are setting yourselves up for failure if you hire McCarthy he destroyed the Chicago Police Department
Just another average day at the Chicago police department.
The DOJ has opened an investigation against the police department.
Is Time magazine, NCAAP and Chicago Police department also in on your conspiracy?
2 minutes into listening to Chicago Police Department's dispatch. Somebody calls in an "explosive device" in an apartment complex.
Hillary Clinton calls for federal probe of Chicago Police Department: On 12/02/2015
This is most certainly the dumbest I've ever heard. This officer, the chicago police department and anyone else...
And bearing in mind that CPD not only doesn't punish but often COMMENDS the most violent cops (
More astounding evidence of abusive practices in the Chicago Police Department
Department of Justice to begin Police Department probe Wednesday
Chicago as 12,000 cops. 124 of them have cost the police department tens of millions in misconduct settlements:
Chicago Fire Department paramedics attacked Sunday night in the Printers Row neighborhood...
Officers praised for outstanding work during the Sup's Monthly Commendation Award Ceremony
lawsuit against a deceased kid's estate.this is truly a new low for Chicago Police Department
The mother of a teenager shot by Chicago Police is asking the United States Justice Department to investigate her son’s cas…
‘Nothing happens to the police’: forced confessions go unpunished in Chicago
Charles Ramsey has been tapped by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel to advise the citys police department on civil rights issues.
City Council committee signs off on a $3.1 million settlement for discrimination in Police Department hiring
This woman is fighting to end violence, empower youth in Chicago via
How Activists Won Reparations for the Survivors of Chicago Police Department Torture - In These Times:
On the Job: Behind the Stars of the Chicago Police Department
I'm just looking at the screen like.. *** ? Chicago Police Department: Officer Files Lawsuit Against Estate of Teen He Shot and Killed??
another example of willful negligence and terrorist behavior coming out of Chicago Police Department
"If he's such a delicate flower, he shouldn't be in the police department," says lawyer for dead man's family.
I filed a police report against them with the Chicago Police Department and the FBI and the CIA
Chicago police department please stop killing us!
"That's a new low, even for the Department," he said. "First you shoot them then you them."
domain names
Next year's will be sponsored by the Police Department, so there won't be any audio.
Charles H. Ramsey, a former deputy superintendent of the Chicago Police Department who recently retired as Philadelphi…
was assassinated by Chicago Police Department & FBI under
Chicago Police Department to arm all officers with tasers by June 2016.
Rahm Emanuel trying to talk his way out of the Chicago Police Department scandals
The biggest challenge facing the Chicago Police Department is changing the culture of silence and lying:
Our affiliate hosts forum on the state of the Chicago Police Department and possible means of reform
Chicago Police Department to host community workshop on 12/16/15 at Chicago Urban League in Chicago, IL.
Please join the 20th District commander, other Chicago Police Department representatives and me from 6-7 TONIGHT...
Here, on why the DOJ inquiry into Chicago Police Department is flawed https:/…
Justice Department launches federal investigation into practices of Chicago Police Department
Rahm will fire the entire Chicago Police Department before he resigns.
US Justice Dept. will investigate the Chicago Police Department to see whether its practices violate federal law.
The Dept. of Justice announces that the Chicago Police Department will face a thorough federal investigation.
The US Dept. of Justice will launch a federal investigation into the Chicago Police Department
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Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has fired the Chicago Police Department's head amid tension over police shooting video
On Dec 4, 1969, Chicago Black Panther Party Chairman Fred Hampton was assassinated by the Chicago Police Department. https…
"...firearms seized on the streets here by the Chicago Police Department ... were bought just outside city limits..."
Madigan Calls for Investigation of Chicago Police Department: Attorney General Lisa Madigan on Tuesday asked t...
“Trust in the Chicago Police Department is broken. Chicago cannot move ahead and rebuild trust between the police...
Illinois attorney general asks for federal investigation of Chicago Police Department
The top cop of Illinois wants the federal government to investigate the Chicago Police Department
Atty General Lisa Madigan calls for federal probe into Chicago Police Department saying trust "is broken" htt…
Ill. AG calls for federal probe of Chicago Police Department practices
The patron saint of the Chicago Police Department, Saint Jude, is also the patron saint of lost causes.
Latest: Groups want Chicago Police Department investigated: CHICAGO (AP) — The latest on the af...
SHAMELESS! Burger King just publicly revealed that the Chicago Police Department came into their restaurant and...
Stop and Frisk Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against City of Chicago and Chicago Police Department by Romanucci & Bland.
Crime statistics released early Wednesday by the Chicago Police Department show a troubling trend for some crimes. This sto…
Listening to chicago's police department scanner and it's never ending entertainment.. Many parties going on tonight 😂
Never been so disgusted with the Chicago Fire & Police Department as I am now. Smh.
I have been to Chicago Police Department West Valley Police Department Rhode Island Police Department the FBI CIA
we knew at the time that CPD was spying on us (we had a box for them to check on sign-in sheets); this still ***
A suburban Chicago mayor ordered his police department to use federal money for police cars to buy him a Chevy Tahoe.
If you are not a member of the Chicago Police Department of Illinois ... You have NO business shooting at someone's child.
No other police department in any of the 10 most populous cities killed more people from 2010 through 2014.
JUST IN: Fire Department says a body's been found in at 5300 North. Police now handling.
A “landmark agreement” has been reached between the American Civil Liberties Union and Chicago police involving the department’s
"I believe that we will win", tonight in front of Chicago Police Department
"The number of black shooting deaths, is proof of the systemic racism within the Chicago Police department." *** http:…
I'm trying to tell y'all Chicago Police Department is trash. Glorified security guards.
NOPE: Statement on Agreement with the Chicago Police Department on Stop and Frisk Reform. -
Pure love. I believe that we will win. @ Chicago Police Department
Chicago and Baltimore PD together? I guess the St. Louis police department was unavailable.
More likely over which department represents its city's demographics least.
the FBI, Chicago Police Department and Illinois State Attorney's Office came together to assassinate Fred Hampton. Think about that
They harass young Black men all the time: &
The Department Chicago Youth Leadership Academy's Moto. Show me your friends and...
The Chicago Police Department has released a list of "ways to stay safe in any neighborhood," including telling residents…
OK, is anybody really shocked that Chicago police were monitoring/spying on anti-Olympics activists?
Here is one of the most exhaustive articles I've read on any one police department. Re: Chicago PD:
Records show Chicago police spied on Olympics protesters 'Today I'll *** on my oath to defend the Constitution.'-CPD
My condolences to the Chicago Police Department you guys sure know how to pick em!👍🏽
CPD void of rule of law spies on citizenry during protests. .
It's like the Chicago Police Department is trying to win the Olympics of spying on citizens.
Records show Chicago police spied on Olympics protesters.
What's going on? Records show Chicago police spied on Olympics protesters -… Get Found ->
Records show police spied on protesters
Records show Chicago police spied on Olympics protesters | Ben Joravsky on Politics | Chicago Reader
-- Is the purpose of police to serve & protect citizens or to serve & protect capitalism? (It's the latter.)
Parkersburg fugitive located in Chicago - CHICAGO, IL –The Parkersburg Police Department located a man wanted for ...
Records show Chicago police spied on Olympics protesters
Spy Games: Records released by the Chicago Police Department revealed they spied on activists opposed to the City's…
The stars of the US TV series Chicago Police Department, Jason Beghe and Jon Seda were looking on the game against… http…
Over 2,000 petitions have been collected by Chicago Votes demanding transparency in the Chicago Police Department
Poster boy for Chicago Police Department right there.
This is promising for the USA! right? NYPD Chicago Police Department LAPD Headquarters San Francisco Police...
breaking news: the Chicago Police Department are a bunch of racist thugs. and have been for decades. now. nice...
"It's not for nothing that the Chicago Police Department has arguably the most brutal reputation in the country,...
Are there only bad apples in the Chicago police department or is the whole policing system rotten.
it's the Chicago police department 😂😂.
Just spoken with the Sgt up there in Chicago down at Chicago police department can't wait till that day.
Eastbound and Westbound M-121 (Chicago Drive) is now open per Wyoming Police Department. Roger Hun
74. within Somali-American Communities"; and. $500,000 to the Chicago Police Department's predictive policing program.
then the entire Chicago police department can die wit me. Honest
ppl be beating on doors like they are thei CHICAGO POLICE DEPARTMENT or something. smh!. dont surprise if...
Get $5 tickets to the Battle of game at home! .
This morning Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy discussed how the department will ...
Nearing the end of a particularly violent Fourth of July weekend, Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy said his department "will not
Chicago Police Department on I visited Chicago for the Grateful Dead's "Fare thee well " show over the 4th of…
Chicago Police Department on Jerry Garcia at Soldier field for the grateful dead 50th "Fare thee well" show
Prosecutors call for tougher gun crime sentence
Wow. And we give probation to felons w guns
BTW Europeans put people with illegal guns in jail. We can't...
This is what I always see Police, prosecutors call 4 tougher gun crime sentence
No.They believe jail prior felons w/ guns Now in Chicago most get probation
3 dead in possible murder-suicide shooting in Mayfair neighborhood: Members of the Chicago Police Department w...
They put people with illegal guns in jail. Chicago 500 murders they give probation
no. All parameters are set by the police department. We don't know the reasoning
another loophole we can work on. Bryon Champ felon caught with loaded gun he got 4 months camp
Join us at home as Chicago's Finest challenge Chicago's Bravest in their annual game! $5 tickets!
Tell that felons w/ guns should not get probation call for tougher gun crime sentences
Springfield Police Department made 406 DUI arrests, the second most in the state outside of Chicago>>
Police call for tougher gun sentence Most get probation
you can't condemn an entire department for the actions of a few. Did the person in the pics pick a fight?
"Why are you so unpopular with the Chicago police department?"
I can weed out the judges in Chicago from my experience sad many come from the police department we are having issues with
The Chicago Police Department will have officers stationed at ALL military recruiting sites until further notice.
What makes the Burge torture case even more sickening is that the Chicago Police Department let him get away with it for over 20 years.
Welcome to Chicago with 500 murders and prior felons with guns get probation coem bk and shoot kids
Yes if you went for criminals w/guns Police prosecutors call for tougher sentences criminals caught w/guns
3 Days in Police Cell-Sandra Bland-Chicago found dead in Waller County-Texas SIGN PETITION-
Chicago 500 have been shot!!! she screamed Most gun offenders including prior felons get probation
Four people shot near Chicago Police Department headquarters
Four people shot near Chicago Police Department headquarters.
The Chicago Police Department mourns the loss of Omaha Officer Kerrie Orozco, who was killed in the line of duty. http:…
exactly, what I'm saying is that Chicago zoo handled that situation better than that Texas police department.
KTRS Radio: The largest union representing the Chicago Police Department is pushing back aga...
Union fighting new uniform policy for Chicago police
Chicago Police Department. While on duty in the 007th District in Englewood, Chicago, Chicago Police Officer Akiba...
Homan Square...allegations of abuse inside a secretive facility operated by the Chicago police department:
When your mom finally decides to stop calling every police department in Chicago asking to speak to a captain. No justice tonight
Trib: New rules for the Chicago Police Department: No tattoos. No knit caps. No baseba...: New rules for the C...
Will have an update on the Chicago Police Department shooting of Laquan McDonald. This story is just unreal.
Making Chicago police cover their tatoos is not even close to what the department should really be worried about.
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